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  1. PRUSSIAN NATIONAL NEWS May 3rd, 2018 Murderer Arrested In Stockbuhel! Today, infamous murderer Rudolph Maxis was arrested in the Stockbuhel suburbs, caught by police shortly after his attempt to escape after he murdered a young couple in their home. He has been charged with two counts of 1st Degree Murder, and is awaiting trial Military Parade Coming To Stochbuhel Soon! Recently, with the amount of recruits for the Prussian Army on a slow, steady increase, Reichskanzler Otto von Klaus has been talking about organizing a military parade in Stockbuhel to celebrate the Prussian Imperial Army. Plans have been made to hold the parade, but the date is still a work in progress, and will hopefully be decided upon within the next few weeks. Until then, the Prussian military will be making preparations for such an event. It is very likely that the royal family and His Majesty the Kaiser himself will attend the parade.
  2. Etymology - Where does your nation's name come from? The name originates from the ethnically Germanic who referred to the location as "Preussen". Geography - What does your nation look like? History - How did your nation come to be? Government - Who is in charge of your nation? The Empire is a Constitutional Monarchy, so the Kaiser (emperor) is simply a figurehead, while the Reichskanzler (Imperial Chancellor) is given the task of running the state. The Empire's government is divided into three parts: Executive, Legislative, and Judicial. The Gro├čes Parlament (Grand Parliament) is the legislative body of the Empire, tasked with appointing the Reichskanzler and voting on law proposals. The Prussian people vote during elections for the political party they wish to, and the political party with the most seats in Parliament then choose the Reichskanzler. Military - How is your nation's safety ensured? Economy - How do your citizens earn their income? Demographics - More details about your citizens Culture - What do your people like doing?
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