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  1. Asgeirria

    The Republic Dispatch

    The Emperor's New Clothes The Emperor has long supported the nudist rights movement in Asgeirria, and has made it a point to promote marches and the acceptance of nudists, including the desegregation of beaches, bathrooms, and restaurants. Following several counterprotests, the Keeper of Man appeared famously nude for his televised address of the nation, issuing the following speech: "I must confess that over the last few years I have been gravely disappointed with the Asgeirrian moderate. I have almost reached the regrettable conclusion that the Nudist's great stumbling block in the stride toward freedom is not the Conservative Asgeirrian or the cold, but the Asgeirrian moderate who is more devoted to 'order' than to justice; who prefers a negative peace which is the absence of tension to a positive peace which is the presence of justice; who constantly says 'I agree with you in the goal you seek, but I can't agree with your methods of direct action;' who paternalistically feels he can set the timetable for another man's freedom; who lives by the myth of time and who constantly advises the Nudist to wait until a 'more convenient season.' Shallow understanding from people of goodwill is more frustrating than absolute misunderstanding from people of ill will. Lukewarm acceptance is much more bewildering than outright rejection." Regis Celestia has refrained from commenting on the nationally-televised spectacle, though several officials said, on condition of anonomity, that they had some concerns at how the publicity of the Emperor's dingleberries might affect foreign relations.
  2. Asgeirria

    The Republic Dispatch

    Blue Violets of Spring II Armata has arrived off the coast of the Ahranaian province of Xara and offloaded its supplies and the ICE legions, where they will begin work on the infrastructure overhaul of the recently assimilated province. In conjunction with this, several bridge officers and Legate Brandt Muninn have been airlifted to the newly formed III Armata, where they will begin their journey to the Verde Sea to meet up with the returning II Armata to make the long trek home. In the new island districts, things are heating up as an insurgent force has presented itself on Charybdis; apparently several militia garrisons disappeared into the jungle with a significant amount of weapons, ammunition, and gold. The 3rd Division has dispatched troops to deal with these upstarts swiftly and decisively.
  3. Asgeirria

    Expansion: Asgeirria

  4. Asgeirria

    The Republic Dispatch

    Asgeirrian Islanders Fight For Their Rights High command has made the decision to allow people from the former Coalition islands to serve in the military, and establish their own government-sanctioned Houses, as a reward for good behavior in the months following the liberation of the people. A new division will be christened, and a new Legate to represent each of the islands will be selected in due time. The first batch of troops are to receive military training instead of a full stint in the reeducation centers, and have even performed an exercise with Asgeirrian troops from the 3rd Division. Of the volunteers for the new division, former militia lieutenant Tzhere Khan has stood out among his peers. In addition to an honorable service record in the Coalition militia, he performed exceedingly well in all tests and trials during his military retraining by the Grand Army, and has even been accepted into the Salazar military academy. We watch his career with great interest, and hope other islanders follow suite.
  5. Asgeirria

    The Republic Dispatch

    New Technology To Give Vets A Leg Up AsTech is working with disabled veterans of the Coalition war to develop bionic limbs, so that they can live normal lives to their fullest potential. The research has been going on in the background for quite some time, but with many amputees committing ritual suicide, there have been few test subjects. Now, with the influx of wounded veterans, there are plenty of people to experiment with/on! The future is looking ever-brighter in Asgeirria! In other news, nudity protests in Tarsien have gotten to the point where Peacekeeper units are being posted on the streets. The rise in violent crime correlates to cheek to street radio in the increasingly disrobed east. The Emperor has issued a decree that nudity is legal, and will appear soon to give a speech to the public.
  6. Asgeirria

    The Verde Blockade

    Blue Violets II Armata Amphitrite was the fleet responsible for the mass movement of troops over water, and on this occasion, it was doing just that. Along with its normal complement of combat vessels and support ships, several additional support and supply ships were being attached to the fleet, primarily for the purpose of supporting the humanitarian mission. Several ships normally used for tending submarines were loaded up, as Wolfpack V was accompanying them for a tour of duty there and back, although they were not intending to stay for longer than necessary to offload troops and supplies. Additional transport ships were necessary to carry the supplies required for such a major infrastructure operation, as it was not always possible to get parts and certain specialized materials in a host nation, as had been found out in the former Coalition islands. Also in this band of merry band of flesh and steel was the experimental ANS Gemini and its smaller satellite tugs, this being its maiden voyage. Four F/N-5 aircraft were detached from Classis VIII based in Valencia and rebased to CVHA-1 Gaia, having passed their initial trials and there being few other chances to be tested operationally. None of these modifications were anything out of the ordinary for a fleet movement of this size, as it was a rare and restrictively expensive to field anything larger than a task group for anything other than routine patrols and exercises. High Command wanted to make the most of this limited expeditionary experience, and they did just that. So much so, in fact, that three legates were present in the Armata: Brandt Muninn, overseeing the movement, Jakob Huginn, for the purpose of gaining valuable command experience with the movement, and Andrade Kvothe, who was High Commander of the Imperial Corps of Engineers. What was unusual, however, was the Imperial Intelligence Operatives embedded in the crews; fresh transfers from I Armata listed as 'Must Accompany' for such expeditionary operations unlikely to be carried out outside of wartime. They were mainly bridge crew, but some were assigned to surface and subsurface detection posts. They carried with them heavy duffel bags with few personal belongings and many heavy 'care packages' from 'loved ones', which were hand-waved when the captain was asked about inspecting them. The bridge crew and the captain were the only people who knew of the operative's mission, outside of Armata and Fleet Command. Such underhanded tactics used routinely by the Eye-Oh were kept securely under wraps, and great pains were taken to keep these actions from the public eye. Such great pains, in fact, that they existed almost entirely outside the government, acquiring their budget from shady low-cost, high-return operations, strictly unsanctioned and unmentioned by the government. Every nation had a dark side; a price they paid for freedom, sovereignty, and power. It was simply that some kept their skeletons far deeper in the closet than others. The fully-equipped and supplied force departed Valencia late in the night, allowing for the early morning shift to get plenty of rest. They maintained active and passive sonar and radar sweeps, with a few helicopters circling over the horizon, keeping a watchful eye while staying as visible as possible. They didn't want to incur any unnecessary conflict by sneaking up on enemy fleets, and they made a point to be the first to detect in any situation. Keeping outside of high-traffic shipping lanes was problematic at first, but once they reached the open sea near Little Flau and Andalla, it was much easier to find relatively quiet waterways. They made their way north, boldly, but tempered with caution. Everyone was well aware of the tension in the region they were going, and were not anxious for a confrontation of any kind. They had one port of call, and one only. Their mission was clear, their temperaments were sober.
  7. Asgeirria

    The Republic Dispatch

    Red Roses Decanus Pinscher of Bravo battalion, 3rd Company, XXXIII Legio II Armata is being readied for sea in the port of Valencia, XXXIV and XXXIII Legio, two of the legions belonging to the Imperial Corps of Engineers, are being supplied for the planned humanitarian mission to rebuild the former state of Xara following their decision to unify with the Republic of Ahrana. Members of ICE are quite excited for their first international mission, and look forward to being the global spotlight, hoping to earn a name for themselves. Their transport ships are being escorted by II Armata due to the hostilities in the area, although the engineers opted to not bring along any escort force of troops. The mission to Xara is primarily to modernize the power grid, transportation infrastructure, and public utilities, as well as supervise the construction of buildings up to stringent Asgeirrian code to prevent accidents due to sloppy craftsmanship. High Command hopes that, with the presence of Asgeirrian humanitarian manpower, the tension building up in the area might be relieved. May glory find XXXIV Legio Firmo, XXXIII Legio Munitor, and II Armata Amphitrite in their mission to bring wisdom and safety to the people of the Argic region.
  8. Asgeirria

    The Republic Dispatch

    Iron Indignation While Asgeirria lacks the sheer volume to keep up with all the latest and greatest advancements, High Command makes it a point to have a finger in every pie. Railguns are no exception, and while the ship-killing rigs that some countries have might be out of reach for the time being, AsTech has been developing a much smaller proof-of-concept model, firing an 8mm round instead of a larger, more effective projectile. However, it is enough that it shows Asgeirrian scientific competency. AsTech is working on a production model for potential use against aircraft and missiles, though much work needs to be done to integrate such a weapon with radar advanced enough to calculate firing solutions for an ultrasonic projectile intercepting supersonic objects.
  9. Asgeirria

    The Republic Dispatch

    Turmoil in Regis Celestia Several new projects have swept through the country post-war, in an effort to improve the efficiency and modernity of Asgeirria. The first and foremost of these is a huge shift in tax policies; the removal of all but a value-added tax on goods in an effort to encourage economic growth and spending while maintaining or increasing overall government spending in the domestic market. Additionally, in an effort to improve development in the newly-integrated Outer and Inner Rim Islands, a new imperial academy is being developed to be inclusive of gifted individuals from the newer provinces, as well as other nations, in an effort to break down the stigma of Asgeirrian intellectual superiority that is hobbling international and domestic relations. In response to rumors of cooperation between the @Sunset Sea Islands and Asgeirria on a defensive network similar to what is in place on the Island itself, High Command has issued a statement regarding collaboration: 'Reports of our cooperation have been greatly exaggerated. If the Sunset Sea Islands asks, their proposal will be considered.'
  10. Asgeirria

    The Republic Dispatch

    Heedful Friends A formal alliance between Ahrana and Asgeirria has been concluded in Imhullu, marking a high-point in the ever-improving relations between the two nations. High Command will be issuing special passports to citizens of Ahrana wishing to visit or move to Asgeirria, and Asgeirrians* are encouraged to inquire about travel to Ahrana to promote intercultural exchange. In addition to a military alliance, the pact includes both a free flow of labor force movement, and a free trade agreement, to stimulate the economies of both parties, while allowing unemployed workers in Ahrana to move to Asgeirria with greater ease, temporarily abating overemployment and unemployment issues. *Citizens from former Coalition territories must complete mandatory reeducation and finish their probation period without incident before being allowed to travel outside of Asgeirrian territory.
  11. Asgeirria

    A Midwinter Night's Meeting

    "Excellent. And should you need to renegotiate the terms, feel free to contact me directly, as I am sure I am allowed to do with you. I look forward to working closely with you and your colleagues, George." She bowed courteously.
  12. Asgeirria

    A Midwinter Night's Meeting

    "Very well, Minister. Several legions from the Imperial Corps of Engineers will be at your disposal for the.... integration of Xara. While they are skilled and experienced engineers and architects, every one of them is an equally proficient fighter." She produced a communication device, and pressed a button on it. A few moments later, a servant came in with a tablet and stylus. "We have a document prepared on this device." Hazel said, signing the end of the concise treaty, before handing both pen and pad to the minister. "If you will sign once you read and approve of the treaty, our secretaries can finalize the official paperwork..... behind the scenes."
  13. Asgeirria

    A Midwinter Night's Meeting

    Hazel smiled. It was hard for Asgeirrians to don the nuances of diplomacy, and the directness was quite refreshing. "As you know, we lack the workforce necessary to build up our navy at any great pace. Your people and reknowned for their maritime engineering. We had hoped that your facilities would produce Asgeirrian ships and, if you find it acceptable, ships jointly designed to incorporate both Asgeirrian and Ahranan strengths. Additionally, we wish for agreements of free trade and flow of labor force to encourage economic growth for both of us. Any other changes can be made as the... situation in Xara develops. You will find the Asgeirrians to be generous friends, and steadfast allies... We are prepared to sign such a treaty with all due haste, we have great respect and trust for the noble people of Ahrana."
  14. Asgeirria

    The Republic Dispatch

    To Hold Our Destiny High Command has issued an order for the recruitment of the brightest and most physically fit young people between the ages of 16-24 for the purpose of training and indoctrination for a journey outside our own world. This astounding decision comes at a time of high world tension, and some critics say that such a move is unwarranted. However, senior officials say that there us a glaring need for a catalyst for growth, innovation, and development in Asgeirria, and stand by their decision staunchly. We look bravely forward to the future, and up hopefully to the stars in these uncertain times.
  15. Asgeirria

    Anybody Wanna Go to Space? [OOC]

    We've been sending satellites up for a minute, why not send up some dudes as well?