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  1. Yes, Argis is cold. The only reason that all of the continent isn't cold (e.g. the Iverican Peninsula) is because of the (what I assume to be the Northern Oriental) Ocean currents. For Northern Argis, though, there really isn't anything to warm it up. The Argic Ocean circulates cold ocean currents and the wind currents blow colder air up north. It's really really not possible to make the climate any warmer (without going into the very specific climates, which I am passively working on, but don't expect it to be done anytime soon). If the climate really is a huge issue for either of you (@Prymont @Ahrana), it can be changed, though. Or, if you'd like, you can DM me on Discord (@Gene!#3072) and we can talk about what you need from your climate(s). I'm not really sure what causes ports to become iced over, though I'd imagine anything above 60-70 degrees latitude would. I'm probably wrong, since I don't really know anything about the subject. Basically, though, I think your ports specifically are fine. Sorry that I haven't been around, by the way. I've had other projects I had to give priority over Eurth-things and would like to start remaking my nation before going in-depth with the climate map (though I definitely will still be doing the occasional edit, too).
  2. Thank you for the feedback as well as responding! I've been looking forward to what you've had to say about it. So, I'll go through them one by one (starting with the climate zone section, since that's the one with the most meat). Now, depending on what you mean by Monsoon, there are two different answers. If you mean monsoon circulation, then Western gulf (the one entirely desert) is a great candidate for it. The only reason I didn't change the desert and haven't actually included the monsoon circulation is because I don't actually know enough about the topic to have the confidence to change anything in the area. Unfortunately for @Metztlitlalio, who I have talked to about this before, the Palu Peninsula is not in a position for monsoon circulation either (again, I don't know much about the topic, just where it would or wouldn't go). Too close to the equator and no large equatorial seas / oceans. It is already warmed up quite a lot, with the subarctic climate already pushed farther North in some areas of Northern-Alharu. Secondly, when it comes to Mediterranean climate, the big decider is precipitation rather than temperature. It is possible for it to go around more of the North-Alharun coast, but Argis is pretty much a no go. The winds push the moisture from the sea into the land and the latitude is too big for anything other than subarctic. Yes, it does extend to the coast and yes, Kipan would become / is an island desert. I realize that Asgeirria may not be in the best place, but that semi-arid climate zone on the Northern half of their island can be changed if they wish. 1. That warm ocean current still exists and warmer waters do reach a lot of Occident (not really the north, since that line of latitude lies on a trade wind). The biggest problem with making all of the Occident warm is the latitude and how ocean currents work in general. The inside of continents will have a more extreme temperature difference than the coast, and whether it's hot or cold is decided predominately by the latitude. 2. The original version of the map I had posted was incorrect when it showed those areas as deserts. I had gotten my prevailing winds backwards (somehow), and had the rain shadows fall on the wrong side. They're on the correct side now and, unless more mountains are added in between the two regions, the deserts won't be able to return. That being said, the amount of climate zones between the origins of the Aromans and the Memopotamian region, the temperature difference itself would be enough to deter the Aromans from conquering too far South. I'm not sure who Salvia is (or where he is), but I agree with you, but in a different way. I do think everyone should acknowledge the new climate (if it ever becomes canon), but I also think that if someone is unhappy with their new climate, the old climate can be given to them. Sometimes, though, I've noticed that most people don't actually understand what the differences really are between each climate and actually have found that what people are looking for is possible within the assigned climate zone. Great! That's everything I've got to say on the feedback you've given then. Be sure to add onto anything I've said here and I'll be sure to respond as soon as possible. Thank you so much for the feedback again! I really appreciate it. (Also, @Asgeirria, hit me up about your climate and if you'd like anything changed)
  3. If anyone has anything they don't understand or don't like about this current version of the map, please let me know! Feedback lets me know what I'm doing right and what I need to fix.
  4. So, it's been quite a while since I've had an update here on the forum, but after over 3 weeks of on and off research and over 50 hours of work, I've finally got the map to a point where I'm happy to share and take more critiques of it. I've already shared it over on the Discord, but showing it here is the real test. I present to you all: my proposal for the Köppen climate zones of Eurth! For those who were confused or just forgot, the map I showed before was a map I had made without much effort or purpose with. It was originally using that as a reference for my own nation's climate, so the details for the climates and currents were a bit lacking. But, with this version, I've taken my time and completely remade the map from scratch. Here's an imgur album to all of the images I made and used to produce this version of the map. The most important one out of all of these, for me, was the ocean currents map, since that's the one that directly affects the precipitation of the land. If you have any questions at all about the climate zone of your nation, or even just about the climate in general, I will be happy to answer to the best of my ability, as well as make any accommodations needed to make sure everyone is satisfied with their climate zone. I've tried to solve all of the changes I've gotten so far but I know that 1) this map is not perfect and 2) everyone here is here to have fun roleplaying and probably won't want to change their entire nation's history because they ended up in a climate they weren't expecting. With all that said, this will be the last major update of the climate map for a while. I need a bit of a break from working on this and the next step for this is adding the 20-something other sub-climates to the map. That's going to take a lot more time and effort and I'd rather focus on making sure that the basics for the climate are good before putting the time into making it as detailed as I possibly can.
  5. I am using the Artifexian version as the base for the eventual much more detailed version. Using this as a base, I'll be able to make a much more refined future sometime in the near future.
  6. Mhm, and that ends up being a deterrent for change. Some people may not get what they wanted, which leads to situations where they either have to accept the change or no change can be made. Hopefully, both of those can be avoided (for the most part, anyway) and everyone can get something they're at least not completely unsatisfied with. Speaking of which, I've been sharing updates on the progress of the map on the Discord server - check out #cartography if you don't know where to look - and it's also the place I've been getting the most feedback for how the map should look. After I complete the map to a point I'm happy with, I'm also going to be posting it here for further revisions. I don't want to leave anyone out and, hopefully, this will reach the most amount of people possible.
  7. There wasn't anything that really absolutely requires change, imo. Making it more realistic is a nice QoL change and gives new nations (and even older ones) a better understanding of their own climate zone. The reason I actually originally made the map was, as I believe I said before, for my own nation. I ended up going a bit overboard though, hehe. I didn't want to use the map provided because a) those water currents are ridiculous and would never ever exist in any kind of circumstance, not to mention the fact that the coloring was confusing and very inaccurate b) the climate placement was completely off, with several climates like the desert too far north and several types of climates missing completely, which should be border climates so the transition between desert and (what I assume to be) humid subtropical climate c) like I said before, the colors were overall just confusing and didn't stick to the Koppen Climate Classifications, despite claiming to do so And d) I really just wanted to test my own abilities to follow someone else's guide to climate using a pre-existing map I honestly don't believe it was necessary, but I do think it would be a nice change to keep in line with the realism that the community strives for.
  8. After a very small amount of researching, I do now believe that this would be a potential solution. Though, I also think that monsoon circulation could solve many of these problems as well. I'll keep looking into it, but definitely assume that a majority of the desert (especially the one in the Eastern hemisphere) will be shrunken.
  9. Humid Continental is already fairly close to Mediterranean climate, but I do think even that can be possible.
  10. The biggest problem with this is that when making one or two changes, literally everything else scales with it. Want smaller deserts? The poles are larger and generally everywhere else is colder. Want smaller poles? Enjoy warmer temperatures and larger desert climates. The one thing that Eurth has going for it that it's a fictional place and, while realism is to be strived for, doesn't have to be 100% totally accurate all of the time. Obviously, certain climates can't be nearby others or don't make sense at certain latitudes, but overall, making small tweaks isn't too difficult and doesn't sacrifice too much of the realism of it
  11. Your nation would be similar to Fulg's; Mediterranean climate on the coasts that become slightly more arid and colder as you head inland. Temperature range of about 22 C to 0 C. Similar to the climate of Spain irl.
  12. Right, and this is where the biggest problem with trying to make the current climate map more realistic. I 100% do not want to be the guy that completely ruins someone's history because I was the one who made the climate map. That's the main reason I ended up actually going through with making a forum topic instead of just keeping this map to myself to base my own nation's climate on (which was the original propose of it). I do think Southern U.S. / Cuba is possible for your location. And let me make it very clear that the map I showed is not what I intended to propose as the climate map. That is merely an example for what the climate map could look like. I wanted to get feedback from people especially in your position before even attempting anything that could possibly be permanent. As for you Seylos, can we talk about this in Discord DMs? Just so I can get a better understanding of what you mean, exactly.
  13. Hello everyone! I'm Creaturae / Gene, and I was told that it'd be a good idea to bring the conversation of a reworked climate map to the forums. So, here it goes! It's fairly obvious that the current climate map + ocean currents of Eurth are lacking when compared to other in-depth projects. Just compare the current climate map of Eurth to that of Earth. It's a fairly large gap in quality (though that is to be expected, as I don't believe anyone here is a professional cartographer nor has a team of scientists to back of the research of the climate map). So, what can be done to change this? That's where this forum comes in! I (until Orioni or any of the RP mentors tell me otherwise) will and have started work on a reworked climate map for Eurth. Now obviously, reworking the climate of the entire world can leave some nations in a difficult situation where their nation is suddenly in the middle of the desert or they have a climate akin to that of Siberia or Northern Canada. That's where this forum also comes in handy. If you have any problems with the climate that have been assigned, please let me know immediately so I can find some way around it, realistically or otherwise. To give an idea what this new climate map will look like, here is something I worked on before. Please note: this map is incorrect in multiple ways and I am in the process of remaking this again. Only use this map as a reference for the climate that you DO NOT want your nation to have. For what each color represents and what type of climate it is, please reference the Köppen climate classification Wikipedia page. And again, if you have any questions or general feedback about the climate map, please let me know! I'm not an expert on climates either and am getting all of my information from Artifexian videos and Wikipedia.
  14. Sounds good. I'll shoot you a direct message as soon as I've got some free-time.
  15. Ah, bad wording on my part. Should have just phrased it as "Creaturae was completely cut off from Europa." Anyway, I'd like to ask what exactly you mean by "lessening my nation's connection to Aroma significantly"? I think it's important to define that before going forward. One thing I would like to add, however, is how I envisioned an exploration + colonization of Argis would have occurred. It wasn't uncommon for explorers irl to not find land despite sailing close to it, so I feel something like this would be possible? And, even if they did discover the North-eastern peninsula, I would think they'd designate it as "not suitable for immediate colonization". That's just my thoughts, though, and I don't really have any control over what the Aroman empire would or wouldn't have done.
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