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  1. Thursday, 16 December, Year of Our Lord 2018 Joseph walked down the two-lane road outside his suburban neighborhood. The clouds shielded the hot sun, allowing the tall man to go on an afternoon walk without the oppressive heat. He worked from home today, and so the roads and sidewalks were almost completely absent of cars or other people, save the lone stay-home mom on a jog or group of teens skipping school. He cherished the empty space as one of the only places he had the time to think. Joseph stopped suddenly in the sidewalk. An asphalt path to his right led into a small woodland downhill, until meeting a bridge and crossing a creek before turning left and losing sight from the main road. It was nothing special, although Joseph had never gone down there before. And something was pulling him. He shrugged and decided to make the little detour. It turned out to be a nice secluded area. Quiet, with the birds chirping and little other noise. Thinking he had the whole space to himself, Joseph further relaxed. Unbeknownst to him, Anthony had been trailing him since he left his house. Surprised by his obliviousness throughout the journey, Anthony took Joseph’s trail through the woods as a gift of an easy beating. No witnesses, no problems. Anthony waited until he took the left turn before sprinting towards Joseph. Joseph apparently heard this, turning his head around in confusion, but it was too late. Anthony lunged and tackled Joseph, quickly putting his hand over Joseph’s mouth and a gun cocked to his head. “Listen motherf*cker, I got a big job and you’re a part of it.” Josephs showed fear through his eyes. He remained tense and simply nodded. Anthony nodded quickly, still slightly out of breath, heavily breathing through his nose. “Good. I need the info of a certain group. Flowery group, if you know what I’m talking about.” Joseph’s eyes widened further then what they already were. Anthony could just make out through his hand, “How do you know about that?” Anthony simply stared back at him. “Let’s not delve into details kid. Except about this group. Spill the beans or I’m capping your ass.” * * * Monsignor Kevin Rogers was no longer a monsignor, but rather a bishop. While the ordaining of a bishop was usually a celebration of a pious man taking the seat of what the apostles once held, the mass was arranged to be a rather quiet affair. Cardinal Edris Melku, from @Orioni, had even made the trip to ordain him, or at least that was the story told to the public. In reality, he had been brought over for an exchange, his support for money. The path for Rogers had been planned out before the Ordo Sacra Gloriosa had even met him. The order needed a man willing to infiltrate Church ranks. Their goal was to get rid of papal authority, through electing a man sympathetic to their cause or through some other method. They found the man they needed in a young and upcoming priest in the city of St. Paul. A more liberal man, he had been heard by some to denounce the papal authority in the government. The order found the man- now a monsignor- and contacted him. The order had then used him to secure endorsements, funds, and other supplies necessary for the task. While the inner circle was small, the whole Ordo Sacra Gloriosa numbered some thousand, and so used other connections in other places to do the same. They had gotten 4 to the office of bishop, and dozens of others hastily ordained to the priesthood. Bishop Rogers now stood by the front door of the rectory where it all began. He had come back to pack the few belonging that remained to finally head to the home where he would stay. The local church members had organized a barbeque in the backyard to celebrate his time here, and with the guests all gone hours later, Rogers began to leave. The other priest that had stayed with him and would become the pastor approached him to give one last goodbye. Kissing him on each cheek and hugging him, he bade farewell and good luck. “Good luck out there Kevin. May God bless you.” Rogers nodded solemnly, “And as to you.” Turning to the door, Rogers opened the screen door and stepped outside. He walked down to the driveway, where a car was waiting for him. When he reached the car, he looked over his shoulder and yelled over to the other priest, who still stood by the screen door. “Leo, do not forget Judas and the wolves. Many times they are very close to you. Stay on guard.” Before Father Leo could reflect on what Rogers had said, Rogers had got in the car and drove off.
  2. I'd be happy to help set this up. @Orioni will you develop this any further before we can reply?
  3. This article was originally featured on Tuesday, February 19 Home | World | Salvia | Business | Politics | Opinion | Tech Saulius Speaks Out Against Communism, Other Liberal Ideas in Address As the clock struck 6:00 evening in Deopolis, millions of Salvians tuned in on their televisions and radios to the several channels and stations broadcasting the annual People’s Address, this year made by Archbishop Patrick Saulius. As Saulius exited from the main balcony overlooking Joseph’s Square he was greeted by a cheering crowd, and quickly began his address. And an address it was. Saulius wasted no time with formalities. He rapidly began to discuss pressing issues, influences, and problems he and many others deemed threats. He did this while also intertwining moments of pride for the nation- the economic boom, foreign relations with former rivals warming, and otherwise a generally great year for the people of Salvia. However, Saulius also kept coming back to a certain topic, that being the attempted modernization of the Church and liberal ideas, especially communism, becoming more of a threat. A surprise to many, Saulius directly denounced communist nations such as @Fulgistan and @North Dniester, stating, “These nations, their ideologies, are a scourge to Eurth and God’s people.” Saulius intentionally left out two members of the ICEB, @Ahrana and @Bulgenstaz. The former due to religious ties, and the latter- and more important one in the eyes of Saulius- in order to maintain good relations. Saulius has always been soft on Bulgenstaz, previously commenting on them before he was elected that they were “good reds.”
  4. Home | World | Salvia | Business | Politics | Opinion | Tech People’s Address Slated for Monday The annual People’s Address, originally started by Pope Gregory VII after being elected to the presidency in 1848, is scheduled to occur at Murphy’s Cathedral on Monday, at around 6:00 PM. It will be the most watched address since it was first broadcasted in 1959. Top officials have said that Saulius plans to cover topics related to the economy, infrastructure, healthcare and welfare, and international relations. This address is of particular note, as it comes after a year of warming relations with @Tagmatium Rules as well as Salvia’s emergence back into international diplomacy after a long period of quiet isolationism following the Long War. The People’s Address was established by Pope Gregory VII in 1848, a month after being elected to the presidency, an office established following the People’s War, a democratic uprising against the monarchy. Pope Gregory VII, after aiding the overthrow of the corrupt and secular monarchy, was elected to the presidency, where a month later he addressed the first Concilio Populi. This began the tradition of the People’s Address, which is now scheduled for the third Monday of February each year.
  5. I’m down for this... gives the Church an excuse to go ham on converting while combatting the disease internationally. ”Wow, you look pretty sick there. Maybe if you followed Jesus this wouldn’t have happened?”
  6. Home | World | Salvia | Business | Politics | Opinion | Tech Bulgenstazi-Salvian Alliance Treaty Under Renewal An agreement between Salvia and the neighboring nation of @Bulgenstaz is under renewal as stated in the original treaty, negotiated between Salvia and Bulgenstaz as the former reemerged as a new socialist state. The treaty was written at first as a simple non-aggression pact, however as time progressed and the two nations came into contact more, it was decided to expand the treaty’s areas of effects in 1989. The treaty establishes economic deals, military cooperation, and a defensive alliance among other things between the two nations. Under the treaty's last article, it is under renewal and potential amendments to the document after the elapsed 30 years, however both leaders have stated that they do not intend to edit the document at all. Archbishop Saulius and a group of representatives are expected to meet at Khenkhourt this Saturday, where they will sign the document once more and the 30 year period will kick in again, being under renewal once more in 2049.
  7. It's February now, is it? A lot of these have me intrigued, excited to get involved.
  8. Wednesday, December 8, Year of Our Lord 2018 Rogers stood in front of the door, waiting anxiously for someone to open the door as his palms began to sweat. He was nervous about to see his old colleague, one he had fallen out with many years ago during their time together in the Marines. The door opened suddenly, a barely clad woman standing in the door frame with a cigarette stuck in her mouth. The woman took no lengths in trying to cover herself up, even to people who could potentially walk past the room. The scent of the room streamed past the woman and smelled heavily of tobacco and alcohol. The women eyed the Monsignor up and down before asking in a tone of annoyance, “Who the hell are you?” Rogers got past his moment of surprise, and trying to avoid looking down, he looked into her bloodshot eyes and answered, “Monsignor Rogers. I’m looking for Anthony.” The woman rolled her eyes before turning her head over her shoulder and yelled, “TONY! Someone’s at the door for you.” Rogers heard a man yell, “LET ‘EM IN!” The woman backed out of the doorframe and let Rogers through. Rogers walked through the door and took in the room. The kitchen lay to his left, with some chairs and a counter separating it from the hallway. The hallway led down to the living room, where Rogers could see a TV playing a movie and a couch facing the TV, where he saw the back of someone's head. The hallway also had two closed doors in it. Rogers walked down the hallway towards the couch, where the man stood up and looked behind him to say Rogers. The man’s faced morphed from annoyed to boiling anger. The man clenched his teeth and said, “Kevin. Get the f*ck out of here. Now,” the last bit wavering with anger. Rogers took a deep breath to calm himself before replying, “Anthony. I have business. This is nothing personal.” Anthony approached Rogers bare-chested. Rogers almost gagged from the overwhelming smell of cigarette smoke and brandy. The man replied through gritted teeth, “I don’t give a sh-t, get the hell out of here!” With this, he reached into his pants pocket. Rogers calmly patted the briefcase, and said to Anthony, “I said business, Tony. Something to pay rent with. I am not here to talk about your choice in prostitutes.” Anthony’s face looked like it was as if the Monsignor had punched him square in the jaw. Fuming but interested in what his former partner had to say, he slightly relaxed his jaw and took his hand out of his pants pocket to motion for Rogers to follow him. They moved towards the kitchen and sat down at a small table just before the entrance towards the kitchen. Still mad, Tony nodded his head to Rogers, indicating he should speak. Rogers opened the briefcase, revealing the contents to be wads of cash. “Tony, I feel I am trouble. You obviously do not care, but I can pay you 50 grand and I think that’s all that matters. There’s a man named Joseph Reed, his address and contact information lies in the briefcase. He works for some secret group called Ordo Sacra Gloriosa. I have never met these people, but I’ve worked with them through this Joseph. If I am to give you this money, you must find out who this group is. I think you are the only one capable of this job, Tony.” Tony looked at Rogers with one eyebrow cocked, slumping in his chair, “You think I will try and track some random secret organization that I have no clue about and expect success... for 50 grand. 75.” Rogers fired back, “60.” “70. Or I’m not doing the job.” Anthony read the Monsignor’s face and smiled slyly. Rogers was not as happy, and stifly replied, “Fine. Nothing more. The rest will come to you by next week.” After finishing, Rogers stood up, leaving the briefcase on the table as he headed towards the door. _________________________ [SECURE TRANSMISSION] To: Amir Paulos, assistant to Cardinal Edris Melku of @Orioni From: Matthew Fisher Hello again, Rogers has the payment. Will meet at 0300, corner of Frederick and Ave Rd. Make sure Melku is 100% up for this. No turning back. -Matt
  9. Ministry of Salvian Transportation To: Kovex Heavy Industries and Amosarr Railworks [@Rihan] From: Ministry of Salvian Transportation & Bulgenstazi Ministry of Foreign Trade Greetings, After talking it over, the joint team of Salvian and Bulgenstazi government officials are glad to accept your request for advising and aiding the construction of the Bulgenstazi-Salvian Railroad. Especially noting your work on the Dartha Metro and the fine condition of Rihan's own railroad network, we trust that your aid will be of great help to us. While discussions pertaining impact to native tribes and potential environment damages are still ongoing between the two ministries, the respective companies will be notified when aid will be needed. We look forward to working with you, The BS Team
  10. Tuesday, December 4, Year of Our Lord 2018 The wooden stairs creaked on the way down to the unfinished basement as Matthew and Elijah climbed down the stairs. The room was well lit, with several overhanging lights illuminating the lower level. The stairs laid out from one corner and descended downwards, leading to an open and medium sized basement. It was unfilled, save for a nice washing machine and dryer in front of Matthew and to the right of that in the other corner a TV next to a couch and some chairs. Other people filled the couches and chairs as the TV was tuned to the popular cop show SBC: Minotia. Matthew stepped onto the basement floor and walked towards the group, while the group greeted Matthew and Elijah as they made their way towards them. One of the guys on the couch, Nathan, invited Matthew to sit next to him on what appeared to be the “lead” couch, with the senior members of the Circle of Matthew, Nathan, and another one, Elizabeth, sitting there. Elijah sat on the floor in front of the TV while the others sat in the assorted chairs and turned towards Matthew as he sat down. Matthew cleared his throat and begin as someone offered him a bottle of beer, which he took. He began in a somewhat serious tone, “Thank you for coming, ladies and gents, just have a few updates to discuss. Firstly, we have everything set to make Monsignor Kevin the new Bishop of St. Paul. Obviously, this is huge for us, and we should have him christened in a week or so.” Matthew took a swig of his beer and continued. “In other news, the arms we ordered recently have arrived and are being stored in the complex. The meeting with Cardinal Melku from Orioni is expected to happen in around two weeks, which is where the payment will happen. Monsignor Kevin has got that. That brings us up to having the secured the vote of around 30 cardinals, including the chamberlain of the college of cardinals, Cardinal Bertone. That’s all I have to say. Nathan?” The bald, older man to Matthew’s left shook his head. “Elizabeth?” She repeated the action. Matthew nodded, “Alright, sounds good. Now be quiet- this is my favorite episode.” * * * Saturday, December 8, Year of Our Lord 2018 Monsignor Kevin walked hurriedly on the crowded sidewalk in downtown Minotia, the noise of honking cars and talking people drowning any other noises out, as rush hour in big cities tended to do. Rogers wore his clerical shirt, accompanied by his black pants and dress shoes, and carried with him a briefcase. The heat and humidity made him and the other commuters sweat, however were partially helped by the clouds covering the sun. He hustled along, bumping into the shoulders of other commuters walking to their apartment or to the metro on their way home from work. Coming to an intersection, he found his destination on the corner across the street, an apartment building many stories high that instead of just occupying the corner spread to either side, allowing for more apartments and rooms. The pedestrian light illuminated green as Rogers approached the crosswalk, and he continued without missing a step as he took a left across the busy intersection. Coming to the door of the building, he opened it and took a step inside. The cool AC relieved the Monsignor of the oppressive heat and humidity. The lobby he had just entered through was filled with some cushioned armchairs and couches to both his immediate left and right which surrounded coffee tables, while the desk and receptionist lay straight ahead. Behind the desk, to the left and right, were hallways that went away from the lobby with doors set in them, which Rogers reasoned to be an assortment of apartments and custodial closets. The desk itself was square in shape and being in the middle of the room, not against the wall, with the wall straight behind the desk being occupied by a twin set of elevators. Monsignor Kevin nodded to the receptionist while walking past her, reaching the elevator and pressing the up arrow button to the right of it. He waited until the elevator opened, then entered it and pressed the “3” button. He ascended, the elevator opened, and he exited. Rogers walked down the hallway, the classic refreshing scent of hotels filled his nostrils as he took a left and walked away from the elevators down the hallway. He stopped at a door near the middle, which read “305,” with a plaque next to it also reading, “Anthony Figorio, P.I.” Rogers nodded his head to himself, and hesitating for a second, knocked on the door.
  11. January 11, 2019 Saulius Comments Over New “PROGRS,” Government Gets Busy as Christmas Season Ends With the recent invention of the new genetic modification technology named PROGRS, researched and invented by @Sunset Sea Islandsian Dr. Giang Ngo and his team, modification of a fetus’s genetics inside the womb is now possible as proven by the fact of the birth of two girls made immune to HIV/AIDS in December. Archbishop Patrick Saulius recently made light of this new discovery and commented on it in a recent interview with him. He went on to say, “[PROGRS] is a dangerous tool indeed. God’s creation in its most vulnerable state is being tampered with more and more each day. It can be used for good, and has been with the birth of those two babies, right? But if you mess with it so much you foil it, or completely alter it for only your benefit, then it should be stopped immediately.” Saulius clarified later after being questioned about it, saying, “Christ took the form of a man, did He not? Why should we, in attempting to follow him, stray away from what He did?” The Church does not technically have a formal response to genetic modification, however many take stances such as His Eminence’s or those more radical. With the end of the Christmas season, the Concilio Clerici joined the Concilio Populi after a week and a half recess over New Year’s Day. With the government in full session today, debates continued over the fast-approaching budget vote, expected to take place sometime in March. Other discussions were held over the potential purchase of new Harrier jets from @Prymont, which was originally proposed in November. The Transportation Ministry also found some activity in the Salvian-Bulgenstazi Railroad, with offers coming in from private domestic and foreign companies, including one from @Rihan the Ministry is expected to accept. Stocks Salvian Manufacturing Company: Down 2 National Agricultural Market: Up 1.5 Murway-Kirk: Up 1.1 Sluggish start kept stagnate for most of the day, leading to small changes in the stocks.
  12. Current CEO(s): Leo Murway & Geoffrey Kirk Murway-Kirk is one of the largest companies to dominate the Salvian landscape. Originally founded by a pair of friends in the economic boom of the late 19th century, the company has evolved its products as technology as improved. Originally selling lamps and workshop tools, the company has focused its production on electronic parts, for everything from consumer use in phones and laptops to powerful supercomputers used by scientists or the government. The company has recently begun manufacturing parts for smart cars and military equipment, including parts for reconnaissance, airplanes, ships, and land vehicles. The company since the turn of the 21st century has been seeking international customers, private and government. The company is seeking to expand to newer markets, including electronic parts for manufacturing and oil production, among many others. Welcome to the Murway-Kirk Company!
  13. Tuesday, December 4, Year of Our Lord 2018 The Monsignor sat quietly at his desk in his small room, reading his Bible. It was a modest bedroom, with a bed, a desk, and a sole nightstand. Many of his clothes were hung up in the closet that occupied the left side of the room. The bed and nightstand were oriented towards the door, with the bed sitting against the back right side. The nightstand held only a prayer book, Roger’s personal rosary, and a lamp. The desk was situated to the forward wall, and was empty save an old laptop where Rogers did most of the parish work on and the Monsignor himself. Rogers finished reading the page and flipped it, suddenly coming across his dog tags from his service as a Marine Chaplain. Memories of old friends and experiences from his service flashed in his mind for a second, as his eyes fluttered over the verses towards one in particular. The Monsignor read it aloud silently, “One who has unreliable friends soon comes to ruin, but there is a friend who sticks closer then a brother.” The Monsignor looked up at the beige-colored wall, dimly illuminated from the nightstand lamp. Friends, huh, he thought. I should have a couple. With this, he began to smile slyly and reached for his cell phone. * * * The night sky hung over the suburban neighborhood, seeming as oppressive as the humid air without the moon or stars to illuminate the black expanse. The neighborhood that sat outside the urban center of St. Paul’s was disinteresting and uneventful, save for one house at the end of a cul-de-sac. Matthew pulled up the driveway in a shiny, opaque black sports car. Turning the keys, he noticed many cars already present, early for what was planned. He took out his phone ad looked at the time. Well, he began to think, not that early. He got out of the open topped car and began up the stairs. When he reached the door, painted red and with subtle signs of wear and tear on it, he knocked with the special code. Knock, pause. Knock knock, pause. Knock. The door unlocked before dressed in a black hoodie and jeans quickly ushered Matthew in before closing the door. Throwing down the hoodie, it revealed to be one of the Circle members, Elijah. Elijah was a thin, lean man, who stood slightly above average. Having always appeared thin and for his obsession with superheroes and the like, he was bullied in school for both his interests and appearance. Now in his late 30s, he had studied philosophy and programming in college before being employed in Matthew’s company. “Hey boss. Everyone else is gathered in the basement already, just waiting for you.” Matthew smiled and patted the man on the shoulder. “Good. Let’s go down, we have some things to discuss.” Elijah nodded and led Matt to the unfinished basement.
  14. The Sanctum Imperium Catholicum, Home of the Papacy The largest nation in Marenesia, the Sanctum Imperium Catholicum, or in short-name Salvia, is home to 23 million people. Originating from local tribes who formed an imperium over the millennium, Salvia has developed a rich culture entered around the faith of Catholicism and its founder, Jesus Christ. The population is spread out rather evenly, however are more located in the four larger cities on the coast, preserving much of the natural beauty out west and on inhabitated strips of coast. With a rich history and unique culture, the nation has become a tourist destination for decades. St. Paul’s The third largest city in Salvia, St. Paul’s is located on the small Leolian Island to the south of the mainland. The city is located on the western coast and extends to the smaller Tiglian Island, which is home to the local professional rugby team’s stadium as well as other athletic facilities. Densely populated, the city is also home to a cutting-edge transportation system due to government and private funding, with the city being the hub of the Salvian Stock Exchange and the center of the recent national economic boom. Both islands are fit for the competitions, featuring islands of coasts and many already present athletic facilities that can be used. Besides the competitions, with the nation already fit for tourists, visitors can experience the Salvian way of life, food, art, and experience the rich history and culture of the island nation. St. Paul’s Vision The central focus point of the Olympic Games are those of St. Paul, of which the city bears his name. The emblem represents the three characteristics that are wished to be imparted on the international audience as well as the athletes that are participating. The characters it’s of peace, purity, and courage are essential in today’s world. The white for purity, not just physically but also morally and logically. Courage, for the leaders and the led, to be able to stand up for others and for oneself. And the dove, for peace, to illustrate that peace is required and necessary for the best society. While the athletic games are certainly competitions and feats of impressive value, the main goal of the games is to encourage and promote these three ideals that are sorely absent from our world. Design and Inspiration For All The design for this Olympiad should inspire all three values within the athletes and the audience. As such, much of the graphics are to feature the red and white dove, with athletes wearing their own national uniform with some modifications, chiefly being a large diagonal line separating to sections, one of the national flag and the other of white, accompanied by the emblem of the Olympiad. The national flag to symbolize our differences and the courage needed to defend oneself while the white and emblem will provide a uniform look, with the white representing both peace and purity. Logistics and Dates With Salvia’s location just south of the equator, the tropical climate is best experienced sometime in autumn (March-May) or the winter (June-August). These seasons avoid the extreme temperatures of the summer but are still warm to enjoy the weather and the games. The already adept transportation system is capable to accomadte the many tourists that visit, and with private and government investment on the rise, the public infrastructure can easily keep up with the demand. The benefits of already being a tourist spot don’t stop there, though. St. Paul’s is also home to many hotels and facilities, athletic and public, that are ready for use and able to accomadate the increase in users during the Olympics. Foreign news agencies can be provided further resources upon requests in advance. With an already low crime rate, security for the Olympics would be able to counteract against any threats and will easily ensure the safety of all guests, foreign or domestic. Security would be provided through a combination of the nation’s own National Guard and private companies. The Legacy of the Olympiad The legacy of this Olympiad will span over many people of many generations. For foreign obeservors, it will show them the three characteristics previously described- peace, purity, and courage. For native Salvians, the impact will be felt even more. It will signify Salvia’s advancement to the front stage while also providing inspiration to the international audience to show peace, to be pure, and to be courageous. The Olympiad has a good home in the Sanctum Imperium Catholicum.
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