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  1. Asgeirria

    Greetings from the Rihan Republic

    Oh man, someone already briefed this guy. Love the idea! hmu on the discord, I'd like to chat about your nation!
  2. Asgeirria

    Greetings from the Rihan Republic

    @Rihan Forgive me if I'm incorrect, but is your nation based off the romulan star empire?
  3. Asgeirria

    Manamana Mail

    Grandfather, By your command, I have found a means to bring honor and wealth to the House. I am working as an engineer for the Manama Canal project, under Praetor Aeron of the XXXII Legio, Imperial Corps of Engineers. My check is already routed to the House account, from which I have taken out a small sum for personal expenses. The state of the project is quite interesting; there is a very diverse group of people here. I have made a few friends among the Asgeirrians, but we tend to keep to ourselves; mingling with the laborers is discouraged by the security advisors. We have our own group of barracks, which are a little cramped, but we don't have to worry about any of the other citizens interfering with what we consider to be day-to-day. There is plenty of exploration to do around the canal, especially in the work sections. One of the engineers from my barrack went spear hunting for boar last week, and we've been having pulled pork every meal since then. The bodies from the Stuhac and Vucari Houses started a fight Club, much to the amusement of everyone here. Betting on the fights is one of the main afterwork pastimes here now. Sometimes, we'll pay Mauridivians and Andallans to come into the ring. Dirty poors, they have no qualms getting beaten for money. A few managed themselves quite well, but by and large, Asgeirrians tend to do better in the ring. Curious thing, a centurion passed down some very peculiar requests from the Praetor, and told us to keep the construction to ourselves. I asked a colonel how they were going to implement the plans the engineers were drawing up but he just said ICE would take care of it, though I'm not quite sure what he meant by that. I'll mail you a rough mockup of what they were asking us to design. Respectfully, Haemalkha Nerthus
  4. Asgeirria

    Asgeirrian-Ahrana Summit

    The legate listened to her counterpart intently, focusing on the meaning behind the words. It was clear that the Ahranaians were in a vulnerable position, still reeling from the blow to their regional influence TRIDENT had dealt. She had to respect the strength and capability for aggressive action TRIDENT had shown. Asgeirrians, more than anything, responded to strength, and the Ahranaians had much potential in that department, though the amicability of their culture had corrupted their ability to project their power. Right now the secretary general was doing damage control, talking about new faces, statutes of peace, naval trainers... Alexsandra was so passionate about what she was talking about, if a little naive. "Of course Asgeirria will support Ahrana through these turbulent times. It is now, more than ever, that your people need the strength of ours to..." she paused, at a loss for words. 'sh*t', she thought, her mind racing, 'terrible time to blank out'. "...come forward as a guide to the path of parity, peace, and prosperity. Asgeirria has stood the test of time over two thousand years, and we hope to see Ahrana standing by our side for thousands more to come."
  5. Asgeirria

    The Republic Dispatch

    Environmentalists Channeling Outrage Key environmentalists within Asgeirria have begun protesting the construction of the Manama Canal, citing the gross negligence for the regional ecosystem, as well as the far-reaching affects the project might have on the global ecosystems. From invasive species to destruction of natural habitat, the arguments these experts raise are both numerous and credible. Several groups have called on the emperor to make good on his inaugural promise to protect the environment. Up to this point, the Emperor has been remarkably ecologically conscious, funding programs to build biospheres to house and study endangered and at risk species, geothermal energy wells, and tidal power plants. Many of these projects have come to fruition, notably the construction of a series of biospheres for Losreka rainforest dwellers at risk due to a dwindling natural habitat. The multi-million credit program has shown promising results, isolating four different jungle microclimates and continually sustaining several species for months at a time without outside intervention. However, one wrong undoes a thousand rights, and these efforts have been tossed aside by the environmental activist community.
  6. Asgeirria

    A Great Europan Collapse

    My 2 cents, I think that although this risks a 2nd world war, it would do a lot to revitalize the RP in the region, as buzzing as it is already. I think the main question would be WHY they collapsed, was it global unrest, market crashes, small scale wars turning into regional conflicts?
  7. Asgeirria

    Asgeirrian-Ahrana Summit

    Legate Zhurong sat, daintily taking some tea and cake from the tray. "You are a good hostess, Secretary General, though I am quite used to being treated with adult beverages on state visits." She said, joking about the former secretary general's mild alcoholism. Asgeirrian state visitors had always been quite delighted by the former SG's laxness with protocol, a welcome change from the formality of Asgeirrian court. She shifted from jocularity to frankness almost immediately, 'getting down to business', as it was known elsewhere. "High Command was shocked and appalled by the recent business with the blockade; we were caught in a quite awkward predicament of having a fleet of Ahranaian ships under our flag being stopped due to the breakdown of support from your government, and with whole business with Xara... We're just not sure if Ahrana is capable of not cracking under diplomatic pressure from major players. We have seen concessions every time an external force has put pressure on Ahrana. We cannot justify supporting the Ahranaian state if it will not support itself. How can you be seen as a reliable ally when you fold so quickly to the threat of conflict?"
  8. Asgeirria

    Asgeirrian-Ahrana Summit

    Hazel Zhurong arrived with only a single guard as her entourage, an honor bestowed on the Ahranaians for their historical trustworthiness and good hospitality. This meeting was of extreme importance to the Asgeirrian government and representative, as security and stability in the north was paramount to their far-reaching strategic objectives. She was endowed with the authority to make or break deals as she saw fit, acting as an Avatar of the Emperor, and as such, was expected to make trenchant judgements on the viability of a continued relationship in light of recent shifts in the geopolitical climate. As their vehicle arrived at the palace, she took a moment to admire the architecture of the People's Palace. It was very baroque, a trait she had found to be pleasantly common in Ahrana, especially the government buildings she frequented in her visits to the Argic nation. She continued to admire the building as she stepped out and waited to be summoned. The weather was very agreeable to the Asgeirrians at this time of year, and Hazel was content to wait in the summer sun for as long as was necessary, preferring the warmth to the uncomfortably cool air conditioning of the vehicle she had arrived in.
  9. Asgeirria

    2018 UENA World Cup

    The match against Gallambria held a special significance to Asgeirria, as Gallambria was seen as its only rival in singular military strength. The Asgeirrian players knew well the consequences of a failure in this match, and played twice as hard as a result. The match started off slow, with the Asgeirrians setting themselves up for an aggressive push, carefully gauging their enemy. After nine minutes of careful setup, the Asgeirrians began their calculated onslaught, shooting time after time, wearing down the enemy's defense, until finally Janos Kvothe scored a goal. The ambitious counter by the Gallambrians failed to score, but threw the Asgeirrians off balance. The Asgeirrians continued their onslaught through the end of the first half, although their opponent's made a few shots, none penetrating the stolid Asgeirrian defense. During halftime, the coach followed tradition with the guided meditation, and hydration. The team was confident in their victory, and stayed warm for the second half. They took the field aggressively yet again, shooting several times off target, and although the Gallambrians managed to get the ball a few times, the iron defenders kept their opponent's from scoring. They could smell the enemy's desperation, as the Gallambrians missed shot after shot. In the final minutes of the game, the Asgeirrians scored their second and final goal, adding insult to injury in the victory over the Gallambrians.
  10. John Valentino himself was attending the meeting, though he kept mostly to himself, actively avoiding as much contact with the 'Derthalerianitesii' as possible. He had been vacationing in the area, doing charity work with Lady JaJa on his arm, and decided to upstage the diplomats originally sent to participate in the ceremony, on a whim. He observed the delegated s as they arrived, waiting in the wings with a glass of some nondescript Ahranaian potato-based drink, grimacing with every sip. Look at these people, He mused to himself, So dramatic and emotional. Though that bit with the security was unnecessary. The Mauridivians seemed awkward, unsure of themselves. Probably haven't been invited to a nice function since the womb, unfortunate poors. The Eurofuhrer delegate was somewhat more sure of himself, but the Emperor didn't remember having met anyone from that nation before. Who invited them anyways? I swear I've never heard of their country. Despite their good intentions, the Ahranaians were overeager. He was unsure of their relationship with Derthaler, and was quite bemused at the incident with security. The 'Derthalenerianitesii' were like freshly birthed sheep; loud, fearful, and naive. The Andallans were.... Well, Andallans. Again, he was unsure of why they were here. They were not socialist, to his knowledge, and had no vested interest in the CIS. The Prymontians were generally regarded as an untrustworthy, lickspittle bunch. Decades of prejudice only reinforced his negative feelings towards them. Why were they here? Hadn't they blockaded Ahrana during its most tribulated time? No good could come of those fake smiles. The Fulgistani were always far too happy for their status, although he had very little information on them available for briefing He took his time observing them, before moving on to the meeting scheduled for 10.
  11. Asgeirria

    To Teach A Man to Fish

    To: @Fulgistan Department of Foreign Affairs From: Penny Pinscher, ACE project manager Re: Avionics and manufacturing contract >>>SENT FROM SECURE SERVER>>> To parties concerned, Enclosed are two contracts; one response to the closed contract from The Fulgistani Department of Defense regarding the upgrade of their fleet of UH-1 light transport helicopters, the other a closed contract for the export of production lines of the Hippo Mk I AIFV for the target company Jochi Heavy Industry. We request that, once reviewed, the second contract be pushed to the appropriate department in JHI with government signatures.
  12. Asgeirria

    2018 UENA World Cup

    The Asgeirrian players were large and intimidating, although somewhat less agile than their opponents. The large amount of midfielders and defenders kept constant pressure on the strikers, keeping them from making good shots, keeping close and taking the ball several times. The opponents' defense was stiff as well, deflecting many of the Asgeirrians aggressive forrays, but the tireless Imperial strikers kept up their pace well into the first quarter of the game, slipping only once. The enemy skillfully slipped past the midfielders, attempting several shots before finally making their first and last goal. Asgeirrians were an enduring people, sportsmen especially so. With a few exceptions, they continued with defensive voracity throughout the game, relying on their solid defense and large, versatile array of midfielders controlling the center, smoothly and quickly passing the ball between gaps in the enemy's defense. The strikers primarily employed feint tactics, allowing the midfielders to shoot many times, being blocked only twice. The Asgeirrians showed an exceptional amount of cohesion, exhibiting great endurance for people of their size. While only a few inches taller on average, the light colors of their uniforms made them appear much larger than they actually were, and they used this to their advantage when blocking shots and roughing up the opponents. They incurred many fouls, but this was mostly due to the aggressive nature of their playstyle. Their greatest disadvantage was the mobility of the opponents, which almost made up for the cohesion and size of the midfielders and defenders. This allowed the Eurofuhrer players to score several time, at the expense of a few fouls on the part of the Asgeirrians, clearly frustrated by the small and mobile opponents they were facing. The Vucari players in particular were responsible for fouls, struggling with the restrained nature of the games held in foreign countries. During halftime, they could be seen on meditating, being led in their spiritual journey by their coach, whose primary purpose was the keep the players level-headed and hydrated.
  13. Asgeirria

    Next G7 Summit

    I am interested, but if it will be an issue with Prymont to RP with me, I won't participate, so that he has the opportunity to do so.
  14. Asgeirria

    UENA Nations League

    Team Colors: Diamond blue and white Team Coach: Vikram Adapa Lineup: Veerendra Vyander (Goalie) Kamalendra Nerthus (Sweeper) Csaba Vucari (Defender) Orsolya Morrighan (Defender) Csilla Morrighan (Defender) Imre Keres (Midfield) Georg Huginn (Midfield) Marton Windsor (Midfield) Sigmond Vucari (Midfield) Matyas Vucari (Forward) Janos Kvothe (Forward)
  15. Asgeirria

    The Republic Dispatch

    Grand Army's Mastership Floating After a long period of construction, several of Asgeirria's naval projects have entered the sea trials phase of their construction. Namely, the CV-1, Asgeirria's first aircraft carrier, and the sister ships BBC-1 and BBC-2, Asgeirria's first nuclear-powered military vessels, have entered the steam-powered phase of their testing, before their reactors are fully laid in. Other ships currently in sea trials are the DD-2 through 8, and AM-2 and 3, both already having ships in their class. Other notable developments are the Saturn and Gemini-class nuclear-powered ships, designed with the experience with the BBC-series and previous civilian ships, with the @Sunset Sea Islands in mind. High Command truly never fails to surpass expectations for the defense of our nation.