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  1. Kaishū Gaimushō Kipanese Foreign Ministry To the Presiding Officer of the Council, As a member of the Aurelian League, the State of Kipan, represented by President Yamazaki himself, will be in attendance for the upcoming session of the Council of Aurelia. We have observed the events that have unfolded in the Rihan Republic and we would be remiss if we did not state our concerns -- after all, we are all neighbors in brotherhood and honesty is important. The President is looking forward to a productive and robust conversation. Sincerely, Masaki Kaneda Foreign Minister
  2. "Liên looks amazing," said Asami quietly to herself. She could see the head of the titanic Elergy Corporation standing some distance away from her. Sato had arrived the day before the party to take in the sights of the Galahindan capital. Her corporation was one of the biggest in Kipan, but even then, it was still considerably smaller than many of her rivals. Samura Heavy Industries had the largest share of the market. She was determined to change that, by whatever means. Asami was equally impressed with the outfit being worn by the Chairman. She herself was wearing an elaborate red silk dress with Kipanese patterning. Her long flowing raven black hair shined in the light of the hall the party was taking place. Ahead of her she could make out Yiu conversing with the Rihannsu Proconsul. Sato made a mental note that she needed to speak with him about opening up three manufacturing complexes. Sato Automotive intended to wrestle prime market share in Aurelia for its latest and greatest cars and push away Kirvinska competitors. The Proconsul had finished speaking with her and he had made his own way into the crowd. It was Asami's turn. The crowd was stunned by her beauty. She had put on crimson lipstick and gold braclets when she initially arrived. Unlike most Kipanese executives who were quite emotionless, she was the complete opposite. She liked the attention. Asami had a darker side to her that very few had ever witnessed and if they did, they would absolutely regret it. She and the Chairman exchanged pleasantries and like the Proconsul before her, she too bowed. The Rihannsu and the Kipanese were similar in their social graces when it came to introductions. Sato then moved on and joined the crowd herself. A waiter holding up a tray with glasses of champagne approached her. "Would you like one?" "But of course," she chuckled. She held the tall, thin glass with delicacy, eyed it for a moment, and took a sip.
  3. "...Shozo Ono defeated Tikvan judoka Dov Sasson in the finals in Bogd Gioro by two ippon. Both competitors spoke highly of the other at the conclusion of the match. Ono, through a translator, told the press that Sasson was a worthy opponent and that he looked forward to their next match up. The Tikvan and the Kipanese master are slated to face one another in September in Nakazami. Ono is favored to win 3 to 1 according to the latest odds set by three of the largest betting organizations in the country. NBK Sports will be streaming it live... Kipanese athletes have brought home 24 medals so far and the head of the KIOC said they haven't finished yet." "...in other news, President Yamazaki today transmitted an offer of assistance to the Sunset Sea Islands to assist in any recovery and clean-up activities related to the aftermath of Typhoon Saigai which made landfall near the Dobbarrier reef and the Futari Islands. The Oriental Meteorological, Atmospherical and Hydrological Administration (OMAHA) reported that Saigai had sustained speeds of over 150 km/h. Yamazaki, in his message to the Sunset Sea Islands Government, stated that three Kipanese frigates and a hospital ship would be made available if requested."
  4. "Samura Heavy Industries today broke ground on a new 2.4 million square foot manufacturing complex outside the town of Kikonai. Hideki Samura, the tenth-generation owner of the company, said that the facility will require over 4,300 full-time employees. The products to be manufacturered in the vast campus include electronics, appliances, and a range of chemicals used in metalworks. Kikonai residents have decried Samura for ignoring their demands of relocating the chemical operations elsewhere. A Samura spokesperson said that the company had every right to place its efforts in the town and had gotten the uanimous support of local officials. He additionally stated that the people of Kikonai and surrounding communities would come around as many will have first right to employment when it opens next year." "...a milestone has been reached in the ongoing reconstruction and revitalization efforts of the Shintoko district of Miyako. Ashi, the joint Sato-Elergy consortium, that was awarded the 32 billion Ken tender for the project have begun the construction of the first fifth of new towers that will dominate the surrounding area. Shintoko Station is slated to be closed on January 1st, 2020 but will begin to slowly close two months prior with the beginning of rail diversions to Miyako's two other railway stations. Though Ashi is responsible for most development efforts in the district, the Sato Corporation will build their new 102-story headquarters tower in the heart of the area. Asami Sato, CEO of the company that bears her family's name, is set to break ground on September 1st." "...the militant Takeru Party, which only possesses eight seats in the National Assembly, will be holding a rally in the town of Setana next weekend. The purpose of the rally is to urge the Kipanese people to move away from their 'peaceful' path and undertake a massive rebuilding of its military, in the name of national security - and to reimpose the nation's influence on the colonial holdings it once possessed, only to lose them at the end of the Thalassan War in 1947 as a condition of Kipan's surrender. President Yamazaki has denounced the Takeru Party for their hostile messaging and urged the other oppositional parties to join his Rikken Party in isolating the warmonging party. Though most Rikken supporters find the Takeru unsavory, there are some high-ranking officials and donors who do share some views held by the militant faction..."
  5. You mean "closer partnership," perhaps.
  6. If she's coming to this party, I clearly need to bring Asami Sato...
  7. I saw @Rihan's ping. From what I read of Galahinda's, I don't think the island right next to me would make the most sense cultural-wise. I am of the opinion that Northern/Western Aurelia is a sudo-Asiatic-esque area. As with the longstanding opinion, Aurelia is a hodge podge of cultures. Why not consider a portion of the landmass between Aurelia and Alharu? Perhaps a set of islands in Marenesia or even some other islands between Argis and Europa (Adaptus)?
  8. Following the arrival of the Salvian delegation, both Kipanese ministers were informed that the Gallambrians and Bulganstanzi aircraft were on approach for landing. Of all the participating delegations, Minister Takashima was most anxious about was that of the Sunset Sea Islanders. It had been several years since Emperor Toba had dispatched anyone to converse at high-level discussions: and if one was to consider formal engagements, then all the way back to the meetings over the Law of the Seas decades earlier. He just hoped everyone would arrive tonight so they could hear the remarks of their esteemed Emperor who had issued the invitation to the first gathering of what was hopefully become the GIN: the Group of Island Nations. Nakada's aide, who had been sitting in his personal car, got out and rushed over to him. "Honorable Minister, you have a telephone call..." He swatted him away, "not now. Too busy." The aide would not relent. "It is the Venerable Emperor." He growled, "Why didn't you say that the first time..." and walked over to the car.
  9. I am quite far removed from where events for this story would take place, not to mention that Kipan would probably quite isolated at this time. I am not going to participate in this one.
  10. I probably could be involved in a neutral capacity (aka funneling money in exchange for resources).
  11. The State of Kipan will be sending a large delegation of athletes to the Olympics in Fulgistan.
  12. Economics Minister Taro Nakada and Foreign Minister Matsu Takashima had been spent the previous month hastily putting the meeting together. There was one moment in time where they honestly thought they wouldn't have been able to pull it off. They didn't have a choice: the Emperor had given them a direct order to make sure it happened and without a hitch. The Orinese minister was first to arrive and both gentlemen spoke with him for about ten minutes before he was whisked away to his accommodations at the site of the gathering: Hotel Otemachi, which was also one of the tallest buildings in the city of Nakazami. Takashima's staff had set up the conference room located on the 53rd floor of the building for the GIN sessions. As this was the third from the top floor, the viewing deck on the top floor had been converted into an elaborate dining room where the delegates would eat their meals with the view of the increasingly sprawly urbanity of Nakazami stretched out like octopus arms in all directions. This 'suburbanization' had been made possible by the high-speed railways the Kipanese Railways had opened, by proclamation of the Emperor, a decade before. One of the days of the meeting would involve the delegation taking the fast train out of the city and enjoy the sight of Mount Makapu. Back on the tarmac, a soldier of the Kipanese Defense Forces, held a radio that had been speaking in frantic Kipanese for several minutes. He proceeded to share that a half dozen aircraft were all on descent trajectories and would be landing over the next forty-five minutes. Takashima then shouted everyone to straight up and get in position for the next arrival.
  13. Heads up: expect a post getting things underway later this week, sometime around Wednesday.
  14. "...the Aurelian Cup has concluded and the Shukuro beat the national team of Kirvina in a late-hour penalty shootout after both teams tied at the conclusion of extended time. Yanagi Ochiyo has officially become the greatest striker in all of the Aurelian continent having been responsible for two-thirds of Kipan's goals, and over half of all the goals kicked in over the course of the entire competition. Coach Tadao was ecstatic over the team's victory and said that they would take a brief break before beginning practicing in earnest for the Nations Cup. Ochiyo, along with numerous other members of the team, will be part of the Olympic football team competing in Fulgistan this summer..." "...the National Assembly has passed legislation that would allow the recommencement of commercial hunting of whales. Rikken members who represent constituencies on Poksu and Orieku thanked their members for their commitment to not allowing modernity completely wipe away traditional Kipanese culture. NBK has received rumors that with Kipanese recommencement that there are rumors from within the Hall of State in the Rihannsu capital of Dartha where Senators are contemplating following Kipan's lead and also recommence whaling practices. Rihan banned extensive commercial whaling in 1980, with Kipan's then indefinite moratorium went into effect in 1982. Foreign Minister Kaneda reiterated that restarting such activities would cause an international backlash, cause unforeseen issues with the Entente, and derail Kipanese efforts to sign onto the Laren Environmental Treaty signed in Morheim. President Yamazaki has yet announced his intention to sign or not sign the legislation before him..."
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