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  1. Howdy to ya too, hopefully you decide to set up near me on the map
  2. Will the Serb Guard teams see some action?
  3. where does Serbia fall into this GDP ranking
  4. Greater Serbia To: Aluxian Imperial Military, communique From: Commander Raznatovic, Serbian Militia-Paramilitary Forces, Serb Volunteer Guard "Arkan's Tigers" With regret we will downsize our original military plan, and instead plan for the special strike teams. These teams will be compiled of 10 Guards each. However, there will need to be 40 supporting personnel for two teams. The total garrison will be 60. The platoon requests to be stationed in the geographic center-point of Aluxia, for logistical reasons; to be able to respond to all special occurrences, such as VIP rescue should there be leftover cells behind enemy lines. The soldiers will require to be billeted in an office building, preferably an indistinct one. There will be an HQ and situation room constructed within the building. The garrison requests Aluxian security outside, preferably clandestine in form. Finally, weapons permits may need to be granted for the comprehensive armory of guns the SVG uses. One more point, price will be adjusted accordingly, considerably less because there will be only 60 soldiers. Regards, Commander Dragan Raznatovic, Serb Volunteer Guard, "Arkan's Tigers"
  5. Greenhouse Emissions Make a New Record in Greater Serbia; Conversion to Orimulsion Cited as Concern The ecological administration within the Serbian bureaucracy has cited concerns over record-number greenhouse gas emissions, the top culprits being power plant conversions to coal and orimulsion, a bitumen fuel derived from Serbia's leftovers of crude oil reserves. In the past week petroleum corporations Naftna Srbija and Energetike Srbije have successfully made the conversions on their crude oil plants to orimulsion or coal. The fuel has been used for a week so far, and it is showing signs of producing higher smog levels in Subotica, Novi Sad, Nis, and Kragujevac. The Serbian government has ordered NS and ES to cease orimulsion services in Beograd, citing concerns over the beauty of the capital city. Instead clean coal will be used in the absence of orimulsion. Zones will be designated in the future over where orimulsion and coal power plants can be built, so as not to hurt fragile nature conservation sites. The effects of this newly used fuel will be studied more, however foreign scientists that haven't been relocated to their home countries following the Serbian Blockade of 2018 will be excluded from these emissions studies. The Department of Ecological Safety made a statement to accusations of collaborating with Serbia's oil and energy companies: "We are committed to protecting the beautiful Serbian landscape, and there are indeed legitimate scientific studies over concerns of CO2 emissions in development." It is projected that the blockader nations will spin this story in a negative way, making claims over hurting the environment and sending pollution to @Sayf. Zvezda News will reply to the foreign news agencies should developments be made. For now, Serbia is completely energy independent, in regards to power plants and electricity. Glory to Serbia! Only Unity Saves the Serbs.
  6. Greater Serbia To: Aluxian Imperial Treasury, and or representative of finances for Aluxia From: Commander Raznatovic, Serbian Militia/Paramilitary Forces, Serb Volunteer Guard "Arkan's Tigers" To whom it may concern within the treasury and or the representative of finances for Aluxia, I, Commander Raznatovic of the Serb Volunteer Guard am willing to deploy the entire brigade - 5,800 troops in total, to serve in the war. This force is a notch above the typical Serbian National Army, and are equipped with the better equipment, armaments, munitions, and vehicles to serve in escalated combat zones. The average soldier in the SVG must complete physical fitness tests higher than that of the SNA, and pass more stringent medical exams. The typical Serb Guard also completes a lengthier training. The SVG are veterans of the internal civil unrest of the 90s, the street wars of the 00s, and finally the Radical Party takeover in 08'. Not all the soldiers are experienced in these past conflicts, however at least 40% of the veterans have stayed in the ranks. One other note - the Serb Volunteer Guard is registered under the National Militias and Paramilitaries Act, which makes us de jure independent of the Serbian military, though some armaments have been donated from the military branches. We are only under broad military guidance, although under some political control. As for operational orders, the SVG may, or will serve in direct combat, rescue VIPs, go on special operations, or go on security duty, should urban situations arise. Special divisions, unnamed at this time, include veterans of the Special Brigade in the SNA, former military police, medical personnel, mechanical/technical personnel, and logistical personnel. We will do what needs to be done. The SVG is fully bankrolled by the Serbian government; there is no need to give any sort of supply or support to any outfit of the SVG. The Serbian government has also authorized me to make this offer, there is no need to contact a higher authority within the command chain. Any and all finance transfers will go through the SVG to pay wages, living/equipment expenses, deployment bonuses, and the surpluses will be brought up to the Serbian government. Payment can be received in form of commodities (gold, silver, or oil.). Payments are preferred to be wired in standard units, however. (OOC : SU = USD) The payment, for the services will be charged by the month, at the price of 2,000 standard units per average soldier, 3,300 standard units per NCO, 4,000 standard units per officer, and 14,000 standard units per staff officer. There is one officer per 25 men, meaning there are 232 officers. This equals 928,000 SU, per month, just for the officers. There are 2 NCOs in each platoon, 464 in total, the price for them is 1,531,200 SU per month. The enlisted, numbering at 5,100, stands at a total price of 10,200,000. Finally, the top brass stand at 4, a total price of 56,000 SU. The final total, per month, would be 12,715,200 SU. An added clause in this agreement is that rebel-held areas may be looted, or plundered for personal wealth to the soldiers, when taken control by the SVG. Should this clause be removed, there could be consequences to morale. Internal discipline will be handled by a Serbian Army Military Police battalion, numbering at 520 personnel. Should you wish to not want these government soldiers to handle policing of the brigade, regimental provosts will be appointed. This is a business offer you should not pass up. We will work hard to claim back Aluxia's lands and make the rebels wish they never picked a fight. One more thing - Zvezda News management has been ordered by the Serbian government to put a complete media censor on any stories should they come up in the civil war, if the SVG is deployed. Regards, Commander Dragan Raznatovic, Serb Volunteer Guard, "Arkan's Tigers" Enclosed are photos taken during recent events within Serbian borders, in Kosovska-Mitrovica, myself participating in the operations:
  7. Breaking News - Chancellor Milosevic Plans Summit for Negociations, Neutral State is yet to be named His Greatness, Chancellor Milosevic, has left His resort in Vojvodina(OOC: the Mount Triglav Facility), to convene at once with His cabinet, in the Assembly, to make an outline for negotiations with the blockading nations. The cabinet collected in His Greatness' office tonight, and are already diligently working to make a legal agreement to end the economic blockade on Greater Serbia. It is noted that the Radical Party has also assembled to discuss the matter, and also are making proposals should His Greatness address the Assembly. "Options are on the table, I am open to talks, but I will not backpedal on the oath I took, to protect the Serbian people. Protecting our homeland, our fields of golden wheat and highrises of Beograd, is what I have pledged to do, and if any section of a proposal threatens to aggravate this pledge, I will get up from my chair and leave the summit.", His Greatness added in an exclusive interview with Zvezda News. The nation which will host the summit- is still unnamed. Readers of Zastava News cite @Sunset Sea Islands as their number one guess. Director of the Department of National Safety, Stambolic, has placed a curfew on the region of Kosovska-Mitrovica until further notice. This move aligns with concerns over security pending these news, though the reason has been classified. Further news on the summit will be published.
  8. Naftna Srbija, Energetike Srbije, Convert Oil-dependent Electricity Plants to Orimulsion Due to the increasingly depleting crude oil, diesel, and gasoline reserves, 2 large energy corporations in Greater Serbia have started a massive conversion to orimulsion. This decision comes in support of the action on ethanol, and will further make Serbia's reserves last much longer. At the end of the month, there will be a 100% diversion of crude oil use in the electric plants to use for solely fuel and lubricating oils. Remaining plants that require fuel will be supplied with coal, and converted accordingly. One of @Tagmatium Rules's top news agencies, Tagmatika Kidemonas, cited environmental concerns. These have merit, as orimulsion is a much dirtier fuel than crude oil or natural gas. There are possibilities that orimulsion has the potential to be less polluting than coal, though research trials have shown there is nearly the same amount of pollutants in the emissions from burn tests. There is a real potential for Greater Serbia to become an energy independent nation, though not a fuel independent one, for the first time ever in it's history. The chains of foreign crude oil can now be broken ever since Serbia's oil deposits dried up in the 1960's. For now, the ethanol, 25% as in the current plan, will make Serbia's fuel reserves go longer until a permanent solution can be reached, whether economically, industrially, or political. The energy economy's future in Serbia looks bright - a future without the blockading nations that tried to wring Serbia's neck. Other news: Naftna Srbija has introduced a fuel rewards card for it's most loyal consumers. It will be a 5-tier system based on how many gallons of fuel are pumped on average by the cardholder each week, and for the tier 1 cardholder, there are some big savings to be made at the pumps.
  9. Legislature Mandates an Ethanol and Natural Gas for Cars Initiative The Greater Serbian legislature has met today to discuss possible alternatives to pure gasoline, as the nation's poorer fuel economy per vehicle and large displacement cars have been siphoning the emergency reserves for quite some time. Ethanol has been listed as the number one stop-gap measure, with compressed natural gas coming in second. Electric cars were taken off the tally as there is a large lack of solar and renewable infrastructure to support a fully electric car conversion. Naftna Srbija, Serbia's largest energy corporation, were also present for the meeting, and the business leaders mostly agreed that at least an E25 mandate must happen, or else Serbia will face a fuel price hike, and the results of that must be avoided. The government will develop a plan by Friday to organize the big 3 Serbian energy companies, Naftna Srbija [Oil Serbia, also called NIS] and Energetike Srbije [Serbian Energy], and the smaller, but still among the largest, JugoPetrol [Yugo Petrol]. All 3 have their own ideas about how to implement E25 at the pumps, and Naftna Srbija will also offer CNG to consumers that want to make that more drastic change, too. Overall, consumers interviewed by Zvezda News have positive comments on hearing about the changes to come. The Uros Corporation, has focused more development on the next model year to be ready for the E25 fuel. The newly introduced Mamba sedan will be ready for this switch, too. All Serbian-made gasoline vehicles will be converted to ethanol via a dual government-Uros Motors fund for consumers to take their Uros cars to their local dealership for the correct modifications. The modifications expected will be a computer tune, oil change to synthetic, and spark plugs. Farmers have also responded positively, among the good attributes to the ethanol initiative would be converting surplus sorghum to ethanol, instead of letting it go bad or selling it for food at a loss.
  10. Uros Motors Debuts its New Sport Sedan, the 'Mamba' Uros Motors have recently aired advertisements with the Wheelhorse sedan, with a new sport model. Before, consumers only could buy the Touring trim, with a 4.6 litre, 4 valve, 320 horsepower engine. The new Mamba trim has a supercharged, 5.8 litre, 662 horsepower heart. Colors are only available in jet black, a few limited red, metallic blue, or white. New to the 21-year old generation of sedans, specifically for the new Mamba, is an aggressive bumper, and a low-profile spoiler. The suspension features thicker roll bars, vented brakes, and a full conversion of the rear live axle to coilovers. The frame for the body has also been seam welded, no longer allowing for easy body work if it's needed to be removed for repairs, though this modification will increase rigidity for the better. Uros Motors, on their website, lists the MSRP at $45,000. Meanwhile, the current MSRP of a base model Wheelhorse is $28,000. With the purchase of a new Mamba, comes a certificate, a leather jacket, and a sterling silver key ornament. Uros Motors stated in a press release that the Wheelhorse line of sedans will be halted in production after 3 model years of the Mamba trim have been produced. Production is estimated, by the end of its production, to be in the ballpark of 50,000. Sales have declined since 2011 to the point where the generation of these full-size sedans are no longer profitable enough to justify a completely new generation, and shrinking gasoline reserves in Greater Serbia cannot justify a sedan of this size and fuel economy at the pumps. Additionally, the Wheelhorse have had a marginal rating for the side-impact crash tests for a few years, because of updated crash requirements. The Wheelhorse still passes the front and rear collision tests, however. This new trim of the Wheelhorse makes a melancholy farewell to the stalwart, reliable, comfortable, and long-lived production of Greater Serbia's favorite family car, police car, and fleet vehicle.
  11. 0500 hours, Belgrade time, Mount Triglav facility undisclosed location The Chancellor has been staying at the Triglav facility since the threats of military action have been made against Greater Serbia. For the past weeks, while business has been carried on as usual, the Presidential Palace has been very empty without the presence of Milosevic and his immediate cabinet. Stambolic, the head of the Serbian G-men Department of National Safety, is present as usual, over-seeing the ethnic cleansing operations in the situation room. "Morning, Chancellor." said, in his tired voice, greeting Milosevic. "How are the operations, Stambolic? Don't give me any sugar coating." demanded Milosevic. "Everything is going as stable as can be, Bosnian population growth has been at a negative monthly rate of 3.8" Stambolic said, enthusiastically. "Well, hopefully there won't be any Bosnians once those dirty Westerners fall out of the skies." Milosevic said, cheeringly. "What is the foreign situation?" Milosevic inquired. "Well, intelligence services would infer that other nations want to intervene, militarily." Stambolic answered. "What are our options of recourse?" asked Milosevic. "We either lose popular support, and bend to the will of the westerners, or we stand and fight." suggested Stambolic. "What're our allies in this effort?" Milosevic wanted to know. "I can send a letter to our Derthaler partners, without them, I don't know what other nations that would come to our aid." stated Stambolic. "For now, I want to pre-mobilize the army, start notifying our paramilitaries and militias to get prepared." ordered Milosevic." "Yes, Chancellor." acknowledged Stambolic. 1800 hours, next day. The diesel engines that were inspected and serviced the day before, cranked to produce big plumes of smokes from their rusted pipes, getting warmed up to haul supplies across the nation, getting logistics in place for the full mobilization. The trucks loaded to the maximum with building supplies, and FOB parts. Sooner or later there will be major preparations for a defense against many nations trying to assert their liberal dominance on the defiant Serbs. Soon, there will be soldiers and military police on the streets and highways of the country, digging barriers and dropping sandbags, letting the people know the severity of the situation.
  12. 19:43, Serbia time, Mount Triglav facility A day had passed and so the Chancellor left Beograd for Mount Triglav facility, the secret and hidden headquarters of the Department of National Safety in the Region of Vojvodina. There, he went through the many secretive checkpoints not openly visible and too subtle for the untrained eye. Once in the tunnel leading to the massive blast doors and barricades staffed with numerous guards, the leader exited the car with his trusty sidearm on his belt, and the always-ready White Eagle bodyguards at his side. Once past the 10 security checks, from openly armed g-men in camos, to g-men in suits, Milosevic enters the massive, tall ceiling-ed room adorned with electronics, digital maps, and screens. He goes down the metal steps towards the table map, and shakes Stambolic's hand, and his chiefs of staffs' hands. "What's the national situation, Stambolic?" asked Milosevic "The people are assaulting and committing crimes against Bosnians in a widespread manner." stated Stambolic. "Foreign situation?" Milosevic asked begrudgingly inquired. "More nations have joined the sanctions, and now there's a naval blockade." "Naval blockade?" Milosevic asked, and then shortly after laughed. "Yes, but please don't laugh sir. They could conduct a marine invasion." Stambolic concernedly stated "So what should we do?" Milosevic asked, as he looks down at the ground. "Get our g-men in National Safety to start rubbing out Bosniaks, thin out the numbers. We could do a widescale operation with the army, but there's no doubt foreign intelligence and press would expose it if we did it quick and fast with the army. At least this way, we have our Department boys getting the work done faster, secret, and quicker anyway. We'll eliminate men, but not women and children." Stambolic idealistically said. "I assume with the usual method, the Special Conservation Zone?" said Milosevic. "Yes sir." agreed Stambolic. "I also implore you to call Jovic at Zvezda News and get them to put a spin on the sanctions, get them to blame our possible economic hardship on the foreigners." added Stambolic. "I'll get on the line." Milosevic finished.
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