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  1. This is why I'd prefer if we just retcon to a point where we can all agree. I've already said that I'd prefer no part in this from now on and would rather just have the ship be from another nation if possible...
  2. As the great man above says... I'm in.
  3. I've been wanting to flesh out my religion for a while and think I might do so in a bit. I'd have to get together with Faramount and possibly others to find something we can agree upon.
  4. I do listen to a lot of different music, but in the past year "Inno del Finanziere" has been the most frequent one.
  5. The Grand Duchess entered the chamber, which quickly quieted down to only a couple of whispers from the back benches. The Assembly's chamber had been reconfigured for her arrival, and a small, elaborate silver throne had been put in place of the regular podium. She slowly made her way to the throne as the royal fanfare played. As she reached the throne, a guard hander her the papers containing her speech. The chamber was dead silent now, and she could hear her own heartbeat, as she begun her speech: Honoured Assembly, it pains me to have to do this, the day that we've all feared would come is here. While we've had our fair relations with the Holy Empire of Derthalen for many millenia, the ruthless and backwards way of this nation has finally exposed itself as a threat even to our own citizens, and this is something that I as a monarch cannot tolerate. In the past months I have discussed our course of action with our general staff and Prime Minister Saleri. Last week we dispached a large portion of our military to Seylos, with some still being en route as we speak. I see it as my duty to all of humanity that we resolve this threat and establish a safe Dolch sea. I will therefore inform you all that following this very hour, a state of war hereby exists between the Holy Empire of Derthalen, and the Grand Duchy of Limonaia. I have every reason to believe that our military will carry out this divine duty, and be victorious, especially with the support of the many countries that wish to see stability in the area. I will personally take part in this campaign, but will respect the decitions of this house for the duration of the war. Nobiscum Deus! The Assembly repeated the motto of Limonaia, and a mixture of cheering from and silence followed as the Grand Duchess sat down on her throne and the assembly continued what the parliamentary session.
  6. Happy Birthday! Sorry for being late...
  7. Welcome! Feel free to join our discord, highly recommended if you want to chat or have questions.
  8. I think it's an interesting idea, idk how willing I am to have Pietro be killed, but he can certainly be wounded as they try Having a proper antagonist will certainly help with adding some action to the whole ordeal.
  9. Rovetti walked up to the front desk and stared at the secretary "The Alenian dialect is a bit odd" he thought to himself as he scratched the stubbles on his chin. "Name's Pietro Rovetti, I'm here for the meeting with the Director and Arlotta." he said as he looked at the gorgeous room he had just entered. "Rovetti? Was it, I'm not seeing your name here." She said and looked at the man, he wasn't exactly that impressive, fatty hair, stubbles and a loose beige coat with a dirty shirt under it. Rovetti wasn't in the mood for this, his head was pounding "Blasted alcohol" he thought to himself. "Let me talk to Arlotta, Miss. I'm sure this is just a misunderstanding, I represent Limonaia so just take me to him and I'm sure this will be just fine"
  10. From: Her Royal Highness Grand Duchess Margherita Desiderata I di Cabrena of Limonaia To: Foorste Fraue Dina Diva of @Variota With tensions in the Dolch sea increasing, we wish to request formal permission from Variota to send our Warships through the Keelpijp, as it is an essential passage for us if a war or conflict erupts in the area. I hope that you understand that Limonaia has no hostile intent against Variota, and would infact enjoy closer ties if possible. I see no reason for us to be enemies, as I believe we both have common concerns regarding the rogue state of Derthalen. God Bless,
  11. To: Secretary General of the Federation of Ahrana, Sigrid A. A. V. Florence-Goring From: Grand Duchess Margherita Desiderata I of Limonaia It pleases me to hear from your esteemed nation again, we're glad to see that Ahrana has become a stable state following the fall of the Ivanoff government, and are certainly open to reopen diplomatic ties now. I'd like to invite you to Limone, as I'd like to see relations between us flourish, I think we both have a lot to gain from this. God Bless,
  12. Stumbling out of the plane from Selbourne to Sarbo was Pietro Rovetti, the most famed modern Limonaian archeologist. He wasn't exactly pleased with today, angry, embarrassed, straight up mad? Up until now he had been enjoying some off time in Selbourne, with a lot of alcohol, and few worries, but the urgent letter which apparently had been delayed due to some complications with the letter going to his office in Limonaia and no one informing him about it until now lead to a hasty booking of the first flight he could find to Sarbo. These findings weren't exactly something to ignore, so he appreciated the opportunity of working on this. He had no time to go to a hotel, Pietro hired a taxi and went straight to the Alenian Museum of Natural History, while pondering on what he's about to work on. As he approached the museum he commented: "Beautiful architecture", before entering the building.
  13. Well similarly to Soreana I'd be interested in looking into the Limonaian mafia
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