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  1. Kipan

    Fulgistani Bureau for Foreign Diplomacy

    Kaishū Gaimushō From the Kipanese Foreign Ministry To: Secretary for Foreign Diplomacy, Ismail Tian-Han, The Worker's Republic of Fulgistan At the behest of President Kazuo Yamazaki, I have been instructed to officially invite the General-Secretary of the Worker's Republic of Fulgistan, Tomas Almas, to Miyako for a formal state visit to occur this March. As you may recall from my previous communique between our two countries, building relations with the Fulgistani people is a critical plank in our first President's foreign policy agenda. The agenda for this visit has yet to be locked but our staffs should convene and determine a consensus program that meets both parties expectations. Please respond directly to the Ministry should you choose to accept this invitation. Kipanese Foreign Minister Masaki Kaneda
  2. Kipan

    Eurth Olympics Summer 2019 Bidding

    MIYAKO 2019 SUMMER OLYMPICS BID Kipan is a balance of traditional custom and modernity, held together by the dynamic people who inhabit these islands. They have been inhabited for as long as there has been recorded history first under the long reigns of the former Emperors and now, under the Republic. Since the Udo Transformation during the mid-1850s, Kipan has rapidly evolved becoming one of the most populous and technologically innovative in the world. Under the wise guidance of our first President, Kazuo Yamazaki, alongside the Kipanese Olympic Committee and the various chief executives of the Big Ten corporations, we hereby submit Miyako's bid for the upcoming Olympiad for consideration. Miyako: The Capital Miyako prior to 1854 was nothing more than a humble fishing community on the bay of the same name. Then under Emperor Udo, he proclaimed it the new capital of the then-Empire, and today, the national capital. It is home to over 12.5 million people. Being the most important urban area in the State means that it has an extensive public transportation system (both run by the State and by a range of private operators backed by the major megacorporations). It is dense, the skyline dominated by the tall apartment and commercial towers. The city itself is broken into 40 Prefectures: Shintoko is the central business district and heart of the Kipanese economy. It is currently going through a 32 billion Ken redevelopment, opening up nearly 6 million square feet of office space and over 57,000 units of housing. The city hosts a football stadium for the local club which plays in the premier K-1 league as well as two baseball stadiums - one for the Dragons and the other for the Giants. Given its location on the water, it is more than capable to accommodate many of the designated water sports. The Miyako Metropolitan Corporation has designated plentiful land to the west of Shintoko for required venues including the Olympic Stadium, Aquatic Center, Gymnastics Center, and other premier competitive sports. Miyako will utilize many university facilities to minimize the need to overbuild for the games. The MMC, Kipanese State Railways, and relevant Prefectures (in coordination with the State and Olympic Committee) will ensure the facilities are given sufficient transportation. Vision Our vision for the games are simple: bring people together in the name of sport, unity, and peace. Kipan has gone through a period of rapid transformation, on a scale unseen since the Udo Period. We want to give the nations of the world an opportunity to see the wonders of Kipan, give them a chance to see how far we've come and begin building long-lasting ties with the global community. We may have a stigma that we are homogenous in culture and not as multicultural as our neighbors to the north in the Sunset Sea but we believe we will prove everyone wrong. Not to mention that we will be able to further convey to the international community that we are peaceful and have no delusions of grandiose imperialism, a mindset we've thrown out since the end of the Thalassan War. Game Design Concerning the design of these games, we intend to construct the buildings and provide the general uniform concept with the overarching principles of harmony and balance - two beliefs that stem from our spiritualism from long ago, though practiced still by a small minority today. Our own athletes will be wearing traditional clothing designs of the Mito Period with an ancient Achuran symbol of peace integrated. Logistics As with any major sporting event, flawless operational procedures and logistics are required. For optimal weather, we strongly recommend that the games take place in late June into early July as this segment of the calendar has been very good according to the trends over the last fifteen years. As discussed previously, Miyako has an extensive public transportation system which carries over 7 million a day. Due to the increased crowds, the State Railways will immediately invest over 2.1 billion Ken into additional services to provide more capacity on the busiest lines and more than 1.5 billion Ken on a new branch line to the Olympic District. Miyako is a major business hub and has many hotels for all income levels but like many cities around the world, has a severe housing shortage. To house the athletes, the new district will have 21,000 units of housing - with easy reach of the stadiums and arenas in the district. The Metropolitan Corporation has made it very clear that it would not construct any roads specific to Olympic traffic but will work with the traffic division to ensure that the road network can provide adequate accomodate to such movement within the city while not impacting others too much. An international broadcasting center will be temporarily established within the District through prefabrication. Such methods will also be used in the athlete village. Despite the peaceful transition from Imperial to Republican rule, crime does not simply vanish. It is no secret that Kipan isn't as 'safe' as the Sunset Sea Islands. However, steps are being taken to increase police numbers within the National Police to 100,000 officers ahead of the games. Such numbers would remain constant following the completion of the competition. The District will be provided with utilities as needed from the national grid network. To help with the games, up to 35,000 volunteers will be recruited to participate not just in the Opening and Closing Ceremonies but to provide guidance to attendees and work with relevant work crews in maintaining the grounds and facilities. The Legacy For the Kipanese Islands, these games would mark yet another milestone in our transformation and embrace amongst the myriad nation-states of the world. Through harmony and sport, we can all come together to see the best in each and every one of us. The Kipanese people themselves would see this a chance to show the world the power of purity and balance. That peace is more than important than taking up the sword and attacking their neighbor with it. Regarding its impact upon the city, Miyako has always been a vibrant city and these games will further enhance and broaden the cultural influences throughout the city, giving individuals to see other cultures and learn from one another. The built environment will see further and potentially needed mass transport to be constructed and provided as well as aiding in helping the capital's housing crisis.
  3. Kipan

    Olympic Games

    @Oyus: very well. You've convinced me. I'll whip something together before the end of the year.
  4. Kipan

    Olympic Games

    I was going to submit a bid but with @Sunset Sea Islands already providing an option from our corner of the world, I am going to stay out of the race but my athletes will be on the sports field when the time goes.
  5. Kipan

    OOC: Taming the East

    Let's talk. I am sure there is some role my ever-scheming companies will do to influence events in a country where they could 'benefit' from Rihan's resources in exchange for 'support.'
  6. To: The Republican Transportation Minister, the City Council of Dartha, and Amosarr Greetings, We have been keeping a close eye on the prospects of getting involved in the Rihannsu economy since the economy was further opened by your illustrious and honorable Senate. We recognize the importance and role of mass transportation plays in moving people across large urban centers as a means to curtail congestion, spark economic development, and give new life to areas long ignored. Our board has deliberated extensively and we are making it known that we will be filing our own bid for the prestigious opportunity to build your metro system. We can bring our extensive conglomerate and wide-ranging resources upon this project to help speed up the construction and bring the network to substantial completion within five years. Like many of our fellow rivals on the Kipanese Islands, many of us operate our own private railways in competition with the national railways. While they primarily focus on long-distance travel, all of us on the corporate side specializes in commuter services which fit perfectly into this project's scope and purpose. However, it is important for us to note that we do not run our trains at the required gauge of 7 feet, but rather a width comparable to lines operated in Fulgistan, as an example. But we will comply with the mandate set in the tender briefing and we will work collaboratively with the Ministry to ensure we meet all regulations and design elements. Samura does construct (and by extension utilizes) its own rolling stock but we also will comply with the requirement to work alongside Amosarr. If we are selected, we will within a week of finalizing the deal, deploy upwards of 100 engineers to their production facilities to begin in earnest to design the rolling stock. We will ensure that upwards of 60% of the materials used in the rolling stock and nearly 80% of the resources used to build the track, tunnels, and other structures will be sourced from Rihan itself. Though we will maintain the primary lead in the construction of the system, we will be relying upon labor from within Rihan to build under direction from Kipanese engineers and local authorities overseers. To show that we are serious about working with the relevant parties to see this project to a remarkable success that can be replicated elsewhere in the Republic and around the world, we will openly state that we will be able to come under budget in less time, by a measure of approximately 21.2%. We do hope that Samura Heavy Industries is ultimately selected to help build this all-important and life-changing transportation system, one that will be as bold, proud, and elaborate as the Rihan Republic. Sincerely, Tatsushima Samura CEO
  7. Kipan

    Proposed observer status

    From: Foreign Minister Masaki Kaneda of the State of Kipan To: Anna Hackney, EOS Representative, Orioni President Yamazaki has informed me that he will be signing the bill that authorizes him to pursue EOS observer status. Following your previous communique of presenting us with such an offer, I discussed it with the President. With his intentions clear now, he has instructed to me to follow through and work with you on whatever else is required by this Government to formally confer such status, and whatever obligations the Kipanese Islands must fulfill as a contingent of this collaboration. I look forward to our future deliberations.
  8. Kipan

    NBK: National News from Kipan

    "...in late-breaking news, the Shukuro have beaten the Gallambrian Lions in a dramatic penalty shootout after both teams scored one goal each and with no change during extra time. Their victory has made them the winners of the SATAMFC Cup, the first time the team has won the title. Coach Tadao was ecstatic and said that he was extremely proud of his players including star forward Yanagi Ochiyo. He was awarded MVP and was confirmed to have been responsible for the most goals across all the teams in the competition. The twenty-six-year-old will now return to play in a few friendly matches with his home team - the Nakazami Diamonds - before returning to the national team to compete in the forthcoming Aurelian Cup which is slated to occur in the early months of 2019. Tadao said his team will be ready for the contest. According to UENA officials, a larger, global contest, the Nations, is yet to be announced but would occur sometime during the upcoming calendar year." "...a spokesman for President Yamazaki's office confirms that he will be signing the EOS Observer Bill which cleared the National Assembly 345-106, with support from both the Rikken Party and several more ardent members of the Oppositional Mishu Party. Foreign Minister Kaneda had been previously notified by the supranational organization that Kipan would be offered such status. The bill's approval by Yamazaki gives Minister Kaneda authority to act on behalf of the State and formally accept such status. The Foreign Ministry will work with the EOS on fulfilling all remaining efforts that may be required." "...from the floor of the Kipanese Stock Exchange in Miyako, the Sato Corporation saw its stock rise by 12.5% to a year-long high of K1345.12 per share. This increase comes following today's announcement by Asami Sato, the corporation's CEO saying that the automotive subsidiary (which continues to be one of the most important components) would begin producing an affordable electric version of its most purchased sedans. Sato also shared that additional resources would be allocated into the utilization of alternative energy sources including hydrogen in a future car."
  9. Kipan

    Proposed observer status

    From: Foreign Minister Masaki Kaneda of the State of Kipan To: Anna Hackney, EOS Representative, Orioni President Yamazaki has stated in the Kipanese press that he is leaning towards signing a bill that is making its way through the National Assembly right now that would empower him to pursue EOS observer status. Seeing that the organization is prepared to make such an offer, I suspect that the relevant legislation will ramp up, landing on his desk within the week. I am confident that Kazuo will sign it and thus, take the efforts required to engage our nation with the larger organization. We will be in contact again soon.
  10. Kipan

    NBK: National News from Kipan

    "...the Shukuro have stunned the entire world by making it all the way to the SATAMFC Cup Finals. On December 20th, the Kipanese team will have a rematch against the Gallambrian Lions at Obon Stadium in the heart of Miyako. Star forward Yanagi Ochiyo will be leading the team alongside late added Shinzo Nagama. Wittier has been ablaze with tens of thousands of Wits wishing the national team well and commenting that they will win. Coach Tadao said he was cautiously optimistic that the national team would overtake their Marenesian rival and win the Cup. When the Lions played the Shukuro last, the home team beat them 1-0 in Bromwich. NBK will carry the match live and our own Shiro Shinobi will be commentating with former F.C. Miyako midfielder Kenji Tenzai." "...President Kazuo Yamazaki has received the long-awaited gambling bill. It has been significantly modified from the original proposal. Horse racing, cycle racing, football, and motorsports will be permitted to be bet on the condition that municipalities and prefectures receive the majority of profits generated. Prior to the modifications, there were not enough votes to get it passed with solely votes from the governing Rikken Party. With resources flowing to local communities, the opposition was willing to join in the motion. Yamazaki has been on the fence on the matter and was initially considering to veto it but he has indicated that he will sign it. His spokesperson said that in response for its approval, he will consider lowering state support as it is widely expected that these new gambling opportunities could generate over 63 billion Ken per year. Ichiro Takahashi who is a high-ranking member of one of Miyako's Hogosha said that he was displeased that so much money would be taken out of the hands of lucky winners. Major Shiko Umezaki of the National Police criticized the Assembly for failing to provide any additional funds to combat a potential rise in crime that may stem from permitting even this level of gambling."
  11. Kipan

    Group of Island Nations

    I'm fully onboard with this effort.
  12. Kipan

    [OOC] The Technocratic Internationale

    Maybe, we'll see. We'll talk.
  13. Kipan

    Fulgistani Bureau for Foreign Diplomacy

    From: Foreign Minister Masaki Kaneda To: Secretary of Foreign Diplomacy Ismail Tian-Han RE: Kipanese-Fulgistani Relations I am happy to hear that you share similar feelings concerning engaging diplomatic dialogue with our Island State. As you stated in your previous message, our philosophic differences are minor and have no reason for us to not engage in robust and long-lasting partnership, in cooperation, and in business. We welcome Mrs. Guowei to Miyako and my staff looks forward to working with him in setting up his facilities upon arrival. We will treat him with the greatest of respect and honor. I shall convey to President Yamazaki that the possibility of a state visit could be on the table in the coming weeks and months ahead. I know he is personally interested in such an event to occur. May our friendship blossom.
  14. Kipan

    Fulgistani Bureau for Foreign Diplomacy

    From: Foreign Minister Masaki Kaneda To: Secretary of Foreign Diplomacy Ismail Tian-Han RE: Kipanese-Fulgistani Relations Honorable Secretary, it is a pleasure to finally write to you personally. The Kipanese Islands have been quite busy since our peaceful transition from the reign of the Emperors to a fully Democratic country. There are many of us who are still astounded by the success we had in it and we believe that it was our late Emperor, Ozu, who's willingness and motivation to move the nation forward played instrumental. Our new Democracy is still newborn and there are many things we are learning for the very first time but we are all excited to see where these unknown waters take us, for good or bad. I was having tea with President Yamazaki yesterday morning during our weekly meeting and he stressed that relations with the Worker's Republic, despite the underlying ideological differences, is a important relationship for us over the long term. He believes that there are ample areas for our two countries to work in cooperative manner and is firmly convinced there considerable untapped economic growth that could benefit both in equal measure. In my initial announcement to the global community, and before I met with our esteemed President, I did state that our partnerships with Fulgistan and the Sunset Sea Islands were imperative to our continued development and newfound flexibility in the wider international community. To that end, I would like to propose an exchange of embassies in each capital as the cornerstone of a much wider diplomatic and economic conversation that is sure to take place over the coming months. I have asked Mister Sadao Sasaki to serve as our ambassador in Fulgistan. On behalf of President Yamazaki, the two of us hope our relationship will grow ever stronger.