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  1. Part 2: Dining Al Fresco Zhao Tongbin tapped two fingers on the table next to his empty cup. As the waiter came around to fill it with more yellow wine, he took a moment to take in the view. Sanbao was one of Fulgistan's most unique settlements, a relic from a bygone time that few remembered and even fewer cared to preserve. Called San Paolo by its Limonaian founders, the small city of less than 200,000 was a charming, scenic beachside resort, with many of its buildings still showing the marks of the colonial days. The visiting heads of state had spent all morning and almost all of the af
  2. "You know, Generalissimo, I think they were hoping we would miss out." Secretary for Foreign Affairs Ismail Tian-Han flashed a joking smile from his wrinkled face at the other passenger in the limousine. Across from him sat Secretary for Defense Jinhuang Choinom, the man who commanded the armies of Fulgistan at the highest level. The two had often been at odds in recent years; Tian-Han was a senior official in the Party who had maintained a reputation as the nation's senior statesman since the late 90s, and Choinom was a decidedly unpolitical man; he fell in with Almas on near any issue,
  3. I'd be happy to establish a new research station in the spirit of Mercier alongside the rest of the ISTC, to study the Antargic wildlife and weather patterns in a region other than surrounding Simon Station.
  4. "Commander Yang, the barbarians have breached the outer gate.They are tens of thousands, and we cannot repel them." Yang Qiu turned his helmed head to face the sentry. The commander was a Northerner of forty summers, and wore a patchy beard on a round, sincere face. His armor was in the style of the south coast, a coat of mail and small plates worn under a silk jacket and trousers, and his helmet had a boar carved in ivory on the crest. "I see. Soldier, tell the garrison to prepare to fight to the death. Any man who is wounded will be expected to either fight if he is able or commit
  5. Ganlin Republic State House, January 15th, 2020. "Welcome, Prime Minister Verbrugen. Please, take a seat." The poor man looked rattled. His face was ruddy behind a long red beard, and his brow was beaded with sweat. He had good reason to look so poorly; he was, at present, the captain of Ceris' worst-ranked ball team, the failing republic of Edrela, which in recent weeks had seen several prominent local officials kidnapped and assassinated by Rusheau-sponsored militias. And now, the nation's primary water treatment plant had been hijacked and a hostage crisis only ended in the
  6. Minority group wins recognition in landmark legislation Bogd Gioro, Fulgistan Today, one more ethnicity is added to the list on the upcoming 2021 census, the last such survey to be taken before the national centennial. Thanks to the efforts of a small but dedicated group of Fulgistani citizens, there will be another group joining the Fulgistani nation for the first time officially; starting in 2021, residents will be able to denote their ethnicity as "@Llaltan of @Seylosian origin". This group, which consists at present of only 3 individuals residing in the Worker's Republic, has non
  7. Hi @Taimin, welcome to Eurth! Essentially, after you've made your Front Desk post, we ask for 3 writing samples, generally one at a time so that the mentors can provide feedback. These can be in the form of a wiki page (on iiwiki), a news post, RP post, or something else; we mainly want these so that we can see the quality of your writing and make sure you're a good fit for the region. Don't stress too much about it. Also, I'd definitely recommend joining our regional discord; usually any questions you have can be answered there more quickly than on the forums.
  8. Near the Ganlin border with Rusheau "He says he was attacked?" "He and his, ah, his son. They were out working by the border and some men started firing in their direction. He says he's not sure who they were but they didn't chase him or his son when they ran." "That's troubling. What else does he say?" The hesitant, multilingual conversation was not helped by the environment; all around there was the sound, the smell, and the dust of the cavalry column, and Lieutenant Colonel Liang Ping was right in the thick of it. This was the 15th Mounted Rifle Regiment on the m
  9. "Comrade Almas? We're about half an hour out." Stirring from sleep, the General Secretary winced as he craned his neck out the window, seeing only the cloud cover above the Mediargic. "Next time, I'm gonna buy one of those neck pillows." "The captain's been in touch with the other plane, they're making good time as well." "Everything's okay? No major disasters related to transporting 21 equines by air?" "Apparently not. And the troops are in good spirits, as well." "Wonderful, wonderful." Tomur Almas took his plastic glasses from the pocket of his suit and cl
  10. Camel Market Ward, Bogd Gioro, Feiguang Province, Worker's Republic of Fulgistan The once-lauded Khiimori Aeronautics concern was much diminished these past few decades. At points, they had been a significant contender on the Alharun aircraft market, not only in fixed-wing craft, but in helicopters as well. Founded by Limonaian Giacomo Collini in 1926, in what was then the tentatively-liberated city of Jintakh, they had gone on to produce several influential designs (mostly for fighter aircraft and light bombers) through the 1930s and 40s. In the late 1950s, jet aircraft appeared on
  11. "You are to hold and delay the advance of the foreign invaders at all cost. Do not allow him to consolidate all of his forces into one against us, and above all do not allow him to penetrate into the North and West beyond the desert." The words of the imperial missive echoed in the mind of Guo Wei, Marquis of the Second Rank and Supreme Commander of all the forces below the Ivory Cape, the peninsula that marked the end of the old Huang territories, and south of which lay the vast swathes of tributaries, colonies, allied tribes, and now, crusaders. Even before the missive reached his hands
  12. Hi, all. In this RP I'll be initially basing my interests in the small western nation of Ganlin, with its Huang minority and relatively stable government. However, as the situation in Ceris begins to unravel, Fulgistan is going to do its best to evacuate refugees, protect the resources of the island from destruction, and, if necessary, military intervene to suppress Sentist terrorism on Ceris, working in cooperation with regional allies (perhaps under an umbrella coalition). After the conclusion of the crisis, Fulgistan may maintain some token presence in an independent Ganlin/other portions o
  13. I more mean that it's like a general opportunity to people to speak up and say "Oh, I'd like a lake in my nation, or a river, or a big mountain", etc. just so that we can take this opportunity (our first big map reform in a long time) and have a bit of an open forum on geography so that we can build a better more fun Eurth. Maybe we could even add some natural features (or remove, I guess) in unoccupied territory to vary the climate a bit, or make things more interesting/varied for future players.
  14. I think this might also be a good opportunity to consider global geography; perhaps we could add some more natural features, islands, bodies of water, etc. to the map as we rework the climate to suit everyone's needs and make the region better. Certainly island nations are always in demand.
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