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  1. Aluxia

    Resource Map

    I do think a resource map is a good addition. And I do see where some individuals are coming from in regards to it being introduced after the fact. I have been in half a dozen regions that always talked about doing this but never got around to it. I think Europa can pull it off and still be generous to those who already have something developed without creating one-side economies. I say we continue the conversation over time and see where it takes us.
  2. Aluxia

    Expansion: Prymont

    I don't see Aluxia expanding considerably beyond its immediate surroundings anytime soon. I have no qualms with your plan as I think it's a good thing if the continent looked more full.
  3. Aluxia

    A Change in the Wind

    "...but father!" exclaimed Crown Prince Kravos, yelling at his father, the Emperor. "It's not up for discussion. I've told you this a hundred times and now it will be a hundred-and-one," Emperor Davros paused, attempting to control his anger. "I will not give the Council of Twelve more power. They complete their task as prescribed. There is no need for them to do anything else. There has not been a single complaint in hundreds of years." The Crown Prince had grown tired of arguing with is one-way thinking father. "The people need help. The country is frozen in time. You have let me have the great privilege of studying abroad and in that time I saw many things that would simply be a fantasy here." Davros scoffed. "Democracy, a contemptible ideology if I ever heard one," he paused. "The democracies of the world are false, owned by the few." Kravos cut him off. "The Empire will remain in a snowglobe of backwardness until we recognize that more has to be done," his father was done with talking with his son for the day. "Get out! We're done having this conversation!" he was red in the face. His son was flustered, said nothing, and left his ignorant father to grumble on his throne. The Crown Prince would mutter under his own breath as he entered the Palace's courtyard where a car was waiting for him. "Where to sir?" his driver asked. "Take me to see Chornarov," he replied, settling into the back seat of the vehicle. The person he was going to see was one of his fellow nobles who had traveled with him across Argis during their days in college. He shared in Kravos' liberalism, which made him an ostracized individual within his own family. Hours passed as the car made its slow way through the countryside to the Chornarov estate. Night started to fall upon the land as he finally arrived. Chornarov saw the headlights approach the house from an upstairs window and rushed downstairs while putting on his shoes and light outer coat. Kravos was getting out of the car just as he exited the house. "Kravos!" shouted Chornarov. "Igor!" he said in response. "What brings you here," he asked. "My father." Igor thought he had heard everything about the Emperor while the two were abroad but Kravos' expression seemed to suggest that something was heavy on his mind. "Please come in," he offered, leading the Crown Prince into his home. It was a bit outdated but it had an old world charm about her. Chornarov instructed one of two servants to fetch them glasses and a bottle of vodka. They sat down in the drawing room. Portraits of the various members of the Chornarov family encircled them on every wall. "I wasn't expecting you at all. Whenever you want to see me, you summon me to Vardin. You don't drive out to this drab hinterland without a reason." He was right. All the 'life' in the Empire laid in Vardin. Every major investment was concentrated there or in the Empire's lackluster and highly corrupt military. The Emperor had pledged to spend more on the countryside but not a single additional Zemid could be accounted for in nearly 3 years. The people had been given free healthcare but this was to keep them from complaining. "Igor," Kravos started, "the Empire needs reform," he said cautiously. "Aluxia needs to move forward with the times and my father is absolutely opposed to anything to change our beloved homeland." He took a shot of vodka that Igor had poured as he spoke. "The two of you have never had a good relationship," he commented. "No, no we haven't," he responded, "he won't even take my suggestions, minor when put into the larger perspective of the wider world." He took another shot. "Something has to change," he said, thinking of how to finish his sentence. "What?" "He has to go." Even to utter those words would have locked up a lesser man or even a plotting nobleman in a rotting cell beneath the headquarters of the Black Robes for twenty years if not life. It wouldn't really matter as it was complete hell. Igor was mid-shot when he choked on the liquid he had only just poured into his mouth and sprayed it back out. "You're joking." "I'm serious. He has to go." Chornarov was silent for a moment. "And is this is why you're here," he asked. "I thought about it on the car ride up here. Aluxia will remain completely isolated, fated to continually circle an endless doldrums of arrogance and ignorance of others unless we change. And it starts with the top. You know I am right," Chornarov took a shot and looked at his friend. "I need to know that you are with me," he asked. Silence filled the room for a minute. Chornarov had been eying the paintings of his relatives. If they were still alive, they would have completely disowned him for what he was able to do. He sighed and the Crown Prince prepared two more shots, the bottle nearly finished. Chornarov took one of the glasses from the table. "Yes... Yes, I am with you," he took the shot. Kravos joined him a moment later. "Good. I knew I could count on you," he responded. He had taken a major step forward but now everything would become far more dangerous. He, at that moment, had declared war against his own father. "What's our first move?" questioned Igor. "We need to find out who else who are friends," he said, "I doubt we have many like-minded nobles like you and I." "Leave that to me," Igor offered. "It will take time but I think there is a far more urgent matter that needs to be addressed." "That is?" inquired Kravos. "We need a friend amongst the masses. We need to know that we ultimately go through with this that we have a friend, if not several, amongst the people. They need to be the true face of this movement. The Crown Prince nodded. The hour was late. "I must return to Vardin," he said, not finishing before he scribbled something on a napkin, "meet me at this dock on the shores of Lake Viron in three days time at twilight." Chornarov looked at the note and put it in his pocket. "I will," escorting his friend to the door and into the waiting company of the driver who had desired to stay here for the night before driving back but he wasn't going to argue with his charge. "We'll stay in Mireya tonight," he said. It was a city only twenty-five miles to the south. "I'll telephone the butler about setting up the rooms." The driver at least was relieved he didn't have to drive all night.
  4. Aluxia

    A Change in the Wind

    Aluxia: one of Eurth’s last remaining autocracies. It had survived for hundreds of years, largely ignored due to its backwards mentality and its lackluster economic prospects. It had very little to do with its continental neighbors – though it maintained a cautious relationship with Morheim to the east out of economic need, the other nations of Argis had little reason to engage with a simply unpleasant country. Much of Aluxia’s misfortune was self-inflicted – the Emperors had been nigh genetically-programmed to be paranoid and distrustful. Such upfront resentment was in no way a good trait to be involved in the fineness of diplomacy. The current Emperor, Davros XXII, was no different. His was only further hardened with the assassination of his father, Ravon XI. The ruler himself was rather handsome but his attitude and his warped perspectives could not be hidden behind his well-trimmed beard. He was married to Renna. Although the official record would say that their marriage was one of love and passion. For it was neither, it was one of traditional obligation. Neither liked the other but tradition dictated such arrangement, and that of bringing a plausible heir to life. A son would be born: Kravos. Unlike the previous the Emperor, Kravos was the polar opposite. He was curious, kind, inquisitive, always wanting to learn more. He had none of his father’s traits. He was always kind to the servants in the Palace, while his father would hold them in contempt or outright insult them. Due to his upbringing, he had the privilege of getting the best education the royal family could buy and had the chance to learn beyond the Empire’s borders and witness concepts and systems across the nations of Argis: democracy, equal rights, separation of powers, the rights of the commons. All of which were completely foreign. Although Aluxia’s previous monarchs had provided some modest improvements in the quality of life for their people, the aristocracy still controlled almost everything. When Kravos turned 21, his more liberal, if not radical opinions became all too obvious to his father and the relationship between the two, which had been strained for years, only to get far more tense while he was abroad, soured dramatically. The two would have fights for days over what would be his level of involvement in running the day-to-day affairs of the Empire, as was a tradition commonly held by the Crown Prince. It wouldn’t be until the Queen stepped in, a very rare act, that ultimately Davros capitulated and appointed his son to the Council of Twelve. For over 400 years, the council had been essentially neutered. It was supposed to properly advise the Emperors twice a year on major issues of importance but now it was just twelve men who came to the capital, Vardin, twice a year, take their seats in the chamber and wait for the Emperor. He never appeared. With Kravos’ appointment, it shocked the council as it was the first time anyone from the Imperial family had interacted with them in generations. Usually, the twelve on the council were largely put there to keep them out of the court politics that most aristocrats in the Empire engaged in and having a seat on what was supposed to be an august body was seen in the eyes of the nobility as nothing short of political suicide. It was the biannual seating of the council. The eleven men had already arrived in the capital the night before and were sitting in the chamber, waiting for their newest and twelfth member, Kravos. A bell ringed and the doors of the chamber were opened by two servants. He silently walks into the room and takes his seat. Silence engulfs the room for five minutes before the Crown Prince speaks up. “What is the agenda?” inquired Kravos. One of the councilors responded, “there is none.” The Crown Prince was not satisfied by that answer. “And why is that?” “The Emperor has nothing for us to discuss or consult him on.” Again, he did not accept this answer. “Just because the Emperor has nothing does not mean there isn’t anything to discuss,” he retorted, at the same time shocking three of the men. This was the Crown Prince going against the status quo. Kravos paused and continued, “I want to talk about the conditions of our rural poor and what we can do to improve their livelihoods,” he said. There was total silence. Were they about to have a conversation? A discussion? Another councilor attempted to make out the words, stuck at the tip of his tongue. “But..erm…yes, of course, we can,” he said. Kravos nodded. “Thank you,” he responded and the Twelve would talk for over five hours on a range of issues facing the poor. It would be their first productive session in generations. “…so we’re agreed that the Empire should immediately explore the introduction of a minimum wage of 120 Zemids a month, coming straight of the Imperial Treasury,” asked the Crown Prince. “We’re behind you, but what of your father, he’ll not get behind this one bit…” the councilor was cut off. “I’ll deal with my father, this is a common-sense proposal, and if anything, will improve the Imperial Court’s relationship with the people.” With the matter decided, the scribe, who had not any true job to do in the ten years he had been hired to do on behalf of the Council of Twelve, drafted the proposal that would be submitted for the Emperor’s approval. The councilors prepared to get up, to return home to their families and other lives until they would have to return to Vardin in six months’ time. Kravos cut them off and stood in front of the door. “I believe there is much we have to do for our Fatherland and that cannot be done with biannual meetings. I want you all back here, next week.” And so would the Council of Twelve become more powerful than it had ever been in hundreds of years on the simple words of the heir to the throne. The relationship between father and son was on a collision course of epic proportions that would change Aluxia forever.
  5. Aluxia

    Request: Aluxia

    I noticed the map just got updated but whenever its next amended can Galan City be renamed Vardin in light of the revised fact book and my now-rapid effort to catch up and get going on what I was going to do several weeks go. Much appreciated and thank you for all the work you do into making the map as amazing as it is.
  6. Hello everyone, I apologize for vanishing off the face of the earth for the last few weeks, it was not my intention to look like someone who was taking any for granted. I was dealing with some personal matters that needed my absolute attention and now that they've been addressed, I can refocus here. While I was away, I had a moment of reflection on what I had designed for Aluxia previously and I realized that it was not really in the vein of what was needed so I have gone ahead and revised the factbook substantially to the point that I hope its better suited not just for the geographic area it is in on the map but for the region-at-large. Fortunately, there has been zero action regard to the country so the impact of the changes only really entail the news posts I have written (and now essentially moot). With the new fact book, I've also completely revised my intended roleplays and I think you will get a general idea of what it may involve by glancing over the book. You will see the first such post by the end of this week. Again, sorry about the ghosting.
  7. Aluxia

    Request: Aluxia

    Thank you for handling my map request. I am still trying to get a hold of the RP's I mentioned earlier. It may take the rest of the summer before I am able to get my hands on them.
  8. Aluxia

    Request: Aluxia

    Nonsense. I can take a joke but once but sometimes some jokes just fall flat or have served their purpose. Anyways, this is now getting off-topic from the purpose of this thread.
  9. Aluxia

    Aluxian Imperial Diplomatic Channel

    To: Agios Basilikon Kounsistorion of the Megas Agios Basileia Arhomanion From: Valron, On Behalf of Emperor Davros XXII Good day, Our enlightened Emperor, Davros XXII, received an unexpected message from the Naxian Republic's leader this evening, Dexion, who invited him to come to the table in one final attempt to find a compromise to end the current crisis between the two nations. The Emperor has accepted the invitation. Both leaders spoke briefly by phone following the acceptance of the meeting and I have it on my authority that the Tagmatine Empire has been asked to serve as a mediator in these deliberations at the request of both parties. I have personally been charged with arranging the meeting. This will occur in a week's time onboard the Imperial naval flagship, the ANS Davius, currently within Aluxian waters in the Bay of Alydon. I look forward to working alongside you in ensuring these talks will be fruitful and ultimately in the effort in establishing peace between the Republic and the Empire.
  10. Aluxia

    ABC: News from the Aluxian Empire

    Aluxian Empire, Naxian Republic to Come to the Negotiation Table Emperor Davros XXII received a message from the Naxian Republic's leader, Dexion, this evening stating that he'd be willing to come back to the table to discuss the current crisis that has unfolded between the two states one final time. The Emperor has decided to accept the invitation. Both leaders spoke on the phone for five minutes about having an independent mediator to help them. The Empire and the Republic concurred that role will be filled by a representative of the Tagmatine Empire, a grandiose state that the Aluxian Empire has only just begun to establish formal diplomatic relations with. The Emperor's closest advisor, Valron, has been instructed to set up the deliberative session with all due speed. Until the conclusion of the discussions - and hopefully, with a compromise - all military assets will remain on standby deployment. Valron stated that he was confident that this round of talks will be productive for all parties and permit all involved better economic prosperity now and into the future.
  11. Aluxia

    Request: Aluxia

    You're not convincing me to consider your wares or weapons with such uncouth language. I am more inclined to continue my slowly-blooming relationship with the Tagmatine Empire. A light of civilization.
  12. Aluxia

    Request: Aluxia

    Perhaps. I'd probably have to collate some of the previous work from where they're stored but I'll see what I'm able to gather for your reading pleasure.
  13. Aluxia

    Request: Aluxia

    @Orioni: There is still a considerable amount to generate and compile over the next few weeks. I have a bulleted list but getting them done has to be balanced against other matters but as I mentioned in my response to @Iverica, the need for more detail will be done. And you will enjoy it.
  14. Aluxia

    ABC: News from the Aluxian Empire

    Crown Prince Kravos Appointed to Council of Twelve The Council of Twelve, the Empire's aft-legislative and consultative body, will finally be made up of twelve members. Kravos, the Emperor's son, has been tapped by Emperor Davros to take a seat on the council. Traditionally, the twelfth seat is filled by the most trusted advisor but the Emperor has deemed that now that Kravos has reached the age of 18, it is time for him to participate in shaping the Empire's future as it makes its first moves onto the wider world stage. For over seven hundred years, the Council has been purely seen as a ceremonial role despite it being manned by the twelve most wise individuals so approved by the Emperor, and largely ignored since it is only called to order twice a year. But with the heir taking his place, many people speculate that things may be changing for the better but most academics speculate that this could signify the final days of the Council's existence.
  15. Aluxia

    Request: Aluxia

    What a lovely welcome to the neighborhood. I am sure in due time you may come to recognize the Empire as your better, but in the meantime, we'll be keeping an ever-vigilant eye beyond the borders of Our Land.