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  1. Kipan

    Law of the Sea Convention

    I'll post a response this weekend. It's on my pending list.
  2. Kipan

    Flag Change: Andalla

    Love the flag design.
  3. Kipan

    NBK: National News from Kipan

    "...breaking news! The Constitution has been passed unanimously by the Convention and has been put into immediate effect. Ito Tadayoshi, the former Chamberlain to Emperor Ozu and until today, State Executor, has formally delegated executive authority to Interim President Tadashi Hashimoto. In his very first executive order, he has called for elections to occur on October 1st, for both the Presidency and the 451-member Assembly. His second executive order proclaimed that September 13th would be forever be known as Republic Day, symbolizing the formal transition from Imperial to Elective governance." "Within minutes of the proclamation, two members of the now-dissolved Convention, Kazuo Yamazaki, and Akio Ono have stated their intention of running for the Presidency. Political parties have existed in Kipan for many years but now that an elective body is involved in the running of government, they will have a far more pronounced influence. Yamazaki has aligned himself with the more center-right Rikken while Ono, with her democratic activist roots, is connected to the Minshu. NBK expects several others to jump into the nation's very first election in the coming days. NBK will keep you informed of the latest activities surrounding our nation's very first election..."
  4. Kipan

    Organisation of Spacefaring Nations

    The State of Kipan is interested in becoming a member of the OSFN. We look forward to furthering deliberations on the subject in due time.
  5. Kipan

    Sato Corporation

    CONFIDENTIAL Liên Viênxuân, I am sorry to hear about the passing of Mr. Tasks. He was a good, great person. While we may all mourn his passing, we all must look at the future and I know that you are doing that right now. I am humbled to hear that you consider me to be an inspiration. I gained my own encouragement from my father who started our Corporation. I firmly share in your belief of international cooperation, it has always been part of my family's principles of business, but and I should share this piece of information with you, most Kipanese corporations that within the "Big Ten" would disagree. Shintoko is the beating heart of economic activity here in Miyako and as you read in the tender, the station and real estate tender will be without a doubt, the most important construction project that is undertaken in the capital except for those related to building structures to house the new Republican government and associated ministries, for now anyways. As I mentioned in my last communique, we would set up a new joint subsidiary in which both of our corporations would hold 50% of the shares. The yet-to-be-named entity would be charged with overseeing the project while acting as the conduit for our entities involved in the construction and development of the Shintoko area. There will be dozens of buildings built, towers, and as you know, the station complex itself. We have built a preliminary budget and we expect to spend nearly 3.5 billion Kens on the station and another 7 billion Kens on the construction on the rest of the station footprint including the Shintoko Tower, which has been requested to be the tallest tower in the entire city. Although September 10th was the 'official' deadline for proposals, we have come to an agreement with the Miyako Metropolitan Corporation, who have decided to extend the deadline unofficially until October 1st. This will give us sufficient time to develop the perfect proposal for expedited approval. Best, Asami Sato (For @Sunset Sea Islands)
  6. Kipan

    Sato Corporation

    CONFIDENTIAL - FOR RECIPIENTS EYES ONLY TO: The Leadership of the Elegy Megacorporation FROM: Asami Sato, CEO I have been preoccupied with the activities concerning the soon-to-conclude Ryuku Constitutional Convention and have only had this opportunity to contact you collectively, now. My closest aide handed me a recording of an SSI News story stating that Elergy intends to bid on the Miyako Metropolitan Corporation's Shintoko Station and Real Estate Development tender. I would like to propose that we join forces and merge our separate bids into one proposal that will overshadow the competition. As an aspect of this effort, we would form a new subsidiary specific to the Shintoko project and each Corporation would own half of the shares. If this intrigues you, we can discuss it further over the phone. (For @Sunset Sea Islands)
  7. Kipan

    NBK: National News from Kipan

    "...I am Shiro Shinobi, bringing you breaking news from the Ryuku Constitutional Convention. We were just informed that the Convention has come to a consensus and a completed draft of our New Constitution has been presented for final debate amongst the Hundred. NBK has been given a brief synopsis of the New Republic's government structure. Kipan will be led under a Unitary presidential republic system with the President as the head of state and government. The Assembly, the to-be-created unicameral legislature, made up of 451 members, will be responsible for writing and approving laws, and an independent judiciary will be created." "In order to get this governing system incorporated into the constitution, the various business leaders amongst the Hundred demanded near-unlimited influence over the economy and the agreement that the Government would have limited rights to interfere in the marketplace. The Constitution will be put to a final debate and vote over the week and if approved by a majority, it will come into force immediately. State Executor Ito Tadayoshi issued a brief statement saying that he was prepared to transfer authority to the Convention Chair who would serve as the formal Interim President until elections are held in October."
  8. Kipan

    The Geography Game

  9. Kipan

    Greetings from PyeMcGowan!

  10. Kipan

    The Geography Game

  11. Kipan

    The Geography Game

  12. Kipan

    The Geography Game

  13. Full Name of Country/Region: The State of Kipan Representative Signing (and date): The Executor of the Interim Kipanese Government on the authority of the Ryuku Constitutional Convention Ratification by (and date): 5 September 2018 Continent: Thalassa First Language(s): Kipanese Second Language: Anglish Additional Languages: Not Applicable
  14. Kipan

    [SSI embassies] One World Center

    As State Executor of the Interim Kipanese Government, I, Ito Tadayoshi, do hereby affirm the establishment of embassies between Kipan and the Sunset Sea Islands. This action is permitted per unanimous consent of the Ryuku Constitutional Convention, who stated that the eventual Republican Government would undertake the same efforts upon its entry into office.
  15. I know Rihan had put together a UENA wiki page that linked to the teams and the confederations but I think you are right in saying that having more than 3 at the moment is just crazy given the active numbers that currently exist on here. I would love to participate.