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  1. Would Eurth have the same or at least some of the disarmament treaties signed IRL?
  2. Office of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs Deopolis, the Sanctum Imperium Catholicum Recipient: The Federal Republic of Stalgora [@SamNorth], Foreign Minister Jor Hrovson Minister, Our nations have had little contact over the years, no doubt for the great geographical distance between our two states. In these modern times, however, this is inexcusable as modern technology allows our people to be connected no matter the distance- cultural or geographical. The Foreign Ministry and the Saulius executive see it fit that we open our doors to all nations and establish relations with the nations of the wurld that we have failed to connect with for the multitude of reasons evident already. Your people are a proud and determinant one. Tucked away in the rough corners of the Argic, your people have survived for centuries and prospered. It would be a great misdeed to not seek further cooperation with your great nation. The Foreign Ministry deems it necessary that we establish embassies in our respective capitals to begin diplomatic relations and provide the basis of which to foster further cooperation and progress between our nations. Enclosed below are the details of the proposed embassy and the ambassador who would serve your great nation if you would accept this kind offer. Specific accommodations about the location of the embassy, the ambassador himself, or anything else, may be requested to the Foreign Ministry and will be reviewed. May God bless your nation and your people, Minister of the Sanctum Imperium Catholicum’s Foreign Affairs, Alvon Russo Through the Trinity, We Flourish
  3. The gathering of lords and generals sat silently atop a nearby hill, watching the battle finish below. It was a relatively quick affair, much more time being spent on mustering the men and readying them for battle then the actual combat. As the enemy fled into the city, the crusaders followed them, and soon flames and smoke could be seen rising above the settlement. Flavio called over an aide after a realization. It was September- there would definitely be late-season crops in the fields, if not harvested already. “Yes, m’lord?” “I want you to ensure that the fire does not spread to the field or the storehouses. Sir Fernando from the Iverican company would most likely be your best bet for aid.” The aide saluted, mounted a nearby horse, and rode off. Lord Otto stated out loud to no one in particular, “They’ll almost certainly be able to muster up a force again.” Flavio shrugged. “It won’t matter. We’ll fight them again.” The flames and smoke grew more intense as the din of battle shifted to a din of murderous screams. He continued to face the village, “We’ll need to find a better way to face those horse archers. They’ll prove much more deadly in future conflicts.” Turning to the group, he finished, “We’ll discuss that once dusk settles. You all are dismissed- see to it that your men set up camp.” The assembly of lords and generals walked off while Flavio remained. * * * The rhythmic din of feet marching along a dirt road mingled with the sounds of chatter and metal clanging. Lord Theobald, atop his horse, trotted alongside his men. The crusader army had been traveling southwest along the main highway, with several detachments splitting up and sweeping the coast while the larger army continued its slow march southwest. The forces had now joined up for the crossing of the Tes River. The chatter picked up as the army rounded a bend in the road and summited a large hill. Straight ahead of them, to the southwest, stood a large and fortified settlement, resting elegantly on the Tes River. Theobald halted his horse as sat upright, observing the city and surrounding countryside. This would be his army’s first challenge. And hopefully not its last, he thought.
  4. Hello, yes, I am Salvia. Just doing a quick search of my climate, it would seem to be hot year round and very wet. Is this correct? Because if it is, then I have a problem. We can chat more on discord.
  5. Home | Wurld | Salvia | Business | Politics | Opinion | Tech | Entertainment l Sports  BREAKING: Salvian, Church Leaders Condemn Haru Actions, Concilio Passes Cussian Humanitarian Act A unified response to the atrocities occurring in the Empire of Machina Haruspex has come out from both the Salvian Catholic Church and Salvian government. “These horrors seen in the Haru are so despicable, it warrants the rain of fury from the Lord onto those responsible [...] Unless these men experience the most miraculous conversion in the history of mankind, they will surely burn in hell for all of eternity with no hope of God’s saving grace,” Cardinal D’Angelo, a member of the Magnissimum Comitium Cardinalicium wrote in a strongly worded document released last Friday on the situation in Haru. Many Salvian people, including those in positions of power, feel the same. State forces of the Empire of @Haruspex were reported by Haru state media to be carrying out orders from the Haru government to forcefully displace or re-educate the Christian minority in the Northern Provinces of Beautancus. These allegations prompted the states of @Iverica and @Gallambria to threaten sanctions and further pressure if Haru refused to allow for observers to investigate the situation. The Haru government would end up cooperating with the Gallambrian and Iverican demands, which would end up allowing for the creation of a unified effort to evacuate Christians being persecuted by the Haru government. The unified effort, besides the aforementioned nations, involves another TRIDENT member in the form of @Variota, Haru’s neighbor @Tagmatium Rules, and the Kingdom of @Seylos. Salvian political leaders, from both the executive and legislative, have formed a cooperative effort, despite divisive issues such as the Laren Treaty Adaptation Act, gun control, and other issues dividing the Saulius executive and Concilio Populi. The Concilio Populi passed the Cussian Humanitarian Act with unanimous support last Thursday, granting funding among other things to the Saulius executive to support the effort. President Archbishop Saulius has authorized the Minister of Defense, Vernon McCoy, to utilize the military in their effort to safely evacuate the persecuted Christians. Saulius also joined Cardinal D’Angelo in his condemnation of the Haru government, saying, “The acts of the Haru government are totally evil and wicked. The safe evacuation of these Christians from the persecution of the Haru government is now our number one priority.” This story is developing and will see further updates to it in the coming weeks.
  6. Thursday, 14 February, Year of Our Lord 2019 Office of Clerical Abuses, Inner Chambers of the Papal Palace Hearing Room The Office of Clerical Abuses took up around a quarter of the Inner Chambers. A majority of the Office were offices of those in its employment. However, there stood one solitary courtroom on the eastern part of the palace, a hallway running parallel to the wall on the other side of the courtroom. The courtroom itself was a long rectangle that shot out perpendicular from the wall, the large double doors acting as the entrance into the room sitting on the western, shorter side of the room. The judge’s bench sat opposite of the doors with the witness stand conjoined with it to its right. The jury box sat to the judge’s left, coming out of the other wall. The windows above the box stretched across the entire wall, allowing light to stream into the courtroom. Facing the judge’s bench in the front rows behind pew screens were the counseling tables, and behind that was the gallery, where those who wish to observe the hearing sat. Cardinal D’Angelo sat next to his fellow Magnissimum Comitium Cardinalicium members in the jury box, a mix of anger and betrayal on his face. The laugh lines usually present on the cardinal’s tan face were not as visible, the emphasis instead being on his frown lines above his brows. His spectacles sat tightly on his face as he observed Agrillo and Rogers, the red cap on his head hiding most of his gray hair. His thin lips curved slightly downwards as he sat in the front row of the jury box. Agrillo sat in the front row of the hearing room behind the left pew screen, apprehensively optimistic. His gray hair was brushed back, revealing the many frown lines he had on his forehead. His glasses rested on his large, chubby nose, while his lips seemed slightly crooked as they arched downwards. It had taken around a month to organize everything together, as the Church needed the approval of the state to have a hearing and gather more evidence. He had made sure that everything was taken care of- everything on his involvement in the Ordo was covered up and Tony or anybody who had dirt on him shouldn’t, wouldn’t come. Any member of the Ordo that testified he was a part of it would be swiftly disregarded. Everything seemed to be in place. And if everything was in place at the time of the sentencing, he’d be rewarded greatly. Rogers sat next to Matt and the defense attorney in the front row of the hearing room behind the right pew screen. 12 other Ordo members sat in the pews behind them. They were all part of the defense being prosecuted by Agrillo for “heretical and subversive activities against the Church.” Matt sat with chin in his hand and his arm resting on the armchair, brooding. His face was slightly bruised from his captivity and he had a bandage wrapped around one of his hands. His eyes showed his hatred as he gazed into the air. The bishop to his right was in a better condition. While he had sustained a concussion from his arrest, he had been treated very well for a prisoner. He sat upright in his chair, his left hand grabbing his right wrist as he rested them on his stomach. His gaze was caught by the large crucifix that was behind the raised judge’s bench as he thought of his course of action. Both the one he had already taken and the one he would take in the future. Matt’s eyes were caught by movement to his right. Rogers shifted his gaze behind him and focused on the doors, where a priest had entered the courtroom silently. The hearing had not yet started and so nobody paid much attention to what was just another member of the clergy interested in the case. However, as Matt shifted his head to look at Rogers, he saw something on the man’s face. This person was more important than just another observer. As the man sat down and Rogers moved his head back down, he caught Matt’s inquisitive gaze and just simply shook his head. Matt couldn’t help but catch a slight smile on Roger’s face. Father Leo walked into the courtroom and sat down near the middle of the right aisle closer to the front. He had already submitted his evidence for review and was asked to attend the hearings in order to help the jury properly sort the whole situation out. He felt calm- he had one job, and he would complete it. The clock struck noon, the time the hearings were set to begin. Everyone rose as the judge* walked in and sat back down when he was seated. He put on a pair of spectacles before reading out loud from a paper he had carried in. “The trial for case Ecclesiate** vs. Rogers, in conjunction with cases Ecclesiate vs. Fisher and Ecclesiate vs. Ordo is set to begin shortly. I will allow a few minutes for both sides to prepare their opening remarks before we begin.” The respective attorneys began shuffling papers around in preparation for the beginning of the trial as the rest of the courtroom sat expectantly. * * * Thursday, 30 September, Year of Our Lord 2019 Office of Clerical Abuses, Inner Chambers of the Papal Palace Hearing Room An ecclesiastical trial held in the Office of Clerical Abuses is, to the surprise of even its own clergy, is informal. The attorneys, who are members of the clergy themselves, shout, yell, and interrupt their opponent without regulation from the judge. References to Scripture or doctrine are common. Witnesses are asked questions by both attorneys at the same time while the jury yells out questions of their own. It’s a far cry from the legal system of Salvia or any other nation in the world. For the last seven months Rogers and the Ordo have been on trial. The evidence and witnesses are presented in the chronological order they are shown to the judge, meaning the one important witness, Father Leo, would be last. The evidence that was presented was, of course, damning. D’Angelo and his fellow cardinals, some 20 members of the Comitium, were only further swayed by the evidence Agrillo presented, shouting frequently curses to the guilty. Matt and the Ordo members only sat there awkwardly, knowing they will be sentenced to prison for very possibly the rest of their lives. It was the final day of the trial. All business was wrapped up, the prosecution and jury coming in fully expecting this to be sentencing day. The clock struck noon. The judge walked in as the courtroom rose and sat down on the judge’s bench, the sounds of wood scraping on the floor accompanying it as the rest of the courtroom sat down. D’Angelo eyed Rogers with contempt, while Agrillo did so with triumph. The judge took a deep breath before projecting, “Part 74 for case Ecclesiate vs. Rogers, in conjunction with cases Ecclesiate vs. Fisher and Ecclesiate vs. Ordo is set to begin shortly. I ask the last witness of this hearing to the stand, Father Leo Alessi to the witness stand.” Agrillo was taken aback. He had apparently missed this last witness. It was no matter. There was nothing he could say that could take away his victory. The defense attorney, who had already been prepped on Father Leo’s role by Rogers, stood up confidently. He walked over to the right of the witness stand and judge’s bench and turned on the projector, which was set up to a powerpoint showing the documents Leo had supplied to the case. The judge leaned forward to take a look. “Your eminence, the evidence brought before these esteemed members of the Comitium shows without a doubt that Cardinal Agrillo is in cahoots with these Ordo memb-” Agrillo scoffed loudly and interjected, "Nothing but an attempt on my reputation. You know you’ve lost so you’re trying to bring me down.” The jury shouted in support. The defendant yelled over them in dismay, “These documents clearly showed direct communication with the Ordo and consenting cardinals. This conspiracy goes beyond Bishop Rogers and his companions and directly into the Church!” The jury was silenced by this outburst, then began murmuring among themselves. The defendant continued. “As demonstrated in these files, Cardinal Agrillo is shown to have met with Ordo members and to have communicated them since their inception in 2013. In fact, His Eminence was the first key member of the clergy to be recruited by the Ordo; that is before Bishop Rogers or any other higher member of the clergy. Agrillo used his position as Administrator Curiae to delay the election of the pope, elect members of the lower levels of the clergy, such as Bishop Rogers, to higher positions, and gain support from other cardinals and bishops.” Cardinal D’Angelo, in the front of the jury box, turned to his fellow cardinals before looking at the defendant with a look of disbelief, “That’s just preposterous. Patrick was the one who busted this whole deal. Plus, what about this evidence is conclusive? They could’ve been easily been faked. And those images could’ve been edited.” The defendant shook his head and continued, “The dates that these pictures were taken match days that Cardinal Agrillo was seen missing from his post in Deopolis. Now, I’m sure His Eminence would say that he had business to attend to in these locations, but why were you seen with these people?” Agrillo shook his head in disbelief and replied, “As Cardinal D’Angelo said, they were simply edited to frame me.” He turned to the judge and continued, “Sir, I ask you dismiss this motion as pure fantasy and allow the sentencing of these enemies of the Church.” The judge waved him off. “No, I want to see where this is going. Unless you are in fact guilty and are just trying to move on?” Agrillo huffed and stopped talking. The defendant resumed, “If these images are, in fact, edited, then why do they perfectly align your schedule and location? For example, this one,” the defendant pointed to an image on the projector, “is dated as Christmas Eve in the city of Trinity, pictured next to Mr. Fisher. Almost all of these pictures were taken by security cameras. What reason would someone like Bishop Rogers or Father Alessi have to take an image from a random time in a random place with one of my clients and edit you in? They couldn’t do it while imprisoned and had no contact with the outside world.” The defense attorney turned towards the priest on the witness stand. “Now, Father Alessi, I just have a few questions for you, for the sake of the doubtful. How did you obtain these documents?” Father Alessi leaned forward and projected for everyone to hear. “They were mailed to me by Bishop Rogers.” The defense attorney nodded and continued, “And, Father Alessi, what did these files contain?” “There were several ‘profiles’ of Ordo members, including Mr. Fisher and Cardinal Agrillo among others. Each profile contained several pages, an assortment of addresses, I.D.s, other information, and other candid pictures.” “And why do you suppose Bishop Rogers sent you this information?” Leo shrugged. “I’m guessing he wanted to bring down the Ordo and the corrupt members of the clergy.” The defendant turned around to Rogers, eyebrows raised. “Was this your intention, Bishop Rogers?” Rogers simply nodded. Agrillo stood up and spat out a response, “Absolutely preposterous!” He turned to the cardinals of the jury and continued incredulously, “You are to believe this man, having already confessed and been proven to be in direct contact with heretics committing one of the worst crimes in the Church?” Rogers suddenly became passionate and stood up, the screech of the chair against the floorboards drowning out his first words from how sudden he stood up. “You are just as guilty as I in this you greedy son of a b*tch!” Some members of the jury began shouting before D’Angelo shouted over all of them. “You demon! Associating a holy man with heretics such as yourself!” Rogers shot back as the courtroom exploded into chaos, “Shut up you-” The sound of the judge’s gavel slamming into his desk cut off Rogers and silenced the courtroom. “Alright, alright! That concludes our hearing. I ask the jury to convene outside and sentence the defendants.” D’Angelo eyed Agrillo with concern as he left the room behind the rest of the cardinals. Agrillo just sat there, trying to hide his look of apprehension. He knew for certain that Rogers and the rest of the Ordo would be going down. But would he sink with them? ----------------------- Near the end guys, hang in there. *: The judge that presides over a case held by the Office of Clerical Abuses is almost always a lay Salvian Catholic well versed in theology and canon and national law. They are appointed by the Salvian executive and serve for life. **: The title for the Salvian Church in church cases is "Ecclesiate"
  7. Yea. I suppose the people that already arrived could just edit their posts and all would be well. Shall we now have it in @Orioni or another island?
  8. Yea, @SamNorth could you give us a screenshot of where you roughly plan on being? The map is awesome, I just can't tell where you are exactly.
  9. Sounds like a pretty significant change did need to happen
  10. I just have one question: what was the major issue with the climate/wind patterns that requires this change? I’m not saying there isn’t an error, I’m just curious
  11. I’m going to be 100% honest in what I say here: I don’t like this, but that is not me saying it is incorrect in the assessment. I have no knowledge of climate, weather, and wind patterns. Zilch. But I have huge problems with suddenly changing everybody's climate. Maybe I’m sounding like a stuck-up b*tch, and apologies if I am, but I’m not willing to change my climate, and maybe I’m speaking for other people when I say that. Or maybe I’m alone on this, I have no clue. But people have already RP’d their climates extensively, whether directly or indirectly. Besides doing it in direct ways (like their wiki or something like that) people can have their canon climate be described through their history, culture, and role plays. Having that suddenly changed is no bueno from my perspective. A region’s geography is the starting block for everything- culture, history, etc. Having a climate changed changes more than just the temperature in their recent RP. It literally changes their entire nation (if we want to be realistic about it), unless it is only a very slight change in climate. And even then there is still changes to be made. Additionally, for some (like me), it’s just really down to personal preference. I wanted my nation to be where the Aroman Empire was, sort of like Tag an Adaptus, with a Mediterranean climate. I had to settle for somewhere nearby that could reasonably be colonized (Marenesia) and settle for a climate imitar to that of the Southern U.S./Cuba. And this is perfectly fine- every single one of us had to compromise, and for very good reasons. I am totally satisfied with what I have now. But that’s kinda it- I’m satisfied with this. If I wanted to be a nation with a climate similar to that of the Australian interior or Middle East, I would’ve picked a location that would fit. I truly do apologize if I sound whiny right now. I really don’t mean to sound b*tchy or that I know everything about the subject. Because to be honest, I don’t. I know next to nothing (I did take a class about Human Geography but all I remember is the structure of Latin American cities). But I want to voice my opinion. (Sorry for any typos. I’m typing this on my phone and tried the best I could to proofread and fix errors)
  12. To: the Agios Basilikon Kounsistorion of the Megas Agios Basileia ton Arhomanion @Tagmatium Rules From: His Eminence Archbishop Patrick Saulius through Vernon McCoy of the Sanctum Imperium Catholicum My brother in Christ, With Salvia beginning to emerge on the international stage with the guiding arm of our Tagmatine compatriots, it is wise that our cooperation go beyond economics and enters the military realm. While our military relationship is still young, the Saulius administration believes that further cooperation with Arhomaneia will only benefit both sides. I have been instructed by the Saulius administration to inquire about the proposition of Salvia purchasing one of the two Despotes class aircraft carriers that Arhomaneia currently owns. If accepted, this proposition shall be discussed during our official meetings in Tagmatika. I hope that the Agios Basilikon Kounsistorion sees the sensibleness of this deal and accepts the proposition. Yours in Christ Minister of Defence Vernon McCoy
  13. This transcript was originally featured on NSBN Radio Network on 20 September [Theme music plays] As the summer draws to a close, Salvian Variotians across the nation celebrate traditional holidays. NSBN correspondent Mark Kingsley has the story in Trinity. Walking through the large city of Trinity at night is a busy affair. Trains and buses are stacked full of people as they make their way across the city, the tall buildings and wide streets crowded and fully illuminated. Like so many other cities around Eurth, the place never truly sleeps. Even transitioning away from the night into the early morning, the city plaza and nearby neighborhoods continue to bustle, the lights turning night into day. It appears nothing is out of the ordinary for the busy city. However, in the district of Meronx in the northeastern part of the city, the primarily Variotan neighborhood called “Huis” (short for Huis Weg Fan Huis, literally “Home Away from Home”) is more lively than usual. The sailors and port workers openly mingle with the “higher-ups” of society, a strange sight for many cultures and people, as traditional Variotan music loudly transcends into the sky. There’s a large mix of people coming from all sorts of ways of life, drinking, eating, and dancing together. Even ethnic Salvians join in the celebration. So, what is this celebration then, something so big for the Variotians that they have a massive block party well into the night, where everyone from a C.E.O. of a company to a homeless man drink and party together? I wanted to find out, so I walked towards the party. After wriggling through the crowd of dancing people, I was able to meet with the host of this party, Hank Lantboer get more insight into the celebration. We began talking, the party continuing without a pause from my arrival. The massive party, he said, was due to a traditional Variotan holiday called Mast Day. Traditionally held at the end of the summer, it used to celebrate for first-time captains and sailors that had survived their first season, but has since taken a more modern outlook, now just celebrating adults and teenagers that are moving on to a new phase of their lives. The story could’ve ended there, but the host kept telling me stories of his ancestors coming to Salvia. Variotans, the third largest minority in Salvia not counting its Marenesian neighbors, never mass migrated to Salvia as Salvian Protestants once did to Variota and other Protestant nations. Instead, they slowly trickled in. Most Salvian Variotians can trace their roots to workers and sailors of the Variotian Marenesian Company, which conducted and facilitated trade between Marenesia and Variota. Others arrived after bad harvests or due to family connections. But, as my host explained, some Salvian Variotian’s ancestors came from Variota in the late 1700s, when ideological clashes with their church led to a religious divide. These people, including Lantboer’s ancestors, came seeking a third, more hardline religion that they could follow. Whatever the reason, a not insignificant number of Variotians continue to live in Salvia today. I thanked him for his time and began to wander around the party. A lot of Variotian traditions are still preserved to this day in the Salvian community. Some obvious ones, like traditional food, decorations, and dances are easily observable. But Salvian Variotians have retained many subtle traditions from their homeland as well. The rich are still expected to flaunt their wealth to a certain extent in front of their friends and neighbors- something found in this party as upper middle class families sponsored this celebration, and similarly do the same for others. Like their homeland though, they do this for the worse-off, giving food to passing homeless people and taking any person that wants to join the party. Salvian Variotans have been able to combine two very different cultures into something truly spectacular. And while many face problems in the form of discrimination in the workplace due to stereotypes, they still found a home in Huis Weg Fan Huis.
  14. Eastern Alharun Steppe, the Yellow Empire September 12th,Year of Our Lord 1554 Fort Alcober Flavio walked outside the palisade walls, contemplating. The crusading forces had arrived a couple days ago to their designated point at the foor of the Eastern Alharun Steppe. Even though he had walked a decent distance away, he could see men working on the outside of the fort, the ground without any bumps over a couple feet in height. While he could still see the multitude of soldiers bustling around the fort, he was isolated with his thoughts, alone. The land the fort was on, at least according to legend, was holy ground. The first missionary to the area, John Alcobar, had come to the land some 125 years before. After preaching his message in a nearby town he was carried out and stoned. Flavio paused for a second. He was always reserved, often holding his judgement back. He was mistaken as disabled or mute many times throughout his life. But this was the time to burst out. Chosen by God to lead a holy mission, he would liberate these Christians or like Alcobar, spill his blood trying. Gusts of wind blew strongly over the steppe as he walked back to the fort, the sound of the flapping of the flags being carried by the wind. The grass seemed to bow down in his direction. Truly, he was chosen by God. * * * A letter from Lord Bergio Theobald to his wife in Salvia, written on the 16th of October, Year of Our Lord 1554 My dearest wife, I hope all is well at home and trust that both the estate and our children are doing well. Since we landed in Alharu two months ago we have met no resistance in crossing the southern portion of the Yellow Empire. While the number of cities is small, the places we have met on our way have either immediately surrendered after seeing the size of our force or have thrown open their gates in celebration that a liberator has finally marched through their lands... ...the southern force consists of some 30,000 souls and has only grown in number as native auxiliaries have joined our forces to fight back against their oppressors... the northern force consists of some 45,000, although I am totally unaware of the level of resistance they have met on the way... ...I have a feeling that most of the leaders here are fighting for totally secular reasons, which if revealed to the armies would cause soldiers to abandon this most holy endeavor and thus is the only reason that I will not reveal the fact. For I truly believe that this war is just and holy, and to see the leaders of this fight leading for an unholy motive tarnishes the war in the first place... ...I hope all continues to be well at home. Please pray for our souls and mission. Written by my own hand, Your dearest husband, Bergio Theobald
  15. Sounds like you need it. Have fun!
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