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  1. Limonaia

    A different type of monarchy

    The motorcade made its way towards the Ducal Palace with great speed. Passing through the many modern looking building in the southern parts of Limone, the city had been radically different when she was younger, and a lot safer. After a while the they reached the cramped roads of the old town, where the Ducal Palace is located. A lot of people had already gathered outside of the temporary barricades set up to separate the crowd from her podium located directly in front of the main entrance. Her advisors had advised against her standing on the ground, heck they had advised against the entire speech, but she had rejected both suggestions. If she were to have the support of the people, she needed to be close to them, it certainly is risky, as the opinion of her predecessors aren't exactly favourable. As the motorcade stopped in front of the Palace, she grasped the full size of the crowd, filling the entire square in front of the palace, as well as the closest streets. Many citizens were holding posters and banners, most quite unflattering. When she stepped out of the car the crowd started to quiet down, reaching a nearly eerie silence by the time she was up on the podium. Normally the anthem and royal anthem would've been played by now, but she had opted out of such formalities this time. "It is with both sadness and hope that I speak to you today. My father, the Grand Duke was, as you all know not a perfect man, and I know for sure that many of you disliked him. I too have had a fair bit of conflicting opinions with my father, but his passing still fills me heart with sadness. However, this chance that his passing has given us, is perhaps the last one this family has of doing the people of Limonaia any good. I know for a fact that my family has been terrible to the people before, and my father's reign just exemplifies this all the more, I have therefore come to the conclusion that Limonaia must return fully to how it was before the foul takeover by General Luca di Ortello. I will therefore be renouncing all powers held by this crown I now bear with the exception of emergency powers during wartime by December this year." She took a short break by drinking a sip of water. "There is also another thing that will happen between here and then. To right the wrongs of my father this January, I call for a snap election to be set September 15th, whose victors will carry on the full term of the current government." As she walked down from the podium the crowd finally realizing that that was all erupted into a huge mess of noises. Some were probably happy, some confused, and some even angry. Nothing unexpected.
  2. Limonaia

    Project Watershed

    Hans van Lahlem was happy to finally be on solid ground again. Planes while fun in theory, was not his strong suit, but he had endured for the sake of the task ahead. His appointment as head of the military research department had been controversial, especially because of his status as a former MP for the Reds, but his recent work within the department has solidified his position for now. Controversial as always he was dressed in his favorite pink and black checkered suit, although under current circumstances he rather regretted his choice of clothes. The remaining scientists were dressed more "appropriately" and it was particularly awkward when he saw the Fulgistani scientists. He walked up to Galbei and Nadal as confidently as he could. "I thank you on behalf of Limonaia for the opportunity to partake in this historic collaboration between our three nations."
  3. Limonaia

    [IDEA] Mid-Late 20th Century RPs

    Hmmm. That would also allow me to RP as the Republic of Limonaia, which could be fun.
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    Hello and welcome to the region! If you are interested, you can also join our discord.
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    The Geography Game

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    Benvenuto! Looking forward to finding out more about your nation!
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    The Geography Game

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    The Geography Game

  9. Limonaia

    A different type of monarchy

    (OOC: This was written on mobile, so typos and editing is kinda meh... And it's hard for me to judge how long this is...) The royal yacht, Il Duce was about to arrive in Limone. The Grand Duchess could see the distant highrises in the sprawling new southern part of the city. It had grown a lot since she was young, which isn't always a good thing seeing how the sprawling cities were crime ridden and rotten. She had more pressing conserns however, as her most recent trip to Anaca had been cut short following the news of her father's death. "Not a moment too soon" she thought to herself. While she respected her father, she couldn't deny that he had nearly brought an already fragile country to the breaking point. Now, as the de facto head of state she had a lot of work ahead of her... Meanwhile the Ducal motorcade had formed up on a nearby dock as the yacht was being moored. The water was nearly transparrent on this very hot day. She was sheduled to speak infont of the Ducal palace in a mere half hour, so there was no time to waste. As soon as the ship was secured she quickly departed the ship and entered the black custom made Flac Menzane with the royal standard flickering on the hood. The motorcade set course for the Ducal Palace immediately.
  10. Full Name of Country/Region: Il Granducato di Limonaia (The Grand Duchy of Limonaia) Representative Signing (and date): Pietro Baldovini, Ambasciatore a Fleur de Lys - 2018/08/03 Ratification by (and date): Parlamento Limona - 2018/08/01 Continent: Alharu First Language(s): Limonaian/Cristinese ((Italian)) Second Language: Variot ((Dutch)) Additional Languages: -
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    The Geography Game

    Rømø Edit: I feel like this was a bit evil now that I think about it...
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    AGL: Agenzia Giornalistica Limonaia

    Tonight Grand Duke Vittorio Emanuele VI of Limonaia passed away in the Ducal Palace. The Duke's health has in the past year been under constant debate, and we now have reports confirming that his cause of death was lung cancer, caused by his smoking habits. A period of National Mourning has been declared by the government lasting thirty days, by the end of which the coronation of Hereditary Grand Duchess Margherita Desiderata is to take place. Not all are sad to see the Duke's passing though. In several major Limonaian cities, celebrations and even riots have taken place early this morning with the local police attempting to control the situation. Prime Minister Antonio Guiverdi comments: "This blatant display of disrespect for the monarchy and the Grand Duke is truly a sad sight to see. No matter your opinions on him, he is dead now, please do your best to respect who he was, and make place for his replacement"
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    The Geography Game

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    The Geography Game

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    Hello and welcome to the region!