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  1. Variota

    Tanks for the Freedom

    Koos Karrewasser Domestic Airport - Fingerfaaierplaats | Near noon ''Have you ever tried closing off a regular international airport? It's insane, really! The costs, the effort... It's not worth it, you know? Luckily this airport is pretty new and underused so we were able to get it for a steal.'' ''Wasn't there a possibility to just close off a part of a bigger airport?'' ''Oh yeah, that's a great choice. Let's have us wait on an active airport, I'm sure our ears would love that. And all those vehicles surely wouldn't have spooked any civilians taking off and landing.'' ''No need to get bitchy, you know.'' The Koos Karrewasser Domestic Airport was a modern but rather small airport, serving as the second airport for the city of Fingerfaaierplaats. The other airport, the Horst Hildebrant Domestic Airport, was in serious need of an upgrade and the Koos Karrewasser Domestic Airport had been built to both increase the passenger capacity of the area and allow the Horst Hildebrant Domestic Airport to renovate and upgrade, possibly becoming a Regional Airport like some others within the nation. While Regional Airport meant nothing more than 'better facilities than a domestic airport, worse ones than an actual international one', the possibility of having an airport in the area that was able and allowed to receive international flights was seen as an impulse that the area around Fingerfaaierplaats needed. Fingerfaaierplaats had originally been the center of Variotan mining operations, sending off ships, trucks and airplanes filled with ores and minerals, hosting a prestigious university focused on resource extraction and enough monuments, paid for through mining money, to gain it the unofficial title of 'Monument City of Het Huisselant'. Modern times had been rough on the area and old-timers of the city were often speaking of a slow but clear descent of the city, albeit clever negotiation and the existence of the Karrewasser Waafen & Fegtfoertuigen factory ensured that they were able to keep the mining industry active. The 1960's were when Fingerfaaierplaats received its death blow. Mining operations in the Klan Reierfer Gebiet were picking up, cheaper in labor and looser in laws, and the Karrewasser Waafen & Fegtfoertuigen company had been integrated into Varinco in 1956. While the Karrewassers, proud inhabitants of Fingerfaaierplaats since 1820, had always kept their factory in the area to provide local jobs, Varinco had no such quarrels and quickly moved the factory to Ferrefaaierhafen. As if one was pushing a domino, the area saw its downfall. The port and other transport hubs were forced to lay off workers and shrink their operations, the Kollege fan Lantwinning moved most of its studies to the Klan Reierfer Gebiet and the only thing the people were left with were the monuments, previous symbols of pride had turned into shameful displays of waste. Only in the late 80s did the area begin improving again. The lack of available jobs in the area and the accompanying lower prices for goods and services made it very attractive for vacation parks to settle in the area, able to provide lower class citizens from other parts of the nation with affordable vacations. This domestic tourism was helped by the monuments, providing people with enough to see and do. The parks themselves hired local staff but most helped were local businesses, able to expand and improve due to the money coming in. When J.D. Karrewasser became chairman of Varinco in 1991, the area saw further improvement and finally fully moved from being the cheap and hopeless part of the nation into being the cheap part of the nation. Pulling strings within the company, Karrewasser managed to bring back a manufacturing division to the location where his family had proudly manufactured weapons and vehicles of destruction for decades. Before the end of the year 1992, the Karrewasser Waafen & Fegtfoertuigen factory was producing the then-newest version of the Fliegpaart tank. The airport had also been done through J.D. Karrewasser pulling strings. When it became clear that the Horst Hildebrant Domestic Airport wasn't up to date anymore, the municipal council debated the various choices with the cheapest option seen as the best, closing down and renovating parts of the airport on a rotational basis. A two million Waarttemun investment and the assurance that the municipal council would be able to hire contractors with Varinco ties at the price Varinco normally received managed to convince them otherwise. And now it was to be the opening site of an historic meeting between Het Huisseland and the Imperial States of Europe. The Minister of Defence and the Minister of Foreign Affairs were waiting at one of the gates, a red carpet spread out in front of them. On their left were the press and prominent social media influencers, holding their cameras and other contraptions ready to ensure the perfect picture or sound bit. In Het Huisselant, it was normal for the press and others that could sway public relations to get full access to events. In a game of give and take, it's always better to keep your frenemy more to the friend than the enemy side of things. To the right were military vehicles and two limousines. Even with the Imperial States of Europe coming to Het Huisselant and their jet receiving an escort the second it crossed into Variotan air space, it looked good for the pictures and ensured proper security. Between the armed Aatlaar multipurpose vehicles and Stoomfaaier APC's, there was enough security to look good on photos, keep the airport safe if needed and escort the limousines that were soon to be stuffed with delegates. The two vehicles were done on purpose, to split the delegation and make it easier to size people up. Both Reemy Loopentlant and Aleiksander fan Gillofan-Lantboer had their own way of sizing people up, Reemy's coming from a long political career and Aleiksander's from serving in the special forces. This difference between Reemy, the professional politician that had become Minister of Foreign Affairs, and Aleiksander, the retired special forces commander that at one point received the nickname 'Son of the Devil' turned Minister of Defence, was also seen in their clothing. While Aleiksander had various suits and generally did not wear his uniforms, it was times like these when he felt the need to prove his pride in the HAP and the part he played in it. Reemy, with his impeccable black silk suit and crocodile leather shoes, his various golden rings and a haircut that was held together with enough hair spray to make it dangerous for him to light a cigarette. Aleiksander in his black dress uniform with purple trimming, enough medals hanging on it to make one wonder if he had actually earned them or if they gave them away in Het Huisselant and a medium long hairdo that made his face come over soft, as if he was a friendly, relaxed senior-aged man. In reality, Aleiksander was indeed a friendly, relaxed senior-aged man but also one that could still snap a neck, hit a target and hold his own. While he wasn't the Son of the Devil like he was in the 1970's, he'd still be a decent Father of the Devil. Once the plane had landed and the delegation had walked the red carpet, there was to be a short introduction and some press pictures and videos. After that, the limousines would pull up and both the delegation and the two ministers would divide and enter the vehicles. Koos Karrewasser Domestic Airport was only ten kilometers out of the city of Ferrefingerplaats and thus the drive would prove to be over in less than half an hour. While Ferrefingerplaats lacked the amount of prestige buildings that Grootwaterflakte and Ferrefaaierhafen had, the ministers had planned to use the route to their advantage and pass the various monuments that the city counted. Between statues and other decorations of miners, old battles, naval leaders and military vehicles, the hope was that the sight of these monuments would show off the age and prestige of the nation. Prestige was an important point here, as everyone wanted it. From the winos of Europa to the communists of Argis and the proud people of Alharu, each and everyone wanted to be seen as great, an example of how things were done. After the small prestige tour, the route would stop at the Kaasmarkt Hotel. One of the oldest and largest in town, it was named after the square in front of it which had previously hosted the cheese market. Its banquet hall, one adorned with a multitude of wood and hunting trophies as had been 'in' in Het Huisselant in the 1800's, was to be the place hosting the meeting. As the leader of the ISE had requested a windowless room, the banquet hall was really the only room within the hotel suitable for it. Additionally, as any proper Variotan meeting contained food and drinks, the banquet hall was like hitting two birds with one stone.
  2. Variota

    Hi, Tamhlacht here

    A tip in regards to propaganda, dictators never really turn 'evil'. They do evil things, sure, but they generally compensate that with a God-complex, which seems to come natural to those that stay in power for too long or manage to build up a personality cult. Yes, those shacks are being leveled and the people chased away but Dictator's new Palace is coming there and isn't that just amazing? The fact that our nation can build such a great Palace for our Glorious Leader means we're obviously doing well! If there's nothing great to portray, they often grab back to more mundane stuff. Think of NK's leaders doing 'on the spot guidance' at factories filled with produce and what not. 'Oh look, Glorious Leader is among the people and listening to them. And the place looks so well-stocked, Glorious Leader really takes care of us', that sort of thing. Propaganda is never really about evil, just about pushing what you want reality to be.
  3. Variota

    [OOC] Verde Blockade

    As it stands, the Keelpijppassage (or Esophaguspassage for all you silly non-Variotans) is being blockaded through dual-means. On one side, it's anti-ship land measures (missiles, artillery) with a range to cover the entire width of the passage. These have been put on alert by military command and IF, somehow, Ahranian ships end up detected and will not turn around, will fire on them. The other part is the various detachments of the Faai'nere Marienemagt including the Huisselant's Magt aircraft carrier that operate around Variota. For now, part of the Faai'nere Marienemagt including two of our helicopter carriers have been moved into permanent positions in the Passage with the Huisselant's Magt and its support vessels covering the Adlantic Ocean (?, not entirely sure what to call that section) part of the Variotan coast. IC'ly, the government has declared a cordon sanitaire with a range of three-hundred kilometers from the coast against rogue (Ahranian) ships. This is primarily meant for the Passage, as three-hundred kilometers covers the entire width of it. I've not really expanded on that due to the fact that there's really no chance of Ahranian vessels ending up in my neck of the woods. However, I'll see about making a post in which the government openly announces the cordon sanitaire.
  4. Variota

    Map v4: Applications & Releases

    One small typo, Kattetralerstatt has two t's on the end. Other than that, another job well done.
  5. Variota

    Map v4: Applications & Releases

    Made a screenshot with some locations of cities within Variota. If it's possible to place them (although that will presumably entail moving my flag and name), Finfishafen, Ranjekaat and Fingerfaaierplaats are ports, Kattetralerstatt (albeit situated on a river) isn't. Grootwaterflakte and Reierferplattoterp are just regular cities.
  6. Variota


    Welcome! Be sure to join the discord, all of us are there and it really helps with getting advice, planning new RPs and such. It also allows us to get to know the person behind the nation and vice versa. As a small note, your news agency mentions moving regions. From an IC perspective, your nation didn't move anything and simply exists at its location (atleast, when you're placed on the map). Since news is written IC'ly, that's something to keep in mind.
  7. Variota

    The Verde Blockade

    The Ministry of the Armed Forces Het Kantor fan het Minister fan'es Strijtmagt'n fan Het Huisselant Variota The Office of the Minister of the Armed Forces of Het Huisselant Variota To my esteemed colleague Hunter S. Grey of the United States of Prymont, It is good to see that you and the rest of our Prymontian allies are finally seeing the light in regards to the rogue communist terrorists that reign havoc, destruction and death upon the unfortunate citizens of Ahrana and, as it now seems, Xara. Of course these terrorists were unable to provide any help, they thrive in downwards spirals and I am sure they have begun, sped up and are aiding the downwards spiral in their own territories under a myriad of phony and outright dangerous reasons such as 'providing the gift of communism' to their victims. Up to this day, I have never found anyone who was serious in calling communism a gift unless it was in the same mindset as calling a sexually transmitted disease a gift. The fact that the Ahranians keep maintaining the farce that they even have the rule of law working in their nation is a joke that any proper person in the world would laugh at. Terrorists do not know any law except the law of the strong, the law that their gun barrel gives them over the oppressed person at the other end. And I feel that everyone with two eyes and the ability to take in new knowledge will see that those that call themselves 'Communist Ahranians' are nothing more than terrorists. With the Huisselant's Gloorie leading a detachment in Operation ATGEIR, we currently cannot provide forces to blockade the Verde Sea. While I have been able to ask around and have been able to secure a small detachment of anti ship missiles and mobile launch platforms, I do not feel that these would arrive in time to be able to provide leverage against the Ahranian ships. Should predictions from your side of the operation deem it beneficial to receive the missiles and platforms, we shall arrange for the materiel and manpower to move within 24 hours. On our side of the Mediargic, we shall throw up a cordon sanitaire and block any attempted movements through the Keelpijppassage by military Ahranian vessels. While chances are extremely slim for them to attempt this, as this would require a very long journey around various continents before reaching us, taking chances with terrorists is something that I do not feel comfortable doing. I hope this has informed you enough, Ret. Gen. Henk Linkefaaier, Minister of the Armed Forces, Het Huisselant Variota
  8. Variota

    Nasionale TeleSicht Variota

    Attempted disruption of pre-election rally leads to broken nose and crying by opponents During an pre-election rally held by the new political party 'Toekomst!' ('Future!') in a Grootwaterflakte shopping mall, left-wing protesters attempted to disrupt said rally and the speech given by Minister Reemy Loopentlant, Minister of Diplomatic Affairs and the party leader of the new Toekomst! political party. Minister Loopentlant, a veteran within the Variotan political scene, has run on independent and Laagher Party tickets before but recently decided to form his own party with Dr. D.L. fan Boerlant-Varra, best known internationally for coming last in the Incidental Foorste Heere fan'es Ferantwortelik fan'es Folke election on the Laagher Party ticket. Toekomst! calls itself a national-conservative right-wing party attempting to institute a multi-level direct democracy with qualified experts leading the Ministries, further attempting to instill and instate Variotan ideals and values in each decision, situation and layer of society. A rare picture of an Apparath agent from Bureau 13, keeping the disruption in his sights and ready to step in when needed With hundreds of people gathering to hear both Minister Lopentlant and Dr. fan Boerlant-Varra speak in regards to their vision for the future Variotan society and political scene, the political rally started without issues. Thirty minutes into Minister Lopentlant's speech, however, a group of twenty self-proclaimed anti-fascists entered the scene. While this ragtag bunch of social justice warriors managed to show proper human decency in the beginning by letting Lopentlant continue his speech without issues, they attempted to disrupt it when Minister Lopentlant stated that 'the far left would let Het Huisselant descent into a spiral of destruction, loss of quality of life and worthlessness of one's effort put in one's life and work as seen in horrific places such as Communist Ahrana', that 'myself, Dr. fan Boerlant-Varra and many of the justifiably proud Variotans would not let that happen to Het Huisselant' and that 'it's a sad day when the only thing citizens can be proud of, if they don't think too deep and look at the actual situation, is blatant propaganda spread around by delusional left-wing agitators'. The group of twenty then attempted to make their way to the front to, according to their own words, 'bash the fash' and 'show them who is boss'. Luckily for both Minister Lopentlant and Dr. fan Boerlant-Varra, they had arranged for security for the rally. Members of the West Variotan Association of Adult Entertainers and Actors' Folke Milisie, the 'Paallen fan Proteksie' (Poles of Protection), kept the group from reaching the stage. While the group's resolve and morale wavered at the sight of actual resistance, they kept screaming meaningless slogans such as 'the right seeks to remove the voice of the disenfranchised' prompting Dr. fan Boerlant-Varra to respond with 'You fools deserve a taste of my f*cking shoe! Do you even know what we are about? Of course you do not for your minds are as empty and devoid of reason as your ideology! Direct democracy! DIRECT! We will give everyone a voice! Go back to your basement!'. While agents of Het Apparath were on site to take away any disrupting parties, the situation eventually resolved itself when one of the self-proclaimed anti-fascist group called out a challenge to fight with anyone in the crowd in an attempt to show how to 'bash the fash'. That person was extremely unlucky as the crowd included former heavyweight champion boxer Bas Baalenmaaker, who will be running on spot 20 of Toekomst!'s list of candidates. While the person attempted to back out after spotting the heavyweight making his way towards him, Baalenmaaker had no intention to do so and with one swift swoop, broke the nose of the challenger. This event led the group to scatter and take off, allowing the rally to continue after a short disruption of twenty minutes. Police officers discussed the event with Baalenmaaker afterwards but have stated that the challenger and his group were at that point threatening violence on the entire group of people at the rally and, due to the action by Baalenmaaker not being deemed excessive, will not be pressing any charges against Baalenmaaker. Police officers are still searching for the twenty demonstrators in regards to their 'disruption of a public event' and 'mass threats of bodily injuries and/or death'. Citizens who feel that they might have information in regards to the identities of these twenty are encouraged to speak to their local police officers. All running political parties have denounced the disrupting demonstrators, with many candidates speaking out against this attempt to silence others in person. Waldemar Kewastemere, leader of the Kaltoer Party, stated: 'Minister Lopentlant and myself don't see eye to eye in many situations. That's just how politics work, that doesn't make me want to bash his face in but that merely inspires me to provide the best evidence, the best discussion possible so that we end up agreeing or respecting each other's stance. The people that attempted to disrupt his rally should be ashamed, I feel every citizen in Het Huisselant should pride themselves on the fact that we have always listened to each side, always allow each side to state their case. This is what makes us great, this is what has worked throughout history. This attempt at violence is obviously coming from outside citizens, those that have not yet fully embraced the Variotan culture. That's sad and they deserve help.' An internet group calling themselves the 'Communist Army of Variota', stating they draw inspiration from places and groups such as the communists in Ahrana and their violent ways of taking over, have claimed responsibility for the action and have stated that Minister Reemy Loopentlant, Dr. Diederick Leopold fan Boerlant-Varra and Bas Baalenmaaker are now on their 'bash the fash' hit list. When asked about it by Het Waarre Raket fan het Noorten, all three stated that they are not afraid and have received reassuring messages from both the police and Het Apparath in regards to the group.
  9. Variota

    Tanks for the Freedom

    Het Hart fan'es Folke fan'es Huisselant - Also known as 'The Variotan Parliament' | Two weeks ago What can one say about the Variotan Parliament? Perhaps that its name is rather pompous, translating into 'The Heart of the People of the Homeland'. Or that it's six chambers are a bit overkill, especially as only three of the six have the ability to decide on issues for the entirety of the nation. Some would even say that the six chambers were nothing more than smoke and mirrors, as they were merely seated in separate sections in the Grootte Kaamer fan'es Huisselant instead of actual different chambers. The building it's located in, the neo-futuristic Arie fan Brookanje building, was both expensive to build and frivolous in nature according to some. One or two past-their-prime Europans might even call the politicians 'a rabble of barbarians discussing irrelevant new world issues'. But what one couldn't say was that it was inefficient, ineffective or useless like some of the parliaments in other nations were. The Variotan culture wouldn't allow it. A politician could be mean to puppies, party every day, go to far-away destinations with the sole intention of spawning bastard children that wouldn't know who their father was... That was no issue whatsoever, as it didn't interfere with the productivity, the efficiency of their job. No one cared if that politician of the Kaltoer or Laagher Party wanted to get whipped by someone in a full leather catsuit during his time off, so long as he didn't take time off to do so. And even now, the Parliament proved itself worthy of the luxurious lifestyle the politicians received. Having discussed various law amendments, new laws, other such politics and various topics, the first recess was coming up. Depending on how much the politicians had to discuss, there could be three to six recesses. ''Ladies and Gentlemen of the Parliament, with six out of six chambers voting positive and none of the chambers reaching the amount of voters unable to vote to invalidate their vote, the law amendment 'On the Establishment of Higher Punishments for the Sale of Counterfeit and/or Forged Narcotics' passes!'' A loud applause could be heard throughout the room, as was customary when a law or an amendment passed. While only those in favor of the law or amendment would clap, almost everyone, if not everyone, was in favor of this one. Previously, somewhat-stupid tourists looking to get their rocks off without first checking where they would be able to get items to do so ended up getting ripped off by shady dealers in even shadier back alleys. And while that normally wouldn't really be an issue as Variotans knew the difference and said tourists would normally carve it up to a learning experience, recent months had seen more and more of these cases. Once the initial humor of tourists snorting dry wall, smoking ground up oregano and nettles and swallowing brightly colored vitamins shaped like bears in attempts to get the party going had worn off, a collective of legitimate narcotic vendors had put in time and effort to lobby the parliament, with success. As such, instead of receiving a fine if caught red-handed, one could now receive actual jail time in accordance with the laws in place for fraud. ''If there is nothing else, I think we can adjourn this session and go into the first recess period. For those that have signed-up for the 'Flying Start Feast with the Foorste Frauwe fan'es Ferantwortelik fan'es Folke' networking dinner, please remember to fill in your choice for meat or fish before noon or else you won't be able to choose. As Foorste Frauwe Dina Diva has stated, vegans and vegetarians will not be allowed in as 'they cramp my style and ask if I would eat a dog. b*tch please, if a dog was as good as homemade pulled pork, I'd gobble your chihuahua up.'. Nothing else? Then I hereby de...'' Suddenly, the large doors to the Grootte Kaamer fan'es Huisselant flew open, a young intern of Minister Loopentlant running in with beads of sweat on his forehead and a print-out in his hands. While Het Hart contained elevators, the amount of people working and travelling in the building often meant that those in a hurry would use the stairs. This intern, as it seemed, had done the same. ''Minister Loopentlant, Minister!'' An unified sigh of irritation could be heard as this little twerp, in the minds of the politicians, just prevented his boss from adjourning the session. Nothing could be important enough, except perhaps a declaration of war, to prevent five-hundred politicians, especially Variotan politicians, from their time off. If one had ever seen the human zombies that go to operas and philharmonic orchestra concerts shuffle to the bars and other such concessions in the theater they're visiting to keep their buzz going and ensure the opera or concert stayed interesting, one could multiple that by ten and come close to the sheer willpower the entire parliament was now sending to the intern to drop dead or suddenly combust into flames. ''Intern Lommert, you are threading on thin ice by interrupting myself and the session! Recess is coming up, wait until then and remove yourself from this chamber immediately!'' ''I don't know, Reemy. I like him, I think he's hot. Lommert, is it? You should hear Lommy out, he's cute. How old is he?'' sigh ''I don't know how old he is, Dina. I really don't keep track of that sort of stuff.'' ''Be more nice to the kid, Reemy. You should ask his age. Lommy, how old are you?'' ''Uhh... Twenty-one, Foorste Frauwe Diva.'' ''Oooh, old enough! I'll ask your number from Reemy, we'll talk a bit more private. You're not camera shy, are you? I'm sure you're not. What's that paper you have there?'' Intern Lommert quickly walked towards Minister Loopentlant, the current Spokesperson of the Chambers, and Dina Diva, both of which were seated at the center stage. While the Foorste Frauwe fan'es Ferantwortelik fan'es Folke was not required to sit in any of the sessions of the Parliament, Dina Diva did so twice or so a week. Often, she found a easy, calm morning session of the Parliament to be the perfect way to relax and perhaps nurse a hangover. Of course, some politicians were great to drink and party with, so in some ways this was also somewhat of a social visit with Dina Diva waving and such to her socialite acquaintances. And the fact that the Parliament's bar was one of the most well-stocked and its restaurant served pretty good food helped as well. ''A message, ma'am. Secretary IJsserbranter told me to rush it to the Grootte Kaamer. One of the few remaining slaver states is willing to begin diplomatic relations with us.'' ''Ugh, yuck. Like, I can get like getting like a guy that's like submissive or something and calling him your slave. But like actually owning people like some fashion accessory? Yeah, no thanks. I'll stick with regular pets.'' ''Here, Minister Loopentlant. I will leave now, apologies for the interruption.'' ''I'll call you Lommy! Bye babe!'' Reemy Loopentlant, the Minister of Diplomatic Affairs, took a minute or two to read the document. At the end, his eyes grew wide and a small smile was seen on his face. If this meeting went well, this would be a major PR possibility, an increase in international human rights that would shine a light on himself and his new politicial party, Toekomst!, in the upcoming elections. Luckily for him his right-hand man, Secretary IJsserbranter, had already attached a quick draft for a motion to initiate the meeting. ''Ladies and Gentlemen of the Kaamers, I would like all to please log in into their online parliamentary work area. If Secretary IJsserbranter has done so correctly, you will find a new document. This document outlines a motion to initiate a diplomatic meeting with the so-called @Imperial States of Europe. In order to ensure this happens in a timely matter, I would like to ask the Foorste Frauwe for her authorization code as so to make it a speed voting.'' ''You sure? Well, okay, fine I guess. Authorization code DD400CC.'' ''With the Foorste Frauwe's authorization code, it is hereby declared a speed vote. Please vote within the next 48 hours through the work area. With nothing else, I hereby declare this session adjourned.'' A speed vote, such as Minister Loopentlant had just invoked, was intended for matters that didn't age well, ones that required immediate attention. A speed vote could only be invoked either though a vote of all chambers or through the authorization code of the Foorste Frauwe, one of the perks of the position. While regular votes required a parliamentary session, speed votes were done through the online work area each parliamentary member had. Additionally, a speed vote had to be voted on within 48 hours, enforcing the feeling of urgency that such a vote was meant to have.
  10. Variota

    Nasionale TeleSicht Variota

    Parliament votes YES on establishment of Arctic Legion In a sign of confidence towards the Huisselikke Aanfals en Protektiemagt, the Parliament voted unanimously in favor of the establishment of an Arctic Legion. The 'Arktise Legioen' will ensure an increase in practical and theoretical knowledge for the Huisselikke Aanfals en Protektiemagt within cold and arctic areas, arctic operations being an area of knowledge that the HAP remains inexperienced in. Varinco lobbyists were quick to applaud the action, stating that the practical experience of the Arktise Legioen will enable them to produce specific or improved versions of their current production that are better suited for the temperatures reached in arctic regions, such as those found in the United States of @Prymont, a fellow TRIDENT nation. This could be YOU! Join the Arktise Legioen TODAY and receive a ₩1000 sign up bonus! Retired General Henk Linkefaaier, Variotan Minister of the Armed Forces, looked pleased during the press conference acknowledging this historic decision. Flanked by the first two Arktise Legioen participants, Soltaat Erik fan Koksdaal and Speesjaal-Geen'raal Daniel Kornelissen, the Minister had this to say: ''As it stands, it's quite simple. We lack knowledge in a certain area, one that can become very important within the blink of an eye. Many think that the military only exists to kill but we also exist to learn, to properly do that without losing our own men. If we were forced or otherwise made to send forces to extremely cold or even arctic areas, we would not be doing anyone a favor. Our men deserve to go into battle knowing that there is practical knowledge going into our plans, into their equipment. Our allies deserve to have a force joining them that won't end up sending its men in the military equivalent of a bikini. The Arktise Legioen allows us just that, to enable us to make proper plans backed by practical knowledge, to fine-tune equipment to the situation and improve our weaponry through Varinco's knowledgeable and highly talented scientists and engineers. The vote of the Parliament is not just a vote to start up the Arktise Legioen, it's a vote of confidence in the HAP and our vision and plans for the future. With the great pool of leadership and great command that the HAP has, it was not easy to decide the right man for the job but I feel that we have the right man in the form of Speesjaal-Geen'raal (Special General) Daniel Kornelissen. Already, we have been able to fill in the first hundred men from within our ranks with fine young men and women such as Soltaat fan Koksdaal here signing themselves up voluntarily for the force. This is a clear sign of confidence from within the HAP ranks that the Arktise Legioen will turn out as an exemplary force, a beacon of pride for everyone within Het Huisselant. The other nine-hundred men and women that will make up the force will be enlisted from willing and fresh men and women with the HAP providing them with a very healthy and sizable bonus of ₩1000. Once those have received the training they need, they will join their brethren in arctic areas to get acclimated to the climate and circumstances. I'm sure those first hundred will be able to provide them with all the support and training they will need. Do us proud, Arktise Legioen!''
  11. Variota

    KAP World Grand Prix Series

    COUNTRY: Het Huisselant Variota NATIONAL RACING COLOURS: Dark Purple (Primary), Gold (Secondary) TEAM NAME: Heerefal's Rampant Racers TEAM PRINCIPAL: Walter Troogfelt NATIONAL CIRCUIT: HCR Street Circuit (IRL: Caesars Palace Grand Prix Circuit) The Heerefal Casino Resort's Street Circuit, often simply called the HCR Street Circuit, is a multi-functional circuit attached and belonging to the Heerefal Casino Resort in Ferrefaaierhafen. While originally a temporary circuit set up on the parking lot of the casino for the 1983 and 1984 Varinco's Street Race Championships, the HCR rebuilt it in a permanent manner in 1986 after other plots of land were acquired for parking spaces. Whenever the circuit isn't being used for organised events or private racing sessions, one can rent time (and a Casino-approved vehicle) and race against others. Fans of the circuit praise its perfectly smooth surfaces, wide track and ample run-off areas while critics state that the counter clockwise direction of the track is fierce enough to kill the drivers due to sudden neck-snap. The Heerefal Casino Resort wants to point out that everyone signs a contract that releases HCR from any responsibility if that ever happens.
  12. Variota

    Expansion: The Commonwealth

    Yes, I think that will be a good first step towards gaining some activity and showing us that you are able to produce roleplay at a reasonable/good/terrific (depending on how it ends up) quality, two of the more important things in regards to an eventual small expansion.
  13. Variota

    Naming the Seas

    In regards to the strait that Synturia named the 'Naught Strait', I named it the Esophaguspassage/Keelpijppassage in a news article yesterday. Passage and strait have the same meaning but I feel that passage somehow sounds better. Both will work for me as I understand using an English name as I'm not the only one who'll end up there, I can also understand that it might be hard to fit in a rather long name like that on the rather narrow waters of the strait and with the wiki coming up and such, I can just make an article there on it if that's a better solution.
  14. Variota

    Nasionale TeleSicht Variota

    FMS 'Huisselant's Gloorie' to lead Variotan naval detachment in Exercise ATGEIR In a statement released by the Joint Offices of the Faai'nere Marienemagt, the Atmiraals-Flootillie made it known that the FMS 'Huisselant's Magt' will not be sent to the Tiauhau Sea for Exercise ATGEIR. Citing increased unrest in the general area of Het Keelpijppassage or the Esophaguspassage, as the strait is called within Het Huisselant, Atmiraal-Flootillie Harrie fan Huisse-Gaallema of the Territorial Protection Fleet and his colleagues did not feel that it was smart at this time to send the Huisselant's Magt to the area. Huisselant's Magt, the only operational aircraft carrier of the Faai'nere Marienemagt, will thus remain within the territorial waters of Het Huisselant. Instead, one of it's smaller brothers shall lead the Variotan naval detachment. FMS 'Huisselant's Gloorie', the newest vessel of the Annie fan Martplein class helicopter carriers, shall lead the twelve-ship large flotilla. Kaptein Leo Grootteflakte of the Huisselant's Gloorie will be temporarily given the rank of Atmiraal-Flootillie in order to provide him with the proper authority to lead said flotilla. When asked about this sudden and temporary promotion, the Kaptein had this to say: FMS 'Huisselant's Gloorie' during one of it's deployments ''As it stands, Exercise ATGEIR is a first in the tri-continental area. With new threats seemingly popping up every day, it's important to solidify our position as both a member of and the whole of TRIDENT and show the world that we have what it takes to repulse and remove said threats. When looking at the TRIDENT forces, the Faai'nere Marienemagt isn't as large a priority for Het Huisselant as the navies from nations such as Andalla, Iverica and Prymont, who have to deal with much larger naval threats and much larger seas than us back home. But, like the Girkmandian Navy, we are able to hold our own and provide security, safety and influence over the waters that we call our own. I myself feel extremely proud to be leading this detachment of some of the finest ships that the Faai'nere Marienemagt can provide and while I know that the promotion is only temporary, I see it as a sign that my skills and command are seen as good enough to be able to not only lead and coordinate the movements of an entire flotilla but are also deemed good enough to be the face that will represent Het Huisselant among some of the finest commanders TRIDENT can muster. I know that each and every man and woman on our vessels will look back in twenty, thirty, forty years and show their grandchildren the pictures and videos of themselves during Exercise ATGEIR while proudly proclaiming that they were the first in the tri-continental area to work together and make a fist against the forces of darkness and tyranny that seeks to extinguish the shining bright light of our united nations.''
  15. Variota

    Expansion: The Commonwealth

    I'm going to assume you're serious about annexing an area larger than you are now. I'm not saying that this isn't entirely possible but let me preface it by saying that it'd be extremely difficult. In essence, before you get that area under total control and are able to establish various services there, such as a police force you can trust, training army units with people from that area, etc., you're left extremely thin spread. And that's just on basic 'security to land' ratio, not to mention economic hits you'll have to take to get the area in shape, etc. So as it stands, that'll require a well-thought out and worked out roleplay or a well-thought out and large backstory placed somewhere that basically explains how you're able to do it without the entire nation crumbling down. So, difficult but, if done right, in the realm of possibilities. Now let's look at what you've given us as proof. I'm with you on one thing, namely being that news articles can count for RP'ing expansion. I've used them once in my ongoing 'The hand that stabs you can also feed you' RP (that I should really continue but that's a whole other thing) as it was the best platform for me to create and show a bit of backstory. BUT news articles can never count for the whole thing. News articles always give us the perspective (atleast if you write them in, in my honest opinion, the proper way) of the newspaper, newspapers are never neutral and for things like war and what not, they never give you the whole story. A newspaper isn't going to say that a hungover private didn't check if the mortar range was empty, they're going to say that three soldiers were killed in a tragic incident. However, and I'm going to use myself as an example (and trust me, I don't have the time daily to write two pages of text unless I happen to have a day off), additionally look at the size (some might say size equals quality, which I feel only counts if the larger article is also well-written) and detail you go into with your newsposts in regards to the expansion. In total, you wrote 17 lines of text, 15 if I'm being pedantic. In my previously mentioned RP, the news article I wrote was 20 lines alone and that was on a small (but important) part of the backstory. But let's grab an entirely different news article, for example the one on my head of state downing shots in a nightclub and explaining TRIDENT on her reality TV show. A light, fluffy article that came down to 23 lines of text. Keep in mind, Het Waarre Raket fan het Noorten is meant to be a tabloid-style newspaper like The Sun. It doesn't overly go into details, I keep it light and yet I (and many more) manage to put in more work into one news article about much smaller things than you did in five about taking over a piece of land and additionally one that's the same size as you. I'm not saying people have to do large articles for regular news posts (sometimes you just have little inspiration but just enough for a small article, it happens) but in the case of an expansion and such, you really do need to put in the effort. But let's further look at what's inside, maybe your posts have solid quality pounded into them and you somehow manage to make the entire expansion clear in a couple lines of text. I'm willing to admit defeat if so. News article 1: Somehow, modern nations decide to say 'f*ck it' to diplomacy and what not and pour through your borders in a 'unified-by-common-enemy' show of force. They decide to murder and rape and pillage, for some unknown reason. The King gives them one day to retreat. Yes, I know that there's more but this is basically the gist of it. Through some weird reason, you don't have a border force or even lightly armed customs officers or what not so they don't encounter resistance. The people living in those border villages don't own guns, even if there's no one to protect them from things like this, so 600 people end up dead because no one could do anything. The King, instead of being questioned for his iffy leadership or questioning the leadership of his ministers, gives the people killing and plundering your nation an ultimatum. In reality, anyone who wants to pillage is going to be lightly packed so why didn't the King just bomb the sh*t out of them? We don't know because there's literally nothing in the news post about how the decision was made. Was there fighting between the pillagers and the forces sent to the area? Who knows? News article 2: Pillagers keep on pillaging, defense forces are spread thin but still cannot prevent losses. Additional forces are sent. King's ultimatum turns out to be worth sh*t, replaced by another ultimatum. You give us absolutely nothing in regards to the fighting going on, losses by your troops, etc. For all we know, they could have joined in with the pillaging, they could have drunk tea with them, you name it. News article 3: More attacks, major infrastructure damage and deaths. Army moves into unknown lands, soldiers encounter resistance but somehow still press on without securing the area, establishing FOB's and what not. First off, let's start with the major infrastructure damage. Infrastructure being a large word, meaning anything from roads to electricity cables to internet cables to sewage pipes, let's say it was general damage all over the spectrum. That will slow down your forces moving through the area, make supplying them harder and generally be a pain in the ass. We don't see anything in that regard as your soldiers keep pressing on. You mentioned multiple kingdoms and tribes making up the 'barbarians', a kingdom (and I would assume tribes too) has a capital city. If you look at any siege or battles that happen in cities, you'll see that it takes time. Even if you have the most advanced stuff, the other guy with the rusted Varinco assault rifle and explosives made from extra strong fireworks knows the lay of the city, the lay of the buildings. You're not going to be pushing through that without either sustaining heavy losses by rushing, get harassed and what not constantly if you 'ignore' them or taking the time to clear each building, room by room basically. How are your soldiers getting their logistics? We don't know. Do you have temporary bases set up there? We don't know and with your time frame, I'd say no. So are your soldiers just sleeping in half-destroyed buildings? Setting up their tents wherever there's place? Maybe doing a bit of pillaging of their own in order to supplement their rations? We don't know. News article 4: Finally we hear something about border guards and such, which are somehow still being raided by the same people you've just invaded. Army pushes on, nothing about losses or such. Military somehow gives safe passage to refugees, even if they haven't set up anything in the area. Towns swear allegiance even if there's no real reason for it, as you are basically the same for them as the barbarians were for you albeit with a somewhat justified reason, and you push on, taking over an area the same size of you in a mere four or five days. What's the first thing the military and such of a nation is going to focus on? What's the first thing that a paramilitary group of a nation will focus on? Defence of said nation and it's territory. In fact, if you secure your territory well enough outside of the cities (as I wouldn't say Argis is like Afganistan or such and filled with cave complexes), you're going to get splinter groups at best that still continue the attack. We don't know if those continuing raiding are large groups, small groups, etc. There's no details given there. But what it does tell me is that your army has put in no effort to secure the area and is basically just storming through it, which in reality is the only thing they can realistically do in the time they've spent there. You lack basic control of the area but still somehow manage to provide safe passage for refugees. The towns swearing allegiance is somewhat believable, if you provided a proper backstory to it. Why do they swear allegiance? Is the King just that handsome? Are you threatening to destroy the towns otherwise? Are they scared that if they don't, your soldiers will start pillaging them? We don't know. All we know is that you're doing an unrealistic blitzkrieg, without securing the area properly, without fulfilling the number one basic goal that you should have at that time namely 'ensure that the raids stop'. News article 5: Incorporation of areas, people are still able to use languages. Sure guys, you killed hundreds if not thousands of us but now you're becoming our friends and part of the nation. And it'll only take a week, maybe two. Let's leave behind all the lacking military stuff, glaring holes and what not. Do you know how long it will take to actually incorporate an area of this size entirely? It won't take a week, it won't take a month, it'll perhaps take a year if you're lucky. Between checking who you can use of the previous governments, ensuring that standards get up to the same level and variety, providing government forms in their languages, checking on the state treasuries that existed, getting the schools up and running and at a quality similar to the nation taking over, establishing government agencies and buildings in the new territories, laws that have to be made, commanders of hostile forces that have to be tried or executed and might still have cells and what not around, etc. Even if there's a dictator that can push through the laws and cut down on red tape, it'll take a lot of time. A lack of time isn't a valid reason, a post doesn't have to be written in one go (these forums even save a copy of what you are typing every so often, aiding you even more when writing in multiple sessions). Roleplaying is a long haul, playing the long bet. Good quality roleplays can take months. And listen, I get it, if you look at the NS forums and such (atleast during the times when I still did that), there's loads of people doing their RP's in the quality that you did now. A couple of short posts and wham, bam, thank you ma'am, I'm twice my size or I've got nukes or you name it. I've had multiple nations throughout the years, I've ran small regions, I know that it's something that'll always be around (regretfully). But if you truly believe, even after reading all this, that you should get that expansion without putting a whole lot more effort in, I don't think this is the region for you. If you are, however, convinced that 'yeah, I need to put the effort in and work on it, hard', I'd say this can be the region for you and we/you can get into loads of fun and what not during your future roleplays. And in that case, if you need help, feel free send me a message with questions, if you want to brainstorm, if you want another set of eyes to see how you could work an idea into a fun RP. But as it stands, you've put in an extremely low amount of effort and if that would result in you expanding, it'd not be fair to anyone including yourself. Take this opportunity to learn and improve your roleplaying and then come back for an expansion.