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  1. OOC: Honestly, all of these articles should’ve gone out sometime in May or over the summer but I never did them. I’ll say when each one was written, so yea. Quick blast to the past. May Home | Wurld | Salvia | Business | Politics | Church | Opinion | Tech | Entertainment l Sports  BREAKING: Ductaha Governor Kano Wehiako to Challenge President Saulius in 2021 Election Wehiako announced his candidacy during a rally with supporters Kano Wehiako, the Ductaha governor of the northeastern Agrianna region, has officially entered the 2021 Salvian Elec
  2. Welcome! Hope you enjoy your stay here If you need any help, Discord would be the best place, although most of the actives in the region stop by the forums regularly - feel free to DM us on either if you need help! Or if you just want to chat with the community, you can join our server on Discord. Again, welcome!
  3. Welcome! Be sure to drop by our Discord where it'll be a lot easier to interact with the community and staff
  4. Welcome to Eurth! As far as I know, yes, there are if you want. Most nations tend to just... not, but there's no official rule against it!
  5. Hello, Mr @Orioni Just have a few requests for you (this thread should also host any other future requests for me) Adding the city Soncinia (westernmost dot) Moving Minotia southwest a tad to be on the river Moving St. Mark's to be on the west coast Thanks!
  6. Welcome to Eurth! Looking forward to what you'll share with us while youre here
  7. Salvia

    Doom of Ceris

    May, Liechnenfax The cardinal stood at the bottom of the stairs leading up to the cathedral, his cassock smeared with dirt and in some places blood. His pale face was also host to grime, an assortment of sweat, particles of debris, and more dirt. Aside him stood the captain of the Papal Guard detachment, his sculpted face contrasting his slouched posture and grim demeanor. Both of them were frowning at the group walking nonchalantly towards them, ignoring the chaos of burning rubble and the dying that surrounded the cathedral. They were an interesting bunch - a dozen or so troops wear
  8. Official Statement from the Ministry of Foreign Affairs for the Tapinus Remporu dox Sanctum Imperium Catholicum, in regards to the controversial use of an ethnic slur that has Salvian origins by Galahindan singer "Aliyah Arotica". To who it may concern, The Salvian Executive, as led by President Patrick Saulius, condemns the use of an ethnic slur with Salvian origins by Galahindan singer Aliyah Arotica and its apparent promotion and support by @Galahindan Chairman Yui Amistacia. The word in question, which shall not be reprinted in this statement, was a highly offensive slur
  9. Home | Wurld | Salvia | Business | Politics | Church | Opinion | Tech | Entertainment l Sports  City of Trinity Holds Referendum on Name Change, 68% in Favor - Mayor Announces Name Change to be Immediate Mayor Bergilini made a speech outside of City Hall following the announcement of the vote The city of Trinity in northeast Salvia has conducted a referendum on changing the name of the city to one that “reflects the city's more secular nature.” Ductaha Mayor Christopher Bergilini promised the city during the Church protests in May that he’d hold a referendum on seve
  10. Been a while since anybody has talked about climate - I think @Metztlitlaca's compromise really worked! I just have one request specific to the climatologists (Metz and @Heiheguo), would it be possible to have the entire Salvian peninsula as Csa? As it stands, only a bit less than half is is right now while I'd like it to extend farther south and west. Would this be possible?
  11. Home | Wurld | Salvia | Business | Politics | Church | Opinion | Tech | Entertainment l Sports  350 Years Ago, Today: President Saulius Celebrates Law That Changed Ethnic Relations in Salvia The original copy of the decree is preserved and on display in the National Museum of the Divine Imperium President Patrick Saulius visited the National Museum of the Divine Imperium in the southern town of Sedala to commemorate the 350 year anniversary of the signing of the Sedala Concord, which extended all rights and privileges of Salvian subjects to ethnically Marenai people and
  12. Necromancy indeed. You can tell it's old by the fact that @Sunset Sea Islands posted in it (I'm kidding SSI lub u plz cum back) I have no problems with what's there. Wonder if this would impact the Keelpijp - @Variota your thoughts?
  13. Home | Wurld | Salvia | Business | Politics | Church | Opinion | Tech | Entertainment l Sports Ministry of the Interior: Gaullo-Era Natalist Policies ‘A Huge Success' Amidst Concilio Renewal Vote Aquhate was interviewed by several reporters in a press conference Thursday Minister of the Interior Renato Aquhate discussed Gaullo-Era natalist policies with reporters in a press conference yesterday as questions were raised in the Concilio Populi as to whether to retain them or not. The policies, which include tax rebates for families with more than two children, furthe
  14. Varazzo tapped his mic as Mr. Wayanor finished, indicating he wished to speak. Being recognized by Minister Remmen, the doctor began, “I’d first like to point out that the presence of a military force - or organization, for that matter - in the Antargic runs counter to your wishes for ‘peaceful cooperation’, Mr. Wayanor. Salvia fully supports Minister Remmen’s position on the EOS and its position in the Antargic. I pose a question for you: would it not be both improper and inappropriate if Salvia and @Prymont instead approached the Antargic under TRIDENT? I certainly believe it would, and
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