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  1. Limonaia

    Happy Birthday To You!

    Thanks a lot @Orioni and @Tagmatium Rules! It's 19, not 18 though
  2. Limonaia

    Mr Simizi Goes Travelling

    Limonaian Airlines probably fly to Harel (If Alayon isn't the main airport) and Baghdad
  3. Limonaia

    Limonaian Diplomatic Communications

    From: Her Royal Highness Grand Duchess Margherita Desiderata I di Cabrena of Limonaia To: King Aidan Redmond of the Kingdom of Seylos First of all I'd like to apologize for the late reply to your message. I on behalf of all of Limonaia thank you and your Kingdom for providing this information with us, I've been discussing possible options with the cabinet and our General staff regarding the possibility of ending the threat that Derthalen poses by military intervention. While I may stretch that request for assistance a bit too far by asking for something this direct, if it would interest you I would like for our nations to cooperate in this action, as I am sure that we share an interest in this. While I can't say too much yet the assistance of the Seylosian navy and Air force would be extremely useful to any effort against Derthalen, and if we could be allowed to stage our troops on Seylos that would be greatly appreciated. I could go on about how we could cooperate, although I'd recommend that we should talk in person over the options we have, and if you're willing to do this in the first place. God bless! Edit: Just to avoid confusion this message is not public, and solely for King Aidan.
  4. Limonaia

    Mr Simizi Goes Travelling

    VISA APPLICATION FORM Requirement: Yes Max. duration: 90 days Health requirements: N/A TOURISM GUIDE Top cities: Limone, Citulo, Tirli, Arnella Sights worth seeing: Celino mountain range, lake Pozzillio, Old Limone, Ducal Palace, Careini Castle, Anacone coast. The Island of Anaca. Cultural events taking place: National Day October 2nd. Getting around: Serviced by most major airlines, and features high speed rail connections between Limone, Celano and Sermerio, with normal railways servicing the majority of other sites in the country, trams and metros exist in the larger cities (Limone, Celano, Sermerio), and road quality is generally good in the eastern parts of the country (Smaller and less maintained roads are common in Celino and parts of Colline as difficult terrain make road construction hard here.) Ferries also connect major coastal cities and Anaca Local cuisine: Largely varied with ingredients from all over the world being included in Limonaian cuisine, so you can mostly get whatever you want, although Limonaian traditional food is highly recommended, as well as the wine. Limonaia features a range of sleeping options at most price points, with small family run hotels in small villages, to hotel resorts with all inclusive deals and whatnot, Sermerio is however a bit notorious for being a very noisy city, which could be a slight annoyance at night Map by Seylos showing the regions and smaller cities of Limonaia (Anaca on the side is scaled up)
  5. Limonaia

    Gallambria's Expansion Plans Round 2

    Well IC. this would be a big issue, and if it is to happen, could it please be more to the east? just slightly? Somewhere past that "border"?
  6. Limonaia

    *GAME* Word association!

  7. Limonaia

    *GAME* Word association!

  8. Limonaia

    Request: Tikva

    I'll just say that if Tikva ends up being near me, I'm perfectly fine with it. I'd enjoy talking some about the future and whatnot if that's the case though, perhaps on discord?
  9. Limonaia

    Sunset Ad Agency

    Thatnks a lot, that looks pretty darn great!
  10. Limonaia

    Olympic Games

    I think I'd be up for nominating Citulo for the next winter Olympics then.
  11. Limonaia

    Sunset Ad Agency

    Might I jump on the bandwagon?
  12. Limonaia

    Hello world.

    Welcome! Am I sensing another Italian nation?
  13. Limonaia

    [OOC] Reap the Whirlwind

    I believe that we either need to cut down on nations, or find someone to support Derthalen. An uneven fight would be kind of lame for Derth
  14. Limonaia

    Council of Deopolis

    I believe it would be strange if I didn't send one as well.
  15. Limonaia

    2018 ANAFA League Cup

    Draw between Limonaia and @Iverica Limonaia remains at a mediocre position following the third match in the ANAFA 2018 League Cup. The previous match against Iverica was by most considered an improvement following the defeat against Prymont last week, with Limonaia currently placing 4th in the league. Yesterday's match was a hard fought match for both sides. In the fist half of the match, the Limonaian defense failed to hold up, allowing for many Iverican shots, and a goal to Iverica at 21 minutes. In the latter half of the game, Limonaia's defense improved, and Milani equalized the score at the beginning of the second period. The remainder of the match has been described by our "experts" as extremely boring with both sides failing to get ahead. "Iverica is perceived as one of the best teams in the league, and we're at least happy to have matched them today. While the match with Prymont was an embarrassment, I am certain that with some hard work we'll recover and beat Aluxia in the next match" said Markus Bekkers when asked about the upcoming match. Starting Lineup for the next match: