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  1. To Spear a Pike

    Tension was nothing new for Het Huisselant. While everyone saw it as a liberal paradise where life was great, which was mostly true, this was a status that had been had fought for multiple times. As many that had studied Het Huisselant's history knew, the first settlers weren't welcomed with food and drink, happily taken along to the chieftain whom also doubled as the only fat person among the tribesmen. Instead, the initial landing was one in which the settlers had to brutally murder and maim the tribe that inhabited the shores that they landed on with the tribe assuming that the strange white men and women were in fact the minions of some devil. Over the course of the Variotan early colonization, this became somewhat of a regular thing and in the years that Het Huisselant finally saw the beginning of stability, had led to the Variotan men and women receiving a bloody reputation and sought-after demand as mercenaries among the local Alharun powers. The Ferrefaaier-branch of the Museum of History even maintained a display of the harpoons used by the first settlers to defend themselves against the natives, one of the most popular displays among Laagher Party members and history buffs. After that, there was the colonisation rush between Klan Reierfer and Het Huisselant, which was mostly sparked by the fact that Klan Reierfer had been founded out of people exiled or otherwise shunned out of Het Huisselant. Tensions had risen then as well, with small skirmishes happening along and in territories claimed by the two powers. The Battle of Mesijner's Floek, which saw a couple of hundred peaceful Variotan colonists murdered by a forty-men Reierfer death squad, was the changing point. Faced with full war with Het Huisselant, a land that wasn't really hated anymore by the newer generations and one that could afford better and more weapons, Klan Reierfer quickly folded. They quickly followed the advice in the old idiom, if you can't beat them, join them. Even later, there was the illegal war against the Kommunes by Walensa and his Sons. Throughout these times, the Variotan spirit had hold high and the culture and morals of the nation were deemed, and reigned, supreme over the adversities found by the nation. Even today, in a time when nearby Argis seemed more like a powder keg than ever before and Hellenic Russian and Ahranan refugees arriving and seeking their own slice of paradise after the horrors that were their original home nations, Het Huisselant remained strong and prospered. Varinco's missiles and other arms, the great opportunities that a leader such as Dina Diva gave, the tourists that wanted a taste of the delicious sins possible in this land of plenty and much more made for a mix that made it near impossible for anyone to argue that Het Huisselant wasn't what it claimed to be, the Greatest Nation of Alharu. Of course, even with this status, the government hadn't grown overly confident about maintaining the status without forming ties. So when the opportunity arrived in the form of establishing a military alliance between Het Huisselant and the other bastions of freedom and democracy, the choice had been quite simple. Between the letter arriving at Dina Diva's personal assistant and her executive order were mere minutes, the signatures of the other Heads of State of Het Huisselant took two hours. While her opponents deemed Dina Diva to be the epitome of the empty-headed reality television star, she was accomplished at speed reading and had managed to quickly spot that this was a thing that would be best left to someone without her own 24/7 camera crew. If crazy fans try to get you to sign adoption papers and what not, you learn to read quick and precise. No one wants a sudden basement-dwelling adopted son that tries to steal your worn underwear and watches you when you sleep. Thus the task was passed to Minister Lopentlant, the Minister of Diplomatic Affairs. Reemy Lopentlant, however, was one of the few people that managed to get sick in both airplanes and boats. While he occasionally still traveled by airplane if it was really urgent, he did this while being heavily medicated. No one, luckily, thought that that was a good idea in this case. And thus, the task was delegated even further. As such, the two that would be representing Het Huisselant were to be the Minister of Defence and the Minister of the Armed Forces. Retired General, which had been made into a honorific title within Het Huisselant in 1922 and it's English version in 1988, Aleiksander fan Gillofan-Lantboer kept the reigns over the Ministry of Defence, a fancy name for the place that kept Varinco and other select state-owned enterprises running and the multitude of militia's in check. A tall and commanding man who had been part of the special forces, Aleiksander had gained the respect of his men, fellow officers and superiors by personally overseeing and participating in anti-pirating operations in the 1970's, when a wave of rogue communist groups boarded Variotan cargo ships. In one of his most told stories, Aleiksander covered himself in blood before ambushing the pirates. The sight of a two-meters long man covered head to toe in unknown blood, crazed eyes, shouting Variotan obscenities between shouting he'd get them and waving around a machete and a revolver made it so that those pirates surrendered within seconds and gained him the nickname Soon fan het Tuiffel (Son of the Devil). While official reports state that the blood was bovine in nature and taken along for this purpose in an experimental attempt to lower pirate morale and that there were five pirates on the ship, some old soldier stories state that Aleiksander managed to get onboard unseen and, in a drug-fueled rage and rampage, disemboweled a sixth pirate and covered himself in the man's blood. When the pirate's comrades came checking out what that hellish scream was, they saw a crazed Variotan soldier standing above the mutilated corpse of their friend and projectile vomited in such quantity that they were unable to fight further. Whatever the case was, Aleiksander remained somewhat of a legend among the older Variotan soldiers. Nowadays, however, the man was quite easy-going and just happy to do his part to aid the nation. His drug fueled days were over and the man enjoyed popping popcorn for his grandchildren more than popping pills with his grandchildren. Henk Linkefaaier, the Retired General in charge of the Ministry of the Armed Forces, was somewhat the opposite of Aleiksander. Where one had begun wild and turned docile, Linkefaaier had begun docile and turned wild under duress. Starting as an intelligence officer working for the HAP, Linkefaaier rose through the ranks as the quiet one in the background, the one that was always there but never in the spotlight. His significant other, a corrections officer, was killed in 1998 during the Kaalebast Border Station Riot, when a large group of turned-down immigrants that were being deported tried to fight their way back into Het Huisselant. Linkefaaier, unable to cope with the loss and knowing that those responsible would not be deemed worth the trouble to find, used his connections and found the few that managed to flee into Variota during his leave and returned them to the proper authorities, heavily bruised, beat-up and without tongues. While the general view within Variota was that his actions were more than understandable in his circumstances, with those that instigated the riot seen as the real and only criminals, Linkefaaier was still given his voluntary-but-really-mandatory retirement. After this, he was a participant in one of the first television programs in Variota in which, somehow important even if you did not exactly know why you knew them but you do sort of know and recognize them and their name is just on the tip of your tongue, people were followed during their attempts to beat their mental illnesses and/or traumatic events, in his case his loss and the following mutilation spree. His performance in the show gave Het Huisselant a soft spot for the soft spoken man, who quickly became a fixture whenever a club held a military-themed night. The former Foorste Heere fan'es Ferantwortelik fan'es Folke K.D. Lansevoort had appointed him Minister of the Armed Forces in the hope that Linkefaaier would continue on partying and leave the military to him, a hope that was shattered when Linkefaaier took on his new role with the same efficiency that he had as an intelligence officer. While Dina Diva could have pulled some strings and have him changed with her own candidate, she was someone that felt that when something works, why try to fix it? The trip to the Dona Ellena had been quick and uneventful. The Ministers had taken a flight to Girkmand followed by a short helicopter ride to the Dona Ellena, much like the Prymontians. Of course, unlike the Prymontians, Het Huisselant had chipped in for a helicopter that was able to reach the cruise ship without having to drive to the coast. While some would have thought this to be due to Het Apparath advising against using the Girkmandian roads or some other matter deemed important to the safety of the Ministers, it really just came down to flights from Variota to Girkmand taking longer and the government not wanting to be the one holding the meeting back. The two men ran inside the ship from the helipad, not wanting to stay too close to the spinning blades and general noise of a running helicopter. Arriving in the room where the meeting would be held, both had their coats taken by nearby support staff. Underneath, both were wearing their ceremonial uniforms. Aleiksander wore a black uniform with purple trimming, as customary for ex-special forces, while Henk wore a blue one with gold trimming, blue being the color for ex-support staff and gold depicting his status as having been part of the intelligence section of the HAP. While both had a number of medals pinned to their chest, as one would expect from generals be they retired or still active, Henk had notably less due to the fact that his only active combat experience was the bout of hunting down and cutting out the tongues of people that had led to his retirement. Aleiksander seemed to take charge in regards to talking, Henk remaining silent to think better and only giving his opinion when needed. ''Retired General fan Gillofan-Lantboer, minister of Defence for Het Huisselant. This fine gentleman is Retired General Linkefaaier, minister of the Armed Forced for Het Huisselant. We are not sure what information got through, Minister Loopentlant was originally intended to go but could not do so due to health issues and as such, we have been selected to represent Het Huisselant among this fine ensemble of nations and people. Either Minister or Retgen will do. You could also attempt to pronounce Pensioen-Geen'raal but I know foreigners often have trouble pronouncing Variotan. It'd be fun to hear you try though, har har har!'' ''Aleks, tone it down a bit. You're at a diplomatic meeting.'' (<--OOC: Just imagine this is written in Variotan.) After an eye roll by Aleiksander that came over far more dramatic than it was actually meant, both shook Macharius' hand. Their seats were quickly found with a small detour to shake hands with the chubby Prymontian VP, Peter Lafleur.
  2. The warehouse that the Dimitrovskici owned and operated was a hustle and bustle of people entering and leaving. While the operations removing Nikolai had made the gang stronger than ever, they had remained level-headed enough to understand that real power isn't gained from just pure power or pure wealth but from a combination of those. Throw money at a problem and it doesn't disappear? Try bullets. Between one of those two, the problem either disappears or you find out it is large enough that you weren't able to solve either way and it's become time to flee. Let the army or the police die, you're a criminal and your smartest choice is to run to fight another day, not die in some faux-heroic hail of fire and damnation. You're the rat, outliving everyone by crawling into dark, little corners and survive by eating the rotting eyeballs of your fallen enemies. You know, the usual. Before they had managed to get their slice of the pie in regards to handling and transporting drugs, the gang had been known for buying and selling stolen goods next to their counterfeit cigarettes, which were deemed of a higher-quality than those of the others. And as such, the warehouse was almost like a criminal bazaar, a myriad of goods as far as the eye could see. In a stroke of genius some years ago, Romeo had gotten his wife and the wives of trusted gang members to staff the warehouse as sales staff, handling sales and taking in money. Between the women watching out and his men providing security, sales were both boosted by the fact that the warehouse was almost similar to a regular store and thefts were down, not that they were high to begin with. Only a fool tries to steal from criminals, it's like slaughtering a butcher. It's just not done. The full warehouse additionally helped Romeo with his new business, as the crates of drugs could be easily hidden among the many crates of cigarettes and hot products. Police wouldn't search further if they came upon a crate of the best counterfeit cigarettes on this side of the strait. They'd take the cigarettes as a pay-off and then simply f*ck off, the thing most police officers were best at. Not that Romeo really cared, better to lose a couple of cigarettes than lose a couple of kilos of the finest cocaine, marijuana or ecstasy. While Nikolai originally also had a side business of selling horse, heroin, brown or whatever you'd like to call it, the higher-ups had quickly made clear that Romeo was not to meddle in that. For het Apparath, heroin was a step too far. Too many casualties, issues and what not to make it worthwhile. A person snorting your coke could be plied into doing some work and were deemed at least somewhat reliable when not full-on addicted, a person on heroin was only interested in getting his fix and withered away, only good to use as a decoy body in a fire. While this view was often seen as particularly harsh, it was one that had been formulated between multiple bureaus that had done research on it and when the chips were out of dip, het Apparath was all about results. Romeo himself was standing in a small back room, inspecting the newest shipment of white, yayo, cocaine. This new shipment wasn't Variotan cocaine, though, which was sometimes seen as being of a slightly lower quality due to the coca leaves being imported. Through scheming, usage of existing connections and opportunities arising perhaps somewhat related to the probable income tax hike in Iverica, het Apparath had been able to acquire a solid flow of pure, highest-quality Argic cocaine, often deemed the diamond among the different types of cocaine. Random Thug: ''Is this the cocaine, boss?'' Romeo: ''You know it, Mo. Pure, delicious, tongue numbing Argic cocaine, straight from the Sphincter.'' RT: ''So, what are we going to do with it? I mean, how are we moving this?'' Romeo: ''I can't tell you much but let's just say that the Lysians like more than just wine with their dinner. Prymontians have to keep warm in the snow. Them Sunset Islanders also love a good snort between being oppressed by computers. And don't get me started on the Orionians... Orioni's? Those Europans. I'm surprised they even have septums left. Too bad the Ahranians are commies nowadays, can't buy cocaine with pickle juice and beets.'' At this time, a knock could be heard on the door of the back room. As any good military, law enforcement or criminal man would tell you, you always need a lookout. In Romeo's case, the lookout had just given him the signal that someone was coming. One knock was friendly law enforcement, two would have been the press, three would have been unfriendly law enforcement and if the military really wanted to barge in? Well, then Romeo would have simply been alerted by the sound of gunfire and either his men or the soldiers dying. Either way, he would have been royally f*cked at that point. While het Apparath was providing all its help, the Lukinagrad military was not yet part of this. Romeo and the random thug, presumably named Mo, had barely managed to put the lid back on the crate before a slightly chubby police officer barged into the room. As usual in areas such as Lukinagrad, the rank of a person was determined by the size of his hat and the medals, if any, he wore. The sight of this man, who was running the risk of his head becoming more hat than an actual head, seemed to promote his own idea of being one of the most important figures of the law in these parts. A messy figure? Of course, the easily recognizable stain of garlic sauce and fatty meatballs on his shirt didn't hide the fact that this man could just as easily perform in an eating competition as well as be the head of police. R: ''Boris! So glad to see you, always a pleasure. Are you here for the information I needed? Still enjoying the garlic meatballs of Mama Petrov, I see.'' Boris: ''Of course I am, there's no better restaurant in the entire city. Been eating her food ever since I and Ana started dating, didn't stop even after dumping her. Remember Ana Petrov? The things she could do with pickles! She made a delicious pickle salad, it had these little bits of potato, cabbage, pickles...'' R: ''Oh yes, I remember Ana. Fond memories. Do you have the information I wanted?'' B: ''Ho ho, easy cowboy. Do you have my... gift?'' R: ''You're my good friend, of course I have your gift. Thirty cartons of the best Variotan cigarettes. Real ones too. They will be delivered this evening, only the best for my friend, you know that. Isn't Josif enjoying his study at the university? Isn't Trena enjoying her flower boutique? Sure, I move some stuff through it but she's never had trouble and we pay the rent, do we not?'' B: ''Yes yes, I know, I know. So, elections. You're lucky that one judge owes me big time after he got caught with the webcam thing... You know, the one that... Nevermind. Anyway, I cannot think of a way for you to influence elections except through brute force, the military is going to be in control of the voting stations. Remember Vlad, the guy that lived down the street back in... 1988, I think? He got arrested for keeping those girls in his basement, you know. The one with the creepy eyes. He kept offering to find us a wife, that guy.'' R: ''I remember, yeah.'' B: ''So, he's apparently a lieutenant in the Partija na Braḱata na Pravdata. Did some probing and if you can get him enough cigarettes to last him awhile, he's willing to send his men to stab Ivanov, Nestorov and such. Get the PPL and SC leftovers scared enough and they'll disband on their own, force their hand. That's fifty-five percent of the vote that needs to float to other parties, that shakes up the election.'' R: ''When's the campaigns starting? Have the courts given out permits to campaign already?'' B: ''Not yet, it's not far though. I expect them to sign permits at the end of this week, begin of the next one at the most.'' R: ''Thanks Boris.'' Once Boris had left, Romeo quickly gave orders to his henchman Mo to move the cocaine to a reasonable place in the warehouse, preferably one where no police officers would be able to find it easily. The cigarette for Vlad were taken from different crates pretty soon thereafter and between the groundwork that Boris had done for Romeo and the low wages that correctional officers received in Lukinagrad, they were delivered the next day to a very happy, sadistic, right-extremist kidnapper and his cronies.
  3. Who Will Post Next?

    Nah man, it's ya boii Big V. I'm going to grab a long shot and say Prymont.
  4. Nasionale TeleSicht Variota

    Variotan Whaling Union defends livelihood: 'Whales are the cows of the sea and we don't see you complaining about eating them!' Hans-Frederik fan Bortentraaier, President of the Variotan Whaling Union, defended the activities as done by his association of whaling-related businesses in a speech given in the Parliament. A quick parliamentary meeting was called after the release of the recent @Prymontian whaling documentary, with the theme selected being 'Whaling: Whale we or whale we not continue with it?'. People were asked to dress appropriately to the theme, with some pro-whaling politicians coming to the meeting in traditional whale luring outfits. Fan Bortentraaier, himself the owner Walfisser Korp which maintains a fleet of six catcher ships, was quick to dismiss the Prymontian claims of the ships on picture being Variotan among addressing other issues. ''Let me begin by greeting everyone here. It's good to see that the Variotan parliament is still standing up for it's hardworking citizens and countrymen that simply attempt to earn a living through the completely safe and calculated usage of nature. As everyone knows, the Variotan Whaling Union has been on the forefront of supporting research into adequate and sustainable hunting figures and means as well as clean marine life waste disposal. We provide a death that is as humane as possible for a creature this size as well. People have to imagine that this isn't a little dog or a sheep that you can kill through a simple electrical shock. This is a beast that can grow as long as ten meters, so of course we have to fire specially-made ballistic harpoons from modified Varinco cannons to kill it. People should see this for what it is though, the equivalent of shooting a metal pin through the head of a cow. Except this cow swims and is called a whale. Additionally, these whales eat a surprisingly large amount of fish so in a clear cut way, we're additionally helping to keep the stocks of other fish up.'' A delicious minke whale waiting to fulfill it's life purpose of feeding hungry Variotans ''The greatest injustice done to us by the Prymontian documentary was not ignoring our scientific sponsorship or the fact that we use almost everything we get off of a whale, however, but the fact that the ships that were filmed were not Variotan at all. None of the members of the Variotan Whaling Union had ships in the general area that the documentary was shot in, we have official documents stating that. Our estimate is that these were in fact Derthaler ships or ships of a different nation that attempted to disguise themselves as Variotan. The evidence really speaks for itself, the ships in the documentary are catching fin and sei whales, which the marine protection laws within Het Huisselant in fact prohibits. Instead, all ships of the Variotan Whaling Union exclusively catch the smaller minke whale, which is additionally deemed containing a better taste palette within their flesh and features a global population that has the capacity to maintain and grow itself in addition to being hunted. I think the most important thing here is to return the prejudice felt to the proud whalers of Het Huisselant to the Prymontian public that was outraged. Do you eat sheep? Do you eat horses? Do you eat cows? A whale is basically the carnivorous cow of the sea and we don't hear you all complain when eating regular cows, do we? Once the entirety of Prymont stops eating cows, I'll re-kit my ships to give whale spotting tours instead of harpooning them. Until that time, I'm going to keep enjoying my whale steak, whale kebabs, whale stir fry, whale fin soup and keep on wearing my whale skin shoes. And I suggest that the rest of Het Huisselant and the world does so too!'' A spontaneous hashtag, #carnivorouscowofthesea, has begun trending within Het Huisselant in which people praise the sacrifices that Variotan whalers make in order to provide the Het Huisselant and the world with whale products and allow the whales to fulfill their life's purpose, being useful to humans.
  5. Continent names

    For my little neck of the woods (North-Eastern Alharu), my idea would be something like Alharu [Latin word for variation]. It'd fit in with my own nation name but also with the fact that Variota is basically a white nation in a black-ish (atleast, as far as I know Alharu is intended to have 'colonial'/African-like nations) continent. I'd have added the Latin word for variation but google gives me like three different possibilities.
  6. Variota

  7. Hello everyone!

    Welcome! I'm sure you'll pick up on the art that is roleplaying with gusto. If you ever need help (and can't find someone more qualified than me, haha), feel free to hit me up and I'll do my best to help you out.
  8. Updated the list, which I had neglected to do for a while. Some notes: @Synturia Added the first person, not the others as they're not yet determined. @Kaitaine I didn't list anyone yet as per your intention to claim them once you've used them. @Sunset Sea Islands Did not list God's beautiful angel, I'm sure no one minds you keeping an unofficial claim on her until you have something you can use her on.
  9. Nasionale TeleSicht Variota

    Dina Diva explains TRIDENT and why it's important during nightclub outing The world's most fabulous leader, Foorste Frauwe fan'es Ferantwortelik fan'es Folke Dina Diva, explained to Het Huisselant and beyond why TRIDENT has become a necessity for a free and peaceful world during her latest nightclub outing. The World's Greatest Diva rocked her outfit, consisting of a full-length chinchilla fur coat under which a form-fitting Variotan flag bodysuit was hidden paired with diamond-studded high heels, unto the dance floor before downing shots with some of her many, many friends and letting the nation know her position on TRIDENT, the upcoming defense pact that is being signed by the last few remaining beacons of freedom within the region. As always, Dina Diva managed to bring the big words and talks held by the government into a deliciously-fluent and magnificently short talk that anyone can understand. Foorste Frauwe fan'es Ferantwortelik fan'es Folke and World's Greatest Diva Dina Diva looking great and radiant as always. ''Listen, listen, yeah. You're listening? Good. Okay, so, right. Imagine the world map, yeah. We're on there, lots of nations are on there. And like, I get it. A lot of people find it difficult to see who are the good ones when there are so many different names and places. You're not going to remember whether you like Anja with the bulky eyebrows or Anja with the tanorexia and which one of those was the b*tch who peed in your specially made mountain-cow coffee creamer, the one that's only available for three months of the year and you had to order from the one and only shop that offers it. f*ck you Anja, whichever one did that! You are a basic hoe that can't hold her drink for sh*t!'' Shouts can be heard by people around Dina Diva that confirm that Anja, whichever one, is a basic hoe that cannot handle her alcohol well. ''Anyway, TRIDENT is like, helping us get over that matter. It's like a cool kids club, you know? Well, maybe you don't because you might not have been popular, you know, I don't know that but I've never had that problem to be honest so I can't really get that experience but I'll emphasis with you. Emphatism? Circumcision. Hahaha, am I a fan, am I not? Who knows! Ronnie, pour some more shots man! You're not getting paid to keep me sober! But yeah, it's like a club for the nations where people are still free, you know. Like, there's a lot of bad sh*t going around the region and like, as if someone invited that one crazy lady driving a pink whatever to hawk her cheap make-up door-to-door, yeah. You can scrub all you want to get that concrete paste mixed with pigeon poop she calls a foundation from your face but like, sometimes you just need a friend to get that stuff off before it eats your skin and leaves you like a zombie, yeah. That's TRIDENT. We're all getting together to like, be that person that helps scrape off that disaster before it's too late. There are so many nations where you can just tell that they're basically a zombie-faced shadow of what they could be under proper guidance, such as mine yeah. Long, long talks have gone on before this, right, and it's just gotten to the point where we're all like... Yeah, let's do this, let's help each other out and let's make sure the entire place doesn't come down while our rooms are still pristine. And I mean, let's face it, it's quite normal for us to be a part of that. People want to be like us, people look up to us, people want to work with us. I mean, let's face it, we're awesome. And I'm just glad to be a part of this, you know, be a part of making the world a better place and ensuring Het Huisselant remains in it's place as Alharu's Greatest Nation. It just makes sense because if I sell shirts and you sell skirts and another person has sunglasses and hats and another has shoes, why not begin a boutique together? It's similar to that. And I get that people might think... Oh yeah, will this raise my tax? Mate please, I'm not drinking a shot less over it and neither should you. In fact, I might drink two extra just to celebrate! Anything we pay is given back by the fact that we're gaining closer friendships, more stability and more chances at flings with foreigners! Did someone say a fun night with Andallan, Prymontian, Iverican and Variotan military men? Ooops, haha. But yeah boys, hit your favorite diva up when you're over here and we'll arrange something. Spread the friendship of TRIDENT and all that! Hey, was that Anja with the eyebrows? ANJA! ANJA, get over here! She's running, I'm getting after her!''
  10. In my honest opinion, it would make absolutely no sense for you to end up there. The first general area you had, more to the east, is something that seems far more realistic for you to settle at. It makes more sense for the blockade and such to expand slightly to the west than to move through my strait (not exactly mine but you get the point, I'm situated there), take over a part and suddenly be settled hundreds of kilometers (EDIT: If not more is a bit exagerated, my guesstimation would be that it's about 500 kilometers further from your first area) away. Of course, this also depends on how you intend to play it but as an example, in almost all aspects it would make more sense for any place there to ask aid/assistance from local nations than from you as you're (almost) literally on the other side of the world. Additionally, I'd rather see the region have more activity in other things such as culture, sports, economics and such than going towards a cold war, especially as there are enough interesting things that haven't been done yet. There's also the matter of the map around there still being relatively empty, so it might be best to wait until there are somewhat more players in play, give the general region there some time to mature. That being said, I'm of course just one voice and if it comes down to it, I'll roll with the punches.
  11. Nasionale TeleSicht Variota

    Kewastemere Music Festival: Auwe Rukker ft. Keltterrakkers win with 'Lehker sjoeren' Het Huisselant was once again witness to an extravaganza of cultural highlights, high quality music and technical ingenuity that can only be found within our very shores. In a packed Kewastemere Industries Stadium in Waalanterwout, Het Huisselant was witness to and participants in the Kewastemere Music Festival, the largest music contest of Alharu. Forty-four contestants, one from each province and state, battled each other with their vocal chords to determine the best music artist of the festival according to the tastes of the general public. The day proved to be a delight for eyes, ears and touch as each contestant attempted to razzle and dazzle the crowd with their song and in many cases, their gimmicks and stage performances. Highlights of the evening included heavy metal band 'Kooperring', hailing from the Province of Vesterflakte, lighting themselves on fire during the performance, Leeffessang singer Felicity St. Foxxy, hailing from the Province of Oostterwout, managing to finish a two-liter bottle of wine while singing and the duo Helemaal Variot, hailing from the Province of Fingerblatstroom, flying over the crowd while sprinkling glitter on them. Presentation of the Kewastemere Music Festival was done by news presenter Devony Dejaager and Jim-Dominiek Fullerstaf, a well-known retired footballer of the Ferrefaaier Feeniksen turned professional poker player. Both doing it for the first time, viewers enjoyed their style but there were some complaints in regards to their general speed. The planning committee of the Kewastemere Music Festival has not yet made it known if either or both of them will be allowed to present the festival's next edition. Left: Robbin Quintin Mesijner, better known as Auwe Rukker ; Right: Boris and Boris Waltlooper, better known as Keltterrakkers With general quality of the musical pieces being high, voting remained exciting until the last few votes as each province and state released it's points from 1 to 20. While some acts were quickly left in the lower sections of the vote, such as the Klan Reierfer Gebiet's Porky's Terp with their song 'Oink Oink, Boink Boink', the top five was in constant movement. When the smoke cleared, the winner with a difference of five points was Auwe Rukker ft. Keltterrakkers with their song 'Lehker Sjoeren'. Their victory brings the Kewastemere Music Note, the trophy that gets a unique design each edition, to the Province of Mesijnerwaagenlant for the first time. Robbin Quintin Mesijner, better known by his stage name Auwe Rukker, is the self-proclaimed Boytoy of Variotan Pop and owner and operator of Old Wanker Records. One of the black sheep of the Mesijner Klan, his career launched after he finished second in Sang fan Variota 2000. A rather docile but powerfully voiced Leeffessang singer, he transformed into the explosion of energy and pop that we now know as Auwe Rukker in 2005, with the chart-topper 'Hard (Let Me Knock Down Your Door)'. His independent label, Old Wanker Records, is one of the most influential ones in the Variotan pop industry with key artists such as himself and his fellow Kewastemere Music Festival winners Keltterrakkers signed to the label. He returned to Sang fan Variota in 2012, 2013 and 2014 as a judge and guided Keltterrakkers to the finals and victory. The Waltlooper twins, confusingly both called Boris, are relative newcomers to the scene but have quickly captured the large tween and teen market. As Keltterrakkers, they have toured Variota and other nations multiple times, entertaining the Variotan tween and teen diaspora as well as natives of said nations. Winning Sang fan Variota in 2012, they were given a cash price of ₩50,000 and a free album at the label of their mentor, Old Wanker Records. Their pre-release single 'Kus fan je Mam' and it's video went viral on various video viewing websites and subsequently their album 'Geluit fan het Keltter' went platinum. Since then, they've been hard at work creating a string of successes, reaching it's pinnacle with this Kewastemere Music Festival win. Their winning song, Lehker Sjoeren, is an upbeat pop song about seeing that one special man or woman walking around. The one that just works on you on multiple levels, spiritual, mentally and physically. Yum! The song goes on to describe the hunt to see them more, to be around them more. You know they're perfect for you but they don't know it yet. You might not be able to touch them but you are able to 'lehker sjoeren' at them, fantasizing at how life would be with said man or woman. In your mind, you're serenading them with all the fun and exciting things you could do together. In the end, the song leaves it at a victory with said person seeing you look at them and coming over to talk, the first step to your perfect future. Some reviews about the song have drawn a resemblance with nations beginning relations with Het Huisselant, with Het Huisselant being that perfect person that you can do all kinds of fun and exciting things with. Foorste Frauwe fan'es Ferantwortelik fan'es Folke Dina Diva, who was in the VIP area of the stadium to enjoy the festival, put out a message on her social media that she thought the resemblance was very fitting and additionally spurred on nations to come and talk to her and to the nation stating that 'we can be more than your dream, more than your fantasy. We can become real life, baby.'. Auwe Rukker and Keltterrakkers have announced a victory tour, for now only including Variotan stops.
  12. Prime Minister Vladimir Ivanov resigns, Radomir murder-scandal involvement claims another; Courts and Military take control! Today, standing on the steps of the Grand City Hall in the historic center of Lukinagrad, Prime Minister Vladimir Ivanov of the Partija za Podobruvanje na Lukinagrad (Party for the Betterment of Lukinagrad) declared that he would resign after widespread discontent among the people. While large-scale protests that not yet begun, the general consensus among citizens was and remains that the situation was one that could not continue on. Prime Minister Ivanov was one of the many names mentioned in the Radomir murder-scandal and one of the primary participants, both as the Prime Minister of the Republic of Lukinagrad and in his position as party leader of the PPL. While it remains unknown if Ivanov will be indicted, radical vigilantes among citizens in the economically-slumping rural and industrial areas have called for his trial or his head, a call that has been encouraged by the Partija na Braḱata na Pravdata (Brothers of Justice Party) and it's extremist leader Gjorge Aleksandrov. The Radomir murder-scandal, which saw disgraced businessman and crime lord Nikolai Radomir, his family and his accomplices murdered in gruesome and brutal ways, remains on everyone's mind. While the act itself would have been enough to shake Lukinagrad, the information that was released after the murders ensured for the fall of the current government and cabinet. Initial reports stated that Radomir was found with a list of names in his mouth, although the list lacked any evidence and was unable to be confirmed until anonymous figures dropped off documents that were able to be easily confirmed at Radio Televizija Lukinagradska. These documents, seemingly from Radomir's accountant Aleksander Arsov, contained dates, payoffs and strategy papers. Remains belonging to Arsov were found in the smoldering remains of the Radomir mansion. The first person to be indicted was Minister of Industry Nestorov, who was revealed to have taken regular bribes in order to prevent the opening of the automotive industry to foreign corporations. This allowed Radomir to buy and sell more second-hand cars, through which he smuggled narcotics, as only the upper class was able to import foreign cars due to the costs. Nestorov, the leader of the Socijalni Konzervativci (Social Conservatives), was caught attempting to flee over the border in his car, a trunk filled with Lukan Dinar and a motor that stopped and didn't want to start again. Ironically, Nestorov's automobile was a luxury second hand one from Radomir's business. He is currently under the surveillance of the Lukan military awaiting his trial for treason, taking bribes and fraud. With Prime Minister Ivanov resigning and very little politicians of the two reigning parties maintaining a clean slate, the cabinet has been left insufficiently capable to continue on. As such, the three High Judges of Lukinagrad have asked the Lukan military to aid them in temporarily taking over control of the nation while elections are prepared. General Vasily Lukashenko has been selected as the face of this temporary government. While elections are being prepared, no date for the said election has been mentioned as of yet due to the new government needing to take control and settle things first. All eight parties in Lukinagrad have shown their intention to run in the coming election, although it is yet unknown if the PPL and SK are allowed to run or will be disbanded due to their heinous and grievous crimes against the Lukan people. Current parties in Lukinagrad: Left-wing: Socijalistite za Nova Idnina (Socialists for a New Future) - Received eight percent of the vote last election Agrarnata Reformska Partija (Agrarian Reform Party) - Received ten percent of the vote last election Center: Partija za Podobruvanje na Lukinagrad (Party for the Betterment of Lukinagrad) - Received thirty percent of the vote last election - Possibility to get disbanded Socijalni Konzervativci (Social Conservatives) - Received twenty-five percent of the vote last election - Possibility to get disbanded Lukinagrad Napred (Lukinagrad Forward) - Received five percent of the vote last election Right-wing: Partija na Braḱata na Pravdata (Brothers of Justice Party) - Received three percent of the vote last election - Extremists Sojuz na Vartotanski Imigranti (Union of Variotan Immigrants) - Received seven percent of the vote last election Narodna Revolucija (People's Revolution) - Received twelve percent of the vote last election
  13. Photo booth

    Seeing as I have spurred on selfies but haven't posted one here, enjoy a fresh one made while I wait for my noodles to be ready. My phone is a battered S5 Neo so the camera quality is absolute sh*t. Don't mind the kitchen, it's nearly as old as I am (well sort of).
  14. The Ministry of Diplomatic Affairs Het Kantor fan Buitenlant Tieplomatiek fan Het Huisselant Variota The Foreign Diplomacy Department of Het Huisselant Variota ''Fan Lant tot Lant, gepraat met gesont verstant" ''From Nation to Nation, talks with common sense" Het Huisselant Variota wishes to congratulate the Queen with her decision to finally pick up the mantle of responsibilities and lead her nation in a way that is to be and should be expected of a Monarch, a President or a Foorste Frauwe fan'es Ferantwortelik fan'es Folke. However, as the nation of Morheim has remained relatively isolationist in nature and very little information that has been put into the international community by the nation can be checked and confirmed by outside sources that Het Huisselant trusts, we are at this moment declining any opportunity to join in on this international organisation. While other nations may be quick to jump into a possibly leaky boat, to tie the cat to the bacon, we feel that lowering our rules, regulations and laws among other issues such as sharing cultural artifacts for and to unknown foreigners isn't the smartest thing to do at this time. To speak in terms of the regular people on the street: 'If you have a choice between your uncle and a shady stranger to buy from, you pick your uncle. If you only have the shady stranger to pick from, it might just be better to be sober for a night.'. That being said, there is no reason why the shady stranger cannot receive a light above his face and become a friend. As the Greatest Nation of Alharu, it is our duty to shine our light upon the nations of the world that have not yet received the privilege of experiencing the superior Variotan culture. As such, we have arranged a small care package for the Queen in which she will find a free three-months online subscription of Het Waarre Raket fan het Noorten's premium service, which allows such benefits as being able to read all issues including the highly-acclaimed and popular Sausage Section, a variety of CD's by great Variotan artists such as Dina Diva, Felicity St. Foxxy, Helemaal Variot and Auwe Rukker and a premium-quality Variotan eggplant, rightfully deemed the best in the world for it's unique flavour which is being hailed as magnificent among the food critics of the world, with one critic calling the flavour 'a flavour explosion of rich, creamy meatiness, a wondrous culinary experience that everyone should have happen to them atleast once. Almost addictive in it's texture, flavour and mouth feel.'. We are sure that this will cement the Queen's, perhaps not yet consciously existing, wish to pull the Morheiman nation closer to Het Huisselant. Additionally, our very own Foorste Frauwe fan'es Ferantwortelik fan'es Folke, the World's Greatest Diva and best-selling artist Dina Diva has offered to give Queen Julia the opportunity to visit her in an official state visit once she deems she has the time to visit Het Huisselant. As someone who has been praised multiple times by various leaders and other important people in the world for her political prowess, stunning good looks, deep emotional connection with people that are lesser off, roots in every layer of society, the grace and glory that she shows everyday through gracing us with her presence and life, being an inspiration for the entire world with her winning attitude, long-running reality TV show and killer body and her voice, which some deem the equivalent of what actual angels sent by Jesus and God would sound like, we are sure that she will be an inspiration for the Queen in regards to what to aim for in her life and with her influence within the Morheiman nation. We are sure that the Queen acknowledges the great honor and glory that comes from receiving the opportunity of a state visit with Foorste Frauwe fan'es Ferantwortelik fan'es Folke Dina Diva. Of course, the Variotan markets buying and selling cultural and other artifacts remain open to any and all members of the Treaty for Cultural and Historical Exchange, as they have and always will remain open to all individuals from all nations that have the monetary means and required visas to in-and-export previously named artifacts. We hope to have informed you enough, Reemy Lopentlant, Minister of Diplomatic Affairs, Het Huisselant Variota
  15. Timezones

    There's not a western or eastern part of Variota yet but I can always keep hoping @Orioni