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  1. Mauridiviah

    Greetings from the Rihan Republic

    Well the Senate might not harbor any resentment, I'm talking more about the common people. A war this bad would presumably have many casualties and a lot of popular investment, wouldn't it?
  2. Mauridiviah

    Manamana Mail

    Heey Pepe! I found that someone here in Manamana has decided to start selling snail mail and Mortimer dared me to try it out, so I did. Although I will eventually buy a proper phone plan so that we can properly talk, that time has not come yet. Why? Well, to put it simply, drugs here in Manamana are expensive man. Like, they don't pay me enough to afford some proper weed. The dealers say that it's because they have to import it or something but I ain't buying it, I think they're swindling us. I took the matter up with one of them Manamana representatives, but they said that they weren't going to up my wage just so I can afford quality weed. Can you beleive that?! I talked with some Shffahkians about this, (No Pepe, I don't speak French, unless you count charades) and we've decided (I think?) to strike sometime. It's gonna be really fun, we're gonna bring the substandard weed and force those damn Synthureans to give us proper wages. Well, at least we are, you know how other people in my industry of diggers can be very prude about this sort of thing, those wankers. I hope everything is going well on your end, Pepe. That building contract in San Juan was such a lucky score, months worth of work and can go to the beach right after work to watch some lovely Mauridivian girls. There is of course, a beach here, but after digging in the sand and water for like 8 hours (which by the way, I'm really overworked) who the hell wants to go dig and play in the sand in a beach? Yeah, not me. Not at all Pepe. We hooked up with a group of international losers (two guys from Sunset Sea Spy Islands and a girl from Little Flau) to play Cyberhood 2021. Pedro is the Game Master, of course, these lame-oes couldn't create a proper homebrew if we put a gun to their heads and asked them to. Plus, the girl from Little Flau's like, our manager, so it'd be really weird. Oh, and one of the guys from SSI says he's actually from "Dobby is Free", which we're pretty sure is a made up country. Anyway, he and the other guy loooove to fight about Ubppssdiff this and Uppdsfii that, and that's just not a recipe for a good game. Anyway, construction is going well and we hope to finally return home in a few months' time, barring unforeseen delays. Oh, and Pepe, that brown smudge on the paper is the body of a mosquito, they're a total plague over here. They've even brought in exterminators but the representatives from SSI go all insane when they try to properly fumigate. "Oh you're polluting the waterways" and that sort of the crap the government gives us. Remember to vote Libertad in 2020 if we're not back by then, Pedro! With love (no homo), Alejandro P.S. Pedro says "Heey Pepe bro what's up"
  3. Mauridiviah

    A Meeting of Two Democracies

    "Ah yes, we would be very pleased to open an embassy in Ahrana as well as in Xara, with of course, consulates where appropriate. We would of course welcome Ahrana and Xara to open embassies and consulates here as well. Now that Ahrana has thrown off the shackles of Ivanoff's dictatorship, as well as the reversion of his attitudes towards @Derthalen, I believe that Mauridiviah and Ahrana could forge a strong and positive relationship. What do you think of letting Radio Free Eurth operate within Ahrana, Ms Core?"
  4. Mauridiviah

    Greetings from the Rihan Republic

    Alright, a shorter period of isolationism caused by a massive defeat in a war. Nobody in Rihan seeked revenge after that?
  5. Mauridiviah

    A Meeting of Two Democracies

    "Oh, it's just around the corner here, Ms. Core. Also, I'm very sorry to hear that Ahrana's population is so badly addicted to drugs. I hope they're only getting the good Mauridivian stuff, though." announced Luti. That had been an interesting car ride, and was of course, a perfect opportunity to promote the Mauridivian recreational drug industry. Perhaps that could go into some kind of trade agreement? As they arrived at the Palace, the car parked at the front, where Ms. Core's delegation, alongside with Luti, were escorted inside. There, in the surprisingly modest lobby, President Polo met Ms. Core briefly. They shook hands, she bowed and he froze, but Luti had his back and quickly pushed the group to the meeting room, with the press right behind them. They were allowed to spectate the procedure except for the sensitive bits, which as far as the Mauridivian government was aware, was none of the meeting. The table was set nicely, with no table cloth. It was also long, however this meeting wouldn't really fill its full capacity, perhaps just half, right in the middle. The table did had some plants on it, and a glass of water at every seat as well as a few papers strewn about. The real workload however was dropped loudly by the assistants of both nations as they sat down on the table. Everyone got comfortable and the press was quieted. Finally, Diego Polo spoke: "Alright, let's begin. We are all gentlemen here in Mauridiviah, so what would you like to begin with, Ms. Core?"
  6. Mauridiviah

    Greetings from the Rihan Republic

    Isolationism is best done pre-1850, however a shorter period would ease things a lot.
  7. Mauridiviah

    Greetings from the Rihan Republic

    So a war in the 1860s that turns your country isolationist until the 1940s? Unless you were subjugated, I'd say it'd me mighty difficult to justify isolation in such a period.
  8. Mauridiviah

    Greetings from the Rihan Republic

    When would this isolationist period be taking place?
  9. Mauridiviah

    A Meeting of Two Democracies

    "And Mr. Luti, let me tell you about this one Girk nutjob who thought it'd be funny to stick his WIFE, his WIFE, into my car's---" Like a blessing from heaven (if such a thing exists), Ms. Core spoke right then and there. As she had interrupted the chauffeur's passionate rant about his work hazards, Luti was given a moment of peace before giving his response. "Of course not, we would never consider this an official question. Our nation is very beautiful. The hinterlands are blessed with stunning rainforests, productive plains, plenty of rivers and creeks, as well as amazing beaches. There's even snow-capped mountains in the north, however skiing there is not recommended due to the altitude which leads to a lack of oxygen. However, our beaches and hiking trails more than compensate. As to how life is here, I must say that it is not the luxury people expect from countries such as Prymont or Iverica, but we make sure that everyone has at least enough. Everything's generally peaceful, since all the strife has been calmed down even in Sitia. I can also guarantee your safety, we have a very great police force and our attention on the youth has resulted in crime being at its lowest in history. And of course, every day we strive to make conditions better, although I regret to say many Mauridivians lack the will to do more than enjoy the sun and sea with their families. So that's how we live here. How's life in Ahrana?"
  10. Mauridiviah

    A Meeting of Two Democracies

    Luti wasn't really ready for this meeting. He thought he was, but when the Secretary-General stepped off the plane and somewhat bowed before him, he had pretty much no idea what to do. Deciding to pretend nothing had happened, he extended his hand for a handshake and it was reciprocated. After that the blonde goddess Secretary-General spoke, his translator Michael Gomez quickly repeated at least thought for thought what was said. After losing his train of thought (he was of course under a lot of stress due to all the meetings that needed to happen), Luti finally replied to hurry things along: "Ah yes, welcome Ms. Core, Ms. Colls, and Ms. Bollard to our beautiful country. I know that you are here on official business, but I hope that after all the meetings are over you stay and enjoy our beaches, scenery, and world-class marijuana. The car is this way, ladies first." And with that they got away from all the onlookers and into the car. Now, Luti was under no circumstances going to speak about diplomatic policy until he was stuck in that barely air conditioned room with a stack of papers in front of him and his patron saint President Diego Polo beside him on a long table. As such, he told his translator to tell the delegation to hold off on any discussion until they reached the Palace and to talk amongst themselves if they wanted. Luti did not have such a luxury, at least for the first half of the trip, as the driver of the car turned out to be a local union leader of the chauffeurs and he proceeded to use this valuable time to get Luti to the tell President that chauffeurs deserved to be classified as a dangerous job because of all the stupid crap rich tourists do. It was in moments like these that Luti regretted sending that box of chocolates with his application. This was going to be a long car ride.
  11. After the recent elections, President Diego Polo was given a full mandate when handling foreign relations, and as a part of that comes another round of diplomatic meetings with several nations. The first one up was a nation that Mauridiviah used to have chilly relations with as an unstable, autocratic Derthalen-aliged communist state. However, ever since the fall of dictator Ivanoff Ahrana has moved towards democracy and a freer market, as well as cutting ties with Derthalen. This has basically reset the diplomatic relations between the new nations, as a result the newly-appointed Secretary of State Marco Luti (who replaced the previous compromise candidate of Augusto Gomez), who was the delegate who attended the founding ceremony of the Confederation of Independent Socialists, has decided to meet with them first. Polo had decided, after hearing reports of how cold Ahrana was, and to demonstrate Mauridiviah's increasing involvement in world affairs, that the @Ahranan delegation (which included the new Secretary-General of Ahrana) would be coming to Maurotopia for the meeting. Now, as to the topics of the meeting, there were many to choose from and only limited time to cover them all. The Mauridivian government hoped that Secretary-General Alexsandra Core would re-affirm the previous administration's stance on LGBT rights, be willing to call for new elections soon, allow Mauridivian companies to operate in Ahrana, and expand civil and political rights in Ahrana. They were willing to provide aid to Ahrana to help in the transition from a planned economy to a market socialist economy as well as the transition from dictatorship to parliamentary republicanism. A trade agreement between Mauridiviah and Ahrana was floated as a possibility, and somewhere in a personal assistant's pockets was a thank-you card thanking Ahrana for allowing Radio Free Eurth to operate within its borders (As Mauridiviah expected them to allow RFE into their nation). The final topic anyone had in mind (at least in the Mauridivian cabinet) was Mauridiviah's observer status in the Confederation of Independent Socialists and the future of the organization. Ahrana's new government is so hastily put together that not even President Polo knew what they were planning to discuss. With security waiting for the arrival of the delegation at the Antonio Bolivar International Airport, the final preparations were being made. Luti would meet the delegation upon their arrival at the airport and then they would drive together to the place of the meeting, a room of the Presidential Palace. The Presidential Palace, called the "Palacio Repúblicano".
  12. I don't really want to jump into the middle of all this, but @Vocenae, your entire argument regarding intellectual property only applies if you have in fact copyrighted a work that uses your nation and its capital name in it. If you don't, then it's not legally speaking your intellectual property. Even if you have copyrighted such a work, Andalla is not making a profit from any of this, so this is fair use. Which is why you wouldn't be able to go to a court with any of this in any case. It's not like we usually prosecute people who write Harry Potter fan fiction. Just trying to clarify, I understand etiquette and law are two different things, but in this case you are using legal terminology and have even cited an explanation of intellectual property law, so just wanted to clear that part up.
  13. This thread was made as requested by @Iverica who wanted any answer to go on the record. So, for those not acquainted with the discord discussion that happened, this is the run down. It all started with @Adaptus's recent blockade of Greater Serbia. Greater Serbia is landlocked and is surrounded by empty lands. The question quickly arose: What is the land around Greater Serbia? The answer to that question is critical to the future of this RP and useful for the rest of us. If there's NPC nations there, then Adaptus' blockade would violate their sovereignty and directly hurt them. If the land is empty, then everything's good. Although I and others doubt the answer is so black and white, this example demonstrates that an answer to this question is urgently needed. So, for the record, all the empty land is....? @Orioni
  14. Mauridiviah

    Mundus Liber Institute Outlet

    A Response to Seylosian Outrage "The Mundus Liber Institute continues to consider our placement of Seylos' LGBT rights as "developing" as the proper placement. Although the populace accept LGBT individuals, the fact that there are laws on the books shows that this nation could easily do better, and instead of seeing that the populace have decided to reject our hard work entirely, even going so far as to want to bring diplomatic consequences upon our sponsor nation, who had nothing to do with the survey. Our survey was just merely stating the obvious: It's clear that Seylos is a place that's friendly for the LGBT but legally speaking they're not completely safe, and this could be abused by one cop with a personal vendetta or corrupt corporations to inflict punishment on individuals on this basis. As such, Seylos has developing rights towards the LGBT. That was our main concern, that's why Seylos was placed where it was, and it was clearly taken the wrong way. However, we do not apologize because when you see your reflection in the mirror it scares you. We've simply stated the facts as they are, nothing more, nothing less. Furthermore, King Aidan himself made a short speech that was featured on an SBC Article which was mired in error. First, he states that the survey results are not representative of the Seylosian people, which is true, they're representative of his objective failure as a king. We are aware of the strenght of Seylos' monarchy, and therefore we know that instead of making that speech pandering to the masses he could've removed the oppressive laws that got his nation that ranking in the first place. It is safe to say that Mundus Liber is not impressed by Seylos' new king. He then goes on to attribute the lack of a vocabulary to distinguish the non-LGBT from the LGBT, when in fact English lacks this because for a long time LGBT individuals were not even recognized to exist at all. He lastly ends by saying that what happens between two consenting adults is not the concern of outside parties. If so, we must ask, why does he keep those archaic laws on the book? In closing, 'As far as we're concerned, these Sey-whatever people can kiss our arse.'"
  15. Mauridiviah

    Mauridiviah National Factbook

    The 2018 legislative elections, as they happened: However, ever since the new electoral law was passed soon thereafter, the composition of the Senate has changed because of the number of seats being raised from 1049 to 1153. Current Composition of the Senate: Seats Per Party: Sitian Unionist Party: 32 Seats (2.76%) Mauridiviah Independence Party: 70 Seats (6.11%) Liberal-Labor: 65 Seats (5.66%) Bolivarian Party: 579 Seats (50.24% Republican Party: 35 Seats (3.05%) Monarchist Party: 33 Seats (2.86%) Libertad: 328 Seats (28.41%) Patriot Party: 11 Seats (0.95%) Ideology of Each Party: Sitian Unionist Party - Union with Mauridiviah, anti-radicalism, communism and socialism, somewhat liberal. Mauridiviah Independence Party - Progressivism, social democracy, neo-progressivism, patriotism, extreme interventionism. Bolivarian Party - Populism, social democracy, liberalism, nationalism, mostly non-interventionist. Liberal-Labor Party - market socialism, pro-union, grassroots, progressivism, globalism. Republican Party - Republicanism, centrism, regionalism, federalism, somewhat liberal, somewhat neoliberal, patriotism. Monarchist Party - Monarchism, center-right, grassroots, nationalism, religious, somewhat authoritarian. Libertad - Libertarianism, right-wing, secularism, liberalism, regionalism. Patriot Party - Neofascism, fascism, ultranationalism, far-right, authoritarian, devoutly religious, anti-atheistic, anti-secularist, intolerant.