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  1. The Duchess Lena Atreides had to admit that what Queen Julia had offered her was rather ambitious. She'd seen how the Queen had established the Treaty of Laren (??) and now she seemed keen to try and do something to bring education together and that was certainly an aim that the Missionara and therefore the Theocracy of Kaitaine could get behind. The question remained though was this the way to do it? Lena and Karin scanned over the document. "On the whole I like what you have put together here." The Duchess began, however I see no reason to automatically give those who have studied in another nation an automatic right to stay for a further 12 months. I believe the determination as to whether a person can stay beyond their studies requires more thought and the host nation should be given the right to determine whether they wish someone to stay. While I think education and exchanges in culture are important I do not wish to see education used as a kind of backdoor to allow people to become permanently part of the nation. Additionally we do not think automatically giving students the right to work is acceptable. They are here to study not work, their focus should be their education. If frankly they can travel across the world to study they have enough money and do not need to work. Beyond those two concerns we strongly support the rest of the proposal." It was then Karin's turn to talk, she knew she was lucky as a student of the nations revered Chapterhouse she had received a world class education paid for by the Sisterhood but once at University she had mixed with non-Sisterhood students and knew the expense education could bring. If they were to support the best and brightest then money should not be a barrier however she knew better than to contradict the Duchess. "Perhaps one way round the financial issue would be establishing a kind of Global Education Fund. It could collect money from nations and business and have a way of using this to fund the students from poorer nations and families to gain this world class education we seek to put in the place here."
  2. Lena had not meet the leader of another faith but she had determined before hand to interact with the High Oracle in much the same way that she would have the Reverened Mother of her own faith. "Your Holiness it is a pleasure to meet you." She gave a small bow, a step behind her Karin gave a slightly deeper one showing the lesser position that she held within the faith's scholar hierarchy. "Thank you for making the time to see us. I am Duchess Lena Atreides, I am honoured to hold the position of Lead Scholar of our faith, this is Karin my daughter in law who is also a Scholar who runs a small department at our Chapterhouse School in Arrakkeen. It is our hope that we can one day send some scholars here to learn more about your faith. Should that be permitted." The Duchess realised her manners had been lacking, "and forgive me Your Holiness, I've never congratulated you on your new appointment to this poisition. We wish you naturally a long and happy.....would reign be the correct word." There was much that the Bene Gesserit didn't know about this faith and now they had a chance to hear it from the horses mouth.
  3. Lena had hoped Julia would have tried the spice there and then. Half of this was fuelled by the scientist in her, the hope of seeing an outsiders reaction to the substance being almost like a control group. The other half of her had hoped that the spice would perform some miracle and make this young Queen instantly accept the teachings and the ways of the Bene Gesserit thus spreading the faith beyond their desert home. She was impressed by the pious nature of the Julia, but wondered if there was something else to the recent trials and executions that she had read about in Morheim's media, was this a girl trying to exert her authority over a nation, perhaps that also explained her odd way of dressing for a woman but surely Morheim, a place known as a Queendom had no need for a woman to power dress to show her authority. "You ask for what we would like to head towards during these talks, that is rather straight forward from our point of view. We would like knowledge, or at least an avenue towards it. Your nation is very different to ours in terms of religion, its geography, even its organisation. We therefore would like to expose our young people to it as immersion is the best way to learn new things. It is our hope that Morheim will be the first in a series of connections with other nations. We would like to see some relaxation of travel between our nations both for pleasure and business, then perhaps explore some joint educational programmes. I understand you yourself were a scholar until relatively recently and so probably understand why it is important to broaden the horizons with new experiences. I would also like to look at perhaps ways in which we could have the Missionara recruit locally for experts, maybe allowing some to join the Sisterhood depending on your nations rules regarding faith and the like. I hope these are compatible with your own agenda."
  4. There was a skill every student at Chapterhouse was taught from an early age and it was known as Doublespeak, it was in some ways a closely guarded secret and largely unknown beyond the walls of the school. It was however in the cafe's and bars of Arrakeen a common sight even if it was only the women who used it. It was a form of sign language performed with just the hands which to a casual observer would pass as nothing other than a woman sat fidgetting her hands haphazardly but as they drove the Duchess was chatting away with her daughter in-law at great speed. "We tell him very little of the Truthsayer" the Duchess signalled. They were a group that many across Mundus may have issues with, soldiers dedicated to a faith, religion after all could be a powerful motivation. "Well Your Highness" Lena began verbally, "Our faith is one of change and adaptation. I like to think of it as more of an attempt to understand our universe and the powers that drive it more than anything else. We believe that in our worlds deep past something so horrific happened that it broke our connection with God/Gods and narrowly humanity escaped destruction. All the evidence we have points that at some point in the future we shall as a world face similar issues and that it is our duty as a Sisterhood to seek to defend the world. The only way we can achieve this is by rebuilding our connection to God/Gods and finding a kind of Messiah figure known as the Kwizach Hadrach. Women it is said have a closer connection to the spiritual world and so the Sisterhood guide our efforts of all people. Knowledge in our view certainly is power as the old phrase goes." "As for the Truthsayers" Karin joined in, "Think of them as one tool in the arsenal of the Sisterhood, we have the Mothers, our spiritual guides, those of us in the Missionara are the scholars providing the knowledge we will need to be prepared for the Great Disaster, the Honored Matres harness their spiritual connection to hopefully bring about the Kwiach Hadrach through what you may consider selective breeding, and the Truthsayers, well they are the last line of defence against the disaster. A group of people trained to if neccessary take up arms and defend the innocent." She pasued and looked at Prince Isaac's uniform. "I believe you are an Air Force officer Your Highness?" She already knew the answer, "As such I believe you will be trained to kill, however it is my hope that this action is one that you would only take if left with no choice. I suspect your also trained to undertake a whole host of operations, information gathering, supplying aid to refugees, medical evacuations and the like. Our Truthsayers are no different to that." The flash of fingers from the Duchess indicated that she had said enough and so Karin left it there. The pair were impressed with the Palace. Back home there was the Red Fortress, a home to the Corrino family that was as impressive as you got. Even Chapterhouse, the sacred home of the faith, was a rather simple affair of a walled complex with rather simple sandstone buildings. Karin liked the way the place seemed open to the people, it gave the impression that this was not just the abode of a single person or a family but rather the home of a nation. As the car stopped and the Prince introduced them it was the Duchess who naturally exited first and bowed to the young Queen who presented a less regal spectacle than Lena imagined from a monarch. "Your Majesty thank you for inviting us" She turned to face Prince Isaac, "and your brother has been a perfect host. Thank you" She was surprised by the gift of the books, it was a well thought out gift and something she knew the Missionara back home would be eager to get their hands on. "Your Majesty does us a great honour with this knowledge" Lena handed the books carefully to Karin who seemed to revere them automatically, it was after all engrained within the Missionara to respect their books. "We have a gift for you too." Karin had carefully placed the books into her large briefcase having removed a small box. "It is a Spice Box" Lena explained as she handed over the smooth white box no bigger than a pack of cigarettes. "It is made from bone and contains a sample of our sacred spice Melange. The faithful believe it gives those gifted by the God/Gods a gateway to foresight, while those not blessed are gifted the fact it tastes good sprinkled on cakes." She smiled warmly. "I will look forward to you telling me which it did for you." Lena was not convinced the spice, made from the skin sheddings of the species of centipede known as the "Kaitaine Sandworm" had any magical properties but she knew of several of the Mother's who claimed it gave them visions and even Karin claimed to have once had such an expereince. The duo followed the Queen into the Palace and took the offered iced tea. It was a beverage similar to those enjoyed back home on the edges of the desert. "Our Reverened Mother is the person believed to have the closest connection to the God/Gods and as such blessed with knowledge beyond our understanding. She is almost a double entity, she gives the seal of approval to all laws in the Theocracy, meanwhile she also guides the Bene Gesserit Sisterhood. I believe the Christians of this world have a Pope who is the representative of their God in this world. We believe the Reverned Mother to be a combination of that role and your own role." She hoped she had been clear, even the youngest Missionara would be confident in what was explained but then again they had grown up in the faith. "I understand you yourself play a role in your nations religion? Guardian of the Elements if I recall correctly. Is this similar to the role of our Reverned Mother?" She had wished to ask about the recent news of the corruption in the Morheimian faith but resisted the urge.
  5. The Missionara Protectiva was a strange organisation in a way. While officially not part of the government of the Theocracy they were people who made up the majority of the civil service. The Chapterhouse school churned out a seemingly endless supply of these scholars dedicated to seeking knowledge considered vital to finding the secrets of the universe both physical and spiritual. The system created a set of keen minds, highly articulate and well versed in a wide variety of subjects ranging from sciences down to the law. Even when no longer directly under the auspices of the Reverend Mother a graduate of the Chapterhouses always felt that connection and many of the Missionara wore their blue tunic style uniform just as Duchess Lena and Karin Atreides wore now. The golden collar pin on the Duchess' collar indicated that she was one of the four leading scholars of the order while the Bronze one on Karin's that she was one of the team who were full time researchers at Chapterhouse. The pair had arrived and were slightly surprised that they had been given an aircraft escort to the ground, they weren't sure whether this was something all nations did but it perhaps did reveal something about Morheim. As they touched down Karin gathered her briefcase, as one would expect from a Missionara it was stuffed full of notebooks and reading material, and she followed her Mother-in-law out of the aircraft. They hadn't expected a Prince to meet them as technically they weren't employees of the Theocracy. "An honour to meet you Your Highness" Duchess Lena gave a small bow, it was the first time she'd meet a royal and had ensured she was well read on the protocol. "We are very much looking forward to meeting your sister. It's the first time we have meet a monarchy and we look forward to learning from the experience. Shall we get going?" She asked.
  6. To:- Her Majesty Queen Julia III of @Morheim & The High Oracle of the Elementium Faith As you may be aware the Bene Gesserit faith promotes the gathering of knowledge regarding a whole host of subjects, including that of other religions. We have noted recently that the native faith of Morheim have recently appointed a new religious leader and would like to take this oppurtunity of a new dawn for the Elementium faith for our Bene Gesserit scholars, known as the Missionara Protectiva to learn about your faith. As both nations seem to hold religion central to their government we also believe an exchange of scholarly knowledge could be a foundation for the beginning of closer relations between our homelands. As such we would like to dispatch a representative of our faith in the guise of the scholars Duchess Lena Atreides and her Daughter in Law Karin Atreides to Thale at your convenience to represent our faith. We hope this inviation is accepted and look forward to beginning to foster relationships between our nations. With Kind Greetings Reverned Mother Erin Atwald
  7. DECLERATION OF THE SANDS Following a meeting between the Reverned Mother of the Bene Gesserit faith and the Four Heads of the Holy Houses the nation of the Theocracy of Kaitaine wish to make our nations stance of armed neutrality clear to the world. We further hope that this decleration will encourage those nations around the world to begin positive relationships with our nation based on increasing economic, academic and spiritual prosperity for all. The Theocracy of Kaitaine hereby declares itself to a sovereign nation that will remain neutral in all external conflicts. We hereby request nations and multi-national alliances to recognise the Theocracy as such. While remaining neutral through times of conflict we would welcome diplomatic and economic friendships with all nations of the world, however we will not enter into Treaties taking away any aspect of our neutrality. We hereby declare that during conflicts our military will take no side and will only fulfil duties as Peacekeepers or on Humanitarian grounds. We would like to remind nations of our Rights as a neutral nation during international conflicts ,while also showing acceptance of our responsibilities. Rights and Responsibilities of a neutral nation 1. Belligerents may not enter neutral territory for any reason. 2. Attempts to stop a belligerent entering our territory does not compromise our statement of neutrality. 3. Belligerent troops reaching neutral territory will be humanly interned for the duration of the conflict. This does not apply to escaped Prisoners of War 4. Belligerent Armies may not recruit/conscript neutral citizens. 5. Neutral nation citizens however may travel abroad to enlist. 6. Belligerent armies' personnel and material may not be transported across neutral territory 7. Wounded troops may be permitted transit through neutral territory provided the means of transport is unarmed. 8. A neutral power may supply communication facilities to belligerents. 9. A neutral power may not supply war materials to belligerents. 10. Belligerent naval vessels may use neutral ports for a maximum of 24 hours. The exception to this is for repairs which must be completed as soon as possible. 11. Should a belligerent nations vessel already be in port and the other belligerent vessel docks the one arriving last must stay in dock for 24 hours after the departure of the first. 12. Any ship captured by a belligerent in the territorial waters of a neutral power must be surrendered by the belligerent to the neutral, which must intern its crew. The Theocracy hope and expect the world to honour our stance on neutrality. As we have declared ourselves neutral we would, as always, be willing to act as intermediaries in any conflict. We further wish the following to be known. 1. Any nation is permited to establish an embassy in Arrakeen so long as reciprication is permitted. 2. Students from any nation may enroll on University courses visa free so long as they can a) fund their couse and stay without working b) have no criminal record Our nations doors are open should any nation wish to discuss these matters or broaden their relationship with our nation. Signed by Reverned Mother Erin Atwald Duke Oswald Atreides Duke Richard Harkonnen Duchess Anna Fremen Duke Niklaus Corrino
  8. KAITAINE DEFENCE FORCE The KDF is affectionatly known in Kaitaine as the Pangolins. The force was formed in 1814 following the merging of several militia's from the Four Holy Families. The force today is the official ground force of the nation however in many ways they defer to the Truthsayers. They currently field approximately 106,496 members. EQUIPMENT 400 x Chain-Rider Battle Tank 750 x Scorpion-Rider Armoured Vehicle 800 x Flame-Rider Armoured Vehicle 350 x Mini-Chain Rider Tank 720 x Cat-Rider Protected Mobility Vehicle 350 x Shield APC 400 x Bandit Mobility Vehicle 100 x Battlerider Mobility Vehicle 120 x Scale-Rider IFV 400 x Dunerider Strike Vehicle 70 x Bone Arrow Self Propelled Rocket Artillery 100 x Spearpoint Self Propelled Howitzer 100 x Fire-Rider Towed Howitzer 50 x Javelin Towed Howitzer 40 x Pangolin System Mobile Air Defence 20 x Skyrider Helicopter 40 x Storm Arrow Attack Helicopter 20 x Twin Arrow Aerial Vehicle
  9. Kaitaine

    A New Mother

    Niklaus assessed the two groups of representatives before him, Ambassadrice Marginet and Minister Delasse were addressed first. "Welcome to Kaitaine" the Duke nodded as he shook hands with each of them. It was, however, Krystina, dressed in her Truthsayer uniform who then took over. "May I explain something important" the officer began, "The days for sorrow have passed now, Mother McKey is at peace and we no longer mourn, we celebrate instead her life and give thanks for the knowledge she'll pass on. I do however thank you for your sentiment" she firmly gripped the two's hands as she spoke and accepted the Château Pétrus. Kaitaine was not a nation that drank much wine but she had no doubt this would make some appearance at a function in the future of the new Reverend Mother. Next, they turned their attention to Queen Julia, Lidia Ericcson had reported back from the cultural talks in Morheim and had kind words about this young monarch, she seemed to value knowledge and the pursuit of it, therefore she was someone the Missionara of the Sisterhood would respect. "Your Majesty" Niklaus bowed before shaking the Pilot Officer aides hand. The two military officers exchanged salutes instead of handshakes and then the Duke motioned for the six of them to walk towards waiting cars. They moved down the row of Truthsayers each unmoving despite the day's heat. Krystina gave nods of approval to the two officers stood at the end of the ranks for a job well done and then waited for everyone to board the large limousine style car that was waiting. She watched as a Truthsayer security vehicle pulled away ensuring the route ahead would be clear, satisfied everything was in order she herself clambered inside. "If I may give you an outline of the event" Niklaus poured each person a glass of water, taking a cloth and wiping the jugs spout clear of drops between each pouring. "We will watch a parade formed of the four branches of the Sisterhood, this will see the current membership represented, however, some invited alumni will also be spectating much like yourselves." He took a sip of the cool water his mouth going dry from nerves as he'd never had to speak in front of a crowd before. "Next the Heads of the Orders will announce the successor and McKey's body will be disposed of." Niklaus used the word matter of factly. "I should explain" Krystina interrupted, "To us the Reverend Mother's soul, if you'd call it that, has already left her body, we are simply today disposing of it. We will in effect free the water in her body and return it to the desert." She guessed that wouldn't make sense and so began explaining again, "We view water as vital, we are after all originally a desert people, not a drop is wasted and our teachings say that if we supply the desert with the water of life it will one day flourish. We view the water of life as being the liquid contained within every human body, today we have techniques making that easier." "Of course" Niklaus blushed, he probably should have handled that better, "Once her water has been freed, the new Reverend Mother will perform a Spice Ceremony and omens will be taken. After that, we celebrate" Niklaus figured he could handle that part. "I know many of our ways will be foreign to you, but I suppose that is why we wanted the world to come here today, I suspect Your Majesty it builds nicely into your recent Treaty" Niklaus flashed the young Queen a smile just as the car swung up the schools drive, still groups were walking down the path to the schools mock castle gate, some people sat on blankets clearly awaiting word that the new Mother was here. Once inside the school the visiting guests where taken first to the Great Hall, "Here are the 1,000 chosen for the ceremony" Krystina whispered, on the bare wood of the Hall's floor women sat in neat rows were mumbling in unison, some visibly rocking backwards and forwards caught up in the religious fervor of the moment. "They are cleansing their minds ready for receiving the instructions of the new Reverend Mother." She then pointed to a raised platform surrounded by a red curtain, "Behind that the head of the Mothers, the Missionara, the Honored Matres and Truthsayers will be making the decision about who is to be the next leader... I suspect its a done deal" she shrugged before leading them outside to their grandstand seats, a large canopy sliding up above their seats to shield them from the Sun." "Ah, Corrino I see your taking care of our guests" a voice called from behind them, a man of similar age to Niklaus, but with a sharper more fitted suit approached, "Bryce Harkonnen, son of Duke Richard Harkon..." his voice trailed off, "Oh please forgive me, I hadn't realised I was addressing royalty" He bowed spitting on the floor as he did so towards Queen Julia, almost instantly he could see surprise of people's faces and suddenly seemed awkward. "Please Your Majesty don't take offence" Niklaus saved his noble fellow, "As I explained, water is important to us, therefore when meeting someone very important it is customary to spit at their feet, a sign that they are so important you will waste water for them." Bryce seemed to breathe a sigh of relief. "Either way accept my apology" Bryce bowed once more, this time without the spit, "Please come take a seat it's rather warm to be standing about" he pulled a chair out for Julia before extending a hand to the Minister and Ambassador from Fleur de Lys. "Don't worry I'll not spit this time" he winked at them, "When in a group we reserve that for the highest ranking, and today sadly I think a beautiful young Queen outranks most of us" he playfully slapped Ambassadrice Marginet on the shoulder before offering him a seat. "Hopefully we'll all get to become good friends before the day is out."
  10. Conor Braden, the Kaitaine Minister of Culture had taken his seat and listened to the Morheim Queen's speech, typical words for such an occasion and at least they didn't go on for too long. When everyone began signing their copies of the new treaty he gladly signed his name, a sense of pride being the first Kaitainite in a long time to sign an international treaty. Sat next to him was Lidia Ericsson and while she held no position within government she still added her own signature adding "Of the Bene Gesserit Sisterhood" to the treaty, effectively showing the agreement had the approval of the nations Head of State whom Lidia directly represented here. As requested they passed their document on, repeating the process until everything was done.
  11. OOC- Changing this slightly. Assume you're all accepted. Instead though of being done in turn, I'll set it up so that its part of a event at the school and so people can deliver their speech/talk etc in any order. If people wish to contribute feel free. Alternative Curriculum fortnight at Chapterhouse was always interesting, generally the school shut down normal lessons for all except those in the final year of their education and the 14 days were given over to "expanding the Sister's experiences" , be that with cultural events, unique experiences, visiting speakers and sports tournaments. Many of the older girls loved the time because they had a much wider choice and it also gave them some responsibility as they had helped organise parts of it. Erin McGregor was one of the "Student Helpers" who had been part of the "Expanding Minds" Programme, a selection of the great and wise from across Kaitaine would normally come and speak to the girls, their parents, interested members of the public and in some cases other academics. This year however Erin and her fellow student panelists had persuaded Lidia Ericsson, one of the chief scholars at the school, to extend the invitation globally and the returns had been interesting. The girls of the four branches of the Sisterhood all had something to grab their attention, the Mothers would be hearing from @Derthalen's Mother-Militant Leudesindal and perhaps picking up some new religious ideas. , Bill Dung, would be coming from the @Sunset Sea Islands as a Minister for Education no doubt his speech would appeal to the scholars in the Missionara, they'd also be interested in the aeronautical expert from @Prymont many of the girls taking an interest in sciences. The @Astriedantalk on record keeping would also be one the Missionara would take interest in, after all they did consider themselves rather skilled in that themselves. The school grounds were currently full of visitors, families of the students visiting, some to watch the inter-house hockey match or the Truthsayer Cadet's Drill Demonstration. There was a constant buzz similar to a kind of music festival around the school's campus that sat just outside Arrakeen clinging to a think strip of flat green land between the sea and the hills that seperated them going south east towards the interior and the desert most people associated with Kaitaine. Lidia Ericsson dressed in her Missionara Protectiva uniform waited alsong with trainee Missionara Erin McGregor, Lidia was used to meeting dignatries, usually from the Holy Houses but having married into one she found that a piece of cake, here we had heads of religions similar to their own Reverned Mother, a government minister and respected experts in their fields. The hall behind them was filling up as those scheduled to speak arrived. Each was greeting in a friendly manner by the duo and lead to a side entrance to the hall, a kind of lounge awaited, large comfy sofas, endless supplies of fruit juice, tea , coffee and snacks, including the nations famous Melange Cake awaited, "Please make yourself comfortable, if you require anything just ask, one of the girls will get you anything you need." Lidia explained as she checked they had everyone who was due to be speaking. Confident she had the blonde haired Missionara strode onto the stage, a screen behind her showing a rolling montage of the schools activities over the last twelve months, the hall went quiet. "Knowledge is the most powerful thing" Lidia began addressing the multi-aged crowd in front of her, she spotted young girls with their parents, old students returning for the occassion, she even spotted Duke Niklaus Corrino, a man considered extremely holy by the Sisterhood all sat waiting for their first guest. "As such it is our aim here to make the Sisterhood as powerful as possible, we do that by honing our bodies, our hearts and our minds to do what needs to be done for a better tommorrow. This annual event see's those on the sports field honing their bodies to be as physically perfect as possible, those engaged in the arts and charitable events are developing their hearts, while those of us in this room aim to gather the ultimate weapon in our Sisterhoods aim to save mankind and advance humanity, we seek knowledge. This year we have brought together what I am sure you'll agree is an interesting and varied series of talks, I for one can not wait for them to begin and so please welcome to the stage our first speaker." the crowd clapped politely as a photo of the speaker, their name, their topic and their official titles appeared on the screen behind them. Lidia offered a supportive smile to their guest as she exchanged places with them and took up her own seat at the side of the stage eagerly awaiting their talk.
  12. THE TRUTHSAYERS The Truthsayers are the military arm of the Bene Gesserit faith, and while they do not operate under the direct chain of command from the Armed Forces they do occasionally train alongside them on exercises and certain operations. The unit is all female and would be regarded by many across the world as a specialist light infantry / scouting force with elements of commando training. The unit has constantly evolved to ensure it is as competative as possible and at one point even had its own small air wing and a small naval section. Today however it maintains only a handful of aircraft to complement its ground based actions and one ship, largely retained for symbolic reasons. Within the Truthsayers is an elite unit known as the Swordmasters who are not openly admitted to exist. They are highly trained, operate in pairs and their identities known only to the Reverened Mother, the Commander of the Truthsayers, Commander of the Swordmasters and their partner. They are thought to number less than 50. While many Truthsayers only serve around 6-10 years after graduation they are considered a member for life and permitted to maintain weapons at home without the need for applying for a licence. They are considered permanenltly avaliable for call up. Currently there are around 1,200-1,800 active Truthsayers. The unit adopted the standardised military rank structure in 1928 in order to operate more effectively alongside their regular military counterparts. In Kaitaine the unit is seen as being placed above regular army units, and so on joint operations it is not uncommon for a regular army officer to be in command on paper yet defer to the Truthsayer for the final decisions. The current Commanding Officer of the Truthsayers is Brigadier General Elise McNamara. The Current Commanding Officer of the Swordmasters is Lt.Col Jessica Metcalffe STANDARD ISSUE EQUIPMENT TAR-21 Rifle THG17 HANDGUN CRYSTKNIFE More of a religious emblemn than a fighting tool. The crystknife is ceremonally made by all Bene Gesserit during their final year of training. Legend has it the original one was made by the hero Selim Wormrider who taught the Bene Gesserit sisterhood to fight and was made out of the tooth of giant sandworm, today however they are made by carving bone and while in some respect fragile they are still capable of being lethal. The knife of a deceased Bene Gesserit is burnt at their death. TTAC-50 SNIPER RIFLE Issued to designated snipers or for special duties. VEHICLES 50x Battlerider 10 x Scalerider 40x Dunerider 5 x Skyrider 2x Cloudrider 1x Waverider
  13. KAITAINE NAVAL SERVICE The KNS was formed in 1791 following the merging of the various Holy Houses private fleets. The KNS is seen as the "just in case" service and does not share to prestige of the Army or the glamour of the Air Force however the service is the oldest of the three forces. It also operates a small aerial arm mainly made up of helicopters. The KNS employs 43,264 Sailors full time. The Navy operates a dockyard in Arrakeen close by the Landsraad Shipyard Company who are primary contractors for the majority of the nations shipping. INVENTORY OF FRONT LINE CRAFT Class Ships in Service Armament Rapier Class Missile Sub 1. Irulan 2. Aneril 3. Chalice 4. Wensicia 4 × 21 inch (533 mm) torpedo tubes for: Spearfish heavyweight torpedoes 16 × ballistic missile tubes for: 16 Lockheed Trident II D5 SLBMs Sabre Class Attack Sub 1. Josifa 2. Rugi 3. Feyd Rautha 4. Rabban 5. Chani 6. Leto 7. Ghanima 5 × 21-inch (533 mm) torpedo tubes with stowage for up to 30 weapons: Tomahawk Block IV cruise missiles Spearfish heavyweight torpedoes Mother Class Aircraft Carrier 1.Stilgar ENTERING SERVICE OCTOBER 2018 3 × Phalanx CIWS 30-mm DS30M Mk2 guns Miniguns 10 x GR6 Kestrel's (See Air Force for Spec) 25 x F/C-4 Dingo (See Air Force for Spec) 5 x H-15 Dragonfly (See Air Force for Spec) (Two Dragonfly converted for AEW role) Arrakeen Class Amphibious Ship 1. Sheuset 2. Henoor 1 × Otobreda 76 mm gun -2 × OTO Melara KBA 25/80 mm guns 5 x H-15 Dragonfly (See Air Force for Spec) Geidi Class Amphibious Ship 1. Corrin 2. Saudir 4 × 30mm DS30M Mk2 guns 3 × Phalanx CIWS 4 × Miniguns 8 × General purpose machine guns Up to 18 Helicopter of 6 GR6 Kestrels Seitch Class Destroyer 1. Elrood 2. Alman 3. Estil 4. Rugo 5. Wensic 6. Wallach 7. Henli 8. Avelard Anti-air missiles: Sea Viper air defence system, with a 48-cell Sylver A50 VLS, for mix of up to 48: Aster 15 missiles (range 1.7–30 km) Aster 30 missiles (range 3–120 km) Anti-ship missiles: 2 × quad Harpoon launchers Guns: 1 × BAE 4.5 inch Mk 8 naval gun 2 × Oerlikon 30 mm guns 2 × Phalanx CIWS 2 × Miniguns 6 × General purpose machine guns 1x H-15 Dragonfly Helicopter Secundas Class Frigate 1. Shaddam 2. Villish 3. Harmon 4. Ezhar 5. Kalus 6. Audri 7. Ahia 8. Josif 9. Mikael 10. Esteban 11. Maria 12. Damiano 13. Kenric 14. Kenman 1 × 5-inch 54 calibre Mark 45 Mod 4 dual purpose gun 1 × 8-cell Mark 41 Mod 5 vertical launch system, firing RIM-7 Sea Sparrow 2 × 12.7-millimetre (0.50 in) machine guns 2 × Mark 32 3-tube torpedo launchers, firing Mark 46 torpedoes 1 × Vulcan Phalanx CIWS Fitted for but not with: 1 × close-in weapons system 2 × 4-canister Harpoon missile launchers 2nd Mark 41 VLS 1x H-15 Dragonfly Helicopter Gaula Class Patrol Ship 1. Kenton 2. Halleck 3. Ratibar 4. Phidais 5. Ghanim 8 × launchers for Boeing RGM-84 Harpoon Block II SSM 12 × launchers Sea Sparrow SAM 1 × OTO Melara 76 mm/62 gun 2 × 12.7 mm machine guns 4 × 323 mm (12.7 in) MU90 ASW torpedoes 60 mines Guild Class Mine Vessel 1. Dunamis 2. Costiri 3. Atreus 4. Elim 5. Liard 6. Tivenee 1 × 30mm DS30M Mark 2 2 × Miniguns 3 × General purpose machine guns Prime Missile Ship 1. Jaunvarai 2. Rauvard 3. Hajis 4. Face Dancer 5. Ghola 6. Taraza 7. Mites Teg 8. Murbella 9. Darwi 10. Odrade 11. Juipol 12. Elpek 13. Fish Speaker 14. Junction 2-4 × RGM-84 Harpoon SSMs 4 × Gabriel II SSMs 1 × OTO Melara 76 mm naval gun
  14. Conor Braden, the Kaitaine Minister for Culture stood following the @Derthalen response. "If I may make a observation, the parts that you object to I understand, however they sit in the Purpose section of the treaty, it is my belief that the issues you bring up are controlled with the Articles themselves. If I may give an example, should a Derthalen scholar believe an object found in say Kaitaine is of your culture he may bring a case before a panel of scholars in Article 8, this would be a neutral panel of experts who could make that interpretation on a case by case basis. Even that not withstanding their are cultural differences between nations, aren't there Lidia" He turned to teh Missionara Protectiva Scholar sat next to him. Lidia stood a pulled her short tunic down straight as she stood next to her Minister, "Indeed, for example in Kaitaine my family, the Fremen, we live in an area close to the coast, compare our traditions to those of the Corrino family who live on the edge of our nations deep desert and you'll see many differences. If you'll indulge me a moment, us Fremen we see water as an abundent object living by the sea so many of our rituals involve sacred washing and the like, meanwhile up in Corrino country spilling water is seen as a sin. I suspect there are similar regional differences between parts of each nation here." She sat back down. "So perhaps we can simply keep this purpose knowing that the articles outlined in the main body of the treaty protect us from further issues. Alternatively we would have no issue the Purpose section being removed and replaced with a Preamble or removed completly if it is a stumbling block." Conor explained, "Furthermore as for the second issue, that of Purpose 3, The treaty meets these aims in two ways, one is Universities establishing a facilty or curriculum to teach about other cultures, this will obviously need to fit in with local educational laws. The second way is by allowing nations to borrow artefacts from other nations as part of a series of artefact loans, if there are objects you believe your nation would find.....how shall I put this....morally unacceptable, then you simply do not loan the artefacts. I believe this should safeguard the probelms @Derthalen have. As for our part I'm excited about this treaty and find no major issues. One thing I would like to see is that at the same time as the annual conference we have a Cultural Festival, such things as a traditional sporting championship, we teach you Shinty, you teach us some Morheim game and the like, musical concerts, art exhibitions, a bidding process could be established in a similar way to many major sporting events."
  15. Kaitaine

    A New Mother

    INVITATION TO ARRAKEEN It is with deep sorrow that we announce the passing of Reverned Mother Hannah McKey. The Reverned Mother is the head of the Bene Gesserit faith, the person responsible for guiding our Sisterhood, its followers and mankind towards the goal of preparing for the next great cataclysm to face humanity. Additionally the Reverned Mother is the Head of State of the Theocracy of Kaitaine and thus holds responsibility for our nations path in the world. Over the next four days our membership will undertake ancient rituals to determine the new Reverned Mother who shall inherit the responsibility of continuing Reverned Mother McKey's good work. Never in the history of our faith and nation have foreign dignatries been invited to witness the ceremony annointing the next Reverned Mother, but as our scholars known as the Missionara Protectiva have ruled it is now important that our faith, our nation and our minds explore the wider world. While this is a sad day it is also a day for celebration, a new Reverned Mother presents new oppurtunities, new guidance and it is hoped on this occassion new friends. We therefore hope that you will accept our inviation to attend this ceremony and begin a friendship with the new Reverned Mother. May you Travel with Shai Halud. Chief Scholar Abigail Hallam Arrakeen, Day of the Ceremony The city of Arrakeen clung to the coast of Kiatiane like a limpet perched between the light blue ocean and the mountains beyond, the city was blessed with a natural river delta, one of the few in Kaitaine that brought a greenery found in few places throughout the arid nation. It was a strange twist of faith that almost 1600 years ago had brought the Bene Gesserit faithful to this barren land lead by their own Reverned Mother who believed the desert had called to her. Since then they had carved out a history for themselves here, built civilisations and seen them flourish under the Four Holy Families guidance. The faith may not have spread in the way those original Celtic refugees had hoped but its roots here were unshakable and deep. The nation had spent the last four days in mourning, both men and women coming from afar to the school that marked the centre of the faith, the legendary Chapterhouse. There at the gate sat a giant stone arch made in the symbol of the Bene Gesserit faiths emblemn, each of the pilgrims placed a single flower at the foot, these being cleared daily by the Sisterhoods military guard known as the Truthsayers, four of the women wearing their black dress uniform stood rigidly on guard next to the statue. It was easy enough to spot the women who had through their life attended the school, some had arrived dressed in their old uniform, some now rather ill fitting 3o years after the Sister had graduated. Each of them waited patiently in line, some talking with former classmates before they reached the arch, there they reached to their belt and removed a smooth white knife, the Crystknife, a symbol of the Sisterhoods membership. Legend had it that it was what contained the spirit of a Bene Gesserit Sister, the holder making it out of a single piece of bone during her final year at the school. Each woman knicked their thumb or finger and touched it to the arch, giving their own blessing to the outgoing Reverned Mother. Within the walls of the school building the large hall was filling up with those members of the Sisterhood who had been invited, 1000 or so women from the past, present and future of the faith, 250 from each of the four branches, the Mother's their long black flowing robes and smooth shaved heads, the Missionara Protectiva in their blue tunics gold buttons glinting as brightly as the heads of the Mothers, next in line where the Truthsayers, their black jackets and ceremonial rifles making them stand out as the faiths paramilitary, the final group where the red uniformed Honored Matres, those given the role of concubines to the Bene Gesserit nobility and the care of those attending the school. They sat in blocks of their group cross legged on the floor, each muttering prayers over and over. Outside there was a giant green lawn, a large number of chairs had been placed at, sitting there would be a nightmare when the sun reached its epoch but that was not where the dignitaries were sat, the wall of the school, designed to mimic an old castle battlement, had seen seating erected with canopies to shield them from the intense sun that was sure to come. The centre of the lawn so a platform surrounded by rope on three sides, four chairs sat there, one higher and more elaborate than the rest. One of the biggest issues was who to send to the airport, with the nation being governed on a day to day basis by a council of four nobles drawn from what the Sisterhood called the Four Holy Houses competition to meet and greet the foreign guests was fierce. Eventually a compromise had been reached, Niklaus Corrino, the Duke of Seitch had been selected, he was considered by the Bene Gesserit the most Holy of the Four Houses and the Corrino's had long tried to maintain a neutrality between the others. He was joined however by Krystina Garner, the daughter-in-law of Duke Richard Harkonnen, while connected to the 2nd Most Holy House she was also a Major in the Truthsayers and so stood in the capacity of being the faiths representative at the airport. A phalanx of 100 Truthsayers stood either side of a black carpent edged in gold that marked where they hoped the aircraft would arrive. Beyond them was a pipe band made up of men and women from the Regular Armies units their bagpipes occasionally screeching as they kept their bags ever ready to greet a new arrival with some fitting music.
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