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  1. Tikva

    A Change in the Wind

    Vardin El Al hadn't canceled flights to Aluxia's capital since the civil war had erupted. Four Shai operatives had been assigned to make their way to the territory held by the Free Aluxian Army and to provide their 'services.' The plane had landed at Vardin's modest airport - it didn't see many flights daily. On their plane alone, there were only a handful of people - exactly 10. Some in the airline business would say that operating such flights were unsustainable but the Government mandated the company continue its schedule on an illusion of confidence in the current Imperial throne and to 'be prepared for further activity' should the need be required. The head of the operation was an experienced agent by the name Raphael Bauman, who had shown talent in basic training to be given an opportunity to serve his country in the reconnaissance squad of the elite 1st Golani Division of the Army. Following several successful operations, the nation's intelligence bureau, the Shai, heard of his talents and had him brought off the front lines and to work from the shadows. His instructions were quite explicit: connect with the Free Army by whatever means. It wasn't the first time his superiors had given him no guidance whatsoever. The Aluxian officials glanced at his passport with considerable care. Clearly, there were tensions and they were not as much to do with the war as it was from where he was coming from, let alone his own appearance. Despite this, the Aluxian inspectors had bigger fish to catch than cause an incident with him and so let him on his way. He emerged from the terminal building and witnessed the first hints of concern in Vardin. Soldiers were everywhere. From the building entrance to the gates of the entire airport. The reigning monarch didn't take anything for granted. He may have controlled the capital but fighting a civil war in this day in age was far different than if it had occurred at the turn of the last century, or even further back in time. Due to the war, travelers were light and there was all but one car waiting out front - it was for him and his colleagues. "Your friend Uri sent me to collect you," said the driver. Raphael nodded and nodded to his fellow operatives and all got into the car. Just as they exited the airport, they were halted by soldiers. "Where are you going?" asked the commanding soldier. "Tikva Mission, Embassy Quarter." The squad of soldiers eyed them and returned their gaze to the driver. "These two trucks of men will escort you," the commanding officer said. The driver nodded and turned back to his passengers. "Paranoia over rebel attack," he said, "has them all on edge." Bauman didn't respond and thought to himself particularly because the rebels were hundreds of miles away and wherein no position to assault the capital anytime soon. The now-convoy of vehicles made their way towards the center of the capital. Driving through the suburban ring and into the center, soldiers were ever-present. "Martial law is in effect," said one loudspeaker they drove past. "Please comply with all regulations." The driver remarked, "it's been like this for nearly two weeks. Won't be changing anytime soon." Soon enough the vehicles reached the barricaded Embassy Quarter where hundreds of Aluxians were arguing with soldiers and law enforcement personnel to get through - all of whom wanted to escape the country and the chaos unfolding. Their escort peeled away and returned to the airport while their car slipped through the gates and approached the Mission. Ambassador Asimov was waiting for them outside. "Brothers and sisters, I am happy to hear that you made it," he announced as the group of four got out. "We have much to talk about it, Bauman," the ambassador paused, "I have a gift for you in the basement, I will have Aram bring it up." The group of five moved to Uri's study to begin their meeting. Idle chit-chat while Aram brought Raphael's 'gift' upstairs. He placed it on the table in front of them, "thank you, you are dismissed." He took his leave. "Now, let's get right to the chance. We do not have long. You might have gotten into Vardin, getting out of it is incredibly difficult," he paused before continuing. "I have some items that may aid your mission including a rough sketch of the Vardin sewers compiled by some...contacts I have within the Imperial Security units here. I recommend you use it to guide yourselves through to the outskirts of the city. I have some burner phones with pre-paid cards for inter-team communications. I have also placed in a small directory of essential numbers. Do not lose it under any circumstances. Eat it if you must, but memorize first." "Along with the standard gear you'd probably need. I've also managed to sneak you a few weapons that I purchased on the 'grey' market. Ammo is also included. Be careful with your supply. I am aware of your brief mission getting in contact with the FAA. It is much too challenging to go straight across the country where the fighting is stewing. Instead, there is another location that may be far easier to liaise with them. Make your way north to Chukba. I hear they are making a push there in the very near future." The ambassador scanned the room. "Any questions?" "What about the 10 million Shekels we're contributing," said one of the four operatives. "I've already taken care of it. Do not worry about it. You have more important things that concerning yourself with the disbursement of dark money." Seeing no other inquiries, he concluded his conversation with the group, "stay here in the embassy this evening, and make your way to the sewer grate in the back of the compound after midnight. You have to be out of the sewers by sunrise." Each operative shook his hand and got up. Raphael was the last to stand up and shake Uri's hand. He was pulled in closer. "You have to hurry and get to Chukba. I haven't heard from Kuzha Yosef Khaimov and Mikel Levitin in five days." Bauman nodded. "We'll find out what's going on." Uri escorted him out to his colleagues. "Feel free to use the third-floor guest rooms to prepare."
  2. Tikva

    Request: Tikva

    @Orioni, I have taken some time to think about the map placement and this is probably the best option as I can justify the Samarran Valley right on the southern border. Plus even if Cashar is 'dormant' no harm in at least having someone share a border with. If this is the ultimate placement, then placement of cities remain except that Harel is at the confluence of the river and the sea, Katzilya is to its right, and Adora further to the right a third of the way to the eastern edge. Ayalon would be placed inland, rather central on the image above. I think adding any other cities to this plot would make it too busy. Let me know if there is anything else you need.
  3. Tikva

    Request: Tikva

    I suppose this could be a possibility, what is your opinion on this @Orioni ?
  4. Tikva

    *GAME* Word association!

  5. Tikva

    Request: Tikva

    So perhaps Option 3 makes the most sense. If I am going to be near another nation, it is probably best to be near those who are more active. I'd imagine that most of Option 3 is probably 'temperate' or 'not desert.' If so, it's not a big deal as I can just tweak some geography around and make sure I don't reference any deserts in my wiki entries (which I owe @Rihan considerably for his assistance). We can talk more about this on Discord as I'll be on tomorrow.
  6. Tikva

    Request: Tikva

    @Limonaia and I had a brief chat on Discord about my request and as I promised, here is the two general areas I'm looking at: I'm thinking more the second area but the 1st suggestion (above) is probably more in line with climate...I think. Plus @Rihan has told me the two other nations in the area are rather...dormant. I will be on Discord tomorrow if you would like to discuss this further.
  7. Tikva

    Request: Tikva

    I will make a better attempt to be on Discord more regularly (but it may not always be when most people are on the channel). I happy to provide further perspective on my claim through visual representation in the next day or two when I have more flexibility on my end.
  8. Tikva

    Request: Tikva

    Nation in Europa: https://www.nationstates.net/nation=yesh_tikvah Flag: Available on NS. Capital name: Ayalon Capital location: Inland Other cities: Adora, Harel, Katzilya (on the coast) Factbook link: On iiWiki thanks to @Rihan: http://iiwiki.com/wiki/Tikva Newsroom link: Culture: Jewish, varies from secular to ulta-orthodox Climate: Eastern Mediterranean, intentions to have some hot deserts in the south, essentially like Israel. Location History: Tikva was formally established in 1950, but Juddish people had been emigrating to the area since the 1890's due to persecution in several Argic states including @Aluxia. I look forward to a robust conversation on where I can put the country. My initial guess is that northern Alharu is the best option.
  9. Tikva

    Ayalon Observer

    Home | Tikva | World | Politics | Business | Tech | Science | Culture | Health | Sports | Opinion Hanuka Begins Tonight at Sundown By Irena Pinsker 2 December 2018 The Juddish holiday known as Hanuka, called the Festival of Lights in much of the rest of Eurth, begins tonight at sundown. People who adhere to Juddism know this period of time commemorating the rededication of the Second Great Sakak in the now-lost original homeland of the Juddish people. As the story goes, the land was attacked by many steppe peoples who came down, seeking plunder and slaves. A small, but brave, cadre of Juddish soldiers managed to evacuate most of the people out of their city but they remained behind, protecting their Sakak to the death. In their rush to secure their place of worship, they only managed to carry with them a small supply of oil to burn the lamps. Each night, after fighting off these violent tribesmen, they would light one of the lamps of the Sakak's Menorah, using some of the precious oil in the process, to honor of their colleagues who had fallen during the course of that day. They would fight and hold their ground for eight days until their opponents gave up and turned around, and the oil they had, lasted for exactly the same amount of time. Those in the Great Sakak praised it as a miracle. While the spirit of the holiday remains largely unchanged, it has seen modern influences seep into the festival include the exchanging of gifts, the making and consumption of fried foods like Aluxian potato pancakes or sweet Juddish jellied donuts; children playing games of Sevivon, a minor gambling where winners get chocolate coins as a prize. Sakaks and private residents throughout Tikva have gotten their own menorahs ready to light when the sun goes down. Even the Prime Minister, Jacob Lasker, has one on top of his foyer table, at the front of his house, overlooking his street in accordance with the general practice that has been carried out over the generations. Large, public menorahs have been placed in the city centers of Harel, Ayalon, Katzilya, and the Orthodox-heavy city Beit She'an. Groups of Kuzha in each of these cities will maintain the public menorahs.
  10. Tikva

    Fulgistani Bureau for Foreign Diplomacy

    To: Secretary of Foreign Diplomacy, Ismail Tian-Han, Worker's Republic of Fulgistan From: Foreign Minister Dagon Halevi MK We are disappointed that the Fulgistani Government does not recognize our claims in the Samarran Valley - but I am sure in time, we will be able to convince you that our actions were just. Despite this, the Prime Minister and his Government are happy that you are willing to accept the existence of a Juddish state. He and others in the cabinet are confident that even though differences may exist, there are still opportunities to cooperate with one another. Gil Wolmark, our ambassador is en route to take up his post. In the meantime, my staff here in Ayalon will begin preparing for Mr. Bozaan's arrival.
  11. Tikva

    Ayalon Observer

    Home | Tikva | World | Politics | Business | Tech | Science | Culture | Health | Sports | Opinion Rising Star Begins New Season to Find Tikva's EurthVision 2019 Submission By Michel Brenner 27 November 2018 The ever-popular reality television program, "Rising Star," began its latest season last night to look for Tikva's submission for the EurthVision 2019 competition in Variota. There are 14 participants this year, and as in the case with the start of each season, the contestants were asked to perform a well-known song of their choice in front of the judges. This year's contestant pool consists of 14 people including soul singer Davi Shameel, rock artist Shine, and the rapidly up-and-coming Pop singer, Shira Maimon. Maimon performed Sara Margolin's R&B hit "I Need You." She received votes from three of the five judges and was safe from elimination. Performer Dannie Sayar sang "I Heard You're On My Mind," which he claimed it was well-known until the judges rebuffed him saying that it wasn't even in the top 50 hits from the last five years. Sayar was allowed to sing another song, at which time he chose "I Know We Know" by Aden but it didn't resonate with them. At the end of the evening, he was eliminated from the competition. Rising Star airs live weekly at 21:00 on Channel 2. You can get the latest news, videos, and sound clips from the competition either online or by downloading the "Rising Star" mobile app. The final competition is slated for 15 February 2019.
  12. Tikva

    Fulgistani Bureau for Foreign Diplomacy

    To: Secretary of Foreign Diplomacy, Ismail Tian-Han, Worker's Republic of Fulgistan From: Foreign Minister Dagon Halevi MK The State of Tikva has its roots in the socialist approach to development and progress. Avoda, the predominant left-wing party, led that charge until 1968 when the State was attacked by a unified Palladine front in the Nine-Day War. In the aftermath of that short conflict, Tikva took possession of a substantial contingent of the Samarran Valley. Since then, the Gahal Party, the one in which I am a member of, has essentially, by and large, governed the nation (except for a short period between 1992-1996). Prime Minister Lasker insisted that I reached out to Fulgistan to establish diplomatic relations formally. I will recognize upfront that our ideologies may diverge considerably - and it is also a potential guess that you may not outright approve of our activities in the Samarran Valley but I am confident that regardless of those obstacles, that Tikva and the Worker's Republic will be able to maintain some level of relationship. We would like to establish an exchange of diplomatic missions to further this work. The Prime Minister has tapped Gil Wolmark to serve as our ambassador in Bogd Gioro. We look forward to continued, and constructive conversations in the coming months and years ahead.
  13. Tikva

    Foreign Ministry of the State of Tikva

    To: Prime Minister Theresa Tumbleweed of the @Sunset Sea Islands From: Foreign Minister Dagon Halevi MK I am deeply humbled and honored to receive correspondence from the driven Sunset Sea Islands. There has been much hatred in the world, and even today, Eurth experiences even greater pain and suffering from wars and xenophobic behavior. I personally believe that the State and the Islands have a great opportunity to form a long-lasting and beneficial partnership that extends beyond mere diplomacy but in the realms of science, technology, and innovation. Investments in these fields are a priority of the Government. I, hereby on behalf of the Prime Minister and his Government, do approve of efforts to establish formal diplomatic relations with the Islands. The Government is appointing Sara Lotner as our Ambassador in Sunset City. Prime Minister Lasker has also been conversing with El Al over the potential of adding Sunset City to the destinations list but at this time, I have no further information on how that deliberation is faring. In conclusion, may we have a positive and great friendship now and into the future.
  14. Tikva

    The Oyusard Ministry of Foreign Relations

    State of Tikva From: Foreign Minister Dagon Halevi MK To: Minister Lili Epol, Oyus On behalf of the Prime Minister, Jacob Lasker, and the rest of the Government, allow me to convey our very best to the Oyusard people. We praise your people for their dedication and resolve in maintaining balance the forces of both the changing world and the desires to keep vestiges of your proud and noble culture. Having spoken with my colleagues within the Cabinet, they feel that establishing positive ties between Oyus and Tikva to be a worthy undertaking both in the name of diplomatic relations but also as the beginning of a very productive and rewarding partnership on matters of great import in the world of science, research, and academia. To this end, we would like to establish a formal diplomatic mission in Yulaa and, as per protocol, you would be invited to do the same with such an operation in our capital, Ayalon. Prime Minister Lakser has appointed Alina Brenner to serve as our emissary on the islands of Oyus. We hope to be able to move this worthy cause forward and commence the formulation of a long-lasting friendship with the Oyusard.
  15. Tikva

    Ayalon Observer

    Home | Tikva | World | Politics | Business | Tech | Science | Culture | Health | Sports | Opinion Prime Minister Lasker, Government Approve 2,000 Homes in Mevo Settlement By Arlan Levi, 23 November 2018 Prime Minister Lasker, alongside Construction Minister Mikel Sokolov, yesterday announced the construction of 2,000 new housing units in the Mevo settlement bloc east of Ayalon. The plans include relevant public buildings, green spaces, and infrastructure. This is the second major construction in three years since Lasker rose to the Prime Ministry. Sokolov, the Construction Minister, stressed that Tikva is facing a massive housing shortage as the population is expected to climb steadily over the next two decades. Equally putting pressure on the housing market is the potential wave of further Aluxian Juddish migrants, fleeing that land which is now engulfed in a Civil War. Lasker, in defending the Government's action, said that Mevo lies within the control of Tikva's portion of the Samarran Valley acquired at the end of the 9-Day War and that the territory in question is the sovereign territory of the State. He further emphasized that secondary works involve transport infrastructure in the region would benefit not just the Juddish people but those Palladines who live in proximity to the demarcation line and who work in Tikva-controlled Samarra and further into Tikva proper. As expected, Palladine Authority Chairman Salah criticized the Government for its pro-total annexation actions and threatened to take action if the Lasker Government did not return to the negotiation table immediately to resolve the ongoing situation that has stalled since 1995. Lasker said he was not prepared to sit down with an individual who has deemed his Government to be illegitimate. In response to the Authority's comments, the Defense Forces throughout the Valley territory has been on heightened alert. Additional security measures are in the process of being implemented until otherwise directed by the Government. The Authority were not the only ones to attack the Prime Minister. The leader of the Opposition, and the leader of Avoda, Liora Kagan, said that there was plenty of available land to build housing within the confines of Tikva's urban centers that the Government was refusing to utilize due to pushback from its coalition parties, all of whom are pro-settlement. She highlighted that it cost the Government more to build in the Valley than building large-scale housing developments outside Ayalon, by more than 50 percent, saying that there was clearly some back-room deals with political allies of the Prime Minister concerning the construction. Argov further lashed out at Lasker for failing to maintain his election promise of keeping the settlement construction solely to Regba, as per an agreement it had reached with the Authority right after his election. In a retort, the Prime Minister's Office dismissed Kagan's statements and said the Juddish people are grateful for the Government's actions on dealing with the housing crisis and that under their Government, both now and over the next three years of its tenure, it will have planned and approved upwards of twenty-five thousand homes across the Samarran Valley. At the end of the statement, the Office said that Lasker is more than happy to discuss the matter in-depth with both Kagen and the other leaders of the Opposition whenever they wanted.