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  1. Variota

    An Invitation to The Coronation of King George

    To: King George of @PyeMcGowan From: F.F.f.F.f.F. Dina Diva Regarding: Congratulations on your coronation, condolences on the funeral and an invite to a brighter future. My dear George, as the World's Greatest Diva and as a leader myself, I would love to congratulate you on your coronation. So, hereby, congratulations! Obviously, any election or coronation needs a good party, something to fill the minds and souls of the people with the idea that your reign will be one of pleasure, wealth, progress, prosperity and more of those words that all sort of mean the same but not exactly. People like and want fun and you should want the people to like and want you. It's something that I've already taught a lot of leaders, they all sort of look up to me, you know? And who can blame them, I'm basically a perfect role model for anyone. Keep in mind, you're important now! Use that importance to get yourself a nice drink, a nice man and enjoy an evening off! It's what I would do. Do you like men? I mean, it's 2018 so what man doesn't like men and women. Still, if you somehow don't like men, just change man to woman. Or, you know, get both! You deserve it now, you're a King! Give them the old royal scepter! People need a relaxed leader, they deserve a relaxed leader, a best you you can be. I normally don't do funerals unless they're the festive kind, you know the kind. Everyone does a shot of hard liquor that was the favorite of the deceased, you play some Leeffessang music and everyone just rocks out, celebrating the life of the person instead their death. But anyway, parliament has asked me to come anyway without knowing what kind of funeral and who am I to deny my proud Variotan fans and voters something? So, I will be arriving by private jet together with a small entourage and perhaps a couple of Het Apparath agents. You know how it is, you go to a different nation and suddenly they want to stick a secret service agent with you to keep tabs on everyone. All part of a days work, am I right? I've asked for a hot agent so I'll atleast have some nice eye candy and you'll have some too that way! Just don't pinch their ass without asking first, the last time I did that one of the agents tried tackling me. Jokes on him, I knocked him out cold with my bag. No one tackles the Diva! Do you like gifts? Who am I kidding! Of course you like gifts, everyone likes gifts. I'll bring some gifts for you, it'll be fun. Oh yeah, I remember: Parliament wanted me to ask about setting up a meeting, yadayada, you know the drill. We'll discuss that between shots, it'll be great. See you soon, babe. X-O-X-O Dina Diva
  2. Variota

    Dniester Civil War

    We won't offer aid to either side but we will give out a Varinco discount code for both sides. No one can fight a civil war without proper weaponry. Varinco - The Proper Choice and all that.
  3. Variota

    Greetings from PyeMcGowan!

    Let me be the first to welcome you to the region. Welcome! I highly recommend joining the discord, as that's where we all shoot the breeze and talk and what not. We can get to know you better, see what kind of nation you are, see how you fit into the Canon, help you with understanding some parts of the Canon, help you with any questions and generally guide you on the right path. If you ever have any questions, you're obviously free to message me, as I'm one of the RP moderators (which also includes somewhat of a mentor role), be it for something requiring my official position or anything else. Again, welcome!
  4. So, What have we done? Sanctioned the sh*t out of Greater Serbia. Will it help? I honestly don't know but there's that. Set up a charity/fund with the profits we will be making from the sanctions. Of course, the fund only has so much as we can take from the sanction so if there's very little we were able to sanction, there will be very little in the fund. What will we be looking at doing? Set up a humanitarian effort to evacuate Bosniaks and provide them asylum in Variota. For the most part, this will be permanent asylum. We have plenty of rural areas where they can find work in agriculture, mines they can work in, etc. Temporary asylum would basically only cost money, this is a win-win for both sides as Bosniaks would be in a safe, wealthy nation and we're able to force-revitalize areas with the Bosniaks. Move against an ethno-state popping up near Sayf and the general GS area. The government has entirely no reason to trust the Sayfi's/Sayfians? as far as it can throw them and the proximity to GS isn't exactly great. I heard some mention of Israel as an example. Think hard guys, that really worked out for everyone right? Wrong. Instead, the Variotan government will promote the idea of a Bosniak state across the Keelpijppassage, there's this lovely triangle-ish area where they could frolic around. Additionally, promote the idea of said state falling under the shared scrutiny of TRIDENT nations and Adaptus. Let's face it, these two parties are best equipped to ensure such a state running properly. Yes, TRIDENT is a defensive military alliance but as the nations are already working together, this removes a barrier. This would also allow for Adapton-TRIDENT ties to improve, which I believe both sides have somewhat looked at as being wanted. Offer peacekeeping forces. This ties into the humanitarian effort, as having peacekeeping forces in the area would allow us to fulfill that effort better. We will not be declaring war because unlike others, our government actually listens to its citizens and are, you know, politicians. Variotans don't want to offer their sons up to die in Greater Serbia, quite simple. And why should they? Offer a neutral place for negotiations, should they happen. Will we be seen as neutral? Who knows but the offer will be there. I believe that mostly covers it. I'll add on points if I think of something. Now, something I'd like to make a note of: There's no worldwide Bosniak population. There's never been a mention of one, no one has them listed in their nation from my knowledge, etc.. For all intents and purposes, this is the only group of Bosniaks in existence. If current players suddenly want to change their nation to include Bosniaks, go ahead but beyond that, there's not some random amount of Bosniaks floating around. Also: But Variota, relocating the Bosniaks to your nation and granting them permanent asylum will be extremely expensive because they don't speak your language and what not! Look at Europe! Europe is extremely soft towards foreigners. Variotans do not share the same mindset, we do not believe in the multicultural society and what not. Indeed, pussyfooting around with people is extremely expensive and goes nowhere. Taking a harsher, tough love stance is far cheaper and will achieve better results, even if the Bosniaks will not like it in the beginning. But, if current affairs are to show anything, it's that migrants generally won't like anything anyway or are already planning on ensuring they're able to fully participate and partake in their new culture and society. Additionally, revitalizing the areas, which will happen by placing the Bosniaks there and ensuring they have jobs among other things, will ensure that some of the cost if not most or all of the cost will be recouped through various means.
  5. @Greater Serbia, tagging just to ensure that both parties of the conversation see this and cannot claim otherwise
  6. Variota

    Request: Karillia

    Sorry but the addition of a byzantine-esque/eastern European nation in the area that was suggested in Alharu wouldn't work, I'd say. Northern Alharu as it is is already going towards a strange mix of cultures. Perhaps it's best to place Soreana to the other side of Limonaia, giving the foundation to a solid area of Italian culture and then put Karillia near Theodoria and such. When I quickly checked the map when Karillia asked about the time it would take to get added, that area seemed to fit perfectly including the availability of a mountain range that I believe was wanted. If need be, I can look about copying the comments from then to here in the morning
  7. Variota

    Request: Bergistan

    I would honestly suggest a different place. In the history me and Saale have, it wouldn't make sense for a second state to be there. The differences that ensured that Saale became an independent entity came relatively late in history. Additionally, I believe Bergistan was merely looking to have a Variotan founder, not exactly have a long colonial history with me. Perhaps something a bit further to the North in Argis would work?
  8. Variota

    Nasionale TeleSicht Variota

    Dina Diva accepts Nordeng apology, calls off bounty Dina Diva announced in her reality show that the bounty on Nordeng was revoked after he publicly apologized for the blatant attack on her and her character. The bounty, consisting of one million Waarttemun, has seen a partial pay-out to pranksters although Dina Diva didn't disclose how much had been claimed. www.forcejuliannordengtobeadecenthumanbeing.vr has been changed to include a disclaimer stating that the bounty has been recalled and features the apology of Julian Nordeng prominently. ''I'm very pleased to see that civility and common dignity has returned in the world with the apology of Julian being made public. I am sure we will be able to move on from this, I am not one to hold grudges against people that are smart enough to see and understand when they have made a mistake. I think and hope that this was the wake-up call that he needed and that he will be to grow both on a personal level and on a larger level. As a fellow politician, I know how important it is to ensure that you are able to reach a wide audience and the best way to do that is to show that people can be just as great as you are, that growth is possible no matter how old you are, no matter how poor you are, no matter how you look. We can all grow at any time in our lives and through politics, we make sure our nation grows along with us. And, of course, if he's ever in the neighborhood, he's free to have a drink on me and with me, obviously. In time, I'm sure we can look back on this and find some form of humor deep down in it.'' Rooie Rakker Films: Rest assured, the only ones watching along on our websites is Het Apparath! Internationally popular Variotan adult film production company Rooie Rakker Films released a statement in regards to the recent reveal of Gallambrian secret service GSIS collecting data on citizens visiting pornographic sites that its sites were completely safe. Spokesperson Henricus Kolewasser, better known as Hete Henk, was quick to ease the conscience of many of RRF's customer base. ''Don't fear, people. RRF and its sites are maintained and set up fully within Het Huisselant. Our customers are our first priority, well... Making great movies is obviously our first priority but that all ties into pleasing you, our faithful customer, by pleasing ourselves on camera.When you visit our site and enjoy our content, rest assured that the only people watching along are our great brothers and sisters of Het Apparath. And I don't know about you but I feel much safer knowing that we're being watched by the most efficient and most skilled intelligence and protection service of the world. It protects our trade by ensuring we catch people attempting to circumvent our copyright, by ensuring all our actors are on the up and up and much more. And if they happen to have a wank or two while watching the site, all the better. Our boys and girls in black deserve a nice release once in a while too! And if you're really paranoid about anyone wanting to watch you enjoy some self-pleasure, we obviously offer a wide selection of the best adult films on DVD and blu-ray. In order to show the quality of our product, both online and on disc, we're currently offering thirty percent off on an online subscription and we've made various stimulating bundles of movies on disc available at a great discount including great classics like 'Tina Tiny Does Ferrefaaierhafen', 'Gay Ranchers Ride The Best', parts one through thirteen, and 'Hete Henk Handles It All: Touristic Tour In The Hop On Hop Off Bus'.''
  9. Variota

    OOC Project Watershed

    Alright, some things to consider that come to mind: ICBM's have to come from somewhere, as in be developed from past missiles/have a technological basis. You're not going to be making the T-90 without having some experience with tanks, etc. Same with missiles, you're not going to be making a missile that goes long distances without having knowledge and know-how from shorter distance missiles. So, my advice would be to work on that first with this RP and then work in news posts, short stories and what not to slowly go towards having the required things for ICBM's and then eventually after a bunch of months return with Project Watershed 2: Electric Boogaloo, basically. Fulgistan is currently looking towards joining the ISTC or has, either one of those. Not entirely sure how that stands at the moment and it's early in the morning, I haven't had my coffee yet. Keep in mind that this will look bad for that. It has nothing to do with each other but people and governments will still draw conclusions that you might be using/stealing/misappropriating technology from there or whatever. Ask yourself if either three of you need ICBM's. I get it, they're cool sh*t but governments do think beyond that. From what I can tell, Fulgistan mostly or only has internal enemies (resistance forces, terrorists, freedom fighters, whatever you want to call them). At the very least, he cannot claim any hostilities between the two of us nor have we been in any wars beyond proxy ones, which means that in regards to neighbors, there's nothing he can claim there that nations like North Korea, India, Pakistan, etc. can. Even the Bahinars are focused on each other, not Fulgistan. Limonaia somewhat the same, as far as I can tell. I have no knowledge of any hostilities between him and Valacia or Beleareas and even then, I would imagine any government to be far more willing to continue to or start investments into stronger naval and air forces, as they're a proven tool that gives you more usage and more flexibility compared to large missiles and the wildcard that they will be. A frigate can patrol seas, disrupt trade routes. A jet the same, somewhat. A large missile can't do the same, it basically just sits there being menacing which might work against your enemies or they might say 'f*ck it' and go ahead anyway. Sayf might have the best claim towards wanting large missiles, as he's near Greater Serbia and Derthalen however, both of these nations are near enough to not require ICBM's. Without the large power blocks that have existed IRL, the Europan 'superpowers' and TRIDENT being the closest ones but still far from them, there's still no real need to go into the expenses, tests and international shunning that would accompany your nations developing those ICBM's compared to regular missiles, that maintain a much more 'acceptable' image and price tag. ICBM's are not cheap to build or maintain. Keep in mind the aftermath if you guys do decide to do PW2:EB. You will need dedicated bases, personnel, etc. to maintain the missiles. For all intents and purposes, this means either slimming down the other forces you have to achieve that or increasing budgets and personnel size. Additionally, keep in mind that the Indians have been at it making missiles since the 60's. They have a much bigger population base, access to a lot more resources to build their stuff with, low living standards and safety laws and they have Pakistan and China breathing down their necks, just waiting for them to f*ck up and get weak enough to take advantage of. This gives them an inherit edge over you three. Even if you three together came to the same level of population, outside threats and resources, you're still three separate nations with different priorities, governments and budgets which gives you a disadvantage, it means a lot more bureaucracy and waiting among other things. You might be able to produce something like the Prithvi I rather quickly but you're not suddenly going to have the same capabilities as the Indians or come close to that after one RP. That will take additional time, effort, tests, etc.
  10. Variota

    Nasionale TeleSicht Variota

    Folke Heere fan'es Klan Reierfer Gerart Rinus Reierfer: Start of Reierferplattoterp Nuclear Power Plant is a great move for renewable energy within KRG With a majorly positive vote in the Kaamer fan'es Folke, Kaamer fan'es Lant, Kaamer fan Klan Reierfer and Kaamer fan Ministers, Het Hart fan'es Folke fan'es Huisselant has approved the construction of a nuclear power plant, first of its kind in Het Huisselant, near Reierferplattoterp. In a session of the Kaamer fan Klan Reierfer, Folke Heere fan'es Klan Reierfer Gerart Rinus Reierfer applauded the decision by his fellow politicians and called it a great move towards renewable energy within the Klan Reierfer Gebiet. While the Klan Reierfer Gebiet maintains the largest mining industry within Het Huisselant, the government of the KRG has looked towards other diversification options since the 1980's. Economic observers within Het Huisselant have noted that the Klan Reierfer Gebiet has offered substantial funds to ensure the location of the project within its borders, some say in order to ensure and force a lower reliance on North Bahinese coal. While the Klan Reierfer Gebiet has attempted to move towards renewable energy on the same levels of the rest of Het Huisselant, it is a well-known fact that they have been lagging behind due to the large mining lobby consisting of businesses maintaining the mining industry within the KRG as well as operating many of the coal mines in North Bahinar that provide the Klan Reierfer Gebiet with the fuel it needs to keep the lights on. The mountainous areas of the Klan Reierfer Gebiet are rumored to contain small deposits of usable uranium in Uustherlant, which could have been used as incentive for the mining lobby. It is still unknown if the Klan Reierfer Gebiet will send out prospectors and run tests to determine the amount and profitability of uranium mining in Uustherlant or if it will seek to import uranium from uranium-producing allies and friendly nations such as the United States of Prymont. An increase in environmental interests in the USP may make the importation of uranium difficult and force the hand of the KRG to aim towards self-reliance, even if that means increasing the domestic mining industry and moving against diversification promises currently in place. FHKR Gerart Rinus Reiefer during an unrelated political debate ''I think this project is a great move for the Klan Reierfer Gebiet and Het Huisselant both. Ensuring that we are able to provide energy for generations to come is something that cannot be taken lightly, this is an action with great benefits to the entirety of the nation. We are, at the moment, regretfully last in regards to our efforts to provide renewable, clean energy within our territory. Mining is in our blood, in our souls but I would rather have a nation that is green from nature than green from destruction and this project allows us to really cut back on coal imports, cut back on pollution and increase clean energy, clean air and healthy children and adults. Het Huisselant and the Klan Reierfer Gebiet have always prided themselves on our sense of prosperity, progress and can do attitude. We're can doing right here, putting something down that may be expensive but that will also ensure generations to come will be able to enjoy electricity without a guilty conscience, without having to fear destroying their world just because they want to see Dina Diva binge drinking with adult actors and midgets. This is not one point five billion Waarttemun that we will be throwing away, this is one point five billion Waarttemun that we will be investing in the future of the nation, the future of the energy section and the future of our upcoming generations. There are parts of the nation and the government that feel as if this is a bad move, to them I say: Have you tried breathing in the unfiltered air from a coal power plant? Really breathe in that stuff for a minute or two and then get back to me, if you're still able to speak after poisoning your lungs with that stuff. Enjoy dying a couple of years earlier, I'd rather have nuclear power available to the proud citizens of Klan Reierfer Gebiet.''
  11. Variota

    Nasionale TeleSicht Variota

    Dina Diva declares bounty on Julian Nordeng after uncalled for attack: 'Make him swallow his balls!' Sitting at the Het Peter Kunstefoor Program, Foorste Frauwe fan'es Ferantwortelik fan'es Folke and World's Greatest Diva Dina Diva declared a bounty on the @Prymontian ATARA delegate Julian Nordeng. There to discuss her week, upcoming projects and the new Mundus Liber survey, she was surprised by presenter Peter Kunstefoor with footage of Julian Nordeng acting like a brain-damaged fool and calling her, among others, a prostitute and a 'plastic surgery abortion'. Of course, our dearly beloved Foorste Frauwe fan'es Ferantwortelik fan'es Folke is far from either of these accusations and was quick to respond to these blatantly false accusations made by Julian Nordeng, who additionally seemed under the influence of inferior non-Variotan narcotics. Dina Diva, just minutes before joining Peter Kunstefoor in his show ''Well, Peter, let me get one thing straight first. It is obvious that Julian Nordeng is both sexist and bigoted and a person that thinks that sucking people off is some horrid act. I myself applaud all the women and men of the night that do their best to entertain their clients and provide a highly needed and wanted service. Each day, these hardworking men and women prevent people from reaching the sexual point of no return and acting upon beastly urges that, at that point, boil up in their mind. I myself, unlike Julian Nordeng, have never had to pay for sexual acts or have had to give sexual acts for payment. With the way Julian Nordeng was behaving during the interview, I would not be surprised if the sexual acts he had to give for payment were to pay for a drug addiction. It's sad when a person reaches that point. If he feels ashamed for the actions that he has done in the past and/or is still currently doing, that is his choice but it is not fair to anyone to project this shame unto others. So in that regard, I hope that he finds the help that he needs to appease his conscious and return to a productive life. However, I am a woman of class and as a woman of class, I cannot let such insults go away without consequences. It is clear that the Prymontian National Party is unwilling to do so, only proclaiming that his actions are his own. So, I will have to take action myself. I have discussed this with various people and the choice is quite simple. I am hereby proclaiming that a bounty will be put on Julian Nordeng until a time when he is either removed from public life and forced into a life of anonymity or he is forced to go into rehab and apologizes to me personally in person. An initial bounty of one-million Waarttemun will be made available from my own funds for those that provide Julian Nordeng with the feelings that he wishes to inflict upon others. Make a pie filled with sh*t and push it into his face, make him swallow his balls by kicking them into his throat, fill his car or house with garbage, go wild and prank his ass off. So long as you film it, put it online and share it at www.forcejuliannordengtobeadecenthumanbeing.vr, a website I will be putting online within the week, you will be getting a piece of the bounty. I hope that these actions will show Julian Nordeng that each action has a reaction or, in this case, multiple reactions. With this bounty, he will never know where the next prank will come from and that will hopefully give him the same feeling that I had when he so uncalled for attacked me. And let's face it, what did he attack me for? For his nation ending lower on a list about freedom. Instead of complaining, Julian Nordeng should try attempting to give the citizens he supposedly serves, in more ways than one if you get my meaning, more freedom. Others may complain about Mundus Liber but I believe that this is one of the times when they are not wrong, Het Huisselant is truly the freest nation in the world and that's visible throughout the nation. It's why we are so happy, have such a high living standard, why we are in a position that Julian Nordeng can only dream about during one of his... ahem, services to the community. Wink wink. Mundus Liber boys, have a drink on me tonight! Just send the bill to my production team and we'll wire it over. It's the least we can do for accurately portraying Het Huisselant as the paradise that it is.''
  12. Variota

    Wiki Pages

    So long as I can get the punny +69 code, it's all good.
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    Feel free to send me a message if you need help, although I'm pretty sure you know that by now as this is the second time (I think) I've said it. Regional history is spread over the place and Europa as a region has some oddities in its history, as a RP moderator it's part of my duties to help you find your way. Of course, I also invite you to join our Discord, where we all tend to hang out and shoot the breeze in addition to planning things and what not.
  15. Variota