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  1. Narrow BPEC Election Victory with Three Recounts The election results are in, and despite much controversy, it seems the Batengdeian People's Economic Coalition has just narrowly gained the majority neccesary to secure another five-year term. The race had been extremely contentious and heated, with many threats of action from party members. Despite the hostility, though, it would appear BPEC was able to secure its position as the majority (despite three calls for a recount by the NPC) Interestingly, despite the success of BPEC within the parliament, it has seen astounding losses in many Khett across Batengdei, including Bateng Gioro and Tonle Khlang. These new NPC provinces are almost entirely controlled by the National Sovereign Party. This comes as a great surprise to many as only years before the National Sovereign Party had been largely considered "fringe". This election will have interesting results for Batengdei, especially in the long-run. While it could be argued the BPEC is a coalition controlled by the Liberal Democratic Party, it is headed by Gragdom Banla, who is considered one of the most progressive members of the Bateng Rouge. It seems this coalition may be bound for some ideological conflicts, and whether it will be capable of functioning in the long-term is difficult to say. In only a few days, Banla will deliver her inaugural address in front of thousands in Khaokhett, where she will state her plans for the future of Batengdei, her own personal ambitions, and other topics pertaining to her appointment as Prime Minister. It will be more than likely she will have to address the PEOP, which has not only sparked significant controversy across the political spectrum, but has largely been unsuccessful at encouraging investment. It seems it has, rather, been a point of criticism for the failure of the Bateng Rouge to maintain their socialist ideology, including from reporters within @Tagmatium Rules, where they described it as "weakening their socialist ideology". While members of the Liberal Democratic Party claim the bill is "necessary for economic development" the NPC has described the bill as "an abominable stain on the face of Batengdei herself." Whether it will be remembered as a failure or a success is largely up to how it is developed, or curbed, from here. Troubles Arise in Ceris While the political wheels have been turning in Batengdei, the situation of the island of Ceris has seen a recent slide towards collapse. Large-scale protests have risen about food scarcity, and rumors of a dangerous cult have begun circulating. While Batengdei maintains their stance that the rumors of terrorist activity within Ceriser nations are largely false, they have declared there will be efforts made by Batengdei and other members of ICEB to improve the livelihood of all Ceriser nations who would accept it. Some have already claimed that such acts of foreign aid are a movement of neo-imperialism designed to increase Ceris's dependency on foreign aid, while others, such as the NPC bloc firmly believes Batengdei should remain out of foreign affairs and concern itself with solving domestic issues such as addressing the rising unemployment rate and solving the growing levels of wealth inequality across the Khetts. For the time being, however, it seems Batengdei is turning their eyes away from domestic projects such as the RDIA, and more towards foreign aid.
  2. The leaders of Metztlitlalio and Eulycea confirmed to have SHOCKING "group chat" according to Metztli sources. But in all seriousness its really cool to have so many nations which choose to incorporate other pre-existing nations into their canon, makes it feel like a dynamic wurld. Going for the desert region above Metztlitlalio is also a very bold move (which I applaud). It's more than neat to see. I know map-placement is far from an "endorsement" system, but I totally endorse this move.
  3. Welcome aboard @Indo-Stan! I've been here almost a year (5 days away from my 1-year anniversary) and I would say this region is remarkably unique in its level of quality, cooperation, and community: it's a good choice! Big ideas are the key players here, so go nuts (within reason). It's also nice to see Metztli's proselytizing is getting us new members. All-in-all, a warm welcome from us here in Batengdei (ignore the username). :^)
  4. Bulgenstaz

    Doom of Ceris

    The nighttime sky was a mural of stars, owing largely to the lack of light pollution from Noremburg, Criasia. The small fishing town was the designated landing point for the Batengdeian mission to Criasia to discuss the possibility of aid from Batengdei and ICEB at large. The fishing boat encroached upon the shoreline of Criasia with a leasurely pace. With a touch of apprehension, Dodem Phou stared out at the nighttime shoreline as the boat approached. It was impossible to tell now, but it would be more than likely this would be the same shore to serve as a launchpoint for much of the aid from Batengdei. That was the hope, anyway. In truth, Phou had his doubts about the success of the operation he was undertaking. A mysterious cult, societal collapse in the northern region, a refugee crisis, and a famine. It seemed impossible for so many things to go wrong at once, but then again, it’s the scenario that created the situation at hand. Ultimately, it would more than likely mean the People’s Republic of Criasia would at least be open to foreign assistance. The country was, after all, in a similar revolutionary spirit of Batengdei, though perhaps a little more pure in their cause. Regardless, it is well known truth that Batengdei would always support socialist nations in the same way a mother helps a child, and Criasia was no exception. The Grand Marshal stated his intentions for Batengdei to be the first in ICEB to offer help, and it was up to Phou and his associates to make sure it happened. The team itself was more than capable of handling itself. Five members of the group are Kolbang Bedvot specialising in unconventional warfare, another three were political envoys intended for Criasia. Phou was also a member of the special forces team, and would be escorting the envoys before continuing to their Operation Blackboard. After Criasia had received their envoys, Team Khla would go dark and move to Rusheau under the guise of mercenaries. The plan currently involved meeting an underground Rusheauan revolutionary group, though it was shaky at best. Regardless, reliability was not the issue at hand, subtlety was. In truth, subtlety was the name of the game. As the fishing boat docked beside the seaside port of Noremburg, Phou thought about his purpose, the purpose of the team, the diplomats, about everything. A harsh female voice came from behind him. “Phou! Can you see we’ve landed? Pick up and go, I’m tired of waiting around on this rickety-ass boat!” The voice belonged to Banlea Chea, another member of Team Khla, and had adopted the role of a sort of leader. She was gruff and anxious, but she cared for everyone on the team, mostly. With a start, Phou realized her shouting may be one of the last times he'd hear Khaymer until after the envoys were dropped off: a disturbing notion. Disturbing mostly in that he had not been in a similar situation for some time. In truth, there had not been much action for much of Batengdeian special forces for years; whether or not this mission was a good change of pace was for Phou to decide later, once the team had entered the borders of Rusheau, Criasia's hostile northern neighbor. For now, they could enjoy the comfort of the small but charming socialist nation. Realizing he had once again let his mind wander, Phou quickly gathered his scattered equipment. Chea gave him another harsh look before pushing around him to get a chance at an early disembark. She was ever impatient to leave the dinghy, and while not surprising, it put Phou on edge a little. Phou was the last to leave, and was just able to make it to the rest of the group as a man in full suit walked over to them. He raised out his hands and spoke in a harsh Ceriser: “Well hello friends! Are you the Batengdeian mission? Please, we have rooms for guests in the Bronze Bell, hah! Our lovely inn! We have many rooms, for.. How many are there, eight? Oh, I think it’s nine… No matter. Please, come with me and I can get you situated.” The envoys looked nervously around at their escorts before timidly following the man. Suddenly, he made an abrupt stop, his aging face being only barely illuminated in the dull lamplight. “Did I forget to introduce myself? Hah, I am getting carried away; my name is Alester Amperch, I’m the mayor of Noremburg, and have been since the revolution back in ninety-eight. So I know this ol’ place pretty well… So you alle headed toward Ampleford? The capitol? Have you already arranged transport?” “Yes.” responded a tired voice from the front: one of the envoys; Dodem Bopha was his name, if Phou could remember correctly. “Well great. I’ve already been given most of the instructions from the Chairman, he had made the request to me personally. What an honor. You know, that was the first time I had spoken to a chairman, true fact...” Mayor Amperch rambled on at them in a similar manner for the rest of the trek across town; eventually they arrived at the inn, to the visible relief of the entire team. “Well, this is where you guys go. I don’t know if I’ll see you again, but good luck. Thanks for coming out here to support our country.” If Phou was any less tired, he would have chuckled to himself over that one. The group made their way inside and to their rooms. Phou’s had to be shared with one of the diplomats, but it hardly mattered as he took off his kit and went quickly to sleep.
  5. Ideally, yes! This is my new nation name, it's accurate to what I want. This is mostly important especially in RP-related posts. It doesn't mean you have to go back into all your old posts and look for things referencing Bulgenstaz (if you don't want to), but I would like to begin standardizing the use of "Batengdei". I will be changing my discord nickname accordingly. I think the name has a generally more light feel to it and is less harsh, which matches my intended national aesthetic, if that makes any sense.
  6. This is the link to the document for all those who wish to look at the planned revisions. Any concerns/discussion can be made either here, or in pms on site/discord. Neo-Bulgenstaz, AKA Batengdei Thank you for your time. Also, I guess a question also remains as to the future of my username. It's currently "Bulgenstaz" but I am unable to change it myself. I would ideally like to make the transition smooth, so is there a process for modifying it to the new name?
  7. This is a great idea. I will begin working out a document going over intended changes. I will also put less important ones as "optional" to indicate they aren't neccesary, but more of a preferential move. My goal in my doing this is to be as fair and considerate as possible; any violation of RP rules is the last thing I want. The feedback is really appreciated. Thanks, guys.
  8. This post comes from a place of considerable thought, and I think it's time I at least ask for permission to do it. The fact of the matter is, Bulgenstaz is flawed. Not flawed in that I regret government choices or economic situation, but more in how I have handled my nation's culture, history, traditions, etc. I came in here with a wild idea about a weird place called "Bulgenstaz": home to a socialist democracy of Slavic/Vietnamese islanders. Looking back, however, I feel as though I've worked myself into a bit of a cultural hole, as I just don't see these plans making sense in the long-term. I made some regrettable choices, and I would like to be able to modify them in a positive and thoughtful manner. To begin, I want to talk about the new climate map and how it has influenced my decision: it has been a sort of "tipping point" as far as my satisfaction with my nation's lore. Frankly, it's a little strange for Vietnamese slavs to exist in a place without jungles. I would like to be able to re-establish my people as simply khmer people who derived themselves from the ancient Marenai. In my current (and now long-standing) opinion the slavic island nation concept seems pretty dumb in retrospect, and combining it with Vietnamese/Indonesian else just is too chaotic. So I guess the central theme here is this: I would like my people to instead be based linguistically and ethnically based on the khmer, while maintaining a savanna origin similar to many African cultures and some parts of Mesoamerica. I want to formally ditch my slavic roots, as I think it does not work in the context of a culture. Obviously being a savanna-based nation there would likely still have been a colonizer, but I think Dniester has proven to be too incapable as a country for it to be logically justified. If the colonization of my country after this change is undesirable, however, I am content with them having always been a sovereign nation. I would like to add: I am aware this would require a lot of work to redo, especially for other people, but I am willing to take it on as I reedit my nation's people and small cities (including possibly the nation name and capitol (yikes)) to fit my new precedent. This is why I would like to put this request into OOC: as a forum for discussing the transformation, the limits at which such a transformation would occur, the feedback of other nations with how to best immerse "Bulgenstaz" into Eurth again, and (of course) some level of approval of our lovely moderation team. Please note: all/almost all my planned changes WILL NOT alter any of my pre-existing posts/relationships (with the exception of Dniester, who no longer posts here), I have full intent to stay in ICEB, retain my current foreign relations, etc. What I'm asking is for a rebranding of Bulgenstaz as it is currently known (if it even remains Bulgenstaz, who knows ). This process would not be instantaneous, but I will do my best to get the bulk of the transformation done quickly so as to not interfere with other people's posts. Thank you very much for your time.
  9. Orioni would be a nice spot. Of course, it's up to him if he'd like to host.
  10. Approved. The land is in the process of being set up and the citizenry of the locations have been notified of the new job opportunities. We expect your requirements will be met with rapidity. Thank you very much for your investment, we look forward to a safe and profitable relationship with the Tadhg Brewery Group. Given the REFPT either meets or exceeds the national required foreign business plans, there should be no problem concerning regulation, though we will maintain our own inspections to ensure national measures of quality are being met. Thank you for your time, -Dverik He Llong, Minister of Foreign Endeavors
  11. Announcement from the Bulgenstazi Ministry of Foreign Endeavors: Greetings to the companies of the world. As many of you may know, Bulgenstaz has recently passed the "People's Economic Outreach Program". What this ambitious program seeks is external investment from business interests across Eurth to enrich trade and to promote a reduction in manufacturing cost internationally. Our program has a variety of incentives for interested companies so long as they comply with standard Bulgenstazi wage and the Foreign Business Health and Safety Terms. Our wage standard is designed to be competitive with most foreign governments, so investment will likely bring up your companies sales, and reduce manufacturing costs. All foreign workers will automatically receive a visa so long as these requirements are met. So long as the employee is employed by the company there should be no need for renewal. Our goal is, as with all of our economic agreements, to support foreign investment and benefits while also expanding job opportunities and general well-being of the Bulgenstazi people. To apply, our requirements are simple, and there are a variety of locations where a plant or factory can be established to best suit the needs of the investor. Companies constructing in Bulgenstaz must meet the Foreign Business Health and Safety Terms, which are reduced compared to Bulgenstazi National Companies. Companies constructing in Bulgenstaz must meet the Foreign Business Waste Management Protocols, which allow for significantly reduced restrictions for up to five years. All foreign investments must primarily employ the Bulgenstazi people, the People's Economic Outreach Program describes this as 90% Bulgenstazi citizenry. Companies must comply with the Foreign Business Effective Tax Standard, which allows an initial grace period of five years before taxation will begin on your company. Our application is simple: 1. Name of company/companies 2. Planned production in factories/plants 3. Estimated native citizenry employed by company/companies 4. Estimated foreign imported workers 5. Ideal location/situation for the establishment of factories/plants 6. Additional details/specifications Many thanks from the Bulgenstazi Ministry of Foreign Endeavors. We hope to see your company benefiting from the Bulgenstazi "People's Economic Outreach Program" in the near future.
  12. Bulgenstaz values her relationship with Ahrana. We can't exactly send our PM as elections are right around the corner, but there will be more than a few very important people who will be able to attend, such as the Minister of the National Agricultural Company, Hoja Korig, as well as a few others.
  13. There are certainly some ways Batengdeianinterests can be put into effect. It would appear there are some starving people in Rusheau, our goal is to remove such injustice, in our fashion. Obviously their government needs some structural reform...
  14. Batengdeian People's Economic Coalition Formed by a Bill Much to the surprise and concern of the National People's Coalition, the Liberal Democratic Party and the Bateng Rouge have merged into coalition in order to secure the support necessary to surpass the NPC. This being only days before the Batengdeian election. The impact that this will have on the future of Batengdei's politics is evident, as the Bateng Rouge has never formed a coalition until now. With the election around the corner, a compromise was made to pass a bill which had otherwise been blocked by the Bateng Rouge. The deal was made so as to ensure the Bateng Rouge had their pick for the coalition leader, Gragdom Banla The "People's Economic Outreach Program" is the name of the bill and its potential impact on the Batengdeian economy are surprisingly large. The People's Economic Outreach Program had been drafted by the Liberal Democratic Party as a plan to encourage international businesses to invest their industry into Batengdei. The policy allows severely reduced labor restrictions to appeal to the applying companies, so long as they meet a set minimum wage for employees, and set maximum work hours of 10 hours per day for up to seven days per week. Environmental regulations for foreign companies are also lowered for an initial "grace period" of five years, though apparently these companies will be required to comply with the far stricter national standards after the period. The entire goal of this bill was to "integrate rural communities through the potential of new work opportunities" claims Gragdom Banla, the appointed head of the coalition. "Our goal with the passing of this bill is to expand the work opportunities of undeveloped regions of Batengdei in a more cost-effective way than the "Rural Development and Integration Act" would have accomplished alone." This move has already created a significant outcry among the NPC who sees this as "a direct attack against the state-owned enterprises of Batengdei." Will this new economic bill will be too much for national industry to compete with? It is hard to say as of right now. Regardless, this turn has been a shocking one, and it would appear that the election could very well be taken by the BPEC.
  15. BRP and LDP refuse coalition in the face of NPC Despite being completely unable to win against the National People's Coalition, the Bateng Rouge Party and the Liberal Democratic party refuse to cooperate. The Bateng Rouge Party, while at an unimpressive approval of 27%, seem reluctant to form a coalition, despite having done so in the past. BRP front-runner Tamar Gregov has stated her plan to "invigorate rural voters." Despite many reforms being passed under the Krusken administration aimed at improving conditions for remote, low-income regions of Bulgenstaz, party approval has actually dropped substantially. New surveys show the number one concern for rural areas is "corruption" at number one, with "jobs" trailing behind. In contrast to its divided opponents, the NPC has made great strides in approval, with an entirely dominant presence in rural areas, and a creeping influence on urban areas. The NPC has made its message clear: "End Corruption, End the Influence of Capitalism." The NPC has claimed that, should they win, they will make efforts to withdraw significant funding from organizations like ICEB, and put the money towards "benefiting the Batengdeian people." Dissatisfaction with the allocation of government funds has increased substantially, and the NPC claims they will "re-prioritize" the nation. The Liberal Democratic Party has seen another substantial growth, however, and seems to be almost capable of contending with the National People's Coalition by itself. Their policies toward religious freedoms, expanding the scope of privatized industry, and promoting trade and international cooperation is surprisingly effective. However, the party seems to be in a bit of controversy after their front-runner, Rakov Lon was discovered to be allocating campaign funds toward their own private business. Many politicians from other parties have expressed their concerns at the seemingly high levels of corruption within the party. Bulgenstaz Passes the Climate Prioritization Act After much debate on the floor of Zalensk, the People's Grand Parliament has passed the "Climate Prioritization Act" which is meant to be "enhanced version of the Laren Agreement." Notably, this bill takes into account the already small percentage of Batengdeian fossil fuel usage and sets the date to be "carbon emissions free" by 2050. The bill also allocates 12 billion Khourts to developing cleaner fuel sources, which appear to be primarily focused on ethanol. While the emissions-free deadline of 2050 is a promising sign, questions have been raised as to the purpose of the investment into fuel sources. Batengdei has a very small agricultural sector with ethanol-viable foods. Corn, which is frequently used in countries on other continents, has relatively little presence in the Batengdeian market, and importing is expensive. It's possible that the khourts allocated may be used, in part, to expand upon the ethanol-viable crops currently being grown, though it has yet to be mentioned. It seems more likely that the money may be used to simply enhance the Batengdei National Oil Company itself.
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