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  1. Commodore Austyn McKellar had taken in the sight around him in the Antargic Council Chambers of all the diplomats and scientists who had come to the meeting. It was surely a strange sight seeing a military man in the room, in fact possibly one of the very few directly representing their country. Should any other nation present a military leader to the council this may be a cause for concern, but a Seylosian military officer with a group of scientists wasn’t something to bat an eye at. As the head of the Royal Navy Oceanic Research Division, he was a scientist just like many of the other attendees. If anything it was almost a seal of approval of the gathering of nations, with some of the country’s brightest minds joining the Seylosian military. He sat listening to the representative from Orioni, a Mr Tobiya Wayanor, talk about his various points from icebreakers, climate change, and of course the elephant in the room territorial acquisition. Dr. Varazzo from Salvia was next, though it took a moment to get their standing. Some of the other diplomats around the room snickered as the man stammered out his first words before getting to the topic at hand. Which of course seemed to be the most sought after topic of the day, again territorial management. He could tell things might be a bit rough regarding that. Following Varazzo was what he could only tell was an incredibly tall clone of Dina Diva with a PhD. He had taken to watching her across the room fidgeting and sighing, a look of barely contained anger on her face. He rolled his eyes at her platitudes of protecting Antargis, he doubted the Variotans cared much for keeping the integrity of the continent intact. He watched the woman sit and quickly down her drink, her face reverting back to thinly veiled disgust. McKellar hadn't the best opinions of Variotans, though he had met a few he had genuinely positive feelings towards. The last time he had actually spoken to one was at a gathering at the Royal Palace, where members of the military scientific community had gathered at the King's request. He had remembered the Variotan ambassador showing up very strung out and chugging as much of the free alcohol in the room as he could. When McKellar had finally been able to meet the King, the ambassador had strolled up nudging him and has asked him quite loudly if all the equipment on his 'science boats' could microwave the fish in the ocean before being picked up before whispering loudly that Variota would pay a princely sum for such a revolutionary technology. At least the King had gotten a laugh out of it while the Commodore had just sat there with his palm to his face. McKellar stood up to address the council after checking over his notes one final time, “Thank you all, and thank you especially to the United States of Prymont for hosting this event. I won’t lie that I’m incredibly excited to be here to help share in the untapped potential of Antargis. The scientific community in Seylos has been ready to explore this unknown continent for many years, and we hope now to join the international effort of uncovering its mysteries.” “Like Mr Wayanor had spoken of before, Seylos has also been highly concerned for the possibilities of climate change, and the impact it may have on the seas that our country relies so heavily upon. Our own concerns stem from observations made in the north pole by climate scientists stationed in Llalta, who have made the journey to study the breakup of several ice sheets. We agree that studying the effects of any sort of climate shift the planet is going through is of critical importance to all nations present. Seylos also seeks to study the continents past, and to use the location as a way to research crop growth in the most extreme of conditions to prepare ourselves for the future. Our country has already seen a terrible set of possibilities in our neighbors to the west, where ecological devastation and overpopulation has pushed the island of Ceris to its near breaking point.” “And of course the biggest question in the room that we are all seeking the answers to is… how do we deal with all this territory? Though I’m sure that we are all going to dive into that issue at length, I would like to impress upon the representatives that we need to treat this land not as just another acquisition of clay to expand our nations’ power and influence,” McKellar took a moment to glance over at the Variotan representative. He didn’t know how many people had noticed but he couldn't help himself. “But as a place rife with scientific wealth and potential for extraordinary exploration.” He sat back down, satisfied with his opening statement, and prepared himself to listen to the next diplomats speak as well.
  2. Seylos

    Doom of Ceris

    The Seylosian military, at its core, had seen itself as a humanitarian and scientific force. Most countries the size of Seylos tended to have larger militaries, more guns, more tanks, more aircraft, but the one thing that had distinguished Seylosians from all of them was their desire to help. Politically of course things were always different than those high lofted ideals burned into the brains of recruits from day one, but at its core, the Seylosian military wasn’t built for conquest. When even the lowest private is expected to spend years in higher education, aggression was never a highly sought out trait for a Seylosian soldier. Colonel Ryley was crouched on top of the tallest building on the outskirts of Liechnenfax, a simple four story building, joining some of his lieutenants in looking out across the vast emptiness in front of them. Decades ago the land would have been filled with trees, but years of neglect and poverty had stripped the land bare of its vegetation, most likely used in heating the countless homes surrounding the core of the Hodrean capital. Ryley thought about those ideals and what it would mean for the fight ahead. He was worried about how his troops would react to such a desperate situation, but every marine under his command seemed to show more steadfast resolve than he could have ever imagined. He knew their training, and who most were as individuals, focused them on the single task ahead; protect the millions of defenseless people behind them, to give them a fighting chance. Considering how hard it was to join the Seylosian armed forces, he figured that it made sense that at least these five hundred out of thirty four million would be this way. “Colonel, we’ve just come back from our scout mission. They’re here, two kilometers to the south. I’m fairly certain they will be in engagement range within the hour,” a young lieutenant ran up to him and gasped out, clearly exhausted from sprinting to the Colonel. They had silenced long ranged radio communications to make sure the Sentists didn’t know that the Seylosians were present, though they no doubt would figure that out quickly. “Thank you Lieutenant, get to the Defiant. Let them know to be ready.” The lieutenant saluted and sprinted off back to the helicopter he had requisitioned from the Hodrean militia. Ryley gave a sigh and picked up a larger radio set next to him. A soldier next to him, a captain, gave him a tap on the shoulder and shook his head tapping the shoulder mounted radio on the colonel. “Right of course, short ranged,” Ryley said, responding to the captain. He grabbed the radio pressing down on the transmit button. Any good commander should be able to come up with a speech on the eve of battle. “This is Colonel Ryley. Within the hour, the Sentist forces will be upon us. I know for most of us, war is a foreign concept, something left to the other nations of the Eurth. I know though that each one of you understands the reasons we are here. Most nations on Eurth don’t care about what happens to these people, but we do. Our king has made it our duty to defend these people’s lives no matter the cost. But our king doesn’t ask us to fight for him today, or even for Seylos. Tens of thousands of the enemy lie in front of us and over ten million defenseless civilians are behind us. We are their shield and their sword. The Hodrean state may no longer exist, but we are here to make sure they survive. We need to hold off their hordes for eight hours. Eight hours until our reinforcements and Gallambrian soldiers join us in this fight. Each captain, lieutenant, and sergeant knows what needs to be done. Good luck to you all, God save the King, and God save Seylos and Ceris.” Ryley took his hand off his radio and took a look around him. Major Werner, who had joined him, nodded at him. Ryley took a deep breath and took one last look at the undisturbed landscape in front of him. ----- Two Hours Later The Seylosian Harrier glided over Liechnenfax, making its way towards the billowing clouds of smoke in the distance. The pilot checked his HUD when a new indicator light lit up, a laser targeting lock from the ground. The pilot activated his radio, “Alpha six confirming target lock.” On the ground Corporal Alaster radioed back, bullet fire raking a nearby wall, “Confirmed Alpha Six!” Within a few seconds a missile could be seen arcing from the sky, dropping quickly and slamming into the fairly elderly tank it was targeting. Alaster was only a hundred meters from the explosion ducking as debris shot overhead. He staggered backwards behind the rubble pile he was taking cover behind, scrambling to right himself bringing his rifle back up over the crest of the rubble pile. Even behind the flaming remains of the tank, soldiers poured out from around it firing their weapons. With Alaster were only a handful of soldiers, both his sergeant and the Hodrean sergeant had been pulled back after being wounded. At this point they had fallen back five times, with the fighting ravaging the center of the city. The somewhat small skyscrapers in the center of Liechnenfax had been hindering their airstrikes, with both Seylosian, Gallambrian, and Tagmatine jets running around the clock dropping ordnance. Alaster squeezed off several rounds at several figures rushing through the smoke around the downed tank. He swore he could see a couple fall as he was firing but he wasn’t entirely sure. The entire battle the Sentists had continued to send wave after wave of soldiers against them, sometimes he was sure they didn’t even have rifles to fire with. He was distracted for a moment when his radio crackled. “All units, fall back to phase line six, repeat phase line six.” Alaster took care to not stand too tall and waved his arm yelling out while also grasping onto his radio, “Fall back! Six, six!” Around him his men quickly began to make their way in the opposite direction, of course one thing that was hard for him to fully come to terms with was all the people they were leaving behind. Every Seylosian was falling back, but each time they moved back, thousands of civilians were no longer being protected behind their lines, with most not being able to flee before the Sentists arrived. The marines had brought with them several amphibious assault vehicles which were only being sparingly used to quickly move the men back to their next fallback lines. He sprinted up to the open hatch of the AAV waving towards his men to get inside. Above him the vehicle’s guns had turned around and were firing back at the advancing Sentists, hopefully buying them time. One of his men was wounded, trying to crawl towards the waiting AAV, Alaster sprinted out after him, calling for covering fire. The AAV’s gun turned slightly and opened up trying to suppress the growing enemy numbers threatening to overwhelm them. Soon ALaster found himself next to the soldier, who had suffered a bullet wound to his leg, and was about to help him up when two Sentists sprang out from behind their cover. The AAV opened fire briefly, forcing them to keep their heads down for a second. Alaster’s wounded comrade took the opportunity to open fire with his pistol, hitting one of them. The second Sentist leaped at Alaster knocking him to the ground. They struggled for a time trading a few blows before Alaster was able to pull out his knife. He knocked the soldier to the ground and slammed the blade right into his chest, the soldier staring down at his chest with a look of pain and surprise on his face. Alaster pulled out his knife and took a moment looking at the Sentist. He was incredibly young, couldn’t have been anymore than sixteen. The moment felt like an eternity processing what was going on before his senses returned to him, grabbing his wounded comrade and helping him back to the AAV. ---- “All units, fall back to phase line six, repeat phase line six,” Ryley said, speaking directly into a large radio unit that was with him in the new command center they had set up in a slightly less tall building located in the city center. “I’m sure you’re aware that that line is behind us, correct?” Major Werner said, fiddling with his own radio to send out the message to his own troops. The Sentists unrelenting attack had pushed them back faster than they had ever expected, with their position now having been cut off from their main lines. Of course the building they had been in had provided a unique line of sight that they had taken full advantage of, calling in airstrikes all over the city. The Colonel had made the decision to hold their ground and continue calling in the strikes regardless of their vulnerable position. Now with their remaining forces falling back, there was virtually no hope of rescue. Two of their men were still with them, the other having bent sent back behind their lines before they were cut off. “I am indeed Major. No doubt they will be at our doors soon.” Ryley replied, sighing. No doubt the Sentists knew this was their command center and had spread that information around. No sooner had he thought that than an explosion rocked the building almost sending him to his knees. Bullets had started strafing the windows. The two soldiers with them rushed into cover a Hodrean and Seylosian, aiming their weapons at the door, readying for a last stand. Outside the gunfire picked up dramatically, but the most puzzling sound was the sound of yelling and screaming. The Seylosians and Hodreans had already long fallen back and neither Ryley nor Werner knew exactly what was going on. Then, just quiet. Werner slowly made his way towards one of the shattered windows and took a peak over the edge. He looked back and Ryley, shrugging. “I don’t see anything,” he said. Suddenly came a set of slow knocks on the door. Both the other soldiers in the room looked at each other before glancing back at Colonel Ryley who stood perplexed. He gave a perplexed look at Major Werner before deciding to answer, “Um… who is it?” “I was hoping we could speak face to face,“ came a voice from behind the door, clearly not one of their own. “If you don’t mind, if we wanted you dead, we’d have made that a reality by now.” Considering their situation, Ryley was hoping he could avoid a glorious last stand. He took a moment to stand all the way up, waving at the two other men to lower their rifles, “Alright, come in.” The door opened, and cautiously a few soldiers filed into the room, the looked very different from the rabble the Sentists had sent into Liechnenfax. Each one wearing an identical uniform, vests, and gear. Once inside, one of the waved someone from the adjoining hallway in. In stepped a man, dressed in what could only be described as a sort of hybrid between religious garb and a crisp business suit. “Hello Colonel, my name is Dietmund Lorenz, Speaker for what you call the ‘Sentists’. We must leave the city center immediately, and after that I must speak to your King. Before we leave, please advise your troops to get well outside the city’s center. I believe my High Priest has finally lost his mind.” ----- Alaster sat exhausted in the back of the AAV, he had no idea that the fighting would be so intense. Inside was a grim sight, most of his men had been wounded, with the single medic with them working frantically to care for all their wounds in the cramped quarters. Near the front of the vehicle, the bodies of three of his people were covered, some of their blood seeping through the cloth. It wasn’t much, but Alaster had made sure to leave nobody behind alive or dead. He broke through his thoughts when he realized the AAV hadn’t stopped moving, it had been traveling slow for awhile now trying to navigate through the throngs of refugees frantically trying to escape the city, but even at it’s slower pace it still would have made it. He carefully squeezed his way up to the drivers, taking care not to disturb the bodies of his fallen comrades, and stuck his head inside, “Why haven’t we stopped?” “Sorry Corporal, we just got orders from Colonel Ryley to keep falling back. We’re heading to the last fallback line, outside the coastal highway and docks.” Alaster couldn't help but let some shock show in his face, “He’s still alive?” “Seems so.” Alaster dropped back into the passenger cabin and pried open the hatch above him, peering out. He was grateful as cooler air rushed into the cramped cabin, but he quickly lost that feeling when he gazed out behind him. Thousands of people were still trying to escape crammed into the roads and side streets. But as the tall buildings of the city center got slowly smaller behind them he noticed something else. Nobody was pursuing them, besides the fearful panic ridden crowd, the battlefield had become silent. ----- The HMS Defiant was holding its position off the coast of Liechnenfax, for the past several hours the carrier had been continuously launching and receiving its combat aircraft. There had been a slight lull for the moment, but that is what concerned Captain Walker. Behind him, his executive officer approached, calling out for him. “Commander?”, the Captain said, still gazing out over the city, columns of smoke rising from it. “Captain, the Gallambrian task force has arrived, it won’t be long before they can begin deployment. Our own reinforcements are also close by with them.” The captain gave a sigh of relief, thank god. They had been pushed back to the edge of the city, and they needed the reinforcements more than ever. He paused for a second, noting the look of concern on the commander’s face, “Is there more?” The commander nodded, producing a tablet and handing it to the captain. On it were a series of aerial photos. “We aren’t entirely certain what’s going on, but it looks like an enormous convoy of small vehicles, lorries, and tankers. We’ve identified much of what is coming in as munitions, but… many of them don’t appear to hold them.” Walker swiped his finger going across the screen looking at each photo, “Oil tankers? Food supplies?” “No sir, many of these vehicles are carrying what looks to be some sort of salt or potentially sand? Many of these tankers were models originally made for agricultural purposes, carrying ammonium nitrate and other fertilizers. The could be repurposed for carrying fuel of course, but we’ve encountered little in the way of Sentists heavy vehicle support. I doubt they’d need to expose whatever fuel reserves they have in such a grand fashion like this.” “Wait…” In that moment it dawned on him, hitting like a freight train, “These aren’t supplies, ammonium nitrate in the tankers… Commander it isn’t just salt in the back of those trucks, it has to be something like sodium nitrate or some other solid fertilizer. Oh my god what are the doing?” ----- Outskirts of Liechnenfax “High Priest, the last of the deliveries have been made. Our troops have mostly fallen back to the outskirts of the city.” High Priest Carran stood on the edge of their camp gazing out over the smoking city, turning his attention to his attendant. “The population?” The attendant took a moment to collect himself, “As many as we could find were… moved in the vicinity.” “Do you have reservations?” The attendant felt a pang of fear, “Of-Of course not High Priest I-” The High Priest placed his hand on his shoulder giving a somber smile, “Of course you do, and I do not blame you. What we are doing… is evil. But an evil that will be in service to Ceris’s everlasting prosperity. Feel no shame. But it must be awoken, and our message must be sent.” “It must be sent,” his attendant replied, looking down. Carran looked forward, in his hand he held a satellite phone and started to dial. He felt it almost poetic that this small phone would be responsible for sending such a cosmic message. He input the last number, his thumb hanging over the call button. He took a breath, closing his eyes for just a moment, and pressed down. From the center of the city a brilliant flash illuminated the darkened landscape. For just a moment, it was almost as bright as the middle of the day. He watched as what could only be described as a sort of spherical fog rapidly expanded from the city, washing over the tallest buildings. Then he could see the violent explosion rise into the sky chasing after the shock wave. He stood there, in awe of what he had wrought as the weakened shock wave washed over the camp followed by the deafening roar of the explosion. “Finally…” High Priest Carran whispered to himself, “It has been sent.”
  3. Seylos

    Doom of Ceris

    Selbourne, Seylos Ever since the Aidan had come into power the Royal Palace had changed significantly not only in its interior design, but in its purpose. Aidan had quickly grown tired of traveling to various ministerial buildings dotting the city of Selbourne, and had decided for a somewhat more centralized administration. If he had been asked about what had inspired this change of logistics he of course would have replied that changes had needed to be made with the government in order to make it run more efficiently, but had he been asked in private his real answer would have simply been laziness. Because of this efficient laziness now many of Seylos’s most important ministers kept their offices within the palace walls. Once filled with endless rooms to show off the kingdoms prestige and house her most prominent members of society, now the palace was a maze of offices, servers, and meeting rooms. But most importantly, for the crisis at hand, one of the palace’s former grand ballrooms now contained a vast control center. This control center was now the heart of all operations being conducted in Ceris and the seas surrounding it. Military officers and government officials mingled as the King entered. A year ago they would have all stopped to give salutes and bows, but after months of insistence from the young king all now simply nodded in respect as he passed them. Aidan made his way to a meeting room in the corner of the operations center, inside waiting for him were at the moment most likely the two other most important people in the kingdom. Geoffrey Tatum stood from his chair and gave a slight bow, and next to him Admiral Forrest rose giving him a quick salute. “Minister, Admiral I hear we have updates?” Aidan said, taking a seat opposite of them. In turn both of them also sat down. “Yes Your Majesty,” Geoffrey responded, “I’m sure you have no doubt heard of the responses we have to our ‘call to arms’ as it were. At this moment I can say that @Gallambria has promised troops for Ceris, as well as eventually the Tagmantines ( @Tagmatium Rules). The response from @Variota was… colorful.” Geoffrey slid a single paper across the conference table toward Aidan, who picked up the document. Had it been any other occasion it may have been amusing to watch his reaction. His expression shifted quickly from a slight scowl to enraged. “Are they serious about this? They want us to raze parts of an entire city to stop a military advance. Millions of people live in Liechnenfax! Variotan missiles… No doubt they mean Varinco missiles. We joined the TRIDENT partner for peace program and the first military conflict we get into one of their most prominent members suggest f*cking war crimes. To think we had actually considered their offer to join TRIDENT…” “I understand the frustration Your Majesty, I have to deal with these people on a daily basis. I’m still not entirely sure if the Variotan ambassador entirely realizes what country they’re in some days. I will issue an official protest when time permits given the current crisis.” Aidan sighed, “What about the rest? @Fulgistan?” “An official statement hasn’t come yet from Fulgistan, however in our talks I believe in the near future a Fulgistani force could be forthcoming. ICEB has carved out quite a piece of Ceris, and it appears they consider the Sentists as great a threat as we do. We’ve also received an official communication from Sanctum Imperium Catholicum ( @Salvia), they desire to send a small force of soldiers to assist in our efforts.” Geoffrey replied, flipping through his notes. “Interesting… the Catholic Empire moving to help. They can be generous at times… but what do you think is bringing this on?” Geoffrey took a moment, stroking his short beard, “We don't have any official reason, but Ceris does have a large enough Catholic minority for them to take interest. No doubt this is a move to protect various iconic structures and relics located within the island. They would most likely make excellent peacekeeping forces for Catholic areas if liberated from the Sentists.” “Admiral?” Admiral Forrest took a moment to straightened herself up before passing some documents across the table. Aidan raised an eyebrow for a moment before looking down at them and their contents. “Sir, currently the Gallambrian and Tagmatine fleets have occupied the Dolch Sea in force. As far as I’m aware at the moment Tagmatium has focused most of its troop concentration in Secryae, however we have received word that we may count on their carrier support within the area of Liechnenfax. The Gallambrian force commanded by Lieutenant General Michael Fitzwilliams is underway to Liechnenfax as we speak, though we don’t know of their exact arrival time.” “Our forces Admiral?” “The 1st Battalion under Colonel Cameron Ryley have already made their landing in Liechnenfax sir.” Liechnenfax, Hodrea Colonel Ryley stepped off the helicopter that had dropped him off on the outskirts of Liechnenfax. Since the moment they had arrived nobody had challenged their arrival, and while communications with the embassy were constant, the Hodrean government had gone totally silent. However the people had not, the choas in the city was evident. When they had first landed they had decided the only way to make their way to their positions was through helicopter transport. The streets were clogged with people fleeing their homes, and Ryley knew too well with how crowded the city is, most wouldn't be able to make it to Hälver in time to escape the coming storm. What he hadn’t expected was a grizzled Hodrean man in a Hodrean Militia uniform waiting to greet him. The man took a moment to note the rank on his uniform and extended his hand while ducking under the force from the helicopter’s slowlying blades, “Colonel, willkommen in Hodrea. What is left of it that is.” Ryley hesitated a moment, but grasped the man’s hand, thankful the helicopter’s engine had died down enough to talk, “Thank you… who are you exactly?” “Entschuldigen sie Colonel. I am Major Derren Werner of the Hodrean militia. I definitely wasn’t expecting Seylosians of all people but here we are.” “Ah Major, we’ve been trying to get in contact with your government…” Werner scoffed, “Those feiglinge, they are long gone Colonel. If any anything, I’m probably the highest ranking member of government left. But I will not abandon Liechnenfax, and neither will my men.” Ryley raised an eyebrow, “How many men exactly?” “Roughly one thousand… not exactly the greatest fighting force, but they have lives here. They won’t let it fall without a fight. We know what the Sentists do.” Werner looked back at the city, the sprawl stretching kilometers ahead of him, “It may not look like much to you Colonel, but this is my home.” Ryley took a moment to look him over, nodding. “Well Major, I’d say our odds of victory just improved. Five hundred Seylosians, an aircraft carrier, and a thousand patriotic Liechnenfaxers. I daresay our defeat is impossible.”
  4. And updated map of the political situation in Ceris
  5. Seylos

    Doom of Ceris

    TO: The Megas Logothetes of the Logothesion ton Stratiotikou of the Megas Agios Basileia ton Arhomanion @Tagmatium Rules General Secretary Tomur Almas of the Workers Republic of @Fulgistan Foorste Frauwe fan'es Ferantwortelik fan'es Folke Dinah Divah of the Unified @Variotan State King Albert II and Prime Minister Nadia Burnett of the Kingdom of @Gallambria FROM: King Aidan Redmond of the Kingdom of Seylos My fellow wurld leaders, I come to you in despair at the escalation of recent events in the island of Ceris. We all know that the island and its nations have long been troubled, and resources on Ceris have been steadily dwindling. Recently, special operations forces operating in the nation of Hodrea have been able to acquire a significant cache of intelligence from an agent who has had significant experience and time to observe the phenomenon of the Sentists in Ceris. We all remember their first brief appearance over a year ago in skirmishes with not only our ships, but those from Adaptus and Fulgistan. However their presence has now gone beyond small ships in the sea. As of now we have verified evidence that the nation of Hodrea is lost. Only two major cities still exist which are still in communication with the Hodrean government's remnants, Liechnenfax and the smaller city of Hälver located roughly a hundred kilometers to the west of Liechnenfax. We have also confirmed that the Sentist forces are making haste to Liechnenfax, and though we do not know the size size of their forces that are being sent directly to the city, we do know that the Sentists have managed to recruit or possibly press into service well over a hundred thousand armed personnel to their cause. The destructive potential of this army, which is no doubt growing by the minute could be tantamount to apocalypse for Ceris and represents the biggest security threat the Kingdom of Seylos may have ever had. The Sentist forces thus far encountered have been ruthless, and will slaughter without discrimination. From all account the last major city they encountered, Kassel, has been completely razed to the ground. Our analysts have predicted thus far, in Hodrea alone well of a hundred thousand civilians have been killed through their rampage of terror. This must end. We ask that each nation that we have contact join us in an international coalition to contain and destroy this virus that has contaminated this once vibrant land. We also understand that each of you hold significant interest in the region, and while perhaps Seylos may be wary of some interactions with the local nations, this crisis demands cooperation. Right now, the aircraft carrier HMS Defiant and her support fleet are close to the coast of Liechnenfax carrying a force of five hundred Seylosian marines. While they will do their best to hold off the enemy while we muster reinforcements, we cannot hold the city alone. Help us save Ceris. For those that believe, may God save us all.
  6. Corporal Oswin | Charlie Rowe Lieutenant Maura | Nicole Beharie Kieron | Samuel Joslin
  7. *Classified Secret* TO: The Megas Logothetes of the Logothesion ton Stratiotikou of the Megas Agios Basileia ton Arhomanion @Tagmatium Rules FROM: King Aidan of the Kingdom of Seylos Our inspectors after deliberation have felt satisfied with the vessel presented. While the equipment must be stripped to bring up to Seylosian standards, the hull of the vessel is superb. The ship will be brought back to Norfolk for extensive overhauling procedures. The Naval Procurement Office will be in direct contact with your government to begin the process of transferring ownership from Tagmatium to Seylos. As an additional note Seylos is delighted that such a valued allied is willing to commit to such an exchange with Seylos for the continued prosperity and security of not only our island but the vast seas around her. We can only hope such and exchange will continue to strengthen the ties between our two nations.
  8. I know I wasn't a part of the original discussions for Antargis, but I was wondering if people would be ok with me jumping in on this? I had thinking about an idea of having a research station down there for some time but knew there was some treaty stuff that had existed before.
  9. Seylos

    Doom of Ceris

    Selbourne, Seylos General Pàdraig had just sat down at the conference table when the king entered. Everyone quickly stood up and saluted before Aidan waved signaling them all to be at ease. When they all sat down, the general quickly spoke up. “Your Majesty, we’ve finally been able to receive an update from our advance team in Hodrea, the situation is much worse than we could have ever imagined.” Aidan sighed, slowly putting his face into his palm, “Just tell me General.” “The informant we had in place in Hodrea was able to pass along a massive amount of intelligence, far more than we were expecting. With it though… is only bad news. It appears the Sentists are far more organized and capable of a sustained military campaigned than we ever imagined.” “We know they’ve made inroads in several countries…” The general cut him off, “Inroads in many of them perhaps, but Hodrea has always been in a fragile position. They’ve swept through the country, and the last city that had any sort of military presence to hold them off has been defeated. Not just defeated Your Majesty… destroyed. As far as we know the city of Kassel has been razed, and most of its people killed. It was a miracle out team was able to escape alive with the information in tow.” “How?” Aidan replied, in shock. “It appears the Sentists had access to chemical weapons. Before the arrival of those weapons the inhabitants of Kassel were holding them off, but once deployed, the Kassel militia had little defense.” “I’m sensing there’s more General.” “From her reports.. The Sentists have amassed a sizeable force. One more than capable of taking over Hodrea and expanding far beyond. From her first hand accounts… they have in excess of a hundred thousand soldiers at their disposal.” “A… hundred thousand…” Aidan gasped. He couldn’t believe that this movement could have acquired so many troops in such a short period of time. “There is some good news Your Majesty, as far as we can tell the Sentists have little in the way of home manufacturing ability and any weapon they are getting are most likely being smuggled in as to avoid raising the suspicion of Seylos and other nations involved in the island. I highly doubt it’s possible they can sufficiently arm a hundred thousand troops on a regular basis. However the Hodrean militia has all but collapsed and its remaining forces are located solely around Liechnenfax. We believe the Sentists are making haste to the city.” Aidan leaned back in his chair for a moment, taking it all in. He looked over to Admiral Forrest, who had been able to join them for this briefing, “Admiral how many marines are with the Defiant’s fleet?” The admiral gave a frown, “Only about five hundred Your Majesty, but with the Defiant’s air support, enough to make a fight of it to wait for reinforcement.” “Admiral, deploy the Defiant and her support fleet to Hodrea. We need to keep Liechnenfax from the Sentists… or to protect anyone fleeing the city. Minister Tatum, I need to have direct meetings with the ambassadors from @Fulgistan, @Tagmatium Rules, and @Gallambria. We won’t be able to hold the city on its own and they are our best chances for backup.” Both and Admiral and Minister Tatum nodded in agreement. Aidan turned to the rest of the general staff present, “This is most likely the biggest military event most of us have had to fight through in our time. Call up all reserves and prepare the current active duty service members for deployment. We can’t lose Ceris.”
  10. I thought I'd weigh in on the existence of Seylosian Protestantism, and I apologize for not posting earlier when it was asked. Basically when the original settlers fled from Great Burlington after losing the civil war in Great Burlington, they had a hard decision to make. During the war, the Great Burlingtonians had essentially "outed" King Harold. Though the issue was put on hold during the fighting. Once the evacuation to the Seylosian islands was complete, it became an issue of the clergy. In essence, King Harold offered the clergy more power and influence within the new Seylosian kingdom in exchange for their support. It's the main reason why LGBT have been so accepted in Seylosian society is to basically make sure that King Harold could continue his reign. From there of course the Seylosian church split and would continue to make its own changes all the way until the modern day. So at the end of the day, the Seylosian Church exists so one man could be gay, and also be the king. Seylosian Protestantism could exist in other places, and exists in Metzli. Though it is a more localized form of religion.
  11. Hey guys I've been having to deal with a lot in the past few months and I know I'm been fairly absent so far. I just wanted to post in here to let everyone know it might be a little while longer before I can come back at full strength.
  12. Right now in canon Seylos, Eire, and Ceris have been hit by a category 3 hurricane. So we definitely get the brunt of some tropical weather.
  13. Right now in canon Seylos, Eire, and Ceris have been hit by a category 3 hurricane. So we definitely get the brunt of some tropical weather.
  14. Seylos

    Doom of Ceris

    ‘No!” Kieron shouted. He couldn’t believe what his aunt was trying to suggest. Leave her behind? That has to be out of the question. "Junge, it has to be this way, I can’t make it through the gas. I made a promise a long time ago to your parents, I can’t abandon it now. Du bist jetzt wie mein Kind. You leave.” Kieron was furious, and he was about to argue when he was interrupted by the leader of the Seylosian fireteam that had come through, “Miss… Nicole. We have to move now.” Major Arran had taken off his mask temporarily though he kept glancing upstairs at the door. Beyond it the group could hear the gunfire and screams as the city was being sacked. Nicole ran quickly to her desk picking up a laptop and an external hard drive and shoving it into Kieron’s hands. “This is how you leave here Kieron. It’s everything the Seylosians want. It’s how we save our people. You keep it safe and you help them alright?” Nicole turned to Arran while also addressing the rest of the group, “I’ve already arranged it with the ambassador, you take Kieron back to Seylos with you, away from this. You get the information in exchange.” Arran took a second looking over the two and then nodded, “I suppose that mask isn’t in working order.” Nicole just shook her head. Arran took a second moving his hand through his vest and produced a hand grenade. He offered it to Nicole, who looked at it a second before taking it. “Keep him safe.” Arran had usually become hardened to the plight of most people during his stint in the special forces, a trait not shared by Corporal Oswin and only somewhat embraced by the other. But in this moment he felt something for this woman, at least that she was giving her life in a somewhat grandiose way. “Good luck” “Wait no why aren’t you coming!?” Kieron yelled lurching towards Nicole. Oswin grabbed him holding him back. Arran quickly ran over to the dead soldier he had shot, and to his surprise his aim had been exceptional or possibly awful. The man hadn’t taken any shots to the chest and he quicky ripped off the bulletproof vest he had been wearing. He held up up for a second taking a look over it. Varinco of course, what other manufacturer would we see in Ceris, he thought to himself. He tossed the vest at Oswin, “Get it on him we move now” Oswin quickly threw the vest on Kieron, who seemed to shocked to move. He turned him back towards him after he had finished and looked him straight in the eyes, “Sorry about him, but we have to be quick. Follow me and listen to everything I say. Keep your mask on no matter what.” Kieron nodded through his tears and slid his gas mask on, awkwardly securing it into place. By this point the rest of the team had gathered near the basement doors ready to move out. “Maura, Oswin you’re together. Claire you’re with me for covering fire. You two keep going until you’re out and safe. Do you understand?” Both nodded, “Alright then… Move!” The team bust out of the door into the fog of the city. Much of it was smoke mixed with the gas attack. Oswin grasped onto the back of the vest near Kieron’s neck and dragged him with them as they sprinted out. Kieron could barely see through his mask as he was yanked up through the basement door. The sounds he was hearing, the rush of movement he was feeling confused him. For a moment he noticed that Major Arran and Sergeant Claire had split off from the group. Suddenly he stopped, the haze and mask obscuring his gaze all he heard was Oswin, “Hold… hold.” He heard the crack of rifles around him. Suddenly a loud shot as he assumed Oswin had started shooting, then for a second silence. “Move!” He felt the back of his vest pulled and suddenly he was running. He tried to look around at the streets he had known his whole life but it was flashing before his eyes. Bullets flew passed, snapping before hitting walls near him. More cracks from the gun that Oswin had then a sudden stop. Kieron glanced to his side seeing a body near him. He froze up instantly, overwhelmed. His best friend was lying in front of him, his body curled up and still. He didn’t know what to do. He tried to wrench away from Oswin but he felt his arms pull him back and suddenly both were face to face. “Don’t move Kieron. I know, it’s the worst thing but you have to trust me. Don’t. Move.” Kierono stopped, crouching behind a short wall next to some former rich person’s courtyard. He could hear the crackling of weapons around him, but nothing near. Suddenly he heard the cracking of more weapons nearby and shouting from what he thought was Maura. Then his vest was grabbed again. He couldn’t help but steal a look one last time at this friend's face. He didn’t understand. An explosion, a sudden stop, rushing again, more gunfire, it didn’t stop. Suddenly he fell to the ground and he looked around. Maura was firing at some distance target, but there was Oswin, puching, kick fighting for his life with some other person. Oswin pinned him to the ground trying to fight him, but another man appeared his gun raised. Kieron lurched forward, grabbed Oswin’s sidearm of his pocket and tried his best to aim squeezing the trigger. He sat there for a second unsure of what he did and then the whirlwind started again. His vest from the back grabbed by Oswin and more sprinting. And then… it was over. Outside the city walls he looked up and saw the smoke billowing from the inside. He fell down, but this time Oswin didn’t pick him up, instead standing next to him frantically yelling through his radio. Maura was next to him and waved at him to stop. Oswin huffed but came over to Kieron holding a large phone in his hand. “Kieron, I need you to talk to someone. It’s going to be hard but we are going to protect you alright? They need to know what is going on, but we need to do this as we run. You can run right?”
  15. TO: The Kingdom of @Gallambria FROM: The Kingdom of Seylos The entire nation of Seylos is devastated to learn of the continued attacks against Gallambria from within. King Aidan Redmond wishes to personally extend his deepest condolences on the loss of lives from these senseless acts of terror. Seylos has come to count and upon and appreciate Gallambria as its closest ally in these dark days, and cannot stand by while its ally is in need. It is in this spirit that the Kingdom of Seylos wishes to extend to Gallambria any support it can muster to help with this crisis. The Seylosian military and our civilian foreign services are, reasonably so, at Gallambria's disposal to help those affected by the CRA's continued attacks and if joint military actions are requested. The people of Seylos, and her government stand behind Gallambria. Minister of Foreign Affairs Geoffrey Tatum
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