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  1. “This Marzeni guy, he’s popular, no?” “Among the people, yea. And the military with all the checks he’s giving out.” “But…?” “Well, as you know, I’m not his biggest supporter. And I don’t really have anything concrete to base this on, but… there are definitely some… higher-ups that think he is delusional.” The questioner took a drag of a cigarette before shaking off the ashes into an ashtray sitting next to him. The other man continued. “And to be frank, he’s a bit more than delusional. Psychotic, perhaps.” Another drag, another shake. Truth be told, the man already knew the answer to his first question. “His ego is something we’ve picked up on. Something we could use.” The cigarette already to its end, the man snuffed it out before shaking the hand of the man opposite him. “Thank you for your time. Your plane leaves tomorrow. You can bring Mr. Bianchi in.” De Wohine nodded before standing up and exiting. A moment later, another suited individual walked in, closed the door behind him and leaned against it. “What’d you learn?” The smoker stood and walked over to the window overlooking the city of St. Paul’s. “Nothing new. Marzeni, it seems, has a strong cult of personality but as we suspected there are cracks at the top.” He turned back to the man leaning against the door with a slight grimace on his face. “We got nothing new for tomorrow.” Bianchi shrugged his shoulders. “Do we need anything new for tomorrow? Cracks at the top of the dam will flood the village just as well as the cracks at the bottom.” * * * “Tamar! Stay close!” Her voice could barely be heard over the din of the protest. Chants being shouted by thousands swirled with the sounds of chaos as the police force attempted to maintain order. Several times the protesters charged the riot shield wall of the Poka’i - an act of futility for sure, but one that got the message across as Salvian and international cameras kept rolling. Smoke billowed as fires burned stores and cars and tear gas arced through the air, wafting the irritating gas throughout the streets. Rocks, water bottles, and other objects were thrown back at the Poka’i in larger numbers as police cars were flipped and burned. Stores and neighboring buildings were also set ablaze, looted and demolished; the pair fought through it all, cutting across the street. They had been separated from their group and after furious texting back and forth, they had figured out where each other were. Now it was just the matter of getting back to each other, which proved to be easier than expected: they had ran away from the police line to a point where the protesters were less dense - numerable, for sure, but not as dense. The two wove their way through the crowd and were about halfway there when the unmistakable sound of gunfire rang out. The rioters, once courageously bearing attacks from pepper spray, tear gas, rubber bullets, and batons, now broke and stampeded away. Tamar and the girl turned and didn’t look back, their hearts pounding. Some hundred miles away, the Lunex watched his television attentively in his office. Seeing the fleeing rioters, he covered his hand with his hand and sighed. While his thoughts on the Marenai were well-documented to be… less than favorable, he still thought them as at the very least sentient creatures. He struggled to find the word in his head… they were something like a pet, if you will, to him. To be disciplined, to instill within them the knowledge that they are inferior, yet to treat them with care and kindness. But what if they are just like us-- He struck the thought out of his mind. Impossible. Marzeni stretched within the back of his memory, recalling some Derthaler novel he had read as a pre-teen. The Salvians, they were like, what was the word, Ubermensch. “Over-men,” he said the word out loud, almost in affirmation to himself that the concept was real. * * * A day later Saulius scratched his chin while looking absent-mindedly at his desk, “It’s risky, Gio. I don’t know…” Saulius downed the rest of his cup, the whiskey stones clinking. He rubbed his temples with his forefinger and thumb as Bianchi tried to convince him. “Sir, this is our best plan going forward. What else can we do?” Saulius snorted before retorting, “A lot of things.” He poured another cup of spirits and took a sip before continuing, “For one, we could negotiate something, literally anything, to avoid going in and killing half of the government.” Bianchi shook his head, “Could we, really? Marzeni’s convinced the Salvians of Alvernia that the Marenai are at the root of their inferiority to Salvia. He’s reduced unemployment to artificially low levels, gotten the economy back on track, maintained law and order - the people love that guy. And he knows this. He’ll use the entire state of Alvernia as a bargaining chip, it’ll be all or nothing with him.” Bianchi leaned forwards and talked in a hushed tone, “This is our only option. Either we get rid of Marzeni, or we let him live and f*ck up the situation more.” Saulius looked away from Bianchi, who sat back in his seat and stared at Saulius, arms crossed. “Your move, Saulius. You know we can take him down.” Saulius, stroking his chin, looked back at Bianchi and nodded before signing the piece of paper before him and handing it to Bianchi, “We’ll have a briefing at 9 in the morning tomorrow. Have your presentation ready by then.”
  2. I’d expect some complaints from the Salvian state and Papacy about your lack of involvement in saving Christians
  3. It was somewhat ironic that Salvia, a warm country where many-a people escape to during the Northern Hemisphere’s winter, was at a council about the frigid, inhospitable Antargic. Yet despite the wild difference in climate, Antargic was close enough to the continent of paradise for Salvia to take interest in her. And so it was for this reason that Dr. Catori Varazzo, a senior advisor to the Minister of the Environment of Salvia, was sent with a team of diplomats to the Third Antargic Council to voice the opinions of a Salvian state emerging from its isolationist cocoon, ready to take part in international matters once more. Well, in reality, Salvia’s been “emerging from her cocoon” for two f*cking years now. Must be one massive butterfly if it takes this long, the doctor thought to himself. The things he was about to say weren’t even his own thoughts - rather, they were carefully constructed into a paragraph written by the most boring diplomats known to mankind. Wishing to test this hypothesis further (and trust him, he’s tested it plenty already), he leaned towards one of them and whispered, “What’s the difference between a @Prymontian and an Antargic seal? One lives in a cold, inhospitable wasteland and is constantly under the threat of being clubbed, and the other is a seal.” Finishing his joke, the doctor snickered, waiting for the diplomat’s reaction. Nothing. Shifting back to his seat, he muttered “Boring prick,” before turning back to the meeting, where he noticed most of the people staring at him. A look of disbelief on his face, the Orionese delegate leaned back towards the microphone and simply asked, “Did you have any comments, Mr… Varazzo?” The doctor cleared his throat several times and stammered out, “Ah-ahem, uh, not at, uh, at all Mr, uh, ...Wah-yuh-nor.” He flashed the entire room a (hopefully very charismatic) smile. The diplomats next to him cringed slightly or laughed behind their hands before one nudged the doctor, nodded towards the microphone and mouthed “GO.” Varazzo nodded and chuckled awkwardly before continuing. “Thank you, Minister Remmen and, uh, the delegate from @Orioni. The Salvian delegation, grateful for its involvement in the Third Antargic Council, has just two major points to put forward; both are, in a way, responses to the Orionese delegation’s concerns. First, the Salvian delegation wishes to inform the respective states of her intentions on joining The Antargic Regulation Treaty of Human Activities and to become involved in scientific exercises on the Antargic continent. As a result of signing onto this pact, the Salvian state also wishes to discuss the establishment of a Salvian scientific research base on the continent. Secondly, the Salvian delegation wishes to review the zone management of Antargis so as to include the Marenesian states, who have so far been excluded from the continent. Thank you, that is all.” With that, the doctor sat down and turned to the diplomat who he had joked to. Making sure his microphone was off this time, he muttered, “Oh, so now you f*cking laugh.”
  4. Home | Wurld | Salvia | Business | Politics | Church | Opinion | Tech | Entertainment l Sports  Adajio-Era Trade Agreement With Tagmatium Renewed, Expanded Trade and Finances Minister Leo Conway meeting with Tagmatine officials in Deopolis A trade agreement with the Europan nation of @Tagmatium Rules was officially renewed after being passed by the Concilio Populi and signed by President Saulius on Friday. The agreement dates back to Saulius’s predecessor, former president Stefano Adajio, who negotiated the trade pact with the Occidental nation during his second term in 2014. The pact, officially known as the Salvian-Tagmatine Trade Agreement (STTA), guaranteed favorable deals between Salvian and Tagmatine businesses and slashed tariffs by upwards of 65 per cent. The deal heavily emphasized agricultural cooperation, with safeguards being placed on Salvian goods such as olives and citrus and on Tagmatine products like grains and heavy machinery. The deal was set to be renewed in late 2019 after a trial period of 5 years, however it was extended indefinitely in the summer as both parties wished to expand the deal to further benefit the two nations. Negotiations began shortly after, and were finalized earlier this May. The new terms call for further mutual investment, with factories in northwestern Salvia and the infant Tagmatine bio-fuel industry to receive further investment from their counterparts. Mutual cooperation was also encouraged in the electronic manufacturing and shipbuilding industries, while tariffs on agricultural goods were reduced by a further 8 per cent. To facilitate the increased contact and trade between the two nations, the expanded deal also included reductions in visa restrictions. It’s estimated the deal will create upwards of 35,000 new jobs and $2.3 billion of growth by 2025, something President Saulius called, “a huge win for Salvia and her trading partners.” Many of the features of the expanded deal are based off the @Andallan-Salvian Mutual Development Agreement (ASMDA) finalized in September 2019. While not yet in effect, many economists, including those of the Trade and Finances Ministry, conclude that the ASMDA will prove incredibly beneficial to Salvia and her markets.
  5. Apologies, totally escaped my mind. I’ll work on a post this week and hopefully get it done soon.
  6. “An’ I says to ‘im, I says ‘What you mean I got a small cock? S’bigger than any prick your mum’s taken!’” Uproarious laughter filled the tavern as the dismissed platoon filled it almost completely. Other than the soldiers, the only patrons of the sports bar were older couples enjoying a drink out who were now chatting with some of the soldiers. Some of the older men were themselves veterans of the Alvernian Army and reveled in the stories they told to anyone who listened. The bartender, a fervent Alvernian patriot, welcomed soldiers from the nearby military base often and with open arms - besides the business, he was supporting the military, a profession he would have pursued if his poor eyesight didn’t stop him. The door suddenly opened, bringing warm air into the air-conditioned bar. A brief moment of silence interrupted the revelry as the pair walked in and appeared to be native Marenai. They were common enough, here in the northwest, but not as plentiful as they were in the northeast. The noise quickly returned as the soldiers lost interest in the pair, a young couple. The platoon commander, sitting with his platoon warrant in the corner of the bar, took notice of the young couple and invited them over to the two empty seats that sat next to them: one next to the commander and the other across from it next to the warrant. The couple walked over while politely nodding and smiling to the troops, who did so likewise. The amount of drinks the soldiers had had would probably turn even the most nationalist Alvernian into the friendliest of friends to a dreaded asino. The couple made their way to the officers, who patted the empty seats. They sat down as the commander waved over the bartender, ordered them beers, and sent him off. As the man took out his wallet, the commander waved him off, “The pleasure is all mine, Mister…?” the native man finished for him, “John. John Avalo, sir, and this is my fiancee Kiana.” He gestured towards the woman who sat across from him; both of the men smiled at the woman and nodded politely. “Please, John, feel free to call me Ross. But what brings you here, Mr. Avalo? Just a night of drinking?” John began to relax a bit at the officer’s relaxed tone, “Yes, sir. Just having a lovely evening with the lady.” The woman smiled and the group made a bit of chit-chat before the woman excused herself to the bathroom. John rolled his eyes as she walked past, “Native woman, man, I swear they piss twice as much as a Salvian.” The commander and the warrant laughed at the quip, and laughed harder when Kiana turned around to slap the back of John’s head with a purse. The men continued to chatter and the conversation continued uninterrupted when the woman returned. Another hour and a half had passed before the man looked at his phone to check the time: 11:30. He looked up at the woman across from him and nodded - the woman nodded back. He downed the rest of his drink before addressing the commander. “Mr. Ross, sir, it was a great pleasure, but alas the babysitter awaits us at home. I’m afraid we must be going.” The pair stood up and shook the hands of the officers before exiting the building, waving the soldiers goodbye as they left. The couple got into their car, backed out of the parking lot, and began to drive away from the pub. With it being late at night and the pub being at least two miles away from the nearest town, there was no traffic as the car sped down the road. The woman reached into her purse and pulled out a black rectangular device with a lever attached to the side as the man continued to drive. Once they were about a quarter of a mile away from the pub, she held down the lever and flicked a switch. The woman looked at the radio clock and waited a few moments. Right as it hit 11:37, they both muttered, “For a free Alvernia,” and the woman pressed the red button on the device. A moment passed before night became day - an explosion rocked the ground. Looking in his rearview mirror, John saw nothing but shadowy rubble dimly illuminated by the fires that were now burning it. * * * “...the blast comes as protests continue throughout northern Alvernia, many of which quickly turned violent between the police and demonstrators…” Marzeni simply leaned against the front of his desk, the TV tuned to the news hung in the corner behind his desk. The numerous aides and ministers he had called in simply sat or stood in front of Marzeni, his back to the TV, their eyes on the screen. The Lunex reached for the remote which sat next to him and turned the television off, then set the remote down and folded his arms. The fact that Marzeni was silent terrified them all. They all tensed up when he stood up, but the Lunex simply walked to the back of his desk, pulled open a drawer, and opened a snuff box. He offered it to the nearest aide before placing some of the snuff in between his lip and gum, then closed it and returned it to its place. Holding himself up with his arms, Marzeni hung his head over his desk, then met eyes with each person in the room before talking slowly. “The problem with Alvernia is that the asino has been allowed to live freely. If our ancestors had been proud Salvians as we are, they’d have shipped them all to that wh*re-house @Gallambria, where the asinos are respected - nay, worshipped.” He said the last word with utter contempt. Marzeni stared at de Wohine as he added on, “I’ll authorize the use of the military in putting down these ‘people’. You all are dismissed.” * * * “Vice-President, sir.” The aide handed the man sitting behind the desk a single sheet of paper. As the man was skimming it, the aide saw his face progressively shift from bothered to concerned. Deeply concerned. “Get me the President, immediately.” ____________________________ OFFICIAL TRANSCRIPT TS//SUMBRA CLEARANCE FOR SUMBRA INDIVIDUALS ONLY BEGIN MESSAGE Mr. Bergio de Wohine Minister of the Alvernian Poka’i Administrative Force Soncinia, Alvernia Dearest friends, I write this frantically in a time of need. You have no doubt heard of the Marenai protests spreading throughout our country; I also trust you have heard of Marzeni’s ambitions: he has echoed calls for Salvian unification since he began his campaign sixteen years ago. He has promised to keep Alvernia “pure” - ethnically, culturally, racially. With attacks on his own military and more violent protests occurring every day, I am deeply troubled that the man, already a complete loose cannon (his drug and alcohol habits rival even the most wild Variot), will try something drastic. He has already suggested forced relocation, violent suppressions, and further oppression of the native people. The Marenai, having already been forcibly expelled by Salvians two thousand years ago, might yet again witness another tragedy befall their people. I have been an accomplice to Marzeni’s anti-democratic, radical nationalist policies for too long. I seek the Sanctum Imperium Catholicum’s support in counteracting this radical terrorist in order to restore Salvian unity in a way that does not result in the loss of hundreds of thousands of innocent native Marenai. I hope that, through further correspondences, something more tangible than words are pledged to bring down Marzeni. May God bless you and the Salvian people. /END ____________________________ President Saulius sat back in his chair, hand supporting his head. He simply muttered, “Well, f*ck.”
  7. Home | Wurld | Salvia | Business | Politics | Church | Opinion | Tech | Entertainment l Sports  BREAKING: Papacy, Salvian Gov’t Decides to Commit Troops & Further Aid to Ceris after Sentist Terrorist Attack Leaves 63 Dead The soldiers are expected to arrive in Ceris as early as the end of next week Pope Gregory XVII and President Patrick Saulius issued a joint statement yesterday formally declaring further aid to the island after a shooting killed 63 Catholics attending Mass in Hodrea. The attack occurred last Sunday and was confirmed by a myriad of international and government sources. The attack was almost immediately claimed by the terrorist group known as the Sentists, an extremist cult that has begun to sow chaos on the island. While the estimate of members range wildly, it is thought to be as large as one hundred thousand by the Seylosian government. The cult has also committed several other war crimes, including chemical warfare. “The attacks on the Catholic minority of Ceris has persisted unabated. It is time Salvia recognizes its place in the wurld and aid the nations of Gallambria, Seylos, and Tagmatium to enforce peace and end the chaos that has enveloped the island,” the Salvian Defense Minister Vernon McCoy said in a press conference this afternoon. “The President, as commander-in-chief of the armed forces, has authorized the deployment of Salvian personnel to combat the crisis.” Official figures on the number of personnel or the level of involvement was not given during the press conference. The Papal Dicastery for Communications, the division responsible for communication between the Papacy and the outside wurld, released its statement along with the Ministry of Defense, declaring another 500 Papal Troops to protect Catholics in Ceris. Both the Salvian government and Papacy had previously committed monetary and charitable aid to the island. The Papacy had also sent a barebone force of 100 Papal Troops earlier this year in January to protect the Basilica de Norma on the eastern coast of Ceris, which housed the bishop of the diocese Cardinal Sean McKinley. The Seylosian government acted positively to the joint announcement, praising the Salvian government for “coming to their senses and aiding the struggling nations of Ceris” in an official press release.
  8. Papal Decree on Ceris Crisis His Holiness, Pope Gregory the XVII, Pontiff of the Holy Salvian Church, has pledged further aid to be delivered to the isle of Ceris to protect the Christians on the isle from Sentist assault and persecution. A force of 300 Papal Troops are to be deployed to the isle jointly with the 2nd Salvian Expeditionary Brigade to assist the nations of @Gallambria, @Seylos, and @Tagmatium Rules in maintaining peace and security on the island of Ceris. A further 200 Papal Troops are to be deployed to protect the cathedral of the Diocese of Ceris, the Basilica de Norma, as well as to provide aid for any and all refugees seeking protection and solace from the crisis. Further funds are to be allocated to support humanitarian missions on the isle of Ceris. We ask the Church community throughout the wurld prays for our brothers and sisters in Ceris. Written on this day, the Third of May, Year of Our Lord 2020
  9. Home | Wurld | Salvia | Business | Politics | Church | Opinion | Tech | Entertainment l Sports  Protests Have Erupted Throughout the Salvian Wurld- What’s It All About? Ethnic Marenai protesting outside the Hilocani Legislative House in Alvernia Protests have been shaking the Salvian-majority nations of Salvia, Alvernia, and Tanemum. This raises the question- why is that? To get to the answer of that question, we need to rewind the clock to November of last year. Church Crisis Protests in the state of Salvia first began in mid-December, when an official Church report was released detailing the heavy presence of corruption throughout the Church’s upper echelon. While this is bad enough on its own for the Salvian people-- 91% of the Salvian people are baptized in the Catholic faith-- the fact that the Church, through the Concilio Populi and regional Castuses, wields actual power within the government was, to say the least, incredibly alarming for Salvians. Protests began almost immediately after the report was released to the public, but intensified following the use of corporal punishment by the Church in its arrest of almost 40 people, who are as of May 2020 still behind Church bars. Protestors have since been demonstrating for 4 months, with the only break being the day of the election of Pope Gregory XVII. During the 4 months of continuous protest, some demonstrations have turned violent, most notably and violently in the northeastern city of Trinity, a liberal stronghold. Demonstrations at one point became so violent in Trinity that the Provincial Guard had to be called on and, according to mayor Christopher Bergilini, the situation became “dangerously close to forcing me to declare martial law.” Since the declaration of emergency in March, the protests have since become less violent, but demonstrators are still being arrested in the dozens every day. Besides the violence and demonstrations, the Church crisis has inspired further political division within the Concilio Populi, as progressive and conservatives took sides following the protests. Many conservatives have supported the Church during the crisis, proposing funding it to further investigate corruption. Progressives, on the other hand, have called for reduction in the Church’s role in the state, with radical progressives even proposing a constitutional convention to meet to amend the constitution and remove the Concilio Clerici and Castuses. Moderates have sided with both sides, however the election of Pope Gregory XVII has encouraged many to side with the conservatives as they hope the presence of a pontiff will inspire stability and justice inside the Church. That being said, one event in either direction could easily swing the opinion of moderates to either side. Public opinion on the crisis is deeply divisive, with 36% favoring some limited reforms, 33% favoring retaining the status quo, and 31% favoring complete separation of Church and state, according to a recent NSBN survey. Needless to say, the crisis will certainly be felt at the polls come 2021. Anti-Cussian Demonstrations The arrival of Cussian refugees in late January of 2020 also inspired minor protests in Salvia’s northern regions and small packets in Salvia’s northern nation Tanemum. The Cussian issue has largely been ignored by the members of the Concilio as the government figures out where and how to incorporate the new Cussians. A welcoming note to many is the fact that most of the around 50,000 refugees that have been brought were well screened and documented and a large percentage have at least some form of education with some even having higher-up professions like dentistry or law. Almost all are also Christians, which will aid with their integration into a Christian state. The police of the northern provinces have stepped up their defense of Cussian migrants yet still saw a rise in hate crimes against minorities from just 2 in January to 31 in February. A surprisingly high amount of resistance comes from native Marenai, who are suspicious of a new minority suddenly appearing in their neighborhood. The government is doing the best they can with integration, but only time will tell how well it fared. Salvian-Marenai Ethnic Protests and Clashes Salvian nationalist banner used most commonly to signify Salvian unification- the 4 stars represent the 4 regions with Salvian majorities: Salvia and the Sicani Islands, Alvernia, and Tanemum The brutal murder of a 16-year old Marenai boy in northern Alvernia triggered violent protests and demonstrations like the Salvian wurld has never seen before. Making up just over a quarter of the population, Alvernia’s 2.4 million Marenai are largely concentrated in the north, which is where most of the violence has been located. Since its independence from Salvia after the People’s War in 1709, Alvernia has struggled with ethnic conflicts between native Marenai and ethnic Salvians. The last century has seen a spike in Marenai migration to Alvernia, aggravating pre-existing tensions that have been hidden under the surface for centuries. This, combined with further cooperation with the Salvian state in the 20th century saw the growth of Salvian nationalist movements which call for the unification of all Salvian people, climaxing with the election of alt-right Salvian nationalist Marco Marzeni to the presidency in 2005. Marzeni has since reformed the political workings of Alvernia and shifted away from democracy- the moves, instead of being protested, were celebrated as Marzeni greatly improved the average Alvernians living standards with a growing economy. Marzeni did not stop with his Salvian nationalism once he was elected; he has continuously supported Salvian nationalist organizations and called for unification with Salvia. He has also failed to condemn attacks on the native Marenai, which has only increased in number and scope since his election. The latest attack which has inspired these protests was no different- Marzeni called the killers of the Marenai teenager “heroes” who were “protecting their neighborhood from an unknown threat.” Marzeni has since pardoned the four of them from any federal crimes, further encouraging radical Salvian nationalists to clash with the Marenai protestors. Northern cities such as Hilocani have seen total shutdown as violence resulted in the death of dozens after clashes between armed protestors. The growing tension between ethnic Salvians and Marenai seems to be at a boiling point, with no clear outcome in sight.
  10. November 3rd, 2019 2 Days Before Stage II of the Marenesian Conference Salvian Airspace, 1917 Hours Giattus Calibrani, Salvian ambassador to Iverica, hadn’t been to Salvia in a long time. Looking down at the northern Salvian countryside, he forgot how beautiful it could be in the view of the setting sun. Green, grassy hills were dotted only by the occasional villa, which was typically accompanied by the organized rows of a vineyard or farm. Windy roads wound around and up the rolling hills, creating a picturesque scene of Salvian beauty that was exploited endlessly by painters for centuries, and now in the present, the photographers that were visiting tourists. With dusk now approaching rapidly, the occasional villa became little pinpricks of light in a sea of advancing darkness. Calibrani himself grew up on the Sicani islands and so was used to the villas and farms that sprawled all over Salvia, yet there was something about the rolling hills and windy roads that have been around since the First Imperium that, to him, made northern Salvia more beautiful. The flatlands that dominated the rest of the country went almost uninterrupted for miles and quickly became dull. This region, at “golden hour,” lit by dusk sun streaming in through thin clouds dotted across the sky, was a pictorial representation of Salvia: inviting, charming, and something to be experienced if one wanted to consider themselves complete. It was the end goal-- perfection. November 5th, 2019 Salvia-TTCO Summit, Marenesia Conference Deopolis International Airport, 1300 Hours “Jesus f*cking Christ it’s hot,” the aide de camp muttered under his breath as he pulled at his suit shirt while standing at attention. The airstairs were wheeled in to greet the planes that were grounded just minutes ago, yet despite the recent entrance, they had been outside for almost an hour, setting up and looking pretty. A good 200 yards away from the shade of the airport terminals, the entire ensemble had been baking in the afternoon sun waiting for some politicians and generals to prance out their luxury jetliners, walk around for hours, then sign a piece of paper that they had probably already agreed upon months before. Still, it was nice to be at an event that garnered international visitors. International visitors haven’t been to the country in decades- since the end of the war in the 70s- and it would be another step forward for Salvia. Too bad it was hotter than balls. “Oh stop complaining Martin. At least you aren’t in heels, or wearing one of those gay ass uniforms the band are in,” a woman next to Martin muttered to him. Martin chuckled at what she said, “Always band kids that get shafted. Almost feel bad for them.” The national anthems of the member states of TRIDENT began playing as the leaders and military officials climbed out of their respective planes: first Prymont, then the aide didn’t give a sh*t so he stopped paying attention. The aide’s legs were already growing exhausted- his crossfit workout was yesterday and now he was going to be standing for hours. He should’ve just called in sick, but he suspected a lot of people already did that. Plus, his boss was an ass and would’ve just told him to come in. The prick. The personnel, after exiting the plane and greeting the president and vice president, filed off to the side. Once everybody had landed and were in position, the president read a speech welcoming the whole ensemble, then the leaders were guided off to their limousines to meet at Alexis Hall. The rest of them- mostly security, media, or aid personnel- began to exit after them and would meet the state leaders at the presidential building. @Andalla, @Gallambria, @Girkmand, @Iverica, @Prymont, Salvia, @Tagmatium Rules
  11. December 14th, 2019 Ulusk, Northern @Haruspex Operation Deliverance Another two weeks passed before the first @Ivericans had arrived. During that time and after, officials both on the ground and back in their respective countries were in constant contact with each other. Seeking to standardize the method by which migrants were accepted into each country so as to not cause mass chaos and confusion, the Ivericans had devised their own machine software to sort the refugees, which the Salvians were then invited to mimic. Setting up stations next to the Iverican ones, the Salvian workers that were deployed were ordered by officials to prioritize educated, documented workers with families and create a prioritization list from there. Similar to the Ivericans, the Salvians also mandated that refugees present documentation in order to be placed higher on the prioritization list. Those that could prove they were Christian or not Haru could see their chances of being taken becoming much more likely as well. While the plan that was hashed during their voyage over the Adlantic was to split, the Salvians decided to stick together so as to be able to process more refugees. All told, the fleet was expected to carry 50,000 refugees back to Salvia, which was 5,000 shy of the goal set by the government. Tough luck to the politicians. Their fault for making promises without know a bit of sh*t about what was actually happening. A regiment of Salvian marines were also brought to the shore to protect the stations. They were highly encouraged to interact with the refugees on a very limited basis- besides a friendly “hello” and small chit-chat, they were to remain vigilant. Compassionate, yes, but not too open. Material was being prepared on the ships for their integration into Salvia- language and culture courses, books, magazines, and movies. Those people would deal with the refugees. After two and half weeks, the Salvian force was ready to depart- staying just a couple days after the Ivericans had departed. Some officials stayed behind for any cleanup that was needed, but they would be flown out of Haru in a week's time. All told, the operation so far had proven successful as the convoy slipped into the rolling Adlantic. However, the true success of the operation would not be fully measurable until months after the entrance of the refugees into Salvia.
  12. Keno thrust his hands deep into his pockets as he walked in the night, the streetlamps dimly illuminating the sidewalk he walked on. The suburbs he walked through were unfamiliar to him, Keno himself growing up in the urban slums of Alvernia's north. His family still lived in the same one-room house that they had lived in for 16 years, but here Keno was in suburbia, a 45-minute bus ride away. His baggy shorts and t-shirt failed to cover him from the chilly winds, which accompanied the rapid drop in temperature that came with the sunset, while the bag that carried his clothes made his back sweat. Despite feeling chilly, Keno enjoyed the walk. He was alone with his thoughts, a small field to his right and the road to his left. The 2 lanes were separated by a median that made them one-way roads, and the grassy median held a row of trees that extended across the entire road. The leaves whistled gently as the breeze blew while the night air was filled with the noise of the local fauna- the chirp of the local bugs in early fall was especially loud in the night time. A soft mist began to fall as Keno checked the time on his battered wrist watch: 11:30. Despite the late time, the house he was heading to was expecting him. The Piannas were family friends of Keno’s family and Keno and their son, Leo, knew each other since they were 3. After they were both accepted into the same private secondary school, the Piannas had offered to house Keno, aware of their economic situation. With undying gratitude, Keno’s family accepted the proposition. Saving up his money, Keno was able to buy the cheapest bus ticket he could find, packed his bags, and headed towards the suburbs. The blaring of a car horn from behind Keno interrupted his thoughts as he whipped his head around. A 4-door sedan had slowed down to a roll next to Keno but he kept looking straight, ignoring the car. The light that poured out of the headlights made him squint and Keno heard the car come to a stop and doors open and close. Even though he was sure he would not be mugged before he had left, Keno had taken a small switchblade with him just in case, the one he had carried with him for years now as protection in the urban slums. The sound of footsteps came closer and one of them shouted out, “Where you going, asinavulo*? We just wanna be friends.” Keno’s throat closed as his heart raced. What was he to do? The bag on his back made it difficult to run quickly. But the Piannas was what, two blocks away? He might be able to make it. He turned his head around for the first time. One person was sitting on the hood with a cigarette in his hand. While three others were walking shadily behind Keno. Running wouldn’t be an option. Upon making eye contact with one of the three, the man smiled. Keno realized all three were reaching into their waistbands; his heart began to thump harder than ever before. Adrenaline pumping, Keno, as quickly as he could, slumped the bag off his shoulders and bolted while screaming as loud as he could. “HELP! HELP ME!” He heard the footsteps of the men behind him inch slowly closer as the car revved and drove towards him. Keno heard one of the set of footsteps disappear for an instant before feeling a hand slap his foot into the other one, tripping him. One of the men and Keno slammed onto the pavement while the other two reached him. Keno fumbled for his blade but didn’t reach it in time- one of them had grabbed the back of his head and was repeatedly slamming it into the ground, cursing him with each blow. Keno’s face numb and bloody, the man finally stopped. He sat there dazed for a moment before one of them rolled him over, back on the pavement. He couldn’t make out much, but Keno saw four figures around him. He dimly heard a switchblade flick open and one of them saying, “This is for running, you dirty asino.” More blades flicked open as they bent down towards Keno, who laid there, still. They drew their arms back, then Keno felt several sharp stabs of pain in his stomach before blacking out for good. * * * Alvernia had not seen so much violence in one week. Not since the People’s War, anyway. Just five days ago, the death of a native Marenesian by Salvian nationalists ignited anger amongst the native community. In the north, where most of the native population was present, peaceful demonstrations garnered hundreds of thousands while newspapers and local news stations reported on the murder 24/7. The boy was honored as a hero, a martyr, a rallying call for any and all native Marenai who still inhabited the Salvian lands. The story ran quite differently in the south, especially in the overwhelmingly Salvian capital, Soncinia. The men were labelled as “drunken vagrants,” having nothing to do with the Salvian identity. Other, more extreme tabloids went on to discuss the identity of this Marenai boy, saying the event never happened, or that it was in fact the boy that had started the violence. The story spilled over into national politics: several members of the Body of Representatives took sides, while most refused to even acknowledge the rising tensions and conflict between native Marenai and Salvians. States of emergencies were declared across the country as the National Guard and Alvernian military were deployed to quell the revolts. Keno’s family was caught up in it all. Interviewer after interviewer requested for a conversation with the grieving family, while the mailbox spilled over with letters of compassion and support as well as death threats. How their address was leaked in the first place, none of them knew. Keno, according to the Catholic Marenai tradition that was frequently observed in northern Alvernia, was placed in an open casket during his funeral despite the gruesome outcome of the crime. The family was not allowed to speak, sleep, or eat- only pray- for 24 hours, while anyone invited mingled around and remembered the teen’s life. At the end of the 24 hours, at sunset, the priest sprinkled the casket and the congregation with holy water before burning the casket and after that the family could talk. But they didn’t. Only wept. * * * “Lunex,” The minister addressed the president while bowing. While the word might seem appropriate for a democracy to an outsider- the word translated most literally meant “leader” or something of the sort- in the Salvian context, it was closer to “king” or “grand leader” than a humble title. Just another of the many “reforms” Lunexus Marzeni had instituted since his first election in 2005. Of course, even if his second victory was legitimate, Alvernia’s two term limit would’ve guaranteed Marzeni leave in 2015, but he was able to convince the entire Body of Representatives to amend the Constitution to grant him four more terms. Yet it didn’t matter- every Salvian loved him anyways. His promises of creating a new and strong Alvernia that would dominate Marenesia and reuniting all Salvian people was pleasing to the ear of many Salvians, even those of the Sanctum Imperium Catholicum. The native Marenai be damned if they stood in the way of the great Lunex’s dream. The president let the minister stay in a bow for several seconds before gesturing with his hand. Marzeni began talking as soon as the minister stood while fixing himself a drink, “Good morning, piccliocho**. You wish to discuss with me about the Northern situation, do you not?” The minister, Bergio de Wohine, was Secretary of the Poka’i- Marzeni’s new police force he had established a few years back. They essentially replaced all local police departments with a national force that had pledged loyalty to Marzeni. “Yes, Lunex. The Poka’i have been combating the crisis for over two weeks now. I wanted to come to you personally with a request for extra aid. Perhaps calling in the military?” The pouring of whiskey and clinking of liquor stones stopped abruptly. De Wohine swallowed, Marzeni kept staring at his drink, half poured. A moment of tense silence seized the air before ending as soon as it had started with the Lunex chuckling and continuing fixing his drink. Taken aback, de Wohine began chuckling awkwardly. Marzeni’s glass completely filled, he kept chuckling before violently snapping at the man, “I did not ask for you to laugh!” De Wohine flinched then put his hand over his chest as Marzeni stood and walked towards the window that sat behind the Lunex’s “throne”. Marzeni breathed deeply before sipping his whiskey then walked over to a small table to his right and picked up a knick-knack, closely observing it. De Wohine was frozen the whole time. “Mi piccliocho. You are very, very unintelligent. You know very little about a true Salvian’s goal in life. Do you even know what it is?” He said this last sentence sharply, looking back at de Wohine while setting the object down. The minister just sat there, wishing he could be absorbed by the upholstered chair he sat in. Thankfully, Marzeni answered the question for him. “It is to unite Salvia, is it not? The asinos are nothing but specks of insignificant, unworthy dust in our path.” He took another sip. “To suggest our great military needs to be deployed in order to combat a couple million rebellious asinos is pure folly.” Beginning to smile and chuckle while speaking, Marzeni continued, “You see now, how funny your joke was?” Marzeni took another sip, shook his head slightly and continued to chuckle. Sighing, he walked behind the minister and put his hand on the man’s shoulder, gripping tightly. “Now, you’ll see that those asinos are dealt with, will you? That’d be excellent.” He patted the minister’s shoulders; the minister just nodded. “Good. Now get the F*CK out of my office!” De Wohine practically jumped out of his seat and quickly exited, rushing to his office. He was in his own office chair before he even began to think. His heart pounded against his chest as he poured himself some hard liquor, then drank it like a cup of water and poured another. He had to do something. The crisis was only worsening as the Marenai revolted, boycotting work and Salvian businesses. Marzeni would surely fire him-- or worse-- if he failed. But maybe this something would instead be against the “Lunex”. With that thought in mind, de Wohine picked up a pad and pen and began drafting a letter. _____________________________________________________________________________________ *Incredibly derogatory term for native Marenai used by (some) Salvians **Salvian word meaning “little friend,” as if talking to a child. In this context, used in a demeaning and patronizing way
  13. Home | Wurld | Salvia | Business | Politics | Church | Opinion | Tech | Entertainment l Sports  Famed Salvian Actor Joseph Vivani Dies Peacefully at 93 Joseph Vivani in the 60's crime show Justice and Law: Salvia as Detective Mike Joseph Vivani, an actor, voice actor, and philanthropist who had appeared in over 200 television series and movies over a 50-year career, died in his Sicani home in St. Paul’s last night at the age of 93. He had suffered from Alzheimer’s since early 2018. “He was a gentle and kind man,” his eldest son, Leo, told reporters following the announcement of his death to the media. “My father will be remembered for his great kindness, charity, and sincerity, traits which he carried with himself wherever he went, in the toughest times and the best,” his family said in a statement.” Vivani is survived by his wife of 51 years, Maria Vivani, as well as their 9 children and 11 grandchildren. Born in 1927, Joseph Vivani attended Trinity University and appeared in his first television series, Justice and Law: Salvia, in 1965, where he won a Salvian Actors Association (SSA) Award for Best Supporting Actor in Television after acting in the show for 5 seasons. Leaving the show in 1972, he then acted in a myriad of movies and TV series, his most famous being the instant hit and Salvian classic Aula d’Marenesia (Fire of Marenesia) in 1981. Vivani put on a spectacular performance acting as lead character Acues Mardini, a revolutionary during the People’s War, and with a strong supporting cast the movie and cast had a clean sweep at the SSA Awards. After the smashing success of Aula d’Marenesia, Vivani slowly backed away from being on the front stage, picking up more of the supporting roles he had once held. He also began working as voice actor for new animated movies and shows, which he stuck with until 2009. Vivani retired from acting in 2005 at the age of 78, although by that time he was rather limited to a few guest appearances and minor supporting roles. However, he was happy with these roles, saying in an interview from 2008 that he “enjoyed giving the supporting characters the fame and credit they deserved.” Vivani is credited with being one of the most influential actors from Salvia for his talent and the variety of characters he was able to play. Throughout his career, Vivani was also a devout Salvian Catholic and philanthropist, donating millions over the course of several decades to both international charities and the Catholic Church. Most notably, he was a great advocate for and donor to the wurldwide Alzheimer’s Association after his mother succumbed to it during his acting career. Requiesce in pace, Joseph Vivani
  14. Been thinking about whether or not to say this but I've decided I should. Now @Greater Serbia know you are just trying to get back into the RP and I am very happy about, but what motives do you have to justify being in Ceris? As far as I can see, there are no economic or cultural reasons, and, to be completely honest, no economic reasons either. Western Ceris is literally a sh*thole economically, how do you expect your people to be able to support them while your country does whatever you do? Judging just from your new thread with Tag and V and whoever else, it seems like either your government is either unstable or being overthrown altogether and so I doubt you have the political power within your own nation to pull this off. If your goal really was just "manipulation" and you don't want to annex a territory then you need to explain 3 things: 1) Why would you waste your resources on Ceris, 2) what will you do there (saying "manipulation" could mean anything from establishing a small sphere of influence to Leopold II in Congo exploitation- you need to define this) and 3) depending on what you are doing, the Eurth community might react- something I doubt you want more of. I am not trying to stifle your activity, but Eurth RP is realistic RP- I would be happy to swallow my words if you can work out a reasonable motive for your actions in Ceris. Or if the mods/Seylos don't care if you get involved and I'm the only one that does, then I'd suggest ignoring this. I don't mean to single you out or target you, and I by no means wish to see you become inactive in terms of roleplaying with the Eurth community (although painfully slow, I find writing with other people adds some spice to it), however I find it very unrealistic that your people or government, if in real life, would actually get involved in Ceris. However, that is a decision for you, Seylos, and the mods to decide- and they deem it O.K., then it is okay for me. This was just a few of my thoughts about the whole situation; this extends beyond just GS and I think anyone who is already in/will be/is thinking about joining this thread should think about this in RL terms: would my people accept this? or would there be protests? Could I economically, politically, and socially support this territory I am annexing, and if I'm not annexing anything, would it really be worth investing money in this region? Just my two cents.
  15. Co-authored by @Fulgistan Central Yellow Empire March 2nd, Year of our Lord 1555 The sun rose red over the town of Chamiao. Geese and ducks called loudly in the streets as the townsfolk went about their morning errands, dust scattering from the wheels of ox-carts, the straw sandals of litter-bearers, and the galloping hooves of a lone horse. The young man rode west, the rising sun at his back as he leapt from the saddle, rushing through the bronze-studded gate of the county yamen. “A report for Baron Qi, from Captain Wang of the White Company!” The courtyard within already had a few soldiers milling about, including the Baron himself, who had risen some hours before. Qi Hu was an experienced commander, a veteran of many local feuds and a formidable soldier in his own right. Although one of his hands had been replaced by a silver prosthetic, his command of martial arts was reportedly fearsome. The Baron wore plated armor of the capital fashion, steel plates covered with paint, enamel and gems depicting Buddhist demons and monsters. From his seat at a table in the center of the courtyard, he motioned to an orderly, who accepted the messenger’s scroll with a deferential bow. “Take your ease, soldier.” The courier kowtowed gratefully and left to find some refreshment as the orderly opened and read the scroll aloud, his off-beat cadence piercing the morning air. “Captain Wang of the White Company reports to Baron Qi of Wei: The barbarian army is encamped in the hills at Zhuyang Commandery near the Luo Family Village. They bring twenty big guns and a number of musketeers. The bridges at Horse Square and Li Family Village have been destroyed according to your orders, but the enemy will certainly ford the river nearby.” Qi considered for a moment. The forces he had gathered in Chamiao would be insufficient to defeat the crusading army in the field; he was waiting on reinforcements from Bogd Gioro, and they were at least a week away. He had to foil the plans of the invaders before they could crack Chamiao and move into the rest of the northeast. “We’ll have to attack them when they’re on the move. No time to unpack the artillery train; it’s our only hope against such a force.” A sergeant of the infantry stepped forward from the eaves of the yamen courtyard and saluted. “Sir! I’m from Zhuyang Commandery. There’s only one place to ford the river there, and since the bridges have been built it is accessible only through a disused road, not suitable for a baggage train. We could lay an ambush near the ford and defeat their divided forces.” Baron Qi rapped his silver hand on the table with a thunk, rising quickly from his chair. “Very well! We’ll move immediately to intercept the barbarian column; prepare my horse!” As the dawn progressed to a bright, clear morning, a narrow column of men and horses set off from the red gates of Chamiao, moving with all haste for Zhuyang Commandery and the unsuspecting foe. * * * The cries of both man and beast swirled with the chaotic din that was the pitched battle as cracks of gunpowder weapons and crossbows sounded out. While the actual ambush had only targeted the middle section of the marching column, both the front and back secured the flanks, fearing another ambushing force. With no such attack forthcoming, more men were sent to aid the ambushed crusaders. On the periphery, mounted knights began to push back the light cavalry, while demi-lancers harassed the Huang missile infantry that hid behind the infantry. In the center of the fight, however, chaos ruled. Iverican musketeers and pikemen, stuck in close-quarters combat, drew their swords to fend off the Huang infantry as unhorsed Salvian men-at-arms and knights came to their aid. Some musketeers were able to get away, load their guns, and fire into the Huang mass-- others weren’t as lucky. While the heavier Salvian infantry fared better against the more medium-armoured Huang, the repeating crossbows that fired off behind the medium infantry scored dozens of kills a volley. After waiting for an attack from the north, Flavio brought his bodyguard detachment of heavily armored knights into the fray, but by then, most of the ambushing force was in retreat. The Iverican musketeers, now reforming, began to fire volley after volley onto the retreating Huang-- the deadly Huang crossbowmen did the same. Any chance for the Salvian cavalry to run down the Huang or kill the crossbowmen were cut short by more volleys from the Huang crossbowmen, although the musketeers and the newly arrived Bergarmian crossbowmen certainly punished any Huang sticking around. The ambushing force began an organized retreat in full, and the crusading force set camp and began to lick their wounds. __________________ General Cassius approached Flavio, who stood atop the hill the Huang had just ambushed from. It had been several hours since the attack and dusk was beginning to settle in. The two shared a drink of water as they watched the camp bustle. The river, relatively calm with the lack of rain recently, was heard to the pair’s left as they gazed south. The two sat in silence for some moments. The long silence was broken by Flavio. “How is Lord Otto faring?” “As well as he can be. Thank the Lord, however, that the bolt struck at an odd angle- he has a couple broken ribs and a nasty gash, but a scar will probably be all that's left, come a couple years.” Flavio simply nodded at the news. “And the rest of the lords have their men organized? How is Leo treating the Iverican company?” Cassius swallowed another mouthful of water before continuing, “Randall and Leo have their companies organized for the night. The engineers are also at work on transports to carry the artillery over, but they say the river is indeed fordable.” He swallowed another mouthful before giving the canteen back to Flavio. “The Ivericans took a beating, that they did, but they will be quite alright I believe. They really took the brunt of the ambush. Leo is treating them well for their service, I have no doubt.” Flavio nodded once more. “Good. Their loyalty to us is essential- they proved their worth in that ambush.” He looked at Cassius for the first time since he had climbed up the hill. His right arm was bandaged, but otherwise looked fine. He supposed a veteran like Cassius would be less fazed by combat than others- many of the men appeared beat and sore, while Cassius stood with the same calm energy he always possessed. A man in his early fifties, Cassius had seen combat in a variety of theaters, although Flavio doubted he had fought in the deserts and plains of Alharu before this crusade. The pair had in fact met before the crusade was called, during a war in the northern territory back in Salvia. While Flavio considered Cassius a good friend, the two were both equally reserved and talked little. Looking east at the river,which glistened in the sunset light, Flavio realized for the first time that he did not even know much about Cassius. The pair were not close due to familiarity with each other, but rather due to circumstance, as brothers in arms. “Cassius, could I ask you a question?” “Fire away.” “Why are you here?” Cassius was slightly taken aback by the question. “Why, I suppose the same reason you are here, friend.” Flavio turned back to look at Cassius, “Is that really it? You could’ve retired to a nice estate in the south, with your own workers and with family close by. Yet you decided to travel across the Adlantic to fight some vague evil that we were both told was wrong.” Cassius met Flavio’s eyes while raising a brow. “Careful what you say, figliocho*. Those are dangerous words to say while doing the Popes’ work. But… you are not incorrect.” Cassius looked back towards the camp and drew a deep breath in through his nostrils before continuing, “Retirement is not for me quite yet, I’d like to believe. One more conquest, something more foreign than Salvia’s backyard, would be a fitting end for a successful general’s career. How about you, Flavio?” Flavio simply shrugged. “Something larger than that, I hope.” * Salvian word for friend, particularly someone younger than you or who you have authority over
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