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  1. Gangsta Granny 16th June 2019 - Article by Constance Risatta We all know grandmothers as the lovable - yet largely boring and old fashioned people in our lives. As much as we love them, we can't call them exciting. However, a new viral sensation is flourishing and gaining subscribers and views each passing day. And her name is Moore. Mable Moore. And she is at the ripe old age of 101. The 101-year old internet superstar now has over 800,000 subscribers and counting, fairly impressive especially considering her YouTube channel starting just over 3 months ago. Her most popular videos include: "My Morning Routine", "SNEAKED ONTO A SHIP FOR 24 HOURS (NOT CLICKBAIT!!!)" and her most famous with over 8 million views, "the time I almost accidently assassinated some king". Her funny and often somehow relatable content is released once a fortnight, with her dry and pretty ridiculous humour making her diverse range of videos a blast to watch. She is currently the most subscribed to Llaltese youtuber being first out of three youtubers, second place with a respectable 12 subscribers, and is currently the most followed Llaltese on twitter, beating out even the premier Eve Gallaghan herself. Despite all the fame that comes with youtube fame, her life has stayed the same in her small cottage that sits on the outskirts of St. Christopher. She lives on her own after her husband (Tue Moore) passed away a couple years ago but lives near to her daughter and grandchildren. Her youtube videos sometimes include stories of her family, home life, and past events involving her husband. Each topic no matter how dark, she always manages bring a light hearted yet funnily dry, witty and pessimistic funniness to it. Her daughter, Beryl Rivermore, said this, "You know, youtubing, or whatever you call it, is not the sort of career choice I'd expect any 100 and something or other to take. Especially mine. No matter, she really enjoys and it she seems to positively affect others lives, so why not?" The grand high mother herself was also asked to make a statement. She said, "I'm retired and a widow. So it's a pretty funky hobby in my opinion. I enjoy it and I hope my audience do."
  2. Re-choo-venation 15th April 2019 - Article by Constance Risatta During Llalta's industrial boom, in which thousands of workers had migrated to the small island to work in the mines, many railroads, towns and caverns were built. However, ever since the mine closed down and people moved out, the majority of these railroads and houses have given way to nature, overrun with vines and trees. Not to mention swept away by volcanic eruptions, earthquakes and landslides. Abandoned and in ruins, these often magnificent and interesting structures have remained prime places for avid explorers and historians, not to mention Llaltese kids in search of adventure. However, in a new effort to attract tourism, the nicknamed "Amberthian Line" has reopened. The railway line was originally used to connect St. Christopher and the Amberthian Mine, once the second largest mine in Llalta. Now rebuilt, the line weaves through the picturesque Llaltese mountains and forests, darting in and out mountains, some parts raised giving you a higher up view of the wildlife. The train, left to waste in the mine, rusted and old has been repaired and made safer, whilst keeping the old feel and general look of the train. The train had it's first ride around Llalta on Saturday the 13th of April, with many avid historians, Llaltese and train lovers coming to experience this hidden gem. A tourist from Seylos told us, "It was thrilling! You truly felt like you were back in the 1800s on this train. The creaking and whining of the train was somewhat scary, but it truly gives you a first hand feel of how they got to work. And the views were stunning!" This is the first step of a plan to bring more tourism into Llalta, which the people hope will really put Llalta's name out into the world.
  3. Nation Name: Llalta Official Broadcaster: LBN Song title: "Storm Inside" Artist(s) Name(s): Esther Winterborne Tune: Oonagh - Orome Lyrics:
  4. Yesss!!! I love all of them, especially Path of The Wind and Littleroot Town! Something about Joe Hisaishi and other Japanese composer's I just really love.
  5. I often listen to songs composed by Joe Hisaishi when world building. It's peaceful and calms me down and sometimes gives me ideas and inspiration for Llalta. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QTMjtEcQHls
  6. Invaders 1st April 2019 - Article by Constance Risatta The people of St. Christopher woke up to the sound of an explosion in the distance at 5:00am; not the sort of thing the Llaltese are either prepared for or welcoming of. Many crowded outside to watch an argent hull on the horizon, gleaming in the morning amber sun. Within minutes, stories and rumours were spread around the small island port town. Many were confused and scared of the monstrous beast steaming towards the island. At 5:45 radios tuned into the early morning tunes on the LBN changed to a message from Eve Gallaghan. She said, panicked: "Everybody, stay calm. We shall be fine. We have contacted the Seylosian's and they shall be here soon with back-up. For now just st-" The broadcast goes silent for a few moments, before Eve's screams can be heard. "Get off... STOP!" Even more stories circulated around the town. 6:00, and there's an explosion in the sea. A huge tower of water arises from the seas, people screaming at the thought their peaceful island life may be threatened. People slowly lose hope with each passing second, and with the leader no where to be seen and no authority, people begin to panic. As the ship closes in, around a mile away from the shores of Llalta, a black cross menacingly placed on the side. Only 5 minutes later, they watch as a fishing boat with two people on it get demolished in one huge explosion, another pillar of water throwing the unlucky fishing duo into the air. Now closer than before, towering pillars can be seen piercing the sky. No men appear aboard the ship, like a ghost boat you hear in stories. This is no story. A huge cannon can be seen, locking onto the small port town of St. Christopher. People scream at the realisation, flocking to their homes to gather their belongings. A booming voice can be heard, deep and emotionless. It says, "5.... 4... 3... 2... 1...." An explosion can be heard, booming across and throughout the town. People watch the light build up and explode. People scream in horror, fear in their eyes. A single island, about to be wiped of the map... jk. Fireworks lit up the morning sky, people confused but not disappointed with the beautiful display of colours. On the hull of the ship, a banner opens up, revealing an image of Eve Gallaghan smiling awkwardly, thumbs up. On the bottom lays the words "April Fools! xxoxoxoxox" in comic sans. After a speaker failure, leading a screech that can be heard for miles, Eve's voice can be heard. "... I don't know... oh. It works! Ha, Joe get wrecked. Just 'cuz I'm a woman doesn't mean I can't do technology... oh... we're on? S***. Oh sorry to all the kiddies... ANyways… uhhhh… ummm… April Fools! Don't hate me.. thanks?" All of that effort for an April Fools joke...
  7. Sweet 16 9th March 2019 - Article by Ewan Seamore For the past 100 years, 18 was the age one could finally drink, partake in sexual intercourse and most importantly vote in the Llaltese elections and referendums. And though many attempts by past premiers were made to lower the age, the traditional view of many islanders meant that these attempts were shot down and never passed. Many 16-17 year olds felt untrusted by the older people of Llalta and powerless, arguing that they weren't kids anymore. Yet, nothing was ever changed. The last attempt to change this was back in 1982, which after a landslide referendum of 78% saying NO and only 21% saying YES. However, from this day onwards, the age of consent, drinking and voting has been lowered to 16, giving those affected more freedom than ever. While not the first time Eve Gallaghan has spoken about the issue, this is the first time she's acted upon it. The idea was originally one of Eve Gallaghan's most important aspects on her manifesto, and after she got into power the idea was brought multiple times by students who were sick of being treated like kids. And finally, after a couple debates over the past week, eventually a referendum was called to decide upon the final outcome of the issue. Unlike the previous referendum on the topic, the vote came out with a huge landslide victory for YES as shown below: YES: 94% (3,009 votes) NO: 2% (61 votes) Eve Gallaghan said in an interview today that, "I really empathise with these teenagers, as I'm sure many others will, that we were once in their shoes, trying to gain more freedoms. Many people I know have experienced this feeling of those in power treating us like kids. Almost as if they didn't trust us. And I want to give them respect and I trust them, the trust and respect I wanted when I was 16/17."
  8. I would definitely like to participate in this. Maybe Llalta, being so isolated and safe, could act as some kind of save haven for people to escape to? Of course, this would lead to some issues like maybe an infected group of people attempting to find refuge in Llalta and the issues our small government will face.
  9. Bursting With Colour 30th January 2019 - Article by Constance Risatta Llalta is known for being full of life, people with smiles plastered on their faces, flowers and nature lurking at every corner with conversation in the air. Buildings are no different, coming in thousands of colours with beautiful graffiti and paintings decorating the sides. However, a new art form is plaguing the streets of St. Christopher, appearing from seemingly nowhere. Trees and bicycles are all sufferers of this unknown disease, as well as fire hydrants and other somewhat innocent beings. All covered in bright cobwebs of yarn, victims of the recent craze among grannies in Llalta, yarn bombing. People throughout St. Christopher have told us that, "One day they just, randomly... appear! I say that it's aliens in the night wrapping our stuff with yarn and stuff." John Karryionas, crackhead and local conspiracist. Yet, no matter the person, it seems that the yarn terrorist attack is welcomed. People aren't too sure where it's coming from though. However, many fingers are pointing to the Llaltese Yarn Association, a group of avid yarn lovers who gather once a month to talked about knitting and their favourite colour of yarn. However, Doris Burton , 108-year old leader of the Association denies any such yarn bombing. No matter the culprit, it certainly appears to be brightening up the streets.
  10. Star in the Seas 20th December 2018 - Article by Ewan Seamore On the 15th of December, crowds of over 2,000 excited islanders gathered in Albanthia Square in St. Christopher to witness the Lighting of the Christmas Tree, an annual event in Llalta. As the 30m tall Christmas tree lit up, flouncing candles that twinkle like stars with silver tinsel and multicoloured baubles and decorations, people cheered and flamboyant fireworks exploded in the sky. People gather and talk amongst each other under the humungous tree, eating sweets, candyfloss and llama ice cream from the stalls and shops that cover the square. The smell of cinnamon and barbeques roam the square, foods all made from local produce. Local singers and bands play live, crowds fathering to watch and listen. A display of the Llaltese community. The festival goes as far back as 1923, when the first lighting was held. Since then, it has roughly stayed the same, the tree always being from the expansive forests, decorated with candles and baubles and decorations all handmade from everyone in the community. Stalls selling homemade foods such as burgers and wraps. People eating Canthen, a Llaltese round pastry filled with local quinces with hints of cinnamon. It is a huge event that everyone celebrates throughout Llalta, and when on a weekday, work and school halt to prepare the humungous Christmas tree. People gather to meet with friends and family and simply have a good time. Since the event, St. Christophers streets have been decorated with lights and beautiful decorations, main streets alive with beautiful light displays. Lanterns have been placed among Lumiose Street, from red to blue and other streets have had the minimalist treatment, with local holly embracing the streets and colourful lanterns. The famous True Love's Arch, an old stone arch which is on a desolate and small alley which leads to True Love's Balcony, providing some of the most breathtaking ocean views in the world, has been given a single mistletoe plant on it, allowing couples to kiss with the backdrop of the blue ocean. Snow is always common in Llalta throughout Autumn and Spring, especially Winter, Llalta's buildings and streets dusted with pure white snow.
  11. Renewable Energy Goals to Become Reality 1st December 2018 - Article by Ewan Seamore On October 26th 2018, the topic of renewable energy on Llalta was brought up and discussed. After which, it was decided that Llalta must switch to 100% renewable energy by Summer 2019. However, as it appeared this goal was unlikely to be met by the deadline, due to lack of money or resources at the small island's disposal. The goal seemed unrealistic to many and people were sceptic of the proposed plan. Even so, Eve Gallaghan, Llaltese premier, was optimistic saying, "Somehow, sometime we will get there. Llalta has done amazing things before that no one expected, so don't doubt it." This plan has become reality now that Sunset Sea Islandian renewable energy companies have offered monetary support and lucrative offers for high quality wind turbines to help support Llalta's renewable energy programs. Many people of Llalta are embracing the offers in hope Llalta can switch completely to renewable. Not to mention that SSI is one of Eurths biggest renewable energy providers along with having tight environmental laws to preserve the archipelago's beautiful wildlife.
  12. Yup that sounds perfect. And don’t worry as I don’t plan on expanding anytime soon. Thank you!
  13. UFO - Unidentified Fish Observed 6th November 2018 - Article by Johanna Marie On the 27th of October, local fisherman, Mark McGold, recently spotted an unknown creature off the shores of the Eastern side of Llalta. Early in the morning, whilst doing his morning fish, he spotted a large shadow in the water which according to Mark spanned at least 35 metres long. It is reported that the creature swam at least 30 metres away from Mark's ship before turning East towards the Europa mainland. Mark also stated he heard a deep rumbling noise during the limited interaction, similar to that of the Adlantic Whale, although deeper and louder. Unfortunately, no further sightings of the mysterious creature have been reported. There are many legends in Llalta about a huge beast in the Adlantic Ocean, from the great Algomarnia, a huge 80 metre long serpent who would devour ships who cross paths with the beast. Another creature who most fits the description, is the Baltuga, a whale like creature who sings deep, melodic songs that makes fishermen tear up and cry within the first minute of the song. The Baltuga is also known to swallow ships up whole when hungry. However, many zoologists believe Mark is either lying or saw an Adlantic Whale, a common species around Llalta during the migration period, which it is not. However, until seen again, this creature remains shrouded in mystery.
  14. Nation in Europa: Llalta Flag: Capital name: St. Christopher Capital location: In the South of the island. Factbook link: Newsroom link: Culture: Anglo-Celtic, a mix Welsh, English and Irish Climate: Hemiboreal, with cold, long winters as low as -20 C and mild, dry summers as high as 14 C. Location: A small island far off from any land masses. History: First discovered by a Seylosian explorer before a Seylosian business man discovered coal in the island, when coal was most needed in mainland Seylos. Workers migrated to Llalta to find work in the mine. Unfortunately a huge earthquake destroyed the mine leaving many residents on the island dead, and those who survived and didn't migrate back to Seylos established their society in St. Christopher, where many remain today.
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