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  1. PNN BREAKING NEWS THEODORIAN ELECTION RESULTS 2019 CHARLES MONTE WINS BY SLIM MARGIN CONSTANTUS, Theodoria. At midday today the National Electoral Commision of Theodoria announced the results. Charles Monte, The Real Estate magnate has won with 55% of the vote, with Gustaf Mercie, the son of Prime Minister Mercie, at 40% and Fredrick Battenburg at 3.4%. Charles Monte was born in Hamptus, Theodoria, in 1945 to a prominent Hamptus Family. He attended a boarding school in Northern Theodoria until his attendance at Harvest University in post revolutionary PyeMcGowan, and later attended Harvest Business School where he earned his MBA. Monte returned to Constantus, using starting capital from his father, bought The Windsor hotel and thus began Monte Holdings. The company bought up several major properties during a recession, and continually expanded throughout the 60s and 70s. He later met his friend from University, Adam Westfield, where they mutually decided to merge their companies into Selendon Holdings. Now Selendon is a household name in Theodoria. More recently he has become a prominent public figure, supporting de-authoritization, and lower taxation. Magoss Magazine revealed that Monte is fourth cousins with Joseph Unitsen, Chief Executive Officer and Owner of United, who himself is PM George Willowston’s Grand Nephew in Law. The Prime Minister, who met Monte at the Auraid Economic Forum, has congratulated him on his win, and has stated “This is the dawn of democracy in Theodoria”. Auraid Markets have improved since Monte’s win and investment is continuing. Monte will be sworn in on Saturday at the Imperial Palace, and will become the first democratically elected president of Theodoria since 1865. Monte has chosen the Centrist Markus Vinnter to be his Vice President, Vinnter was a long term critic of Mercie’s Government, as he was the Senator for The Vale of Conston. In Other News WB&J Summer Festival Begins. The centuries old tradition has begun today, with 34,000 expected in attendance, but officials are concerned about the unusually high heat affecting the Snowy mountains of the area, possibly causing avalanches. Ad: PyeMcGowian Airways, International Flights starting at P75!
  2. PMN THEODORIAN ELECTION 2019 Prime Minister Mercie of Theodoria has reached the end of his 12 year term in office, aged 62. Despite claims from senior sources that he will change the law to allow a fourth term, as he did in 2015 for his third term, the Prime Minister has decided not to run. The election will be the first since 1942 to allow multiple parties sporting multiple ideologies, and could mark the end for the current way of life in the nation. Prime Minister Willowston has commended Mercie’s actions, stating “I hope this can be a new era for the Auraid”. The announcement has come as a shock internationally and has helped PyeMcGowian markets recover after the recent hoax. Five People have announced their Candidacy. Gustaf Mercie - National Party - Son of the current PM Fredrick Battenburg - Central Party - Lawyer Mayor Angela Von Hindenburg - National Liberals - Mayor Richard DeLenino - People’s Party - No Known Occupation Charles Monte - National Conservatives - Real Estate Magnate This election will probably change Theodoria forever, possibly bringing peace back to the Auraid. What do you think? Get in touch via the PMN App, available on Appshop and ParticlePlay now.
  3. PMN BREAKING NEWS REVOLUTION HOAX FOOLS FOREIGN GOVERNMENTS After a period of very little news, pranksters used official channels to project a news story from the ‘Revolutionary Tribune’ a fictional news paper in the former PBC show Wessburg. The news story stated that the nation had collapsed into a communist state, as the rich fled to tropical islands, much like the plot of the PBC show. This lead to share prices of PyeMcGowian companies to fall, leading to layoffs in the United Overseas Bank of Cristina. The PyeMcGowian Government later made a statement through the foreign ministry telling the world, that we are fine, and in the words of Foreign Minister Borison “I’m not dead”.
  4. THE REVOLUTIONARY TRIBUNE MESSAGE FROM SECRETARY-GENERAL NORFOLK Welcome to THE REVOLUTIONARY TRIBUNE, THE FREE PRESS OF THE SECOND REVOLUTION! Since the first of June, we have stopped all public broadcasting from PyeMcGowan to the outside world, we began by launching multiple attacks on the brainwashing media of the Frobrischer, collectively we the working people destroyed the capitalist megalomania they called Broadcasting corporations, one brainwashing television channel at a time. As the cowards in government, the bourgeoisie, and the rich and discraseful left for Nova Marina and their tropical paridises built off of the backs of slaves, we united the republic into a new paradise of equality and freedom for all. The corrupted institutions created hell for the workers of the world. The banks left the proliteriat in squalor and prison like communities, now the greedy and disgraceful bankers live in our re-education camps. Where they can learn the harsh realities that they had created. No Longer shall the coastal elites of the Frobrischer have all the power. Now the people’s of the north shall have their say. The seat of power shall no longer be in Charleston, where the last battle took place, a symbol of greed and capitalism, now laying in ashes. Now the seat is in a place of the people, Hagren as long been a symbol of the workers, the farmers, the factory workers once seen as assets to the bourgeoisie. Now let freedom rain on our people’s new land.
  5. After further consideration I have decided to annex a larger portion of Theodoria following the RP. The New, and probably final PyeMcGowian Claim is below Yellow/white Cities 1.Hamptus 2.Paddington Forbes Blue, Unmarked RP Principalities 1.Constantus 2.Percendon 3.Cardon 4.Vallsdale 5.Hamptus
  6. FINANCE | BUSINESS | STOCK MARKET | COMMODITIES | POLITICS | TECHNOLOGY DAWCOIN DIVES AFTER MEGA LOSS WEEKEND Carlington, Anderson. The Dawcoin crypto currency loses most of its value following a disastrous weekend. The Dawson based crypto-currency became PyeMcGowan’s first and only crypto currency in 2009 when it became public. Until 2016 it was worth at most a few hundred Poggles, but with futher investment prices began to skyrocket making many, who invested in the beginning, multi-millionaires. The currency became so successful that many stores and banks such as Unitons, United Bank, Buckstar and NCBC accept it as it would Poggles, in January Parliament debated recognising it as a foreign Currency, and the Minister for Business proposed that it be considered in a way such as a dominion currency, such as the Leverne Poggle or Nova Marina Dollar. But yesterday the currency took a sharp dive, losing 250 Poggles worth of value in under 10 minutes, and over a thousand throughout the day. Many have lost hundreds of thousands of Poggles in yesterday’s events and ripples from the crash have struck multiple online currencies across Eurth, creating a crypto crash as many financial journalists have been calling it. The ‘Central Bank’ that controls the currency has sent an urgent plea to its millionaire and billionaire backers to help the currency retain its value.So far it is unknown what started the rapid devaluing, but many presume that it is linked with a possible major sell of some Dawcoin, by one of the currency’s millionaire traders. The Head of the currency, Dominic Potrenco has refused to attend Parliamentary Committees multiple times in the past, but with the recent plummeting of the crypto currency’s value and disinterest among investors, Potrenco has accepted an invitation to attend the Digital Banking And Finance Committee, which will be on PMN Parliament 2 on Thursday at midday. The Gladstone Switch, And The Future of PyeMcGowian Energy By Dr Benjamin Riversea Yesterday at a press conference Bill Gladstone, the founder and CEO of Gladstone Energy, one of the largest fossil fuel based energy companies, announced that from the 1st of July all Oil and coal based operations will have been sold or ceased, as they are switching to renewable energy production. This follows the billionaire CEO’s recent trip to multiple remote islands in the South Adlantic And Oriental Oceans where many witnessed how rising tides have caused mass flooding, and making thousands homeless, he said that he was effected by the scenes that he witnessed, which led him to stop his company from emitting any more emissions. Wind Power has Become the second largest power source behind nuclear energy, the Department For Public Infrastructure has released plans for major wind farms in the bay and in the windy plateaus of the mid west. Another project was released for a large Dam on the river Contant, whichas it flows completely through Theodoria, possibly proving a future energy pact, either way, renewable energies are the future, and by 2025, will have made more jobs than the entire Extraction Industry in PyeMcGowan. Flooding has severely effected low islands, forcing many to retreat to higher ground.
  7. PMN MorningBreakfast A Lighter Perspective Westia: A New Capital for PyeMcGowan? Malburg kolaž, Westia. The smal, village in southern Westia is fairly empty and incredibly flat. The area has a small castle, a private school, a country house and a population of 230. Then why would people think that this would make a capital city? A joint venture between the Royal Institute of Architecture, the National Urban Planning Committee And Ministry for Housing an Urban Development, has created a digital mock-up of the proposed city. Our reporters got an early look at this digital capital. The proposed National Strip, at the end is the proposed Parliament building, with a large arch designed by Paula Newbank behind. The digitised 3D model of the city will be released to the public in July, and has been sent to Parliament for debate. The location is fairly central, and is 36 miles from the Westia capital, Llanbwrgandi, leading to one reason for the capital move, a central location, symbolisinga equally represented nation. Malburg House, Owned by the aristocratic Malburg Family, has been for sale since April, and has been chosen as the Prime Minister’s residence in the simulated city. The Residence would face the high court and Library of Parliament. Many of the Aspects of the city already exist, such as Malburg House, Malburg Collage (to become the House of Nobles, and Parliamentary living spaces) and Curting Castle, which would become a Museum of PyeMcGowian History under the plan. Ideas for privately owned buildings, such as the business district, have already been submitted by prominent companies, who have helped fund the project. The Plan has been critisised for its tremendous cost, the project will cost tens of billions if approved, which has been a primary point in the argument against a new capital. Another point is the question, do we need a new capital? Charleston is already a global hub for business, and hosts some of the worlds largest banks and one of the largest Stock Exchanges, so is a new capital worth it for a futher sense of national unity? Tell us in our poll! The proposed new foreign Ministry, Department for Foreign Aid And a Statue designed by the sculptor Mark Zoolander. Construction Companies from PyeMcGowan and across Eurth have shown intrest in possible multi billion Poggle contracts to construct this new capital, which could have a population of 150,000-900,000, depending on the public reaction to a possible move. Critics have also critisised it as a way for the rich to get richer, and to keep the government close to the wealthy and powerful, especially as the Chief Designer of the project’s family owns a portion of the lands that will be bought by the government and private investors if the project is given the go ahead, which the Press Secretary to the Prime Minister called a possibility.
  9. PMN ASSASINATIONS KILL 14 THEODORIAN DEFECTORS Police surround the housing complex. 14 Defectors from Theodoria were assassinated today as they were leaving a housing facility for defectors in Anderson. These 14 include 8 men, 5 women and one infant. These assassinations were carried out by amateur gunmen, and the Ministry of Defence stated that these could well be PyeMcGowians taking revenge for those who were killed in terrorist attacks, or in raids of Theodorian funded AA cells. Two of the dead have been named as Dr.Ralph Mollen, a Theodorian Scientific Advisor And Markus Fielding, a Banker. Authorities have arrested 3 suspects, and are looking into a nearby hotel, which's currently owned by the leader of a nationalist party, the Independent National Party of PyeMcGowan, which has been cited for being discriminatory against Theodorians, Alenians, Levernians and other ethnic minorities. Although the nationalists seem the obvious answer, as they own a tall building overlooking the exit. Many of the defectors provided inside knowledge of Theodorian activities to the PIO and similar organisations, this could mean that this could have been a silencing, perpetrated by a Theodorian operative. In Other News Flooding Hits Southerland. Storm Andrea has reached small town Southerland and Parts of Trasethaffen. The coast guard is encouraging people not to swim in the sea and to wrap up warm as cold weather continues to batter parts of the country. JJ’s bought by Unitons. The diner chain JJ’s has been bought by the supermarket giant Unitons, which is owned by Jennifer Unitsen, cousin of Joseph Unitsen. Founded in 1952, the chain is significant in many PyeMcGowians memories, and is famous for its breakfast meals. The chain has failed to expand internationally, but has small business in Argis.
  10. PMN midWeek Roundup OPERATION INDIGO COMPLETED The Joint Operation between the PIO, Police and The Ministry of Defence has been completed, after 785 arrests. The operation has found a network of criminal organisations and gangs, with operations in every aspect of life. Connections have been found between drug lords, financial crimes and even terrorists. The profits from such activities were siphoned into bank accounts in Theodoria, and the PIO suspect that it has further been funnelled into terrorist organisations, such as the AA. The identities of People connected to this network, dubbed ‘Eclipse’ after one of their bases of operations, around the world have been forwarded to the countries in which they are currently located, for arrest. One, among the 785, was Anderson High Sheriff, Sir Michel Rousseau, Who fed information to the eclipse network regarding police operations. Luckily an Anti Corruption Officer suspected him of selling information, and convinced the leader of the operation to keep him away from the joint operation’s activities. Four extremely dangerous individuals are still on the run, these include ROGER MOORE ANASTASIA MOORE THOMAS CAFFER WILSON VON CARTENBURG These people are extremely dangerous, and if spotted call 1502 786 003 or 888. Do not approach, they are armed with knifes and firearms. In Other News Collapse in Wilson Tunnel leaves town isolated. The small town of Wilmingsdale in the confederation of WB&J has been isolated from the outside world following a collapse in the Wilson Tunnel to Wilhelmburg. The tunnel is the only viable way into or out of the area, as cars can no longer make the treacherous trip over Mount Avignon. House prices see yearly high. The housing market has hit a yearly high as the market has begun to recover from the small crashes of the year. Property ownership has become more popular as people begin to move out of densely populated areas. Flooding expected to hit Charleston and Southerland. A wave of mass flooding is expected to hit Charleston and Southerland, with a small chance in Trasethaffen. WIN A 150,000 POGGLE HOLIDAY! You have a chance to win a holiday to PyeMcGowan’s Overseas Territories of Nova Marina and The Baymans. You and up to four friends will fly first class to Nova Marina, where you will stay at the Grand Dayton Hotel. You will also have two days on the Yacht Royal, and place on the Evergreen Balcony during the Nova Marina Grand Prix. The second week of the holiday will include a private yacht trip to Bayman Grande, where you will stay at the William Mansion. CALL 09892 675182 OR TEXT HOLIDAY TO 56698. LINES CLOSE 1ST MAY.
  11. Geschäftsbank Headquaters, Contantus March 2nd What they were doing was secret, most secret. If anybody who didn’t already know knew, it could be the end for them. But they knew they had to do it, under strict instructions from the government. The bank had always been tied to the state, once a state owned company, always a state owned company, It was the Theodorian way. Markus was new to the operation, the operation was simple yet very complicated, their job on the 27th floor was to finance terrorist activities, and not just the AA, they were sending money to every corner of the Eurth, and nobody knew. They sent the money in many different ways, through physical currency and commodities, through innocent enough electronic payments, disguised as large purchases of property, vehicles and art and sometimes through international casinos. Most of the casinos in Theodoria were foreign, with branches across the world, from there they could buy Chips in Theodoria, and reuse those chips in another country, so dirty Credits could be exchanged for clean Vaitos or so. Markus had only left University a year ago, but he had a good experience in trading. One day, he was approached by a representative of the Geschäftsbank, the man said that he could make his nation proud, it sounded like he wanted him to join the army, then he slid a document and a check over the table, it was his proposed position, his salary and a starting bonus. PROPOSED POSITION TITLE FOR MR MARKUS FIELDING: MARKETS ANALYST He read the description, and it seemed fairly similar to what he was doing, STARTING SALARY: CR210,780 He was astonished, He knew that the salary was the small part of the income, as bonuses usually reach the 7 figure mark for an analyst. Then he saw the starting bonus check. It was for 25 Million Credits, of course he’d used money equivalent to that before, but he never had it for himself. This could change everything, forever, he thought. He jumped upon the chance and that’s how he got to where he is today. Markus didn’t know where the money he was making went, he just knew that it was going to the room next doors, and they would handle it. Apart from the confusing algorithms, millions in earnings, and chances that could ruin hundreds of lives, Markus lives a simple life, he has a dog, a girlfriend in Law School, an imported Range Evoque and an reasonably good view from his apartment, you can see the bay, you just need to go to the far side of the room. The day before lightning struck the masts on the roof of his building, so he had no wifi nor TV. When Markus arrived at work, he felt a sense of urgency in the air, people stressing, sweating and running from either side of the room. “What’s happened?” He asked. “Haven’t you heard, there have been loads of attacks in PyeMcGowan, the markets have fallen. FICB’s stockprice is 8 credits.” “What’s wrong with it being 8 credits?” He asked, “On the 28th it was 65!”. After a while, a long while, towards the end of the day, people were sitting in their chairs, having lost the bank hundreds of thousands, some even millions, all with sweat dripping down their faces, unknowing if they would still have a job the next morning. Suddenly, Markus saw one of his coworkers being taken away by the security, on his way past Markus’ desk, he dropped a File. Markus picked it up and put it in his drawer. It was marked secret, and had the Ministry of Defence logo on the front. Later that night, Markus read the document in his bedroom, what he read was orders from the government to use the profits Markus and his coworkers had made, and siphon it through a network of shell companies to tens of terrorist organisations. “I have to tell the PyeMcGowians, their embassy isn’t far. I’ll drop off the letters tomorrow”
  12. PMN Could the Royal Family be escaping to Nova Marina? Yeterday, the Royal Family’s Private Secretary said that the royal family will be heading to the Overseas Territory of Nova Marina for the Grand Prix, and the Karrler Festival. The Royal Family has never entirely been in the same Overseas Territory since the communist revolution, and were eager to return. But with a looming conflict with Theodoria, they may have gone to escape any attack upon the palaces. The Grand Prix And festival has usually only been attended by the second in line to the throne, which makes the decision for the entire dynasty to attend. In Other News William Specter shot. The Multibillionaire, William Specter, was shot yesterday by a person in a large coat, glasses and white boots. Although he is recovering, Police have said that this could be a hitman, paid by a rival, following the recent Scala win by Specter, losing other bidders millions. Two bidders include Andrew Alio, and Thomas Constant. Reconstruction starts on damaged landmarks. The Landmarks destroyed and damaged by the St Dafydd attacks. The Foreign Ministry And St James Statue have been cleared of debris and reconstruction has begun. Other landmarks are inaccessible as risk of further damage could occur. Optician Giant Goes Bust. Spectacle Opticians, the largest Private opticians in Argis has gone bankrupt. Founded in 1856 by Sir Alfred Wayne, the Company served millions of people, but has gone bankrupt following a recent mutiny of board members. The company has made a deal to sell its international stores to Unitons, and it’s PyeMcGowan stores to Link, the current revenues will be put towards their employees.
  13. Nation Name: PyeMcGowan . Official Broadcaster: PBC, PyeMcGowian Broadcasting Company Song Title: Eclipsium Artist(s) Name(s): Period 2, Eloise Charles, David Carlsen, James De Suisse, Pinapp LeJuice. Tune: 7 Nation Army Lyrics:
  14. PMN BILLIONAIRELIFE How to live like a Frobrischer Billionaire. Step 1: Look like a billionaire The first step to becoming a billionaire in the Frobrischer region of PyeMcGowan is two wear the finest of the finest clothing and accessories in the world. The most expensive suits in PyeMcGowan are made at the Wilson Tailor Shop in Wellington Forbes, with another branch in Belforte. These suits can cost up to 250,000 Poggles! Now you need some accessories, a Rolex Unitsen Wilmington Edition Watch (P120,000), An Infromedra Pair of Executive sunglasses (P65,000) And a Zaneruss pair of shoes (P75,800). William Specter, the second richest man in PyeMcGowan, wears an approximate 750,000 Poggles worth of clothing every day. The most expensive suit available from Wilson is the Dormeu The Rolex Unitsen Dayton Hyne-Leckhampstead Step 2: Live like a billionaire Now you look the part, you’ll need to live the part. Most Frobrischer billionaires have more than one home, so we would recommend your main estate in Belforte, Charleston aswell as An apartment in the city, a country house in Wendover, a mansion in nova Marina and a summer home in the Baymans. Victor Manor, Belforte. All of the homes in this image are owned by Jacob Radnor. Cannes House, Nova Marina. This home is the most expensive on the island of Nova Marina, worth P268 Million. Currently owned by Alberta Connecticut. Step 3: Drive Like a Billionaire The second to last aspect of being a billionaire in Frobrischer PyeMcGowan is to drive like a king. The most expensive car that is legal to drive in PyeMcGowan is the Soreanan Lamborari Hurricane. For 1.2 Million. But there are many PyeMcGowian brands aswell. The most expensive PyeMcGowian car available is the Royce Wilford for 650 thousand. After purchasing other expensive cars, you probably will have only filled a quarter of Joseph Unitsen’s multi storey car parking garage beneath his Nova Marina Mega Mansion. The Royce Wilford The Lamborari Hurricane Step 4: Sail like a billionaire Many of PyeMcGowan’s rich and famous have yachts, but billionaires have mega yachts. Major yacht firms suggest that you should never spend more than 10% of your net worth on a yacht. One of the most expensive yachts in the world is owned by a PyeMcGowian and is worth P267 Million And is Owned by Christian DeVille. It has an indoor pool, football pitch, movie theatre and business centre. The yacht has 20 rooms and 25 bathrooms, Christian DeVilles personal bedroom is the same size as the Aquarium at the PyeMcGowian Museum. There is also an aquarium on the ship, that until 2016, had a tiger shark. Step 5: Fly like a billionaire To many PyeMcGowians flying business class is a dream. But to billionaires it’s like riding a Dawson public bus (To our International readers, Dawson city buses were indirectly and directly the 3rd largest killers of adults in Dawson from 1987-99). Joseph Unitsen’s plane has two floors, and space for two cars. It has four bedrooms, a kitchen, a living room, a dining room and servants quarters, Unitsen also has a cargo plane that he uses to transport his cars, helicopters and he even had a large party inside, with 100 guests. Secondly you will need a helicopter. David Tucker’s has a small bunk bed in the back with luxury seating in the front. He once used it to transport his private plane from Charleston International’s Private runway to Wellington Forbes Private Airfield. Joseph Unitsen’s Mega Private jet. Unitsen’s cargo craft Tucker’s Aamotech helicopter carrying his plane. Congratulations! You’ve become a PyeMcGowian Billionaire. Now you just need to move all your money to an offshore account, prefribly in the Baymans, where it’s own government can’t access its citizens information and you, your children, grandchildren and further are set for life.
  15. PMN NEWS AURAID TENSIONS GROW EVEN LARGER RPAF Fighters leave RPAF Edmont in Anderson. Dawson, Anderson As the stand-off at the border ends, more and more Embassy staff are resigning, Theodorians and Andersonian fleeing and Soldiers being deployed are causing more tension between the two Auraid Nations. Yesterday the military deployed futher troops along the border as the Theodorians have been doing for the past few years. The RPAF has launched further patrols along the border, to provide a closer aerial image of the border areas. A few days ago one Theodorian troop broke through a fence and defected to PyeMcGowan. He has since been sent to Refugee Centre B, in Dawson. Protests have begun in Charleston, Newbank, Summergate and Dawson as many are becoming increasingly weary about the threat of conflict. Protests in Constantus have been severely suppressed by the Police Forces, and Dr Malcolm Paramount, a Theodorian Nuclear scientist was killed trying to escape on a yacht from Hamptus in Southern Theodoria. PyeMcGowian Markets, especially in industries within the border areas, have been declining slowly in the past months, but a shine of hope occurred last week as gold markets boomed giving a small but vital boost to the mining industry. In Other News Scientists come close to undoing extinction. Scientists from Hagren University, headed by Professor Ronald Edwards, have stated that they are coming close to cracking the genetic code of long extinct woolly mammoths. The professor said “With a little more time and funding, we could have a living, breathing woolly mammoth by 2030, possibly even earlier” . These discoveries have been commended by scientists across the world. Fire at Crossvalley Academy leaves 4 dead, including MP. A fire at Crossvalley Academy, a Private School in Knopeton, left 4 people dead, including MP Joyce McGreagor. The other 3 people who were killed by the fire include Professor Jim Fergus of Wendover Principality University, Dr Camilla Weymouth, Surgeon General of Wendover and one student. It is thought that the fire was started during a small demonstration by a class of Year 10s.
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