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  1. Fulgistan

    Two Humble Nations

    Across the hotel pavilion, in an otherwise inconspicuous two-bed room, a pair of Bureau for Internal Security agents were about to earn the score of a lifetime. They'd been given the assignment to discreetly watch Diego Polo tonight; ostensibly for his own protection, but in reality, of course, secret police forces seldom do anything for an altruistic reason. While Khaled, the senior of the two, watched the suite opposite their own room with binoculars, his counterpart Guafeng lazily flipped through cameras on the CCTV feed. "Whoa, whoa, whoa; Guafeng, get over here and look at this." "Yes, I'm aware of the young couple on floor 3; I can only watch bad head-giving go on for so long."" "No, no, f*cking get over here." The younger man inclined his head and dropped the remote. "You're joking. There's no way. This is a trick, surely." "I mean, he's got the f*cking lights on and everything! The curtains aren't even cheekily half-open, they're just not there!" "It's getting cheeky in there, all right. For f*ck's sake, Khaled, get the camera!" Hurriedly, the BIS agent picked up a digital camera, equipped with a massive macro lens, and began snapping pictures of the Mauridivian president's illicit fun. "Bet he thought we wouldn't have time to bug this place; joke's on you, puta madre, we weren't born yesterday." "Nice one. Where'd you pick that one up?" "My sister-in-law. She's Madrian. Nice girl, cooks good." "Huh. Looks like that multiculturalism thing Bozaan spoke about really paid off, eh comrade?" "You said it, comrade-buddy." "Hey, d'you reckon the GenSec knows about this business?" "Oh, what, like the BIS is gonna be doing this sh*t without Almas' say-so? C'mon, get real." "Yeah, you're probably right." The next morning, Almas' lackeys arrived around 10 am, hoping they'd given Polo enough time to breakfast. There was a motorcade waiting to whisk the Mauridivian head of state and his entourage to the opening ceremony of the new headquarters of Radio Free Eurth. A momentous day, and one that would probably see poor Presidente Polo in need of lots and lots of electrolytes.
  2. Fulgistan

    In Amongst the Enemy

    "San." The young guardswoman held up three fingers with her left hand, and drew the corresponding character in the dirt. "Shan." "Si." "Shi." Corporal Enkhbat sighed. The little girl was clearly trying, but the cleft in her upper lip kept her from forming the words properly. Fifth Battalion had rolled into the town then days ago, in the wake of coalition armoured divisions that had been making a sweeping advance into Sons of Abu Azzam territory in Kunduz Province. From what they'd seen so far, there were many unfortunates like the young girl; born with some deficiency, crippled or maimed in their youth, and now forced to contend not only with short-tempered militant groups, but with food shortages; the SAA had turned over most of the cornfields in the surrounding highlands over to poppy growing, to sell as heroin and cruder products. Thankfully, relief was arriving, however slowly. A makeshift soup kitchen had been set up on the outskirts of the village, and from the way that the civilians ate, it certainly seemed like they were getting their first real meal in a long while. Medical tents, too, had been erected, and were dispensing vaccines and other miscellaneous medicines to the locals. Finally, there were the ever-present blue helmeted correspondents of Radio Free Eurth, sticking cameras and microphones into seemingly every situation at the most inconvenient moments. Just last week, Corporal Enkhbat had had to pull one of the wide-eyed civvies out of the way of an improvised incendiary. At present, one of their crews was documenting another new phenomenon: the instruction of Worker's Militia units, raised from the local population and (hopefully) trained to act as a paramilitary early warning and reconnaissance force. A Sayfi major in aviator sunglasses barked orders at a motley collection of peasant teenagers clutching Brownies. "While it is entirely understandable that one would want to shout the Takbir upon achieving a victory in combat, it is generally inadvisable to do so in a tactical situation. It is of the utmost importance that combat dialogue be concise, relevant, and useful to your comrades." As he spoke, the RFE anchor, in his bulletproof vest prominently branded "PRESS", gestured to the scenes of bombed-out houses and empty alleyways, tactfully avoiding the loose groups of Revolutionary Guard patrolling the village streets. It was all a rough state at present, but Kunduz and Takhar, bit by bit, were changing. Changing, too, was the Guard. After the scare with the Black Eagle MANPADS, the doctrine of the airborne and assorted helicopter-mounted segments of RG Ground Forces had had to adapt quickly. So far, they'd settled on a mixed platoon system: the lighter, faster UH craft would not be the primary transport, their place being taken by Khiimori Khii-8s, a domestic copy of the @Iverican SUR-17 Gavina. These heavy, robust helos could carry a platoon between two of them, lessening the number of targets for ground strikes at any given time. These would be accompanied by the upgraded UH gunship variants, at a ratio of one gunship to four transports. Thus far, the lighter, faster and more sophisticated UHs had been able to identify and neutralize ground targets very successfully, and the Khii-8s were more than capable of performing their role as troop carriers. With this combination, the threat of MANPADS to Guard airborne troops had been largely mitigated, at least for the time being. Though the conflict dragged on, as it had for decades, cracks of light were beginning to appear in the darkness.
  3. Fulgistan

    Civil War Raging!

    [SECURE TRANSMISSION] Comrades of the Dniester People's Republic of Konin, Greetings and salutations from your brothers and sisters, from all corners of this Eurth. I represent the interests of a very powerful people's collective, and we are prepared to offer you substantial aid in equipment, training and specialist personnel. This is provided, of course, that you and the forces of the People in Dniester are indeed as capable as your leaflets claim, and that you are also a true proletarian people's army, holding the downtrodden masses in the highest regard and acting as their noble protectors. We shall speak more in time; you may expect the first shipment of guns and explosives within the week. Keep up the good fight, comrades. The Eland
  4. Fulgistan

    Dniester Civil War

    Fulgistan, surprise surprise, is gonna come down on the communist side in this one. Our contributions, personnel-wise, will mostly be in the form of trainers, pilots and other specialists in relatively small numbers. However, we'll be making substantial military hardware contributions, not only of small arms (and importantly, MANPADS), but also of helicopters, older AFVs and if possible, some fixed-wing aircraft being phased out of production. Another important facet of the Fulgistani contribution to the Dnistrian civil war is the widespread distribution of Bozaanist literature that emphasizes the winning of hearts and minds, similar to the Maoist Three Rules of Discipline and Eight Points for Attention. Fulgistani intelligence services will also be involved within the communist faction, and will work to steer the group in a relatively moderate, non-dictatorial, internationally more palatable direction, through underhanded means if deemed necessary.
  5. Fulgistan

    Greetings from PyeMcGowan!

    Welcome, PyeMcGowan! We're very glad to have you in our region.
  6. Fulgistan

    The Chariot of Civility.

    From: Comrade Jinhuang Choinom, Secretary for Defence, Worker's Republic of Fulgistan To: Augustus, Caesar of Adaptus and et cetera Dear Sir, Regarding the commitment of elements of the Revolutionary Guard to coalition forces in the area of the Greater Serbia, the Central Committee of the Worker's Republic, having read my proposal advising as such, have authorized me to commit the following forces to the blockade effort: 17th Bomber Regiment "Red Kestrels" 33rd Air Logistics Regiment 45th Workers' Mounted Rifles 23rd Air Cavalry Guards 2nd Proletarian Engineers 13th Artillery Guards 7th Red Armoured Regiment "Steel Hyenas" This in addition to the numerous logistical seagoing vessels provided by the Fulgistani merchant marine. Should more forces be required, you and your government may direct all petitions and other communiques to the Central Committee. Regards, Generalissimo of the Workers' Republic Jinhuang Choinom
  7. Fulgistan


    Welcome to Europa @North Dniester! Please do join us on the regional Discord; it's the easiest way to interact with the majority of us
  8. Fulgistan is prepared to commit significant assets militarily to the liberation of the Bosnian refugees and to any other objectives of the coalition against Greater Serbia. If necessary, the contingent of personnel and equipment can be quite substantial, depending on the needs of both @Sayf and @Adaptus in completing the war aims of the blockade coalition. In addition, Fulgistan is prepared to declare war on Greater Serbia if it appears that the coalition has aims beyond simple blockade. Fulgistan, when discussions eventually begin IC, will likely not support the creation of a Bosnian ethnostate, but will aid in any possible way in the evacuation of refugees and the repatriation of Bosnians to Sayf, Fulgistan itself, or any other willing, extant sovereign state, excepting rogue states like Derthalen and the ISE.
  9. Fulgistan


    Welcome, Llalta! Feel free to join us over on Discord and say hi!
  10. Fulgistan

    OOC Project Watershed

    Hey, folks. I've had a chance to get settled into living in a new place, to read this thread, and to do a lot of thinking. After reflecting on the issue at length, I've decided to withdraw Fulgistan from Project Watershed. Seeing as I've already made two posts in the thread itself, I'll be doing this via IC posts unless an issue with the entire thread emerges. Personally, I think I was really caught up in being a "big Commie superpower with nukes and stuff, like what all of 'em got", and in so doing, failed to consider the context in which the nations of Europa exist. In addition, I somehow completely disregarded my own plans for my country, including the opening of the markets and other globalist, liberalizing reforms. Project Watershed simply does not suit the internal climate Fulgistan is currently experiencing, or the international reaction it hopes to cultivate in the coming months and years. The creation of WMD-capable platforms is something that carries a lot more weight then I think any of us really considered during the planning phase. Regardless of my own thoughts on the matter, I wish all the best to @Sayf and @Limonaia should they decide to continue with development. Thanks, everyone.
  11. Fulgistan

    Law of the Sea Convention

    I'd be more than happy to participate in this RP
  12. Fulgistan

    Project Watershed

    Following the whirlwind facility tour, the Fulgistani contingent filed into their dormitory. After laying down their suitcases and assorted bags, Galbei had them all gather in the common room. "Comrades, this is the beginning of a new era for the Worker's Republic. While you are permitted to speak your minds now, it is of the utmost importance that no details of Project Watershed leave this facility, lest they enter the hands of counter-revolutionary elements." With that, the assembled Fulgistanis returned to their rooms, and out of sight of the military brass, the researchers formed their own clump. One of the scientists, a spectacled, bearded man in his late middle age, stepped forward. "While I myself am more than happy to begin work as soon as possible, I have grave concerns over our safety, and of the possible international ramifications of the Project. Development of a weapon of this kind, even carrying a conventional warhead, will paint a target on all of our heads." "Such is the way of the world, Doctor Fengxun. If the imperialists want to decry us for ensuring our own defense, let them piss into the wind. Fulgistan cannot remain in the past forever; it's high time we assert ourselves to ensure our sovereignty." "Doctor Tonghua, with respect, if one word of this gets to the @Variotans, Het Apparath is going to cut our country's economy open like a ripe papaya. Not to mention what's going to happen to us if anyone finds out! This project is a huge risk for comparatively small payoff, strategically speaking." "You want to live in fear of the capitalists your whole life? Your children's lives, too? Nothing changes until we're on a level playing field with those who seek to exploit us. Besides, if you think these rockets are going to stay conventional, you've clearly not thought things through." "Surely, you don't think..." "Don't be a fool. What, did you think the Central Committee would divert all this funding into a tripartite cooperative effort, only to produce a few piddly little conventional explosives? Make no mistake, Doctor Fengxun, we are on the path to true strategic armaments." "I...you're right. I'll...have to think more on this. And pray. Goodnight, everyone." Shuddering, the scientist left the group. As he settled into his bunk, all he could do was hope he could justify the coming months.
  13. In our armoury channel on Discord, @Pallamara mentioned wanting to RP in the period roughly from the 1950s to the 1980s. Right away, I can identify 3 planned RPs taking place within that period: The Bahinar War between @Variota and myself Pallamara's planned expansion @Prymont's "My Big Fat Family Reunion" I, myself, would 1. Love to hear about and take part in any other planned RPs taking place in the period, and 2. Love to plan new ones, either in this thread or on Discord
  14. Fulgistan


    Welcome to Europa, Kipan! Please feel free to hop over to our Discord and have a chat; it's where we do a lot of our worldbuilding and generally otherwise have fun.
  15. Fulgistan

    Project Watershed

    Otryadyn Galbei stepped from the confines of the plane's cabin into the bright Sayfi sun. She'd been promoted to the Head Coordinator of R&D at the Bureau for Defense following her exceptional work in securing the Tianlong project with @Prymont's Aamotech. Behind her followed a stream of Fulgistani scientists and other miscellaneous lackeys from the Bureau and the Guard. The Worker's Republic was a poorer nation, but soldiers and scientists it had in spades. "Essalem eleykum, Comrade Nadal," she began, using the Fulgi pronunciation of the Sa Haran Islamic greeting, "It is good to finally meet; this is an historic collaboration between our two nations, and it is my hope, and the hope of our people, that this will not be the last. By all means, lead the way."