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  1. Poland-Lithuania

    Expansion: Prymont

    I don't really mind this expansion, as you, and your land expansion wishes, are much further north then anywhere in my interests.
  2. Poland-Lithuania

    An Argic Meeting

    "Well, the ore-related percentages can always be negotiated with my government. You must understand that I, even as the King of the Commonwealth, can only do so much when it comes to domestic issues, such as mining, for example. If it sounds good to you, I could try to get your more favorable revenue percentages to pass in the various councils of my government, but I can't make any promises." Eugastin quickly cleared his throat before continuing. "As for the cost of the land, well, if I, uh, convince, some of the Commonwealth's companies, I'll likely be able to get the actual cost of the land down to the requested 1-Billion-or-so ruble amount. Of course, that won't include food and housing and whatnot, but bread, as you may know, is cheap in the Commonwealth, and the cost of basic housing isn't that unreasonable, either." ... "Anyway, is there anything else you wish to talk about, or do you want to wrap up these talks?"
  3. Poland-Lithuania

    An Argic Meeting

    "For your knowledge, the lowest I'll likely be able to set the tax rate, without peeving off governmental staff, would be somewhere around 63% of the normal amount. That's a 37% deduction. Any lower, and the heads of the governmental departments would likely begin to see opening a Prymontian factory as not beneficial enough to the Commonwealth to bother with. I hope you understand." Eugastin took a sip of water before continuing. "Well, as for the minerals, if I do get the deal with Eurofuhrer finalized, my government will likely be wanting, oh, somewhere in the realm of 2 to 3 billion Polish Rubles up front for the company to use the land, and at least a 15-25 percent share of any gold, silver, platinum, copper, iron, nickel, or cobalt mined. As for rarer materials such as the much-coveted uranium, If I had to guess, the Chancellor, at least, would like the Commonwealth to at least have a 10-15 percent share. If those numbers don't sound good to you, tell me, and I'll see if I can get some sort of a deal with my government sorted out in the coming days."
  4. Poland-Lithuania

    An Argic Meeting

    "Well, I don't have a lot of money that I could give to Altvarna directly, as you may know, but I could see if it's possible to lower the taxes that they would, uh, experience in the Commonwealth by, oh, 20 to 25 percent or so. Additionally, the cost for construction can be reduced from what would have otherwise been a "normal" amount if they were to hire one of the Commonwealth's government-owned companies to build their factories and admin buildings and whatnot." The King paused for a moment, thinking of how to best handle the Eurofurhrerian issue. "As for the issue with Eurofuhrer, I'll see if I can contact their head of government to try and solve the issue about the mining. Otherwise, if you do send Prymontian surveyors, a few Commonwealth officials will gladly be able to transport them to the possible mining region. Just wait until I get the Eurofuhrer stuff sorted out first before sending them over." Eugastin took a short pause before continuing. "Anyway, is there anything else that you would like to talk about?"
  5. Poland-Lithuania

    An Argic Meeting

    Eugastin was fully content with what Duval had responded with, for once. "Yes. I do realize that most citizens of the Commonwealth wouldn't be able to afford many of the products of your country's more, uh, luxurious companies. However, the Prymontian Esé and Altvarna brands do seem, well, good enough, I suppose, for civilian use in the Commonwealth if you either allow a factory belonging to either of those brands to be built in a Commonwealth city such as Krakow or cheap importing of products made by those brands into the Commonwealth. They just need to follow the pay rules and whatnot of my country if you do allow either of them to build a factory or import products." The King took a short pause and opened up a small map before continuing. https://imgur.com/a/29mIC8u "Well, as for the mineral mining, from what we have been able to survey, there seems to be a decently-sized deposit of various rare-earth minerals in the area of this map covered in pink. The most ecologically diverse regions in the Commonwealth are all north of here, so it would be the perfect place for a company of yours to mine in, as long as, again, you don't make any Eurofurherian environmental officials on the other side of the border mad. And for your fish, well, eh, I don't exactly have a whole lot of extra money to spare on offering competitive prices on your seafood harvests. Sorry."
  6. Poland-Lithuania

    The Chariot of Civility.

    Eugastin tapped his foot on the palace floor, thinking... "Sir?" Eugastin turned around to look at one of the Chancellor's aides. Just like usual, this one looked like he had just about half-worked himself to death. The King thought to himself. You know, I should talk to Korinsti about the treatment his officials are getting... "Sir!" "Yes? What is it this time?" "Uh, the Chancellor wishes to speak to you. It's about the situation down south in Serbia. As you may know, the, uh, Emperor, of Adaptus-" Cutting the aide off midsentence, the King then replied back. "Adaptus? Their country is half a world away! What do they think they're going to do to Serbia?" "If I remember right, the Chancellor was saying something about how we could use the Occupied Region in our East to host their troops for a -" "Invasion?" "-well, yeah, the Chancellor said something more along the lines of "Intervention", but, uh..." "I see no problem with that." "Well, what about the former leaders of the occupied region? Would they be okay with it?" "Hmm..." On one hand, he hadn't ever gotten around to hosting and meeting with the former "barbarian" leaders of the East, but on the other, he couldn't let this opportunity be wasted. The Commonwealth really did need to regain it's worldwide influence, no matter what it took... "Well, there is a small, relatively uninhabited strip of land that could theoretically be used to transport troops and whatnot through..." "You mean the place that you ordered be, in your words, "bombed to oblivion", in the invasion of the East?" Eugastin gave the aide a stare before continuing. "Anyway, just tell the Chancellor that I support his idea. I'll go talk to him after messaging the leader of Adaptus." "Sure thing.." "And get some sleep while you're at it." The aide nodded acknowledgingly before walking off. Eugastin then walked to his office, turned on his computer, and began typing a message directly to the Emperor of Adaptus. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Greetings, Your Majesty, Caesar of Adaptus, etc. As I understand, you, along with your allies, plan to intervene in the nation of Greater Serbia, which is located to Poland-Lithuania's southeast. Additionally, with my government's Eastern Occupied Region taken into account, the Commonwealth's borders stretch to Serbia's. Seeing as there is a relatively uninhabited region of land stretching through the Occupied Region from the Commonwealth's internationally recognized border to Serbia's internationally recognized border, in which troops and the like could pass through without disturbing the native population of the region, I, on behalf of my country, propose that- -Adaptus and her allies will be permitted to use this region as they wish to intervene in the nation of Greater Serbia. -Adaptus and her allies will pay the Commonwealth's government 1,700,000 Polish Rubles to cover any related costs to Poland-Lithuania. You, or one of your advisors, may reply back to me anytime in the next week. Thank you. Cosamar IV Eugastin, King of Poland and Lithuania
  7. Poland-Lithuania

    Request: Republika Mazovia

    I'm fine with Mazovia being in any of the locations.
  8. Poland-Lithuania

    An Argic Meeting

    "Well, Duval, I'll see what I can do about the East, and I understand where you are coming from with the travel ban. I can assure you that I will be taking steps to lessen the danger that the Commonwealth poses to tourists in the future." The King paused for a second. "Anyway, now, onto trade. I would be happy to let Prymont's Kaldestad Aamot Group open a factory in the Commonwealth, under strict pay rules, of course, and my country's stores could always use more diverse food options, such as the Canamo Salmon, but I'm afraid that I don't have too much to barter with." "Hmm..." "Would you appreciate some of the Commonwealth's extremely-unnaturally long-lasting civilian bread being shipped to Prymont? It doesn't taste the greatest, but it's healthy, or so I've been told, and it's perfect for use in food storage vaults. Besides, we really do make excessive amounts of it. Other than that, I could also let one of your Prymontian companies mine rare-earth minerals on the Commonwealth side of the Commonwealth-Eurofuhrer border, as long as they don't pollute the area too much. Wouldn't want the Eurofurherian border agents getting mad at us..." He then paused, waiting for a response.
  9. Poland-Lithuania

    An Argic Meeting

    In the hallway, Eugastin thought to himself about the current state of the meeting and what to do to try to turn it in his favour, or at the very least, make it equal between both parties. He knew that he was in no place to make one-sided demands, and that, even though he so desperately wanted a full annexation of the East, it would be impossible to pull off in the current political climate. Additionally, if he let it the region regain full independence, there was a high chance that the government's popularity with the public would drop. Drastically. All that he could do was to begin to plan a meeting with the former leaders of the occupied region to hopefully make a compromise. Otherwise, the Commonwealth needed more trade with other nations. The country had enough of the basic resources, such as wood and metal, to sustain itself, along with an excess of bread, but it could use more rarer natural resources, along with a better overall economy. Hopefully, he could make a beneficial deal with Duval over this matter. He then walked back to the main meeting area and told the official waiting there to bring George Duval and his advisor back to the room to continue the talks if they were ready to.
  10. Poland-Lithuania

    An Argic Meeting

    "I would like to keep the central government's control over the country secure, and I have been letting people protest more then they had been able to before, but, you know, I'll tell you what. After these meetings are fully over, I'll talk to the former leaders of the eastern region, along with the leaders of the largest anti-government groups, in an effort to make a compromise between them and the Commonwealth in the name of peace." Eugastin paused for a second before continuing. "As for now, well, we could all use a break, and I need to talk to the Chancellor. If you would like to chat amongst yourselves for the next 30 minutes or so, then a small room is open a little further down the hallway. Also, food, if you're hungry, is available in the palace's kitchen. Once the meeting resumes, I would like you, Duval, to talk about what you would like to see in an autonomous region, if the East gets turned into one, and for us to discuss the possibility of a trade deal between our countries." The King then stood up and walked out of the room.
  11. Poland-Lithuania

    An Argic Meeting

    The King tapped his foot, thinking again about how best to respond. "See, now there's my problem. If I were to fully withdraw from the occupied region, I would lose all remaining support I have amongst the armed populace that are part of the Commonwealth's army. If they're forced to withdraw from the East, then, more than likely, the protests will return, though this time, instead of being about the admittedly poor conditions that the army fights in, they'll be about how their actions in the region "were completely for naught", or something along those lines. They would also most likely be larger than before, with the families of those affected having more of a reason to also join in." The King tapped his foot some more, thinking of a way to solve the problem that would satiate both sides. "I have a possible solution. Would you be open to the area becoming a highly autonomous region under Commonwealth control instead of being either fully integrated or left alone? If I cut down on some of the planned infrastructure in the region for now and raise taxes slightly, I may be able to squeeze enough money from the government's overall budget to do it..."
  12. Poland-Lithuania

    An Argic Meeting

    The King thought for a moment, wanting to word his response correctly. "While the Chancellor and I may have been somewhat rash in ordering the invasion, you must understand how we were feeling at the time. Public support for the government at the time was at an all-time low. We couldn't risk having the raids continue to effect the Commonwealth, and so the attack, and subsequent annexation process, was ordered. In my opinion, If the Easterners wanted to find a diplomatic solution to their problems, they should've called one of the Commonwealth's diplomats over to talk something out. Instead, they chose violence for several days straight, and so we responded with the same." Eugastin then fully focused his attention on Duval. "Or do you have another way that the raids on Commonwealth soil could have been negated?"
  13. Poland-Lithuania

    An Argic Meeting

    After being asked the question by Duval, Kacper waited a few moments to think before responding. He needed to make these first impressions count. "From the information I've been able to come by, after the initial attacks on Commonwealth soil, public opinion of the current government quickly dropped. The government-owned newspapers would never publish that, at least not in full, but the invasion was seen by the government as a quick way to raise domestic support. Of course, it was somewhat nullified by the truth about the soldiers' fighting conditions coming out. Additionally, the "barbarians" weren't technically, well, barbarians. The three-or-so groups that the Commonwealth invaded were incredibly underdeveloped, sure, but the main reason that they had attacked the country in the first place is that they had needed money to buy food from the even-more-eastern city states and republics. As of now, we're pouring nearly every spare ruble we can find in the government's budget into developing the region by building bridges and highways and whatnot. Personally, I think the government should have simply given money to the eastern groups to stop the attacks instead of outright invading them, but I would most likely get demoted to a lesser governmental position or fired if I ever said that publicly." The car that they were in then took a corner and arrived in the central square of Krakow. Duval exited first, followed by Kacper, and the other vehicles were not far behind. The entire square had been almost entirely cleared out beforehand, save for a few civilian vehicles, and the white-and-red architecture of the square could clearly be seen. As they made their way forwards, they were stopped by a 21-gun-salute performed from the top of the palace, soon followed by a rendition of the Prymontian and Commonwealth national anthems. Afterwards, the group went inside and were directed to the main meeting hall where the King awaited. "Welcome. Please, make yourselves comfortable." The long oak table, along with the accompanying velvet-back rolling chairs, set the scene for the upcoming talks. "Now, Duval, what exactly do you have in mind for future Commonwealth-Prymontian relations?"
  14. Poland-Lithuania

    An Argic Meeting

    Kacper Jolvinus walked down the airport stairs with a small smile on his face. The Prymontian plane had just showed up, and Kacper had been ordered to take those onboard the craft to the royal palace, where the King waited. As he left the building and walked towards the plane, which, by now, had completely ground to a halt, he took out a small pen. Once the airstair of the Prymontian plane was fully deployed, Duval walked out and was soon met with several staff members of both the government and the airport, along with Kacper. Kacper then asked for transportation out of the airport, and a silver car was soon driven up. They would use this to travel to Krakow's central square, where they would then walk to the palace. Kacper bowed to the Prymontian president, then motioned him inside the car. He then gave the pen in his hand to Duval. "I was asked to give you this by the King. I presume he wanted you to have this as a token of gratitude for showing up. Actually, I don't suppose you know my name yet. I am Kacper Jolvinus, vice-attendant of the Commonwealth's King. As we are making our way to the capitol's center, the royal palace, feel free to ask any questions. This dull grey weather certainly makes using transportation in this country quite of a bore."
  15. Poland-Lithuania

    An Argic Meeting

    Eugastin walked down the old hallways of Krakow's royal palace, his silver-and-red outfit shaking just as much as he was. He needed to make the upcoming meeting count. The Commonwealth desperately needed allies, especially when it was surrounded by potentially hostile threats such as Ahrana and Greater Serbia. Even if it meant that he would have to engage in serious talks with the Prymontian government, the safety of the nation needed to be secured. And he would do all that he could to make sure that happened. The Commonwealth's leaders, including the King, had entirely underestimated the effects that annexing the region to the East would have on the country. For one, it was taking far more resources to integrate then what had originally been thought was necessary. The original owners of the region had been poorly maintaining their existing infrastructure, leading to the Commonwealth having to repair nearly everything from pipes to bridges. Additionally, there was little-to-no transportation between the many towns and cities in the region, meaning that it would take millions upon millions of rubles to properly connect them with core cities like Krakow. And the international blowback wasn't exactly helping things either. What he really needed right now was other countries, such as Prymont, recognizing the Commonwealth's acquisition to the East. That would surely boost the nation's international standing, or so Eugastin thought to himself... For now, though, preparations needed to be made. The Prymontian President was due to arrive in less than 24 hours, give or take a few, and a 21-gun salute was definitely in order.