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  1. Congratulations oldtimer on your 53rd birthday today. Many happy returns.

  2. Well, that was definetly an overwhelmingly warm welcome. Great to be part of such a uniform region. My department heads are currently working on a website for our Holy Republic of Cilia. Once all is correct, I will be sure to submit a link to it. Thank you for your greetings and long live Europa! P.S. I have looked at the map provided by Oroni and was unable to locate my Holy Republic. Is there an update?
  3. Greetings, fellow Europeans! My name is Ceptimoph Augustus. I am the President and Spiritual Leader of the Holy Republic of Cilia. Here to inform you that Cilia is now a part of Europa! Now, Myself, as well as my fellow Ciliae citizens are delighted to join such a strong region for such is Heavenly Father's plan. I bid you all good day and a very pleasant evening!
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