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  1. 80 stories below, Richard Spai threw himself into a car waiting for him at the edge of the plaza. "Take me home," spat the man, fuming from the interaction he had moments ago. Spai began drafting a strongly worded email to the woman and thing that had insulted him, recklessly typing regardless of any errors he made. Insults were made against appearance, personal history, intelligence, and fatally, gender identity. Disregarding any potential consequences, the man sent the email. Yiu's conversation was interrupted by a phone call from their assistant Quora, apologizing profusely to Lynne, Yiu walked over to the building's balcony before answering. "Quora, darling, I love you, but I'm talking to Lynne, can it wait?" asked Yiu, worried that Lynne would get annoyed with the interruption "Well, Richard Spai emailed," replied Quora from the other end of the line in her soft Lysian accent. "So what? You know we delete those," said Yiu, exasperated. "You're going to want to read this one. I'm sending it to you now." finished the woman, hanging up. Returning back to the chair, Yiu apologized profusely for the interruption, "I'm so sorry. Apparently, Richard sent me something interesting enough for Quora to deem it necessary for me to read it." "If Quora says it's important, it is, she's the best I've seen." Soothed Lynne, unbothered by the interruption. "You're just saying that because she used to work with you." quipped Yiu, well aware that Quora was likely the only reason that things went smoothly for them in the first place. "My point stands. Now, let's see this email," said Lynne, placing her sunglasses on top of her head and taking Yiu's phone from their hand. Reading through, Lynne's eyebrows slowly migrated up her forehead, finally coming to rest in an expression of shock rarely displayed by the businesswoman. "you're going to want to read this, now," ordered Lynne, practically shoving the chairman's phone back into their hand. Rolling their eyes at what they thought was just another desperate attempt to win back favor with the fashion mogul, Yiu began reading. From: RSpai@Gh.Gov To: YAmista@Gh.Gov Subject: [no subject] Your threats against me are unfounded, improper, and will be the downfall of you and lynne. you arent fit to be a leader of a f*cking coffee shop mich less the leader of Halahidna. you should take Your shitty clothes and ugly makeup back to whroing in clubs for a few bits. You never deserbed to be a membre of the corporate board and you;; never be as good as Bittman. you parade arund on your sbitty f*cking glitter pants and thinl your hot shit becaus you managed to fukc spmeone with avtual talent. youre jsut a n ayyention grabving trsny, just admit yire a man and stip bring a snowflkae. resign and let the aults get bacl to runnig the coungry. I have the honor to be your obedient servant, R. Spai Yiu read the email twice over, noting the irony of the automatically generated signature in contrast with the general unhinged sounding email. Taking a deep breath, Yiu responded, "Holy shit, he's actually lost it." Turning to their companion, Yiu was shocked to see Lynne grinning. "You're way too happy about this," commented Yiu, failing to see what Lynne had seen within the manic text. "He sent this from his government email, any statements in there are officially his, and can be accessed by anyone with a government login." Began the woman, speaking as if explaining the significance to a child. "Okay, but what does that mean?" asked the chairman, oblivious to the opportunity that had presented itself. "We can release this, and he can't deny anything he said in it." Explained Lynne, watching the dots connect in the chairman's head. "He's on record, insulting your company, and more importantly, you." continued Lynne, already plotting the man's downfall. "We send this to every news station, gossip magazine, and social media influencer on the island, anonymously, of course. Pose as a government aide who was filtering through the correspondence records for the day. He's f*cked!" Finished Lynne, gleefully typing on her phone. "He's not going to survive this, holy shit, we can ruin him!" exclaimed the chairman, finally realizing the golden opportunity that had presented itself to them. "I'll have Quora get to work on it right away." "No need, I've already messaged Cynthia," said Lynne, referring to fellow corporate board member Cynthia Ferroe, owner of the islands media conglomerate, Orpheum Media Group. "The devil works hard, but Lynne Androni works harder." quipped Yiu, holding their glass of champagne out. Lynne brought her glass to Yiu's, resulting in a satisfying clink as the two celebrated their plan.
  2. "I know you put Amistacia up to saying that, we've never had an issue with MYNE until you managed to convince them that we're the ones that leaked those designs!" shouted Spai Computing CEO Richard Spai, red in the face. "The Chairman's opinion is entirely their own, in fact, why don't you ask them yourself?" Replied the woman coolly, a slight smirk betraying the immense satisfaction she felt. Slinking up next to Lynne, Yiu handed their friend the coffee that by that point had gone cold. Sparing a sideways glance at the man in the middle of a breakdown, Yiu began speaking, their voice full of venom. "Richard, what a surprise to see you up so early, how are you?" "You know damn well how I'm doing! My phone's been ringing all f*cking morning!" Responded the man, sweat beading along his receding hairline despite the chilly air of the lobby. "You and your little friends are trying to ruin me!" Taking a sip of her coffee only to find it cold, Lynne waved over a receptionist and handed the cup off. Taking a drag from her electronic cigarette, Lynne retorted, "Richard, if we wanted to ruin you, don't you think we'd be a little more methodical?" Taken aback, Spai barely managed an indignant sputter before being silenced by the woman's slender gloved hand. "I mean let's really think about it for a second," continued the woman, a sadistic gleam in her eyes, "There are so many other options we could use that would be more reliable than Yiu, no offense darling." "None taken" shrugged Yiu, more interested in the verbal assault against the man than the smaller insult thrown their way. "We control the largest conglomerate of corporations on this island Richard. We could sue you for every bit you own, publish stories of affairs real and imagined, shut you out of every club- no matter how small- on this island. Really the list goes on and on," continued the woman, barely pausing to take another drag of her e-cig. "Now, here's what's about to happen, you're going to walk out that door, get into whatever car brought you here, and go home. You're going to walk in your front door and have to face the fact that You. Don't. Belong. Here. You're going to have to face your wife and watch her face as she realizes she married the wrong man. Now, I'm going to be generous and not bill you for all of my time you've wasted. Do I have to call security?" "You'll pay for thi-" began the man, barely managing to get out the words before a cloud of smoke was blown over him. "Bill it to my account, we're done here," replied Lynne, turning on her heel and walking towards the bank of elevators on the far wall, leaving the chairman and a now defeated Richard Spai alone in the lobby. Sighing and fixing his suit, the man looked up as Yiu began talking, "Richard, darling, we really did miss you at the party last night." Enraged, the man began taking a step towards the person standing in front of him, but was stopped by the realization that the two mountainous guards flanking the doors would turn a majority of his bones into a fine powder if he even made contact with the chairman. Gesturing the two Variotan men over, "Ron, Sjon, Monsieur Spai seems to have lost his way to the exit, would you be able to help him find his way?" asked Yiu, voice artificially sweet. Taking the hint, Richard simply held up his hands in surrender. He began walking out of the building, one hand held high, spitefully displaying a middle finger. "Oh, and tell your wife, Lauren, I say hello, and ask her if we're still on for tea next Friday?" called out Yiu, relishing the opportunity to twist the knife even deeper into their relationship. Pausing to adjust their hair using their phones front camera, Yiu made their way towards the elevators their advisor had just disappeared into and followed suit. The elevator began rapidly ascending through the skyscraper. With the back wall made entirely of glass, the chairman was given a perfect view of the business park laid out below them. Five towers wrapped in LCD displays broadcasted feeds of shifting polygons, news, advertisements, and most prominently, a looping video of the latest MYNE advertisement. The ad was a closeup of Yiu's shoulders, and above on a black background, the chairman would turn to the camera, wink seductively, and blow a kiss before the screen faded into the familiar "MYNE, Be Better™" slogan. Yiu was especially proud of the makeup they had done for it, an abundance of icy highlighter and a lack of eyebrows left the chairman looking inhumanly beautiful. With a soft chime, the elevator announced that they had arrived at their destination, Lynne's personal office. The office took up the entire top floor of the skyscraper, with a spacious reception area, private bar, and chefs on call, rooftop pool, and master suite, the space felt like it belonged in a luxury apartment complex rather than an office park. Waving to Lynne's assistants clustered around the reception, the chairman made their way outside to the pool, where Lynne was already lying in a sun chair, drink in hand. "Darling have you even used this pool yet?" asked Yiu, recalling that they had yet to see a single person make use of it. "We have a pool?" Retorted Lynne sarcastically, eyes hidden behind MYNE sunglasses. "Yeah, right here!" replied the chairman, jokingly splashing water at the woman, being sure none actually touched her. "Oh, that pool, I think one of the assistants has, take a seat," said Lynne, gesturing to the open chair next to her. Making their way over and sitting, Yiu was immediately handed a glass of champagne by one of the assistants, who returned moments later with a tray covered in various meats, cheeses, and other hors d'œuvres. "Merci," said the chairman, plucking an olive from the tray as the assistant placed the plate on the table between the two. Returning inside to continue gossiping with her coworkers. Yiu took a moment to sip on their champagne and watch the cityscape in front of them go about its daily motions.
  3. Stepping out of the air-conditioned studio and into the humid July air, Yiu made their way to the car waiting outside. Opening the door, Yiu was surprised to see their friend and closest advisor Lynne Androni, sitting in the back seat. Sliding in beside her, Yiu wasted no time in starting a conversation. "Lynne darling, what a lovely surprise, to what do I owe the pleasure?" mused the chairman, injecting as much exhaustion as they could muster before collapsing dramatically into the plush seat as the car began moving. "You did well in there Yiu, you managed to stick to the script this time." replied the woman, punctuating her statement with a drag from an electronic cigarette fashioned to look like a vintage cigarette holder. The chairman failed to respond, opting instead to stare out the window at the passing crowds, identifying their influences on the pedestrians. Yiu's latest designs were out in full force in the wake of the MYNE Gala; long glittering strips of fabric covering the bare essentials kept the citizens cool in the rapidly escalating summer heat. As the car rolled to a slow stop at a red light, Yiu finally responded, "You know what I want right now? Coffee." Abruptly unbuckling their seat belt and stepping out of the car and into the busy street, Lynne's protests were silenced by a quick slam of the car door. Ignoring the buzzing in their pocket that was certain to be Androni berating them for stepping out so suddenly. Crossing in front of the mass of cars waiting for the tram to finish passing, Yiu made a beeline for the nearest cafe. "Iced chai, double shot of espresso, large." Muttered the chairman, absentmindedly scrolling through their phone. Lynne had texted her order, a small dark roast, and Yiu was more than happy to provide to make up for their abrupt departure. "Can I get a name for that?" asked the disinterested barista, typing the order into the computer in front of her. "Yiu, can I add one of those little scones?" replied the individual, seemingly oblivious to the stares that the answer drew. "A-anything else?" asked the barista, immediately flustered by the realization that they were talking to arguably the most powerful person on the island. "No, that'll be it, you take ElePay?" "Uh, yeah, can you sign here, please?" "Yeah, thanks." muttered Yiu, absentmindedly selecting a tip amount. Going to sit down in one of the corners, Yiu hardly noticed how the people previously occupying that booth immediately relocated themselves. Less than a minute later, the chairman's coffee was delivered to their table. Pausing to take a selfie with their drink and slip in headphones, the chairman stepped into the humid afternoon air and made a beeline for the nearest tram station. Arriving just in time to slip between the closing doors and into the plush first-class compartment. Texting Lynne to meet them at the Androni Commercial Center, Yiu met with an immediate reply confirming that their advisor was already there. The tram ride was pleasant, with the fashion mogul alternating between taking sips of their drink and scrolling through their social media feed. 15 minutes later, the tram came to a stop at the newly completed business park, the sleek black glass body of the train complementing the towers surrounding the station. Walking across the plaza and into the lobby, the chairman was met by an argument being held between Lynne Androni, and fellow corporate board member, Richard Spai.
  4. "Up next on the Engelsen Angle, we have an interview with someone I'm sure you're all familiar with... Yiu Amistacia!" Cheers rang out throughout the studio as Marie Englesen, host of one of Galahinda's most popular morning talk shows, introduced her next guest. Making their way onto the set, the chairman stopped to let the audience truly appreciate the outfit being worn. The chairman's sheer champagne blazer with MYNE logo embroidery, champagne corset, slacks, and pumps, gave the illusion that the fashion mogul was naked save for the MYNE logo. Stopping to exchange a brief kiss on each cheek with their friend Marie, as custom amongst Galahindans, the chairman gracefully lowered themself into the armchair waiting for them. After returning to her seat and waiting for the applause to subside, Marie began her interview with the question on everyone's lips, "Yiu, darling, what happened last night?" Eliciting laughs from audience members and a smile from the chairman. "Well, as I'm sure you all have heard by now, I hosted a small get together with some friends, the MYNE Gala? You might have seen it on TV." teased Yiu, drawing cheers from the crowd. Without missing a beat, Marie continued, "Yes, yes, we know it happened, but can't you tell us what happened behind those gilded walls?" "You were there, Cheri, don't you remember?" Yiu retorted, "Or did you have too much to drink?" Joking back and forth for the next few minutes, the pair walked the audience through a night of revelry and extravagance before beginning to talk about some of the outfits worn for the event. "Let's talk about your outfit last night," Marie said, directing the audience's attention to the large screen behind the two where photos of Yiu from the previous night were on display. The chairman was wearing a dress made up entirely of what appeared to be broken mirror shards, reflecting their surroundings and the viewers. "Tell us a little bit about this dress," asked Marie. "Well, this dress is a unique piece that I designed in collaboration with my long time friend Yves Naïlo. The reflective elements were actually manufactured by our friends in the Sunset Sea Islands. There are actually over five hundred shards of sharp glass on this dress," replied Yiu, drawing gasps and applause from the audience. "Give Yves my regards, this is certainly amazing, were there any outfits that stood out to you beside your own?" questioned Marie. "Yes, of course, my fellow corporate board members were certainly impressive, particularly my longtime friend Fatima Galvan," commented Yiu. Prompting the screen to shift to photos of their fellow corporate board member, where her ebony skin was perfectly contrasted with an oversized white sunhat, and white floor-length skirt, leaving her breasts exposed. "I love this look, it's so simple but says a lot about Fatima, she's always been a massive supporter of mine, and she's not afraid to make a statement like this. Even small details didn't escape her, her nails and hair are the same color as the pearls on the hat. She's got a serious eye for detail, and I live for it!" explained the chairman, beaming, and gesturing to the elements of the dress. Marie took a moment to let them finish before chiming in, "I agree, she looks stunning, but where there are ups there must be downs. Who do we think was the worst of the night in terms of taste, execution, or following the theme?" Without a moment's hesitation, Yiu was able to reply, " The men, nearly across the board. Nearly every single one of them wore the same black suit and tie." Rolling their eyes, the chairman continued, " I don't expect them to go as extreme as me, I get that the trends this year can be seen as too feminine, but c'mon you guys. I mean, three reporters were wearing the exact same suit jacket!" The comments drew applause from the crowd, with a few even shouting their support. The two continued to rate the looks from the night, joking back and forth. It wasn't until the topic of the red carpet's theme was broached that the two became more serious. "Starting us off, why don't we talk about the theme of this year's MYNE Gala, why did you select it?" asked Marie. "This year's theme of 'Opulence, You Own Everything.' was actually a reference to one of my favorite films, Cascadia Is Burning, you remember it?" Responded Yiu, referencing a documentary about the nightlife of the island's queer community during and immediately after the market crash of 1983 and agglomeration. Taking a sip of water, Yiu continued by saying, "We've come so far since the crash, hell, we've come so far since I was appointed. As a community, we're finally able to be unapologetically ourselves, and I wanted this year to reflect that." After waiting a moment for the words to sink in, Englesen continued, "That's really powerful, especially considering your recent denunciations of a few of your fellow corporate board members. Do you think you made the right choice by removing their invites?" With an air of indignance, Yiu responded, saying, "Absolutely, Richard Spai and Spencer Klynne made it absolutely clear that they have no respect for me or this islands queer community, and they have no place at any MYNE events." This again drew applause from the audience in the studio, with Marie joining in. As the applause subsided, Marie noted the limited time remaining for the segment and began to wrap up the interview. "Unfortunately that is all the time we have for today, thank you so much for joining us Yiu it's always fantastic to see you." said the host, shaking hands with her guest, "After the break, we'll be talking about all the ways you can prepare a healthy and tasty charcuterie board for your next party, coming right up." Concluded Marie, waiting for the cue that meant the cameras were off. After being given the all-clear, she walked with Yiu backstage, thanking them for being there and touch up her makeup before the commercial break ended, and her next segment began.
  5. Are you referring to the discord role of citizen, or having a place on the map? if you want a place on the map you’ll have to pass the academy:
  6. What happened in Ceris with the gas attack was a war crime correct?
  7. L'Avenue was a warzone. Flashes of light erupting every second, and the screams of civilians could be heard clearly in the surrounding blocks. The constant drone of helicopters was just barely overpowered by the pulsing electronic music pouring from speakers dispersed throughout the crowds. Fashion week had invaded the island, bringing the Diamant district to a standstill. For months the elite had been planning parties, drafting invitations, securing performers, and renting out spaces within Cascadia's urban core. The city's skyscrapers were in their full glory, lit up from all sides by floodlights and LED displays. No other night was as important as tonight, and every pair of eyes not staffing an event or working to keep the city running was on an electronic display. The annual MYNE gala red carpet had begun. This year's theme was "Opulence: You Own Everything." and across the nation, those lucky and wealthy enough to attend the party were looking to one-up their competitors. Chairman Amistacia had announced that the best outfit worn to the event would be added to the national cultural archives, with the owner receiving a place on POSE magazine's cover. Tensions were high among the members of the Corporate Board, with the reappointment of Yiu Amistacia as chairman the necessity of winning their favor could dictate the company's success for the year to come. Already an influential member of Galahindan nightlife, Yiu's appointment marked the begging of a new era of Galahindan culture, and the country had progressed into a state of hedonism never before seen on the island. Nowhere was this more obvious than the parties thrown almost weekly by the current chairman. The public adored these parties. Despite only the wealthiest and most influential members of Galahindan society being invited, years of work as a socialite and creative director of the largest fashion house on the island, if not on eurth, had left Yiu a master of public relations. The public's favor was not reflected by the Corporate Board, however, with tensions between the members and the chairman becoming increasingly hostile. Just last week, the chairman had publicly rescinded the MYNE gala invitations of Richard Spai and Spencer Klynne. Accusing the two Corporate Board members of homophobia, after they had voted against the reappointment of Amistacia as chairman. The move led to public outcry against the two, with stock prices falling four percent after the accusation was made. The implications were clear, Amistacia wielded significant power over public opinion, and was not afraid to use it. With the release of a new collection of MYNE clothing Amistacia could do no wrong in the eyes of the elite, with the members of high society vying for praise from the fashion magnate. The rich knew that even a small gesture of favor from the leader would catapult them higher in the hierarchy of the island's movers and shakers, and any sign of displeasure could lead to them dropping off the social map. Nowhere was this as evident than with the fall of William Piner. Once a close friend and trusted colleague of Amistacia, the man was overheard making remarks about the promiscuous nature of the nation's leader and immediately was pushed out of high society. Piner was blacklisted from every official MYNE event for the next five years, and being close to him was considered social suicide as he continued to criticize Yiu. After two years of social ostracization, Piner was found dead from apparent opioid overdose in his home. Rumors began circulating that a member of Yiu's inner circle had ordered the man killed for his remarks. Still, no conclusive proof had ever been found, and the death ruled a suicide. Tonight was exactly the kind of night that would make or break someone's entire life. All eyes would be on the chairman, and they knew it.
  8. MYNE Catalog Leaked November 2nd, 2019, FY33 In an unprecedented moment of corporate espionage, fashion giant MYNE has experienced a leak of their upcoming line. The leaked images, shown below, seem to have come directly from the pen of MYNE creative director and corporate board chairman Yiu Amistacia. Speculation continues as to the source of these leaked images, as they appear to be watermarked for internal use only. Increased tensions between Spai Computing CEO Richard Spai and Chairman Amistacia have led to public accusations of corporate espionage and a complete hold on all Spai Computing assets until an internal investigation has been completed. When reached out to for comment Spai denied any responsibility, and simply stated that, "Spai Computing maintains it's position on the corporate board and will help determine the source of these leaks as best we can." These leaks, appearing across the internet on Sunday, have been met with widespread excitement. The creative director hasn't publicly released new projects for over two months, citing increased workload and a shift back to modeling since their appointment as chairman. When asked for comment regarding the leaks, Yiu confirmed that these are authentic, but were older concepts that had been revised or left out of past collections. The designs, rendered primarily in black and white, share similarities with last year's spring/summer lines, featuring sheer fabric or clear plastic. The source of the leaks directly contradicts this claim, asserting that the sketches have progressed past the internal prototyping phase, and are in fact slated for release during the upcoming fall/winter fashion week. It is currently unknown whether the source is an outside actor, or acting on behalf of a current corporate board member. All other members have denied claims of responsibility, and have begun an internal investigation on how a secure government server could have been breached without a member of the Galahindan Security Agency knowing.
  9. Funding the most fashionable faction would not be out of the realm of possibility
  10. Galahindan politics is all about sticking our well contoured noses into others business, it'd be fun to see how subtly influencing culture would benefit us. The issue is we don't have a standing army, but would likely utilize media manipulation.
  11. From: Yiu Amistacia To: F.F.f.F.f.F. Dina Diva, That b*tch, Legend, Icon, prostitute. Regarding: That great idea you had Hey girl, you get paid to write these? Whack. I’m going to kill Quora for not being able to recognize your army of twink spies, this was supposed to be a surprise! I was totally going to buy out one of your department stores downtown and fly out a whole exclusive Variotan catalogue overnight but because someone can’t keep her mouth shut the cats out of the MYNE bag! Sometimes I feel like you’re the only person on eurth who gets what I’m going for. I swear if I have to go to another boring black tie diplomatic meeting where I can’t even get decently buzzed I was going to start a trade war. I love every single part of this idea especially the shots, alcohol and fillers sound great. Send a plane and I’ll get on it. I’m probably going to get yelled at by my security people but like, what do they know about a good time? Speaking of security details I’m sure you know our unique issue of not having a standing army, war isn’t in style for us this year, but your boys look delicious in their uniforms. I’m totally willing to relocate some uglies from one of the poorer areas of the city and give you a brand new urban training ground in exchange for a few of your hottest soldiers to protect us. this is going to be absolutely stunning, Yiu
  12. Thanks for the reply! You brought up a lot of good points, and I really appreciate it. You mention how if I were an island I would have issues expanding, but to be honest I don't ever envision Galahinda expanding outward but rather upward. Galahinda is inherently a place of massive inequality covered up by a layer of pretentious fashion and self serving hedonism. The idea of a nation like that expanding beyond an island isn't one I particularly think matches the tone I'm looking for. A nation desperate to appear wealthy would invest in ever increasing amounts of vanity projects like superscrapers. As such I feel like the best option for our nation is the island to the east of Seylos, as long as he's fine with it I think that'll be an ideal location,
  13. To: The Holy Imperial Government of the Greater Holy Empire of Tagmatium From: Yiu Amistacia, Chairman of The Unitary Conglomerate of Galahinda I, Yiu Amistacia, wish to extend my thanks not only for your kind words towards our nation but to your willingness to accept our nation as a friend in these times. It is our stance that the broader our diplomatic ties spread, that our nation will grow all the more prosperous as a result. The future of our nation lies in the international community; as such, we are proud to accept your invitation to establish an embassy. We are keenly aware- perhaps more so than any other nation- that the cultural shift that has taken place not only since the recession of 1983, but my recent appointment as Chairman of the Corporate Board has been one of extremes. It is essential for us to recognize that not every nation has the capacity or willingness to understand and accept our culture. As a result, we are deeply moved by the willingness of His Majesty, Kommodos III, to foster positive relations, despite the easier option of labeling us as nothing more than Godless Heathens. Similarly, a more ignorant government would label you as nothing more than uptight holier-than-thou fanatics, but this would not only be a grave error but a betrayal of years of friendly relations and common decency. Furthermore, we would be thrilled to construct an embassy that pleases you in our newly established Place Internationale. Best wishes, Yiu Amistacia, Chairman.
  14. Noting too fancy at this point! Ideally it’d be like any other red carpet irl. You show up, walk the carpet, and then I’d say describe what you’re wearing- it was my nefarious plot to make you think about your nations fashions all along. Yiu is standing at the end of the carpet to greet you guys so keep that in mind? Otherwise have fun with it.
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