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  1. Oyus

  2. @Limonaia or Limonada?
  3. Replying from Big O reaching out on Discord ~ I wouldn't mind hosting the first informal meeting, though I feel it would make more sense that a larger island country or likely more significant one at this point in history to hold it. I do not take issue hosting, however. I am not one to shy away from hosting an event, heh.
  4. I knew black magic worked! They tell me I'm a fool for practicing... Welcome back!
  5. I mean if there is a short story that everyone enjoyed and the writer wanted to continue, then there is always one of two options. They could add the links to their previous/future posts in their posts relating to it. In other words, they would link Part 2, 3, 4, 5 in Part 1 and vice versa, so on and so forth. Alternatively, they can create a separate thread if they feel it can be its own sort of storyline outright. I would probably say the latter makes more sense than the former. I personally would prefer the short story route, "Europan Crime Story" or something. Each post is a short story that is unrelated more often than not. I don't think it hurts to have variety in the type of crime stories there are. I imagine the more compelling ones would not be white collar crime. Personally, I wouldn't exclude anything.
  6. I feel like drug trafficking is all too common when it comes to crime, and in any case I would enjoy seeing the depository of stories for a glimpse of each and every country's underworld large or small. As idealistic and seemingly perfect Oyus may be (at least I feel) there is a reason why the OIA (Oyus Inverstigative Agency) and National Police exist. Unfortunately, it is not because Grandma Susie's cat Mittens went missing.
  7. I was unaware you could use Comic Sans on here!
  8. Agreed 100% ^ It would be unfair to those recruited to come in when there are some issues that have to be addressed and resolved, which is the case from what I have come to understand. Not only would it be unfair to them, but it would also end up being all for naught as in the end the newer members may not feel like they should stick around. I can't really speak much to this being a new person who has stuck around.
  9. With regard to recruiting, we can try and obtain a key to use API and/or maybe set up a fund for everyone to donate for regional recruitment stamps unless someone would prefer to shoulder the cost. If more people come, if there ar remembers willing and capable, members that qualify, there can always be additions to the mod/mentor team because there will surely be a point in which, if it does become rather large or difficult for all members to help others, that more people will have to be added anyhow. Perhaps some activity on the RMB/NS site could help too-it doesnt have to be much necessarily, but it could also help with recruitment.
  10. I would enjoy participating in this, especially considering it could be another way to talk about the Aurelian Cup that we are hosting, an aspect that could be focused on more closely in the lead up to it. I would not have any problem throwing in a character at least.
  11. Aurelians On The IslesFrom Top Left to Bottom: Farla Stadium, Hani Center, Matana Municipal Stadium, and the Bank of Yulaa Stadium. YULAA, OYUS -- Merseca Square's first major announcement in the new year came early in the second month. The newly formed and refined Ministry of Sports & Recreation Wednesday had long been waiting to make the formal announcement. The Ministry had been rather silent with most details of the cup either being leaked or obtained from the official press office of SATAMFC, an out of character behavior for an Oyusard body. Often, leaks would be denied until confirmed otherwise. Prior, there was some concern that the closer to the anticipated date of the cup, the more likely that perhaps the tournament was still left with many questions. Despite the setbacks and concerns from foreign parties the Oyusard Football Federation in conjunction with the Ministry called a press conference to formally announce the 2019 Aurelian Cup. Kaleo Guz, the inaugural Minister, announced that the Autelian Cup would be hosted this year from March 26th to April 6th, in line with leaks from a week earlier that the cup would not be stretched out to a third week under advisement of the National Tourism Studies Association. "While it is a major tournament, we can not be greedy. Two weeks is ample enough for visitors to enjoy and the country to benefit." Guz stated, citing the leaked report. The running costs of the tournament of most concern were the increased transportation and security costs to municipalities, even during off days during the active cup. The venues were also announced, a peculiar group chosen by the Ministry: Yulaa's Bank of Yulaa Stadium, the second largest stadium in the country with oceanviews; Farla's namesake in Farla Stadium, the largest and oldest stadium still in operation; Matana's fully public owned Municipal Stadium; and Arbaro's newly constructed Hani Center, expected to see the most use throughout the tournament. The Ministry touted these four stadiums as providing the most amenities to visitors and fans from across the continent, with two of the venues being updated presently. The tournament is expected to host eight nations who have already been informed and invited, the vast majority being apart of Aurelia proper, and a couple being invitees. Groups were chosen before the press producing an even handed Group A and B: A: @Rihan, @Kirvina, @Rhodellia, and @Oyus B: @Kipan, @Shffahkia, @Selayar, and @Asgeirria The groups are expected to play out from March 26th to March 30th, letting the knockout portion of the tournament roll through the first week of April with March 31st and April 1st without a match to be played.
  12. Tax Haven Nation --- Miss Eurth has me curious I would be willing to help out with that somehow when the time comes around in November. Until then, I am more than happy to help out in any way I can, notably with regard to Pandemic and Sister Cities.
  13. Clarity on my post earlier in case the was any confusion: If at any point I implied that players should control old Europa nations, that was not my intention. I could only see it be done responsibly and managed responsibly by mods who knew how those nations played and reacted in order to realistically bring them to life through a responsible and justifiable means of new life. I would also like to emphasize that I only see nations that have great significance in the canon should really be considered for this manner of revival if applicable. Unless a nation was added and has done pretty much the equivalent of nothing or close to it and would not destroy canon by their removal, there is no real necessity to keep them, the only continent I see being the exception to this being Europa from what I have come to understand... No one new should be added to Europa, it was decided and it serves no real purpose to reverse that decision, as it just discourages settlement on much, much emptier continents. I don't think we should discount this idea so quickly and have further discussion on this, even if at the end of the day nothing changes. It does not hurt to discuss.
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