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  1. Soreana

    La Nazione: Soreana's Premier Newspaper

    La Nazione NATIONAL SYMPHONY'S 100TH ANNIVERSARY TO FEATURE BELLINI'S CONCERTOS AND 4TH SYMPHONY Giovanni Bellini, Soreana's most beloved classical composer, is to be recognized by the National Symphony during the opening of their 100th season on November 6th at the Great Music Hall. Over his seventy-two year lifespan from 1762-1834, Giovanni penned no less than 163 pieces of wondrous music from violin quartets to full-scale symphonic masterpieces, including his world-renowned 4th Symphony in C. The SNS's Music Director and Conductor, Augusto Carinci, said that it would be appropriate to play Bellini's pieces. Both his greatest symphony and five of the seven Solaris Concertos will be performed. Grand Duchess Zaffino will be in attendance. She also intends on announcing the launch of a monarch-backed seat on the SNS for the Concertmaster, and 1st Violin, Stefania Gotti.
  2. Soreana

    2018 ANAFA League Cup

    La Gazzetta dello Sport Soreanan Griffons Shot Down by Strong Prymontian Yetis Opinion by Enzo Portella What was Roberto Scozzari thinking?! The team's defense was mediocre and it all went downhill starting in the first ten minutes when the Yetis scored for the first time. And if the defense was lousy, the offense was just as bad as Prymont had control for over half of the entire match. The only time I was remotely satisfied with the Griffons performance was that of Lorenzo Orsini, the last minute replacement for Corvi who will be out for almost all of the ANAFA Cup. Orsini was able to get the ball down the field with midfielder Zaccaria Toma and fellow forward Dante Parrotta to strike a hard goal into the corner of the Yetis' net in the 63rd minute. This loss is not a good start to the Cup for the team. Nor does it give me much encouragement that we are going to go far this cycle. There are other commentators who will tell you that the Griffons can possibly get into the second phase and you heard it here first: they're not going forward. They've said Prymont would be the hardest team Soreana would face and they haven't clearly witnessed Iverica nor Variota on the pitch. Even with the unlikely chance that the Soreanan national team will move forward, Orsini does intrigue me and I do think he has a future and if anything - its all down to him to hold the entire team up. The Griffons are playing the Golden Tigers of Fulgistan at their home stadium. They played the Red Eagles of Aluxia and would have been a draw if not for the match's only goal by Mitar Valesovic during the additional time in that match. This leads me to believe that the Fulgistanis are not pushovers. We'll see for ourselves in Bogd Gioro.
  3. Soreana

    La Nazione: Soreana's Premier Newspaper

    La Nazione Car-Free Day in Soreana to Occur 1st November Soreana's Mayor, Antonio Rosario, today announced that the capital would be banning all cars from many areas of the New City on 1st November. It is a means to encourage residents to forgo their cars for a day and use alternative forms of transportation from the city's many trams and buses to walking and cycling. The goal of the car-free day is to reduce the number of cars on the streets. By lowering traffic congestion, the benefit to Soreanan residents is that it will bring about a greener environment and diminish gasoline demand nationally. Transport Minister Vitale Borello praised Mayor Rosario's action and said that the Prime Minister was slated to invest a hundred million Litas over the next five years into the capital's transport network, hoping that the upcoming car-free day and others in the future may completely mode shift people both within and around the capital area. Grand Dutchess Zaffino said she'd pledge to go car-free for the entire day and instead would cycle (with her closest aides and security detail) from appointment to appointment. Soreana's City Council has had a permanent vehicular ban in place since 2000. Lorenzo Orsini to Play on Soreanan National Football Team Raffaele Corvi, who suffered an unfortunate accident in Soreana Harbor several weeks ago, continues to remain hospitalized. Following a consultation with his doctors, Roberto Scozzari announced that Corvi would not be playing either in the ANAFA League Cup nor would he playing for his home football club for much of the season. As promised, a replacement forward has been found and hastily caught up on the team's drills and tactics: Lorenzo Orsini, a young 23-year old who plays on Tenza. In a brief interview with La Nazione, Orsini said: "he has had an intensive two weeks but he's ready to take to the pitch to play on the behalf of all Soreanans."
  4. We're excited to participate and ready for the ANAFA League Cup to begin. The Soreanan national football team is ready to get on the football pitch!
  5. Soreana

    La Nazione: Soreana's Premier Newspaper

    La Nazione RAFFAELE CORVI SEVERELY INJURED IN WATER-SKIING ACCIDENT It is a sad day today in Soreana Harbor where two individuals collided with each other in an event that could have clearly been avoided. Raffaele Corvi, one of the best forwards on Limena F.C. and a member of the national football team, crashed into a sailboat. Witnesses claim that Corvi, known for his sometimes daredevil behavior, was making an attempt at doing a trick while being towed behind by his best friend Victor Castano. When he attempted the maneuver, he was not looking at his surroundings, moved to the left, directly into the path of the sailboat and hit it straight on. Corvi fell off his skis and into the harbor waters while Castano's boat kept going, only to notice two minutes later that there was no one behind him. The Harbormaster stopped all traffic following the news and emergency crews were on the scene to get Corvi out of the water. Raffaele was immediately taken to Prata Hospital for treatment. With Corvi's hospitalization, the national team now has to scramble and find a new forward to join the squad ahead of the beginning of the Argic and North Alharu Football Association's League Cup. Roberto Scozzari, head coach, reassured fans later in the day that they would find someone to take up Corvi's position by going through the roster of the second team to see who would best fit the drills and tactics the team had been preparing to use and wished their player well in his recovery. Corvi's girlfriend (or one of them, the paper could not identify given the fifteen women who pleaded to see him outside the hospital), Maria, was crying uncontrollably and threatened to sue the sailboat captain for his role in Corvi's present condition.
  6. Soreana

    Dniester Civil War

    Soreana will not get involved in this civil war.
  7. Full Name of Country/Region: The Grand Duchy of Soreana Representative Signing (and date): Prime Minister Alberto Pozzi Ratification by (and date): 6 September 2018 Continent: TBD First Language(s): Limonaian Second Language: Anglish Additional Languages: Not Applicable
  8. Soreana

    Request: Soreana

    I am okay taking the shoreline up to Limonaia's northern border as well. I am just a modestly small Grand Duchy, one that isn't aggressively seeking half the world XP.
  9. Ooooo, can I participate?
  10. Soreana

    Request: Soreana

    Nation/Flag: https://www.nationstates.net/nation=soreana Factbook: http://www.europans.com/topic/5042-the-grand-duchy-of-soreana/ Newsroom Thread: http://www.europans.com/topic/5033-la-nazione-soreanas-premier-newspaper/?do=getNewComment Culture: Italian along the lines of Limonaia Climate: Mediterranean History: - Formation in 1576 - Constitutent Duchy of Limonaia in 1758 - Independence in 1939 Interested in continuing this conversation.
  11. Soreana

    [SSI embassies] One World Center

    The Grand Duchy of Soreana would be honored to establish an embassy with the Radiant Republic. The Prime Minister appoints Silvestro Cappa as our ambassador.
  12. Soreana

    La Nazione: Soreana's Premier Newspaper

    La Nazione PRIME MINISTER POZZI INTRODUCES FREE MOVEMENT LEGISLATION The Chamber of Deputies was abuzz with activity this morning as the Prime Minister, Alberto Pozzi, introduced groundbreaking legislation on the matter of border access between the Grand Duchy and Limonaia. Pozzi stated that due to the close relationship between their peoples over the course of their history and the importance of trade and cultural development, the borders must be freer for both people. The legislation calls for the free movement of Soreanans and Limonaians in each other's countries. Within the Prime Minister's governing coalition, he has unanimous support, and even most of the opposition the paper has spoken with are on board with approving the policy. Free movement would only come into force if reciprocal action was taken in Limonaia.
  13. Quick Facts: Motto: "Peace, Pride, Prosperity" Population: 3,217,954 Capital: Soreana Largest City: Soreana Official Language: Soreanan National Language: Soreanan, Limonaian, Common Demonym: Soreanan Government: Constitutional Monarchy Grand Dutchess: Caterina Zaffino Prime Minister: Alberto Pozzi Legislative Chamber: Chamber of Deputies Establishment: 1576 Constituent Duchy of Limonaia: 1758 Independence: 1939 GDP (nominal): $99.82 billion GDP (nominal) per capita: $31,020 Human Development Index: 56.20 Currency: Lita (L) Time Zone: TBD Drives on the: Right Calling code: +129 Internet TLD:.sr The Grand Duchy of Soreana is a small, peaceful constitutional monarchy located on the shores of X Sea. The Duchy and by extension, the city it was centered on were both established in 1576 by the Zaffino family. They originally hailed from Limonaia but the trading patriarch of the family had seen a pristine shoreline with a natural deep-water port. Over the subsequent 200 years, Soreana became a maritime trader state, focused on trading its wares abroad and returning home with the most exotic items anyone could find on Eurth. As Soreana's fortunes grew, the wealth Soreana was generating made it a target for expansion by Limonaia. History In 1758, the Kingdom formally annexed into that nation's growing realm. It was agreed that the Zaffino's would continue to rule Soreana in the name of the Crown in exchange for one-fifth of the Duchy's income as an annual tribute. The Dukes and Duchesses of Soreana would expand further into the fertile interior, increasing its agriculture and wine production, over the next century. The current borders of the nation were defined by 1858. The Duchy was not involved in the brief 1902 Limonaian Civil War. In 1939, the then-seat Government decided to relinquish their hold over Soreana. With independence, Soreana's economy rose. Both Limonaia and Soreana had signed a mutual agreement on trade, diplomatic recognition and a range of other multilateral statements to maintain their historical ties, even if the two were separate. These treaties were indefinitely suspended during the rule of Luca di Ortello and restored with the return of the Limonaian royal family in 1976. Today, Soreana and Limonaia maintain friendly relations and their partnership has allowed both to see a renewed spirit of cooperation in terms of tourism and technology. Geography Soreana is the capital and largest city of the Grand Duchy bearing its name. It was founded in 1365 as a trade port, utilizing the deepwater port located there. Over the centuries, it has become a city of great beauty and many canals. The city is divided into the Old City, still within the confines of the old walls, and the more modern 'New City' located primarily on the land surrounding the seaport. At the center of the older contingent of the city, is the Altar of Fire, the nexus of their variation of (Y religion). The seat of power for the Zaffino's is the Soreana Castle, located on an island (connected by a marble bridge) on the edge of the Old City and makes up a segment of the Old Wall. Meanwhile, in the New City, there are a number of taller buildings, though none as tall as the spire of the Cathedral nor the highest tower of the Castle. Its jetties are filled with sailboats and foreign yachts. Outdoor cafes can be found abound across the city. The only railway line, built in meter gauge, in the whole of the country departs from the small station located on the outskirts of the city and runs all the way to (location A). Soreana also hosts an airport located 20 km to the southeast of the city limits. Culture Recreationally, Soreanans greatly enjoy sailing, playing football, and for some, the thrill of racing in their imported Prymontian and Limonaian sports cars through the streets of both Soreana and throughout the countryside. They also love to be entertained. Solsaliente, the nation's premier touring theatrical circus group, has kept people of all ages amazed for over twenty years. In more recent years, the group has expanded its exposure to other countries. Soreanans also like a good festival: three are important, one acknowledging the importance of the sun, the second is the Annual Regatta, and lastly, the Soreana Grand Prix. Economy Soreana's economy is focused on tourism (both through encouraging people to visit Soreana's Old City, and the warm temperatures and relaxing waters found further down the coast at Sirena. Since Limonaia and Soreana reaffirmed the 1939 Agreement, both nations have put resources into alternative energy generation and distribution, primarily on solar generation. The most notable company, Helios, is preparing to construct the Duchy's first solar power plant, producing up to 5,000 MWh. Agriculture and fishing rounds out the major economic sectors. 30% of the available farmland is used to grow olives and grapes, for oil and wine respectively. The remainder is geared towards food production, the excess sold to Limonaia. Fishing has become an increasing challenge with fisheries dwindling in populations, forcing fishermen to go further for catches, and potentially trespass on other claimed fishing grounds. Military The Grand Duchy is protected by the Soreanan Royal Guards, led by Captain Pietro Spada. It numbers just 25,000 men. They are also the national police force. Under the 1939 Agreement, Limonaia is responsible for safeguarding Soreana's airspace. The Royal Guards primarily serve as soldiers in an army capacity but a contingent act as the coast guard, operating 3 Patrol vessels, a number of smaller survey craft and a dozen helicopters.
  14. Soreana

    La Nazione: Soreana's Premier Newspaper

    La Nazione TRANSPORT MINISTRY TO BEGIN DOUBLE-TRACKING OF RAILWAY Soreana, the vibrant capital of our beautiful Duchy, lies on the pristine shores of the water. Under the reign of the Grand Duke Pietro Zaffino in the late 1980's opened the realm's first and only railway line. It connected the shore with the interior, enabling tens of thousands of farmers and rural residents to gain access to the capital. However, this railway was only built with a single track with a few sections of passing tracks. In the nearly quarter century, demand for travel on this line has exceeded the current infrastructure. The Ministry, under Minister Vitale Borello, has announced a 650 million Lita effort to double-track the entire line. Fulfilling this project would not only double capacity but could give the Duchy the potential to spur economic development in parts of the country long ignored by the Prime Minister in Soreana itself. The project is expected to be completed in Late Spring 2019.