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  1. 10/11/2018 - Ancient Kapuch Burial Site Found in Cave Recent Volcanic Activity has uncovered a cavern below the northern Volcano of Kapuc. The death toll remains nil for the earthquake that struck the island last week, but the damage is still being cleared and repaired. Queen Viloria has issued a statement that plans are under way to relocate the displaced, until insurance can handle all of the claims. On a brighter side of this story the earthquake uncovered a cavern previously sealed by volcanic rock. Daring spelunkers found what appears to be an ancient burial site. Two bodies were found buried in stone cairns made up of many volcanic rocks. The room as filled cave paintings and decorated with beads and pottery. Carbon dating is underway on the artifacts, but Dr. Hosea Lopez says, that based on the artwork and style of the tools found he believes them to be from the early Island Period of the first settlers to settle here. The room is a treasure trove of history and is sure to yiled valuable information about our Islands' storied past.
  2. That sounds fun. I don't need all of those islands down there. I would like the larger one and perhaps one other. I don't know all the history of our world yet, but I'll dig into it eventually.
  3. There's a group of a couple of islands just south of the Sunset Sea Islands and West of Asgairria. If that location is available I would like to be placed there. If not that's fine. Just let me know.
  4. Nation in Europa: Empira Tallovia Flag: Capital name: Santiago Capital location: On the Coast of Tallovia Island Factbook link: This is still under Construction, but a good chunk of info is already in there. Newsroom link: Culture: A cross between Chilean and Pacific Islands Think Easter Island Climate: Temperate, Forests. As far as placement goes I would like a grouping of at least three to four small islands. I am not really picky as to where they go. Location History: These islands were settled during a colonial period in the mid 1500's -1600's, but the people were left to themselves largely and they developed their own culture and government by the mid 1800's, They ceased paying taxes to their mother country and fought a brief revolutionary war in 1832-1837. There was very little fighting in this time due to the remote islands.
  5. 2/11/2018 - Engine Explodes Mid Air Earlier this morning a light aircraft flying from the main island of Tallovia headed left towards the island of Medra carrying about 50 passengers. About halfway through the flight one of the engines exploded. A rescue effort is currently underway. They landed about 100 kilometers outside off the coast of Medra. We do not have accurate numbers on survivors or fatalities until the story develops further. Below is the transcript from the conversation between Air Traffic Control and the Pilot. "We need to make an emergency water landing." "Is everything ok?" "We've had an engine failure and we're loosing altitude fast. I'll provide you the coordinates now." "Ok we'll dispatch the coast guard to begin a rescue." Social media is abuzz with the calm demeanor of the Pilot during this conversation. Rescue efforts are under way and an investigation into the cause of the failure will begin as soon as possible. Check back soon for an update on this breaking news story.
  6. Etymology - Empira Tallovia relieved its name from the name of the first colony on the islands. Geography - under construction - Empira Tallovia is made up of several small islands. It is known for its beautiful beaches and volcanoes. Capital City - Santiago was built around the original colony named Tallovia on the island but it's name comes from the leader of the colony named Santiago. History - Under Construction Government - Empira Tallovia is run as a Bureaucratic Monarchy. The roayl family Viloria has been in power for the last seventy five years after a failed coup ended with the death of most of the previous royal family. At the time the next in line of succession was the former King Opazo's uncle or his nephew King Viloria the First. The Viloria family has ruled for nearly a century in relative peace. Queen Pilar Viloria ascended to the throne four years ago after her father King Viloria III passed away. She is currently 32 years old and unmarried. Her younger brother Andres is next in line of succession to the throne. While the Queen has the final say on all matters of state, the nation is largely run by a series of Chiefs of State for the various departments within the government. These positions are not democratically chosen. The queen herself hand picks the men and women who run each department of state. Often called Secretaries of State these men and women are chosen primarily from a pool of successful business men and women. The fifteen departments are as follows: Department of State, Department of the Treasury, Department of Defense, Department of Justice, Department of the Interior, Department of Agriculture, Department of Commerce, Department of Labor, Department of Health and Human Services, Department of Housing and Urban Development, Department of Transportation, Department of Energy, Department of Education, Department of Veterans Affairs, Department of Homeland Security. Governors, Legislators, and Chiefs of Police are elected officials who report directly to the Chiefs of state. Citizens are able to make changes to their local government and policy, but they lack the power within the government to enact large scale change. Governors and Legislators are unpaid by the government, but their employers pay them a salary during their terms in office. For example if a woman worked in the auto industry and ran for office, her previous employer would pay her salary, and thus have some influence in the decision making process of the position. Police Chiefs and other auxiliary positions in the government are paid positions, but becoming a career politician is frowned upon and is not a viable career. Leader - Queen Pilar Viloria age 37 Military - Under Construction Economy - The nation's economy is largely driven by large corporations. Although Empria Tallovia has an open market, corruption in the government largely favors large business making it tougher for smaller companies to compete. Demographics - Empria Tallovians are comprised of Native Islanders who intermarried with settlers from (I need to pick a nation who would have tried to colonize in the past) Culture - Dancing and Island parties are a cultural event that many tourists flock to the nation to enjoy. Language - Empira Tallovians speak Spanish, but many are taught English in school OOC - this is still under construction. I'll update it this weekend with my flag and other pertinent information.
  7. 26/10/2018 - Queen Viloria Seen at Musical Mocking her Family The latest musical making a buzz in the high class social circles of Empira Tallovia deals with Pilar Viloria's father Andres Opazo love affair with Mauricio Guzman the CEO of Guzman Enterprises. As we reported when the musical was first released it plays loosely with facts and portrays the royal family in an unfair light. Queen Pilar was seen with her security retinue entering the Keller Auditorium just before the show began. While at the show she was seen laughing at a few key parts of the play where her own family was ridiculed. The internet was abuzz with a photo of her mouth wide open in laughter taken at the show. The play is poorly written, but the subject matter makes it popular. We at the Tallovia Diario believe this was a strategic move by the Queen to be seen laughing and enjoying the play in an effort to down play it's impact on her authority.
  8. 19/10/2018 - Ban on Plastic Bags Passes Legislation In what appears to be a dramatic turn of events Legislation upheld the proposed plastc ban. It had been in talks doe the last year. If passed this legislation would be a vast change to the everyday commerce of our nation. The details of the law if upheld by Queen Viloria would ban the general use of plastic bags across the nation. If this weren't enough the production of plastic bags would also be banned. This comes after a social media storm about the floating island of plastic. Alternative measures have been proposed, but nothing has been done until now. A few corporations are in an uproar over this change and will do their best to persuade the queen to veto the bill. Julia Perez, CEO of AEP, the largest plastic manufacturing company in the nation has said, "Our small nation is just a drop in the hat for the widespread pollution." The deadline for passing the bill gives the queen a week for her to decide if we will adopt this new legislation. Stay tuned for updates.
  9. Thanks for all the help. I'd like to get on the map eventually. I'll start with some news organizations and posts from them and I'll work out my factbook page. You guys are awesome and so welcoming.
  10. Thanks for all the welcome posts. I'm glad to be here. My idea for my nation is a cross of a bureaucracy and a Monarchy. Where the monarchy chooses the which business and business leaders run the various departments of state. I've gotta say though, I just created my nation a week or so ago and in said region I attempted to chat with them and join their rp forum, which you had to apply for. When I did I was messaged with just a few words that I couldn't apply to join them yet. I informed him that he treated me rudely. I then followed his directions to apply to take part in their rp then the leader of their region sent me a telegram that just said read the rules. It was the last straw for me. They were unwelcoming and treated me, a new player, like they didn't want me around. I just want to say that I'm glad to be here and I'm very happy that so many of you have been welcoming. I do have a quick question and I just want to make sure I'm doing everything right. In order to take part in the rp in the forums do I have to do anything special?
  11. Hey guys. I stumbled onto your region just recently. I'm a new player never done anything like this before, but I thought it would be fun. Anyway I look forward to playing and getting to know you guys. My nation is a Monarchy that leans heavily on the leaders of successful businesses to run the government. I started a fact book entry, but as I said, I'm new here and I'm just kinda figuring things out. The current leader is Queen Viloria. Edit - I forgot to introduce my nation.
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