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  1. Bulgenstaz

    Morheim Trade & Industry Zone

    Name of Company: Bulgenstazi Cultural Arts Foundation Type of Business: The manufacturing and distribution of musical instruments Country and city of origin: Khenkhourt, Bulgenstaz What will be made: We intend to manufacture musical instruments in a more temperate climate so as not to damage them on shipment (many instruments require consistent, moderate humidity to avoid potential damage). Number of Workers to be recruited locally: Our goal is to employ solely locally after initial orientation with Bulgenstazi metalworkers and woodcrafters. The initial employment numbers may be in the low 300-400s, but expansion plans are anticipated for the future. The goal of the Bulgenstazi Cultural Arts Foundation (BCAF) is to promote culture worldwide. BCAF hopes to extend well-paying, skilled jobs to the citizens of Morheim to manufacture instruments for the local and global marketplace. Thank you for your time, Bulgenstaz hopes the BCAF will be considered for Morheim.
  2. Bulgenstaz

    15th Triennial ICEB Economic and Political Summit

    Countless busy hours had been spent at Zalensk, the administration building of the Bulgen Rouge. The conference had been planned meticulously and frugally. They would arrive at the international airport and be escorted to Zalensk to have the actual discussion. To say Bavrov Krusken II had planned for the summit would be an understatement, all details were accounted for, there would be no external concerns for the representatives as they discussed the future of ICEB. The drive to the International Airport was chilling, despite the wet heat. The monsoon season had recently ended, and the weather was at its peak; despite the warmth a frightful nervousness overcame him. How would politics change? Are new alliances being formed or destroyed? Prime Minister Krusken shook his head as he entered the airport to meet President Zieminski. As he walked to meet him, Prime Minister Bavrov Krusken II smiled glowingly; "To you, the same. Our union has proved to be only fruitful for the both of us, and the resources at our disposal expand by the day. I can see our nations as the model for world socialism, the three of us. Truly, this pact has expanded our ideology beyond the confines of our borders." "Come, let us seek Mr. Almas, and we can begin our discussion."
  3. Bulgenstaz

    Eurth Rally Series

    Country: Bulgenstaz Driver, Age, Gender: Tymon Zobrozi, 29, Male Co-Driver, Age, Gender: Leon Askov, 28, Male Car Make, Model, and Year: Vetnik Cruzow 2015 Real Life Equivalent: 2015 Audi R8
  4. Bulgenstaz

    Hello From the Silver Cities

    Welcome aboard! Our ideological differences mean nothing with the notion of trade. May your merchant vessels be swift.
  5. Bulgenstaz

    [OOC] Reap the Whirlwind

    We will also participate in the aid of those who need assistance in the possibility of conflict. Our desire is to see Derthalen criminal activity reprimanded, not to further violence and bloodshed in the name of peace. Our request is for the use of military force to improve quality of life for citizens in and around Derthalen, not to subject them to more injustice.
  6. Bulgenstaz

    Royal Family looking for home

    Why not flee to Bulgenstaz? We are a secluded, underdeveloped nation with considerable untapped natural resources. It could even be possible for the family to gain political influence depending on their location. In fact, at the time of their deposal Bulgenstaz was a colony under the Principality of Minsk. It would be easy for the family to establish a considerable holding in some remote village within Bulgenstazi territory and could (who knows) have acquired significant influence in the region. The post-imperial Bulgenstazi government is happy to house important people, even if they are not currently in power back home. In this scenario there is no particular loss involved for the family, other than desired "disappearance".
  7. Bulgenstaz

    Request: Bulgenstaz

    Side-note, if it is not too much to ask, there's a very neat region right beside the primary island of Gallambria. It's between these three rivers. Quite lovely, really. But i'm getting carried away.
  8. Bulgenstaz

    Project 1153: Supercarrier

    Bulgenstazi interests remain primarily in the development of oil resources, as well as the general promotion of Bulgenstazi industry. The doubling of these corvettes as icebreakers serves a particularly... economic interest to us. The prospect of both navies taking port seasonally... How can I... I mean, we, the Bulgenstazi, not agree? Yes, Bulgenstaz will contribute to the development of these naval vessels. It will be made. I believe the economic and defense viability of the development of our fleets are well worth the resources expended.
  9. Bulgenstaz

    Request: Bulgenstaz

    Nation in Europa: Bulgenstaz Flag: Capital name: Khenkhourt Capital location: on the coast, closest to the center of the map (if a river is available, then on said river as well) Factbook link: Newsroom link: Culture: Initially a more Polynesian islander culture assimilated into Slavic culture under Monarchy of Dniester (Though developed a distinct language over time). Has varying cultural practices by region, but largely similar. Climate: Wet, Tropical, Coastal Location History: Originally a colony under imperial rule by the Dniester Monarchy. During it's collapse in 1940 a communist revolt established the nation of Bulgenstaz where the former colony was.
  10. Bulgenstaz

    Bulgenstaz Liberation News Network

    More arrangements have been made between the Democratic Republic of Dniester and the People's Republic of Bulgenstaz to further expand offshore oil rigs close to Bulgenstaz. The goal of these deals is to secure oil production to fuel new naval expansion for both Bulgenstaz and Dniester. This agreements should hopefully secure economic development within Bulgenstaz, and potentially open future sources of revenue in state expansion of iron mines to the south.
  11. Bulgenstaz

    Civil War Raging!

    At the Bulgenstaz War Room in Khenkhourt, tensions concerning involvement are high. Boyar Vertok Lmizk of Grobletzka justifies neutrality: "Would it not be best to focus on the development of our nation? Our views of socialism differ considerably, and to mobilize troops would set us back greatly. We have a nation and people to think about now!" The board members look around; subtle agreement is apparent with most of the members. It wouldn't be easy for most regions in Bulgenstaz to quickly recover from a large campaign. As the meeting moves to draw to a close, however, General Dmitrev Zokhow, a fervent traditional communist, rises angrily from his seat to the left of Prime Minister Bavrov Krusken II. "Is it not traitorous for us, comrades, to forsake one of our own!? We may have our disagreements on policy, but we are of the same blood; they are our national kin, and we must treat them as such! We both toppled the monarchy back in the time of our revolution, and we will certainly do so once more! The attack of the cruel monarchists and their damned supporters is an attack on our people too! Whether it is "beneficial" or "profitable" matters not! I say we begin mobilizing immediately. To think of only our own development... you'd think we were becoming the imperialists themselves!" The War Room was silent; General Zokhow was right. How could they betray their fellow revolutionaries? They had fought the same oppressor, the tyrannical Dniester Monarchy, which had subjugated them for so long. It would be wrong to deny North Dniester aid when they needed it most. Besides, what would be the fate of Bulgenstaz if the monarchy was reinstated? No, at that moment all members of the board realized what they must do. "We have defeated the imperialist monarchy once, we can destroy those monarchists a second time if they dare show their faces! We will prove victorious! Victory to Bulgenstaz! Liberation to the people of Dniester!" At the general's closing words, the board erupted into applause. Bavrov Krusken II then rose from his seat, "So it is decided then. Bulgenstaz will bring whatever aid necessary to ensure victory to the people of Dniester. We set sail with the Bulgenstazi Liberation Fleet within the week. We will bring justice and an end to the conflict within Dniester."
  12. Bulgenstaz

    Bulgenstaz Liberation News Network

    Earlier today, Prime Minister Bavrov Krusken II has modified laws on decentralization within the People's Republic of Bulgenstaz. It enables regional government bodies which enacts localized legislature in Kozakstal. This legislature has primarily come from increasing demand for representation of the largely Kozak east region. Boyar Dmitrov Askosow of Kozakstal comments, "The increased representation of minority groups, such as us Kozaks, demonstrates the republic's progress toward expanded cultural representation. To us, we feel our values have been underrepresented in Bulgenstazi administration; it has instead favored the majority populace of ethnic Bulgenstazi. This shift toward regional governance is a welcome change, and will certainly result in further development of the Kozak region of Bulgenstaz." Thank you, Boyar Askosow. We, too, believe these measures of reform provide more voice for local institutions. Perhaps this may lead to demands of representation in the southern Uzekistaz and Petrovoskow regions. Regardless, BLNN applaud's the progressive reforms of the Krusken administration.
  13. Hello and welcome to Bulgenstaz Liberation News Network. We are a state-funded network dedicated to promoting Bulgenstazi values since 1940. We report media in a fair and unbiased manner, for the people of Bulgenstaz to listen without fear of propaganda.
  14. Beginning note: this factbook will be in development for probably some time, and is liable to revision, alteration, and (oh no) retcons. The Bulgenstazi are composed of a couple of significant ethnic groups. The primary group is the Bulgenstazi (which is generally used as a national identifier, but has been known to cause conflict in rural areas regarding other ethnicities) with the more inland Uzekstazi and the Kozak. The groups have largely divided themselves into different regions, but are similar in religion, skin tone, and language. Cultural practices are allowed by the government, and it is not uncommon for a dispute to be solved in a traditional manner before a legal courthouse. Much of the Bulgenstazi language system derives from Dniesterian, but with an ethnic twist which slowly developed into a different language entirely. Generally, however, Dniesterian and Bulgenstazi are very similar in general structure. Considerable portions of the Bulgenstazi population are in Kehnkhourt, the capitol of Bulgenstaz. Kehnkhourt is also the seat of the Bulgen Rouge, the communist party of Bulgenstaz. Outside of the capitol (and major cities) the population percentages are far lower, with many kilometers of Bulgenstaz having no population whatsoever. Highways exist between the capitol and other major cities such as Uzkow, Bezna, Orvow, and Petrovosk. The vast majority of the small Bulgenstazi military is naval. These crafts are built and dedicated primarily to defend against pirates. However a delegation of military police (Molitza) serve to protect the citizens from ethnic tensions and crime. The original colony of Bulgenstaz was created originally to have a stake in imperialism. It produced primarily iron until the discovery of oil in the Kozak region. Even after the fall of the Principality of Minsk, the resources remain the primary drives of Bulgenstazi economy.
  15. Bulgenstaz

    Hello from Bulgenstaz!

    Nevermind, I figured it out.