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  1. To: Eka Lam, Kera of Oyus From: F.F.f.F.f.F. Dina Diva Regarding: Wanting to adopt Dear Eka, My congratulations on the decision to decide to adopt, like they say about pets: adopt, don't shop. Or something like that but something that rhymes. And let's face it, a child and a pet share many similarities up to a certain age. So if you ask me, that saying still totally goes. And I totally get wanting to have a Variotan on the throne, no one's ever gone wrong by being ruled over by a Variotan. I know you've, like, sent it to all the governments in the world but let's not kid ourselves, I totally know what you really want a Variotan. If our orphans were a brand, it'd be flaming hot. Like, top of the line, high fashion, straight out of the finest fashion houses of Galahinda. Now, what we're going to do is set you up with a nice profile. A bit like a dating profile but instead of a one night stand, you end up with the final product of one. It's totally cool, one of our ministries ordered it. I'm not entirely sure what ministry orphans fall under but they, like, made a totally cool app. Just like you have your profile, all the kids get made their profile and you both get to swipe left and right on each other. And if you guys match, you get to chat and what not. It's like, totally, like a dating app. Sooooo hot! You'll need a couple of papers and stuff so you'll be contacted later on by the appropriate people. You know how it is, my assistant's assistant will call yours and yadayadayada, boom, you've got a kid. Let me know when you're over in Het Huisselant to visit a kid, we'll have some fun and party together! Do you like to do plastic surgery? We should totally do some botox or lip fillers or something together! I've got my own personal doctor ready whenever and he does great deals if you do duo-deals! You know it's always one-hundred percent lit when you party and go under the knife with the World's Greatest Diva, I only do and get the best, baby. If we call it a diplomatic meeting, we'll probably be able to get some of our money back. I added a signed picture of me, a genuine collector's item for you as a little prezzie! Just don't let me find you selling it on the internet or I'll have to put out a bounty on you like I did to Nordeng, haha. Just kidding babe. -X-O-X-O- Dina Diva
  2. Hi Acadia, As mentioned on Discord and within the balance sheet itself, the total amount of points is 4, not 5. Please rework your statistics so it works with the allocated 4 points.
  3. The Treaty of Ferrefaaierhafen is mentioned here and I believe I mention it a couple of times here and there on other threads (such as here). Historically, the Treaty of Ferrefaaierhafen made nations accept Variotan hegemony over the Keelpijppassage as well as provide a section of land in each port of importance (which generally meant any port seeing enough international trade) on the Keelpijp. In return, Het Huisselant protected the waters and enabled all trade vessels from ratifiers to pass through and trade without costs. Throughout the ages, it developed further and is currently the ACTF (Agreement on the Continuation of the Treaty of Ferrefaaierhafen). One could deny signing it back in the day but that would have lead to rampant attacks by the Frijkaapers, Variotan privateers whose attacks also ended up ending the Lukan Empire, until you did sign. The section of land requirement was removed from the treaty at some point or another in history and the treaty now offers all merchant vessels safe and neutral passage through the Keelpijp, among other goodies. The ACTF dictates that no third-party military vessels, thus from nations not bordering the Keelpijp, can come into the Keelpijp waters without explicit permission from the Executive Chair, it promotes cooperation among the various states to project the Keelpijp from piracy and such, nations work together more, etc. The various nations come together in the Treaty Council (not set on the name), which is led by the Executive Chair, which is permanently held by us. It's basically a treaty protecting the waters so that they remain neutral for trade purposes as well as a loose consortium of nations working together in certain efforts. Variota still provides the majority of security forces. Your location on the Keelpijp would mean that you've been part and are part of the Treaty of Ferrefaaierhafen and the ACTF. You're on the edge though so you could just opt-out with no hard feelings, although that'd also mean that you would have been and still are in a lesser situation trade and diplomacy-wise in regards to the Keelpijp. Lukinagrad has its own iiwiki page, where its empire is briefly mention as well. There's also my expansion RP that led to Lukinagrad's inclusion into Het Huisselant which might give some insight into the nation. The Lukan Kingdom started in 1061 and managed to grow until 1534/8, when their denial to sign the Treaty of Ferrefaaierhafen meant that their fleets were slowly being killed off. The nation never recovered and started a slow descent into stagnation and other such fun until it completely lost its outer territories in 1828, as the last King died and the last sections of the nation turned into a democracy. Realistically, that'd mean that parts of your western area would have been part of the Lukan Kingdom until some date that we'd have to determine. I would probably say dates in the late 18th century would work with perhaps some of the western fringes waiting to flip, be declared war on by you, whatever else until 1828.
  4. Keep in mind that taking that location means aligning some parts of your history to fit the bits that are already in place for the area, the Treaty of Ferrefaaierhafen and how it applies to the Keelpijp being one of them. In addition, I currently have Lukinagrad set down as the capital of a historic empire that slowly collapsed so that'd mean that certain western parts of your nation would have been later additions to your nation.
  5. Hi! I've asked around and it seems that none of our mentors or mods have shared our balance sheet with you yet! The balance sheet has been thought up to allow every new player to get a fair chance while also ensuring that it remains fair and interesting for everyone. It's a bit of a read but it tells you exactly why, what and how. Please read it through and let me know through Discord PM or PM here on the forums about your decision in regards to point distribution, as it'll impact the amount of land, population and GDP per capita you'll be able to take! Should you have any questions, please first read the FAQ located in the document. Should your question not be answered by them, feel free to PM me either here or on Discord and I'll do my best to aid you. Balance sheet & info
  6. Hi! I've asked around and it seems that none of our mentors or mods have shared our balance sheet with you yet! The balance sheet has been thought up to allow every new player to get a fair chance while also ensuring that it remains fair and interesting for everyone. It's a bit of a read but it tells you exactly why, what and how. Please read it through and let me know through Discord PM or PM here on the forums about your decision in regards to point distribution, as it'll impact the amount of land, population and GDP per capita you'll be able to take! Should you have any questions, please first read the FAQ located in the document. Should your question not be answered by them, feel free to PM me either here or on Discord and I'll do my best to aid you. Balance sheet & info
  7. Escaped convict stopped by meth-fueled village prostitute, Koelwaterbeekje celebrates their 'STD Annie'! In a stroke of good luck for law enforcement, convicted fraudster and alleged racist Dr. Pieter 'Variotan Pete' Knallerpijp was caught during his escape towards the Variotan border, a trunk filled with Waarttemun notes accompanying him. He was convicted in 2017 to two years of hard labor in a werklaagher followed by another two years in house arrest in Reierferplattoterp for defrauding a myriad of Thalassan men with his 'patented' penis enlargement pills, developed to 'aid against the well-known affliction of phallus minori that many Thalassan men suffer from'. Unsatisfied with the perspective of being stuck at home for another year, Dr. Knallerpijp decided to break his house arrest in order to see if the grass was greener elsewhere. While specifics haven't been released by the provincial police force yet, Knallerpijp managed to remove his ankle monitor and stole the vehicle of his elderly neighbor; this allowed him to keep the police off his trail. He made a mistake when he had to stop to refuel the vehicle as even small villages such as Koelwaterbeekje, with a population of only three-hundred, have television. When Anna Lantboer, lovingly called 'STD Annie' by her fellow villagers and cruising around the gas station for her next customer went inside to grab a drink, she saw a news bit by TS Reierfer about the escaped Dr. Knallerpijp and a promise from Het Apparath to get rewarded if one turned him in. According to Anna, it made the choice really easy: ''I knew that if I saw that guy, I had two options. They said he had scammed a lot of people and let's face it, you don't try to flee after scamming people if you're broke. So I knew I could probably try and get a little taste of that. But, like, f*ck, Het Apparath can probably get their hands on super meth or something else mind-blowing. Why use money to buy regular drugs when you can get experimental, confidential super drugs?'' Imagine her luck when she saw the same man on TV standing at one of the two gas pumps the town counts. Anna: ''I looked at the pump, hoping there'd be a chance of a new customer when I really had to rub my eyes and wonder if the hit of meth I'd just taken in the bathroom was too much. I buy it off of some guy in a RV so you never know what's really in there, you know. But no, he was really there. So I thought, f*ck, that guy isn't escaping me. I really wanted to boof another dosis of meth in the bathroom again but I didn't have the time, I had to act right now. That super meth was mine.'' And while Het Waarre Raket fan het Noorten cannot confirm that Anna has indeed been given her, oh so wanted, super meth, Dr. Knallerpijp certainly was hers. When the city slicker doctor fled into the car at the sight of a toothless, meth-fueled and meth-hungry backwater village prostitute, Koelwaterbeekje's own STD Annie held on to the car for over 10 kilometers, eventually managing to kick in the windshield while holding on by the windshield wipers. While windshield wipers aren't known for their weight-holding capabilities, Anna's frequent meth usage and the lack of appetite associated with it meant that her weight wasn't an issue. ''By the time I was in the car, he was freaking out. I really wanted to bite him, see how his face tasted... I guess RV guy mixed in some bath salts or something in that batch of meth. But I haven't had teeth since 1998 so that wasn't really an option. Now, my nails though, I get them done at a dog groomer/strip club two villages down... I reached down to his balls and I grabbed them in a way that if I had pushed any harder and I easily could have because of the power the meth gives me, I could have given him a vasectomy right there in the car. Well, that was enough for him to crash into a tree and pass out.'' Fueled by the warm feeling of righteous justice and sketchy methamphetamine, Anna managed to stay conscious during and after the crash and called out to the provincial police, who managed to arrest Dr. Knallerpijp once again. This time, however, he'll stay in one of the facilities that Het Apparath chooses for him as the attempt to flee the nation means that his case is passed on to them. An Apparath spokesperson, that wished to remain anonymous, was able to tell us this: ''Dr. Knallerpijp made the mistake of abusing the trust put in him by our justice system. The public and the many, many Thalassan men that he defrauded can rest assured that Het Apparath will not allow another one of these abuses to happen. While he's under our care, there'll be no trust. Just hard work and the occasional visit by a fellow inmate that most definitely doesn't need the product he was once shilling. As for Anna Lantboer, she'll be getting a visit from us soon. Het Apparath does not forget its friends.''
  8. So, seeing as there's been some misunderstandings about it: So, Zaspa. That's an expansion, right? Yes and no. For all intents and purposes of the RP, Zaspa has decided to sell out their independence to the economic powerhouse that is Het Huisselant. Although, realistically, the treaty hasn't been signed yet, the Zaspan government has simply accepted the offer for now. The actual signing of the treaty is something that's planned, either a full RP post or a news post in case I can't come up with a better happening than pro-independence Zaspans raising a ruckus. No in regards to, O paint this part of the map my color and let's call it a day. As it stands, it's not set in stone that Zaspa will still be a Variotan territory by the end of the RP either. Depending on the price and losses involved with keeping Zaspa together, it's entirely possible that the Variotan government will simply tell the PMC and Folke Milisie groups to take whatever of value remains within Zaspa and reneges on the offer. It could be that pro-Independence Zaspans maintain such an influence in the nation that we'll have to end up simply being content with close ties. And yes, it's also possible that it'll remain as is. At that point, I'll defer to my fellow mods however to decide on whether or not additional posts are required and what the path will be towards actual, on the map, expansion. Now, why did you rush forward with this expansion? It's an in towards being able to act. The difference with the others is how my in works. Seylos has his culture, Fulgistan and Batengdei their ideology, Tagmatium has his nobles and church, my in is money. We're doing what we do best, earning and spending money. Here's the thing though, in order to do anything, that in needs to be played. IC'ly, Variota (nor most nations in the world) wouldn't have had any reason to hold particularly close ties with the Ceriser nations. Now, once the offer is accepted, that's when the real stuff starts to happen. Because that's when I'm able to act. In regards to posts, there's a plan for a Het Apparath overview report on Zaspa to expand on the situation on the ground. In addition, there's a plan for a strike against Nesneubar (which will be/are sponsoring anti-Zaspan piracy) to make the Zaspan waters safer, which will in turn ensure that there's a possibility to supply Zaspa without arming all merchant vessels. Those supplies will be important later on, as the Oclait is already an anarchy and Zaspa's other neighbors aren't far off. So Zaspa is now firmly held by Het Huisselant? No, not exactly. Hence why we're flying and boating in soldiers even before the treaty is signed. Once there are boots on the ground, the Zaspan government can't risk reneging on the treaty without facing a plain takeover. Will they try that? Not as far as I have planned but that's the background thought for the Variotan government. Part of it will be explained further by the overview report from Het Apparath, there are still plenty of pro-independence Zaspans and Zaspans that would love to wait five years to get the full funds before kicking out Het Huisselant. Once the situation gets dire and the Variotan methods get less moral, those groups will gain a bigger role; even if the best course of action is staying with the forces that Het Huisselant offers, they're not going to be happy about it. Plans for less than moral methods include arming refugees, some of which would already be in Zaspa due to bordering the Oclait and some of which would come due to the neighboring states imploding, and using cluster munitions. The Variotan plan is most certainly to fight fire with fire if need be. How visible is the Variotan offer to Zaspa? For the most part, it's completely visible. The offer to Zaspa was an open letter to the Zaspan government and people, specifically made entirely public so the Zaspan government couldn't attempt to hide the offer. Why? Because the Zaspans are desperate and desperate people act exactly like Het Huisselant wants in this situation. Think about it, they're the smallest and least population nation around, one of their bordering states is a raging anarchy where warlords reign and refugees arrive from, another is sponsoring piracy which means that trade is slowly being suffocated. The troops your nation can muster are mostly third-rate and atleast some have to be used to police and protect those refugee camps that are most likely seen as draining the few resources they have. Then, a larger and far richer power offers to give you a massive, for your situation, amount of monetary funds and promises protection. You'll finally have something in the shops to purchase, there'll be soldiers that aren't using the same rifle as their grandfather did, you'll actually gain some semblance of security and peace. Whether that's what'll actually happen is another question but that's the hope you'll have. And a lot of desperate people will act on that, vote for that. Survival and, in this case, getting a chance to prosper while the places around you wither away is worth a lot to people. If this was a private letter, the government could have hidden it or try to gain more out of it. With it being all out in the open, however, it's a lot easier to measure the approval for such a proposal and see if you need to adjust it. It's easier to rile up people and organize them, which is what the band was doing for Het Apparath. Of course, this also means that the entire wurld knows about the offer. Now, what isn't public is the number of troops being put forward (9.000), how many are PMC's and how many Folke Milisie (fifty-fifty) and other such specifics. You guys know that there's Varinco equipment being shipped to Zaspa, just not what and the numbers, etc. And don't worry about that either, it's planned to all be laid out in RP posts. It's just going to be OOC knowledge instead of anything IC'ly known by your governments. What are your intentions for the area around Zaspa? None. While others might have bigger plans, for now all the plans I have are situated solely in Zaspa. Would it be nice to establish some form of buffer state in the Oclait? Of course. Is it within the capabilities of the forces that are going to Zaspa? Probably, if pushed to their limits. But that's not something the Variotan government is going to do nor is it's not something that J.D. Karrewasser would approve. If my forces would push forward, that risks that any force manages to take the advantage and turn it around, losing us Zaspa. Het Huisselant's intentions in the area are to build up Zaspa because as it stands, once Nesneubar is taken care of, Zaspa is in a pretty good position to grow. And that's essentially what we want to do. Part of the reason why Varinco Security and the Folke Milisie are being put forward as forces in the area is because the Folke Milisies are cheaper than the HAP and Varinco Security is both seeking to prove itself and able to act with far less rules than the HAP. The first goal of Het Huisselant is to build up Zaspa to be able to support a HAP detachment; until that happens, the government isn't willing to pour in its own career soldiers. There's been some actual brainstorming and thoughts behind this and why my moves are as they are.
  9. Variota

    Doom of Ceris

    ''You know, Mister Feelfaaier, your government's offer is generous but you see..." ''Yes?" ''We've had other offers, better offers." "Haha, no you haven't. Let's not kid ourselves. Zaspa is the armpit of Ceris, a backwater that only holds value because we've given it value. Your value right now is three-hundred-seventy million Waarttemun because that's what we've offered. Without that offer, your value drops to whatever small amounts of trade you can get past the Nesneubar and pirate vessels. But I like your balls and if you ask me, that needs to be rewarded. Too little people with genuine balls in the world. I'll contact my employer, see if we can throw in a little extra.'' ''Your employer? I was under the impression you were a simple band leader.'' ''Again, let's not kid ourselves. If I were a simple band leader, you would not have called me to you. My government offers a generous solution and suddenly a large band arrives with their own ship, passing through without issues. If I haven't shown up on your radar ever since I've set foot on your soil, your intelligence agency needs work.'' "Yes, well... Now, your employer. Who is it? The government? Het Apparath? Varinco?'' "Let's not worry about that. All you need to know is that my employer is Variota." "You're not giving me much." "Nor should I. Not until you sign our offer. After that, my employer has been very clear on myself and many others providing our full support.'' ''Yes, about that support..." ''Nesneubar? No longer an issue. They try something, we fire our missiles right into their parliament. Pirates? Don't make me laugh. Have you seen Varinco Security's forces? Those guys pack more heat and lack more morals than any other. Give them a month and those pirates will be coming here, begging you on their knees to please stop your forces from attacking them. Other incursions? Same deal. Let them run towards our machineguns and anti-armor weaponry, the hardest thing to do will be clearing off the bodies fast enough to keep the area from stinking of death." ''It's not the PMC forces I'm worries about. Can we trust your Folke Milisies?" "I've seen what you guys have guarding the docks. Trust me when I say that the Folke Milisies, the ones that are coming here, will be personally selected by Ret-Gen fan Gillofan-Lantboer. And from what I've heard, the man doesn't play around.'' ''How many numbers can I expect though? We need a lot of men." ''How many men can Zaspa muster?" ''Four-thousand, five-hundred men. Divided into two-thousand men in the army, fifteen-hundred in the air force and one-thousand in the navy.'' ''My employers can get twice that number of men into the nation on a short term. Hardened contractors, well-trained Folke Milisie. Build up your forces, train them, get them on a level that's better than anything the surrounding places can offer.'' ''Fine, let me talk to my cabinet. See what's needed to pass it by the Parliament.'' ''You do that. I think you'll find that it'll be easy to pass, I'm in the business of pleasing people, Prime Minister, and business has been good since I've arrived. See you at the festivities.'' <hr> Zaspan government accepts Variotan offer: Our best chances are with Het Huisselant! In a special parliamentary session, the Zaspan government has voted on and passed a resolution to accept the offer that our great government has offered them. Prime Minister Wilhelmsson of the Zaspan Republic made this statement: ''We're looking at a Ceris that is slowly crawling towards its own demise, an island that is looking into the abyss and we need to prevent that from happening here in Zaspa. While there are some naysayers within the nation that feel that we are selling our souls, we've been stuck between a rock and a hard place for a long time and now we're given a hand to pull us out. In five years, I think the general population will have turned around as we'll have ushered in a new era of prosperity for Zaspa. I've already discussed some of the basics with my new colleague, mister Loopentlant, and I cannot be more confident in the future.'' Similarly, Heere fan'es Oferheit Loopentland has sent out a statement: ''I'm proud of the Zaspan people for making this great choice. Zaspa needs a protector and it has that now, Het Huisselant is extremely glad that it is able to embrace the Zaspan people and ensure that atleast some part of Ceris sees the wealth that the area deserves. Too long has it suffered under the influence of infighting and foreign governments that proclaim to act in the best interest of everyone. Het Huisselant does not do that. We don't seek to applaud ourselves, we simply seek to provide stability and growth to the Zaspans. From this day forward, any act against the Zaspan people is an act against the Variotan people. United together as one. Prime Minister Wilhelmsson and his government have shown themselves to be more than willing to work with us in order to get things in place and that's exactly what we will do. No empty promises, just fulfilled needs.'' The Zaspan government has proclaimed a national holiday in three days, to celebrate the new status as part of Het Huisselant. Kleintje Feelfaaier and his band, the KRB Experience, have been mentioned as primary Variotan part of the celebrations, to be supplemented with local Zaspan artists. Everyone within Het Huisselant knows Kleintje Feelfaaier and his Reisigers band as the artists behind various small hits throughout the years including 'Sij' and 'Fissa, Fissa, Fissa heel het tag'. It appears that the band was already touring the Zaspan republic during the offer by our government and has now decided to extend that tour indefinitely. Tickets for those that seek to be part of this one-of-a-kind celebration can buy them online at www.zaspaninclusionparty.vr or www.nationalcelebration.zpn. Kleintje Feelfaaier in one of his more recent videos Vooters Air and Air Reierfer have announced special flights to the sole airport in Zaspa for those seeking to visit Het Huisselant's newest territory. Naval travel remains discouraged by both Het Huisselant and the Zaspan Republic until a time when naval forces have properly established themselves in the area. Variotan businesses have also released statements in favor of the Zaspan inclusion. Varinco Chairman J.D. Karrewasser had this to say: ''It's great to see that another group of people is willing to accept our influence in return for the gifts that we can offer. Already, I've been in contact with both our own government and the Zaspan government to provide security to the area. I have obviously accepted their gracious offer to allow Varinco Security to take part in securing the nation and the area. I've always said that the reason why Varinco Security was expanded and upgraded into a proper military force was to provide peace of mind, to provide security and protect those that cannot protect themselves adequately against the hostile forces that they're up against. I, for one, look forward to working together with my Zaspan equivalents. No longer will their people need to anguish, no longer will they need to suffer because some megalomaniac decides they want to mess with Zaspa.'' Another notable business, the TEAAAM Institute, released a statement as well: ''The Zaspan Republic has made the right decision and the TEAAAM Institute is at the ready to provide the Zaspan people with the funding and knowledge that they need to move towards the future. Our coffers are ready to be spent towards good, durable projects within Zaspa. Projects where the local knowledge and the local expertise are used, where the strength of the people is used to fuel the future. Once the Ministry of Zaspan Integration gives us the thumbs up, we'll be moving offices into the nation.'' <hr> Message to the Brigades 'Koos Karrewasser', 'Amalberga' and 'Silfer Fos' Some of you have wondered why you were not able to take time off, nor were you allowed to leave the base beyond short visits. I hope that the recent news story about the joining of Zaspa into Het Huisselant has answered those questions. Your brigades will be shipped out to the Zaspan Republic by aircraft and ship to serve as the first Variotan forces in the nation. Local forces and Folke Milisie troops will supplement you. The task before you is a large one but not an impossible one. The Amalberga brigade will work together with Folke Milisie forces to train local forces. Silfer Fos and Koos Karrewasser brigades will aid against current pressure to Zaspan borders. You will be better armed and better trained than your enemy but do not let this make it so that you underestimate your enemy. They will outnumber you. And a bullet, any bullet, just needs to hit to put you out of the running. I expect everyone to work towards the same goal, safety for the area. Bonuses will be made available to those that do their best. Don't disappoint me. Your commanders have been given their orders, please refer to them if you have any questions. - J.D. Karrewasser, Chairman of Varinco <hr> From: Kleintje Feelfaaier To: atoirav@varmail.vr Regarding: Success Dear friend, By now, the success of my task has been widespread. For now, we will stay and provide protection to the government against those that might try something. Some say that the Seylosians may try to raise ruckus by the deal. I assume that Mother has thought long and hard about this, although I genuinely wonder if they're even able to provide anything in that regard; they seem too spread-out over Ceris trying to act like my father. Absent until you're interesting enough for them to put time in it. Wilhelmsson is a brave one, for a lowly politician in a backwater. Mother should think about rewarding that, I feel like it would go a long way. Although I'd obviously never tell Mother what to do. Send her my regards. Your friend, Kleintje.
  10. Ferrefaaierhafen, the true capital of Het Huisselant if you were to ask its inhabitants. The place where the Holy Wilm of Amalberga led the first settlers into the fray, into a new way of life. The first place where the blood of the Aloorian clans but mostly the natives fed the ground and gave local powers like the Yellow Empire a reason to fear these newcomers in their weird ships. In those days, justice was simple and easy. Natives found themselves on the end of a rope, dangling their feet in the air as if they were the human equivalent of a wind chime. Taking prisoners was a luxury and the settlers couldn't afford to give out luxuries. And those from the clans themselves were often given two choices, either try to survive a keelhauling or survive an exile, hopefully joining other exiles somewhere. Of course, those exiles would later come back to bite the nation in its ass a bit, as they had managed to band together in their own clan of misfits, criminals and adventurers. This type of frontier justice and the fact that Ferrefaaierhafen had been the place where newcomers would end up meant that the place had always remained rougher than other cities. Not worse, simply rougher, less sophisticated. Ferrefaaierhafen had remained a place where a larger share of the inhabitants remained lower class, a place where everyone knew an aspiring Leeffessang singer. In Grootwaterflakte, cafe culture meant drinking an overpriced coffee in a slick coffee shop where the barista would brag about being cultured because he banged people from a dozen different nations, in Ferrefaaier cafe culture meant visiting your Aunt/Uncle/Mother/Father/Grandpa/Grandma, not that they were usually your family but that's just how you'd call them. The beer's fresh from the tap, the furniture probably hasn't changed in a hundred years, the release of a new Leeffessang single or album probably happens twice a week and if you ask for coffee, there's only three options, with or without milk, with or without sugar and with or without something stronger in it. Ask any Grootwaterflakte inhabitant what they think of Ferrefaaierhafen and they're probably going to call them something lovely like unsophisticated, uncultured people stuck in the past. And if you'd do the same the other way around, they'd probably call Grootwaterflakte snobbish, stuck up, pretending to be something they're not, fake. Part of the reason why both cities are maintained as the capital of Het Huisselant was this mentality, if the Parliament was to decide in favor of one city, the other one would stir up issues. The epitome of Ferrefaaierhafen culture was its Provincial Police Chief, Rikkert Boofenheufel. A man with a tan that'd make you wonder if he lives in the tanning salon, teeth as white as the purest Variotan cocaine, a hairdo that had remained the same since the 80's and strapped with more firepower than a Grootfegtfoertuig. This was his city, protected by his men. Following the laws of the nation, sure. But within the Ferrefaaierhafen city limits, even Het Apparath did their best to keep Boofenheufel informed, unless they wanted his 'flying squad' of armored, machine-gun armed Altvarna's to crash their party. And now, a new filth had infested his city. Not a regular filth like some confused tourist going on a cocaine fueled binge or a foreign diplomat needing some friendly taps to remind him that diplomatic immunity didn't matter if no one knew where he was and that he really did need to pay that hardworking prostitute that had dressed up to look like his mother. Those situations resolved themselves quickly and easily enough. No, this filth had traveled from Grootwaterflakte where it had already taken multiple lives. Five girls, all intending to just make a living. Five lives, cut down in their prime, and dumped into the water. Their families left with nothing to say goodbye to, the brutal stab wounds and bloating from the water ensuring a closed coffin. Maybe that'd fly in Grootwaterflakte but not here, not where Boofenheufel could make the difference. Not since his own little girl had been murdered when he was a simple officer. They'd never caught the culprit, the Provincial Police Force had been useless. Or the one that did it was just that good as not even Het Apparath knew and that was the first avenue Boofenheufel drew upon when he was made Chief. He'd ensure this piece of filth would be caught and put in a nice, cold, backbreaking werklaagher. He'd make it stop, no matter the cost. No one would suffer like he had, evenings filled with sadness, cheap drink and Varinco's latest weapon, alternating about dreaming about shooting the person that did it and committing suicide, covering the wall behind him with a lovely splatter of his brains. He never really did it, of course, otherwise this story had probably ended differently. But at his lowest point, he'd been close to it. Sitting on the docks, on a dark bench, he'd been looking towards the sea. His left hand wrapped around a cheap bottle of Vlammesant brandy, his right wrapped around his service pistol. One tap, that'd be all. Just drag his arm up to his mouth, suck on the barrel as if it was his bottle and, tap. Would He see it as acceptable? Would He allow them to be together again, his family? Would he see his wife and daughter, would they look upon him with pride, their husband and father? Or would they see him as a failure, as a broken man unable to live on? His rescue had been the Saint of the Docks. Some people just feel when they're needed, as if a unseen force is pulling them to a certain place for a reason. For Moeke Maria (Mother Maria), the docks had always been that place ever since she had joined the Sisters of the Holy Flame. Like its namesake, she wandered around the docks and made sure that working girls and guys, sailors and anyone in between that was lost or too drunk safely made their way back. It was becoming slowly more difficult, her old age making her move more slowly but with old age also came a reputation, she was the saint of the docks, the one that one could talk to without judgment, the one that accepted anyone that was on the fringes, even within the ultra-liberal Variotan society. No pimp or drug dealer, how malicious or not, would try to lift a finger against her or they'd face not only His fury but also the docks' wrath. That was a lesson that had been taught quite well after Fulgistani Pete, a pimp known for selling his product before it aging enough, tried to smack her down as she attempted to rescue his girls. He managed to smack her once, her piercing, pained sound alerting 'Lange' Jan Feelhuisse, back then one of the most feared dock pimps himself. Moeke had a special place in Lange Jan's heart, the only one he had ever confessed his darkest secret to, namely that he wanted to be a woman, something that wouldn't have been accepted for someone in his position. Not that Moeke cared, she only cared for him or rather, her, as a person. Lange Jan was a lot but he was good to his girls and for Moeke, that counted. His girls were fairly paid, did it voluntarily and were protected. That made him a good person and a good person could be anything, a good person would be accepted by Him no matter what they did or wanted to be. While Moeke nor any of the girls would ever reveal what had happened, the Provincial Police had received Fulgistani Pete the next morning, tied up and missing his testicles, tongue and middle fingers. Similarly, when Lange Jan, by then Lange Jeanette, retired and founded the Kaat Kaapers in 1991, a Folke Milisie that primarily patrolled the docks at night, they unanimously chose Moeke Maria as their mascot and her likeness still stands on the flags and armbands that they wear, portraying the virtues and role they seek to fulfill. Even though she was wheelchair bound and deadly ill by then, that decision still made her tear up, the knowledge that her work would continue on. And in a way, the Kaat Kaapers stood for everything the docks and Ferrefaaierhafen was. A violent ex-pimp flanked by a lawman, as Boofenheufel had been one of the first to join the Kaat Kaapers, old and young, rich and poor united in one purpose. The statue of Moeke Maria, placed on the square in front of the Sisters of the Holy Flame outpost near the docks after she died in 1993, reminded everyone towards her goal. The bronze, lifelike and life-sized statue featured her standing, ready to give you the hug that you deserved. The unconditional love that this woman showed everyone that opened up their hearts to her. A plaque on the ground reminded everyone of her eventful life and the Kaat Kaapers, her unofficial successors. It tells everyone that her soul still remains in that place and that her energy still roams around, giving the statue special powers. It says that if you truly need help, all you need to whisper is 'help me, Moeke' while in her embrace and help will come. While that sounds like superstition, that part was true. Over the years, the technology had been refined and the statue featured microphones and an alarm system that alarmed each member of the Kaat Kaapers if those words were uttered. In those years, they had rescued many abused spouses, working girls and men, tourists being harassed or worse... Even in the afterlife, she kept serving the people. Which, really, was all she had ever hoped for. To provide solace from the hard world and it's dark touch. To come close to His Holy Flame and act like a beacon. Boofenheufel and his deputy sat in their Altvarna, keeping their eye on the cameras that they had put in place to keep an eye on the area of the operation. This is how the Waterweg Moort'naar (Waterway Killer) would get caught. He had a type and Boofenheufel had a deal with the pimps of the docks, you leave those girls at home and we remain friends. Instead, the only prostitute that'd fulfill the killer's need would be right here and it'd be a cross-dressed officer of the Grootwaterflakte Provincial Police. Sure, Boofenheufel felt bad for the intern that had been sent along with the files in order to serve as a link between the two forces. But this would be for a good cause. ''Ricky, are you ready?'' ''Yes, Chief Boofenheufel. I'll only have to stand around, right? You guys catch him before he can do anything, right?'' ''Right, Ricky. You'll be fine. I hope.'' ''You ho...'' ''Let's keep this channel free.'' Bianca Boom-Boom is what she had called herself on the train ride from Rooibesfelt to here. Her real name, Patries Lanthouwer, wasn't flashy enough as far as she could tell and even if it was, she didn't want to have any chance that her parents would find out what she was doing here. Let them think that their little girl was simply working a high-paying customer service job, not that she was selling her body down by the docks of the big city. Mom and dad didn't deserve that, nor had they deserved the bank raising the interest on their farm loan after dad got kicked by one of the stallions and couldn't move his lower body any more. But it was what it is. No need to cry over what was. One year. One year was all she'd need. One year to grab enough money to pay off the loan, make sure her little brother could go to whatever school he wanted to and maybe even have enough left to put down a down payment on a small home for herself. Normally, she wouldn't have been able to rake in enough to do that but who really needed a pimp? Who needed an asosjiasie? Who needed a hand that simply grabbed a large share and offered whatever they called safety. It was probably all a hoax anyway, this was Variota and if her own small town was anything to go off off, the docks would be as safe as anything. Her naive character would soon be slashed out of her. You see, Bianca Boom-Boom was the type the Waterweg Moort'naar liked. And maybe, just maybe, if she hadn't been there, he would have gone for Boofenheufel's trap. After all, a serial killer looking to strike and finding only one target is like a drunk cannibal in an orgy, hungry and willing to overlook certain red flags. Such as the target being a cross-dressing intern fidgeting more than a tweaker with withdrawal symptoms. ''Alright Ricky, the first hour is done. You doing fine over there? Need anything?'' ''I'm fine, Chief. I have a bottle of water in my bag.'' ''Pff, water. I'm downing double Vodka's here, boy.'' ''Eh, good for you Chief?'' ''You can say that again.'' Have you ever thought about the last thing you'd ever hear being 'Baby, I'm going to enjoy gutting you like a fish'? Neither had Bianca. Yet, that and a loud, swooshing slash slash sound would have been her last memory if not for her thick jacket, one her father had made for her from their own leather. Those seconds went so slow for her that it seemed unreal, fight or flight. She couldn't fight this secret assailant, she couldn't fight at all. And run? To where? She had just arrived today, she knew nothing here. She could run towards the edge of the docks but then he could just as easily throw her in. Either way, he was blocking that way. It'd be an easier death, just run into the knife. But she wasn't ready to go, she wouldn't go. As she moved backwards, she managed to kick her assailant in the groin and buy herself enough to run away. And she was reminded by something her mother had told her about her grandmother. Her grandmother had once joined the Sisters of the Holy Flame, a religious order that had outposts on docks and aided sailors and such, for a summer back in the 70s. They used to serve as nurses, doctors, a place to stay, a place to eat. A safe haven. Sure, they had been in decline since the 00's but a large city like this would still need to have a working outpost, right? And that's when she saw it, as if Moeke herself had directed the San to return its rays for a short moment in this dark night. The statue, the outpost, her salvation. She'd be saved, they'd let her in right? Coming closer, something seemed off about the outpost. There were no lights? Why were there no lights? They'd still be busy, they'd have to be. Why were there only lights aimed at that blasted statue? The outpost hadn't been used during the nights since 2002, serving as a museum after the last Sister of the Holy Flame of the outpost had died. Maybe she could hide in the statue, the statue featured Moeke wearing a long robe. Maybe it would hide her enough. She tried her best to stay quiet but she couldn't do it, she just couldn't keep up. Why did this happen to her? All she could do was cry and fall to her knees, cry and sob ugly tears, her stupid but last-chance plan failing her now too. And that's when the killer found her. Grabbing her feet, he tried to drag her out, something she only managed to stop by grabbing hold of the statue's feet. 'Call out help me, Moeke for help. There's always an option, you're never alone.' said the plaque. Should she try it or would it just be another trick this city had in store for her? The outpost wouldn't help her, why would this? No. Don't cry over what was, try anything. It couldn't end like this. As her hands slowly slipped, only one thing floated in her head: Help me, Moeke. Boofenheufel was refilling his hip flask with the bottle of vodka he kept in the glove compartment when his phone went off. The Kaat Kaapers alarms. Someone was in danger. And at that moment, he knew he had probably f*cked up, bad. Another girl would be hurt, an independent girl. Why hadn't he thought about it? There aren't many independents, most are not suicidal enough and those that are, are usually addicts. Not the killer's type but one could always slip through. Not again, not another murder. Not in his town, his f*cking town. ''Ricky! We've been wrong, he's at the outpost! Call all units, I'm driving this f*cker there right now!'' Take a right here, a left there. Hope other Kaat Kaapers are in the neighborhood. Why wouldn't this Altvarna drive faster? Come on, move out of the way. 30 seconds and he'd be there. Would it be enough? Slap, slap, smack, crunch ''You're a feisty one, I like that. I'm going to make you suffer.'' ''Please don't, stop, ple...'' Crunch That were her teeth. That'd save him some of that stupid whining, she deserved everything he gave her. She'd be cleansed, cleansed by the water and the slashes. He'd make her bleed empty, make sure she'd be filled with His water. He'd give her a way into heaven instead of the hell where every other prostitute went, where his mother went. They'd all be cleansed. One final stab, one in her heart and she'd be ready. Ready. Now. Do it. Do it now. Stab, stab, stab. Cleanse, cleanse. Cleanse her now. His hands rose with the knife in between them. In his craze, he never even heard the squeaking tires of Boofenheuvel's vehicle. click, brraaap brraap ''The next dozen bullets will be through you if you don't drop the knife.'' ''f*ck you, I'm going to cleanse her. Cleanse them all.'' The last thing Bianca would see before she passed out and woke up in hospital was Boofenheuvel, using the machine gun on his vehicle to shoot off the hands of her would-be killer. Whether her injuries or the sight of most of a man's hands being shredded ended up passing her out was the question. She ended up getting the help she needed, however, both medical and otherwise. When Het Waarre Raket fan het Noorten brought out her story, albeit cleaned up to protect her and her parents, the farm was bought for her, her brother got a scholarship for whatever school he wanted and she got enough starting capital to start her own business. The Waterweg Moort'naar got a lovely lifelong sentence to the Piet Reierfer Werklaagher, the worst one in Het Huisselant. Why a man without hands would be sentenced to a mining camp was a good question but not one that would be answered for him, any attempts to try and find out simply led to another round of fellow inmates beating him. But even that was better than the 'gift' Boofenheuvel had given him before he was finally convicted and sent to work, namely sharing a cell with one of Ferrefaaierhafen's most notorious and violent sex offenders, Nasty Francesco. And let's just say fighting off a guy named Nasty Francesco is a lot harder without hands.
  11. Variota

    The Great Eurthican FAQ

    Welcome! Located within this article are a variety of questions that have been asked before or that are seen as important enough to list off. These questions range from certain restrictions to basic questions about real life equivalents. In case you feel that there is a question missing, feel free to put it in #helpdesk on discord or send a message through the forum's messaging system. GAMEPLAY I want to join! How do I do this? Wow! That's great! In this case, follow the instruction presented at the Front Desk of our Academy. How many nations can I have? You can have one nation and one nation only. That's not to say that you can't have, as an example, various groups or autonomous states within your nation as a way to switch things up. I have elves, dwarves and orks. Is that okay? No. Eurth is a human-only non-fantasy region. Realism is the key word. Could you have an elite that gets their ears cut through plastic surgery as a way to adapt to some weird body ideal and look elf-like? Sure, so long as you keep in mind that this has disadvantages. Surgeries can go wrong, ears can get infected, not everyone will want to do it, other nations and cultures will find yours weird, etc. Similarly, dwarves... Could you have a nation with a higher than normal rate of dwarfism or a shorter population? Sure. But keep in mind that you're not going to have a nation only made up of these people. Keep in mind that dwarfism leads to a whole variety of health issues, among other issues. How about human-only meme nations? No. We're aiming for realism. That excludes meme-nations based on a joke. This stems from a strange interaction with Kendrickianna, a meme-nation based entirely on animated GIF's of the RL entertainer Anna Kendrick. MAP & CARTOGRAPHY How can I get on your map? Candidates will have to go through the Academy first. Once you graduate, the path to map-hood is open. To help things along we've also included some nice and easy to understand instructions on applying for the map. If you feel unsure about any of these, please look around at some earlier applications to see how they were handled and answered. Can I be on the Europa continent? No. This is a legacy area and is locked to new players. Other continents were added to increase the possibilities. To paraphrase Arthur C. Clarke: "All these continents are yours except Europa. Attempt no claim there. Use them together. Use them in peace." HISTORY & CULTURE Is there a [add name of messiah] equivalent on Eurth? Eh, yes and no. Here's the thing: We try to get everyone to be as creative as possible, to move away from real life. In some ways, this has succeeded, in some ways, it hasn't. In reality, a discussion on the history of Christianity and Judaism ended in limbo and the main nations having Judaism and involving Judaism turned out to be one of the many personalities of the person that made the first question of this FAQ extremely important. Similarly, none of the Muslim nations are active and their lore hasn't really been fleshed out. It's all a bit scattered and in limbo as people claim to have their own, non-affiliated churches and religions; although the discussion on the history of Christianity and Judaism did help in that regard to get people to consolidate and associate a bit more. Is there a Roman or Byzantine Empire? There was a Byzantium-like area in Europa called the Aroman Empire. Similar to the RL Roman Empire, it crumbled into various nations, the most important of which are Adaptus and Tagmatium. Tagmatium is a great and active staff member and would love to explain more to you if you need specifics. Another great place to start in regards to the Aroman Empire is the iiwiki page on it. Can I claim a global religious leader ? Maybe, depending on the religion you wish to lead. Have a look at our IIWiki article on existing religions on Eurth first before starting this OOC discussion. Can I claim my nation is populated by neanderthals or other variants of humans? Listen, you can claim almost anything. You can claim the people in your nation are some special type of homo whateveris. Hell, I made a news post where phrenologists were mentioned. You're more than allowed to have pseudo-science reign your nation if you wish to do so. Realism, obviously, dictates that these claims hold no factual proof and aren't true but that could be the whole fun of it, roleplaying a nation where scientists, politicians and whomever else do their best to fudge results and more. Just think of North Korea and some of the great claims they released at times. TECHNOLOGY Can I have nukes? Short answer? No. Long answer? Theoretically, it's possible for a nation to develop nukes. It'd require a lot of roleplaying, a lot of time, etc. And there are specific guidelines/rules in the works which may end up changing this answer to include more/specific instructions. But what you really want to ask yourself is: Why do I want nukes? Do you want them for historic reasons? Do you want to have them in modern times? Having nukes as a historical plot point while not having them in modern times is far more acceptable, for example, albeit still something you should discuss with the mod team; your nation getting close to developing nukes could be the last reason needed for a hostile power to start a war, invade you or otherwise seek to disrupt that progress. That, of course, also goes the other way around. However, what we often see is that people seek nukes for two reasons, either they want nukes to be the cool kid on the block that has all the nifty gadgets (the Rule of Cool comes to mind in that regard) or they seek nukes to become impregnable, a power right from the start. Please don't try to be either one of those two because you're going to have a bad time here in/on Eurth in that case. Can I have Thorium? Eurth has the rule that only proven technologies can be used on Eurth. This means that, while you can have thorium research centers, as that's been done, you can't have thorium energy plants, as they haven't been done. That's the general rule of thumb for everything, what's been done can be done. In doubt? Discuss it with a member of the mod team. Can I have a space program? Yes, provided you complete the necessary steps for developing one. Going to space is expensive. Some steps on the ladder require that you cooperate with other players. This will increase your enjoyment.
  12. I do, actually. The pre-written parts of my history fit even better now. Lukinagrad was the capital of a reasonably sized empire and had been so for a couple of hundred years by then. The empire situated there, even if their fleet could have been defeated, would have won if we had attempted to invade it. The founding of ex-Saale would serve as an additional reason for us to attempt the Treaty of Ferrefaaierhafen, which ensured neutral waters in the Keelpijp and would lower the burden of both defending the colony and its trade. Similarly, the Lukan Empire's golden age was stopped by the Treaty as they declined signing it. Frijkaapers, our version of filthy pirates/gracious privateers, harassed Lukan trade and patrols so much that the empire ended up signing simply because the lack of trade increased unrest so much that they either had to sign or face massive revolts. In the end, the loss of ships and the existing unrest meant that the empire still saw the start of a decline that only ended when Lukinagrad had lost pretty much everything. Now, with these colonies being a breadbasket, it'd additionally explain the Frijkaapers. With other means of food coming in, there'd be a lesser need for ships to fish, etc. as well as spurring on population growth; plenty of food means there's one less worry for families so they might as well get a kid or two extra. Which, in turn, would end up as young adults looking to make their fortune on the ships that are now available due to a lesser burden on the fishing industry. In addition, it'd also exist as a reason why we never hopped over later on. Doing so would risk tearing up the Treaty, which was seen by Variotans as greatly beneficial throughout history.
  13. With the new map update, Saale and Pallamara have been assigned to me. In order to ensure that IP doesn't become an issue and so that it's fleshed out a bit more, I've planned this OOC thread so I can pull in people when needed and keep everyone (including myself) in the know in regards to how it's going. I might also leave some things open to the opinion of the general community. So, first things first, the easier/harder one: Saale. Saale is easier because there's been very little written by Saale but at the same time, that also makes it more difficult. Basic Saale info: Population: 11,008,652 Area: 171.546 km2 Density: ~64/km2 Now, that's about it in regards to basic info about Saale. I had to calculate the land area myself and there's nothing about the economy. If I read the climate map correctly, Saale falls under a humid continental (?) climate. This makes it somewhat similar to Eastern Europe, which fits with Argis. With the density of the area being lower than Variota proper, I'm thinking of perhaps making the area the breadbasket of the nation. Its location could also mean that it exports to Argis, although the nations there are generally lower income so I'm not entirely sure how much they'd be importing. Saale had it written down that the nation was mostly Salish, about 95%. I think that's a bit too high for the area, even with integration/assimilation and general murder or death of the original inhabitants. Variot colonizers would have preferred to work with the local population and wouldn't have stopped immigration from other areas so long as they'd behave and pay their taxes. For now I'm thinking of: Variot 70% Girks 5% Valacians 10% Limonaians 5% Random Slavs ('original inhabitants') 5% Ivericans/Beleareans 5% The larger amount of Valacians, about one million, would be due to the close proximity of the nation and the relative instability found there. With Valacia not being active, this would be somewhat of a gamble and I'm not entirely sure if it's worth the risk even if it makes sense. If I end up not using Valacians, I'll probably up the other groups equally. Now, for the name of the land, I thought about looking to Argis and the meaning of the word but seeing as Argis means white... Whiteland or something like that just ends up sounding unintentionally offensive for a place not in an arctic climate. Keelpijpkolonie (Keelpijp Colony) sounds reasonable with the location of Herenthem being where it is, although I feel like that's a bit impersonal; after all, I don't expect people to live in a place for hundreds of years without wanting their own name. This could be circumvented a bit by just naming the area the Keelpijpkolonies and having smaller areas get their own names; this would also allow certain areas to get more foreign-names as places could have been founded by the other ethnicities. That'd also be somewhat close to what Saale intended for his nation, as far as I can tell. In regards to history, I'm looking at the area being colonized relatively early in my history. This would be driven on by the rapid expansion of Variota proper, mostly along the coast as they'd have less experience working the land, and the influx of new clans and what not; the Keelpijpkolonies would serve as a way to get new fishing grounds and a way to trade for produce and other needed goods from the inhabitants. This goal of the Keelpijpkolonies serving as the breadbasket would continue on to modern times. Beyond that, I feel that genuine integration of the area as an equal part of the nation instead of a colony would come after Klan Reierfer was integrated. Potentially, the start of the industrial revolution and such could be a reason for this as well; with Variota proper moving more towards urbanization and industrialization, the area's breadbasket status would become even more important. Their status would probably be semi-autonomous, higher than the various provinces but lower than, say, Lukinagrad or the Klan Reierfer If anyone has any interesting ideas, feel free to mention them. I'm open to brainstorming in that regard. Also tagging @Valacia, @Girkmand, @Limonaia, @Iverica and @Beleareas in regards to their people being named as part of the area. In case you don't want any of your people in my lands, just say so.
  14. The Thalassan-Europan-Alharun-Argic-Aurelian-Marenesian Institute, often simply called Team, is a Variota-based not-only-for-profit organisation aimed at funding and participating in projects throughout the world, primarily in the developing world, through investing funds from their members. Membership within the TEAAAM Institute is open to any business maintaining sizable offices within Het Huisselant, so long as they pledge to invest atleast one-tenth of their profits each year, as well as individuals living within Het Huisselant that pledge a minimum of one-million Waarttemun. Each participant receives a share equal to their investment. Team operates offices throughout the world, where individuals, organisations and governments can apply for funding and/or other aid. The most popular method of funding projects is to provide a long-term loan free-of-interest in exchange for a share in the venture; the longer and larger the loan, the bigger the share. This method of operating, pioneered by Team, has been hailed as unique, innovative and fair towards the developing world. Team, as the investor, gains an active share in ensuring the project succeeds, loan payments stay low and the project enters the Team network, where the various projects can seek out each other and their benefactors, potentially lowering prices and allowing for greater possibilities than what would otherwise be available. Through their handler, which each project receives, the Team website and the Team app, the various participants can stay in contact, provide knowledge, seek out deals with each other and provide status updates. Team operates as a not-only-for-profit, it seeks to improve the lives of citizens throughout the world through its participation in projects but, in addition, still seeks to earn profit through its established projects. Half of the profits made by Team are reinvested into new projects with the other half being paid out to the various investors, ensuring that those that have seen success through Team fuel new development. Team operates according to the strictest Variotan economic laws and has received labels and quality marks from respected sources such as the Asosiasjie fan Oliefaaier, allowing both potential projects and investors to apply and invest while knowing Team's intentions and methods are both fair and worthwhile for both sides. Prominent investors: Ranje Konsorsjum (Agriculture) Heerefal Casino Resorts (Tourism) Vooters Food Group (Hospitality) M.M.C.-fan Gautfanger (Mining) Lintfelt, Santflakte & Knallerheere (Pharmaceuticals) Prominent successful projects: TBA
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