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  1. PMN BREAKING NEWS Theodorian troops prepare their defences STANDOFF AT THEODORIAN BORDER AS REFUGEES ESCAPE Connor, Anderson. Today 44 refugees from the suppressed ethnic group, Charcentine escaped Theodoria via the last few travel coaches before the full travel ban is enacted. Theodorian authorities were first alerted when a sniffer dog found one group in the hold of a coach. Later Theodorian tanks rolled up to The Etherton Gateway, where they faced PyeMcGowian tanks on the other side of the border. Futher escalation occurred as Theodorian fighters flew dangerously close to the border leading to the ABDS Anti Air System being activated as bombers flew directly at the border. This comes only weeks after the Anibyniaet Andirswn attacks on PyeMcGowan, which have been both directly and indirectly blamed on Theodoria, as it harbors the terrorist organisation. Theodoria and the AA have been revealed to hold power in companies such as TIA, Teluedu Iaeth Andirswn the group that controls Andersish language media and AEC, the Andersonian Extraction giant, who’s CEO was arrested for possession of unlicensed firearms and illegal explosives. The Ministry of Defence has said that they are closely monitoring the situation along with the Prime Minister and PyeMcGowian delegations across the world. PyeMcGowian markets have dropped today as a possible escalation could have easily taken place as the standoff enters the night. Yesterday the National Conflict Emergency Act was updated, to include the nationalisation of formerly state-owned Companies such as PyeMcGowian Airways And PyeMcGowian Petroleum, incase of all out war. Authorities have released a series of educational posters and videos on what to do incase of an invasion and aerial bombardment.
  2. PMN NEWSNIGHT P200 MILLION IN STOLEN METALS FOUND AT AA BASE Llanspecter, Anderson Following a raid on a warehouse in Llanspecter last night, authorities have discovered P200 Million in precious metals, especially gold and silver. The metals were stored in large containers that were disguised as medical waste for AMSUP, one of the largest private medical companies in PyeMcGowan, that recently had its Vice President, Gareth Von Lewylean Jr, arrested for laundering money from AA shell companies. The money was thought to have been stolen from banks in Jones Island, during the Jones Island Incident, and the Mercator Edmonton in 1988. Multiple containers of arms and ammunition were also found at the site, having been produced by TIA, the Theodorian State Owned arms manufacturer. The Warehouse It was all found in was owned by Mr Henry Paulsen, who was later arrested for helping to fund the AA in 2017. But authorities still question how the building wasn’t found when his assets were being frozen by the BPM in Charleston. Sponsored by
  3. PMN Weekendbreakfast Weles Principality’s Capital Caernos WHAT WILL HEPPEN TO WELES AND ETHERTON AFTER THEY ACHIVE PERSONAL UNION? Following news that Prince Norman of Etherton has been rushed to hospital for the fourth time this month, questions have been raised on what will happen when he passes. The current prince of Weles is Prince Arthur Llandudno, who is also the nephew of Prince Norman and the inheritor of the Principality of Weles. The constitution of the Council of Princes states that one person may hold two principalities, which will later unify, but only one vote in the Council of Princes. But if 2 of the 13 normal Principalities become one what will happen to the PyeMcGowian flag? The 13 stripes of the flag represent the 13 Principalities, some have suggested giving the Leverne Islands the normal principality status, as they are currently considered an overseas principality. In Other News Large wave kills one, injures four. A large tidal wave hit an unstable pier in Southerland yesterday, despite doctors’ best efforts one person died. The remaining parts of the pier have been closed and plans for its demolition have been submitted. Storm Dyfed to hit south on Sunday. Meteorologists have been tracking the storm as it made its way up the Auraid Bay. The storm is set to hit the southern coast in the early morning, and officials are urging people to prepare for the worst. Old people who have been deemed at risk aswell as homeless people are to be evacuated to old people’s homes and shelters as the storm hits. Emergency power solutions have been prepred, but the ministry of energy has said that it will only be temporary. Wilford Jewellery bought by RU. The Wilford Jewellery giant has been bought by RU for 4.5 Billion Poggles! The jewellers founded in 1787 has long been widely known for its ultra expensive items, with its most expensive item being The Imperial Crown, which is used in the coronation of the monarch. Sponsored by Get the new Rolex-Unitsen Admiral, from P12,500
  4. To: Valron, representative of the Nation of Aluxia and the Agios Basilikon Kounsistorion of the Megas Agios Basileia ton Arhomanion From: Sir Maxwell Smarton, Minister for Security and Director of the PyeMcGowian Security Organisation. It has come to our attention and concern following the March Attacks upon PyeMcGowan, that the current known organisation behind these attacks May have had assistance from not only Theodoria, but aswell as the Free Aluxian Army. The PSO has very strict rules and if one was to brake them without consent from the Cabinet they could receive prison time aswell as a Serenbourg Protocol, therefore we will not be able to discuss who and how we gathered this information. The Following is a transmission using a messaging app from current FAA controlled territory to PyeMcGowan. “We are go for APPLE-PINEAPPLE-ASPARAGUS” Our Intelligence indicates that these code words have been used commonly, most notably Apple which is thought to mean Weapon. Multiple messages like this have been received, but the above was sent ten minutes before the first attack took place, and was sent to a known AA operations centre disguised as a law firm in Dawson, the building was raided on Sunday following the discovery of the message’s receiving end. The Prime Minister has asked me to tell you that PyeMcGowan will not stand by and let these terrorists support each other, in many ways. We have intercepted a plan sent by the AA to the FAA, calling for an invasion of the principality supported by both the FAA and Theodoria. One of Our sources in TINA, The Theodorian Security Agency, has reported wire transactions have been sent via the Charleston based Willow-Green Bank to entities in occupied Aluxia from the Theodorian State Owned Company Constantus Global Bank. We believe as I’m sure you two do aswell that the actions of these three entities, whether they are terrorists or terrorist supporters, are unacceptable. Following approval by the Cabinet, a document describing and giving further intelligence will be sent to you for further usage. I would like to thank you for your time. Yours Sincerely, Sir Maxwell Smarton, Minister for Security and Director of the PSO, MP for Heswall upon Greenwich.
  5. PMN NEW INFORMATION REGARDING MARCH ATTACKS Today, The Government announces that the AA was working closely with another terrorist entity unknown to the authorities. Following the AA’s claiming of the attacks on Friday, the PSO gathered information connecting the AA to another terrorist organisation, probably based in Argis or relatively close regions. The PSO And Ministry of Defence has said that they will keep fighting, in the names of all of those who were murdered last week. The Prime Minister will visit the remains of all of the attack sites, aswell as the Auraid Bay Defence Sysytem HQ near the Theodorian Border, with a similar visit to the PSO later this week. In Other News Rex Morris dies. The millionaire extraction magnate has died after his car crashed into the sea. Authorities say that the N32, will remain partially closed for two more days. Edward McCapplerick Murdered. The Former Spy And current writer/film maker Edward McCapplerick has been murdered by a man wearing a fake police motorcycle uniform and helmet outside his home in Southerland. The Author made many enamies throughout his young life but was beloved for his charity work following the success of his book series, which was later adapted into film as David McKill. Avalanche leaves multiple missing. An avalanche near Mt Weatherspoon, a popular climbing destination, has left ten people missing, including Dame Margret Thatton, a member of the House of Nobles. Freezing Weather to batter south coast. Meteorologists have announced that a harsh weather front will batter the usually cool parts of the country. The full force of the front is excpected to hit next week. Many have called for schools and many workplaces to be closed until the temperature as well as the high winds calm down.
  6. Hi welcome to the region, I’m PyeMcGowan. I’ve been here since mid September and have had a wonderful time. But before getting close to a map spot, remember to post an application for the RP Academy.
  7. PyeMcGowian Embassy, Constantus, @Theodoria March 7th, 2019 Peter was the new director of communications for the embassy, after his predecessor was arrested for ‘spying’. Of course everyone was nervous that they would be next, and with the recent attacks in PyeMcGowan, they knew Theodoria would be directly or indirectly blamed. Many resigned and left within days, others just lay low to try and not become a target. As Peter looked outside his window he could see the police across the street, they’d been there for days now waiting to strike. He knew that unless relations suddenly improved, he would either be arrested or sent home. “Unbelievable, You’d never believe they’d take Barry, he was just an assistant. Nothing to do with all this, last thing I saw him doing was making a round of tea for the COMCOM guys, before he left and they took him, surely it’s illegal” said his deputy, Darcy. “It is next month, Parliament was a bit slow to that one. But still, we’ll all be gone by then. I’ve sent the extradition requests to them, but they’re all denied. I shouldn’t be telling you this, but one or two journalists and activists are coming to the embassy, from there I guess we’ll have to sneak them out” “But can’t they come into the building?” She replied. “Only the main reception, the other parts of the building are unaccessible, for now at least” he said with a worried voice, then he got a call from the new Ambassador, Sir Charles Astor. “Mr Ambassador, I wasn’t expecting you to call me” he said. “Peter, I need you in my office, quickly” said the Ambassador before hanging up. “Wonder what’s this about” he said to Darcy before rushing up the stairs to the Ambassadorial Offices. “Peter you know James Harrington, from the PSO” “No, pleasure to meet you, although I do remember your face from the PSO office” “Glad to meet you too” James replied. “Now James is here because the PSO believes that Theodoria has some.. well you know, weapons of mass destruction, wmds” said the Ambassador with a nervous voice. “Yes and they’re controlled from Constantus, in the Theodorian Ministry of Defence, there is a ‘war room’ where in a few moments a deadly attack could be launched killing thousands. We are fairly certain that they arnet nuclear armed, but still very dangerous. The PSO can hack the system and use it against them, but we need to get inside and connect this to the servers located within the war room complex” he said confidently. “And why are you telling me this?” Peter asked. “Because you were the best PSO agent of your generation, capable of infiltrating something as hard as this. We know you still have and indentation or two that can get past them, we just need you onboard.” James said “So what do you say?” Asked the Ambassador. “Ok, but I’ll need to take a while to get ready, and a story to tell them why I’m not in the embassy any more” “Done and Done, we have an estate in the Southern Regions of Theodoria, we can book you a train ticket, and we’ll say you resigned over personal reasons. I’ll see you on the eleventh” “So are we done here?” Asked the Ambassador “I believe so” said Peter As he exited the room. At the end of the day, as most of the staff were leaving Peter saw the Theodorian President in his motorcade, drive by to an event. “We’ll get you soon, just you watch”. And with that he went home, slept and got ready for Monday. What he had been told to do would chance the fate of the looming war, Theodoria was a reasonably sized country with around 30 million residents but PyeMcGowan had a military advantage, with modern weapons and ships, aswell as the aircraft based just across from Theodoria’s shores, it would be a bloody battle, but we would win hopefully.
  8. PyeMcGowan


    “Yeah, I’m in the queue to go on the plane now...no it’s fine I’m in business class, food is free I think... ok...just tell them I’ll be back soon...I’m sorry I’m late, I didn’t know it’d be that early...alright bye” said James to his boss on the phone. He had been a representative of his company for years now, so travelling to international partners and clients wasn’t unusual. What was unusual in fact was that he had found a good bar with some old friends the night before his original flight to Selbourne, which lead to him having to find the next flight, with a business class of course. “Can all passengers seated in Business Class please make your way to the gate” He was quick to stand and walk up to the gate, but there was still a fair am “Can I see your boarding pass mr...” “Eton, James Eton” “Well, Ok Mr Eton you are in seat 4B, I don’t think there is anyone sitting next to you, you’re the last in business class” “I did a little jog and everything to be one of the first” he joked. “Ok, enjoy the flight” And with that, he stowed his little suitcase, and got out his laptop, before sitting comfortably in the seat. After a short, he thanked God as the safety precautions were presented. He never really paid much attention as he had heard it in pretty much every language, on pretty much every airplane. As the plane took off he started chewing as the cabin pressure always made his ears hurt, despite having flown as much as he does, so he’d always bring some from the small village outside of Charleston where he lived. Finally, at their cruising altitude, he ordered some pasta and a small glass of champagne this time. As the food he’d ordered was being prepared, one of the passengers on the other side of the aisle commented on his chewing. “Do your ears hurt too?” “Yeah, every time! And I fly a lot!” “Me too, Well that’s because I was flying the plane, I was the number one pilot for Principalities, I got the 2000 PyeMcGowian Air Award” “Oh, you’re PyeMcGowian?” “Theodorian originally, but my parents fled when I was two” “Oh, quite an exciting life it seems, what do you do now?” “Well I got an eye infection in my left, it’s still blurry, and so they put me in a corporate position, I was studying economics at Charleston U until I dropped out to get my pilots license, right now I’m trying to negotiate a deal for some runway time, that’s the life for me now, what about you?” “Right now I am on my way to Seylos for a few days, my uncle lived there and he died recently, so as I work for the Estate Management division for UBS I thought I should give it a shot and sort out his possessions. I’m James by the way, James Eton, what about you?” “Thomas Gowan, sorry about your uncle by the way” “It’s fine, I’ve only ever seen him a dozen times, and I’m thirty-four. Shame he and his wife never had any children, she died a few years ago.” As he finished speaking the two received their food, and eat it quickly. For the rest of the flight the two exchanged very lightly between movies and half a season of a short television show. as the plane landed the two said goodbye to each other and left the plane. James then dialled his friend, who was at the funeral in Selbourne. “Ok, I’ve landed, has it started yet?” “No, you’ve got two hours yet” “How many are going to be there?” “I don’t know one to two hundred, he was a popular man it seems” “Yeah, he knew the King of PyeMcGowan for god sakes” “Be quick though, traffics gonna pile up soon” Finally, he got into his pre-booked taxi and left for the church.
  9. PNN LIVE BROADCAST Live from the Prime Minister’s Residence in Charleston. Goodevening my fellow PyeMcGowians. The past week has been the most destructive in modern PyeMcGowian History. We do not know the full extent of the casualties yet, and I thank our nation’s doctors and hospital staff as well as all the other first responders, including the 43 who died trying to save others. We know fully well that these acts were meant to intimidate us and scare us into giving up. But I call upon every citizen of this great nation to rise up against these vile forces, there is no way that we can let them think that we’ve surrendered, there is no way that we will give up our fundamental human right to be free from fear of attack and death. We know fully well, who has been indirectly and directly supporting these attacks, and soon they will be revealed for who they truly are, cowards, cowards with no sense of humanity. As of the last hour I have received news of the capture of 12 high ranking members of the AA, these people will be sentenced to either life in prison without possibility of parole, and if their crimes exceed a certain limit they will be executed, by the power of the Emergencies Act. Finally I would like to thank everyone, from our allies such as @Alenveil, especially King La Pollo for his recent speech, to our nation’s children, and how they still go about playing their games, in the face of terror. Thank you for your time, PyeMcGowanig am fyth!
  10. PNN Photography Hour Photos of the week Prime Minister George Willowston entering the emergence room at the ministry of Defence, following news of the attacks. The Prime Minister was delivering a Speach at Waterhaven Sports Academy when news arose. The Prime Minister again, at the King Wendover Statue In St James’ park. The Monument and the surrounding cafe and picnic area were all destroyed. Pieces of debris landed on cars and other buildings near Wellington Forbes Cathedral, causing large fires. The Southerland City Museum, pictured from the south lawn, in flames after the front was severely bombed. In total 43 first responders were killed during the past week’s attacks.
  11. PNN BREAKING NEWS ATTACKS IN DAWSON AND SOUTHERLAND The Attack on Herman Watkins Bridge has caused major destruction aswell as delays. Follow up attacks have hit Dawson and Southerland City Today, less than 24 hours since the last attacks in Charleston the AA terrorist group has launched catastrophic attacks against our nation. As schoolchildren were arriving today at 8:55 in Southerland Easton Borough Secondry School, an explosion occurred over the street in Southerland City Museum, the birthplace of PyeMcGowian archeology. The blast destroyed the front of the building, and the shockwave blew out windows in cars and the school building. Police were instantly alerted and closed places that were deemed targets. One such target was the Southerland Princely Palace, which conducts tours on Thursdays and Fridays. Two people with a picnic hamper each entered the Hall of Alexander in the mansion before detonating their explosives, fortunately the terrorist, at the other end of the room, had trouble detonating and was shot by security before he could detonate. The third attack took place in Dawson, where the city government, the Corporation of Dawson, had its Headquaters in downtown Dawson attacked leading to major damage and the Headquaters of ANDERSON TODAY, Anderson’s regional news organisation, caught fire leading to the only Andersish only tv channel going down. The final and most catastrophic of these horrific follow up attack aswell took place In Dawson, as two lorries exploded leaving the Herman Watkins Bridge, the largest and most capable bridge into Dawson, unusable and is expected to collapse under the pressure of debris. Southerland Police Forces close off the streets leading to the Provincial Assembly as well as the Frobisher Organisation Building. Following this Stage Four of the Emergency Act was enacted, closing all government funded buildings aswell as all places on the fifty page list of potential targets. Following the attacks the military went to IDAR 4, the second to last IDAR rating, which haven’t been used since the Jones Island incident of 1978. The ban on all air travel has been extended to Saturday as another wave of horrific attacks have hit our nation. The Southerland Provincial Assembly building was evacuated before the first attack, as there was talk of a man with a gun in the Gallery.
  12. PMN BREAKING NEWS ATTACK ON CHARLESTON The Foreign Ministry fire quickly spread to the neighbouring Grousman Theatre in Charleston’s Culture District. The explosion in the Foreign Ministry, as seen from the Mountaprict Theatre. Multiple strikes kills hundreds Today at 12:45 a coordinated strike on monuments across Charleston Took place. The first to be hit was the King Wendover Statue and the surrounding picnic area, where two people with a suitcase detonated a large explosive, creating a fireball that engulfed the entire area. Two minutes later two men with backpacks entered the Queen Wilhelmina Street Metro Station, the entire A and C carriages were destroyed. Later at 12:49 a car filled with explosives drove into the Foreign Ministry completely obliterating the Reception and Severely damaging the Europa Department above. The surrounding buildings have since been evacuated. The second to last attack took place on Principality Island, where onlookers saw smoke rising from the tall buildings, a commercial vessel, though to have been owned by Anderson Shipping Inc detonated it’s explosives in the islands port, destroying the already unstable docks and the east wing of the museum. The final and most deadly attack took place inside the Wellington Forbes cathedral, five miles from Charleston proper, killing the 200 inside for St Bartholomew’s day, the patron saint of Charleston. The explosion engulfed the entire bottom floor and caused the three hundred year windows as well ast the two hundred year old dome to collapse bringing the entire complex to the ground. The police hasn’t formally made any statements yet, but PMN analysts suspect that the AA group was the main responsible for these horrific attacks. All services are still on Red Alert after the deadliest attacks in PyeMcGowian History. Police Counter Terror Units securing government buildings A few hours ago, at quarter to four, the Ministry for Transport grounded all flights in PyeMcGowian Airspace and cancelled all flights until Friday, hurting major airlines’ stock prices. The Police has sent an urgent plea to the public, stating that anything suspicious should be immediately reported to the police. They have also advised citizens of major cities and places of historical and cultural significance to stay indoors, preferably in their own homes. Call 15019 825562 if you spot anything suspicious Call 15019 223564 for information on the victims and damage
  13. APPLICATION FORM FOR OBSERVER STATE STATUS Specify Desired Status: The United Federal Kingdom wishes to be an observer state Sponsor State: [Must be a founding member or a member for at least six (6) months] Nation Name: Current Government Type: PyeMcGowan is a Constitutional Monarchy with powers distributed to smaller constitutional monarchies. Brief Background of Policy: PyeMcGowan holds its democratic freedoms very close, and the constitution states that the Prime Ministers And First Ministers of PyeMcGowan will forever be chosen by the people. The Constitution also states that each and every citizen deserves the right to food, water, healthcare and freedom regardless of their race, gender, beliefs or social standing, leading to the nation providing free electricity and food to those at a certain risk, as well as free water and healthcare for all citizens. The PyeMcGowian Government has become very market friendly since the communist occupation of the 50s, leading some to speculate whether the cabinet is controlled by the millionaires and billionaires of the nation. The country has Banking Secrecy Laws that attract Banks from across Eurth, creating a large financial industry that can be seen from looking at the centres of the nations cities. The Nation’s largest ports Riversea, Endeavour, Lefterson And Trasethaffenall have Free Economic Zones, aswell as the the area beneath the Berkstone Line in Charleston. The Foreign Ministry’s mission statement is to “Serve The PyeMcGowian People on an International level” the ministry’s service to PyeMcGowians has been quite outstanding, as it recently saved a group of tourists in Theodoria, who were bound for imprisonment. The Military’s mission is to “Serve, Protect and Indentify the Intrests of PyeMcGowan”, the Military is currently on a Defencive stance, as it guards the border between PyeMcGowan and Theodoria aswell as countering terrorist organisations. The nation also controls the dominant navy in the Far East of Argis, to protect is tankers and merchant container ships, from foreign piracy, following mass attacks during the 1990s and the early 2000s. Specify Reason(s) for Application: The PyeMcGowian State requests this status to both expand the vital reach of ATARA to the Far East of Argis, aswell as to show the International community the crimes committed in the Theodorian States which have been overall slightly ignored. We also believe that this could stimulate both national morale aswell as the Auraid bay’s economy and boost diplomatic ties with the rest of the world. APPLICATION FORM FOR DELEGATE Headshot/Passport Photo: Name of Delegate: Walter Sanchez Brief Background/Delegate Experience: With his parents legally immigrated from Alenveil, Walter grew up in Wellington Forbes, outside of Charleston. He went on to graduate Charleston Law School, with a highest honours degree in Political Science. From School he became an Associate at Raymond and Lowes Law Firm in Charleston before running for Mayor of his home town of Wellington Forbes, after his four year term he became the Deputy First Capital Minister for Charleston, until 2017 when he became the Delegate to the Auraid Communty. Previous Tenure: Age 20-23 University, 24-27 Law School, 27-30 Associate for Raymond and Lowes, 30-34 Mayor of Wellington Forbes, 34-36 Deputy First Capital Minister, 36-37 Auraid Communty Delegate.
  14. PNN WORKWEEK ROUNDUP PYEMCGOWIAN FIGHTER ATTACKS THEODORIAN AA BASE The Ministry of Defence announced that yesterday in the disputed county of Kasingtus, currently controlled by Theodoria, along the Border, a squadron of the air force’s newest aircraft attacked an Anibyniaet Andirswn Base a mile from the county capital of Thennerdon. The Ministry has stated that the aircraft did come under fire, but there was no major damage on the airplanes. Images reveal that known shipments to the base being escorted by police and military vehicles. Today, the ministry stated, the base’s barracks and armoury have been destroyed. The Attacks took place at 5:57 in the morning, as many in the area were fast asleep creating “The Perfect Target” As the mission commander put it. The Theodorian Government has responded with a hostile letter to the Prime Minister, as the Theodorian Government recognise the AA as a civil rights movement, not a terrorist organisation. The Ministry of Defence and the Foreign Ministry stated that the Theodorian Government was informed of the attack as it happened near what PyeMcGowan considers the border. The Military has said that similar attacks will continue as the AA is slowly being chipped away, no matter what may lie between them.
  15. What we could do is maybe have the top five or so, and some parts will probably be altered. But maybe it could form some sort of International Crime Syndicate? Where many of the stories are connected by their characters.
  16. May 22nd, 1652 “Where the hell are we?” Exclaimed Robert Patterson, First Officer, “I don’t know, looking at this map, there should be a volcano right about there, and just in front is a town” said Captain James Derwater. “But it’s not, no volcano, no town”, “That’s the problem, we only have enough food for the next week or so, and only the Stallion will sail”, “That ship has barely enough room for half of us, there is only ten beds and room for twenty, what do you suppose we do, Captain?!” “We wait until we meet somebody, these are fairly busy waters, there will probably be dozens of ships passing within the week”, “Captain, we’ve seen them, and they’ve seen us” shouted a crew member, as he caught his breath a crew member, “Speak of the devil, What flag are they flying”, “It’s not a ship, they’re natives and they’re friendly”, “I don’t know what to say, to and tell them that I’ll be down in a moment”, “Don’t doubt me Patterson, I’ve been doing this since you were a mere toddler”. The party walked towards the natives as they shared exotic fruits with some of the Starving Limonaian Settlers. “Hello, we are from Pye-Mc-Gowan, our ships crashed after a big storm. Can you help us?” The natives smiled at him and offered a coconut. “No, no we need to gat home?, Do you know where Town is?” The natives started walking away along the beach, and the party decided to follow as they thought they were heading towards the colonial town.
  17. I have a Rothschild type family, (The Unitsens) that controls a lot of the nation’s wealth, I’ve always had an idea that some of them would be involved in some sort of crime syndicate, and launder the money through their banks.
  18. PMN DOCUMENTARIES History Made Short The Story of Jacob Radnor. PyeMcGowan’s third richest man Jacob Radnor is a PyeMcGowian businessman, and is the third richest in the nation with a net worth of 23.7 Billion Poggles in January of 2018. He is most famous for his founding of the Radnor Group, from which he later used the profits to found the Mercator Group, in which he owns a 50% stake along with UBS. The tycoon was born in Charleston Summerfield Hospital, on the first of February, 1955. After his birth he went to live in Wellington Forbes, Principality of Charleston, in his father’s estate. He became a quick learner in Steton Private School, and in 1975 he went to Charleston Business School. There he studied For four terms, and earned a degree in Business and Economics, and received the Order of Sellington Forbes, the highest honour from the University. In 1981 after 6 years working as a Vice President at NCBC, he mustered every last Poggle he could find and registered the Radnor Stock Brokership. After 16 years he became an almost Billionaire from his investments, so in 1997 he founded the Radnor Group. After a tremendous success with the RG, even acquiring PyeMcGowan’s second largest hotel chain, he invested all he could in his new venture, The Mercator Group. But first he sold short on Gowan Shipping, who was showing signs of an eventual collapse. With his mass earnings he founded one of his last ventures in Lefterson, and in 2003 it became the largest in the Auraid, with no large well funded opposition, they could do whatever they desire. So they did, and on December 25th, they announced that they had broke ground On a new shipping hub in Lefterson, Charleston Principality. Boosting the regional economy and development, so much that the port became the dominant, rivalling even the largest ones such as Dawson and Riversea. Today, Radnor is lucky to be free as he narrowly dodged major cases against him, especially revolving around the Manamana Papers.
  19. New Website Listing https://sites.google.com/view/charlestonpropertycouncil, purchase virtually any property in the Capital Principality.
  20. PMN Weekend breakfast UNITSEN CENTRE FOR SALE The Iconic Complex has been United’s Headquaters since 1939, now as they move to the Auraid Trade Centre, The Art Deco ‘masterpiece of architecture’ is up for grabs. The Company made the announcement yesterday afternoon in the Unitsen Centre. The 22 buildings have been grouped into 10 different items, each for sale. Apart from the Top floors of the Central Building, or the Concrete Mountain as described in the Charlesburg Herald, which are by far the most profitable part of the complex due to its observation deck, gift shops and restaurants, as well as the Unitsen Museum. Already, one item has been sold, namely the Continental Builidng, once used by United Bank. It is unknown who purchased it, but senior sources state that it is a foreign company. The building was sold for P520 Million, and due to some older technology in the tower, the future owners will be forced to spend millions on modernisation. The famous Park, Plaza And Ice rink will not be sold, however it will be donated to The Unitsen Foundation, and the revenue from them will be spent on causes in need of support. In other news A storm in Southerland caused major outages across the principality. The City of Southerland was worst hit spending the last 24 hours in darkness leading to old people’s homes having to be evacuated without heat or electricity. The Principality Government has stated that they have prepared for this, and the outage should only last a few more hours. A tourist ferry in Charleston has collided with a pier causing it to collapse, two people were injured, and docks 22-24 have been closed until futher notice. The ferry collided after its outdated equipment froze leading to the ferry being unable to stop before crashing. A PyeMcGowian pilot, who was lost after his biplane disappeared over the south Adlantic in July of last year, has been found on a Maranesian Islands. He stated “I’m very grateful to the residents of the island for supporting me after I managed to get to the island. I spent most of my time rowing from one island to another in a small archipelago, but then one day my boat capsized and I drifted to an island about a mile or two from another, I spent three months on that island and I was able to see buildings from the top of a mountain. I guess they thought I was a camper or somebody who lived on the island. But I’m very grateful to those who recognised my smoke signals and came to rescue me.” A shipping container filled with expensive wines was found with the bottles empty and smashed after a storm, the delivery company cut corners on how they should be safely packaged, the wine company, Gwinor Ynysbywyd, has sued the delivery company for 240,000 in lost revenues.
  21. Name of Company:- Who are you? Mercator Shipbuilding Division Type of Business: - What does the company do? The Mercator Group’s Shipbuilding division is the primary supplier of vessels for PyeMcGowan’s largest shipping conglomerate. Nation of Origin:- Where is your HQ. Southerland City, PyeMcGowan What is to be manufactured at MTIZ? The primary manufactured good to be constructed at MTIZ are container ships, and once or twice every year an order for a ‘Special Vessel’ will be placed. These could be Cruise liners or navy destroyers. What is getting made?  Vessels, as explained above Number of Workers to be recruited locally:- 2,890 employees will be hired locally, 20 of which will be Administrative positions. Number of visiting workers to be based there:- There will be 111 foreign workers. 90 will work in the Shipyard’s office as office workers. 20 will be High level supervisors and inspectors. And 1 will be the Site Administrator.
  22. I don’t think that, since the disease came from hot south Europa, it would find ease expanding into Northern Argis, Europa and maybe southern Aurelia. Maybe this could cause masses heading to places like these, but the disease suddenly mutates to combat the cold climate? Just an idea, but it could work.
  23. Character development in story writing - Mr John Halbert Personal details - Aged 52, Physical description - slightly overweight, 6’ 5, Brown/Grey Hair, white, Personal history, what's going on right now in their life, and what happened before - Currently He is working on the construction of a large maritime museum in Dawson, he has spent the last decade jumping from one position to another, and he has finally become director of the PyeMcGowian Museums Group Occupation, education, hobbies - Director of the PyeMcGowian Museums Group, went to Charleston University, he enjoys making ships in bottles and painting. Good and bad qualities, quirks and flaws - He is very proud of himself, but can be like a brick wall when he doesn’t want to do something. Drives, wishes, hopes and fears, beliefs - He wants to see, by the time he passes, a publication with the entire history of his region (East Argis), terrified of bats Family members, parents, children, love interests, relationships - He has a wife, Margaret (50), and two children, Charles (18) and Emily (16) Loyalties and enemies - has had a feud with United Corp over buildings on archeological sites, he still distrusts them.
  24. First of all, sorry for not replying to the War (?) thread, I thought I did, but apparently not. here is a imgur link to an image of Theodoria Agreeing. https://imgur.com/a/G9jDkkZ
  25. PMN LIVE BREAKING NEWS Good Afternoon I’m Timothy Sernensen, it’s 4:40 on Wednesday February 6th. We have recently been informed of two major explosions on two Destroyers on alert in the Bay, one the PNS Newport and the PNS Llanaver. The PNS Llanaver has sunk, but the PNS Newport is still above the water, we have seen some of the crew escape on life boats onto the PNS Dawson behind me, and the new aircraft carrier PNS Tylluan isn’t far from here. If you’re wondering I’m currently on the PMN’s Seabrodcaster, which is usually used for stories on the coast, but right now we are a mile from the shore. The story starts on Tuesday the 4th, when we went to IDAR 4, following multiple documents from the navy beiiing stolen and copied. No group has claimed responsibility and a full investigation has been launched. Advanced Sonar Systems were too late to see who or what caused the explosions, which have killed over 500 sailors in these horrific attacks. The King has called for a national day of mourning for the dead. — I’m just received information from my producer that there have been multiple arrests within the government and private citizens, including Andy Harrison Chief of Staff for the Ministry of Defence, MP Harvey Swallowton, and Steve McHillock Vice President of PyeMcGowian Arms, we don’t have the reason for their arrest, but we do know that they were arrested by EIPF, the emergency Investigation policing force, for situations just like this, I’m also being told that Bradley Welsch, the CEO of Constant Technologies, has also been arrested by the EIPF. Now it’s time for other news, I’ll be back in twenty five minutes.
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