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  1. PyeMcGowan

    Matteo Arlotta and The Aresi Stone

    PYEMCGOWIAN MUSEUM OF NATURAL HISTORY Dear Matteo Arlotta, We at the PyeMcGowian Museum of Natural History along with the PyeMcGowian Archaeological Association have been deciphering the dominant nomadic language of PyeMcGowan, Koganto. The mission to have at least 100 speakers of the language by 2030 has been very hard, so far we have only learnt basic words and phrases, such as fish, boat, greetings, water, mountain, tribe/kingdom, person and food. The target, 2030, has so far been very hard for us, as we still don’t know how many letters are pronounced. Anyway, we believe from your work that the ancient languages were mutually intelligible from each other. We have prepared to give your Organisation access to our linguistic archive, and 24/7 access to the Museum and our partners. The past of the Auraid may be hidden, but with a joint approach from many of your international partners, I believe that we can recover all that was lost during the colonial period. Yours Sincerely, John Halbert, Head of the PyeMcGowian Museum
  2. PyeMcGowan

    PMN: PyeMcGowan News

    PNN AURAID SUMMIT AND NEW AA INFO AURAID SUMMIT IN WENDOVER. Throughout the past week officials from PyeMcGowan and @Alenveil have gathered at Wendover for the annual Auraid Summit. The first event was a suspiciously secretive meeting on fishing rights between the Leverne and Chonia Islands. The Prime Minister stated that Tarriffs are to be lowered on foodstuffs, which has angered many farmers in importing regions. The delegations have been spending their breaks at the regional Eisteddfod. INFORMATION ON AA FUNDING. Following the first days of the Auraid Summit, The Government has released revealing information on how the AA is funded. And confident intelligence states that the @Theodorian Government has directly given money, arms, ammunition and vehicles to the terrorists Organisation, currently occupying small towns and villages in remote areas of Anderson. This has caused mass build ups of military forces along the border, with Theodorian ships firing warning shots towards the vastly superior PyeMcGowian Fleets in the area. The Prime Minister has denounced the Theodorian State for its blatant donations, directly harming the PyeMcGowian Public. The Embassy of Theodoria in Charleston has been taken by Police, arresting any suspicious occupants, leading to a police officer being shot by Theodorian embassy security, He is recovering in hospital currently. It is still unclear of the complete PyeMcGowian response, as emergency meetings of many Governmental agencies as committees, including the Parliamentary Committee for Conflict, the Organisation responsible for deciding on military intervention. Additionally to this, an amber warning as both been set for commercial activities at sea and for residents near the Theodorian border. JOURNALIST ARRESTED AT AURAID SUMMIT. A Journalist for Theodoria Today has been arrested after allegedly they planted listening devices in many conference rooms. The Police has closed important rooms to search for other devices. It is also unclear whether the Journalist, who is remaining unknown, was working for the news agency or the Theodorian Government. 121 MILLION AURAID LOTTERY JACKPOT. The Auro Millions Jackpot for Sunday is an estimated 121 Auraids! The Broadcast will be present from 9:25 GMT, on PBC One.
  3. PyeMcGowan

    10th Annual Auraid Summit

    The Prime Minister turns on his microphone “ I agree with the Alenian, we had looting in Broadam, one of our safer areas, during Jones Island. The least we could do is recognise that war is forseeable and increase security for those living on the border. As of yesterday the Auraid Bay Fishing Community or Abfico put an amber warning to those fishing and conducting other commercial activities in close waters, I believe Mr Samuel Halbert has additional Information” “Thank you, I am Sir Samuel Halbert, Secretary for Commercial Activities at sea. As you know already, an amber alert was put into play yesterday, so fishing boats, tour boats and other vessels that could be in danger in case of a conflict, they have been strongly advised to cease operations. Larger container ships don’t have to dock until the Red alert has been announced, as well as non government owned Cruise Liners. Any vessel caught in a dangerous region will be escorted to dock, by either a destroyer, or a simple patrol boat.” The group are handed documents titled ‘NATIONAL SECRETS ACT”, prohibiting them from sharing what they’ve learned with outside parties, including civilians, the PSA Director stands, “inside this is the intelligence gathered by one of our agents, for security reasons we will not disclose his or her name. The information was gathered from the Theodorian Prime Ministers residence, during an operation in October. As you can see from paragraph 5, we found that enclosed in A borderlands mountain is a relatively modern defence system, which could halt an advance. This and many other locations we found have been listed and handed to Air Marshall Miller, Now I will hand over to him”. “Thanks to these lists, we have created a step by step program that could speed the advance by weeks, making it ever so much easier for troops to reach Constantus, before an organised counter attack could happen. We advise that these air strikes be the first shots fired during said conflict”. PM Willowston states “Well that’s if we get approval by the Parliamentary Commitie for Conflict, as well as its Alenian counterpart, so far we only have the reasons, one, the Human Rights abuses, which could easily be solved by international sanctions or peacekeeping forces, and two, the Foreign citizens currently in Theodorian jail, which could be returned in a trade.” The PSA director quickly says “Would it help, if you were to look at Paragraph 12, there you can see that The Theodorian Government has been directly supporting AA forces near the border, giving them ludicrous amounts of weapons, ammunition, explosives, we even found suitcases filled with cash, directly from the Theodorian Central Bank. And drone footage suggests that the Theodorians have handed 2 tanks. Our Analysts believe that they desperately wanted an independent Anderson, even trying to influence the result by using Particle Ads, which were quickly shut down, but many saw. They will do anything to get us, and it’s not long before they take action”. The room sits in silence, “If you don’t mind I’m going to take this to the committee next week. This, this changes everything. I believe that you have people in the AA supporting villages” “Yes, Sir” “ Get them into the AA, get them to learn everything about the Theodorian support, give them Degrees, important histories. They can do and get whatever they need, I’m head of the justice system, give them every court power in the book, I want everything on these people.” “Right on it Sir” “Good, now I believe that this session is over, if any press asks just say, that tariffs on imported Foodstuffs are being lowered. And Mr Tartaglione, we have lunch in half an hour. Enjoy the break” The room quickly empties with only venue staff remaining. Some decide to head to the many halls and rooms, whilst others leave for attractions around the city, including the regional Eisteddfod.
  4. PyeMcGowan

    10th Annual Auraid Summit

    The room was quickly cleared by non essentials, such as press, and very low level officials, and It became very clear to the Alenian delegation on the purpose of the meeting.Admiral Henry Jordan, of the 6th Fleet, stands and presents some images “Here are images taken by one of our sattelites. As you can see here the Theodorians have seemed to have caught on what we’ve been talking about, by further increasing their presence in the bay, as well as the northern area of borderlands. And over here, we believe that the Theodorian Navy are Building what seems to be a reasonably sized aircraft carrier, suggesting that they have boosted their military budget by many billions.”, The room falls silent. “We believe, thanks to intelligence recently gathered, that the Theodorians not only know all of our land and propositions, but also the ins and outs of our fleet, and the ABDS. With this knowledge a counterattack could be evermore successful”
  5. PyeMcGowan

    10th Annual Auraid Summit

    Saturday, January 12th 7:15 AM Quickly after landing, The Alenian Presidential Motorcade leaves Hindburg Air Force Base, 12 miles from Primary Wendover, and onto the N17. They are greeted by onlookers waving upon the overpasses as they reach the venue. Many streets along the city are blocked by police, yet crowded by both supporters and protestors. As many could imagine the Security was immensely heavy the further one goes towards Wendover Castle, mostly due to the risk of attack by AA terrorists or other splinter factions, whether it be communists or separatists the police was taking no chances. As The Alenian Motorcade made its way up the high street, Alvaro Tartaglione (Alenian President) and his aids gazed upon the Mistenwan (a traditional decoration used between to sides of a street, usually celebrating prosperity and love), adorned by flowers in the shape of a crescent moon, and a Circicelular (the Symbol on the PyeMcGowian flag). The residents had been long awaiting the summit, since the location was picked last year. Finally the Motorcade arrived at the Sir Belmont Garden, after a quick security check the President leaves his car to be met by The Prince of Wendover, Alexander Von Dover, The Deputy Prime Minister, Jennifer Dawson, and finally the Prime Minister, George Willowston, The shookhands and quickly went inside to escape the freezing Temperatures common for Wendover. As they reached the Great Corridor, the duo pointed out paintings of great heroes and leaders from either nation, gazing upon the gigantic illustrations with pride. The Leaders entered the Hall of Prosperity, where they were met by the Royal Naval Orchestra, The band played the two national anthems, along with the two singing leaders. Eventually, the music stops, pictures are taken, and the delegations prepare for the first engagement of the summit, Fishing Rights between the Leverne Islands and Chonia. They both sit at opposite sides of a grand meeting table in the Blue Merchants Hall, the table is surrounded by experts and heads of government. @Alenveil
  6. PyeMcGowan


    Welcome to Particle. PyeMcGowan’s Largest Web Browser Suggested Sites IIWiki, All The Information You need in one place http://iiwiki.com/wiki/PyeMcGowan WRS, Wendover Real Estate, Fine houses for the Fine https://sites.google.com/u/0/s/1ASOmfsHWwuCdRHHt38wsj5iNp5949HjX/p/1KWx6HioO260e1-MFaMPcWAy-3huzP37g/preview?authuser=0
  7. PyeMcGowan

    PMN: PyeMcGowan News

    PNN POLITICAL STATEMENT BROADCAST LIVE FROM THE PRIME MINISTER’S RESIDENCE “Goodevening, as many of you may know, the relationship between PyeMcGowan and Theodoria has been quite harsh recently, especially with the recent arrest of the PyeMcGowian Ambassador, Andrew Bernardston, and I can assure his family that we are doing everything in our power to help retrieve him. The Theodorian Government has continually broken Agreements and pacts to further their interests, and rest assured we have taken notice. At 5 o’clock this afternoon 12 other staff from our embassy in Constantus and a local consulate have been arrested by Theodorian authorities over charges only brought out of spite for our legitimate actions. I have no reason to believe that Theodoria would like to have a reasonable relationship with our nation along with our ally Alenveil. In September last year, the Auraid Bay Defence System was put into play, scanning our border for any activity. Along with the system we based just under ten thousand military personnel along the border with our fleets not far away. Just before this broadcast began I ordered the 5th Fleet, along with its new PNS Tylluan, to the PyeMcGowian-Theodorian coast, May my words be clear, We will not be afraid of your Army, we shall not give up our freedom, we shall never give in to your ways, Mr Tarkin and Mr Mercie! We are PyeMcGowians and Alenians, we have been here for along time and we shall not let that change! So, before I leave you, I must thank the leaders of @Alenveil for supporting our cause, along with the thousands of service men and women who safeguard our Future. May you have a Happy New Year, PyeMcGowanig am Byth.
  8. PyeMcGowan

    PMN: PyeMcGowan News

    PMN POLITICS AURAID TENSIONS GROW The Theodorian Government has long been at odds with PyeMcGowan and Alenveil over its authoritarian regime, and discrimination against other Auraid peoples. Additionally many remember at the Auraid Summit In 2015, when Former Prime Minister George London Stated that PyeMcGowan and Alenveil were the two great nations of the bay... as the Theodorian leader was sitting behind him, which later escalated into a walkout of the Theodorian delegation to the Auraid Union Building. And today the PyeMcGowian Ambassador was arrested for alleged spying for the PRS (PyeMcGowian Regional Security) following the expulsions of 25 Theodorian embassy staff for stealing information, and the attempted murder of Kurt Von Dawson, a Theodorian refugee turned journalist. So what could this lead to? Many speculators believe that economic or even military intervention will occur, Government officials have been very quiet over the matter, and the Foreign Ministry has refused to answer our questions. Despite many questioning the beliefs that war may occurr, and most of us believe that it could never happen, the military has deployed 250% more troops, vessels and aircraft along the Theodorian border and the Western Auraid bay. As well as a 2 Billion Auraid Border Defence system implemented in September 2018, which the government said was for immigration purposes, yet still with turret towers and walling.
  9. PyeMcGowan

    PMN: PyeMcGowan News

    PMN SUMMERIFELD ABBEY SERVICE FOR FALLEN SOLDIERS On Wednesday a service will be held for the four fallen soldiers killed in the attack on an AA held encampment. The service will be attended by King George with Queen Jane, along side his Alenveilian counterpart, King La Pollo and the regions heads of government. The service will be broadcast live on PBC One from 1:25, juat after The Sandringham Show.
  10. PyeMcGowan

    PMN: PyeMcGowan News

    PMN BREAKING NEWS MILITARY TAKE AA ENCAMPMENT After a long day of fighting and an eventual airstrike the AA’s Berkton encampment has been taken by military forces. The Ministry of Defence has stated that 19 AA terrorists were killed in the battle, along with 43 taken prisoner. Unfortunately 4 PyeMcGowian Soldiers were killed during the chaos and after the 4th the operation commander called in an airstrike from the PNS Malcolm (One of PyeMcGowan’s Aircraft carriers in the Auraid bay) the airstrike was the final blow to the base’s defences allowing military vehichles to enter. The Prime Minister announced that a majority of the army’s budget will be spent on the destruction of the AA, and futher amounts will be spent in other branches of the military. In other News PMS TYLLUAN LAUNCHED. After a long construction process, PyeMcGowan’s flagship aircraft carrier has been launched from Dawson Shipyard. The launch was supposed to take place yesterday, but was deleyed due to a security issue. The new city at sea contains a corner shop, palace class admirals quaters and an international airport class airtraffic control tower, rivaling even Charleston. The ship went over budget by 1.2 Billion Auraids, adding to the total cost of 12.6 Billion, most of the navy’s budget until mid 2020. Billsburys goes bust. The supermarket chain Billsburys has been losing money for the last decade and finally its dominence over the budget food sector has come to an end as the company sells its last few branches to United Retail’s Uniton’s as it struggles to leave its mountains of debt. So far 11,450 people have lost their jobs and a futher 5,000 are excpected before Autumn. Snow storms batter north and east. As Mid winter has approached the snow has got heavier and heavier, so much so that a Dunder oil pump is barely visable under the snow north if Hagren. And Wendover hasnt been left either. The famous Jenkins manor had to be evacuated by the second floor as snow punched through the lower windows, and unfortunately one person died as they were trapped whilst trying to use the furnace. The Emergency services have asked people to stay calm and if snow reaches above your waist, please resort to a an upper floor with food and warmth. If you are in an emergency please dial 1500 and state snow emergency. From there a specialist team will either escort you to a shelter or provide you with the necissary equipment to stay home.
  11. PyeMcGowan

    PMN: PyeMcGowan News

    PNN BREAKING NEWS 45 DEAD AFTER ANDERSONIAN ATTACK ON PRESS CONFERENCE Yesterday at 8 PM the police and PTS (PyeMcGowian Trade Security) held a press conference as a cargo ship was being held hostage for its gold. As they began speaking about the payment to the terrorists, a lone bomber holding what seamed to be camera equipment for PMN Cristineese, shouted ARM ANDIRSWN and detonated his explosives. 45 members of the Police and PTS Command, along with News reporters and maintenance staff were killed in the blast. The identity of the bomber is still unknown to the public. The payment of gold that was supposed to leave Stamstead Airport was cancelled, and later on the marine corps was called to take back the ship. The town of Derdwr, a stronghold for the AA group has been put under martial law, as the residents attempted to take control of the local police station and the domestic airport. The police has advised all citizens of PyeMcGowan and it’s neighbors to stay vigilant, and call 1500-454-221 if you spot anything suspicious.
  12. PyeMcGowan

    PMN: PyeMcGowan News

    PNN BREAKING NEWS TRADE SHIP HELD HOSTAGE LEFTERSON PORT, CHARLESTON LIVE BROADCAST Good Evening I’m Timothy Sernensen Today at 7:50, a ship owned by Mercator Trade refuesed to awknoladge any calls from the port administration. Ten miniutes later a Port Police Officer was held at gunpoint and was forced to jump into the icy winter Charlesburg River by a group called Anybyniaet Andirswn. Security Forces were immediately called to the scene, where they surrounded the ship with police vessels and even a Svermark class destroyer was parked in the harbor. So why have the authorities taken this incident so seriously? Well one reason, obviously, is that they are holding most of the crew hostage, and another is that the ship is holding an unspecified amount of gold which was supposed to be sold to an unknown Country in the Mediargic. So far the police has only stated that there are 22 crew members left on the ship, with 8 having escaped earlier via speedboat. It is still unknown wheather they have reached the gold in the hold of the ship. Now I will pass over to our Anderson correspondent, Caroline McGuffin ——— Thanks Tim, Anibyniaet Andirswn is a sepretist Organisation founded in 1988 following the Andersonian Cultural revival. It’s leader Cernwen Schliffengas states that the PyeMcGowian invaders have long underfunded Anderson and have covered up the hate crimes committed against the Andersonian populace. Despite Anderson being the 3rd most funded per capita state, and having one of the lowest hate crime rates in the nation. The story of Andersonian independence starts in 18———Sorry Caroline, but I’m going to have to cut you there, as you can see behind me, 10 hostages have been released and are being slowly transported along the bridge, I’m being told that there is a press conference being held by the police currently, let’s see if we can listen in ——— Good Evening, I am Police Captain John Henry, After an hour of negotiations, we have agreed that a sum of an estimated 1000 oz of gold will be delivered to Stamstad Airport, where an Andersonian plane will deliver it to a separatist encampment. We can assure these separatists that we are not currently tracking the aircraft and the transponder is disabled along with other tracking equipment. Here to my right is Emily Harris, Deputy Director of PyeMcGowian Trade Security. —Thank you Captain Henry, I have recently been on the phone with the Prime Minister and the Director of the PTS, and we are fairly certain that we should recieve the crew members within the next 10 hours following the payment. If the captors aboard the vessel does not comply then we may have no choice but to send some elite forces to rescue the hostages. As I’ve said countless times, paying them is a risky move and has spent a portion of the Department’s budget and as far as I can see, Well — ARM AINDIRSWM!_XXCAMERA-5-4-6STATUS_OFFLINE][][][SEARCHING FOR SIGNALS...SIGNAL SEARCH_FAILED— Oh my god... William what just happened? Ok we are going to cut to an advertisement break.
  13. PyeMcGowan

    PMN: PyeMcGowan News

    PMN NEWS HAPPY FORMATION DAY! On December 31st,1501, following the ten years war, the two kingdoms unified a Charleston Castle. Throughout the day parades have taken place across the nation, with 10,000 military service men and women in Bartholomew Plaza, and a flyby of 90% of the RPAF fleet over the south coast cities, whilst the navy mostly conducted training excercisizes in the leverne islands. The day also contains a ceremony performed by most of the nobles of the nations, they are all booked into the Elevoir Ferguson on the the small Leverne Island, and hold special celebrations and traditional dances. Millions held parties as the celebration coincided with the new year. So from all of us at PMN, have a Happy Formation Day, and a happy new Year!
  14. PyeMcGowan

    Foreign Ministry of PyeMcGowan

    Foreign Ministry To Prime Minister Theresa Tumbleweed of the Radiant Republic of the @Sunset Sea Islands Prime Minister Tumbleweed, Today PyeMcGowan stands at a crossroads, embrace its current semi-isolation, or we can move forward by opening embassies, assigning ambassadors, and improving foreign relations. So this is my proposition, On January 1st the national budget is released and next year will be what the Prime Minister calls the International Blwyddyn, this basically means were cutting some military funding and putting it all towards the Foreign Ministry. We may not be what we were during our golden ages, but next year will be the beginning of a trumendous era for diplomacy. Therefore I would like The Sunset Sea Islands to become one of PyeMcGowans first international partners, by opening an Embassies in Sunset Sea City and Charleston. Further discussions will continue following your reply. Yours sincierly, John Harper, Gregory Puton, Foreign Minister Foreign Minister for Maranesia
  15. PyeMcGowan

    Foreign Ministry of PyeMcGowan

    Foreign Ministry Weinidogaeth Dramor Weinidogaet Dramoar Home | Passports | Visas | Travel Advice | Embassies | Other Documents | Apply for a Job | Language About Us The Foreign Ministry was founded in 1797, by royal decree of King Arkatio. At that time the ministry would handle tasks such as designating ambassadors, marrying nobles and royals, and founding colonies. Today, whilst we still do handle ambassadorial tasks, we also do alot more, Such as nagotiations with foreign governments, companies and provinces, we give assistance to PyeMcGowians abroad, we plan state visits and summits, and we also assist in warzones and natural disaster struch regions. Embassies and Ambassadors Sarbo, Alenveil. Ambassador Alberto Millweather.