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  1. Kipan

    NBK: National News from Kipan

    "...the National Assembly today unanimously passed legislation that would replace the Imperial Anthem of the former Emperors with a new national anthem entitled "The Sun Rises Tomorrow" written by Matsu Yamada, Professor of Music at the Univerisity of Miyako. Yamada stated that his musical piece is supposed to symbolize the new Democracy and the great future that lies ahead. The anthem was played immediately following the vote. According to the new law, the anthem is to play at noon and midnight each night on NBK, along with over 200 different event scenarios." "...in other news from the legislature, a bill that would allow gambling across the country, continues to meet challenges within the chamber as traditionalist Rikken members are not consolidating with rest of their party members, forcing Rikken whips to begin finding the votes so the Rikken leadership are not forced to find commitments from the Opposition. Several Yashida Corporation officials were seen entering a dozen traditionalist offices over the last two days. A vote on the bill is expected to occur before the SATAMFC Cup's knockoff rounds begin." "...the Sato Corporation's automotive subsidiary has announced that it will be opening up a manufacturing plant in the country of Morheim. This development occurred following the establishment of the 'Morheim Trade and Industry Zone (MTIZ).' The facility will construct some parts of the reinvigorated S-1, along with many parts of the new S-2, 3 and 5's. More than 80% of the workers will be native Morheimers. There are rumors that Sato rival, Samura, is considering such a factory in the zone."
  2. Kipan

    Skrinion ton Barbaron

    To: The Bureau of Barbarians (Skrinion ton Barbaron) From: Kipanese Foreign Ministry On behalf of Foreign Minister Masaki Kaneda, the Ministry would like to inform our Tagmatine counterparts that an ambassador has been selected and approved by President Yamazaki. The individual will represent Kipanese interests in your wonderful Empire is the renowned Ryo Nagao. He has was an ambassador under our last Emperor, Ozu. The Kipanese people look forward to our ever-growing relations.
  3. Kipan

    Morheim Trade & Industry Zone

    To the Administration of the MTIZ, We have reevaluated our estimates for the number of visiting workers to support our proposed automotive parts manufacturing facilities within your confines and we can meet the organization's request for less than 100 foreign employees can be achieved through a reconfigured workflow and some optimizations we hadn't considered. If this is satisfactory, we will begin our efforts to secure the needed capital to actualize our efforts at the MITZ.
  4. Kipan

    Law of the Sea Convention

    I'll write an opening speech this evening.
  5. Kipan

    Morheim Trade & Industry Zone

    Name of Company: Sato Automotive (a subsidiary of Sato Corporation) Type of Business: Automotive Nation of Origin: Shintoko, Miyako, Kipan What is to be manufactured at MTIZ? What is getting made: brakes and transmissions for the new S-1A, B, C; along with transmissions and smaller parts for the forthcoming new model S-2's, S-3's and S-5. Number of Workers to be recruited locally: Sato is prepared to employ up to 1,000 locally. Number of visiting workers to be based there: 500 is a rough estimate, but could be lower due to the eventual finality of automation installed
  6. Kipan

    2018 SATAMFC League Cup

    "...both drivers work for the Sato Corporation. The analysts believe that Kipan has a chance to be in the top quintile of racers. CEO Asami Sato intends to watch several stages over the course of the competition..." "...and now in football, the Shukuro continues its dominating position ontop of the SATAMFC Cup rankings though the board has substantially changed in the last few weeks with the Gallamrbian Lions right on their tail in second, with a mere 1 point below them. The Blacksuns of the Sunset Sea Islands is in third, 3 points behind our team. The Kipanese national team is slated to play both teams over the next two weeks. Given the situation, all three will be progressing to the quarterfinals regardless of how these matches end up. Coach Tadao immediately squashed such ignorance by giving a quote to NBK: Yes, we are in the knockout round based on the points but both the Lions and the Blacksuns are outstanding teams and our training and squad have been developed for these two teams specifically. Yanagi Ochiyo will be on the pitch in both games. We will bring the full power of our striking trifecta to bear upon them. I can guarantee you will see some of the best football played all year along.'" "The Sunset Sea Islands-Kipan game will occur at home at Obon Stadium. NBK reports that every flight from the Sunset Sea Islands has been outright booked for a month with thousands of fans coming across the Thalassan Sea to see the game first-hand. Kipan Airlines has added one additional daily frequency between Miyako and Sunset Sea Islands this week. Meanwhile, the Shukuro will be flying to play the Lions at their home in Bromwich, Gallambria. Kipan Airlines said it was looking into an additional frequency on that flight to accommodate short-term demand." "Though gambling is essentially illegal in Kipan (though there are bills working its way within the National Assembly), the odds of Kipan sweeping both matches is rather high, though the betting houses abroad give the Blacksuns a better chance of potentially beating us 3-2." "NBK Sports will be hosting an exclusive show prior to and after the match with the Blacksuns hosted by me, Shiro Shinobi, along with former F.C. Miyako midfielder Kenji Tenzai, and sports commentator from Channel 4 News Miyako, Ichiro Shibata. That's it for sports news, until tomorrow, goodnight."
  7. Kipan

    Eurth Rally Series

    Country: Kipan Driver, Age, Gender: Mieko Terauchi, 22, Male Co-Driver, Age, Gender: Shoyo Hori, 21, Male Car Make, Model, and Year: Sato Taka 2018 Real Life Equivalent: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Toyota_Yaris_WRC
  8. Kipan

    Hello From the Silver Cities

    Greetings and salutations!
  9. Kipan


    Welcome! I think I have just found a new place for investment...
  10. Kipan

    Hola from Oyus

    Welcome to the region!
  11. Kipan

    Expansion "idea" by Shffahkia

    I do not have any issues with this expansion as Kipan's potential expansions involve Western Aurelia (if they happen at all). I am sure @Rihan and you will work out how it will play out between both of you.
  12. Kipan

    Expansion: Rihan Republic

    I have spoken with @Rihan about his proposed expansions and I have no issues with them, nor are the areas he's identified in any way impacting whatever expansions may occur for Kipan either in the short or long-term.
  13. Kipan

    Additional Cities Request

    Hi @Orioni: The main island, Matigu, is the big one. The center island is the one immediately to its left, which will have Enyama, is Orieku. And the far left one is Posku, with Shimizu. I hope this is clearer than my original post in defining which cities goes where.
  14. Kipan

    NBK: National News from Kipan

    "..Kipan Airlines CEO Hiroshi Yamagata today announced that the air carrier would experience an increase in international flights. The ever-popular Miyako-Sunset City route will see its frequencies rise to five times daily, up from the current three. The airline's OneSky partner, Havrær, already operates a once-daily Dartha-Miyako flight and Kipan Airlines will follow suit and double capacity with its own once-daily. Arkhavn in Andalla will see twice-daily flights. Namazaki will get twice-daily service to Sunset City and once-daily to Arkhavn. Additional daily flights to be introduced over the next year include Orionipolis, Cristina, and Wulumuqi in Fulgistan." "...in baseball, the Samura Giants have beaten the Asakai Swallows four games to one to win the Ichi Pennant. The Giants have won the title now over 25 times, their closest rivals, the Namazaki Ospreys have won it 19 times. The team's owner, Fujimaro Taketa, praised his players and said he was excited to see the team win the title next year. There have been rumors that the Giants may compete outside Kipan according to unnamed sources within Professional Baseball of Kipan Inc. (PBK). Announcements concerning this will likely occur this winter." "...President Kazuo Yamazaki has officially appointed Masaki Kaneda as Foreign Minister of the State of Kipan in a formal ceremony in front of the Presidential Palace (former Imperial Palace) in Miyako. Mister Kaneda said he was ecstatic to receive notice of his entitlement and looked forward to representing the Kipanese on the global stage. Kaneda was one of the hundreds of Rikken party members elected to the National Assembly and he will continue to serve in the chamber. A spokesman for the Foreign Minister stated that he plans on an aggressive travel schedule starting with Fulgistan and the Sunset Sea Islands." "...NBK's football highlights show featuring our very own Shiro Shinobi will not be airing this week as the Kipanese national football team completely destroyed their Pallamarian opponents 4-0 that there would not be enough content to produce a show. Coach Tadao said in a brief statement that he was happy with their performance and remarked that the Shukuro were in intense training for their biggest match of the league against the Blacksuns of the Sunset Sea Islands."
  15. Statement from Kaishū Tetsudō "We appreciate the Transportation Ministry's time in allowing the Kipan State Railways make their case for why we could have been a partner in this transformative project for millions of Rihannsu across the Republic. The Railway, and by extension, the State of Kipan, wish the Republic the best of luck in constructing this line. We confident that this will not be the last time KSR will be interacting with the Republican Government."