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  1. Sancti Imperii Catholico

    NSBN- National Salvian Broadcasting Network

    January 11, 2019 Saulius Comments Over New “PROGRS,” Government Gets Busy as Christmas Season Ends With the recent invention of the new genetic modification technology named PROGRS, researched and invented by @Sunset Sea Islandsian Dr. Giang Ngo and his team, modification of a fetus’s genetics inside the womb is now possible as proven by the fact of the birth of two girls made immune to HIV/AIDS in December. Archbishop Patrick Saulius recently made light of this new discovery and commented on it in a recent interview with him. He went on to say, “[PROGRS] is a dangerous tool indeed. God’s creation in its most vulnerable state is being tampered with more and more each day. It can be used for good, and has been with the birth of those two babies, right? But if you mess with it so much you foil it, or completely alter it for only your benefit, then it should be stopped immediately.” Saulius clarified later after being questioned about it, saying, “Christ took the form of a man, did He not? Why should we, in attempting to follow him, stray away from what He did?” The Church does not technically have a formal response to genetic modification, however many take stances such as His Eminence’s or those more radical. With the end of the Christmas season, the Concilio Clerici joined the Concilio Populi after a week and a half recess over New Year’s Day. With the government in full session today, debates continued over the fast-approaching budget vote, expected to take place sometime in March. Other discussions were held over the potential purchase of new Harrier jets from @Prymont, which was originally proposed in November. The Transportation Ministry also found some activity in the Salvian-Bulgenstazi Railroad, with offers coming in from private domestic and foreign companies, including one from @Rihan the Ministry is expected to accept. Stocks Salvian Manufacturing Company: Down 2 National Agricultural Market: Up 1.5 Murway-Kirk: Up 1.1 Sluggish start kept stagnate for most of the day, leading to small changes in the stocks.
  2. Sancti Imperii Catholico

    Murway-Kirk Company

    Current CEO(s): Leo Murway & Geoffrey Kirk Murway-Kirk is one of the largest companies to dominate the Salvian landscape. Originally founded by a pair of friends in the economic boom of the late 19th century, the company has evolved its products as technology as improved. Originally selling lamps and workshop tools, the company has focused its production on electronic parts, for everything from consumer use in phones and laptops to powerful supercomputers used by scientists or the government. The company has recently begun manufacturing parts for smart cars and military equipment, including parts for reconnaissance, airplanes, ships, and land vehicles. The company since the turn of the 21st century has been seeking international customers, private and government. The company is seeking to expand to newer markets, including electronic parts for manufacturing and oil production, among many others. Welcome to the Murway-Kirk Company!
  3. Sancti Imperii Catholico

    The Fight for the White Smoke

    Tuesday, December 4, Year of Our Lord 2018 The Monsignor sat quietly at his desk in his small room, reading his Bible. It was a modest bedroom, with a bed, a desk, and a sole nightstand. Many of his clothes were hung up in the closet that occupied the left side of the room. The bed and nightstand were oriented towards the door, with the bed sitting against the back right side. The nightstand held only a prayer book, Roger’s personal rosary, and a lamp. The desk was situated to the forward wall, and was empty save an old laptop where Rogers did most of the parish work on and the Monsignor himself. Rogers finished reading the page and flipped it, suddenly coming across his dog tags from his service as a Marine Chaplain. Memories of old friends and experiences from his service flashed in his mind for a second, as his eyes fluttered over the verses towards one in particular. The Monsignor read it aloud silently, “One who has unreliable friends soon comes to ruin, but there is a friend who sticks closer then a brother.” The Monsignor looked up at the beige-colored wall, dimly illuminated from the nightstand lamp. Friends, huh, he thought. I should have a couple. With this, he began to smile slyly and reached for his cell phone. * * * The night sky hung over the suburban neighborhood, seeming as oppressive as the humid air without the moon or stars to illuminate the black expanse. The neighborhood that sat outside the urban center of St. Paul’s was disinteresting and uneventful, save for one house at the end of a cul-de-sac. Matthew pulled up the driveway in a shiny, opaque black sports car. Turning the keys, he noticed many cars already present, early for what was planned. He took out his phone ad looked at the time. Well, he began to think, not that early. He got out of the open topped car and began up the stairs. When he reached the door, painted red and with subtle signs of wear and tear on it, he knocked with the special code. Knock, pause. Knock knock, pause. Knock. The door unlocked before dressed in a black hoodie and jeans quickly ushered Matthew in before closing the door. Throwing down the hoodie, it revealed to be one of the Circle members, Elijah. Elijah was a thin, lean man, who stood slightly above average. Having always appeared thin and for his obsession with superheroes and the like, he was bullied in school for both his interests and appearance. Now in his late 30s, he had studied philosophy and programming in college before being employed in Matthew’s company. “Hey boss. Everyone else is gathered in the basement already, just waiting for you.” Matthew smiled and patted the man on the shoulder. “Good. Let’s go down, we have some things to discuss.” Elijah nodded and led Matt to the unfinished basement.
  4. Sancti Imperii Catholico

    Eurth Olympics Summer 2019 Bidding

    The Sanctum Imperium Catholicum, Home of the Papacy The largest nation in Marenesia, the Sanctum Imperium Catholicum, or in short-name Salvia, is home to 23 million people. Originating from local tribes who formed an imperium over the millennium, Salvia has developed a rich culture entered around the faith of Catholicism and its founder, Jesus Christ. The population is spread out rather evenly, however are more located in the four larger cities on the coast, preserving much of the natural beauty out west and on inhabitated strips of coast. With a rich history and unique culture, the nation has become a tourist destination for decades. St. Paul’s The third largest city in Salvia, St. Paul’s is located on the small Leolian Island to the south of the mainland. The city is located on the western coast and extends to the smaller Tiglian Island, which is home to the local professional rugby team’s stadium as well as other athletic facilities. Densely populated, the city is also home to a cutting-edge transportation system due to government and private funding, with the city being the hub of the Salvian Stock Exchange and the center of the recent national economic boom. Both islands are fit for the competitions, featuring islands of coasts and many already present athletic facilities that can be used. Besides the competitions, with the nation already fit for tourists, visitors can experience the Salvian way of life, food, art, and experience the rich history and culture of the island nation. St. Paul’s Vision The central focus point of the Olympic Games are those of St. Paul, of which the city bears his name. The emblem represents the three characteristics that are wished to be imparted on the international audience as well as the athletes that are participating. The characters it’s of peace, purity, and courage are essential in today’s world. The white for purity, not just physically but also morally and logically. Courage, for the leaders and the led, to be able to stand up for others and for oneself. And the dove, for peace, to illustrate that peace is required and necessary for the best society. While the athletic games are certainly competitions and feats of impressive value, the main goal of the games is to encourage and promote these three ideals that are sorely absent from our world. Design and Inspiration For All The design for this Olympiad should inspire all three values within the athletes and the audience. As such, much of the graphics are to feature the red and white dove, with athletes wearing their own national uniform with some modifications, chiefly being a large diagonal line separating to sections, one of the national flag and the other of white, accompanied by the emblem of the Olympiad. The national flag to symbolize our differences and the courage needed to defend oneself while the white and emblem will provide a uniform look, with the white representing both peace and purity. Logistics and Dates With Salvia’s location just south of the equator, the tropical climate is best experienced sometime in autumn (March-May) or the winter (June-August). These seasons avoid the extreme temperatures of the summer but are still warm to enjoy the weather and the games. The already adept transportation system is capable to accomadte the many tourists that visit, and with private and government investment on the rise, the public infrastructure can easily keep up with the demand. The benefits of already being a tourist spot don’t stop there, though. St. Paul’s is also home to many hotels and facilities, athletic and public, that are ready for use and able to accomadate the increase in users during the Olympics. Foreign news agencies can be provided further resources upon requests in advance. With an already low crime rate, security for the Olympics would be able to counteract against any threats and will easily ensure the safety of all guests, foreign or domestic. Security would be provided through a combination of the nation’s own National Guard and private companies. The Legacy of the Olympiad The legacy of this Olympiad will span over many people of many generations. For foreign obeservors, it will show them the three characteristics previously described- peace, purity, and courage. For native Salvians, the impact will be felt even more. It will signify Salvia’s advancement to the front stage while also providing inspiration to the international audience to show peace, to be pure, and to be courageous. The Olympiad has a good home in the Sanctum Imperium Catholicum.
  5. Sancti Imperii Catholico

    Olympic Games

    Working on it today.
  6. Sancti Imperii Catholico

    NSBN- National Salvian Broadcasting Network

    December 25, 2018 Archbishop Patrick Saulius had a special celebration of Christmas early morning, as the midnight mass saw the addition of a new bishop to replace St. Paul’s Bishop Lithio, Monsignor Kevin Rogers. The surprise move was the result of Lithio’s retirement in September due to his waning health, the same reason for Pope Thomas I’s retirement from the presidency and papacy earlier this year. Papal elections are expected to begin in February at the latest with preparations starting earlier this month, with many cardinals visiting from overseas including one from @Orioni jut this last week. The Christmas celebrations did not, however, drown out the domestic runnings of the nation. As 2018 fades into 2019, many questions are still left unanswered. With Archbishop Patrick Saulius possibly leaving, who will take the papacy and presidency? Will the economy continue to grow? What of relations to the new nations that the government as tried to open up to, like those of Rihan and the Tagmatines? And the building of defense? This questions must remained unanswered until 2019. The government was not totally inactive on Christmas, either. With Archbishop Saulius gone for the day, VP Seámus Finley and the Concilio Populi was in session for part of the afternoon, with more debates looming over next year’s budget. Many are arguing for an increase in defense as well as in transportation. The Concilio Populi also passed the SB Railroad Act, allowing the beginning of construction of the Salvian-Bulgenstazi Railroad. The railroad is to connect Trinity and Minotia with the Bulgenstazi capital at Khenkhourt. The job will most likely be done with the joint effort of private and government companies. Stocks Salvian Manufacturing Company: Down 5.7 National Agricultural Market: Up 2.1 Murway-Kirk: Down 3.9
  7. Sancti Imperii Catholico

    Olympic Games

    Think my climate is right, I’ll submit a bid. Why not?
  8. Sancti Imperii Catholico

    A Change in the Wind

    To: The Agios Basilikon Kounsistorion of the Megas Agios Basileia ton Arhomanion@Tagmatium Rules From: His Eminence Archbishop Patrick Saulius through his servant,Foreign Minister Alvin Russo Brother, God works in strange ways. As if to answer our calls of prayer for a tighter bond, he has given us this opportunity of war in the Christian nation of @Aluxia. To just test our newfound bond, he has teased us with a gentle prod from his staff, gently testing if we are following His word by coming together to stop the wicked of this world. I feel he will eventually test this bond with fire and flame, but for now a weak ember to see if our bond will burn down in ashes. His Eminence Archbishop Saulius, in combination with others in the administration, have felt it best to not squander this test. Ships from the Salvian Navy are being offered to help in the transportation of troops or anything else between the Tagmatium and their ultimate destination at the port of Narlis, and are to be accompanied by the two destroyers SPN Trinity and SPN Bonaventura. With the blessing of Archbishop Patrick Saulius, Foreign Minister of the Sanctum Imperium Catholicum, Alvon Russo Through the Trinity, We Flourish
  9. Sancti Imperii Catholico

    The Sanctum Imperium Catholicum Ministry of Foreign Affairs

    To: Foreign Minister of @Rihan and Senator Tevus Pranana From: His Eminence Archbishop Patrick Saulius through Alvon Russo, Minister of Foreign Affairs Senator, This is, of course, understood. While Archbishop Saulius, God bless him, does not seek strong relations with Rihan, he does still wish to proceed with the exchanging of embassies. According to your wishes, he has below attached the information of one of our more secular members of our Foreign Ministry, Ambassador Francis Óseo, who shall serve as ambassador to your nation. On the topic of trade, the delegation mentioned before is ready to meet in Dartha to discuss future trade deals that may prosper our nations in the future. With the blessing of Archbishop Patrick Saulius, Servant of God, Minister of the Sanctum Imperium Catholicum’s Foreign Affairs, Alvon Russo Through the Trinity, we Flourish
  10. Sancti Imperii Catholico

    NSBN- National Salvian Broadcasting Network

    NSBN will now be in the format of a newspaper/web articles.
  11. Sancti Imperii Catholico

    Aluxian Civil War

    Think I’ll do what you suggested.
  12. Sancti Imperii Catholico

    The Fight for the White Smoke

    Sunday, December 2, 9:30 AM, Year of Our Lord 2018 Monsignor Rogers sat at the kitchen counter of the rectory, alone by himself as the other priest of the parish was away saying the mass, while Kevin was left praying his cherished “oratio universalis.” The prayer was popularized by one of the earliest popes of the ancient Salvian Catholic Church, Pope Clemens I, and has been used by priests who were about to say the mass for millennium. It is said to be passed down directly from Christ to the prophet Liosous. It is indeed a powerful prayer to anyone seeking God’s wishes. He started with an unknowing sigh and began with the Sign of the Cross and a rosary in his hand. “Put my life in order, O my God.” I do not know what I am to do. “Grant that I may know what You require me to do.” For I am lost as of now. “May I not rejoice in anything unless it leads me to You; may I not be saddened by anything unless it turns me from You.” Monsignor Kevin, with each passing line, shook a bit more and began to tear up. “Grant unto m-m-me, O Lord... my God...” Rogers began tearing up fiercely now. With this he slammed his fist on the counter and cursed hoarsely, the rosary in his hand living marks on the side of his left hand. He was in tears now, the gravity of what was to come crashing down on him. The sense of guilt was unexpected to the Monsignor, and as he got up to get a glass of water to calm down he sensed something deep inside him burning with regret, shame, and anger. He began to doubt. Just as he saw Joseph pull in with the car he had seen just days previously, he sensed a burning, pained sensation within his chest. He suppressed it and moved towards the door, waiting to greet the man. Monsignor opened the door, inviting Joseph as well as the humid and warm air in with him. Joseph entered with a grin on his face, appearing to Kevin as excited about something that he knew that was going to happen, like a little child expecting his Christmas presents. Monsignor Kevin could not resist to smile slightly at this thought. “Monsignor, you will not believe the news I bring to you.” Rogers nodded slightly, his grin off his face. “I imagine it good?” Joseph nodded his head, bobbing up and down like a bobble head. “The Circle wishes that you fill the spot of Bishop Lithio. They think they have the necessary votes and everything.” Rogers unconsciously furrowed his brows slightly, his slight smile from before disappearing suddenly. Joseph, seeing this, deflated, and concerned he inquired, “What’s wrong, Father? Something troubling you?” Rogers corrected himself, unfurrowing his eyebrows and looking back at Joseph. Cracking a fake smile, he silenced his thoughts with speech. “No, nothing. Just thinking about how, um, I... forgot to meet with someone at the church.” Me? A bishop? The Monsignor’s thoughts raced wildly, his feelings of guilt and shame felt moments before crashing back down into him. It was as if the Lord himself was saying, Kevin, you know better. He did know better. Joseph continued absentmindedly, discussing future plans, as he walked out of the hallway towards the kitchen counter. Roger’s rosary was still left on the table, which Joseph left untouched as he sat down at the counter bar. The Monsignor stood opposite of him, across the counter. “The Circle is discussing a lot of things, as always. Couple of bishop vacancies overseas and up north. They doubt they’ll get any more allies with those vacancies up north; too close to Deopolis. Although, a cardinal from @Orioni is visiting St. Paul’s in around 2 weeks. Circle really wants you to get on that. We need as many people to get that white smoke.” Rogers nodded, processing this. While the Circle plotted, he began to think, he would have to plot too. * * * The next morning Matthew waved at his secretary as he walked into the office, the clock reading just past 8. His staff worked hard on their computers as he unlocked the door to his office and entered, setting his briefcase on the desk and hanging his coat on the coat rack in the left-hand corner. Matthew was the boss of an independent programming firm, who currently were signed to a contract with the large Murway-Kirk electronics company. Born to a middle class family, Matthew lived in the suburbs of Trinity in the north. Different from the vast majority of the population, especially at the time, Matthew was Protestant. While his other friends from different schools were schooled in the Catholic doctrines, Matthew took his time studying rationalism and other ideas of the Enlightenment. His father’s job paid well, and with the combination of a scholarship due to his good grades, Matthew enrolled into Trinity University. He took programming, with Trinity being one of the first universities to roll it out. He learned the old school methods, then adapted as new programs and systems rolled out. Now, he thought, a different type of system had to change. Matthew hated the political system in the SIC. The fact that members of a Church held power in any nation conflicted with the very ideas of the Enlightenment he had personally studied in his youth. He was determined to change it, and this idea led him to the creation of The White Lotus, of which he was one of the senior members of the Circle Matthew opened his desktop as he sat down and noted a sticky note stuck on his monitor. Removing it, it read: The flag continues to flap in the wind in the north direction. A southern wind might come from within, I fear.
  13. Sancti Imperii Catholico

    Aluxian Civil War

    The Sanctum Imperium Catholicum will most likely not enter the war, however would have to decide whether or not they will supply their ally @Tagmatium Rules or just send humanitarian aid.
  14. Sancti Imperii Catholico

    NSBN- National Salvian Broadcasting Network

    New Trade Deals and New Clergy “Greetings ladies and gentlemen, I’m Brett Bear and welcome to NSBN. A couple stories for tonight and we’ll start with correspondent Michael Finley in Tagmatika.” “After centuries of unfriendly relations between the Tagmatine Orthodox - and Catholic Salvians, Tagmatium [@Tagmatium Rules] Foreign Affairs announced that it wished to establish embassies, leading to these two nations establishing embassies as well as talks of further treaties and agreements. This is historic due to church leaders from both sides criticizing the others, and shows a sign of rebuilding relations between two heavily religiously influenced nations. Minister of Foreign Affairs Alvon Russo also discussed exchanging embassies with the Republic of @Rihan and suggested opening relations to nations that have been previously disconnected such as @Morheim and @PyeMcGowan. Brett.” “Murphy’s Cathedral has announced new clergy changes including more information on the big one. After retiring, Bishop Lithio’s spot at St. Paul’s was vacant for now 3 months, however has just been replaced by Monsenior Kevin Rogers, a surprise move by many who pay attention to the clergy. Murphy’s Cathedral has also been discussing when the election for a new pope would take place, presumably after the new year. Before we cut to break let’s go to stocks. The market was positive today with it reacting positively to the update on foreign relations, with the Salvian Manufacturing Company gaining 8, the Agricultural Market 14 and a tenth, and Murway-Kirk rising almost 4. When we come back, more stories to come. Stay tuned.”
  15. Sancti Imperii Catholico

    Request: Tikva

    I got denied south of Cavunia due to it being a bit too Dutch, although I have no clue what @Orioni thinks about north of Cavunia.