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  1. Country: Republic of Dniester Full name: Sergei Stepanychev Nickname: "Justice Incarnate" Age and birthdate: Born August 22nd 1975 Sex: Male Years of service: 23 Special traits: Tendency to commit warcrimes Anti-terrorist force they serve in: Dniester KGB Spetsnaz Special Operations Command Elite Force --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Country: Republic of Dniester Full name: Vasili [REDACTED] Nickname: "The Invisible" Age and birthdate: [REDACTED] Est. 1960 Sex: Male Years of service: Est. 28 Special traits: No records besides in the KGB Headquarters office Anti-terrorist force they serve in: Dniester KGB Spetsnaz Special Operations Command Elite Force
  2. @Sunset Sea Islands I'd like to make a request. My tourism posters would probably be similar to Soviet posters, with the same style and such.
  3. To further add on to this, between Prymont's reserved area and Ahrana would be perfect, as it has three rivers which would be the Dnieper, Doenets, and Dniester Rivers. Tagging @Prymont and @Ahrana in case they have any issues
  4. Name of Company: Dniester National Nuclear Corporation Type of Business: The Dniester National Nuclear Corporation is a state-owned Dniesterian corporation that specializes in all things nuclear, from weapons to reactors. Nation of Origin: Andropov Centre, Minsk, Republic of Dniester What is to be manufactured at MTIZ? What is getting made? The Dniester National Nuclear Corporation produces nuclear reactors abroad as well as other non-weaponizable products. Weaponizable products are produced only in Dniester. Number of Workers to be recruited locally: Localised workers will depend upon the about of labour requiried. The Dniester National Nuclear Corporation plans to only have the supervisors be Dniesterians while all the workers will be recruited from foreign countries, at least in foreign manufactories. Number of visiting workers to be based there: Only supervisors will be of Dniesterian decent in order to make sure quality is assured.
  5. President Zieminski reciprocated the gesture with a smile of his own; "Wonderful, absolutely wonderful! The union of Dniester and Bulgenstaz is a wonderful thing, it has already increased our military and economic capabilities tenfold in the past twenty years, and I see it increasing every year! Anyway, I'm getting off topic, lets go greet Mr. Almas."
  6. On a warm and tropical Bulgenstazi day, President Vladimir Zieminski of the Republic of Dniester steps off the Dniesterian Presidential IL-96 transport plane onto Khenkhourt International Airport, in the People's Republic of Bulgenstaz. Today was the day of the 15th Triennial ICEB Economic and Political Summit, where the three leaders of ICEB, Fulgistan, Bulgenstaz, and Dniester meet every three years to discuss politics, economics, and the future of their nations. President Zieminski greeted the Prime Minster of Bulgenstaz warmly, the two are close friends. "Thank you for having me today, Bavrov. Nice to see you again!"
  7. Republic of Dniester Real World People Claims: 1. Defense Minister of Belarus as the Defense Minister of Dniester 2. Yuri Andropov as one of the most influential directors of the Dniester Secret Police (not offical name) 3. Joseph Stalin's grandson (?) as the Dniester Minister of Foreign Affairs 4. President of Belarus (Lukashenko) as the current director of the Dniester Secret Police 5. Vladimir Putin as the Vice President of Dniester
  8. Country: Republic of Dniester Driver, Age, Gender: Sergei Zieminski (the president's son), 23, Male Co-Driver, Age, Gender: Androv Yankovich, 26, Male Car Make, Model, and Year: DAZ (Dniester Automobile Zavod) 4x4 Nivar, C5 Rally, 2006 Real Life Equivalent: Lada Niva T3 Rally 2006
  9. When the government is exiled, they tend to not focus on immigration and rather retaking the country itself
  10. 1. Country is not spelled with a seven. 2. Then they are not exiled.
  11. Dude, this is the 1840's. Also, how would an exiled government have border security as a priority when they don't have a country because they are exiled.
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