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  1. TO: The Federative Republic of @Shffahkia FROM: Kingdom of Seylos To our friends in Shffakia, we would like to invite President Adélaïde Larue and also any of his advisors to participate in a summit meeting we wish to hold in Loughrea, the capital of Éire. Many important events have occured over the last several months, events that we believe both Seylos and Shffakia have mutual interest in. Most pressing is the recent integration of Éire in the kingdom. Their government has long held closer relations to Shffakia due to the presence of many who have Éire ancestry in your country, and with their inclusion into the kingdom, it is only right for Seylos to continue that relationship into the future. As well we wish to discuss the recent expansions of Rihan and their recent, violent, change in leadership. A development that no doubt causes concern for both of our nations. We hope soon to hear back from your government and begin this summit in earnest. -King Aidan Redmond
  2. I would like to state though I did kind of have "expansion ideas" and story ideas for the island west of Seylos (3) but I haven't posted anything formal about it so my ideas can change on the matter.
  3. I'm completely alright with you settling there! It'll be fun having a neighbor that isn't a crazy empire.
  4. Unification Act of 2019 Signed Today the Unification Act of 2019 has been signed between Seylos and the Duchies of Eire, Pleinmont, and Sark. This has been hailed as a landmark agreement that stands to not only drastically increased the size of Seylos as a whole but manage to save Eire from a series of financial woes that have been plaguing the country up until now. Not much is known about what occurred during the violent negotiations and signing ceremony but it appears that the King himself has garnered the respect of the governments of Pleinmont and Sark. During the early negotiations a terrorist attack struck the Ducal palace in Eire causing a panic among government official and the military as any rushed to find out the status of the king and his envoy in the crisis. So far the government has only release that the king and his guard were involved in a minor skirmish in the palace in which the King was able to leave the area without harm. However it seems somewhere along the way that whatever happened made a sizable impact upon the governments of both Pleinmont and Sark who have also kept fairly quiet about the incident. Regardless the signing ceremony continued in the capital city of Sark, Weymouth. The King made a brief appearance signing the documents on the balcony of the of Seylosian embassy in Weymouth in front of the massive crowds that had turned up mostly in support of the signing, though significant numbers of people had arrived in protest. This is a developing story and we will continue coverage as news of the Unification spreads around the world. Already the Seylosian stock markets have begun to respond positively with inevitability of unrestricted trade between the former sovereign nations.
  5. Seylos

    The Storm

    5 days later in Selbourne "Is it something you're ashamed of?" Aidan glanced over from his chair at the doctor. Dustin had been instant trying to get him to get some sort of help, and eventually his pride had been overwhelmed by his partner's pleas. "Why would I be ashamed?" Aidan replied coldly, his eyes narrowing while responding to the psychologist. "You told me that you had let them get away, that you felt everything had become much worse now. Is that true?" "Of course it is, I couldn't stop those people from taking something my own family made. Terrible weapons..." Aidan trailed off slowly bringing his hand up to his head rubbing his temples. "What makes you think you could have done more than you already had done?" Aidan huffed, "What do you mean? If I had been there... I could have pushed them quicker or been more efficient. Or something! Not just gone back to a room full of scared people and cried." "This bodyguard you were with? Mr. Parker was it? Do you think he was in some way incapable of his job?" Aidan opened his mouth for a second but stopped. He didn't have a response and he paused trying to think of something. But of course the doctor chose to speak quicker. "You described him as a man not only good at his work but as someone of solid character yes? "Yes... of course, he saved my life." "A veteran yes?" The doctor said. "Yes, as far as I know he's been in the military for years. He was in Fulgistan before he transferred out and was assigned to my security detail." "Can you tell me then... Do you think you would have been better than him? Would you have been able to stop those terrorists better than he would have? Right there in that situation?" "You don't understand I have to be there, if I don't-" Aidan stopped himself. He was struggling with words to try and counter the doctor. "I know you've been in a few conflicts, but do you think that Mr. Parker would be less qualified than yourself to take on that responsibility? Would it have been his fault?" "Of course it wasn't his fault, he fought harder and with more skill than almost anyone I had seen before. He's a far more proficient fighter than anyone I've ever met." Aidan said, feeling a sort of anger building up while defending Parker. "So if he couldn't have done it, how could you?"
  6. Seylos

    The Storm

    Aidan turned around to grab his rifle that he had laid down when he felt a hand on his shoulder. He turned around sharply to see Parker looking at him. "Your Majesty, I need you to stay out of harm's way. I've kept you alive most of today, I don't intend on letting you get hurt now. I'll take care of this." Parker took his hand off of Aidan's shoulder looking directly into his eyes. Aidan reluctantly nodded, he had always been more of a man of action but in this situation running gun ho into a fight felt ridiculous even to him. "Your Majesty, Lord Garth is waiting for you. I would suggest you be with him. There's a lot of scared people who need someone like you right now." Aidan stared at him for a moment, then blinked. He resisted the urge to shake his head while clearing his mind and gave a simple nod. Parker nodded back in return grabbing one of the Seylosian guards and ordering him to escort the king back to the main group. Aidan watched as he ran back towards to the growing group of palace guards and Seylosians to take the fight to the rebels that has stormed the palace. For awhile everything seemed slightly in a blur. He walked past what felt like more than a dozen people rushing past him towards the fight. A fight he felt such an urge to get back to. Eventually though, they made their way over to the main entrance again, the sound of sporadic echoing gunshots behind them. Nobody registered their arrival, mostly wrapped up in their own terror, but almost as soon as he entered the room he heard a familiar voice call out to him, "Aidan! Oh god Aidan are you alright?" Dustin ran up and nearly tackled him, "Oh god I had no idea what was going on. Are you alright?" Aidan embraced him back and took a second taking a look around. He grabbed Dustin holding him tightly and guiding him towards some door close to the main entrance. There was a Seylosian bodyguard nearby who approached him, seeming to warn him off but in his hurry he just waved at him. He heard Dustin speak briefly but he threw the door open and dragged Dustin in. Inside was a some sort of closet, not terribly small but enough to fit all sorts of janitorial supplies. Aidan turned to look at Dustin but didn't make a sound just staring at him. "Aidan, are you alright?" Dustin asked in concern. He could see something was incredibly wrong with the king. Aidan just stood there silently staring at him. Dustin felt Aidan's hand hold his arm hard in a vice grip. He couldn't control his breathing anymore at that point, Aidan started heaving in and out and looked around in a panic, and was grasping onto Dustin for what felt like dear life. He couldn't focus and all he could do was grasp onto his partner, the only thing here that made him feel safe. Dustin at this point was almost panicking himself, but almost immediately understood what was happening. He just grabbed Aidan holding him in his arms. ----------------------- Parker was looking back and forth between the old blueprints that had been found in the room and straight ahead. Him, the bodyguards, and several palace guards were advancing down what felt like an endless series of tunnels under the palace complex. But Parker knew what they were looking for, and the dire consequences if they couldn't secure it before these terrorists could. After awhile of moving forward they could hear voices up ahead, he silently motioned to his group to get ready for the upcoming confrontation. Approaching a corner in the corridor, Parker peaked around and saw a door only a few feet away wide open. Inside several men were hurriedly trying to move large metal crates. He quickly looked back and gave the signal to move, at this point no amount of strategy was going to beat their element of surprise through that open door. Parker and his group of guard rounded the corner, opening fire almost immediately. The closest enemy to the door was cut down quickly while the other scrambled to rally, throwing down their crated and hurriedly trying to get to their weapons. By this point though it was too late, Parker and his guards had already breached the opening laying down fire through the whole room. What terrorists were left were returning fire while trying to retreat. However Parker could see something wrong, even though most of the enemy had decided to return to engage them there was a bright light flickering around the corner where the other exit was. By the time the battle was over, several of his guards were injured and most of the enemy was dead save a few that had been captured. But he had already known what was going to happen. He ran up to the heavy steel door on the other of the room and saw the welding marks. They had sealed it from the other side, and he knew the couldn't pursue them through the hurricane.
  7. Landmark Agreement with Gallambria, Seylos Looking to the Stars Yesterday the King signed an agreement brought to him from the ambassador to @Gallambria in a landmark moment to try and move Seylos directly into the Space Age. The Royal Navy and Air Forces have come together with the government to help form a new civilian agency, the Seylosian Space and Aeronautics Administration (SSAA). Under this agreement the SSA has been committed to work directly with the Gallambrian Space Agency to further both nations interests in borth aeronautics and space exploration. For decades Seylos has lacked any sort of major aeronautics industry after the collapse of the country's largest aircraft manufacturer, Vertical Enterprises, in the mid 1970s. The government hopes with this initiative that an entire new industry will blossom, giving the country a decisive edge against others on the world economic stage. In fact the latest aircraft to be designed and Seylos, though build in Prymont, is the Harrier III variants which has pushed the Seylosian air technology into the modern era. In fact the Harrier program has already brought benefits to those that were involved, many of whom have reportedly already been recruited by the SSAA both military and civilian alike. On top of this, the creation of the SSAA has also spurred an enormous amount of excitement in the field of academics, with both the University of Selbourne and University of Norfolk both confirming they have been approached for consultation regarding the agency. The city of Kirkwall has already been chosen as the main headquarters for the SSAA not only due to large available amounts of desirable land for the agency, but also the most favorable weather patterns for potential launches that could occur in Seylos. The mayor of the city has already released in statement that he is "absolutely thrilled by the announcement and the future benefits it could bring to the city of Kirkwall". The government has said that more information will be released in the coming days to the SBC, but until then this seems to be an enormous step forward for Seylos towards the stars.
  8. Seylos

    The Storm

    Aidan stood up suddenly and made a glance at the closed door, then back at the wall of tapes and records. "Help me, find anything on a weapon." Parker took a look back at the terrified ambassadors. Each of them held a look of fear and total confusion on their faces. Undoubtedly they were wondering why they were pausing for this while being chased by some rogue group, a thought that Parker himself was having. "Your Majesty, with all due respect... we are being hunted right now. I understand the gravity of this, but we can't take the time to look through all of this. I have to escort you safely out of here." "Your king has issued you an order, " Aidan looked briefly behind him, and Parker could see the anger in his eyes. "If you want to go faster get them to help." Almost involuntarily, Parker brought himself mostly to attention before forcing himself to relax and turn towards the two ambassadors. Collins was already up rifling through the records on the wall. Seeing the confused look on Parker's face he simply shrugged, "I want to get out of here as quickly as possible, but I won't lie I'd love to hold one over those damn Eirreans." "I'll just um... watch the door," mumbled Walkton, sheepishly facing towards the door away from the rest of them. Parker rolled his eyes grabbing the ambassador by the should and gently pushing him towards the wall full of records. "I think it's better I keep watch, just keep it down." Parker said, making sure to keep an eye on Aidan. He had never seen the king be so focused on a task. But he supposed this was far into his own family's business. He couldn't imagine having a family line of people who endlessly disappointed him. First his own father, then his brother, and now apparently a killer grandfather. After a few minutes of rifling around Collins triumphantly held up an open file whispering loudly, "What about this? I think this might be what you are looking for!?" Aidan stopped what he was doing immediately and much to Collins' surprise grabbed the file out of his hand gently. The file, marked 'S42' was thick with papers, and other materials taped inside of it. Aidan took a minute to go through the contents before outside they could here the sounds of commotion outside of the door. The commotion quickly turned fro muffled shouts to heavy gunfire. Parker immediately ran behind one of the old heavy metal desks in the room and threw his weight underneath it, flipping it over on its side. He aggressively gestured at the group pointing down behind the table. Both ambassadors virtually dived behind the table, and Aidan quickly grabbed his rifle off a nearby countertop before joining the rest, both him and Parker aiming at the door. The gunshots continued but the voices, at least to Parker sounded almost familiar. Almost on a leap of faith he threw up his hand hoping Aidan would notice. The door screeched open, and with it the sounds of gunfire louder than ever, though less frequent than before. In burst a man in a suit, handgun raised ready to fire before he recognized his king. "My god Your Majesty, Parker. We've been sweeping the grounds for you. Is the king alright?" The man said, pointing his pistol down. Parker had noticed his command had been just in time, as Aidan was only just lowering his rifle, a look of relief on his face. "We're alright Abner. What's going on?" Abner breathed a sigh of relief, "We've got the enemy on the run sir. We managed to rally the palace guard, it seems like whoever is behind this clearly didn't have their support. It's been hard tracking them through the storm..." Aidan quickly hopped over the table almost shoving a paper from the file in Abner's face, "I need this area secured immediately." Abner gave a quick worried glance over to Parker, who shook his head. "Your Majesty, we've got the enemy on the run, we can't just let them escape." Aidan shoved the paper into Abern's chest, "I'm well aware, but it doesn't matter. This is the only thing that matters now do you understand?" Abner took the paper in his hand, holding it up into the light and nodded in understand, "Yes Your Majesty, of course."
  9. So apparently Derthalen is gone from discord again and I know a lot of people have responded to, plan on responding to, or at the very least written about a reaction in RP about the Dolch See war. Over the past few months we've had a crazy amount of hiccups. First was the initial negotiations to do it, then Derthalen left the first time, then Rhodellia appeared and threw in a wrench, then Derthalen reappeared, then Adaptus reappeared and threw in a wrench, then new negotiations with Derth started taking a turn away from total war. Then he has left the discord again. I'm not really sure what the future of the RP truly is now. Or that any of it should remain canon. I'd love to hear what anyone has to think about what we should do, I've heard some ideas from people in the past but now with yet another development I wanted to officially bring it up.
  10. Ever since the declaration of war the palace had become a mad house, but as Aidan looked out over the city, he began to realize that while it was hectic here life continued moving at the same pace. "Your majesty?" A voice came from behind Aidan. He turned to look atone of his aides that had entered his room, various folders and files in his hands. "What is it?" Aidan replied. "I've been requested to ask you to the war room Your Majesty. Admiral Forrest wants to talk to you." Aidan nodded and left his balcony, following the aide through the winding and busy palace. As usual upon entering the war room most of the people present began to stand and salute their king and of course as usual in response Aidan waved them back down. He thanked the aide and made his way to the back private meeting room where Rear Admiral Todd was waiting for him. He gave a brisk salute before spending some moments on a tablet in his hand bringing up the image of Admiral Forrest . Aidan took a seat quickly, followed by Todd. "Admiral, I hope we have a plan." "Yes sir. We've been pouring over the Tagmatine intelligence reports that have been sent to us. It's obviously not complete, but they've manage to steal a few looks at Derthaler coastal defenses. With your permission sir, we want to move forward with a series of probing attacks along the coast. The allied forces are almost ready to begin an attack in force and we need to know as much about the enemy as possible. I've already readied the First Fleet for action." "What exactly will this attack entail Admiral?" "A series of cruise missile attack on various static emplacements and defenses along the coast. We've chosen targets based on the viability of the landing sites, on top of other decoy targets in order to make sure the don't know exactly what we are up to. Although I believe the fleet will most likely out range the Derthalers I've also decided to push them in slightly within range of Derthaler missiles. We need to see what we are dealing with." Aidan glanced over to Rear Admiral Todd, "Admiral?" Todd nodded in agreement with the plan, "I wholeheartedly concur Your Majesty. We need to test their defenses before committing to an attack." "Well this is the easiest decision I've had all day Admiral, you have a go. And good luck. At least you don't have to deal with international outcry." Aidan said with a slight chuckle. "I don't envy the task sir. Thank you sir."
  11. So Seylosian Protestantism came about due to fleeing from Great Burlington to Seylos. The main reason for it is Seylos's king was outed as being a homosexual in order to weaken his rebellion in Great Burlington which did work. However the grievances that bonded most of the rebelling lords still held them together while recognizing him. After fleeing to Seylos when they lost, King Harold essentially bribed the clergy that went with them with more governmental power in order to allow homosexuality so nobody would challenge his reign based on it. From there of course there was a total break from the main church and it went off on its own.
  12. I don't even know what to say anymore. When this first started I asked the mods what to do then I did it. Derthalen set his terms for the conflict. We spent months trying to plan this we all sorts of roadblocks in the way. I'm not a mod or an admin and I thought I was just doing the process I was supposed to do in order to make this work. I'm kind of at my wits end with this, I've put a lot of RP on hold in order to have the war and honestly I don't even know if it's worth it right now. I really hope Adaptus, Derthalen, the admins, and mods can sort this out because I honestly don't know what to do.
  13. @Adaptus I see you're beginning to launch an attack? Can you explain what's going on exactly? I didn't know you were joining
  14. Seylos

    The Storm

    "Come on now" Aidan said harshly, pulling Walkton with him, Collins sheepishly in tow. Up ahead, Parker was advancing slowly down the hallway towards a set of side stairs they had passed on their way up. Both Aidan and Parker has taken the now dead assailants weapon, which had been surprisingly well armed. Aidan rushed a little to get closer to Parker who took a quick glance behind him. "Your Majesty please-" "Don't 'Your Majesty please' me Parker, we're in this together right now. You aren't taking on all these people by yourself. Drop the your majesties for the moment." "Sir... I need to get you out of here safe. I can't do that if your busy shooting people right beside me." Parker replied, worry on his face. "Well if we shoot people together maybe we can both get out of this. Let's save this discussion for later and get to those stairs." Parker nodded and sighed in frustration. He turned his full attention back towards the end of the hallway continuing his advance while Aidan and the ambassadors tailed behind. The spent some time weaving around the long halls, hearing the sounds of gunfire in the large palace complex. Eventually the found something worth investigating. In front of them was a small door, indicating a stairwell. Parker went through first followed by the others, but instead of being greeted by the stairwell an elevator door was in front of them. It was an older style elevator, and guessing by the table full of old snacks and drink cans there were guards posted there at some point. Parker looked back towards Aidan, "Sir?" "I suppose it's time to take a ride in a lift, come on get in." Parker opened the doors to the elevator, which was strangely still in operation. Aidan quickly shepherded the ambassadors into the elevator with them. "Were are we going?" Collins spoke up. Aidan glanced at him while pressing one of the only two buttons on the elevator, "f*ck if I know, but it's out of the line of fire." When the doors closed behind them Parker turned to Aidan, "Sir, shouldn't we be making our way out? Or at the very least trying to get to the Duke?" A pang of anxiety ran through Aidan. He knew Dustin was in danger but he had to think clearly and pushed any thoughts out of his head, "He can take care of himself Parker. We went through a coup together, I'm more than confident he can take care of some terrorists." Parker silently nodded as the elevator finally came to a halt. He wrenched the doors opened and slowly moved out into the deserted hallway in front of them. It was dark, but still lit slightly with what appeared to be emergency lights. The musty smell of what was in front of him confirmed how old this place was. Water stains ran down the decaying concrete walls while rusted piped ran along the ceiling. "You and the ambassadors follow me closely sir," Parker said holding his rifle in front of him advancing slowly down the hallway. The flickering lights lent another layer of dispair as the group slowly made its way through the underground. Walkton turned to Collins shaking his head, his eyes wide in fear. "What are we even doing down here?" Collins shrugged, while Aidan stared him down, "I was hoping we wouldn't die down here, or do you have a better idea ambassador?" Walkton recoiled slightly when the whole part froze. Somewhere in the distance there was some sort of noise. Too random to be machinery, maybe even the sound of footsteps. Parker signaled toward a close door, a heavy metal contraption. Both Aidan and Park cranked the door open while pushing slightly opening the door allowing the whole party to slip in. Aidan and Parker quickly pushed the door closed while resealing it. What they walked into though was bizarre. Around them were some old CRT televisions and some newer flatscreen monitors. To one side a small bank of computer sat in idle and on the other side of the room resided a large series of shelves loaded with VHS tapes. The walls were covered with papers and pictures. Writing scribbled over all of them. "What is all this?" Collins whispered. Aidan approached the wall with the tapes, slowly moving his hands over the various cases until he settled on a tape labeled only a month ago. He pulled itout and opened the case, producing the tape within. "Sir, I seriously recommend we don't watch anything right now, somebody could hear us," Parker said, glancing at the door behind them all. "I'll keep it quiet Parker, but this was my grandfather's. I just need to see. This has to have been something he was using." Aidan said glancing back Parker. Parker furrowed his brows in concern but nodded, letting his king explore his curiosity. Aidan took the tape and walked over to one of the CRT televisions turning it on, he made sure to turn the volume low before he inserted the tape into the integrated tape player. As soon as the tape wound up he say the image of his grandfather, Mághnus Mac Aodhagáin on the monitor. "It's been years but I finally feel I am close. I can save my daughter and stop those disgusting Seylosians. I've spent years playing their games and placating their pathetic royal family. She needs to be back with me, her father. Henry showed some promise, but Aidan... He's pathetic. Doesn't he see the enemies around him? Doesn't he see what they could do to Eleanora? It doesn't matter I've arranged for to be taken back to me in the next few months and I can finally deal with the Seylosians. She doesn't need to be near him. I know she filled his mind with all these... ideals. But she'll listen to her father I know she will. We've spent so long developing these weapons and they are finally almost ready. I can kill them all you know? Every single god forsaken Seylosian. I can only hope I hit the palace directly. Kill him. HIM. He's keeping me from her and Henry couldn't stop him... the idiot. Just need to... deploy the weapons, make him watch them all suffer. Watch them all die. I'll -" Aidan hit the eject button on the tape stopping the video. He spent a second just staring at the blank screen. "Christ, I knew it. Mághnus was insane he could have killed everyone in Pleinmont and Sark!" Collins blurted but was quickly shut up with a glancing scowl from Parker. Paker slowly walked towards Aidan and put a hand on his shoulder, "Sir... Aidan are you ok?" Aidan didn't move, still just staring at the blank screen. He couldn't muster any words and just muttered, "My god."
  15. Hey man welcome! Join our Discord and hit me up if you need any help with anything!
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