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  1. When things die down here and I catch up, maybe I may join up on this?
  2. Oyus

    Olympic Games

    Y'all should definitely submit some sort of a bid for the Olympics just for kicks
  3. Oyus

    Far Shores

    The thought and professionalism behind the welcoming of the Oyusard delegation was not unnoticed as the four women took it all in. Perhaps the only time that any of them were slightly concerned was Epol, turned to the Kera, while the Oyusard national anthem was played in orchestra form as opposed to the traditional song - though no one would for sure have been able to tell unless they were looking for it specifically in archival footage. Otherwise, no one would really know. Of the pack, perhaps the only one who seemed not as well prepared as one would have hoped was the newly Ambassador to the Radiant Republic, Lubis, who had just been inaugurated into the office not even 2 weeks ago. Possibly why Hani was plucked from Bromwich for this meeting. The four settled into the black luxury tank, receptive of the Prime Minister's words. Lubis would be the only one taking up the PM's offer to take a friendlier drink from home, as the other three merely opted for water. "I appreciate the notice and respect afforded in not recording our conversations. I pay no mind to the actual practice, just so long as I am aware. The flight was smooth. It was quite different. A pleasant one.I would like to apologize for Ambassador Lubis. We have only just brought her in to the Ministry within the past couple. Unfortunately, there are not many of us that are well acquainted with travel within Oyus, it is not something we do often." Epol would chime in, reinforcing Lam's statement, "We are working right now in getting all these new faces up to speed. For this reason we have brought along Ambassador Hani, who has served a fair share of time as the top diplomat to Gallambria." Hani would nod her head. "It is an honor to be guests, Prime Minister, and we very much appreciate your reaching out to us as we start this new chapter in our country's history. There is plenty I hope we can discuss."
  4. Oyus

    The Yulaa Spectator

    Over the Horizon: Lam, Epol Visit the Sunset Sea Islands Lam spoke earlier this week and this morning on some specifics about the meeting to the Merseca Square Press Corps. YULAA, OYUS -- In a historic moment for not only the Oyus Matriarchy, but the country's long history, a sitting Oyusard head of state will meet with a major global player today. The delegation is set to include Kera Eka Lam, Foreign Minister Lili Epol, Ambassador to the SSI Tai Lubis, and, most curiously, Ambassador to Gallambria Kayleigh Hani. While no reason has been given as to the presence of the most senior of Ambassadors within the Ministry of Foreign Relations, Merseca Square has stated that it was not that much of a deal. The Lam Administration also named a variety of topics expected to be discussed during this meeting, but conveniently did not acknowledge one of great relevance: the Manamana Canal. Per an anonymous source in Merseca Square, the Kera hopes to discuss the matter of the canal's construction with the SSI's Prime Minister and potentially involving Oyus. Economists domestic and foreign alike seemed to have universally agreed on one thing regarding the canal: the benefits that the Oyus Matriarchy and people would only reap from its opening. With close proximity to what will likely be an increase of sea traffic, it would be a missed opportunity to remain quiet with regard to the canal. The most conservative of forecasts have only shown positivity. Merseca Square was quick to point out that the diplomatic initiative taken by Minister Lili Epol is already producing results with this meeting. The Communications Office suggested that more meetings are highly probable with a success in this one, with eyes towards Alharu and Argis. "We think that the meeting with the Sunset Sea Islands will give us momentum to strut across the globe and open up relations with more countries, and even see another wave of ambassador posts created and appointments." the Communications Chief told the Spectator on the steps of the National Congress. While no one specific has been mentioned as to what comes after the SSI meeting, whispers have indicated looking to a closer neighbor such as @Rihan or @Kirvina, or someone further beyond in Alharu like @Variota or @Fulgistan
  5. Oyus

    Mr Simizi goes to "Alhargis"

    VISA APPLICATION FORM Requirement: Technically, upon entry, no. Max. duration: 60 days, renewable up to 180 days. Health requirements: Upon entry it is preferred - not required - that medical records are provided, although, if forthcoming and staying for a long term stay in Oyus, it is not unheard of for the government to cover the cost of missing vaccinations at no cost due to the potential revenue that could be brought by your stay in the country. TOURISM GUIDE Top cities: Yulaa, Farla, Matana Sights worth seeing: Merseca Square, Yulaa, Oyus - a square with the Mer Palace and a colossus built in the honor of city's namesake; beaches in Marbodo, Yulaa, and Matana; Arbaro, Oyus - eco-tourism on the interior of the island in Arbaro, a town in the middle of the jungle; The Monteto Animal Reserve, Monteto, Oyus - a conservation area for more endangered species or animals unable to function independently in the wild; Farla, Oyus - The media capital of Oyus, including television/movie studios where tours can be taken, and it is not uncommon for one to bump into a star. Cultural events taking place: The Spring Festival, which is a whole month best experienced in Yulaa (2 weeks worth of vacation domestically); The Summer Carnival, a week full of colour in late June, early July, best experienced in Matana; Banner Week, the celebration of the country's unification and the current government's founding after Yulaa's dissolution of the failed Oyus Republic - best experienced in either Yulaa or Farla, which was the capital at the time of the dissolution of the republic; Championship Week, a week in December where the domestic sports leagues of Oyus all have their finals on the same week, sports being something there is much pride in within Oyus- best experienced celebration is in a city with more than one team in a final, typically Yulaa or Farla; the Oyusard New Year Celebration, which starts on December 30th and ends on January 2nd, one of few holidays with some religious elements attached. Getting around: Urban Areas: Bike Rentals, Bus network, Subways and/or Monorails, Ride hailing services, & Taxis. Cross-country: By airplane, limited to major cities; by rail; by ferry, between the islands; and bus. Local cuisine: While in recent years the government has pushed for the water to be exponentially cleaner, even compared to some of the cleaner countries in the world, the government always recommends that you consider bottled water during your stay. It is best to avoid restaurants that do not have a health inspection grade posted at their entrance, as with street vendors. Dishes with taro are said to be a must to try while in Oyus, Oyus Salad is also an interesting dish, which contains fruit that are more exclusive to the country such as guanabana and granadilla. Fish is also a main staple of the Oyus diet, and a local fish market is the best place to get fresh catches and Oyus-inspired dishes. Sleeping: Lodging is best left to the urban centers of Oyus, where they are plentiful and competitive. Matana is best known for beach resorts, Yulaa and Farla for a more traditional Western-style hotel. Arbaro and Monteto both have unique lodging, though air conditioning is not necessarily guaranteed.
  6. Oyus

    The Yulaa Spectator

    Championship Week 2018 Brighter Than Ever The festivities have already begun in some parts of the country, like Matana, even though the week doesn't start for another two days. MATANA, OYUS -- The Oyusard Championship Week is set to begin this weekend and run until the following Friday, with the championships of the Big Three sports leagues in Oyus: The Oyusard Baseball Domestic League (OBDL), The Oyus Gold League, and the Oyus New Football League. Although each sport plays their regular season at different points of the year, it doesn't end until the final month of the year. A standing tradition for two decades now, it is one that the populace are rather fond of. This year there is great excitement around the OBDL's Championship series, as it is the second year a franchise with a history of poor play has fond itself above the pack and poised to take home it's first Comissioner's Cup. The Matana Hurricane still finds itself an underdog against the Marbodo Commodores, the latter of which has win the West Division title for the past 10 years straight, not to mention the Commodores strong season. The Commodores are coming into the Championship series off a season with the second best league win percentage, .619, compared to The Hurricane's .523. Despite this, many in Matana are confident in their team's ability to beat a proven league champ, looking to the team's close win over the league's best team: Farla's Rumble Ponies. The Championship Series games have been scheduled on Monday, Wednesday, and if need be, Friday of the week - with the Commodores holding home field advantage for better league play. The City of Matana continues to enjoy great hope in the week with the entrance of their futbol team in Matana FC, to the Oyus Gold Cup Final, it's first time too. While Matana FC typically shows itself as strong, it struggled in a year where other teams proved to be more competitive: only one team in the league this year had more wins than draws or losses, Krutamon FC. Unfortunately, they quickly made an exit in a 2-1 loss to Matana's Gold Cup Final opponent in Bayside United. The Gold Cup Final will be played on Thursday to cap off Championship Week's second most popular league final.
  7. Full Name of Country/Region: The Oyus Matriarchy Representative Signing (and date): Eka Lam, The Kera of Oyus 2018/12/20 Ratification by (and date): The National Congress of Oyus, 2018/12/20 Continent: Aurelia First Language(s): Common/Anglish Second Language: Yussa Additional Languages: N/A
  8. Oyus

    The Oyusard Ministry of Foreign Relations

    The Ministry of Foreign Relations of the Oyus Matriarchy To: Prime Minister Theresa Tumbleweed of the Radiant Republic of the @Sunset Sea Islands From: Kera Eka Lam of the Oyus Matriarchy Copy: Minister Lili Epol of the Ministry of Foreign Relations of the @Oyus Matriarchy, Ambassador to Sunset Sea Islands Tai Lubis Prime Minister Tumbleweed, The National Congress, and myself, were delighted to recieve your invitation and glad that the Sunset Sea Islands feel favorable to diplomatic cooperation between our two nations. Needless to say, it brings us great joy to see that not only are we recognized by a prestigious country as yours, but to be considered a potential member of the Manamana League. Indeed, since knowledge of the project's forward movement, we have become increasingly hopeful for it's success as it can only bring good things for the Oyusard people domestically, and aid many others beyond. I would concur that if the resurgence of the Group of Island Nations happens, it would be quite awkward to be silent with each other. There are just too few reasons why we simply would not work together. We accept this invitation to Yuyake 101, I do so with great pleasure. The Ministry of Foreign Relations will communicate soon specifics and details to ensure that this meeting is successful before making our way to the Sunset Sea Islands. It is seen here, too, paramoun that reconnecting with members of the world stage, and building the foundations of a meaningful relationship between like-minded nations. Warmest Regards, Eka Lam Kera of the Oyus Matriarchy
  9. Oyus

    The Oyusard Ministry of Foreign Relations

    The Ministry of Foreign Relations of the Oyus Matriarchy From the Minister's Desk The Ministry of Foreign Relations is pleased to welcome all its new ambassadors that will carry out the business of diplomacy on behalf of Minister Lili Epol, Kera Eka Lam, and the nation as a whole. The Kera's, Ministry's and National Congress' decision to appoint these individuals and create these new offices is also meant to be a commitment to positive relations and a more open dialogue. As Oyus further opens itself up to the further reaches of the world, the Minister and Kera who otherwise shared the workload of what these ambassadors will do, would likely grow to heights unseen. With the exception of the ambassador postings to Gallambria, Shffahkia, Kirvina, and Faramount, all posts have been newly created which include, but hopefully will not be limited to @Adaptus, @Andalla, @Asgeirria, @Fulgistan, @Kipan, @Limonaia, @Mauridiviah, @Morheim, @Orioni, @Prymont, @Rihan, @Sunset Sea Islands, @Tagmatium Rules, @Tikva, and @Variota. We hope in the coming weeks and months that these ambassadors will be accepted on diplomatic visas to their assigned countries, something Oyus will happily reciprocate. Their appointment is only the beginning in the hopes to expand the Oyusard diplomatic mission abroad and to hopefully exchange embassies if not already having been touched upon. Signed, Lili Epol Foreign Minister of the Oyus Matriarchy
  10. Oyus

    Aluxian Civil War

    Free Aluxian Army* The acronym is far more favorable. I had been pondering a couple of ideas in how to further interact with Change in the Wind and had been meaning to ask you about what your vision is and/or thoughts on something I had in mind. I can't wait to see.
  11. Oyus

    [OOC] Scramble for Antargis

    I sort of want to participate but not a member of anyone
  12. Oyus

    The Yulaa Spectator

    Epol, Susman Concerned About Argis Winston Susman, left, has been vocal since his confirmation as the top diplomat to Aluxia, and has been only confirming the fears of Lili Epol, right. YULAA, OYUS -- A response of force in @Girkmand, a people entrapped by civil war in @Aluxia, a rogue slaver state in Derthalen; are of what has become a great concern to the mission of global pacification to the Lam Administration. While the Oyusards are certainly no military power, it is something that will clearly be a driver as the Ministry of Foreign Relations has been rather vocal publicly and in the current session of of the National Congress. Minister Lili Epol and Ambassador Winston Susman via written statement to the Congress expressed their concerns especially in Aluxia and Girkmand. Currently embroiled in a civil war, Aluxians loyal to the reigning government and dissenters of it alike have been caught in the crossfire, and although aid is helpful, it can only go so far as the war takes a toll. Susman, the Ambassador to Aluxia, stated that it is a conflict that only seems to have just started and is building up, and growing larger by the day - a worrying sign for inhabitants. "While we do not necessarily support either side, we hope to see such a conflict come to a swift end, perhaps through diplomatic means that we could offer to both sides." stating further that such a conflict hurts all. Epol has been increasingly more open on the matter of Girkmand, which has been a matter Merseca Square has remained rather mum on otherwise. For the past couple days, Epol has raised the possibility of taking action of some sort due to the nature and seemingly one sidedness of the situation. "Unlike the civil war in Aluxia, where sides and factions are not clear cut, the opposite seems to be more true in Girkmand - It is why we request considering taking more action than we have with Aluxia." While Girkmand is not a warzone, the government response to the unrest rocking the Argic nation has many concerned within the Foreign Relations Ministry. The Ministry has already made a policy change for visa applications from Girkmand similar to that of Aluxia, and it seems almost certain the government will have a formal response in the coming days that isn't one of neutrality.
  13. Oyus

    [OOC] The Technocratic Internationale

    Sure, I think we would still join, we would just likely not be the most enthusiastic supporters as things heat up in the cold war.
  14. Oyus

    Group of Island Nations

    McScuse me is there a problem? I quite like the acronym
  15. Oyus

    Group of Island Nations

    Definitely would fit within the character of my nation. I wouldnt mind being apart of something like this.