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  1. Faramount

    Law of the Sea Convention

    We've still got the arrivals open right now, I believe. But even once we get into talks, I don't think it'd be prohibited for nations to join. They could simply RP their arrival, and first contribution to negotiations, in the same post. When do we think we should move onto the proper negotiations?
  2. Faramount

    A Trifle of Stipend

    Terrome nodded, thinking for a moment. He had been so focused on the day-to-day sheer ineptitude of the security forces that, frankly, the thought of improving the general command structure had not occurred to him. And yet, the Monarch representative was correct: a more competent paramilitary force would be far more useful than a unit of shock troops. "You make a very compelling point. I will admit -- I am no expert here, and frankly, I don't have many people on my staff with knowledge of such things. So if you believe that the better strategy is to dispatch senior officers and trainers to help improve our security forces, then let's do that. I will still desire a few defensive shock troops, I think; to be blunt, if I am killed during the fighting, none of this will matter, as the coalition I've constructed will fall apart almost immediately, yielding certain defeat. But instead of the offensive unit, let's go with what you've suggested instead." The minister suddenly realized he had not addressed the first point. "I can assure you there will be no issue with your men's presence. Morale in the security services is abysmal. I've substantially increased the funding of the interior ministry in the last few years, so as to better pay, equip, and arm the security forces. I've even been able to make some gains with regards to corruption. But I have learned to my disappointment that I cannot eliminate incompetence by throwing money at the problem. Suffice to say, when given the opportunity to be led by well-trained, well-disciplined, well-educated career soldiers, I think our paramilitaries and police will have only positive things to say."
  3. Faramount

    A Peculiar Acquisition

    Terrome nodded, shaking Gathan's hand. "A deal, indeed. It has been a pleasure, senator. I'll let you get back to your evening." The Faramontese minister exited the vehicle, making his way back to the hotel with the two guards. He could not be happier. This arrangement would give him the financial resources needed in the short term to hire Monarch, and in the long term, create a new source of cash flow for the Faramontese government. And in return, he'd be able to get rid of some of Faramount's problems, while simultaneously tightening the labor market, something that would be necessary with time. It was a true win-win.
  4. Faramount

    A Peculiar Acquisition

    Terrome grinned broadly as Gathan detailed his counter-proposal. This would work perfectly, in Terrome's mind -- indeed, it might even work better than what he'd originally envisioned. "65 million chaks as a finder's fee, plus 10,000 chaks per person. I'd be taking the 65 million personally to cover the cost of setting up this system, and to cover my own risk in involving myself in this venture. The 10,000 per person would be paid to the Faramontese government itself." "I do believe what you're suggesting here would indeed be preferable. We can give prisoners a choice -- a long sentence or a chance at a better life in Rihan. Indeed, with that chance of a better life available, we might actually even see some willing volunteers. There are some areas of rural Faramount that have...essentially not changed in centuries. The more ambitious of their inhabitants would give anything -- even a decade and a half -- for any opportunity to escape." "Would you need anything from me on your end to make the necessary arrangements?"
  5. Faramount

    Champion Registration for the Feats of Strength

    The Democratic Republic of Faramount will compete in the swimming, running, and archery events. ((Depending on how far back we're going with this, the Republic of Faramount would've competed in the same.))
  6. Faramount

    2018 SATAMFC League Cup

    "...sounding second alarm at Via Zannoni 3381, fire has spread from vehicle to nearby housing..." "...additional units requested at Via Renauld 477 for domestic disturbance, neighbor reports argument regarding footballing..." "Turn that off." "...all available units in area, respond immediately to Embassy of Asgeirria, diplomatic quarter, this is an officer needs help call..." "...10-16, 10-16, respond immediately for support to Via Rocca de Baldi 88, fire unit reports being under attack by hooligans..." "I SAID TURN THAT RADIO OFF." Senior Inspector Prisco Vigliotti bellowed the order at the driver of the police bus, who finally switched off the dispatch radio. Vigliotti did not even bother to mutter a thank you before turning back to his platoon of riot officers. "We are thirty seconds out. Remember: no deadly force. This is the eighth game in ten years that we haven't lost. The president does not want this success undermined by bloodshed." The field officer of the Faramontese Paramilitary Police had barely finished that last statement when the bus suddenly lurched to a stop, nearly throwing the man -- the equivalent of a captain in the army -- to the ground. "I can't get any closer," the driver said, "there's fire trucks in the way." "Amateurs," Vigliotti remarked with contempt, eyeing the firefighting vehicles, before turning back to his men. "Alright, then. WHAT THE HELL ARE YOU WAITING FOR. DISEMBARK, NOW. MOVE!" The thirty paramilitaries onboard jumped to their feet and quickly exited the vehicle through its three doors, forming up on the pavement outside. They found a scene of utter chaos. The local and national police had been trying to keep order near Terrome Stadium, but clearly, that effort had failed. Injured policemen were sitting everywhere, being helped by firefighters and paramedics. Up ahead, Vigliotti could see that some firefighters and other volunteers were helping to maintain the police's haphazard riot line. The acrid smell of smoke and the sound of sirens filled the air, but above all else, it was the noise of the crowd -- the screaming, the breaking glass, the brawling -- that stood out. "Well," Vigliotti said to no one in particular, staring past the police line at mob of several thousand Faramontese football fans violently celebrating their team's narrow escape of defeat, "it would appear we have our work cut out for us."
  7. Faramount


    Fouquet Banks on Force in Succession Battle GUAYARE -- Defense Minister Raymond Fouquet is banking on force to win the Faramontese presidency, setting the stage for a violent clash upon the death of President Mateo Terrone. Fouquet made a series of landmark decisions in recent months that clearly indicated his intention to win the presidency through military action. First, the defense minister elected to use recent increases in his budget to fund an acquisition of new, high-quality military equipment. Fouquet could have instead funded a more politically advantageous expansion of the military, but he preferred to focus on enhancing his existing forces instead of employing more. Second, Fouquet decided to purchase these newer armaments from various foreign firms, instead of looking to Variota's Varinco. Variota has substantial political and economic sway in Faramount, and by choosing Pallamarie Laandsystems over Varinco, the defense minister turned down an opportunity to gain a powerful ally. Finally, Fouquet selected equipment useful in both urban and rural environments including hundreds of wheeled armored vehicles. The Faramontese military's sole present operation is against insurgents in the remote jungle. In the past, Fouquet has purchased tracked vehicles, which are better suited for this environment. But this time, he invested in a full line of wheeled vehicles, which would also be usable in the nation's capital, where the fight to succeed the president is likely to occur. Fouquet's decision to focus on strength contrasts sharply with Economy Minister Gastrone Terrone's high-profile political maneuvering. Minister Terrone has travelled to Iverica and Rihan in recent weeks, seeking to curry favor for his bid to replace his father-in-law. The economy minister is reportedly planning a trip in the coming weeks to Variota, apparently hoping to step in to build favor where Fouquet declined to do so. And Terrone has built a network of supporters within Faramount, notably gaining the backing of the Faramontese Security Forces. With their support, Terrone will at least have some capacity to contest control of the capital, though he'll need far more than the famously incompetent Faramontese Interior Ministry to defeat the military. Terrone is clearly seeking to gain further advantage abroad, though its unclear what he is hoping to be able to secure from Iverica, Rihan, or Variota that would shift the balance of a firefight. But this much is clear today: there will certainly be a firefight whenever the reign of Mateo Terrone comes to an end.
  8. Faramount

    Media Pubblici Faramonte

    PLS Wins $1.5B Arms Contract NEW LIMONE -- The Faramontese Defense Ministry awarded Pallamarie Laandsystems (PLS) a $1.5 billion arms contract yesterday, marking a new era in military acquisitions for Faramount. Pallamarie Laandsytems will construct 575 armored vehicles, 45 river gunboats, and 10 monitors for the Faramontese military, completely overhauling its land and sea forces. The vehicles, gunboats, and monitors will have a substantial degree of interchangeable parts, all of which will be designed for easy maintenance and replacement in Faramount's riverine setting. The Faramontese Defense Ministry will pay $1.5 billion over five years for the new equipment, which will replace an assortment of older vehicles and ships bought secondhand by Democratic Republic. Faramount will also spend another $750 million over the following five years on other, unspecified new equipment under the deal. Faramontese Defense Minister Raymond Fouquet announced the acquisition in a statement released today. "The Faramontese military has for decades fought with outdated, secondhand equipment due to budgetary restrictions," Fouquet wrote, "but now, at last, we will be acquiring the vessels and ships that we need to achieve lasting gains against the terrorists in the North and East." "We will achieve numerous cost savings due to parts interchangeability, but more importantly, more of our soldiers and sailors will make it through firefights alive, and they'll do so while delivering more of a punch to the enemy. This is a historic day for our armed forces, and the beginning of a new age of victory against the insurgency." Defense Ministry insiders indicated that another major purchase order, this one from Gallambrian Shipbuilding, might be in the works.
  9. Faramount


    Gastrone True Victor of SATAMFC Match GUAYARE -- Faramontese Economy Minister Gastrone Terrone scored an important political yesterday through Faramount's successful hosting of the SATAMFC match, regardless of the outcome of the game. Terrone sought to showcase Faramount's development through the game, and he succeeded in that respect, displaying to the world a very different nation than it saw at Faramount's last SATAMFC home match in 2007. Some thirty-five thousand Faramontese and two thousand Rihannsu attended the competition, held in a brand new stadium. These fans enjoyed drinking, eating, and generally reveling in a sizable entertainment and tourism district built around the arena. There were no noteworthy violent incidences, thanks to a heavy security presence, and many Rihannsu described being treated amicably even while celebrating their team's victory. Foreign journalists universally described the game like any other -- a huge win, since Faramount has a storied history of hosting international sports tournaments. Faramount's stopped hosting games in 2007, sparking universal gratefulness from other SATAMFC teams. The Greens had used a century-old, dilapidated stadium, located in the center of what had become a ghetto during the 1980s. Fans constantly complained of being subjected to muggings and carjackings on the way to and from matches, leading to dwindling attendance after the mid-1990s. Away teams usually contracted with armored bus companies, and hired cadres of private police officers, to ensure their safety. Yet the stadium itself was hardly safer with fans constantly suffering injuries, major systems continually failing mid-game, and on six occasions after 1995, the stadium catching fire during the game. Political protests regularly took place during the games, causing severe disruptions, particularly due to the consistently excessive response of the Faramontese Security Forces. The Faramount Football Federation announced an indefinite suspension of game hosting in 2007, when Deus Vult killed 9 Faramontese and 2 foreigners in a bomb attack on a SATAMFC round-robin game that year. Minister Terrone had just established himself as a major political player at that point, and he viewed the rehabilitation of the Greens as a necessity to his work of inviting foreign investment to Faramount. Terrone substantially increased player and coach play, ushering in rapid improvements for a team that had for decades been the joke of the Union of National Associations of Football. The Economy Minister convinced his father-in-law, the president, to grant a quarter billion dollars for the construction of a new, state-of-the-art football stadium, which was completed in time for the game this year. More than that, Terrone worked with his rival, sister-in-law and New Limone Mayor Sophia Terrone, to build an entire entertainment and tourism district around the stadium, creating a safe, fun area for foreign fans to visit. And Terrone used his influence in the Interior Ministry to form a special task force to secure the stadium, and surrounding areas, during games. Thanks to this work, SATAMFC granted Faramount permission to host again this year, and the result was a resounding success. Terrone is likely to benefit wildly from the experience. He has demonstrated his leadership potential to numerous domestic power brokers, improving his hand in the upcoming power struggle to replace his father-in-law. He has also showcased New Limone as a solid tourist destination, helping to build up a budding industry in which Terrone is heavily involved. Faramount is also sure to benefit internationally from the games, which demonstrated to potential foreign investors that the country is quickly improving thanks to Terrone's leadership. For a man whose staked his entire reputation and career on modernizing Faramount's economy, the match was a clear victory. The minister's sole regret might be that despite everything he has done for them, the Greens still lost -- though in reality, that is unlikely, since Terrone has openly admitted that he finds sports boring.
  10. Faramount

    Media Pubblici Faramonte

    Greens Narrowly Defeated in First Round NEW LIMONE -- The Rihannsu Soaring Eagles defeated the Faramontese National Football Team, the Greens, 1-0 in the first round of the SATAMFC games yesterday. The Soaring Eagles dominated the first half, and the Greens never recovered despite better play in the second half. The Soaring Eagles dominated ball control in the first half, making seven shots including three that were on target. Delon Vekek (8) at 26 minutes scored the game's sole goal, giving the Soaring Eagles a lead that they would maintain for the remaining 65 minutes of the match. Many commentators wondered if the Greens' gains in recent years were being lost as perhaps the team backslid into its history of continually poor performance. But the Faramontese Team strongly contested the second half, making four shots, three of which were on target. Rihan made the same number of attempts, though only two were on goal. Neither team scored any points, ultimately, and after 91 minutes of play, Rihan was declared the victory. MPF sports analyst Paolo Juliana described the match as a "victory for both sides." "The Soaring Eagles played very well, especially during the first half, and they won a solid victory heading into the tournament," Juliana said, "but for a team with a long history of abysmal performance, the Greens really exceeded expectations. The first half -- that's usually what most Faramontese would expect to see in a Greens game. The home team just getting killed. You'll notice that few fans left during that period because most Greens fans expect the team to lose, and are not easily disillusioned. But although they never scored a goal, the Greens really shined in the second half, and it enthused their fan base. This is one of the closest games that the team has had on the global stage in decades." Greens Head Coach Marco De Paoli, who took over the team three years ago, expressed happiness with his players' performance. "I'm really proud of how well the team played, and I really do think we gave the Rihannsu a run for their money," he told Faramount Public Media. "The Soaring Eagles won the match fair and square, and I give them credit for that. But for me, this SATAMFC is about more than winning. It's about showing that, after decades of poor play, the Greens can finally compete again. It's about giving the other teams a challenge. And we certainly did that." The Soaring Eagles Head Coach, Thivas Phliss, had only winning on his mind in his interview with Faramount Public Media. "The players did their job and Velek executed the game plan we had developed," Phliss said, "it is still a long road ahead but I am confident that we will not only get into the knockout stage but also show other teams in the league that we have the means to win the cup." The Rihannsu Head Coach's confidence certainly seemed well-substantiated, given his team's excellent performance, particularly in the first half. Phliss' team will next face Gallambria, which lost 1-2 in its match against Mauridiviah. The Faramontese Greens next play the Asgeirrian National Football Team, which lost 1-3 against Kipan in the first round.
  11. Faramount

    A Peculiar Acquisition

    Terrone listened with his trademark intensity before responding quickly. "I'm glad to hear of your interest, and I think we may be able to reach a mutually beneficial agreement." "We have a great deal of people in Faramount whom we need to," Terrone paused, looking for the right word, before shrugging, and continuing bluntly, "get out of the way. Some are political dissidents, mostly ethnic minorities unhappy with the ruling regime. Some are locals that refuse to stand aside to allow for coal and petroleum extraction. Some are mere criminals. We have a massive prison population in Faramount, about 150,000 right now, and it is expensive to keep them locked up. And as a result, our system is to a great degree a revolving door." "My compatriots in the defense ministry have found a... cheaper solution to the cost of mass incarceration," Terrone continued, "in the form of just slaughtering those who get in the way. And that happens sometimes from the interior ministry, too. But I dislike this solution. There's the issue of its brutality, of course, but more than that, it seems wasteful and inefficient to me. And it invites foreign condemnation, media attention, and above all else, dissent within the ranks. No one likes to be a mass murderer -- except for the people who, frankly, we shouldn't be given a badge and a gun." "So I think we very much have something you might desire: labor. Instead of sentencing these people to prison (or killing them or catch-and-releasing them), we'd sentence them to hard labor, such sentence to be carried out in Rihan. We could easily be talking terms of 15, 20, even 30 years. And at the end of that time -- well, it'd really be up to you. You can dump them back on us. They'd be better educated and disciplined by that point, for sure. Or perhaps, as an incentive to work hard, you could let them stay. I can tell you -- being poor in Rihan is much better than being anything but filthy rich in Faramount. I think a lot of rational people would happily work away the best years of their lives in order to live out the last years of their lives somewhere like this." Terrone smiled. "Now, obviously, we would expect some compensation for providing this labor. And, as the person arranging this deal, I'd need a...finder's fee. Setting up this system without attracting too much international attention won't be easy. But once it's in place, I think it'll be highly mutually beneficial." "But of course, that's just my conceptualization," Terrone added quickly, "and we could certainly adjust it based on your preferences."
  12. Faramount

    A Peculiar Acquisition

    "It would be my pleasure," Terrone said, stepping into the vehicle without hesitation. "Wait here for me," he directed his bodyguards before pulling the door closed. It was a risk to leave his escorts behind, of course, but the minister wanted to send a signal of trust to the senator. What's more, Terrone genuinely doubted he had much to fear. Darok had no reason to wish Terrone dead, and Darok's security -- and the generally high level of safety in first world Rihan -- would surely be enough to protect the minister from any other threat. "It is an honor to meet with you, Senator Darok," Terrone said as the vehicle pulled out of the service lot, "I greatly appreciate you taking the time. I've had some very promising talks with your government regarding petroleum and other mining interests today. I'm hopeful we'll see some mutually beneficial investments in the coming years. But to get straight to the point -- I'd also like to see us establish a trade in certain other natural resources. I believe my chief of staff has already discussed the bare bones of my proposal with your advisers?"
  13. Faramount

    Radio Free Eurth

    Golden Tigers Defeat True Greens 3-1 Good evening. This is Radio Free Faramount, a service of the People's Republic of Faramount in affiliation with Radio Free Eurth. Our top story tonight: the Fulgistani Golden Tigers have defeated the Faramontese True Greens 3-1 in a friendly match in Bogd Gioro. The Golden Tigers took an early lead, and dominated through the game, but in an upset, the True Greens did score a single point in the second half. Fulgistani forward Oleg Sidek distinguished himself during the match, being recognized as the most valuable player. Faramount's sole goal was scored by Ansaldo Feole, a twenty-three year old graduate school student who players on his university's association football team. The True Greens are the national football team of the People's Republic, comprised of Faramontese loyalist players drawn from across the world. The Golden Tigers and True Greens play an exhibition game every year just prior to the AHARA and SATAMFC cups. The Golden Tigers are almost always victorious, as the Faramontese team is mostly constituted of amateur players. The match is held to show the friendship between Faramount and Fulgistan -- and to demonstrate that Faramount's national football team continues to play, despite the 1964 Massacre of the Greens, in which the dictator Terrone executed nearly the entire award-winning Faramontese National Football Team. The brutality of the Terrone regime was far from the minds of the greater Faramontese diaspora today, however, as they enjoyed a suprisingly compelling match. For Radio Free Eurth, I'm Marco Gesualdi. Stay tuned for an in-depth review of the game.