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  1. "Why, Mom?" When i was still a little kid, my mom always hugged me when i went home after school. It was always such a lovely hug. She then whispered to me, while still hugging my little body, "My little Rami, study hard so that you may work with those suited men out in the big cities. Don't end up as a poor farmer, like your mom and dad did. Staying here will get you nowhere." That's the words she whispered to me during my time in school. I didn't really understand what she really meant then, but deep down, i kept her words inside my heart. After graduating from high school, i immediately went to look for college in Ratunara, the nearest city from our little village. I had understood her words, and so were others in my village who were looking for the same opportunity in Ratunara. That was when i heard that a group of boy were going to apply for military academy. I went with them, confident that i will be accepted. I was a prodigy in my class, thanks to my mom's harsh lesson during my time in school. At times i complained, but now it all paid off. I didn't told my mother that i applied to a military academy, wanting to give her a pleasant surprise when i got accepted. And surely, i was accepted to the Gen. Mutalita Military Academy, named after the famous general from Selayari Civil War, forty years ago. I ran to the house after i got the letter that brought the good news, screaming with joy inside the house. Mom will be proud of me, i thought. And so i went to tell her. Her expression was unreadable while i was telling her the good news. She immediately walked away to her room with somber expression. I was utterly confused. Wasn't she supposed to feel the joy that i was feeling? After all, i was going to fulfill her wishes by moving into the big city. Mom cried in her room that night. She didn't sleep at all that night, so did I. I never understand why. Thirty-seven years later, and now i'm standing in her room, unoccupied safe for her cat that somehow managed to sneak in. She just died peacefully, three days ago in this very room. The bed is still made, the furniture still looks as if mom just polished it this morning, and there it is, the picture of my graduation night on the nightstand. It is as if she only left for the market, and will come back with food to cook for, like she always do when i still lived here. I open her wardrobe, and as expected, i found piles of clothes. But on the bottom of the wardrobe, there are papers. Curious, I take one in my hand and read it, 'To Vaniyara,...' Vaniyara, dad's name. These are letters, addressed to my dad. This is such a surprising find. She never really willing to talk about dad, only that he was a good-hearted man when he was still alive. Something must happened to him, about his death, but i never found out. Mom is always full of mystery and surprise, i think to myself. The letter i just took is dated August 19th 1982. The date where i got accepted to the military academy. I open the letter immediately, curiosity taking the better of me. "I do not know what should i do, oh my husband. If you were still here, you will know what to do. You always do. You are the wise one. But then if you were still alive, there wouldn't be any complications tonight. I still remember as clear as the day when you said that we would never let our son to become a soldier. You know first hand how difficult a life as a soldier was, especially during the height of the war. After your death in the battlefield just days after our little Rami was born, i took the words to my heart. Now, tonight, he brought the news that he is going to the military academy. That damned academy that trained soldiers that killed you years ago. Deep down, i know that he is doing it for me. He is going to live in the city like we dreamed of, before your death. Before the war. But how can i let him turned himself, unknowingly, into a killing machine for the king that we fought against then? My heart breaks into pieces. I don't know what to do. Oh my husband, how i wish you were still here beside me." Another is dated a week later, August 26th 1982. "Our little Rami finally depart for the city. He doesn't understand why i didn't feel joy that he must've felt. Why i cried at night. I wish i could tell him, but i just couldn't bring myself. How could i share this suffering of mine with him? He is still such a sweet little kid. I let him go to the academy. I could stop him. I would do anything to fulfill your words that our son should never become a soldier. But what i couldn't do is breaking his heart. He is such a happy man, oh Vaniyara. I hope you forgive me, my husband..." Tears filled my eyes, so much that i can't read the rest of the letter. Not that i need to. Now i understand why mom was never happy with my military life. Why Mom always wept days after my birthday. It's the date when Dad died. She hid such a burden for years, trying to keep me happy with her best effort, despite the turmoil inside her heart. Part of me hate her for keeping this away from me. I deserve to know this, yet she never shared it with him. But the other part of me love her so much for what she had done to keep me happy, despite her shortcomings. I weep so hard like i never do in my whole life. The sound of a book falling down the wardrobe wake me up from my weeping. A non-descript notebook, with yellowing pages inside it. A letter is tucked inside the notebook. I take the letter, and read it. Tears almost wet the letter, if not for my quick reflex. "My little Rami, i would've never let you in to the life that I and your dad took in. But you must know, i kept this life of mine from you for your greater good. But if you read this letter, that means i've trusted you enough, or that i've met your dad in the afterlife. You must know, my boy, about the secret organisation that your dad died protecting for. It's what they call 'the Blood Crown' movement this day..."
  2. Ah, I'm currently still fleshing out the ideas behind it. Will make an OOC thread as soon as possible. Sorry for the delay!
  3. I've just edited the title accordingly. I'll need to RP on the islands for a while then. If that's so, what should I do with my current news that referenced to the location in the 'Reserved' area? Should I just retcon the story? Or edit it accordingly?
  4. Having heard the verdict from the Mods that this should be turned into an expansion RP, and subsequently, this 'new' territory will be marked Reserved until such RP is finished, I want to ask a question. Firstly, this 'starting over' is an ignorant move on my part, and I've been treating that this Reserved territory is the core of my nation instead of the islands. I'll rectify this mistake with the expansion RP, which will be set in the past, and involve a schism, not unlike that of Taiwan and China. Though it will end up in a unified nation. This, in my personal view, will reconcile the mistakes I've made so far, at least ICly. My question is, while waiting for the RP to be done, which would undoubtedly take a few months at the minimum, is it fine if I RP'd as if my capital and the bulk of the population is already located in Aurelia? To my knowledge, this will be marked Reserved and thus in the map, my nation's core territory would be in the little islands. I will respect the mod teams decision, whatever that will be
  5. Rule Number One "On your left, gentlemen, you can see Raraniranga Tower. Standing at 354 metres high, it is currently the highest skyscraper in Selayar. The building's name itself literally means the 'Tower of Heaven'. Don't you think it is quite a fitting name for the tallest building on Selayar?" The tourists crowd hummed in approval as Tarana finished his speech. One guy even went as far as writing his explanation words by words, while others are busy capturing selfies with the tower in the background. Nothing unusual, he thought. Not that he wished for unusual things to happen though. Last time it happened, a guy thought it was a good idea to pee on the floor of the Royal Ballroom. It was chaos thereafter, with the Royal Guard immediately tackling the guy to the floor and, well, he got detained for several days. Tourists were barred from visiting the Ballroom for several months following the accident. His fellow tour guides went into a full five-minutes of endless belly laughter after he managed to recount his story. In short, it wasn't a pleasant experience, though a funny one in retrospect. "Ma'am! It is really dangerous to take selfies in the middle of the road!" The sight of two middle-aged women standing in the middle of the road broke his train of thoughts as he ran to guide them back to the sidewalk. Rule number one of being a tour guide, never take your eyes off the tourists. They would do stupid things you never thought a normal functioning human would do. Sighing internally, he proceeded to continue the tour. "We will be heading to ʻAvuna ni Taha soon, or more popularly known as the Royal Garden. Any questions before we go?" A skinny girl with curly black hair raised her hand. "Yes?" "Uhm, I read that during the construction of the tower, there are hundreds of workers who lost their life due to non-standard safety equipment. Is it true that their souls still haunt the tower?" Rule number two, be prepared for any questions tourists might ask, as weird as the questions might be. Tarana almost laughed out loud. How on Eurth do people still believe in this stupid superstitious stuffs in this modern day? He didn't though because he just remembered the rule of respecting the tourists. It was rule number five or six, he couldn't really remember. "Well, I could certainly confirm that the deaths are caused by non-standard safety equipment. There was actually no 'standard' safety equipment back then, in legal terms. No laws regulate the standardisation of safety equipment were present, and it was only after those accidents that the lawmakers decide it was important to have one," he explained. "For the second part of your question, no, unfortunately, I can't answer that. Frankly, I don't believe in ghost and such." The girl's face turned visibly into a disappointment. "Though of course, there are stories here and there about the dead, so much that some people dubbed the tower as Rara ni ʻAnituen, or the Haunted Tower," he continued. As much as he hated these stuff, he needed to please his crowd. It would be funny for him to lose the job just because some irritated tourist reported his disrespect toward their 'belief'. He could see the glee on the girl's smile. "One of the most famous stories revolves around the 'Wahina Venata', literally means the Splattered Woman. You could go look at the story on the web, as this is really a gory one. We don't want some of your friends to lose their appetite right?" He could sense the growing uneasiness of the crowd as he was speaking about the Women. "That won't go well as we're going to have a lavish banquette on the ʻAvuna. Any questions? If there is none, we're going..." His words were cut short with a raised hand. "Yes?" "Are we going to walk to the Hefoona?" the guy asked, butchering the garden's name in the process. "My legs hurt after walking so far from the hotel. Can't we just take a taxi or something?" He sighed yet again and proceeded to call the office for a bus to pick them up.
  6. Once Upon A Time In Selayar... This will be the thread where I'm going to post random stories about the life of a common citizen just trying to live their life in Selayar. There might be stories about a guy who is trying to find his son in an amusement park, a kid trying to find his way to the Ferris wheel, a woman who is struggling with her seven kids, and such. You name it.
  7. MONDAY, April 29th 2019 'Puzzling', New archaeological throws doubt on the fate of previous inhabitants of Selayar Close-up of the newly-discovered Boreaurelian pottery with its distinctive pattern MATANGA, Terata –Archaeologist today announced a surprising discovery after a period of research and discussion that followed a National Archaeological Expedition on December 2017 to the famous Tanana Archeological Site, 143km southeast of Wanaperaʻa, the nation's capital. Tanana is the oldest dated site of human habitation in Selayar, spanning a time period from the Upper Pleistocene to the late second millenia BCE. Previous findings have yielded strong indications toward a wave of migration around 5000 years ago, that is widely believed to be the ancestors of all human in Selayar. This wave of migration is marked with its distinctive pottery pattern, which is unknown in the preceding time period, along with signs of domesticated cereals and animals remnants. This group of people, dubbed Boreaurelian (North Aurelian), however, is not the first human to inhabit Selayar. The fate of this palaeo-Selayari, the previous inhabitants of Selayar, remains elusive toward archaeologists for a long time. Most accepted theory pointed toward the complete replacement of palaeo-Selayari with the more advanced Boreaurelian people, though initial DNA projects contradict the current theory. Today's announcement throws further doubt to the current widely-accepted theory, with the findings of the Boreaurelian potteries along with human bones associated with a Palaeo-Selayari in an ancient grave. This is a surprising discovery since this is the first time bones associated with Palaeo-Selayari dated after 5000 years ago in Tanana, indicating its survival well beyond after the migration of Boreaurelian. Currently accepted dating of the bones is around 4000 years ago to 2000 years ago, though it might be challenged in the future. It is unknown the implications the discovery for the prehistory of Selayar, and it will certainly be a controversy among archaeologist for some time in the near future, as it is usual following a major archaeological discovery in the past. This will, however, marked a further advance of the archaeology field in Selayar, which has been lacking in the past.
  8. Oh, culturally it will still be your typical Southeast Asian culture plus some Chinese influences. The polynesian bit is just from linguistic perspective, since my conlang is partly based on Polynesian languages. Beside having Polynesian culture in a continent is a bit odd
  9. That could certainly be arranged
  10. Oh hey, i just saw this one. Is it too late for me to join the fun?
  11. First off, let me wish you a good luck, man! I want to thank you for being one of the most friendly people around here. If it wasn't for you approaching me and helping me setting my nation up here last year, i wouldn't be here. You're also one of the reason this community feels so fun (lol yeah), to the point that i returned back from my abrupt leave. Thanks a lot, my man. I know i might not be the right person to say this since i'm relatively new, but i will never forget you, as short as our interaction was, it was a meaningful one.
  12. As some of you might know, I have decided to start a clean slate because I find that the previous idea of Selayar is unworkable on my end. So i'm moving map spot to better fit my new idea for this country, and here's my new form: Nation in Europa: Selayar Flag: Capital name: Wanaperaʻa Capital location: In the gulf area (see the map of claim) Factbook link: https://iiwiki.us/wiki/Selayar Newsroom link: Culture: Insular Southeast Asia (Austronesia) without Indian influence along with pseudo-Polynesia linguistic influence and a mix of other Asian cultures. It will be a matrilineal rice-growing riverine culture in the lowland. It will also be multiethnics so there will be some variations present. I'm also planning to construct an entire language family that might be indigenous to the area around Manamana Bay. Climate: Tropical rainforest (Af) with pockets of tropical monsoon (Am) Location: Northeast Aurelia, near the Manamana Canal on the southern coast of Manamana Bay History: The Manamanan culture arose around the 3rd century BC, with the domestication of animals and cereals, most importantly rice (or a local variety thereof) around present-day Mananaman canal (parallel to Neolithic China). This later followed by other cultures that led to the creation of kingdoms (and most of the time queendoms due to the matrilineal culture) by 1st century BCE. The following period, around 6th century CE saw the breakup of the centralised state as it splintered into small queendoms or chiefdoms, and regression of culture and technology. Only in the 14th century CE did the First Reyan Empire united what is now the territory of modern Selayar. The Second Empire follows as it reached its territorial height in 17th or 18th century, shortly before meeting with the 'foreign' colonies in Shffahkia (?), and starts the 'Contact Period'. A now-famous explorer reached the depth of the Empire's territory and recorded stories that now is well-known (?). A vassal kingdom in the heartland of the Empire rebelled and won control of Selayar, and paved the way for the modern state of Selayar as it absorbs more and more foreign influences. A revolution at the end of 19th century saw the establishment of constitutional monarchy that lasted till this very day. With this request, i will also request the removal of my old spot in the islands east of Giokto. There might be a possibility of holding Taiwan-Chinese like RP there, but in the meantime, it'll be better for it to be removed before i can run such a roleplay. And thanks before! If i missed anything, please tell me and i will fix it as soon as possible.
  13. SATURDAY, April 13th 2019 Floods crippled major cities along ʻArasa riverbanks A widely-circulated picture of a man floating on a raft in downtown Terata (12/04) MATANGA, Terata –Thousands of kilometres square of land area were reportedly flooded last night (12/04), due to the sudden overflow of ʻArasa river. Two major cities along the riverbanks are also inundated along with hundreds of thousands of hectares of soon-to-be harvested rice fields. The kingdom of Reya, where most of the river flows, bore the brunt of the floods. Terata, the capital of Reya, are among the victims of the flash floods. Economy activities were halted, with most of the city transportation crippled due to the inundation of almost all neighbourhoods in the city. Vaʻana, a major city further upriver, fared much better due to its higher elevation. The floods took no one by surprise, yet some were still unprepared. Heavy downpour in Wusanga mountains throughout the week prompted the Federal Disaster Mitigation Agency (TVWA) to issue alert for people living along the riverbank of ʻArasa river, the longest and largest river in Selayar in terms of volume discharge. The river is also infamous for causing the deadliest natural disaster in the history of Selayar, the 1938 ʻArasa River Floods, which took almost two hundred thousand of lives and still floods occasionally during monsoon. People had been evacuating to higher grounds away from the river from Wednesday this week (10/04), though some had started returning by Friday. Prime Minister Huti Manaranga stated that relief is on the way, and had declared state of emergency in Reya. He also apologised for the government's inaction that led to the disaster. Previously, the nation had been flood-free for six years. Maps of areas affected by the floods Evacuation camps are being set up on the dry area around the inundated area, and police along with military have been deployed to help to evacuate citizens that are still stuck in the inundated area. This year's summer monsoon has seen an anomalously high downpour in the south and the west, and the Bureau of Climatology and Meteorology (RTM) had forewarned dangers of floods and landslides. Experts alike warned that this might not be the only flood disaster this year, as other rivers have seen a high amount of discharge lately.
  14. MATANGA is your trusted Anglish news source for various Selayari happenings Established in 1923, we're an independent news network, free of interferences from any parties, including the government We're here to bring you a bold and honest news contents
  15. Selayar


    12 June 2018 Ratnapura, West Selayar Expanding Selayari wings to other nations Hirmawan Jayanto, current President Director of Air Selayar Kabare - Nearing its 43rd holiday, Air Selayar will be planning to expand its routes to the international stage for the first time. This ambitious plan is personally requested by the King himself, saying that 'it's time for Selayar to expand its wing to other nations'. Air Selayar, in its almost half-a-century history, has never served international flight outside Selayar. Only recently did Selayar opened its border, mainly due to the end of the Civil War that was won victoriously by the People's Kingdom. The policy change also marked a new era for Selayar, dubbed the 'Victorious Era', where the previously isolated paradise nation will finally be opened to the whole world. Hirmawan Jayanto, President Director of Air Selayar, said that the company will realise this plan by 2020. He is confident of the company's ability as it is run by his fellow Selayari workers. The King's Council has pledged 20 million nanaka to realise this ambitious plan. Hirmawan also said that the neighbouring country, Mauridiviah, Little Flau, and especially Andalla will be the most likely destination for the international expansion of Air Selayar. For the King, for the country, for the people!
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