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  1. Fulgistan

    A Change in the Wind

    Headquarters of the Joint Revolutionary Task Force, Bogd Gioro "Comrade Choinom, sir." Jinhuang entered the room at his usual purposeful pace. Around a conference table were a good dozen of Fulgistan's seemingly endless parade of mid-level military pencil-pushers, plus a few of the ones that Secretary for Defense Choinom could actually rely on to get things done. Taking a seat at the head of the table, he straightened a stack of papers from an aide. "Alright, we've all read the report. What the hell are we going to do about the Chukba situation?" A Major General piped up from down the table; "Clearly, they need tanks and anti-air capabilities." "True, but difficult to address. We can't exactly run them tanks discreetly across the border, nor is it like in Faramount where we can hand them a MANPAD and call it a day. Embedded intelligence suggests that the regime is relying on the Tagmatines for most of their air coverage, and while doctrinally there's some holes we can poke in them, currently we have no real resources to address modern combat aircraft in-country." "We could send some advisors; all revolutionary armies need coaching. And, well, steering in other directions." "I'm not sure how much good it would do; the FAA is made up mostly of defected army units, who, theoretically, know how to fight, despite limited resources." On the left of the table, Colonel Bozaan, one of Jinhuang's better junior students, cut in. "That's true, sir, but the intel we've received from Asset Springbok indicates that most of the mid-grade officers, as well as a fair portion of the top brass, are in it for the money; this means that morale is dangerously low, especially now that this push to Chukba's been stymied. Add to that the fact that many of the defecting soldiers hold the Juddish residents in, at best, middling regard, and we have a high risk of morale collapsing entirely on the Chubka front." For a few seconds, there was much murmuring and shuffling of memoranda. "That's a good point, Colonel. Frankly, it's a risky move. If we embed permanent assets within the FAA, we risk them getting captured and our part in this being discovered. And frankly, that not only jeopardizes our operational security; it'd be a political disaster. The Greater Holy Empire has only just begun warming up to us, and they won't forgive our role in this if it gets out, at least not for the foreseeable future. Whether they have any way to retaliate against us is another matter entirely, of course, but it's not something I'm keen to test." The Secretary leaned back in his chair and sighed, hand on temple. "However, we need to shore up the morale situation, and soon. And I think that we can accomplish this in a way that minimizes risk to us. Colonel Guan, I need you to compose a communique to the Abu Hajaar, the @Sayfi Defense Minister, requesting that he dispatch any surplus armor and SPAA, or failing that, stationary SAM batteries, that he can spare to the FAA general headquarters. Appeal to his sense of honor if you can. This erases our role in the supply chain from the public eye, and minimizes the travel time and expense of the equipment." "Can we be sure they'll send anything? They've publicly declared for the FAA, but predictions aren't so optimistic on their role in physical supplies for the rebels." "They're our best bet. God knows the Tikvans are no help; have we determined whether the Shai are in Aluxia for sure yet?" "Still inconclusive, but highly probable. We suspect they're mostly getting in and out via El Al, and mingling with diplomatic personnel." "If the Sayfis refuse, we should do something about this government air superiority. Frankly, I think we're only seeing the tip of the iceberg right now, and we shouldn't let ourselves be taken by surprise in future." "The Tagmatine air force is reactionary, like their government and the rest of their army. I think that we can look at its role in the Long War and develop a plan of action to suppress its capabilities in Aluxia going forward." "All the more reason to get more boots on the ground in Aluxia, then. Alright, then, it's decided; we'll retain Asset Springbok as a covert element, as well as sending military advisors to the FAA. If we can expose some of the possible holes in their officer corps, I reckon we can ingratiate ourselves and reach our aims at the same time. Dismissed." While the JRTF staff exited to perform their post-meeting duties, Choinom sought out Colonel Bozaan again. Putting a hand on his shoulder, he smiled paternally. "Damn fine thinking. You'll make Major General in no time. One thing I need for you to do, though; get Springbok to work on sabotage operations; if we can degrade the material superiority of the governmen forces, this whole thing is going to be much easier, Sayf or no Sayf." "Understood, sir. Thank you." Anyone, thought Jinhuang Choinom, who thought that the JRTF was going to back down without a fight was in for a nasty surprise. The Worker's Republic had been playing this game for nearly a century, and it wasn't going to lose to a rabble of reactionary imperialists.
  2. Fulgistan

    Eurth Olympics Summer 2019 Bidding

    Bogd Gioro Summer Olympics: One Eurth, One Us The Worker's Republic of Fulgistan is located in eastern Alharu, over 350,000 square kilometers of golden savanna extending from the white-sand beaches of Wulumuqi to the iron-rich hills of Jintakh. For the last 98 years, the nation has been governed by its people, following the revolution of Jian Bozaan. Home to a versimilitude of peoples, fauna and flora, the Worker's Republic balances bustling urban life with breathtaking natural beauty and traditional pastoral and nomadic lifestyles. Fulgistan hereby submits its bid for a summer Olympic celebration in the capital city, Bogd Gioro. Bogd Gioro, the pride of a nation Located in the eastern part of Fulgistan, in Feiguang province, the Bogd Gioro greater metropolitan area is home to nearly 3 million inhabitants, making up a sizable portion of the Fulgistani population. As the capital of the Worker's Republic, Bogd Gioro is home to many historic sites, some dating all the way back in time to the heyday of the Yellow Empire, and others constructed after the revolutionary period. For the Alharun aficionado, Bogd Gioro has a little of everything. Of particular note are the neighborhoods of Old and New Faratown, home to tens of thousands of Faramontese-Fulgistanis, and the mid-19th century hutong alleys, whose traditional tile-roofed houses are a popular choice among the city's Muslim population. Bogd Gioro has always been the hub for athleticism in Fulgistan, and hosts no fewer than ten national sports teams including the iconic Bogd Gioro Thunder baseball team. The city and surrounding area, due to planned housing and abundance of land, boasts ample athletic facilities, both indoor and outdoor, as well as numerous hotels, dormitories and other accommodations. Vision As the world continues to progress, it has only become more and more clear that we, as a human species, ought not to be divided by petty concerns like skin color or nationality; this is a truth that the people of Fulgistan have long held in high regard, and the pluralistic nature of the nation speaks to it. Millions of citizens have ethnic origins outside of the Worker's Republic, and are treated no differently than the native Fulgi and Bozaan peoples. Likewise, Fulgistani citizens are exceptionally welcoming to foreigners, whether as tourists or as friendly athletic rivals; the Worker's Republic is a country open to the world, and its people are more than happy to accommodate their foreign friends. The Bogd Gioro summer games is a profound expression of this national character: a proclamation to all the world that while we must celebrate our traditions and unique cultures, we are all human beings, under the same sky, with the same love in our hearts for each other. Game Design In the spirit of global brotherhood, all athletes and associated personnel are encouraged to wear clothing characteristic of their home countries; not to exaggerate, but to bring to Bogd Gioro a piece of their own home, even as much as the city becomes their temporary home. The Bogd Gioro Olympic Village will feature a myriad of cultural activities, displays, culinary venues, and art exhibits; a tribute to the rich and vibrant culture of Eurth. Logistics Bogd Gioro, as a modern, populous city, is well-prepared to handle the influx of temporary residents brought on by the games. The Bogd Gioro Metropolitan Area Public Transit System, a fully integrated system of metropolitan railway, aboveground rail, light rail, bus, and collectivized taxi companies, serves over one million riders daily in the greater metropolitan area, and transport to Wulumuqi is available via high-speed rail. In addition, Bogd Gioro Liberty International Airport is conveniently located, only 45 minutes from the city center by car or shuttle. Bogd Gioro is a very safe and walkable city; the Bogd Gioro Police, as well as the local People's Workplace Reservist Brigades, are a capable and well-trained force. Legacy After the conclusion of the Olympic Games, the athletic facilities and Olympic Village will require repurposing and redesignation; this will be accounted for in the runup to the games, but will certainly include the opening of athletic facilities to both the general public and to professional/university/commune sports teams, and the possible refurbishing of the Olympic Village as a residential and commercial district. The impact of the games on the world, however, will not be forgotten. The Olympic Stadium, wherein the opening and closing ceremonies will be hosted, will be preserved both as an athletic venue and a museum, with interactive displays and exhibits detailing the notable achievements of the games.
  3. Jochi Heavy Industries What Jochi Makes, The World Takes It is said, honored deihur, that no man is an island. So too a metropolitan subway. When the effort is undertaken to construct a metro, especially for a large city like Dartha, the chief concern must be synergy and integration, to maximize efficiency, ease of use, and frugality. Jochi was the driving force behind the innovative Bogd Gioro Metropolitan Area Public Transit System, a fully integrated system of metropolitan railway, aboveground rail, light rail, bus, and collectivized taxi companies. This system services over one million riders daily in the Bogd Gioro greater metropolitan area, one of the largest such systems in Alharu. This experience has not only granted Jochi with a wealth of knowledge on transport synergy and integration, but also vital data on the engineering of a subway in a warm and humid climate, much as exists in the Rihan Republic. It is our sincere hope that the Ministry of Transportation will accept our bid to begin construction on the Dartha Metropolitan Railway.
  4. Fulgistan

    Aluxian Civil War

    I'm behind the FAA. The Joint Revolutionary Task force is going to do their best to provide whatever covert aid they can to the budding democratic movement. Edit: I forgot to mention, I'm also going to dispatch one of my hospital ships to Aluxia once the FAA is able to secure a port, to evacuate refugees and the wounded.
  5. Fulgistan

    Mr Simizi Goes Travelling

    VISA APPLICATION FORM Requirement: yes Max. duration: 120 days Health requirements: n/a TOURISM GUIDE Top cities: Bogd Gioro, Wulumuqi, Xintou Sights worth seeing: Chrysanthemum Palace, Central Fulgistan; Little Madria, Wulumuqi; Old Faratown, Bogd Gioro; Lu Mo Nature Preserve, Southeast Fulgistan Cultural events taking place: International Workers' Day, May 1; National Day, May 16; Revolutionary Guard Day, August 1; Elephant Festival, Xintou, April 24-29; Ramadan (changes yearly) baseball games (national sport, spring and summer) Getting around: Serviced by most major airlines; High-speed rail available from Bogd Gioro to Wulumuqi and vice versa; Bogd Gioro has a very efficient metro system, with light rail and bus service in the Bogd Gioro suburbs and in Wulumuqi; tuk-tuks are available in most cities, as well as conventional taxi services; naturally, equine transportation is popular in rural areas, and can be had cheaply Local cuisine: Beef rendang, horse hotpot, banana-leaf water buffalo BBQ, Banana Buddy beer, the Samarkhand Dance (our unofficial national cocktail) and feremented mare milk in the nomad communes (not a good pick for Mr. Simizi, watch out for that) Sleeping: Golly, this form is not a great format for this. Wulumuqi for the best beach resorts this side of the Adlantic, as well as the only urban commune where gambling is permitted; Bogd Gioro has some lovely hotels for party members and tourists alike; safari lodges in the savanna are well-appointed and spacious; throughout Fulgistan, youth hostels (erected in the spirit of internationalism and openness) are safe, clean, and decent, as well as highly economical
  6. Fulgistan

    A Change in the Wind

    Endvo International Airport, Zygaria, Free Aluxia 12th December, 0500 "What's in the crates, Valko?" The bearded man used his team leader's false name, one of the dozen they'd been assigned as part of their group profile. "Dniesterian guns. A cover, and a surprise gift for our new friends in the FAA. Once we roll this onto the tarmac, we're just another smuggling outfit." "Won't the Dniesterians be upset that their product ends up here?" "You kidding? They'll be over the moon. No such thing as bad publicity when you're in the business of selling war, Matok." "Is that really the best name they could have picked for me? I swear these Aluxians just make it up as they go." "Yeah, yeah, whatever. Gather round, children, it's briefing time." Grudgingly, the dozen men and women of L Detachment that had been assigned to the FAA as Asset Springbok formed a loose circle in the belly of the cargo plane. Springbok Actual, an ethnic Variotan with a modest stature and a blond buzzcut, put pen to clipboard and went down the list of items outlined by their handler, the Eland. "Once we get into Endvo proper, we're to present ourselves at the general headquarters of the FAA. Most of them won't know who we are or where we come from; they've been given a passphrase and told that we're a valuable asset. The passphrase, incidentally, is 'avaunt and quit my sight'." He flipped a page as the others committed the information to memory. "From that point on, we'll be performing in our usual function whilst disguised as members of an FAA fireteam. We may be operating in Zygaria on the front lines, or in a more covert role in Chukba, Vardin, or elsewhere. On the note of those latter locations-" Springbok Actual flipped another page. "-we have it on good authority that the Tikvan Shai may be operating in-country as of yesterday. If they should be encountered, or if you suspect you've encountered them, do not engage or attempt to interact. Owing to the current situation between our two governments, it would be highly unsuitable for contact to be made between us. We likely have an advantage here; in all likelihood, the Shai don't know that we exist. Of course, they'll get an inkling that the Worker's Republic is operating in Aluxia, but it's doubtful that the Shai have directed enough attention at us to discover L Detachment's existence just yet. But let's not make that job any easier, eh? Alright, that's all for now. Move out." With that, off went the crates of weaponry, and off went the dozen nameless ones. Here to do good, by doing evil.
  7. Fulgistan

    Fulgistani Bureau for Foreign Diplomacy

    To: Foreign Minister Masaki Kaneda From: Secretary for Foreign Diplomacy Ismail Tian-Han, Worker's Republic of Fulgistan It is our pleasure to engage in diplomatic dialogue with the Kipanese people and state. While our political differences are indeed marked, we likewise hope that they prove no obstacle to cooperation and friendship. Although the Worker's Republic and the nation of Kipan exist on opposite sides of the Alharun continent, we are confident that despite our geographic distance, we may maintain close ties and warm relations. With this in mind, we have appointed Aifang Guowei as our ambassador to the Republic of Kipan, and will make all due preparations for Mr. Sasaki's arrival in Bogd Gioro. Lastly, please convey to President Yamazaki my own personal regards, and inform him of our government's interest in a possible state visit in future.
  8. Fulgistan

    Fulgistani Bureau for Foreign Diplomacy

    To: Foreign Minister Dagon Halevi MK From: Ismail Tian-Han, Secretary for Foreign Diplomacy, Worker's Republic of Fulgistan The Worker's Republic of Fulgistan cordially agrees to the exvhange of embassies and diplomatic staff. However, we must make it known that although we do not dispute the right of a Juddish state to exist, nor the rights of your nation to the land composing Tikva proper, the Worker's Republic does not recognize any Tikvan claims to the Samarran Valley, and is of the position that the area rightfully belongs to a sovereign Palladian state. With that made known, the Worker's Republic appoints Yanzhi Bozaan as its ambassador to the State of Tikva, and hopes that relations between our two nations may remain peaceful and productive.
  9. Fulgistan

    Fulgistani Bureau for Foreign Diplomacy

    [CLASSIFIED] To: Egron Harkov, Free @Aluxian Army From: Ismail Tian-Han, Secretary for Foreign Diplomacy, Worker's Republic of Fulgistan It was the great revolutionary leader Jian Bozaan who said "political power grows from the barrel of a gun". We in Fulgistan know the hardships of the downtrodden firsthand. We know that there is no reasoning with tyrants. Your struggle, no matter its unifying cause, is a struggle for democracy, for justice, and for freedom. This speaks to the people and government of Fulgistan. The Worker's Republic will do all it can to evacuate refugees, the wounded, an those seeking asylum in the free world. This we can offer in an official capacity. Less officially, we understand that there is hard and dirty work to be done before your fight sees its end. Attached, please find the contact information for a representative of the Joint Revolutionary Task Force, a body of the Worker's Republic that has helped to foster democracy and national liberation for decades. This individual, the Eland, will place you in contact with individuals more able to assist you in matters of the sensitive sort. Long live the fighters. Long live the free.
  10. Fulgistan

    Hello world.

    Welcome to Europa, Turin!
  11. Fulgistan

    15th Triennial ICEB Economic and Political Summit

    General Secretary Almas was the first to speak, rising from his (admittedly very comfy) chair. "Just, uh, give me a second here, comrades, I've got to get the presentation off of my flash drive." The General Secretary took a USB stick from his pocket and inserted it into the podium laptop, as the projector slowly warmed up on the wall behind him. "Why- oh, it's not showing up, hold on." A tense minute passed as the Head of State attempted to navigate the desktop. "Maybe try emailing it to yourself?" an aide piped up from down the table. "No, that's fine, I...oh, here we are! Phew, that's settled. Annnd, there we go, 'slideshow from beginning.' Allllright." Standing up at the podium, despite his modest stature, Almas took the laser pointer firmly in hand as he began his slideshow. "Firstly, comrades, it has been the observation of the Worker's Republic that while the ICEB has been quite successful in the organization of preexisting economic elements and key industries, it often lacks the ability to coordinate and accelerate development and aide. Therefore, it is my proposal that the Energy Committee be amended to the Energy and Development Committee, and that a new committee, the Economic Assistance Committee, be created to oversee the planning, international coordination and implementation of Three-Year Plans and aide to member states and affiliates in unfavorable economic situations. All those in favor?" Following the conclusion of the first vote, Almas clicked his remote, and the slideshow progressed. "Secondly, it is my belief that the Bloc is in dire need of a modern outlook for the 21st century. Digital literacy and computer technologies are not things that we can put off forever. Therefore, it is my belief that, although microelectronics do not constitute a previously designated key industry in any current member state, that it is necessary to create an Electronics and Information Technology Committee, that will oversee automation, software development, and hardware production in the Bloc. All those in favor?" "Comrade Krusken, that is the conclusion of the remarks that the Worker's Republic has at the present time. Thank you." (OOC: Vote here, kiddos: https://goo.gl/forms/FktMZdkZQ0eke9Sd2)
  12. The Worker's Republic of Fulgistan Bureau for Foreign Diplomacy Since its proclamation by the late Jian Bozaan in 1923, the Worker's Republic of Fulgistan has been a protector of the downtrodden and the working masses worldwide. A nation given strength by their diversity, the people of Fulgistan are committed to the principles of the socialist revolution, as well as to the fostering of peace, prosperity and goodwill across the globe. The current Secretary for Foreign Diplomacy is Ismail Tian-Han, to whom all correspondence may be addressed.
  13. Fulgistan

    [OOC] ICEB Planning Thread

    Currently, I think that based on the Discord discussions we've had about key industries, the following committees should be considered pre-existing at the time of the current Triennial Summit. Uranium and Radioactive Materials Committee (URMC) Steel and Metals Committee (SMC) Automotive and Machinery Committee (AMC) Weapons and Ammunition Committee (WAC) Produce and Agriculture Committee (PAC) Fisheries Committee (FC) Energy Committee (EC) Essentially, these committees oversee the production (to ICEB standards), distribution and further development of their respective industries, with an Executive Committee, made up of the heads of state/heads of party of the member states, overseeing the course of the ICEB Three-Year Plans, the creation of new committees, and the allocation of resources to the organization as a whole.
  14. Fulgistan

    15th Triennial ICEB Economic and Political Summit

    At last, a little vacation. Well, "vacation". Tomur Almas was still technically at work. But hey, a week or so under the tropical sun, cocktail in hand, away from Central Committee meetings and from the ongoing conflict. Plus, Bulgenstaz was a much more relaxing destination than Dniester; the last Triennial Summit had been in Minsk, and Almas still had nightmares about the traffic and the weather. Having exited his plane with the accompanying security detail, Almas swept magnanimously (well, as magnanimously as one could sweep at his height) across the floor of the terminal, arms outstretched in an embrace. "Comrades! So good to see you again! And in good health, no less." Hug, pat, flash the winning smile. Child's play. "I'm glad we are once again able to convene in such circumstances, doubly fortunately in peacetime; this Eurth has precious few bastions of the socialist truth, and we must surely hand together in these turbulent times that face the New World. And I sense that we've all brought new and exciting ideas to the table. Shall we go? I've got quite the urge to stretch my legs after the flight."
  15. Fulgistan

    Mystery In the Dolch See (Europa Halloween Special)

    Racing at high speed across the choppy Dolch, the four RHIBs of the naval infantry took a pounding from the spray. Hot on the heels of the Adapton helicopters, the brave men and women of El Regimiento de los Madrianos gripped their folding-butt rifles with apprehension; nobody knew what the hell was on that ship, and they had the dubious honor of finding out. A few thousand yards out, the meager flotilla split, a pair of boats each heading to the bow and stern. Scaling ladders slipping off the rail and pinching fingers, they hurried through the mist up onto the slippery, seaweed-covered deck. People's Lieutenant Alcubierre unslung his rifle and assembled his half of the company. "Sweep the deck; neutralize any resistance, take as many prisoners as you can. We don't know what the hell's belowdecks, so we'll wait until we rendezvous with the Adaptons before proceeding below. Move out!" Shivering on the wave-rocked deck, the fireteams spread out and advanced toward the middle of the ship; initially, it was all quiet, but it didn't take long before something characteristically awful happened. "Aaaaah! Un pez bastardo y bien feo! Mierda!" The clatter of carbine fire rang out across the ship, ricochets hitting the rail, the bridge and the deck. Rounding a corner, Alcubierre came face to face with a bloodbath. A trio of scrawny, malnourished men had jumped out of a hatch, silver daggers in hand, and run smack into Corporal Gutierrez's fireteam, and all four of their automatics. Private Jimenez was dry heaving over the railing for a while, sure, but the assault pressed on. The other two platoons had reported no contact, and soon enough, the company assembled in full outside the bridge. Motioning to his two best squads, P. Lieutenant Alcubierre and Sergeant Fuentes moved to breach the door. Giving it a dramatic kick, Alcubierre rapidly discovered that the door, in fact, opened inward, and that kicking metal doors really, really hurt. Cursing his bruised foot, he swung open the door, chucked in a grenade, and shut the door again. Upon reopening, it was discovered that he had bravely fragged a collection of empty boxes. Sighing, he cocked his rifle in a dramatic and unnecessary fashion. "Adelante!"