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  1. The Q-KOM Plan The Queno-Kona Open Market Plan To: @Rihan @Fulgistan @Bulgenstaz @Oyus @Mauridiviah @Seylos @Limonaia @Kirvina @North Dniester(Republic of Dniester) From: Paolo Corana , Minister of Trade Queno-Kona is a mere two small islands that need various resources to sustain itself. The Silver Cities in return has a market where you can sell goods, but more importantly, Queno-Kona can offer each of your nations an industrial base. The industrial base of Queno-Kona is very able to refine minerals into various goods such as trains, automobiles, ships, construction materials, planes, tanks, and more. Besides the industrial base, Queno-Kona has a thriving biomedical field which is currently over saturated. Therefore, medicines are willing to be sold by private companies for extremely cheap prices. The Council has decided to propose to each and every one of your nations that we should mutually lower tariffs, drop embargoes and begin trading between your nations and mine. Goods and Resources Queno-Kona desires: For Factories: Iron Tin Aluminum Coal Miscellaneous Minerals Food Requirements: Grains Meats Beans Canned Foods Miscellaneous Food Products Miscellaneous Requirements: Artistic Products Games Wooden Products Queno-Kona Goods available for export: Transportation Vehicles: Trains Cars Planes of any kind Ships of any kind Tanks Farming Equipment *Note: Any other metal things you want to be produced can and will be produced upon payment. Household Items: Kitchen Appliances Utensils Other: Medical Devices Construction Equipment Construction Supplies Wires Medicines: Vaccines Anti-biotics New Diseases To end, I hope many of you will agree to open economic borders with Queno-Kona for mutual economic development. Signed: Minister Paolo Corano
  2. TSTN The Silver Telegram News "Welcome to The Silver Telegram! I am your host Ted Long broadcasting from the grand city of Kona! Today the Council had 3 emergency meetings! It is unknown what they talked about but rumor is from our inside source that the topics were on the Commonwealth's stance on Rihan, another on the Commonwealth's stance on socialist nations, and the stance on the Enclave. The government's official stances are unknown but negotiations are ongoing as of the moment with Queen Donalia of the Enclave. Also from our inside source, secret channels apparently have been opened with Bulgenstaz with trade deals seemingly on the horizon! Now to the foreign politics with Tina Ven" "Thanks Ted! Today in foreign politics the nation of Rihan is rumored to be working on founding a new alliance! This new alliance has the possibility of dominating world affairs. Meanwhile the communist I mean socialist nations of the world seem to be in social turmoil according to our sources! Also, the Council is working on setting up trade relations with various nations across the world. Back to you Ted!" "Thanks Tina! Breaking news! There is currently a food shortage throughout both of the Silver Cities. Food is in high demand, but now due to the food shortage, the fishing industry is booming more than ever. Also, in the works are 5 more destroyers to protect our trade fleet! Also, due to the food shortages, there was the second factory protest of this year. This protest was put down shortly after with the police getting involved. New countries to import food from are needed and The Commonwealth is in an official declaration accepting offers to lower the import cost on food to endorse new industries to go into the food sector! Thank you for joining us tonight at TSTN."
  3. Note: This is a WIP and anything within this is subject to change Factbook of the Commonwealth of Queno-Kona Basic History: The Twin Silver Cities of Queno and Kona are composed of various peoples from primarily the nations of Limonaia and Iverica. Limonaia settled the island of Queno in 1829 while Iverica settled the island of Kona in 1831. The two islands primary early attraction was its silver industry attracted not only settlers but businesses. The Queno Silver Corporation merged with the Kona's Metallurgy and Production company to create the Queno-Kona's Silver Company and was the first of many companies to create a dual island monopoly. Many other dual island monopolies came into being over the years and competed heavily with each other over silver mining rights. The islands themselves while small became highly urbanized with the combined populations of the island quickly increasing to 1.5 million. Then in 1962 the silver finally dried up. However, due to the infrastructure being already in place, a high population, strong ports, and good location near poor natural producing areas the dual island companies continued investing in the Silver Islands. In 1990 all of the megacorporations of the Silver Cities formed into the Silver City Coalition. The Silver City Coalition proceeded to pressure the governments of Limonaia and Iverica through bribing of protestors and politicians for self-rule. Limonaia released Queno in 2001, and the Chairman of the Board of the Queno half of the Silver City Coalition, Mikal Qon, took over the fledgling nation reforming it into an Economic Junta where the CEO's of different industries of Queno took government. Then in 2015, Iverica released the city-island of Kona to self-rule. Kona shortly after led by the Chairman of the Board of Kona, Tina Qon, petitioned to join the city of Queno making the two cities one nation. Mikal and Tina Qon agreed to give up their positions as Chairman of the Board's of Queno and Kona respectively to their son, Otto Qon. Otto Qon now Chairman of the Board of both Queno and Kona has brought relative stability and economic prosperity to the Silver Cities. Basic Culture: The cultures of Queno and Kona are based upon the real-life culture of Venice and Portugal respectively. However, Queno and Kona's people have been renowned for their determination in academic studies. Academic studies are so emphasized as to hopefully get one of the limited biomedical, accounting, or research jobs located within Queno-Kona. The wealth gap in the cities is extremely large with no person's position being permanent with good ideas and motivation being encouraged by the societies of these cities. The majority of the population has become recently obsessed with virtual gaming, a booming industry within Queno-Kona. Basic Geography: Queno and Kona's island are combined merely 1,032 mi^2. The islands themselves only reach the height at the highest point of 300 feet above sea level. Basic Military: There is no land-based official military of the Commonwealth of Queno and Kona with police being used in times of emergency. The navy and airforce of Queno and Kona are of fair strength with the airforce consisting of 200 modern jet plans and the navy consisting a mostly trade protection focused fleet of 34 destroyers, and 3 old heavy cruisers from the year 2002. Economy: The economy of Queno-Kona is built mainly on importing raw goods and refining them for export to larger more populous nations. The majority of the population works in jobs refining metals, creating fine luxury goods, and the production of cars, planes, jets in a factory setting while some of the higher classes focus on the biomedical production. Government: The government is lead by The Council. The Council contains 11 members. 10 members of The Council are leaders of major companies while the Chairman of the Board is the mediator between companies, the mayor of both Queno and Kona, and the de facto leader of the Commonwealth. The government is elected by the top 1% of the population for terms of 5 years. The rule of the government is an Economic Junta where the richest business people rule. The Council Building is located within the center of Queno. Demographics: Population: 13 million (8 in Queno and 5 in Kona) Economy: GDP 502 billion Thels (Mostly in Private Industry which can be tapped into due to the Council Member's controlling many of these industries) Landmass: 1,032 mi^2 Races: 47% Limonaian, 41% Iverican, and 11% assorted races Hierarchy: 0.5% of the population work in mostly biomedical, research, and economic fields while 99.5% of the population mostly works in factory positions. Literacy Rate: 99.9% (Mandatory) Prominent Buildings and Sites of the Islands: The Council Building: A hendecagon tower, with one side for every council member, reaching 1,500 feet into the air. The Council Building is located in the center of Queno. The Combine Bank: A bank in Kona functioning as the central bank and stock exchange for the Silver Cities. The Combine Bank has 380,000 m^2 of room within the building itself. Queno Bazaar: A large bazzar in the center of Queno where various stalls exist selling near anything. From robots to food delicacies to a plane you can find it all in Queno Bazaar.
  4. Thank you and I accidentally typed at the welcome mat I apologize deeply
  5. @Rihan : I would love to join the discord, could I have a link? (I will not be able to talk for awhile busy doing school stuff)
  6. Last night the silver cities of Queno and Kona united as one becoming the Queno-Kona commonwealth. We are a capitalist nation where naturally the rich are the ones to rule. Our culture is very divided with Queno being a Venetian styled city being covered in glorious waterways while Kona's culture is more of a Portuguese styled nation. The Commonwealth itself was united by our common interests of obtaining wealth and our shared higher-class. The cities of Queno-Kona for a long time have considered their most glorious achievement the Combine Bank. The Combine Bank we consider the safest bank in the world, and we assure you, you're money will be safe and unseen. The landmass of Queno-Kona is small but extremely urbanized. The cities of Queno-Kona are extremely adept at manufacturing, and the merchants, stockbrokers, and accountants of our realms are masters of their trade with economics being a large portion of our education system for the rich. Our government is a democracy where only the richest can vote, but the lower echelons of our citizenry are still moderately well treated. We can offer you a large industrial production base, a great bank to keep your money, and a skilled stockbroker to advise you on economic issues. I hope to be trading partners with many of you. -Chairman Otto Son of the Ex-Chairmans of Queno and Kona Notes: Advice is appreciated this is my first time doing RP besides DND I don't know how to do this well so please help? Thank you for letting me join you are all super nice.
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