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  1. Turin and Asti

    Morheim Trade & Industry Zone

  2. Turin and Asti

    Hello world.

    @Orioni I tried to put Commonwealth of Turin and Asti, but I don't have enough space to do so. If it's impossible to do so, then please, rename me to Turin and Asti. Thank you.
  3. Turin and Asti

    Il Gallo Alpino

    Good evening, citizens of the Commonwealth. I'm your host, Francesco di Pietro. Thank you for listening to Il Gallo Alpino, and we hope you're enjoying the service we're offering. Let's not waste anymore time. Let's begin. The Turinese car manufacturer SuperStrada has decided to partecipate in the Eurth Rally competition. The newest rally vehicle will be presented at the competition, the SuperStrada Virgola 4x4. Capable in any harsh terrain, the SuperStrada Virgola 4x4 excels in sharp turns and regaining speed, and a special edition after this competition will be built for all citizens who wish to demonstrate their love for rally. Prices are still to be decided. The Partito Sociale Riformato's leader, Palmiro Praedolin, was officially put into jail for the charges of sexual assault against several women. The party is now split between forming a new socialist party and reforming the current one for the second time. Reactionary parties are witnessing a bump in popularity. Due to the incoming elections for the next Head of State, Giorgio Saviano promises the Turinese citizens that more infrastructures will be built, more small businesses will rise in industrial sectors of the Commonwealth, and there will be tighter security in airports and trainstations. In his speech, delivered four hours ago, the current Head of State focused mostly on supporting small businesses with more tax cuts, and he promised that crime will greatly decrease in industrial sectors of both Turin and Asti. The Partito Reazionario Torinese's leader will have a speech next week in the capital.
  4. Turin and Asti

    Fulgistani Bureau for Foreign Diplomacy

    To: The Secretary of foreign diplomacy, Ismail Tian-Han, Worker's Republic of Fulgistan From: The Minister of Foreign Affairs, Ubaldo Esposito, Commonwealth of Turin and Asti Greetings, Secretary Tian-Han. Our Commonwealth and your Worker's Republic don't share many ideological and economical views, but we do sincerely hope that our respective countries' political leanings don't become insurmountable barriers. As a state, we're looking for nothing else but economical stability and world peace. If any issues arise, we're more than happy to aid your republic when needed. We're currently discussing a possible embassy for your republic, hopefully we'll create one. Che la pace sia sempre in fiore.
  5. Turin and Asti

    Eurth Rally Series

    Country: Commonwealth of Turin and Asti Driver, Age, Gender: Amedeo Sforza, 31, male Co-Driver, Age, Gender: Matteo Astori, 24, male Car Make, Model, and Year: SuperStrada Virgola 4x4 2009 Real Life Equivalent: Fiat Abarth 595 Pista 2008
  6. Turin and Asti

    United Anti-Terrorist Forces

    Country: Commonwealth of Turin and Asti Full name: Roberto Abate Nickname: Moonshine Age and birthdate: 13/6/1974, age 44 Sex: Male Years of service: 19 Special traits: Bold, inspiring, experienced Anti-terrorist force they serve in: Reggimento Difensivo Country: Commonwealth of Turin and Asti Full name: Alessandra Castani Nickname: Asphalt Age and birthdate: 30/9/1977, age 41 Sex: Female Years of service: 4 Special traits: Extrovert, energetic Anti-terrorist force they serve in: Reggimento Difensivo
  7. Turin and Asti

    United Anti-Terrorist Forces

    While this may not be as entertaining as a football tournament, I came up with this interesting idea. Each nation who wants to partecipate must add two "operators" representing their country's anti-terrorist force. Copy paste the format below for each operator to join. You're free to add information about your two characters. Country: Full name: Nickname: Age and birthdate: Sex: Years of service: Special traits: Anti-terrorist force they serve in: In this scenario, few weeks after the creation of the United Anti-Terrorist Organization of Europa, the operators who joined have a group meeting to chat about their countries, tastes and whatnot. This idea may not be that great, but I hope we can still pull something off. This edition will be hosted in Asti, if everyone agrees.
  8. The Commonwealth of Turin and Asti The Commonwealth of Turin and Asti, founded in 1706 by the city-states of Turin and Asti, has ever since expanded its economic strength. Due to their capitalist nature, the Commonwealth's citizens expect more civil rights from the government. Born with the idea that a strong, stable country needs first and foremost a strong, stable economy, the Commonwealth's army is quite small compared to various nations. In case of a defensive war in which the Commonwealth's greatly inferior in many cases, regiments of militia will be called to defend the country. Most of these regiments are full of artillery and are capable of building defenses rather quickly. The Commonwealth is very happy to welcome neighboring countries' citizens during their tourist seasons of the year, and hopefully, the Commonwealth will be a bright pillar of the continent's economic growth. The Esercito Torinese The Commonwealth's Army, called in Italian "Esercito Torinese", due to their small size, is very organized can quickly respond to any form of aggressive invasion. Their universal Coat of Arms is currently used by all branches of the army. The Commonwealth has an extensive conscription in wartime, and most of the citizens are controlled by the "Reggimento Difensivo." The Esercito Torinese is in charge of all land divisions, and it's the the only option you have when you first enlist in the army as a soldier. After serving a certain number of years in the Esercito Torinese, you may join one of the other branches. The Reggimento Difensivo The Defensive Regiment, founded after a bloody war ended between anarchic rebels and the state in 1958, has ever since that day guaranteed the safety of the Commonwealth's citizens all over the country. During peacetime, they're in charge of antiterrorist forces in the Commonwealth, and they are also in charge of protecting the government's ministers and leaders during their speeches or international trips. The Reggimento Difensivo is considered the most brutal branch of the Commonwealth's army, but the most efficient. Before being able to join the Reggimento Difensivo, a soldier must serve seven years in the Esercito Torinese. The Esercito Aeronautico The Esercito Aeronautico is the main force in charge of all air wings used for training and battle purposes. During wartime, they contributed to the defeat of the anarchist rebels from 1955 to 1958. While their strength isn't in the numbers or the models used, they excel in strategic formations, and can make the best out of even the worst situations. Soldiers who wish to join this branch of the army need to serve for five years in the Esercito Torinese, then they'll be eligible to partecipate in the Esercito Aeronautico. During peacetime, they escort presidential planes in international trips and perform stunts in various events. The Guardie Reali The Royal Guards are the smallest force of the Esercito Torinese, and the hardest one to enlist in. The Royal Guards were founded in 1581 by the City-State of Turin, but remained in the Commonwealth after the unification of 1706. The Guardie Reali protect the Turinese Royal Family, and in various occasions, they partecipate in special parades. In order to be eligible to become a guard of the Guardie Reali, you must have served in the Reggimento difensivo for fifteen years. After that, recruits must complete extreme training and psychological tests involving their mental strength. After retiring, you will be awarded a medal of honor by the Guardie Reali's current leader for your outstanding service. In wartime, the Guardie Reali will always defend the royal households. In extreme circumstances, they will partecipate in the Reggimento Difensivo as extra soldiers. History of The Commonwealth: Before 1706 The oldest historical artifacts found are from the fourteenth century, back when Turin was a monarchy, and Asti still didn't exist. Turin was a monarchic city-state led by the Sforza royal family. Despite being a royal family, their rule was not challenged by any major rebel groups. The city-state of Turin always focused on building farms and villages for its citizens and the city-state's army was mostly made of mercenaries. Their past battles weren't that successful, but after the Grande Riforma of 1702, the kingdom of Turin expanded its horizons, especially political ones. History of The Commonwealth: After 1706 The Unificazione Piemontese, an unification between Turin and Asti in 1706, was a major turning point in the Commonwealth's history. After the Grande Riforma, more and more political liberty was granted by the Sforza, to the point where they resigned from their leadership, and a democratic government was installed in 1703. Luckily for the Commonwealth, they didn't suffer any major economic crisis due to the unification. In 1770, a new political party arose with the idea of the "Third Way". In 1773, a march towards Turin was stopped by the police, and numerous citizens were put into custody that day. Three of them were sent to jail for vandalism. The fascist party's support rose slowly but steadily until it was banned in 1784 for their hate speech towards minorities. In 1811, the fascist supporters began funding an underground resistance against the state. From 1811 to 1835, a constant fight between the government and the fascist resistance had put the Commonwealth in a terrible internal situation, and shops owned by the minorities inside Turin were sprayed or damaged with stones. In the history books, this period is called the "Trentennio di Piombo". After the Trentennio di Piombo, the fascist resistance collapsed and the state arrested many significative members, thus finally ending the dark thirty years that plagued the Commonwealth. The few rebels that managed to escape from the state's strong grip tried to rebuild their past, but in the end, they were assimilated by the Anarchist resistance. In 1954, tension again rose up in the streets, and in fear of the second coming of the Trentennio, they immediately tried to crack down the resistance with more violence than last time. In one of the many raids, a couple of young citizens were killed by the crossfire. This accident sparked even more hatred in the Commonwealth, until it exploded into a civil war in 1955. Most civilians enlisted in the Esercito Torinese as conscripts, and a painfully slow war furthermore destroyed the Commonwealth's society for three years. In 1958, the Anarchist rebellion was finally shut down for good, and over three hundred rebels were put into jail for the rest of their lives. This major episode is called "Ultimo Destino". Ever since that episode, the hearts and souls of many citizens on both sides were shook by the war, and ever since that day, the Commonwealth rebuilt its society and infrastructures. Nowadays, the Commonwealth has a strong stability, built on the principle of capitalism.
  9. Turin and Asti

    Hello world.

    Your'e not wrong, mister! I'm Torino.
  10. Turin and Asti

    Il Gallo Alpino

    Good evening, citizens of the Commonwealth. I'm your host, Francesco di Pietro. For the very first time all over the Commonwealth, we are currently hosting a state-funded radio service in the skyscrapers of Turin. We expect to deliver nothing but precise news about politics, government reforms and stock market informations. Let's begin. Èlites are divided between more military spending and total disarm. The government has not released public announcements. Far-Right parties protest in a rally against the famous local Turinese corporation "Notti", lead producer of chocolate all over the Commonwealth. Twenty-eight protesters put into custody for their violent attitude, even if the protest was meant to be pacific. Scandal in the Partito Sociale Riformato, the current party's leader, Palmiro Praedolin, is currently facing in court charges of sexual assault against several women. The party is shocked and disgusted by the news. Various members are taking distances from the party. "Human DNA cloning is absolutely forbidden in our country, and we ask that the international community addresses this issue." Says the president. Various research labs were recently shut down due to their experiments on human DNA. A new major train company, named "Vento Aureo" has recently invested in more trainstations across the country. Citizens are satisfied of the news. And this is all for this evening. Tomorrow evening, at the same hour, we'll deliver more news. This is Francesco di Pietro, have a great night.
  11. Turin and Asti

    Hello world.

    I'm glad I could join this forum. I am the Commonwealth of Turin and Asti, formed in 1706 a.C. by the city-state of Asti and the Serene Republic of Turin. I hope I can partecipate in many future roleplays, and generally help the community as a member. That's all for now, and godspeed gentlemen.