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  1. Eastern Alharun Steppe, the Yellow Empire September 12th,Year of Our Lord 1554 Fort Alcober Flavio walked outside the palisade walls, contemplating. The crusading forces had arrived a couple days ago to their designated point at the foor of the Eastern Alharun Steppe. Even though he had walked a decent distance away, he could see men working on the outside of the fort, the ground without any bumps over a couple feet in height. While he could still see the multitude of soldiers bustling around the fort, he was isolated with his thoughts, alone. The land the fort was on, at least according to legend, was holy ground. The first missionary to the area, John Alcobar, had come to the land some 125 years before. After preaching his message in a nearby town he was carried out and stoned. Flavio paused for a second, contemplating. He was always reserved, often holding his judgement back. He was mistaken as disabled or mute many times throughout his life. But this was the time to burst out. Chosen by God to lead a holy mission, he would liberate these Christians or like Alcobar, spill his blood trying. Gusts of wind blew strongly over the steppe as he walked back to the fort, the sound of the flapping of the flags being carried by the wind. The grass seemed to bow down in his direction. Truly, he was chosen by God. * * * A letter from Lord Bergio Theobald to his wife in Salvia, written on the 31st of October, Year of Our Lord 1554 My dearest wife, I hope all is well at home and trust that both the estate and our children are doing well. Since we landed in Alharu two months ago we have met no resistance in crossing the southern portion of the Yellow Empire. While the number of cities is small, the places we have met on our way have either immediately surrendered after seeing the size of our force or have thrown open their gates in celebration that a liberator has finally marched through their lands... ...the southern force consists of some 30,000 souls and has only grown in number as native auxiliaries have joined our forces to fight back against their oppressors... the northern force consists of some 45,000, although I am totally unaware of the level of resistance they have met on the way... ...I have a feeling that most of the leaders here are fighting for totally secular reasons, which if revealed to the armies would cause soldiers to abandon this most holy endeavor and thus is the only reason that I will not reveal the fact. For I truly believe that this war is just and holy, and to see the leaders of this fight leading for an unholy motive tarnishes the war in the first place... ...I hope all continues to be well at home. Please pray for our souls and mission. Written by my own hand, Your dearest husband, Bergio Theobald
  2. Sounds like you need it. Have fun!
  3. Home | World | Salvia | Business | Politics | Opinion | Tech | Entertainment l Sports  14 Confirmed Dead in Synagogue Shooting in Minotian Province Joshua Behr Police say the gunman was motivated by extremist Catholic groups online. 14 people have been confirmed dead and a further 27 injured when a gunman opened fire in a Juddish synagogue last Friday during the evening prayer service. The attack happened in the small town of Matera, 30 miles north northwest of Minotia. The gunman, a white man in his early 30's, reportedly began firing at 7:09 PM local time, minutes after posting anti-Juddish messages and images on social media. 9 were killed at the synagogue, while 5 later died of their injuries at the hospital. Witnesses say the attacker entered the Matera Synagogue before interrupting the service, yelling at the congregation and opening fire shortly after. While most evacuated, some members of the congregation charged at the shooter and overpowered him, taking away his firearm as they began beating him. The shooter's injuries from the beating would prove fatal. The attack brings the total number of anti-Juddish attacks in Salvia to 17 since 2010. This is the second most deadly attack since 2010, the first being the Olbia Synagogue shooting in 2013, where 36 Juddish worshippers were killed. Olbia is also located in the Minotian province. Police have linked the shooter's motive to anti-Juddihs, Catholic extremist groups online. The attacker followed many Catholic extremist groups on social media, where radical anti-Juddish conspiracies were posted. Police believe that the shooter was radicalized by these groups. The respective accounts have since been taken down. The head of the Magnissimum Comitium Cardinalicium of the Salvian Catholic Church, Cardinal Mark D'Angelo, tweeted on the news, stating that the Church did not support these acts of terrorism. The Minotian Provincial Attorney General, Marco Ruiz said he was horrified to see "another senseless act of anti-Juddish terrorism." "The thought that a person would execute anyone for their religious belief is sickening and disturbing. Action must be taken to ensure something like this never happens again. I urge the Saulius administration to take action." Vice President Seámus Finley said he will discuss their course of action with the President Archbishop Saulius and work with Concilio members to "stop anything like this happening ever again."
  4. Who/where are the Volsci? Would they have any impact at all on other Aroman-descended nations?
  5. New Salvis, the Sanctum Imperium Catholicum Overseas Colonies August 22nd, Year of Our Lord 1554 Provincial Palace Flavio Burgellio sat at the head of the War Council, leaning back in his chair with his head rested on his knuckles, reminiscing on the steps that were taken to get . A nobleman’s son, he was brought up in the royal courts of Deopolis as his family vied and played the political game, hoping to replace the current Colombo dynasty. The Burgellions had come close to placing Flavio on the throne, having the support of most of the nobles, but needed the last necessary piece to claim the Salvian throne- the support of the Church. Flavio was thus put in charge of the crusade by the Salvian king and Pope Gregory IX. The eastern sun illuminated the palace board room, reserved usually for the business of the governor. Today however, it was reserved for the final preparations of the First Crusade. It had been just over threeyears since the crusade was called by Pope Gregory IX and his Iverican counterpart. Since the decree, the Church had roused support amongst the people, and while the Salvian king had sent a part of the army to accompany the crusaders, many of the fighters were a massive collection of volunteers, ranging from pious commoners, explorers wishing to see the world, prisoners hoping to earn their freedom, nobles like Flavio seeking political gain, and everything in between. The needed funds were contributed by noble families like Flavio’s, the Church, and other Christian nations- most notable of which were the Ivericans. These funds would pay for supplies, weapons, and the basic training that was sorely needed for the untrained masses that came. Many sold most of their possessions and left their families to embark on the crusade. These supplies, men, and weapons had been ferried across the Adlantic over the last three years, gathering their strength and preparing for the final crossing into enemy territory. A war map was hung on the opposite wall, showing the full extent of the Yellow Empire and its area of influence. While the supplies and men began to gather on the island, the leaders of the crusade- military generals and several nobles- met in the winter of 1551 in New Salvis to begin discussing the strategy. A week before the final landing, the strategy was being reviewed one last time. Flavio snapped back into reality as he sat up in his chair. The leaders of the crusade were ready to begin at Flavio’s command. He cleared his throat and motioned his hand towards the general on his right, who stood up and walked across the room towards the map. As he did so, Flavio addressed the leaders, “Good morning, men. This is our last meeting before we see each other once more in heathen lands. I turn the attention to General Cassius.” The general nodded before continuing, “In a matter of a few days we will cross the strait in into enemy lands, setting up a base camp at the foot of the Eastern Alharun Steppe. Lord Phillip, you will oversee the construction and upkeep of this base to ensure that the supply lines to Salvia and the outside world will be kept open. Generals Marcus, Godwin, and Lords Wade and Theobald, you will lead the men already assigned to you south and sweep through below the Steppe. Theobald and Marcus will eventually split from this group to curve northeasternly towards the Amharan capital, Godwin and Wade will continue the southernly push. The rest of us- Lords Randall, Otto, Leo, and Flavio, will move directly from Phillip’s base and make a push to the Amharan capital, where we will link up will link up with Theobald and Marcus. If necessary, help will be delivered to Godwin and Wade in the south. Most of the territory we are liberating are tributary states, so resistance should be small, especially in the south. Only strongholds that are loyal to the Yellow Empire should provide resistance. If by now the Yellow Empire has not surrendered yet, we will regroup once more on the border of Amhara and Yellow Empire proper, before making our final campaign in towards their capital, Anhuajing.” Cassius finished with a nod towards Flavio, and he nodded back. “Thank you, Cassius.” Cassius moved to his seat and sat down. “The fine details of this campaign are entrusted to you, men. Each and every one of you are capable leaders, and I trust all of you to step up to God’s call and lead these men on a most holy crusade against evil. Prepare not only your plans but your soul as well. Take up your own cross” The lords and generals rose from their seats. A priest carried a large crucifix and stood to the side of the doorway. “You are all dismissed. Deus Vult!” The gathering repeated the phrase after Flavio before heading towards the doorway, kissing the feet of the Savior before exiting. Every one of them knew that the other was not here for religious reasons or out of piety. They all were here for personal gain and they were all beginning to scheme. Flavio knew he needed to be ahead of them if he wished to rise to the throne. _______________________________________________________________________________________ OOC notes because I felt like they didn't fit in this post but I feel should be mentioned: 1) Christians from other nations are (obviously) present, but the majority are Catholics/Tacolics 2) Each lord/general is in charge of their own small army- a mix of their personal armies, the standing Salvian army, and volunteers thrown into battalions and assigned to a lord/general 3) Most funding comes from nobles and lords attempting to gain something from the venture- many of which were promised something by the Burgellio’s if they contributed. The rest is provided by the Salvian Church
  6. To: the Agios Basilikon Kounsistorion of the Megas Agios Basileia ton Arhomanion @Tagmatium Rules From: His Eminence Archbishop Patrick Saulius through Leo J. Conway of the Sanctum Imperium Catholicum Brother in Christ, A furthering of our relationship is only beneficial to our goals. United through our shared ideals- tradition, family, courage, faith, and strength- Salvia and Tagmatium will prosper for years to come. I and the people of Salvia wholeheartedly agree with your assessment surrounding the environment. God gave humans free reign over His domain and to mistreat it is to betray His Trust and go against His will- two grave sins. As such, the Saulius administration pressured members of the Concilio Populi to accept the Laren Treaty adaptation proposed a few weeks ago, which will go into effect in the next couple years. Our nations will lead as examples through the 21st century as saviors of God’s creation. At the Agios Basilikon Kounsistorion’s request, a diplomatic envoy will be sent to Tagmatika to discuss and iron out a special deal from which both our nations will benefit from. The promotion of economic cooperation, easing of visa restrictions and encouraging immigration, and greater cultural and national cooperation between our nations must be discussed and will be in due time. May Christ be forever with you, Minister of the Sanctum Imperium Catholicum’s Trade and Finances Leo Conway
  7. Home | World | Salvia | Business | Politics | Opinion | Tech | Entertainment l Sports  DM Vernon McCoy: Salvia is ‘very interested’ in joining TRIDENT Joshua Behr Defense Minister Vernon McCoy has stated that the Saulius Administration wants to pursue TRIDENT membership In a statement yesterday afternoon, Defense Minister Vernon McCoy stated that the Saulius administration has been seeking to join the multinational TRIDENT alliance for ‘a few months now.’ “Salvia wants to maintain the safety of its citizens and its interests at home and abroad. We already have ties to key members of TRIDENT in @Iverica and @Gallambria. It’s time we move forward and put Salvia on the international stage.” He continued, “We’ve been very interested in joining TRIDENT for a while, a few months now. The Saulius Administration believes it’s the best move for Salvia to take right now, I think TRIDENT could use another naval-focused nation in the alliance. TRIDENT, or the Tricontinental Defense Treaty, is a joint military alliance between Gallambria, @Variota, @Girkmand, @Andalla, @Prymont, and Iverica. Their most notable operations have been mainly internal besides the Verde Sea Blockade in which TRIDENT forces were mobilized to blockade the Verde Sea due to Ahranian aggression. Salvia already holds close ties to Iverica due to religious ties, Andalla due to recent negotations and deals, and Gallambria due to their proximity on the continent of Marenesia. None of the participating members of TRIDENT have commented on McCoy's statement at time of writing.
  8. Just noticed while scrolling through, but just call me Salvia
  9. Friday, 11 January, Year of Our Lord 2019 Ordo House, Trinity Matt sat by the kitchen island, fingers tapping on his laptop. He was still at Elijah’s house, securing the last of the payments between clergymen and other people in positions of power to secure Cardinal Roberts the papacy. Once there, the Church would be there's. He heard a knock on the door. It didn’t sound friendly- not the knock of a neighbor or solicitor, but rather someone that demanded attention. Matt slowly scooted the stool he was sitting on backwards and put his feet on the floor. He walked to the front door and looked through the peephole. Two imposing figures stood outside, dressed in a white uniform shirt and dark blue pants. The badges on their chest and patches on their shoulders revealed who they were, as well as the entourage of vehicles and officers that stood outside: the Papal Police. Matt swallowed nervously. The voice muffled through the door, he heard one of the officers say, “Papal police, open the door right now.” Matt put his back on the door, heart pounding. He knew Tony would snitch- he had already bribed a police officer that came earlier to keep quiet. But the Papal Police? There was no way Tony could’ve gotten them to come here. This wasn’t even a religious matter, as far as they were concerned. “Papal police, open this door right now!” The voice sounded more irritated this time as if he knew that they’d have to breach the house anyways. Matt’s heart continued to thud in his chest, so loud he thought they could hear it on the other side of the door. He crept as quietly as he could towards his laptop and grabbed it before making his way to the back door. Suddenly he heard the front door smash open and without even turning to check he booked it out the back door. Matt heard shouts and footsteps throughout the house as he swung open the door and sprinted through the backyard. He tossed his laptop over the fence and began to climb it when he suddenly felt two strong hands on his back grab him and throw him on the ground back first. Matt couldn’t even catch a glance at the man who had grabbed him before he was flipped over and handcuffed, the dirt rubbing onto his cheek as the grass went into his ear. The officer picked him up off the ground before forcibly slamming his feet into the ground, a stab of pain travelling through the arch of his foot to his calves. The officer forcefully escorted him through the backyard to the front, where he was able to see several police officers search the house and bring out Elijah and another member of the Circle. The cluster of vehicles and officers had by now attracted several people to watch, some of who were just coming home from work. The setting sun didn’t let Matt see the faces of the officers, but a passing cloud stopped it long enough for Matt to see a face he recognized: Cardinal Agrillo. Matt caught his eye. Agrillo grinned smugly before the sun came out again, but Matt could still see Agrillo’s figure walk towards the police car he was being led towards. An officer opened the door and the one leading Matt forced him into the seat, gripping his shoulder and pushing down hard. Matt sat there for a few moments before Agrillo appeared, his forehead against the top of car and his right arm slung over the door, his smug grim still on his face. “Matthew Brown, you’re under arrest for conspiracy against the Church. Do you have anything to say for yourself?” Matt spat on Patrick’s shoe. “Traitor,” he spat out contemptuously. Patrick stood up and shrugged, wiping his shoe off on Matt’s pants leg. “Just looking out for myself, Matt.” He locked eyes with Matt one more time, Matt’s eyes smoldering with anger and his face twitching, showing signs of rage. Agrillo walked away. St. Paul's Cathedral Rectory Bishop Rogers sat on the couch watching TV when he suddenly heard a commanding knock on his door. He absent mindedly patted his cat who was sitting next to him before standing up, stretching, and walking towards the door. He opened it, expecting a churchgoer asking for his prayers or a solicitor, but was surprised when he saw two officers from the Papal Police. “What brings yo-” He was interrupted by the officers grabbing him, forcing him outside and slamming him against the brick wall next to the door. His head smashed into the brick wall, the hit causing him to momentarily lose his sense as lights danced around his eyes. His hands were forced behind his back as he was handcuffed, then forcibly led to the police car in the parking lot. He heard a muffled voice began to speak, “Bishop Kevin Rogers, you are under arrest for conspiracy and treason against the Church, heretical actions...” He stopped listening after the officer said that, focusing instead on staying on his feet and not passing out. Inner Chambers of the Palace Cardinal D’Angelo’s office phone rang. Expecting the call, he picked it up before the first ring was even complete. “Brother, the deed is done. Rogers and Brown have been arrested. We are investigating the whereabouts of the rest of the members and will arrest them as soon as we can.” D’Angelo shook with excitement. “Excellent work Agrillo! The enemies of God have been stopped. The Church has been saved by your hands.” Although D’Angelo couldn’t see it, Agrillo was grinning ear to ear, his plan working out perfectly. “You are too kind, Mark. I will be back in Deopolis shortly with Rogers and Brown for questioning.” Agrillo hung up then. D’Angelo put the phone back into the receiver before making the Sign of the Cross joyously. St. Paul’s, Our Lady of the Immaculate Conception Parish Parish Rectory Father Leo was eating his dinner with the other parish priest at the kitchen counter, the TV on in the other room facing towards the kitchen, allowing both to watch the news as they ate. Leo was taken aback when he heard Roger’s name on the television, and quickly focused on the newscaster. “... and Matthew Brown have both been taken into custody by the Papal Police on charges of conspiracy. The operation was led by Cardinal and Administrator Curiae Patrick Agrillo, who after acquiring sufficient evidence was given the order from the Magnissimum Comitium Cardinalicium to enact the arrest of these two individuals.” Leo was taken aback. He had thought that name sounded familiar. In fact, both did. He got out of his seat and rushed into the rectory office, opening his desk drawer to find the documents he was looking for. He found both profiles- one on Matthew, the other on Cardinal Agrillo. He figured that he could never accuse a cardinal of the suggested crimes, but had instead sought Brown. But maybe now was the time to come forward about Cardinal Agrillo.
  10. Happy birthday @Fulgistan! Crusading has stopped for today to allow for celebration of your birth
  11. Home | World | Salvia | Business | Politics | Opinion | Tech | Entertainment l Sports  Salvian Rugby League To Start Up August 31st The Trinity Stags celebrating their championship win over the Minotia Saints last year, their first since 1973 The Salvian professional rugby league, the Rugby Salvian League, is set to begin August 31st, with the first game happening at 7pm local time at Trinity Stadium. The defending champions, the Trinity Stags, will host the their rivals in the St. Paul's Legion on their home turf, in a rematch of the Champion's Cup Semifinal that took place last October. The Stags won a close match winning 14-12, and ultimately dominated the Minotia Saints in the finals 54-7. The matchup is hotly anticipated after a momentous offseason, in which St. Paul's was able to secure star hooker Jake O'Connor and hired a new assistant coach by the name of Sydney Mallory, who led the 2015 and 2016 Minotia Saints to the finals where they won both. The Stags, not to be outdone, have acquired a few key players from other teams and overseas to replace their inexperienced and undermanned bench. The most notable of these pickups was flanker Neil Martin from the overseas territories of @Gallambria, a rising star and a player many experts predict will do well with the Stags. Three other games will also be played, however all three will start an hour later at 8pm local Salvian time.
  12. Home | World | Salvia | Business | Politics | Opinion | Tech | Entertainment  Controversy Over Censored ED Medication Commercial Joshua Behr A still image from the restricted ad. Controversy has surrounded a recent commercial advertising the Erectile Dysfunction (ED) medication known as "Aroman." The medicine has only recently attempted to open its market in Salvia, having been previously invented overseas, however advertisements for the medication were immediately hit with restrictions. The commercials are not allowed to be shown during "main hours," or the time when people are most likely to be watching TV, typically in between the hours of 6am to 11pm after which the commercial is allowed to be aired. Any network that violates these restrictions are given heavy fines, as with other restricted commercials and programs. Sex and anything that accompanies it is seen as taboo in Salvian culture, and so medication marketed towards "sexual-related" conditions are typically restricted as in the case as the Aroman ED commercial, however this one differs from typical cases in that the makers of the ad say that they will take the case to the High Court of Salvia. The last time this happened was in 2000, in which the court ruled in favor of the government as it "protected children and others who did not want to be exposed to immoral or taboo subjects" in their own home. The Communications State Department, a subdivision of the Ministry of Commerce, has released an official statement clarifying their actions, stating, "Like many times before, we have placed restrictions on ads that are viewed as taboo or inappropriate for younger ages. This type of marketing can not be aired at times when children or teens are potentially exposed to this material and so we have taken action, like we have done before." Salvian legal experts, including NSBN correspondent Prof. Nolan Adris, expect the case to be dropped by the High Court of Salvia. "The Court wants to maintain consistency, and the case is pretty recent," Adris went on to say. "It wouldn't hear a case from so recent ago just to make the same verdict- they don't have to reinforce or in anyway alter their verdict if it still applies in this context, and its the exact same context as before." Despite these predictions, the company behind the ED medication has teamed up with similar companies to prepare a lawsuit against the Communications State Department.
  13. Red looks like a really good location, I can definitely see you there. Plus it would finally give @Oyus a neighbor
  14. Home | World | Salvia | Business | Politics | Opinion | Tech | Entertainment  July Job Reports Released by Ministry of Labor and Jobs, Surpass Expectations Alexis Mereda The July jobs report was released yesterday by the Ministry of Labor and Jobs, the government ministry reported. Intended to monitor the labor market and unemployment, the “Employment Situation Assessment,” or ESA, is a summary of employment and other components of the labor market released monthly. A final annual assessment is also released at the end of each year. The report shows that another 14,000 non agriculture-based jobs were added, surpassing expectations of labor market analysts who predicted the economy slowing faster than it has, and as a result less jobs being added. The unemployment rate remained steady at 4.8%. Minster of Labor and Jobs Gregory O’Conner went on record saying, “The market is still growing, and while showed signs of dipping in the last few months, also shows signs of remaining strong and recovering from the decline experienced in late 2015 early 2016.” Vice President Seámus FInley went on to parade the new report on social media, stating “Economy and jobs are the best they’ve been in years. The economy of Salvia is really on the world stage and shows no sign of receding back.” The market reacted positively to the report, with SMC, NAM, and Murway-Kirk all having a good day with stocks. This, paired with ongoing trade negotiations with @Tagmatium Rules and continued benefits from the previously brokered trade agreement with @Andalla, has given the market a boost for July, which is expected to last through August.
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