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  1. Bulgenstaz People's Grand Parliament Declares "Not Our People, Not Our Problem" on the Dolch See In a near unanimous vote, the People's Grand Parliament has declared absolute neutrality in the ongoing Dolch See Conflict. However, they have not taken a stance on warmongering and chose to attempt to simply sell oil and resources to either side. Many were shocked to see that, despite their previous comments, the National Sovereign Party firmly supported this measure. The vocal nationalist party has pushed to sever ties with Derthalen following the "Dolch See Incident" where a Seylosian civilian vessel was raided off the coast of Derthalen. However, it seems they have changed their tune to non-interventionism following the conflict. This may be a tactic to garner larger support, as the NSP has made considerable strides in public opinion, especially across the inner regions of Bulgenstaz. The People's Grand Parliament and the Prime Minister has expressed concerns about the "very real possibility of war being brought to our doorstep." While it seems as though conflict will remain in Argis and Alharu for now, it remains to be seen what the future holds. Bulgenstaz People's Liberation Army Begins Large-Scale Defensive Upgrade Due to "instability Eurth-Wide," the head of the Bulgenstaz People's Liberation Army has announced plans for large-scale upgrades to the defensive infrastructure. In the top priorities is the large-scale SPAAR (Sovereign Protection Anti-Air Rocket) plan. The goal of this endeavor is to diminish the likelihood of foreign aggressors gaining air superiority in an invasion. This system would utilize recently developed SAMs, primarily the Dniesterian M1-2 Buk. Locations for mobile SAM deployment are currently unknown. Interestingly, military officials have brought up the use of the military to bust illegal activities by the Kushnik Láo Bratva in sections of international jungle outside Bulgenstaz. This may be simply saber-rattling by the military to dissuade the crime group from operating outside of Bulgenstazi borders but could be a possible measure taken, given the increase in KLB-related crimes in rural areas. These new military measures are considered one of the largest Bulgenstazi military developments in ten years, but are, according to the Bulgenstazi National Congress, "a necessary measure in modern defense against rival states in these dangerous times."
  2. Bavrov Krusken got up. "I believe we are all here now. Well, there has been something we have been working on. After the "OK" from the R&D team here in Bulgenstaz and in Dniester, I can now finally announce the new, uh, bathysphere? ... yes, it was a bathysphere, I think. It should be fully functional for use within this year. Anyway, I believe I have a picture of the prototype." Krusken fished out a flash drive and replaced Almas'. After a moment some prototype and final designs displayed on the projector. "With this, we can really begin our tests for variable pressure environments. This could prove most beneficial to the ICEB Space Program. To say I'm excited would be an understatement... I believe this will be taking place in the Dragonryder's Deep. ... Wait, no, it isn't... the Sea of Peace? Is there even an officially recognized trench there? Well, regardless, it will be a very exciting thing." Krusken smiled contently, then sat down.
  3. Khenkhourt, 1974 The Second Argic War was a trial for the many countries of Eurth, this much had been known from the beginning of the conflict. What little trade Bulgenstaz had begun before the war had been all but crippled, and the fledgeling nation had found itself somehow even more removed from the world than ever before. Or at least it was, until 1973. Former Prime Minister Jan Lim entered Bulgenstaz into the global scene; thrust the developing nation into global politics with the beginnings of the ICEB. It had been a time of turmoil for the nation, to be sure, but it seemed Bulgenstaz was taking a great stride forward in the realm of global diplomacy. Prime Minister Kacper Nhek Lviv had only just been elected when the Ministry of Foreign Affairs had received a telex, an invitation of sorts. Taking his new position into full stride, Nhek Lviv had quickly requested a copy sent to his office, where he had been waiting for it. It was as he began to pace around his new office in Zalensk when the runner arrived: "Prime Minister, sir, the letter has arrived. I believe it is an invitation of sorts, and it has nothing to do with the Fulgistani, Dniesterian, or any of the ICEB, for that matter." "Curious, allow me to see it, if you will." The runner handed the copy to Kacper, bowed ceremoniously, and promptly evacuated the office. The new Prime Minister surveyed the letter, a seal of the Beautiful Empire of @Orioni gave away the invitee. At this, Kacper's heart skipped a beat: Orioni? What would the historic monarchy want with the small island state? It was halfway across the world from Bulgenstaz, and it seemed unusual for a Europan nation to take an interest in Bulgenstaz. Then again, perhaps this is more common for the Prime Minister than Kacper had thought. Rather than sit and continue to mull over the possibilities, the Prime Minister began reading. A "Group of Island Nations"? GIN? This proposal was curious, to be sure. Once Kacper had read the entirety of the letter, he rushed out to the office of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs; this group of island nations seemed almost too good to be true.
  4. Dam Burst Floods Dnestov The Vietrow Dam in the Let Desvow river collapsed in a massive flood of the agricultural section which led to the loss of at least 1000 lives yesterday. This tragedy has been blamed on neglectful maintenance of key infrastructure in the Okrug. While the Dnestov council has expressed their despair for the tragedy, Governor Vol Nyuet has yet to comment. As the confirmed dead continue to rise, the flooding has been halted, though the crisis will impact this years harvest and probably many to come. Estimated damages are in the millions of Khourts, though fortunately the nearby Let Desvow nuclear reactor had not been significantly impacted by the flooding. As a region with significant agricultural importance to Bulgenstaz, it can be expected to see food prices increase, especially within the Dnestov Okrug. Above: Kompung Let Vietrow has been all but destroyed by flooding. Large deposits of formerly undisturbed sediment has suffocated much of the plant life which would have survived a natural flood. Concerns Raised Over Increasing Tensions in PyeMcGowan In the far north of Eurth, tensions are on the rise: it seems PyeMcGowian and Theodorian tensions have hit a new climax. Reports claim links between Theodoria and recent Andersonian terror attacks within PyeMcGowan. What this could mean for the future of relations between the two nations is difficult to say, though many speculate direct conflict is inevitable at the current pace of escalation. We to the south can only hope the two Argic nations can find some way to come to some peaceful agreement, and maintain peace in the Auriad. Investigations of Theodorian links to the Kushnik Láo Bratva have so far turned up nothing. Bulgenstazi criminologists doubt there any significant motives for Theodorian operatives to be linked to local crime: Bulgenstaz has limited relationship with PyeMcGowan, and there is little strategic value in Bulgenstazi terrorism for Theodoria. Regardless, the search for a link continues. While the Bulgenstazi government has expressed it's disgust at the Theodorian-linked terrorism, they have also announced there will be no form of Bulgenstazi participation should a major conflict break out. Our hearts go out to the families of those families damaged by recent hostile acts in PyeMcGowan, and the thousands of Bulgenstazi effected by the Vietrow Dam flooding.
  5. Nikol had spent the meeting weighing the insights of the other representatives at the conference. Truth be told, it was still difficult for her to decide if she was completely subscribed to the terms of the treaty. Among the most direct issues was the reality of the economy of Bulgenstaz, in the over-reliance on fossil fuels as an export. Lvóv believed this issue would ultimately be the deciding factor of how her country would respond to the treaty. Regardless, Nikol Het Lvóv felt affirmation of the current treaty would be best for the time being, at least until the Bulgenstazi bureaucracy made their decision. "While I cannot speak for the Prime Minister's final decision, especially given upcoming elections, as the representative of the People's Ministry of Conservation, I approve of much of the plans currently proposed. However, I am curious as to how we address the economic structure of the oil producing countries, particularly those whose economies are particularly dependent on oil for export. There are many countries I can think of, especially those in OPEC, who would be severely impacted by the shift in oil demand. While I cannot speak for them, I feel I must address my concerns for these countries. Regardless, I have little doubt Bulgenstaz can, and will, adapt to the shift in world oil demand, and I will sign the treaty in hopes of later confirmation by my homeland."
  6. I like the idea of short stories, describe a little bit about how each would do conduct (perhaps by describing a notable example of something they did.) I was also thinking it could be possible (possible!) to coordinate interactions between other crime groups. Maybe they're neighboring each other, maybe they work with crime in ideologically similar countries (or opposite), maybe it's just that working with a certain group is economically viable. Also, it could be that there are secret negotiations with crime groups from other countries. Regardless, I think it would be a good idea to indicate the intentions of the post. Perhaps this could instead be on a Subforum, like the "Newsroom" in "Affairs". That could keep the post from making a massive confusing mess of contrasting stories. A subforum would allow for collaborative stories, solo RPs, and it could even be used as a stepladder for other RPs.
  7. Count me in! I think this would be a fun diplomatic event; let me know what's what and I will do whatever.
  8. Ooh! Now I can put the Kushnik Láo Bratva to the test. A lovely combination of terrorism, smuggling, ransom, trafficking, and racketeering all happily contained in the confusing and remote jungles in and around Bulgenstaz. Who knows, for the right price I'm sure they could assist Bulgenstazi competitors...
  9. Death of Governor Calls Honor Duels into Question Yesterday Governor Dvoesky of Nyeminsk was killed in a legal Honor Duel. This shook the nation, and calls into question the limit of what some believe to be "an outdated policy" which "has no place in Bulgenstazi law." The governor had endorsed the duel, which had been designated by the Nyeminsk Court after Karay He Volvov charged a defamation suit. The issue is primarily over the death of Governor Dvoesky, which had not been specified in the Writ of Challenge. Currently He Volvov is free of any charges over what some believe is "government endorsed murder." The wife of the late Governor, Krysya Dvoesky, has already made a legal case which will rapidly move to the People's Supreme Court. While it is difficult to say right now, He Volvov's Honor Duel will most likely be upheld by the conservative majority, but there is still the possibility of Mrs. Dvoesky winning the suit and changing the precedent for all future Honor Duels. Regardless of the outcome, BLNN mourns the loss of Governor Dvoesky and wishes both sides good fortunes in the upcoming trial.
  10. Bulgenstaz Liberal Democratic Party Expected to Gain Seats in Upcoming Election After positive discussions of foreign trade, it would seem the LDP will be approaching a potentially election-winning amount of support. Our polls have found 20% of Bulgenstazi have "strong support for the Liberal Democratic Party," while another 25% have "some support for the Liberal Democratic Party." It is expected many of the new supporters come from the Bulgen Rouge Party. Interestingly, it would seem support for the LDP has dropped in rural areas. This is unsurprising, as the trend of trade is often in the benefit of urban coastal cities. Regardless of their benefit, some inland cities have seen a noticeable drop in support for the BRP in favor of the LDP. As the population of rural Bulgenstazi appears to be declining, it may be that the Bulgen Rouge Party could lose out on this election, depending on their choice of platform. Regardless of who will win, we hope for a free, fair election this May. Prime Minister Krusken Approves Aluxian Aid After long discussion in the People's Grand Parliament, a decision has finally been made to commence foreign aid in war-torn Aluxia. According to Krusken, the aid is "strictly civilian," and will not be specifically for one faction or another. Bavrov Krusken Jr. specified the aid will be to "directly aid those who are only negatively impacted by the civil war," and had also expressed hopes the aid would be "based not on religion, but for a natural desire to prevent mass suffering." We hope, for the sake of furthering worldwide prosperity, others take suit as Bulgenstaz has.
  11. "Damn the monsoons!" thought Nikol Het Lvólv as she landed on Laren, "This will certainly look terrible for the country. To arrive late for a diplomatic event..." She hurriedly exited and hailed a cab using very rushed and flustered Morheimian, "Hello! Yes! You, mister taxi car man! Please, can you give me a ride to the Climate conflict... erm, Conference." "The what? " asked the cabby, "You mean the Laren Environment Conference? Wait, aren't you? ... never mind. Hop in, I'll get you there quick-like." As the taxi rushed to the conference, Lvólv pondered the nature of the conference and her goals there. Not a particularly difficult thing to do, this meeting was a friendly one. And what a great opportunity for friendship it was, Morheim had always been viewed fondly in Bulgenstaz. While they operate under a monarch, they had made great struggle in the past and successfully liberated themselves from Derthaler imperialism. Such courage makes a strong nation. As for the other attendees, there were notable other nations (and perhaps others who had not been mentioned to Nikol). The State of Tikva, who has been making progressive strides in foreign aid surrounding the Aluxian Civil War, was quite remarkable. The history of relations surrounding the two countries has been few to none, but perhaps now was time to change that. Rihan has also been setting themselves up as a major player, especially since the founding of the Aurelian league. Goodwill with the diplomat here may go a ways back in Khenkhourt. As for the Tagmatine... it would be best to avoid making conflict. Rather, maybe we can use this conference to better relationships and move toward a friendlier future. Yes, perhaps. Aside from relations, there was the nature of the conference. It would be surrounding environmentalism: policy that had been catching the eye more and more around Khenkhourt. If these discussions went well, it would most likely boost global environmental initiatives. It could also mean a bonus for the Ministry of Conservation, and for Lvólv. Both those outcomes would be most desired, she decided. As the cab arrived, Nikol Het Lvólv hastily paid for the ride, and apologized profusely despite the fact that the taxi was in no way related to the event. As she walked toward the building, she muttered to herself, "Get your act together, Nikol. Do not embarrass yourself and your country here. Relax, there is not any reason to be nervous." In truth, Nikol had rarely been outside the country, save for a climate conference a few years back, and felt quite out of her element. She arrived up to the gates and said a quick "sorry" before being ushered inside to the main conference.
  12. Bulgenstaz Prepares for Possibility of Eurth Olympic Games As rumors of a Summer Olympic games begins to circulate around Bulgenstaz, the country has begun a registration campaign encouraging elite Bulgenstazi athletes to join the Bulgenstaz National Team. As of right now, there have been many notable Bulgenstazi athletes who have announced their registration, including: Jar Het Løz: world-class Bulgenstazi male swimmer from Uzekistaz. Leksov Ardow: male national sprint champ from Bayrsaw. Vladimir Le: male soccer star on the Red Sparrows Team, from Khenkhourt. Agata Mestov: female distance runner from Bayrsaw. Lena Lest Het: female hurdler from Nyeminsk. We at BLNN are excited and proud of our brave athletes who plan to participate in the upcoming sporting event. The Bulgen Rouge have plans to finalize the team later this January. We hope all worthy applicants may find a place on the new Bulgenstaz Olympic Committee. Kompung Łorug Kazów Among First Villages Positively Impacted by New "Rural Development and Integration Act" Above: Kompung Łorug Kazów with newly installed electrical utilities Bulgenstazi Officials happily announced the beginnings of "major success" with the RDI Act, which was passed only a little over a month earlier. Over 50 kompungs have been positively affected, with "many more to come" according to the Minister of Internal Development, Alexov Jarvanmów. Many of the affected villages are located closer to the interior of Bulgenstaz, such as Kompung Lviv Bakar in Nyeminsk. Services provided include: improved reliable electricity access, increased/expanded internet service, improved water sources such as pumps and wells, and new sophisticated vehicles to improve agricultural yields. Some kompungs have updated and improved housing. Plans to commence industrial development and advanced infrastructure in rural areas is estimated to begin mid-February, with healthcare expansion by the beginning of March.
  13. Yesterday, Prime Minister Bavrov Krusken II held a long speech outside Zalensk. It was primarily to address the the upcoming election, as well as external affairs. One of the principal discussions concerned the growing tensions in South Argis, particularly Girkmand and Aluxia, which we will summarize in this article. Above: Prime Minister Bavrov Krusken II Outside of Zalensk In perhaps a surprising statement, Prime Minister Krusken stated his absolute enthusiasm with the conflicts. In his speech, Krusken described the protests as "progressive" and "a (movement in the) right direction for Argis." Krusken especially praised the "Aluxian Free Army" for "promoting democratic values at any cost." While the open stance may shock many, it is a widely popular stance in much of Bulgenstaz. Many of the Bulgenstazi feel the conflict is akin to the Bulgenstazi Revolutions, and thus see it as an important change to enforce democratic values in the face of tyranny. However, much to the discontent of many, the BRP had officially stated on Monday it will be remaining neutral in the conflict, though Prime Minister Krusken stated in his speech, "foreign aid to the Aluxian civilians is a possibility." Many Bulgenstazi, especially members of the New Revolutionary Guard, have complained about the government's lack support for Aluxian revolutionaries. This controversial decision has allowed for opposition parties to call for direct support to the Aluxian Revolution. The Liberal Democratic Party, in particular, have expressed support by proposing the sale of Bulgenstazi firearms to the Aluxian Free Army. The LDP believes the firearms sale will "support local Bulgenstazi Industry while simultaneously aiding the Aluxian people toward emancipation." While the party has not supported direct military intervention, they believe "weapon sales will help end the conflict far quicker, and would not put the lives of any Bulgenstazi on the line." Additionally (and to much popular support), Bavrov Krusken II has condemned Tagmatine military actions in Aluxia, describing them as "childish" and "uninformed at best." Additionally, Krusken stated, "If Tagmatium had any sense it would use military force to support democratic reform, even if it desired to oppose the Aluxian Free Army." Whether or not this action will increase tensions in Tagmatium or its allies has yet to be seen. In the end, it seems Bavrov Krusken personally supports the Free Army of Aluxia, but has officially decided against direct action in the Aluxian Revolution. Concerning the protests in Girkmand, Krusken stated hopes that the conflict does not escalate to civil war, and hopes the demonstration will encourage President Gerald Webb to instead consider the populace in future legislation. While he did not advocate the removal of the "Domestic Security Act," Krusken implied such legislature felt, to him, largely unnecessary. Krusken also lamented the lives lost during the Palm Street Mall Siege, but closed by saying, "10 deaths, while tragic, do not demand the death of 25 more." It would seem Prime Minister Bavrov Krusken II desires for the restoration of stability in Girkmand, but also hopes the government will take greater measures in consideration of the civilian populace in future legislation.
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