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  1. MACANOCO DECEMBER 1949 It was a crisp morning in Macanoco, the Christmas markets had began opening, selling bread and wine. “The Prime minister will see you all now” said the secretary. Representatives from the most powerful families in Macanoco, and the most powerful corporations around, had arrived to meet with the PM. The prime minister’s residence was a grand building, but in desperate need for repair, It had been a long time since the golden age of the 1920s. Most of it’s land was vineyards and some incredibly dense towns and a city, It’s most notable attraction was its coast a
  2. YOUR RP NATION Full Name of Nation: The Principality of Macanoco Government type of nation: Semi-Constitutionl Monarchy Culture/ethnicity of your nation: French, Italian, English/Germanic Give us a short description of your nation: Founded in 1455 when Duke Mountkilpec the third declared his land a free Principality. The nation survived numerous invasion attempts until 1822, when the workers communion occupied the capital for 100 days, within that time they executed most of the royal family, leaving only the Prince’s sister and son, who were hiding in the wine cellar.
  3. Greetings, I am Macanoco. I am a cross between Monaco and Macau with a hint of aristocracy. Could I be directed on where to start? Thank you!
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