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  1. Final v1 Fearnnteth history 1990-Present 1990 - The first "hung" Congress is ushered in and the term produces nothing of substance, empowering then Prince Alastair to promote his own vision. 1992 - King Alastair V ascends the throne. 1995 - Another Congress is elected with no clear majority. The Christian Monarchist Party and the Indigenous Bloc (loose coalition of independent legislators representing indigenous communities) form a working coalition to pass legislation. 1996 - The Fearann Defence Act of 1996 retains a mercenary force as the nation's national defense and
  2. I don't have any particular quarrels with it iirc.
  3. Even if we didn't have an issue with doing this we only have so much time on our hands as we have real lives and don't (unfortunately?) do this full time. We will want to focus on writing far more enjoyable RPs we are passionate about as opposed to something merely procedural for the sake of establishing it.
  4. Second to last update post on this first draft, the revision process will begin after the next post, maybe in the next post. No culture write up since I just wasn't able to accomplish much today. I blame work even though it is my off day. 1938 - Chester Filmean fashions himself as the new Head of Government of Fearannteth 1938 - Filmean orders the arrest of protestors angered by his ascension. 1939 - Protest leaders are executed publicly to be made an example of while the regime releases the vast majority of the protestors arrested. 1939 - The Great Dominion Declaration
  5. This is certainly something we will have to discuss, lol. Another update post 1907 - The Adisi Liberation War comes to an end, with a victory for Oyussa ad former possessions of Fearannteth. 1909 - King Horas I abdicates to his son, Horas II who institutes political reform with the creation of the Royal Congress. 1910 - A pro-reform party wins a plurality in the unicameral legislature and further pushes for reforms with the help of King Horas II. 1913 - The Equality Act is passed, giving men and women of all races equal rights and protection from discrimination.
  6. For nearly a month I have been working to flesh out the history and location of the NPC. In close discussions with @Metztlitlaca and @Eulycea the location has been settled to be on the Palu peninsula with some boundary adjustments agreed upon with Metz as seen below. A special thanks to Metz who suggested the location and encouraged choosing this location. It is important to note this made a lot of things to consider easier and allowed me to not stress over this. Ethnic map draft with national boundaries of Metzliaca, Eulycea, and Fearannteth In addition to settling on a loca
  7. Welcome! I hope you find your fit here! Feel free to ask questions and join us on Discord.
  8. For the past few days I have been creating an entirely new entity and creation to spawn as an NPC and collected feedback from some staff such as @Iverica and @Sunset Sea Islands, as well as regional neighbors like @Metztlitlaca, @Eulycea, and @Shffahkia, also speaking to @Seylos in playing a small part in the foundation of this new nation and would be NPC. Discussions will remain on-going because there is somethings that will need to be worked out and solidified. I figured given the positive feedback from this that I would post about it here so updates about this, along with the rest of Oyus
  9. I mean with that slab of an island, it would be difficult to see needing any I believe the island would have some or be completely Mediterranean per the most recent climate map update I found.
  10. Having an all inclusive history will take a long while to do right and do well. This is mostly why I am leaning to leaving it vague until a later date. I want to cover parts of my history that are very relevant to potential events that may occur in canon. (Not to say that may not have an affect, but I find the more recent events to have a larger influence and affect on this.) I don't want to force myself to punch out everything up until this point only to entirely redo it for whatever minor reason or whim I have later on. I want it to be done right the first time, which isn't what happened wit
  11. Claiming these folk out for usage in a project that will be disclosed shortly (don't want to forget to claim out but still want to work out a couple more details) MP Sara Britcliffe MSP Nicola Sturgeon Rose Leslie Alan Cumming Peter Mullan Iain Glen
  12. Certainly something I have to think about. The questions likely would have been asked anyhow, nonetheless your asking them helps ensure they're considered. Something to think about. Well, when I wrote this thread, that was likely going to be the case. However, given that what appears to be an abrupt departure from here, I am no longer interested in having Limonaians be my colonial overlords and will be exploring new suitors or even my own. I can detail further why, but in essence, Limonaia in the future will be rooted out of my history for the most part. Oyussa has had a long t
  13. Especially relevant mentions: @Salvia @Limonaia @Fulgistan This upcoming November will mark my second year since joining here, with my activity having been on and off. It has long been my mission to set in stone my history which largely has been vague and left unwritten and mostly implied. I kind of want to put what I intend to change on here as well as what I hope to also do in the future with Oyus by making some of these revisions and requesting the potential for further revisions that are not as simple as changing the date a couple years or the like. Much of what I have changed has bee
  14. What a shock! Someone that can read!
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