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  1. @Derthalen@Sayf@Seylos@Mauridiviah@Limonaia@Adaptus Reap the Whirlwind: The War on Derthalen It's that time of year again, folks. Time for the region to gear up for a new dogpile war RP. This time, our lucky victi-er, opponent is the Empire of Derthalen, who in our recent Dolch See thread, decided to sell 1000 Limonaian tourists into slavery, along with the ship's officers and crew. Now, this is, of course, a big no-no, so, the following countries will be declaring war at the outset: Limonaia Sayf Seylos Fulgistan Mauridiviah and possibly Adaptus may follow suit in declaring war, at their discretion. Currently, the objectives of the coalition are to: Secure the Dolch See and Seylosian home islands from Derthaler piracy Mount a punitive, offensive attack on the Derthaler mainland After subduing the Derthaler military, negotiate terms of occupation and postwar relations Occupy portions of Derthalen to monitor the potential slave trade and piracy This RP will also be the catalyst for the IC formation of AFMS, the Alliance for Mutual Security, a defense pact that's been brought up numerous times on the Discord that finally gets to be properly RP'd and birthed onto our lovely Eurth. I think it's now best to turn over the floor to @Derthalen for his words on the matter.
  2. ICEB: The International Communist Economic Bloc Hey, Europans. Myself, @North Dniester and @Bulgenstaz have been chatting for the past two days or so about forming a Communist economic bloc, akin to our timeline's COMECON. This thread's going to try and plot the course of its foundation, goals, scope, organization, and possible future plans. Come along, grab a fistful of tenges, and don't forget your planned economy. When did the ICEB come to be? In our current envisioning, this bloc would have been created in the 1970s. For my own part, this makes sense, as Fulgistani industry was being revitalized by the influence of the Tunyaz regime, and the trend toward autarky that had taken place under Jian Bozaan was largely over. In addition, this gives us some time to have existing economic institutions in place in the present day, rather than additional upheaval that, at least on my end, would prove inconvenient for RP content that I have coming down the pipeline. I anticipate that we'll be doing a founding RP sometime in the near future. What are the goals of the ICEB? At its most basic, the ICEB is an economic union between its member states that seeks to overcome the shortcomings of the planned economy, as well as to complement the indigent industries of each member state. Eventually, the ICEB would also endeavor to incorporate Fulgistani-style Three-Year Plans across the entire bloc, but this is probably not possible within the first two decades of its founding. The ICEB, in addition to being an economic organization, is also a body that seeks to foster goodwill and cooperation between member states; to this end, the other two nations tagged and myself have discussed military cooperation in training, equipment and possible foreign bases. This will, of course, be RPed out in the future. How will the ICEB be organized? In this realm, I feel it is best to take a page from the actual COMECON; an executive body with several more specific committees subordinate to it, as well as a formally separate but practically involved executive committee composed of our respective supreme offices/heads of state. I think that we can iron out the specific committees as we plan along both on the Discord and in this thread. I also feel that the ICEB should provide for both observers and associates who maintain market economies, as did the real-world equivalent. These details can be discussed in depth later. Overall, please feel free to weigh in, ask questions, and help out in the planning endeavor. Thanks, y'all.
  3. Fulgistan

    The Kubuhe Project

    To: Sales Office, Suisa Defense Aeronautics, @Iverica From: Department of Research and Development, Bureau for Defense, Worker's Republic of Fulgistan 9 September 2018 Following trials and evaluation of attack rotorcraft provided by applicants to the Kubuhe Project's Phase I, the Bureau for Defense has selected the SUISA Sar-25 "Barracuda" as the tender recipient. The Central Committee has provided authorization to procure, over an 18 month period, 45 Sar-25, 22 Sar-25B, and 20 Sar-25C. The Bureau of Defense looks forward to working with SUISA defense aeronautics in the future. To: Sales Department, Flac-Draco, Celano @Limonaia From: Department of Research and Development, Bureau for Defense, Worker's Republic of Fulgistan 9 November 2018 The Bureau for Defense has taken great interest in the procurement of both a modern Main Battle Tank and a light tank; it is the belief of this Department that the C1 Ariete and the B1 Centauro fulfill these requirements. In addition, it is politically fortuitous for the kindred governments of the Worker's Republic and the Grand Duchy to enter into such a transaction, as during the economic reforms of the newly elected government Limonaian manufacturing could no doubt do with help bolstering itself during this time of transition. It is the intent of this Department to procure, from Fiat and from Domina of @Cristina, five Ariete C1 MBTs and ten Centauro B1 Tank Destroyers for testing and evaluation.
  4. Fulgistan

    Civil War Raging!

    Most casual observers of Fulgistani international meddling knew about the Bureau of Affairs' Joint Revolutionary Task Force, the collaboration between the Fulgistanis and the People's Republic of @Faramount that funneled supplies and weaponry to the FFRU. If the same observer did some real digging on the 'net, they might discover that the Bureau of Internal Affairs, in addition to the Saker Secret Police, also allegedly maintained an armed paramilitary wing in the form of the Red Star Brigade. But only organizations like Het Apparath knew of the existence of L Detachment. The work done by the JRTF often necessitated conducting sensitive operations outside of the borders of the Workers' Republic, and outside of Alharu itself. To this end, L Detachment had been formed. Composed entirely of those who could pass for Variotan or Argic, it was primarily Variotans, but there were a smattering of Madrians, and, every so often, a Limonaian member. Numbering no more than 150 operatives at any given time, L Detachment was responsible for training, supplying, and conducting operations on behalf of homegrown left-wing insurgency movements wherever the Bureau deemed necessary. All hush-hush, all plausibly deniable. "Springbok Five, let's review your profile." Broad-shouldered Hendrik sighed, leaning back in the transport seat of the Khii-8 that had been repainted and earmarked for "donation" to the Dnistrian rebels. Two seats down, his team leader Pieter had a clipboard in hand, in stark contrast to his khaki fatigues and mag pouches. "Alright. Fire away." "Name?" "Jan Porowski." "Hometown?" "Lwów." "Birth year?" "1988." "Mother's birthday?" "What?" "Come on, you don't remember your own mother's birthday? I'm sure the fascist patrols will buy that." "Ugh. November 12th." "Name of first pet?" "Fortunny." "Second grade math teacher?" "Oh, f*ck off!" "This is important information to know, Five. The enemy won't play fair, either." Ever so gently, the transport touched down, its loading ramp opening to reveal the wind-bitten, lightly forested plains of the Dniester river valley. "Alright. Unload all this sh*t and move out. We're to rendezvous with the militia commander at Lipowiec; he'll be expecting us. The passphrase is 'nie moja wina'". Filing out of their helicopter, the twelve-man squad began dumping caches of MANPADs, RPGs, grenades, ammo cans, and other assorted military toys onto the not-yet-frozen ground. Fulgistan, at last, had arrived in Dniester. It would not operate with the overtness of Derthalen, nor with the gold of Rihan. No, for the Worker's Republic, there was no greater gift to the revolution than a gun, and a helping hand to wield it.
  5. This...this is the OOC planning thread...
  6. "Throw your own party" doesn't mean "create an inferior copy of a thing that already exists". You're not showing any initiative in creating something original by doing this.
  7. Fulgistan

    Council of Deopolis

    Honestly, I'd be happy to take on the role of a Limonaian Catholic Faramanian-Fulgistani Archbishop in this discussion. I know I've said I didn't want to participate before, but I'd be more than happy to help get your first big RP off the ground.
  8. Buddy, I've read the thread. It didn't take long, because it was about two paragraphs long and, in large part, unreadable gobbledegook. You've clearly ripped off the Dolch See thread, which, while supernatural in nature, is also mod-okayed and features one of our RP moderators, @Adaptus, consulting on it, features long, well-written RP and is also clearly delineated (big word, delineated, you might wanna break out a dictionary) between canon and non-canon. This fulfills none of those requirements.
  9. Having ghosts and the undead appear in a modern tech, realistic, non-magical fictional setting isn' that rare? I don't buy that.
  10. Fulgistan

    Hello from Bulgenstaz!

    Do I hear tropical communism? Jokes aside, welcome to Europa. We're glad to have you, and as North Dniester mentioned, do come and join us on the regional discord.
  11. Fulgistan

    Mystery In the Dolch See (Europa Halloween Special)

    "Solidarity, this is Cormorant 1. We've acquired visual of the target vessel. Adapton drone footage is correct, vessel is a frigate-sized craft in poor condition. The missile launched from HMS Ardent appears to have detonated amidships. Enemy vessel is listing significantly to starboard. We're acquiring a torpedo lock now." Surging forward over the frigid water, the Solidarity's pair of scout helicopters, Iverican SUISA models, skimmed low over the waves in order to reduce the risk of detection. Their FLiR units gave them a similar picture to the drones launched by Salamis; a frigate-class ship with some sort of strange detritus covering the hull; no matter. An enemey was an enemy, and they were the first line of attack at Solidarity's disposal. "Copy that, Cormorant 1. Relaying information to flotilla." The twin helicopters bearing the Cormorant callsign began their attack run. Slung under their bellies were one torpedo each, sonar-guided and quiet as the grave. With the flick of a switch, both rotorcrafts jettisoned their deadly cargo. "Torpedoes away. Locked on target." For a few scant minutes, there was a silent tension amongst the vessels of the flotilla. "Hit confirmed! Target vessel appears to have been struck astern, listing heavily and taking on water." The bridge of the Solidarity lit up with cheers. Captain Fagiole allowed himself a smile, picking up the handset again. "Well done, Cormorant. Withdraw and return to Solidarty,." "Copy that, Solidarity. Returning." "Ensign, get me the Salamis. ... Salamis, this is Captain Fagiole of the Solidarity. Reporting two hits on enemy vessel, likely crippling. I advise that we coordinate a boarding action, over."
  12. Fulgistan

    Project Canamo

    "Kretek, Mr. Mendieta? I know you can't get em back home, cloves or otherwise." Jesus looked up drowsily from his laptop.Already, the winter snows were beginning to flutter down from the polar skies, and today, election day, had been particularly frosty. He'd been working on this election piece all through the night, but it wasn't going anywhere. Across his desk, Major Shahidi, the head of the Revolutionary Guard Task Force in the Former Hellenic Rus, held a black-papered cigarette in her fingers, offering it to him. Obligingly, he took it and lit it, letting the nicotine wash over him. "Thanks, Major. I appreciate it." "It's from my last pack. No more till spring comes around." "Aw, are you sh*tting me?" "'Fraid not. Brass says nothing but essentials are coming through on the icebreakers, and that doesn't include the leafy stuff." "I wouldn't worry too much. In case you haven't noticed,everyone and their babushka's got a hemp grove in their back garden these days. Plus you can always score a smoke from the SRA boys." "Hellenic cigarettes taste like sh*t, and the Iverican ones that the USPA have are too pricey. But I mean, at the end of the day, I reckon it might not be so bad. Smoking kills, after all." "Smoking's certainly killing a lot more people than the Circle of Death is these days, anyway. And that's in no small part thanks to you and the Guard." The Fulgistani woman chuckled, leaning on the RFE reporter's desk. "It's a good joke, that. Listen, we did good work here, but we were bridge builders, roadlayers and convoy guards, nothing more. Honestly, if you believe the rumors, it was the spooks from SOAR that really cleaned up the terrorists. Still, I like to believe we didn't freeze our asses off up here for nothing." Jesus sighed, glancing again at the election results chart on his laptop. "I'm a little inclined to be cynical about these results. Even PNN's reporting that the SRA were all over the polls. And not releasing the numbers? Something's fishy here, Major, and it's hard to be enthusiastic about it. I mean, you're a soldier, you know how it goes. It's like that Adapton guy said in the Melian Dialogue; "The strong do what they must, and the weak suffer what they must." "Bit grim, isn't it?" "It's a tale as old as human greed, I reckon. Still, I'm just glad to be here doing what I can to help." Deciding to take a break from the election article, Jesus flicked to his email tab. He'd sent out his fellow correspondent Oleg out on a little expedition, back west to document the polling in Pokrovsk. Oleg was a Hellenic Russian himself, who'd emigrated prior to the collapse of the Tsar's government. He knew the language, and was, for all purposes, Jesus' best asset in-country. The email was from him; subject line "IMPORTANT: OPEN AT ONCE". Jesus frowned. Normally, Oleg wasn't given over to such drama; this was news reporting, not a spy movie. Opening the email, it contained only the text "video from a civilian cell phone, Pokrovsk, January 15". Attached was a video file. Jesus clicked on it. The footage was grainy, but you could clearly make out the sound of Prymontian voices and gunfire. Initially, Mendieta thought it might just be another badly-filmed firefight between the USPA and the Circle of Death. But...wait, no, the targets weren't holding any guns. No weapons at all in fact. The people being shot in the video were... "Major? I think you need to see this."
  13. Fulgistan

    In Amongst the Enemy

    Outskirts of the city of Zhambul, Kunduz Province, Southwest Fulgistan. 6 November, 0400. Thwump-thwump-thwump. The Guard had assembled at the siege lines outside Zhambul, the last, and most crucial, stronghold of the Sons of Abu Azzam, the Islamist terrorist group who'd ruled Kunduz for decades.The Fifth Proletarian Engineers had been preparing the earthworks and command posts surrounding the siege lines for some weeks now, and now it was time for the definitive assault. Thwump-thwump-thwump. Artillery had been pounding the outskirts of the city for days. The insurgents had constructed some primitive concrete and sheet metal bunkers and gun emplacements, but these had been quickly reduced to rubble, and the SAA had retreated into Zhambul proper, reducing the effectiveness of the artillery, due to the presence of the few civilians that hadn't been able to flee. The guns went silent. For a moment, in the trenches of the Revolutionary Guard, there was only quiet prayer. Cautiously, the IFVs, APCs and tanks began to crest the rampart of the trenches, sweeping the dust-choked alleys of the city with their infrared sights. Splitting into three columns, with the MBTs in the lead, they rolled into the main thoroughfares of Zhambul. While the Guard had precious little experience with urban combat at home, experiences in the @Prymontian Rus had taught them to, at the very least, dismount the infantry from the APCs and IFVs before proceeding into the city center, to provide counter-fire to attacks from second-story windows and roofs against the vulnerable top armor of the armored vehicles. Meanwhile, on the other, more suburban side of Zhambul, Colonel Mansarjav's Fifth Battalion was deploying in light order, mounted in 4x4s instead of their usual equine steeds. Accompanying them were Sayfi shock troops in their distinctive Omsk mine-resistant vehicles. Street by street, they began to press forward, under heavy fire from SAA troops at all times. The assault, which had begun at dawn, carried on well into the afternoon, and, after a brief lull at dusk, the fighting resumed in the dark autumn night. The advance had been stymied by SAA ambushes of Fulgistani armor columns, blocking some of the narrow streets and causing several tanks to brew up in a torrent of flame. In a hurried effort to counteract the losses, several squads of Fifth Battalion, under cover of darkness, advanced through the crumbling houses of the eastern neighborhoods, room by room, dispatching terrorist fireteams in knuckle-whitening CQB. By the time dawn rose over the savanna, the final armored push had reached the city center, in the wake of fifteen hundred Sons prisoners and eight hundred dead counter-revolutionaries. It was a clear victory, and an unprecedented one, considering the Revolutionary Guard's reputation as an ill-trained conscript army, but it did not come without cost. Over two hundred Guardsmen and women lay dead, and another hundred had lost one or multiple limbs.Thirty armored vehicles, from several coalition nations, had been knocked out, six of which were deemed beyond repair. Even worse, some seven hundred civilians had been killed over the course of the siege, many from starvation and disease, but still others from being trapped under the rubble of collapsed buildings, or from coalition airstrikes. The remaining civilian populace was universally displaced, malnourished, ill, and frightened. Significant relief efforts would be required before Zhambul was even remotely habitable again. Still, Fulgistan's heart was open to their long-lost cousins, and the Guard already had some experience working in post-conflict zones, thankfully. With the capture of Zhambul and the dispersion of the SAA, all that remained was to wipe out the Black Eagle Cabal.
  14. Jochi Heavy Industries "What Jochi Makes, The World Takes" Honored Deihur, It is the great pleasure of Jochi Heavy Industries to offer tender on the Dartha-Peldred High-Speed Railway project. JHI is the primary producer of railway equipment and other heavy machinery for the Worker's Republic of Fulgistan, created from several regional manufacturing consortiums in 1964. Since its founding, Jochi has overseen, among many projects, the construction of Ismail Tunyaz International Airport, the revolutionary eco-conscious mining techniques used in the steel mines of the Jintakh area, and, perhaps most relevant, the construction of the Wulumuqi-Bogd Gioro high-speed passenger railway, and its latest in-progress project, the Bogd Gioro-Grootwaterflakte high speed passenger railway, the first international high-speed railway on the continent of Alharu. Jochi has an impeccable record of service in quality, speed and ergonomics; among the relevant qualities of Jochi products and services are: Climate adaptability and reliability. Products of Jochi Heavy Industries have functioned without fail across the world, from the hot and wet savannas and jungles of Fulgistan (much like the rainforests and plains of Rihan) to the frozen, bomb-blasted wastes of the Prymontian Rus during the Revolutionary Guard's efforts to rebuild the war-torn dependency. Streamlining and simplification. Jochi ergonomics specialists are highly skilled in reducing layover time, improving passenger comfort and travel ability, and streamlining the layout of existing stations to accommodate new connections and higher passenger intake. Environmental consciousness. Rihan, like the Worker's Republic, is home to a wide diversity of flora and fauna that form a fundamental part of its national identity. Any Jochi projects within the Rihan Republic would be undertaken with an eye to preserving its natural beauty and wildlife, as they have been in the vast, lightly inhabited tracts of land in Fulgistan. Expense. Jochi products and services, being tailored primarily for the needs of the Worker's Republic, are naturally provided with an eye towards low-cost, high efficiency solutions. Jochi products are very often produced for one-half to one-third of their equivalent in Argic countries, and are, on average, in service for two to three years longer. We at Jochi Heavy Industries hope that the Transportation Ministry will select our bid for the DPHSR project, based on the above qualifications, and also hope that the Honored Minister enjoys the attached complementary gift of fine Fulgistani Iverican-seed cigars, a token of our mutual hope for this endeavor.
  15. Fulgistan

    Why Make A News Thread?

    @Thunder_Thighs65Go to the Newsroom sub-forum and create a new topic with the title as the name of your news agency. You can look at the threads of others for examples; my own news thread is pretty typical, but if you'd like to go the extra mile there are plenty more detailed ones, like those done by @Iverica, @Kipan and @Prymont.