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  1. Morheim

    Talks in the Neo-Enclave

    Julia had a good look around the church before returning to the host. "Perhaps you'd care to start discussions soon?" she asked.
  2. Morheim

    Morheim Trade & Industry Zone

    To:- Murway-Kirk Electronics of @Sancti Imperii Catholico and Kulv Textiles of @Aluxia We are delighted to be able to confirm both of your applications. Being successful you have been allocated one of the facilities which was formally part of the whaling industry. This facility should be of suitable size and be easily converted at your leasuire to suit your purpose. We thank you for your investment and wish both of you a long and happy future in Morheim.
  3. Morheim

    Talks in the Neo-Enclave

    The Queen was a religious person but didn't find faith massively important in her everyday life. Yes she prayed and yes she made offerings when needed to the four deities but she wasn't like some of those at the Royal Palace who every other word muttered something about an omen or the like. She was surprised that her host had brought her to a Christian Church, it was hardly a faith native to Neo-Enclave and she'd have prefered to see something of the culture of her hosts rather than some global influence. "So why did your people choose to build a Church dedicated to Saint Patrick? Why not some other saint?" she asked as they entered the Church.
  4. Morheim

    Talks in the Neo-Enclave

    The Queen sat herself in the limosine and waited for her Minister to settle in beside her. "I look forward to that" Julia commented as Cynthia talked about showing them the sights. She was a student of History and Archaelogy, at least she was trying to be but in recent weeks her studies at Royal Thale University had been sadly neglected as royal duties took over her time. Her mother was still ill and since her abdication had spent most of her days seated in the Palace study watching the goings on in the plaza below only occasionally offering her young daughter advice on what to do. "So what sights shall we see?" Julia asked keen to try and get her head around who her hosts where, her lecturer at University, the well respected Professor Von Merrima always said you could understand a nation by the things it preserved and Morheim was obsessed with preserving its past, especially the old ancient libraries that dotted the country, especially the Holy Land of the Isle of Laren. She hoped anyone visiting would see the nations love of knowledge and literature and judge them by that and not the old vast forts that sat along the coast. "Perhaps you could give me some insight into your nations attitudes towards trade?" Julia asked hoping for any insight that may prove helpful.
  5. Morheim

    Talks in the Neo-Enclave

    Queen Julia was a little disappointed, this was a major diplomatic visit as far as Morheim were concerned and yet the nations Head of State wasn't there to meet them, it however wasn't going to be something that took away her intentions. What was a little more concerning was the mass military presence, she understood some nations where a little more militaristic than Morheim but to have a dozen soldiers accompanying an official welcome was a little off-putting. It made Julia consider what exactly this nation was about. They had however travelled quiet some way and so Julia and Joachim would do their best to at least come away with something. "The flight was like any good flight, uneventful" Julia responded. "I'd like to present your nation with this token of friendship" With perfect timing Joachim handed her a small light brown polished wood box. Inside where four small statues each carved out of different mineral stones of different colours, black, brown, blue and red. "They represent each of the deities of our faith, its considered good luck to have all four within your home" she closed the lid once more and handed them over to her host. "Thank you for extending your invite."
  6. Morheim

    Talks in the Neo-Enclave

    Queen Julia the Younger had been rather surprised to receive the invite from a nation they had little contact with previously but Morheim was a nation that valued the concept of free trade and so this was not an oppurtunity they wanted to pass up. Julia was also keen to extend her nations diplomatic network so far she'd managed to host a few nations which had seen the creation of the Treaty for Cultural and Historical Exchange, so far only Kaitaine and Derthalon had signed it but she still held out hopes of other nations joining up. That though would have to wait for a future occasion this trip was all about business which was why Trade Minister Joachim Volkstein had joined her. The pair chatted about their hopes for the meeting ahead, then about the upcoming Thale football Derby, the Queen was a fan of Thale FC while her finance minister supported their cross town rivals Thale 76. It was shaping up to be a rather heated match in a weeks time and the Queen fully intended to be there. It was only as the aircraft began it descent that the pair returned their focus to matters at hand exchanging the last few pieces of advice. As the wheels touched down and the aircraft slowed to a gentle stop Julia straightened up her tie, slung her suit jacket on and made her way outside ready to meet her host nations welcoming committte. Two members of her nations Light Scouts, a unit that provided the nations ceremonial guards as well as a commando force waited in their dark green dress uniform at the bottom. They saluted their Queen as she passed by and Julia thanked them before waiting for her host.
  7. Morheim

    Morheim Trade & Industry Zone

    We are delighted to confirm that the following companies have been accepted by MTIZ and that we eagerly await their involvement. United Manufacturing, International Dniester National Nuclear Corporation (so long as workers are recruited locally) Bulgenstazi Cultural Arts Foundation Hani Motors Group We wish each of them all the best for their endeavours in the future.
  8. Morheim

    Morheim Trade & Industry Zone

    We are delighted to be able to confirm your application is successful and that you have been allocated one of the facilities which was formally part of the whaling industry. This facility should be of suitable size and be easily converted at your leasuire to suit your purpose. We thank you for your investment and wish the Sato Corporation a long and happy future in Morheim.
  9. Morheim

    Request Return of Island

    Hi, spotted my island has been removed from Morheim between map updates. Can I get it back please. Its supposed to be a holy island thats part of my nations lore
  10. Morheim

    Morheim Trade & Industry Zone

    To Menin Industries We are delighted to be able to confirm your application is successful and that you have been allocated one of the facilities which was formally part of the whaling industry. This facility should be of suitable size and be easily converted at your leasuire to suit your purpose. We thank you for your investment and wish Menin Industries a long and happy future in Morheim.
  11. Morheim

    Morheim Trade & Industry Zone

    To Sato Corporation While we are thrilled to receive your application and would normally be delighted to accept your application the conditions of being permitted to be based in the MTIZ is that no more than 10% of the workforce be non-Morheimians. Therefore with estimates of 500 visiting workers and an overall staff of 1000 this is well above our permitted range. Should the number of foreign workers be 100 or less then we would gladly welcome your involvement in this project.
  12. Morheim

    Morheim Trade & Industry Zone

    The Morheim Trade and Industry Zone is due to open in early 2019 and will be a new chapter in the trading relations of the nation of Morheim. The Zone will be open to any foreign company which is hoping to find a place to manufacture goods. It is based on the coast of Morheim some 25km from the Eastern boarder. The Zone is located in the town of Aisfeld which is a former Whaling Port which is currently capable of offloading container ships but will be expanded over the coming year to make it even more efficient and able to rival the port of Thale. Additionally there are many different units that used to support the whaling industry that could easily be converted to manufacturing use. There will be benefits given to companies who wish to invest To qualify to invest a company must agree to the following. 1. They must ensure that 80% of any manufacturing process is completed in MTIZ 2. They must employ at least 200 Morheimians. 3. No more than 10% of the work force may be foreign nationals. 4. All goods manufactured must conform to the health and safety rules of Morheim. In return for investment companies will be given the following benefits. 1. No import tariffs on materials or goods brought to the zone for the manufacturing process. 2. No land taxes for 10 years. 3. Fast track visas for employees of the investing company. This will allow staff and skilled workers to be regular visitors to the site. 4. No customs checks on goods manufactured in MTIZ. It is our hope that a wide variety of companies will invest in the zone within the first few months. Should the zone prove to be popular then it shall be expanded as the site is modified and upgraded. Companies wishing to invest should complete the application form below. Name of Company:- Who are you? Type of Business: - What does the company do? Nation of Origin:- Where is your HQ. What is to be manufactured at MTIZ? What is getting made. Number of Workers to be recruited locally:- Number of visiting workers to be based there:- COMPANIES BASED IN MTIZ 1. Menin Industries, established 14/11/2018 2. Sato Corporation, established 14/11/2018 3. United Manufacturing, International, established 15/11/18 4. Dniester National Nuclear Corporation, established 15/11/18 5. Bulgenstazi Cultural Arts Foundation, established 15/11/18 6. Hani Motors Group, established 15/11/18 7. Murway-Kirk Electronics, established 3/12/18 8. Kulv Textiles , established 3/12/18 9. 10. 11. 12. 13. 14. 15.
  13. Morheim

    The Morheim Crown Chronicle

    QUEEN ANNOUNCES NEW TRADE ZONE Queen Julia today has announced that there would be the construction of the Morheim Trade and Industry Zone (MTIZ) in order to promote international trade. The Queen was speaking on a morning news programme when she outlined the plan. "We will be using the former Whaling Port of Aisfeld, it will be renovated and the old industrial areas which were once dedicated to the support of the Whaling industry will be converted into small factory units. The hope is to help secure foreign investment for manufacturing industries. What the plan is based on is creating jobs. I have agreed that any company establishing a unit there and employing more than 200 Morheimians and having 80% of a manufacturing process take place there will be exempt import duties. We will additionally give each company fast track visas should they take up this opportunity, no more than 10% of any workforce may be foreign nationals but they will be able to regularly come over for meetings, inspections and the like. The fact this place will have a dedicated deep water port will make for speedy importation of goods and the removal of tariffs is hopefully going to be very attractive." After the interview detailed plans were released that show that the MTIZ will feature fifteen units which can be converted to various uses and are all within 3km of the port which will be modified over the next twelve months. A spokesman for MTIZ explained, "The port can be used now but is not as high volume as we want it to be, we'll be adding extra cranes and removal equipment to allow all companies to be able to access their goods speedily. We hope the first of the new units will be taken up by foreign companies within the next few months."
  14. Morheim

    A Voyage Towards the Present

    1961, Centre of the Adlantic Ocean, The Kraken The crew onboard the Majestic had risen with the sun, no sooner had it poked its first shaft of gold over the horizon the crew where on deck. It was routine that they'd gone through many times in the past few weeks but today there was a sense of expectation and nervousness in the air. The Kraken was a vessel that had developed over many years of gaining experience, it at first glance looked like a small submarine save for the bulbous sphere at the bottom. It was this sphere that would keep its two man crew of Phillipe Jancker and Raynard Holer safe, at least that was the plan. No one had ever gone as deep as they planned to today, and the 5inch thick metal walls at least theoretically would keep them alive. Add to that the intricate system of rebreathers, air tanks, scrubbers and buoyancy tanks and that made The Kraken one of the most sophisticated vessels the Morheim Royal Dockyards had ever made. It took most of the Morning to check and recheck the vessel until eventually at around 11am Phillipe and Raynard squeezed themselves into the pressure chamber. A hiss indicated that they were now sealed in and a tiny little viewing hole was their only way to see the outside world, A face appeared before it, the chief engineer Henri Savine, he smiled gave them a thumbs up and when he saw it returned waved them farewell. The sub was placed gently in the water and with a few twists of dials and flicks of switches the descent began. There was the obvious clinks and clatters as the sub made its way down, all the time the pair watching the needle of the instruments. They knew deep down that should something go wrong they'd die, but this was science and was worth the risk in their eyes. Man had been trying to conquer space for a while now and no-one had dared attempt what they were doing today. Almost five hours later they felt the vessel hit the bottom and they both breathed a sigh of relief, for the last thirty minutes there had been ominous knocks and bangs. The plexiglass window had even cracked an outer pane shaking the whole vessel and making each man nervously grasp something expecting an impending death, but the pane had held back the water and now through the tiny glass hole the glow of their subs light illuminated the ocean floor some 10,916meters below the waves. The men shook hands, it had worked, despite the cold temperature inside they felt a warmth of achievement wash over them. They checked their air supplies and then out of habit radioed in, they laughed about their attempt realising it was worthless, but then 14 seconds after their attempt a voice came back from the surface. In the background they could hear the crews cheers at the news of success, although Phillipe and Raynard may have been the crew this had been a task years in the making that had seen hundreds involved. They sat for a while watching the outside world wondering what life they'd see if any, eventually a few flat fish emerged in the gloom, they looked like small sole and flounder but the thickness of the window meant it was hard to tell, it did however prove life could exist at these depths and that was a discovery in itself. It was time, Raynard released some of the ballast the ship began its ascent back through the gloom and into the surface world. They sat nervously once more through all the clinks, clangs and bangs as the 3hour and 15 minute ascent began, and then finally they broke the surface. They heard clanging as the crews rescue divers clambered onboard to fix the hooks that would swing them back onto deck. The hatch popped open and Henri was there his big bear paw like hand reaching down into the narrow space and shaking both of their hands. He clambered back up one of the lifting chains as nimble as a monkey and leapt onto the deck. The Kraken was lifted and gently placed on the deck and the two men helped out, it felt strange being back on the deck and the cramped confines of the ship meant it took some time to shake out the stiffness of limbs, the Champagne being handed around helped. Other nations may look to the stars but Morheim had just taken a look at the deeps and in the eyes of Raynard and Phillipe that was every bit as special.
  15. Morheim

    A Voyage of Discovery - Open

    The Royal Scientific Institutes Head of Ocean Studies, Dr. Katarina Maydorft stood on the quay side looking at the vessel, the final touches were being put together but she could already see the shape of it. The ship stood like a giant sail poking through the waves that gently buffeted it. Beneath the waves she knew that much more of the vessel existed, a perfectly designed ship to allow her and those recruited from across the globe to observe the ocean depths. It was a unique project and she couldn't wait to welcome those willing to join her. She made her way to her office and pulled out a folder of personnel files telling her about the crew. She'd meet them all in a weeks time when the ship's grand unveiling was carried out by her nations own Queen, a ceremony that was exciting her. OOC - So I essentially plan a wander around the world looking at weird fish and stuff. Chance for a bit of a character driven RP. Everyone welcome. Name:- Nationality:- Age:- Qualifications Relevent to Expedition:- Experience Relevent to Expedition:- What can you add to our voyage:- Why do you wish to join our team:-