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  1. To: F.F.f.F.f.F. Dina Diva From: Kera Eka Lam of the @Oyus Matriarchy This communique has been encrypted and is considered confidential Dear Dina, We were honestly surprised after receiving your response earlier this week. However, we were warmed by it and the prospect of promoting closer relations between the Matriarchy and Het Huisselant. Very few responses have come back, and even fewer favorable ones. It isn't what we expected from this process at all. The reality is we vastly overestimated how well received our invitation to closer relations would be, and in a rather original format if I may say. After some discussion and deliberation, we have begun to fill out the necessary preliminary forms and paperwork to begin the process of adopting a Variotan. I have personally thumbed through some potential children to become part of the family and I can tell that this will be a very illuminating experience just as it will be an enjoyable one. I can say that it is our hope to move through the early parts of this process as quickly as possible as the sooner I can find myself satisfied with the decision, the sooner a Variotan can find the love and care it deserves in the matriarchy and the sooner I can begin to prepare them for their future. Even with the famed masterwork of Variotan plastic surgeons, one simply does not become younger under the hood. We look forward to visiting Variota soon and shall be in touch when we are completely prepared. Perhaps we can also have talks on other matters including increased and favorable commerce between our countries. Nothing like a little one-stop shopping in addition to the party I expect and hope to enjoy when I do visit. Warm regards, Eka Lam Kera of the Oyus Matriarchy
  2. Five Years of Peace On the anniversary of the peace accords that were made five years ago, we retell the story. MORLAVITRA, OYUS -- Five years ago, the most anti-climactic end to what amounted as a decades long exchange of "dicy" skirmishes. The separatist group that claimed the southern isle of Oyus for its own unrecognized state and little actual power over it agreed to end it's campaign against the Matriarchy. It was a monumental moment for those in the south as there were always concerns the group would become more aggressive and be supported by outside governments against the Matriarchy. At last, there was certainty. The peace deal was concocted by the then newly assigned Chief of Morlavitra's National Police chapter. According to him, it was clear that with the ouster of their own leader that they recognized that their mission was ineffective and not a sympathetic one among those foreign or domestic. Calling for a ceasefire and offering comfortable beds on his own dime (though later reimbursed by the Kera) to the separatists, he made quick inroads with them. "Forefeiting their small cache of weapons and willingly coming home seemed most sensible. What few people that did become swayed by them were losing faith and felt alone." the Chief stated in a recent interview with us on the subject. The terms laid out by the chief were simple: forfeit the physical conflict and reintegrate into society in return for allowing the Commune to reform into the sole party permitted by the Matriarchy: The Communist Party of Oyussa Not only would they be allowed into the National Congress in a decade, but they would also receive a small fund to start up their party. Only one term truly seemed harsh in any way: the imprisonment of their recently ousted leader. It was also one quickly agreed to in what amounted to a peace talk of a no more than a handful of hours. Over the following weeks after amends were made, the National Police announced that the newly founded CPO had complied with every term of the accords. While the group made quick efforts to hand over their stockpile and move their small remote village folk to Morlavitra and beyond, the biggest sticking point was what took the announcement so long to make. the ex-Secretary General of the former Southern Commune after his ouster had ventured out into the tropical landscape of the island resulting in a manhunt for two weeks. His ouster was a brutal one. Commune members had grown restless with the lack of momentum and growth in their mission imploring him to revise strategy. Instead, their fearless leader chose to stay the course and was thrown out in due time having served as the leader for three decades. Today, he regrets everything and laments that he should have listened to "my proletariat" and reached out to end the conflict long ago before they came to him. It remains to be seen whether the CPO can sway enough Oyusards to their side. To their credit, when revelations came out of the corruption of the previous Treasurer, numbers "soared" from a measly couple hundred to a curious couple thousand, mostly found in Morlavitra. Perhaps they will be a voice for the people in another five years if their leadership remains focused on more feasible and sensible goals as they seem to have done thus far.
  3. To: the Agios Basilikon Kounsistorion of the Megas Agios Basileia ton Arhomaion From: Kera Eka Lam of the @Oyus Matriarchy This communique has been encrypted and is considered confidential Megas Logothetes Eugenios Goulielmos, Your response to our communique is most understandable and we have not ill thoughts about it. Declining in the name of principles and beliefs is most respectable. We would not want to force anyone who came to the benefit of the Matriarchy to do so at their own loss. Especially if it were in a total abandonment of their own principles. That would be most dishonorable and disrespectful in the highest order. It is why I would like to assure you of something should there be a change of heart in this matter. A plurality of our people follow what I feel is our own true faith. However, within that is a core belief of ours to respect the cultural traditions, principles, and beliefs of others. To quote the High Aconite Matriarch Alafotsy II, "Acona and her people forget not the strength of those who do not recognize her, they respect and value it." This is a reason why we search abroad as opposed to within our home. The future of this wonderful nation and her people deserve the perspective and leadership of someone that may see things from another's shoes. Regardless, we hope to strengthen relations through other means with the Megas Agios Basileia ton Arhomaion if not through this medium. Cordially, Eka Lam Kera of the Oyus Matriarchy
  4. Rather than create another thread for something still semi-minor, I have decided to post in this one as it is still marked todo which means presumably this is still in the cards to be done? As I begin to add more depth to Oyus, I have come to a conclusion to utilize Malagasy as the base for what my people speak. As such, I can finally make changes to what have been seen by me as placeholder names, and additionally add some more sense and meaning to the names of my major towns. Farla will become Vaovaohitra - a combination of words that mean "New village" Brisore will become Costa Scura - Cristenese/Limonaian for what was originally referenced in Oyan as "the dark coast" and later embraced and adopted by the local population as the town's importance increased. Matana will become Morlavitra - a shorthand combination of words that mean "Distant coast" as it is the major population center of the southern isle. As always, thank you @Orioni aka Big O for your cartographic skills and dedication to the mapmaking you do for us and of your patience for my requests
  5. A pleasure to have you aboard! May you find your way here!
  6. After the Cuban revolution, America did not immediately terminate the Cuban embassy. The USSR and America also notably did have an embassy exchange despite the fact that the whole Cold War thing was going on.
  7. Oboi this looks like we are frequently riddled with eurthquakes. Would tsunamis be potentially a threat, too? In addition to hurricanes I think I would also get at times..... DONT LET THIS DISTRACT YOU FROM THE FACT THAT OYUS IS THE PREMIERE TROPICAL TOURIST DESTINATION THAT CAN CONVENIENTLY HIDE YOUR MONEY!!
  8. Another Unholy Murder Near Holy Shore HOLY SHORE, OYUS -- Yulaa Capital Police officers and detectives were awaken at dawn this morning after a call was made by a couple taking an early stroll. A body would be found 5 miles from The Holy Shore. Capital Police would not comment other than to confirm that the body recovered at the scene was that of a male sex worker that had gone missing some weeks ago from Yulaa Beach. It has been nearly 15 years since the last body of the Unholy Massacre occurred back in 2005. With details disclosed from a source that does not have the authority to speak on these matters, it appears that this would be continuation of it after its dormancy. Suspicions were raised two days earlier when a first body was found not far from the current location of the latest one, found to be killed by being forcibly drowned. If proven by evidence, it could lead to opening up for a likely nasty trial. It would also mean that the suspected body count of the Luxites amounts to approximately 52 dead. In 2006, when evidence finally narrowed down the suspects to be Luxites led by one 'Arch-patriarch' Gianni Raga, they refused to testify or cooperate. They were eventually found to be not guilty of any of the Unholy Massacre murders due to inconclusive evidence. Raga was quick to proclaim that it was the work of Alon and Acona proving that Lux would not win the day. Updates will be provided as they come in.
  9. Oyus

    The Seams Of A Utopia

    The Luxite Shore The flickering from blue flamed candles illuminating their surroundings did little to keep the vibe from being somewhat eerie, dark even. The crashing waves on the shore were perhaps the only calming and soothing element of the setting. Beyond the sands was an Aconite temple that looked lifeless. One of the many that used to host a mass twice a week, only to be left behind by a faith apathetic populace. Under the Luxite moon, the way Oyusards described the new moon phase, a man was bound and blindfolded. A malnourished husk of an individual. A pathetic individual, clearly held captive. He had been there for some time, as he lay close to the tide with his head still dry, though no one was around. The individual had to have been in his mid-thirties at most, a handsome fellow that likely got his share of cash in a typical shore side “exploratorium” for the more curious and frisky tourist. He could not recall how he had gotten to where he was now - only that his last memory was having a drink served to him by an equally handsome admirer. How could he have been so foolish to accept it this time? Yet days had passed since that memory, and there on the beach he was unable to move. He did not know what these people wanted, only that they did not seem like the normal type of criminal organization known to Oyus. Oyan Clouded leopard heads could be seen in the distance, approaching from the Aconite temple. More specifically, people who wore an Oyan Clouded leopard as a headdress. It appeared as if it were floating due to their wearing black, unrevealing clothing. One. Two. Seven of them. They gathered around the misfortunate fellow, six of them kneeled while one stood. An aged book about the size of a textbook was held open as they began to recite from it. Acona you are our creator, our giver of life and everything around us Praise Acona for the life you give us (Praise Acona!) You guide us well, you guide us to the light Alon brings Praise Alon for the light that he brings you (Praise Alon!) A blessed soul is lost once more (Lost no more!) This blessed soul tempted and lured Lost they became by the deeds of Lux (Away with the seductress Lux!) Led astray from the shore by the temptress into the dark unknown Acona we forgive this corrupted soul for being led away as many have been before Acona we bid for this corrupted soul to be forgiven by you as you have done so before The ‘corrupted soul’ was brought up to his knees. Intensive whispers were spoken endlessly into his ears, calling him ‘back to his corrupted ways’ The lead placed their hand over the corrupted heart. “Acona is listening, even in the night as Lux roams about. She forgives you for following the lead of Lux, do you realize what has happened?” “You have bound me, tortured me with starvation and dehydration. I think it is Acona who must forgive you for-” The intensive whispers became shouts as corruption is dragged and plunged beneath the salty waters until being brought up once more. “Acona is listening!” “Do not go to the light!” exclaimed the two holding him, “Her ways are not ours!” “Acona is listening!” the lead kept saying, “Acona is listening! Do not heed the words of the temptress and her silver tongue! She forgives you, only if you acknowledge what has happened to you!” “I acknowledge I have been kidnapped and-” cut off once more by another salty plunge. This would continue relentlessly. It would feel like an eternity. He had been kidnapped. Plunge. Starved. Plunged. Done nothing but fulfilled a life of enjoyment. Plunge. Plunge. Plunge. Denial was not refusal, it was denial until it would be realized. “ACONA IS LISTENING!” “The light is not the way!” “STOP! I have done nothing wrong. I never did. I hope I never will. May Acona forgive you for your actions, or may Lux herself bring you closer to her like the crude cultists you disgusting perversions of Aconism you are. Luxo has not seduced or tempted me, she has corrupted you and the way of Acona.” Suddenly there was silence. Well, aside from the gasping for breath and the crashing waves, there was silence. Only the ambient noise around them as what was said was contemplated. It was as if this was the first time they had ever been told such a thing, however, it simply wasn’t. Luxites have for a great time been ostracized even by some of the more orthodox followers of Acona. In ‘99 they were deemed as corrupted by Lux rather than those who ward her away. For this group, they would once more do as they did with those who would not ‘accept Acona’s forgiveness’. The blindfold was taken off so that his eyes may be laid upon the leader kneeling before him the eyes of the leopard seeming to stare into him. The group collectively slipped off their garments to be as bare as him with their leopard heads. The entire group placed their hands on his shoulders and over his chest. They began to murmur, whisper. “Acona forgives, Acona forgets. For one final time I ask, do you realize what has happened to you, son?” “Denounce her! Denounce Acona! Denounce her, and be one with me!” the rest of the group loudly whispered repetitively as he pondered what would happen. He had once heard that Luxites, extremists specifically, would drown their victims. He did not believe this to be true. It had to have been a rumor, and even in the face of danger, you cannot abandon your dignity. Leaving your principles behind for just a moment will be one’s unraveling. “Acona has nothing to forgive. Luxo has no power over me. I denounce you and your practices and pray to Acona to forgive you for following heresy and Alon to protect me from whatever else you intend to put me through.” They cackled and chuckled as they dragged him and did what he did not believe they would do: let salt water fill his lungs, bubbles coming to the surface. He kicked, he screamed, yet he could not fend off their power of seven. When Lux took his soul, they dragged him back to the sands. Five of them would carry him away, further along the beach away from the temple. The leader took the hand of an acolyte and led her back to the temple as she made a query of him. “Everyone knows Acona listens and forgives. Why didn’t he take it, Arch-patriarch?” “Because, Sister Hedy, the most corrupted never will. He was already one with Lux. Only those not corrupted absolutely will respond, much like you did.” The sister would smile at his comment as they continued into the temple. It was the belief of Luxites that so long as you were not absolutely corrupted within your soul, you would take the forgiveness of Acona. It would be what sets you on a path to eventually be indoctrinated by the Luxites and their regressive teachings.
  10. The Seams Of A Utopia is an on-going series of short stories meant to give light to the imperfections of a nation that considers itself absolute perfection. Various topics could be seen from corrupted politics, to organized crime, to overzealous cultists, and more. Some of these stories may have specific, and great influence on the nation as a whole, while others could be minor and meant more to be illustrative of a larger problem. List of groups that have appeared or will appear soon: The Luxites - (The Luxite Shore) a sect of Aconism that emphasizes an often disregarded text known as the Lux Scripture. In the past two decades, the Luxites' numbers have swelled as fewer, younger generations, attend or follow Aconism. Since 1999, he Acona Mortal has denounced and labeled the Luxites as heretics. The Sisterhood of Nix - (Nixing Crime) an organized group of vigilantes that were former forced members of other crime syndicates of Oyus, specifically the Ceta Brigade and the Dread Clan. Many of their members evade arrest due to their loose, unspoken alliance with authorities. The Adisi Natavist Front (ANF) - (Lingua Nativa) a militia known for carrying out terrorist activities against foreign nationals, and even at times Oyusard "half breeds". Their ultimate goals are to take to a more radical opposition to a perceived neoimperialism and eventually unite the indigenous peoples of the Adisi under one flag.
  11. Joking. Just joking. Maybe. [Pax Eurthica] - There can be many interpretations as to what constitutes as peace loving and for that reason we are using the gray, questionable interpretation to nominate Galahinda. The only hostility you'll see from them is the dress from the newest Galahindan seamstress. I mean did you see the [fashion term] on that piece? [Big Stick Dick] - While without a doubt Derthalen is the easiest answer canonically speaking, I like to nominate those that have shown a semblance of activity (for obvious reasons he doesn't fit the bill) so given the events in the Occident, Machina Haruspex is my choice. Sure, those meddling Communists from Fulgistan are pretty meddling, but at least it sin't a complete slaughter, right? [The Pushitzer Prize] - I think Announcements from Arhomaneia shows clear dedication and effort on Tag's part especially considering the shifting use of news providers to deliver the news and makes for interesting reads. Not only that, but the guideline is giving realistic news coverage and it definitely shows the shades of coverage you can see across a country's news providers. [Bron Urgundy] - The namesake is pretty funny so, I'm going to add doubly to Tag's nomination by nominating him myself. [Fully Diplomatic] - LAANN's Foundation by Metzlitlalio seems like one worthy of note as it begins to come together and unites nations in a way you don't see very often. [Business Cat] - Perhaps I'm bending the way the guideline should be interpreted but arguably offering to purchase a Ceris nation should have some meaning and impact on trade one way or another. That's why my longshot, gray area nomination goes to Variota for offering to purchase Zaspa, currently Under Contract. [Moving the Goalposts] - To be honest with you, unless someone can link me a non-Rihan sports thread from this calendar year, the only other sports thread aside from my own redo of the Aurelia Cup is the one written by our favorite Catholic island nation, Salvia for Six Nations Rugby. Hopefully this will be a category with plenty of nominations next year, or ones I completely neglected to remember from this year. [Leading the Green Scene] - I'm unable to name one at the moment. This could change. [Mr/Ms Congeniality] - Dina Diva. The end. No answers necessary. [Lex Loathor] - Yiu Amastacia. way to continue running over poor people while throwing extravagant parties (that we totally didn't attend) [Notable N00b] - I can't believe it took me as long as it did for me to come to this conclusion, but for me the choice is clear: Metzlitlalio. Metz has thrown a lot of effort into developing his nation in this region and it is astonishing the dedication he has put into it, especially constructing a conlang for his nation, something that can be very agonizing for most to do. Honorable mention to Creaturae, who undertook the difficult task of reworking the Eurth climate map and has made many revisions to satisfy the many tastes and preferences (understandably so) of those within Eurth. I'll be honest, some of these were more clear cut than others. Hopefully this next year I will have the problem of not being able to pick one out because there are too many instead of not enough - I could also just not be paying a whole fudging lot of attention.
  12. Welcome to Eurth, I hope you enjoy your stay here! Feel free to lay out and introduce your framework and role play style in the Academy. There will be plenty of time for map placement discussion later on.
  13. It definitely is great for a framework, but not writing it for you that's for sure. Definitely will need to do some editing
  14. I wanted to perhaps move the placement of Farla to neighbor that of Brisore, just more inland, and have Brisore marked as a port. Nothing major, just some minor and quiet revisions. If there are any questions or specifics necessary to make this change I will be glad to satisfy those requirements.
  15. Another close neighbor, I approve 100%
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