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  1. Dolch See, Eurth. It has been a few days attempting to locate the ship that called for help. "Commodore, we've been sailing for days trying to locate our ship. This is taking longer than expected. I suggest we turn back-" The Commodore would cut him off "No need to tell me that, we've been reassigned." "Reassigned sir?" replied the First Mate "Yes, we're to regroup with a fleet that's been assigned to be the a permanently assigned to the Dolch See, Baghdad has reevaluated the region as a high-risk conflict zone and we need to protect our interests in the area, so they made the executive decision to beef up security here. Anyways, plot course for these coordinates, we need to resupply and join the new group." "Yes, sir." The three ships apart of the Sayfi fleet depart to join their new assignment.
  2. Sayf

    A Change in the Wind

    War Room, Sayfi Department of Defense, Baghdad, Sayf Abu-Hajaar is sitting at the end of the table, holding the end of a hookah hose in one hand, and a few pieces of paper that are stapled together. Abu-Hajaar would take a long draw from the hookah, exhaling a cloud of smoke that smells of fruit and molasses into the air before addressing everyone in the room: "Gawad's!" Abu-Hajaar would shout alerting the others in the room. "The Fulgistanis have requested that we send them equipment. They called me defense minister-" Abu-Hajaar would chuckle at the thought of himself being defense minister. "Anyways, they have a tall order, SPAA, SAMs, armor. To support the FAA in Aluxia." Mahmoud, sitting at the side of the table would say "We should grant their request, helping the FAA would only benefit us. We should contact Fulgistan and coordinate with each other for more efficiency in our intervention in the region. After all, this shows that we share a common goal." "Good thinking Mahmoud, Ahmed-, why the f*ck are you jittering so much?" Abu-Hajaar would reply. Ahmed, sitting at the opposite side of the table would be visibly shaking, and his two handings would be intertwined as he's looking down "I-I q-q-uit nicotine c-c-cold turkey." Abu-Hajaar would sigh and say "Ahmed, you better f*cking relay this information to Fulgistan or I'm going to shove a pack of cigarettes up your ass."
  3. Sayf

    Mr Simizi Goes Travelling

    VISA APPLICATION FORM * Requirement: Yes * Max. duration: 120 * Health requirements: N/A TOURISM GUIDE * Top cities: Baghdad, Basra, Dubai, Mosul * Sights worth seeing: Sayfi parliament building, Baghdad Old City, Mosul Market, Ruins from old Sayfi Empire, Lifeless Lake * Cultural events taking place: Eid (3 times a year), Ramadan (one month out of the year) * Getting around: Serviced by most major airlines, Rail lines connecting major cities and cultural sites, Highways connecting almost every city and town * Local cuisine: Kebab, Kunafeh, Dolma, falafel, baklava, Sayfi tea, fattoush, shawarma, masgouf, etc. * Sleeping: Hotels in most major cities and town
  4. Sayf

    [OOC] Aluxian Civil War

    The Sayfi government is supporting the FAA due to the fact that our nation needs more allies in comrades in our vicinity, and it would help secure a close ally. The Sayfi government is willing to disregard attacks in Aluxia due to the fact that Sayf itself has gone through instability and conflict leading up to the establishment of it's democracy, and we believe that with enough time Aluxia can become a stable nation without an autocracy. To eleborate on what I said earlier, we've really no like-minded or friendly nations in Argis with the exception of Seylos, if you can consider him Argic.
  5. Sayf

    A Change in the Wind

    Sayfi Military Command Office, Baghdad, December 13th A Sayfi man with a lit cigarette in his mouth is carrying a packet of papers bearing the official seal of the Sayfi Parliament, the man is walking at a swift pace, and pushes the door open labeled "غرفة الحرب" which translates to "war room". As he pushes the door open, there are several men waiting at a conference table holding shishas, an older man wearing a Sayfi military uniform decorated with ribbons and medals shouts at the man entering the room "Gawad! You called us in here 15 minutes ago and you've only just arrived!" there is a silence, all eyes are on the man who just entered the room, he takes a long draw from the cigarette in his mouth and blows it out and says "My deepest apologies Abu-Hajaar, we've just received an order form parliament." The man would slide the packet bearing the parliament's seal across the table, and the man sitting perpendicular prom Abu-Hajaar picks it up and sighs as he flips through the packet. "What is it, Mahmoud?" demanded Abu-Hajaar "We've been ordered to send aid to the Free Aluxian Army for their struggles of freedom and democracy against the autocratic government." Abu-Hajaar leaned back into his chair and took a long draw from his hookah "We can afford to expend some of our surplus weapons and a few million dinars, being directly involved this early on in the conflict isn't preferable, but for now, we can send strategists and commanders to train their army. Ahmed can organ-" Abu-Hajaar turns towards Ahmed, the third man at the table who has a black rectangular object in his mouth "Ahmed, what the f*ck is in your mouth?" Ahmed takes the black stick out of his mouth and blows a cloud of steam from his mouth "Abu-Hajaar, this is a vaporizer supposed to be better for the lungs, and I'm trying to quit smoking my wife has started complaining-" Abu Hajaar cuts off Ahmed and says "Ahmed, contact the Free Aluxian Government and coordinate all of this please?" "Y-yes sir...". Glossary- Gawad- Low life pimp, Arabic equivalent of b*tch
  6. Sayf

    Request: Tikva

    I've no issue with those areas and doesn't interfere with my expansion plans.
  7. Sayf

    Eurth Rally Series

    Country: The Republic of Sayf Driver, Age, Gender: Abdullah Suleiman Al-Nasser, 42, Male Co-Driver, Age, Gender: Khalifah bin Qassimi, 41, Male Car Make, Model, and Year: 2018 Tawahad ERX TTi ERC Rally Car Real Life Equivalent: 2018 Subaru WRX STi Open Class Rally Car
  8. Sayf

    Air Project 1000 Phase 1 - Approach to Market

    From: Al-Qarf Aircraft Corporation To: Ministry of Defence of the Kingdom of Gallambria Peace be unto you, The Al-Qarf Aircraft Corporation would like to propose, the Al-Qarf Z84 Saqr which entered service in 2004 as a search and rescue helicopter for both the Sayfi National government and for civilian purposes. Al-Qarf Aircraft Corporation is looking forward to your response, as since our founding in 1935, we've been delivering well-built and quality aircraft for our customers. Al-Qarf Z84 Saqr PRODUCTION: Price New: $27M Year Started: 2004 Year Ended: In Production PERFORMANCE: Range: 439nm Max Takeoff Weight: 26,500 lb Max Cruise Speed: 155 ktas Max Altitude: 15,000 ft CABIN: Passengers (Typical): 10 Volume: 685 cu ft Height: 6 ft Width: 6 ft Length: 19 ft We hope that you're are satisfied with our tender. Peace be unto you, Mohammed bin Tariq Al-Qarf Aircraft Corporation Representative
  9. Sayf

    Sayfi National News

    Pictured: Two Wildadat vehicles lining up for a street race at an intersection in downtown Mosul MOSUL, SAYF — Following reports of dangerous "street takeovers" southern Basra, a Basra City Council committee Wednesday moved forward with a plan to re-evaluate the city's current laws and efforts to crack down on the illegal activity. Street racing is a decades-old problem in Mosul, but in recent years has evolved into what are commonly referred to as street takeovers, where a large number of drivers close down a street while other motorists perform dangerous and reckless stunts in the middle of an intersection, according to a motion introduced by Mosul City Councilman Ahmed Al-Habib and approved by the Public Safety Committee. "These events can not only cause damage to public and private property but put the participants' lives in danger as well as spectators, law enforcement and the general public," Habib wrote. Organizers typically utilize social media to quickly and efficiently set up such an event, often within private social media circles, which can make it extremely difficult for law enforcement to determine where and when the illegal races will occur, according to the motion. Habib's motion follows two recent reports by the Mosul Daily News, which documented several large street takeovers that occurred in the city. If approved by the full City Council, the motion would direct the Mosul Police Department, with the assistance of the City Attorney's Office, to report on all of the city's current ordinances, laws and fines related to street racing, anti-street racing programs in effect, as well as any and all suggestions to increase penalties, fines or efforts of the MPD in order to successfully combat illegal street racing citywide.
  10. Can we get a move on this war or are we gonna dawdle on this for longer? @Adaptus @Variota @Tagmatium Rules @Gallambria tagging RP mods
  11. Sayf

    United Anti-Terrorist Forces

    Country: The Republic of Sayf Full name: Hajaar bin Khalifa Nickname: Abu-Hajaar Age and birthdate: 10/29/1974 Sex: Male Years of service: 26 Special traits: Making the bullet casings fall onto allies, Leaving the safety cap on the rocket Anti-terrorist force they serve in: Sayf National Security Forces Country: The Republic fo Sayf Full name: Ahmedinejad Al-Rafida Nickname: Casual Ahmedinejad Age and birthdate: 9/28/1992 Sex: Male Years of service: 8 Special traits: Looking Like a Snitch on Miami Vice, Not wearing a tie Anti-terrorist force they serve in: Sayf National Security Forces
  12. Sayf

    Eurth Rally Series

    The Eurth Rally series a competitive series where manufacturers and drivers represent their countries in a cross-country race that tests the endurance, capability, and agility of both driver's and their cars. In the winter, drivers face off going both offroad and on the street through over 3,000 miles in Alharu, and in the Summer, they do the same through Argis. Regulations: TBD How to enter your car and driver: To enter, submit the following application below: Country: Driver, Age, Gender: Co-Driver, Age, Gender Car Make, Model, and Year: Real Life Equivalent: Make sure to check with everybody to make sure that no one has claimed the real life manufacturer you're using.
  13. Oil has always been a key-factor in Sayfi-Seylosian relations. Sayf often exports oil to Seylos at fair and reasonable rates. The Sasyfi government believes that there is a large amount of pirate activity in the Dolch sea. Due to the value of the Dolch Sea to the local petroleum industry, Sayf has dispatched a group of three ships to investigate and eradicate piracy in the region to maintain Sayfi interests in the area. Three Sayfi Ships, S.R.S Turitun, S.R.S Baghdadi, and S.R.S Salman have been assigned to anti-piracy operations in the Dolch Sea to protect Sayfi Oil Interests "Commodore, we've verified the coordinates of the distress signal, how shall we proceed?" "Set course to the coordinates, hopefully, we'll be able to catch some pirates and go home." "Yes sir, we can expect to arrive in one and a half days." The Commodore, Rashid Al-Qalea aged 44 has only ever engaged in light combat with small pirate ships with much less firepower than this ships he's headed. He was conscripted when he turned 18 and never left the Sayfi Navy as it offered him a college degree, good pay, and stable employment. Sayf hasn't experienced a major conflict since the Sayfi Civil War in the 70s where radical Islamist groups attempted to take over the country and turn it into a theocracy. Rashid was born shortly after the conflict in 1974, so he wasn't able to gain any combat experience on the sea outside of squabbles with small pirate bands and combat simulations. Rashid believes that whatever lies ahead in the rough waters of the Dolch Sea, will be nothing but an incompetent band of slavers or pirates. The Group of ships departing from Sayf
  14. Sayf

    Sandbox RP forum for newcomers

    I personally don't like this idea because it alienates new players who most of the time are somewhat component roleplayers and just adds another step to the process of joining. The current system of making news posts and Factbook should be enough to keep new people from entering the main RP as you can keep denying them until they're deemed good enough to enter the main RP
  15. The Arab Republic of Sayf confirms it's participation in all events.