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  1. Are you referring to the discord role of citizen, or having a place on the map? if you want a place on the map you’ll have to pass the academy:
  2. What happened in Ceris with the gas attack was a war crime correct?
  3. L'Avenue was a warzone. Flashes of light erupting every second, and the screams of civilians could be heard clearly in the surrounding blocks. The constant drone of helicopters was just barely overpowered by the pulsing electronic music pouring from speakers dispersed throughout the crowds. Fashion week had invaded the island, bringing the Diamant district to a standstill. For months the elite had been planning parties, drafting invitations, securing performers, and renting out spaces within Cascadia's urban core. The city's skyscrapers were in their full glory, lit up from all sides by floodlights and LED displays. No other night was as important as tonight, and every pair of eyes not staffing an event or working to keep the city running was on an electronic display. The annual MYNE gala red carpet had begun. This year's theme was "Opulence: You Own Everything." and across the nation, those lucky and wealthy enough to attend the party were looking to one-up their competitors. Chairman Amistacia had announced that the best outfit worn to the event would be added to the national cultural archives, with the owner receiving a place on POSE magazine's cover. Tensions were high among the members of the Corporate Board, with the reappointment of Yiu Amistacia as chairman the necessity of winning their favor could dictate the company's success for the year to come. Already an influential member of Galahindan nightlife, Yiu's appointment marked the begging of a new era of Galahindan culture, and the country had progressed into a state of hedonism never before seen on the island. Nowhere was this more obvious than the parties thrown almost weekly by the current chairman. The public adored these parties. Despite only the wealthiest and most influential members of Galahindan society being invited, years of work as a socialite and creative director of the largest fashion house on the island, if not on eurth, had left Yiu a master of public relations. The public's favor was not reflected by the Corporate Board, however, with tensions between the members and the chairman becoming increasingly hostile. Just last week, the chairman had publicly rescinded the MYNE gala invitations of Richard Spai and Spencer Klynne. Accusing the two Corporate Board members of homophobia, after they had voted against the reappointment of Amistacia as chairman. The move led to public outcry against the two, with stock prices falling four percent after the accusation was made. The implications were clear, Amistacia wielded significant power over public opinion, and was not afraid to use it. With the release of a new collection of MYNE clothing Amistacia could do no wrong in the eyes of the elite, with the members of high society vying for praise from the fashion magnate. The rich knew that even a small gesture of favor from the leader would catapult them higher in the hierarchy of the island's movers and shakers, and any sign of displeasure could lead to them dropping off the social map. Nowhere was this as evident than with the fall of William Piner. Once a close friend and trusted colleague of Amistacia, the man was overheard making remarks about the promiscuous nature of the nation's leader and immediately was pushed out of high society. Piner was blacklisted from every official MYNE event for the next five years, and being close to him was considered social suicide as he continued to criticize Yiu. After two years of social ostracization, Piner was found dead from apparent opioid overdose in his home. Rumors began circulating that a member of Yiu's inner circle had ordered the man killed for his remarks. Still, no conclusive proof had ever been found, and the death ruled a suicide. Tonight was exactly the kind of night that would make or break someone's entire life. All eyes would be on the chairman, and they knew it.
  4. MYNE Catalog Leaked November 2nd, 2019, FY33 In an unprecedented moment of corporate espionage, fashion giant MYNE has experienced a leak of their upcoming line. The leaked images, shown below, seem to have come directly from the pen of MYNE creative director and corporate board chairman Yiu Amistacia. Speculation continues as to the source of these leaked images, as they appear to be watermarked for internal use only. Increased tensions between Spai Computing CEO Richard Spai and Chairman Amistacia have led to public accusations of corporate espionage and a complete hold on all Spai Computing assets until an internal investigation has been completed. When reached out to for comment Spai denied any responsibility, and simply stated that, "Spai Computing maintains it's position on the corporate board and will help determine the source of these leaks as best we can." These leaks, appearing across the internet on Sunday, have been met with widespread excitement. The creative director hasn't publicly released new projects for over two months, citing increased workload and a shift back to modeling since their appointment as chairman. When asked for comment regarding the leaks, Yiu confirmed that these are authentic, but were older concepts that had been revised or left out of past collections. The designs, rendered primarily in black and white, share similarities with last year's spring/summer lines, featuring sheer fabric or clear plastic. The source of the leaks directly contradicts this claim, asserting that the sketches have progressed past the internal prototyping phase, and are in fact slated for release during the upcoming fall/winter fashion week. It is currently unknown whether the source is an outside actor, or acting on behalf of a current corporate board member. All other members have denied claims of responsibility, and have begun an internal investigation on how a secure government server could have been breached without a member of the Galahindan Security Agency knowing.
  5. Funding the most fashionable faction would not be out of the realm of possibility
  6. Galahindan politics is all about sticking our well contoured noses into others business, it'd be fun to see how subtly influencing culture would benefit us. The issue is we don't have a standing army, but would likely utilize media manipulation.
  7. From: Yiu Amistacia To: F.F.f.F.f.F. Dina Diva, That b*tch, Legend, Icon, prostitute. Regarding: That great idea you had Hey girl, you get paid to write these? Whack. I’m going to kill Quora for not being able to recognize your army of twink spies, this was supposed to be a surprise! I was totally going to buy out one of your department stores downtown and fly out a whole exclusive Variotan catalogue overnight but because someone can’t keep her mouth shut the cats out of the MYNE bag! Sometimes I feel like you’re the only person on eurth who gets what I’m going for. I swear if I have to go to another boring black tie diplomatic meeting where I can’t even get decently buzzed I was going to start a trade war. I love every single part of this idea especially the shots, alcohol and fillers sound great. Send a plane and I’ll get on it. I’m probably going to get yelled at by my security people but like, what do they know about a good time? Speaking of security details I’m sure you know our unique issue of not having a standing army, war isn’t in style for us this year, but your boys look delicious in their uniforms. I’m totally willing to relocate some uglies from one of the poorer areas of the city and give you a brand new urban training ground in exchange for a few of your hottest soldiers to protect us. this is going to be absolutely stunning, Yiu
  8. Thanks for the reply! You brought up a lot of good points, and I really appreciate it. You mention how if I were an island I would have issues expanding, but to be honest I don't ever envision Galahinda expanding outward but rather upward. Galahinda is inherently a place of massive inequality covered up by a layer of pretentious fashion and self serving hedonism. The idea of a nation like that expanding beyond an island isn't one I particularly think matches the tone I'm looking for. A nation desperate to appear wealthy would invest in ever increasing amounts of vanity projects like superscrapers. As such I feel like the best option for our nation is the island to the east of Seylos, as long as he's fine with it I think that'll be an ideal location,
  9. To: The Holy Imperial Government of the Greater Holy Empire of Tagmatium From: Yiu Amistacia, Chairman of The Unitary Conglomerate of Galahinda I, Yiu Amistacia, wish to extend my thanks not only for your kind words towards our nation but to your willingness to accept our nation as a friend in these times. It is our stance that the broader our diplomatic ties spread, that our nation will grow all the more prosperous as a result. The future of our nation lies in the international community; as such, we are proud to accept your invitation to establish an embassy. We are keenly aware- perhaps more so than any other nation- that the cultural shift that has taken place not only since the recession of 1983, but my recent appointment as Chairman of the Corporate Board has been one of extremes. It is essential for us to recognize that not every nation has the capacity or willingness to understand and accept our culture. As a result, we are deeply moved by the willingness of His Majesty, Kommodos III, to foster positive relations, despite the easier option of labeling us as nothing more than Godless Heathens. Similarly, a more ignorant government would label you as nothing more than uptight holier-than-thou fanatics, but this would not only be a grave error but a betrayal of years of friendly relations and common decency. Furthermore, we would be thrilled to construct an embassy that pleases you in our newly established Place Internationale. Best wishes, Yiu Amistacia, Chairman.
  10. Noting too fancy at this point! Ideally it’d be like any other red carpet irl. You show up, walk the carpet, and then I’d say describe what you’re wearing- it was my nefarious plot to make you think about your nations fashions all along. Yiu is standing at the end of the carpet to greet you guys so keep that in mind? Otherwise have fun with it.
  11. Yiu was momentarily blinded by the explosions of light from the press lining the red carpet, a veritable flashbang for those who weren’t accustomed to it, however, Yiu was anything but unaccustomed to the spotlight. Making their way down the red carpet Yiu would stop and pose every few steps, giving the press everything they needed. Shouts rang out from both sides as reporters jostled for positions at the gates that had separated them from the rich and famous of Galahinda, and would do the same to the foreign dignitaries who were set to arrive soon. They desperately shoved each other out of the way, hoping to score a few short words or phrases to over analyze for the next months. As Yiu reached the end of the carpet, they performed their signature lean before cracking a Victorian fan, sending a cloud of white glitter spiralling to the floor. The spectators loved this, and Yiu held the pose for a moment, letting the cheers soak in before silencing them with a slender gloved hand. “Darlings thank you so much for being here tonight!” Said Yiu, pausing to let the cheers die down slightly before continuing, “Tonight is a special night, you’ve already seen our lovey friends, and they were dressed to kill!” The final statement was punctuated with another fan crack, sending the crowd back into their fervor. “I’ve also invited a few friends from around the world, you all know Dina Diva?” queried Yiu, and was immediately answered by another wave of cheers, “And for you techies looking forward to the next elePhone, Liên Viênxuân is going to be here!” Drawing a few ooohs and ahs from the crowd. “We’ve got friends from all over the world dressed to the nines in their nations best fashion, so without further ado, please welcome our friends from across the world!” As they finished Yiu gestured to the aides lined along the separate path, indicating that it was time to send in the foreign delegations. Yiu remained at the start of the red carpet, ready to shake hands and exchange pleasantries with the members of Eurth politics.
  12. "Yiu the outfit is lovely, and we need to go over pronunciations, we can't give the impression that we don't care about the attendees!" Lynne Androni was at her wits end, and as if dealing with a seat on the Corporate Board wasn't enough stress, now it seemed Yiu was throwing a party every other night. "Quora darling, what do you think?" Queried Yiu, brushing aside their adviser's concern. "You look stunning as ever chairman." Replied the aide, not looking up from the tablet her eyes were glued to. Yiu hadn't pulled any punches with their outfit. A towering powdered wig and face beat to resemble lysian aristocracy, trademark corset, rococo leggings, and stilettos created an imposing, editorial figure. The creative director of MYNE had no doubts they were stunning, but the attention and validation never hurt. "So who ended up accepting?" Asked Yiu, applying a false beauty mark next to their lips. "We heard back from our friendly rivals @Fulgistan almost immediately, and @Sunset Sea Islands has sent Liên Viênxuân from Elegy." Began the aide, reading from the tablet in her hand. " @Variota has sent Dina Diva, and we've ordered extra alcohol for her. The prime minister of @Bulgenstaz Bavrov Krusken II has confirmed he's going to be attending. Oh! and Kera Eka Lam said she'd be thrilled to represent @Oyus." rattled off the aide, barely pausing for breath. "and what about our more traditionalist friends from @Sancti Imperii Catholico ?" Mused the chairman, half sarcastically. "No official reply, beyond the standard condemnation of our 'heathenish and blasphemous' lifestyle" replied Quora, "Ah well, knowing them there's at least one bishop who will find their way into our arms, if not to see first hand the satanic orgies that occur" joked the chairman, putting the last touches on their makeup."Either way, it's time to face the music, I'll be standing just outside the doors to greet them, remember you two, " the chairman paused and pointed at the two of them, "This is a party, have fun, and please make sure that you say hello to Liên and invite her for coffee tomorrow morning, i'd kill to open a boutique in sunset city and she's always a delight to work with." With a final lip smack, the fully dressed chairman exited their dressing room and onto the main floor, where the pulsing beat of electronic music could already be felt. Taking a deep breath, Yiu readjusted their wig one last time before stepping out into the night air, and into the waiting crowd.
  13. I’m honestly not too attached to the climate aspect, as long as it’s not arctic tundra or Sahara I’m fine with whatever.
  14. Yiu Amistacia throwing a party was nothing new, in fact some of their detractors would say that throwing parties was the only thing the chairman was good for. However Yiu throwing a party with minimal press presence, and inviting leaders from across the Eurth? That was something new. For the past month the chairman had been planning the party. Drafting guest lists, deciding on the venue, choosing a theme, selecting a menu, and most importantly; choosing what to wear. Up until this point the party had only been an abstract idea, nothing was permanent, but now a stack of invitations was sitting in front of Yiu, and choices had to be made. The invitations were handwritten with gold ink on black paper and read; "Yiu Amistacia would like to formally invite you to attend a party dedicated to showcasing friendship between nations and cultures, hosted at the newly constructed Palais Diamant in Cascadia on July 15th 2019, FY 33. The night's theme will be 'Nation's Best' and we ask that you wear your nation's finest clothing and fashions. Delegations of up to ten members are permitted alongside the invited party. Festivities will begin at sunset. Please RSVP with the intended attendee and delegation so security will be able to identify them properly." Yiu had already sent invitations to several close friends and advisers, and the time had come to invite the rest of the world. Picking up a pen, Yiu quickly addressed invitations bound for @Sunset Sea Islands, @Fulgistan, @Oyus, @Bulgenstaz, @Seylos and after some deliberation @Sancti Imperii Catholico. The envelopes were signed, sealed, and sent to their respective countries. All that was left was to wait for the responses.
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