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  1. Morheim

    UENA Nations League

    Morheim has a fine semi-professional football league but I'm happy being the Faroe Isles of the UENA if possible.
  2. Morheim

    The Morheim Crown Chronicle

    QUEEN SUCCEEDS IN FIRST INTERNATIONAL TREATY Moments ago Queen Julia the Younger signed the Treaty for Cultural and Historical Exchange, the first international treaty to be created in Morheim. The 20 year old monarch fully assumed her duties around six months ago following the abdication of her Mother on health grounds. The nature of the treaty is to ensure the preservation and study of historical sites and artefacts across the globe, and support other nations in their endeavours, hopefully leading to more cultural understanding between nations. The contents of the first attempt by the Queen to forge a treaty shouldn't be a surprise as she is completing the study of her combined History and Archaeology degree on a part time basis. The treaty will enable Morheim scholars to visit sites globally, as well as host visiting exhibitions from partners across the world. The signing ceremony which is still underway was held in the plaza outside the Royal Palace in Thale and was well attended by the media, scholars and invited guests. The Queen gave a short speech before signing the document, so far the ceremony has seen @Kaitaine and @Derthalen add their signatures and it is hoped many other nations will in the moments that follow. The Queen did however present an interesting spectacle, the 20 year old is rather fashion conscious and opted to wear a suit, shirt and tie for the signing, something that has become a trademark, normally these are immaculately made and it is well known the Queen has staff check the state of them before appearing in public. This time however there was a large white mark on the sleeve, leading many experts to think the negotiations for the treaty must have been only just completed before the signing meaning Queen Julia had no chance to change before hand.
  3. Queen Julia took her guests into one of the Palace's lounges, it was full of old books which hardly ever left the shelves and two giant tapestries hung on the wall. Various members of the Palace staff popped in and out bringing either trays of goodies, pots of tea and speaking to the Queen about the arrangements being made. Outside in the giant plaza that fronted the Palace a long narrow table was being set up, each of the nations represented here. In front of the table rows of seats had been set up to allow the media and various invited guests. On the front steps of the Palace a harpist was tuning up preparing to provide some background to the event about to take place. As the sun began its downward descent it was time for the signing ceremony. One of the young Queen's staff entered the room and spoke loudly, "Your Majesty, esteemed guests, we are ready for the signing ceremony." With that the Queen stood and held the door for the others before following them back through the corridors. As she made her way out the front door of the Palace and past the harpist she noted how the spectators stood respectfully, Julia nodded her thanks and then made her way to the seat behind the Morheim flag. The others had been seated and the Queen checked the microphones were on before addressing the media. "Today we will see the formation of the TCHE, Treaty for Cultural and Historical Exchange. It will be the first undertaking of its type, a chance for mankind to work together side by side to expand our knowledge of the past. It is through better understanding of where we came from that we may break down barriers between nations. I look forward to working with those sat beside me today in ensuring the success of this endeavour." With that she sat down and picked up the pen that sat in front of her positioned on a thick creamy piece of paper. Along with the others she picked up the pen and signed her name before handing the document to her left, meanwhile an aide took the parchment from the far left individual and walked it back to the far end, a rotation of the copies of the treaty would see each able to take their own copy home. Julia leaned back in her chair pleased with how things had gone. OOC- Anyone feel free to sign
  4. Queen Julia was running a mixture of feelings, it seemed that her treaty had largely meet with approval of those who attended, but that was the problem, what Julia had hoped would become a beacon for international co-operation was a little light on the ground, all that could be hoped for now was more nations would join later down the line. The young Queen shuffled her papers as she though for a moment, "Having taken on board the comments of those around the table I think we have an agreement." She tapped a button and on the projector screen a new copy of the treaty appeared. "If people are happy with that then we can arrange a signing ceremony of sorts later this evening." OOC- Unless stated otherwise I'll set up a signing ceremony Monday or Tuesday
  5. Morheim

    The Morheim Crown Chronicle

    ISLE OF LAREN TO BECOME WILDLIFE SANCTUARY The Isle of Laren which lies off the Southern coast of Morheim is set to become a massive wildlife sanctuary. The island which is considered sacred to members of the Elementium faith is to ban hunting, fishing and capturing of wild animals. It is hoped that the protection will help Morheim fish stocks as well as create tourism on the island which is home to 1000 people. Legend tells that the island was the first land created when the Four Gods came together and that all living creatures originated either on its land or in it's seas. The move has been pushed for by the islanders for the last five years and Queen Julia, as head of the Elementium faith, has agreed. There can now be no fishing within 1 mile of the island, something experts say will help replenish fish stocks in the area as the islands rocky shores will provide a safe haven for young fish to grow up. The island is also home to a massive Deer population, some of which have been traditionally hunted for their meat. This practice too will stop on the island, except for once a year when vetenery experts will assess the island herd and cull any numbers above that which can be supported, something one expert said is "highly unlikely". The Island is due to be visited by the Queen in the coming days as she inspects the repair to the Island's Temple which had its roof damaged in a storm around 6 months ago. The 700 year old Temple is the oldest still in use in the nation.
  6. Morheim

    Queendom of Morheim

    THE 1st LIGHT SCOUTS The 1st Light Scouts are the nations elite military unit and do not permit anyone to join directly. They have a rigourous selection and training procedure. The 1st Light Scouts is made up of around 800 Scouts. To become a Scout you must first serve at least 5 years in the military and then pass an intensive 31 week training and selection period. After that any member of the unit can veto your entry by placing your name on the base doors. Once enlisted in the unit you are on probation for 12 months. SELECTION PROCESS Stage 1 - Application A potential Scout must have served a minimum of five years in any branch of the military. To apply they must receive a nomination from two officers and then pass an interview with a Scout NCO. After the initial NCO interview the candidate undergoes various aptitude tests and psychological profiling. Stage 2 - Scout Orientation (1week) Candidates are required to make their way to the units HQ where the course takes place. Candidates undertake a map and compass test, a swimming test, a first aid test and a combat fitness test. Each day features a "Sergeants Adventure" which is some form of adapted run, such as combat run from an unknown location back to HQ. Each day sees distances, weights carried and difficulty of terrain increase. Stage 3 - Fitness and Navigation (4 weeks) This section starts with basic fitness tests, a 2.4km run to be completed in under 9mins30 seconds, followed immediatly by 45 press ups and 55 sit ups to be completed in two minutes each. Each week follows a "Trial" at the end. These are tests designed to see a candidates progress and time limits vary dependent on local conditions. Week 1 - 15km run complete with kit Week 2 - The Figure of 8. A 24km march to be completed while reading a map and carrying 18kg rucksack, 5kg rifle and each Scout must be in possession of a litre of water when they finish. Week 3 -Endurance - Using a hand sketched map the Scout must cover 35km carrying 18kg of kit, 5kg rifle and radio. They must navigate from RV to RV meeting an instructor at each stage. Week 4 - The Long Drag - A 65km navigated route march to be completed in around 20 hours. Candidates must use map and compass to navigate between memorised Grid References where a NCO is waiting. The Scouts rucksack must weigh 25kg upon completion and a standard issue rifle must be carried. Stage 4 - Initial Continuation Training (14 weeks) This consists of detailed and realistic training in weapon handling, vehicle handling, demolitions and small unit patrol tactics. The candidates are assessed each day and any failing to make progress return to their unit immediately. Stage 5 - Alpine Training (6 weeks) Alpine training is usually carried out in the icey Alps with candidates allocated to a four man patrol, each patrol supervised by a serving Scout NCO. Cold and rain are persistent, potentially demoralising the candidate, and skin contusions, frost bit, hypothermia and blisters must be cared for due to the risk of infection. Training includes winter survival, patrol techniques, navigation, ski handling, camp and observation post techniques, contact drills and medicine. The final test encompasses these skills, where all things that have been learned must be applied correctly in a tactical environment. Any candidate thought not to be making progress is returned to their unit. Stage 6 - S.E.R.E Skills(survive, escape, resist, exfil) (5 weeks) Using skills learned so far the potential Scout receives detailed training in Survival skills, Escape and evasion, resistance to capture and exfiltration. Any candidate thought not to be making progress is returned to their unit. Week four see's Scouts given ill fitting 1960's equipment and a hand drawn map. They are to evade capture while travelling between checkpoints with a Hunter force chasing them. Once caught or upon reaching the final checkpoint they are "captured", often realistically, and taken to the Army's interegation centre. There they undertake a week of interegation where giving anything other than "Name, Rank, Number, Date of Birth and "Sorry I can't answer that question" " results in a fail. Candidates are exposed to sleep deprivation, extreme heat and cold, starvation, dehydration and other forms of mental torture. Stage 7 - War Games (1week) Potential Scouts are attached to a patrol preparing for deployment to a live theatre. Here the recruit experiences day to day life as a Scout and is expected to be able to integrate within a patrol. The exact nature of this stage depends very much on the operational deployment of the patrol. The NCO of the patrol may return the candidate to their unit at any time. Final Parade During the final parade candidates who have passed so far are placed on parade with the whole of the unit that is not deployed. During the parade they are presented with their Blue and white Beret unless a serving member of the Scout's veto's their entrance to the Unit. Probation (12months) During this time the Scout serves as a member of the 1st Light Scouts, upon completion of the Probation period the patrol they have served on vote as to whether to give them their full blue beret. A majority decision is taken, if they vote to not present the full blue beret the Scout is returned to their original unit.
  7. Morheim

    Queendom of Morheim

    THE ARMY Headquarters:- Royal Palace Morheim Commanding Officer:- Field Marshall Hendrik Aarse Active Soldiers:- Approx 278,000 Reservists:- Approx 103,000 STANDARD ISSUE WEAPONRY Weapon Issued to Role AR8 - Longbow Front Line Infantry Assault Rifle AR7 - Javelin Non Front Line Units Assault Rifle (being withdrawn) SMG8 Crossbow Vehicle Crews Sub Machine Gun HG5 Kern All Troops Handgun SR-8 Firebolt Snipers Sniper Rifle GPMG 3 Stormer Squad Issue Light Machine Gun MM3- Watchman Designated Marksman Marksman Rifle Hawk MANPADS Squad Issue MANPADS Bear ATW Squad Issue ATW COMBAT VEHICLES Vehicle Role No.in Service Ratan MBT Main Battle Tank 400 Lion ATMC Anti Tank System 300 Rogue Armoured Fighting Vehicle 220 Stalker Armoured Fighting Vehicle 670 Boxcar Armoured Personnel Carrier 1100 Cheetah Armoured Personnel Carrier 650 Squirral Armoured Recce Vehicle 330 Rhino Infantry Mobility Vehicle 150 Swiftfoot Infantry Mobility Vehicle 65 Surefoot Infantry Mobility Vehicle 35 Tusker Infantry Mobility Vehicle 2800 Wasp SPH Self Propelled Howitzer 120 Hornet SPH Self Propelled Howitzer 80 Firebrand Towed Howitzer 110 Ballista Multiple Launch Rocket System 60 Spear Point Medium to Long Range ABM/SAM 25 Shield Wall C-RAM 30 Starstrike Mobile SAM 35 Alligator Attack Helicopter 50 IN SERVICE BUT CLASSIFIED Vehicle Role No.in Service X8 Guided Missile Carrier 35 X11 Unmanned ground vehicle 100 LSV Commando Strike Vehicle 100 Multi X short range surface-to-air and anti-tank platform 10 Air X Commando Air Vehicle 25
  8. Morheim

    A New Mother

    Queen Julia was nervous, this was her first real overseas visit as a Head of State and she was unsure what was going to happen. She remembered speaking with her mother when she was younger about some of her visits and they had always been rather simple affairs, fly into somewhere, pose for photos, shake some hands, then do your best to be nice to your hosts in the hopes that it'd give you and the people of Morheim a new opportunity or something. This was however different by the end of today she would be witnessing the birth of a new Head of State as well as a Head of a religion. Julia had tried her best to find out about the faith when she first had the invitation and had made a visit to her old tutor at Royal Thale University, he'd been an expert in religious history and if anyone could give her some insight into this foreign faith it would be him, but even he was struggling to give her any concrete answers, what he did do though was introduce her to a student called Jessica Meakin, a 21 year old Undergraduate who just so happened to be a member of the Bene Gesserit's Missionara Protectiva. Julia had invited the Kaitainite to the Palace and enjoyed hearing about this faith, it seemed strange that such a structured religion could have developed while having no real orthodoxy in its teachings. Julia had tried to make the most of every insight she'd been given and had even considered inviting Jessica along as some kind of cultural adviser but then considered it may be bad form taking one of their own people along as her staff. Instead she had selected to bring along one of her old school friends, the eldest daughter of the Duke of Ruddesheim, Charlotte Brandel. The pair had been classmates all the way through grammar school and Charlotte had then gone off to join the Air Force as a fighter pilot, or that had been the aim until she'd been diagnosed as having low blood pressure and as such found herself now flying helicopters, Julia still saw Charlotte as a kind of sounding board for things and so had relished the chance to have the Pilot Officer with her. As their aircraft touched down Julia checked her appearance in one of the state rooms onboard, she selected a black tie with thin yellow diagonal stripes and checked the note and length ensuring it touched the top of her belt buckle perfectly. She slipped the black suit jacket on and returned to the cabin just in time to see the aircraft's door open. Charlotte stood aside holding Julia's briefcase, for the purpose of appearences Charlotte would be filling in as the Queen's aide for this visit and so followed her monarch down the short flight of four steps and onto the tarmac of Kaitaine. Julia heard the Morheim national anthem begin and stopped still placing her hand on her heart with her thumb tucked in, a sign of her Elementium faith, beside her Charlotte held a salute, no doubt the press would be somewhere taking their photo and Julia new back home the importance of patriotism. The music faded and she strode forward with her "aide" beside her, the large military turn out looked impressive and Julia extended a hand towards Duke Niklaus as she approached, she had learned the faces of the Holy Houses and smiled saying, "Duke Niklaus, thank you for such a warm welcome"
  9. OOC - I'm assuming anyone who is interested has actually arrived. Queen Julia glanced around the large hollow square of tables that had been arranged, each nation had been provided with seats for their representatives, each had been provided with a black leather folder, their own flag embossed on the front, inside a copy of the draft treaty that Julia had written along with a few advisers. She gripped the edge of the table and stood up, keeping her self focused by the tight grip on the table, she could feel her legs wobble a little as it was the first time she'd spoke to dignatries outside of her nation. "Good morning" She began clearing her throat first with a cough. "I'd like to thank you all for agreeing to come, I know in the past Morheim has been a mere passenger in global affairs, content to watch events from the sidelines, refusing to take sides and happy to keep ourselves to ourselves. These things can not be allowed to continue, we are not a people with Imperialist dreams, nor do we wish to seek to control the world, what we wish is to be partners in greatness, we are a nation that values education, science, culture and loves our traditions. That is not to say we do not appreciate the culture and traditions of others, just we need to open ourselves to it. With that in mind I hope others will share our vision and join with us to create this new global organisation. I know many of you will have read the draft treaty, and I wish to reassure you that it is exactly that, a draft, I therefore open the floor to suggestions." She sat down breathing a sigh of relief as she did so.
  10. Queen Julia was pleased to welcome the next few delegations, things were going far better than she had hoped, and letters from various others indicated that more were to follow. She settled down on a sofa in the lounge having introduced the delegates from Fleur de Lys and the Sunset Sea Islands to those already arrived she poured herself a coffee and took a seat. She was unsure how to proceed, for some reason she'd imagined that they'd all just somehow magically arrive at the conference table next door and things would begin, she hadn't realised the arrivals would be so spread out. She took a sip of her coffee, it was far too warm and her tongue was burnt by the dark liquid, she wished she'd added some milk now to at least take away the burning edge of the coffee. She did her best to not react and calmly placed the cup and saucer back on the coffee table that sat between the horseshoe of sofas , "I must say I'm excited to begin these talks, not only is it a first for our nation to host such an event, but its my first real royal event, I figure if your going to do it, then better go big yes?" she asked rhetorically realising she may sound a little unsure of herself. That wasn't the case at all, it was just that she knew so much rested on this, the first impression of her nation for one. She sat for a moment or two thinking what she should do and praying to the four Gods that someone would come and tell her that everyone was here and they could begin, her mind had been over and over her opening remarks for an hour or so by now and she just wanted to get it out of her. "I'm hopeful today will be positive, I know my people here are looking forward to meeting many of the worlds folk and sharing with them our history, and likewise visiting many interesting new places. If i was to visit what should be the first thing to see in your homelands?" She figured getting them to talk about their homes would be a good way of passing the time.
  11. Morheim

    An offer to Gallambria

    To the Government of @Gallambria While I am only to aware that in the past our nation has remained silent following incidents on the international stage I can not allow this to continue. We feel that if we are to be a part of the wider international community we must act in a responsible and friendly manner towards all nations. With this in mind let me first extend our nations condolences following the loss of life caused by the recent Earthquake. Such tragedies are ones that we feel we must offer support for and we believe we stand in a position to do so. Our nation has an island community off our coast who sadly regularly experience flooding. As a way of attempting to support this group we have stockpiled supplies of water, non-perishable food, medical supplies, generators and many other items that we believe would be useful. If you believe that these supplies could be of support in your time of need we can arrange for them to be flown to your nation within the next 24 hours. We would furthermore ask if there are other ways in which we can support your people at this time, such as sending medical teams, engineering equipment and the like. As a nation we send our best wishes for you and your people during this difficult time. Best Regards Queen Julia of Morheim.
  12. Morheim

    The Morheim Crown Chronicle

    QUEEN TO OFFER EMERGENCY FLOOD SUPPLIES TO GALLAMBRIA[/center] In an announcement this morning Queen Julia the Younger announced that it is her intention to have the government offer the nation of Gallambria, who have recently experienced an Earthquake. The nation keeps a warehouse of bottled water, non-perishable food stuffs, generators and various other emergency supplies in case the island community on Rokeveen or nearby coastal areas get flooded. The warehouse has not been used for around two years as new flood defences have yet to be challenged, leading some to say the Queen is sacrificing reserves that may yet be needed. This however was challenged by one of the National Emergency Response Team (NERT) who said, "Last time Rokeveen flooded we transported everything the population there would need for just over two weeks, we used around 35% of the stockpile that we have in place because this occurrence is so common people are prepared." The Queen explained her move saying, "Disasters like flooding we can predict and defend against, one's that Gallambria is experiencing we largely can't. For a long time we would have been content to sit and send them our condolences, perhaps a few people would have changed their Facebook status, or tweeted. Few would have done anything of any practical use and Morheim would have watched from a far. We have the resources ready to, not wave a magic wand and solve or their problems, but to at least try and make sure no one dies from things like cholera or starvation. Our faith teaches us to try and ensure balance exists, how can it exist when we have supplies for a disaster and we do nothing." The move was applauded by the Elementium faith, the leading Priestess saying. "Nature sends these disasters to test whether in the face of adversity will mankind join together as one. For too long we have spoken in our places of prayer about helping the needy, helping the starving and the poor. We do that but only on a national level, the Gods do not work nationally, they work throughout the Universe, and so our response to these issues must be placed where it is needed not where it is easiest." The Queen is expected to write a letter to the government of Gallambria formally offering this support in the coming hours.
  13. Morheim

    The Morheim Crown Chronicle

    CROWN PRINCESS BEATRIX TO JOIN HASTANSTADT MILITARY ACADEMY Royal Press Secretary Malcolm Van Tucke today confirmed that the Queen's younger sister, and current heir to the throne, Crown Princess Beatrix will be attending the much venerated Hanstanstadt Military Academy to continue her studies once she reaches the age of 18. The youngster has been a member of the nation's Air Training Corps youth group since the age of 13 and currently holds the rank of Cadet Flight Sergeant in her school's squadron. She was photographed just two weeks ago taking part in the ATC's annual drill competition where her unit came third, and her Commanding Officer has in the past described her as, "a talented young leader willing to get her hands dirty." Princess Beatrix has spoken before of her desire to join the Air Force as an Engineer and did a period of work experience with 14 Squadron last summer where she helped maintain their heavy transport aircraft. Hanstanstadt Military Academy offers students aged between 18-25 the opportunity to study a wide variety of subjects to degree level while at the same time building upon skills required by the regular armed forces. The Academy is not part of the Armed Forces directly but through its Alumni and various connections, it is able to boast of extremely close links with the services, over the last 10 years 91% of students passing through the Academy have gone on to work either in the Armed Forces or within the Defence Industry. Crown Princess Beatrix has elected to study Aeronautical Engineering and will join the Academy at the end of February. The move is supported by her elder Sister, Queen Julia who said, "The armed forces are a vital part of our nation and while I don't think I would have thrived in the military environment I respect massively anyone who can. My sister has always been interested in aircraft and I think she'll be an asset to the Air Force." Meanwhile, the pair's elder brother, Prince Isaac, who is currently serving as a helicopter navigator on HMNV Victory, said: "My sister should have joined the Navy, but I am proud that soon she'll join me in uniform and make a very fine officer."
  14. Julia was a little taken a back, she had never really thought the world would be so willing to accept an invitation from a nation that had ignored so many it had received over the year. Of course they'd sent people to state events in other nations, funerals, coronations, the odd memorial and the like but they'd ignored conferences and multi national organisations. Julia was simply relieved that the rest of the world seemingly didn't hold a grudge against them for doing so. First to arrive was the delegates from Qardania, she felt slightly sorry for the children outside who had clearly put a lot of effort into learning about the lands that would be visiting them but she guessed it was hard to be positive around strange children after a long flight. She escorted them through the Palaces marble lined corridor, carved images of mythical beasts decorated the doors and archways, between them hung portraits of various members of the royal family throughout history. As they walked towards the lounge which was adjacent to the conference room that was now having last minute checks for its layout they passed a small circular hall, an area you could often find Palace staff gossiping or relaxing. Today though Julia's younger sister, the 15 year old Beatrix was sat on the ground throwing a sponge ball that the families second husky, Kimbo happily chased after. Seeing the group the dog trotted over to Julia and nuzzled at her leg as she tried to ignore him but soon he was looking for attention from Amadeus Gennaro, Julia pulled him away and he was once more distracted by the ball. "Sorry, Kimbo is very inquisitive, he can be a nightmare at times" she added, "Please come inside." she pushed open a heavy oak door to reveal a room that was a little out of place from the old architecture. It was a series of modern black leather sofa's and a solid wood floor polished to a bright shine with a series of patterned rugs strewn. A low coffee table sat in a horseshoe of the sofa's with various coffee pots and the like already out. "We have regular coffee, freshly brewed, if you prefer we can find some other blends if you want anything special, a drop of whiskey even maybe?" she suggested. Before she could settle down herself she was told the Kaitainites had arrived and so she made her way back, stopping briefly to tell Beatrix to take Kimbo somewhere else before making her way to the Palace entrance. Julia was aware of this nations control by this Bene Gesserit faith, the religion itself was a mystery to her but she knew enough to know that the group had its own scholars, one of whom was already here. Julia felt pleased that at least one visitor would go and visit the children, and while Lidia went exploring she lead Conor Braden to the lounge. "Mr.Braden, Kaitaine Minister of Culture, this is Mr.Gennaro, foreign Minister of Qardania." she made the introductions, poured herself a coffee and prepared to take a seat and engage in her first foreign conversation in an official capacity. "I'm delighted both of you picked to come here, I was frightened my request would fall on deaf ears, I mean we've ignored enough of the world for a while, but that will change. I hope that we can become a bit more of an active force for good. This could be our start, so thank you for the opportunity" Julia tried to appear relaxed but she was unsure what the world would say about them literally ignoring crisis after crisis or conference after conference. Outside the children who had been studying the Kaitaine culture knew what the uniform Lidia wore was and had so many questions, especially the girls, "Had she fired a rifle? Did she ever ride a Sandworm? What did spice taste of?" they had so many questions about a faith that seemed so bizarre. They were also keen to show her the posters they'd made of the country and the model of a mythical sandworm they'd made. They looked around at the other stalls and felt proud that theirs was the only one being visited by a VIP.
  15. OOC- Still happy for people to join even if they've not RSVP'd It was a crisp but bright morning in Thale and preparations had been underway since just after sunrise at the the royal Palace where the Queen had commanded the conference to be prepared, she hadn't slept well the night before and the sound of groups of soldiers outside her bedroom window sweeping the plaza for what must have been the tenth time meant she was now unlikely to catch anymore sleep. She swung her feet down onto the soft shaggy carpet, letting her feet sink into it before sitting up and yawning, she slipped on her dressing gown and crossed to the window, having a sneaky look out the window she saw about 20 members of the Household Cavalry armed with brooms systematically giving the white stone paving a good scrub. One of the NCO's clearly spotted the Queen at the window and his voice could be heard, "Lads, keep the noise down, Her Maj doesn't want to hear you lot." by the time he glanced back up Julia had gone to her bedside table and looked at her eyes, there were clear signs she'd not slept well, but she guessed a quick shower, a good breakfast and some make up would sort all that out. There was a knock on the door and Julia noticed it was now 7:30am the time she'd requested her Lady in Waiting, a girl called Matilda, the daughter of some important nobleman she'd got the job purely because of her father's friendship with the former Queen. She was a nice enough girl and Julia believed the two of them could become friends. "It's open" the Queen shouted as she twisted in her seat to see Matilda walk in with a silver tray containing breakfast, and most importantly a flask of coffee. "Morning Matilda" the Queen slid aside to allow her to place the tray on the usual table. "Good Morning Your Majesty" she gave a small bow now her hands were free, "I thought I'd take the liberty of picking out some outfits while your eating breakfast....if thats ok" the pair were still forming the foundations of their relationship, while Julia was used to having servants and staff doing things for her she wasn't used to having her own human at her call 24 hours a day. It was clear what the Lady in Waiting's duties were though do everything for the Queen that wasn't important to think about leaving her free to focus on the big issues. "No, I know what I'm wearing, its hanging up in the bathroom" the Queen had picked it the night before conscious that the decision would set some tone for her rule ahead, she knew the nations media would be watching her, after all this was the first time Morheim had hosted any significant visitors for as long as anyone could remember, and if Julia played it right this meeting would see a new multi-national agency birthed, quiet an achievement for her first full week as a full time Queen. She took a few bites of toast, even smeared in jam it felt dry and tasteless and so she headed for a shower. She was going over the various welcomes she'd be expected to give and trying to recall the faces and names of the dignitaries and representatives, she knew they'd be several aides hovering around to make sure she made no mistakes but it didn't stop the butterflies doing loop the loops in her stomach. It took her about half an hour to shower, do her make up and essentially in her mind "make herself presentable" before she went and retrieved her outfit, as she emerged from the bathroom she held up two ties, "The blue or the red?" She asked Matilda who looked puzzled. "You're wearing a suit?" Matilda looked her up and down, a smart black pin stripe suit, complete with waistcoat and white shirt, where the Lady in Waiting had expected to see a pretty dress. "Yes, I'm wearing a suit and tie, so red or blue." Matilda instead spent the next twenty minutes trying to politely dissuade the Monarch who simply waited for Matilda to head to the giant walk in wardrobe before simply walking off having selected the blue tie. Several of the Palace staff bowed as she passed, and she smiled and nodded her acknowledgement back. She was supposed to be heading for the briefing room where Prime Minister Martin Dries was waiting for her, instead she swung left at the door and out onto the Plaza, some rather unexpected guardsman quickly snapped to attention as the Queen walked between them, at first they didn't recognise her, the usually long flowing blonde hair pulled back into a bun behind her head. She made her way down the steps towards the Sergeant Major, "Good Morning Sergeant Major" she called from a few paces away, he turned smartly and saluted his unexpected visitor. "I just wanted to let you and your men know they've done a fantastic job, please pass on my thanks, but I think the plaza is now as clean as it need be, if there are no more duties please stand them down." Without waiting for a response she turned and headed back inside. "Nice touch" the Prime Minister had noticed her little diversion and come to see what was happening, "Such little touches always go down well with people Your Majesty" he said proudly, when she'd unexpectedly taken the throne she had been a shy nervous little girl, and while some of that remained she was blossoming into her new role and seemed to have a common touch unseen in a few generations. The pair walked together into the briefing room where the Queen was taken through the days proceedings step by step. She nodded that she was satisfied and then elected to spend the time between now and guests arriving watching the rest of the preparations from her Royal sitting room, one of her Huskies had padded in as she watched rows of stalls being set up along the far edges of the Plaza and groups of school children arriving. A large open space still remained but she could see some children racing around playing games, meanwhile the general public where being kept well back, unlike most days when the Plaza was open to the general public. Rupert was curled up at her feet as she sat on the window seat, her hand gently reaching down rubbing the back of his neck. It was only his reaction that meant she noticed the door open, she was so lost in her thoughts. "Well Your Majesty I am off to the airport to meet our guests, I hear the first are arriving in a few moments, I just wanted to wish you the best of luck." Prime Minister Dries said giving Rupert a playful belly rub before leaving. Julia watched the PM's car enter the plaza and come to a stop at the foot of the steps, just as the guests would when they arrived, the only difference would be the honour guard of the 1st Queen's Colour Guard who would be resplendent on parade. Julia watched the car leave and then clicked her tongue making Rupert follow her as she once more went outside. The stalls were filling up quick now, schools from across Thale had been preparing for weeks, each of them learning about another nation attending, after all Julia wanted to show the world that despite Morheim staying out of the worlds various international incidents it wasn't as though they'd been hiding in a cave, the youth of Morheim where plugged into world affairs probably more than their parents had ever been and Julia hoped to capitalise on that. She stood talking to some children who had prepared a stall showing of some work they'd done on Fleur de Lys, the Queen asking them to teach her some basic phrases and playing at being bad with the 8 year old students, despite already knowing such a basic thing, she had after all been studying herself since everyone had replied. The younger school children however seemed more interested in Rudolph who was happy being a Husky prostitute and open to being stroked and petted by anyone as he followed Julia from stand to stand. It was only when a tall Army Captain approached that the Queen recalled why they were really here, the PM had made first contact. The airport in Thale had been prepared specially for today, flags of various nations hung from the windows of the main terminal where its VIP section had been turned into a kind of informal diplomatic lounge, Prime Minister Dries, a man in his mid fifties with balding hair and thin rimmed glasses sat reading his paper until a member of the Air Force arrived and informed him the first aircraft was approaching. "Excellent" he said as he carefully folded the paper and then returned it to the centre of the coffee table between low black leather sofa's, his OCD kicked in as he placed the paper and he had to return to ensure it was straight and parrallel with the edges of the table before heading outside. It was his attention to details that had made him such a useful mentor to Julia alongside her own Mother, who sadly wasn't able to be the pillar of support she would have liked. Outside members of the Air Force band began the opening strains of the national anthem of their guests, the PM not really sure who was who based just on the tune, it became some kind of game with the bands master of how quickly he could work them out. As each nation arrived he greated them in a similar fashion, "Good Morning, my Queen is looking forward to meeting you, now if you need anything during your stay just let us know, we would love it if you had a pleasant stay.....as well as a productive one." and with that each guest was ushered into a black SUV from the Royal Protection branch, a pair of motorbike outriders escorting them first down to the coastal road where the lush green fields gave way to a beachside road that headed towards the imposing glass fronted skyscrapers that loomed above Thale. The city was effectively two in one, a river seperating the old historic part of the city where the Palace was located, and the vibrant modern business centre on the other. Julia had purposely asked that the drive to the Palace take in both parts of the city and traffic was stopped as each delegate passed by the huge newly finished National Archive, a museum and research centre that had opened just a year ago, it housed documents going back nearly 1000 years in special atmosphere controlled conditions, it also was home to collection of the nations most treasured possessions and it occupied a position next to the bridge that separated old and new. As cars wound their way towards the Palace they passed down a narrow street, the houses either side dating from the 17th Century The smooth modern road giving way to well trod cobbles that the SUV glided over between white wooden buildings that housed some of the cities more upmarket businesses. The road climbed for a while before the Palace came into view, eight horseman stood guard at the gate forming the first of two guards of honour the dignitaries would pass by before meeting the Queen. As each SUV arrived the children who had been experiencing their own little cultural festival hurried over to the makeshift roadway down the centre of the Plaza to wave hello and energetically brandish their flags to welcome the visitors. As the first SUV pulled up the Queen took a deep breath from her position in the Palace's reception hall, with perfect timing the 30 members of the Colour Guard made their way outside so that they had turned into line at the exact moment their commanding officer opened the SUV door for their guest to receive a royal welcome. The Queen watched as Matilda kept an eye of the proceedings outside and only once the visitor was exiting the SUV did Julia make her way outside. She did her best to stand as tall as she could, she was a rather tall woman anyway, most of the family where and her long stride ate up the ground between the Palace door and the new arrival. Matilda had whispered who she was meeting to her just as she exited the door. "I'm thrilled to meet you" Julia extended a hand as she approached, "Queen Julia, welcome to the Palace, I trust you had a pleasant trip?" she enquired, "Now I don't know which you'd prefer but we're having a small Cultural Festival here today, what I hope is the first of many for TCHE, we have some time before everyone arrives, if you would like to explore out here that is fine, but I understand you've had a long trip, if you prefer we've some coffee and cake waiting inside. The decision is yours." she waited for her guest to make their decision.