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  1. I am not going to lie: I am biased but I would love to have this come to pass as it would finally mean, eventually, that I would be sharing a border with someone LOL.
  2. Rihan

    In the Shadows

    Touching the Walls of Canamar General Morror Kassus and his 10th Legion had survived the Enolian assault along the Northern road but it had cost him dearly in manpower. "...2nd cohort, 45 dead, 70 wounded..." said one of his junior officers in his command tent when his second-in-command, Colonel Varak stormed in. "That will be all for now, Major Tolpard, please have a full report on my desk within the hour." He salutes Kalenna and then Morror and makes his leave. "...we cannot sustain the fight. A whole fourth of the legion is incapacitated. We need more men." He stared at her. "We both know the Praetor isn't going to give us any more men and the other legions are too far away. We are here now and we have to get the job with the men we have." Kassus then stood up and looked out of the tent and observed the skyline of Canamar. Varak continued, "I refuse to accept that and we both know you are merely saying that." He nodded, "you are right. The Praetor is a fool. We are mere inches from touching the walls of the capital and I effectively cannot complete the job." Morror paced for a few moments and then an idea popped into his head. He turned around. "There is one, rather expansive, people, who are not being used to their greatest potential." "Who?" "The Zelvorsu." "You are suggesting we give our servants weapons?!" "They are effective. Natural fighters. We did fight a very long war with them generations ago that brought them to heel." Varak was not convinced. "And how do you intend to get the sufficient numbers we need for the battles ahead? It is not like your colleagues in the Senate will go along with the idea." "This is why I have spent the time to build the relationships that I have in the building. I am going to exchange favors in the future for their slaves. Between the thirty to fifty members in the chamber, there has to be nearly 20,000 who can be put into the field." He paused, "it is certainly a risky proposition," he further commented, "but I believe we can secure their loyalty by giving them something both parties want. These are interesting times and war makes people do some things they'd never consider under any other circumstance." He got back into the chair behind his field desk and picked up the telephone. Hundreds of miles away, a corresponding telephone rang at a lavish townhouse in Dartha. "Tomus Karpan," the voice said. "My dear friend," started Morror, "it is good to hear you from this far away. I am calling from a stone's throw from Canamar. Still alive despite the Praetor's obvious attempts to sabotage me...yes...I knew he would do this, honestly, I thought he would have done it long before now...but we will win. No matter the cost...I need to ask a favor from you, and several others and it is urgent..." Karpan, on his end of the call, nodded as he listened attentively. "You need how many?" "20,000." "I clearly don't have that many. I might be wealthy but I am not as much as that retched Darok or Sedhri. I have 500." "It is a start. I plan on calling the rest of the group over the next hour to get as many commitments as I can." "What do I get in return for doing something that is absolutely going to enrage a good many people in the Senate chamber." "When the war is over, we will need to administer the new provinces and I will do everything in my power to get you a Governorship -- it will certainly make you a very wealthy and powerful individual. Karpan's eyes lit up, he could see millions of Chaks of personal wealth development and land holdings, along with billions under his purview in reconstruction. "What about the others?" "I have plenty of favors to give out. And fear not, Darok isn't getting anything from the land. The Nej'ahar can go to hell for all I care. They are unpatriotic cowards." Tomus spoke up, "I am having dinner with Tomair Chirok, and Trann tonight and I'll ask them to help." "You are a good man Tomus. I knew I could count on you. I am not going to begin my assault for some time. We need to weaken their defenses considerably before we make any moves. We'll be in touch soon..." He hung up the phone. Varak commented, "I better talk with Avor about weapons stores. We might need considerably more soon. He nodded. "You are dismissed." He was now alone in the tent and picked up his phone again and dialed a private number. "Major-General Korel Rendek." "Korel, it's Morror. I imagine the Central Command is busy but you and I need to talk..."
  3. I am happy to see that you are finally back -- I'll keep my eye out for a new post in the near future.
  4. https://iiwiki.us/wiki/Tamurin https://iiwiki.us/wiki/Assurym
  5. There have been some additional pages put up by both @Orioni and me in recent days: https://iiwiki.us/wiki/Mahdah https://iiwiki.us/wiki/Hakenium https://iiwiki.us/wiki/Beleareas (which was rather well-timed as he is now back -- feel free @Beleareas to edit this page to your heart's content) https://iiwiki.us/wiki/O’polis_International_Airport (still a WIP) https://iiwiki.us/wiki/Salam https://iiwiki.us/wiki/Akiiryu (still a WIP) I do have notes on several other major Europan nations of the past that I do plan on working on including Tamurin, Mongol-Swedes, etc. Given that these nations have played a considerable role in the region long ago, they do deserve some recognition on the wiki -- not to mention that since they still reside on the map, they should have a 'place' in the world.
  6. Rihan

    In the Shadows

    ~Act 2~ The Rain Enolia The rain was coming down as the 10th Legion made its way northward to the capital of Canamar. "This weather is miserable," said Kassus. "We've only gone ten miles today when we should have done thirty-five," he muttered. Varak responded, "it is the roads General, they are simply nothing more than gravel, and not even that, mud." Much of the infrastructure in the central and northern reaches of the land were lackluster at best. Morror had decided to stick to non-traditional routes to keep the enemy off guard and flank them when they least expected it. "At this rate," Morror complained, "we won't make it to Canamar for another week or two..." All of a sudden, there was a loud sound in the distance. "Thunder?" asked Varak, but then it was much louder the second time, "no...artillery strike! Take cover!" The quakes of the Enolian artillery was fierce. Duronom may have caused significant harm to the Enolian position, they wouldn't be defeated that easily. More artillery shots were heard in the distance. Morror's radio came to life. It was a report from the leaders of two forward scouting groups from the 1st Regiment. "Two brigades of the Enolian Guard are approaching your position," said one, another said, "the artillery is a distraction." Kassus picked up the speaker, "from which directions?" "Northeast and Southwest, they are attempting an oblong sandwich attack," each had said. "Right, we are not going to get his stuck in this muck, keep us posted," he instructed. The 10th Legion would have to defend their position and attempt a counter-attack. Varak got into another vehicle and rushed up and down the army ordering units to begin holding their ground and setting up hasty bastions around their APCs. Given their location, and the general landscape of Enolia, Kassus did not have to worry about attacks from the air -- the Enolian Air Corps had been neutered in the initial sabotage campaign undertaken by the Phi'Tlaru in the days leading up to the beginning of the war. Even without metal birds over them, it only protected their heads, not the rest of their persons. Within five minutes of the recon report, the first signs of the Enolian Guard appeared from the woods alongside their muddy trek. The Enolians had timed their assault to the large rainstorm soaking both sides. It would be a bloodbath. Dartha Meanwhile, back in Dartha, the political intrigue resumed following the brief pause during Kassus' triumphant celebration. Liviana Charvanek had been thoroughly embarrassed by her rival and had been forced 'abandon' her own attempts to claim the Praetorship. Although she still had her 'dignity' intact because of the deal she had made with Morror, she had grown to hate the man. Knowing that such an arrangement with the General was merely a delaying tactic until he could properly neutralize her following the war. For the time being, she would play along, but she herself would scheme with her other rival, Gathan Darok. Neither like the other but with Kassus' popularity with the common people growing by the day. Charvanek decided it was time to have a proper conversation with Darok. She made her way to his townhouse in the Old City district of Dartha, not far from the Forum. One of Darok's servants escorted her to his garden that was only beginning to bloom with the advent of the season. "...we will go to the countryside to ride the Fvai Sarith," said Darok as both he and his daughter emerged from the house. He had noticed Livana was waiting for him, "Sarith, I need to speak to the honorable Senator alone, can you please go back inside and help your mother have the servants get dinner ready," he asked. She nodded, he waited to sit down until she was back inside. "Livana, it is always a pleasure," he said in a tone of considerable snark and arrogance. Charvanek would not buy his phony pleasantries. "We both know you don't want me here, and I similarly don't really want to speak with you either, but alas, we have a common enemy." Darlok frowned, "It is a shame you consider me a distasteful person, I'd like to think you are better than that, but you are right," he waved to an attendant passing by, "wine for the two of us." The servant nodded and returned a few moments later. She took a sip as Gathan spoke. "But you are correct, we do have a mutual problem. The Man of the People, the Honored Soldier. Kassus." "Morror wants the Praetorship," she said bluntly. "He knows as well as we do that Mathon is weak and that his own reign on power will only last so long. The conflict is going moderately well in Enolia but not nearly as successful as the people are being led to believe. We've lost hundreds, if not thousands of brave men and women." Darok was no soldier and made no reservations about hiding this fact. "They've made the ultimate sacrifice for their State," he remarked. He did not care whether she was insulted by it or not, "we will win the war. Morror will see to that. He is the best military mind since Torindar Vrek. When the war is over, then our mutual trouble begins." Charvanek thought he was crazy. "NO! Our problems are already happening. Are you a fool or delusional! He's using the war for his gain." "Of course he is, hasn't every Senator used their victories, whether through coin or blade or words. It doesn't matter how he gets there. But he is a soldier, and he may have friends in the Senate, but not enough between either of us." She rolled her eyes, another exaggeration by Darok -- who actually only had maybe a fourth of the chamber in his camp. "Even though that might be true," she paused, "when the war is over, he'll come for us...and the Praetor." He had taken several sips of his wine while she gave her rebuttal to his 'calmness.' He readjusted himself in his chair. "And what do you propose to do?" "Between my family connections and your wealth, we could get our own army to fight Kassus when the time comes." He knew she would have to rely on his wealth. "I suppose, and how do you plan on getting around the law on private military forces," he asked. "If the Praetor were to ever find out we have our own men under arms, besides those responsible for our own protection and those of our houses, we would promptly be arrested, tried and convicted of treason and locked away in Telvan'rey for the rest of our lives, if they didn't decide to execute us immediately following the sentencing. I have quite a lot to still live for," he quipped. Liviana cut him off. "I am not saying we create an entire army, rather, buy off a legion to fight on our behalf when the time comes. In fact," she paused, "I know exactly which one -- the Fourth Legion. I have personal connections with three of the colonels," she said. Gathan gave a smile and thought to himself, "of course she knows three colonels, she's probably been very close to them when they each visited the capital while her husband was away in Calanistra." He took a further sip of his wine. It was nearly empty. "Exactly how much would we have to pay them to act on our directives," he questioned. She knew Darok liked spending his money, but only on him or things that would be beneficial to him in the long run. "Each soldier would need sufficient funds. At least 5 years Praetorian Guard wages." He was taken aback but it was not unexpected. Paying off armies to slightly deviate from their official instructions required adequate compensation. "This is certainly a large sum of money but nothing I cannot afford, or that with some contributions from some allies in the chamber." She believed Gathan was onboard. "With the Fourth Legion on our side, we are in a much stronger position to take the wind out of Kassus's sails when he decides to march on Dartha. When the Senate is deadlocked and the Praetor looks powerless, the two of us can step in and show true leadership and take out Morror. After that, you and I can settle our differences, and deal with Terix ourselves." Livana then bluntly asked him. "Do we have a deal?" He thought for a moment. He originally didn't want to be working with a rival but as a common saying went, 'keep your friends close, and your enemies closer.' Although he would have to spend money, the return on investment was sufficient in his eyes, particularly as it kept Charvanek hooked to him for the time being. Besides, there was nothing stopping him from undermining her still while both were in a temporary truce. "I do," he replied. "A final glass of wine to symbolize our new partnership?" She nodded. With the business transaction concluded, they both engaged in small conversation only to keep an eye on the other until Vela, Gathan's wife called him for dinner. "It has been a pleasure, we will talk again soon." Darok's servant led her back to the front door of the townhouse and she was once again back onto the busy streets of the capital. She had a bitter taste in her mouth. She had to make a deal with the devil. Her attendant had waited outside Darok's home while she met with him and opened an umbrella over her as it had begun to rain.
  7. "...in sports, the national football team (Ghanehrefv Rheilhhu) finished in third place in the Aurelian Cup behind Kirvina and the Kipanese, who with their win, have secured their position in the top five teams in the UENA rankings. Selok, the coach, was not satisfied with the result and pledged to completely reshape the team ahead of the Nations Cup later this year. "The Shukuro are an outstanding team. They are well disciplined, determined, and on point. I would not be lying to you if I didn't say that I am very jealous of their star striker, Ochiyo. We [Ghanehrefv Rheilhhu] are going to do a thorough review of our team and underlying strategy so we can come out hard. Our remolded team will use the break during the Olympics in Fulgistan as a practice for the larger contest." Vekek would not comment on whether he will remain on the squad in a forward position or focus him specifically within the domestic premier league..." "...Senator Crassian D'mora of the Nej'ahar Coalition today announced that he would be banding with many of his colleagues on reversing Rihan's ban on commercial whaling. The Senate instituted a moratorium on the practice in 1982 after the White Aurelian Whale population had seen its local population decline by 55% in a single year. D'mora's call to lift the ban comes before the Senate due to the Kipanese National Assembly passed the lifting of their own ban, now before their President for his approval or veto. D'mora stressed that while part of his rationale was because of similar activities abroad, he argued that it would bring new economic opportunities to coastal communities that haven't felt the same benefits as Dartha or Peldred in recent decades. The Senate will take up debate on his proposal at the end of the month. Upon learning of the body even considering such an act caused Senator Rena Varyet to decry the hypocrisy as the Republic only just approved its own adherence of the Laren Environmental Treaty. Senator Kamemor called on indefinitely tabling the discussion..."
  8. @Tikva: I've put together the two pages with relevant images you requested via PM, see below: https://iiwiki.us/wiki/Liora_Shapiro https://iiwiki.us/wiki/Knesset_of_Tikva I have made a conscription page here: https://iiwiki.us/wiki/Conscription_in_Eurth I have made a tax rates page here: https://iiwiki.us/wiki/Tax_rates_in_Eurth @Orioni: Let me know if you want me to help develop this page: https://iiwiki.us/wiki/Volsci @Tagmatium Rules: The Tagmatine Empire finally has a wiki page here: https://iiwiki.us/wiki/Tagmatium -- and I have taken the liberty of putting together the country data template and have applied it as needed across the wiki. @Aluxia: I have read your PM and I am on hand when the time comes to make major revisions to the wiki page of yours when said Civil War concludes. I have only done infobox modifications and country data template edits to at least get the light legwork completed. Let's connect when the war is over. @Orioni: I approve of the work on this page: https://iiwiki.us/wiki/Jaihu -- I would love to spend some time collating some of the very old nations that at least have some major content that we can reconstruct. I know for a matter of fact Akiiyru has quite a few names and information on governance, nation, culture, etc. We can talk about this more one-on-one.
  9. Final Match-Up Kipan vs. Kirvina (2-2) Goals: 2 for Kipan, 2 for Kirvina Shots on Goal: 8 for Kipan, 8 for Kirvina Shots: 15 for Kipan, 10 for Kirvina Fouls: 24 for Kipan, 27 for Kirvina Corners: 10 for Kipan, 5 for Kirvina Free Kicks: 1 for Kipan, 2 for Kirvina Offsides: 6 for Kipan, 5 for Kirvina Own Goals: 0 for both Yellow Cards: 2 for Kipan, 2 for Kirvina Red Cards: 0 for Kipan, 0 for Kirvina Additional Time: 2 minutes Location: New Bank of Yulaa Stadium, Yulaa 2: Kipan scores! 4: Kipan is shown a Yellow Card. 8: Kipan takes a shot. That's off target. 9: Kirvina takes a shot. It's on target, but saved. 12: Kipan takes a shot. That's off target. 22: Kirvina takes a shot. It's on target, but saved. 24: Kirvina is shown a Yellow Card. 27: Kipan takes a shot. That's off target. 31: Kipan takes a shot. It's on target, but saved. 50: Kirvina takes a shot. It's on target, but saved. 52: Kirvina takes a shot. It's on target, but saved. 56: Kipan takes a shot. It's on target, but saved. 59: Kipan takes a shot. It's on target, but saved. 62: Kipan takes a shot. That's off target. 70: Kipan takes a shot. That's off target. 72: Kipan takes a shot. That's off target. 79: Kipan takes a shot. It's on target, but saved. 81: Kirvina scores! 84: Kipan is shown a Yellow Card. 85: Kirvina takes a shot. That's off target. 91: Kipan takes a shot. It's on target, but saved. 92: Kirvina takes a shot. That's off target. Extra Time 93: Kipan scores! 94: Kipan takes a shot. That's off target. 101: Kirvina scores! 104: Kipan takes a shot. It's on target, but saved. 116: Kirvina is shown a Yellow Card. 118: Kirvina takes a shot. It's on target, but saved. 120: Kirvina takes a shot. It's on target, but saved. Penalty Shootout Penalty Goals: Kipan: 11, Kirvina: 10. Kipan wins the Aurelian Cup! Kirvina ends the competition in second place.
  10. Third-Place Runner Up Rihan vs. Asgeirria (1-0) Goals: 1 for Rihan, 0 for Asgeirria Shots on Goal: 5 for Rihan, 4 for Asgeirria Shots: 14 for Rihan, 11 for Asgeirria Fouls: 15 for Rihan, 23 for Asgeirria Corners: 7 for Rihan, 4 for Asgeirria Free Kicks: 2 for Rihan, 1 for Asgeirria Offsides: 4 for Rihan, 5 for Asgeirria Own Goals: 0 for both Yellow Cards: 2 for Rihan, 4 for Asgeirria Red Cards: 0 for Rihan, 0 for Asgeirria Additional Time: 5 minutes Location: Oyusard Fidelity Bank Field, Farla 1: Asgeirria is shown a Yellow Card. 10: Rihan takes a shot. It's on target, but saved. 11: Rihan takes a shot. That's off target. 24: Asgeirria takes a shot. It's on target, but saved. 26: Asgeirria is shown a Yellow Card. 31: Rihan takes a shot. That's off target. 33: Rihan scores! The scorer was (6) 34: Asgeirria takes a shot. It's on target, but saved. 37: Rihan takes a shot. It's on target, but saved. 40: Rihan takes a shot. That's off target. 43: Rihan takes a shot. That's off target. 44: Asgeirria takes a shot. That's off target. 47: Asgeirria takes a shot. That's off target. 48: Rihan takes a shot. That's off target. 49: Rihan is shown a Yellow Card. 54: Asgeirria takes a shot. That's off target. 59: Asgeirria takes a shot. It's on target, but saved. 60: Asgeirria is shown a Yellow Card. 63: Asgeirria takes a shot. That's off target. 67: Rihan takes a shot. That's off target. 68: Asgeirria is shown a Yellow Card. 72: Rihan takes a shot. It's on target, but saved. 74: Rihan takes a shot. It's on target, but saved. 76: Asgeirria takes a shot. That's off target. 78: Rihan takes a shot. That's off target. 79: Asgeirria takes a shot. It's on target, but saved. 83: Rihan is shown a Yellow Card. 84: Rihan takes a shot. That's off target. 89: Asgeirria takes a shot. That's off target. 90: Rihan takes a shot. That's off target. 95: Asgeirria takes a shot. That's off target.
  11. "...this is Borak live in front of the Hall of State with the headline news. The Rihan Republic is the second nation, after Tikva, to formally ratify the Laren Environmental Treaty that had been hammered out in Morheim last month. The Treaty calls for an aggressive reduction in greenhouse gas emissions, increases in conservation, and an acceleration in generating energy from alternative sources. Jovis tr'Anaka, the individual representing the Republic's interests at that gathering said that we [Rihan] will set a positive precedent and believed that the Senate's action would prompt other attendees and hopefully, other nations, to join in ratifying the treaty. Cælis'cæri issued a statement following the vote saying that they will begin evaluating the establishment of additional solar projects that could produce upwards of 10,000 megawatts of electricity. The state-owned company will also explore geothermal power opportunities in H'aareld va Groth'Chok. Suketh Senator Norala Crelok thanked the Praetor for his dedication and resolve in furthering the protections of Rihan's natural beauty. Similar sentiments were shared by Senator Kamemor who stated that it was important for the Republic to use this to further pursue more diplomatic opportunities around Eurth..." "... an incident that involved two diplomatic officers, one of Rihannsu and one of Asgeirrian descent during a recent meeting over fishing rights continues unresolved. New details have emerged saying that the Asgeirrian called our long-time diplomat a name relative to a vile fish that is only discarded. Foreign Minister Pranana, on behalf of the Praetor, has once again requested a formal apology so both nations can move on. The same request was further stated by Alok Tibal, our ambassador in Asgeirria. Several senators of the Jol Tan coalition are calling for harsher responses by the Praetor, a dozen Jaridan senators have joined in. Suketh Senator Gell Kamemor urged the Praetor to stay on course and resolve the matter through diplomatic means. Pranana has extended an offer of meeting his counterpart in Dartha to find a swift end to the tension in the two nation's relations..." "...General Ayel Nevet returned to the capital to give an in-person report on the current progress of 'Operation Flaming Sword.' Our brave men and women continue the fight to bring an end to Enolian terrorism and antagonism. Canamar, the capital of Enolia, must be taken for the war to be deemed over. Nevet informed the Senate that elements of the Third, Sixth, and Eighth Legions are fanning up multiple assault corridors to divide the enemy forces. The Tenth Legion, under General Morror Kassus, is moving straight up the middle of Enolia along the Qallasa River but they have met significant resistance. Jaridan Senator Chevet inquired if any additional manpower was being allocated to the war. Nevet responded that more sufficient men and equipment was on hand to bring the war to an effective conclusion, even in light of the Tenth Legion's situation at the moment. The general elaborated that Praetor Terix was fully confident in General Kassus' ability to fight and strategize an effective offensive. When pressed for an estimated timeframe in which the Enolian Guard would be beaten and Canamar captured, Nevet would only say that such times are coming, but it is still premature to set a definative deadline..."
  12. With the Aurelian Cup coming to its final matches it is the following pair-ups: Rihan vs. Asgerria in the Third-Place Runner Up Match at Oyusard Fidelity Bank Field, Farla Kipan vs. Kirvina in the Final match at New Bank of Yulaa Stadium, Yulaa Good luck!
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