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  1. Sayf

    Project Watershed

    "Welcome to Sayf, I hope we can achieve what our nations are looking for in this project, follow me, I'll show you to your accommodation." Nadal led the pair into a large luxury bus which transported them to two large dormitories adjacent to each other. "The one on the right is for the Fulgistanis and the one on the left is for the Limonians." The bus continued into the facility, where the pair were led to a long wooden dining table with a feast laid out upon it. After a long meal, the researchers were given a tour of the facility, allowing both research teams to familiarize themselves with the facility's equipment. "As you can see, we have all the necessary equipment to research, design, build, and test the objective of Project Watershed, and of course, we have multiple launchpads available outside the facility. Anyways, you've all had a long flight and I'm sure you're all tired, there are shuttles outside to take you to your dormitories. Work begins tomorrow! "
  2. IRL: Jason Mantzoukas Nuclear Nadal, my head of military research
  3. Sayf

    Project Watershed

    The plane carrying @Fulgistan's and @Limonaia's head of military research has landed on the airstrip near the remote research facility somewhere in rural Sayf. They're here to begin development on a highly secretive project known as Watershed. Standing on the tarmac waiting diligently for the delegation from the two nations is Sayf's head of military research, known only as "Nuclear" Nadal for his work developing nuclear reactors for Sayf. "Nadal, how should we greet our guests?" "Welcome them with a feast after we show them to their accommodation near the facility, followed by a tour of our state of the art facility." "Right away, sir."
  4. Full Name of Country/Region: The Arab Republic of Sayf Representative Signing (and date): Minister of Foreign Affairs, Ahmadinejad Rafida Ratification by (and date): August 11, 2018 Continent: Argis First Language(s): Arabic Second Language: Common
  5. Sayf

    The Chariot of Civility.

    In the early hours of the working day, President Ali Al-Karim was sitting in his office alone working diligently on his computer, when suddenly one of his advisers came into the room. "Sayidi , hunak 'akhbar 'asatil 'ajnabiat min shawati 'umatina." Sir, there is news of foreign fleets off of the shores of our nation. "Madha? hal hnak ghazw qadman?" What? Is there an invasion coming? "La , ealaa ma yabdu hunak hisar lil'umat shimaluna , sarbiaa." "No, apparently there is a blockade of the country north of us, Serbia" "La 'afham , srbya balad ghyr sahiliin , kayf yanwun tanfidh alhasar?" "I don't understand, Serbia is a landlocked nation, how do they intend on carrying out the blockade?" "la 'aelam , lkn hunak 'asatil bialqurb min sahilina" "I don't know, but there are fleets near our coast" "'iinahum hamir , lkn azdirawuna tujah srbya mutabadil , hal atakhadh albarlaman qrarana bishan ma yajib eamulha?" "They are donkeys, but our disdain towards Serbia is mutual, has parliament made a decision on what to do?" "Almas'alat sawf tazhar qaribaan fi alghuraf , hal sanadhhab ya sydy?" "The matter is going to come up soon in the chamber, shall we go sir?" "Na'am, yalla" "Yes, let's go." The parliament has voted to let the foreign blockade through our nation to allow greater access Greater Serbia, under the supervision of the Sayfi Military and join the Navy's fleets stationed in Northern Sayf to join the blockade.
  6. Sayf

    The Geography Game

  7. Sayf

    In Amongst the Enemy

    After a week of traveling across the Adlantic ocean, a fleet of ships carrying the Sayfi expeditionary force and their equipment had docked in the Fulgistani city of Wulumuqi. After all the equipment and supplies were removed form the cargo ships in the fleet, they left leaving behind several MBTs, Air Defense Vehicles, and Armored transports. On board the remaining ships, men were packing large backpacks full of ammunition and supplies to prepare for their journey to the front lines to beat back those who give Islam a bad name. "Alright men," roared the load voice of Commander Ahmed Walid over the speakers aboard the remaining ships "Form up in your squadrons and board the transport vehicles, we'll be accompanying the Fulgistani forces in southern Fulgistan. Sayfi Military entering the warzone
  8. Sayf

    The Geography Game

  9. IRL: Mohammed bin Rashid Al-Maktoum This guy'll be my President, Ali Al-Karim
  10. Sayf

    The Geography Game

  11. Sayf

    The Geography Game

  12. Sayf

    Request: Arab Republic of Sayf

    shoot, well i'd prefer for it to be on the other side for the river.
  13. Sayf

    Request: Arab Republic of Sayf

    Everything is fine, I want my capital to be where the yellow dot is
  14. Sayf


  15. Sayf

    Request: Arab Republic of Sayf

    I've decreased my GDP substantially, Sayf does export a lot of oil, but there's also other large industries such as manufacturing in Sayf as well.