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  1. Variota


    Welcome to the region! To get a better feeling of who you are and vice versa, I highly recommend you join the Discord. Next to allowing us to get to know you, you to get to know us and see if you fit into the community, it'll allow you to ask questions more easily to those that are able to help you out with integrating your nation into the region (myself and the other moderators). If you're already part of the Discord, just ignore this. Early in the morning and all that, haha.
  2. Variota

    Royal Family looking for home

    My suggestion: Have them flee to Variota. The idea behind it is really simple. Variotan traders would've been everywhere at that time, looking to earn a buck. What does royalty like? Luxury goods, spices, drinks, etc. The way I see it, the previous Emperor could have been buying his items from a Variotan trader of some importance. He dies, his heir has to flee. Generally speaking, there is always some time in which trouble brews. Could be they sensed that and sent out a trusted messenger to attempt to gain passage to Variota. While we're a republic, there was never any strong anti-monarchy forces as the Variotans simply never had any royalty. The trader accepts, presumably for some selfish reason like thinking having an exiled monarch in his debt could give him prestige or influence, and they flee to Variota during the night; presumably the royal family would have grabbed some crown jewels and other important things. From there on out, there are multiple interesting twists that could happen. Could be they simply pay whatever fees needed to gain entry into the nation and become citizens, could be that they get sponsored by one of the five Variotan Klans (essentially large, prominent and wealthy families by then) or Klan Reierfer (the sixth, larger, less prominent, less wealthy. Basically the equivalent of rednecks. Maintain their own state within Het Huisselant.) and get set-up in the nation by them, etc. Royalty, even in exile, would have been a major prestige boon for one of the Klans, essentially a great fashion accessory for events and such.
  3. Variota

    Letters from Het Huisselant

    To: Iskander Yegerov, Premier of @Prymontian Rus From: Reemy Loopentlant, Minister of Diplomatic Affairs of Het Huisselant Regarding: Congratulations on winning the election To my esteemed colleague, Premier Yegerov, Het Huisselant congratulates you and the National Rus party on your election victory, may your government turn out to be and remain stable and strong. The task of rebuilding the nation and leading it and its citizens towards a brighter future may seem like a daunting task, the political equivalent of having to lead a group of climbers to the top of the mountain while a thick fog is in the air. Keep your mind clear, keep your vision for the nation close to your heart and remember that a good compromise may be best during times, those that do their song and dance properly will always have a chance to turn the nation into their vision and turn themselves into one of the main figures of their nation's history. While our two nations were not connected thoroughly before the hardships you and your people have suffered, this does not mean that this has to continue. Hard work has to be rewarded and no one can say that the men and women of the Prymontian Rus have not done that; the grace and class that your people have shown in your struggle is to be commended. The path in front of you will be a rough one but we are willing to aid in that regard, aid in working towards a brighter future together. We know that, as we speak, talks and discussions are already being held by Variotan businesses that are waiting and willing to jump into the gap that has been established by the hardships, by the struggle that has seen your nation reborn; not unlike the mythical phoenix. To ease the steps and barriers that naturally exist in situations where entities from two different nations work together, such as Variotan businesses opening up and tourists staying in the Prymontian Rus, Het Huisselant wishes to establish an official embassy within your nation. As we know that there is an egalitarian side to the governing of the nation, we are additionally willing to open a consulate in the southern parts of the nation if that is wanted; Het Huisselant seeks to be a friend to all within the Prymontian Rus. The establishment of the embassy will not only serve as a symbol of the official recognition of the Prymontian Rus as the proper government of the land from Het Huisselant but the acceptation of our request would be seen, by myself and my fellow colleagues, as a solid step towards closer relations between our two fine nations. I am obviously more than happy to respond to any questions you may have or to provide the needed information to your side in order to ensure the full success of the establishment of said embassy, in the event the request is deemed acceptable by yourself, members of your government and any other governmental bodies that will need to be consulted. To a prosperous future together, Reemy Loopentlant, Minister of Diplomatic Affairs of Het Huisselant
  4. Variota

    Nasionale TeleSicht Variota

    All-round good guy and humanitarian benefactor J.D. Karrewasser opens new Varinco housing facility Originally from Ferrefingerplaats, where the great and industrious tank factories that made and make his family fortunes are, J.D. Karrewasser loves to enjoy life and travel around. Be it on his personal jet, personal yacht, one of his many luxury cars or his personal campaign bus, which he uses for the many inspections and events he does as Varinco's main man; the magnificently beautiful bachelor, that looks decades younger than he actually is, travels around. During one of these travels, J.D. Karrewasser noticed the housing shortage in Rooibesfelt, one of the birthplaces of Varinco, and how it affected his own employees. Of course, due to his gorgeous and lovely nature that naturally pulls him towards humanitarian causes, he could not let this go. If the greatest armaments manufacturer of the world couldn't ensure some great housing for their employees, who could? A few phone calls and J.D. had hired the famed Variotan architect Arie fan Brookanje, known for great buildings such as the Variotan parliament building. The idea was simple, a gated community somewhat inspired by the Unie fan Kommunes, a place where the inhabitants help each other out and bond. The studios and apartments put together in large buildings with common areas with entertainment such as billiards, large television screens and, in one case, a small cinema. Gorgeous bachelor J.D. Karrewasser enjoying life and love during opening of new housing facility Now, the new facility is done and will begin to house one-thousand of Varinco Security's best personnel. Varinco Security is the part of the company that provides security to stores, warehouses, factories and high risk shipment of the company; some of the equipment that it maintains include Varinco-made tanks. On the question if the facility was actually a de facto base, J.D. was quick to answer: ''No, no, no. Of course it's not a barracks. What it is, though, is a great place for our employees to live and work. And sure, I can't deny that it contains a large mechanics workshop and what looks like a warehouse but that's just useful for our people. The workshop allows them to maintain their own vehicles and saves them money and the warehouse is a shared storage facility for the lucky new tenants. Varinco really is the Proper Choice!'' Gillofan V officially opens new televangelist station: 'People seem to forget that we're here with the true faith.' Heere fan'es Ghestelikke Gillofan V opened the new Sicht fan'es Heere television station in Kattetralerstatt. Funded directly by the Kerke fan'es Huisselant Variota, the televangelist station will attempt to spread the word of Het Waarre Kerke fan'es Heiligen Heer en Sijn Gesant het Heilige Wilm fan Amalberga or the Variotan Christian Church as it is often called in Common. Flanked by the Ratsheere Kartnaal fan'es Propagatie Hans K.H. fan Groot, Gillofan V gave a speech as he pressed a button, signalling the beginning of the television station. "In this day and age, many people seem to get the idea that religion isn't needed in their lives. That religion adds nothing. Thankfully, this sentiment is not shared here in Het Huisselant. In this modern age, with all the stress, all the tests that we are given, religion is more important than ever. Opening this television station will allow us to share our message with the world. Sicht fan'es Heere will send out only the best programs made by the great men and women that perform televangelism in the service of God. It is easy to overlook our true message for the lesser, watered-down versions that are spread around by the Limonaians and the Tacolics. The Tagmatines. But this station will change this. People will be able to hear and watch the word of the true God through the internet, on sichtfanesheere.vr, and through digital and analog signal from our transmitters near Reierferplattoterp, Finfishafen and Lukinagrad. And who knows where we might expand to further?''
  5. Variota

    Nasionale TeleSicht Variota

    Elections officially scheduled by Parliament; What do you need to know? Het Hart fan'es Folke fan'es Huisselant has officially scheduled the elections. Variotans all over the world have seen the speeches, advertisements and other lobbying methods that attempt to sway the vote for the Kaamer fan'es Folke and the Kaamer fan Variota. Three hundred and fifty seats are up for grabs with over thirty parties vying for power. The other elected chambers, the Kaamer fan'es Kommunes, Kaamer fan Klan Reierfer and the Kaamer fan'es Lant will follow in the next few months. The new Kaamer fan Lukinagrad has seen recent elections in it's previous form and has thus been okayed to decline participation in this round of elections. Due to the high amount of parties participating in the election of the Kaamer fan'es Folke, foreigners and Variotans alike are often wondering just what is what. For these citizens, Het Waarre Raket fan het Noorten has sent out its best political journalists and tasked them with compiling a list of 'high flyers' and 'downers' in order to aid the average voter in choosing where to put his or her vote. High Flyers: Who: Minister Reemy Lopentlant and his new party, Toekomst! What: A newly-founded national-conservative right-wing party attempting to institute a multi-level direct democracy, further attempting to instill and instate Variotan ideals and values in each decision, situation and layer of society. Why: Toekomst! has managed to rally a large share of disenfranchised voters from parties such as Groep Tonny Linkefoet, the Partij fan'es Keelpijppassage and the Algemeiner Partij fan'es Minterheit. With citizens drawing more to either side of the political spectrum in recent years and with the well-recognized face of Reemy Lopentlant, currently Minister of Diplomatic Affairs, as its party leader, chances are high that Toekomst! will gain enough seats to ensure their influence in coming decisions. Since its founding, Lopentlant has managed to draw in various interesting figures, including Dr. fan Boerlant-Varra, known for coming last in the election that made Dina Diva Foorste Frauwe fan'es Ferantwortelik fan'es Folke. In recent days, he has also received endorsements from popular musical duo Kelterrakkers and their mentor, Auwe Rukker, which should attract votes from the younger demographic. Who: Quintana Wijnmaaker and her party Kristelik Variota What: Kristelik Variota is a centre-right party following its own brand of Christian Democracy. It promotes conservative stances on issues such as immigration and the environment but at the same time maintains progressive stances on issues such as welfare. Why: Variotans are flocking to the sound of Christian Democracy, a sound that is very much Variotan and following Variotan values. Kristelik Variota serves as a middle ground for many, not as right-wing as Konserfatief Kristelik Huisselant nor leftist like the Alliansie fan'es Heer. Wijnmaaker and her party have done extremely well in polls as she has supported various popular issues such as the start of the Reierferplattoterp Nuclear Power Plant, Het Huisselant's joining of TRIDENT and the foundation of the Arktise Legioen. Unlike the other two Christian Democracy parties which remain unaffiliated with either of the three existing coalitions, Kristelik Variota is part of the Koalisie fan'es Waarre Folke (Coalition of the True People) and will be able to draw on a larger amount of experience and knowledge than the others. Who: Wilm Haak and his party Alharuns Belang What: Alharuns Belang is a centre-left party that believes in leveraging and creating Variotan influence in order to improve the entire continent. Unlike the other two successors of the Centraale Partij, the Partij fan'es Keelpijppassage and the Algemeiner Partij fan'es Minterheit, Alharuns Belang believes that this should be done on the continent alone and through favoured states, those following Variotan directions and following Variotan ideals. Why: The three successor parties have always vied for the right to claim the vacant 'throne' of the Centraale Partij and while the PfK and the APfM maintain a large membership base, they never managed to beat the tenacious Wilm Haak and his Alharun Belang. The joining of Lukinagrad within Het Huisselant has dampened the voting base of the two other parties and voters are now searching for a new party, a party that is willing and able to represent their new wishes. With all three following the same base principles, it is estimated that Wilm Haak and Alharuns Belang will see a large influx of voters and might double or triple his seats within the Kaamer fan'es Folke. While they might not share the same vision on certain issues, Reemy Loopentlant and Wilm Haak have proclaimed that they would be extremely interested in working together after the elections; sharing the vision of a stronger, better future following Variotan ideals and values. This could lead to a new political coalition. Downers: Who: Waldemar Kewastemere and his party the Kaltoer Partij What: Originally a right-wing party turned centre-left under the vision of Waldemar Kewastemere, the party has turned its message of the supremacy of Variotan culture into a softer one of spreading Variotan culture through creative solutions. Why: The younger voters massively voted on the Kaltoer Partij in the 2015 elections, giving the party 39 seats and turning it in the largest one in the Kaamer fan'es Folke; a position it still maintains. However, bad management, lack of success in the parliament and various politicians shifting their allegiance to other parties has left voters disenfranchised and the Kaltoer Partij down to thirty seats. While the party set up an extensive political campaign to attempt to remedy this disenfranchisement, Waldemar declined to participate as the dates clashed with his own concert tour throughout Variota. This decision has further established the feeling with the younger vote that Waldemar and the Kaltoer Partij are more hot air and less hot stuff; instead choosing to vote for established leftist politicians such as Wilm Haak or even turning to right politicians such as Quintana Wijnmaaker or Reemy Lopentlant. Who: Rakesh fan Ferredaal and his party the Rooie Asosiasjie What: The Rooie Asosiasjie is the only nationwide party in Variota proclaiming the virtues of communism. The party advocates centralization of the economy under the government in order to be able to accurately divide it among the workers of the nation, a basic income paid to the citizens of Het Huisselant from profits of state-owned enterprises and the disestablishment the current federation as it stands, turning it into one of local democracy; entailing dissolution of the parliament, replacing it with provincial parliaments and each province joining the federation. Why: Communism has never been popular in Variota after the Left Menace, additionally the Variotan values have generally ensured that welfare and equality are not seen as leftist. This has taken away most of the voters to less extreme parties. While the Rooie Asosiasjie reached four seats in the previous elections, it remains unknown if they can maintain that with the current trend of voters turning to the right. Instead, it is estimated that many of the RA voters will turn to the other parties of the Roos-Rooie Koalitie, of which the RA is a part of. The only place where the RA isn't estimated to lose votes is the province of Ferredaal, the traditional bastion of the party and home province of Rakesh fan Ferredaal. It doesn't help that there are no genuinely affluent communistic nations in the world, most instead crawling in the swamp of poverty or the mud of mediocrity.
  6. Variota

    Expansion: Rihan Republic

    Just giving it a quick glance, I notice that the areas seem rather large for expansion. Eyeballing it, the yellow area seems to be about the same size if not larger than you are at the moment. While Aurelia certainly is empty at the moment, I do not feel that that necessarily equals a need for the nations that are situated there to expand rapidly. In a way, you're already in a 'privileged' position in regards to expansion as there's few other nations to expand towards you so there's less of a rush compared to say, Central Argis. It seems far more agreeable and realistic to me to keep the first expansion at the west banks of the river, for example. The area to the north is somewhat more agreeable, in so far as it involves interior lands that new nations will be far less interested in settling in among other reasons; although I'm still somewhat iffy about your prediction of it being a cash cow due to the circumstances that involve moving people into any 'new' area, be it chasing away the people living there or developing pristine lands, etc.I'd still advice to cut off that expansion to the 'south' bank of the river there, although it's pretty hard to show what I mean with just words. I'll see about making an image with what I mean later, once I have done some highly overdue RP things.
  7. Variota

    Request: Zargal

    Hello Zargal (not entirely sure why you took some weird sexual name instead of your actual NS name as your username), The newsposts and factbook are at the moment very low effort. Like I said in the welcome thread for Tallovia, the requirements are to measure if you're willing to put in the bare minimum effort. I think we can both agree that you haven't reached that point yet. To give you some idea on a news thread, I'd like to point you to my own Nasionale TeleSicht Variota/'Het Waarre Raket fan het Noorten' which is written as a lighter piece of journalism to fit Variota as I depict it. Now, I'm not saying that you need to be at an equal level of writing as this. But can you see the difference between my thread and yours, which basically only includes headlines? Europa as a region and community likes to promote quality roleplaying, quality writing and as such, your news thread as it stands won't cut it. I don't know your situation, it could be that you're new to roleplaying and thus need some guidance on how to create a piece of acceptable quality. In that case, I would like to give you the advice to look at news threads made by the more established members of the community such as myself, Prymont and Iverica. Here, you'll find good pieces that you can study and learn from in regards to how form your articles and write them. Additionally, you may find this (http://www.europans.com/wiki/worldbuilding/) useful. Please try and do that first and improve on your news posts after you've learned from the news posts you checked out and read the link about worldbuilding I included. Should you then still find it difficult to write news articles, you can PM me on Discord or here and I will try to think along with you and try to guide you some more. In regards to the factbook, you currently have 6 different articles containing about 10 lines of text in total. That's obviously not enough. You have to think of your factbook as the thing foreigners will read to get an understanding of your nation. Like the link about worldbuilding mentions, it's somewhat similar to having your own wikipedia page. Let's say I'm Dina Diva (the current Variotan leader) and I need to know something about Zargal, will your factbook give me a good idea of your nation? Will I be able to form an opinion on it? The answer at the moment is no, not really. In the worldbuilding link, it gives you some good points to work out in your factbook. I advice you to look at those points and incorporate them into your factbook. Additionally, check other factbooks and check the articles that the region has on iiwiki for some more inspiration. Roleplaying and worldbuilding in Europa isn't a race, it's a journey. The map isn't close to getting full, so there's no rush in that regard too. Work out your nation properly, ensure that you're able to fulfill the expectations of the region and community in regards to quality and then once that's done, we can come back to seeing about getting you a place on the map. If you have any questions in regard to this, feel free to PM me here or on Discord and I will do my best to answer them for you.
  8. Variota

    Sandbox RP forum for newcomers

    I don't have anything to add to this except agreement. I do advice some neutral terms for the ranks so established instead of capable or proper, for example, as people might get negative vibes from those titles. As if those in the sandbox are by definition incapable or improper roleplayers, which isn't true.
  9. Variota

    In the Shadow of the Valley of Death

    The Shinde Plantation. It wasn't extremely large, extremely wealthy or extremely well-guarded. And precisely thanks to this, the Plantation was chosen. Would the Plantation be able to offer substantial aid to the Laagher Kommandos? Beyond a far-flung base for troops to rest at and a stop near the border for slaves looking to escape, the Plantation had very little value. And a place with very little value, in an area like this, was a place that would be visited sporadically at best. If Hendryk had his way, it wouldn't be visited by any Marenese every again. The Shinde's and their plantation would serve as a test for his forces, a test for their tactics. The test to check if they were ready. Their tactics were simple for the battle itself. Old Raj Shinde, the aging Patriarch of the family, had maintained relations with smugglers from Klan Reierfer, men who valued wealth more than the plight of their brethren. Through coercion, in the form of a blade threatened to be forced into a dark, deep and intimate place of the ringleader and a small pouch of coins, the smugglers had been persuaded to postpone their route for a couple of days. Instead, Hendryk would send some of his men in during the night, posing as the smugglers. Once through the gates of the compound, they would deal with the night guards; each of his men armed with a knife, a rifle and a pistol. Whether they would pose as smugglers or regular traders mattered little in this regard, no convoy traveled these parts without having atleast some of their men being armed. The hope was that the night guard, three men according to the smugglers, would be able to be dealt with in a quiet, slitting of the throats with knives way. Surprise was a big factor in this plan, the longer the other guards weren't woken up by gunshots, the better. It would take the other guards two minutes at most to rush out of their barracks, rifles in hand. Would they be dressed? Of course not but one could kill a person in the nude or in sleeping wear as easily as they could do while dressed. Hendryk and the other men laying in wait could make it inside the compound in eight minutes after signaled but that still left six minutes, in the best case, where five men would be forced to defend themselves against nine others that had the benefit of knowing the compound, nine others that had the advantage of superior numbers until Hendryk and his reinforcements arrived. Eight minutes in which they had to survive or the gates would get closed, making their goal far harder. Would they still be able to take the plantation over? Of course, but at that point losses would have been high enough to make it somewhat of a Pyrrhic victory. The plan against the Marenese did not allow them to suffer equal casualties. Their resources did not allow them to suffer equal casualties. God himself and the holy Wilm fan Amalberga would not allow them to suffer equal casualties. Their goal was one of salvation, vengeance, unequal repayment of the suffering that everyone under the boot of the Marenese suffered. This was not a fair nor equal fight but if they did it right, if He smiled on them, they would be able to turn that around and make the fight unequal and unfair towards the oppressors. Unlike those filthy Marenese, these were people that had lost everything. And one thing about people without something to lose was that they were able to give everything, do everything to make the result be theirs. The Marenese had children, parents, pets, family. People and things that they would miss, people and things that would miss them. That's where the Laagher Kommandos would hit them, right in the heart. Murder a woman's father, murder a woman's brother, murder her husband. Take away any will to resist, take away the feeling of safety unless they do what you want. Did the needs of the Marenese matter anyway? Did their lives really have meaning? Of course not, they were filthy heathens. Normal Buddhists were one thing, a reasonable Variotan did not mind them. Karma was merely a strange way of telling someone to live a good life so they could enter Heaven. Reincarnation had some similarities with Variotan beliefs of guardian angels, ghosts and souls. Nirvana and the various heavens that they had were just a delusional version of the One True Heaven, presumably a corrupted view of it from the strange mind of their false prophets. Marenese were far different from these regular, tolerable ones. Marenese were animals, perhaps even lower than that. Would He really care if these so-called people ended up in Hell earlier than planned? Could one even speed up His plans? Perhaps the widespread murder were His plans, a test for His People to see if they would do what was needed to free their brethren. A test to see if they were still worthy of His endearment, being His Chosen People. In a way, He wanted them dead. And who was Hendryk, who were the Laagher Kommandos to deny Him His will, His needs? For many among the Laagher Kommandos, this was one of the tests of God that they readily accepted, even enjoyed. Not an eye for an eye but a life for an eye. A village for a life. Or, as the gangster movies would say far later in history, he puts one of mine in the hospital, I put one of his in the morgue. Like many extremer societies, the Marenese had their flaws. Slaves worked, the men worked but the women stayed home, kept the family going, cooked. The Variotans did not know such a thing, women were equal and worked. They had been forced to in earlier days and, in the cases of frontier areas, were sometimes still forced to work and provide. People did what was needed, whatever one's genitals contained was not important. And as such, while the Marenese would turn out to be rather unwilling and not used to fighting women, the Variotan women had no such qualms. In some cases, due to their inherit emotional nature, the women fought even harder, more ferociously and bloodthirsty than the males, using the memories of their lost loved ones and/or their time as a slave to fuel that. A couple hundred meters from the Shinde Plantation - Forested area Forty-five men and women laid in wait, the forested area near the Shinde Plantation filled with them. Forty-five people that would see blood shed today, forty-five ready to do what needed to be done. All waiting for the signal, the signal from their friends and brethren. Once the guards had been taken care of, one of the men would stand by the gate and wave a torch to signal the others. In a way, it was as if God himself smiled on their actions and their plan. The night was clear and the moon seemed to give off enough light to illuminate the surroundings, a perfect night for an ambush. The gates of the Shinde Plantation, two massive and thick wooden doors, were closed but that was to be expected. In the frontier, no one kept their gates open at night. Most travelers kept off of the roads and the few people still on the road were the unsavory kind, smugglers, bandits, Laagher Kommandos. Wild animals roamed around, seeing if there was carrion laying around for them to feed on. The wagon of the Laagher Kommandos was slowly edging its way towards the Plantation. Hendryk gave one last signal to everyone to check their equipment, as there would be no other chance to do so between now and the conquest of the plantation. If everyone would go right, none of his comrades would die. He even planned to offer the Marenese a chance to survive, although it would obviously be a fake chance. Let them slide into the feeling it was merely an attempt to free the slaves and when his comrades had disarmed the remaining guards, he would personally slit the throat of every one of those filthy, oppressing, slave-hating monsters. His hands would turn red and warm with the blood of the people that did the same to his mother, to the brother of the man next to him, to the children of the woman on his left. And in the end, when he himself would die, God would smile upon him and tell him personally, standing in front of the gates to Heaven: 'You did well, Hendryk. You followed my orders, you fulfilled my tests, you have shown me that you are indeed worthy of being the Chosen People.' At the gates of the Shinde Plantation The wagon was edging forward, the horses showing their fatigue from a day of travel. For the most part, the wagon was a regular wagon, one of the many that the Laagher Kommandos maintained, one of the many of this same type. One could see this type of wagon anywhere, from the paved streets of Ferrefaaierhafen to the cobbled streets of Reierferplattoterp to the dirt roads leading to here. The ruse had been carefully prepared, a lot of wares and goods sitting on top, serving to help the act of them being smugglers merely looking to sell these goods on for a tremendous profit. Under those goods, however, were rifles, pistols, bullets, gunpowder. Everything needed to arm the slaves they were planning on freeing. More supplies weren't far off as Hendryk was not planning on surrendering the Shinde Plantation back to the Marenese, nor did he expect that the soon-to-be ex-slaves wanted that. For their suffering, they were deserving of reparations. And what better reparations than owning the fields they were forced to work? Owning the large house, the guard barracks, their own slave quarters. He would leave behind one or two of his comrades to help train them, help them achieve a level of training needed to keep their righteous property or ensure its destruction if it came down to an absolutely superior force finding and attacking them. The Marenese would not be allowed to take anything back, to regain anything. The only thing they would gain was death, the only thing they would enjoy would be destruction. ''Jan, run up ahead and knock on the gate.'' One of the five ran towards the gate. For those times when the gates were shut but one wanted to come in, there was a small opening with bars over it. The man knocked on it and a gruff voice could be heard in Bahinese. Hendryk had specifically chosen five people that knew enough Bahinese to carry a conversation. Most of them knew atleast some Bahinese but for this, Hendryk needed people able to understand and pick up on nuances, pick up on changes in behavior. ''What do you want?'' ''The Mountain Goat croaks at the mountain.'' ''Uh, what?'' ''The Mountain Goat croaks at the mountain.'' ''You mean, the Toad croaks at the mountain?'' ''Oh, that's how you say it. Sorry, I'm used to the Gulamina dialect.Yes.'' ''Ketan, open the gate. It's the... traders.'' The gates were slowly opened as the man named Jan returned to the wagon. It was do or die time for all five of them. If it went right, they wouldn't even have a scratch. If it went wrong, the chance was big that they would all die. Jan quickly checked where he had his knife as the wagon passed the gate. The others had already done their own checks and all of them had quickly said a small prayer in their heads. From here on, it would all be chance. If they were lucky, there would indeed only be three guards. But what if the smugglers decided to double-cross them and had somehow managed to let them know? One guard... And that's the other, Ketan I think the first one called him.... Where's the third? Are there only two? ''Quiet night tonight? Only the two of you and all that.'' ''Two? f*ck, you're right. Where's that fool Ganesh gone to?'' sh*t, not what I wanted to hear. Three but one is gone... Jan checked the faces of the other men, whom had also heard the news. Three men as the smugglers had said, atleast if this didn't turn out to be an ambush. But with the third man gone off to god knows where, they had to be careful. Giving each other nods, two of the men signaled to the others that they would find Ganesh while the other three took care of the two at the gate. They had to time it properly, however. If they killed Ganesh with too much sound, the others at the gate would hear it and vice versa. Neither outcome was great. And while slitting someone's throat is always much quiet than firing off a rifle or pistol, no murder was ever completely silent.. ''Say, I could have some of my boys find Ganesh. Seeing as you guys are working so hard this late at night, I want to give you first choice on some of the goods. I'll even give you a small discount if you guys end up buying more than one thing.'' ''Sure, sure. Just don't enter the mansion or the barracks or we'll have to shoot you all. Try the outhouse, Ganesh ate some dodgy meat last night.'' ''Where's that?'' ''On the right, just behind that big tree near the fields.'' Two of the men broke off and went towards the outhouse. The wagon barreled on a bit to a small clearing, left of which were the guard barracks and the slave quarters. In front, the large house of the Shinde's stood. The two guards wanted to close the gates but were quickly ushered toward the wagon by Jan, stating that he had some amazing goods. The men became slightly suspicious until Jan promised them an additional discount. For people that would only be visited by caravans with luxury goods two or three times a year, this offer became highly appealing. Besides, if the smugglers would try anything, they could just call out and the other, sleeping, guards would come out and murder them all. If they played this right, they could even turn this into a great situation for them. Falsely call out while money switches hands, call them cheats and the other guards will come out. Maybe a rifle goes off, shoots one of the smugglers, other guards start shooting... In the worst case, Ganesh would die by the hands of the two smugglers when they hear the shots but Ganesh was an annoying layabout anyway. Jan and his men positioned themselves so that the two guards were in the middle of them. Two men on each side of the guards and Jan behind them to assist if needed. A large panel was opened on the side of the wagon, allowing them to lean in and see items from the side of wagon. As the two guards leaned in, each of the men on the side grabbed one of the guards. Left hand, or right one, over their mouths and the other hand wielding the knife to slit their throats with. Jan grabbed both men their pistols, held in a simple holster on their belt. While the guards also carried rifles on their back, Jan guessed that they would sooner attempt to grab their pistols, as they could fire them with one hand. A rifle, on the other hand, would require them to swing it off their back and fire it with two hands. When one has to worry about their life being ended, they would sooner grab the quick option to attempt to live. Thanks to the hands over their mouths, the guards didn't manage to scream out. Instead, only the soft gurgling sound of their throats rapidly bleeding could be heard, giving them a much softer dead. Or atleast, softer in sound. Being shot to death and getting one's throat slit tended to end up equally high in 'deaths I want to avoid' lists made by anyone. The bodies were quickly shoved under the wagon, although no one would really be fooled. Feet stuck out and the side of the wagon was somewhat covered in blood. Anyone with two eyes and more than a split second of time would notice it and call out. Each of the three men hoped that none of the sleeping guards would need to use the outhouse. The two men walking towards the outhouse drew their knives. If Ganesh happened to come out of the outhouse before they were there, it would be a bit of a gamble. Of course, one could always attempt to throw a knife but most knives were not exactly aerodynamic enough to be used for that purpose. Still, when approaching the outhouse, they could hear that they had nothing to fear. A meter or two away, one could begin hearing snoring come from the outhouse. Apparently, the hatred towards Ganesh was well-founded, using an excuse in order to be able to sleep in the outhouse. How one could sleep in such a place was another thing but you don't look a gift horse in the mouth. Nearing it, the smell was simply horrendous. The Marenese were truly animals, as the outhouse stank as much as a pair of stables that weren't cleaned for a year. Both of the men had to gag and their disbelieve in the fact that the man named Ganesh could actually sleep here grew. Still, each took a side and as one opened the outhouse door, the other quickly dived in to grab Ganesh. Normally, they'd have slit his throat inside the outhouse but neither of the men wanted to be in that room than absolutely needed. As Ganesh was pulled to the hard ground, he only woke up as his head hit the floor. He attempted to give out a shout but merely managed a small little 'aah' sound before his throat saw the same treatment as those of his two friends at the gates. Once the men returned to the wagon and gave Jan a thumbs up, Jan ran to the gate with a torch, taken from a nearby wall. Stepping outside, he waved it around to signal the main force to come. The next eight minutes would be the most tense these men had had for a long time. Hoping no one came out to pee, hoping no one would pay them attention, hoping that Old Raj wouldn't hear anything while awake during one of the many times he had to pee at night.
  10. Variota

    Hi I'm New Here

    Welcome! It all depends on what you see as special. Technically, you could already begin roleplaying. However, as you're not on the map, that tends to make things more difficult as no one knows where you are and, if people want to be extremely precise, you're technically also not part of the Europan canon until you're on the map. If you look in the Map Applications thread, you'll see the small list that we ask of players before they can get added to the map. The requirements aren't really that taxing, it's more so we can get a sense of you as a player and see that you're willing to put in the, at the very least, bare minimum effort to join in. For ease, these are the requirements: Be in Europa; have a nation in the region. | Easy, really Be on this forum; have an account here and join the community. | That's obviously one you can already cross off your list Be active; at the minimum, have a factbook (be it on NS dispatches, this forum or iiwiki) and a news agency with atleast three news posts. | The rules in the map application thread only mention being active in RP but I would really like to go further with that and compliment it with be active in the community as well. The thing with NS is that a good community can make it so much better, a bad community can take away any enjoyment you have. By being active in the community, you can learn from others and vice versa, you'll probably make some friends and it really just makes the experience much better. Don't be a dick. | Self-explanatory, really. I also saw that you said you were new. Europa has RP Moderators, which serve to both moderate RP differences and issues but also provide assistance and guidance from time to time. I'm one of them, for example. If you have any questions or require guidance, feel free to ask here through the messaging service the forum provides, through PM on discord, etc. In case you want to read the Map Applications thread yourself, here's the link: Now, as you can see, the thread is closed. That's not because we're not accepting new people, that's because we've moved the actual requests to separate threads for each nation that wants to come on the map. Once you feel your factbook is up to snuff, you have the three news articles, you haven't been a dick and what not, you can simply make a request thread in the Map of Eurth section of the forums. As you'll see when you go there, there's been a bunch of others so by then, if you need help with the request thread, just check the others out first and how they did it and simply copy your thread off that.
  11. Het Huisselant and its Golden Privateers will participate. We're in it to win it and all that
  12. Variota

    An Invitation to The Coronation of King George

    To: King George of @PyeMcGowan From: F.F.f.F.f.F. Dina Diva Regarding: Congratulations on your coronation, condolences on the funeral and an invite to a brighter future. My dear George, as the World's Greatest Diva and as a leader myself, I would love to congratulate you on your coronation. So, hereby, congratulations! Obviously, any election or coronation needs a good party, something to fill the minds and souls of the people with the idea that your reign will be one of pleasure, wealth, progress, prosperity and more of those words that all sort of mean the same but not exactly. People like and want fun and you should want the people to like and want you. It's something that I've already taught a lot of leaders, they all sort of look up to me, you know? And who can blame them, I'm basically a perfect role model for anyone. Keep in mind, you're important now! Use that importance to get yourself a nice drink, a nice man and enjoy an evening off! It's what I would do. Do you like men? I mean, it's 2018 so what man doesn't like men and women. Still, if you somehow don't like men, just change man to woman. Or, you know, get both! You deserve it now, you're a King! Give them the old royal scepter! People need a relaxed leader, they deserve a relaxed leader, a best you you can be. I normally don't do funerals unless they're the festive kind, you know the kind. Everyone does a shot of hard liquor that was the favorite of the deceased, you play some Leeffessang music and everyone just rocks out, celebrating the life of the person instead their death. But anyway, parliament has asked me to come anyway without knowing what kind of funeral and who am I to deny my proud Variotan fans and voters something? So, I will be arriving by private jet together with a small entourage and perhaps a couple of Het Apparath agents. You know how it is, you go to a different nation and suddenly they want to stick a secret service agent with you to keep tabs on everyone. All part of a days work, am I right? I've asked for a hot agent so I'll atleast have some nice eye candy and you'll have some too that way! Just don't pinch their ass without asking first, the last time I did that one of the agents tried tackling me. Jokes on him, I knocked him out cold with my bag. No one tackles the Diva! Do you like gifts? Who am I kidding! Of course you like gifts, everyone likes gifts. I'll bring some gifts for you, it'll be fun. Oh yeah, I remember: Parliament wanted me to ask about setting up a meeting, yadayada, you know the drill. We'll discuss that between shots, it'll be great. See you soon, babe. X-O-X-O Dina Diva
  13. Variota

    Dniester Civil War

    We won't offer aid to either side but we will give out a Varinco discount code for both sides. No one can fight a civil war without proper weaponry. Varinco - The Proper Choice and all that.
  14. Variota

    Greetings from PyeMcGowan!

    Let me be the first to welcome you to the region. Welcome! I highly recommend joining the discord, as that's where we all shoot the breeze and talk and what not. We can get to know you better, see what kind of nation you are, see how you fit into the Canon, help you with understanding some parts of the Canon, help you with any questions and generally guide you on the right path. If you ever have any questions, you're obviously free to message me, as I'm one of the RP moderators (which also includes somewhat of a mentor role), be it for something requiring my official position or anything else. Again, welcome!
  15. So, What have we done? Sanctioned the sh*t out of Greater Serbia. Will it help? I honestly don't know but there's that. Set up a charity/fund with the profits we will be making from the sanctions. Of course, the fund only has so much as we can take from the sanction so if there's very little we were able to sanction, there will be very little in the fund. What will we be looking at doing? Set up a humanitarian effort to evacuate Bosniaks and provide them asylum in Variota. For the most part, this will be permanent asylum. We have plenty of rural areas where they can find work in agriculture, mines they can work in, etc. Temporary asylum would basically only cost money, this is a win-win for both sides as Bosniaks would be in a safe, wealthy nation and we're able to force-revitalize areas with the Bosniaks. Move against an ethno-state popping up near Sayf and the general GS area. The government has entirely no reason to trust the Sayfi's/Sayfians? as far as it can throw them and the proximity to GS isn't exactly great. I heard some mention of Israel as an example. Think hard guys, that really worked out for everyone right? Wrong. Instead, the Variotan government will promote the idea of a Bosniak state across the Keelpijppassage, there's this lovely triangle-ish area where they could frolic around. Additionally, promote the idea of said state falling under the shared scrutiny of TRIDENT nations and Adaptus. Let's face it, these two parties are best equipped to ensure such a state running properly. Yes, TRIDENT is a defensive military alliance but as the nations are already working together, this removes a barrier. This would also allow for Adapton-TRIDENT ties to improve, which I believe both sides have somewhat looked at as being wanted. Offer peacekeeping forces. This ties into the humanitarian effort, as having peacekeeping forces in the area would allow us to fulfill that effort better. We will not be declaring war because unlike others, our government actually listens to its citizens and are, you know, politicians. Variotans don't want to offer their sons up to die in Greater Serbia, quite simple. And why should they? Offer a neutral place for negotiations, should they happen. Will we be seen as neutral? Who knows but the offer will be there. I believe that mostly covers it. I'll add on points if I think of something. Now, something I'd like to make a note of: There's no worldwide Bosniak population. There's never been a mention of one, no one has them listed in their nation from my knowledge, etc.. For all intents and purposes, this is the only group of Bosniaks in existence. If current players suddenly want to change their nation to include Bosniaks, go ahead but beyond that, there's not some random amount of Bosniaks floating around. Also: But Variota, relocating the Bosniaks to your nation and granting them permanent asylum will be extremely expensive because they don't speak your language and what not! Look at Europe! Europe is extremely soft towards foreigners. Variotans do not share the same mindset, we do not believe in the multicultural society and what not. Indeed, pussyfooting around with people is extremely expensive and goes nowhere. Taking a harsher, tough love stance is far cheaper and will achieve better results, even if the Bosniaks will not like it in the beginning. But, if current affairs are to show anything, it's that migrants generally won't like anything anyway or are already planning on ensuring they're able to fully participate and partake in their new culture and society. Additionally, revitalizing the areas, which will happen by placing the Bosniaks there and ensuring they have jobs among other things, will ensure that some of the cost if not most or all of the cost will be recouped through various means.