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  1. I've listed them more as general ideas, so 'currency', 'wealth', 'immigration', 'entertainment', etc. That way, there's room for two people to come together.
  2. Moved this into the regular parts of the forum. The writing prompts @Orioni gave are a good beginning of a list, so I'll add them. In case everything goes right, I think we could start the first sign ups at the end of the week/beginning of this weekend.
  3. As said in the RP mentoring channel, I've had the idea to organize a sort of speed dating idea to switch things up a bit and establish ties between nations. In part, the concept is based on things I've seen in different regions that had 'news cycles' and such. Basic idea: Sign up Easy enough. Each time the subject changes, I'll make a sign up thread for people to sign up in. This allows people to decide their participation based on whether they'll have time and, also important, whether the subject interests them. (We could change this up to have the subject randomly chosen at the same time as the couples, in order to keep numbers from falling in the case of less-liked subjects.) Assigning people People will be assigned at random, through random.org's number generator. Names on a list, each name a number, easy enough. I'll release the list both on the OOC thread and the OP of the IC thread. Subject Each thread will have a subject. It could be something quite precise or something as vague as cuisine, which means the people teamed up could elaborate about fusion cooking (ex. Variotan-Fulgistani cuisine), a chef that holds fame in both or one of the nations, a famous restaurant, a well-known cook book, whatever. The goal here would be to promote connections between the two nations in an as large or as small a way as both participants can agree on. People can propose subjects, which I'll keep in a list together with whatever I think up and use random.org (because I like it and it gives all subjects a fair chance to get selected) to select the next thread's subject. How The how will be kept as open as possible. For example, both participants could come together to write a short story such as a critic's review of the famous restaurant I mentioned in 'Subject'. Or a travel guide bit, news articles, a wiki page, etc. Obviously, it'd be great if this leads to something both nations could use in their RPs, although that's not always possible of course. The goal is a bit of nice worldbuilding in ways some/most wouldn't have thought about with people they might not have thought about. Duration I'd imagine a sign up time of a week being good enough, as it would be as simple as 'I want to join in this round'. For the duration of the IC thread, I feel two weeks should be good for discussing things and writing them out especially as this is meant as a way to set up the connect, start it up. Theoretically, we could do the sign ups for the next thread once everyone has put in their bit, which might done sooner than the full two weeks, or during the last week of the IC thread in case things work out and it doesn't feel too rushed. It's all up for tweaking while we do it, of course. Learn and adapt and all that. I'll keep this in the moderation forum for 24 hours or so, in case there are any glaring issues we as the moderation team see, before moving it into the normal public forums.
  4. Calling out the cut-off date today. Those still wanting to sign up (I believe @Prymont was interested) can do so before this Sunday, the 19th. After that, signups are closed and I'll throw out the IC thread.
  5. Dumping trash into the sea the new budget-pleasing way to handle waste disposal? Fingerfaaierplaats's self-proclaimed 'trash king' Hennie Mankepoot was sighted by Het Waarre Raket fan het Noorten's reporters at the Ministry of Industry's office within the city. When asked about his reasons, the waste disposal entrepreneur and local eccentric figure was quick to respond to the reporters with his innovate solution to waste disposal. 'So, you know how all those filthy leftist green environmentalist vegan hippie hipster losers like to carry on whining about their sad little climate change myth, their sad little 'boohoo, if we don't suddenly stop pollution or kill off ninety percent of the world's population, Llalta's going to sink in the ocean in the next decade', as if anyone cares about that, that whining about trash floating in the ocean... It gave me an idea. We have this lovely long drag, the Keelpijppassage here, right? And it's basically pretty wide and we allow ships to just pass and really, we don't really make anything off of it. Now, those Mamajuana, Mamacita Canal guys are smart, they're making a small path so they can ask exorbitant amounts to leave you alone in peace and let you pass. It's basically the old highwaymen shtick, you know. But why can't we do the same but reverse? We narrow down the Keelpijppassage! Narrow it down so much to create new land, create new opportunities and ask exorbitant amounts too! Boom, we absolutely tea bag those guys by taking their idea and improving it. Anyone can dig a ditch but this'll take proper Variotan engineering and ideas. Physically unite Lukinagrad with Het Huisselant, like a boss. It takes a lot of land and money to dispose of waste according to laws and regulations. There's already trash in the sea if we have to believe those environmentalist hippies. We might as well dump in some more and profit off of it. Listen, we compact it, make it into densely packed blocks. And then we just dump them in the sea, dump them in shallow parts of the Keelpijppassage. Once it's built up far enough, we just get a little bit of sand and stuff, like enough to cover it on the sides and dump like a meter or two, three on the sides, I don't know. Just enough to build stuff on, that sort of thing. I and my associates are more than willing to offer up the trash, it saves space in Het Huisselant, it builds up our land, everyone wins. Except maybe when a block tears open or whatever and the trash drifts off to other nations or into this hypothetical heap but out of sight, out of mind as far as I care. I got some very good responses here and with the proper funding, this plan will absolutely work.'
  6. Variotan Christianity/Catholicism is more a name that fits the closest than anything else. IC'ly, it has a large Variot name that I can't be bothered copying over while on mobile. Essentially though, the Messiah, the holy Wilm of Amalberga suddenly appeared on the blessed ship the Amalberga during a storm that threatened to swallow the ship. Clouds broke, a sharp bright light shined on the spot where he suddenly was, all that good stuff. He led the Variotans, previously sea nomads, to their new home, transformed the existing clergy on the ships (I'm thinking some form of shamans or such as sailors tend to be superstitious) and provided the first couple of books. I'm thinking of going with the cross being the mast of a ship instead. Anyway, this essentially means that Variotan Christianity/Catholicism wouldn't come from the same shared place.
  7. With Shffahkia signing up, we've reached 10 nations. If everyone ends up participating or more sign up but we end up with atleast 10 nations, we'll move to the 'new' voting system. Should people prefer to go back to the single point pool voting system afterwards, we can use that again for next edition.
  8. To give my two cents, I do think you have to be careful that 'low level playground' doesn't suddenly turn into (pic)spam or a way through which people will want to start claiming things such as new tech or designs, space missions, justifications for expansion etc. So low level playground would thus also have to mean low level in regards to the importance of the messages. Your leader's dog missing? Yes. Genetically modifying a breed of dogs to look like your leader? No. Basically.
  9. Welcome to the greatest music show on Eurth; the EurthVision Song Contest! No, it's no joke, it's really that time of the year! Last year, we had to arrange for a lot of things such as choosing a name, choosing a host bid, setting up some rules and what not. We're extremely lucky that a lot of that isn't needed this year as the name is set, the host bid is set, most of the rules are set. And maybe if you win this edition, you'll get to get the honor of hosting it next year. Some basics: SIGNUP. To start, you must sign up for EurthVision. Do so by using the form below and posting that you sign up in this thread. At the moment, I'm not putting a set cut off date on it but once enough nations have shown their interest and it starts to slow down, we'll put one on it. You won't be penalized if you sign up and don’t end up posting a song, things happen. (You'll make me cry though.) Once the cut off date has passed, I'll open up the IC thread and you'll be able to post your IC performance. In case people are interested in it, we can have commentary RP by the media; either in a different thread or as posts between the various performances. You won't have to write a song, in case that's not your jam but having some public figure tell your viewers at home what he thinks is, although we'll obviously be very glad to have you join us if you decide to do both. HOSTING. As said before, I will be hosting this year's edition in the gorgeous city of Ferrefaaierhafen. You might have seen my news article about the stadium bidding. Whomever wins will be in charge of hosting next year's edition, unless that person feels somewhat uncomfortable with doing so. No harm done if so, don't feel pressured. If that happens, we'll do hosting bids for it once this time of the year comes around again. ROLEPLAY. The contest is based upon the Eurovision Song Contest: nations will RP the performance of their song. We require you to write your own lyrics for the song you enter into EurthVision; the melody you use is entirely yours to choose and should, for ease, be linked in your sign up and in your eventual IC post. YouTube is generally preferred. 80% of your song has to be original and translating lyrics, from French to English as an example, doesn't count as original lyrics. The 80% is a fair number as it allows you to keep repetitive bits like the occasional 'yeah yeah', 'nah nah nah' and such without being disqualified. Nations are free to choose to host a national final, like I myself did last year, or internally select their representative. It's encouraged to use your nation's language, although you're free to write in English or any other language. Do try to provide an English translation however, if you decide to write in a different language. VOTING. Once the IC thread has been posted, nations will submit songs before the deadline (which I will post once the cut-off date for signups and such has been established). After the deadline, nations may not edit or alter their song or performance in any way. This is to keep it fair to everyone. After the deadline, nations vote. Last year, we divided 20 points (IC'ly split between 10 from the audience at home, 10 from a professional jury of musicians and such from your nation) among each other's acts. In case the amount of nations joining in stays under 10, I suggest we keep to that method of voting. In case 10 or more join in, which I obviously hope, I suggest we change the voting into ranking their top ten songs in the following format of 12-10-8-7-6-5-4-3-2-1 points. Votes will be sent to me via PM here or on Discord and kept secret until the final reveal either way. You may not vote on yourself and every nation that posted a song has to vote. The sign-up sheet: My own sign up sheet: Nation Name: Het Huisselant Variota Official Broadcaster: Nasionale TeleSicht Variota Song title: National Final Artist(s) Name(s): National Final Tune: TBA Lyrics: TBA Current list of participating nations: 1. Variota 2. Orioni 3. Llalta 4. PyeMcGowan 5. Sunset Sea Islands 6. Sanctum Imperium Catholicum 7. Sayf 8. Tikva 9. Oyus 10. Shffahkia
  10. Sure, sounds good. If you need anything from my side, just let me know.
  11. Might as well post it here too, as I briefly mentioned it in the wiki discord channel. I've made a start of a page for a Variotan intercity/international bus company (https://iiwiki.us/wiki/FlexBus). For the most part, as I can't exactly force anyone to join in, I've just kept it to Alharu and Argis as places of operation. That being said, any place that can be decently reached through a large, bus-fitting, ferry could have a FlexBus line too (for only the cheap, cheap price of your soul, dignity and occasionally your luggage). So, in case anyone is interested, just add in a bit about the lines within and/or to your nation. Doesn't have to be much, as I can always expand on it later on.
  12. A better solution might be to simply expand the organisation. The G7 was the G8 before Russia was suspended and there's no reason why it couldn't be a G10 here, for example. Ten would probably be the max through, otherwise you're looking at too many interests coming together.
  13. The brothels, casinos and hotels of Het Huisselant are always open for shrewd economic negotiations that seek to enrich the already rich and keep down the poor and reds.
  14. Gaut'n Reep'n Statium wins EurthVision 2019 bidding contest The Golden Bars Stadium in Ferrefaaierhafen was officially named the winner of the bidding contest for the EurthVision 2019 contest, to be held by Nasionale TeleSicht Variota within Het Huisselant. Other contestants included the King Luka I Stadium in Lukinagrad, the Anita Vooters Stadium in Rooibes and the Gillofan III National Park near Grootwaterflakte. While the Gillofan III National Park would have held more visitors, almost double compared to the Golden Bars Stadium and over seven times that of the King Luka I Stadium, the technical limitations of the locations ensured it was quickly eliminated from the NTSV selection as the organisation wants to make sure all kinds of tricks are available to contestants of the EurthVision 2019 contest, including but not limited to pyrotechnics and optical illusions. Similarly, the King Luka I Stadium in Lukinagrad was quickly eliminated due to the small size of the stadium and the lack of a civilian airport, plans to increase a local airport to one capable of receiving civilian flights being realized as we type but not being deemed ready before the start of the contest. Rumors state that those in charge of assuring that the contest becomes a success deemed anything less than 40.000 capacity as too small, seeking to double the attendance numbers compared to the first EurthVision. Whether this was a genuine requirement or mere gossip remains unknown. The final bidding was between the Golden Bars Stadium, or Gaut'n Reep'n Statium in Variot, and the Anita Vooters Stadium. Regretfully for the Anita Vooters Stadium, Rooibes' municipal council denied giving out any permits to allow the EurthVision to be held there, stating that they were hesitant to allow such a large scale event to come to their city. Indeed, the city of Rooibes maintains a lower amount of hotels per capita than most touristic cities in Het Huisselant and it would have been doubtful if a significant number of visitors would have been able to stay in the city or even in the neighborhood of it, instead having to travel a large distance to visit the venue. The Gaut'n Reep'n Statium in Ferrefaaierhafen, venue for the EurthVision Song Contest 2019 Bringing together a large amount of corporate sponsors and groups willing to sponsor the event, the Gaut'n Reep'n Statium was able to claim victory. Official sponsors include Vooters Food Group, which will be providing food, drinks and personnel, Heerefal Casino Resorts, which will be providing special hotel packages for international and domestic fans and the East Variotan Association for Adult Entertainers and Actors, which will be providing last year's winner Hete Henk, taking part in security duties through their Folke Milisie and providing special packages for international fans seeking a taste of the real Huisselant. The most surprising of these sponsors is the narcotics store chain SnuifFuif, who claim that recent lowering of production costs has enabled them to provide free product to any person with a ticket to the EurthVision Song Contest. Nationale TeleSicht Variota has not yet revealed who will present the contest, although bookmakers are giving reasonable odds on Dina Diva and/or Hete Henk. Other possible names named include Filomedes Jonkheere, General of the Propaganda and Morale Force of the HAP, Cherry Vooters or Lantheere Sjaak fan Oliefaaier, although even the bookmakers are seeing that possibility as a long shot. What they were able to reveal, however, was that all 41.000 fans of the contest would be able to enjoy an entire array of effects during the contest, special technicians from NSTV and from the stadium itself ensuring that contestants will be able to go full out during their performance in the upcoming edition. Airlines such as Fleugels fan'es Huisselant, Nasionale Flieg Maatskappij Variota, Air Reierfer and Vooters Air have already declared to be willing to maintain additional flights during the period to enable all fans to fly in genuine Variotan fashion but reminded all international citizens about the need to apply for a visa in time. Embassies throughout the world and Het Apparath spokespeople have acknowledged the upcoming need; while only 41.000 will be able to enjoy the contest from within the stadium, it is rumored that many more will still be flying to Het Huisselant to enjoy the contest from within its host nation.
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