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  1. Gallambria

    [Academy RP] | Commuting in Rhodellia

    OOC - Interesting choice of story line, but I too, am happy with this. Lays a good foundation for possible further RP with the other members.
  2. Evening All, I'll be planning an RP event for sometime late January 2019, to kickstart to RP that is planned with @Seylos. The event will be a State Reception to celebrate Gallambria Day, hosted by King Albert II. Please indicate in the poll if you would like to be involved. This would be a good chance to RP interact with other HOS's / HOG's outside of the realm of War etc.
  3. Gallambria

    [GPN] Gallambrian Press Network

    TEENAGE SAA SUPPORTER WHO ENCOURAGED GIRLFRIEND TO BEHEAD HER 'DISBELIEVER' PARENTS JAILED Abdul Jaleel el-Kaber declared own wish to carry out terror attack and said he had pledge allegiance to SAA. A teenage SAA support who encouraged his girlfriend to behead her own parents has been jailed. Abdul Jaleel el-Kaber, 19, declared his own wish to carry out a terror attack and had stockpiled a combat knife, air gun and black flag at his family home in Bromwich. He was jailed for 25 years for disseminating terrorist material and collecting information useful for terror attacks after federal police found a stash of bomb-making manuals and other propaganda. El-Kaber smiled and waved at the public gallery at the Kensington St Supreme Courts after being sentenced on Monday. Peter Collingsworth QC said El-Kaber was just 17 when he started collecting the material, calling the crimes a "very concerning series of offences". Counter-Terror police arrested El-Kaber in July, less than 48 hours after starting an investigation into his online activities. They were alerted by a Variotan blogger who identified extremist material in a chat on the encrypted Postman messaging app, which has been favoured by SAA propagandists. There was a photo of a knife and two guns on top of a black SAA flag, which the caption "Armed and Ready, Sept 9" overlaid in Arabic. When searching El-Kaber's residence, police recovered the knife and BB gun from the Postman photo, which had been painted black to look like a pistol. The science and maths student had previous convictions for possession of an offensive weapon and cannabis. El-Kaber entered guilty please to six charges of possession, seven of disseminating terrorism documents, and three of conspiracy to commit an act of terror. A spokesperson for the Gallambrian Federal Police said "a number of vulnerable people associated with El-Kaber are receiving ongoing safeguarding support", which may include deradicalisation work. COMPANY BOSSES TO BE HELD RESPONSIBLE FOR NUISANCE CALLS WITH £500,000 FINES 'We are determined to stamp this menace out!' , says minister. Company bosses whose firms pester people with nuisance calls will be held personally liable and can be fined up to £500,000 under laws that took effect today. Business directors will have "nowhere to hide" if their firm breaks the law, the government says. Under the crackdown, data-protection watchdog the Gallambrian Information Commissioner (GIC) may hold bosses directly responsible. Previously, only the business itself was liable for fines. Some companies escaped paying large penalties by declaring bankruptcy, only to open again under a different name, officials say. The Gallambrian Communications and Media Authority (GCMA) estimates consumers were bombarded with 4.1 billion nuisance calls and texts last year. Minister for Communications, Oliver Williams said: "We are determined to stamp this menace out and this new law is the latest in a series of measures to rid society of the plague of nuisance calls." Michelle Cashman, of the GIC, said: "We welcome this amendment to the law, which will increase the tools we have to protect the public. "It will mean we can recover the fine more easily and also make it much harder for unscrupulous operations to set up in business again." The GIC issued fines totalling £3.5m to 31 companies for nuisance marketing during FY17/18. LABOR PARTY HQ RAIDED BY ICAC OVER DONATIONS The Bromwich offices of the Labor Party were raided by the national anti-corruption watchdog due to a Bulgenstazi fundraising event, it's been reported. A raid on Labor's national headquarters is reportedly linked to a fundraising event by Bulgenstazi supports of the party. The anti-corruption watchdog is investigation a series of political donations made to the Labor Party after raiding its Bromwich office. Staff from the Independent Commission Against Corruption (ICAC) raided the Wessex Lane offices in the CBD on Tuesday. The raids came as Labor heavyweights attended the GLP's annual conference in Newport. The donations in question where made in 2017 and the GLP said it was cooperating fully with ICAC to supply all relevant documents. The donations reportedly relate to an annual Bulgenstazi Friends of Labor fundraising event.
  4. Gallambria

    Gallambria's Expansion Plans Round 2

    **UPDATED NARRATIVE** Part 1. Gallambria will be undertaking a humanitarian mission (ala Pacific Partnership Program) to the islands indicated below, Bulgenstaz will indicate their displeasure with a Gallambrian military presence in his region, a rogue Bulgenstazi commander will launch attacks against Gallambrian forces, a small conflict will ensue, ending with a series of treaties and non-aggression pacts, along with an agreement over the claims of the islands, as also indicated below. Add. - Bulgenstaz's claim will be reserved as "Disputed Territories" until such time as he is ready to expand onto the islands. Part 2. Remains Unchanged. Part 3. Removed. @Bulgenstaz
  5. Gallambria

    Gallambria's Expansion Plans Round 2

    You can have that island, with the guarantee, that no advances on land are to be made by the Bugenstazi people, beyond the 28th Easting in the westerly direction. I still maintain the position that the Bulgenstazi government has no rightful claim to that island, but am willing to compromise to avoid sending the region into a conflict.
  6. Gallambria

    [OOC] Scramble for Antargis

    IIRC Australia has a research base in Antarctica
  7. Gallambria

    [OOC] Scramble for Antargis

    Would this be open to other participants?
  8. Foreword - This expansion is in 3 parts. 2 parts are to expand upon Gallambria's Maraei-focused territories, while 1 is to expand Gallambria's extra territorial reach enabling expansion of its sphere of influence. These three parts will not run concurrently. All RP interaction will be with NPCs of the Gallambrian/Territorial Marenai Tribal Leaders. Part 1 - Kore te hoe, kore te taataa. - A canoe in this state must be lost. Background - Reports of tribes of Marenai on islands to the east of Gallambria, have reached out to the Marenai population of GAOT and Ashford and Tarago Islands for assistance. Tribal leaders from GAOT and, Ashford and Tarago Islands have reached out to the Gallambrian Government and asked the Government to establish a presence on the unknown tribe's islands and help the people of these islands create a working government, and economy, under the auspices of the Gallambrian Crown. Area to be expanded into - Part 2 - Whiria te tangata. - Weave the people together Background - After the Government received a report from the tribal leaders of Ashford & Tarago Islands, stating that the situation on the islands Rangiauria and Matakana are becoming dire. With Marenai traveling to Ashford & Tarago Islands from Rangiauria and Matakana to seek medical attention and to find work, the Tribal Leaders along with the Governors and Administrators of Ashford & Tarago Islands, have suggested that the Government looks into expanding the territorial claim for the Gallambrian Adlantic Ocean Territory to include Rangiauria and Mataka, and in conjunction with the local tribes, to reduce the strain on already established services, to establish a local government. This will be done by deploying humanitarian services to the region, to establish working health, utility and basic services. Area to be expanded into - Part 3 - A brave new world. Background - After the first deployment of Gallambrian Forces to the West Argis region, a review by senior staff reported that Gallambria should investigate the possibility of having permanently forward deployed forces to an area in the region, so forces can respond to incidents in an acceptable amount of time. This expansion will involve 2 areas, a peninsular region on the north coast of Alharu on the Ygros Sea, and an Island off the west coast Alharu between Kaitaine and Cashar. The method of expansion, will be most likely Forced resettlement to neighbouring countries, or by integration (most likely integration). Area to be expanded into - Tagging people for their input: @Limonaia@Kaitaine@Cashar@Iverica@Valacia@Bulgenstaz@Sancti Imperii Catholico UPDATES: PART 3 scrapped. Will look into the possibility of entering into a possible "99-year lease" with TRIDENT partners, to have Gallambrian Forces and Assets to be based in the region.
  9. Gallambria

    *GAME* Word association!

  10. Gallambria

    [GPN] Gallambrian Press Network

    TWO BUSHFIRES BURN AS MERCIA SWELTERS Smoke from a fire burning near Port Hedland (Supplied: MRC CFS) The Merican Country Fire Service (MRC CFS) has downgraded an emergency warning for an out-of-countrol bushfire near Port Hedland in the states south. A second fire is also burning near Three Pines, east of Tamworth, as temperatures reached almost 40 degrees Celsius. The Lightning Ridge fire is burning at Llanglossen, near Mount Tyson Road, about 1 kilometres south of Port Hedland. Just before 7:00pm last night the MRC CFS downgraded its warning to "Watch and Act" after issuing an emergency warning earlier in the afternoon. The fire is moving in a south-westerly direction towards the West Coast Highway. It has burned through about 3200 hectares of land, including a red gum plantation, and is generating lots of smoke. There are currently approximately 550 firefighters and 9 aircraft fighting the fire, with additional crews being sent to the area from the states northern regions. MRC CFS spokesman Brett Tannerson said if there was a wind change this afternoon, it could push the fire north towards Port Hedland. "But then sometime this afternoon there is an expected change which will push through and which will give us a south-easterly wind, which will drive that fire to the north-west and if it still is running it will start to encroach on Port Hedland itself," he said. "If such a change should occur, calls will be made to the Cambrian CFS to seek assistance with crews and appliances." For further updates and information regarding the Llanglossen and Three Pines fires, tune your radios to GBC National on 92.9FM.
  11. Gallambria

    *GAME* Word association!

  12. MEDIA RELEASE First Rotation of Air Task Group 443 to return to Gallambria HMGS Carnegie leaves Ranjekaat for TRIDENT partnership operations in the Verde Sea Personnel from ATG 443 - (Defence, 2018) CHANGE OF COMMAND CEREMONY MARKS THE END OF THE FIRST ROTATION OF VERDE SEA AIR TASK GROUP The Air Task Group 443 commander, Air Commodore Matthew Baden-Moore CG AFC, has handed over command of the task group to Air Commodore David Laredo CG CSC, on 6 December 2018, marking the end of the first rotation of the task group. Air Commodore Baden-Moore deployed as the Commander of ATG 443 in April 2018, as part of Gallambria's involvement with TRIDENT operations in the Verde Sea, to deter and reduce the growing threat of military disparity in the region. "it has been a great job and reinforced to me that if you look after your people they will look after the job for you," Air Commodore Baden-Moore said. "This is a great bunch of hardworking people who have done a superb job." "I have no doubt David's knowledge and experience will ensure the ongoing success of the Air task Group and will bring a different perspective to the way we perform our role and deal with any additional requirements." The Air Task Group provides Air Superiority and Policing to the TRIDENT forces in the region, and also provides logistical assistance to partner air forces involved in on-going operations in the Region. HMGS CARNEGIE LEAVES GDSUR TO JOIN TRIDENT PARTNERS IN VERDE SEA After 12 days of maintenance and R&R, HMGS Carnegie will be leaving GDSUR and joining TRIDENT partners in the Verde Sea to assist with force monitoring operations in the region. Along with Air Task Group 443, HMGS Carnegie will be assisting with deterring and reducing the threat of military disparity in the region. HMGS Carnegie will be in the region for the remainder of it's 9 month deployment, and will be returning to Gallambria in April 2019.
  13. ATM ID: SAR 201947 AGENCY: MINISTRY OF DEFENCE CATEGORY: 369714585 - Rotary Wing Aircraft (Search and Rescue) CLOSE DATE & TIME: 03 JAN 2019 1200 (BMT) | OPEN PUBLISH DATE: 07 DEC 2018 LOCATION: Bromwich, Gallambria ATM TYPE: Request for Tender DESCRIPTION: The Ministry of Defence invites suitable companies to request for tender documentation of Project Air 1000 P1 Supply of Rotary Wing Aircraft for Search and Rescue. This project is to introduce a Search and Rescue capability to the Royal Gallambrian Air Force. A successful short list of tenderers will be contracted to construct a tender sample vehicle for further evaluation.
  14. Gallambria

    United Anti-Terrorist Forces

    Country: Gallambria Full name: Sgt "K" Age and birthdate: 20 July 1978, 40 Sex: Male Years of service: 22 Special traits: Lead slinging pu**y hunter Anti-terrorist force they serve in: 2 Commando Regiment --- Country: Gallambria Full name: Cpl "M" Age and birthdate: 14 November 1984, 34 Sex: M Years of service: 16 Special traits: Wears glasses to keep squirt juice out of his eyes while on rec leave. Anti-terrorist force they serve in: 1 Commando Regiment
  15. Gallambria

    [GPN] Gallambrian Press Network

    Cop assaulter says she's victim of 'Colonial oppression' GC Recipient, among soldiers probed over Marenai War Crimes Cop assaulter says she's victim of 'Colonial oppression' Marenai activist Leesa Parks who spits at and assaults police who she calls "white dogs" says reports of her offences are "colonial oppression". Parks, 20, has been convicted four times this year of assaulting paramedics or police, one of whom she kneed in the testicles. Parks also called a female officer a "white c**t", stole from a suburban QuikStop, and smashed up a suburban house. But she has described a series of reports on her court appearances as "s**t" and "colonial propaganda", and shes says "I don't even call myself Gallambrian". Talking on the Clarke and Dawes Show on TodayFM, Parks described court reports as "disgusting". "(There is) a situation of oppression. These articles are used to justify 100 years of colonisation," Parks said. "These articles enable that." Parks claims to suffer from "transgenerational trauma", inherited through her Marenai DNA and from complex post traumatic stress disorder. She admitted to John Dawes that she had consumed "alcohol definitely" before each of the assaults. But she said "I don't need to validate myself. "I want to say sorry to my Iwi, With any of these articles I never intended to hurt anyone... and force my intentions on a collective." Parks also described Gallambria Day as "symbolic genocide" and that current adoption of Marenai children could recreate the Nga Raina Toa. "Marenai kids are going to be taken off their parents again," she told Clarke and Dawes. "Adoption parents, the majority are white." "What does Gallambria Day even mean?" Parks said on air. "If it holds some significance to Gallambrian society, then it celebrates the continuance of White oppression of the true people of these lands." Phelps among soldiers probed over fresh Marenai allegations Gallambria's most celebrated soldier Casey Phelps is reportedly one of a number of men being investigated by the GFP over allegations they committed war crimes during the Marenesian Wars. A spokesman this morning confirmed the GFP was investigation "allegations of war crimes committed by Gallambrian soldiers during the Marenesian conflict". He refused to confirm reports by Senex Media today that Mr Phelps was one of the soldiers under investigation. The former solder denies any wrongdoing. "As this investigation is ongoing, the GFP will not confirm or deny the specific incidents or the identity of those subject to the investigation," he said. He confirmed the investigation was launched in June after the GFP received a request to look into the allegations but refused to comment further while the investigation was ongoing. Prime Minister Nadia Burnett declined to comment on the GFP investigation, but she noted her support for Mr Phelps. "I absolutely think all Gallambrians (do), respect the enormous contribution that Casey Phelps has made to his country, and as I do for all Gallambrian servicemen and women," she said. Senex Media reports that Chief of the Defence Staff, Air Chief Marshal Errol McCormack has been briefed on the investigation, along with the Inspector-General of His Majesty's Armed Forces, which is conducting its own separate inquiry. The separate inquiry, launched by HM Armed Forces in 2016, is reportedly investigating Mr Phelps and a small number of other special forces soldiers. Details of the GFP inquiry have emerged as Senex continues to fight a defamation case brought by Mr Phelps over a series of reports about his actions in the Marenesian conflict and a report about alleged domestic violence. Mr Phelps denies all allegations, and has been backed publicly by the Direct of the Gallambrian War Memorial, Dr Stephen Watson, and its chairwoman, Penny Wong.