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  1. Alenveil

    Sarbo Broadcasting Channel - SBC

    Sarbo Broadcasting Channel - SBC _________________________________________________________ The intro sequence of SBC plays across Alenian television sets as it fades into a shot of the newsroom. There were two people sitting in chairs in the center of the newsroom, a man and a woman. The man was wearing a business-casual outfit while the woman was wearing formal attire. "Good morning, and thank you for tuning in. I'm Emilia Sada and today we're with the man who discovered the possible key to our national heritage, Namazio Sinagra. Namazio, I understand you were taking a stroll through the forest when you discovered this...artifact." Namazio shifts in his chair slightly as he begins to speak. It's clear in his voice that he's in his 40s. "Yeah, um, I was taking a stroll a little way outside of Verolieri. I went out about, eh...3 miles east, and that's when I found it. This little curved, rectangular block sticking up from the dirt. That's when I ran back and grabbed my shovel and started digging. I kept finding more, and more, and more...and that's when I called the archaeologists." Emilia continues as a narrator. "At 5:20, the archaeologists arrived and began their dig. They've already found what appears to be a wall in the Verolieri forests. They haven't hit the floor yet, but they are extremely close. I'm Emilia Sada, thank you for watching." And the screen fades out to commercial.
  2. Alenveil

    Request: Alenveil

    But, um, when should I be added? I don't see any other conflictions involving the map unless there's something I forgot about. Sorry if I feel pushy.
  3. Sarbo Broadcasting Channel - SBC _________________________________________________________ Televisions across the country flicker with static as the broadcasting service lies in wait. A voice begins to transmit through the storm of static as the image on the screen begins to clear. A swirling assortment of colors flutter across the screen as a 3D globe spins. Blue and white bars swirl around the globe and for the letters "S," "B," and "C." A voice speaks as the color begins to fade. "Thank you for tuning in to SBC, I'm Emilia Sada," "And I'm Marco Messore. Stay tuned for the most trusted Alenian news. Politics, interviews, and much more are to come."
  4. Alenveil

    Alenian National Tribune - ANT

    Alenian National Tribune - ANT _________________________________________________________ ARCHAEOLOGY - SIGNS OF CIVILIZATION FOUND IN VEROLIERI Nearby the southeastern town of Verolieri, a man named Namazio Sinagra was taking a stroll through the forest to clear his head when he found a strange, mossy stone protruding from the ground near the Shelroy Hills. "My work had been stressing me so much that I decided to take a walk. Before I knew it, I found a stone. I went back and grabbed a shovel to dig it up, thinking 'Did I just find some treasure?' and it just kept going the further I went." He ran back to his home and called local archaeologists. They began digging a few hours ago, finding nothing but more stone. "It could be just a monument, something ancient Alenians used to revere gods," archaeologist Matteo Arlotta speculates. "We can't stop now because you can never be sure. Who knows, this could be a clue to unlocking the Limonaian Merchant Texts." The Limonaian Merchant Texts have left the merchants head-scratching for decades and could be the key to unlocking how Alenveil came to be. This text is the only credible, primary source that dates back before 1542. Radiocarbon dating in the parchment appears to hint towards the texts dating to the late 1400s. Archaeologists have chipped off parts of the discovered stone piece to use for potassium-argon dating. Archaeologists and historians around the country are excited to no end and are waiting anxiously for the results of the dig.
  5. Alenveil

    Request: Alenveil

    That's alright, Neo. I have an idea.
  6. Alenveil

    Request: Alenveil

    No, no! It's actually a really good idea! It seems somewhat impractical that the country has a very defined vision on how they began. This can even give me a reason to act more in the community, and I thank you! There's no reason to apologize.
  7. Alenveil

    Request: Alenveil

    @Tagmatium Rules, In that case, it can be just that! A myth! I mean, maybe there can be archeological evidence that's increasingly discovered through my country's existence. Things could go on through the Alenian National Tribune and other news outlets that I might construct.
  8. Alenveil

    Rihan Republic Foreign Relations

    From the Alenian Oval Office, Senator Pranana, I thank both of you sincerely for showing concern for our nation. Unfortunately, because of our peaceful nature in past conflicts as well as the major casualties from the past, it may be difficult to convince King La Pollo to engage in diplomatic affairs. However, I will try my best. I believe this will be a great thing for all of us to accomplish. As for the no public record, that will be easy. We'll need to block off a bit of the press from the Sarbo Palace, but we could accomplish this. I am determined that this will be an age of peace between us. I hope to hear from you soon. Sincerely, Alvaro Tartaglione President
  9. Alenveil

    The autumn terror (event for ALL)

    Private Mendolia thought about this for a minute, and then pressed the button for sending transmissions. "Roger, Vertibird inbound. ETA: 2 Hours," he released his finger from the button and sighed gently, waiting anxiously for a response.
  10. Alenveil

    The autumn terror (event for ALL)

    The Alenian patrolling submarine, the ANC Kimberly, managed to pick up the Enclave battleship's distress signal. Private Mendolia, the soldier working the comms system, noticed and lifted an eyebrow. "General?" he called. Heavy footsteps clanked against the metal floor, emitting a large creak before they stopped behind him. "What is it, Private?" "Listen to this," Mendolia moves to the side for him to listen to the radio signal. "It's the Enclave," he mutters. "Send one of the Vertibirds they sent us over to scope out the situation." "Yes, sir!" yipped Private Mendolia. He moved back over to the comms system and sent a transmission back to The Eclipse. "Roger, Eclipse, what are your coordinates?"
  11. Alenveil

    Alenian National Tribune - ANT

    Alenian National Tribune - ANT _________________________________________________________ MEMORIAL TO REPORTER OSCAR CERCONE Within a few days, the undead overtook almost the whole country. The guards were able to keep them back, but one man was brave enough to go out in the front lines to find out the truth of this situation. No weapons, not even a cure. This man was a reporter of the tribune by the name of Oscar Cercone. This man was cheery but punctual and never let anything get in the way of his work. Some may have even though he was insane, going out in the center of tropical depressions, snowstorms, gunfire, just to understand the truth of this confusing world. He died doing just that. One of the most devoted citizens we had, sent into death, and then undeath, and then death once again. His family is mourning as well as the millions who read his articles. Oscar Cercone, as well as millions of families who lost their wives, husbands, and children. They are gone, but they are not forgotten. General News Roundup Sarbo citizens have set up a large memorial service in the city graveyard for the thousands, if not millions who were lost to the undead. King La Pollo has made a national address to console citizens for the passing weeks. National Guardsmen kill the last remaining zombies who survived the unknown, otherworldly purge of their numbers.
  12. Alenveil

    Alenian National Tribune - ANT

    Alenian National Tribune - ANT _________________________________________________________ Update! KING POLLO FINALLY ACTS: GUARDSMEN WILL BE DEPLOYED ALONG BORDERS In the destructive wake of the undead menace, King Damocle La Pollo finally acts. At 12:09 PM today, he finally allowed for Alenian National Guard to mobilize along the northern and eastern borders. Neo-Enclave soldiers and vertibirds will also be deployed to assist Alenian forces. Soldiers may take a few hours, if not even days, to reach their stations. Even then, this still gives the citizens of Alenveil hope, even if this hope doesn't last.
  13. Alenveil

    Kingdom of Alenveil - Z-Day

    750,000 national guardsmen will be deployed along Alenian borders to protect against Z-Day
  14. A History of Alenveil - Chapter 1, ____________________________________________- WIP, I'm remaking the history entirely.
  15. Alenveil

    Request: Alenveil

    Nation in Europa: The Kingdom of Alenveil Flag: Capital name: Sarbo Capital location: Central-Eastern Alenveil Factbook link: Newsroom link: (Blue is PyeMcGowan, Red is Alenveil) Culture: My culture is mostly based on RL Europe. Language is Limonaian. Climate: Climate is cold, almost frigid, in the central and northern areas, while the coastal temperatures are slightly warmer. Location: My location idea was on the northeast part of the Auraid bay of Argis, somewhat close to PyeMcGowan and Theodoria. This makes it a coastal country. History: Country has a clouded history, documented existence begins in the late 1400s onwards.