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  1. Alenveil

    Alenian National Tribune - ANT

    Alenian National Tribune - ANT _________________________________________________________ PRESIDENT TARTAGLIONE LYING ABOUT FISHING RIGHTS? Yesterday, President Tartaglione visited PyeMcGowan to discuss Auraid fishing rights. At 7:15, he entered the Blue Merchant's Hall and the press were quickly shushed out of the room before they spoke after beginning pictures were taken. However, our reporter Loki Freymarsson noticed that there were military planners and generals present in a merchant's summit. Freymarsson even spoke to the President himself and he was acting very sheepish and quick to try and get Loki out. "Tariffs on imported foodstuffs are being lowered," he told him with a stutter. So, the question remains, is the government lying to us? If so, what could they be lying about? Is it war? Government conspiracy? ANT will continue to investigate this issue.
  2. Alenveil

    Matteo Arlotta and The Aresi Stone

    In the eastern lands of Alenveil, located in a small town of Aresi, the company "Arlotta Archaeology" has set up camp outside of the village. Clinking away at pieces of stone, trying to find anything significant to the land's shrouded past, and brought up absolutely nothing. Mining with spades, pickaxes, trying to find any signs of civilization that could link to the shrouded past of Alenveil. As Matteo Arlotta sets in his help of his own, clinking away at the ground, he wishes that he would find something. Less frequently were his team finding things, apart from the tip that a villager from Aresi gave him. Suddenly, he heard a loud crack and crumbling sound. With a few yelps mixed in, the sound seemed like it came from behind him. Arlotta sprang up from his position on the floor and ran over to the sudden cave in and watched as the dust was thrown all around the camp. Other partners and workers ran over to the new room that had been dug into the earth The dust settled around the small cave-in that sent the ground asunder. Arlotta stared on in shock, awe, and horror, shouting out to his workers, "is everyone okay?" Harsh coughing was heard as the dust finally settled completely. A worker was laying on their back, sprawled across a large stone slab and waving the dust away from his face. The proportions made it look more like a brick, although Arlotta took akin to calling things like this "slabs." "Good god, Samuel! Are you alright? What is," he paused and took in the new room dug into the floor, noticing that Samuel was sitting on something abnormally large for an archaeological find, "what are you sitting on?" The man was tall and lanky, looking in his early twenties with his bright blue eyes able to plunder through souls. Arlotta climbed down into the cavern and gestured for Samuel to get off the slab. He inhaled deeply and then let out a puff of air, feeling what was carved into the slab. "It's just another Kogaan slab," he spoke as his eyes trailed down the slab, continuing to examine the writing, "just another thing to deciph--," his voice trailed off at the sight of something entirely different. "Limonaian? This...it's Limonaian! Help me stand the stone up, there might be something on the back." Ready to take orders, a few of his workers pushed the stone up to stand and Arlotta looked on, ecstatic. "Limonaian and...that looks like Prymontian. Look, see the slashed O? Only one language uses O's like that," he pointed to a section of the slab and showed the other workers. "Can you decipher it?" Hector Atkinson, an Anglish archaeologist, questioned. Arlotta paused for a second, tearing through his memory to try and find a hint of Prymontian. He found nothing. "No. Even if I could, it's probably some ancient form. I can recognize it, sure. I just can't decipher it." He turned and looked back at his workers with a hint of curiosity in his eyes, "can any of you?" They all shook their heads. Matteo placed his hands on his hips and stared at his feet, pondering. His face scrunched up with thought, and then he lifted his head. "I've got it," he got up from the caved-in room and ran into the camper where he traveled from. He wrote three notices with the intention of sending them to Limonaia, PyeMcGowan, and Sunset Sea Islands, a pen fleetingly traveling along the parchment. _________________________________________________________ From the office of Matteo Arlotta of Arlotta Archaeology; Alenveil Dear @Limonaia / @Sunset Sea Islands / @PyeMcGowan Greetings, fellow archaeologists! My name is Matteo Arlotta, and I have discovered something that requires your assistance. A large stone slab has been discovered with possible roots to our ancient language that could help us find out what our culture is. I chose you three because you have a lot of ability in this field. PyeMcGowan has a very close relationship with us, Limonaia is one of the languages that was at hand, and the Sunset Sea Islands because of their assistance with previous projects. The language, which we've referred to as Kogaanzul, has been written on the slab along with Limonaian and (possibly,) ancient Prymontian. I'm requesting that you meet at the Alenian Museum of National History, where the slab is being sent. The museum has already decided to welcome the presence of your archaeologists. If possible, you can also forward this letter to other countries if you feel that they might help in our research. I await your reply, Matteo Arlotta _________________________________________________________
  3. @Orioni Semi-open, in the sense of the initial players will be Limonaia and Prymont, but they can forward the "letter" they're going to be sent to other nations that could help in the deciphering. The time and place will be present-day at the Alenian Museum of National History. I chose the location because it seems like a place where research like this would be done. I have not thought about how many characters there will be. I'm only sure about Matteo Arlotta. There could also be assistants of some kind to help.
  4. The Aresi Stone is a story I'm writing about the deciphering of the Aresi Stone that could possibly take an Indiana Jones-ish turn. It will involve @Limonaia, @Sunset Sea Islands, and @PyeMcGowan initially, but other nations can decide to be involved later. How does this sound?
  5. Alenveil

    10th Annual Auraid Summit

    With a gentle nod at the completion of the summit, he got up from his table. He went and set a timer for 30 minutes on his phone and began to follow those who left to visit the Eisteddfod, ignoring the press following him around completely. He could just feel the headlines begin to be written and generated, "President Tartaglione seen visiting PyeMcGowan Eisteddfod," he imagined. There was still that feeling in the back of his mind about possible listening devices being placed in the conference hall. One reporter with a notepad leaped in front of the president. "Loki Freymarsson, Alenian National Tribune! What has changed about the Chionian and Leverne Island fishing rights? What did you talk about in there?" President Tartaglione suddenly panicked, Loki had scared him and he almost forgot what he was supposed to say. With a stutter, he spoke, "tariffs on imported foodstuffs are being lowered." Loki squinted at the president and, with a nod, wrote it down on his notepad. "Thank you, Mr. President." Loki ran off and vanished into the crowd. President Tartaglione continued with his day and returned to the Hall of Prosperity cafeteria for lunch.
  6. Alenveil

    10th Annual Auraid Summit

    The Alenian President was somewhat thrown off-guard for not being told the real plan. He could feel sweat begin to well from his forehead, he ran his fingers through his hair and thought, taking in the knowledge he was given. He analyzed and quickly came up with a way to respond. "War would be risky, though. It would shock the citizens if it struck," he snapped his fingers, "like that. We would need to postpone this to not cause sudden riots because of how quickly we came into this war. However, there is the risk of Theodoria taking advantage of our compassion for our citizens and striking right away. This knowledge is something very dangerous to have. If we were to give out small bits of information to the press and ease them into the situation, it might raise suspicion, but at least the citizens would know and wouldn't be suddenly shoved into a conflict that they had no way of knowing about."
  7. Alenveil

    10th Annual Auraid Summit

    Following the ride from the motorcade, President Alvaro Tartaglione quickly followed the PyeMcGowan leaders into the Hall of Prosperity. He sits down in the Blue Merchants Hall, opposite of Prince Von Dover, Deputy Prime Minister Dawson, and Prime Minister Willowston. At the sight of the protestors, he could feel anxiety bubble up in his chest and his throat tighten. What am I nervous about? he asked himself, It's just fishing rights. It'll only be fishing rights. Right? As the flashes spread like a virus across the Blue Merchants Hall, President Tartaglione flashes a smile and waves politely as the leader should. He looks around at the Blue Merchant's Hall, marveling at the ornate decoration of PyeMcGowan and how intricate the placement of everything was. "Your hall is wonderful, Prince Von Dover," he quickly commented before folding his hands over the desk and looking over at him with a calm smile on his face, clearly ready to begin. "Shall we?" he asks as he straightens his tie before returning to his original position. He tried to look as calm as possible, but he was terrified internally. He wasn't sure if this was going to turn out right or of this would erupt into anger. He mentally questioned how someone could do this for their entire life, let alone five years? He forced back his negative emotions and continued with his calm and collected state, waiting for the summit to begin.
  8. Alenveil

    War (?) in the Auraid Bay

    I am taking @Variota and @Sunset Sea Islands' points into consideration. Maybe a postponing of the eventual war could occur and this current diplomatic meeting could, instead, be an economic meeting of some kind. Raising or lowering certain tariffs on goods, adding exports and imports to the roster, etc. I also have a regular roleplay planned for the discovery of the Aresi Stone, mentioned in my newsroom. It will involve deciphering the Aresi Stone and its contents, as well as finding out how to work out Kogaanzul IC. This roleplay is being currently written and will likely be released in the coming days.
  9. Alenveil

    Alenian National Tribune - ANT

    Alenian National Tribune - ANT _________________________________________________________ MILITARY ACTIVITY IN AURAID BAY SURGES AFTER AMBASSADOR IS ARRESTED IN THEODORIA Yesterday at about 5:34 PM, a PyeMcGowan Ambassador was arrested in Theodoria due to alleged spying to the PRS (PyeMcGowan Regional Security) after 25 Theodorian embassy staff were fired for stealing information and the attempted murder of Kurt Von Dawson, Theodorian refugee-journalist. Speculation of what's to come has begun, and people are starting to worry for the future. "We think that, with what's been going and how different our nations are to one another, possible economic intervention and, at worst, military intervention might occur." Adriana Francis, military theorist states. "Satelite imagery has already shown the Auraid Border Defense system that was implemented in September of last year being flooded with PyeMcGowan soldiers, aircraft, and military vessels. Although King La Pollo is enraged, this is much more personal than President Tartaglione would let him get away with. Unless Theodoria threatens Alenveil directly, or war is to actually begin and threaten PyeMcGowan, war is very unlikely. Officials in the Direttore branch have refused to answer our questions, which leaves citizens speculating and imagining outcomes instead. President Tartaglione has confirmed, however, "a portion of our military will be stationed at the ABDS alongside PyeMcGowan military to ensure that nothing happens between the two nations. If we have to step in and stop this problem before it starts, even if we have to perform a quick military action, we will. Theodoria will not threaten our country for as long as it survives on Eurth."
  10. Alenveil

    Alenian National Tribune - ANT

    Alenian National Tribune - ANT _________________________________________________________ KING LA POLLO VISITS @PyeMcGowan TO MOURN FALLEN SOLDIERS In response to the problems relating to the Anybyniaet Andirswn terrorist group in PyeMcGowan, King La Pollo has effectively recognized this neighbor's problem and has visited the country in order to bring recognition the 4 fallen soldiers that ended up losing their lives in the retaking of one of their strongholds. King La Pollo, being head of state, effectively loaded into his transport aircraft at about 3:13 PM this afternoon and is expected to arrive at PyeMcGowan soon, hopefully before the funeral begins. The Alenian-PyeMcGowan Ambassador, Vasco Librizzi, will be visiting alongside King La Pollo to ensure his protection as well as form possible diplomatic deals as well. We wish our leaders good luck in their visit.
  11. Alenveil

    One man's trash is another man's treasure

    TO: Todd Haldly of the Commonwealth of @Ibriarium Dearest Haldly, After receiving a letter from the Bastion Institute of Climate Surveillance pertaining to a possible archaeology mystery that would need solving, the team at Arlotta Archaeology couldn't dare to pass up this opportunity. We were given, also, the preliminary analysis on the geode that has been puzzling you for so long and we're truly intrigued. My team and I will begin our travel to you, as well as the Bastion Institute, and begin multiple tests on the geodes, attempting to discover what could possibly lie within the geode's mysteries. My team is ecstatic to discover what could possibly await within this geode and are thrilled to uncover its mysteries. We will see you soon. Yours, Matteo Arlotta
  12. Alenveil

    Alenian Bureau of Diplomatic Affairs

    Alenian Bureau of Diplomatic Affairs To: Senator and Foreign Minister Tevus Pranana of The @Rihan Republic Senator Pranana, I apologize sincerely for not catching up with these diplomatic relations, but I do wish to continue what we'd thought of. Your new designated ambassador, Onesto Guariglia, will greet Mr. Dansus at our Office of Diplomatic Affairs. If required, there is also a possibility of us constructing a new embassy. It will be located in Sarbo, along with Sunset Sea Island's embassy. The number of employment, as well as furniture amounts, will be requested to follow through with the embassy's construction, however. Hopefully, this diplomatic agreement can progress as planned. Sincerely, Foreign Minister Adelasia Zangari
  13. Alenveil

    Alenian Archaeology - Aavgolt

    With Matteo Arlotta's company constantly growing, their increased manpower has allowed for them to strike more and more historical goldmines by the day. Already discovering so much in their home country, it could be possible that they might become multi-national as their feats are starting to attract the attention of some larger nations. This thrilled Matteo and he was extremely happy with the way that Arlotta Archaeology panned out, and he hoped his family business, turned large attention-grabbing corporation, would last an eternity. One such project that he'd been working on was the topic of "Kogaanzul," a name found in certain discovered of stone and clay tablets and translated by the Aresi Stone. Sitting in his office, he got another mail tip. Filled with thrill and excitement, he rushed over and tore the envelope open. Reading it aloud to himself, _______________________________ "Dear Mr. Arlotta, We have found another hint of archaeology in the coastal village of Viaserta. Possible links to the Limonaian Merchant Texts are possible. Please respond soon! - Anonymous" ________________________________ With joy, he packed his travel case and sent out a memo to his archaeology team, heading out. Within about a day from their headquarters in Norgamo, they reached the village and were greeted by a short, stout man with a short haircut. "Ah! Mr. Arlotta, welcome!" The thinner and taller Arlotta looked down at him with a smile, "Hello! Thank you for having me, Mr..." he held out the 'r' in "Mr.," as he waited for a response. The shorter man realized what Arlotta was doing and let out a light chuckle, "Liborio Mattaliano, at your service." He held out his hand for a handshake, and Arlotta happily shook it. "Come! Follow me, I'll show you where the spot is." After walking for a few kilometers through light forestation close to the beach, he found a small ruin. It was crumbling apart and could possibly fall over at any minute. Made of stone and covered in moss, cracks, and vines, Arlotta stared at it. "So, you think there could be something beneath these ruins?" He inquired, so focused on the ruins that he didn't even make eye contact with Liborio. Arlotta unpacked his travel case as Liborio talked, unpacking a magnifying glass, a few sampling pieces, and various other devices. "Erm," Liborio began, "precisely. There is a lot of military history here, although no one is completely sure what could have happened here and why. It's why I called you. I mean, you found the Aresi Stone of all things--" Arlotta cut Liborio off. "Now now, Liborio. I did not find the Aresi Stone. My team did, and they were the ones who deciphered it. You'd best clear out of this area, we'll likely begin soon." "Got it, Mr. Arlotta! Good luck!" Arlotta sent Liborio off with a nod and called his archaeology team over. They began first with marking off the areas and sending their various dating equipment and other materials to find out how long ago this could have been. It's obvious it had something to do with Limonaian colonization, but that ended in the 1910s. That could've lasted from the Limonaian Merchant Texts or somewhere even later than that. As his team worked, Arlotta went off to his camper and rested, ready for another day of work, uncovering the past and looking to the future.
  14. Alenveil

    Alenian Bureau of Diplomatic Affairs

    To: Prime Minister Theresa Tumbleweed of the Radiant Republic of the @Sunset Sea Islands Minister Tumbleweed, There will likely be about 36 employed in the embassy. Likewise, there will need to be about 36 office chairs for certain areas. Certain employment positions can help to find out what kinds of office chairs are required, which can have a kind of incentivization. There will also be couches for the waiting rooms, about 2 are required. Other pieces of furniture may include regular chairs for guests of certain offices, cushioned chairs for the waiting rooms and possible cafes, etc. We hope to hear from you soon, Foreign Minister Adelasia Zangari
  15. Alenveil

    Alenian Bureau of Diplomatic Affairs

    To: Prime Minister Theresa Tumbleweed of the Radiant Republic of the @Sunset Sea Islands Minister Tumbleweed, We recognize your precautions to combat the sins of your previous ancestors and would greatly appreciate the building of an embassy in our country's borders. All that needs to be figured out is where the embassies should be built in either of our countries. Either way, I believe this could benefit both of our nations. As this letter is being written, I am assigning a designated ambassador to your country to manage our international affairs. In these such cases, you will be visited by Ambassador Cesare Tenuta. We hope to hear from you soon. Sincerely, Foreign Minister Adelasia Zangari