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  1. Howdy to ya too, hopefully you decide to set up near me on the map
  2. Will the Serb Guard teams see some action?
  3. Greenhouse Emissions Make a New Record in Greater Serbia; Conversion to Orimulsion Cited as Concern The ecological administration within the Serbian bureaucracy has cited concerns over record-number greenhouse gas emissions, the top culprits being power plant conversions to coal and orimulsion, a bitumen fuel derived from Serbia's leftovers of crude oil reserves. In the past week petroleum corporations Naftna Srbija and Energetike Srbije have successfully made the conversions on their crude oil plants to orimulsion or coal. The fuel has been used for a week so far, and it is showing signs of producing higher smog levels in Subotica, Novi Sad, Nis, and Kragujevac. The Serbian government has ordered NS and ES to cease orimulsion services in Beograd, citing concerns over the beauty of the capital city. Instead clean coal will be used in the absence of orimulsion. Zones will be designated in the future over where orimulsion and coal power plants can be built, so as not to hurt fragile nature conservation sites. The effects of this newly used fuel will be studied more, however foreign scientists that haven't been relocated to their home countries following the Serbian Blockade of 2018 will be excluded from these emissions studies. The Department of Ecological Safety made a statement to accusations of collaborating with Serbia's oil and energy companies: "We are committed to protecting the beautiful Serbian landscape, and there are indeed legitimate scientific studies over concerns of CO2 emissions in development." It is projected that the blockader nations will spin this story in a negative way, making claims over hurting the environment and sending pollution to @Sayf. Zvezda News will reply to the foreign news agencies should developments be made. For now, Serbia is completely energy independent, in regards to power plants and electricity. Glory to Serbia! Only Unity Saves the Serbs.
  4. Breaking News - Chancellor Milosevic Plans Summit for Negociations, Neutral State is yet to be named His Greatness, Chancellor Milosevic, has left His resort in Vojvodina(OOC: the Mount Triglav Facility), to convene at once with His cabinet, in the Assembly, to make an outline for negotiations with the blockading nations. The cabinet collected in His Greatness' office tonight, and are already diligently working to make a legal agreement to end the economic blockade on Greater Serbia. It is noted that the Radical Party has also assembled to discuss the matter, and also are making proposals should His Greatness address the Assembly. "Options are on the table, I am open to talks, but I will not backpedal on the oath I took, to protect the Serbian people. Protecting our homeland, our fields of golden wheat and highrises of Beograd, is what I have pledged to do, and if any section of a proposal threatens to aggravate this pledge, I will get up from my chair and leave the summit.", His Greatness added in an exclusive interview with Zvezda News. The nation which will host the summit- is still unnamed. Readers of Zastava News cite @Sunset Sea Islands as their number one guess. Director of the Department of National Safety, Stambolic, has placed a curfew on the region of Kosovska-Mitrovica until further notice. This move aligns with concerns over security pending these news, though the reason has been classified. Further news on the summit will be published.
  5. Naftna Srbija, Energetike Srbije, Convert Oil-dependent Electricity Plants to Orimulsion Due to the increasingly depleting crude oil, diesel, and gasoline reserves, 2 large energy corporations in Greater Serbia have started a massive conversion to orimulsion. This decision comes in support of the action on ethanol, and will further make Serbia's reserves last much longer. At the end of the month, there will be a 100% diversion of crude oil use in the electric plants to use for solely fuel and lubricating oils. Remaining plants that require fuel will be supplied with coal, and converted accordingly. One of @Tagmatium Rules's top news agencies, Tagmatika Kidemonas, cited environmental concerns. These have merit, as orimulsion is a much dirtier fuel than crude oil or natural gas. There are possibilities that orimulsion has the potential to be less polluting than coal, though research trials have shown there is nearly the same amount of pollutants in the emissions from burn tests. There is a real potential for Greater Serbia to become an energy independent nation, though not a fuel independent one, for the first time ever in it's history. The chains of foreign crude oil can now be broken ever since Serbia's oil deposits dried up in the 1960's. For now, the ethanol, 25% as in the current plan, will make Serbia's fuel reserves go longer until a permanent solution can be reached, whether economically, industrially, or political. The energy economy's future in Serbia looks bright - a future without the blockading nations that tried to wring Serbia's neck. Other news: Naftna Srbija has introduced a fuel rewards card for it's most loyal consumers. It will be a 5-tier system based on how many gallons of fuel are pumped on average by the cardholder each week, and for the tier 1 cardholder, there are some big savings to be made at the pumps.
  6. Legislature Mandates an Ethanol and Natural Gas for Cars Initiative The Greater Serbian legislature has met today to discuss possible alternatives to pure gasoline, as the nation's poorer fuel economy per vehicle and large displacement cars have been siphoning the emergency reserves for quite some time. Ethanol has been listed as the number one stop-gap measure, with compressed natural gas coming in second. Electric cars were taken off the tally as there is a large lack of solar and renewable infrastructure to support a fully electric car conversion. Naftna Srbija, Serbia's largest energy corporation, were also present for the meeting, and the business leaders mostly agreed that at least an E25 mandate must happen, or else Serbia will face a fuel price hike, and the results of that must be avoided. The government will develop a plan by Friday to organize the big 3 Serbian energy companies, Naftna Srbija [Oil Serbia, also called NIS] and Energetike Srbije [Serbian Energy], and the smaller, but still among the largest, JugoPetrol [Yugo Petrol]. All 3 have their own ideas about how to implement E25 at the pumps, and Naftna Srbija will also offer CNG to consumers that want to make that more drastic change, too. Overall, consumers interviewed by Zvezda News have positive comments on hearing about the changes to come. The Uros Corporation, has focused more development on the next model year to be ready for the E25 fuel. The newly introduced Mamba sedan will be ready for this switch, too. All Serbian-made gasoline vehicles will be converted to ethanol via a dual government-Uros Motors fund for consumers to take their Uros cars to their local dealership for the correct modifications. The modifications expected will be a computer tune, oil change to synthetic, and spark plugs. Farmers have also responded positively, among the good attributes to the ethanol initiative would be converting surplus sorghum to ethanol, instead of letting it go bad or selling it for food at a loss.
  7. Uros Motors Debuts its New Sport Sedan, the 'Mamba' Uros Motors have recently aired advertisements with the Wheelhorse sedan, with a new sport model. Before, consumers only could buy the Touring trim, with a 4.6 litre, 4 valve, 320 horsepower engine. The new Mamba trim has a supercharged, 5.8 litre, 662 horsepower heart. Colors are only available in jet black, a few limited red, metallic blue, or white. New to the 21-year old generation of sedans, specifically for the new Mamba, is an aggressive bumper, and a low-profile spoiler. The suspension features thicker roll bars, vented brakes, and a full conversion of the rear live axle to coilovers. The frame for the body has also been seam welded, no longer allowing for easy body work if it's needed to be removed for repairs, though this modification will increase rigidity for the better. Uros Motors, on their website, lists the MSRP at $45,000. Meanwhile, the current MSRP of a base model Wheelhorse is $28,000. With the purchase of a new Mamba, comes a certificate, a leather jacket, and a sterling silver key ornament. Uros Motors stated in a press release that the Wheelhorse line of sedans will be halted in production after 3 model years of the Mamba trim have been produced. Production is estimated, by the end of its production, to be in the ballpark of 50,000. Sales have declined since 2011 to the point where the generation of these full-size sedans are no longer profitable enough to justify a completely new generation, and shrinking gasoline reserves in Greater Serbia cannot justify a sedan of this size and fuel economy at the pumps. Additionally, the Wheelhorse have had a marginal rating for the side-impact crash tests for a few years, because of updated crash requirements. The Wheelhorse still passes the front and rear collision tests, however. This new trim of the Wheelhorse makes a melancholy farewell to the stalwart, reliable, comfortable, and long-lived production of Greater Serbia's favorite family car, police car, and fleet vehicle.
  8. 0500 hours, Belgrade time, Mount Triglav facility undisclosed location The Chancellor has been staying at the Triglav facility since the threats of military action have been made against Greater Serbia. For the past weeks, while business has been carried on as usual, the Presidential Palace has been very empty without the presence of Milosevic and his immediate cabinet. Stambolic, the head of the Serbian G-men Department of National Safety, is present as usual, over-seeing the ethnic cleansing operations in the situation room. "Morning, Chancellor." said, in his tired voice, greeting Milosevic. "How are the operations, Stambolic? Don't give me any sugar coating." demanded Milosevic. "Everything is going as stable as can be, Bosnian population growth has been at a negative monthly rate of 3.8" Stambolic said, enthusiastically. "Well, hopefully there won't be any Bosnians once those dirty Westerners fall out of the skies." Milosevic said, cheeringly. "What is the foreign situation?" Milosevic inquired. "Well, intelligence services would infer that other nations want to intervene, militarily." Stambolic answered. "What are our options of recourse?" asked Milosevic. "We either lose popular support, and bend to the will of the westerners, or we stand and fight." suggested Stambolic. "What're our allies in this effort?" Milosevic wanted to know. "I can send a letter to our Derthaler partners, without them, I don't know what other nations that would come to our aid." stated Stambolic. "For now, I want to pre-mobilize the army, start notifying our paramilitaries and militias to get prepared." ordered Milosevic." "Yes, Chancellor." acknowledged Stambolic. 1800 hours, next day. The diesel engines that were inspected and serviced the day before, cranked to produce big plumes of smokes from their rusted pipes, getting warmed up to haul supplies across the nation, getting logistics in place for the full mobilization. The trucks loaded to the maximum with building supplies, and FOB parts. Sooner or later there will be major preparations for a defense against many nations trying to assert their liberal dominance on the defiant Serbs. Soon, there will be soldiers and military police on the streets and highways of the country, digging barriers and dropping sandbags, letting the people know the severity of the situation.
  9. 19:43, Serbia time, Mount Triglav facility A day had passed and so the Chancellor left Beograd for Mount Triglav facility, the secret and hidden headquarters of the Department of National Safety in the Region of Vojvodina. There, he went through the many secretive checkpoints not openly visible and too subtle for the untrained eye. Once in the tunnel leading to the massive blast doors and barricades staffed with numerous guards, the leader exited the car with his trusty sidearm on his belt, and the always-ready White Eagle bodyguards at his side. Once past the 10 security checks, from openly armed g-men in camos, to g-men in suits, Milosevic enters the massive, tall ceiling-ed room adorned with electronics, digital maps, and screens. He goes down the metal steps towards the table map, and shakes Stambolic's hand, and his chiefs of staffs' hands. "What's the national situation, Stambolic?" asked Milosevic "The people are assaulting and committing crimes against Bosnians in a widespread manner." stated Stambolic. "Foreign situation?" Milosevic asked begrudgingly inquired. "More nations have joined the sanctions, and now there's a naval blockade." "Naval blockade?" Milosevic asked, and then shortly after laughed. "Yes, but please don't laugh sir. They could conduct a marine invasion." Stambolic concernedly stated "So what should we do?" Milosevic asked, as he looks down at the ground. "Get our g-men in National Safety to start rubbing out Bosniaks, thin out the numbers. We could do a widescale operation with the army, but there's no doubt foreign intelligence and press would expose it if we did it quick and fast with the army. At least this way, we have our Department boys getting the work done faster, secret, and quicker anyway. We'll eliminate men, but not women and children." Stambolic idealistically said. "I assume with the usual method, the Special Conservation Zone?" said Milosevic. "Yes sir." agreed Stambolic. "I also implore you to call Jovic at Zvezda News and get them to put a spin on the sanctions, get them to blame our possible economic hardship on the foreigners." added Stambolic. "I'll get on the line." Milosevic finished.
  10. Hostage Crisis in Kosovoska-Mitrovica Resolved, 58 Terrorists dead, 3 Injured, 5 Alive, 2 Civilians Injured The recent hostage crisis in Kosovska-Mitrovica, specifically, in the grandiose Bosmal Towers, has been ironed out. The original estimates about the numbers of the group were somewhat true. At 7:45 today, negotiations broke down. The demands were not reasonable, and the negotiator was then taken hostage as well, forced to radio back to the field police HQ, about his capture. At 16:52, platoons of the Tigers militia dashed past the police barricades, to key points of the towers, out of view from the terrorists, as a police sniper team killed all belligerents on the rooftop with silenced rifles from an undisclosed location. Eight minutes passed, then immense gunfire started. The militia platoon at the underground garage launched grenades once the squad leader saw there were no civilians in the area. Shortly after, 2 machine gun teams emptied their magazines at the enemy. While all this was happening, the second team went in through the front and main entrance, skillfully killing most of the terrorists. The final and third team went in through the rear of the building, where the emergency exit is. The second and third teams regrouped and started to move up the floors. As these two teams are doing so, a helicopter hovered above the building, dropping off yet another squad of militiamen. When the whole building was cleared, the order was given to let the paramedics come in, but most people came out in body bags. 2 civilians were injured, and are in stable condition. Police then sent in forensics specialists to start gathering evidence on this unknown terror cell that has now peaked its head in Serbia.
  11. Two days passed. The roar of Serbian V8 sedans barrelled down the Central Boulevard in Beograd. Up to 20 dark colored sedans were on the road at once. The National Police cordoned off all roads attached to the boulevard. The Chancellor was in town, awaken by a phone call by the head of the Department of National Safety, Miroslav Stambolic, so he left his summer palace from the highlands of Vojvodina. "What is the issue here?" asked Milosevic. "Those dirty Adaptus hawks are saber-wavering, my Chancellor. They think they can boss around the Serbs, Croats, and Macedonians!" said the head of the DNS, Stambolic. "Well, we will have to consider the demands of those losers. How are we doing on the hostage crisis, is it going to plan?" Milosevic asked with concern. "Everything is going well, as I told you a couple days ago, the Bosniaks obtained the guns from our g-men in National Safety. Now we are faking negotiations with those towelheads, the public are making their voices heard on social media, everyone is going to start beating up a Bosnian once the crisis will be resolved." smirked Stambolic. "Either way, the Bosniaks are going to be finally put down once and for all when we finish the crisis off. Make sure the local Party leaders start agitating the people in surrounding Regions and Districts. We will need a march of clubs, jackboots, and workers to show Kosovska-Mitrovica what it's all about!" chuckled Milosevic The big, boat-y sedan climbed the ramps leading up to the horseshoe driveway of the Assembly. Milosevic stepped out of the metal behemoth of a car and started walking up the steps to the Assembly. Stambolic stayed in the car as it left the convoy with its own sortie of National Safety protection, speeding off to Mount Triglav, the location for the all-secretive headquarters for the Department of National Safety. Milosevic, now at the top of the steps, gave the order for the police to allow the people to collect at the bottom of the hill, standing in the streets and square. He steps up to the podium, and says some words: "My loyal citizens of Greater Serbia, Serbs, Croats, and Macedonians alike! I have come to this momentous occasion, to meet with the Party leaders and your Assembly people! We have much to discuss, concerning the audacity of Bosnians to take us hostage, as whole! Let me make this clear, we will not bend over to their whims!" The crowd makes a roar of support. The leader of Greater Serbia, along with his numerous White Eagle guards, briskly walk through the ornate and tall halls of the Assembly. Four guards start to open the massive bronze doors to the main committee room. Milosevic shortly addresses the Assemblymen, and leaves to his conference room, to meet with his security and foreign advisers. "What's the problem?" asked Milosevic "This, my Chancellor" said the head of the Foreign Department, sliding a paper on the desk. Milosevic took out his reading glass. He read the paper, and shortly put it down, firmly. "Who do they think they are?" the Chancellor asked, in a raised voice. "Well, sir, they are a powerful nation. Their clout transfers to their allies. Luckily the economic sanctions aren't hurting us to the degree they wished, we didn't trade with them very much anyway. @Derthalen will gladly soak up our newly freed goods. We also sent some of our corporate cronies from the Uros Corporation, Srbi Energy, and Srbebacka Bank to @Republika Mazovia, @Arstotzka, and @Imperial States of Europe to talk about trade as well, we'll need new markets to export our oil and manufactured goods." said the foreign advisor. "Start talking to our future trade partners, get some support from them. Delay the chances of a military invasion here. Whitewash our treatment of Bosnians, downplay it." Milosevic sternly commands, as he rises up and exits the room. piss on yo grave To: @Adaptus From: Office of the Chancellery, Greater Serbia CC: @Republika Mazovia, @Derthalen, @Imperial States of Europe, @Arstotzka We will gladly accept your cessation of trading with our great nation. We will not accept, however, your military posturing towards us, teetering our sovereignty on the tip of your sword of aggression! Your 'further actions' do not scare us. We will consider if it is economically viable, or rather, worth it to emancipate the Bosniak animals. We will consider. Your weak diplomatic power shows that you need to posture towards us with your boats. You should ashamed of your self for making an innuendo for military intervention in our independent, and wholly sovereign politics. You, sir, as leader of a foreign nation, have no place in dictating our policies at home. Perhaps at the world stage, but not at home. Should you attempt to land a single marine on our beaches, fly a fighter in our skies, or sail a boat into our waters, we will defend every inch of our land. Every single Serbian, Croatian, and Macedonian will take up arms to fight your invasion. From the soldier with his rifle, to the wife with her pistol, to the student with his bat. Everyone will be against the invaders. Glory to the Chancellor. Glory to Serbia.
  12. Etymology The origin of the name, "Serbia" is unclear. Geography Regions have larger landmass, typically with a sparser population. Administrative Districts have smaller landmass. 1. District of West Banat 2. District of North Banat 3. District of East Banat 4. District of Moravica 5. Region of Raška 6. Region of Vojvodina 7. Region of Bor 8. District of Toplica 9. Region of East Bačka 10. Special Conservation Zone - dark green (A small, forested, nearly unpopulated, and remote special territory within Greater Serbia. OOC: Typically used for making political dissidents/opponents, or unwanted Bosnian ethnic leaders to "disappear") 11. *defunct, absorbed by Region of Zlatibor in 2005* 12. District of West Bačka 13. District of Peć 14. Region of Zlatibor - largest province within Greater Serbia. 15. District of Kosovska Mitrovica *used to be called District of Bosnia before the rise of the Radical Party in 2008* History Serbian Kingdom Serbian Noble Republic State Union of Serbs, Croats, and Bosnians Unified Balkan States Federal Republic of Yugoslavia Unified Balkan States *re-instituted* Greater Serbia Work in progress Government Executive The Chancellor is the head of state. The Chancellor can completely block, modify, or sign bills without the need for the Assembly. There are no public elections, elections only occur every 5 years, and only the Radical Party Assemblymen/women can vote. The Chancellor holds 3/4 of the power in the government. As of 2008, the Radical Party's manifesto changed to cement life-long terms for Chancellors. Legislative The legislative branch, known as the Assembly, is a house for the Radical Party to vote on bills to bring to the Chancellor. There are no other parties allowed to be represented in the Assembly, as of the rise of the Radical Party in 08'. It is constitutionally forbidden to have any other political parties other than the Radical Party. Politics The Radical Party believes that the Serbian race is superior to most other groups of people, and refer to muslims as subhuman. The RP have been successful in gaining more votes, and making the Christian Orthodox faith the state religion. The Radical Party typically wear blue armbands with a white eagle embroidered into it. The Radical Party officially has a paramilitary wing called the Legion of the White Eagle. Unofficially, Arkan's "Tigers" Militia is another paramilitary wing. Overview of the Constitution wip Chancellor wip, basically Slobodan Milosevic Military The de-jure military of Greater Serbia is the Serbian Legions. The military budget takes up 4.8% of gross domestic product, approx. 37,440,000,000. Serbia has approximately 616 thousand personnel in the miitary, both active and reserve. Accordingly, defense spending per-head is at 60,800 Dinara. The condition of the military varies among the branches. The Legion are equipped almost entirely by private manufacturing corporation Uroš Arms. Equipment is either purchased directly from Uroš Arms, or is produced in 2 state owned factories (the only government enterprise the government has, mostly the uniforms are made here) Uroš Arms has 10 factories, most of which specialize in a series or field of manufacturing. The Chancellor holds the title and office of Commander-in-Chief of the nation's armed forces and appoints its leaders, the General of the Army and the General of the Air Force and Navy. The main objectives of the Serbian military are to defend the sovereignty and people of the nation, defend against foreign aggression, and protect the people where the borders lay. The Minister of Defense is responsible for command over all branches of the Legion, and is advised by the three senior generals. Though there are three branches of the Greater Serbian Military - the Army Legion, Naval Legion, Air Force Legion there is no General of the Marines for the Marines, as they are organized under the Army Legion. Greater Serbia's military is a volunteer military. Army Legion The Army Legion is the largest branch of the Serbian Legions and performs land-based and marine-landing military operations. As of 1 January 2016, about 557,000 personnel serve in the Army - about 467,000 regulars and 90,000 reserves - which is most of the military. The Serbian Army fully allows the recruitment of women, even in frontline combat roles. The Army maintains a number of bases throughout the country, and relies on good training, above sufficient equipment, and tactic to defeat numerically superior enemy forces. The combat doctrine incorporates combined arms, maneuver warfare, an almost entirely mechanized/motorized force, and mountain warfare. Uroš Arms -produced equipment includes the M308 rifle, a 7.62x51MM caliber weapon capable of rifleman and automatic rifleman roles. Weapons such as the M-200 MBT, the AFC-15 series of fighting vehicles, and the M-50 IFV, are used in the Army. Naval Legion The Naval Legion is the naval warfare service branch of the Serbian Military. It is a brown-water navy with the ability to project force onto the river and lake regions of Serbia and it's borders, engage in forward areas during peacetime where needed, and rapidly respond to regional crises, making it an active, but futile player in Unified Balkan foreign and defense policy. The navy operates 28 ships, 21 active and 7 in reserve, and as of 1 January 2015, about 11,000 personnel serve in the Navy - about 8,000 regulars and 3,000 reserves - making it the smallest branch of service. The current role of the Navy is to protect Serbian interests at home, executing the foreign and defense policies of the Government through the exercise of military effect, diplomatic activities, and other activities in support of these objectives. The Navy is a small element of the Balkan contribution to it's ally @Derthalen and @Republika Mazovia. Uroš Arms-produced vessels in the Navy include the DJČ-class landing crafts, RPČ-class patrol boats, Neštin-river minesweepers, and Šabac-class weapons boat. Also included are ASMs. Air Force Legion The Air Force Legion is the aerial warfare force of Greater Serbia. The Air Force's mission is to support the objectives of Greater Serbia, aerially. Today the Air Force maintains an operational fleet of various types of aircraft, described as being sufficient, and reliable in terms of technology. This largely consists of fixed-wing aircraft, including: fighter and strike aircraft, airborne early warning and control aircraft, electronic warfare aircraft, aerial refueling aircraft and strategic and tactical transport aircraft. The majority of the Air Force's rotary-wing aircraft operate in support of ground forces. As of 1 January 2015, about 48,000 personnel serve in the Air Force - about 33,000 regulars and 17,000 reserves. Uroš Arms-produced aircraft include the H-15 helicopter, AA-15 multi purpose fighter, Uroš Arms TwinCargo (AN-26), Uroš Arms QuadCargo (AN-124), Uroš Arms HindLegs, and Uroš Arms 24Passenger. National Gendarmes The National Gendarmes are Serbia's militarized police force, that can be tapped into for reinforcements as an infantry force. As a more skilled and adaptable force than the former Unified Balkan Federal Police, the Gendarmes are trained for maintaining order and capable of dealing with a wide range of threats. Typically, fresh high school graduates make up the new entries into the Gendarmerie, regardless of gender (women are not allowed to go on general patrols, unless deemed necessary). The Gendarmes operate in most environments and climates, though particular expertise and training is spent on urban warfare, crowd control,, and most of all; law enforcement. This makes the FG a good pool of expertise to choose from, for support or combat roles. Uroš Arms-produced equipment is much the same as that of the Army, with the added issue of UAVs and robots for bomb threats, and without the issue of main battle tanks or other similar equipment. Legion of the White Eagle The Legion of the White Eagle is the Radical Party's paramilitary wing. The Legion is an elite group that brought many smaller victories to Greater Serbia. To enter the Legion via application is non-existent. Military administration observes fitness scores, marksmanship, etc, for entry into the Legion. The insignia is a Serbian two headed eagle with the crown. Crowns are not present on regular military units except the White Eagles. National Militia wip Economy Greater Serbia has lightly-regulated market economy. Based on market exchange rates Serbia is today among the top fastest recovering economies in Argis, able to recover swiftly after a natural disaster or a market bungle. The Treasury, led by the Minister of Finance, is responsible for developing and executing the government's fiscal policy and economic policy. The National Bank of Greater Serbia is the country's national bank and is responsible for issuing notes and coins in the nation's currency, the dinar. The Balkan dinar is Argis' fastest growing currency. Since 2017 the National Bank of Greater Serbia's Fiscal Observation Board, headed by the Minister of the National Bank of Greater Serbia, has been responsible for observing interest rates at the level necessary to achieve the overall deinflation target for the economy that is set by the Chancellor each year. Corporations Greater Serbia is recognized as a sub-regional economic leader within Argis, with nearly 15 percent of the 500 biggest companies in the region (by revenues). The country's largest firms comprise the LIG30 index, which is traded on the Derthaler-Serbian Stock Exchange. Well known Serbian brands include, among others, the Uroš Corporation, Srbebačka Bank, Srbi Energy (#2 petroleum company in Greater Serbia, also does business in coal, and natural gas.) , Echo Holding, Nectar Foods, Projekt Construction, Srbi Mining, Srpski Benzin (Serbian Gasoline), Srpska Nafta (Serbian Petroleum, #1 petroleum company in Greater Serbia, and separate from Srpski Benzin and Srbi Energy) and Prvi četnički (ammunition). The list includes the largest companies by turnover in 2013 (not including banks or insurance companies): Rank 2013 Corporation - Sector - Headquarters - Revenue - Profit - Employees 1. Урош Цорпоратион Uroš Corporation - Military production, vehicles, alcohol, tobacco, consumer goods - Beograd - 108,960,123,979 - 14,881,132,081 - 180,957 2. енергетике srbije Srbi Energy - Natural gas, energy - Beograd - 88,094,679,238 - 17,987,091,128 - 68,445 3. Srbebačka Bank Srbebačka Bank - Finance/Banking - Dubrovnik - 58,311,801,169 - 8,557,390 - 15,317 4. Echo Holding Echo Holding - Real Estate, development, construction - Beograd - 49,285,407 - 6,005,678 - 23,419 5. српски Рударство Srbi Mining - Mining - Nis - 38,003,534 - 4,811,787 - 35,088 6. projekat Изградња Projekt Construction - Construction - Subotica - 20,755,222 - 7,365,936 - 46,710 7. Нецтар храна Nectar Foods - Food/agriculture - Balacka Palanka - 19,097,392 - 1,653,597 - 54,278 8. Hesteel Serbia - Steel - Nis - 18,982,691 - 1,392,865 - 48,290 9. Apatinska pivara (Apatin brewery) - Beer - Beograd - 18,852,986 - 1,289,301 - 38,246 10. Bambi - Snack foods - Balacka Palanka - 17,389,256 - 1,180,369 - 32,908 Demographics Serbians undoubtedly make up the majority of the population. 94.8% of the population is Orthodox. 2.5% of the population is Catholic. 2% are irreligious because Islam is illegal in Greater Serbia. Religion Nearly all of Serbian/Macedonian/Croatian people identify as followers of the Christian faith; non-believers make up the second largest demographic. The Eastern Orthodox Christianity is the organized church of the Orthodox Christian faith, and is the state religion, although the Catholic Church is allowed to carry on. Congregation leaders are called priests; the most senior church officials are the Patriarchs. Islam is illegal, and law-breakers can face up to 10 years in national prison. 5 years used to be a common trend, although with Bosnian and Islamic terrorism making is debut in June, 2018, the maximum sentences are now being enforced. Passports, national safety, security, National Police, and Department of National Safety Department of National Security wip Foreign Relations wip Characters wip
  13. Hostage Crisis in Kosovska-Mitrovica, Bosnian Terrorists in the Bosmal Towers At 16:28, armed men dressed in Islamic clothing with military surplus webbing entered the Bosmal Building in the Kosovska-Mitrovica district. Eyewitness estimates are anywhere from 40 to 80 gunmen. Bystanders said that white Uros FreightLine vans and Big Horse sedans sped down the narrow streets and nearly killed several pedestrians. The vehicles then abruptly stopped at the parking garage entrance, making a block of sorts. Then they dismounted and ran into the underground parking garage, shouting and firing a few warning shots. The Bosmal Towers were built mainly for residence, but also have many amenities, including businesses, and shops at the lower floors. At the lower floors is where the National Police say most are concentrated, acting as crowd control to prevent the hostages from escaping. A few snipers have been seen on the roof, but have not fired any shots at the police yet. For now, the police and the Arkan's "Tigers" Militia have created a heavy perimeter of armored squad cars, mobile barricades, and heavy trucks. Currently, as of now, no attempt has been made to contact the group inside, nor has there been any attempt to contact the government, or police. The Chief of Police for Kosovska Mitrovica stated "This is a completely unprovoked attack on the innocent citizens of our great nation. We will get the civilians out by all means necessary." No further comment was made by his office. The tactical situation looks bleak for the militants. Numbering only 40-80, they are outnumbered by 200 National Police officers assigned to this case; the police are armored, have armored squad cars, and AFVs at their disposal. 90 militiamen from Arkan's Militia that live in the area responded alongside the police. A temporary HQ has been set up by the National Police in the nearby neighborhood of Bosmal. Visibly from the outside of the building, it seems that some of the residential blocks have been unaffected, although empty. The underground parking garage and main entrances are heavily barricaded, utilizing the interior props, such as the benches and plants to attempt to resist gunfire. The Department of National Safety has released a statement concerning the terrorists: "We will be attempting to negotiate with the militants holding our innocent civilians hostage. We will compromise heavily, if needed. A negotiator will be sent in soon to see what their demands are."
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