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  1. Bulgenstaz

    Laren Environmental Conference

    "Damn the monsoons!" thought Nikol Het Lvólv as she landed on Laren, "This will certainly look terrible for the country. To arrive late for a diplomatic event..." She hurriedly exited and hailed a cab using very rushed and flustered Morheimian, "Hello! Yes! You, mister taxi car man! Please, can you give me a ride to the Climate conflict... erm, Conference." "The what? " asked the cabby, "You mean the Laren Environment Conference? Wait, aren't you? ... never mind. Hop in, I'll get you there quick-like." As the taxi rushed to the conference, Lvólv pondered the nature of the conference and her goals there. Not a particularly difficult thing to do, this meeting was a friendly one. And what a great opportunity for friendship it was, Morheim had always been viewed fondly in Bulgenstaz. While they operate under a monarch, they had made great struggle in the past and successfully liberated themselves from Derthaler imperialism. Such courage makes a strong nation. As for the other attendees, there were notable other nations (and perhaps others who had not been mentioned to Nikol). The State of Tikva, who has been making progressive strides in foreign aid surrounding the Aluxian Civil War, was quite remarkable. The history of relations surrounding the two countries has been few to none, but perhaps now was time to change that. Rihan has also been setting themselves up as a major player, especially since the founding of the Aurelian league. Goodwill with the diplomat here may go a ways back in Khenkhourt. As for the Tagmatine... it would be best to avoid making conflict. Rather, maybe we can use this conference to better relationships and move toward a friendlier future. Yes, perhaps. Aside from relations, there was the nature of the conference. It would be surrounding environmentalism: policy that had been catching the eye more and more around Khenkhourt. If these discussions went well, it would most likely boost global environmental initiatives. It could also mean a bonus for the Ministry of Conservation, and for Lvólv. Both those outcomes would be most desired, she decided. As the cab arrived, Nikol Het Lvólv hastily paid for the ride, and apologized profusely despite the fact that the taxi was in no way related to the event. As she walked toward the building, she muttered to herself, "Get your act together, Nikol. Do not embarrass yourself and your country here. Relax, there is not any reason to be nervous." In truth, Nikol had rarely been outside the country, save for a climate conference a few years back, and felt quite out of her element. She arrived up to the gates and said a quick "sorry" before being ushered inside to the main conference.
  2. Bulgenstaz

    Bulgenstaz Liberation News Network

    Bulgenstaz Prepares for Possibility of Eurth Olympic Games As rumors of a Summer Olympic games begins to circulate around Bulgenstaz, the country has begun a registration campaign encouraging elite Bulgenstazi athletes to join the Bulgenstaz National Team. As of right now, there have been many notable Bulgenstazi athletes who have announced their registration, including: Jar Het Løz: world-class Bulgenstazi male swimmer from Uzekistaz. Leksov Ardow: male national sprint champ from Bayrsaw. Vladimir Le: male soccer star on the Red Sparrows Team, from Khenkhourt. Agata Mestov: female distance runner from Bayrsaw. Lena Lest Het: female hurdler from Nyeminsk. We at BLNN are excited and proud of our brave athletes who plan to participate in the upcoming sporting event. The Bulgen Rouge have plans to finalize the team later this January. We hope all worthy applicants may find a place on the new Bulgenstaz Olympic Committee. Kompung Łorug Kazów Among First Villages Positively Impacted by New "Rural Development and Integration Act" Above: Kompung Łorug Kazów with newly installed electrical utilities Bulgenstazi Officials happily announced the beginnings of "major success" with the RDI Act, which was passed only a little over a month earlier. Over 50 kompungs have been positively affected, with "many more to come" according to the Minister of Internal Development, Alexov Jarvanmów. Many of the affected villages are located closer to the interior of Bulgenstaz, such as Kompung Lviv Bakar in Nyeminsk. Services provided include: improved reliable electricity access, increased/expanded internet service, improved water sources such as pumps and wells, and new sophisticated vehicles to improve agricultural yields. Some kompungs have updated and improved housing. Plans to commence industrial development and advanced infrastructure in rural areas is estimated to begin mid-February, with healthcare expansion by the beginning of March.
  3. Bulgenstaz

    Bulgenstaz Liberation News Network

    Yesterday, Prime Minister Bavrov Krusken II held a long speech outside Zalensk. It was primarily to address the the upcoming election, as well as external affairs. One of the principal discussions concerned the growing tensions in South Argis, particularly Girkmand and Aluxia, which we will summarize in this article. Above: Prime Minister Bavrov Krusken II Outside of Zalensk In perhaps a surprising statement, Prime Minister Krusken stated his absolute enthusiasm with the conflicts. In his speech, Krusken described the protests as "progressive" and "a (movement in the) right direction for Argis." Krusken especially praised the "Aluxian Free Army" for "promoting democratic values at any cost." While the open stance may shock many, it is a widely popular stance in much of Bulgenstaz. Many of the Bulgenstazi feel the conflict is akin to the Bulgenstazi Revolutions, and thus see it as an important change to enforce democratic values in the face of tyranny. However, much to the discontent of many, the BRP had officially stated on Monday it will be remaining neutral in the conflict, though Prime Minister Krusken stated in his speech, "foreign aid to the Aluxian civilians is a possibility." Many Bulgenstazi, especially members of the New Revolutionary Guard, have complained about the government's lack support for Aluxian revolutionaries. This controversial decision has allowed for opposition parties to call for direct support to the Aluxian Revolution. The Liberal Democratic Party, in particular, have expressed support by proposing the sale of Bulgenstazi firearms to the Aluxian Free Army. The LDP believes the firearms sale will "support local Bulgenstazi Industry while simultaneously aiding the Aluxian people toward emancipation." While the party has not supported direct military intervention, they believe "weapon sales will help end the conflict far quicker, and would not put the lives of any Bulgenstazi on the line." Additionally (and to much popular support), Bavrov Krusken II has condemned Tagmatine military actions in Aluxia, describing them as "childish" and "uninformed at best." Additionally, Krusken stated, "If Tagmatium had any sense it would use military force to support democratic reform, even if it desired to oppose the Aluxian Free Army." Whether or not this action will increase tensions in Tagmatium or its allies has yet to be seen. In the end, it seems Bavrov Krusken personally supports the Free Army of Aluxia, but has officially decided against direct action in the Aluxian Revolution. Concerning the protests in Girkmand, Krusken stated hopes that the conflict does not escalate to civil war, and hopes the demonstration will encourage President Gerald Webb to instead consider the populace in future legislation. While he did not advocate the removal of the "Domestic Security Act," Krusken implied such legislature felt, to him, largely unnecessary. Krusken also lamented the lives lost during the Palm Street Mall Siege, but closed by saying, "10 deaths, while tragic, do not demand the death of 25 more." It would seem Prime Minister Bavrov Krusken II desires for the restoration of stability in Girkmand, but also hopes the government will take greater measures in consideration of the civilian populace in future legislation.
  4. Bulgenstaz

    *GAME* Word association!

  5. Bulgenstaz

    The Second Resistance

    To say Engelstov was a welcome change to Bulgenstaz would be undoubtedly false. The price the Bulgenstazi people had payed for freedom, the 50,000 lives, the 50,000 pure souls, had not been in the name of his brutality. Dmitry Mendhelson knew this much. The SRRB had not been formed to oppress, but to rejuvenate, to bring hope to the fledgeling nation. It now served in the place the colonials had left, oppressive and unbending, a slaver to the masses. The SRRB was deaf to the cries for democracy and freedom by the people of Bulgenstaz. If there would be change, it would be now, and it must be swift. "Comrades, we cannot give in to this oppression. We cannot let the tyrant Engelstov replace the imperialists as dictator of our country!" shouted Mendhelson as he stood atop a car a few miles south of Bulganda. It was the time to strike. Opposition had grown in the wake of Engelstov's purges, and many prominent and popular politicians had been deposed. Mendhelson had been one, and felt himself fortunate enough he was not killed outright. He had promoted democracy, freedom, and representation for the Bulgenstazi during the revolution, something Engelstov and his Revolutionary Guard would never stand for. "Their chance for reform is over! We demonstrated our dedication to sovereignty two years ago, and we will not hesitate to demonstrate our demand for representation now!" The crowd roared and weapons fired. There would be no return for these souls; the SRRB would never let such traitors live. Mendheson knew this and accepted the importance of the second revolution all the same. A revolution for a free Bulgenstaz: the People's Republic of Bulgenstaz. Their justice would be swift and final. Whether they march on Khenkhourt or have their bodies washed down the Bulga could not matter less, ultimately. They would enter Bulganda tonight, and there would be blood. The revolutionaries were poorly equipped compared to the Revolutionary Guard, but they held a fervor of a cornered cat: a jaguar. How can good lose to the embodiment of evil that is Engelstov and his Revolutionary Guard? They were correct, their motives pure, "How could we lose? How could we lose when we are millions and they are nothing?" Night towered overhead. Certainly they would be remembered for their bravery, if they won or lost. Martyrdom was the worst possible scenario. "We cannot lose more than we have already lost, comrades! I say we march now, under the veil of night; mother Mayari Bulan will protect us. Go now, in the name of the Republic of Bulgenstaz!" Again, cries of the revolutionaries filled the air as they vanished into the jungles. Some others walked to join Mendhelson. "Surely you will be the one to bring our country beyond the greatness of what it once was, under the three kingdoms!" said one, who seemed to lead the militia, "I am Borey Askov, I will help to bring our nation to greatness; you, Mendhelson, must be the Tathanh, the one who will lead our country to victory." The gravity of this exchange came to Dmitry Mendhelson quickly: this would mark the legitimacy of the new republic. If the leader of the militia names Mendhelson Tathanh then it would rest on his shoulders to carry Bulgenstaz from the weight of Engelstov and the SRRB. "My thanks to you, general Askov. I graciously accept my duty to you and to the people of Bulgenstaz. Together we will lead the people and guide them to freedom and equality. But we must move with our people as they enter Bulganda; we must be there for the inevitable victory!"
  6. Bulgenstazi Ministry of Foreign Trade After discussions among various members of the Bulgenstazi and Salvian governments, both nations have agreed to the construction of a massive railway system spanning the two nations. It will attempt to become the largest railway in Marenesia and one of most advanced railway networks on Eurth. The purpose of the railway will be twofold. It will integrate the cultures of Sanctium Imperium Catholicum and Bulgenstaz, and will provide a simple means of transportation of goods between the two nations. Oil is among the primary resources, as new oil rigs have opened up along Bulgenstazi shorelines. The railway will also attempt to provide new opportunities for settlement along supply lines to support domestic growth. The planned route for the railway line: The line will pass primarily through uncontrolled, or at least relatively unsettled lands between the two nations. Issues concerning natives living in these regions have been relatively unaddressed, though Bulgenstaz has stated it will attempt to refrain from disturbing isolated communities along the planned construction line.
  7. Bulgenstaz

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  8. Bulgenstaz

    Gallambria's Expansion Plans Round 2

    Alright, the islands near Bulgenstaz are certainly a bit of a bold move on our nation, I would think our seafaring people would have more than a little interest in them, and they're frankly off our coast more than yours. My gov't would realistically be willing to let, say, one of those small islands go with no real concern, however, I believe the one above Khenkhourt is rightful Bulgenstazi clay. That or we can discuss the open landmass between us: I would be willing to let the island chain go if I can have assured control over my western uncontrolled region. We want to maintain friendly relations, but we don't want important Bulgenstazi landmasses to be taken for imperial dominion. Thanks.
  9. Bulgenstaz

    *GAME* Word association!

  10. Bulgenstaz

    Bulgenstaz Liberation News Network

    After an arduous legislative process and considerable modification, the Rural Development and Integration Act has been ratified. This bill had been among the primarily goals of the Krusken Administration from 2009. The primarily focus of this act is on the development of quality living in remote parts of Bulgenstaz. Here are some of the most important aspects: Integration: in part, the bill promotes development of new road networks between small townships and villages. The goal of these new roadways is to facilitate connections in the regional level, and to integrate small isolated villages. The roadways will hopefully stimulate economic development and opportunity for small industries to more effectively transport goods across a wider range of buyers. Discussion has also began on expansion of railroad coverage in the future. Communication: new telephone lines are planned to reach new areas of Bulgenstaz, helping to connect families, as well as facilitate even greater communication spanning across the nation. Newly implemented local post offices should help to remove the burden from individuals to send mail, where it is processed far from the origin and destination. The communications overhaul should generate new rural employment opportunities both in the implementation and maintenance of new lines. Electricity: perhaps the most challenging part of the proposal to pass, though certainly the most important, is the new rural electricity system. The bill promotes the establishment of national power lines facilitated by new nuclear reactors planned to open up. The goal of the new power system is to increase electricity reliability nationwide, as villages can move away from small generators and instead rely on the national grid. This system is planned to integrate with established lines to keep rural Bulgenstaz reliably powered. However, to cut costs, there will be a rationing system for electric availability, and new lines will be shut off between 10pm and 4am EAT. According to Prime Minister Krusken, power rationing is only temporary and will be extended to all-day coverage, though no time was specified for what point it would occur. Healthcare: the original Rural Development and Integration Act had called for a new local hospital system to effectively cover all of rural Bulgenstaz, however this was instead modified to an expansion of the Okrug-based hospital system. Regardless, as many as 20 new hospital complexes are planned for development in the near future, which will grant far better and reliable healthcare coverage for Bulgenstazi nationwide. Industry: while industrial expansion was taken out of the Rural Development and Integration Act early on, Prime Minister Bavrov Krusken II has stated his intent to expand new industries to remote regions of Bulgenstaz in an effort to reduce their dependency on agriculture, and to overall improve their benefit to the economy. It will be seen if this concept sees fruition after the 2019 election. In all, the Rural Development and Integration Act is one of the largest infrastructure reforms in the history of our country. How it will change the rural parts of Bulgenstaz may not be seen for many years, though the proposal had generated a lot of public interest in the Bulgen Rouge Party, and helped maintain the Krusken Administration's popular support for 9 years and running. This has been Bulgenstaz Liberation News Network on the Rural Development and Integration Act
  11. Bulgenstaz

    Request: Bulgenstaz

    Hey no problem @Orioni, in the meantime I'm going to work on setting up some cities to fully flesh out the area. I'll do that in a separate post, however.
  12. Bulgenstaz

    15th Triennial ICEB Economic and Political Summit

    Once all had arrived and exchanged cordial greetings, the ICEB leaders gathered into a Fulgistani Zhengzhou Harmony and made their way through Khenkhourt. Any previous signs of nerves or tension quickly melted as they were handed Kozaki martinis to supplement the scenery as they proceeded to the summit (those who declined to were instead offered a glass of water). This summit would be one of relaxation; tensions would not be on the forefront so early if Bavrov Krusken II would have anything to do about it. The ride took them across the Victor's Bridge, an ancient colonial bridge maintained as one of few access points to the inner city. It had been widened as the population of Khenkhourt increased, but today there was no traffic: the roads had been closed early in the morning in preparation for the escort. Across the bridge lay the towering glass and steel of downtown Khenkhourt. As the cars drew to the other side, Prime Minister Bavrov Krusken II made a toast: "Ah, and now for our great display, in honor of the representatives of the International Communist Economic Bloc! May our prosperity never fade so long as our nations stand! To the health of us, and to the Bloc!" The glasses clinked. Adorned along the way were flags of the various nations, to celebrate the accomplishments of the member nations. Crowds of people lined the streets, some cheering, others going about their business as usual. The display was certainly colorful, perhaps overboard, but the central planning committee could not have cared less: Khenkhourt would be a place of celebration during the summit. As the procession finally arrived to Zalensk, all were promptly escorted from the vehicles and to the interior of the building. A booming crowd greeted them. The commotion, while bearing good intentions, was almost deafening. Bavrov Krusken II thought to himself, "We definitely went too far on crowd participation, I'll see to reducing that the next time I have guests over." Despite the mob, it seemed all the members had made it into Zalensk with their eardrums relatively intact. A few mutterings on the overenthusiasm ensued as the ICEB leaders entered the chamber where the conference would be held. It was small, but perfectly lavish: an excellent setting for a serious discussion concerning the future of the ICEB. "Thank you all for coming here on this wonderful day. It means much to me, and the Buglenstazi people you were all able to make it to the summit. Now that we've all arrived in one piece, I don't want to hold up the discussion. Whoever would like to begin may do so."
  13. Bulgenstaz

    Request: Bulgenstaz

    Don't worry, comrade @Gallambria, we are a peaceful people and much more focused on economic development than militancy. No plans to pick any commie-fights here! We can talk about the islands later. :^) Also, @Orioni if possible, could the capitol Khenkhourt be on that little island section on the mouth of the central river? It plays perfectly to how I envision Khenkhourt spanning the mouth of the Bulga river. Thanks so much!
  14. Bulgenstaz

    [OOC] ICEB Planning Thread

    The organization could have local institutions in each country, with a small group of each member country economic advisors, to serve a dual function of a "ICEB Embassy" as well as a system for managing and enforcing ICEB policy more effectively. There most likely will also need to be a global headquarters (location wherever we elect to have it). Just thinking about it's management. For a body with as many components as currently planned it will need to have a chunk of administration to back it up.
  15. Bulgenstaz

    Bulgenstaz Liberation News Network

    Questions concerning the upcoming election in May, 2019 has begun. The five-year election cycle will be up, and voting will begin. Last election, the Bulgen Rouge Party won 65% of seats, while the Liberal Democratic Party won 18% of seats, the National Sovereign Party won 9% of seats, and the Kozak National Party won 8%. BLNN Party Discussion: The Bulgen Rouge Party has shifted more and more center after the Liberal Democratic coalition won the elections in early 1999. The policy change for the BRP has garnered significant popular increase since, while the LDP has lost a lot of it's previous support after a devastating scandal with their former Prime Minister Nechov. It is possible, however, for recent Bulgenstazi trade deals and economic expansion to increase party support, and another coalition may give the majority needed to take Zalensk. On a very different spectrum, the Kozak region has seen increased levels of autonomy which may dramatically impact seats taken by the Kozak National Party; whether increasing Kozaki autonomy will strengthen or damage their national influence is to be determined. On a less regional level, despite recent success of the Bulgenstazi-Dniester Union, it is unlikely to see the NSP decrease in size within Zalensk this election. Regardless of your political allegiance, exercise your vote. There is a possibility for a dramatic shift in the current government, and it should represent the choice of the Republic itself. This has been Bulgenstaz Liberation News Network with an update on the upcoming election.