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  1. Sancti Imperii Catholico

    Request: Sanctum Imperium Catholicum

    @Orioni i think this would be the best place. It could more easily explain an Aroman link with @Tagmatium Rules or @Adaptus http://imgur.com/6L2NM2Z http://imgur.com/YJ7c7Uh http://imgur.com/bI8UsJz The one near gallambria is SIC while the other two are colonies from the colonial era.
  2. Sancti Imperii Catholico

    Designing National History

    Best scenario we have, I believe.
  3. Sancti Imperii Catholico

    Request: Sanctum Imperium Catholicum

    Good point. That could better explain the Aroman and Christian link. Although, I don’t know if I wanted to be an island. Then again, I don’t think it would be so bad. What do you think @Orioni?
  4. Sancti Imperii Catholico

    Designing National History

    The council does not decide this and that is horribly off topic.
  5. Sancti Imperii Catholico

    Designing National History

    Yes, we do have quite the pickle. Not wanting to sound selfish myself, but I also claim that I’m an ancient Christian nation with it dating back to 145 AD. Although, that might give us some leeway for an apostle or two to make their way to the New World. Another possibility- although, this could be very much in the realm of impossibility- is to have the holy land in Europa and make a nearby island near Adaptus or yourself that I would be on? I feel like I’m sounding selfish, I’m sorry. But having Aroman culture on two continents is hard to justify in the first place. So maybe we can just pass it off as an eternal question mark?
  6. Sancti Imperii Catholico

    Sandbox RP forum for newcomers

    Although I’m new here, I definitely could see this working out if moderated well and maybe the ease of entry made a tad easier to filter out the terrible writers to give us people who are mediocre but can make progress. Another thing: i feel like if the mods cannot decide if a person is ok enough, it should be put up to vote
  7. Sancti Imperii Catholico

    Civil War Raging!

    So what will you be? Communist or a monarchy?
  8. Sancti Imperii Catholico

    Royal Family looking for home

    Nah nah nah, forget all these slugbags. What do they got? Traders? Pfffft, we have that and a great view of the ocean on one of our private condos!
  9. Sancti Imperii Catholico

    Request: Sanctum Imperium Catholicum

    Don’t know about that... it’s pretty secluded, smaller then I like, and not good for agriculture
  10. Sancti Imperii Catholico

    Request: Sanctum Imperium Catholicum

    1. Looking at the names, it didn’t sound very Latin, but I was not sure. Thank you for telling me where my nation would work. Would right here be ok? 2. I can switch my climate to Mediterranean. My climate isn’t that important so long as I can grow crops (agriculture is pretty important) 3. What do you mean by this? Do you mean I’d be colonized by @Iverica? Thank you @Orioni
  11. Sancti Imperii Catholico

    Civil War Raging!

    Representative Don Brown slouched in his chair, closing his eye as the late night crept into his aging body. He woke with a start a few moments later, his colleague shaking him and whispering in his ear, “The vote is starting.” After many hours of debating, the Concilio Populi had started the vote to escalate the involvement in Dniester to the point of war. Brown took a deep breath and pulled himself up. Rubbing his eyes and forcing himself to stare at the Chamber’s ceiling lights he began to feel energy slowly course back through him. Vice President Sèamus Finley stood at the podium and banged his gavel a couple of times, silencing the council. He spoke into the microphone, “We will now begin the roll call vote. Lewis Richards?” Around half an hour later Sèamus Finely went back to the podium. Shuffling some papers he leaned towards the mic and read from the paper. ”With a vote of 159 to 71, the Concilio Populi passes the Intervention of Dniester Act.” —————————————————————————————————————— [Encrypted Telegram] General Aaron Kelly, You have no doubt heard of the Council’s vote. The conflict of Dniester is a complicated one to say the least, as there are several factions involved. However, we are support the monarchist forces. I am putting you as head of the military forces in Dniester, which will be deployed a couple months time. For the time being, you shall direct the supply of arms and commanders that are being deployed ASAP to the monarchist forces. Both your Marines and the 7th Army Battalion are at your disposal, along with Fleet Group Charlie 1 under Admiral Byrne. We will coordinate in the following weeks. Yours in Christ, Minister of Defense Vernon McCoy
  12. Sancti Imperii Catholico

    Council of Deopolis

    @Fulgistan @North Dniester, thank you for being willing to participate!
  13. Sancti Imperii Catholico

    Council of Deopolis

    @Neo-enclave, @Aluxia, @Tagmatium Rules, @Ahrana, @Prymont, a final date has been set. RPing will begin on December 8th however IC it will take place from Christmas Eve to around the 28th. The RP will consist of a series of discussion about topics pertinent to Christianity and come to a consensus as well as governmental delegates getting together in a different place to discuss actual foreign relations, although that will be one thing i assume. OOC, we should discuss the origin of Christianity through the birth of Jesus (or equivalent), where the Holy Land is, and which churches branch off from whom/what. I would love to hear suggestions on which topics we would discuss and how we could discuss them. Thank you for your patience!
  14. It is still a rip off of the Dolch Sea RP
  15. Skeletons? You do realize this isn’t a fantasy land... its irl except, ya know, in Europa