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  1. Tikva

    Laren Environmental Conference

    Talya was quiet while the Tagmatine and Rihan representatives spoke at length about their concerns and praise for the proposal Queen Julia had put before them. She at first waited to see if the Bulgenstazi emissary had any comments and seeing that he was still looking at the document before them, Shoshan proceeded. She had taken the time to read the treaty in the intervening period. "The State is prepared to be an active partner in this effort," she said, "we've already begun the process to decarbonize our energy and in due time, transportation. There is very little else I could add to the accord short of echoing the suggestions brought by Narses." She adjusted herself. "As the Setgvek stresses, we are responsible for our world's condition, to be stewards of its beauty - an exacting charge placed in the Great Book," looking to the Tagmatine. "Though I cannot personally approve the treaty, I am more than happy to present it to the Prime Minister for him to bring before the Knesset for approval. However, I can provide the same academic and technical assistance Ambassador Anaka has already present, the combined brainpower of Asher Katz University of Ayalon and the National Institute of Technology in Harel are ready to be engaged." "We may not have sufficient funds to invest much into the green bank at the beginning but I am willing to make the case to Prime Minister Lasker to put aside funds for it once the present situation in Samarria is calmer. That land could use considerable conservation and careful stewardship." She looked around the room. "I think it is fair to say that everyone is by and large in agreement of the terms in principle, but in the end, its about enforcement, target setting, and monitoring."
  2. Tikva

    Ayalon Observer

    Home | Tikva | World | Politics | Business | Tech | Science | Culture | Health | Sports | Opinion Cybersecurity Firm Covertix Purchased by Kishiro for 1.61 billion Shekels By Arlan Levi, 5 February 2019 The major Kipanese keiretsu, Kishiro Technologies (KKT) today announced that it has finalized a deal to purchase the rapidly-growing cybersecurity start-up, Covertix, for 1.61 billion Shekels (2.2 billion Ken). Kishiro CEO Keiji Okuda said in a prepared statement that "Covertix's products in data security will complement many of our recent acquisitions in the space. We are confident that by applying their efforts to our ongoing development program will produce an even stronger application and range of security protocols that will make Kishiro the dominant player in the market." Covertix's Board Chairman, Ovid Shmerkin, said that "it was the right time to sell the company." He further emphasized that he was extremely pleased with the amount of investment both domestic and foreign alike over the past five years that brought the company to this point. Formal control of Covertix by Kishiro will be official from the end of May 2019.
  3. YAY! Cannot wait for the first friendly and perhaps a continental match to be a part of.
  4. Tikva

    [OOC] Aluxian Civil War

    @Aluxia: Alright. I'll wait for your response. I have something else to write over the next two days so hopefully, if you have something this weekend, I can reply to it then.
  5. Tikva

    Mr Simizi Goes Travelling

    Saw the tag: I do fly Harel-Limone. I do fly Miyako, Kipan to Tikva but I think Arkhavn is tad far for the fleet I'd roughly have but eh, if Andallan Airlines wants to fly that route, I don't dispute it.
  6. Tikva

    A Change in the Wind

    To: The Agios Basilikon Kounsistorion of the Megas Agios Basileia ton Arhomanion From: Prime Minister Jakob Lasker and the Government ***CONFIDENTIAL*** The news from Aluxia, and our mission in the capital, Vardin continues to be grim. In light of the information being given to us concerning the conditions in Chukba, I have instructed the Tzahal to expeditiously prepare scenarios that we may be able to execute upon. Over the nine-day period, we were able to transport nearly 30,000 and their limited belongings from Aluxia to Tikva. As I am sure you saw in the Observer, my Government has committed to spending over a billion shekels to ensure their time in the country is as normal as possible. It is our hope that we can secure another, and perhaps longer, window so that we can get more people who wish to do so, out of the country. The Imperial administration has been uncooperative on that front. However, should we ever get that opportunity again, we should discuss identifiers now so that the airlifting operation is not in any way delayed. I have ordered General Boris Malkin, he himself a native Aluxian who emigrated to Tikva in the 1960s, to provide me with around-the-clock information on the Aluxian Civil War and will be on-hand to act as our liaison should we elevate our engagement in the conflict. Presently, he should discuss matters with the Tagmatine military for additional intelligence and recon reports.
  7. Tikva

    A Change in the Wind

    Chukba The ground was littered with artillery shells, munition rounds, the rotting corpses of dead Imperial and Democratic forces. The Shai had walked right into a hellish landscape. They had made every attempt to get to the city before the FAA offensive had begun but some less than cooperative Imperial officials had waylaid them along the main road, constantly citing non-existent orders or 'payments' that needed to be transacted for passage. It was clear to the contingent's leader that some members of the Imperial Army had decided to set up their own 'fiefdoms' to run rackets, namely to gather as much money as they could before the end of the civil war, there they'd flee from the country and settle down on some sunny, southern island, far from the chaos that would engulf the entire country at the end. "The smell is horrendous," commented one of the agents. Their leader smacked on the face. "You are a wimp. You've seen far worse in other parts of the world, if not in our own backyard in the Valley," he said. "Get it together." That was the end of the constructive criticism over their location. "How far away are we from Chukba?" "5-6 miles at most, it's on the other side of that ridge," responded the agent entrusted with the map. The location they were presently standing at was supposed to be the meeting point with the FAA contact. "Clearly we aren't meeting here," skimming the battlefield. "We cannot risk using the radios for the time being," said another agent. "I spy an Imperial contingent approaching our position from our rear. It must be from that awful commander we had to deal with this morning. He must be annoyed we didn't pay him enough for passage." "We cannot stay here, we're much safer hiding amongst the people of the city itself. We need to get the Great Sakak of Chukba, now." Raphael snatched the map from his colleague, pointing out a route. Okay, follow me and stay close. This is a live warzone," he commented, pulling out his pistol. "We'll connect with the FAA - not directly, but through Kuzhe Mikel Levitin himself. Let's move out."
  8. Tikva

    Laren Environmental Conference

    Minister Shoshan thanked the Queen for the invitation, "it is a pleasure to be here on this stunning island. When Prime Minister Lasker informed me of the deliberations, I could hardly wait to fly up from Alharu. I am confident we will come to a long-lasting agreement by the end of the sessions," she remarked. The Shai, Tikva's intelligence service, had spent time inspecting the attendees of the conference, including the delegate from the Rihan Republic, a nation so far away, the State had little reason to be involved with it - until now. "Ambassador Anaka," Talya said. The charming Rihannsu gentlemen, "a pleasure," he commented. "I think there is any one nation that could probably convince an entire continent to go along with may transpire here, it's you," referring to the Aurelian League. She suspected that she probably would have irked the Tagmatine representative but she would leave the damage control of that petty comment with the Foreign Ministry upon her return. Talya took her seat and listened attentively to Julia's introduction to the conference and the goals she wanted to see achieved. Once she had concluded her remarks, Shoshan responded. "This is an admirable list of objectives," she began, "something I certainly believe we can make significant headway on but many of goals require a massive ramp up in the utilization of renewable energy sources - though there a great sum of nations that have begun to go down that path, it cannot be a solar panel here and a closed oil plant here. We are talking about the complete change of Eurth's very common tie to the product of oil. I am not saying it is impossible, but it will require vast sums of money. I am sure there are several nations who in principle may want to be on board with this - their wealth would come from such oil - the OPEC nations may hold a different interpretation of what is achieved here."
  9. Tikva

    [OOC] Aluxian Civil War

    Just read your latest post - I'll react to it by the middle of the week at the latest.
  10. Tikva

    Ayalon Observer

    Home | Tikva | World | Politics | Business | Tech | Science | Culture | Health | Sports | Opinion Beitar Katzilya Beats Maccabi Ayalon 1-0 in Critical Liga Alef Match-Up By Noah Ginsburg 12 January 2019 The Liga Alef, the country's premier football league, had its most important match-up of the regular season this evening between Katzilya and Ayalon, in which the former beat the latter 1-0 at Kosmin Stadium in the Ayalon neighborhood of Tatamon. This rivalry has existed as far back as 1937 when the National Association of Football in Tikva (NAFT) was formed. Over the first half, neither team scored a goal and it appeared that each team's defensive strategies were working. There was only a single opportunity where a goal by Ayalon might have succeeded except that a kick by Yerik Okin was blocked by Katzilya goalkeeper Shem Berkovic in the thirty-ninth minute. The second half was a fresh start for both sides and it began with a very impressive offense by Katzilya midfielder Jonah Resnick, with the momentum to be broken by Ayalon defender Ishmael Duchan. However, Beitar Katzilya would have another opportunity during the seventy-fifth minute when Resnick made an attempt down the right side of the pitch and passed it off to Chavivi Cantor, and then into the quick striker, Aron Sacher, who also plays on the national football team. Sacher faked a pass to fellow striker Noam Chicherin and blasted the ball into the left corner of the net. Sacher's goal secured Katzilya's victory. Beitar Katzilya's win raises their position in the Liga Alef to first, followed by F.C. Harel, and Maccabi Ayalon in third place. The regular season ends at the beginning of March.
  11. Tikva

    Morheim Trade & Industry Zone

    Name of Company: Zori Pharmaceuticals Type of Business: Medicines, Medical Research & Development Nation of Origin: The State of Tikva What is to be manufactured at MTIZ?: Zori will be establishing a pharmaceuticals production plant within the confines of the zone to produce a range of generic medications that will be sold across the continent of Argis. Number of local workers: 300 Number of foreign workers: 30
  12. Tikva

    Laren Environmental Conference

    Arriving in Morheim, the Tikvan Environment Minister, Talya Shoshan, was prepared to participate in the conference. She was a seated member of the Knesset and perhaps one of the most 'progressive' members of the Prime Minister's governing coalition. She herself was quite surprised when Jacob had presented her with the position following the election that had returned him to the Prime Ministry for an unprecedented third term (there was a three-year gap between the first and second times in the role). Her predecessor, who had been in the position for a decade, had been instrumental at moving the country forward on renewable energy in coordination with the two Energy Ministers he had worked with. Homes had been mandated to have solar water heaters which had reduced the nation's hydrocarbon generation demand by 4% and had gotten Lasker to make a commitment to transfer 25% of the entire nation's energy generation by renewables within a half a decade and an outright majority before 2040. After meeting the ruling monarch as she disembarked from the helicopter, she began thinking of what would be discussed on this pleasant and well-maintained island.
  13. Tikva

    Ayalon Observer

    Home | Tikva | World | Politics | Business | Tech | Science | Culture | Health | Sports | Opinion El Al Ordered to Temporarily Suspend Many Routes, Aid Aluxian Juddish Asylum Seekers By Riva Demsky 26 December 2018 El Al (אל על in Yebru or Эль Аль in Aluxian), Tikva's national airline, has been ordered by Prime Minister Jacob Lasker to suspend all non-essential routes and to increase the number of flights between Harel and the Aluxian capital of Vardin. The order comes following reports conveyed to the Government by Ambassador Uri Asimov in Vardin that there has been a major rise in tensions between the Aluxian Orthodox community and the small Juddish minority that still remains in the country. Over the past thirty years, millions of Argenazi Juddish people have emigrated to Tikva, seeking refuge from racial discrimination and religious persecution. Aluxian migration slowed down following the rise of Davros to the Aluxian throne. Ori Dayan, CEO of El Al, commented saying that "the airline would comply with the Government's order and would proceed to suspend eight of its least operated routes for whatever length of time as required to fulfill the Prime Minister's mission." A spokesman for the Prime Minister conveyed his praise for the airline's cooperation and that their increased involvement would permit the extraction of many thousands more Juddish people than before. The order was only put into force once Prime Minister Lasker received further access to Aluxian airspace. Aluxian Imperial authorities confirmed that El Al would have unrestricted means to fly over the country provided that it would stick to pre-arranged flight paths until 2nd January. Dayan said that by the end of the week there would be upwards of nine flights a day. The Government, in its order, assured the airline that it would fully compensate El Al for the losses incurred. The increase comes alongside an announcement by Prime Minister Lasker this afternoon that his Government would be committing up to 1.9 billion Shekels to provide Aluxian asylum seekers with a range of public services including foodstuffs, fuel, emergency finances, and health services. Major Juddish foundations contributed a third of the funds. Construction Minister Mikel Sokolov said that shelter would be provided to these individuals in the Samarran Valley settlements including Mevo, Matan, and Odem. Less than a quarter of the Aluxians who have arrived since the beginning of the Tikva airlift efforts have shown little literacy of Yebru and a portion of the allotted monies has been put towards language courses. Several individuals have asked if the Government intends to permit these asylum seekers formal citizenship, the Prime Minister's spokesman said that "if they meet the criteria set forth in the Law of Priority, then they are more than welcome to take those steps." In a brief statement, Palladine Authority Chairman Salah criticized the Lasker Government in which "the State was taking advantage of the crisis unfolding in Aluxia by using a tragedy to bolster its population and further grasp its control over the Samarran Valley, a territory they deem to be their sovereign land."
  14. Full Name of Country/Region: The State of Tikva Representative Signing (and date): Prime Minister Jacob Lasker 2018/12/20 Ratification by (and date): The Knesset, 2018/12/20 Continent: Alharu First Language(s): Yebru Second Language: Anglish Additional Languages: Aluxian