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  1. REQUEST FOR TENDER - SEA Project 1850 Phase 1 ATM ID: NSP/2019/01 AGENCY: Defence Capability & Sustainment Group CATEGORY: 35111300-8 | Submarines CLOSE DATE 15 OCT 2019 1200HRS (BMT) | STATUS: OPEN PUBLISH DATE: 09 SEPT 2019 LOCATION: BROMWICH, GALLAMBRIA ATM TYPE: REQUEST FOR TENDER DESCRIPTION: The Ministry of Defence and the Royal Gallambrian Navy invites suitably qualified companies to submit tenders for SEA Project 1850.1, Atlas-Class Submarine Replacement Project. This project is to replace the Navy's existing fleet of 12 Atlas-class electric-diesel submarines.
  2. Teenager pleads guilty to carrying explosive device onto Tamworth bus. Police seize record breaking £27 million worth of heroin. Firefighters battle blazes across South East Kingsland. TEENAGER PLEADS GUILT TO CARRYING EXPLOSIVE DEVICE ONTO TAMWORTH BUS A teenager has admitted carrying a pipe bomb onto an Tamworth bus and will be sentenced in an adult court. The 17-year-old appeared in the Youth Court today to plead guilty to possessing an explosive device in a public place in March this year. He had earlier admitted to three other charges, including taking steps to manufacture an explosive device. Following Wednesday's plea, prosecutors agreed to withdraw all remaining charges, including one of endangering life. The teen was arrested after a report to police and has spent more than six months in custody. Police say their investigation uncovered CCTV vision, and statements revealed he had explosives on the southern suburbs route bus. Magistrate Peter Thompson remanded him in custody to face the KLD District Court for sentencing hearing in November. He faces a potential sentence of 15 years imprisonment. POLICE SEIZE RECORD BREAKING £27 MILLION WORTH OF HEROIN An international investigation has resulted in the largest ever seizure of heroin in Gallambria, denying vast sums of money to organised crime groups. Nearly 1.3 tonnes of the class A drug were recovered from a container ship, the MV Endeavour, after it docked at Port Hedland on 28 August. The Federal Police and Customs had ascertained that the heroin would be on the vessel when it docked in Gallambria en route to Norfolk (Seylos). The record haul would be worth around £27 million to organised criminals, and in excess of £120 million at street level. FIREFIGHTERS BATTLE BLAZES ACROSS SOUTH EAST KINGSLAND Fire crews have contained a fast-moving blaze that flared up west of Calbar on Kingsland's Scenic Rim, as well as battling busfires on multiple fronts near Kurunga in the East Coast hinterland. The Kingsland Fire and Emergency Service (KFES) downgraded its warning to advice at 5:40pm for a fire burning at Fraiser Point, west of Calbar. KFES said crews had contained the bushfire burning in the vicinity of Vicars Ridge Road and Coran Road where aerial water bombers had joined firefighters to help contain the fast-moving blaze. KFES said crews will monitor the area into the evening and that there were no properties under threat. It said people in the area would be affected by smoke, which reduced visibility and air quality. Earlier today, KFES advised Fraiser Point residents to evacuate in an easterly direction towards Calbar. Because of the drought conditions and a lack of water in private dams, heavy machinery is being used to bulldoze the fire front. Advisories had been issued for other blazes in the region - at Midford, Maryvale, and Tambor Hill. Meanwhile, in the East Coast hinterland, a bushfire is spreading through rugged country near Kurunga, with firefighters concerned conditions are gradually getting worse amid unusually hot temperatures and low humidity.
  3. Gallambria to join International Maritime Security Mission in the Azure Sea The Burnett Government is reaffirming its commitment to freedom of navigation and safe passage of the seas by announcing it will support an international maritime security mission. This mission will see His Majesty's Armed Forces work alongside its international partners to assure the security of merchant vessels in piracy hot spots around the world. Gallambria's contribution will include the deployment of: A P-1A Neputune Maritime Surveillance Aircraft to Orioni for 6 months from the beginning of September; A Gallambrian naval task group to be deployed to the Azure Sea from November; The Government has been concerned with incidents involving shipping within the region over the past year. This destabilising behaviour is a threat to Gallambrian interests in the region. We have been working closely with our allies and partners, particularly Orioni, on this issue, which impacts global security and stability. It is in Gallambria's interest to work with international partners to ensure that vessel's are able to navigate the seas, without fear of attack and impedence. This will be an enhancement of our existing and longstanding contribution to counter-piracy and counter-terrorism missions in the region, and Gallambrian forces will always conduct themselves in accordance with their international legal obligations. Working with partners, we will play our part in shaping a better future for Gallambria and Gallambrians, as well as our region and the world. @Orioni
  4. Michael Ross: Rosewood MP arrested in fraud probe Counter-Terror Chief says policing alone cannot beat extremism Finestra halts unclear marketplace strategy Michael Ross: Rosewood MP arrested in fraud probe MP Michael Ross has been arrested on suspicion of fraud, according to multiple sources. The independent MP for Rosewood was arrested at the same time as his chief of staff Sharon McDonnell, the Gallambrian found. Electronic equipment was confiscated in the Federal Police inquiry, the Gallambrian also understands. Mr Ross did not respond to requests for comment whil Ms McDonnell said she had "no comment". Both have been released under investigation. The Federal Police would not confirm details of either person's arrest. The Independent Parliament Standards Agency said it was a "matter for the police". Mr Ross said he was "taking time out for mental health treatment, and to spend time with family" in July and promised to resign at the end of summer recess after allegations of sexual misconduct towards staff. Consitutents have complained that case work has not been dealt with in the MP's absence, allegations Ms McDonnell denies. Responding to the latest news, Kathleen Parkinson, a member of the Rosewood Constituents Consultation group, told the Gallambrian: "We are pleased that an investigation is underway but we are still a constituency unrepresented and action needs to be taken to correct that." During its investigation, the Gallambrian uncovered staff running the MP's officer without the proper security clearances required by Parliamentary authorities. After the investigation was published, the constituency office was closed and staff formally given four weeks' notice. The Treasury confirmed Mr Ross had, in recent weeks, given formal notice of his intent to resign in September. Counter-Terror Chief says policing alone cannot beat extremism Gallambria's most senior counter-terrorism officer has said the police and security services are no longer enough to win the fight against violent extremism, and Gallambrian must instead improve community cohesion, social mobility and education. In his first major interview since taking up his post last year, Federal Police assistant commissioner Neil Prakesh told the Gallambrian that up to 80% of those who wanted to attack Gallambria were British-born or raised, which strongly indicated domestic social issues were among the root causes. Grievances held by people who were "malleable" to terrorist recruitment were highly dangerous, he said, calling for sociologists and criminologists to take a leading role in helping police tackle the problem. Prakesh, who is highly regarded in Bromwich, is seen as a potential next head of the Federal Police. His comments are a significant break in tone, if not strategy, about how to combat terrorism and prevent it from becoming a multigenerational struggle that damages Gallambria's social fabric. Finestra halts unclear marketplace strategy Finestra is halting its so-called marketplace strategy to refocus on banking and insurance, admitting its former chief executive's plan had confused customers. Announcing an 83.5 per cent fall in full-year profit, Finestra acting CEO Stephanie Anders said the company had been too ambitious and failed to explain what it had been trying to achieve. "Clearly there are areas where we haven't got it 100 per cent right or we haven't clearly explained our intent," Ms Anders said on Wednesday. "The more aspirational elements of the marketplace component of our strategy and the associated third-party revenues what were assumed to flow from those activities were too ambitious relative to where our business is at and the funds that we have available to invest." Customer marketplace boss Pip Harlon will quit at the end of August, with 15-year company veteran Lisa Stevenson leading a new customer and digital unit. Finestra will align its Gallambrian contact centres, stores and intermediary distribution teams with its banking and insurance operations. Finestra recorded an £494.5 million loss on the sale of its life insurance business to GMP limited, a one-off hit entirely responsible for the big fall in profit. Stripping out one-off items, full-year cash profit rose 1.1 per cent to £632.5 million, with revenue from continuing operations rising 9.65 per cent to £8.6 billion. The company confirmed it would hand another £278 million back to shareholders from the sale of its life insurance unit. Finestra, which has already distributed £57 million from the sale in the form of an 4.4 pence special dividend, announced an addition 21 pence per share capital return for October 24 and a related share consolidation. The total returns to share holders from the sale of the Gallambrian Life Insurance business will come to £335.5 million. Finestra shares closed on Friday, at 4.8 per cent hight at £7.27.
  5. REQUEST FOR TENDER - LAND 200 PHASE 2 ATM ID: FSPG/2019/01 AGENCY: Defence Capability & Sustainment Group CATEGORY: 251196056 - Military Combat Vehicle CLOSE DATE 01 OCT 2019 1200HRS (BMT) | STATUS: OPEN PUBLISH DATE: 21 AUG 2019 LOCATION: BROMWICH, GALLAMBRIA ATM TYPE: REQUEST FOR TENDER DESCRIPTION: The Ministry of Defence invites suitable companies to request for tender documentation of Project Land 200 P2 Self Propelled Artillery (Armoured) Replacement. This project is to replace the Army's existing fleet of L183A3 Gladiator SPG. A successful short list of tenderers will be contracted to construct a tender sample vehicle for further evaluation.
  6. MEDIA RELEASE DEFENCE SECURITY PRINCIPLES FRAMEWORK REVIEW - APPROVED DEVICES As a result of the annual review of the Defence Security Principles Framework for FY 18/19. The Defence Security Authority has removed Elegy ( @Sunset Sea Islands ) from it's list of approved device manufacturers, and approved Defence Contractors. This has come from reports made by the Gallambrian Cyber Security Centre that Elegy's hardware and software could be seen as extensions of the Sunset Sea Island's military and all-of-government intelligence collection apparatus.
  7. Ministry of Defence blocked Centre Alliance minister, Roger Josephson's request on cabinet confidentiality grounds The MoD wrongly kept the Army chiefs diary secret from a minister who was investigating the handling of a multi-billion pound arms contract. The handling of a £3.6bn contract to build Gallambria's next generation Main Battle Tank met with criticism last year, after local defence contractor GAe Systems said its significantly cheaper proposal was shunned by the government in favour of a @Iverican Firm, ARX Arms. The government later attempted to involve GAe Systems in the work, but negotiations broke down. In an attempt to uncover who top defence figures had met in the lead-up to the controversy, the Centre Alliance minister, Roger Josephson requested the diaries of the army chief and the head of defence's capability acquisition and sustainment group for May 2018, under freedom of information laws. But the Ministry of Defence hid behind cabinet confidentiality grounds to block Josephson's requests. Documents that reveal the decisions or deliberations of cabinet are fully exempt from FOI. Defence argued the diaries would reveal the dates of cabinet meetings, and so were exempt. But Josephson appealed the case to the information watchdog, arguing the dates of cabinet meetings in no way revealed decisions or discussions. He told The Gallambrian, the Ministry's behaviour was an example of "secrecy creep". "I support the need for cabinet confidence ... but this is secrecy creep," Josephson said. "If you give an inch, they'll take a mile." The minister told the information commissioner the Ministry's claims were "as erroneous as claims that revealing the location of cabinet meetings ... or the catering requirements of a cabinet meeting ... somehow breach 'cabinet confidentiality'". The Information Commissioner, Agnes Faulkner, agreed. "The information merely records the appointments that have been scheduled for a particular day and do not contain any further information as to what was considered or discussed in those meetings," Faulkner found. "Accordingly, I am not persuaded that disclosure of the information contained in the documents would reveal a cabinet deliberation or decision." Defence confirmed it would comply with the judgment and release the diaries to Josephson.
  8. MEDIA RELEASE The Gallambrian Space Agency (GSA) and the Royal Gallambrian Air Force, along with it's @Seylosian counterparts have signed a Statement of Strategic Intent with Gardner Aerospace, as part of a mission to grow Gallambria's and Seylos' space industry. Secretary of State for Business, Energy and Industrial Strategy, the Right Honorable Patrick Morlington MP said the signing with Region's largest aerospace company signified the global ambitions of the Agency. "Gardner's ongoing commitment to support science, technology , engineering and maths education, including developing a skilled and diverse workforce is vital to the growth and progress of Gallambria's economy," Secretary Morlington said. "The statement beings an important partnership with Gardner, and emphasises the value of its ongoing research and development in collaboration with universities and research institutions across Gallambria and Seylos. "Gardner is a major player in both Gallambria's space and wider aerospace industry. Across Gallambria, Gardner employs over 3,500 people and in 2018 invested £124 million in research and development." Head of the Gallambrian Space Agency, Dr Stephen Phillips CG, said that signing of the statement was an example of how collaboration and engagement across countries is an important aspect of the growing space economy, both in Gallambria and Seylos, as well as internationally. The Government is aiming to triple the size of the Gallambrian space sector to £24 billion and increase employment to 15,000 by 2030, as part of our plan to create more jobs and growth in emerging sectors in the economy.
  9. MEDIA RELEASE: PYEMCGOWAN TRAVEL ADVISORY ISSUED After a series of recent high profile assassinations in @PyeMcGowan, The Home Office has updated its travel advisory from "Exercise a high degree of caution" (or "Yellow Level") to "Do not travel" (or "Red Level"). This level means that the security situation is extremely dangerous. This may be due to a high threat of terrorist attack, ongoing armed conflict, violent social unrest, or critical levels of violent crime. It is often a combination of these. You should not travel to this location. If you are already in a 'do not travel' area, you should consider leaving. If you choose to travel despite this advice, you should exercise extreme caution and seek independent, professional security advice which may include hiring personal protection. Before you leave Gallambria, make sure you have an up-to-date will, an enduring power of attorney, and designate appropriate insurance beneficiaries. Ensure you have robust mitigation measures in place and a detailed emergency management plan. The Gallambrian government is often unable to provide consular assistance in such extreme locations, nor can the Government provide security assistance or advice. This is your responsibility. In the event of a crisis, departure options may become severely limited. You are responsible for ensuring you are able to depart independently and that your travel documentation remains up-to-date. You should not expect that the Gallambrian government will facilitate your departure. For this level, any travel by Gallambrian officials is subject to high-level approval. It includes rigorous risk assessment and movement planning usually involving the use of armoured vehicles and personal protection. You are likely to require a specialised insurance policy for travel to 'do not travel' destinations. Some travel insurance policies may not cover you for 'do not travel' destinations.
  10. MEDIA RELEASE - RGAF'S Jaguar ECR.7 electronic attack aircraft achieves IOC The Ministry of Defence (MoD) has announced that the Royal Gallambrian Air Force's (RGAF) Jaguar ECR.7 electronic attack aircraft has achieved Initial Operating Capability (IOC). Built by the Gallambrian Aircraft Corporation (GAC), the Jaguar ECR.7 is currently only in service with the RGAF with views to make the aircraft available to allied air forces. RGAF operates a fleet of 36 Jaguars from RGAF Station Prestwick in Mercia. The aircraft is design to disrupt, deceive or deny military electronic systems, including radars and communications. According to RGAF Chief of Staff, Air Chief Marshal Mohd Al-Elamin Kahn, the IOC marks a significant achievement in the MoD's efforts to enhance its joint electronic warfare capability. Al-Elamin Kahn said: "Over time, this aircraft will work with army and navy platforms to enhance our ability to control the electronic environment, and where necessary, deny or degrade the electronic systems of adversaries. "This will provide a capability edge by enhancing tactical options to reduce risks to Gallambrian and partner maritime, land and air forces in more complex and high-tech conflicts of the future." The Jaguar is an electronic attack aircraft equipped with purpose-built radio-frequency jamming pods and advance weapons. Based on the Panther GR.6 airframe, the Jaguar features multiple enhancements, including additional avionics, enhanced radio frequency receivers and an improved communications suite. The aircraft can offer increased protection to forces while also improving their situational awareness. RGAF can use the Jaguars in support of a range of defence tasks, from peacekeeping operations to air superiority denial operations. As part of the Air Force's Plan Solomon, the RGAF will receive a further 12 Jaguars from GAC, which will increase the fleet to 48. A RGAF Jaguar ECR.7 performing a fly past over Battery Hill during the 2018 Gallambria Day celebrations
  11. MEDIA RELEASE LAUNCH OF PLAN SOLOMON A strategy to transform the Royal Gallambrian Air Force for the future, Plan Solomon, was today released by the Chief of Air Staff, ACM Sir Mohammed Al-Elamin Kahn KCStG CG AFC AM AdC. Releasing Plan Solomon in Tamworth ahead of tomorrow's annual Air Power Symposium, ACM Al-Elamin Kahn said the much-anticipated plan would set the Air Force on a path of transformation for the future. "In the next 5 years, the Royal Gallambrian Air Force will have one of the most advanced aircraft fleets in the world. This will make our Air Force operations fundamentally different. "We cannot be complacent, by thinking that simply having the next generation of aircraft technology, will create an advanced Air Force. Over the last few years, we have bought new fifth generation aircraft into service, with more joining the fleet in the coming years. "These aircraft will bring more data and situational awareness than ever before. We need to be able to share this information across aircraft platforms through networking, and enable good decisions without being overwhelmed by the high volumes of data. "We need to work across Defence, to create integration with Army and Navy's technologies to deliver the best possible options for Government from these advanced aircraft. "We need to transform ourselves into a truly integrated, networked force that can realise the potential of this technology, and maintain our position as masters of the air domain," he said. Plan Solomon is not the 'final plan' for the future. Plan Solomon is the first step for the Air Force to meet the challenges of the future. More work will continue in 2019, to further develop the three themes: harnessing the combat potential of an integrated force; developing an innovative and empowered workforce; and changing the way we acquire and sustain capability. "We cannot ignore the need to transform the Air Force to maintain our position at the leading edge of air power. The changes we make under Plan Solomon will allow us to maintain our ability to deliver air power for Government, when and where it is needed."
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