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  1. Nah fam, think I'm gonna sit this one out. Sike, you already know I'm in baby.
  2. "And when can you start extraction?" "Hmm. May, June. No sooner." "Listen, Comrade, you must understand; there's a war on now; we need this oil, sooner rather than later." "Comrade Wang, we'll do our best with what we've been given. With the state the terrorists left most of these wells in, you'll be lucky to have 50% extraction within the quarter." The mustached Bulgenstazi's expression did not change as he scrolled through his PDA. On his head was a red hard hat, with the distinctive ring-star symbol of the International Communist Economic Bloc. The team from the Petroleum Committee had been flitting around Takhar Province by helicopter, surveying old oil derricks that had been liberated from the Black Eagles. Overall, the assessment was hopeful; most of the wells had not been destroyed or severely damaged, and it appeared as though the Black Eagles lacked the capacity to extract from them in the decades that they had controlled the area. Reassessment of proven reserves was still ongoing, but, again, projections were optimistic. Wang Guzheng, turning away from the ICEB representative, looked out over the surrounding hills. It was rugged but beautiful country, out here in Takhar; mostly upland scrub and rocks, but a fair few wooded patches too. Thankfully, now these hills were free of the terrorist menace; a few Black Eagle strongholds still dotted the landscape, but it was only a matter of time before they were crushed completely. "Hey, did you hear about the Shffahkian fascist they just nabbed?" "Hm? Oh, yeah, him. Made the news in Khenkourt; I'd sure hate to be that guy right now." "Yeah. At that point, when you're dragging someone out of a hole, I'd almost prefer to just be shot then and there. Now he's gotta go home for a trial and everything, and the result will be the same." "Mmm." Guzheng struck a match on his boot, lighting the kretek that had been dangling from his lips. The sun was setting now, and the breeze picked up, picking its way between the hills through the arid spring evening. Just the two men and the wildlife, as far as the eye could see. "Alright, let's head back. I appreciate you working late." "It's no trouble. From each according to his ability, and all." As the chopper took off, Guzheng reflected on the changes the province had undergone in the past few months. In the winter, you couldn't get a civilian helo within thirty miles of the front lines without having to dodge a rocket; now, he thought, as he looked out over the desolate scrub, this place just might be useful to somebody.
  3. Howdy, folks. Obviously, war's been declared. We'll be outlining what this means for the RP below. Since last we made progress on this RP as a concept, there's been some changes to it. Most notably: 1. The absence of Derthalen as a player character 2. The placing of Rhodellia 3. The war goals of the coalition Firstly, I speak for the group when I say that, in the absence of Derthalen, we'd like to ask @Iverica, if willing, to take on the role of OPFOR in ROTW. Secondly, I also speak for all members of the coalition when I ask that the military participation of the Kingdom of @Rhodellia be heavily limited. Third, and lastly, we've developed a new plan thusly: 1. Securing air and naval superiority in the Dolch and over Derthalen's coastline 2. Mounting an amphibious landing on the southern shores of Derthalen 3. Overland, attack towards Heinrichstadt and capture the capital with all speed. 4. Respond to developing counterattacks as needed (also applies to previous 4) 5. Obtain unconditional surrender, or nearest equivalent 6. Divide and occupy the country 7. Formally declare the Alliance for Mutual Security 8. (Long term) Establish a constitutional republic in Derthalen under AFMS/UEL supervision. We're happy to hear feedback on this plan from the RP Moderators and adjust it as needed. Thanks, y'all.
  4. THE PEOPLE’S GREAT KHURAL OF THE WORKER’S REPUBLIC OF FULGISTAN Bogd Gioro, 25th of March, 2019 RESOLUTION Declaring That a State of War Exists Between the Government of Derthalen and the Government and People of Fulgistan and Making Provisions to Prosecute the Same Whereas The Government of Derthalen has perpetrated acts of war against the people of the free world, and committed crimes against all humanity for many decades uninterrupted: Therefore be it resolved by the People’s Great Khural of the Worker’s Republic of Fulgistan that the state of war between the Empire of Derthalen and the Worker’s Republic of Fulgistan is hereby formally declared; and that the Central Committee is hereby authorized and directed to employ the entire naval and military forces of the Worker’s Republic and the resources of the government to carry on war against the government of Derthalen; and, to bring the conflict to a successful termination, all of the resources of the country are hereby pledged by the People’s Great Khural of Fulgistan. (OOC: Selected listening - The Sacred War)
  5. Welcome to Europa! I hope you enjoy your stay.
  6. "Good evening, Dundee approach. Kestrel Seven-Seven-Niner descending to flight level four-zero, heading zero-one-zero." The glow of the instrument panel illuminated the faces of the Fulgistani bomber crew. They'd formerly been on standby for the Greater Serbian intervention, but, like all forces that had once been promised to that endeavor, had been diverted to Seylos in anticipation of war's outbreak. Kestrel Seven-Seven-Niner and her sisters carried 3 cruise missiles apiece; ship-killers, each packed with enough explosive tonnage to punch a hole in an aircraft carrier. The bombers of the Red Kestrels and the other two naval bomber squadrons were some of the most expensive and specialized aircraft operated by the Revolutionary Guard Air Force, a strategic assurance designed to compensate for a small and defense-focused navy. "Kestrel Seven-Seven-Niner, runway one-three left, cleared to land." The pilot repeated the information, following protocol. "Cleared to land three-one left, Kestrel Seven-Seven Niner." After a few more hours, Kestrel Seven-Seven Niner and the Red Kestrels had successfully been gathered in Seylos. They were far from the only Revolutionary Guard forces to have been dispatched to the island nation in the past few weeks. While the Fulgistanis had not contributed any fighter aircraft at this time, believing that area best left to their more technologically capable allies, there were a fair number of cargo and transport aircraft in-country. Two of Fulgistan's twelve frigates were now docked in Norfolk, and four of the navy's diesel-electric submarines were on standby in Wulumuqi. The Revolutionary Guard had been prepared for hostilities with the Derthaler Empire since the inception of the Workers' Republic, but it had not accounted for Seylos, Limonaia, and Sayf, all valuable allies that tipped scales, assuming projections were correct, considerably in the coalition's favor. This surprise cooperation had kept analysts and strategists working around the clock for months, planning and preparing. Nor had the politicians been idle; General Secretary Almas had had a direct line installed in his office to King Aidan, and the two leaders were in communication almost daily. In a way, it was quite bizarre but also entirely par for the course. Fulgistan had always believed, or at least produced convincing propaganda, that one day it would destroy its colonial oppressor, the bogeyman of the New World, but had never thought to do it alongside such unconventional allies.
  7. Is it Triad time? I think it's Triad time.
  8. The following diplomatic communique is intended solely for His Majesty Aidan Redmond, King of Seylos, and is to be considered confidential. Your Majesty, It is the understanding of the Worker's Republic of Fulgistan that your realm is currently under tangible military threat from certain neighboring actors, and that in the event of these certain actors desiring to affect an armed attack upon your nation or another sovereign state in the area of the Western Adlantic, that clearly threatened Seylosian sovereignty, and which the Seylosian Crown accordingly considered it vital to resist with their national forces, the Worker's Republic would feel itself bound at once to lend the Seylosian Crown all support in its power. We hereby give the Seylosian Crown an assurance to this effect. I may add that the designated representative of the Sayfi Foreign Ministry, Mr. Fahri Barkat Ali, has authorised me to make it plain that they stand in the same position in this matter as does the Worker's Republic. Should you or your designated defense officials believe that such an attack as described above is imminent or has come to pass, it is our request that you inform both myself and Mr. Ali, such that our nations may endeavor to render you whatever aid possible. Best wishes, Ismail Tian-Han, Secretary, Bureau for Foreign Diplomacy, Worker's Republic of Fulgistan
  9. I'd be happy to chip in researching a cure; Fulgistani medical internationalism and all. Perhaps we'd also be at risk, seeing as how Alharu suffers from both a hot climate and deficient sanitation?
  10. https://i.imgur.com/7KzkOgh.jpg I was hoping that we could name this area in the link above the Qingming Sea, or "Clear and Bright Sea".
  11. A lanky biped, nearly three meters in height were it not stooped onto its lower pair of arms, stepped forward. Atop its bony head were a pair of crystalline hornlike protrusions extending outward from the temples. Square, beige teeth were visible, in the absence of any real lip structure, and a hemispherical holo-mirror panel brought the creature's vision form the side of its head, where the eyes were located, to the front. A prey species, a herbivore. Sinking into a cross-legged sitting position, the being placed its upper and lower arms into a diamond-shaped steeple position, a gesture of greeting. It spoke in a rumbling, polyphonic voice; the twin esophagii of its species could produce sound at up to 130 decibels in crisis. "Peace and justice be upon you all. The League of Ten nominates us, Tir'Rak'Gian of the Ayu-Bihad as its representatives to this venture." All known space knew of the Ayu-Bihad. Most thought them eccentric, or perhaps extremist. Those who would practice injustices were right to fear them. They were, in truth, two species; the Ayu and the Bihad. The Ayu were grazing animals, six-limbed and bipedal, who had settled into an agricultural lifestyle some ten millennia ago. Before they had cast off their nomadic lifestyle, they were constantly hunted by airborne and terrestrial predators. However, they soon made contact with the Bihad. Taking the form of silicon-based singing crystal, the Bihad were a quiet, sedentary collective consciousness. Having no real cause for conflict with any species, they lived a peaceful existence in the subterranean caves of the Ayu-Bihad homeworld, Locrima. When fleeing Ayu entered their homes, seeking refuge from predators, the Bihad were moved by their plight, and, knowing only empathy for these poor carbon-based prey animals, offered them their services as symbiotic parasites of a sort. Placing portions of the Bihad upon their brows, the Ayu were not only able to use the crystal horns as weapons, but as communicators and mentors. The Bihad, as a reclusive species, were shocked to discover the brutality of the surface world and the day-to-day struggle of the Ayu and their herbivorous compatriots. When the Ayu-Bihad had driven their predators to extinction, they prospered. A civilization that covered the surface of Locrima flourished for five hundred sol-rotations; until the star rains fell. Thousands of Omeji slavers, a spacefaring predator species from a neighboring planet, poured onto the surface of Locrima, casting Ayu-Bihad society into disarray and chaos. However, the former prey species had not forgotten their ways of war. Highly coordinated squads of Ayu-Bihad commandoes were able to perform treetop raids on Omeji encampents, stealing their weapons and murdering them in their sleep. What one Bihad crystal knew, all did, and within weeks the Ayu-Bihad had reverse engineered the Omeji weaponry, using it to push them off-world. But the struggle did not end there. Ten years after the initial invasion, the Ayu-Bihad fleet reached the Omeji homeworld and razed it to bare rock. No more would they be hunted. After the discovery of the interstellar drive, Ayu-Bihad representatives made contact with nine other alien species, forming the League of Ten. The Ayu-Bihad and their allies to this day wipe out predator species that represent a threat to peace amongst the stars, and contain those that have not advanced to spacefaring technology. While many civilized species view this as dogmatic and paranoid, the League has only ever had but one word to spare for the dozens of dead or stunted species in its wake; "justice".
  12. It's Official! 2019 Summer Olympic Host City to be Bogd Gioro Much jubilation has swept the streets of Fulgistan's capital in the wake of a recent announcement by the International Eurth Olympics Committee (IEOC) that Bogd Gioro had been selected as the location for the 2019 Eurth Summer Olmypics, a decision that, while very much welcomed, has surprised many in the Worker's Republic. Comrade Mei Dajin, a textile worker and mother of four, said that "never in [her] life" had she expected Fulgistan to be "selected for such a prestigious honor. Truly, for my part, I'm humbled to have the Olympics taking place in my own backyard.". While no start date has been publicly announced for the Olympic ceremonies, Fulgistani officials and their IEOC counterparts have been in close contact for the past week, and preliminary construction has already begun on several of the required facilities for the games. Speaking in an impromptu address after the announcement, General Secretary Almas congratulated the people of Bogd Gioro on their selection. "Never forget that, although it was the IEOC that made the ultimate decision, they have done so based on what they saw in you, in your city, and in your hearts. Bogd Gioro is a clean, happy, safe city, and it is you, her people, who have made her into the darling of the world come summertime. I know already that those who visit our nation during the Olympics and long after will no doubt also be charmed by the city that beat the odds to rise to the top." Beloved Animation Franchise Celebrates 40 Years The classic 'Stanime series, Star Fighter Jinjian celebrates 40 years since the airing of its first episode today. The science-fiction show, brainchild of Wulumuqi-based artist collective [GEARS] has been the introduction to the Stanime genre for many foreigners and Fulgistanis alike, with the television series and movies having sold several million copies, alongside thousands of toys, model kits, video games, apparel, and other merchandise on the foreign and domestic market. Often praised for its dynamic art style and pumping soundtrack, Star Fighter Jinjian has held the rapt attention of youngsters for 40 years, and will no doubt continue to be viewed and praised for many years to come.
  13. To: Kipanese Foreign Minister Masaki Kaneda The General Secretary humbly accepts the invitation of President Yamazaki and the nation of Kipan, and will do all in his power to arrange such a visit in the near future. It is the belief of the Worker's Republic as well that relations between our two great nations ought to be close and mutually beneficial. The General Secretary, though often occupied with matters of state, will be available at your convenience. Sincerely, Ismail Tian-Han, Secretary for Foreign Diplomacy, Worker's Republic of Fulgistan
  14. Headquarters of the Joint Revolutionary Task Force, Bogd Gioro "Comrade Choinom, sir." Jinhuang entered the room at his usual purposeful pace. Around a conference table were a good dozen of Fulgistan's seemingly endless parade of mid-level military pencil-pushers, plus a few of the ones that Secretary for Defense Choinom could actually rely on to get things done. Taking a seat at the head of the table, he straightened a stack of papers from an aide. "Alright, we've all read the report. What the hell are we going to do about the Chukba situation?" A Major General piped up from down the table; "Clearly, they need tanks and anti-air capabilities." "True, but difficult to address. We can't exactly run them tanks discreetly across the border, nor is it like in Faramount where we can hand them a MANPAD and call it a day. Embedded intelligence suggests that the regime is relying on the Tagmatines for most of their air coverage, and while doctrinally there's some holes we can poke in them, currently we have no real resources to address modern combat aircraft in-country." "We could send some advisors; all revolutionary armies need coaching. And, well, steering in other directions." "I'm not sure how much good it would do; the FAA is made up mostly of defected army units, who, theoretically, know how to fight, despite limited resources." On the left of the table, Colonel Bozaan, one of Jinhuang's better junior students, cut in. "That's true, sir, but the intel we've received from Asset Springbok indicates that most of the mid-grade officers, as well as a fair portion of the top brass, are in it for the money; this means that morale is dangerously low, especially now that this push to Chukba's been stymied. Add to that the fact that many of the defecting soldiers hold the Juddish residents in, at best, middling regard, and we have a high risk of morale collapsing entirely on the Chubka front." For a few seconds, there was much murmuring and shuffling of memoranda. "That's a good point, Colonel. Frankly, it's a risky move. If we embed permanent assets within the FAA, we risk them getting captured and our part in this being discovered. And frankly, that not only jeopardizes our operational security; it'd be a political disaster. The Greater Holy Empire has only just begun warming up to us, and they won't forgive our role in this if it gets out, at least not for the foreseeable future. Whether they have any way to retaliate against us is another matter entirely, of course, but it's not something I'm keen to test." The Secretary leaned back in his chair and sighed, hand on temple. "However, we need to shore up the morale situation, and soon. And I think that we can accomplish this in a way that minimizes risk to us. Colonel Guan, I need you to compose a communique to the Abu Hajaar, the @Sayfi Defense Minister, requesting that he dispatch any surplus armor and SPAA, or failing that, stationary SAM batteries, that he can spare to the FAA general headquarters. Appeal to his sense of honor if you can. This erases our role in the supply chain from the public eye, and minimizes the travel time and expense of the equipment." "Can we be sure they'll send anything? They've publicly declared for the FAA, but predictions aren't so optimistic on their role in physical supplies for the rebels." "They're our best bet. God knows the Tikvans are no help; have we determined whether the Shai are in Aluxia for sure yet?" "Still inconclusive, but highly probable. We suspect they're mostly getting in and out via El Al, and mingling with diplomatic personnel." "If the Sayfis refuse, we should do something about this government air superiority. Frankly, I think we're only seeing the tip of the iceberg right now, and we shouldn't let ourselves be taken by surprise in future." "The Tagmatine air force is reactionary, like their government and the rest of their army. I think that we can look at its role in the Long War and develop a plan of action to suppress its capabilities in Aluxia going forward." "All the more reason to get more boots on the ground in Aluxia, then. Alright, then, it's decided; we'll retain Asset Springbok as a covert element, as well as sending military advisors to the FAA. If we can expose some of the possible holes in their officer corps, I reckon we can ingratiate ourselves and reach our aims at the same time. Dismissed." While the JRTF staff exited to perform their post-meeting duties, Choinom sought out Colonel Bozaan again. Putting a hand on his shoulder, he smiled paternally. "Damn fine thinking. You'll make Major General in no time. One thing I need for you to do, though; get Springbok to work on sabotage operations; if we can degrade the material superiority of the governmen forces, this whole thing is going to be much easier, Sayf or no Sayf." "Understood, sir. Thank you." Anyone, thought Jinhuang Choinom, who thought that the JRTF was going to back down without a fight was in for a nasty surprise. The Worker's Republic had been playing this game for nearly a century, and it wasn't going to lose to a rabble of reactionary imperialists.
  15. Bogd Gioro Summer Olympics: One Eurth, One Us The Worker's Republic of Fulgistan is located in eastern Alharu, over 350,000 square kilometers of golden savanna extending from the white-sand beaches of Wulumuqi to the iron-rich hills of Jintakh. For the last 98 years, the nation has been governed by its people, following the revolution of Jian Bozaan. Home to a versimilitude of peoples, fauna and flora, the Worker's Republic balances bustling urban life with breathtaking natural beauty and traditional pastoral and nomadic lifestyles. Fulgistan hereby submits its bid for a summer Olympic celebration in the capital city, Bogd Gioro. Bogd Gioro, the pride of a nation Located in the eastern part of Fulgistan, in Feiguang province, the Bogd Gioro greater metropolitan area is home to nearly 3 million inhabitants, making up a sizable portion of the Fulgistani population. As the capital of the Worker's Republic, Bogd Gioro is home to many historic sites, some dating all the way back in time to the heyday of the Yellow Empire, and others constructed after the revolutionary period. For the Alharun aficionado, Bogd Gioro has a little of everything. Of particular note are the neighborhoods of Old and New Faratown, home to tens of thousands of Faramontese-Fulgistanis, and the mid-19th century hutong alleys, whose traditional tile-roofed houses are a popular choice among the city's Muslim population. Bogd Gioro has always been the hub for athleticism in Fulgistan, and hosts no fewer than ten national sports teams including the iconic Bogd Gioro Thunder baseball team. The city and surrounding area, due to planned housing and abundance of land, boasts ample athletic facilities, both indoor and outdoor, as well as numerous hotels, dormitories and other accommodations. Vision As the world continues to progress, it has only become more and more clear that we, as a human species, ought not to be divided by petty concerns like skin color or nationality; this is a truth that the people of Fulgistan have long held in high regard, and the pluralistic nature of the nation speaks to it. Millions of citizens have ethnic origins outside of the Worker's Republic, and are treated no differently than the native Fulgi and Bozaan peoples. Likewise, Fulgistani citizens are exceptionally welcoming to foreigners, whether as tourists or as friendly athletic rivals; the Worker's Republic is a country open to the world, and its people are more than happy to accommodate their foreign friends. The Bogd Gioro summer games is a profound expression of this national character: a proclamation to all the world that while we must celebrate our traditions and unique cultures, we are all human beings, under the same sky, with the same love in our hearts for each other. Game Design In the spirit of global brotherhood, all athletes and associated personnel are encouraged to wear clothing characteristic of their home countries; not to exaggerate, but to bring to Bogd Gioro a piece of their own home, even as much as the city becomes their temporary home. The Bogd Gioro Olympic Village will feature a myriad of cultural activities, displays, culinary venues, and art exhibits; a tribute to the rich and vibrant culture of Eurth. Logistics Bogd Gioro, as a modern, populous city, is well-prepared to handle the influx of temporary residents brought on by the games. The Bogd Gioro Metropolitan Area Public Transit System, a fully integrated system of metropolitan railway, aboveground rail, light rail, bus, and collectivized taxi companies, serves over one million riders daily in the greater metropolitan area, and transport to Wulumuqi is available via high-speed rail. In addition, Bogd Gioro Liberty International Airport is conveniently located, only 45 minutes from the city center by car or shuttle. Bogd Gioro is a very safe and walkable city; the Bogd Gioro Police, as well as the local People's Workplace Reservist Brigades, are a capable and well-trained force. Legacy After the conclusion of the Olympic Games, the athletic facilities and Olympic Village will require repurposing and redesignation; this will be accounted for in the runup to the games, but will certainly include the opening of athletic facilities to both the general public and to professional/university/commune sports teams, and the possible refurbishing of the Olympic Village as a residential and commercial district. The impact of the games on the world, however, will not be forgotten. The Olympic Stadium, wherein the opening and closing ceremonies will be hosted, will be preserved both as an athletic venue and a museum, with interactive displays and exhibits detailing the notable achievements of the games.
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