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  1. Well this community has plenty of long time veterans (and I used to think I was a veteran of some sort on NS). Welcome to the community! Excited to see what you'll bring to the table. I would imagine in 12 years in a region as large as The West Pacific he would have some semblance of experience.
  2. I could foresee Oyus' Kera be in attendance, if not, the Minister of Culture or Foreign Affairs.
  3. Date: January 5th, 2019 To: Sebron tr'Riog From: The Ministry of Foreign Relations of the Oyus Matriarchy Interim Chief Executive Sebron tr'Riog, The Oyus Matriarchy couldn't agree more that these times are quite troubling. Behind closed doors, we have long been considering options to better safeguard our nation and peoples who call Oyus home. At any moment we could find ourselves subjected to the unruly influence of others on us economically, environmentally, or even physically. This is a great fear being an island nation like ourselves. The promising goals of the Aurelian League have intrigued those of us here in the Ministry of Foreign Relations and even some in the National Congress, as well as the Kera. It is warming to see continental unity and strength. The Matriarchy is honored and accepts the Aurelian League's invitation to meet in Dartha. With the potential of the League, the Matriarchy feels its diplomatic corps. can most certainly contribute positively to stronger relations and cooperation. Minister Lili Epol is able to meet within the enxt 48 hours, as this is considered something to be of utmost importance to the Matriarchy. It is our hope we will be participants within the league by the time the Council of Aurelia convenes.
  4. Would it be historical or present time?
  5. This will be interesting to watch unfold and develop! I am most curious how this whole monarcho-communism plays out...
  6. Being new to this can definitely be a little overwhelming as to where you want to take things, I know it was for me when I first started RPing. Feel free to join the Discord as @Rihan suggested. A great place to socialize with others here and discuss potential ideas and the course you want to take your nation! The glory of worldbuilding is the only thing that can truly limit you (aside from sensible community rules) is your imagination! Welcome to the community, I hope we'll see you around here.
  7. The Oyusard Olympic Committee hereby gives official notification of its intention to send athletes representing the Matriarchy.
  8. While I know a minimal amount of what goes on in Aurelia (I'm not sure why I dont pay better attention to neighbors like I do everywhere else) if people were to flee for fear of their own life regardless of their politics we would welcome them. I'll post further thoughts probably after Memorial Day. Depends on when I can find time to read up on all that's happened.
  9. I was expecting that question sooner or later. Obviously, I very much enjoy the idea, but I wanted to put a lot of focus behind it so that, if there ever is a thread for organized crime, that it isn't 90% myself if it I am able to go where I hope to with this. While it does focus on organized crime, the idea is also to see more politically driven organizations, too. Something that isn't as in line with the spirit of organized crime in my opinion. Short answer: it's own thing.
  10. “Prime Minister Tumbleweed, I think those are great starting points for discussions. There is a lot to hash out having more formalized relations between the Matriarchy and the Radiant Republic. Being members of the GIN is precisely one of the reasons we believe this new relationship would not only be a good one, but a necessary one too. We would be more than happy to host officials of the Radiant Republic to coordinate possible solutions to issues we face. Likewise, we are more than willing to send members here to help come up with solutions presently and in the future. I would venture to say that participation is not just potential but rather certain in the Manamana League. We have every intention to ensure this project is successful as we can only stand to benefit and we would be happy to increase the sustainability of the canal. Seeing the canal’s completion is considered a top priority as far as foreign policy and economic policy goes for us.” Lam stated. Epol, the Foreign Minister, and Hani, the Ambassador to Gallambria, nodded in agreement. While unconfirmed, it has long been rumored since the Matriarchy made a massive change in foreign policy that it had almost everything to do with the canal. Everything else seems like icing on cake when collaborating with other nations. If completed, the location of Oyus made it a prime location as a business friendly nation to conduct commerce, including being able to further dabble in shipping. No doubt, Manamana East would double its income. No matter the amount of money the Matriarchy invested it would quickly make it back given a little time and acclimation. “Visa policy is something we would definitely discuss as we would want to establish something in line with our core principles. We would also welcome foreign investment in domestic projects to promote growth, especially smart growth.” Epol added. She was well aware of a project by the shipping magnate in Brisore and the Kera’s desire to aid projects similar to it. However, it had to be done right. Too hasty or allowing a shoddy job, and it would be anything between riddled with crime, to being a nightmare whenever it experiences a typhoon. Regardless, it would get nowhere without some help from the outside. Hani followed and made a push. “Seeing our industries grow would also be something we would seek to do by possibly having the introduction of our own automobiles here. Our companies are flushed with cash to use for investment and have asked us to trailblaze an opening to investment abroad.” Ambassador Hani understood that to grow domestically, it needed to invest abroad. Oyus was too small of a country to see the full potential of its businesses. It is easy to grow quickly with so few people on the isles. Many businesses could become content with the excess profits and begin lining their pockets with hefty bonuses as opposed to reinvesting it. As each rose to speak, the other would sit. The multicultural nation that is Oyus with several populations of non-native nationalities had dreams of ascending to higher places in the world and at home. However, to achieve this goal it would take reaching out to the world to show that it was a willing partner in the betterment of the human race and deserving of such a reward. One of the reasons why Kayleigh Hani was so high up in the Ministry was for the very reason she understood the journey ahead for the Matriarchy in order to achieve its goals, long term and short. It was of great astonishment when she passed up the possibility of being the next Minister before the Kera chose Lili Epol. “I believe that would be what we would want to cover. As we discuss further, I am sure we will find other things of interest. There is surely plenty both our countries can offer each other.”
  11. So as I have pondered more about Oyus, I realize I have gone to great lengths to show how it is all around pretty good and very much like a utopia. This is despite the fact it is a government that is not exactly everyone's favorite for the people kind. It is perfection, and there is no better place to be (although I'm sure Mundus Liber would argue otherwise). At least, on the surface. Lately, I have been wanting to get into the life in Oyus under all the layers of perfection. I have been considering a string of short stories looking at different aspects of life in Oyus. Specifically: organized crime, terrorist organizations, separatist organizations, stories of this nature. Even in the most perfect countries, there is trouble in paradise whether everyone knows about it or not. My personal intention is to write mostly stories that would not really be reported on in the media as it is hidden, underworld (not because there is state run media) sort of secrecy. I potentially see attempts by foreign entities to influence Oyus. I would enjoy suggestions of how you might be involved (if you would be, even on a very low key note) or suggestions on what sort of things I could write about. I imagine membership numbers may be made up of foreigners due to lax visa policies. I would like to write about pretty much every group here in some respect. I have to admit this is pretty ambitious for me as a project and fingers crossed I hope it can go somewhere. Designated Terrorist/Separatist Organizations https://iiwiki.us/wiki/List_of_separatist_movements_and_terrorist_organizations_on_Eurth The Dread Clan - Organized crime syndicate known for acts of arson, bombing, and assassinations. The Adisi Nationalist Front (ANF) - Radical supremacist organization that seeks to unify the territories of the Adisi Ocean under one banner and cull any foreigners and non-native peoples. The Southern Oyus Commune - A relatively ignored and small incapable band of separatists, they are advocates for an authoritarian communist regime. The only objective of the SOC is to see that the southern isle of Oyus is independent under a communist regime. Supporters are those who feel that the National Congress doesn't go far enough. It is estimated there are about 200 Oyusards who pledge themselves to the cause. Organized Crime Groups https://iiwiki.us/wiki/Criminal_enterprises,_gangs_and_syndicates_of_Eurth#Oyuard_Organized_Crime The Ceta Brigade - Typical organized crime group that is relatively violent with a known protection racket. The Sisterhood of Nix - Vigilante group intent on curbing the efforts of the Dread Clan and the Ceta Brigade. The Dread Clan - See above. Inspiration credit to @Andalla
  12. Hope all will be better with your family.
  13. Would be nice to see this still happen despite the departure of dear friend Andalla.
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