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  1. @Tagmatium Rules @Orioni I’ll occasionally go into Nationstates to upkeep my nation, but I’m not going to write anything until the end of the summer. I’ve been incredibly busy, and am just going to abandon this annexation request, given that I am the only one left of the party wishing to instigate.
  2. @Tagmatium Rules What I’ve been able to grasp (thanks to CGP Grey) is that the Theodorian government hasn’t fallen to pieces in revolution because of how squalid the populace is. Our idea is to fund multiple protests that we’re hoping will escalate into a full-scale revolution, which will make annexation easier for when we mobilize and pick up the scraps. I’m not sure why Pye insists on only taking a few cities, I’m sure he can elaborate on why.
  3. There's a family in the city of Acquafondo that the police have suspected for a while to be smuggling drugs, weapons, and other contraband to other syndicate groups for their own personal gain. They cover their tracks well, however, and haven't been convicted of anything yet.
  4. I guess it can be the...start of an answer? Maybe more exposition along the way to fill space. You can do whatever idea you deem fit, but the attack is still going to happen either way. Do whatever!
  5. I'll be boasting about posting, or maybe just ghosting.
  6. The mountains to the north of Alenveil are referred to as The Kendovstrunmahhe (Jesus, that's a mouthful. This can be shortened however you see fit). Their name is the only thing left of Kogaan culture that has stood the test of time and avoided Limonaian conquest, but their true meaning and translation are unknown. (OOC: Kendovstrunmahhe is "Soldier Mountains.") The largest mountain that looks like an ax is called Hahkunstrunmah. Hahkunstrunmah is divided by the Ysgram Valley into two pieces. The southern portion is called Vurstrunmah and the northern portion is the Tuzstrunmah. (OOC: Ha
  7. Okay. An even larger idea has sprung into my head like Alenian Wheat. So, it's pretty obvious that Roksek is the leader of the terrorist group that's going to lead the attack on the museum. BUT, (and this is in a future sense,) what if Roksek denies having anything to do with the attack, and keeps trying to have the KPU in good faith (Maybe blaming another terrorist group, like the AA of PyeMcGowan). All of this is to weave together a plan for one of Roksek's motives: revenge. I'm not sure how this is going to work yet, but what if Roksek, or a puppet of Roksek, cuts a deal with Rihan to
  8. Matteo assumed that this was perfectly natural. People were curious about his finding, and this stone was a monumental achievement. "Well," he began, "we believe that it has a link to the Kogaan, preferably why @Limonaians decided to wage war. It was written in around 1540, in both the Limone dialect and in Kogaanzul, their native language." He paused, "now, I'm hoping that, by cross-referencing artifacts with the help of all of you, and translation of the dialect with the help of Pietro, we can find out what happened to the Kogaan in the first place!" He turned his head to face the @Riha
  9. Hello, there! I know from experience and new-nation wide-eyed curiosity that this place is a wonderfully accepting place. I'm excited to see what you have to offer!
  10. Elisa nodded and led Rovetti to the back room after the strange occurrence with Mr. Tenki. "I think these are the last of those in this odd meeting. Enjoy your time, I need a damn coffee," Elisa groaned and stepped out of the room. "Well, I'm glad you asked. It was found in Aresi, where I think I'm going to name it off of. The Aresi Stone...how does that sound?" he questioned to the @Rihanssu wondering his own opinion on the matter. Matteo turned, hearing the grumpy voice of the museum secretary, and approached Pietro, the @Limonaia n scientist, "hey! Pi..." he paused, trying to
  11. Once again, the SBC introduction sequence plays as it opens up to the scene of an anchorwoman. The woman was wearing a dark red, business-formal suit, reading off of the teleprompter. "Good evening, thank you for tuning in. I'm Emilia Sada," the woman was incredibly gloomy in her expression as she began. "As many of you are already aware, a harsh terrorist attack on multiple @PyeMcGowan cities have left hundreds of citizens dead. In a few minutes, King Damocle La Pollo will be delivering a speech to the...citizens of PyeMcGowan. No one knows who the culprit is, or what their intentions
  12. KING DAMOCLE LA POLLO DELIVERS WONDERFUL RESPONSE TO THE DAWSON ATTACKS After the sudden terrorist attacks on the people of @PyeMcGowan today and yesterday on the King Wendover Statue, Queen Wilhelmina Street Metro Station, and many other landmarks, His Royal Highness delivered a response to the attacks later this morning at the Virunum Palace, many press accounts being taken by 3rd party news agencies and our own Sarbo Broadcasting Channel. The speech has been documented on the SBC channel and will be replayed for those who can't watch it. We give our major condolences to the people of
  13. I wanted to bring this up to the OOC chat before engaging this to find out when it would take place. If you all remember the Kogaan Preservation Union (KPU), they are incredibly opposed to Limonaia's presence in the meeting. My proposal is that the KPU launches a terrorist attack against the museum, warning Matteo and trying to kill Pietro. Whether it kills him or not is up to interpretation. How does this sound?
  14. He was immediately greeted by the bored, sour, and indifferent museum secretary. She looked up from her computer and swiveled his desk over to him. "May I help you?" she asked, ready to take whatever request the man had. Meanwhile, Matteo saw the Rihannsu ambassador enter. Still irritated at his sudden intrusion, he feigned gratitude surprisingly well. "Ah! Good, you're here! Welcome, Mr...tr'Rukon, right? I'm so glad to see you! Tell me, what's a hot-shot ambassador doing at an archaeologist meeting? The stone must be making waves if even Rihan is interested," Matteo smiled towards
  15. He smiled at Mr. Halbert and turned his attention to the stone sitting on the display behind him. "It's a beauty, isn't it?" he smiled warmly at the stone as if it was his own child. "I always thought I would be able to accomplish something like this, but I couldn't do it alone. I'm glad that you're here to help. Now, sadly, not all of the archaeologists are here yet. Now, I want to tell you something that the letter did not tell you." Matteo paused for a short moment and mentally punched himself. He never wanted an ambassador to be here, but he can't say no to him either. "There will be a Rih
  16. If I remember correctly, the last time we did this he said that he wasn't going to come back, but that might have changed, and I do agree with @Variota in the sense that this will require some higher moderation. I'll make sure to add various dock cities and...well, maybe that's it because I don't really have that much room to place. In the bottom blue area, I'll open a dock town. "Biramo" will be its name, after this is completed.
  17. The Proven Existence of Parallel Universes Or Travels in The World of “Earth” Kristen Breeland Foreword This is not science fiction, nor is this a philosophical book about the possibilities of parallel universes, nor is this a campaign for the world-renowned game of Dungeons, Dungeons, and More Dungeons. It is personal documentation that I have decided to write to tell the world of my experiences through a parallel universe similar to that of our own, almost unnaturally so. It is a common fact that “Eurth, Earth, and Avaris” is what our world is known as. This paralle
  18. Once again, the SBC introduction sequence plays as it opens up to the scene of the two normal reporters. Donning a black 3-piece-suit, the man sat with a small stack of about 3 papers in his hands, and the woman, fitted with a business formal outfit, sat with her hands folded against the table. "Good afternoon, and thank you for tuning in. I'm Emilia Sada." "And I'm Marco Messore." Marco began to read off the scrolling teleprompter, reading off the report that had been written for him and his coworker. "Today, a breach of PyeMcGowan national security has been discovered. A multitude
  19. Matteo heard a ping on his computer and opened his email application. His eyes flicked across the screen and read through his usual mail. Junk, advertisements, occasional fan-mail from those kids that really like dinosaurs and are thinking he's a paleontologist, and one name in particular in his inbox that seemed oddly familiar. A name that seemed to come from Sunset Sea Island roots, a name from a time long gone. Matteo thought out loud in shock and surprise, "Houen?" He could feel joy fill his heart as his old friend had finally caught up with him, and had caught him in such a great pos
  20. @Rihan It's best if we find a way to include your character early on...I was thinking at some point your character could contact someone after this first meeting with the director of the museum? I don't know, this idea was half-baked...ideas from anyone else? Edit: Wait, I just saw your character's idea with sending someone from the Rihannsu embassy. I'm including him as I write.
  21. @Rihan Wonderful! Not only do we have the KPU, but we also have your aristocratic character! Do it, my friend!
  22. I do think that this is a really good way to get people involved and help revive this server to a point. Of course, there are a few ways that this could go wrong. As @Variota mentioned, these NPCs should be kept only in the mods hands and not be made to the point where everyone is planning on creating NPC nations or taking control of dead nations. Maybe those who are balanced and can be trusted could be used as NPC nations as well, but I can assume that this would be very rare and could pave the roads for exploitation. I don't think I should be trusted with this input because I'm not good
  23. This isn't necessarily an OOC chat, it's more of a way for me to ask what Eurth has that RL Earth does not. For those who don't know, this is regarding the alternate universe novel that I brought up in Discord about a month ago. An artist has been whisked away into the alternate and fictional universe of Earth that holds various similarities and also, hopefully, differences with Eurth. I've already written about and mentioned the map layout of Eurth and Earth, the similarities between different social media platforms, like Twitter and Wittier, but there are more things that I could use to comp
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