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  1. All good -- I'll just be bringing Enolia to heel in the meantime. I should be done by the time you are ready to begin this.
  2. I have seen some after the fact ratifications -- I'd say it is totally allowable. Would be totally reasonable under this exact same dialogue.
  3. Rihan

    In the Shadows

    Forward The Kepeszuks had been assembled for their frontal assault upon the capital. The Zelvorians had been pressed into the service by their Rihannsu masters to fight in a war that did not concern them. Most knew that resisting was futile and the only way was forward. Obisek had been in the same room as Morror Kassus -- he could have used the gun given to him and shot him then and there, and then subsequently didn't. Not because he wanted to avoid being executed on the spot, but because he had said. Obisek's master, Karpan, had always spoken highly of the general and what his vision of the world looked like. It was vastly different than most Rihannsu aristocrats. That both made him oddly at ease, not without some reservation. They were still of different ethnicities: master and slave. Obisek had been made the nominal leader of the Kepeszuks. Such leadership, if not controlled more or less through the Rihannsu major that had been attached to him, still gave him a fire he had never felt before in his life. He would use this opportunity to try something he had never done before: encourage his fellow men to follow him. The Zelvorsu had been oppressed so long that there was no motivation to rally together -- particularly on resisting their masters. He took a deep breath and stepped forward, and then turned to face his brethren. He knew they wouldn't agree with his words at first but then as he began to speak of the future and what it might hold for them by taking this step into the bloody field before them. The words had been hard to put together at first but as he got into the motions, they came flowing like a torrent crashing upon a rock. He spoke of their honor as a warrior people, their strength of resolve despite their place in society, but stressed that this was the day the Zelvorsu would remind their masters who they fought generations before. As he was giving this speech, unknownst to Obisek, General Morror Kassus was watching from afar. He had made the right choice in making Obisek the commanding officer of his native people's unit. Kassus had discussed the use of the Zelvorsu with Major-General Rendak back in Dartha as the condition of his own legion had made assaulting Canamar suicide. Korel had decided that such steps had to be taken and conspired with Morror to make it happen. The presence of Obisek and the other twenty-thousand odd Zelvorsu were completely kept from the Praetor. All Terix was told was that Kassus had found an alternative offensive strategy to take out the capital and that was all. To Morror, this was a critical piece of his plans for becoming Praetor: their loyalty and strength needed to be secured. In exchange for serving under his banner, he would emancipate all Zelvorsu across the entire Republic and give them protected status -- essentially free, with a defined set of obligations to the Republic. From his contacts from within the Phi'Tlaru, he knew this was something that Terix had mulled over on at least one occasion and they also told him through private communique, that Gathan Darok, and his newfound ally, Liviana Charvanek were talking far more regularly than warranted. He needed to be ready. The Zelvorsu would be his ace. He nodded attentively as Obisek finished his speech. It had done the job it needed to for the moment. Kassus proceeded by giving them a short bolster of confidence saying that they were playing a fundamental role in the great history and that the People would remember them but then dropped the same hint he had left for their commander: the end of Enolian terrorism and antagonism would lead to a new future for the Republic. When he had finished his remarks, nodded to Obisek, and was handed a radio by Colonel Varak, "Enæsh enuar! (All Units Forwards)!" The Kepeszuks, in the vanguard, advanced. Enoliae delenda est. Enolia mnæri seiyya. Enolia must be destroyed.
  4. Holidays of Eurth: https://iiwiki.us/wiki/Holidays_of_Eurth --> Perhaps they can be integrated into the regional calendar on here once we have a critical mass...just a thought. Food/Drink of Eurth: https://iiwiki.us/wiki/Gastronomy_of_Eurth Some older nation pages will be shared later this week...
  5. "...Milon tr'Sabok has been confirmed by the Senate to act as the ambassador to Orioni. Rihannsu and Orionese officials have been speaking on and off for months on furthering cultural, diplomatic, and economic ties both in Dartha and the island of Orioni. Sabok is expected to present his credentials to the Queen herself upon arrival in the presence of the Grand Council. In a brief statement, Sabok said that he was optimistic that with his assignment that relations between Orioni and the Rihan Republic will be the closest it has ever been and the fruits of the ongoing deliberations would show positive outcomes in due time..." "...Senator Cimor Letant has resigned from the ten-member Continuing Committee citing family reasons. The committee is similar to an 'executive cabinet' as seen in many other countries on Eurth. They have the power to elevate individuals to roles of tremendous power, members are responsible for appointing the Praetor and have the sole authority to expel senators. Thus, a seat at this table is one of the most important in the Republic. Per tradition, the committee has always been completely filled, never a vacancy. Praetor Terix called for a new individual to take up the vacancy at once. Senator Gathan Darok was appointed to the Committee by unanimous consent of the Senate. With the committee back to full membership, the ongoing assault upon the Enolian capital of Canamar is at the top of the agenda..."
  6. I might even jump onto that bandwagon after you give me all the uranium of course...
  7. All set @Tikva. I'll keep an eye out for the other information you mentioned in the PM to me the other night. As I mentioned on the Wiki chatroom on Discord, I have decided to put together a few older nations pages: these will consider of Byzantium Nova (from what information I can gather), Emakera, Italgria, Jilderen, and Vanarambaion. I do plan on working on them over the next two weeks. The Flags of Eurth page has been updated with the latest flags including @Gallambria's territorials. Tikva and Limonaia's respective associations with ATARA has been updated. Always open to more creature pages like this one: https://iiwiki.us/wiki/Argic_Tern I've been figuring out how to put together a bank for Rihan, but I came across this and I immediately thought of @Seylos and @Gallambria: http://iiwiki.com/wiki/Barings_Bank --> sounds very similar to Barclays I moved all of @Beleareas's military organization information to a separate page here: https://iiwiki.us/wiki/Organization_of_Belearean_Armed_Forces, created a nation category and linked the category to the overall regional category. This link has been embedded into the military section of the main nation page on the wiki. A Reminder of recently added pages: https://iiwiki.us/wiki/List_of_countries_on_Eurth_by_extreme_points, https://iiwiki.us/wiki/Government-owned_corporations_in_Eurth, Some other pages I intend to make in the near future: Food like this: https://iiwiki.us/wiki/Gastronomy_of_Anteria List of holidays for Eurth like this: https://iiwiki.us/wiki/Holidays_in_Anteria Nationality law for Eurth like this: https://iiwiki.us/wiki/Nationality_law_in_Ajax Welfare Systems like this: https://iiwiki.us/wiki/Welfare_Systems_in_Anteria Religious sites (but probably worth waiting until Christianity/Judaism conversation is resolved) Since we are getting close to the summer, perhaps a list of tourist attractions: https://iiwiki.us/wiki/List_of_tourist_attractions_(Kylaris) Twinned cities --> I know we had contemplated sister cities earlier in the year but we could attempt to try it again towards the end of the year. @Fulgistan: You and I need to talk about the Olympics at some point: https://iiwiki.us/wiki/Eurth_Summer_Olympics_2019 and when you want them to happen, etc.
  8. Rihan

    In the Shadows

    Shady Business The battlefields of Enolia were far away from the intrigues of the Senate back in Dartha. Despite the soldiers giving their lives for the Republic, the three-hundred in the Hall of State had other games to play. Darok's aide had just informed him that he had a meeting with Franric Jankiara, an Akiiryan representative of PetroKata, their state-run oil and natural gas company. Gathan was intending to invest considerable Chaks into the expansion of a massive oilfield in the southern half of the country. He thanked her and told her that Jankiara should meet him in one of the private lounges on the floor above the main Senate chamber. Before every session of the Senate was a meeting of the Continuing Committee, made up of ten individuals led by the Praetor who essentially acted as the administrative arm of the Republic. The seats on the committee were prized as it was these individuals who held the levers of promotion and a sole authority that every member of the chamber feared: the right to expulsion. The Praetor was always the last to arrive. Most of the members strolled by Gathan, two of the last to pass were Letant and his colleague Gorath. "Cimor," said Darok, "may we speak privately for a moment?" he inquired. "I really must be inside for the Continuing Committee meeting, we are getting an update from Central Command..." Darok repeated his request, sharply, "We really must talk. Now." Letant looked both ways, ensuring the Praetor wasn't nearby. He responded, "fine, three minutes tops." Letant motioned him to a neighboring conference room. "What is it Gathan that cannot wait until the Senate session in an hour?" "I arranged for your appointment to the Continuing Committee and I expected something in return." "We have talked about this at length, the Senate gets the information as determined by the Praetor and the Chairman of the Phi'Tlaru with the appropriate security levels." "I care less about grain levels in the Parak Province, I need unrestricted access to the Central Command's main database -- everything concerning the war." "Even if I could do that, and I cannot, I wouldn't." Gathan's pleasant demeanor dissolved and his more vile attitude emerged. "I scratch your back and you scratch mine, or so goes the Anglish expression," he remarked. "I thought you and I were friends Cimor," he took a seat in a chair and angled himself towards the back, "or have you forgotten why you haven't been expelled from the chamber and your entire family's name dragged in the decrepit mud of the Vrekress..." Letant started sputtering. "We are not going to talk about that and you have no right to threaten me." "...she was a beautiful girl wasn't she..." "I won't hear any more of this...guard..." Darok grabbed him, covered his mouth, and placed a knife up to his throat. "Don't utter a word and listen to my every word or that sad pathetic call for help will be the last words you say on Eurth." Gathan, by this point, realized that Letant was not going to cooperate with him. "There are several things I could do right now is kill you in this room but that would cause too much attention and frankly, would be a very bloody business." He paused, putting the knife down on the table. "But I rather not do that. I really think we are friends. Clearly, you are just confused about our arrangement. Allow me to remind you. I paid off the girl's family and bribed the Phi'Tlaru Chairman at the time to ignore the investigation, and I paid off some of the more controversial elements in the chamber to appoint you to the Continuing Committee as your family had a good track record of supporting the Republic. And all I asked was information that most senators would have to pry from the Praetor. A very simple payment. You are an investment and you are certainly not returning on it." "I am more than willing to go to Chairman Lovok and put at his feet the recordings that I still have in my safe from that very night...I am quite certain it is enough for your removal from the Senate and likely execution by Terix. The family name of Letant would be disgraced for generations for your sick act..." He loosened his grip slightly. "However, I don't want to do that and I have a much easier way we can resolve this situation. You will tender your resignation from the Continuing Committee, effective the moment you leave this room and enter the meeting across the hall. This will force the Praetor to announce a vacancy and spark a chamber vote on filling the seat. What do you think about that?" Letant was red in the face and eyed the knife on the table. Darok tightened his grip and repositioned the knife, this time at his back. Cimor nodded, saying nothing. "I'll take that as an acknowledgment that you find my compromise as acceptable," Darok responded, putting the knife back on the table and released him from his grip, allowing Letant to regain his breath. He was led to the conference room door. Gathan opened it. "...thank you for the brief conversation Senator Letant, I believe I have taken enough of your time for the moment. I will allow you to join your colleagues on the Continuing Committee." As he was saying this, the Praetorian Guards had come into view, Terix had arrived in the building. Both men watched as the soldiers took their positions on either side of the Committee's room. Terix appeared a minute later. Darok shook his hand, "greetings Praetor, I will not keep you, I have a meeting with Franric Jankiara," he said, "Senator Letant," he added, "thank you again." Gathan took his leave and proceeded down the hall to the nearest staircase. Terix looked at Letant. "Shall we get started?" he inquired. Cimor responded weakly, "yes Praetor." The Continuing Committee's chamber is quite spartan when compared to the grandiose of the rest of the Hall. Everyone had taken their seats with Cimor and Mathon joining them. Terix opened the meeting, "thank you, everyone, for joining, we have a great deal to discuss ahead of this afternoon's session, but before we begin, are there any pressing matters?" "Yes Praetor," said Letant. He proceeded to convey his resignation, citing family as the committee had taken a heavy toll on his relationship with wife and son." After he had finished, the Praetorian Guards were summoned into the room and he was removed. Mathon spoke to one of them, "inform Proconsul Kota that we have an additional agenda item for today's session that will require a formal vote taken next week..."
  9. Okay. I'll post sometime tonight or tomorrow.
  10. Already messaged you but I will write it here for transparency: I am good to go with this. Message me what response you want before we proceed.
  11. Rihan

    In the Shadows

    Into the Fire Canamar was in sight, yet so far away. The 10th Legion stood at the ready, but down a quarter of its force. But not for long. Truckload after truckload of Zelvansu men was being transported from the heartlands of the Republic to the front line -- to fight and die for their Rihannsu masters. Morror's subordinates had calculated that in order to bring about the capitulation of the Enolian Guard and surrender of the capital, nearly 30,000 men and equipment were needed. The Zelvansu had come from the fields, mines, and homes of Kassus' allies in the Senate. They were not entirely thrilled with it but knew that they would be well compensated by him after the war that letting upwards of 20,000 of their workforce was only going to be a temporary situation. The Zelvansu were a warrior people, much like their Rihannsu masters, and their strength was an advantage that many nobles had taken an interest in when making some of them their personal bodyguards. Both peoples had engaged in a long, drawn-out war of decades in the far past that resulted in their entire people being enslaved -- the very Republic was built on their backs. Kassus, while just as much a Rihannsu noble, had a begrudging respect for them, not as much for their person but their natural tendencies with a rifle and their bare hands. He emerged from his command tent flanked by Colonel Varak and Senior Sargeant Relek, each on one side. His tent guards stood to attention. Kassus had discussed his intentions of using Zelvansu on the battlefield with Major-General Reldak. At first, he was outright opposed until Morror had convinced that without them that the war would end up being in a vicious cycle for years. Both men had also talked about the Praetor's less than stellar military strategy. After all, Terix was an admiral and had no ground war experience in the slightest. Reldak privately, with assurances from Kassus that his allies in the Senate would support the move, established the first irregular or auxiliary unit of the Draao, the Kepeszuk. Thousands of Zelvansu had been hastily trained by irate soldiers who had been ordered by their superiors to give them at least a rudimentary instruction on military tactics, weapons use, and the signals related to the upcoming assault on the capital. Morror's command team was extremely worried that giving them such information would come back to haunt them but Kassus had nothing to be afraid of -- he was going to offer them something in exchange for their service -- something so massive that it would shake up the entire Republic, and instantly raise his profile around the world. The Republic would be a different place, in time. He began to walk down the center of the camp where Zelvansu were lined up, rifles in hand, combat swords on their belts. The group walked up to one Zelvansu, Obisek. They looked at each other for a moment. "Antor," he said, "your sword." He nodded and handed it to him. The Kepeszuks silently observed. Kassus lunged forward, Obisek blocked. "Good," responded Morror, the Zelvansu retaliated with his own strike, with the general parrying. "Very good," the two would continue their dance of sword blows for three more exchanges until both were stalemated. "Impressive," yielding and handing the sword back to Redek. "What is your name?" he questioned. "Obisek, servant to Senator Tomus Karpan." "Antor, Kalenna," said Kassus. "Obisek is hereby in command of the Kepeszuk. He shall join us for all sessions in the command tent going forward. Is that understood?" Both acknowledged, Morror turned back to Obisek. "Report to my tent in half an hour. We will discuss the assault on Canamar then. In the meantime, set up your command structure and designate your subordinates." The group turned away and returned to the command tent, Kassus' aide had hastily set up the conference table and place down the relevant maps for the command team's review. Half an hour later, everyone had taken their seats, including Obisek. "...Obisek's Kepeszuk will assault the capital from the middle while elements of the 5th and 8th Regiments will attack from the southeast. The remainder of the 3rd and 4th regiments will move in through the city sewers and cause as much of a distraction as possible while the 1st Regiment attacks from the west flank. The pressure the Kepeszuks are putting from the front should enable Varak's forces to get straight to the Enolian Government complex and capture it for the Republic. Once it falls, the Enolians should capitulate." One of the commanding officers spoke up, "will we have artillery support?" Kassus nodded, "from both the north and east. I have a group from the 2nd Regiment who took over a ridge in the night." Obisek had been silent throughout the entire briefing. He may have just become an officer by virtue of luck but that didn't automatically dissolve whatever distrust of his Rihannsu commander. Both his people and theirs had a long, and bloody history -- if not imbalanced relationship. He spoke up. "This plan looks like the Kepeszuk is doing all of the fighting and all of the dying." Morror retorted. "I will put it bluntly, yes, I am putting you all directly into the fire, but if we win the war, it will be all the more rewarding." He grunted, "merely another extension of the Rihannsu oppression of us," he didn't care what he said. He was still a slave, except one with a gun. Morror sat back in his chair. "Trust me, it will be worth it. Besides what would appear to be me giving you and your men a starring role in this offensive, do you have any other issues?" "No," said Obisek. "We will do what we are told. Nothing more, nothing less." "If there is nothing else, everyone is dismissed. Our assault upon Canamar begins at dawn." The assembled began to make their leave. "Obisek, a second if you please?" said the general. "Yes sir," he said bluntly, "we may come from two different cultures, two different peoples -- but we are both tied. It is true that we, Rihannsu and Zelvansu have had an incredibly tense and imbalanced relationship, but I am not a political novice nor am I naive. I know the world is changing far beyond Rihan. We must change, our people's relationship must change. If the Kepeszuk succeeds in helping us here, I believe we can move forward. Even on somethings that are considered quite controversial." Morror wouldn't spell it out but left enough of a hint for Obisek to understand his intentions. "Do we have an agreement?" "Yes. We will go into the Fire. The Zelvansu will herald their demise." He then added: Enoliae delenda est. Enolia mnæri seiyya. Enolia must be destroyed.
  12. Mh'fvillhaih Rheilhhu Rihana From the Praetorate of the Rihan Republic The Rihannsu have been observing the tensions that have grown into a full-on conflict between Derthalen and the nations of Fulgistan, Limonaia, Seylos, and Sayf. We believe the actions being undertaken by the previously listed is highly aggressive and destabilizing in that corner of Argis. The civil war in Aluxia, a conflict that ravages the land, is already causing the loss of thousands of innocent lives and this war will only result in the deaths of tens of thousands more. The shameful and cowardly actions by a bunch of rogues are being placed upon Derthalen when the 'affected' parties should instead eliminate piracy and not partake in a campaign of baseless and illegitimate warmongering. The Senate unanimously condemns this conflict, and those nations attacking the nation of Derthalen and strongly advises that all warring parties cease any or all military movements. We, like the people of Sunset Sea Islands, extend an offer to all participants to the table to discuss a peaceful resolution, in Dartha as soon as possible.
  13. Mh'fvillhaih Rheilhhu Rihana From the Praetorate of the Rihan Republic The Rihannsu have been observing the tensions that have grown into a full-on conflict between Derthalen and the nations of Fulgistan, Limonaia, Seylos, and Sayf. We believe the actions being undertaken by the previously listed is highly aggressive and destabilizing in that corner of Argis. The civil war in Aluxia, a conflict that ravages the land, is already causing the loss of thousands of innocent lives and this war will only result in the deaths of tens of thousands more. The shameful and cowardly actions by a bunch of rogues are being placed upon Derthalen when the 'affected' parties should instead eliminate piracy and not partake in a campaign of baseless and illegitimate warmongering. The Senate unanimously condemns this conflict, and those nations attacking the nation of Derthalen and strongly advises that all warring parties cease any or all military movements. We, like the people of Sunset Sea Islands, extend an offer to all participants to the table to discuss a peaceful resolution, in Dartha as soon as possible.
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