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  1. In many ways, I sort of have been absent already but I think I need to make it official. I'm not sure if I'll be back tomorrow or if I'll be back 2 months from now. I don't know. In an attempt to cut out distractions for me, I am going to be absent from here and remain away from the server among other things I am going to have to temporarily if not permanently cut out of my life presently.
  2. Welcome to Planet Eurth. I hope you enjoy your time here and find your fit in our community!
  3. Couldnt think of a better topic to start with this, especially how relevant immigration is to the modern multicultural push in Oyus. Consider me in this!
  4. Yes I've actually been wondering if this was going to go again. I have been slowly composing a short story for my own but would love to perhaps see the broader thread introduced.
  5. Welcome welcome. It's quite lovely here if I do say so myself!
  6. I apologize for the intrusion *but* Galahinda arguably wouldn't be that isolated. If anything the screenshot above can be a little misleading. In doing some measurements, his closest neighbors would be a decent bit closer than my own if he became a neighbor to Seylos. Of course, it would likely mean the climate would not be the one originally intended by Galahinda and at that point it would be a compromise I would presume. To SSI's second suggestion, if I do have any say due to proximity, I would not be opposed to having a neighbor somewhat close to me if Galahinda were to take up residence in the smaller isle east of Synturia. Alternatively, he could take the spot in which Synturia currently resides? I know that Synturia's place on the map has been a little bit of discussion and depending on where it is at, perhaps a new occupant could take their place. This is of course presuming Galahinda likes the thought and that the discussion is where it should be. If climate and being an island is something very important to Galahinda, and SSI's suggestion is not ideal I would also be willing to offer up my southern isle and reshape Oyus a little to make necessary adjustment as not much-if much at all-has really been done, fleshed out, and written with regard/reference to it. The only major city has been referenced very little and could easily be replaced. There is no catch to this, I don't expect some sort of compensation or anything like that presuming this would be allowed in the first place and presuming if Galahinda really found it to be desirable. (This could be just unnecessary) I apologize if I made any great leaps and strides in making some presumptions.
  7. Backdated June 27th, 2019 Oh No? Oyus! Swimmers Bring Home the Gold and Silver BOGD GIORO, FULGISTAN -- In just the second day of the Olympics, the Oyusard team has made up for the disappointing outing Oyusard sports saw in April at home in the Aurelian Cup. While the Oyusard Olympics Team had high hopes and expectations in performing in Fulgistan, there is only joy and happiness. Oyus' own wrangled in seven gold medals from the Men's 10m Platform, Men's 50m Freestyle, Men's 100m Freestyle, Men's 200m Freestyle, Men's 400m Freestyle, Men's 1500m Freestyle, and the Women's 800m Freestyle, absolutely dominating the competition. Susilo Raga, a prolific celebrity and skilled swimmer was ecstatic, "It's hard out there, it looks simple but it really isn't and I thank my family for being supportive, my peers who I have gotten to know better in coming to Bogd Gioro, and the teachings of Acona." The Women's team also raked in silver medals from the 50m Freestyle, 200m Freestyle, and 400m Freestyle along with bronze medals from the same 800m Freestyle that won gold and 100m Freestyle events. The National Congress was quick to commend the men and women representing the team today, showering them in praise for representing the country well and putting their best forward. "The billions of inhabitants of Eurth are looking on at Bogd Gioro, and in a time where our country is looking outwards, they have honored the name and tradition of swimming in Oyus. Frankly, we couldn't thank them enough and hope our run continues to be fruitful." the interim spokesperson told reporters this morning. There is already plans underway to have a Victory Celebration in the nation's four major urban centers according to the Congress and the Executive Palace with a general expectation
  8. Minister Lili Epol met with the Interim Chief with confidence. It could be seen in her stride across the courtyard. It could be seen in her threads. While it was typical for the Oyusards to dress in the local fashion of politicians or professionals, the occasion was decidedly different as she strode across the courtyard in a black tropical print maxi dress that was representative of Oyusard local politicians. The looming conflict between Rihan and Enolia was concerning to the Kera with little information on what is and isn't true, but it would not faze the Minister. Epol gave a brief, sort of smile of acknowledgement with a nod before beginning. "We are honored to hear that the Praetor holds us in high regard. We do our best to be respectable. Knowing that, I am glad Oyus received the League's invitation. The timing could not have been more perfect for us as we look to take on a larger role in the region and find our place in the world. The League shows much promise and potential. Over time as it grows in strength in unity the investment in time and resources should prove to have been rewarding in the end." She would clear her throat before continuing. "No matter what, unity across the continent will help us survive and prosper. I couldn't agree more. The fruits of our labor should not perish in the orchard. It is unfortunate and even disappointing that peace will only be so brief in Aurelia as we look to cement closer relations with others. It shouldn't be a luxury. It is something we have considered, a reason, to join. It is almost certain that while there is much benefit and reward to gain in our outreach, terrible influences will reach us and attempt to corrupt us and our functioning country as a whole." The Ministry of Foreign Relations and Ministry of Self Defence in the first time in decades were starting to find themselves on the same page and same side of the argument. With few friends and little interaction, it only has begun to dawn on the islands' small self defense force that diplomacy is perhaps the missing line of defense.
  9. "Amore," the Limonaian-Oyusard (Sometimes referenced as Limoys) would say to her, "you will only have the best from us." Lam stood on a platform in front of a 180-degree mirror, much like those seen in the Oyus the Dress reality program that showcases brides looking for special dresses for special occasions, especially weddings. "I have something that is in line with the new and upcoming trend in fashion here, a return to our roots and admiration for Acona." It is not often that the Palace brings in their experts. Kera Eka Lam did her best to keep away from looking like she lived in a life of luxury like other monarchs might and have historically. Not long after her ascension, she opened the vast majority of the Palace at Merseca Square to the general public, which in turn confined her to a small area for her residence along with opting to work outside the comfort of the Palace for official business. While her predecessor, Kera Yulaa, was able to live far more lavishly and comfortably, it did not keep the public from being skeptical of her successor. Thus, one of the few luxuries she affords is attendance to a potential partner's event in which the entire world has been invited. Lam's experts, those with an idea of fashion, PR specialists concerned with public perception, cultural advisers, among others to note were ones she was well acquainted with. As always when brought in, by far those most excited and enthused about their occupation are the fashion folk-rightfully so. Per invitation from Galahinda, a fashion center no less, they were asked to dress their "nation's best," which only proved that this was only a dream moment for all those in fashion. Interns under the Limoy designer had dragged a rack in, hanging from it several different colored articles of clothing, although they are referenced as art. "Lux would be envious of what I have in mind for you. Though, I must test you first, what is it that you think that is up and coming?" Eka turned her gaze to the Limoy, eyebrow raised, as the fashionista with a passionista sifted through the rack. A vibrant colored grass skirt paired with a floral print top, earning a stern look from the Kera, a more toned down colorful cheap dress in sequins stylized to be a scale pattern, which earned an audible "Seriously?" as Eka tossed it aside, and finally the actual outfit: a white scale patterned skirt that was short of being thigh length and a top consisting of only white seashells, sparkling from the bright gems encrusted on it that would hang from the neck with pearls, with two strands on each side wrapping around her. "The top... a true return to the roots in a way I can't help but welcome and love. It's truly wonderful. I must say I am skeptical of the bottom..." she said, returning to the platform putting it over her to envision how it would look on her. "I assure you, it is what is up and coming. If you would prefer, there is a dark version of this ensemble, I would happily loan it to you so that you can wear the flower crown." It would be just then a newer aide interjected, "We can't just let her wear the flower crown, it would look absolutely terrible from a public perspective! Not to mention this is a meeting with foreign heads of state and government, not some rave." The Kera and Limoy designer only gave him stern looks which quickly saw him shuffling out of the room. "I heard that the ravers of the world have been invited to this, would it really matter if it was or wasn't intended to be a rave?" she queried her culture aide, the two chuckling. "If it wasn't a party before, it certainly is now."
  10. Reaffirming my intention to attend.
  11. Well this community has plenty of long time veterans (and I used to think I was a veteran of some sort on NS). Welcome to the community! Excited to see what you'll bring to the table. I would imagine in 12 years in a region as large as The West Pacific he would have some semblance of experience.
  12. I could foresee Oyus' Kera be in attendance, if not, the Minister of Culture or Foreign Affairs.
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