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  1. I got scared when I saw “Derthalen” lol. In reality, I would likely not support the group then/ they’re just too different from Catholicism , being not only a branch off of Limonian Catholicism but related to Derthalen Truthism. I’ll probably just join @Sunset Sea Islands and @Oyus in humanitarian aid work and Gospel spreading.
  2. Monday, 20 December, Year of Our Lord 2018 The squad of black-suited individuals walked through the same lobby in the same building as Rogers had done not even two weeks before. They each gave a curt nod as they walked pass the receptionist to the elevator before piling in. One hit the button marked “3,” and the elevator doors closed as the elevator began to ascend. The doors opened and the squad walked out, nonchalantly walking down the hallway as if they were only just walking back to their apartment. They stopped at a door marked “305”- the same number on the business card. One of them dropped a duffel bag, rummaging through it and passing out gear- masks, weapons and tactical grenades. None of this would be used if everything went according to plan. But plans rarely work out. When they had finished putting their masks on and prepping their weapons, the apparent captain of the squad nodded to each one of them, then suddenly kicked the door down. Two split left to clear the kitchen while the other three walked down the hallway towards the living room, which was dark save for the TV which was on. The three slowly walked down, the two doors set in the hallway closed and locked. They reached the living room, one clearing left and one clearing right. The third walked over to the couch, where he found Tony lying on the couch, sleeping and with an empty beer can in his hand. On a coffee table in front of the couch were documents, sprawled out in an unorganized fashion. The group leader, Thomas, took off his mask, and the rest of the squad did the same as the two men from the kitchen walked into the living room. As the two drugged Tony and bounded him, Thomas looked at the documents. Many of them seemed like printed out emails, letters, or other documents, although some were profiles on some members of the Ordo. Thomas frowned at how much info seemed to be leaked. “Grab those documents, we’ll burn them later.” The other two men nodded, and the squad began packing up. The gear was stowed back to where it was before, with the documents stashed with them. Tony was stuffed into a large suitcase that they had brought in with them. They left 5 minutes later out of the backdoor. ____________ Saturday, The Day of the Birth of Our Messiah, Jesus Christ, Year of Our Lord 2018 Tony woke up from his unconscious stupor, his body aching and in pain. He had lost count how many days he’s been in the basement. His face was bloodied, bruised, and bloodied from the beatings. “Come on, Tony. Do just tell.” The pain at first was unbearable, but he had gotten used to it. He was sure that they’d broken a good number of bones in his body. he knew it was bad when thoughts became hard to muster. “Toooony.” The woman seemed to croon. “Tell and you won’t be in trouble.” It sounded like his mother. Why was that? Something stopped him from telling. Not the excruciating pain or brain damage. He despised Kevin. What was his business going around telling people what to do or not do when he’s got his own problems, his own hellish “sins?” He was part of this plot in the first place. The woman made an exaggerated pouting face. “Oh, come on Tony, you know you want to tell me your secret. Who told you those naughty things? You don’t want to get in trouble, do you?” Tony struggled to lift his head up. His mother was asking a simple question, all he had to do was answer the truth. No punishment. But something stopped him. He didn’t know what. They always hated each other. Or... did they? Tony, his eyes empty and blank, grunted in response. The woman frowned. “Well, no cookie for you.” Then it went black. _______ “Stop.” The tattooed woman stopped beating Tony. The bat was stained red. Matthew was standing in the dark corner, examining Tony from a distance like he was examining a corpse at a crime scene. The woman walked over to him and shrugging her shoulders. Matthew looked to the man standing next to him. “We found him with documents about us. Profiles on us even, including one on you.” Kevin looked away from Tony and stared at Matt. He held back his emotions screaming at him to do something. “Why do you tell me this?” he asked, nonchalantly. Matt shrugged. “Just to let you know.” Kevin simply nodded in affirmation and replied briefly. “I think we can begin our moves for the smoke.” Matt was surprised. He cocked one eyebrow, “You sure? Saulius is popular. We do not have a guaranteed majority.” Kevin simply nodded. “Cardinal John is also popular, especially with the more liberal cardinals overseas in Europa. Others we have bought off.” He looked away from Matt and back at Tony. “Others could simply miss the vote.” _______ The morning after. Father Leo walked out to his mailbox to collect the daily mail. As the new pastor, he was incredibly busy, but with it being the day after Christmas church offices were closed and there was only one daily mass, which the other priest offered to preside over. He was left to enjoy his Sunday, something rarely enjoyed by the clergy in Salvia. He walked down the asphalt driveway and opened the mailbox. He rifled through it, and seeing the usual package almost stopped. But a small, handwritten note taped to the corner of a magazine caught his eye. He ripped it off the magazine and read it. He frowned confusingly. Judas seeks the lambs. He wears a red flower. His wolves wear white. Seek them.
  3. What other options are there for Derth? He’s sure to lose the war that he deserves. I have no clue why he doesn’t accept that fact. Of course, this is from an outsider. I wasn’t present when almost all of this happened.
  4. Salvia would probably support the Christian group, possibly with arms and/or advisors. Would this be a problem?
  5. It could, but I’ve alresdy extensively used “Salvian” or “Salvia” I just don’t see a problem with me continuing to call my Church “Catholic” jointly with @Iverica.
  6. Uh, “Catholic” had a meaning well before the Protestant Reformstion. it was first used in the early second century AD by Ignatius of Antioch, the bishop of Antioch. I’m not that far away- I’m pretty much closer than almost everyone.
  7. I apologize greatly that I have not been paying attention so that I did not reply to this WAY sooner, which I should’ve. I’m on my phone currently and will type more later (my thoughts, etc.), but I’ll try to clarify things right now. @Faramount Salvian Catholicism originated after one of the apostles, whom I’ve titled “Liosous,” left the Aroman Empire to spread the faith around 120 AD, probably close to 122. Due to distance, the newly established “Salvian” Church was unable to communicate with the Church in Arome, and so slowly separated into a different religion (as opposed to the abrupt schism as seen in Catholic-Orthodox Schism of 1054) As far as I am concerned, I am claiming to be the first “Catholic” Christian religion, although Iverica may have me beat I am basically the IRL Catholic Church with minor differences and traditions. Me and @Iverica have been discussing over possibly being in a diarchic relationship, with each electing one pope- their relationship or really anything else has not been discussed
  8. Me and @Bulgenstaz have agreed on upon the name "Agrillian Mountains" for the small(ish) mountain range northwest of Salvia and south of Bulgenstaz.
  9. @Orioni @Sunset Sea Islands @Tagmatium Rules Yall are too kind. Thank you!
  10. Salvian teens are taking to the internet to warn their fellow internet citizens of the dangers of sex: (Cred to @Seylosfor the video)
  11. Home | World | Salvia | Business | Politics | Opinion | Tech | Entertainment It's Old vs. New In Salvian Voice Finale Contest Three Brothers From the Singing Group "The Monks of St. Leo's Abbey" Singing Salvian Chant During Mass at their Abbey Salvian Chant. An old, traditional, and beautiful religious chant that millions of Salvian listen to everyday, in Church or on the radio. Believers and nonbelievers appreciate it alike, and it has been on Salvian minds and lips for a millennium. It may not win any awards at music contests or the like, but it still is widely popular. But the former part of that last sentence might just change next Saturday, when a group of monks, calling themselves simply "The Monks of St. Leo's Abbey," will compete against the rising pop star Ariada Venté on the popular singing contest TV show Salvian Voice. "I never thought we'd make it this far," stated one of the monks in the group, Brother Hugo. "'Salvian Voice' has always been pop music since as long as I can remember, and to even think that we'd be here singing Salvian Chant is mindboggling." The group, comprising of some two dozen members, originally applied to be on Salvian Voice as a joke says another monk. Brother Hugo explained, "We sing at the abbey and sometimes the local churches, and some music producer even invited us to record some chants to put on the internet. He joked with us on how we were so good that we could even beat the people on [Salvian] Voice, and so one day a few months ago we decided to just do it and audition." The group has gone through the group stage and knockout rounds, beating other popular pop artists like Ed Sheers and popular rapper 2 Trainz. Ariada Venté posted on social media that she's excited to face off with the group and has been "rooting for them the whole way." She'll face off with them next Saturday where they'll each perform a song and the judges will discuss each song and decide a winner. Venté has stated she'll perform her hit single "Maintain Good Relationships With Your Girlfriend" while the monks have yet to announce the song that they will perform.
  12. Deopolis, 1974 Alexis Hall Executive Wing Pope Leo XXIV walked towards his office from the building cafeteria, where he had just finished a simple yet delicious dish of shrimp and grilled vegetables. The spices still lingered in his mouth as he left, the meal sitting in his stomach pleasantly. He went through a courtyard in the middle of the building, cutting across the rectangular building through the center. The carefully tended garden had a large fountain spewing water in the center, with brick paths circling around the expansive courtyard. The pope suddenly became troubled as he walked through the garden. He reflected on the previous few years of his papacy. The economic boom he had inherited was wiped with the faraway Argic War. While the homeland was untouched by the war, its effects had strong impacts. The economy took a turn for the worst as fuel prices rose. Tourism dropped sharply as overseas countries faced war. Trade was disrupted, and the three nations of Marenesia Major- Salvia, @Gallambria, and @Bulgenstaz- all faced economic troubles. Once popular, Pope Leo was becoming increasingly unpopular as he sat idly and did nothing about the crisis. His thoughts were interrupted when an assistant approached him, a letter in hand. The assistant bowed and spoke, “Your Holiness, I am very sorry to interrupt, but the Foreign Minister has asked you to look at this.” Pope Leo nodded, opened the letter, and read it. It was an invitation from the nation of @Kipan to several island nations to discuss economic options for the struggling countries. He exhaled sharply at the convenient timing. “Send this back to the Foreign Minister. Tell him that he has my permission to send an ambassador to this meeting and a telegram back to His Highness.”
  13. Nation Name: The Divine States of the Sanctum Imperium Catholicum Official Broadcaster: NSBN Song Title: National Title Artist(s) Name(s): National Title Tune: TBD Lyrics: TBD
  14. Joseph lay there on the ground, unmoving. Anthony grimaced and pushed the barrel harder into Joseph’s temple. “Listen, bud. I can sit here all da-” He was cut off by Joseph’s elbow, which he had wriggled out of under Tony’s body. The sharp jab to the temple made Tony momentarily flinch back, loosening his grip on Joseph, allowing Joseph to punch Tony and throw him off. Tony fell onto his back, and Joseph jumped on top of him, knocking the gun out of his hand before pummeling him with his fists. After some punches, Joseph wrapped his hands around Tony’s sweaty and slick throat and growled. “I don’t care who you are or why your after me, but how do you know about the order?” Tony racked his brain for things to say. His heart was racing as he felt a sharp pain in his nose and forehead, blocking his focus. He sputtered for air, trying to answer. “I w-w-w-as hir-r-red,” was all he was able to sputter out. Joseph nodded, indicating him to go on, loosening his grip slightly. Tony sputtered a bit less and was able to talk more clearly. “By a m-man who wanted to k-know about your group.” Joseph nodded slowly, before releasing Tony, getting up, and grabbing the handgun that had been knocked a few feet away. Tony lay on the asphalt path, breathing heavily. Joseph walked back over and helped him up, the gun pointed towards Tony. Joseph thought for a moment longer before saying, “Who hired you.” Anthony, dusting himself off and without a man on top of him, tried to play slick. “Well, information costs, huh?” Joseph cocked the gun and didn’t look impressed. Tony feigned fear, swallowing obviously as if he had a large lump in his throat. He hooked his collar with one finger, and moving his hand to seemingly scratch his head, he instead quickly punched Joseph in the gut and sprinted off into the woods. Joseph bent over, but swiftly stood back up and, aiming the gun, squeezed the trigger. *Tink* *Tink* Nothing came out of the gun. Joseph lowered the gun as he saw Tony run further away through the thicket, disappearing out the other side. Joseph sighed, pocketing the gun so as to not leave it lying around, and turned around where something got his eye. A wallet, not Joseph’s, lay on the ground where the scuffle had originally begun. Joseph picked it up and flipped through it, seeing, among other things, a credit card, several IDs (some obviously fake), and cash. Just as Joseph was about to close it and pocket the money, a card hidden behind some credit cards caught his eye. He pulled it out and smiled as he realized it was a business card. * * * Friday, The Eve of the Birth of the Christ Jesus, Year of Our Lord 2018 Matthew never really liked Christmastime, in the country of Salvia, at least. He had enjoyed it with his family out of country on the few occasions they went vacationing and had liked the Christmas songs that had played on the radio and the general carefree atmosphere. In Salvia, however, it was one of the most serious times of year, excluding Lent. Very few Christmas pop songs were played, and while consumerism had still wriggled itself into the country through the countless signs and commercials advertising sales on gifts, the greater part of the society had remained stoic and reverent to the extreme. Nevertheless, Matthew had business to attend to in the city of Trinity. The city was just north of the capital Deopolis, and as such retained much of the religious qualities found in the capital of Salvian Catholicism. However, it tended to be more liberal than the other provinces and became a hotbed of controversy within the Church elite for the clergy’s seemingly liberal traditions and preachings, like the parishes in St. Paul’s down south and other places outside Salvia. Matthew used these liberal clergy members, especially the bishops and other senior clergy members, to influence cardinals in their own ideas. With the election of a new pope upcoming, the Ordo Sacra Gloriosa planned to turn these cardinals, through bribes or manipulation, to vote for Bishop Rogers for pope. As Matthew thought over this plan through his head for what was probably the billionth time, he played it out the same way. Rogers would, through direct policy or simple influence, remove the Church from Salvia, and after that, Matthew could even take down the institution he saw as corrupt and greedy. But first, more allies were needed. And they could be found in Trinity.
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