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  1. I’m putting this on hold because I should be working on my factbook
  2. So I’d like to organise a meet of various monarchies and want some advice so it’s well done. update: it’s probably going to be first held in ravenrock
  3. Name: Gaius Cornelius Possible aliases: na Picture: None available Sex: male Date of birth: Height: 5ft 6in Weight: 150lbs Nationality: Enclavite ethnicity: White Hair color: black Eye color: red CRIMINAL INFORMATION Offences: Terrorism, Treason, Insider trading, Murder of the first degree, Human Trafficking, Genocide, assault, battery, Drug trafficking, Smuggling, Kidnapping and Grand theft auto Affiliation: the exclave Known associates: The exclave Last known location: boarding a vertibird in ravenrock Arrest Warrant Issued by: Queen donalia Warnings: Armed, Dangerous and Unpredictable so Exercise extreme caution Awards: (In enclave dollars) 5000000 if dead 10000000 if alive 100000 for any useful and relevant INFORMATION
  4. When’s the council who should decide this (which includes us)
  5. I think it should be where it all began and we since also call our region europa it seems to be the most logical place for a holy land. Also Deus Vult
  6. Breaking news Hello this is John Harvey and we have an update on one of our strangest stories. A llama involved in a recent exclave (remnant attack) on the eclipse. This llama was arrested and put on trial until yesterday Morning when the llama was officially pardoned. This llama will now live on the grounds of the palace. Queen donalia is currently visiting @Queno-Kona. Discussings have not ended yet but word is that their working on a new trade deal. Soon to visit our great nation is @Morheim who is soon visiting here to discuss trade.
  7. I made a rough design of what I would want in a poster
  8. @Sunset Sea Islands Is it possible if you could make a vertibird themed tourist poster?
  9. I just added Indiana Jones to be a lead enclave archeologist (John Jones) that goes by Dr. Jones
  10. Hey maybe I could send enclavite archeologists to your nation
  11. Country: The Neo-enclave Driver, Age, Gender: Gloria Montez, 28, female Co-Driver, Age, Gender: Maria Anne, 29, female Car Make, Model, and Year: Geep Wrangler (2018) Real Life Equivalent: 2018 Jeep Wrangler
  12. Welcome (wow that’s a ton of people joining)
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