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  1. For the past few days I have been creating an entirely new entity and creation to spawn as an NPC and collected feedback from some staff such as @Iverica and @Sunset Sea Islands, as well as regional neighbors like @Metztlitlaca, @Eulycea, and @Shffahkia, also speaking to @Seylos in playing a small part in the foundation of this new nation and would be NPC. Discussions will remain on-going because there is somethings that will need to be worked out and solidified. I figured given the positive feedback from this that I would post about it here so updates about this, along with the rest of Oyus lore, can be made and further scrutiny to harden my lore. https://docs.google.com/document/d/1rsKjs06K5Z7mwFZhD1vhfDvMfR9dPTAUm9JVMOfY-bQ/edit?usp=sharing Earlier in this thread, I mentioned the removal of Limonaia from my history following recent events and coming with the understanding that officially, they will not be returning. Having been operating on the assumption (until it apparently being made official) this would be the case and being fed up with waiting on mere acknowledgment on the matter of history collaboration, I made a decision: Replace Limonaia with a smaller colonial power of my making. The reason for this is by having no officially approved history between Limonaia and myself, it also messes with my plans for the future, specifically expansion. Originally I had hoped to do something such as diplomatically (or forcefully) unite former colonies of Limonaia in Aurelia to Oyus, a sort of colony of its own. Removing the biggest common factor destroys any chance of that and as such this is meant to be a two birds one stone solution. I want to be clear for those already feeling nauseous of my bringing up expansion: it is still a long ways out given I am only just starting Chapter 2 of 3 in TMDM, which is going to be likely the longer chapter of the three. TMDM isn't the only project I will be involved in either prior to embarking on an official expansion. Expansion will not be so quick to come with little to have been written, with little merit. I want to be transparent with my intentions. Since I will be creating an NPC to help supplement my history, I am likely to be focusing now my efforts on polishing it's overall history first so that it can fit in with that of its neighbors and Oyus' and then polishing Oyus' overall history so that it can be set in stone.
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    Request: Anatea

    I mean with that slab of an island, it would be difficult to see needing any I believe the island would have some or be completely Mediterranean per the most recent climate map update I found.
  3. Having an all inclusive history will take a long while to do right and do well. This is mostly why I am leaning to leaving it vague until a later date. I want to cover parts of my history that are very relevant to potential events that may occur in canon. (Not to say that may not have an affect, but I find the more recent events to have a larger influence and affect on this.) I don't want to force myself to punch out everything up until this point only to entirely redo it for whatever minor reason or whim I have later on. I want it to be done right the first time, which isn't what happened with my history at all. I will put a little more description in regards to this because this is mostly meant to be a lackluster detail, general and broad overview of what I intend my history to look like. A valid point, no less. Now that you mention, we did have this discussion and it would seem I never wrote this down for consideration in my own history, so something to discuss when we do. An oversight, a mistake on my part and fair point is fair point. I'm not sure how I feel about it remaining that way as it certainly messes with what I had in mind, however, I won't discard it so quickly and keep an open mind as we have our discussion on this. Yes, I can at times speak very vaguely and that is probably my fault for not being direct and clear. I want a devil in my history and that is what I had intended to use Salvia for. A "Those white men are dangerous" and effective repellant story for a later more hands off form of colonized Oyussa. So the Huang demography I include largely because Fulgers and I probably a year ago were discussing migration (the topic of V's Speed Date) of Huang to Oyus in the late part of the 20th Century as Oyus really began to roll in the dough and grow. What we had established iirc were Huang coming sort of as guest workers and being that by now Oyus had very welcoming policies, they decided they liked it after their stay in Oyus and continued to live and work here to raise families and build communities of their own, etc. I had figured that they might be a sizeable portion, but you might be right in that they may not be the third largest group and that likely would be a slice belonging to Metzli or yourself. A large reason why I am of the preference of there only being a plurality and not a majority of Oyus' OG people is because Oyus is intended to be a place and sanctuary for all who come to wander and remain. I don't think a nation with the gates open wouldn't be migrated to, to some degree. While I disagree with your opposition, it has illuminated in me perhaps necessitating further ways of illustrating why despite not being too colonized/imperialized it is very mixed and almost as mixed up as the local Metzli ethnic soup to my north. On a separate note, there will still be colonization similar to what I had envisioned with Limonaia. If all goes well, my idea for replacement that you actually helped me with by linking the Darien scheme will probably be talked about relatively soon. Lots of things and discussions that on its own I will have to have. I am certainly hoping for something 11 million if this is something that sits well with mods & admins, but I didn't want to seem like I wouldn't be willing to work with them even on the number and thus provided the range I would hope to raise it to. 11 million is certainly the preferred number for a variety of reasons.
  4. Claiming these folk out for usage in a project that will be disclosed shortly (don't want to forget to claim out but still want to work out a couple more details) MP Sara Britcliffe MSP Nicola Sturgeon Rose Leslie Alan Cumming Peter Mullan Iain Glen
  5. Certainly something I have to think about. The questions likely would have been asked anyhow, nonetheless your asking them helps ensure they're considered. Something to think about. Well, when I wrote this thread, that was likely going to be the case. However, given that what appears to be an abrupt departure from here, I am no longer interested in having Limonaians be my colonial overlords and will be exploring new suitors or even my own. I can detail further why, but in essence, Limonaia in the future will be rooted out of my history for the most part. Oyussa has had a long tradition of a "benevolent" (something I will eventually detail, though not high on my list like other things) absolute monarchy more or less. Nothing ceremonial at all, it is how the current state was able to come to pass and not a reformed democracy instead.
  6. Especially relevant mentions: @Salvia @Limonaia @Fulgistan This upcoming November will mark my second year since joining here, with my activity having been on and off. It has long been my mission to set in stone my history which largely has been vague and left unwritten and mostly implied. I kind of want to put what I intend to change on here as well as what I hope to also do in the future with Oyus by making some of these revisions and requesting the potential for further revisions that are not as simple as changing the date a couple years or the like. Much of what I have changed has been discussed pretty well with those involved, however, in order to avoid any lack of transparency, I wanted to write what is being changed and has been discussed. History Previously my history was vaguely as follows Tribes European-esque invaders Unified tribes invaders repelled peace for a little while Limonaians rent a port instead of invading Limonaians collapse with colonialism, port reintegrated Oyus becomes a democracy and fails democracy dissolved and creates current state I've reworked this to be more sensible (personally) with some discussion with Salvia about this. As a result I have come up roughly with what follows, with input and collaboration needed from Limonaia before setting it in stone. I will preface by saying this is a brief point by point broad idea of what will later be elaborated upon and detailed. the purpose of this is to show the general idea intended to be conveyed. Pre-Salvia - A unified ancient civilization sort of deal - not necessarily too important to work out until the rest is. Early 1570s - Salvian merchants establish a trading post in modern day Costa Scura. Natives are welcoming of these newcomers, opening up trade. Mid 1570s to 1589 - Trade is the nice way of putting it by this point as Salvian merchants actively exploit natives and missionaries attempt to forcibly convert causing grief. Conflict arises when the last straw is exhausted and Salvians are targeted. A prolonged engagement will occur for the next two decades, and recorded well enough until eventually scaring off the merchants and deterring others from bothering with Oyus until later on. 1589 to ???? - Until contact with the Limonaians, a new era dawns upon the Oyussard civilization. While in decline with the introduction of some diseases not seen beforehand, Oyussa is reformed from an enthused theocracy to a muted queendom. Some changes are made (to be determined) ???? - Contact with Limonaia. Limonaians land and offer an olive branch having learned from the mistakes of the Salvians. Over time they keep their distance, at times there being small conflicts between the two but ultimately never getting out of hand as both sides resolved their differences for the better. Through this period, there was trade and Oyussard civilization slowly modernized while maintaining a degree of cultural independence. 1902 - The outbreak of civil war in Limonaia enables far right radicals to call for the dispersal of Limonaian officials and the gradual reintegration of the community in Costa Scura into the Oyussa Queendom. 1924 - Tensions in Oyussa erupt when the royal family is killed off via assassination. What could have turned into a civil war was saved by the aristocracy “giving the people a voice”. Aristocrats found the Democratic Republic of Oyus. 1925 - 1946 - The Democratic Republic is rife with corruption throughout this period, gamed by the aristocrats clearly showing that no one could ever know if they trust someone who claimed to be for the people. Illiteracy began to rise during this period. 1945 - The Sudden Dissolution occurs. As tensions rose within Oyus once more, many factions had formed against the aristocrats’ sham republic. In the end though, it would be Yulaa Lam who would rise above them all promising the restoration of an old order with a reformed twist. Winning favor with the military, still with sympathies to the old queendom, her restorationist promise put her in position to coup the republic and dissolve it overnight, establishing the present day matriarchy. 1945 to 2000 - Yulaa establishes a system meant to endure time and be efficient, refining the Matriarchy convincingly and pushing away other ideologies. 2000 - Yulaa abdicates to her heir, Eka, who she believes to be more than ready to lead the Matriarchy, ending a steady and stable reign of fifty-five years. I anticipate that there will be changes to later parts of this history and even possible adjustment after further discussion of this. I'm open to hearing to criticism about what could potentially added or may be seen as unnecessary to lead Oyus to where it is today. Present day Oyus To begin with, demographics play a large part of how Oyus is modeled. Previously, I had figured Oyus to be more of a majority indigenous country with a foreign minority, like 60/40 split or so and largely politics would be favorable to the indigenous. However, with the revisions I am making this set to change. While I haven't come up with exact numbers, there will not be a majority of any one group and it will be a very mixed country, though the indigenous would have the plurality with say something like the low 40s while the foreign groups as a whole would be a majority per se, though made up of several groups. Limonaians would likely make up a big portion of this with being anywhere between a quarter to a third of the population. A likely third group I have more recently been considering to be part of this are Huang. Something that I would like revisit and flesh out is a potential Huang migration that helped build up Oyus. This would be drawing off of the Speed Date discussion Fulgistan and I have had and would certainly need to be had more to paint the fuller picture. The remaining groups would likely be smaller insignificant groups that you could chart on a demographic pie chart but that would be the extent of them, perhaps from neighbors like @Metztlitlaca, @Shffahkia, and/or @Gallambria There is one change I would like to make I expect there be needing some approval from moderation. For what I envision even in present as Oyus stands, and what I wish to do with it in the future (this will be explained later on in the next section) the meager population 3 million no longer fits and sits well with me in my mind, and for me with the space Oyus has, it is entirely possible to have up to 20+ million due to a similar size of that of Taiwan. That being said, that is not what I am requesting that my population go to, but instead something more sensible in my personal opinion to something in the range of 7 to 11 million. I would be happy to ahve a discussion at great length to fwork how this would be acceptable and attainable if needed. Economically, there would not be any real changes. Oyus is an offshore tax haven. Less than 1% in corporate tax can't be beat and likely why among other reasons Oyus on paper has plenty of wealth. Not to mention the influx of tourism being a very liberal and open minded tropical paradise. The only change that I have already brought into effect is the disappearance of an manufacturing sector that doesn't quite make a whole lot of sense for an island paradise. It wasn't very elaborated upon to begin with, as such it isn't too hard to sunset it and accept that we would more than likely be importing from Limonaia and likely later on LAANN as it comes to fruition IC. Oyus From Here Out If anyone has been reading or paying attention to The Mermaid's Dark Metamorphosis (TMDM, and its okay if you haven't I don't have any real expectation anyone would) you may realize there is a rather knee jerk change and shift. What I intend to be doing from here out is pretty straightforward. With a multicultural nation that formerly had some degree of imperialism, albeit rather muted, and a government that has long been ruled by the indigenous plurality, there has been unaddressed clash of cultures and beliefs and sort of an ignoring of many of its people. I haven't done much to illustrate this yet, but it will come in due time. Oyus as it will exist from here out is no longer some indigenous ruled nation but one ruled by a minority. Though, it is a technical minority, they wouldn't necessarily be ignoring others as it would take a coalition to rule the future Oyussa and appeasement to smooth things out for what will come next. The Limonaian-led coalition that has long felt oppressed and with a nostalgia for the past will be reigniting a passion for the former colonial empire it used to be apart of by uniting former colonies under one banner. Some of these will be small island possessions while others will be unmapped Limonaian colonies in Aurelia. Once TMDM come to its end, it is my personal wish to move towards that expansion and molding Oyus into a sort of malevolent power in disguise. There is a lot I still want to work out and make airtight before I embark and I enjoy every bit of criticism or advice to bring me to realism. Additionally, I understand that embarking on possibly becoming ot just a thorn in the side but as a threat to neighbors that at some point there will be battles I'll lose which is perfectly fine. OOCly speaking, I want to mold Oyus into an eventual bad guy that has some sort of muscle, my expectation isn't to be ***the power*** though.
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    What a shock! Someone that can read!
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    I don't think anyone has discussed or mentioned this so I figured before we get too far as you show great promise that I'd recommend you look at the Eurth Balance Sheet for creating a nation. https://docs.google.com/document/d/14sqFcAkscHmQ71BhPWwzk6dNNY3P4Ye9pV4jeIsKUig/edit?usp=sharing
  9. To: The Delighted Partners of the Matriarchy From: Queen Margherita Luisi of @Oyus To those who it may concern, The Matriarchy of Oyus has been undergoing some internal troubles and as such we wanted to set the record straight in this official communication. The Matriarchy will be consulting with professionals on Eka Lam's mental condition in the coming days as they go through an extensive assessment to ensure that she receives the proper treatment after her recent mental incapacitation. As a measure to keep things stable in these tumultuous times for us, we will be retaining most of the diplomatic corps.* As such, no changes should be expected if communication is necessary between Oyus and potential partners. We remain faithful and have the utmost respect for our allies in partners that will respect the process we will be undergoing at this time. We would like to make clear that Oyus will be undergoing changes and massive reform as it looks to do away with the corruption that has been clearly undermining this island nation's progress as sanctuary to any and all who need one. We will be a better nation, a better force, a better contributor to the world by taking this moment to look inward and re-imagine ourselves to reform into something that truly serves all, and not merely the interests of the very few. *Only @Gallambria's response will have this portion. In the case of our distant Gallambrian neighbors, any and all official communications will be routed through the Minister of Foreign Relations. We have ordered the removal of the now former Ambassador to Gallambria, Kayleigh Hani. Long tenured she has been, however it is clear she has abused her influence to push a dark agenda. Please do not be alarmed by this development as we look to appoint a replacement for this position soon. Cordially, Queen Margherita of the Oyus Matriarchy
  10. The following is a "news article" relating to The Mermaid's Dark Metamorphosis 'Ascencionally' Sacked The streets were silent tonight. We can all rejoice now that the new Queen of Oyussa has come to power. Gone with the old and in with the new. Queen Margherita of Oyussa has said that for the foreseeable future she will be watching over our country after her predecessor became incapacitated with no timetable as to her return. If we are being frank, hopefully it is never as it is crystal clear to us that Eka Lame could not lead this country right. She went insane because of some scandals! She was never fit to be a leader, it is a good thing her mom had that foresight to get a backup. Margherita wasted absolutely no time after taking the crown. She dispensed with the title of Kera, claiming that it wouldn’t be right to take it as someone who was never intended to actually rule. Let’s be honest here, it’s stupid. Queen is just fine. Our glorious new Queen then announced that the National Congress would be dissolved. At last, a real solution. The National Congress was just an elitist circle-jerk that no one asked for. At least Yulaa knew what she was doing. Eka? Yeah, no. She explained to everyone that she intends to press corruption charges against those involved in the Pearl Conspiracy and quickly granted the noble junior exec. Immunity from any wrong doing for his service to the betterment of the nation. Who knew we could have a leader that isn’t cold? I’d like to point out that Foreign Minister Lili Epol did not lose her job, either. We are in for a treat folks. This whole “let the natives rule” shebang is over and done with. Enough is enough. This is our country, too. They invited our parents and grandparents here. They can’t be mad when we decide to take matters into our own hands from here out. We will have someone who gets it with us. I’ve also heard that she’s going to eventually make us into a sweet sweet democracy. Cry all you want. The ANF can riot, it won’t matter. This Oyussard experiment has gone awry and with this new gal pal in power, we are on the winning side now.
  11. Scatterbrain “‘We demand that we have reform now.’ one protestor said, ‘The Kera has failed us. The National Congress has failed us. This must be rectified.’ Protestors have gathered outside the National Congress and Acona Palace using megaphones and picket signs to make their voices heard as the populace has become visibly frustrated and has lost faith in the government..” --Excerpt from the Yulaa Spectator report Megaphones hadn’t seen use in Yulaa, ever. They hadn’t seen use across Oyus since the dissolution of the Democratic Republic. The people were not just disappointed. They were not just disturbed. They were angry. Their blood was boiling. The slew of negative press had become reminiscent of the times of the Democratic Republic. As if the revelation that the Kera overlooked an Oyusard to be the next-in-line was not bad enough, reports showed that the National Congress had become no better if not even worse than the preceding deliberative body. In what is being dubbed the Pearl Conspiracy, money men lined the pockets of Oyusard officials to ensure favorable outcomes or at the very least that unfavorable outcomes did not occur. It was evident especially from an opening remarks session back on October 21st. The now ousted Director of National Revenue pushed to overlook the unspeakable events unraveling in Haruspex, which ultimately did occur by the Congress never being able to muster meaningful legislation to aid victims of the events. An opportunity to prove to the world the goodwill of the Oyusard people and a heinous success for those hoping that the Matriarchy played no part whatsoever. The worst though had to have been the seeming threat and uncertainty of the government’s true intentions in adopting the Synapse system. Or at least, that would be the public perception. It was a quickly tabled discussion in the meeting with the Sunset Sea Islands. And a ghost of the past haunting the halls of government as it panics as to what to do to put the populace at ease. There wasn’t a need for it, activists have stated in a long letter sent to the Kera’s office. In a peaceful nation that saw minimal crime and effective law enforcement regardless, it was not only a waste of revenue but also an invasion of the rights of the citizenry. To have considered it in itself was a disgusting breach of trust. To have been mum the entire time about the considerations was likely what made this fallout worse. The active protests were unruly. They had really begun affecting Eka. With constant cabinet meetings, closed door sessions, and general work around the clock she had been unable to focus. The protestors only made it worse as they rang her bell with their angry voices. Furniture was thrashed about her chambers, looking as though a whirlwind had come through and ransacked her quarters. The sheets upon her bed and the decorative curtains that lined her windows were in tatters. Overturned shattered vases littered the floor, too with the sound of weeping from beyond a lit door. Lam rocked back and forth. She was curled up against the tiled shower wall, her hair crazed. The lack of a straitjacket perhaps is what made her not seem like she was a patient of an institution. “You’ve allowed yourself to have gone mad.” The obvious said aloud by her Hand, Tala. She had no response to it. He could not have been there for all she cared. She was inadequate and incapable. Ill-prepared and ill-conceived. She was no one, nobody, to rule at this moment. It was all sudden.”Yulaa would be sorely disappointed in you.” Again with conjuring the image of her mother with great disgust. Eka did not care for his references to the predecessor. He always hit a very personal cord. Even if he was right. There wasn’t an excuse to justify her erratic behavior. She needed to be a leader and wade through the clusterf*ck of her making. The solutions were obvious. The issue was their unbalanced nature. On one hand there existed a solution that in the long term everything would be alright. However, it would not be so satisfactory in the short or medium term. It was unlikely to satisfy the restless people. It may not even work if the people take matters into their own hands much in the fashion her mother did so many decades ago, empowered by protests of similar vigor and strength. So long as a leader of the opposition was unclear and nonexistent, the government would remain intact and years of work will not be all for naught. On the other hand, there was one that would be most well received. In the short term, the strength of the demonstrations would be kneecapped as the government would be going on another drive of reform. Yet, reformation could mean setting back the goals of the Matriarchy for years. It could mean regression. No matter what decision was taken, there was going to be some degree of regression. Does she sack the entirety of the National Congress and overhaul the Oyusard Constitution? Does she mount a drive for reformation while slapping offenders with minor sentences and merely replace them? Those were the solutions clear to her. “I refuse to choose.” she proclaimed to him, voice cracking. “You cannot refuse to choose. You must act. If you do not-” It was just then when the Hand was interrupted as entering the room was the Crown Princess. “I am not sure what to make of all this before me.” Margherita made her entrance in her striking long sleeved collared dress. It seemed to put the spotlight on her despite it being a pitch black color. It seemed to silence the room. It was as if all control of the situation was ceded to her. The vibe had completely changed with her appearance as Tala and Lam looked to her silently. Lam was puffy and shy in her glance while Tala looked taken aback and surprised. She would strut over to the two comrades with an agenda. An agenda that Tala would be quick to catch onto. An agenda quickly lost on what would be considered to be, in truth, an incapacitated leader. Luisi held out her hand to the curled up Oyusard matriarch, helping her stand to be eye level with her. Luisi embraced the leader of the two isles. Silence still reigned. “You are not yourself. This is a difficult time. It is understandable. These are difficult decisions we never envisioned having to make. Do not forget why I am here. Do not forget what your mother has brought me here for” Lam nodded in acknowledgement, “This could… set us back no matter what. This happened under my watch. I can not consciously send away our best all because of some moderate growth in corruption.” “You also can not make the mistakes of the Republic. That is what many believe they see now. Remember, you are not alone. The unfortunate has happened. This is why I am here.” Lam considered the Principessa’s words. She had a crazed look in her eyes. One that Tala had never seen before, as he crept closer to the pair having become the one furthest from the conversation. What she would do next would be unthinkable regardless. Unthinkable to her. In her mind, it was a no win scenario. The Matriarchy would only lose. She had failed. She was unfit. She could not decide. In the words of a formerly wise man,”It’s like being shot or poisoned.” Neither decision made sense to her. Neither decision should be taken. No decision. Make no decision. There must be a decision, he says. Make a decision. No decision. Overhaul or Revisions? Cyanide or Lead? What if it is both? All paths to revolution! Don’t choose a path. All is fine. It isn’t. But it is. Not. Eka's brain was scattered. What should have been helping words weren’t at all. “There is no decision to make… none. No decision. I do not need to make a decision.” Were these words the equivalent of hearing the snapping of the last thin hair holding together the faithful leader of Oyus? Tala would not have any of this. “You must make one. You are barely fit to rule just in this conversation, Eka. You are worrying me. We have to take swift action. The decision is very clear, and quite frankly it is the one-” Margherita would hush him. The room was still hers. She hadn’t moved at all. Not physically. Not in thought. Her gaze was still upon Eka. There was tension. It was in the air. Not between Lam and Luisi, though. Tala did not trust this. Still, he was being rendered powerless. Powerless by the newcomer. He had no reason to argue with her, despite the gut feeling that something was not right. Something was amiss. Come to think why was she here? Margherita's call to her felt like an echo “Eka. Eka. I am here for you. Come back to us.” “There will be no decision," she proclaimed, "There doesn’t need to be any decisions. What decision? I don’t see one?” “Snap out of this. You know what decision.” “No I do not. I am the Kera. I will do what I want.” “You can not make reckless decisions like this. Doing nothing is worse than doing something, Eka!” “I decide that I will step down, then. How is that?” “Eka, you’re being rash.” Luisi nodded in agreement. “I don’t think you know what you are saying, Your Excellency.” “I am not a child. I will say it again. I have decided. Hush, for you serve me, Kol. I resign. I abdicate.” He had made a poor choice of phrasing at an even poorer time. Even with the gut feeling Tala had he had made the gravest mistake he could have in a room he had no control of. The idea was already carefully planted and the twig had already snapped. There was a decision just as he wanted. It would not be the one he had hoped. Not the one he had wanted. The worst of them all. Margherita did as she had been waiting to do for all this time. Margherita was doing what she knew was going to happen with their incapacitated leader. She would now have power beyond this room. This was not lost on her either. Margherita took Lam firmly by the arm and guided her out as she made a point with more witnesses to clarify the new state of the Matriarchy. “Eka, I am more than willing to help, you do not have to abdicate-” Lam cut her off, “I decided. I abdicate. You will help me. Help me. Please. Help me… please… help…” Tala pursued beginning to shout, “You can not ascend! She is in no position to give you that. She isn’t right in the head.” Margherita stopped for a moment without turning her way to the disgruntled adviser. “Which is it, Tala? She is unable to perform her duties or she competently made a decision you disagree with? Either way the result is the same.” It was true. Margherita had played her hand and played it well from the moment she arrived. She played all those around them like a fiddle, Tala most notably. Tala had f*cked up. Royally. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- The original intention of this thread is long over and has been repurposed for a much larger storyline personal to Oyus and the changes here to come. The perfect nation isn't so perfect now, and whether it will return to being one in the future or regress further remains to be seen. This has been the plan for some time now and have been waiting to pace this out just right. Admittedly, I couldn't wait any longer to make this post so much so I posted it 24 hours earlier than originally intended.
  12. The following is a news article relating to The Mermaid's Dark Metamorphosis Double Trouble: As One Scandal Fades, Two Arise. YULAA, OYUS -- It was as though the leaks were coordinated and orchestrated by a force of opposition in a realm with seemingly none. In new leaks from the Ministry of Foreign Relations, it is revealed that the meeting between the Radiant Republic and the Matriarchy consisted of interest in the Synapse system. Ambassador to Gallambria Kayleigh Hani allegedly broached the subject in the meeting and pushed it heavily. These details being released only hours after a disgruntled former junior executive fled the country and published several documents proving secret accounts from a variety of businessmen and Oyusard officials with details of various transactions. It was no secret many wealthy individuals from around the world used Oyus as an offshore tax haven and took advantage of an industry that helps fund the national government, currently being dubbed "The Pearl Conspiracy" The National Congress, still on hiatus, has been rendered powerless by the Kera's Office after the pair of revelations coming to late, with Crown Princess Margherita stating that their hiatus is no longer definite until a proper internal investigation is made. It was a very quick response, though with no statement from the Kera herself and having already been seemingly missing from the national scene. Aside from the shuttering of the government's deliberative body, the government response has been a quiet and nonexistent one with press briefings no longer scheduled and a virtual shut out of all media public and private until further notice. Around the time of the meeting there had been discussion of potentially further modernizing-futurizing as one document put it-Yulaa and later Oyus as a whole by having a system that is described similarly to Synapse. Original pitches came including bringing in foreign programmers and developers or building it solely with domestic resources. It was Hani who had made the dramatic push to consider Synapse in addition to also potentially reap its benefits in being able to watch over public spaces that could be targets for criminals. The government's planned defence, per Hani's documents, would be that it would promote not only a more integrated society but loosen the National Police to focus on more important matters. However, privacy activists have quickly criticized the government's plans putting any potential plan to implement it likely impossible. "We do have the right to privacy, and even considering Synapse seems to give me the idea that our government is being bought." a Professor from the Oyussa National College said. Comments like these have become numerous on social media platforms and in newly sprouted protests in front of the Acona Palace and the National Congress. Barricades and a swarm of National Police currently occupy the perimeter of one of the most high profile banking institutions in Oyus: The Oyussard Fidelity Bank. A disgruntled former junior executive has fled the country and published several documents proving secret accounts details of various transactions. This coming after the government had asserted that it had turned the corner with corruption. The government had allegedly rooted out the former treasurer and potential ties he had with a new one to start fresh at the end of 2018. However, this may not be the case. While the treasurer and his deputies were rooted out, the corruption problem has been exposed as far more widespread with the “Pearl Conspiracy” in which minor officials from other countries have generally influenced Oyusard policy. In one instance, a businessman with interests in Haruspex wrote a check to the Director of the National Revenue Agency around the time the director notably took to the floor to dissuade her colleagues from looking to the exodus of Christians in the Occident. Several more instances like these exist, foreign and domestic. “We demand that we have reform now.” one protestor said, “The Kera has failed us. The National Congress has failed us. This must be rectified.” Protestors have gathered outside the National Congress and Acona Palace using megaphones and picket signs to make their voices heard as the populace has become visibly frustrated and has lost faith in the government. In a new poll conducted by PBCO, a near consensus has stated they have lost faith in the government. In that same poll, respondents also stated they thought massive reform would be necessary. While the government may be silent, the people most certainly are not.
  13. The sheer audacity and chip on her shoulder. I don't think I would have entertained her that long. This was fun reading like maybe halfway through then it was just cringe.
  14. National Congress Passes Ceris Rescue Act of 2020 Amid Hiatus YULAA, OYUS -- Despite being slated to be on hiatus, the National Congress set aside a day to pass legislation in relation to the Ceriser Crisis. While it has been on-going for some time now, it grew wider attention from MCs when a report of a Sentist attack circulated. In a security meeting last night, the unofficial Security Council discussed at great length potential involvement with boots on the ground. This, however, received sharp criticism from the Matriarchy and was quickly dismissed to adjourn the meeting and make a final decision the lengths the Matriarchy is willing to go for Ceris. In the Ceris Rescue Act of 2020 passed just moments ago, the typical Oyusard aid package was seen all over. The Matriarchy would allow those applying for asylum or as refugees special priority. A key difference from previous packages on this matter is a last minute revision in which all asylum seekers and refugees would be given the same look at. Previously, the Matriarchy gave preference to families, single women, and orphaned children. The Matriarchy would also be contributing funds to Ceriser governments that have yet to receive an ounce of help in this troubling time for them. "The National Congress' vacation can wait, but the people of Ceris cannot. We will do everything in our power to ensure fewer are disproportionately affected by this unfortunate tragedy" Crown Princess Margherita stated to the media.
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