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  1. January 13th, Cobram Park Stadium- Week 5 The Lead: @Gallambria Qualify for the Championship Game with Help from Bonus Points over @Batengdei @Eulycea Triumph over Salvia, 29-13 Little to say about this game, other than the Silvers continue to show their dominance. They end the season with a point differential of +63 (the next closest being Batengdei with +19) and an average game score of 31-18. Hopefully the success can continue into the Championship Game, this being their first appearance since 2012. Despite the 8 year drought, Eulycea are still favored over Gallambria by NSBN sports analysts and computer simulations, with a 64% chance of beating Gallambria. Gallambria Win Close One Against @Seylos, 13-6 While the Gallambrian offense was only able to score one try in 80 minutes, the defense was able to hold firm and hold the Seylosians to only 2 penalty kicks. A grueling game made even more brutal by poor weather was filled with knock-ons and penalties. Despite losing their first two, Gallambria were able to qualify with their three wins and two bonus points, one of which came from their loss to Batengdei for losing by under 7 points. The Lions will hope to replicate last year's Championship Game victory over Eulycea despite being underdogs. Batengdei Beat @Oyus, 22-6 The reds, with 3 minutes left and a try away from getting their most-needed bonus point to qualify for the Championship Game, would fall just short of the mark. With already a minute past the 80-minute mark, anything that made the ball dead would end the game. 11 meters away, an event that would cause just that happened as a Batengdeian player dropped the ball forwards, resulting in a knock-on. As the whistle blew for the end of the game, the Batengdeian players hung their heads in defeat despite their 16-point victory over the Islanders, aware that they did not qualify. Standings after Week 5 Championship Game will be played on Sunday, February 9th
  2. As I told you over Discord, I am in support of this measure. I still have one question, though- how will this impact Eurth in the long run, especially in regards to climate change?
  3. Home | Wurld | Salvia | Business | Politics | Church | Opinion | Tech | Entertainment l Sports  Eulycean Monarch to be Beatified After Papal Investigation of a Reported Miracle The announcement was made at a mass held in Trinity with the Bishop of Brisa and several cardinals present. A @Eulycean monarch that orchestrated the end of the Eulycean Schism was announced to be beatified last Sunday, with a mass to be held in his honor on Sunday, January 19th. While the beatification of a venerated individual requires the approval of both popes of the Diarchy, the Magnissimum Comitium Cardinalicium waived the requirement, making the Tacolic pontiff Pope Hilarius XIX the sole approver of the beatification. The decision was made after a papal investigation concluded that the healing of 58-year old Leo Armiger's incurable brain illness had no logical medical explanation, and so in fact was a miracle. The family had said that they prayed to the venerated king since the man's father, who had passed away recently, was named after the king. "I always saw him as a role model- he was one of the greatest leaders Eulycea has ever seen" Mr. Armiger said about the king. Blessed King August, as he is now officially known, was first declared "venerated" all the way back in 1985 after a request by Eulycean bishops and the king of Eulycea at the time, Charles III. The case was then analyzed by the Congregation for the Causes of Saints, a committee spearheaded by 15 cardinals that analyze the worthiness of such requests and pass them on to the Diarchy. This same committee also investigates the reported miracle, which if approved, they send to the popes for approval. Blessed King August of Eulycea was the longest reigning monarch in the history of the Kingdom of Eulycea, reigning from 1770-1828; a reign of 58 years. He is widely regarded as one of the best and most respected monarchs of Eulycea and is also highly regarded by Salvians. In 1790, he orchestrated the end of the Eulycean Catholic Schism that originated from the refusal to crown King Peter III king of Eulycea and Salvia by Pope Gregory VII after the conclusion of the Salvian People's War. King August was crowned by Pope Leo XIX in 1791 as King of Eulycea, and given the title "The Peacemaker." . Blessed King August of Eulycea, The Peacemaker, pray for us.
  4. January 5th, Cobram Park Stadium- Week 4 The Lead: Eulycea Comes out of ‘Battle of the Favorites' Victorious, Standings See a Shuffle @EulyceaTops Second Place @Batengdei, 29-16 After a close 30 minutes with the score tied at 10-10, Eulycea would distance themselves from their second-place counterparts over the course of the rest of the game, ending in a 29-16 Silvers' victory. Despite the Batengdeian defense being able to shut down any impressive performance from Eulycean captain Louis Pagani and the rest of the backs corp, the front row was able to grind out several key tries that put points on the board while keeping the defense strong. With the win, Eulycea are now guaranteed locks for the Championship Game, while Batengdei will have to win by four or more tries to gain enough bonus points to tie Gallambria in the standings. @Oyus Hold off @Seylosian Comeback, 20-16 The Islanders were able to distance themselves from the Sandwiches after a hot first half, which ended with a lead of 17. The Seylosians were able to claw their way back into the game in the second half, holding the Islanders scoreless while scoring 13. The comeback wouldn't be enough however, as the Oyusards were able to gain possession of the ball late in the game and run out the clock. While Oyus are not technically eliminated from the Championship game, NSBN SportsCenter computer simulations give the Islanders a <0.01% chance of qualifying, needing to overcome point differential and unlikely results to place second. Seylos needs a win against Gallambria and a Batengdeian loss to qualify. @Gallambria Continue To Find Success Against @Salvia, 30-22 A pair of 1-2 teams faced off in the form of Gallambria and Salvia, both coming off of their first wins of the season. While the game remained close as reflected by the score, Gallambria was never behind in their 8 point win on Sunday. A strong offensive performance combined with a defense that stopped the Salvian side when it meant most resulted in a win for the Lions, but one that has lessons that need to be learned if Gallambria want to find success in their next game and qualify for the Championship Game With the loss, Salvia is unable to qualify for the Championship Game, while Gallambria just needs a win to qualify. Standings after Week 4
  5. Office of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs Deopolis, the Sanctum Imperium Catholicum Recipient: Agios Basilikon Kounsistorion of the Megas Agios Basileia ton Arhomanion [@Tagmatium Rules] Brother in Christ, His Eminence President Archbishop Patrick Saulius as directed me to gracefully and wholeheartedly accept your proposition. As this letter is read a delegation is being prepared in Deopolis to sail north and visit your blessed land in order to hammer out a fair and prosperous agreement between our two nations. As my colleague has also mentioned and you have so graciously accepted his request, the purchasing of a Despotes class aircraft carrier by the Salvian Ministry of Defense will also be discussed. The formalities and schedule of this meeting can be discussed at a later time, as well as the prospect of state visits by our respective leaders. I pray God blesses this meeting with His fruitful grace. Christ be with us, Alvon Russo
  6. Home | Wurld | Salvia | Business | Politics | Church | Opinion | Tech | Entertainment l Sports  2019: A Year in Review 2019 proved to be another prosperous and positive year for Salvia and its people. Although the year was marked with several tragedies and tribulations that affected the nation, the economy and people of Salvia continued to progress. Here are a few of some of the top events of the year. People’s Address The annual People’s Address was given by President Archbishop Patrick Saulius at Alexis Hall early in the new year on February 17th. Commenting on the recent successes of Salvia as a whole, Saulius also denounced the “forces of communism present in the wurld.” The address would set the tone for the rest of the year as the state continued to battle communist influence, oversee continued economic growth, and the development of new international relations. The ASMDA, finalized in September, would lower restrictions on visas @Andallan-Salvian “Mutual Development Agreement” Finalized While negotiations began in late 2018, they would only finish in September and will come into effect June 2020. The Andallan-Salvian Mutual Development Agreement (ASMDA) would see a reduction in tariffs to both nations’ exports, a new cooperative deal between the two nations’ shipbuilding industries, and the easing of visa restrictions for Salvian and Andallan workers of certain industries, shipbuilding being one of them. These relaxed visa regulations would also apply to Salvian and Andalland citizens for a 2-year trial period to see how tourism between the two nations would be impacted. The agreement would also lead to head of the Magnissimum Comitium Cardinalicium Cardinal Mark D’Angelo visiting Andallan Catholics at Arkhavn Cathedral in July. Continental Accords Renewed, Beginning of Construction of Salvian-@Batengdeian Railroad The Continental Accords, a political, military, and economic agreement between Salvia and Batengdei drafted in the late 80’s was renewed by Salvian and Batengdeian diplomats in Khenkhourt in February. Relations remain warm between the two allies, with little to no conflict or tension feeling present throughout 2019. This would further be aided- or may actually be a product of good relations- by the announcement of a high-speed railroad that would connect Batengdei and Salvia that had been discussed and planned between the two nations since 2014. It’s purpose was to further connect Salvia and Batengdei and aid in economic cooperation. “Laren Treaty Adaptation” and its Unexpected Failure, Other Events Lead to Political Division Introduced in late July and voted on in early August, many people, including members of the Concilio, thought the “Laren Treaty Adaptation” Bill, formally known as the “Climate Defense and Action Bill” (CDAB) would pass. They would be proved wrong however as several urban progressives flipped sides and voted against the bill. The surprise defeat would shake the progressive base and would also help in causing political division between progressives and conservatives. Further disagreements over the national budget, gun control, and now the Church crisis has further contributed to political divisions, which is expected to come into play in the 2021 elections. Salvian Entrance into TRIDENT Following the TRIDENT Marenesian Conference in October, Salvia officially entered the multinational alliance of TRIDENT. TRIDENT, or the Tricontinental Defense Treaty, is a joint military alliance between @Gallambria, @Variota, @Girkmand, Andalla, @Prymont, and @Iverica. Its goal is to ensure stability and combat “insurgency, terrorism, and trans-continental imperialism” in the continents of Argis, Thalassa, and Alharu. The Saulius Administration has dispatched numerous hospital and military vessels to deal with the crisis in Cussia Salvian Involvement in Cussian and Ceris Humanitarian Crises The Saulius Administration, with the support of both Concilios, provided support to both the Cussian and Ceris crises. In response to allegations of Christian minorities being forced into re-education camps in the Northern Provinces of Beautancus by Imperial forces of the Machina Haruspex, Salvia would join other nations and allies in the creation of the Cussian Humanitarian Coalition in order to evacuate and provide asylum to the oppressed Christians. Ceris, an island west of @Seylos facing intense instability and disorder, would also receive aid from Salvia, with the Saulius administration planning on “supplying manpower, material, and monetary aid to the island of Ceris” in order to combat the crisis. Protests have entered their 4th consecutive week in Trinity Ecclesiastical Case, Church Crisis, and Resulting Protests A 9 month ecclesiastical case that would end in the sentencing of around 40 people to prison shook Salvia and the Catholic Church to their core. The resulting crisis would result in an explosion of protests across Salvia as protestors seek to separate the Church from politics and the state while Church officials attempt to root out corruption and prevent anything like this happening again. This will be especially challenging however, as corruption seems to infect even the most top members of the clergy. With the protests only growing in number and strength and the crisis seemingly only becoming worse with each passing day, this recent development will continue to be the main talking point heading into 2020 and possibly beyond. Six Nations Rugby Began The annual Six Nations Rugby tournament began in December, this time held in Gallambria, with the Salvian team hoping to improve on their last place finish from last year. The Doves are now 1-2 and are in a close 5th in the table, however the competition will not end until January 12th.
  7. We should probably come back to this, even with Faramount being gone.
  8. Jianmen, Southeast Yellow Empire March 13th, Year of Our Lord 1555 The spring sun shone brightly as Theobald heard the large explosions of the bombards to his right as he surveyed the troops forming into battle positions on top of a hill. They had besieged the city of Jianmen several months before. A city and port on the Tes River in the southwest of the Yellow Empire, it was critical for the crusaders to take- not only to defeat the heretics and claim victory for God, but in order to continue the Southern Campaign across the south of the Yellow Empire. Jianmen, the “Steadfast Gate” as it was translated, held a fitting name. Another volley fired off. The last month had seen Theobald fully encircle the city and the crusader navy flush out the Tes River and reach the city’s port, fully blockading the city. Although the crusaders had superior ships compared to the heretics, the river proved to be tight and limited the fighting capacity of the gunpowder ships. Nevertheless, the crusaders would prevail and take the river. The lords and generals of the Southern Campaign, however, knew that they could not starve out the defenders. The city had food storages that would last for months, the generals had surmised, plenty of time to amass an army to break the siege. Theobald had then instructed Marcus, Godwin, and Wade to take command of a section of the army and to fully surround the city. Marcus would take his force to the hilly north and serve largely as a diversion, the main attack coming from the flat south led by Theobald himself and the river fleet, where Godwin had snuck his army under cover of darkness. A third volley from his own bombards fired off shortly before the first volley from the hilly north fired off. Shortly after that, the artillery pieces from the ships in the river fired off, and the east followed that. The bombardment, another one of many that had occurred in the last few months, strategically targeted sections of the outdated walls, gates, and cannon armaments and towers that dotted the walls. Several months of cannon fire directed at these targets would finally come to fruition this day as the targets were destroyed. After the artillery had fulfilled that task to the satisfaction of the generals, the gunners turned their fire into the city itself, hoping to cause chaos, destruction, and casualties. Once the artillery ran out of ammunition, the army finalized preparations before waiting for the final blessing. The Bishop of Trinity, his cathedral being the site of the calling of the crusade, rode out on a horse in armor. His left hand held a red square banner with the Virgin Mary and Joseph holding baby Jesus, who held his right hand out, index and middle finger pointed up and thumb going out to the right, ring and pinkie finger tucked into the palm of his hand. A cross went behind the Holy Family, with the letters “JMJ” above the cross in gold thread. In his right, he carried a crosier made from gold, a symbol of the bishop being a shepherd of his own flock. In a booming voice heard by the entire southern force, he blessed the crusaders, “Men of God, you come to the heretic’s gates to deliver a most worthy victory to the Savior. Therefore, go forward, and grant God this most holy victory! Deus Vult!” After this, he made a sweeping Sign of the Cross towards the army, the thousands of men cheering and shouting. The formalities over, the men began to march towards the city gates. Theobald, still on top of the hill, already saw in the distance the eastern force engage and messengers begin to hurry towards him with reports. The battle had begun.
  9. Epilogue Part 1 Cardinal Agrillo, now simply Mr. Agrillo, sat with his back against the cell wall upright. His thick clothes protected his body against the cold and dank cell housed under the palace of popes. A very old dungeon that once housed criminals or other miscreants that had attempted to break into the papal palace now housed the great conspirators that had plotted against the Church. In the process, they had created maybe the greatest scandal His Holy Church as ever witnessed in its two thousand year history. While the conspirators were to be transported to another facility to house them for the duration of their arrest, it was not decided yet which facility they would be kept at. The papal dungeon, not used for probably several decades, was opened back up, cleaned, and became the home to the conspirators. The dungeon was U-shaped, with the entrance leading into a corridor that connected two separate hallways that branched off from the corridor. The dungeon was not constructed or finished- the cells were hewn out from the rock, the site of dungeon being chosen for the cave that pre existed the Church. Lit by candles that were blown out at 9 o’clock sharp, the dungeon was poorly lit as the light flickered constantly. While everyone else was placed in cells on the end of the left hallway of the U, the clergy were placed in their own individual cells at the end of the right hallway. A plain wooden bench ran along the wall opposite of the cells. Agrillo looked up quickly from his dozing state as the sound of the door opening startled him. In his position on his bed, he was able to lean his head against the iron bars and looked down the hallway. Despite the poor lighting, Agrillo was able to recognize the person by the dress shoes, cardinal dress, and figure--D’Angelo. He took his head off the iron bars and leaned it once again against the wall, looking straight forward. He heard the shuffling of D’Angelo and the groan of the wooden bench as D’Angelo sat in it. “Good evening, Patrick. I hope dinner was enjoyable.” Agrillo said nothing. D’Angelo just clicked his tongue, took out a rosary, and began to pray. They sat in silence for a few minutes before D’Angelo looked up from his prayer, sighed, and pleaded, “Why, Patrick?” Agrillo continued to sit in silence, tense. D’Angelo breathed heavily out his nose before continuing, “I mean why did you-” “Because I wanted to!” Agrillo interrupted him, turning his head to face him. “I wanted that power.” Agrillo’s voice broke this time. D’Angelo pursed his lips, sighed again, and said, “There’s more to it, Patrick.” He crossed his arms. “There has to be. You wouldn’t do all of that for just power. You had enough of that already. What’s the real reason? The reason you went through all of this?” He motioned with his hand on the word. Agrillo looked back at the rock wall, the creases on his face exaggerated by the flickering candlelight. D’Angelo leaned forward in his seat. “You are a God-fearing man, are you not?”. Agrillo simply nodded. “So why do all this? You’re facing excommunication from the Church now.” Agrillo nodded once again, “And I’ll repent to His Holiness when he’s elected.” Silence once again descended between the pair before Agrillo said suddenly, “You’re right, it’s not all about the power. The Church needs to change, D’Angelo. The world is changing, and what is the Church doing? We’ve become the very thing the Church once was a victim to: persecutors. Homosexuals, nonbelievers, all the others we deem ‘unworthy’ of His grace, we push away, isolate. Look at Salvia! Shootings of Judds and homosexuals in Minotia. Why are we allowed power if we are just going to continue to oversee the suffering of God’s children?” D’Angelo just shook his head silently, Agrillo’s gaze once again shifted back to the cardinal. “D’Angelo, promise me this, if you’re elected to the papacy-” D’Angelo tried to interrupt him, “No, no no…” but Agrillo continued, “promise me you will try to change things.” D’Angelo just continued to shake his head as he stared down at the ground. “You know of these forces, Agrillo. I am not the one the cardinality wants to elect.” He now met Agrillo’s gaze before looking back down again, “Y’know, you sounded a lot like your friend Rogers. I pray he shares your same desire of repentance.” D’Angelo stood up and looked back at Agrillo. “I pray for your soul every day, Patrick.” Agrillo leaned his head back onto the iron bars as he watched D’Angelo walked out of the dungeon, his cardinal robes flowing gently behind him. Patrick sat up with a start as he heard Rogers’ voice from the other cell, “Do you really mean what you said to Cardinal D’Angelo, Agrillo?” Patrick nodded, even though Rogers couldn’t see him. “I did.” “I never struck you as the reformer type.” Agrillo raised his eyebrows, again without Rogers seeing. “Why else would I join the Ordo?” Silence once again descended over the dungeon as the two former clergy remained silent.
  10. December 22nd, Cobram Park Stadium- Week 3 The Lead: Upsets Sweep Tournament Favorites, @Eulycea and @Batengdei Remain on Top of the Standings Seylos Score Last Second Try to Top Reds, 13-8 A tough defensive battle saw all of its points scored in the second half, save for a penalty kick from Seylos in the 17th minute. Those three points would be mirrored early in the second half by the reds and then followed by a try shortly after. Down now by 5, Seylos would respond with a try of its own in the 68th minute. Following kickoff, Seylos would kick the ball back to Batengdei. Down around midfield, the reds would soon turn it over with a knock on. Seylos would then go on to score a try in the 77th minute and would hold on to its 5-point lead as time expired, winning 13-8. Salvia Find Stride Against Oyus, 25-7 Who said prayers went unanswered? The Struggling Salvians finally looked like a complete team as they went on to win against the islanders by 18. The Salvians played consistently good rugby, scoring points while disabling the Oyusard offense. A standout performance from Salvian eight-man Kevin Bartelladi played as a critical piece for the Salvians as they capitalized on an islander offense that struggled last week and failed to recover this week. Eulycea Stunned by Gallambria in a Nailbiter, 24-26 A game that was kept close would be stolen by Gallambria in the final minutes as a tournament favorite would fall to Gallambria. A back and forth first half would slow down in the second, with the game being very physical and somewhat unclassy at times. The two sides would be shown a combined 3 yellow cards, with 2 of those cards coming from violent play. The two teams seemed hardly separated throughout the match, with the largest lead of the game (7 points) coming in the first half and being held only for 6 minutes before being cut to 2. Eulycea would exit the first half up 14-12 with the ball, but a turnover would give the Gallambrians the ball and eventually a 14-19 lead. Following a minor injury on a Eulycean player that would give the two teams a break, Eulycean captain Louis Pagani would fire his offense up, scoring a quick 10 points in a try and a penalty kick. With 7 minutes on the clock, Gallambria would find itself with the ball pinned near its own touchline. Gallambria would drive down the field in those 7 minutes and enter the try zone, however it would be held up by the Eulcyean side. The resulting 5-meter scrum would see the Gallambrians finally score and convert, soon ending the game 24-26. Standings After Week 3
  11. A reminder to all of our viewers that there will be no rugby games next Sunday, December 30th to allow the players time off during Christmas week. Week 4 will instead be on January 5th, 2020. Two weeks of competition past, three more to go. Week 3 begins Sunday. Who wins? Seylos vs. Batengdei Salvia vs. Oyus Eulycea vs. Gallambria
  12. December 15th, Cobram Park Stadium- Week 2 The Lead: Eulycea, Batengdai, Oyus Cruise to Victory as Salvia and Gallambria Continue to Struggle Eulycea vs. Seylos, 35-11 The powerful Eulycean offense continue to dominate after a strong performance last week with a win against Seylos. Eulycea proved to be effective as ever against a Seylosian team that seemed unprepared for much of the game. Despite a close 15 minutes, the Eulycean side would pull away with a 21-0 scoring run that started with a try from captain Louis Pagani, who had an extraordinary game against the Oyusards last week. Eulycea ended up dominating both sides of the ball throughout the game in what quickly became a one-sided affair. Batengdai vs. Salvia, 25-8 After an upset victory over the home team Gallambria last week, the reds continued their good form Sunday as they cruised to an easy victory over a Salvian team that looked lost and without identity. The only try that the Salvians scored would be in grudge time as Batengdai would easily control the flow of play throughout the game. A frustrated Salvian side seemed to have no answer to the reds as they ran circles around them and crushed any offense the Salvian side attempted. Oyus vs. Gallambria, 22-9 A week after being upset by Batengdai, the Gallambrians have struggled once again and fell to the islanders. The only points the all-blacks stumbled across were from penalty kicks, unable to convert opportunities in the opposition’s 22 into points. The islanders, on the other hand, rebounded from their tough loss to Eulycea from last week, having little trouble against a deflated Gallambrian offense. However, the Oyusards struggled on offense at points, something that they may need to fix before they finish the season. Standings after Week 2
  13. Home | Wurld | Salvia | Business | Politics | Church | Opinion | Tech | Entertainment l Sports  Organized Demonstrations Begin in Deopolis Following Church Arrests Police cordoned off sections for the protestors while the demonstration spilled over into the city Organized protests began in the capital city of Deopolis yesterday morning as thousands of protestors gathered outside St. Murphy's Cathedral to protest the use of corporal power in the arrest of 40 people. The arrests stem from an ecclesiastical case in which a supposed "secret society" developed a conspiracy against the Church and involved as of now several dozen high-ranking Church officials. The Church had obtained the special right to arrest and sentence the 40 from the Saulius Administration, complying with the steps laid out in the 1709 constitution. The demonstrations were peaceful, with only a small handful of arrests being made. Of the six arrests made, the police reported that all six were released later that day. While the organizers of the protest planned for the demonstration to occur in St. Murphy's Cathedral Square, the protests would spill over into the city as the cordoned sections became overflowed, shutting down most of the city for the day. Although this was the first organized protest in the capital since the announcement of the arrests, several other protests began across Salvia, notably in the cities of Trinity, St. Paul's and St. Mark's. The protestors demanded a reversal of the decision and a new amendment to strike the clause that gave the Church the ability to ask permission from the executive to arrest and sentence so-called "ecclesiastical convicts." Rural representatives, especially from the Minotian region, called the protests "silly and fantastical," with Representative Chris Calibrini even labeling the protestors as "borderline heretics" for questioning the Church's ruling. Urban progressives either did not respond or supported the protests, with some, such as Representative Jermey Kilney, coming out to demonstrate with constituents. The Saulius Executive has remained largely silent and declined to comment when asked by reporters in a press conference yesterday afternoon.
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