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  1. Since @Orioni included Alvernia in the last map update, I’m taking that as approval for Part II to begin and I am writing the beginning of the RP right now. Alvernia is not to be considered part of Salvia until the conclusion of the RP. It is not yet part of Salvia, it is still its own independent state.
  2. Hm. Your distance certainly makes this a pickle. iirc, @Iverica didn’t relocate to the Iberia peninsula (where he is now) until the late 16th century. I don’t know if @Girkmand or @Variota were Christian yet. If they were, great. Problem solved. But if not... then the distance will prove a challenge. I suppose it’s possible for either @Tagmatium Rules or I to convert you (although Tag is Orthodox not Catholic) if nobody in the region is there to.
  3. Home | Wurld | Salvia | Business | Politics | Church | Opinion | Tech | Entertainment l Sports  Ministry of Trade and Finances Confirms Rumors of a Palu Peninsula “Development Deal” Leo Conway talking to the press on Saturday The Minister of Trade and Finances, Leo Conway, confirmed in a press conference on Saturday that rumors of a “development deal” was being negotiated with the Palu nations of @Metztlitlalio and @Eulycea. The minister also said that they were discussing opening the agreement with the island nation of @Oyus. “The agreement contains several billion dollars in loans in order to stimulate the growth of the peninsular economies which will in turn benefit Salvian trade in the region,” Conway said, adding on that the deal was “a win-win.” The minister also clarified that the Ministry had met with government officials from each country. “The details are still being finalized and will not be complete for at least another month. The process requires sufficient and in depth planning that takes time and compromise,” Conway added. The minister also stressed to the Salvian people that this deal will have economic benefit for the Salvian people, stimulating an already roaring economy. The 2-year economic boom in Salvia has largely erased the economic failures of the last 30 years, which was largely caused by isolationist policies that originated in the late 1970s and an economic crisis in the late 2000’s. The announcement drew some criticism from certain activist groups, most arguing that the deal was a form of “modern imperialism” that exploited the governments and people of Palu for Salvia’s economic benefit. However, most Salvians reacted positively to the news, especially stocks, which opened up 3% higher this morning. This story is developing and will receive future updates.
  4. Could this area be labelled the Bay of Salvae? Thanks!
  5. Home | Wurld | Salvia | Business | Politics | Church | Opinion | Tech | Entertainment l Sports  State of Emergency Declared in Trinity as More Violent Protests Take Place Over Church Scandal Protesters started car fires and attacked police as the Provincial Guard was called. The mayor of Trinity, Christopher Bergilini, has declared a state of emergency in Trinity as protests gradually turned violent starting last week. "Just 6 weeks ago we were saying how that was the worse violence that we've seen- this is several levels above that," the TPD police chief Gian Sergio told reporters yesterday in a press conference. "Our officers are doing the best they can in the face of great adversity, but Mayor Bergilini's declaration was necessary to provide us the support we need." With the declaration of emergency, extra funding has been allocated to the police force, while the Provincial Guard was also called in to aid the Trinity Police Department. Police and firefighters also had to stop fires that were caused by the protesters. In total, 233 were arrested by the end of today, with 45 policemen and 3 Provincial Guardsmen injured. Rubber bullets, pepper spray, and water cannons were all used against protesters, who threw rocks, toppled barricades, and in some cases attacked police with blunt weapons. Last Saturday marked the 4-month mark since the beginning of protests in December 2019. Since then, several high-ranking progressives, including potential 2021 candidate Representative Emilio Marcus and Minority Speaker of the Concilio Populi Anna Ferrero, have taken up the cause of the protests, advocating for a reduction of the Church's influence in Salvian politics, potentially to the point of completely separating Church and state. President Patrick Saulius's pro gratia defrocking came as he was pressured by many urban progressives, and there are rumors that those same urban progressives are drafting a new law that would require clergy members to renounce their position in order to take office, a bill that would directly conflict with the establishment of the Concilio Clerici. Only time will tell how the Salvian people react.
  6. Home | Wurld | Salvia | Business | Politics | Church | Opinion | Tech | Entertainment l Sports  President Patrick Saulius's Request for Laicization Granted Amid Church Corruption Scandal President Patrick Saulius, who had also held the title of "Archbishop", was defrocked by Pope Gregory XVII "pro gratia"- meaning by the request of President Saulius himself. The request was submitted last Sunday by Saulius, according to the Church, and was granted last night. The request, which was released in full to the public this morning, showed that Saulius sought the defrocking due to his "ineligibility to be both a member of the clergy and of Salvia's political sphere." The move was lauded by urban progressives, who saw it as "another step towards freeing the state of Church corruption," as minority leader Representative Anna Ferrero put it in an interview this afternoon. Many progressives, especially since the revelation of the Church scandal, have pushed for a separation of Church and state. The topic was rarely brought up before the scandal, with most Salvians considering the intertwining of Church and state as necessary for maintaining the morality of the state. And while many still hold that sentiment, there are a growing number of Salvians who don't. The diocese of Minotia and Catholic Aslonia, the diocese that Saulius was archbishop of, now has no ruling archbishop and joins 17 other dioceses that need a bishop appointed.
  7. Salaxēka will obviously get a lot of funding from Salvia. I'm in!
  8. When was that? Because if it's a few hundred years after Christ (say, 500), then I would think @Iverica and I split earlier, probably due to differences in leadership- Ivy and I have the popes while the emperor was your religious leader (iirc, correct me if im wrong). A simple diagram could chart all the splits, I'd think.
  9. Create a Foreign Affairs thread. Developing relationships becomes 100x easier. (I just realized this kinda comes off as passive aggressive and I did not mean it like that lol)
  10. Home | Wurld | Salvia | Business | Politics | Church | Opinion | Tech | Entertainment l Sports  New Pontiff of the Salvian Catholic Church Elected Cardinal Matteo Selva Lorenzo of Alvernia has been elevated to the Papacy after an election began just two and a half weeks ago, making it the longest election in the last 100 years. The fourth Marenesian pope to be elected in a row, Lorenzo ascends the Papal throne at the age of 75 as the 266th pope in the Salvian Church's 2,000 year history. Lorenzo chose the name Gregory, becoming the seventeenth pope sharing the name. The choosing of the name is seen as quite more than a formality to any believer- it can also be an indicator for the pope's goals and mission. Cardinal Lorenzo, now Pope Gregory XVII, is well known for his largely conservative theological beliefs- his stance on abortion, gay marriage, and other issues is firmly rooted in traditionalist thinking- but he is also well known for his merciful teachings, emphasizing the compassion of Jesus, and humble lifestyle. He also cared deeply for the poor while in Alvernia, frequently preaching against the social and ethnic inequality present most notably in the north. Cardinal Lorenzo was one of the front-runners for pope, many cardinals say, although he was certainly not the favorite. "While some expected him to win, to many he was an underdog- a long shot, almost," Cardinal Laurence Peccatus of @Eulycea would tell Salvian media. Peccatus was also the one to announce to the expectant crowd of a new pope, proceeding in front of Lorenzo to announce, "Habemus Papam"- "We have a pope." Gregory comes to the Papal throne at a time of great crisis in the Church as corruption scandals continue to rock the faithful. This, combined with infighting among Church cardinals over social teaching and theological practices, is sure to keep the newly elected pope busy. The crisis, while hanging over the heads of the Church and Salvian state, was absent as crowds of protesters were replaced with earnest and pious pilgrims from all over the wurld. In fact, protests across Salvia ceased entirely, instead celebrating the election of a new pope who will hopefully solve the crisis. Pope Hilarius XIX of the Tacolic Catholic Church, seated in Intreimor, @Iverica, was the one who official elevated Cardinal Lorenzo to the pontificate after the conclave's election, as tradition dictates. With the elevation of Pope Gregory, the Diarchy is complete for the first time in 3 years, the longest time without a complete pair in Church history.
  11. Edited to remove Catholic Aslonia. Major updates/concerns or notes will be posted here, however we'll continue discussion on the Discord about if I want to replace the removed colony with another one, still in Aurelia.
  12. That is a nice compromise, I’ll update the expansion post to be more accurate when I’m able to get on a computer again.
  13. So... how is the Thalassa plan affected by the new map-in-progress? Should I still choose a new island or just drop it?
  14. Epilogue Part 3 February 16th The large and decorative wooden doors clicked shut behind them as the last of the cardinals took their seats. The frescoes that adorned the walls and ceiling of the Leotine Chapel spread out before them, detailed Magnum Progressum and Baroque artwork depicting scenes from the Bible and Church history. The bright colors and tall windows let in the midday sun’s rays, and both the artwork and lighting were directed towards the altar at the front of the nave on a raised platform. For this occasion, however, a table was placed directly in front of the altar to instead focus attention on a more pressing matter, that being the election of a new pope. Seated at the table were two abbots, indicative of the Diarchy of the Catholic Church, of the most respected order amongst the Salvian clergy, the Order of the Immaculate Heart, which had been appointed to direct the election of the pope all the way back in the 1300s. The two men were seated as they waited for the cardinals to ready themselves for the voting process. Once all the cardinals were seated, quiet, and paying attention to the two men at the front, one of them stood. An authoritative figure, he was tall and bulky with a thick beard but bald head. In the traditional gray drab clothes of a monastery, he spoke with a surprisingly soft voice as he began with the Sign of the Cross, “In nomine Patris et Filii et Spiritus Sancti. Amen.” The cardinals followed suit, and then the man continued. “My Eminences. You are here, appointed by God the Father, God the Son, and God the Spirit, to elect a new Successor of Peter; to take the throne of the Holy See and to replace His Holiness Thomas VII whose soul now enters heaven and watches over us. May this remind you all that everything is done in the awareness of God, in whose sight each person will one day be judged. I ask all of you, then, to place your hand upon the Holy Cross to swear an oath of secrecy and faith, that the one who is to be elected to the throne of Peter is to be the one that Jesus would have chosen if He Himself was on Eurth.” The cardinals began to move forward in a line towards the holy relic. In a golden container about the size of a baseball, a large fragment, supposedly a part of the True Cross, sat on top of a deep crimson velvet. Each cardinal bent over and kissed the container before repeating the oath (in Aroman, of course), then returned to their seats. Once the oath was taken, the man who had directed the cardinals from before stood up once more and handed a pile of ballot papers to several priests, who began passing the ballots out to each cardinal. The ballot was small, no larger than a typical postcard. On the top, written in Aroman, was Eligio in Summum Pontificem: “I elect as Supreme Pontiff.” The cardinals were to write the name of who they chose under the Aroman phrase, where afterwards they would then walk up to the altar, bow, say a long Aroman prayer, and then place their vote into a small wooden box. The votes would then be counted, with a needle and thread being pierced into the word Eligio, placing all the ballots onto a single thread. The process, although rather simple, took weeks, months, or even years. Cardinal D’Angelo sat, playing with his pen in between his fingers. The ballot sat in front of him, blank. He had not an inkling of who to vote for. While a few serious candidates always stood out by election time, D’Angelo could not decide on one. To be frank with himself, he thought, he was not sure if he could trust any of the cardinals. The words of the intendant that had brought them into the Leotine Chapel still resonated with him. As the doors were opened, unsuspecting tourists turned to see an imposing figure yell, “Extra omnes!”: “Everyone out!” The tourists were hurriedly shuffled out to make room for the cardinals who now replaced them. The chapel, usually filled with the quiet prayers of the faithful, surprised gasps of tourists who had never seen such beauty, or the occasional hooligan, was now completely silent. Who was he to vote for? March 1st “Cardinalus, Lorenzo. Cardinalus, Nerio. Cardinalus, Nerio. Cardinalus, Roberts. Cardinalus, Nerio…” The votes continued to be called out. After a week of votes, prayer, discussion, and contemplation, the fight had been narrowed down to just three cardinals: Cardinal John Roberts, Cardinal Julian Nerio, and Cardinal Matteo Lorenzo. Another week passed without one of them being declared a winner. This was the last vote of the day before they would be dismissed for the evening. If a winner was not declared here, it would continue, and after a week of deadlock there was no telling of what was to happen. “Cardinalus, Roberts. Cardinalus, Roberts. Cardinalus, Lorenzo…” The count continued to be called out. With each name read, the group of cardinals grew more expectant. Some tallied the results themselves, while others simply listened to the call and waited for the official results. Still others just sat in prayer. “...Cardinalus, Lorenzo.” The abbot, reading glasses on the edge of his nose, counted with the help of the other abbot and several priests. After some moments of counting and discussion, the priests walked back to their posts around the chapel as the lead abbot took off his glasses, placed them on the table, and stood. “Your Eminences. Through the glory and grace of God the Father, God the Son, and God the Spirit, a new Successor of Peter has been elected by a two-thirds majority as directed by the will of His Holiness Pope Thomas VII.” The air became even more expectant and tense as the abbot paused and read from a sheet of paper. “I ask for His Eminence Matteo Lorenzo to step forward in front of the altar.” The table and chairs the two abbots were sitting at were quickly picked up and moved by the priests as the cardinals stood. Lorenzo walked forwards towards the altar. The abbots stepped aside as Pope Hilarius XIX of the Tacolic Church came out of a side chamber and walked to where the abbots once stood. With a humeral veil covering his hands, he picked up the Leotine monstrance containing the Blessed Sacrament. “Cardinal Lorenzo," the Tacolic pope began, "do you wish to accept your canonical election as Pontiff of the Salvian Catholic Church, Vicar of Christ, Successor of the Prince of Peace, Diarchic Pontiff of the Universal Church, and Bishop of Deopolis?” Lorenzo nodded standing in front of him, “I do.” “What shall your name be, Your Holiness?” Lorenzo contemplated for a second. “Gregory.” “Gregory, through the power of God the Father, God the Son, God the Spirit, all the angels and spirits of heaven, the saints, and all popes who have sat on the throne of Peter before you, I anoint you as His Holiness Pope Gregory XVI, Pontiff of the Salvian Catholic Church, Vicar of Christ, Successor of the Prince of Peace, Diarchic Pontiff of the Universal Church, and Bishop of Deopolis,” With this, Lorenzo knelt and the Tacolic pope, monstrance in hand, made the Sign of the Cross over Lorenzo- now Gregory-’s head. Lorenzo then stood and faced towards the assembly of cardinals, who began to shuffle forward and kiss the feet of the newly elected pope as he touched their heads to bless them.
  15. Understood. However, I feel as if a colony in Thalassa would justify any Salvian influence on that side of the wurld, especially with Fjallshima. I could possibly just have had spheres of influence that are now long gone, similar to European imperialism in China. Except, in this case, older.
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