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  1. Hello there! My names Linus, but in-game/irp i prefer Naari. I love politics and roleplaying has been a hidden interest so i decided to try it out with my very own nation i created based on my liking with its own big inside problems, but also its structure and how it maybe will change. will it be because of internal pressure, pressure from neighbouring countries, or economial reasons? i don't know yet, however what i do know is that i wanna grow and become more experienced with political rp and would love to chat or rp with anyone who's interested. Thank for your time! ^^
  2. Naari wasn't the only staring at the giant television over the scene. She couldn't believe that it was less than one year since she founded her own political party, the Social's Peoples Party (SPP) and now it looked like her party will be the one grabbing most of the votes in this election, and therefor most seats in the parliament. Naari couldn't hold her own tears back as the votes slowly showed on the screen from as they got closer and closer to show a primary result. Around her were supporters screaming in joy of the shocking result, party members drinking by the bar as they hope for the best while the alcohol takes over their bodies, and of course a ton of reporters from the few big media outlets that are allowed to share news and stories. For a moment the polls dissapeared from the massive screen and on set was the current president Marko Cromés, leader of The Royal Citizens Coalition (RCC). He looked nervous as he was interviewed by a reporter and a camera. "What do you think the outcome will be?", Asked the reporter, relating to the shrinking gap between his own RCC and the opposing SPP. Marko gave his glasses a small push and scratched his bald head before anwsering with a chuckle. "The outcome? chaos of course. my party has govern this country for 12 years and i'm not gonna stop just because of a small slap." The reporter looked shocked from Markos anwser and it looked like she was gonna say something, but stopped before the first word left his mouth. Instead, he turned to the camera and said, "Ladies and gentlemen, back to my colleauges in the studio as the primary voting result is now ready!" People at the party yelled in excitment as the screen flashed white before showing a few people talking about the election. Naari knew that this is it. This is the moment her party will remember forever, the moment her newly formed party took power and changed the whole structure of North Mareik. This story is published with the approval of North Mareiks department of media and news
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