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  1. Rihan

    Wiki Pages

    No problem at all. I still have to move over the pictures for both you and Girkmand but I can do that once I make sure that we have all the text of nations who are here and active have their pages on the wiki.
  2. Rihan

    Wiki Pages

    I could certainly add that column to the table. I would keep the emergency numbers in the same table, just make them a specific column. Gallambria and I might have a better long-term solution in terms of making it easier to assign codes.
  3. Rihan

    Wiki Pages

    No problem at all - it's all yours. I'll make a note of it so I add it the next time I edit the page. Onwards to plan the next round of work.
  4. Rihan

    Wiki Pages

    Fair point. I am sure we can add this to the burgeoning international-related topics we have to address.
  5. Rihan

    Wiki Pages

    Another day, more wiki updates: @Cristina, @Aluxia, and @Girkmand: I saw that your factbooks were either on NationStates or here on the forum so I took the liberty of copying word for word what you had put together and created your nation pages: http://iiwiki.com/wiki/Cristina, http://iiwiki.com/wiki/Girkmand, and http://iiwiki.com/wiki/Aluxia. We talked about calling codes in the past on Discord and I've put together a page for such numbers here: http://iiwiki.com/wiki/List_of_Calling_Codes_on_Eurth (all numbers there are those found in factbooks either on NS or already within iiWiki (the only conflict was the code for Mantella was the same as Sunset Sea Islands so I gave SSI the next number up just so there was an entry).
  6. Rihan

    [IDEA] Mid-Late 20th Century RPs

    I'm intrigued though the Republic would have been plodding along during that time period, but I wouldn't be surprised if there were few charged words about the conflicts impacting the importation of goods desired by the aristocracy at that time. The "First Age of Expansion" would have ended earlier than this period. There is also a possibility that this could also been a period of time where the masses did consider another 'revolt' if you will, though clamped down and not shared in the accepted history.
  7. Rihan


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  9. Rihan

    From Skies to Safety [OOC]

    I'll come up with some names and share them here for consideration amongst the community.
  10. They had continued their conversation for a few minutes before the Praetor flipped open his notepad to the back and found a document that had been prepared for him. "Seeing as I've been far too poetic, now I am going to be upfront," a second copy was available and handed to his counterpart across the table. "This is what I am proposing as a baseline which can be expanded further, amended, or outright rejected..." He read through the list. Statement of Affirmation that the longstanding rivalry between the Republics is over. A Declaration of Friendship will be made. To that effect, all diplomatic missions in each other's nations will be elevated to the proper level of a consulate or in the case of capitals, embassies. Each nation's borders will be reaffirmed as they stand. However, both nations will discuss with their opposite concerning the reclamation of former territories or their intention to gain further territory in Aurelia. The establishment of free trade between the Republics and both will commit to having the other as a preferred trade partner. The Aurelian League could be established to administer and guide economic-related items of this document. The Rihan Republic will begin to ease into a sudo-free market system to allow for increased competition, using this agreement was the trigger for that process to occur. The potential to open a special economic zone for joint economic activities. Customs between the two Republics will be relaxed to a minimal level acceptable. There will be an acceptable level of movement permitted between the two Republics. The Republics will give the citizens of the other ease of migration in regards to immigration processes at ports of entry. In doing so, both nations may consider the implementation of policies that may foster greater cultural, educational, or societal growth through exchanges and the promotion of tourism. Both Republics will actively collaborate on military affairs concerning the continent of Aurelia. Both Republics will collaborate on military research and development as needed in the name of protecting Aurelia. The naval forces of both Republics commit to joint security over their shared maritime zones. Both Republics will jointly hold a range of training exercises over the coming year. Both Republics' military officials will hold joint planning and strategy sessions on defensive and offensive actions that impact both nations. Both Republics will cooperate on all levels to bring peace and order to the Aurelian continent by whatever measures required, including but not limited to military force. Both Republics will formally sign a treaty of non-aggression with the other, ensuring peace between the predominant powers of the continent. Some elements of this list may imply a treat of mutual defense. This is a matter to be discussed separately. "I would imagine that this a more substantive, if not direct, list of items under consideration. My speech to the Senate is along the lines of what's upon this paper before you., mind you this is not in the proper legalese yet."
  11. Rihan


  12. Rihan

    The Geography Game

  13. Rihan

    From Skies to Safety [OOC]

    I'm onboard for this. It's certainly something we'd need to solidify in-cannon before we get too deep into developing aviation-related pages, threads, etc.