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  1. Fulgistan

    In Amongst the Enemy

    Outside the village of Gongtakh, Kunduz Province. July 15, 0400. "Company, dismount." Captain Huang's men and women clambered off their horses in relative quiet, sliding their Brownies off of their shoulders and unhitching the saddle-strapped Chili Con Carnes, Dollhouses and Kittens. Huang pulled his monocular out of a belt pouch and surveyed the village. Several dozen houses in the main compound, some ten more in outlying fields. If they wanted to stop the insurgents escaping, they'd need good coverage. "Lieutenant Qasim, stay here with the horses, and take Second Platoon's Chili; cover the main block of houses with both machine guns, and get the horses in some shade. Sun's coming up fast, and I don't want them giving us away." He turned to Second Platoon, Lt. Otkur's unit. "I want you to go around the fields and end up west of us, perpendicular to First Platoon's arc of fire. And keep a Dollhouse trained on those outlying houses; more than likely there's a weapon store in one or more of them. Third Platoon, you'll be splitting up. Sergeant Hedayat's squad is going to advance into the ville with the @Valacians; if you find any insurgents in the houses, do your best to get them alive. Sergeant Yeg's squad will secure the entrance to the village, while the Valacian IFV makes a circuit around the east side and winds up blocking off the road leading northwest out through those fields. I'll stay here with First Platoon. Move out." As the company split off into its various duties, Captain Huang turned to the Valacians who'd followed them. "As we say in Fulgistan, gentlemen; 'batter up'. Good luck out there."
  2. Fulgistan

    In Amongst the Enemy

    Almas had always secretly disliked the Xuanwu Palatial Complex, where the Central Committee held their meetings. The architecture was a nauseating mix of the original Classical Fulgiyani open pavilions and tiled roofs, the old Derthaler and Ostporter palace wards, and the hastily-built Iberian-style buildings that were added almost immediately after the revolution. He entered the main building, flanked by Tekin and Choinom. The factionalism was a little glaring, but he needed some strong support in this meeting; there'd been a lot going on in the past few months. The General Secretary's distaste for the outside of the complex was nothing when compared to his, and indeed most people's, feelings on the actual meeting room of the Central Committee. Designed by one of the short-lived successors to Tunyaz in the eighties, it managed to reek of tack nearly 40 years later. Red jade columns circuited the room in an oval, crowned at both ends by brass rings and towering over a landscape of mossy green shag carpet. Good god, who thought that had been a good idea? But of course, the towering monument to vapid tastelessness hung on wires from the ceiling; a large, rotating model of the national seal, in actual gold and vermillion. This was beyond tacky; it was an assault on the senses. Seeing that the other committee members had already taken their seats (and had no doubt been up to their usual chatter) Almas and his cadre sat down as well. "As General Secretary of the Central Committee of the Worker's Republic of Fulgistan, I now call this meeting to order. Those who wish may now speak." Immediately, the hardliners began squawking like a flock of perturbed poultry. Tekin and Choinom retorted back, not really in response but more to counteract the noise. Eventually, the committee members gave Secretary for Foreign Affairs TianHan a chance to make his point. "Comrade Almas, what is the meaning of this? @Valacian troops on Fulgistani soil? And @Seylosian forces on the way? Just what are your intentions? Comrade Choinom, how can you allow such a thing to taint the honor of the Guard?" Almas began to speak, but Choinom stepped in to rescue him. "The Seylosians and Valacians are our friends and valuable allies; with their help, Kunduz and Takhar will be fully liberated by mid-Autumn. Moreover, in a changing world it is important that the Revolutionary Guard be prepared to work in tandem with friendly foreign forces to combat growing international threats. "International threats like the roads in the Hellenic Rus? Is that why we're sending Fulgistani sons and daughters to dig around in the snow for @Prymont? We are groveling at the feet of the capitalists and none of you seem concerned by it!" That had been Secretary for Internal Information Youhuan, a woman who always knew when and how to strike, like a viper. Almas held up his hand defensively. "The Guard are doing meaningful, important humanitarian work in the Former Hellenic Rus, as are the brave reporters of Radio Free Eurth. Fulgistan is showing the world that we are a force for freedom and democracy." "Are you so entranced by the class enemies that you must now steal their rhetoric as well? That sentence could have come straight from the mouth of Julian Nordeng and I would not have found it surprising." "When you let the imperialists walk in Takhar and Kunduz, what will they find? The Argics will only use this as an excuse to dismiss us as backwards primitives!" Secretary Choinom stood abruptly, his fist connecting with the table in a percussive fashion. "Have you read the reports? Have any of you? Scores of people suffering from preventable diseases, malnutrition rampant, birth defects in the twentieth percentile. Children with leprosy, leprosy! In the twenty-first century! In a nation of doctors and scientists! The conditions that we, yes, we have allowed to persist in the disputed provinces are nothing short of a disgrace." At last, Tekin made his move. Like Youhuan, he could read a crowd and identify the tipping point. "The Fulgistani people have always been those of the world; it is vital to identify sympathetic nations with whom we can cooperate for mutual benefit. Regardless of governance, our devotion to the common people and to the workers of the world must remain unwavering; by liberating Kunduz and Takhar we bring some 5 million unfortunates into the light and towards a better tomorrow. Such is the reason for the joint operations." Almas saw no gain in continuing any further, and he suspected the hardliners felt similarly. "I move to adjourn." "Seconded." The hands went up. "Carried unanimously. This meeting of the Central Committee of the Worker's Republic of Fulgistan is hereby adjourned. Think about what's been said, everyone." All but Tekin and Choinom left the room in short order. Almas sighed and sunk back into his (admittedly, well-padded) chair. "Whatever am I going to do with the lot of them?" "Well, you could always have them shot. Tunyaz and Bozaan would have liked that." "That's the problem; I'm not those men, and I don't aim to be." "Careful, now, those are dangerous words in this room" "Bayanchur, I've spent five long years trying to work with these stubborn bastards and they won't give me an inch. The only way that compromise happens, and I do mean the only way, is if we can secure the disputed provinces. If this operation fails, it'll be curtains for the lot of us." "We're behind you, Comrade. Don't get so worried, lah. Myself, young Comrade Tekin and the Guard are at your back all the way." "If you say so, Jinhuang. Thank you." Almas stood; though the meeting had only lasted a half-hour, it had left him drained. "Get some rest, comrades. It's going to be a rough few months."
  3. Fulgistan


    Nice to meet you, @Faramount! We're really glad to have you in the region, and if you could, we'd be even more glad to chat with you on our official Europa Discord, where we do a lot of worldbuilding and discussion and where most of us are very active!
  4. Fulgistan

    Fishing for Firepower

    UNTIRING ARM OF THE PEOPLE, THE BUREAU FOR DEFENSE BUREAU Defense CATEGORY Revolutionary Guard Ground Force Vehicle CLOSE DATE & TIME August 01, 2018 PUBLISH DATE July 17, 2018 LOCATION Bogd Gioro, Fulgistan ATM TYPE Request for Tender DESCRIPTION: The Bureau for Defense invites suitable parties and manufacturers to request for tender documentation of the Kubuhe Project. The Bureau seeks to supplement the air power of the Revolutionary Guard Ground Force via the acquisition of a modern, competitive dedicated attack rotorcraft. A short list of tenderers will be assembled and contracted to construct and/or provide sample vehicles for trials.
  5. Fulgistan

    ISTC: Literal and Figurative Outreach

    The Worker's Republic and all its citizens are honored to accept the invitation of the Trans-Continental Science Initiative. Always, the people of Fulgistan have dedicated themselves to the pursuit and advancement of scientific knowledge, and to the betterment of all mankind thereof. We, the Central Committee of the Worker's Republic, on behalf of our nation and its many peoples, are committed to the objectives and aims of the TCSI, for as long as the organization shall last. With all regards, The Central Committee of the Worker's Republic of Fulgistan
  6. Fulgistan

    In Amongst the Enemy

    Ogodei Forward Base, Kunduz Province, Southwest Fulgistan. July 10, 0900. The war had been on for decades. Well, the "war" had. Although the twin provinces of Takhar and Kunduz had been infested with jihadis and bandits for nearly two generations, the central government had long been content to post a token force from the Revolutionary Guard and pocket the rest of the tax money that supposedly went to the liberation effort. Until now, that is. In the past 5 years, the Revolutionary Guard had begun undergoing the most sweeping military and organizational reforms since the 1970s, when Tunyaz took back half the country from bandits much like these. However, Ogodei was still a sh*t posting, and it was one that Colonel Weixian Mansarjav found himself, regrettably, in command of. He was quite sure he'd done something to piss off some senior Party member or other; why else would he, an otherwise perfectly competent officer with a strong service record, be sent out here, to put a few holes in malnourished mujahideen and sweat in the mosquito-infested savanna? In any case, it was at Ogodei FB that he found himself, and he was determined to turn this place around. For starters, he'd made sure the fighting men and women of his best battalion were in top shape for today's arrival; they were due to receive some foreign help, and this time, not just in the form of @Mauridiviahn food crates. In the assembled ranks, Corporal Enkhbat was mystified." @Valacia? Where the f*ck is that, even?" "You should have paid attention in school," muttered Sergeant Hedayat. "Supposedly, they're good. Some real counterinsurgency chops, so they say." Fifth Battalion had been the best performer over the past few months, which won them the right to take a day off the saddle and on the tarmac, trying not to lock their knees and faint in the rapidly rising morning sun. This was a strange thing for the Guard; although they were working with the @Prymontians in the Former Hellenic Rus, it was a rare occurrence indeed for foreign troops to be invited to fight on Fulgistani home soil. Either the situation was really desperate (which it was, in a way) or there was a big push coming (which, if the rumors were true, there was indeed). Patrols and flyovers had been ramping up over the past few months; Ogodei was no longer the lazy (if uncomfortable) posting it had been previously. Hell, if reports were to be believed, there were two more regiments on the way to the base. The first of the Valacian trucks pulled in through the checkpoint, followed by the rest of the (really quite sizable) convoy. As the troops and assorted personnel disembarked, a few stepped forward, to the colonel. Clearly officers, the two sides exchanged smart salutes. Doing his best to appear refined but stern in front of the foreigners, Colonel Mansarjav barked an "At ease." While Fifth Battalion breathed a sigh of relief, he turned his attention to the Valacians. "English? I'm not familiar with your language." At least one of the men nodded. "Good. Accommodations have been prepared for you and your men at the east end of the barracks row. We'll try and provide you with hookups for electricity, fuel, and whatever ammunition you haven't brought yourselves. The 16th Worker's Rifles and the 22nd Nomad Cavalry should be arriving by 0800 tomorrow; I'll make sure to get you all introduced. IN the meantime, do your best to get settled in and let me or one of my subordinates know if there's anything you need. Welcome to Ogodei, gentlemen. We're glad to have you."
  7. Upgraded Helicopters to Reach Front Lines by Late July The first wave of Khiimori CH-3s that have received upgrade services from the ACE corporate of @Asgeirria will see service in the Takhar and Kunduz provinces conflict zone by the end of the month, according to the Bureau for Defense. The helicopters, produced from the 1970s through the 80s, have begun undergoing a comprehensive upgrade and refurbishment program, which the Bureau for Defense says will extend their service life into the late 2020s or early 2030s. Used in a variety of roles, including troop transport, medevac and fire support, the CH-3s are a cornerstone of the Revolutionary Guard's air power capabilities in the more isolated areas of Fulgistan and of Alharu as a whole. Although in months past the Bureau had also acquired 20 ACE Leopards for trials, the Secretary for Defense Jinhuang Choinom has stated that the Revolutionary Guard will likely not be making further purchases of the Leopard airframe, and will instead be pursuing the development of a dedicated attack helicopter for close air support and rapid response. Bids for the attack helicopter design will be accepted by the beginning of August. Fulgistani Students to Go Abroad High school students in the Worker's Republic will now have the opportunity to study in foreign countries for a time, according to a new statement by the Bureau for Education and Youth Affairs. In the same fashion, Fulgistan will begin welcoming students from abroad this coming school year, with the countries participating in the exchange program including the Beautiful Empire of @Orioni, Het Huisselant @Variota, the Republic of @Valacia, the Most Serene Republic of @Mauridiviah, the Grand Duchy of @Limonaia, and the United States of @Prymont. The program, it is hoped, will foster cultural exchange and dialogue between the young minds of the world, and give students a sense of worldliness and international friendship.
  8. Party Officials to Mediate Border Dispute Officials from the Bureau for Foreign Affairs will travel to the Republic of kwa-Mbuji to oversee the resolution of a disputed border between the neighboring states of the Amharic Social Republic and the Qothwane Confederation, at the request of the former. The two nations have historically been at odds over border incidents like this one, although this is the first time a third party has been asked to mediate discussions. Secretary for Foreign Affairs Ismail TianHan will attend a summit in the RfM's capital Ivoordorp from July 15th through to August 1st in the hopes of permanently securing stability for the people of the region. In a statement, Secretary TianHan stated that "although both Amhara and the Confederation practice some form of socialism, we do not intend to deviate from impartiality during the negotiation process, as our primary concern is to secure peace and stability for the two nations, and to encourage future cooperation between them." President Betje Zakuani had previously stated that her country would not be willing to host talks between its two neighbors, however President Zakuani has subsequently agreed after promises that Fulgistan's mediator role will include the prevention of hostilities during the talks and the subsequent implementation of their results. Next High Speed Connection to be Grootwaterflakte The Secretary for Rail and Urban Transport, following the completion of the high-speed rail line between Bogd Gioro and Wulumuqi, has announced that the next connection will, in fact, be outside of Fulgistan itself: the de facto Variotan capital of Grootwaterflakte. While arrangements and standards set by the Variotan Vrein rail agency are still in the process of being finalized, construction of the new rail line is set to begin in late August, and is expected to finish sometime between mid-late 2019 and 2020.
  9. Fulgistan

    Coronation Celebration

    Your Majesty, Although traditionally a communique such as this would be filtered through a gauntlet of Secretaries and their respective Bureaus, I thought it would be best on this occasion to personally congratulate you on your ascension; Seylos is a lucky nation to call you its King. It is my great pleasure to report that myself, my family, Deputy Secretary Bagabandi, Secretary for Culture Bayanchur Tekin, and representatives from the Free Social Republic of Bahinar will be in attendance at your coronation. Should you need or desire anything that the Worker's Republic can provide in order to better the festivities, merely send word through the appropriate channels and we shall do our utmost to accommodate you. These are exciting times, for you and your people both. Enjoy them, Your Majesty, and congratulations once again. With regards, Tomur Almas, General Secretary of the Worker's Republic of Fulgistan
  10. Fulgistan

    All The Sultan's Men

    August 1st. Outskirts of the village of Xintou, Western Fulgiyan. "We are gathered, Bozaan. What have you to say to us?" The group of chieftains sat astride their horses in a loose circle, their mounts bedecked in finery and hunting trophies, damascened swords and imported pistols hanging at their sides. All of them had answered Jian Bozaan's summons out of respect, but not all were sympathetic. The one who had spoken, Muktir, was one of the latter. Jian's horse stepped forward into the ring of men; all eyes were on the revolutionary who seemed to have changed so much in a few short years. "We cannot live as this. You know it is so as well as I. " "Such is our way; it has been thus for centuries." This was Ahmed, of the Baliq orda. A good man, and level-headed. Bozaan would have to win him to have any chance at the rest of the north. "Ahmed, in those days there were no steamships. No railroads, no aeroplanes. Our world is changing, turning like a great wheel. We must either jump onto the wheel or be crushed by it. Even now, our sons and brothers work like slaves for the outlanders. This is not our way; it has never been our way. I have read the works of the Iberians; they understand the plight of the Fulgiyani better than Selim the dog ever could." If the others were discontented at Jian speaking badly of the Sultan, they did not show it. Their horses shuffled and pawed anxiously, awaiting a break in the tension. Muktir nudged his mare forward, bringing him into the circle with Bozaan. "You talk of foreigners debasing our country, yet you would remake it in the image of a crazed Europan. Fulgiyan is not like Iberia; Fulgiyan is Fulgiyan. You want to erase our way of life, not preserve it, Big Sword." "You raise a fair concern; I have studied the text, and I find that it, unadulterated, will not suit our people. However, if we make changes, to suit ourselves and our nation, I believe that communism is the way forward for the people of this nation." "The way? To throw away our riches and our herds, our land and our property? This was a clear challenge, and a tipping point. He had to win them over now, or all was lost. "Would you not care for your child? For your sibling? Your parents and grandparents? Of course, this is your duty and your great love. Is it not right that we should each treat one another like sons, brothers and fathers alike? That no one in this country ever need go hungry, that no foreign devil ever again make exploitation of us? Friends and brothers, this is that time. And we are the ones who alone can bring about this. To you who answered my call, I promise you this: join me, embrace communism, and the ordas of the people shall bear your names into eternity. To those who will not join me I can promise only their erasing from history. So says Big Sword Bozaan." There was only the whickering of the horses until old Ahmed pointed his sword skyward. There was no shouting, no adulation, as the other chieftains did the same. All were resolved: this, or death. Jian Bozaan, aged roughly 42, 1920
  11. Tsakhiagiin Elbegdorz as General Secretary Tomur Almas To avoid conflict with @Sunset Sea Islands, Deputy Secretary Bagabandi will be played by Nursultan Nazarbayev instead of Xi Jinping Fulgistan's ATARA delegate Dr. Zaitao Binsar is Susi Pudjiastuti in OTL Otryadin Gyatso, intrepid correspondent for VIRTUE News, will have her role filled by the lovely Shiori Kutsuna That's all for now, more probably to follow.
  12. Fulgistan

    Breaking the Ice

    If LaFleur had been waiting until they were in private to offer his condolences, he'd mistimed it badly. Frankly, Almas could have used a little of Duval's charm and sincerity this morning. Of course, that was not to be, as the President had departed for @Poland-Lithuania the day before, leaving Almas stuck with his not-quite-so-adept second. "Thank you, Mr. Vice President." That was all he allowed himself. Anything more and the exhaustion risked peeking through as annoyance. Almas was quiet for the rest of the drive. Upon arrival, he dutifully followed LaFleur through the hours upon hours of trendy warm-grey painted hallways, glass-walled cubicles, and other miscellanea that nearly shouted "the year is 2018". If nothing else, the Synapse offices were impeccably clean, from floor to ceiling; nothing like this had ever been built in Fulgistan, and, frankly, Almas wasn't one hundred percent sure something like it ever would. Certainly, Synapse was unsuitable for the Worker's Republic, for a variety of reasons. In his own opinion, it was best not to treat everyone as a criminal, or even a potential criminal. Because, as it turns out, once you did enough digging, everyone was a criminal. Nobody, absolutely nobody, could hope to be safe in a world with Synapse in it. Of course, Fulgistan had its own little ways of catching lawbreakers, and there were the Sakers...but this was on another level entirely. Tomur Almas was a man with sweeping plans for his nation, and those plans did not have room for computers directing the actions of a police force that claimed to serve the people. No, indeed; Synapse was not for Fulgistan, now or in the forseeable future. At the conclusion of the tour, Almas saw an opportunity to cut off LaFleur before they moved on to yet more Synapse-themed agenda items. "Mister LaFleur, I understand our itinerary calls for us to visit the University of Canastota for discussion of Synapse's implementation, but may I make a suggestion? My nation is very concerned with education, and many of our students are choosing now to study abroad, including in the United States. Would it be much of a bother if I were to sit in on a typical class at UC, to better understand the system of higher education in Prymont?" Honjō wasted no time in pulling the drafts and specifications from his briefcase. Galbei was more of a "big picture" woman herself, and was largely here to look over the Islander's shoulder and make sure he followed the design brief. The other aides fulfilled basically the same function with roughly none of the responsibilities. Truly, bureaucracy was a thing of beauty. The young man laid his papers out and began his schpiel. "As it stands, the Revolutionary Guard Air Force is operating primarily Khiimori 33s from the 60s and 70s. As short-range, Fulgistani airspace interceptors, they get the job done. However, the Guard is rapidly becoming a presence on the world military stage, a role for which these aircraft prove unsuitable. As such, we've now turned to Aamotech." "Succinctly, we require a multirole, preferably budget, fighter aircraft. Desirable capabilities are, naturally, the ability to carry several payloads of modern munitions, to take off and land at underdeveloped airfields, whether within Fulgistan or in a conflict zone, to contain modern aerial countermeasures and to perform, in essence, all the roles of a modern fighter. If agility and speed need to be sacrificed for ruggedness and firepower, this is understandable; we plan to make use of this aircraft in ground-strike missions as well. However, the aircraft must remain competitive among other fighters of its generation, regardless of whichever configuration you decide upon" "In addition, with the permission (and cooperation) of the Aamotech Corporation, the Worker's Republic of Fulgistan and Khiimori Aeronautics desire to produce, at least in part, the aircraft, and to export it (under liscense from Aamotech) to her allies and to friendly developing nations worldwide. This is, in part, the reason for the lower cost requirement. We would also be very interested in developing a carrier-based variant of the aircraft alongside the main terrestrial model." Galbei smiled. When the young man was on a roll, there were few people he could not impress. "I believe that covers our requirements and objectives quite nicely. Do you have any questions, Miss Aamot, Mr. Dale?"
  13. Fulgistan

    Greetings from the Rihan Republic

    Welcome Rihan! We're very glad to have you in our region, and I'm excited to start rping with you. Please feel free to mosey on over to our Discord, where you can chat with nearly all of us at most hours of the day, both about RP topics and other interests.
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    Welcome to the region! Feel free to join us on the Official Europa Discord (R)! Most of us are at our most active on there
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    Hello Everyone!

    A fellow -stan? Sweet! Welcome to Europa, we're glad to have you!