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  1. I thought I'd weigh in on the existence of Seylosian Protestantism, and I apologize for not posting earlier when it was asked. Basically when the original settlers fled from Great Burlington after losing the civil war in Great Burlington, they had a hard decision to make. During the war, the Great Burlingtonians had essentially "outed" King Harold. Though the issue was put on hold during the fighting. Once the evacuation to the Seylosian islands was complete, it became an issue of the clergy. In essence, King Harold offered the clergy more power and influence within the new Seylosian kingdom in exchange for their support. It's the main reason why LGBT have been so accepted in Seylosian society is to basically make sure that King Harold could continue his reign. From there of course the Seylosian church split and would continue to make its own changes all the way until the modern day. So at the end of the day, the Seylosian Church exists so one man could be gay, and also be the king. Seylosian Protestantism could exist in other places, and exists in Metzli. Though it is a more localized form of religion.
  2. Hey guys I've been having to deal with a lot in the past few months and I know I'm been fairly absent so far. I just wanted to post in here to let everyone know it might be a little while longer before I can come back at full strength.
  3. Right now in canon Seylos, Eire, and Ceris have been hit by a category 3 hurricane. So we definitely get the brunt of some tropical weather.
  4. Right now in canon Seylos, Eire, and Ceris have been hit by a category 3 hurricane. So we definitely get the brunt of some tropical weather.
  5. Seylos

    Doom of Ceris

    ‘No!” Kieron shouted. He couldn’t believe what his aunt was trying to suggest. Leave her behind? That has to be out of the question. "Junge, it has to be this way, I can’t make it through the gas. I made a promise a long time ago to your parents, I can’t abandon it now. Du bist jetzt wie mein Kind. You leave.” Kieron was furious, and he was about to argue when he was interrupted by the leader of the Seylosian fireteam that had come through, “Miss… Nicole. We have to move now.” Major Arran had taken off his mask temporarily though he kept glancing upstairs at the door. Beyond it the group could hear the gunfire and screams as the city was being sacked. Nicole ran quickly to her desk picking up a laptop and an external hard drive and shoving it into Kieron’s hands. “This is how you leave here Kieron. It’s everything the Seylosians want. It’s how we save our people. You keep it safe and you help them alright?” Nicole turned to Arran while also addressing the rest of the group, “I’ve already arranged it with the ambassador, you take Kieron back to Seylos with you, away from this. You get the information in exchange.” Arran took a second looking over the two and then nodded, “I suppose that mask isn’t in working order.” Nicole just shook her head. Arran took a second moving his hand through his vest and produced a hand grenade. He offered it to Nicole, who looked at it a second before taking it. “Keep him safe.” Arran had usually become hardened to the plight of most people during his stint in the special forces, a trait not shared by Corporal Oswin and only somewhat embraced by the other. But in this moment he felt something for this woman, at least that she was giving her life in a somewhat grandiose way. “Good luck” “Wait no why aren’t you coming!?” Kieron yelled lurching towards Nicole. Oswin grabbed him holding him back. Arran quickly ran over to the dead soldier he had shot, and to his surprise his aim had been exceptional or possibly awful. The man hadn’t taken any shots to the chest and he quicky ripped off the bulletproof vest he had been wearing. He held up up for a second taking a look over it. Varinco of course, what other manufacturer would we see in Ceris, he thought to himself. He tossed the vest at Oswin, “Get it on him we move now” Oswin quickly threw the vest on Kieron, who seemed to shocked to move. He turned him back towards him after he had finished and looked him straight in the eyes, “Sorry about him, but we have to be quick. Follow me and listen to everything I say. Keep your mask on no matter what.” Kieron nodded through his tears and slid his gas mask on, awkwardly securing it into place. By this point the rest of the team had gathered near the basement doors ready to move out. “Maura, Oswin you’re together. Claire you’re with me for covering fire. You two keep going until you’re out and safe. Do you understand?” Both nodded, “Alright then… Move!” The team bust out of the door into the fog of the city. Much of it was smoke mixed with the gas attack. Oswin grasped onto the back of the vest near Kieron’s neck and dragged him with them as they sprinted out. Kieron could barely see through his mask as he was yanked up through the basement door. The sounds he was hearing, the rush of movement he was feeling confused him. For a moment he noticed that Major Arran and Sergeant Claire had split off from the group. Suddenly he stopped, the haze and mask obscuring his gaze all he heard was Oswin, “Hold… hold.” He heard the crack of rifles around him. Suddenly a loud shot as he assumed Oswin had started shooting, then for a second silence. “Move!” He felt the back of his vest pulled and suddenly he was running. He tried to look around at the streets he had known his whole life but it was flashing before his eyes. Bullets flew passed, snapping before hitting walls near him. More cracks from the gun that Oswin had then a sudden stop. Kieron glanced to his side seeing a body near him. He froze up instantly, overwhelmed. His best friend was lying in front of him, his body curled up and still. He didn’t know what to do. He tried to wrench away from Oswin but he felt his arms pull him back and suddenly both were face to face. “Don’t move Kieron. I know, it’s the worst thing but you have to trust me. Don’t. Move.” Kierono stopped, crouching behind a short wall next to some former rich person’s courtyard. He could hear the crackling of weapons around him, but nothing near. Suddenly he heard the cracking of more weapons nearby and shouting from what he thought was Maura. Then his vest was grabbed again. He couldn’t help but steal a look one last time at this friend's face. He didn’t understand. An explosion, a sudden stop, rushing again, more gunfire, it didn’t stop. Suddenly he fell to the ground and he looked around. Maura was firing at some distance target, but there was Oswin, puching, kick fighting for his life with some other person. Oswin pinned him to the ground trying to fight him, but another man appeared his gun raised. Kieron lurched forward, grabbed Oswin’s sidearm of his pocket and tried his best to aim squeezing the trigger. He sat there for a second unsure of what he did and then the whirlwind started again. His vest from the back grabbed by Oswin and more sprinting. And then… it was over. Outside the city walls he looked up and saw the smoke billowing from the inside. He fell down, but this time Oswin didn’t pick him up, instead standing next to him frantically yelling through his radio. Maura was next to him and waved at him to stop. Oswin huffed but came over to Kieron holding a large phone in his hand. “Kieron, I need you to talk to someone. It’s going to be hard but we are going to protect you alright? They need to know what is going on, but we need to do this as we run. You can run right?”
  6. TO: The Kingdom of @Gallambria FROM: The Kingdom of Seylos The entire nation of Seylos is devastated to learn of the continued attacks against Gallambria from within. King Aidan Redmond wishes to personally extend his deepest condolences on the loss of lives from these senseless acts of terror. Seylos has come to count and upon and appreciate Gallambria as its closest ally in these dark days, and cannot stand by while its ally is in need. It is in this spirit that the Kingdom of Seylos wishes to extend to Gallambria any support it can muster to help with this crisis. The Seylosian military and our civilian foreign services are, reasonably so, at Gallambria's disposal to help those affected by the CRA's continued attacks and if joint military actions are requested. The people of Seylos, and her government stand behind Gallambria. Minister of Foreign Affairs Geoffrey Tatum
  7. Seylos

    Doom of Ceris

    Kieron grabbed the helmet on his head and hid behind the top of the wall, dropping his gun in the process. For the first time in days the people outside the walls were making a decisive push. He was terrified. He fumbled for a bit trying to pick up his old rifle but glanced over to the top of the decaying concrete fortifications that held the city. There were constant flashes from across the tree line obscured in the light early morning fog. He would feel the bullets as they impacted across the old concrete around him, and from inside the city he could see the mortars hitting the streets and buildings. “How much longer do you think?” Kieron said, looking over to his aunt. She looked at him solemnly, just trying to think of something to say but nothing reassuring could come to her mind, “I’m sorry junge, I know these people. Es wird eine lange nacht.” “You know them…?” Kieron started before more shouts began across the walls. He took a peek over and didn’t understand what he saw at first. The fog was moving toward them, how was that possible, he thought to himself. Nicole glanced over, her eyes widening, “Now come on junge, we don’t have any time!” ------ It had been a day since they had passed Homburg. Each member of the squad had been horrified by what they had seen. Major Arran and Lieutenant Maura had kept a cool demeanor, but Claire and Oswin hadn’t been able to shake what they had seen. Homburg has been nothing but a grave, not a battleground as they had assumed when first approaching the pillars of smoke from afar. In Fulgistan it had never been murdered villagers and torched cities, just a war. A bloody war, but something with some sense of rules. Every man, woman, child had been slaughtered in Homburg and they were afraid of what was next. In this distance a familiar sight greeted them, smoke columns. They drove for a small while longer and then stopped, Arran simply saying, “We don’t leave here without her or her intel.” ------- Nicole dragged Kieron into their home as the fog began to envelope the city. She shut the door, stuffing rags in every cranny she could fine. “Tante, what’s going on? Why are we leaving? The wall can’t hold…” Nicole rand up to up grabbing Kieron by the face, “Shut up. I have to find what I’m looking for.” She turned her attention through rummaging through the piles of things all over the home. Eventually she came up holding two masks. She spent a moment looking at them, a look of dread, then acceptance coming over her face. She unscrewed the front of one replacing it with another and handed it to Kieron. “Quickly put this on,” she said, glancing up in paranoia. The gunshots from outside were coming closer as well as the screams. “We have friends coming, and I have something you need to know.” Suddenly the door to the basement burst open, a man with a rifle and gas mask ready to fire. ---------------- They wormed their way through the city, a thick cloud obscuring their vision. All of them had donned their hazard gear before entering the main walls. Nobody on the team had seen this before, but luckily they had a map of exactly where this ‘Nicole’ woman would be living. All around them gunshots and screams could be heard. Occasionally Claire and Oswin would stop for a moment trying to get it out of their heads, they had been trained to run towards the suffering of others, but they knew their mission. Each of them advanced slowly through the fog, their protective gear on knowing the probability of what they were walking into. “The map says twenty more meters, ready up,” Arran said, gunshots ringing out close to them. His mask was obscuring his vision but he could still see the dead lining the streets, some still alive writhing in pain. He knew what the rest of his team would think but he was positive they understood the importance of the mission. Arran came up on a door, marked with the address number he had memorized. The rest of the squad came to a half behind him, their arms on each others shoulders. “Ketzerin! Stop!” he heard. He didn’t wait for the others, he rounded the corner of the doorway and quickly fired two rounds into the man he found. Arran waited for a moment before he heard a woman call out from the stairwell that led down. “Seylosi!?” Arran suddenly remember they hadn’t had any callsign or password to establish who they were. He glanced back at the others, all of whom gave some form of shrug. “Ambassador Finaley sent us!?” He yelled out, sounding more like a question than a statement. He hoped she would listen, hearing the storming of the city outside. “Hurry quickly, inside!”
  8. So I will say it will definitely be necessary to flesh out a bit more of why you are going in RP. At moment we kind of just see a character reading about things which have already occurred. In the case of our fleets, Tagmatium and Seylos came to an agreement before all of this to cooperate on stabilizing the area. If Seylos sees a Sayfi fleet just rolling up without previous contact they are going to get heavily concerned and be put on the alert. You've mentioned Astaria, Ashein, Rewhain, Uthington, and Secyrae. Astaria is solidly a Seylosian cultural state. You would get extreme resistance from Seylos posting troops there. Ashein is a larger nation with a strongman in control. It's going to be very difficult for you to just have 5000 troops be there. It would make the strongman look weak. Rewhain would be an easier in than the two above. A relatively stable nation with an unstable Hodrea next door. However they fought a long conflict for independence so it will take a lot to gain a big influence over them if that's your goal. Uthington is an ok possibility as well. But I think the issue I'm seeing that others have mentioned is you have essentially given yourself influence, troops, and bases in these countries without ever meeting them before. A joint-military base full of 5000 troops that have never been RPd to be sent there, massive investments in infrastructure in Astaria, a naval base lease in Uthington for an entire fleet. I think we need a lot more of your nation building up to the point you've already posted you are at. A lot more expanded RP is going to have to be written in my opinion before you have such substantial assets located in Ceris. Seylos is their direct neighbor and I haven't had the time to building up the connections seen here. After saying all that let me say that you can press forward with any of these options. There is nothing here you can't do, but you have to know the consequences it could have to the rest of the region and not just have all this stuff be there.
  9. There's a bit about this that concerns me. On discord this seems to have just been handed over, which feels fairly unusual. These are pretty substantial chunks of land and if both country's have relatively similar populations it's basically a 50% increase in Variota's population. Are these nations going to stay the same? Or are they going to revert to some kind of proto colonial state to build them up? If anything I just want to make sure there is quite a bit of RP to justify this very large expansion. Is there an RP in the works for this?
  10. Seylos

    Doom of Ceris

    “Your Majesty… are you sure this is the right response? Coming across too aggressive could mean significant souring of relations between @Variota and Seylos.” Aidan leaned forward in his chair looking at Minister Tatum, “I understand the diplomatic implications. But we can’t allow the Variotan’s to threaten our backyard. Ceris isn’t a slice of territory to carve up and be split amongst the powers of Eurth. If Seylos is too keep her standing, we make our stand with Zapsa.” “And what of @Gallambria?” Tatum asked. A question he knew Aidan would have trouble responding to. “What about them Geoffrey?” “We might be an observer in Trident, but Gallambria is treaty bound to stand with her allies. Seylos and Gallambria might have a strong connection but do you think they will drop their standing in Trident to stand with us over this dispute?” Aidan glanced down, taking a moment to think, “I don’t think Gallambria will do anything. They don’t want to lose us, but they won’t want to lose Trident. The rest of the Trident nations know what a provocation this is. This is almost tantamount to an offensive.” Geoffrey stood up, “Is it Your Majesty? Do we see Variotan armed forces crossing our waters to occupy Zaspa?” Aidan stood as well but caught himself. He was momentarily outraged that Tatum would approach him like this, but he had grown to know better. “We don’t. But we have to act now to make sure they don’t. But we have an out.” Minister Tatum sat down again, looking ashamed of himself, “I apologize Your Majesty. I assume you mean Hodrea.” Aidan nodded, “The ambassador has called for assistance.” Tatum nodded, “So we send something in response, and in turn we have sizeable forces near Zaspa?” “I’ve already ordered the Defiant and her escorts to the area. I’m sorry Geoffrey, I meant to tell you but… I feel this time it needs to be done. Ceris needs a guardian.” Tatum took a moment, moving past his initial anger, “Just tell me Your Majesty, are we their saviors?” ------------------------ Outside Kassel, Hodrea “So… they’ve fortified themselves?” High Priest Wetzel Carran said. The captain in front of him nodded giving a slight bow, “Yes, they detected our approach. The scattering of militia have rallied around the city hiding behind the walls.” Carran brushed his chin, somewhat comically almost like a super villain. Of course he didn’t think of himself that way at all, what he needed was the city to submit. Their way north towards the capital needed to be cleared. “The artillery?” His captain shook his head, “The Hodrean artillery… liberated from their reserves will take time to get here. Several days.” “Well,” Carran said, “I suppose the Speaker won’t mind if we move more quickly than anticipated.” He walked out of his tent, followed by the almost cowering captain. He took a look across the river, seeing the old concrete walls in the distance through the night fog. Lights occasionally flickered across them as the militia patrolled them. “The shipment from the rebels on Eire… is it here?” The captain’s eyes widened, “Would the speaker…?” “Is it here?” Carran asked, his voice harsher still staring off at the city. “It is Your Eminence.” Carran turned around facing the captain with a smile, “Well then… Kill them all and be done with it. It must be sent.”
  11. Seylos

    Doom of Ceris

    "Your Majesty," A voice from behind Aidan said. He glanced behind him to see Minister Tatum.. His office was dark as he had been busy watching various films on an older projector in the room. Aidan stood up and faced the minister. "Sorry Geoffrey, I've been a bit distracted as of late." Minister Tatum nodded, "Of course sir, however I do bring news. Both good an bad." Aidan inhaled lightly before he replied, "The bad then." "We've had continued reports from Ceris. It's becoming worse faster than we predicted. The government of Stroiyhein has... collapsed. The only reliable government we still have contact with in that area is Zapsa. And if they fall to the Variotan offer..." "I'm aware, we will have another meeting on this soon," Aidan replied sounding distant. He took a moment to look at the time on his computer screen, "Assembled another emergency session for midnight. And your good news?" "The governments of Cenia, Seskoaburg, Esnos, and Atrya have approached us for assistance. They wish to express that our common cultural ties could result in some form of assistance for their countries..." Aidan waved his hand, "Set it up Geoffrey. We'll hear them out." Minister Tatum nodded, sensing he was no longer wanted in the room, "Yes Your Majesty. I'll get back to you soon on the details." Aidan simply grunted as the minister left the room. He immediately returned his attention to the films that were on display before another knock on his door, "Come in..." Dustin slowly opened the door, peeking through as he came in, "I'm sorry, I just wanted to check in -" Aidan interrupted him, pointing at the films on the projector, "Did you know that we had a hand in all of this." Dustin walked in gazing at the films on the screen. He could see soldiers, what he assumed were Seylosian, holding their weapons over a group of people. He tried his best to watch as the Seylosian opened fire on them. He had been a soldier, but never in his life had he ever been a participant to such brutality. Aidan stopped the film, lightly hitting a switch on the projector. "We may not have caused this Dustin... but we helped pushed the over the edge" Dustin, pushing away his feeling went to his partner, "Aidan, what did we do?" Aidan still seeing far way gestured at the film reels, "My father killed so many people, just to prevent the people of Ceris coming together. To rival us. My grandfather, he recorded it all as a failsafe. He wanted to make sure that he had... a sort of blackmail against Seylos." They stood in silence for a moment before Dustin spoke up, "Are you him?" Aidan glanced at him before staring off at the closest wall, "Am I just some monarch? Just another king in a long-" Suddenly Dustin grabbed his face, forcing Aidan to look at him, "Aidan Redmond, that's who you are. You aren't your father, you aren't your brother, and by god you aren't your damn grandfather. They did terrible things, but you haven't. I love you and you're a better man do you hear me?" Aidan gazed into his eyes, "I don't want to be like them..." Dustin with a bit of tears in his eyes made him stand up, and look him face to face, "Then what are you going to do Aidan?" Aidan gently grabbed Dustin's hands and held them down, straightening his back while standing up, "Save Ceris."
  12. Seylos

    Doom of Ceris

    “How was your holiday Your Majesty?” Minister Tatum asked as Aidan and him walked into his office. Aidan took a seat staring at the pile of documents that had been piling up on his desk before turning on his computer at his desk. “It was good, it was nice to take time for myself. I’m still surprised that Secretary Almas had extended the invitation to visit Fulgistan. I did get to ride the horse he gave me last year though.” “Ah wonderful Your Majesty. I’m glad you had the opportunity, though you may want another holiday after we start today’s meeting.” “Yes right… everything on Eurth going to hell. Just hit me with it Geoffrey.” “The situation in Ceris is deteriorating rapidly, far faster than we can deal with. We’ve been trying to sort through the reports as fast as we can but we believe with relative certainty that Ceris is on the verge of quite possible the greatest humanitarian crises we’ve ever seen.” “We’ve known Ceris has been bad for awhile now, exactly how the hell did it get bad so fast?” “In essence many of the major governments in the region are on the verge of collapse, and most of the countries in question have had severe economic depressions. Seylos, and for that matter most countries that would bother, simply can’t provide enough aid in resources to combat this. Not too mention now, Hodrea is on the verge of total collapse as opposed to simply unstable in past years.” Minister Tatum said, pulling out his own laptop and started sorting through documents. “What’s our international situation like at the moment?” Tatum looked up at Aidan raising a single eyebrow, “Dismal your Majesty. All reports indicate Ceris is becoming quite the free for all. The matter of most pressing concern is the recent @Variotan… offers to Zaspa.” Aidan pushed his hands into his face, “No no, please tell me they didn’t.” “Indeed they did Your Majesty. Variota has offered a… buyout for the entire country. As a matter of foreign policy this would be a disaster if Seylos couldn’t prevent this. Not to mention how reckless it is to inject such a massive quantity of money into such a small economy.” “F*cking hell, they just want to buy the whole nation? I swear to god this planet only gets more insane by the day. ” “We’ve also heard rumblings from @Tagmatium Rules on their interest in the region, as well as the arrival of @Fulgistani troops in Ganlin.” There was a knock and the door and Aidan turned himself from the minister for the second, “Come in.” A tall man in a Seylosian army uniform walked in and gave a brief salute, “Your Majesty, if I may have a moment.” Aidan rolled his eyes, “Let me guess General Nathaniel someone is invading Ceris now.” The general looked mildly shock for a second, “Well, it is certainly possible though they wouldn’t be quite as successful with the numbers they have.” “You’re f*cking kidding me, now what,” Aidan groaned. “A ship docked yesterday at Swansea, on board were several hundred individuals identifying themselves only as religious missionaries hailing from @Metztlitlalio. Many off boarded seeking supplies in the general area. What’s concerning is upon inspection their ship was found to be carrying a large quantity of small arms, and their stated destination is the Oclait Territory in Ceris. Their paperwork was in order however, and they were allowed to disembark unarmed to fulfill whatever further needs they required before shipping off. The Swansea police stepped up security but they reported no notable incidents.” “Ok!” Aidan exclaimed hitting both his hands on his desk, “Geoffrey call an emergency meeting of all ministry and defense heads. This is getting out of hand. I want them here in the next two hours. I go on holiday for one week, and this is what I come back to.”
  13. How will this affect the continuing evacuation?
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