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  1. Highlights: Salvian women wins lighteweight boxing match, leaves compeitor with bloody noise. Rihannsu women who just completed mandatory service in military wins Heptathlon. Fulgistani Men's Baseball team beats Kipan and Sunset Sea Islands by 1 run overall to get gold. Kirvinska saberists beat out Rihannsu, both swear to fight each other after the Olympics. Limonian men's volleyball team wins. Oyusard women breaks record on 100 m butterfly, gets gold, outpacing opponent by less than a tenth of a second. Iverican women's football team beats Variots for gold, Soreanans come in third. All gymnastics competitions will occur on the final day. It will be on prime-time TV. You won't want to miss it.
  2. The Aurelia Council, the governing body of the Aurelian League, is hereby summoned to convene in the Rihannsu capital of Dartha on September 9th, 2019. The agenda of the session will consist of the following items: Remarks by newly-appointed Praetor of the Rihan Republic, Morror Kassus. Action/Vote on Chief Executive. Action/Vote on Selayari entry into the League as a full member. Action/Vote on Oyusard entry into the League as an observer. Action/Vote on Permanent Location of League Administration. Ajournment.
  3. @Metztlitlalio: https://iiwiki.us/wiki/Category:Metztlitlalio Revised https://iiwiki.us/wiki/Ghanehrefv_Rheilhhu_Rihanha https://iiwiki.us/wiki/Aroman_Empire --> has started to see some content
  4. It has been quite some time since I posted an update on wiki activities: @Galahinda now has a nation page: https://iiwiki.us/wiki/Galahinda Been updating the 2019 Summer Olympics page: https://iiwiki.us/wiki/Eurth_Summer_Olympics_2019 Been making some major edits to the my nation's wiki page and assorted pages in the category: https://iiwiki.us/wiki/Rihan Before Kirvina disappeared (and I do plan on reaching out to him in the very near future), he and I were doing some work on language families, including one we'd share for those originating on the Central Europan Steppe, Samaic. This is on my list for some dedicated time over the next several months, plus my own language page. @Metztlitlalio, happy to produce a general wiki page based on the information I am aware of. Let me know. I am making some pages to those items in my nation category. Although we are getting close to the end of me doing the scoring for the Olympics. I am already going to begin a massive reshake up of the national football team ahead of whatever major competition I decide to put on.
  5. Rihan


    "...this news service is now being rebranded as Shanaku per directive of the Communications Ministry..."
  6. Rihan

    In the Shadows

    A New Day Kassus stood at the foot of the Eagle Chair on the raised platform. To the far right of him, Acet Silak, his most trusted guard, stood in front of him. In his hand was a polearm given to him by one of the Praetorians. He struck the bottom of it against the floor, requesting the body's attention. The small chatter that had been going on proceeding the election, went silent. The Praetor looked to both sides of the room one more time and began to speak. "Senators, many of you opposed me, and others here wish me dead. But I hold no grudges and seek no revenge. The conflict between us is over and we must move forward for as these are troubling times with continued political instability, increasing economic uncertainty and inequity, and a weakened military. Rihan is at a critical moment in our country's long history that will impact the course of events to follow. We cannot allow the actions of the past continue. There is too much at stake. I ask you to join with me to build a Republic that offers strength, stability and prosperity to all her people, not just the privilaged few." "The economy is suffering and the continuing division of wealth will strangle the Republic. I urge the Senate to move for the cancelation of some debts owed by the People. With being freed these burdens, they will be able to spend their Chaks as they wish. This will expand the economy, driving investment and starting new businesses. The Rihannsu will become a beacon of innovation on Eurth. To those whose livelihoods center around agriculture, many of them do not possess the land which they cultivate, but rather it is owned by many of you in this chamber, who live off the sweat of their brows. This cannot be continued. The Senate must take action on providing lands in which the People can prosper directly from the soil they till. This Republic will only reach its full potential if the People and the Senate are benefiting from each other. The People are demanding reform. They are calling out for an end to the corruption that flows unabatted. We must have an honest, equitable, and accountable economy for all. I will not compromise on this." "Rihan's political system has been plagued with gridlock and discord. The various factions within this chamber rarely find, let alone speak of, compromise. Faith in our collective leadership has dropped amongst the People. We can no longer afford political instability. The Continuing Committee will be reorganized to serve as a forum where all branches -- executive, legislative, and military -- can voice their concerns and work together on finding consensus on national policy. But the situtation is not just confined to the walls of this Hall. This Senate has long ignored the requests of the Assembly. We shall work together in addressing this disbalance." "Since our earliest days, Rihan has been at the crossroads of Aurelia, the road network our ancestors built was the envy of the continent. Follow each conquest, we expanded this network, opening up new lands and giving both our brave soldiers and merchants a fast and efficient way to move about the Republic. However, we have not kept up with our infrastructure. Our failure to invest in it has impacted the quality of life our citizens and stiffled economic growth. A stagnating infrastructure will not be tolerated. The Republic will undertake the greatest program of public works in its history: new roads, railways, sea and air ports, power plants, waterworks and telecommunications. In concert with our brothers and sisters within the Aurelian League should band together to fufill a longstanding goal to connect Kipan in the west with Shffahkia in the east by rail. We can put tens of thousands of people to work today. This must be done." "The Rihannsu have always been a martial people. This back to our days upon the Central Europan Steppe. It is in our DNA. Our men and woman have fought war after war and have brought honor upon our land -- new territory, more resources, more power. But over the centuries, with expansionism slower, our strength has weakened. This is an insult to our People. Rihan must not be weak. The military's organization must be restructured, the latest in military hardware and equipment in hands of our soldiers, and there shall be a greater focus on our navy. We cannot stand by while other nations around the world, including the Seylosians, bide their time, waiting in the shadows to strike. We will be ready for that day and they will regret attacking the Rihannsu Eagle. And for those who have served our illustrious Republic with distinction, we will recognize and reward them for their bravery and valor on the battlefield." "Strength is not just through use of arms but through words. Rihan is but one nation amongst many on Eurth. The Aurelian League's formation was a major milestone in diplomacy for the Republic and we must continue to deepen our relations with our fellow members in the name of joint cooperation and defense. But we cannot solely focus on Aurelia, but beyond. We will continue efforts that open up the Republic more to the world and thoroughly engage with the myriad nations, including those we may disagree with." "It is not hidden that for many tasks across Rihan, we utilize slaves: from mining to working in the fields to construction and general domestic duties. This is a practice that we've engaged in for since the First Expansion Period with the subjugation of the Zelvorians. The relationship between master and servant has gone on without question. Some of you may be aware that I armed Zelvorians to help us win the war over Enolia. The men who joined the fight showed their talent and bravery in the face of our foe. Now, Senators, I know many of you possess hundreds, if not thousands of them. This custom is below us and is no longer required in this day and age. We have hundreds of thousands of people underemployed or outright unemployed who are eager to take their place for a wage. Therefore, I hereby abolish all slavery within the confines of the Republic. From here on out, the Zelvorians will be a protected people with all the rights and privileges of ordinary citizens except the right to participate in politics." "Today is a new day for our glorious Republic. Stronger, and more united than ever before. Work with me and witness a period of unparalleled growth and opportunity. Oppose me, and the People will not forgive you. Together, the wings of the Eagle will spread far and wide -- Shad Elet Nakonrhadem Fraetan Narehviha æu neanemæl kroihar!" Senator Chevet then stood up and began appluading, and shortly afterwards, the most of the chamber joined in, the heaviest coming from the Suketh and Jaridan. The wealthy Nej'ahar remained seated, silent. He could sense their unbriddled rage. But he had time to get them to come round. Meanwhile seated at the tables of the Continuing Committee, Proconsul Enellis Vellon got up and joined the standing applause. He looked up at the Praetor and smiled.
  7. If you want to help provide some ideas for Kassus' initial speech, ping me on Discord and I can show you what I have so far. Props to @Seylos for his witty spin responses thus far.
  8. Absolutely. I was thinking this would done in the form of a modern Punic War. This island being the first step, aka Sicily. Mind you, this would a rather slow, and lengthy process. Fortunately, this island was freed up by Orioni when he did a clean up so insofar as this touching the 'player nation' that is Asgeirria, this is probably the most likely step I can take for some time but it would quite the important one.
  9. I can already come up with at least 3 different plot lines for this island...might make this Expansion Zone 1.5, part of the immediate storyline following In the Shadows.
  10. Eyes this island right off his coast...
  11. Official Aurelian League Communique ENCRYPTED Date: Sharveen (August) 14 2019CE From: Sebron tr'Riog To: ʻAmarūnata Rimerāngā, Selayari Minister of Foreign Minister I am pleased to hear that the honorable nation of Selayar wishes to accept our invitation to join the Aurelian League. Therefore, consider this correspondence as confirmation of your appointment with me at our headquarters in the Rihannsu capital of Dartha tomorrow afternoon. I am confident that when Selayari participation in the League becomes a reality, it will strengthen the entire brotherhood of nations. I am looking forward to our deliberations.
  12. Rihan


    "...breaking news...Morror Kassus has been formally appointed Praetor of our illustrious Republic by acclimation of the Senate..." "...this development follows a shocking discovery that Gathan Darok has been responsible for countless dishonorable and horrendous crimes against the Republic: murder, war profiterring, bribery, blackmail. He denied his crimes and when prompted to prove his innocence through honorable combat, he accepted. Darok died in the duel...despite his crimes, he received traditional final rites by virtue of his status..." "...upon confirmation by the Senate, the Praetor stood before the full Chamber and laid down his vision for the country: strength, stability, and prosperity..." "...as for his first act as Praetor, Kassus said that he would immediately reform the Continuing Committee. Going forward, the membership will consist of the Praetor, Proconsul, Vice-Proconsul, the Consuls of each political coalition, the Chairman of the Phi'Tlaru, and three representatives of the military. The committee will take on an executive function to determine policy. The Praetor has reformed the body to foster compromise and agreement and allows each branch to state their concerns..." "...the Senate elected Enellis Vellon Proconsul and Clavius Romdar Vice-Proconsul..." "...Praetor Kassus will be speaking before the People in the Forum a few minutes from now..."
  13. Rihan

    In the Shadows

    The Death of Praetor Darok The sun was setting over the capital of Dartha. Outside the limits, Kassus' soldiers were easing into a night of encampment. The legionary cooks had prepared a special roast for them over the modest soup-like rations they had been receiving for what felt like an eternity. The animals were provided by nearby farmers who had no love of their current Praetor, nor of their greedy landlords of whom were close to the leadership. Above the encampments was Kassus' command tent where he, his second-in-command, and his closest soldiers, those who would form the foundation of his new Praetorian Guard, met to discuss the events that would be unfolding the next morning. "...Acet, Tiram, and Xabar, the three of you will escort me to the city limits. Everyone else will utilize this sewer entrance and make their way to the center of the city using the tunnels..." "What if we get caught?" "You won't. Vabon has been keeping tabs on your intended route and there haven't been any City Guards down there in two weeks." "But tomorrow is the beginning of the festival, they could mix it up." He sighed, "if you do meet any resistance. Show them this," he said, handing the most senior of them his seal. "If they dare to fight back, kill them." The soldier nodded. "Do not use your weapons unless you have to, is that understood?" he questioned. They all nodded in acknowledgement. "The four of us," he continued, "will enter the city and go along the Via Chula. According to a senatorial friend, we will not be stopped by the contingent there. The City Guard and the small garison of Praetorians have already been paid off." "As we proceed down the road, word of my arrival will spread across the city which will force the guards to leave their posts to contain the crowds. This should be more than sufficient to allow all of you to make your way to the sewers directly beneath the Hall of State. You will wait there until I give the order." "Meanwhile, I will enter the Forum of Caliax and with the backing of the people, now at a frenzy, ascend the steps and enter the Hall of State. Darok has ordered a special session of the Senate to convene prior to the official opening of the Festival. Senators Chevet and Vellon will greet me. Vellon will hide me in a side conference room while Chevet will sneak down to let you all into the building here," he pointed to the schematics of the Hall. It was very odd that he managed to have this level of information on hand. In the name of taking power, he traded quite a few favors to the Phi'Tlaru Chairman. Koval was a dangerous man to deal with. Kassus had already made a mental note to 'replace' him in due time. "Once I've been informed that you are all in your positions, Vellon wrap upon the doors of the chamber. The Praetorians on both sides of the door are on our side. The three of us," he motioned, "keep your hands close to your Vrelnecs." He paused for a moment. "There is no telling what will happen the moment we go into the Senate hall." They nod. "We will expose his henious crimes...and punish him accordingly." He eyed his sharp Vrelnec and picked it up off the table. He ran his fingers along it for a moment and tested the point. "Very sharp," he said with a grim smile. "We move out after sunrise tomorrow morning, dismissed." The group of twenty-five men broke up and returned to their positions throughout the rapidly constructed fort. He summoned Varak to give her the order of the day. "All soldiers are to strictly remain outside the city. No one is to leave the encampment." "And if we are attacked from behind." "We won't. Nevet made sure of it. He's led them on a useless excursion to the southwest. By the time they realize this, our business will be resolved." "Understood sir," she said. "There is one more thing," he said as she began to walk out of the tent. "I keep my promises. Effective tomorrow afternoon, you are hereby in command of the Tenth Legion. You are one of my closest confidants and you've shown your valor, befit the honor of your family, and you are as cunning as the other colonels but there is no one better than you to lead this legion. Make me proud," he said. "For the Republic!" he saluted her. Xabar interrupted them. "I apologize but Obisek wishes to speak with you," he said. "General, we'll talk in the morning," he turned back to his bodyguard, "let him in." "...when we first met, you and I clearly did not see eye to eye. This was certainly due to the...prevailing circumstances, master and slave. A practice that we've largely shed off. Not because we felt sympathic, but because of the People. Most senators -- aristocrats, landowners, business leaders -- care little for the people, nor for you. But since you've been fighting for me, you've shown me that your people are far more...than just fodder. You have skill. Resolve. Bravery. Honor." "Honor," he repeated. "You and your brethern have earned your freedom. All of your freedom. Upon my ascension to the Praetorship, the last vestiges of slavery will be abolished." Obisek merely listened. "However," he took a brief pause, "you will all be classified as protected people, not citizens," he could see his counterparts face change. "This is not because I don't think you absolutely deserve it, but it will be enough to pacify the resistance within the Senate. But do not mistake this definition -- you will have essentially all of the same rights, except for that of the vote...but," he paused again, "we'll see what happens. We are writing history one day at a time, and perhaps one day, that will change." Obisek began to walk out, "one last thing. Once I am Praetor, we will solidfy the terms of your release." He emotionless nodded. Kassus was alone now. He turned to his desk and upon it sat a file from an unknown individual. Its contents: Darok's crimes. His arrangements had been made. The time had come. It was time to put his plan into action. The following morning, the sun was shining, not a hint of rain was in the sky. Residents have quickly spent the early hours of the day putting up decorations across the city. Hundreds were already preparing the Forum banquet feast at an open-air kitchen site not far from the plaza. The arena fighters and staff were setting up for the day's matches. Within the Praetorian Palace, Gathan Darok was putting on his robes of state. It would the last time he would ever do so. Outside the capital, Kassus and his personal guards moved towards the vast city in front of them. Behind them was the Tenth Legion. They stoically waited to hear what would unfold within. The main group split off from their charge and made their way to a sewer entrance just south of one of the main access points. It was completely unguarded. Each man had their sword as well as a pistol. The three with the general had only their swords, out of respect for the city's customs. The group of four walked down the Via Chula for the last half mile until they reached the checkpoint. Forty-five men stood before them. Silence. "I am Morror Kassus and I seek entry into the capital." Their commanding officer, who had been paid two years' wages, decided to put on an act for a few minutes. "No such man is permitted within the First and Greatest City," he responded. The soldiers lifted their arms and pointed them at the general and his men. Tensions at the checkpoint grew as civilians observed from behind. The commanding officer walked away and faked that he had been called to his phone. He nodded several times before returning. "My humblist apologies," he said, "please you may enter." At once, the soldiers stood at ease. Two older men on a balcony saw Kassus and his three guards proceed inside and quickly rushed to share the news from rooftop to rooftop. "KASSUS IS IN DARTHA!" "THE HONORABLE GENERAL IS HERE!" "MAKE WAY FOR THE HERO OF PENVAR!" By now the old name for the Enolian capital had been completely stripped for the known language and the Rihanh name had taken root. He smiled and waved as they made their way towards the center. Crowds were building up along the Via Chula. As the crowds built up, the City Guard rushed to contain the situtation. Beneath the streets, Kassus' support had been unhindered. The group of four were within sight of the Forum and at their back were tens of thousands of Darthans, being held back by the Guards. He stopped at the foot of the plaza. He first looked across: the Hall of State. Then to both sides: statues of former Praetors, and of great generals. And then above: he could see a Mogai Eagle fly above. A sign of good fortune. Finally, he looked at his three guards. "We have an appointment to keep." They walked up the steps of the Hall of State, now surrounded by Praetorians -- all of whom had been paid off by Vellon. The heavy wooden doors opened in front of him. Just inside stood Senator Chevet and Vellon. "Foremost," addressed Chevet. He wasn't even Praetor yet but he was being greeted in the honorific title of the office, "Senator Vellon would like a word with you," he said. His soon-to-be Proconsul led them into the waiting conference room. Chevet used the back staircase into the bowels of the building. Two of his personal guards were waiting for him. One of them knocked on a door. Silence. Two seconds later: two knocks: Kassus' men were here. Chevet radioed up. "They're here." Vellon, holding the radio, nodded. The doors of the conference room opened up once more and the group proceeded to the very doors of the Senate chamber. Kassus looked at both soldiers. They turned and pushed open the heavy doors. Inside, Darok was just concluding his remarks on the festival that was about to commence. "...and in the honor of the Republic, we will prevail once more..." he didn't finish his statement. "KASSUS! There was exaspiration amongst the assembled body. "Seize him!" he ordered. The Praetorians did not move. Morror slowly walked down the steps and into the well of the chamber. "Ever the practiced military leader," he said sarcastically. "It is clear the soldiery, the generals, even your own guards do not comply. Quite weak for a man who boosts that he has such bravado." Darok had been sitting in the Eagle Chair above the Continuing Committee's tables. "I will not be lectured by a traitor to the Republic..." "I am not a traitor. I have fought honorably for the Republic. I have served the Republic, for the People. You have done nothing but corrupt it and violate the very agreement we made with the People...I present to the Senate the following evidence..." He would take the next two minutes to run through the charges: murdering people, war profiterring, bribery, blackmail, and the use of slaves from abroad through an undisclosed business deal. "...is this leader of high moral standing. Of resolve. Of authority. I think not." There were murmurs in the chamber amongst the Senate. "LIES!" "ALL LIES AND FABRICATION!" "I WILL FIND OUT WHO HANDED THESE FALSE DOCUMENTS TO YOU AND I'LL EXECUTE THEM AND THEN YOU, FOR FALSE PRETENSE AND INSULTING MY HONOR!" Morror would have none of it. "If you are innocent, prove it in an honorable duel, right now, in this chamber." Senators looked on. Gathan, who hadn't fought in decades, would not deny Morror. He nodded to a Praetorian to hand him a sword. Kassus' bodyguards moved away and each one stood in front of one of the stairways. Morror unshelved his sharpened Vrelnec. Proconsul Kota acknowledged each individual and restated what was at stake. "Fight." Seconds later, blades clanged. Kassus was swift, while Darok was barely keeping up with the blows. Chevet, Vellon, and Morror's other supporters kept a close eye on him. The Praetor, the very embodiment of the country, was a meak, pompous, greedy man. Weak, weak, weak. First blood was struck on Darok, a slash on the right leg, disoriented him. "I am the Praetor! How dare you!" It was clear that the power was going to his head, and his wallet. He recovered and redoubled his attacking blows but none were finding their mark and then Darok made a massive mistake. He had moved his blade to his left side. Kassus took full advantage and speared him in the chest with the sharp point of his sword. The Praetor fell to the ground. "No. I will not let this end like this. Praetorians! Praetorians!" None of them reacted. He was bleeding out. Kassus pinned him with his foot and prodded him to get up. "Fight me!" He removed the pressure but Darok wouldn't get up. "I should have killed you the first moment I got the hint you wanted the Praetorship. I thought we could work together..." Kassus responded simply with: "No, we couldn't." And then struck the final, merciful blow. Praetor Darok was dead. Morror's supporters were satisifed. What needed to be done was in the best interest of the Republic and her People. Other senators had mixed emotions from emotionless to enraged to silent approval. "The real traitor has paid for his crimes. The dishonorable leader is dead." Three Praetorians approached moments later and removed his body from the chamber. Two attendants quickly cleaned up the blood from the marble floor. There was total silence in the room as several bells rang out. A minor modicum of respect for a dead leader, even if he was a horrible individual. All deserved the proper rites. Under regular circumstances, the Continuing Committee would convene to select the next Praetor, who would assume the position following the confirmation of the Senate body. Things would go differently this time. Senator Vellon stood up. "I move that this Senate, in light of henious crimes of our former Praetor and due to the unsettling times we are in, appoint and confirm Morror Kassus to the position of Praetor of the Republic by acclimation." His supporters were clapping with approval. The remainder were quiet. Kassus spoke up. "Who will approve the motion?" he asked. Then, Kassus' other bodyguards emerged from their hiding places through the Hall and made their presence known in the chamber, hands on their swords. Then Senators Jatus Mavet, Milon Retam, Vicia Terob, and then Javos Turan stood up. The threat of his men and his own influence with the people had cemented his appointment. "As my last official act as Proconsul, I hereby proclaim Morror Kassus, the Foremost and Honorable Praetor." Kota then relinquished his position and returned to the benches as a regular senator amongst his Jaridan brothers and sisters. The members of the Continuing Committee would subsequently resign and rejoin the main body. A fresh crimson robe with a black sash was brought out by the chamber attendants. There was further silence in the chamber as he looked around the room and at the senators. He knew he had enemies in the room, others he needed to bring on his side, and others who he owed favors to. Kassus then turned around and eyed the empty Chair on the raised platform in front of him. He slowly walked towards it and touched the rich Shera wood it was made from. He looked above him -- the Eagle. And then stood in front of it. He was Praetor. Full circle, and he was only getting started.
  14. Highlights: Gallambrian pair win mixed doubles tennis, beating Ivericans. Fulgistanis still hold 2nd place in the overall medal count, still dominate equestrian. Notable table tennis master wins gold. Rihannsu man wins gold in decatholon. Tagmatine outthrows the discus, leaving Rihannsu in dust. Ahranaian women wipe the floor in weightlighting, winning most medals. IEOC officials suspect foul play.
  15. Very happy to see him being placed on the map. *eyes coastal region near the mountains...to plant flag there* Just kidding.
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