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  1. Aluxia

    A Change in the Wind

    Imperial authorities back in Vardin were feeling much better following reports that the Free Aluxian Army had been effectively pushed back from Chubka both by the sacrifices of loyalist soldiers but more in part to the Tagmatine aerial support. The Emperor had been kept abreast of developments. Davros was satisfied in the immediate danger being avoided. In response to the FAA offensive, he relayed orders through his top commanders to push their own offensive to the south - into Zygaria. They had recommended that he take advantage of the momentum - and with the FAA at their backs - to strike. A contingent of soldiers would remain in Chukba to safeguard it but the Emperor believed that between the Tagmatine support and the situation on the ground was sufficient enough to carry it out. His Imperial Majesty sat upon the throne reading not just the field reports but the official communique from the Tagmatine military liaison and those on behalf of Kommodos himself through the Foreign Minister. He was not content in the slightest over the idea of instituting reforms or taking on advisors, even if they were from a friendly nation but Valron interjected him during one of his rants. "...if we want to show our Tagmatine friends that we are being responsive and appreciative of their assistance, we need to accept it..." Davros growled but he wasn't about to lose a major advantage over the FAA in terms of numerical or material support and capitulated. Valron nodded to his sovereign and prepared to issue a positive response to the latest diplomatic dispatch from Tagmatika. While things were looking up for the Imperials, the same was not true for the Democratic Forces of the FAA. They had suffered a massive blow in morale and momentum in their stunted offensive upon Chukba. It was supposed to open the door on a rapid assault upon the capital to the southeast and perhaps even end the conflict before it had gotten too far but with their defeat and retreat, the civil war was likely to carry on for much longer, with many more lives to be lost. Solov was furious with the outcome and shouted at his commanding officers. Unlike the Imperials who at least had their loyalty, this was not true for the FAA - these colonels and generals, with their men, were in it for the money more than anything else. Dmitri would scream and shout but ultimately, he couldn't do much more than that - without them - Davros would have essentially won. While Chukba would be out of reach for some time, the FAA was not without victories. Gradin, the second-most important port in the country, was now in FAA hands, giving them an opportunity to bring in support from its clandestine supports abroad. For a few days, several cargo vessels had managed to unload their critically important goods but then the Tagmatine Navy came. They decided that while the FAA could have the port, they would completely negate their ability to use it. Naval ships set up a cordon around the entire harbor and the sea lanes both in and out of the immediate area. It was at that moment that the conflict had gone from primarily one on land to one that would include the coastal waters. The biggest unknown in the entire conflict at this point - for both the Imperials and the Democratic Forces was the loyalty of the Aluxian Navy. The Navy was modest in size but sufficiently powerful enough to play a role in defining the outcome of the war. Gregor Tomorov was in charge of it - big, fat, lazy, and corrupt. Exactly the type of the person you'd want to control something that could go either way. Tomorov had gone up the ranks due to the fact that he had enough friends at court to see to it that he be treated well. He did know naval command but the Aluxian Navy itself was more in the business of protecting its shores than engage in international maritime combat. Davros had been paying him off since the start of the conflict to keep the navy in line and for now, they'd be with the Empire. Fortunately for Davros, the Navy was actually in Priva, a port to the southwest of Gradin, and still in Imperial hands. The FAA was preparing an offensive upon it to further grow its control of the coast. Additionally, the FAA was weighing options on another advance, this time into the middle of the country in an attempt to take over a third of the Empire's air force. But the discussion on such action was halted when news came from their recon teams concerning Imperial forces slowly making their way to the south into Zygaria with the FAA's stronghold of Endvo as their intended target. "...how long until the Imperials march into the Zygarian frontier?" "Four-five days. They're still gathering their strength along the Drenz." "We have time then," responded Solov. "Do you think we can secure the Aluxian Navy's support in that timeframe?" "Most likely not," said one of the assembled commanders. "And even if we could, we are in no position to keep his loyalty for too long, and certainly not enough to force off the Gradin cordon by the Tagmatines." "Get the entire Zygarian artillery battalions formed along the ridges, the light infantry prepared for ambushes along the roads and passes and our remaining armored divisions prepared to intercept." "There is still the matter of Tagmatine air power to contend with..." the officer was interjected by the Premier. "We'll have to knock them out of the sky. We are redeploying the bulk of the mobile SAMs that were in Gradin back up in Endvo and we are expecting, according to our foreign friends, some material from Sayf in the coming days that should even the odds when the attack comes by the Imperials, if not the Tagmatines if they get involved in the offensives themselves." "Rally the people of Endvo. The Imperial offensive ends now." ============ ***CONFIDENTIAL*** From: Imperial Palace, Vardin To: Tagmatine Military Forces in Aluxia and Government in Tagmatika RE: Ongoing Efforts in the War Emperor Davros is greatly appreciative of the Tagmatine support in the fighting that took place outside of the city of Chukba and the positive outcome of that effort that has led to an FAA retreat from that front for the time being. Although the loss of Gradin is unfortunate, it is not imperative to achieving ultimate victory over the rebellious faction wishing to overthrow the legitimate Government. I have discussed your strong recommendation concerning advisors to the Emperor and while he is quite irate about taking on such individuals, I have managed to convince him that they will only further progress relations between our two countries over the long term. He, therefore, accepts the offer and will see them in the throne room upon their arrival. The Aluxian Navy is currently still loyal to the Emperor and we will do everything in our power to keep them on our side and not to defect to the FAA. Tomorov may be a less than ideal commander of such a force, he is not a complete idiot in knowing where he must stand. Upon hearing your efforts to cordon the harbor and sea lanes in and around Gradin, myself and the military command here in Vardin will strongly urge the Navy to provide assistance in that action. In other related military movements, the Imperial Army, using the momentum your intervention will begin its own offensive into Zygaria itself and use it as an opportunity to split the FAA forces in two. I am confident that between our own advance and with Tagmatine support, this conflict will end before long. ~Valron
  2. Aluxia

    [OOC] Aluxian Civil War

    Could you please put one together using the foundation I've made previously? It would be much appreciated. As I sit here, I should have just had you do it in the first place.
  3. Aluxia

    [OOC] Aluxian Civil War

    Since Rihan got busy, I just decided to make a very, very rough map: If someone wants to make a far better one for the long-haul, at least you have this one as a foundation to work from. Now, the red arrows denote impending FAA movements, yellow/gold the Imperial Armed Forces, and Purple designates Tagmatine activities. My hope is that this map will be amended as major events unfold so, at this moment, this map depicts what has essentially happened since the end of the Battle of Chukba. I do have a series of posts to make in the Civil War over the next week so I ask that anyone who's posted since I last did so to wait until they see responses from me.
  4. Aluxia

    [OOC] Aluxian Civil War

    Just forwarded you the relevant information. Thanks for the assist.
  5. Aluxia

    [OOC] Aluxian Civil War

    I would appreciate that - I'll message you some detail tomorrow when I have a considerable amount of time.
  6. Aluxia

    [OOC] Aluxian Civil War

    I realized that very need as I was posting my latest piece. I'll work on getting you a map in the next week or so at the latest.
  7. Aluxia

    A Change in the Wind

    The Free Aluxian Army had begun their dual offensive against the city of Chukba and the port of Gradin. Nearly a fifth of their entire manpower had been deployed in what was supposed to be a lighting offensive to catch the Imperial forces off-guard, however, the plan they had ultimately constructed would not pan out as designed. For three days, the FAA had made considerable progress southwards to Gradin - facing only scant resistance at first until they were in sight of the southerly port. As General Alexei Kornov had predicted in the briefing with the movement's defacto leader, it wasn't going to be simple. In fact, there was a bevy of Imperial rocket launchers positioned on a series of hills to the northeast, firing every ten minutes into the port city, hoping to trash it as much as possible and ultimately - destroy the port's facilities, depriving the rebels of a logistics hub. Kornov swore under his breath. "Now we have no choice but to split our forces," he said to his second-in-command. He looked back at his men. "Take A, C, and F Companies, and take out the rockets. We can't risk advancing while they're firing straight at us," he nodded and proceeded to coordinate a strategy with their commanders. Kornov had no choice but to wait out for the removal of the rockets. He originally had his own but Solov had decided to keep them in protecting Endvo from assault. This would take an entire two days as the bulk of the Imperial infantry units that had been rallied in this part of the country were hiding on the far ridge. Many FAA soldiers had lost their lives in the struggle but the hills were claimed, as were the mobile rocket launchers and the remainder of the rocket ammo, enough that could be used in a similar manner down the road. With the Imperial forces largely stuck within the city, Alexi proceeded to mobilize his forces into the city, the Imperials surrendering by nightfall the following day. Kornov and his engineers would inspect the port as the sun came up and while it had taken damage, the vital cranes, seawalls, and utility systems were largely intact. General Kornov instructed his communications officer to report that Gradin was in FAA control and that the Premier could begin to leverage this victory and translate it into tangible support for their effort. The same result could not be replicated in the attempt to take Chukba. The assault was working well at first but then as they crossed the Drenz, everything went wrong. The Imperials had been following their movements and had deployed their forces along the northern shores and throughout the woods on both sides of the major road into Chukba. It would become a bloody slog but the worst would come as they approached from the southwest, the Imperials on the hills - with their heavy artillery made things painful. The Zygarian artillery, under the FAA, could not deploy in any meaningful way until it was within view of the city. An Imperial infantry battalion repositioned itself under cover of darkness and blocked off the rear of the FAA, pinning them in a tight position. The FAA in addition to bringing little artillery, brought a tiny amount of armored units to support them. The Imperial commander for the area alerted Command back in the capital, who in turn, communicated to their Tagmatine allies to provide aerial support - to the point of taking out the FAA armor - giving them no further advantage in the battle for Chukba. Inside Chukba, in the days leading up to the battle, a curfew had been instituted, but as promised, the Juddish people who wanted to leave were permitted to do so under escort. Per an agreement between Aluxia and Tikva, El Al had deployed upwards of ten flights a day over a nine-day period and had 'evacuated' nearly 30,000 Juddish people and whatever belongings they could pack into suitcases, leaving their homes and for many, their treasures behind. However, there were still over 75,000 more across the country, the majority of whom were now essentially trapped in Chukba. But within the city, tensions between the Juddish minority and the predominant Orthodox community was becoming a major problem. At least one Sakak had been antagonized - when Imperial forces were asked to keep the peace, the Juddish people were ignored.
  8. Aluxia

    [OOC] Aluxian Civil War

    Yes. The FAA is going to make it two-thirds of the way to Chukba but the Imperial forces will relay coordinates to the Tagmatines to intercept oppositional forces from the skies - either by taking out advancing forces or removing armored units (remember, they don't have strength in tanks or much in the way of mobile AA). On the Gradin front, the FAA will have a far easier time getting it since it's a less important port, and has less capacity for vessels moving in and out of it as opposed to Narlis. I'll have something up tonight.
  9. Aluxia

    [OOC] Aluxian Civil War

    Head's up: FAA offensives towards Chukba and Gradin will be posted at the end of the week.
  10. Aluxia

    [OOC] Aluxian Civil War

    Your choice: if you rather want the missing plane route, then it gives you a bit more of a role over the long term than just dropping goods over the country.
  11. Aluxia

    [OOC] Aluxian Civil War

    You are welcome to attempt it but don't be surprised if one side may confuse for aiding the opposite. I did mention an aircraft going missing at some point. You could either fill that role as I outlined earlier or separate. Even though you may do it under a banner of neutrality, don't expect either side to be happy with that position over the long-term.
  12. Aluxia

    [OOC] Aluxian Civil War

    Feel free to make such a request, I am sure the reigning monarch would be more than happy to receive it...unless its more inclined to support the FAA, in which case, you're taking a risk of it not making it to its destination until they capture Gradin on the coast.
  13. Aluxia

    [OOC] Aluxian Civil War

    Okay, so here is what I have right now: Curfew Instituted in Chukba, a Juddish-majority city. As the FAA advances closer to the limits, it will change from a curfew to a complete lockdown, no one will be allowed to leave or enter. This will cause tensions with Tikva as Chukba is one of the largest Juddish areas in Aluxia remaining following the departures of millions in the decades in the past. The lockdown would throw a wrench in the Tikva asylum flight scheme, meaning @Tikva will probably need to threaten the Imperial throne for major concessions or even the deployment of a 'safeguarding team' to ensure those individuals are removed. As this builds up, extrajudicial killings will occur which may include Kuzha...which will only cause more problems...in due time. Saying that the FAA will make inroads on the city but will be pushed back by the Imperial Army in the end, meaning that they will have to focus their energies elsewhere for some time. Seylos and Tagmatium (and by extension Sanctum) will operate in Narlis, the major port. Given the heavy military presence, the FAA will not attempt to assault this stronghold. Instead, they will seek and capture a different port, Gradin to the south of it. This will open a door for Fulgistan and Sayf to provide humanitarian aid and other assistance to the 'rebels'. Going back to Tikva's involvement, the Shai agents will be helping the FAA in recon efforts but they're more there to provide eyes and ears to the Government in Ayalon and not really there to 'support' the rebels. They want them to succeed but only after influencing them. The Lasker Government (based on a PM exchange and the above bullet) will be showing as much 'love' to the Imperials for the sake of Aluxian Juddish people. In the long term, many of those individuals will be given permanent Citizenship in Tikva under that country's Law of Priority. Whichever government ultimately wins is going to be vexed by this. Fulgistan: I am going to attach your covert unit to one of the FAA's elite units to engage in a strike upon an Imperial military base to secure additional war material and ammo for the rebels as a first operation between the two organizations. Tagmatium: As I mentioned in the communique between the militaries, I think it's best that you maintain stationary in Narlis and other major Imperial areas. I do not plan on having the FAA make a big assault into Imperial throne territories just yet. I want the FAA to win control of Voteb first. Sayf: Military trainers to the FAA should go to Endvo - they can help whip up the hastily-assembled civilian soldiers are being used to bolster the ranks as the rebels only have a relatively minor contingent of the proper military forces of the country. Oyus recommended the shooting down of an aircraft (or gone missing): I want to incorporate that into the storyline. As the offensive against Voteb begins, both sides will have their mobile AA launchers in the area and as the unidentified aircraft (to them) approaches the area, both fire but no one knows who actually struck it - leading to both blaming each other and an outcry from the international community. I am leaning towards the Imperial Army shooting it down but I can also be convinced for the FAA to be responsible. Bulgenstaz should aid the FAA but it may be prudent to cooperate with Fulgistan... This is still fluid but I do hope that this information at least gives you a sense of where I am going with the story. Feel free to comment here with suggestions, ideas, etc. I want this plot to be as involved as possible by the participants as much as it is generated by me. P.S. The war map I discussed in a previous post should be ready for use following the Battle of Chukba.
  14. Aluxia

    A Change in the Wind

    Curfew Instituted in Chukba Imperial authorities in the Juddish-majority city of Chukba in Northern Aluxia today announced a mandatory curfew between the hours of 20:00 and 06:00 Hours. Its implementation is due to an impending offensive by the Free Aluxian Army per a spokesman from the Imperial Army. Three brigades of soldiers supported by detachments from the artillery and armored corps have been deployed to the immediate region to enforce both the curfew and ensure the protection of the city. The Mayor of Chukba was not informed of the decision until after it was conveyed to military personnel. Chukba-native Kuzhe Mikel Levitin was critical of the order saying that such an order would impact the ability of Juddish individuals who insisted to make the trip to Vardin to take up the Lasker Government's offer of providing asylum to any Juddish person who wished to leave Aluxia for the duration of the conflict. The same spokesman for the Imperial Army's Regional Command said that the curfew would not impact individuals as long as they left before its commencement each night. When asked when it would be lifted, the individual said that it would remain as long as required and could increase in the determined time period as needed.