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  1. PyeMcGowan

    Morheim Trade & Industry Zone

    Name of Company:- United Manufacturing, International Type of Business: - Manufacturing Nation of Origin:- Lefterson, Charleston, PyeMcGowan What is to be manufactured at MTIZ? Household goods  Number of Workers to be recruited locally:- There will be a significant majority of Local workers as there will be 850 vacancies for them. Number of visiting workers to be based there:-There will only be Foreign Administrative Staff at the Building, but there will also be Administrative jobs for locals too.
  2. PyeMcGowan

    PMN: PyeMcGowan News

    PNN POLITICAL NEWS ANDERSON INDEPENDENCE VOTE, the referendum on Andersonian Independence will be held today after months of hard campaigning from all three sides (Independence, Remain and Vassal) the general public will be allowed to vote on the option they think best. The Governor of Anderson has taken no official position, but he has said that he would be behind any decision made by the Andersonians. We will just have to see what they choose. But either way PMN will be constantly broadcasting! RCS WITHDRAWL VOTE, Today in a shocking turn of events, Parliament voted to leave the RCS Pact and become an observer state. What is the RCS Pact? Well The RCS Pact is an economic and military alliance of three nations: PyeMcGowan, Alenveil and the Neo Enclave. Sylvet is also a member, but only economically. It was founded following the Ravenrock Treaty of 1975 during the turbulent era of the Cold War. The organisation comprises two bodies, economic and military, The economic body was created first, and its purpose is to benefit trade.
  3. PyeMcGowan

    Request: Alenveil

    Also how will he be blocking future expansions? My current expansions are mostly northern and islands
  4. PyeMcGowan

    Request: Alenveil

    I’ve spoken to Alenveil and Theodoria and I think Alenveil would fit quite well, since my east is heavily aristocratic.
  5. Neo, I don’t think you should go ahead with this, nobody is going to intervene in the way you wanted, I think you should just stop with the RP now, maybe continue working on your wiki page.
  6. PyeMcGowan

    PMN: PyeMcGowan News

    PNN POLITICS RCS PACT COMMITMENT MEETING. Today a Parliamentary Inqury was held to discuss PyeMcGowan’s commitment to the RCS Pact, an Economic and Military Defence Pact between PyeMcGowan, Alenveil and Neo-Enclave, As new polls suggest that MPs Arnet so keen on PyeMcGowan’s Military involvement. The MP for Faxton on Water said “I get why we would want to support a neighbor, and a constitutional one at that, but why the Neo Enclave? They are an Undemocratic Absolute Monarchy which is really quite far away from the PyeMcGowian People who pay the taxes that fund our commitment!”, whilst the MP for Degorniton stated “My constituents share a common culture with the Neo Enclavites, and we are hole harteadly in support of the RCS Pact!”, The Director of the inqury, Sir Rupert Berson will make a decision on whether a vote will be submitted to Parliament on Saturdays Parliamentary Gathering.
  7. PyeMcGowan

    PMN: PyeMcGowan News

    PMN BUSINESS NEWS OIL FOUND IN THE AURAID BAY FOLLOWING EARTHQUAKE Yesterday after a joint venture between PyeMcGowian and Alenveilian Scientists made an unexpected discovery, during the placement of a monitor on the seabed, as they found traces of oil around 4 nautical miles off the coast of PyeMcGowan and Alenveil. Following this United Commodities’ stock has skyrocketed by +$37 as the company’s parent, The United Corporation, also owns small islands in the bay with small scale ports that could be used for the deployment of oil rigs. The Effects on the other Auraid Bay Nations will also be large, as the expanding economies of the region surely will gain a major boost from this discovery. The Prime Minister has stated that we must be careful not to dramatically effect the enveiroment which is home to the Auraid
  8. PyeMcGowan

    Wiki Pages

    Oh, thanks for that, I never really understood them so I just went for the safe option.
  9. PyeMcGowan

    Expansion: PyeMcGowan

    This is my expansion plans for the upcoming years, I’m only putting this here so that others who want a map spot know what to request and what not to? Phase 1 Phase 2 Phase 3 this is a WiP ignore for now
  10. PyeMcGowan

    PMN: PyeMcGowan News

    PMN Breaking News Earthquake detected in Auraid Bay! A FEW MOMENTS AGO a seismic reader at the seabed of the Auraid Bay detected a 6.5 magnitude earthquake along the Deartynn faultline. The coastguard has announced that a cargo ship lost some of its cargo, along with the deaths of 3 crew members. The coastguard has advised people to stay away from the coast and seek higher elevation in case of small tsunami waves. The natural disaster act will be put into effect if there is a tsunami! The government has asked people not to panic. This information will be passed on to the nation's neighbors, namely @Theodoria. The epicentre of the earthquake
  11. PyeMcGowan

    Expansion: Prymont

    I’m fine with these plans. I have no objections for Prymont’s Eastern Expansion.
  12. PyeMcGowan

    PyeMcGowian Trade

    To The Trade Ministry of The Neo Enclave, From, Andy Josestone, Deputy Minister of Trade, PyeMcGowan. We believe that you have provided us with a unique opportunity to trade with you. The Uranium will cost $30 per pound and you can purchase up to a maximum of 10 tonnes, which will cost $600,000. The material will be transported by ship which will have an escort of a small frigate for security.
  13. PyeMcGowan

    PyeMcGowian Trade

    The UFK of PyeMcGowan wishes to seek new trading ventures with nations around the world, the nation wishes to mostly sell it large display of natural resources which provides a large sum of the PyeMcGowian Economy. We wish to have good and safe trade which will benefit all of us. PyeMcGowan has to offer(In order of amount) Gold Oil Silver Timber Copper Uranium Steel Lead Iron Ore Fish Paper Computers Plastics Luxury Items Machinery Zinc
  14. PyeMcGowan

    PMN: PyeMcGowan News

    PMN BREAKING NEWS THE QUEEN OF THE NEO ENCLAVE WILL ARRIVE IN PYEMCGOWAN FOLLOWING THE ATTACKS ON THE NATION Today the Neo Enclavian Minister of Diplomacy arrived in PyeMcGowan hours before the attacks on Neo Enclave, The Government of PyeMcGowan has allowed the Queen to stay in PyeMcGowan until it is safe for her to return. She will stay with the PyeMcGowian Royal Family in a secure location, whilst security is on High Alert there are major concerns over the security on many major officials of both nations.
  15. PyeMcGowan

    PMN: PyeMcGowan News

    PMN BUSINESSES NEWS GOVERNMENT TO PRIVATISE MAJOR GOLD MINES IN THE EASTERN STATES ALONG WITH PRIVATISATION OF THE NORTH HAGREN OIL COMPANY The new minister of Finance, William Anderson-Devonton, has put into play a series of bills that will privatise the North Hagren Oil Company, The East Wendover Mining Company, Standard Amenities and Ferguson Silver. This has lead major corporations such as United Corp and Axbridge to attend auctions for these companies with confirmation that United Corp has pre-ordered Standard Amenities and is in negotiations to buy North Hagren Oil Company.