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  1. Synturia

    SSS Network

    Neural Lace Development Will Soon Move to Human Trials Researchers in Synturia are developing ultra high bandwidth brain-machine interfaces, also called "neural laces", to connect humans and computers. With Synturia pushing the brink of the automation age, the daunting prospect of artificial intelligence becoming more capable than humans is a growing concern that the researchers want to address. To keep humans up with artificial intelligence in any meaningful way requires a more radical enhancement of the brain. Smarter artificial intelligence is certainly being developed, but with no prior progress on producing a neural lace. With all those notions considered, research on neural laces has been well under way. A team of researchers from Synstitute's major research laboratories have been integrating mesh-brain implants into mouse brains and enabling neuronal recordings for at least eight months. The major step in brain-machine interface research was developing a lace-like electronic mesh that can be directly injected into three-dimensional synthetic and biological structures, like the brain. This creates a seamless interface between machine and biological circuitry, which allows the stimulation and interpretation of electrical activity in the brain. The next step in the project is conducting tests with human trials. The researchers can stimulate electrical activity in the human brain using transcranial direct current stimulation. Implanted electronics in the body always cause some type of immune response and damage. However, by co-injecting the mesh or lace with stem cells, damaged tissue can be regrown. The brain grows literally throughout the cylindrical neural lace mesh, fusing the brain and the neural lace seamlessly. The researchers say that neural lace has a number of uses, including monitoring brain activity, delivering treatment for degenerative disorders like Parkinson’s, and even enhancing brain capabilities. Beyond neurological disease, the neural lace addresses the need to learn faster, upload skills, or retain plasticity. A person with minimal consciousness will see responsiveness. A person with normal capacity will see improved intelligence, sharper problem-solving abilities, enhanced creativity, or other benefits. The overarching premise behind the neural lace is that we cannot beat artificial intelligence, we are going to need to join it instead, becoming part of a human/machine merger. It is time for us to be able to control our electronics with our minds.
  2. Synturia

    SSS Network

    Manamana Canal Construction Efforts Increases The Manamana Canal is currently one of the largest construction projects that has been initiated by the @Sunset Sea Islands and @Synturia. Since breaking ground several months ago, the vision of the 'Manamana Project' itself has grown from primarily constructing a new maritime trade lane to developing a thriving community where Sunset Sea Islandian, Synturian, and native Manamanian workers, along with their families, live amongst each other with friendship, cooperation, and innovation. The project's benefactors and contributors has since grown from a bilateral cooperation with Sunset Sea Islands and Synturia to the international community when workers from @Little Flau and @Andalla contributed to the construction efforts. Recently joining the canal construction team are shiploads of workers from @Asgeirria and @Mauridiviah. The additional workforce from these nations would increase the project's progress and shorten the time to completion. Though building the canal is a monumental project to undertake, its completion would connect the Oriental and Adisi Oceans between the continents of Alharu and Aurelia, opening new, shorter, and closer shipping lanes between the nations involved in the project. Such opportunity for more international, economic ties between the surrounding nations bring talks of developing a "Manamana League" to govern economic and social matters in the region.
  3. Synturia

    Map v4: Applications & Releases

    Plotted the locations of Synturian cities and ports. I based the locations off of a hex grid and the locations of the cities are indicated by the black dot directly to the left of its respective name. The lines indicate transportation networks (highways, railways, tunnels, etc.). The capital Synctum is located back to the middle of the map/grid (apologies on advance for requesting to move te capital back and forth ). The main port city, Nauctis, is placed on lower right near the coast. Also might I request to “carve out” a small inlet/bay on the coastline near Nauctis so it rests on the coast. The two inland port cities are Isarina (located along the river in the west) and Lumina (also requesting to extend that southern river to Lumina’s location). The rest of the cities names are Mzunex, Exedus, Renata, Vectaril, Tertron, Durmach, Gristen, Octamar, and Zyzzyx. I would very much appreciate it if the map can be updated with these additions.
  4. FROM: Nataline Percosset, Minister of External Affairs, Syndicate of Synturia TO: Miroslav Seselj, Uros Motors subsidiary, @Greater Serbia Dear Sir, We are pleased to receive Uros Motors subsidiary’s esteemed interests in investing in automomated manufacturing. After receiving correspondence and consultation from Syndustries robotics and automation division, that the cost of a new basic robotic arm starts at $60,000 and after outfitting with task specific periferals, attatchments, and end effectors the individual unit cost would average at $150,000. Based on the numbers you have generously provided, the rough estimate cost of 9,000 outfitted units including installation and facility accommodations would be at $1.5 billion. According to studies and analyses on implementation of automation, such an investment would safeguard 75,000 manufacturing jobs and create 30,000 over other sectors. With proper implementation, industrial automation would increase labor production rates by 15% and increase GDP by 10% over the next decade.This investment would increase productivity thus creating a higher demand for jobs. We look forward to making lucrative deals between our nations. Best regards, Nataline Percosset, Minister of External Affairs
  5. Synturia

    Expansion: Gallambria

  6. FROM: Nataline Percosset, Minister of External Affairs, Syndicate of Synturia TO: Lance Valentino, CEO of ValenCorp, Republic of @Asgeirria Dear Sir, I am pleased to inform you that our engineers have reported to me announcing that they will be ready to present and discuss possible solutions for your company's needs in a matter of two to three weeks. I will notify you of any new updates on their progress! Best regards, Nataline Percosset, Minister of External Affairs
  7. Synturia

    SSS Network

    How Making Underground Autoways Would be Boring Though the renovation of Synturia's public and commercial rail lines had been completed in order to streamline and make mass transportation more efficient, the complete transition from the use of automobiles and road systems to rail transportation will probably yet occur for a couple, even several, years. A large portion of the Synturian population still prefer to drive their own personal automobiles. Synturians still take pride in cruising in their @Prymontian KAPs, their @Variotan minicars, and their hardy @Greater Serbian CVs. With great cars bring great soul-crushing traffic congestion. Chief Executive Minister Noel Smuk, an avid driver of his personalized Edison Hotrod, announced the start of a project involving a large network of tunnels amidst several level beneath the ground, namely beneath the Synture Megalopolis Belt, in order to alleviate rage-inducing traffic congestions in Synturia's currently singularly leveled urban streets. The tunnels would bar no practical limit to how many layers of tunnels can be built, so any level of traffic can be addressed, be resistant to weathering, prevent dividing communities, and perhaps most importantly of all: construction would be silent and invisible to the surface and would not make the congestion even worse to to surface construction. Surface cars would then only simply have to ride up into a state of the art trolley that will whisk the passengers and their beloved cars away to their destination in little time. Synturian contractors are already well equipped with tunneling and boring machines from the underground rail renovation. However, with a strong belief in continuous improvement, newer and more efficient tunnel boring machines are in development for this project. Though the equipment for undertaking this project is well sufficient, the plans and designs for the trolley system are currently under development.
  8. Synturia

    SSS Network

    Meat the Future of Cultured Culinary After the world's first lab-grown burger was cooked and eaten at Synstitute's cafeteria, the development of the meat and streamlining its production methods have been taken on in many labs and production plants across Synturia. Costs of making clean meat were indeed high, and some technological bugs in the step-by-step processes of cellular agriculture are being worked out such as finding animal-free growth serum appropriate for each type of meat. Cultured meat, also known as "clean meat", "lab grown meat", "in vitro meat", "test tube meat" is developed by first harvesting stem cells from animal muscle tissue, initially beef, in a definitely harmless way. The muscle cells are segregated from the connected fat cells, which are processed to be cultured. The culturing of cells involve immersing the animal or plant tissue in nutrient-rich substrate which are all contained in a suitable artificial environment. The stem cells exponentially grow into strains of tubes and into strands of muscle tissue. Conventional livestock production, especially cattle, involves large amounts of resources, consuming wide spans of suitable land and high volumes of water and plant feed. Conventional agricultural practices, such as livestock farming, was once prevalent in the land where Synturia rests today and contributed in rendering most of the land not suitable for agriculture. Making the mass production of cultured meat more viable, and even more affordable than normal meat may revolutionize the way Synturians eat in the future. Until then, Synturians will have to stick to either affordable imported canned meat or more expensive imported fresh and frozen meat.
  9. Temuera Morrison as Claude Torpor Katheryn Winnick as Val Kari, Artist/actress/model Hugh Herr as CEO of Synthetec:
  10. Synturia


    As for abbreviating UTC -2, I propose a compromise: PST, Prymontian-Synturian Time. It could be abbreviated further to PrySynt Time and could be pronounced “present time”. Since all of Synturia, including its capital is in UTC -2 and the capital of Prymont is as well, I consider this a reasonable compromise. @Orioni
  11. Synturia

    Naming the Seas

    Some ideas:
  12. Synturia


    I suppose UTC -2 could be Western Adisi Time and UTC -1 be Eastern Adisi Time
  13. Synturia


    I see that UTC -3 is not exactly in the center of Argis but your Argic neighbors fall mostly there. Wouldn’t it suit @Prymont @Girkmand @Ahrana and Hellenistic Rus to be on the same time zone? Sure it’s not exactly geographically Central Argis but it’s really close and I’d consider that area politically Central Argis. @Orioni
  14. Synturia


    Since more nations (also more active nations) in Argis and half of @Prymont falls in UTC -3 wouldn’t it make more sense to have CAT there?