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    This one is long overdue.
  2. Premier's Office, Villau d'Aurumare To Senator and Foreign Minister Pranana, We have read your previous correspondence and discussed the matter at length. I agree that this diplomatic meeting would be beneficial to both our nations' futures, and Minister of Foreign Affairs Carlos Filipe will be dispatched to Dartha post-haste, if all goes well. There will be no publicity; we have not announced anything to anyone. I look forward to a prosperous future for both our nations. Sincerely, Lei-jon Afari, Premier
  3. Sylvet

    De Sylvetienne

    This article has been translated into Anglish for your convenience. Short News Independence Celebrations in Verlorenstad Today, the citizens of Amielton are celebrating 115 years of independence from Variota. 115 years ago today, the colony split from its former colonial master peacefully after the resources of gold within its borders were depleted by large Variotan gold mines in the deposit-rich hills. Parades are being held all throughout Amielton's capital city, remembering the day of the split. This year, however, the parades are also being done in remembrance of those killed in the Stanbed Square bombing by the violent seperatist group VHV (Variotan Reunification Front). We hope you read this article, and donate as little as 1₭R today to the Sylvetian Terror Prevention Unit to prevent needless deaths like this from happening again. Thank you for your time. This has been De Sylvetienne. Remember to stay safe and aware, and report suspicious activity to your local authorities. Note: There are no adverts on this article as we here at De Sylvetienne believe no-one should profit from unnecessary death.
  4. Sylvet

    De Sylvetienne

    This article has been translated into Anglish for your convenience. News Today Ransomware sweeping through the nation More than 800 ransomware attacks have been reported in the last week, most of them from the mysterious Vargia virus. The virus was first reported back in September of 2017 when it hit several computers in Sabbiosa, encrypting user's files and demanding a ransom payment for the encryption key to return the files, hence the name ransomware. But back then, it only hit a few users before it was picked up by most antivirus protection software including NieuCo Defender and it seemingly vanished. However, it is now clear that that was only a test run, as this newer strain of the Vargi virus is cleverly coded to reconstruct itself to avoid antiviruses. The attacks hit several important targets this time round, notably Spiaga Hospital and Sabbiosa University in southern Sabbiosa. We spoke with Sye Ricco, a nurse at Spiaga Hospital, about the current situation. "At first, we didn't really know what was happening, all the computers just seemed to shut diwn and we all panicked. Then, out of nowhere, the monitors just started showing this red star and a message showed up that said press enter to continue. So some guy in the office presses enter, and something starts playing over the speakers in a computer generated voice. I didn't really hear it that well given that there were doctors rushing about everywhere trying to sort the situation out, but it said something about encryption and an anonymous payment of 1 million kruknats. We all started freaking out, cause the patients' lives were on the line, but the message went away within half an hour and everything went back to normal.Well... I'm not supposed to say anything about this, but they told us afterwards they'd payed the ransom and the attackers gave them the key. Surely there has to be an easier way than just paying them whatever they want, right?" We're here to tell you that there is an easier way. Spiaga Hospital was using Beckhard Security, an application that we do NOT recommend. Instead, be smart and upgrade to NieuCo Defender today for the best protection from dangerous computer viruses. This has been Carlos Starr for De Sylvetienne. We hope you enjoyed. Note: Please disable your AdBlocker. We can't keep bringing you the latest news if you block our adverts.
  5. This article has been translated into Anglish for your convenience. Welcome to De Sylvetienne, the hottest news station in all of Sylvet! We are dedicated to bringing you relevant news not just from around the nation but from all around the globe. We hope you enjoy what we have to offer. If you want to stay up to date in a more traditional format, make sure you buy a subscription to DS Magazine to catch all the recent happenings weekly in a neat & tidy collection. We'll even throw in little gift with every issue, like Issue #0's free 14-day membership to NieuCo's fabulous new MMORPG, Tales of the Orient. New! DS Kids is a new magazine to let your kids stay up to date with international goings-on in a way they understand, with bright colours, comics and more. Don't miss our limited edition Carlos Starr action figure that comes with Issue #0! Note: Please disable your AdBlocker. We can't keep bringing you the latest news if you block our adverts. De Sylvetienne hosted by Carlos Starr. De Sylvetienne hosted by Carlos Starr. De Sylvetienne, DS News, DS Magazine, DS Kids and the De Sylvetienne Logo are all registered trademarks of NieuCo Media.
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    Dumping a bunch of europaball comics i did on this thread. also, i realise this is my first actual post on the forums yay me
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