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  1. Rihan

    In the Shadows

    ~Act 3~ The Bridge "This weather is misrable," said Kassus from the back seat of his armored transport. He and his men had raced across Ralatak and Nelvek to the banks of the Vrekess. It had been raining for two days straight and it was astonishing that his lengthy convoy of men and material had not gotten bogged down in the mud. He would have to thank the Kirvinska for that when he next had the opportunity to visit, and if he was fortunate, as Praetor. His allies within the Phi'Tlaru had been working hard to concel his tracks but eventually the Praetor would find out and by then, it would be too late. Varak, his second-in-command responded, "it sould be subsiding tomorrow morning, then we can march across the Vrekess." "Not so fast, there is no rush." "What do you mean? We were the ones to initiate the offensive against Terix. If we linger too long, he'll surely react." "He already has, two legions are on their way," he said, "they are raw conscripts. They'll turn and flee -- not to mention that they are lead by two incompetent generals who got their ranks because they bribed their own superiors and the senators who backed their promotion. They are not a threat." "Then what do you propose?" "We'll set up camp along the river and wait." "For what?" she questioned though she suspected Kassus, the general she had served for years under, already had a intended sequence of events. "Dovos and Vabon are on their way to deliver messages to Generals Ayel Nevet and Enellis Vellon." "You want them to join us." "Yes," he remarked. "I do not doubt in the abilities of our own men in achieving our goals but I can promise something to both men that Mathon cannot." She remained quiet while he continued, "Ayel is a loyal soldier of the Republic but my contacts in the Phi'Tlaru tell me that the Praetor has grown tired of him, despite the fact that without him we'd still be tangling with the Enolians. I would offer him the leadership of a veteran legion." Kalenna looked him, "do you mean our forces?" "Certainly not," he retorted. "Our men would form the new Praetorian Guard while those currently in the unit along with other veteran would become the new Tenth." "As for Vellon?" she asked. "I am not sure yet. I still have to think about it." The car was coming to a halt when the secure telephone in the back seat went off. It was Tovik, a high-ranking spy within the Phi'Tlaru. "I have picked up a number of weakly encrypted transmissions between senators who are beginning to conspire about ousting Terix. I will keep you posted of developments as events continue to transpire." "Do you know who's leading that effort?" "Not yet but Gathan Darok's name appears frequently." "Thank you," and hung up. Antor, who had been riding in the vehicle behind the general, came up alongside Morror's side. "Tenth Regiment has already begun to set up initial fortfications and the Seventh are lining up artillery on our side of the river." "Antor," instructed Kassus, "can you please instruct a squad to immediately undertake scouting efforts on the western bank. I want an idea of where the two approaching legions are." "Yes sir," he responded and turned around to spotted Jeto." "Take your ten men across the river," he said. Jeto silently responded, putting his hand into a fist and hitting it against his chest. He proceeded to gather his men. Kassus' attendants and support staff had begun setting up his command tent. Both he and Kalenna, flanked by his bodyguard, walked through the rising encampment to a bridge. It was a mundane bridge, but it demarcated the border between Rihan proper and the new Provinces. Though they were quite far from the capital, Kassus remarked, "I can see the dome of the Hall of State from here."
  2. "...breaking news...General Morror Kassus and the soldiers of the Tenth Legion, in a scathing declaration delivered and read on the floor of the Senate this evening, states that they are on the warpath against our very Republic! In the message sent from Kassus he claims that the Republic is sick and that the leadership of the Praetor has been nothing but cowardice and incomptence. Following the reading of the message, the Praetor announced that he would instruct the First and Second Legions to arrest the general and dissolve his army, gaining support from many in the chamber. Several senators known to be closer of Senator Kassus were placed under arrest for conspiracy. The disloyal legion's exact position is unknown at this time..."
  3. The Rihan Republic intends to send athletes to Bogd Gioro.
  4. Welcome -- feel free to join us on the Discord channel. Happy to chat more.
  5. Announcement by the IEOC The International Eurth Olympics Committee (IEOC) hereby gives notice that the Eurth Summer Olympics 2019, taking place in the Fulgistani capital of Bogd Gioro, shall be taking place between the dates of June 24th and July 9th. The IEOC requests that all nations who plan to send athletes to the Games must register its intention here and that information will be relayed to our partners in Fulgistan as they complete final work on the facilities and logistics in advance of team arrivals on June 20th. The Olympic Committee is excited to get the games underway in the near future and see who wins the medals in over 20+ events.
  6. "...millions upon millions of people have been lining up to account for themselves, their relatives, and their property in front of censors, officials under the auspices of the Praetorate. Reports were filed at hundreds of locations across the Republic from the shores of the Apnex Sea to the heights of the D'Kalla and jungles of Goreb. This activity traditionally occurs every five years and was not suppose to occur until 2020. The Senate moved up the census in light of the recent annexation of Ralatak and Nelvek Provinces and the need to determine the true population of those territories...attention, we are now taking you live to the steps of the Hall of State in Dartha where Perærdæsnen Evran Lovald, the Administrator of the Census (also the chief censor), will announce the new population of our glorious republic..." "...according to population estimates generated by the Census Directorate at the beginning of Zat, Rihan had a population of 23,197,316. The census undertaken between Tasmeen (June) 4th-10th has been completed with all 452 reporting stations across the Provinces of the Republic have delivered their counts by the respective sworn censors of each constituent province. Rihan, with the inclusion of Ralatak and Nelvek, hereby have an official population of 33,442,681. Of this total, 68% are free, 22% are protected peoples and 10% are slaves. In my capacity as Chief Censor, I submit this census to the Senate for its acceptance." "...coinciding with the declaration of the census, Tomus Karpan and Irec Ranor, the respective Governors of the Ralatak and Nelvek Provinces, proclaimed the major cities of their territories: Mereka shall be the chief city of Nelvek alongside the newly-established cities of Tom'reth and Kor'Ren. Penvar will be the capital of Ralatak (formerly the capital of Enolia) while Leras'nev shall replace Duronom." "...Praetor Terix has ordered the mobilization of the 1st and 2nd Legions eastward towards the New Provinces. He said this was being done in part to provide 'further stabilization' in the region and to ensure that 'all procedures are being adhered to.' The Praetor stressed that these coming weeks will be trying times for the Republic as it begins to throughly integrate Ralatak and Nelvek into the larger nation. For added security in and around Brel'Kar, the Praetor has instructed elements of the Praetorian Guard to increase their patrols in both the capital (in coordination with the City Guard) and through the Aihai."
  7. "The Rihannsu are quite fond of exploring the past," the ambassador responded. "The Senate itself has invested considerable amounts into preserving our own natural historical sites and the objects, both created and rediscovered, at said sites. The Great Museum in Dartha is the depository of such treasures." He looked at the stone for a quick moment and then turned to Matteo, "I have gotten wind that there are several individuals who finding an increased interest in the past of Northern Argis." He paused, "Mister Arlotta," and continued, "if it was to be sold, how much could be made off of it?"
  8. Ninson had few issues with the proposed language set out in the documents that been distributed as Savio concluded his remarks. Though the representative of the Praetor, and by extension, the Senate, he was not about to contradict the Praetor's intercessors who had worked with the legal teams in constructing most of the proposals. There was one area in which the Republic would have trouble in relation to the rest of those assembled: that of the slave trade. The maritime transportation of slaves was not nearly as extensive as it had been three hundred years prior during the height of the Republic's early growth phase. However, there were still some enslaved people being brought in by ship. The other members in the room were aware of this and it would certainly cause an issue. He had skimmed that particular proposal and realized that it was optional. He had half a mind to sign it, and then, like many international agreements Rihan had joined in the previous ten years, largely ignore them. Rihannsu interests in relation to economic exclusive zones had been fulfilled in the language but he knew that fisherman would probably ignore such rules but the fact that the 200-mile zone had been incorporated was enough for him. There was a situation that would have to be resolved at some point: the Asgeirrian zones meshed and were iffy in the straight between them. That would have to be addressed outside the session in the Sunset Sea Islands. He'd wait to see who was the first to speak before sharing his (or rather, the Praetor's) opinion.
  9. Rihan

    In the Shadows

    ~Interlude~ "In the Shadows" is currently between segments. Please read the Republic's news for developments concerning the initial aftermath of the war and the lead-up to Act 3. I hope you have enjoyed the story thus far, and there is still much to share.
  10. ...this is Norlina reporting live from Canamar where General Morror Kassus and the Tenth Legion last night captured the Enolian capital and obtained the surrender of the Enolian government. The Republic has triumphed and the threat of Enolian aggression and terrorism against the people of Rihan is forever eliminated. Kassus accepted his counterparts surrender at the instruction of General Ayel Nevet, overall commander of Operation Flaming Sword. The Senate met in a special session called by the Praetor at dawn to approve a dual declaration: to end hostilities and to formally incorporate Enolia into the Republic -- this has led to the establishment of two new provinces: Ralatak and Nelvek. Officials from various ministries and administrative bureaus are already moving into the newly-acquired territories to organize reconstruction and integration activities..." "...the war was not without loss. 14,303 Rihannsu and at least 27,291 Enolian combatants lost their lives with an estimated loss of civilian life exceeding 12,000. Killed Rihannsu soldiers will be given proper last rites at Septums across the Republic and their families will be given honors. Despite the loss of life, over 70,000 cowardly Enolians are noted to have fled from their homes instead of defending them, to seek refuge in Shffahkia and the islands of Oyus. The Praetor said that they would be allowed to return if they so wanted..." "...the Senate has ordered a census of all individuals must be undertaken to accurately determine the total population of the Republic across all strata of society. The Census will be carried out by the Praetorate on June 4th..."
  11. Rihan

    In the Shadows

    The Fall of Canamar The Battle of Canamar was bloody. The Enolians fiercely defended their capital to the level of fervor that Kassus had assumed as he put together his strategy. Enolians died left and right as the Zelvorian Kepeszuks smashed straight into the middle of the city, caring little for their own safety -- focused on the singular goal of cleaving a large wedge down the main thoroughfares. Obisek yelling at his men to keep up the momentum, driving them to move faster, to reach the goal, and getting one step closer to that one opportunity the general had hinted at. Their ferocity was on equal footing as their locked warrior spirit reemerged in the rage. The Zelvorians had been slaves for generations and those twenty-thousand under Morror Kassus were being given an opportunity to improve their lives, in time. Rihannsu soldiers on the flanks had surprised their opponents and caught them off-guard. At first, this played well until they got deeper into the city and the Enolians fled to the alleyways and sewers, forcing the regiments to fight for every nook and cranny, large or small. Enolian Guardsman fought as best as they could but when the Kepeszuks had breached several positions of their inner defensive ring, the defense turned into a rout. They dropped their weapons and fled. Their commanding officers attempted to keep them in the fight but could do nothing about it as their own situation had become untenable. Kepeszuks in their vanguard offensive had secured the main communications nexus and others had taken control of the utility grid. The Tenth Legion's First Regiment moved in behind the Zelvorians and fanned out, taking many of the fleeing Enolians into custody. Varak's most senior squadrons used the Kepeszuk wave to seize the capitol building itself. As the sun began to set, a white flag waved from the top of the capitol. The Enolians had surrendered. The war was over, not without major casualties on both sides. The Enolians who had been captured in the battle where taken to temporary camps for processing until formal hostilities had concluded where they would be discharged and released. Kassus was driven into the city, buildings burning brightly with heavy smoke in the air. He was greeted by cheering soldiers and the dour expression of those Enolian civilians who hidden in their homes or in shelters. The Enolians were now, and forever, a conquered people. The Kepeszuks under Obisek and Kalenna's First Regiment were both standing at attention in the city center. Logistics personnel had hastily erected a stage out of rubble and plugged a microphone and camera into the main telecommunications system. Morror stepped out of his car and onto the makeshift platform, faced his soldiers that had gathered and said: Enolia ahr'seiyya. Enolia is Destroyed. Two days following the battle, government bureaucrats and officers of the Phi'Tlaru had begun arriving from Dartha to begin pouring through every single document, report, and secured database to get a full picture of the land, her people, and to lay the foundations for Rihannsu rule over the land. As this was going on, back at Kassus' command tent, Varak, Relek, and Nerik were meeting. "You did it," said Varak, "it's over." "This is a great day for us," responded Kassus. "It is a great day for the Republic," said Relek. "Yes, yes it is," paused Morror. "But this is only the beginning." He eyed Varak, "rally the soldiers. I wish to speak before them this evening," he said. That night, Kassus, flanked by Antor and Kalenna, stood before his Legion and the Kepeszuks. "You have fought and you have bled. And you have died for the Republic. For you have brought Enolia to heel and brought peace to this land." "But the Republic is sick," he continued, "there is corruption, deception, and ineptitude seeping from the Senate, who claim to rule in your name. The Praetor is the highest vision of our People, but he has become nothing more than a coward, kowtowing to a few wealthy landowners, to govern. Rihan is ours, not theirs. He is no longer worthy of the position." Antor gazed his general. "Terix may say he loves you, the soldiers, but he does not -- he refused to provide aid and manpower in our offensive from the very first day we were called upon to serve. He is to blame for how poorly the initial stages of this war was fought. He has insulted each and everyone's very honor with his incompetence. He is not a leader. Rihan needs a leader to treat the sickness and move it forward." He paused for a second, "I want to save the Republic from itself, but I cannot do it alone," he turned to both Antor and Kalenna, both nodded in acknowledgment, they were onboard. "I am asking you, brothers and sisters, to stand with me," before he could finish his sentence, the soldiers were chanting his name, "KASSUS! KASSUS! KASSUS!" Each man within sight of Morror took out their combat knives and rose them in the air shouting, "D'ARTAT!" He had the full loyalty of his men. This was treason. Kassus had already sent a messenger with a sealed letter outlining the action he and his men would be taking. The following morning, the letter had reached the Praetor who furiously read it aloud to Major-General Rendak, his Praetorian Prefect, and the assembled Continuing Committee. "This will not be tolerated General," he said, "order the 1st and 2nd Legions to bring General Kassus into custody and to strip his men of their weapons. Now." ~End of Act 2~
  12. Kassus would let Terix proceed with improving Tagmatine-Rihannsu relations as there is a political angle for Morror to continue allowing it -- namely, showing that he is not an isolationist, like some in the Senate. I just do not see killing him as worth it, and it just wouldn't work with the trajectory of what I spelled out previously as I thought about this more this evening. Since he will have the full support of the military and much of the lower class due to his strong-handedness to correct some of the internal issues with the Republic, the Senators will have little choice but allow progress. They too want to still have power and they will have to accept him or be found without authority or wealth. Over Discord, I had outlined that he would reform the Continuing Committee to make it a body of consensus amongst the parties so there is no 'destabilization,' he would free the Zelvorians and make them protected residents of the nation -- they'd have considerably more rights (except for voting...but I do plan on letting that happen down the road...) The far-right may not like improving relations with Tagmatium, they barely makeup 5% of the entire Senate and thus, can be ignored, though it would come at the cost of potential backstabbing by some in the intelligence services. Kassus would find enough rationale for saying relations with the Tagmatines is critical to long-term partnerships that would stand to benefit both the aristocracy and the commoners.
  13. I plan on ending the Enolian War in the next 2 posts which would lead to the surrender of the Enolian Guard and the capture of Canamar. With that, I'll be entering another, abet shorter interlude between this act and the proceeding Act 3. I want some idea as to what people want to see out of the interlude segment. Act 3 is supposed to be an intense and short civil war between Kassus, who is given the full-on loyalty of his Legion and the promised freed Zelvorsu irregulars and another group. Right now, I am considering two 'battles' -- one in which Terix attempts to stop him and fails like the Milvan Bridge, and he's forced to step down by Darok who becomes the temporary Praetor. He then tries his own hand at stopping him with an even greater force, and he will lose as well, like the Battle of Cannae. Darok and Chavarnek would flee back to the capital, their forces joining up with Kassus in order to save their own honor. The civil war would then end with an honorable duel in the Senate itself. Darok's eventual death would then mark the Praetorship being vacant once more. Kassus would be appointed to the position. This is where I also need some additional feedback: what to do with Terix? I know Tagmatium and I had a secret meeting that would slowly rekindle relations and killing him would not be useful in moving that partnership forward. My thought process now is that Terix is spared and is permitted to represent the Republic in the Empire (with certain conditions) and in exchange, not only would Kassus take power but he'd have to fulfill some of the unfinished work of Terix's (some of which he would have done anyway). Let me know what you think.
  14. Due to a family emergency that has come up, I am taking a one-week absence from the region. I will not be on the Discord during this period but if you send any PM's, I will at least look at them and respond to them upon my return.
  15. All good -- I'll just be bringing Enolia to heel in the meantime. I should be done by the time you are ready to begin this.
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