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  1. Shadowy AI service transforms women's photos into fake nudes Rogue Salamite soldier could be released from prison 'Make fantasy a reality' : Shadowy AI service transforms women's photos into fake nudes An artificial-intelligence service freely available on the web has been used to transform more than 100,000 women's images into nude photos without the women's knowledge or consent, triggering fears of a new wave of damaging "deepfakes" that could be used for harassment or blackmail. Users of the automated service can anonymously submit a photo of a clothed woman and receive
  2. 1952 - A time for prosperity? It has been a time of relative peace in the region, that has not been seen in centuries. King's have passed, Governor's have been and gone, tribal leaders, too many to count. Yet, they have managed to keep away from each others throats. There had been a few hiccups here and there, lone wolves riding bomb-laden donkey's into town markets, disputes over fishing areas, and of course, the ever eternal battle for who the true chosen people are. For the long run, Jantje's promise of peace has seemed to have stayed it's course. King George III had just succeede
  3. Part Four: Shalom Mahanaim, Shomron Tribal Area 12 September 1908 Months had past since hostilities broke out on the Bashan peninsula. Thousands of people on both side of the conflict had died, scores more wounded, many people displaced, families torn apart. After five months of conflict, the siege of En Gannim had ended in capitulation and the populous were struggling with the return to everyday life. Representatives from the different tribes had made pleas to the commanders of the occupying forces to help them restore their lands back to the land it once was. Having just bee
  4. As most of you are aware, I'm working on a GSuite based system, that allows us to have a functioning Currency system that allows nations to have their currency weighted against a standardised unit, their foreign investment inflow, commodity and currency reserve etc. Below is a list of Commodities I have already in the system. Please reply to this if there are other commodities that you'd like to be seen in the system. GOLD PALLADIUM PLATINUM RHODIUM SILVER NATURAL GAS COAL CRUDE OIL ALUMINIUM LEAD IRON ORE COPPER NICKEL ZINC TIN COTTON OATS COFFEE
  5. Part Four: Hat'rasah Aroer, Mahoza Tribal Area 3 May 1908 It was the next morning, and the families of those who were executed the day before, were given a chance to bury their dead, but the night was not with out incident. The Coxwains from all three ships were busy, after reports of violence against the ships companies, with their makeshift brig full by sun up. After his morning briefing with the Coxwains, Jantje decided action needed to be taken to ensure the safety of all of the sailors and soldiers on shore. He discusses his options with William and the Coxwains, with one of t
  6. "Ha! Looking at that f*cking pog lieutenant ..." one of the SAS operators jeers as he sees a lieutenant salute one of the officers walking out of Lt General Fitzwilliams' tent. Normally, the Gallambrians wouldn't have cared for things like that, but having just gotten off of the boat from Garden Island, they were tired, recouping from the sea sickness, but ready for action. Lieutenant General Michael Fitzwilliams, the commander of Gallambrian Forces in Ceris, had been working with his team for a while now, developing a game plan, where our resources could be put to good use. The Gallambri
  7. Part Three: Shillumah Namal Aroer, Mahoza Tribal Area 2 May 1908 While troops were out rounding up the tribe's council, the ships tradesmen managed to build temporary brig's in the fish market and by lunchtime, the cells were full and the officer's of the ship were getting together to prepare for their trial. Commander Beit had been mulling over how they were to deal with the council. Beit and his Executive Officer, Lieutenant Commander William Hughes, sat down with the Chief Rabbi, and senior members of the council, to ascertain the events leading up to the massacre. Jantje &
  8. PART TWO: Searah. Namal Aroer, Mahoza Tribal Area A few weeks later. A few weeks had passed since the executions in the town square, Nakam and the Chief Rabbi were walking down the main street to the markets, when the Rabbi stopped and said to Nakam, "Moeshe, somethings not right. What have we done? It feels like storm is coming." - Moeshe, scoffing at the Rabbi, arrogantly responds, "Rabbi, are you crazy? We did what we needed to do." - "I know", the Rabbi responds, "but what if we've kicked the hornets nest?". After a tense few minutes of arguing, Moeshe slaps the Rabbi, "RABB
  9. Federal Government introduces new foreign ownership laws Deputy PM under pressure to disclose donations Opinion: Gallambrian must pick its fights in times of tension and uncertainty Federal Government bans foreigners from buying property in effort to clamp down on house price growth Today, the Federal Government passed the Foreign Ownership Limitation Act, which bans many non-resident foreigners from buying existing homes, completing the Liberal-led Government's election campaign pledge. Then-Minister for Finance, Prime Minister Burnett, campaigned before the 2017
  10. PART ONE: Naqam. Namal Aroer, Mahoza Tribal Area 10 April 1908 It was an average morning in the port city of Aroer. A group of fishing boats were starting to come back to the harbour after a night of fishing, when on the distance a ship, the likes of which the locals have not seen before, was passing through the harbours break wall. Up until this morning, the locals have only encountered Barks and ships with sails. Never before had they seen a ship with cannons on them, let alone a ship made of steel. Kids could be seen along the break wall along the wharf, waving to the fisherman,
  11. Point 6 should be removed. As the wiki manual of style supersedes this requirement.
  12. MEDIA RELEASE DEPLOYMENT OF GALLAMBRIAN FORCES TO CERIS Last week, the Prime Minister, on recommendation from the National Security Council and Defence Council, has ordered that His Majesty's Armed Forces deploy to Ceris in the North Adlantic, to assist @Seylos and @Tagmatium Rules forces in stabilising peace and security on the Island. In consultation with the Seylosian Government, Commander Joint Task Force 800, Lt Gen Michael Fitzwilliams DSC, has authorised the establishment of a No-Fly Zone over the areas Yosmein, Dopraystein and Ashein, in order to provide a level of p
  13. Somewhere over the Agrillian Mountains. An Air Force officer walks out of the flight deck, holding a folder in his hand, and walks up to one of the passengers. "Ma'am, we're about 30 minutes out of Deopolis." - The woman, sitting with a group of advisors and senior military officials, was Charlotte O'Neill, the incumbent Secretary of State for Defence. "Thank you Graham," she said. Looking through her notes and various files relating to Salvia, she posed a question to one of the gentlemen sitting with her, "Nate, where are we at with Salvians and JOTHRN?", going through his notes and
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