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  1. Mauridiviah

    Sunset Ad Agency

    Commie stuff? Oh god no, never. My nation's whole thing is that we're a tropical paradise. It'd be nice if that could be the basis of the posters :).
  2. Mauridiviah

    The Feudal Times

    Who is "Better Together"? A case will be presented to the Supreme Court of Mauridiviah on April 28th regarding which major Mauridivian corporation owns the slogan "Meor Juntos", or "Better Together". It is no mystery that Mauridivian copyright law is very loose and it is common to see companies copy each other in the ways of logos and marketing slogans. However, those days might soon be over. Two corporations, Frescolita Inc. and the Cooperative Farmer's Market Alliance, known to Mauridivians as the small supermarket chain Cooperacion, are going to the Supreme Court. The dispute is who owns the advertising slogan "Meor Juntos". Under Mauridivian copyright law, they technically both own the slogan, as Frescolita owns the slogan in its italicized form whilst Cooperacion owns the slogan in the Times New Roman font. Despite the fact that Cooperacion has been selling Frescolita products (such as the popular soft drink Cola de Zorro, or Colazorro) under that slogan for years, they have decided to press their claim for the full ownership of the slogan as they claimed it for marketing purposes all the back in 1946 when the cooperative was first formed. That is not the only reason for this case, which was dismissed as illegitimate in both the La Posada District Court and at the Maurotopia Regional Court, however. Companies have tried to get the government to toughen up on the extremely loose copyright rules before, which have more or less been this way since the 1930s, but have failed. As such, blatant intellectual property theft, to the benefit of the Mauridivian consumer, has been rampant for the better part of a century. Through this Supreme Court case the bigger corporations of Mauridiviah hope to finally force the government to tighten copyright laws. Government analysts such as Vicente Muros say this is unlikely, despite the corporate media campaign around the issue. "The court has been hearing similar court cases, even with similar amounts of publicity, since at least Soledad v. L'Compañia D'Fruta Unida in 1943. Although the law is ambigous enough that it could be interpreted in a different way, with the current court that's unlikely to happen." Muros said. Several Supreme Court Justices, including the Speaker of the Court Mario Corona, agree with Muros' analysis. "This court was elected by the Senate, the People, and the Men of Law of this nation nearly ten years ago to represent their growing needs and interests. We still believe that this interpretation of the law is the best for the people of Mauridiviah". Protesters outside a side entrance of the Supreme Court during the Crisis of 1988. Photograph by Manuel Arrias.
  3. Mauridiviah

    Sunset Ad Agency

    Could Mauridiviah sieze some of these means of ad production? Just would appreciate if we had a poster in the rotation or two. Thanks. Umm, @Sunset Sea Islands
  4. Mauridiviah


    I'm on the map now! So I would like to suggest, as the only current member of my timezone, Mauridivian Central Time. That's because the timezone runs through the center of both Aurelia and Alharu as well as a part of Argis and I'm selfish :P. Thanks for considering my suggestion!
  5. Mauridiviah

    The Feudal Times

    The War on Cigarettes Yesterday the Unidad Contra Cigarro, abbreviated as UCC (English: Anti-Smoking Unit, ASU) seized several tons of illegal cigars and cigarettes at the port of Concepcion as they were being smuggled into the country by suspected Cashari traffickers. This event has once again lit the fires of the cigar debate in Mauridiviah. Ever since the Third Republican Congress, led by the now defunct Movement for the 21st Century, passed the controversial Public Health and Wellness Act, smoking of any kind has been banned in Mauridiviah. This act also banned the production, sale, import or export of all tobacco products. That act also banned all recreational drug use as part of the so-called Purity Movement that wanted Mauridiviah to enter the new century as a moral monolith. However, most of these restrictions have been removed since then and the act has been widely condemned by both the Mauridiviah Independence Party and the Bolivarian Party. Despite this, the ban on tobacco remains. That is not to say that the current government actively supports the ban. Both parties have spoken about removing the ban on tobacco, but this is a very low priority on the government's mind. However, this incident has rekindled the conversation, and might lead to the long-awaited death of the Public Health and Wellness Act, nicknamed by many Mauridivians the "Mother said No Act". It is also well known that despite the tobacco ban, many Mauridivians regularly use tobacco products. The Mauridiviah Public Health Institute estimates that as many as 11% of adults smoke either cigars or cigarettes. Smoking and all tobacco products have been banned since 1996 in Mauridiviah. Photograph by No-Smoking.org.
  6. Mauridiviah


    I thought they deserved some love :P. I ain't done reading them either. Happy you came back :D.
  7. Mauridiviah

    Anybody Wanna Go to Space? [OOC]

    I think the place to start is indeed that, but with one modification: we tape the GoPros to small replicas of the spaceshuttle which we tie into the weather balloons.
  8. Mauridiviah

    Anybody Wanna Go to Space? [OOC]

    My thread about future space travel has transformed into a thread about past space travel.....
  9. Mauridiviah

    Request: Mauridiviah

    @Orioni Thank you for replying and considering my request! :D. I was thinking of being placed somewhere inside the red circle, preferably in one of the flatter areas which I circled in yellow. Being placed too close to Cashar would cause parts of my history which rely on limited isolation to no longer be realistic, hope you find my suggestions acceptable :).
  10. Mauridiviah

    The Feudal Times

    Coast Guardsman Refuses to Save Member of Opposing Political Party from Drowning Young Coast Guardsman Pedro Piedras, a member of the Mauridiviah Independence Party, refused to save 21 year old Patriot Party member Marco Nessi as "he wasn't worth saving", sparking national outrage. It was a lovely Sunday aftertoon in the beach town of Costa Blanca just like any other, until a young man ventured to deep into the ocean and was pulled by the current splashing, at approximately 3:45 PM. The local Coast Guardsman on duty in that strip of the beach, Pedro Piedras, was informed by others seeing the spectacle that a man needed his aid. He took note and dived into the water to offer his services. While swimming towards the silently drowning man however, he noticed the back of his shirt from about 10 meters away: the rough outline of the Patriot Party logo. Piedras stopped in his tracks. Could he really save a "racist, supremacist, homophobic piece of s***"? No, he could not. Piedras dove deeper into the water, pretended to swim towards him whilst struggling against the current (which was an issue, so that helped his facade there) and waited for the youth to stop struggling. At this point, he arrived to render "aid", only to find a corpse. The incident was officially dubbed a regular death by drowning with no foul play, one of those moments when not even a Coast Guardsman can protect you from the treacherous ocean. However, the youth's family did not think so and pressed charges against the Coast Guard department of Costa Blanca. This lead to an investigation, and eventually the reveal of the lie. Pedro Piedras confessed to allowing Marco Nessi to die by drowning yesterday. "I couldn't save him. I couldn't do that to Mauridiviah. People like him, they're the reason why the country is so f***ed up. He had to die. Call it fate if you believe in that sort of thing, but I think that the universe was just restoring the balance. He simply wasn't worth saving," Piedras said in an interview after his confession on Monday. The Republic, now taking over for the prosecution, (as this is no longer a Civil case, but a Criminal case) has charged Piedras with gross negligence whilst on duty and first degree manslaughter. This story has sparked widespread outrage at the increasing politicization of Mauridivian society, prompting backlash from all over the spectrum. "This is absolutely disgusting. Peope like this should've never been allowed to join the Coast Guard," Monarchist radio host Augusto Moreno said whilst speaking with a caller about this piece of news. "This really just shows that Mauridiviah's political landscape is becoming a toxic mess," his anonymous caller added. This is becoming an increasingly popular view among Mauridivians. According to a recent survey conducted by Respublica, 72% of Mauridivians believe daily life has become "dangerously politicized". Bizzarely, there has been support voiced for Piedras' side, especially on the internet. "This is exactly what people like the Coast Guard and the police should be doing," anonymous internet blogger from the known leftist blogsite 'Pink Revolution' explained, "they are protecting Mauridiviah from fascists and other autocrats and bigots. They simply don't belong here, and as long as they remain here, we the people have the right to strike back through any means necessary," Ramon Romano, leader of the Mauridiviah Independence Party, has widely condemned this as a "blantantly immoral act". President Diego Polo has personally dishonorably discharged Piedras from the Mauridivian Coast Guard. Pedro Piedras consulting with his lawyer before his confession. Photograph by Alberto Grillo.
  11. Mauridiviah

    Mauridiviah National Factbook

    Culture Add-On: Stances On Abortion: Abortion is cheaply and widely avaliable. It is not normally frowned upon, however it is also seen as a last resort after much consideration. Having an abortion after 23 weeks is not legal. Aboritons are provided through state-owned companies. Racism: No one in Mauridiviah sees color, nor cares. This means, in less american terms, that the race of someone is not a relevant factor in daily life. Drugs: They're legalized, taxed, and regulated. Most people see doing them as you would people smoking (thereabouts), however doing drugs in public is not allowed, only in private. Homosexuality: The gays are widely accepted. Other Religions: Most people are not religious, they focus more on living their lives rather than preparing to live an afterlife. Most other religions are tolerated unless they are intolerant, at which point they are ruthlessly attacked. An example of this is the Emperor's Light being the butt of many jokes. Animal testing: We have it. We don't like it, but it's the only way we'll get anywhere. Human Rights: Inalienable rights are enshrined in the constitution and society. Genetic Research: Allowed with some common sense regulation. Euthanasia: Allowed and government-funded, it's seen as a last resort and requires the approval of at least 2 doctors and 1 psychologist.
  12. Mauridiviah


    Yes, 2018, with mostly real-time progression. Some roleplays seem to mess with a time a bit for the purposes of storywriting, but that's about it.
  13. Mauridiviah

    Anybody Wanna Go to Space? [OOC]

    Mauridiviah might be willing to work with you if we can keep from crossing each other or talking about politics.
  14. Thank you, and here are the characters that represent my main political leaders: Nicolas Manetas - Henry Rangel Silva Enrico Mancha - Omar Abdullah Ramon Romano - Riccardo Fraccaro Diego Polo - Roberto Fico Luciano Hernandez - Antonio Marzano Simon Buenavides - Pedro Sánchez
  15. Mauridiviah

    [OOC] Illegal Occupation by Derthalen

    Which is why I won't be climbing down, just keeping things the same.