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  1. Aluxia

    Aluxian Civil War

    Feel free to PM me on whatever thoughts you have concerning the storyline. If it is something that can work, I'll see to it that makes sense in the materials I am preparing.
  2. Aluxia

    Aluxian Civil War

    Thank you for making this OOC thread @Tagmatium Rules - now that things are starting to heat up, we'd need this now before things get too crazy for everyone. As I mentioned to him in a private message a week or so ago, I am going to attempt to put together a war map so people can see where all the pieces are on the board so to speak. It will also be updated as things change. It will take some time to achieve this. I will be posting some OOC material for this thread over the weekend to give people a sense of where I am going with the story and allow participants to see how that melds with their intentions and so forth.
  3. Aluxia

    A Change in the Wind

    Endvo A group of five men stood in a dimly-lit room beneath the Zygarian capital building, looking at maps and charts that been detailed by the FAA's recon teams. Cigarettes littered the floor and vodka bottles could be seen on several chairs. One would have thought this room was nothing more than the Governor's secret party room but it was not: it was the emergency headquarters of the Free Aluxian Army. Premier Solov did not intend to make it a permanent space. FAA engineers and technicians were already at work refurbishing a reclaimed Imperial administrative building but it wouldn't be ready for use for a week or more. "The Imperials have military units guarding the bridges at these points," said one military official, Colonel Zarbo. "However," he pointed to a ford in the Upper Drenz, "they have ignored this spot on the river, ten or fifteen miles to the west of Chukba. We could send in the 4th Infantry Battalion, backed by an armored unit and a small detachment of the Zygarian Artillery." He paused. "Although the nearest Imperial force is not directly on the other side of the ford, there are 2 Infantry brigades here and artillery units on this hill. We'll need to clear them out." General Orzik spoke up in concurrence, "Premier, I concur with the Colonel's analysis. But I would recommend more artillery." Solov, who lit probably the fourth cigarette since the start of the day, took a quick drag, took a puff and released it from his mouth. "Fine, another four artillery pieces can be deployed with them. Cannot risk using the mobile rocket launchers. We'll need them for our push southward." Zarbo took note of the additional force and continued with his briefing. "Great, we should have considerable ability to claim the ford and the immediate area," he paused. "There is one other situation, in Chukba itself." "Yes?" asked Dmitri, taking a puff on the cigarette. "Our recon team made contact with two Kuzha during a covert sweep of the city..." "And?" Both Orzik and Zarbo looked at each other. "They want us to get as many of their Juddish community out of Aluxia." He knew this was going to happen. "We clearly cannot get them out by ship, we have no port in our control...unless..." Solov began scanning the map with expediency. "Can we take Gadrin?" There was silence in the room, only broken by General Alexei Kornov. "It is possible," he began, "but it will be costly. It's only forty miles to the south and it's likely the Imperial forces have rockets aimed at it to deprive us of it." "Then we'll deploy our own, get people down there. We need that port. Otherwise, whatever international support we could potentially receive is going to be minimal." "But sir...can I be frank. We cannot attempt to take both Chukba and Gadrin..." "We don't have a choice. We have to get both. As soon as possible. If there is one that that will help us is getting the Juddish community on our side and by extension, the Government of Tikva. This is not up for debate. You have your orders. Make it happen, that is the end of the conversation. Now," he said, stamping out his cigarette on the floor. "I have a meeting with Crinya." He took his leave. The three military officers look at each other with, all in concurrence that either their de facto leader had either made a brilliant military move or that a number of brave patriots were going to lose their lives in a folly effort.
  4. Aluxia


    Aluxian Red Eagles Eliminated from ANAFA Cup They entered as quickly as they left. The Aluxians led by their fearless captain, Mitar Valesovic, after a painful penalty shootout in which their competitor, Iverica beat them by 2. Our national team was able to keep the score even through the end of regulation, only to not to break the deadlock during the extra time. The loss is devastating as many thought, though not being considered the strongest the competition, they were regarded as the most well-rounded with a decent record and place in the standings. "It all came down to who we would be competing against the quarterfinals, we always knew it would have been a challenge no matter who it was. Even if we did play the Prymontians again, I doubt we would have beaten them a second-go-round" said Olkav, their coach. He further elaborated that Lionel Messey was just on his game and had deprived the Aluxians their opportunity to execute more than one set-piece that would have involved Mettic (#14) who had been playing outstandingly since he was brought up to the front eleven squad. The Aluxia-Iverica match was played at Lusankya Stadium, in Vardin. As Vorzyd has been alerting our international readership, Aluxia is currently engulfed in a civil war. The national team's loss has only made the situation in the capital worse, many hoped that a win might have slowed down the ongoing conflict but it has only given people another outlet to vent their frustrations. Dmitri Solov, the declared leader of the Free Aluxian Army, released a brief statement following the team's loss that he was sorry to hear they wouldn't be moving on and hoped that they would all be ready to come home and help prepare the next generation of players under a free, democratic system. He pledged that if the Democratic forces won, he and his eventual government would substantially invest in the educational system including a slew of gymnasiums and football pitches for communal use. A spokesman for the Aluxian Football Organization (FAO) said that due to the ongoing civil war, there is no guarantee the Aluxian team may be able to compete in the rapidly approaching Argic Cup. The FAO will make a decision depending on the prevailing political situation at home [which will largely be determined as to who may possess the capital at that time].
  5. Aluxia

    *GAME* Word association!

  6. Aluxia

    [OOC] The Technocratic Internationale

    Seeing as I am in the middle of a civil war, I have yet to decide what type of 'democracy' takes over should the rebels ultimately win the conflict but if I were to wager a guess, technocracy is unlikely. It is more likely to take a socialist turn but these are still early days in a war.
  7. Aluxia

    A Change in the Wind

    ***CONFIDENTIAL*** To: The Eland From: Yogar Pofko, Free Aluxian Army A high-ranking official within the Fulgistani Government provided us with your contact information and we have followed all instructions concerning its safekeeping. For the purposes of ensuring our communication is not comprised, I will be the only contact that will be responsible for speaking with you and there will be no others carbon-copied to our transmissions and communiques. With that out of the way, I was told that you are are man of considerable knowledge and depth of network who can put our forces in connection with certain elements who may be willing to provide resources of a rather clandestine and covert manner. The sooner we can speak with them, the sooner the Free Aluxian Army can begin planning its first major offensive. I look forward to your response at your earliest opportunity. Time is of the essence.
  8. Aluxia

    Fulgistani Bureau for Foreign Diplomacy

    ***CONFIDENTIAL*** To: Secretary for Foreign Diplomacy Ismail Tian-Han, Worker's Republic of Fulgistan From: Egron Harkov, Free Aluxian Army Wise words said by your reputable revolutionary leader. They are true today as they were back then. We do not expect Fulgistani men and woman to risk their lives and fight in our war. We know there are other foreign interventions that may materialize, and we'll be ready for them when they inevitably arrive. Every day, our ranks grow in number, and with the people of Zygaria, a province of the Empire that has never felt like it has ever been part of a united country, we have the means to wage this war for many years if we must. Premier Dmitri Solov would greatly appriciate a public statement from the Fulgistani Government to the effect you outlined in your previous communique concerning evacuating refugees, the wounded, and those who wish to flee for political asylum. Our contacts in Vardin, the capital, report massive crowds surrounding the Embassy Quarter, and the Imperial Security forces are clamping down in the area. We believe it is to keep people from getting out of the country, short of foreigners who found themselves trapped in Aluxia when the conflict broke out. If there is anything you can do to get the Imperial Security to allow more in, we can get more people out of harm's way. This is equally important as notable Juddish kuzhas have been communicating with the Tikva Mission concerning whether this war may spark yet another round of anti-Juddish sentiment, discrimination, and persecution. They've already heard rumors of such actions taking place in the countryside and we have some our recon units out investigating their validity. My colleague, Yogar Pofko, will get in contact with the Eland concerning what resources he may be able to foster towards the FAA's. To victory, and the liberation of Aluxia.
  9. Aluxia

    Fulgistani Bureau for Foreign Diplomacy

    ***CONFIDENTIAL*** To: Secretary for Foreign Diplomacy Ismail Tian-Han, Worker's Republic of Fulgistan From: Egron Harkov, Free Aluxian Army To say that to write a communique to your country feels weird, it is because it is. When I thought Premier Solov was joking about writing to your country about seeking aid, I honestly thought he was. I was very wrong about that. I have been instructed to get in contact with you via private channels to discuss what level of support we could potentially see from the Worker's Republic. I must admit: the Free Aluxian Army does not prescribe to any one particular ideology: we have a spectrum from Democrats and Socialists to establishment conservatives who have no love of the monarch to complete independents. However, we are all united in the same purpose: to remove Emperor Davros, which I would suggest is a good enough reason for international support for our cause: the shackles of tyranny and oppression has no place in the world today. No one will shed a tear if Davros was ripped from his throne today. The Emperor and his father have been a pestilence upon the land and have long ignored the people. They are merely playthings for him to use solely to keep content from day-to-day while not in any form, providing any level of true governance involving his very subjects. Beyond that, and we've relayed this concerned to both Ayalon and Yulaa, that the Juddish people, totaling nearly 100,000 (most have previously fled from anti-Juddish discrimination this country during the second half of the last century), are at risk of being attacked by the Emperor should the conflict not go in his favor. We have several experienced agents looking into rumors of such attacks or worse than the local Kuzha (rabbis) have informed our contacts to confirm their validity. We'd imagine that Fulgistan, a stalwart of protections for endangered communities would be an ally of this community, and by extension, the true people, fighting to protect all. To the end of tyranny. To freedom.
  10. Aluxia

    A Change in the Wind

    Imperial Aluxian Armed Forces To the Honorable Goulielmos, Megas Logothetes, Logothesion ton Barbaron, Megas Agios Basileia ton Arhomanion The Emperor has informed me that His Exalted Majesty, Kommodos III, has decided to support my efforts in keeping the nation unified under the banner of the Imperial eagle. I am sure he has said that he is grateful for the assistance, as am I. As I read your communique about rules of engagement: I too want to set those rules. It is in my intention that a direct line between the Imperial Palace, in which the Military High Command operates out of, be connected to the eventual headquarters of the Tagmatine expeditionary forces. It is my intention to use your men where it makes the most practical for the equipment you bring with you, nor will I put your men into a situation in which they will be found and surrounded by the Free Army. It is practical that both forces engage in daily briefings including items that involve intelligence to the extent relevant to particular theatres of the conflict and reported counts of men both dead and alive. I have instructed some of the military forces in Narlis to begin preparing a dedicated camp space for your operations in Aluxia - to be used to whatever extent you desire over the course of the conflict. It may be prudent at the Aluxian Imperial Military and the Tagmatine expeditionary command have a joint operations base in order to better coordinate on the ground. We do not expect the Tagmatine forces to arrive for some time, no doubt between the assembling the force and gathering the materials required to supply them, the Imperial military will do whatever it can to keep the Free Army at bay. We believe your air support will be critical in defeating the Free Aluxian Army in the long-term. To that end, we have begun all efforts to deprive them of any military aircraft, which may include destroying any we cannot manage to protect. In Brotherhood, we will destroy them. The Free Aluxian Army will not destroy this beautiful country. Order will be maintained. To victory. ~General Magar Halsek
  11. Aluxia

    Wiki Pages

    Thank you for all your hard work @Rihan! I have some new information and some changes that probably need to be made. I'll send them to you in a private message.
  12. Aluxia

    A Change in the Wind

    Vardin "...your majesty," said one military advisor, "the rebels has garnered the support of the 31st Zygarian Artillery Brigade. With those mutineers joining the Free Army's ranks, they are at around 33,000 men." Davros, who was seated in his throne, turned his gaze upon another military official. This man responded, "Though we do not have the Zygarian Highlands, the Imperial Army has control of all river crossing along the entire length of the Drenz. Each deployed unit is backed up nearby armored and artillery divisions to stymie and hopefully, eliminate the FAA offensive at any of these bridges," he concluded, pointing to ten bridges. The Emperor nodded. "What is the situation in Narlis? Has the Mayor been taken care of?" Narlis had been bombed by the original members of the Free Army but most of the damage had been repaired since then. The then-mayor had been killed in the blast and the Narlis mayorship had been transitioned to a friend of the Crown Prince's but his tenure had ended up being brief. "Alexi Krylov was found to be a conduit to the rebels but he refused to divulge anything. Since he would not cooperate with us, we have since arrested him and locked him in the prison outside Vardin until he's willing to change his mind. In the meantime, we ask for your blessing to put the port and the area around it under martial law. Given the importance of the port, three infantry brigades, 2 armored divisions, and a well-entrenched artillery battery have been deployed to ensure its security. Equally as important, the International Red Cross and several other entities have been assembling facilities within the Narlis perimeter to carry out their neutral operations. Between their presence and the extent of military force we've put down, they'd be making a huge mistake if they were to attempt seizing the city." "What is the condition in the Embassy Quarter here in Vardin?" Davros asked that question as ever since the Civil War had broken out nearly ten thousand people had stormed towards the few open offices (as most nations had pulled out their representatives - though that number was already very low to start with). Security forces had barricaded the area, allowing only a restricted group of individuals, dominated by the few foreign nationals who were in the Empire at the time, into the quarter. Of the few Aluxians who had gotten into the area, consisted of the high-ranking Juddish community leaders who sought a meeting with Ambassador Asimov. "The crowd continues to grow. They'll need more support." He reflected for a moment, "make it happen," he said, "panic cannot be allowed to spread in Vardin." There was one final man in the chamber, shrouded in Black Robes. "Has there been any sight of my son," the Emperor asked in an irritated tone. "We still have not located him but we have several leads. We're confident one of them will lead us to him." Davros knew he and his son did not agree on the direction of the country but he didn't believe he was involved in the rebellion that had befallen Aluxia. "Let me know when you do, he and I need to have a very long conversation." Just then, one of the military advisor's aides approached his superior and whispered. "What?!" he bellowed. The Emperor immediately turned his gaze to him. "Something wrong General?" he inquired. "My aide has informed me that the Free Aluxian Army has begun an offensive towards the town of Chukba." "What military assets do we have in the area," asked his colleague. He skimmed a piece of paper handed by the aide. "The 11th Infantry Division and the 21st Combined Regiment." "Is that enough to hold them back?" "We are not sure of what they are bringing to bear upon the town," he responded. "I want us to move the 37th Infantry Regiment to assist, from Palev." His colleagues concurred.
  13. Aluxia

    Foreign Ministry of the State of Tikva

    To: Prime Minister Jacob Lasker and the Government of Tikva From: Kuzha Yosef Khaimov and Mikel Levitin RE: Concerning Anti-Juddish Sentiment and Aluxian Civil War Prime Minister, we are sending this letter through the Vardin Mission in hopes that this communique will reach you and the Government as speedily as possible. The Civil War is rapidly escalating and the number of individuals who are potentially affected is steadily climbing into the hundreds of thousands. We wish to bring to your attention the still vibrant, abet much smaller Juddish population in Aluxia. You are undoubtfully aware that the Aluxian throne, when it was occupied by Emperor Ravon, and now currently, Davros, has always had a hint of anger towards our people. Though they've been veiled in their efforts to reduce us, we fear that the War will give the current Emperor an opportunity to unleash his pent-up frustrations upon us. We have done our own census of the Juddish population in Aluxia: taking into account the migrations of the 1980s, there are still nearly 100,000 Aluxians with Juddish faith or ancestry - fathers, mothers, sons, and daughters, and grandparents - all in the potential line of fire. We have been in secret correspondence with the Free Aluxian Army. For our own safety, we cannot tell you their identity. According to them, there are many rumors of anti-Juddish discrimination, intimidation, and even (and we hope this is not true) unrestrained violence. Though neither of us can confirm whether these pieces of information are valid, it makes both of us uneasy. If such actions, whether they are not happening or are occurring, they cannot be allowed to proliferate across Aluxia. Our contact with the FAA said he would look into the allegations we've learned of. Even at this moment, the Juddish people of Aluxia are in immense danger. Yosef and I will continue to regularly update Asimov but the Government needs to take action now before it is too late. We eagerly await your response.
  14. Aluxia

    The Oyusard Ministry of Foreign Relations

    ***CONFIDENTIAL*** To: Foreign Minister Lili Epol, Oyus Cc: Kera Eka Lam From: Egron Harkov, Free Aluxian Army We respect Oyus' neutrality in the conflict - and we are in no position to ask for your Government to make a public show of support, particularly as some of the actors who may be getting involved, from abroad, may make such an action unadvisable. Nor would we, if we were in charge, suggest such a move either. The Free Aluxian Army and by extension, the people of Zygaria, are calling out the Emperor - abet with arms - because he has simply no care for his people and the people want action, now. We are calling him out and we know our message will resonate across the country once the oppressive acts Davros will take to hold onto power comes into full light. Premier Solov never took your offer of aid to Aluxia as an endorsement of the Imperial throne. Not in the slightest. You are doing the right thing by giving our devastated citizenry who will see much of their lives torn up in the conflict. If our own resources weren't so tight, we'd be doing that ourselves to show our faithful and honorable intentions. Dmitri appreciated reading that you have already received the first set of asylum requests from our people - do not feel obligated to approve any Aluxian Juddish people. I do not say this as a means of attacking those individual's faiths or even out of outright hostility. The Premier has sent a personal communique to Prime Minister Lasker in Ayalon, seeking aid towards our cause. Additionally, a group of Kuzha (rabbis) of some of Aluxia's largest Sakak (temples) have sent an official request to the Government. We are in constant deliberation with the Tikva mission in Vardin, led by Uri Asimov, who is an Aluxian Juddish man himself. We are confident we will receive clandestine support from them in the very near future. Though the International Red Cross shall be administering itself as a neutral entity along the same vein as to what you are providing in our country, if we come up with any evidence to prove the wickedness of the regime, we will pass it along to yourselves and our other 'friendly' foreign connections. The terrors undertaken by Emperor Ravon and his son, Davros, will be exposed. I would like to arrange a meeting with Ambassador Susman once he's gotten settled into his role in Aluxia. We want to warn you: Aluxia is rapidly becoming a very dangerous place and although your emissary is covered under the standard diplomatic protocols and rights, always have him guarded. The Imperial Security Forces and the Emperor's Black Robes, cannot be trusted. We will prevail. Democracy's light will shine on Aluxia. Freedom for all.