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  1. The Truths of Metztli Tonight's Headlines: "Celebrating the life of the Mad Archpriest." "Hedonist Nation flirts with fire." Today marks the 500th anniversary of the historic crowning of Archpriest Axayac, first to hold the name, also known as The Mad Archpriest "Latocawauh o'Wāwuip". He began his rule at the age of seventeen in 1520, ruling over the glorious Crescent Empire "Inetztlīk" until 1575 when he died of old age at 72, ruling for 55 long years. Many cities bear his name in honour, such as Xaxayac of the Chalica Dominion or Īnaxayac Lhom of the Metztlica D
  2. Climate Gang Four: An overused joke The time has come, I have left the questionnaire for several days and gone through each individual who has responded. Below are the final Climate Complex V3.4.6 (Using the Koeppen Climate Classification System) and Climate Simple V3.0.3 (Using a more traditional biome map) maps. The climate simple has each biome mapped be a unique brightness, as to be more colour blind friendly. Changes from the Climate Complex 3.4.2 map to the Climate Complex 3.4.6 map: -Northern Tagmatium and Haruspex were given a Dfc coastline as per requested. -T
  3. Of course! Here are three options I've designed, the first being the above climate map (3.4.3), with the other two being increasingly colder. However due to much of Haruspex being at the same latitude and similar geography to @Tagmatium Rules, there is a bit of a spill over. If you two can't agree on any of these versions I can make more versions or split the climates at your borders.
  4. Yes. The temperature of the land is similar to that of the land surrounding it, but is in the rain shadow of your mountains. This means reduced precipitation (rain) thus reduced crop growth and overall vegetation. (Also answered on Discord but others may have a similar question regarding their own semi-arids)
  5. Climate Gang Three: 4 Faster 4 Furiouser Last post, 17th of June. Yikes. Welp, time to get this show on the road. Since the previous post, the main push within the group is to get a complex global Eurth climate map draft completed. And im happy to say, we finally have one! The new climate bands and biomes were built from the ground up using both the warmer and cooler climate maps as references along with an ocean current map, along with a basic atmospheric pressure map. Borders for nations were also added to make discerning your nation's climate clearer. In total, this new draft has
  6. Teopac of Culture: Wēcatoc Religion Factbook Note: This factbook is going to be hella wordy and is effectively just me storing all information on Wēcatoc in one place for easy access. I honestly don’t expect anyone to read the whole thing. Overview Wēcatoc is a native pagan religion based primarily within the Dominions of Metztlitlaca. The religion itself is best well known for its reverence to the moon, faux human sacrifices, and a large pantheon of gods of which only two are actually alive. The deity worshipped primarily by the Azlo and other practitioners of Wēcatoc i
  7. The Capital Paper "LAANN Survey Team states The Capital is 'Woefully Underprepared' for natural disasters." "City of Takukoraki in protest over recent Wildlife Protection Bill." "Fabiano Acciai to be tried in Metztlican Courts" LAANN Survey Team states The Capital is 'Woefully Underprepared' for natural disasters. Since early 2020, LAANN-based Seismologists and Geologists have partnered up with the Metztlican National Geography Priesthood to study the recent tremor-patterns in Altepetl Tekaken as well as producing a comprehensive list of major population centres and their curre
  8. Part 1: The Collective Intent Time Period: Sunday, 25th of August, 1974 Location: The South Palu Confederation, Altepetl Īnenōh, Teopac of Collective Intent It had been over forty years since the monarchies reigned over southern Palu without checks or balances, and thirty nine years since the rise of the South Palu Confederation. When Fulgistan and Shffahkia first caused the destabilisation of the Monarchs of the Crescent Kingdom, it was quite clear they had hoped for the complete abolishment of the monarchy and for a true socialist state to be propped up. Although first several month
  9. Teopac of Foreign Affairs Meztlitlaca's foreign affairs is primarily handled by the Teopac (Department) of Foreign Affairs. The TFA was first established in late 1934 under the South Paluvian government, in which the TFA saw limited use outside of Fulgistan, Shffahkia, and neighbouring nation states. After the overthrow of the South Paluvian government and the formation of the Dominions of Metztlitlaca in 2005, the Teopac of Foreign Affairs began to see increased use as the newly formed Metztlitlaca moved away from partial isolationism. Today, the TFA maintains numerous embassies and consu
  10. Ah, my bad, I was basing my critique off the original post you made on the discord regarding central Alharu, so I assumed it would of been the same case on this draft as well. Ignore what I said about distance if that is the case, although I was certainly intrigued when you mentioned central Alharu in your original post.
  11. I should first state that I don't think this idea is bad - far from it - but I do have several issues. One of my issues is that there is no real substance to what you're stating. With so many blanks and unknowns it feels like a half-written job. I understand that this was done because your initial plan was to use Limonaia, it wouldn't fit with the canon he had established, but I feel as though you should've tried to reach out to people first before going head first with a nation you may not know too much about. Secondly, the Great Alharun War (temp name) was in the 70s, so the timelines wou
  12. Teopac of History: The Raptor's Claws and the Lion's Jaws [1200 - 1860] Metztlitlaca is relatively unknown to the modern world. The only countries that ever give the fledgling nation any form of attention are those who had invested into the nation in its younger years. Seylos with it's port city of Kaseka; Fulgistan and Oyus with the League of Alharun and Aurelian Native Nations; Eulycea due to centuries of rivalry and conflicts. This wasn't always the case, there once was a time in Metztlican history where a predecessor nation to Metztlitlaca was one of the many major regional p
  13. I only have a couple of concerns; due to Fearannteth bordering Metztlitlaca, I am rather anxious about Fearannteth's modern history and how it plays out as it would directly affect my own country. There is also the concern of Oyus' current culture and whether it is still compatible with LAANN's ideological agenda (not a threat, don't worry) as well as Fearannteth's culture, their proximity means some of their own customs may bleed into my own country and especially so if Fearannteth is more developed economically/technologically then Metztli. So before I can give two thumbs up with confiden
  14. My only "issues" would be that Cristina did it's colonisation of Alharu/Argis in the 1480-1510. I don't necessarily know where Ruthenia would be as Ceris (island west of Seylos) is already developed lore-wise (check "Doom of Ceris"). Other then that I don't see too many other issues, although you will need to speak to Seylos (and possibly Limonaia(?)).
  15. Teopac of Finance: The Metals of Azlo Skulls Aluminium, an often forgotten yet important metal for the modern era. From phone cases to air planes to weapons of war, the light yet durable metal has found it’s way into almost every sector of the modern economy. However, not many people know where it comes from. “From the ground!” Metztlican CEOs say, with a cheeky smile and dazzling white teeth. “Processed through electrolysis!” Metztlican scientists say, wearing their platinum watches and golden rings. “Sourced from the mountains!” Ambassadors say, wearing freshly cleaned suits. In
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