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  1. This is the Gallambrian national anthem set to the tune of God defend new Zealand. https://iiwiki.us/wiki/God_Defend_our_Gracious_King
  2. TO: The offices of The Third Circle (Foreign Affairs Ministry), @Haruspex CC: @Iverica Foreign Ministry, @Seylos Foreign Ministry FROM: Office of the Foreign Secretary, Foreign & Dominions Office Vicelord Nize Kra'xuth, After consultation with members of the Coalition to provide relocation to the Christian refugees, we will not be pursuing any form of blockade against Haruspex civil and naval maritime vessels. While we consider the actions by the Haruspex Government to be of a questionable nature, we need to ensure that our actions don't not return the region to a state of war. At the request of the Coalition, we will be providing assistance with both air and land transportation, as well as the necessary security to those vessels participating in the evacuation and transport of refugees. The Prime Minister has also expressed her willingness to send observers from both the Gallambrian Armed Forces, Gallambrian Federal Police as well as the Foreign and Dominions Office's, Refugee and Humanitarian Affairs Directorate. Elliot Phillips Foreign Secretary /END
  3. 1100 'serious' cyber attacks involving government networks over three years. GSD reveals tally of serious "cyber incidents". The Gallambrian Signals Directorate (GSD) has revealed that over the last three financial years it responded to 1089 "cyber incidents" affecting both unclassified and classified government networks. The GSD said its tally, for FY17, FY18, and FY19, includes those incidents that were "considered serious enough to warrant an operational response". The agency reveal the figures in an answer to questions on notice from an inquiry into the government's digital delivery of services. Although the inquiry wrapped up its work last year, issuing a report in June 2019 that castigated the federal government for a series of ICT failures, the GSD submitted its answer to the committee last month. Among the cases canvassed by the digital services inquiry was an illicit darkweb service that offered access to GCare card details, which the inquiry's report described as a security breach, security inadequacies at government agencies revealed by scrutiny from the National Audit Office, and the distributed denial of service (DDoS) attacks that led to the Gallambrian Bureau of Statistics pulling the 2017 Census site offline for a period. The GSD was one of the key agencies involved in the investigation of the Census debacle. The GSD is not responsible for cyber security at all federal government agencies; however, it provides advice, raises awareness, analyses threats, and leads the operational response to serious threats. The GSD said it "does not have visibility of all Gallambrian Government agencies' physical or cyber security postures and does not track information relating to the numbers of physical security intrusion attempts". However, the agency said its "visibility" of the broader government cyber picture is informed by survey instruments, intelligence, communities of interest, monitoring programs, cyber incident reporting and follow up investigations." The GSD said its response to an incident is required if it "achieves any degree of success, which can have varying impacts from significant data exfiltration and degradation of the network through to no harm being realised". For example, a report published in 2017 by the Gallambrian Cyber Security Cetre (GCSC) - which is part of the GSD - offered details of a serious attack on Civil Aviation Safety Authority (CASA) systems and the GSD response. The GCSC's 2017 Threat Report revealed that the GSD in 2016 identified the presence of a strain of Remote Access Tool (RAT) malware that is understood to be popular with state-sponsored cyber adversaries. That RAT was also used to compromise other Gallambrian Government networks. The GSD found evidence that of the intruder "searching for and copying an unknown quantity of documents and records from CASA's network." the GSCS report said. The GSD said the nature of its response to the 1089 incidents had varied and "ranged from telephone conversations through to deployment of staff resources and tools to assist in mitigating the incident". The agency said that its data was not broken down by network classification or impact, and that to provide that level of detail to the committee would "require costly manual review of every incident".
  4. TO: The offices of The Third Circle (Foreign Affairs Ministry), @Haruspex FROM: Office of the Foreign Secretary, Foreign & Dominions Office Vicelord Nize Kra'xuth, While, the Gallambrian Government appreciates the offer to allow observers from both @Iverica and Gallambria, we cannot bow to this inadequate masquerade of diplomacy. The demands as stated in the ministerial release dated 20 OCT 19, clearly states that we expect your nation to cease all hostile and discriminate activities against any and all minorities in your country. I've been directed by the Prime Minister and member's of the Cabinet, to make the following demands of the Haruspex Government. Initiate the release of ALL Christian refugees currently detained in "re-education camps", to the care of willing nations within 6 weeks of receipt of this transmission; Cease combat operations against those in the northern territories. The Gallambrian Government will facilitate peace talks between the two parties. This shall happen immediately. Failure to meet these demands within the given timeframe(s), shall see the Gallambrian Government and her willing allies, undertake a maritime blockade against all vessels, civilian and naval, registered in or operated by the Haruspex nation. Such actions will have severe, if not, dire consequences, not only for the people of Haruspex, but the Government as well. Any attempts by Haruspex vessels to defeat such a blockade will end with military intervention. Your government may say it's behaviour may be "for the best", the international community begs to differ. We have seen this discriminate behaviour before in the North Adlantic region already in our lifetime, we do not have, nor can we muster, the strength to bear such injustice again. Sir, the Wurld waits, with bated breath. Elliot Phillips Foreign Secretary /END
  5. MEDIA RELEASE The King today, announces the conclusion of service of Sir Jock Spurgeon-Price KCGO CG, who will retire from the appointment of Private Secretary to the King effective 25 OCTOBER 2019. The King wishes to convey his utmost gratitude for the honourable tenor in which Sir Spurgeon-Price has conducted his appointment, and the royal family take this opportunity to impress their best wishes for Sir Jock and his family. Follow Sir Jock's conclusion of service to the King, Air Chief Marshal Sir Harry Beresford GCStG, KCG, DSO, CSC*, DFC**, AdC will take up the position of Private Secretary to the King, concluding his service as Vice-Chief of the Defence Staff and 40-years of service with the Royal Gallambrian Air Force in order to take up this new appointment. 21st October 2019, Santhope House
  6. STATEMENT REGARDING TREATMENT OF CHRISTIAN REFUGEES ALONG HARUSPEX-TAGMANTIUM BOARDER The Gallambrian Government, along with the Gallambrian have valued at all times, the inviolable right of the person to exercise the practises and beliefs of their chosen religion. Over the last week the international community has seen reports of continuing discrimination against the christian minority in Haruspex. While it is not policy for the Gallambrian Government to meddle in the domestic affairs of other countries, we strongly condemn the current treatment of those currently suffering under the hands of those who wish to force their own system of beliefs on its citizens. Therefore, we call upon the Government of Haruspex to cease it's discriminate treatment of all minorities within its borders. Should the Haruspex Government continue such behaviour, the Gallambrian Government will impose the strongest of sanctions until such time it can guarantee that christian and other minorities are treated with care and dignity, it would afford its majority. We call for other nations around the Wurld, to place pressure on the Haruspex Government, to bring them into line with standards expected of a member of the International community.
  7. PRESS STATEMENT THE FOLLOWING STATEMENT IS ISSUED BY THE PRESS SECRETARY TO THE KING The King, with the greatest sadness, has asked for the following announcement to be made immediately. His beloved son, Michael, The Duke of Wessex, died peacefully, last night, at King George III Hospital. All members of the Royal Family have been informed. The King and Queen, along with the Duchess of Wessex, thank the public for their continued support. Details relating to the Laying in State and the Funeral of the Duke of Wessex will be communicated through the nations various media outlets. 2nd October 2019, Santhope House
  8. King George III Hospital 2130hrs, Tuesday 3rd October The Tanoy Chimes ... "Dr Henley, You are required on the 3rd Floor, Dr Henley." Dr Henley, looks down at her pager, realises that there's no Code page. She walks over to the nearest Nurses station. PH - "Nurse, could you dial me the 3rd floor nurses station please?" The nurse hands Dr Henley the handset. PH - "Hello this is Doctor Henley, I was paged over the Tanoy, yet haven't received a Code on my pager. Is it urgent?" The voice on the other end of the line only uttered two distinct words. "Bremerton Park". Dr Henley throws down the handset, and starts running to the elevator, she gets there and starts mashing the buttons. PH - "Come on you piece of shit." She reaches for her phone, and calls Sir Jock. PH - "Jock, it's Peta, Bremerton Park! f*ckING BREMERTON PARK!" The elevator calls, she hangs up the phone and gets in, calling the elevator for the 3rd Floor. The elevator arrives at the 3rd Floor, and the doors have just barely open, and Peta is sprinting straight for the Duke's room. PH - "What happened?" Nurse 1 - "We don't know Doctor, he was sitting there eating food, I left to go get his PM meds before he went to sleep, I came back and he was coding - we attempted resus but there was no response." PH - "Shit. Ok, what time was this?" Nurse 2 - "It was roughly 21:05." PH - "Thanks." Dr Henley walks out to the corridor, and closes the door. Takes out her phone and calls Jock again. PH - "Jock, it's Peta" JSP - "Hi - what's the word?" PH - "He's gone. We don't know what's happened, and we probably won't till I do an autopsy." JSP - "Can the family come across?" PH - "Give us half an hour? We'll make him presentable." JSP - "Ok, see you then."
  9. Sir Walter Burnie Building 1230hrs, Friday The Prime Minister had just returned from having lunch with her husband, when she finally, after the busy last couple of days she's had, found time to sit down and collect her thoughts. Realising that she hadn't sorted out who the Military representatives on Lord Suffolk's committee would be, she reaches for her phone and dial's out to Jock. NB - Jock, It's Nadia, what service did the Duke serve in? JSP - Hi Nadia, He was Army. NB - Thanks, see you in half-an-hour. Realising she's only got half-an-hour to get an Army representative, ready and briefed, and down to the Master of the Household's office, she starts frantically searching for people to contact. NB - SUSIE! Can you get me General Martin-Powell on the line. Nadia's phone starts beeping. She picks up. It continues to ring for a few minutes. Sebastian Martin-Powell (SMP) - Prime Minister? NB - General, the Sergeant Major of the Army served with Duke, Correct? SMP - Yes ma'am NB - Good, can you spare him for a week? SMP - That shouldn't be a problem - I know he will be tied up with the TRIDENT Conference next week with General Perry-Marsh, but he's all yours ma'am. What's the reason? NB - State and Ceremonial. But thanks Sebastian. Hey listen, are you free today? You might need to come along too. SMP - Sure, see you in twenty minutes? NB - Sure, I'll let Graham downstairs know to send you straight up. Twenty minutes pass. Susie McMahon (SM), the Prime Minister's Private Secretary, knocks on the door. Nadia mumbles to herself. NB - Bloody Army. All ways on time. General Sebastian Martin-Powell and Warrant Officer Stanley Johnson (SJ), enter and greet the Prime Minister. NB - General, Warrant Officer. Thanks for coming. Now just a quick run down. I'm not sure if you're fully aware of the Duke of Sussex's current situation, but over the last couple of days, his condition has worsen. The Royal Family's physician and the doctors at the Hospital have determined that he has a massive tumour in his brain, and that he's been given four to six weeks to live. SJ - Shit! Oh, Sorry ma'am. NB - Now worries Stanley, I know you two served together, that's why I've asked you to come today. Now Stanley, you can say no if you want to, I have no problem with that, but I want you to be the Army representative on the Lord Suffolk's Committee. I know you have have the TRIDENT conference next week, so don't feel pressured to say yes. SJ - I'll do it ma'am. It would be an Honour. NB - I knew you would say yes. You have 5 minutes to get to the Palace, so get moving. General, go along with him. Just for today. SMP - Yes ma'am. Both the General and Warrant Officer get up, come to attention, and pay the appropriate compliments to the Prime Minister and head of for what some would see as a normal day.
  10. Its 1400hrs on Wednesday afternoon - senior medical staff at the Palace still had not reached a verdict as to what the Duke's condition was like. There had been conversations happening, within not only the Royal Family's inner circle, but the King's Privy Council and the inner Cabinet Parliament House 1600hrs, Wednesday Afternoon. Prime Minister, Nadia Burnett is sitting at her desk in the PMs chamber at Parliament House, when her phone rings. Nadia Burnett (NB) - Hello, Nadia Burnett speaking. JSP - Hi Nadia, It's Jock - are you free for a chat? NB - Hi Jock, yeah go ahead. JSP - The King has asked me to convene an extra-ordinary meeting of the Privy Council for tomorrow morning. NB - Slow down Jock. What the hell is happening? You've kept us out of the loop on what's happening and then all of a sudden your asking us to come to the Palace for Council? No Way. I'm not sending the other House Councillors into a ambush because you haven't told me what the hell is going on. JSP - Jesus Christ Nadia ... you've never let down have you? We're only just finding out now. So pull your head in. NB - Sorry, I'll tell the others, see you tomorrow morning. Line goes dead, Nadia hangs up the phone. Santhope House Thursday Morning JSP - Morning Councillors, now the King is running a little late, he's been at the hospital all night with the Duchess. Now a few ground rules. One, no questions are to be asked about the Duke. Two, no questions are to be asked about what our "plans" are. Understood? ALL - Yes. A few moments later... The King walks into the council chamber. Everyone rises and bows. KA2 - Morning everyone. Take a seat please. As you are all aware, The Duke of Wessex has been hospitalised, after experiencing a relapse of his previous health condition that he was battling a few years ago. At this point in time, specialists from both King George III Hospital and my own private medical staff, have ascertained the severity of his condition and have determined that he now has developed, Jock, correct me if I get this wrong, a Glioblastoma Multiforme, which is an aggressive form of brain tumour and unfortunately, they have given him four to six weeks to live. With a collective shock within the room, no-one dared speak up or say anything. JSP- The reason the King has asked you all here this morning, is that we need to start thinking about how we're going to approach the impending death of the Duke. Not just internally, but politically, legally and publicly. On behalf of the King, I've already asked the Lord Suffolk to commence with establishing a planning committee for the Duke's funeral, and I will be approaching other members of the council over the coming week to assist with the committee. Secondly, Prime Minister, the King has directed that the Parliament should, without delay, proceed to submit amendments to the Regency Bill of 2013, allowing, The Princess Royal, to become Princess Regent, should the King predecease Prince Harry's ascension to the Throne. Are there any questions? Everyone in the room shakes their heads. JSP - Also folks, in the advent of the Duke's death, you will all be notified with the code phrase "Bremerton Park". Protocol for dissemination of such information will follow those outlined in "The Speakers Corner". KA2 - Thank you Jock, and thank you all for taking time to come here this morning, if there are any matters arising from the current situation, please contact Sir Jock. Thank. The King stands up, followed by the Council, and he leaves, head drooped, evident of preparing himself for a hard and tumultuous few weeks ahead. Jock walks over to the Lord Suffolk. JSP - Peter, milad, thanks for doing this - I know you worked on Bertie's funeral, you're the only one I could think of. PLS - No worries Jock, If I run into any issues, I'll get in contact.
  11. PRESS STATEMENT The Palace wishes to advise that The Duke of Wessex was admitted to King George III Hospital last night after experiencing symptoms relating to his previous history of Astrocytoma. The staff at King George III as well as Palace medical staff, are currently completing tests to ascertain the nature of the symptoms, and further information will made available, when suitable. His Majesty, King Albert II, along with the Duchess of Wessex ask for privacy during this time. 25th September 2019, Santhope House
  12. The King's Private Apartment Later that afternoon Sir Jock Spurgeon-Price, the King's Private Secretary, walks up to the King's Private Office, and knocks on the door... KA2 - "ENTER!" Sir Jock enters, bows. JSP - "Afternoon, Your Majesty. Have you got a few moments?" KA2 - "Yes Jock, what is it?" JSP - "Sir, My office has just received a phone call from a Ms. Penelope Buckmaster from The Gallambrian, saying she knows about the Duke's condition and is threatening to release an article for tomorrow's paper, if the Palace doesn't release a press statement." KA2 - "Oh Jesus. What exactly did she say she knows?" JSP - "All she said was that she knew that the Duke was in the Bexley Wing at King George III Hospital, and that he was admitted to the Oncology Ward." KA2 - "Oh for f*cks sake. What are our options?" JSP - "Well I've talked to the staff at the hospital and also the medical staff here at the Palace, and they all say they haven't talked to anyone in the media. My suggestion would be to consult with the Duchess as well as the staff at the hospital and ascertain the full story as to what the Duke's condition is and if the Duchess is comfortable with the Palace releasing a statement, then we release a statement." KA2 - "Let's do that. Call the Palace Physician and have her here in 10 minutes." King Albert picks up the phone and dials through to the Duchess' private suite. KA2 - "Alex, it's Albert, can you come up to my apartment please?" Alex - "Sure, I'm just getting Harry down for a nap, I'll up soon." King Albert hangs up the phone. A few moments later. The Duchess of Wessex and Lady Peta Henley, the Palace's Chief Physician, are standing at the door ready to knock on the door, when all of a sudden, Sir Jock opens the door. JSP - "Come in, don't worry about formalities." Both women walk in, acknowledge the King. KA2 - "Thank you for coming. Now Sir Jock has just informed me that a Ms Buckmaster from The Gallambrian has contacted his office, informing him that unless we release a press statement she will release the information she has about Michael in tomorrow's edition. Peta, do we know what the full extent of Michael's condition is?" PH - "Sir, yes we do - I talked to the oncology team at KGIII this afternoon, the team are currently reviewing the latest rounds of MRI's and this afternoon's biopsy, however they initially believe it to be Glioblastoma Multiforme." After hearing the diagnosis, Alex dropped to the floor, breaking out in tears. ALEX - "WHAT IS THAT? WHY?" PH - "Your Highness, unfortunately, Glioblastoma is a form of brain tumour that, in Michael's case, can originate from previous instances of Astrocytomas." ALEX - "How long does he have?" PH - "That, we do not know. We won't know till we have the results back from the tumour resection." Alex gets up from the floor, and storms out of the King's study and returns to her room. JSP - "Peta, are you happy for us to release a statement, saying something along the lines of the Duke currently undergoing tests in relation to his previous history of tumours?" PH - "Yes." KA2 - "Alright, Thank you Peta. Jock, can you write something up and get it out before 10pm?" JSP - "Yes Sir, Do you want me to forward it to you for approval or just send it out?" KA2 - "Just send it out." Lady Henley and Lord Jock leave the King's apartment, then carry on to Jock's office to write the press statement.
  13. Santhope House Tuesday, 2100 Sir Antony Redmond, Prince Andrew's Private Secretary, walks into the Prince's private study, and bows. Sir Antony (AR) - "Your Highness." Prince Andrew (PA) - "What is it Antony?" AR - "I have a message from the King." Sir Antony passes the note to the Prince. It reads... Andrew, Michael admitted to Hospital. Situation dire. Papa. Andrew scrunches up the bit of paper and throws it in the bin and then signals Sir Antony to leave. THE NEXT MORNING Valet (V) - "Good Morning, Your Highness. Breakfast as usual?" PA - "Morning Mr Peters, No, I think I'll come downstairs this morning... Any news on the Duke?" V - "Not that I'm aware of Sir, I can ask his footman if you'd like?" PA - "No need." V - "I'll take my leave now Sir, I'll make sure the ladies downstairs prepare a seat for you." PA - "Thank you Peters. I'll see you downstairs." TEN MINUTES LATER. Prince Andrew walks downstairs to the casual dining room, where the King and Queen, along with the Duchess of Wessex and the Princess Royal are eating breakfast. PA - "Morning Papa, Mama. Morning everyone." The Duchess and Princess Royal both grunt. Prince Andrew walks behind the two, and whispers "b*tches" into their ears. King Albert II (KA2) - "Morning Andrew." PA - "Any news on Michael?" The Duchess and Princess Royal both grunt together, again. Prince Andrew flares up at them. PA - "Right you two, will you both f*cking quit it. He is my brother as much as he is yours, Catherine." Princess Royal (PR) - "f*ck you Andrew - the first thing you worry about at 6am in the morning is whether or not your brother is still alive! and what's worst of all is that Alex and the kids are here, sitting at this table. Albert jumps up out of his chair ... KA2 - "BOTH OF YOU JUST STOP! THIS IS MY SON. MY SUCCESSOR. YOUR FUTURE KING, YOU ARE TALKING ABOUT! ENOUGH IS ENOUGH!"
  14. Could I have the labels for "HMAS Hartlepool" and "HMAS Brighton" removed from the map please
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