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  1. "What do you mean reactor № 2 isn't responding?" The tired husk of a man speaking was the local director of the Chashniki nuclear plant, one of Dniester's twenty-seven operational nuclear plants. The man's name tag read "Yakiv Kopysski". Today, in the middle of the night, a scheduled safety test of the new RBMK-1000 reactor was occurring. More than a few safety procedures were overlooked in favour of doing it quicker, as a faster test would please the political strong-men aiming to get this new reactor rolled out ASAP. "Comrade, the reactor is not responding to anyth-" And then, a large explosion shook the building. The consoles in the control room started to loose electricity and alarms began to blare. "What the f*ck is happening?! Why?! Goddamnit, not now!" Yakiv started to panic. Something was wrong, and he would be the one to blame. The safety director of the building rushed into the room to inform Yakiv of the core. Something was very, very wrong. 36 hours later, Yakiv Kopysski would die of radiation poisoning.
  2. Hello. In the next few weeks, a nuclear plant in the city of Chashniki near the Ahranian border will explode. It will be a Chernobyl-Style nuclear accident. @Fulgistan will be involved, as a company of his engineers will be in the plant studying for the opening of Fulgistan's first Nuclear Plant. @Ahrana will be involved, dealing with the catastrophic fallout, and @Girkmand will also be a recipient of a lot of radiation, as well as @Prymont. I will need approval from you to begin.
  3. To: Government of the Federation of @Ahrana From: Dniester State Ministry of Foreign Affairs Due to recent events surrounding the trials of these so-called "War Criminals" in these fake "Red Trials", the Government of Dniester has been forced to issue an open letter to the Federation of Ahrana, of which decries these set-up and rigged trials of which have committed no crime except for acting in the best interests of Ahrana under the rule of Greggor Ivanoff, Secretary General of the Socialist Federation, President of the Confederate of Independent Socialists and Field Marshal of the Armed Forces. General Ivanoff was a great man who led Ahrana to glory, and these fake trials only serve to further push the agenda of the corrupt and illegitimate Government of Ahrana. The men presented in this kangaroo court deserve nothing less than to be recognized for their heroic actions serving the government of General Ivanoff. Signed, Vladimir Zieminski, President of Dniester Enver Hoxha, General Secretary of the Dniesterian Communist Party Ioseb Jughashvili, Dniester Minister of Foreign Affairs
  4. @Tagmatium Rules Maybe, although the fact I'm going to literally invade with 0 subtlety might let you do some weapon dealing
  5. imma send a letter protesting this 'capitalist organization of musical debauchery' and denounce all nations involved, is that alright?
  6. @Faramount I like the slow burn of the wearing down of my country in the Faramount war. Especially with the long supply lines and sapping of resources. I'll continue with my retcon.
  7. idk whats happening but I have a new plan for my coup so even if the war goes back around I'm not doing my thing
  8. I have come to supply guns, tanks, AA, and missiles. and I'm all out of subtlety
  9. RE: Dniester Freedom Index Minister, Due to the thinly veiled threats of this letter about the index, the blatant defamation, and the insults, your country has been placed lower in the index after a recent addendum. Threats to the freedom of press in the Republic will not be tolerated. I suggest you fix your attitude and issue us a formal apology for your misdeeds. The contents of this letter also only prove us correct about your imperialistic ambitions, as well as show the sheer depravity you will go to in order to silence opposition. I have, however, been informed of the misdeeds of the writers, editors, and proofreaders of the DFI. They have been disposed of. We thank you for bringing this to our attention. Sincerely, Vladimir Stanislavovich General of the Dniesterian Military Information Corps,
  10. The Dniesterian National Index Organization, has, in co-operation with their counterparts in Bulgenstatz, have made a freedom index. LIST FROM MOST FREE TO LEAST FREE Dniester - Dniester is the most free country on Eurth because of its amazing civil rights, devotion to the glorious cause of communism, and its fostering of freedom movements across the Eurth. Dniester also signs many nuclear power deals to keep the Eurth spinning and power to all. There is zero corruption and the military is the most powerful and splendid on Eurth. Dniester also has a program to keep its citizens in as to not cause them to defect from the country due to hostile propaganda poisoning the minds of many. That's why the Dniesterian Secret Poli[REDACTED]many. This is also why Dniester is #1 in EVERY RESPECT. Bulgenstatz - Bulgenstatz is the second most free country because of devotion to communism and its close ties to Dniester. It is lower because it has abandoned some Dniesterian ideals. Fulgistan - Fulgistan is communist but it practices democracy People's Republic of Faramount - The only true Faramount is communist but practices democracy and is lead by foreigners Ahrana - Ahrana is communist but it maintains some good relations to evil imperialists (e.g. Prymont) Iverica - Iverica has made weapons deals with the dniesterian government Adaptus - Adaptus has made weapons deals with the dniesterian government [TBD - INFORMATION REDACTED] Derthalen - at war with allies of Dniester Prymont - evil imperialist [CENSORS NOTE: Prymont has been moved lower for threatening freedom of the press in Dniester.] S.I.C. - religion SPECIAL THANKS FOR DONATIONS FROM 1. Dniesterian South Zagorian Main Administration 2. Dniesterian Presidental Foundation 3. Bulgenstaz-Dniester Friendship Foundation 4. Dniesterian Army 5. Dniesterian Air Force 6. Dniesterian Air Assault Forces 7. Dniesterian Navy 8. Dniesterian Naval Air Corps 9. Dniesterian Secret Po[REDACTED] 10. Dniesterian Redaction Administration ...And many more!
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