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  1. Epilogue Part 3 February 16th The large and decorative wooden doors clicked shut behind them as the last of the cardinals took their seats. The frescoes that adorned the walls and ceiling of the Leotine Chapel spread out before them, detailed Magnum Progressum and Baroque artwork depicting scenes from the Bible and Church history. The bright colors and tall windows let in the midday sun’s rays, and both the artwork and lighting were directed towards the altar at the front of the nave on a raised platform. For this occasion, however, a table was placed directly in front of the altar to instead focus attention on a more pressing matter, that being the election of a new pope. Seated at the table were two abbots, indicative of the Diarchy of the Catholic Church, of the most respected order amongst the Salvian clergy, the Order of the Immaculate Heart, which had been appointed to direct the election of the pope all the way back in the 1300s. The two men were seated as they waited for the cardinals to ready themselves for the voting process. Once all the cardinals were seated, quiet, and paying attention to the two men at the front, one of them stood. An authoritative figure, he was tall and bulky with a thick beard but bald head. In the traditional gray drab clothes of a monastery, he spoke with a surprisingly soft voice as he began with the Sign of the Cross, “In nomine Patris et Filii et Spiritus Sancti. Amen.” The cardinals followed suit, and then the man continued. “My Eminences. You are here, appointed by God the Father, God the Son, and God the Spirit, to elect a new Successor of Peter; to take the throne of the Holy See and to replace His Holiness Thomas VII whose soul now enters heaven and watches over us. May this remind you all that everything is done in the awareness of God, in whose sight each person will one day be judged. I ask all of you, then, to place your hand upon the Holy Cross to swear an oath of secrecy and faith, that the one who is to be elected to the throne of Peter is to be the one that Jesus would have chosen if He Himself was on Eurth.” The cardinals began to move forward in a line towards the holy relic. In a golden container about the size of a baseball, a large fragment, supposedly a part of the True Cross, sat on top of a deep crimson velvet. Each cardinal bent over and kissed the container before repeating the oath (in Aroman, of course), then returned to their seats. Once the oath was taken, the man who had directed the cardinals from before stood up once more and handed a pile of ballot papers to several priests, who began passing the ballots out to each cardinal. The ballot was small, no larger than a typical postcard. On the top, written in Aroman, was Eligio in Summum Pontificem: “I elect as Supreme Pontiff.” The cardinals were to write the name of who they chose under the Aroman phrase, where afterwards they would then walk up to the altar, bow, say a long Aroman prayer, and then place their vote into a small wooden box. The votes would then be counted, with a needle and thread being pierced into the word Eligio, placing all the ballots onto a single thread. The process, although rather simple, took weeks, months, or even years. Cardinal D’Angelo sat, playing with his pen in between his fingers. The ballot sat in front of him, blank. He had not an inkling of who to vote for. While a few serious candidates always stood out by election time, D’Angelo could not decide on one. To be frank with himself, he thought, he was not sure if he could trust any of the cardinals. The words of the intendant that had brought them into the Leotine Chapel still resonated with him. As the doors were opened, unsuspecting tourists turned to see an imposing figure yell, “Extra omnes!”: “Everyone out!” The tourists were hurriedly shuffled out to make room for the cardinals who now replaced them. The chapel, usually filled with the quiet prayers of the faithful, surprised gasps of tourists who had never seen such beauty, or the occasional hooligan, was now completely silent. Who was he to vote for? March 1st “Cardinalus, Lorenzo. Cardinalus, Nerio. Cardinalus, Nerio. Cardinalus, Roberts. Cardinalus, Nerio…” The votes continued to be called out. After a week of votes, prayer, discussion, and contemplation, the fight had been narrowed down to just three cardinals: Cardinal John Roberts, Cardinal Julian Nerio, and Cardinal Matteo Lorenzo. Another week passed without one of them being declared a winner. This was the last vote of the day before they would be dismissed for the evening. If a winner was not declared here, it would continue, and after a week of deadlock there was no telling of what was to happen. “Cardinalus, Roberts. Cardinalus, Roberts. Cardinalus, Lorenzo…” The count continued to be called out. With each name read, the group of cardinals grew more expectant. Some tallied the results themselves, while others simply listened to the call and waited for the official results. Still others just sat in prayer. “...Cardinalus, Lorenzo.” The abbot, reading glasses on the edge of his nose, counted with the help of the other abbot and several priests. After some moments of counting and discussion, the priests walked back to their posts around the chapel as the lead abbot took off his glasses, placed them on the table, and stood. “Your Eminences. Through the glory and grace of God the Father, God the Son, and God the Spirit, a new Successor of Peter has been elected by a two-thirds majority as directed by the will of His Holiness Pope Thomas VII.” The air became even more expectant and tense as the abbot paused and read from a sheet of paper. “I ask for His Eminence Matteo Lorenzo to step forward in front of the altar.” The table and chairs the two abbots were sitting at were quickly picked up and moved by the priests as the cardinals stood. Lorenzo walked forwards to the the two abbots who stood in front of the altar. With their hands wrapped in a humeral veil, both abbots grabbed part of the Leotine monstrance containing the Blessed Sacrament from behind them on the altar. The abbot spoke up. “Cardinal Lorenzo, do you wish to accept your canonical election as Pontiff of the Salvian Catholic Church, Vicar of Christ, Successor of the Prince of Peace, Diarchic Pontiff of the Universal Church, and Bishop of Deopolis?” Lorenzo nodded standing in front of them, “I do.” “What shall your name be, Your Holiness?” Lorenzo contemplated for a second. “Gregory.” “Gregory, through the power of God the Father, God the Son, God the Spirit, all the angels and spirits of heaven, the saints, and all popes who have sat on the throne of Peter before you, I anoint you as His Holiness Pope Gregory XVI, Pontiff of the Salvian Catholic Church, Vicar of Christ, Successor of the Prince of Peace, Diarchic Pontiff of the Universal Church, and Bishop of Deopolis,” With this, Lorenzo knelt, and the two abbots, monstrance in hand, made the Sign of the Cross over Lorenzo- now Gregory-’s head. Lorenzo then stood and faced towards the assembly of cardinals, who began to shuffle forward and kiss the feet of the newly elected pope as he touched their heads to bless them.
  2. Understood. However, I feel as if a colony in Thalassa would justify any Salvian influence on that side of the wurld, especially with Fjallshima. I could possibly just have had spheres of influence that are now long gone, similar to European imperialism in China. Except, in this case, older.
  3. Expansion: Salvia Introduction Greetings fellow citizens of Eurth! After spending a couple of years in Eurth, I feel that now is the proper time to begin the planning for my expansion. This will be a multi-part expansion that occurs during two different time periods: one during the 1400s-1600s and another in the present day. Without further ado… Part I: The sun never sets… Inspired by economic motives, motivation from the Church to evangelize the faith, and the opportunity of glory and power, explorers and settlers began to sail overseas to conquer, claim, and colonize islands and other territories. This section of the RP will be a historical RP, taking part in two sections: one pre-crusade (late 1400s-early 1500s) and the other post-crusade (1600s). The first section concerns the colonization of two colonies: New Salvis and Port Liosus, pictured below respectively. The second section, happening sometime after the crusades in the 1600s, concerns the colonization of Catholic Aslonia, pictured below. Each section will have its own cast of characters and their own plot- it will not be a quick “They sail over there and claim land,” there will be conflicts and struggles, etc. This part of the expansion will begin as soon as approved. Part II: The Imperium reunited… A country of 4 million bordering west of northern Salvia, Alvernia was a part of Salvia beginning with the First Imperium in the Classical Era, gaining independence after revolts in the 17th century. As one of the core territories of the classical and medieval Salvian empires, the majority of the populace (~65%) are ethnically Salvian and both nations share a number of similarities, from government structure and legislation to economic industries. A large movement began in the early 1900s in Alvernia advocating for Salvian nationalism and reunification with Salvia, although a cautious Salvia refused to reunify, citing economic reasons (a financial crash was in full swing) and a fear of angering other Marenesian nations. A failure of reunification with Salvia would lead to the movement in Alvernia dying down but calls for reunification remained to the present day. With Salvia and Alvernia prospering economically and good relations present through Marenesia, all that was needed was popular support for reunification in both countries. Support for reunification came back to the front stage in Alvernia after recovering from the oil crisis of the 70s in the late 80s and a wave of nationalism sweeping the nation. Since then, Alvernia’s government has only grown warmer and warmer to the idea of reunifying with Salvia since then, and similar waves of nationalism would sweep Salvia in the 90s- the only thing necessary for reunification would be a catalyst for both governments, which would come in 2020. Note: The next paragraph is what will happen, nothing that has happened already. The largest obstacle to unification was public resistance in both nations. Resistance to reunification with Salvia in Alvernia stemmed mostly from the large number of ethnically non-Salvians, who also resisted the waves of Salvian nationalism that swept the nation before. In Salvia, the public opinion became divided over whether unification was necessary and whether it would end up hurting the pockets of the middle class. Following the ongoing Church crisis, both the government and public had a reason to further support unification: the government had a motive to distract the public from the crisis, while the public began to associate themselves more with their ethnicity (Salvian) rather than with the Church. Resistance to unification in Alvernia came to a head when a bombing of a nationalist rally kills several dozen. The public, outraged, pin the attacks on ethnic minorities, specifically the resistance group “AntiSalv” based in the less-Salvian north of Alvernia. The Alvernian government authorized the use of military force to “put down resistance” and invited the Salvian military to aid the operation. The Alvernian and Salvian governments then agree to unify, with the Alvernian government becoming subservient to the Salvian one. This part of the expansion will occur after the conclusion of Part I. The proposed area of expansion: Tagging any and all nearby nations: @Gallambria, @Batengdei, @Sunset Sea Islands, @Kualoa, and @Fjallshima if he ends up taking Kipan/Rihan's spot. That is the plan so far, like everything it can be altered if necessary. If you have a problem with the claimed areas or some other suggestion feel free to share. Otherwise, I turn it over to @Orioni
  4. Home | Wurld | Salvia | Business | Politics | Church | Opinion | Tech | Entertainment l Sports  Elections for Pope of the Salvian Catholic Church to Begin In Coming Days The cardinal-electors first met on Monday in the Leotine Chapel and decided the date today. The long-awaited election for the Salvian Catholic Pope was finally announced Thursday, February 13th after almost three years of sede vacante- the term used to describe when an office in the Church is unoccupied and waiting for someone to fill it. The elections will begin after a morning church service in St. Murphy's Cathedral on Sunday the 16th, with the ceremony marking the beginning of the election process starting a procession out of the service by the cardinals. The cardinals will process into Leotine Chapel, where the doors will then be closed, contact with the outside world cut off, and the election will then begin. Papal elections typically last anywhere from one week to a month, although there have been many instances throughout its two thousand year history that elections have lasted longer. Cut off from the outside world, the cardinals will vote four times a day, 3 days a week with the next day reserved for prayer and reflection- this process will continue until an individual receives a two-thirds super-majority. The election of a new pope will be announced with the burning of the votes, turning the smoke that emits from a chimney on Leotine Chapel's roof from black to white. The new pope will then process out of the Leotine Chapel into his new papal residence in St. Murphy's Cathedral, where he will then proceed out onto a balcony overlooking the Square. The papal elections come at a time of great turbulence in the Catholic Church as an ecclesiastical crisis shakes the Church. The crisis will also have an effect on the cardinal-electors- while before the crisis there were some 150 cardinal-electors, there are now only 115 deemed eligible to vote. Many of the excluded cardinals have since been defrocked and arrested or are currently under investigation- only two are not participating for reasons other than the crisis. The two-and-a-half-year reign of the Magnissimum Comitium Cardinalicium (MCC) under its current leader, Cardinal Mark D'Angelo, is the longest in Church history, although many Catholics including higher-up cardinals and other clergy members suspect that this delay in electing a new pope was due to work of cardinals now under investigation or already arrested. The MCC's control of the Church began in early August 2017 with the death of the then-pope, Pope Thomas VII. Despite the almost three year gap, the succession of Peter had been continued under the Iverican pontiff, Pope Hilarius XIX.
  5. OOC; Somewhat based off of this video, feel free to watch this to get a feel about what I'm talking about: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=RQ5R-0l7wdY ______________________________ February 9th, Cobram Park Stadium- CHAMPIONSHIP GAME @Gallambria vs. @Eulycea The two teams, 23 men each, walked side by side out of their locker rooms and onto the pitch, the referees right behind them. Greeted by fireworks and a roaring crowd, the stage was set for the Six Nations Championship Game to begin. PREGAME “Welcome ladies and gentlemen I’m Dan Smith and this is Adam Martin joining me for the 2020 Six Nations Rugby Championship Game between the Eulycean Silvers and the Gallambrian Lions. Teams are walking out of the locker rooms right now so let’s review the lineup.” (C)- Captain GALLAMBRIA Forwards 1 Opi Teira 2 Rory Fisher 3 Noel Davis 4 Waiapi Karaka 5 Caleb Richards 6 Olly Harper 7 Zac Lloyd 8 Eti Taimona Backs 9 Patrick Adams 10 Matthew Fox (C) 11 Edward Fraser 12 Jacob Butler 13 Patariki Raharuhi 14 Tate Matthews 15 Sam Gallagher EULYCEA Forwards 1. Adrian Morus 2. Philip de Forgia 3. Benedict de Campania 4. Lucas Maino 5. Sebastian Puteo 6. Julian Armiger 7. John Canti 8. Quentin Ponte Backs 9. Francis Batoni 10. Louis Pagani (C) 11. Marc Valle 12. Hilary Magnavilla 13. Christian de Lega 14. Paul Mileti 15. Laurence Peccatus “Solid group on both sides, excited for the next 80 minutes of rugby we’ll be getting from these two sides.” 5th MINUTE: Score 0-0 “Lions in Eulycean territory for the first time, Adams from the breakdown to the backs, Fraser passes it across to Matthews as they reach the 22 line, Matthews is tackled by Valle. As a ruck is formed it appears Adams is yelling at the ref behind it and the whistle is blown, Valle called for not releasing. Gallambria will take the kick… ...Fox hits it solidly, and it’s good.” 38th MINUTE: Score 9-3 “Gallambria’s past the 22 now, Patrick Smith from the breakdown passes it to Patariki Raharuhi, Raharuhi finds a hole! Offloads as he’s tackled to Tate Matthews and that’s a try for the Lions! Typical Gallambrian work and it’s the first try of the evening.” 40th MINUTE: Score 16-3 “Gallambria now at midfield, attempting to maybe get something before halftime. Adams, tosses it to Davis from the breakdown, Davis is held up and pops off the ball behind him to Butler and he finds a hole! Butler down to the 22, dodges a man and it’s a footrace to the tryline! Butler wins it, another try for the Gallambrian side and the home crowd is loving it!” 52nd MINUTE: Score 21-3 “Silvers get a lineout at Gallambria’s 5 meter line, they win it, form a maul. That forward pack is just moving that thing a meter at a time, de Forgia in the back with the ball. The Gallambrians just can not stop that maul and they push over the try line, de Forgia touches it down and that’s Eulycea’s first try!” 62nd MINUTE: Score 21-10 “Near midfield, Batoni with a little box kick that hits near the edge and he’s found a bit of room with that kick! Mileti is able to catch that with the Lion’s winger out of position, beats him to the middle as he races down the pitch! Offloads it to Valle and that’s another try for Eulycea, they’re back in it!” 78th MINUTE: Score 27-21 “Eulycea with the ball near the Gallambrian 22 in the middle of the pitch, some pick-and-goes from the forward pack before Batoni gets it out to the backs, Magnavilla passes it further out to Mileti and he muffs it, Gallagher picking it up and just sprinting down the wing! Gives it a little boot over midfield, Fraser and Valle in a footrace to it, Fraser’s got the speed. He catches it mid-bounce and dives over the try line! Surely that secures the Gallambrians the Championship and I think the crowd thinks that as well, absolutely electric!” 80th MINUTE: Score 34-21 “Gallambrians now just trying to get it out of bounds to end it, just running some pick-and-goes with the forwards moving it towards the right side. Adams passes it to Fox who just punts it right out, the final whistle blows and that’s the game. Gallambria, the home team: back to back Six Nations Champions!”
  6. Home | Wurld | Salvia | Business | Politics | Church | Opinion | Tech | Entertainment l Sports  One Year Closer: How the 2021 Elections Look Now While still a year and a half off, the 2021 elections are already preoccupying the minds of many politicians. On October 2nd, 2021, millions of Salvians will vote for the next president and vice president of the Sanctum Imperium Catholicum. Here’s our take on the election now that we’ve taken a step closer to campaigning season. President Many people following politics at the beginning of 2019 would’ve expected the current president, President Archbishop Patrick Saulius, to be reelected in 2021 despite election day itself being a far ways off. And until November 2019, Saulius’s popularity would only increase with a booming economy and a fantastic foreign policy. Now? Hundreds of thousands are calling for his removal from one of his two positions- either as president or archbishop- and his acceptance rate has dropped from 68% in summer 2019 to 53% in NSBN’s latest poll, conducted in early January. A sure reelection for Saulius has turned into a definite battle and potential defeat. The Church crisis has certainly painted Saulius, a member of the clergy, in a bad light. What has dropped his approval rating even more however, according to NSBN’s own poll, is his own inaction in regards to the crisis. Saulius has not taken any action or has even made a comment towards the situation, and with the Church holding power in the form of the Concilio Clerici and the regional Consiliarios this has worried many. Numerous conspiracy theories have already surfaced surrounding Saulius, claiming he himself is a member of some sort of secret society. And while only a select few people truly believe in such theories, they are just another thing that underscores Saulius’s growing unpopularity. The election for the presidency has turned into an open race, and while no new candidates have appeared, it’s likely that a popular one will announce their running soon. Concilio Populi 2019 proved to be a fracturing year for the members of the Concilio. The freshman class, comprised of an even split of conservatives and urban progressives, only aided in the continuing political divide. The third of the Concilio that’s up for elections primarily come from seats in the southern peninsula, with some from the northwest up for reelection. Northwest Minotia has been solidly conservative for several decades- almost everybody is focused on the southern seats. So, what are the expectations for the Concilio elections? Much like the presidential elections, the Church crisis will have a large part to play. The southern peninsula has a history of being a religiously conservative region- probably a major reason why the largest and most violent of protests have only been in the northeast and St. Paul’s island (a notable exception to the “Southern Rule”). Yet, even the most religiously conservative are shaken by this crisis. Expect some upsets in the region, such as an election of a more progressive or secular representative. Yet, despite the Church crisis, it’s expected many conservatives will be reelected. But, when you consider the potential upset elections of progressives, the reelection of conservative representatives becomes more a “cutting your losses” than a win for the conservatives.
  7. Happy birthday @Haruspex!
  8. Epilogue Part 2 "Eminence, your afternoon tea." The old servant nun put the cup of steaming tea down on D'Angelo's desk as he continued to draft a letter. "Thanks, Maria. Anything else?" The nun shook her head and went to leave before realizing she had something in her pocket. Remembering, she turned back towards the cardinal and spoke once more, "Cardinal Lorenzo wanted me to tell you that he wishes to meet with you later this evening to discuss the election of a new papa.” D’Angelo smiled, thanked her, and continued to work. ______________ D’Angelo entered the office and soon embraced the other cardinal who was standing and looking out the window. “Hello, brother. You wished to discuss something with me?” The other cardinal, Andrea Lorenzo, nodded and began to speak as he withdrew from the embrace. “Yes, my brother.” He walked back to the window, this time with D’Angelo following closely behind him. The two cardinals looked out onto St. Murphy’s Plaza. The sight they beheld would not have been abnormal- thousands of people thronging the plaza- if it were not for the crowd to be holding signs and chanting in protest. Lorenzo sighed as he turned back from the view and looked at D’Angelo. “Brother, we need to elect a new pope. And soon.” “Of course. You are not wrong in this.” D’Angelo helped himself to a seat in the padded chair opposite of the cardinal’s desk as Lorenzo continued to stare out the window. “But we must be cautious with this. The laity will not be happy with any pontiff that seeks to consolidate or hold on to power.” Lorenzo, still looking out the window, looked back to D’Angelo. “The next pontiff has to keep the Church’s power, brother. Reforms and anti-corruption measures do not equate to someone willing to give up power- it is critical a pontiff is elected that can do both.” D’Angelo just shook his head. “Upsetting the laity further will only further cripple the Church that’s just the way it will be.” “The next pontiff can retain power and still please the faithful. It just needs to be the right cardinal, that’s all.” D’Angelo raised his eyebrows inquisitively at the man opposite him. “And who do you propose that may be?” Lorenzo, his eyes filled with confidence, looked back at D’Angelo. “Me.” D’Angelo pondered for a moment, studying Lorenzo. A man in his late 70s, he didn’t quite look the part, with a face lacking many wrinkles and his hair gray but not gone. Long ears, a flat bottomed nose (for a Salvian), plenty of smile lines and bright eyes sat prominently on his face; there was nothing sulken about the man to suggest age or the weariness and sickness that comes with it. He certainly possessed the energy and charisma to be pope, but did he have the right agenda? D’Angelo could not say for certain. Lorenzo had a point when he said the laity could still be pacified with the papacy holding their power, but it was not a certain guarantee- Salvians, when angry, tend to fight for what they want until they get it without compromise. They tended to respect authority, but when authority disrespected them, they would replace that authority with someone who would respect them. That is the nature of Salvian politics and has been since the idea of Salvia was in the heads of its inhabitants. Someone in authority that tried to challenge the set of rules was sure to bring himself and his institution down in the process. D’Angelo had come to the conclusion that what Lorenzo was proposing was daring and dangerous, yet… it could work. If done correctly. Votes was not the concern for Lorenzo. He was already quite popular amongst the laity for his firm yet merciful stance and passionate preaching, and popular amongst the cardinals for the many things he has to maintain the Church’s power, especially in the far reaches of the Catholic wurld. That, combined with support from a cardinal like D’Angelo and maybe another from the Magnissimum would result in an almost certain victory for Lorenzo. The concern for him was if he was able to rally D’Angelo, and to do that, he’d have to quell D’Angelo’s concerns. “What do you think brother? Would you support me?” D’Angelo rubbed his temple with his index finger and thumb as he exhaled heavily. “I do not know what I think of this, brother. You are certainly fitting for the position, I am just concerned about your, um, agenda. It just seems unrealistic to me that we could retain power in the long run with the situation that this crisis has produced.” He gestured towards the window, “One only has to look out the window to see how upset the Salvian people are.” Lorenzo nodded slowly. “You have a point, D’Angelo. You always do, but I still think that we can do this. If we elect the right person. Who else would handle this well? Cardinal Roberts is rumored to have worked with the Ordo itself- the people would riot with his election. Cardinal Anastas would be too conservative and Cardinal Gallo the opposite. Am I not our best option?” D’Angelo just sunk slightly more into his chair and rested his elbow on the armchair and his chin on the same arm’s fingers. “Beware of what you say, brother, ‘I will put an end to the pomp of the arrogant.’ But you are definitely right, in most regards.” Several moments of silence passed over them before D’Angelo stood up. Lorenzo followed suit and the two cardinals embraced. “We will have these elections soon, however. The Magnissimum has already decided that. The announcement will be made known soon. I bid you goodnight, brother.” Lorenzo took a long breath inwards and exhaled slowly. “God bless you, brother.”
  9. Office of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs Deopolis, the Sanctum Imperium Catholicum Recipient: The Ixeloyanakisi of the @Metztlitlalio Foreign Affairs Office Minister, Your letter certainly receives me in good faith and I promise I am telling you the truth when I say that it is certainly saddening that our two great nations have not corresponded before this time. We as a nation have not forgotten our previous interactions with your great people and their rich culture, although these interactions were the result of war and conflict and not under friendly terms. We share, then, similar intentions of establishing cordial relations with your nation. The Foreign Ministry of the Sanctum Imperium Catholicum wishes to establish mutual embassies in our capitals to further promote cooperation and the friendly development of relations with your nation. Attached to this document is the information for the proposed Salvian embassy in Alteptl Tekaken as well as the ambassador that would be assigned to that post. There is also information on potential areas for an embassy in Deopolis. I look forward to further correspondences. May God bless your nation and your people, Minister of the Sanctum Imperium Catholicum’s Foreign Affairs, Alvon Russo Through the Trinity, We Flourish
  10. TrinSalvo Railway Company Tender Documentation: “NATIONAL RAILWAY MODERNISATION PROGRAM” For the @Gallambrian Department for Infrastructure, Transport & Regional Development OVERVIEW TrinSalvo is a Salvian manufacturing and supply company that manufactures and supplies a variety of products specifically targeted for use on railways. The company also provides consistent maintenance of its products and training of workers in order to sufficiently operate TrinSalvo’s machinery. TrinSalvo has been contracted to construct, supply, and maintain both city metros and intercity rail lines. TrinSalvo is incredibly experienced in the areas of construction, supplying, and maintenance, evidenced by the continued success of TrinSalvo products in Salvia and @Batengdei. OBJECTIVES Project Goals: 1.) Timely production and delivery of contracted items, 2.) continued maintenance and operation of contracted items, and 3.) continued training of workers to fulfill goal two. Planning and production of contracted items, taking into account any and all specifications assigned by the contractor Delivery of finished contracted items safely and on the scheduled dates Establish state of the art training and maintenance facilities to train workers and maintain the contracted items at a satisfactory level Continue to operate and maintain contracted items while simultaneously continuing to train workers to operate and maintain contracted items OUR PROPOSAL Proposed Product: ICE 4, 8-car variant (K1n) Overview The ICE 4, or Intercity-Express high-speed trains, is a modern, 21st century train developed by TrinSalvo in 2010 and replaced the ICE 3 series of trains that had been in use since 1995. Used by both the Salvian and Batengdeian intercity train lines, it has proven to be more than capable in the transportation of people in a swift, safe manner. The cars can also be customized greatly, such as the ones in Salvia, which include a bistro and storage car at the expense of seating capacity. Safety and Reliability The ICE 4 utilizes state of the art, modern safety systems that have proven to be highly effective in both test and real scenarios. The ICE 4 trains use both the Standardised Train Control System and the Standardised Cab Signalling System as their safety systems. Both are the most modern safety systems available on the market and will offer the highest amount of safety possible. Servicing and Upkeep Necessary repairs and servicing may be completed at both preexisting and the newly proposed maintenance facilities. Client Servicing- complex issues such as issues with the electronic system or issues with a train’s body may require facilities with more controllable conditions, but this should be available in any sufficiently operational maintenance facility by more experienced TrinSalvo personnel that may be trained in operation training facilities. Serious Damage/Replacement- such harm to train systems is not expected to hamper or significantly delay a repair to operations worthiness. TrinSalvo has branch facilities in the nearby nation of Batengdei that will be able to supply the nation of Gallambria. Specifications and Performance Proposed Product: ICE 4, 10-car variant (K3s) Overview The 10-car variant of the ICE 4 (K3s) is identical to the 8-car variant (K1n) except in the areas of acceleration, power, speed, and weight. It uses the same safety system and is identical to the K1n model in numerous areas. Differences With 8-car Variant The K3s model, while identical to the K1n model, differs in some specifications because of the two extra train cars. CONCLUSION We look forward to working with the Gallambrian Department for Infrastructure, Transport & Regional Development and supporting your efforts to modernize the Gallambrian intercity railways with the reliability, speed, and safety of TrinSalvo. We are confident that we can meet the challenges ahead and stand ready to partner with you in delivering the training, service support, timely production and delivery of the tendered units. If you have questions on this proposal, feel free to contact Alexander Borodin at your convenience (information in the attached file). Thank you for your consideration and God bless, ALEXANDER BORODIN TrinSalvo Chief of Sales 67 Pilanto Way, Minotia, Salvia 57685
  11. Home | Wurld | Salvia | Business | Politics | Church | Opinion | Tech | Entertainment l Sports  Protests Turn Violent in Trinity as Demonstrations Enter Sixth Week, High-Ranking Urban Progressives Call for Constitutional Convention Protesters filled the streets as they confronted police throughout the day and into the night Protesters turned violent yesterday in Trinity as demonstrations over the Church crisis continue to sweep the rest Salvia. Riot police deployed tear gas, water cannons, and rubber bullets to disperse the largest crowds, but this would not deter protesters as they would continue to confront police throughout the day and into the night. Trinity Police Department reported that over 150 arrests were made since yesterday. The TPD chief of police, Gian Sergio, would even report to media that this was "the worst violence we've seen in decades." "It's gotten to the point where we're close to calling for the Provincial Guard to step in and assist in maintaining order" Sergio added. A small number of clashes, inspired by the protesters in Trinity, would be reported in other cities of Salvia, however they were mostly contained as demonstrations continued to be peaceful. Protesters, many clad in black and wearing masks, began to topple barricades meant to contain the demonstrations and threw rocks at police, prompting the deployment of riot police. Further clashes between protesters and police would only serve to further escalate the violence. The demonstrations have caught the attention of several top urban progressives, most notably Representative Emilio Marcus, a candidate for the progressives in 2021. Some had previously been involved by protesting with demonstrators several weeks earlier, but now these high-ranking progressives have taken it a step further by calling for a "special constitutional convention." "Corruption within the Church runs rampant. How much longer until it infects the state? We must reduce the powers of the Church and its pope through a special constitutional convention" Marcus would post on social media yesterday. Other urban progressives would continue to make similar calls throughout yesterday and today. A large number of representatives, including some urban progressives, denounced the calls as "rash and absurd." Neither the Church nor the Concilio Clerici have made an official statement regarding the matter. This story is developing and may receive further updates.
  12. Operation Deliverance November 30th, 2019 The choppy waves of the Adlantic hit the hull of the flagship, the SNS Theobald, with rhythmic thuds. They had made port at Norfolk just a week earlier and after waiting for the second half of the fleet to dock and resupply had left just 6 hours before. The Salvian fleet was an amalgamation of civilian and military vessels scrounge up by the Church and state. Spearheaded by Task Force ‘Charlie’ of the 3rd Fleet, the rescue fleet comprised of some 62 civilian ships by the time they were on their way to Cussia- a few dozen smaller civilian ships had decided to return back to Salvia. Of the 62, 39 were large cargo ships or small merchant ships that volunteered to either carry supplies or pick up refugees, the rest of the civilian fleet being made up of 3 large private yachts, 9 Papal ships, and, probably the most interesting one to note, an 1800s replica wooden ship that was owned and commandeered by an eccentric multimillionaire who, even after being asked to leave, chose to stay “For the adventure.” The leading commodore of Task Force ‘Charlie’ chose to oblige as the man had also committed several million to the operation. Plus, his ship was pretty cool. Task Force ‘Charlie’ itself was comprised of 3 frigates, 2 missile cruisers, a destroyer, 5 submarines, and a hospital ship. Another two of Salvia’s three other hospital ships were put under the command of Charlie’s commander, Commodore Angelo Sodelo. The task force would eventually split up into two, with a frigate, a missile cruiser, 2 submarines, one of the hospital ships, and some 30 civilian ships to head to the friendly waters of the Raga Sea to pick up refugees from Tagmatium. The remainder of the ships would head to the port of Glevokastran, Tagmatium, north of Haru and await for the other Coalition fleets to arrive. The successful deliverance of Christian refugees to Salvia was critical: an operational mishap or botch up would have huge consequences for both Church and state, especially with the increasing political division and Church crisis. The public of Salvia waited expectantly for a successful operation, and if one was not forthcoming, the Church and the government would feel their unhappiness. _______ OOC: Hopefully a little something that will help this get back on track
  13. Salvia

    Doom of Ceris

    Cardinal Sean McKinley had rarely visited the Papal Palace and had to be guided to the office of the man he was looking for. The winding corridors, brightly lit even in the evening hours, were filled with Baroque art and their floors covered by ornate rugs. A couple thousand housekeepers took care of the expansive palace that resembled more of an imperial palace than the home of the administration of the Church. The place was spotless; McKinley could not spot a speck of dust on even the oldest of tapestries and pieces of art as the nun guided him. Weaving through the palace, they made it to the office of the head of the Magnissimum Comitium Cardinalicium, Cardinal Mark D’Angelo. Here the nun stopped at a large and decorative wooden door. A small golden plaque that hung left to the door at head height read ‘D’Angelo Cardinalis’- they had reached their destination. The nun knocked on the door and bowed towards McKinley before walking away the way they had come. The cardinal heard a tired, soft voice replying wearily, “Per favore entra*.” McKinley opened the door gently as he peered in. D’Angelo sat behind a large desk that was covered with papers and letters, his glasses at the bridge of his nose and his face buried in a letter. His zucchetto was on top of a pile on the corner of his desk, revealing his mostly bald, spotted head. D’Angelo looked up from his letter and smiled wearily as he stood up. “Salve, frater**.” D’Angelo walked around his desk to embrace the cardinal before inviting McKinley to take a seat and went back to his seat. “I appreciate your graciousness in hosting me, brother.” D’Angelo just continued smiling as he waved his hand and started in Anglish, “The pleasure is mine. Anything to distract me from this crisis.” His smile disappeared from his face as he said the last sentence and looked at all his papers on his desk. He shook his head gently before looking back up at McKinley, pushed up his glasses, and inquired, “So, what can I help you with, frater? Could I help you to some tea?” McKinley at first had trouble deciphering D’Angelo’s heavy Salvian accent but was soon able to understand him. “Yes, that would be nice.” D’Angelo rang a small bell that was placed on his desk. Maybe ten seconds had passed before a nun entered the room and bowed. “Maria, potresti portarci del tè? Grazi.” The nun nodded and left. D’Angelo waved his hand towards McKinley, indicating to him to speak. “Well, I come to you from my post, Occidentalis Cerisae. You’ve no doubt heard the crisis unfolding on my island?” D’Angelo nodded, “Yes, I have. The Concilio Clerici was in fact the driving force behind the state’s commitment to aid.” McKinley nodded and continued, “Yes, and the Church has also committed aid, the funds and supplies have helped my priests in their mission.” D’Angelo nodded back, “So what are you to ask of me?" “Well, brother, it is seen by both me and the other bishop on the island, Bishop James Flynn, that more aid must be committed to Ceris. The forces opposing our ministry only grow stronger as the days passed and I fear the Church on the island only grows weaker. The scourge of communism threatens my dioceses and we do not have the resources necessary to both deal with them and continue our ministry. D’Angelo sighed wearily while rubbing his eyes under his glasses. “I was hoping for good news, but yes, the situation is most certainly dire.” McKinley looked at D’Angelo intently, waiting for him to continue. “You must understand, frater, our resources are spread thin since our involvement in Cussia and the investigations. And now with Ceris… we are taking on too much. I’ll tell you this: you will be given more. As to the time it is delivered, only God knows, but I will try to get it to you speedily.” A knock on the door interrupted the conversation as the nun entered with two cups of tea. Handing one to each of them, she bowed before hurrying out once again. “Brother, I am afraid that money might not be the way to solve this issue, especially any that shows up months too late. Is there nothing your Concilio can do? Money will mean nothing to the communists when they take power- men are needed.” D’Angelo answered incredulously, “My Concilio? Absolutely not- no, it’s not possible. With the investigations? The Salvian people- devout as they are- would not even buy that at this time. If funds are not good enough for this cause, I can’t do anything else for you. Armed force or intervention of any kind wouldn’t be allowed by any sane politician and to even suggest anything like that to the public sphere would draw instant criticism.” “Please, brother, do you not understand the direness of the situation? Ceris is not stable, we’ve been attacked countless time over these years. And now communism! What will happen?” “God’s will.” D’Angelo said nothing for a moment. He took a sip from his tea before replying, calmly, “I will do all that I can. But I tell you this: Salvia will not get involved in a sphere of influence it does not belong to or have any interest in. We’ll see if the situation of the Church gets any worse- more drastic action might be taken then. At this time, however, I will give you 100 members of the Papal Guard to protect yourself and any church that is under attack. I will finalize the details in the coming days with the Guard.” McKinley sat there, silent and unhappy, but nodded. D’Angelo breathed deeply before ringing the bell once more. He stood up when the nun entered. “It is getting late, frater. Maria will show you to your room. I will see you tomorrow at breakfast.” McKinley stood up as D’Angelo walked around the desk to embrace the other cardinal. McKinley walked towards the door that the nun held open and exited, himself now tired and worried. __________ *: “Come in please” **: “Hello, brother”
  14. January 13th, Cobram Park Stadium- Week 5 The Lead: @Gallambria Qualify for the Championship Game with Help from Bonus Points over @Batengdei @Eulycea Triumph over Salvia, 29-13 Little to say about this game, other than the Silvers continue to show their dominance. They end the season with a point differential of +63 (the next closest being Batengdei with +19) and an average game score of 31-18. Hopefully the success can continue into the Championship Game, this being their first appearance since 2012. Despite the 8 year drought, Eulycea are still favored over Gallambria by NSBN sports analysts and computer simulations, with a 64% chance of beating Gallambria. Gallambria Win Close One Against @Seylos, 13-6 While the Gallambrian offense was only able to score one try in 80 minutes, the defense was able to hold firm and hold the Seylosians to only 2 penalty kicks. A grueling game made even more brutal by poor weather was filled with knock-ons and penalties. Despite losing their first two, Gallambria were able to qualify with their three wins and two bonus points, one of which came from their loss to Batengdei for losing by under 7 points. The Lions will hope to replicate last year's Championship Game victory over Eulycea despite being underdogs. Batengdei Beat @Oyus, 22-6 The reds, with 3 minutes left and a try away from getting their most-needed bonus point to qualify for the Championship Game, would fall just short of the mark. With already a minute past the 80-minute mark, anything that made the ball dead would end the game. 11 meters away, an event that would cause just that happened as a Batengdeian player dropped the ball forwards, resulting in a knock-on. As the whistle blew for the end of the game, the Batengdeian players hung their heads in defeat despite their 16-point victory over the Islanders, aware that they did not qualify. Standings after Week 5 Championship Game will be played on Sunday, February 9th
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