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  1. Wild Boar Bank is the largest Commercial Banking Corporation in Beleareas. It has the largest market capitalization of 48.9 Billion Monedas with a net income of 3 Billion Monedas. It offers the widest array of financial services including small business loans, Housing loans, corporate financing and more.It is also pioneering electronic payment methods in the country. Its investment division has financial products that serves a multitude of preferences from government bonds to cryptocurrency investments. Its Beleareas Stock Index fund is the best performing equity fund in the domestic mark
  2. The Blue Flags pirate fleet has grown notorious victimizing cargo and passenger vessels operating in the Verde, Sakspati, Mediargic and Ygros Seas. Affected nations must unite to end this international maritime menace once and for all. We can do this by finding their secret pirate bases and destroying/capturing them. we can then do whatever we please with the captured pirate bases. I envision that we can have the structure as follows: 1. Prologue - participants write up about the problem generating tension and creating cause 2. Act 1 - Establish Joint Op and survey the pirates
  3. MORTI CRANII THE PROTECTOR OF SAKSPATI SEA Nueva Vega AP - The BMV Santo Joao was rescued from a Blue Flag Pirate attack by the BMV Mori Cranii captained by Inigo Maretamia on June 8, 2020 at the East Sakspati Sea. north of @Valacia. The Santo Joao sent out a distress signal on the early hours of the day when it spotted the pirate ship Azure Reindeer. The Santo Joao's crew put up a brief fight to deter the attacking pirates before surrendering to the determined crew of the Azure Reindeer. No casualties were reported during the encounter and the cargo stolen furthermore a group
  4. I'm happy to collaborate! Though my goals are more earth oriented than exploration. But I am sure I can find some way to collaborate.
  5. ^ You're not wrong < Just wants to create a sprawling transportation empire v Is insecure about the size of his left pinky toe
  6. THE BELEAREAN METEOROLOGICAL SATELLITES PROGRAM The Belearean Space Agency in alignment with its mission to provide civilian applications for the improvement of human life on Eurth Establishes the Belearean Meteorological Satellite Porogram. Its aim is to provide terrestrial and space weather data from space. The Space Agency soon hopes to provide the information to Belearean industry partners and government agencies to be put to use. The Program Shall put in place a constellation of 8 satellites in polar orbits to be able to provide the information it needs Satellites cur
  7. Belearean Space Agency The Belearean Ministry on Science and Technology in order to explore the vast environment of space, exploit its unique position in the heavens for civilian and military application and establish satellites, science laboratories and habitats for the improvement of human life on Eurth establishes The Belearean Space Agency to explore earth orbit and beyond for: The expansion of human knowledge of phenomena in the atmosphere and space; The improvement of the usefulness, performance, speed, safety, and efficiency of aeronautical and space vehicles;
  8. MUNDUS LIBER SURVEY RESULT RANKS BELEAREAS 23 OUT OF 28, INCITES GAY PRIDE RALLY ON PARLIAMENT DOORSTEP ABP - Members of the Belearean LGBT Society held a picket rally in front of parliament this afternoon. Picket rally leaders were leading the crowd to chant "what do we want? LGBT rights! When do we want it? Now!" protesters cited the recently published ( @Mauridiviah ) Mundus Liber LGBT rights survey as proof that the government was not doing enough to protect the rights of its members. "Its a crime that Beleareas has such poor laws in comparison to its neighbor @Iverica" added the
  9. BEL-MARES BEL-MARES is a Maritime Transportation corporation Established in 1856 under the government Ministry of Trade and Commerce as the royal merchant fleet of Beleareas. Government neglect and corrupt official almost drove the department to its abolishment until It was since privatized in 1969. It now operates a fleet of passenger vessels to international destinations as well as bulk goods. Routes served: Coming Soon
  10. MINERO MINING COMPANY Minero Mining Company is a Belearean Corporation that specializes in the mining of iron, manganese, zinc, copper and coal. It was Established in 1943. Its Head quarters are located in Nueva Vega, Menorca and currently operates mines in Foremonte. Minero is an employee owned cooperative and each employee is entitled to vote in its biennial election of board of directors . it operates the following mines: Azul Iron Mine, Foremonte Terratrix Manganese and Zinc Mine, Formonte Dolce Copper Mine, Formonte Montenegro Coal Mine, Foremonte It c
  11. ADAPTUS BLOCKADES GREATER SERBIA, BEL-AIRES PLANES DIVERT TO VARIOTA ABP - Bel-Aires planes found themselves diverted to @Variota at the Kaptein A.H. Ferrefaaierhafen International Airport and Aurora Sichtlaiter Commemorative Airport after being denied entry into the airspace around Greater Serbia after @Adaptus called on TRIDENT and like-minded nations to Blockade the nation of @Greater Serbia . Variotan Officials are quick to console the Troubled passengers saying "Enjoy our casinos, brothels, drug dispensaries and Varinco weapon shops!" Adaptus has called for a blockade on G
  12. BEL-AIRES TO SERVE THREE NEW NATIONAL DESTINATIONS ABP- The Belearean Airlines Bel-Aires, has announce that it shall be serving new flight routes into @Fulgistan, @Mauridiviah, and @Greater Serbia. The Bel-Aires CEO Miguel Granada was quoted "This is explosive news! Once it hits the news papers it will be so the bomb!" during a share holder meeting. Bel-Aires will continue to expand its operations abroad and shall look forward to establishing routes in @Limonaia, @Iverica, @Monvisret and @Sunset Sea Islands for its next round of expansions. Bel-Aires has seen a long period
  13. Belearean - Airlines Established in June 2000, Bel-Aires is a passenger airline that is devoted to providing quality and affordable air transport within the Kingdom of Beleareas and other countries around the world. It currently charters domestic flights within the Kingdom between domestic airports and shall expand its operations to foreign destinations upon the finished construction of the San Tonio International Airport and the Rehabilitation of the Nueva Vega International Airport. Routes served All domestic airports in Menorca From Nueva Vega International Airport
  14. The Belearean Ministry of Trade and Commerce is a department of the Belearean government whose responsibility is to establish a dynamic business environment, register and monitor all trade and commerce of private industry within Beleareas with each other and their foreign clients, partners and stakeholders. The Ministry shall establish a registry for the conduct of its activities. The Registry shall contain all registered commercial actors not limited to but including SMEs, Corporations, LLCs, and etc. Registry Contents: Bel-Aires - a Belearean Airline Minero - A mining C
  15. OOC: Credits to @Gallambria for the bid of tender format. Description: In the name of his Holy Majesty King Hagar XIV, the Belearean Minister of Public works requests the Fenxing Construction Collective ( @Fulgistan ) and Comlimco ( @Limonaia ) for tender documentation of the San Tonio International Airport. This Project is to develop an international airport for trade and travel of the subjects of the King of Beleareas. ITEM ID: AP - as5d4dfe3 AGENCY: Ministry of Public Works CATEGORY: Public Works C
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