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  1. Gallambria

    Anybody Wanna Go to Space? [OOC]

    We could arrange for testing of launch vehicles at our Blackwell Test Range on Blackwell Island
  2. Gallambria

    [GPN] Gallambrian Press Network

    RARE EARTH ELEMENTS FOUND ON TINY ISLAND BURTON GOVERNMENT RELEASES PLANS FOR SPACE GOVERNMENT TO FUND CONSTRUCTION OF NEW SCHOOL OF ARTS & CON 'GAME CHANGER' : DISCOVERY ON TINY ISLAND COULD ALTER GLOBAL ECONOMY Tashkar Island in the South Adlantic Ocean is the site of a huge discovery that has been described as a "game changer". Researchers have mapped vast reserves of rare-earth elements in deep-sea mud - enough to feed global demand on a "semi-infinite basis", according to a new study published in the journal The Gallambrian Scientist. For instance, yttrium, on of the metals included in the recent discovery, can be used to make camera lenses, superconductors and mobile phone screens. The research team - comprised of several universities, businesses and government bodies - surveyed the South Adlantic Ocean near Tashkar Island. According to the study, the findings have "tremendous potential" to be a source of rare-earth elements. In a sample area of the mineral-rich region, the team's survey estimated 1.2 million tonnes of "rare-earth oxide" was deposited there. The survey was conducted jointly by researchers from the Gallambrian National University and Newport University and Surveyors from the Gallambrian Hydrographic Office. BURNETT GOVERNMENT DETAILS ITS PLAN TO VENTURE INTO THE SPACE INDUSTRY Space isn't just the final frontier, it's the everyday source of fresh food, phone calls and weather warnings. Our reliance on space-based technology is on reason why the Burnett Government says it is promoting Gallambrian entries in the modern space race with a pledge to put up £35 Million for joint ventures with companies and universities. Gallambria is one of the most space-dependent countries on Earth, according to documents released today by Science and Innovation Minister Julian Adern. "Without access to satellites and other space-based applications, much of our economy and critical national infrastructure could grind to a halt," said the papers. For example, supermarkets use satellite navigation to maintain stocks of fresh food; ATMs and credit cards use satellites in fraud detection; mobile phones use dedicated radio frequencies to send conversations around the world. Gallambria is on of many industrialised nations without its own dedicated space agency," said Minister Adern. "And while the previous government were dragged into reluctantly agreeing to establish an space agency, its budget, scope, mission and resource were not yet known." GOVERNMENT PLEDGES FUNDS FOR NEW SCHOOL OF ARTS It was announced today that the Gallambrian Federal Government will put forward funding for the construction of a new facility that will house the Gallambrian National University's new School of Arts and the Conservatorium of Music. The University's Chancellor, Professor Hayden Armitage remarked that this new building will be the first purpose built Arts facility for the University, and that the dedication of such a space will transform how the Arts are both taught and experienced. The 60 Million Pound project is a joint creation of prominent Gallambrian architects William Edgar and Sarah Callahan, who have partnered in the past on such projects as the Lawson Towers and the National Center for Science Excellence. Plans for the building reveal a cutting edge contemporary design that will foster creativity as well as provide world class, cutting edge facilities. The centre will include a wide range of teaching studios, galleries, student and faculty work spaces, digital media work spaces, as well as a 1,500 seat performance space. The Minister for Education and Training, Francis Duncan, stated that the funding given for this project reflects the Government's investment in the provision of quality arts education and the future development of Gallambrian Arts Culture, both nationally and as global contributors. Construction of the school will commence in July and is expected to be completed by the end of 2020.
  3. Gallambria

    UENA Nations League

    Yay sports ball!
  4. MEDIA RELEASE - PRIME MINISTER AUTHORISES £150M IN FUNDING FOR GSIRO & GNL Today, Prime Minister Nadia Burnett has reversed a controversial Greenwald-era decision to cut funding to Galllambria's public science research organisations, by authorising 150 Million Pounds in funding for GSIRO and the Gallambrian Nuclear Laboratory. This funding authorisation will see operations for the two bodies continue for the next 5 years.
  5. MEDIA RELEASE - BURNETT GOVERNMENT TO ESTABLISH NATIONAL SPACE AGENCY The Burnett Government has committed to establishing a national space agency to ensure Gallambria has a long-term plan to grow its domestic space industry. The Minister for Science and Innovation, the Hon Kylie Bormann, said the establishment of a space agency is one of the key issues being examined by the Expert Reference Group appointed to review Gallambria's space industry capability. "The global space industry is growing rapidly and it's crucial that Gallambria is part of this growth," Minister Bormann said. "A national space agency will ensure we have a strategic long-term plan that supports the development and application of space technologies and grows our domestic space industry." "The agency will be the anchor for our domestic coordination and the front door for our international engagement." Former GSRA Chief Dr Stephen Phillips is chairing the Reference Group, and its review is well advanced. The Reference Group has sought views from across the country from industry, government and society, which will be used to inform our plan to expand this important and exciting sector. The Reference Group has received almost 200 written submissions in response to its issues paper, and more than 400 people have been consulted through roundtables in each state. Meetings have also been held with key stakeholders, including federal and state governments. Feedback from the extensive consultation process has overwhelmingly shown the need for the establishment of a national space agency. The Reference Group will now develop a charter for the space agency for inclusion in the wider strategy being brought forward by the end of May 2018.
  6. Gallambria

    Naming the Seas

    Suggestions for Seas around GAOT.
  7. Gallambria

    Request: Imperial States of Europe

    The area the @Sunset Sea Islands proposed is fine Will just make for some interesting RP's between our two nations.
  8. Gallambria

    The Verde Blockade

    0730 IST 10 APRIL 40 Nautical Miles SW of Altaria Airbase *Transmission over the radio* "Altaria Information Bravo, Temperature 12, Expect independent visual approach, Runway 34 for Arrivals and Departures, Visibility greater that 10 kilometers, CAVOK, Wind 310 at 8, QNH 1017, on first contact with ground or tower advise you have information Bravo..." TROJAN 35 - "Altaria Approach, TROJAN 35, with information bravo, 40 nautical miles south west of Altaria, 8'000ft. ALTARIA APP - "TROJAN 35, Altaria Approach, descend 3000, join ILS Runway 34" TROJAN 35 - "Descend 3000, join ILS Runway 34, Trojan 35" *A Few Minutes Later* ALTARIA APP - "TROJAN 35, contact Altaria Tower, 264.6." TROJAN 35 - "Contact Tower 264.6, TROJAN 35, g'day." *Pilot dials in the frequency on his radio* TROJAN 35 - "Altaria Tower, TROJAN 35, Established ILS runway 35, 2'500ft." ALTARIA TWR - "TROJAN 35, continue approach" *TROJAN 35 continues the descent through to 1'000ft* ALTARIA TWR - "TROJAN 35, Winds 310 at 8, Cleared to Land Runway 35..." TROJAN 35 - "Copy the winds, cleared to land Runway 35, Trojan 35" *After a few moments the main landing gear touches down. Approaching halfway down the runway, the pilot of TROJAN 35 starts to apply the brakes of his F/A-18F Super Hornet" ALTARIA TWR - "TROJAN 35, Welcome to Altaria, vacate the runway, contact Altaria Ground on 121.925" TROJAN 35 - "Thanks for the welcome, will vacate, contact Ground on 121.925, TROJAN 35".
  9. Gallambria

    The Verde Blockade

    RGAF Prestick Tamworth, Merica | 2220 GST An officer in his air force dress uniform, accompanied by his aide, approaches a door with a sign saying - NO. 1 GROUP OPERATIONS BRIEFING ROOM SECRET NO UNAUTHORISED ENTRY The officer, knocks on the door, opens it and enters. An junior officer standing at the front of the room shouts "SIT FAST!", and the room of Airmen and Officers, brace up like they're about to have their school photo taken. The Senior Officer tells the room to 'Sit Easy', and starts to talk to the group. "Evening, ladies and gentlemen, if you don't know who I am, I am Air Commodore Matthew Baden-Moore, and I've been appointed by the Chief of Air Staff to be the commanding officer of Air Task Group 443. First of all, on behalf of the Chief and CinC Air Command, I'd like to thank you for attending this evenings briefing at short notice. As you're all well aware there is an ongoing situation on the Argisian Continent, between members of the TRIDENT alliance and Ahrana. Yesterday, the Chief of the Defence Staff received an official request for assistance with a quarantine operation in the Verde Sea. The aim of this operation is to prevent Ahranian Naval Forces from repositioning their assets from the Canamo Sea to the Mediargic Sea. Before I get into the nitty gritty of what's going to happen over the next 24 to 48 hours, I want to lay out the structure of the task group, and introduce the key commanders and staff. So, Firstly, as I said before, I'm Air Commodore Matthew Baden-Moore, Commander Air Task Group 443, this is Warrant Officer James Petterson, Task Group Warrant Officer, here we have Group Captain Andrew Pinfold, Commander Air Task Group 443.1, here we have Group Captain Michael Barton, he is the Commander of Air Task Group 443.2, and here we have Group Captain Sandra Wilkins, she will be Commanding Air Task Group 443.3. The Air Task Group will be split up basically, into four command elements, ATG 443.0 will be the Headquarters Element and we will be based out of Altaria Airbase, along with Air Task Groups 443.1 and 443.3. Air Task Group 443.2 will be stationed aboard the VRI Deirargon and will be assisting the Iverican Navy with bolstering their underway aircraft component. Over the next 24 to 48 hours, we will all be transiting up to Altaria Airbase where the Iverican Air Force has graciously billeted us for the duration of the operation. Along with the air assets, Number 100 Expeditionary Combat Support Squadron will be traveling with us as well. So a quick break down of who's going when. Tonight, starting from midnight, 3 C-17's from 35 Squadron will be taking equipment up from the relative combined workshops and 100 Squadron, along with 2 MRTT's from 41 Squadron that will be transporting personnel from those units. Tomorrow morning, we will start moving our air assets. Each SATG Commander will be responsible for the movements of their aircraft. Ladies and Gentlemen, I wish you all a safe journey, a peaceful tour, and a safe return. Thank you." The Orderly Officer calls the room to 'Stand Fast' as he salutes the Air Commodore, who then leaves the room.
  10. Gallambria

    [GPN] Gallambrian Press Network

    KING ALBERT II SWEARS IN NEW BURNETT GOVERNMENT Today, prior to the swearing in of the new Government and Cabinet, the Prime Minister, Nadia Burnett announced the members of her new Cabinet. With four women joining the cabinet, among them include a former diplomat, and a human rights lawyer. Joining Ms. Burnett in the cabinet are, Daniel Hartford KC (Attorney-General), Patrick Morlington (Environment and Energy), Francis Duncan (Education), Lyle Branston (Trade and Development), Mark Brighton-Wells (Transport), Lauren Cambridge (Foreign Office), Michael O'Callaghan (Treasury), Peter Cootes (Finance), Charlotte O'Neill (Defence), Lachlan Peterson (Communities & Local Government) and Anastacia Laws (Human Services). The newly appointed cabinet members were sworn in by His Majesty, King Albert II at a ceremony held a Santhope House, this morning. During her address, the Prime Minister remarked that she believes, "this is an important time in Gallambrian history as we push forward in strengthening out international relations, economy and foreign trade." During what has recently been described as a turbulent chapter for the Liberal Party, following last weeks shock leadership spill, the Prime Minister took the opportunity to assert that her new cabinet would lead Gallambria "... with the fervor and integrity needed to take our nation into what is a promising and bright future." With the newly appointed PM making a historical mark as the first female national leader, she has furthered her impact by appointing the first four female members to cabinet. Stating that "it is a fruitful time in the development of gender equality in Gallambria, and the female faces of this cabinet represent the steps that are being taken towards advancing gender equality.
  11. Gallambria

    The Verde Blockade

    Office of the Chief of the Defence Staff Bromwich Defence Offices 1200 King Albert Avenue Bromwich, GCT 1000 Hunter S Gray Defence Minister United States of Prymont Dear Hunter, Thank you for approaching us in regards to the ongoing situation with Ahrana. After having talked with the Defence Chiefs, and the Prime Minister, we are gladly willing to send assistance. As we believe that this is a time sensitive situation, we will be unable to send an upfront Carrier Strike Group to assist, however we will be initially deploying an Air Task Group to Iverica to bolster Allied Air Assets in the area. Should the Carrier Strike Group be required, there will be an estimated delay of 10-14 days, due to the distance to be traveled by the vessels. The Air Task Group (Ref ATG443) will be commanded Air Commodore Matthew Baden-Moore CG AFC, and the Air Task Group will comprise of the following: 12 x F/A-18F Super Hornets (Stationed at Altaria Airbase) 12 x F-35B (To complement existing Aircraft numbers aboard the VRI Deiargon) 4 x P-8 Poseidon MPA (Stationed at Altaria Airbase) 2 x E-7A AEW&C (Stationed at Altaria Airbase) 2 x A330 MRTT (Stationed at Altaria Airbase) Should you require any further military assets to assist with this operation, please feel free to get in contact with my Office. Regards, Gen. Sir Nate Perry-Marsh KCStG CG ADC(Gen) Chief of the Defence Staff
  12. Gallambria


  13. Gallambria

    [GPN] Gallambrian Press Network

    Nadia Burnett becomes Gallambria's first female Prime Minister Gallambria to increase Defence Spending SUDDEN CHANGE OF LEADERSHIP COMES AFTER ANTHONY GREENWALD STEPS DOWN RATHER THAN FACE LIBERAL PARTY BALLOT. Gallambria has its first female Prime Minister, Nadia Burnett, after Anthony Greenwald stepped down as Liberal Party leader, avoiding a ballot he was certain to lose. In an extraordinary day in Gallambrian politics, Burnett told a media conference in Bromwich's Parliament House she was "truly honoured" to become prime minister. The 45-year-old who came under attack in 2008 when she entered parliament for being single and childless, said it was also an important milestone for Gallambrian Women. "I think if there's one girl who looks at the TV screen over the next few days and says, 'Gee, I might like to do that in the future', well that's a good thing." Burnett told reporters. GALLAMBRIA TO INCREASE DEFENCE BUDGET Gallambria's defence budget is set to increase by approximately 6 percent in real terms in fiscal year 2018-19, rising to NS$46.1 Billion, according to recently released government figures. The defence budget is slated to grow to two percent of GDP by 2019/20. "The 2017 budget maintains the government's commitment to provide Defence with a stable and sustainable funding growth plan," Gallambria's Minister for Defence Sir Peter Allingham said in a statement. Gallambria's defence spending is expected to increase by over 30 percent - from NS$43.5 Billion to NS$57.3 Billion in 2020-21.
  14. Gallambria

    [GPN] Gallambrian Press Network

    MEDIA RELEASE MAINWARING TRENT, and Partners announce the launch of the Argis-Maranesia Maritime Industries Company Mainwaring Trent along with its partner Manille Consolidated Maritime ("MCM"), today announced the official launch of their new Defence Maritime Joint Venture - Argis-Maranesian Maritime Industries (AMMI). The Joint Venture will see the development of modern and technologically-advanced Warships, involving Gallambrian and @Iverican defence industries. This new joint venture solidifies an already cohesive relationship between the two ship builders and will benefits the two companies through optimised costs, reduced build times and improved response to further development of future projects. This Joint Venture, enables Mainwaring Trent, MCM and their supply chain partners to meet their manufacturing requirements for upcoming ship builds, including the recently announced Offshore Combatant Vessel (OCV) and the Future Frigate (FF) projects. With the combined efforts of the shipyards of both partner companies, AMMI will see an annual capacity to manufacture over 30 vessels. "By meeting the manufacturing needs of both Mainwaring Trent and MCM, AMMI will serve our strategic intent to become the world's foremost shipbuilder. Its combination of technology, supply chain and lifecycle partnership will create a world-class company that offers customers a keen competitive advantage," said Allan Winterburn, Mainwaring Trent's Senior Vice President of Finance, Strategy & Development. He added, "What is unique about AMMI is the power synergy of manufacturing and operational excellence delivered by two established global and regional entities in the Maritime and Defence industries." The formal appointment of Argis-Maranesian Maritime Industries' senior executives will be announced over the coming week.
  15. Gallambria

    Request: Imperial States of Europe

    Yeah nah. Good luck with that.