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  1. North Dniester

    Civil War Raging!

    The Daily Bulletin, Providing Unbiased News Since 1989 Daily Civil War Report #3 In a shocking turn of events today, the government has decided "who cares about civilians" and carpet-bombed Slobozia with mustard gas. The current casualty report is about 10,000 which is half of the city's pre-war population. This is troubling news. Monarchist forces are moving in with gas masks and salvaged tanks to the city, hoping to take advantage of the situation. Meanwhile, the fascists continue to be pushed back by the communists. The communists have also recently acquired heavy artillery. Read more on page 2 Public Declaration by New Group A new group, calling themselves the "Dniester Armed Liberation Front" have taken it upon themselves to swear death to any foreign forces who will come to Dniester. This new group is apparently heavily armed and has a vendetta against foreigners. We do not have any more information on them.
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    Dniester Civil War

    This is all fine
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    Dniester Civil War

    How I want it to play out: 1. Country is divided into north and south 2. South is monarchist and North is communist 3. East/West Germany situation 4. Fulgistan is allied with the North and Derthalen is allied with the south Open to suggestions!
  4. North Dniester

    Civil War Raging!

    Dniester Pravda, The Truth of the Situation Victory at Tiraspol! After a fierce 3-week battle in the city of Tiraspol between monarchist forces and our glorious army, we have driven them out of the Capital! Our government is safe and we can continue to liberate the country. Already, two-thirds of the country is back under our control, we are on the way to winning this civil war and re-establishing our glorious nation! The opposition is fractured and fighting amongst themselves, we are unified and strong! However, reports say the monarchist and communist forces are becoming more organized and are pushing the fascists back. Read more on page 5.
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    Europa Meme Museum

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    Thank you!
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    I envisage my nation as a socialist country with the same economic policies as Lenin implemented (the New Economic Policy/NEP) that is democratic but eventually wants to establish a communist society. However, capitalism must be implemented before communism can be achieved, as first laid out by Marx. More or less a Republic.
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    Thank you!
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    Hello. My name is Aleksander (you can call me Alex, it is fine)! I have decided to join Europa after a small search for a roleplaying region that is sufficiently well-developed.
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    North Dniester