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  1. Variota

    War (?) in the Auraid Bay

    Such a meeting would be more about setting the stage for the war and an eventual, in the future expansion. It shouldn't count towards justifying the expansion itself, otherwise people could potentially earn an expansion by setting up the expansion and so forth, essentially a never-ending circle of expansion.
  2. Variota

    [OOC] Roleplaying in the Far Future

    So what you're saying is that you nicked the name off of him?
  3. Variota

    Nasionale TeleSicht Variota

    Dina Diva puts out open invite to foreign diplomats: 'The drinks are always flowing in Het Huisselant, babes!' Foorste Frauwe fan'es Ferantwortelik fan'es Folke Dina Diva was seen enjoying herself once again on her 24/7 reality TV show 'Dina Diva Uncut'. This time under-dressed in the talented way that only she can pull off, she was seen in a Grootwaterflakte-based nightclub. The World's Greatest Diva, often called a woman with particularly large political prowess, stunning good looks, deep emotional connection with people that are lesser off, roots in every layer of society and the epitome of grace and glory which she shows everyday through gracing us with her presence and life by multiple leaders, was enjoying a few drinks with some of her friends and fans. Where other leaders often overwork themselves, lack the ability to connect to their people due to a severe lack of fun or otherwise remain a grey share in the sea of color that is life, we are lucky to have a leader that knows how to enjoy life and ensure the best her she can be. Foorste Frauwe Dina Diva enjoying herself with random male fan who brought her a drink (Net)working tirelessly to fulfill her goals such as #tightfacesfillworkplaces and #letsmakepoliticssexy, the second of which she is succeeding at by merely existing, Dina Diva could be seen downing drink after drink, shot after shot while speaking to her friends and fans about important issues such as bedazzling one's nether regions, the attractiveness of nearby men and women, whether Vooters really carries the best eggplant burger or if it's the chance of getting an actual 'eggplant' from the cute waiter and invitations to foreign diplomats. As always, Dina Diva was ready to give her educated opinion on these topics, utilizing her wealth of experience in multiple fields. Some notable quotes: 'Well, you know, I'm totally a fan of bedazzling one's nether regions for special times like your birthday, the holidays, giving birth. I mean, with a shiny foo-foo, you just feel sexier, better, attractiver. Is that a word? Attractiver? Oh well. And that just makes you a better you. It puts you in a better mindset. Like now, with New Years Eve slowly creeping up and such, I've decided to go for a nice fireworks rocket just above it. Glittery, classy, you know. Totally me. You have to plan ahead though, as the glue they use lasts for a few weeks. I think they use glue made from the bones of cocaine-fed Fulgistani horses or something. And you know, if you buy me a drink or subscribe yourself to my special premium 'me-time' streams, you might get to see it. Let's do some more shots! Shots, line 'em up bartender!' 'That guy is hot. No, not that one, the other hand. I know the left one, I think that's a colleague of Hete Henk. Didn't he play in those cheesy colonists versus natives gay adult movies? The Naughty Natives VS Port Bareback or something like that. They were popular in... I want to say the bad part of Argis? Aurelia? Either one or both of those. I guess those guys there just go wild for the whole historical kind of thing. Makes them long back to the times when someone could just take another person captive, own them and it was seen as normal by the world at large. Meh, I don't care. The other guy though, he is hot. Chiller! Yeah, you babe! Didn't we party with Henk a couple of times? Introduce your friend to me, I'll get some shots. Bartender! Shots!' 'I love Vooters, you know. Its owner, Cherry Vooters, is of course a good friend of mine. I love him, he's so fun to drink with. Always has good looking men in his entourage, love the guy. Really do, So in touch with his feminine side but still very masculine. Anyway, back to the chestaurants. I love them too, they're such a great place. You know, you can go there with your family and make it a great family trip but if you're looking for a fun night out with the guys or girls, you can go there too. And it's really fun for everyone, the kids can eat to their hearts content and try on the kid-sized uniforms they have, make their own food. And the adults can flirt, eye-bang and possibly bang each other and the lovely waiters. All while getting good food. I mean, what's not to love? You know what else I love? Shots! Let's line them up!' 'You know, I read newspapers from around the world. Or more like, I have assistants that do that for me and then tell me what I need to know. Better that way, you know. Anyway, I was told that there was a newspaper from @Oyus, the Doula Dictator... No, that's not right. Yule Imitator? Hold on, let me get a sip of this... What is this? This is nice. Get me one of those. Anyway, I remember now, the Yulaa Spectator. They were saying that there had been whispers about them wanting to visit Variota. Well, you know, my door is always open. Or well, more like the bar! Haha! But yeah, the bottles are always popping here, the drinks are always flowing in Het Huisselant, baby. So I'd say, take a plane and let's meet, whomever wants to meet. Have your assistants call mine and we'll set something up. We could do botox, like I did with the PM of Andalla! After my doctor was done with him, he didn't look the same! Assistants are so nice, they really are. Like when I'm sitting in parliament and I need a small drink, just to nurse my headache, I can just send them out to get one. It's so great. Love it! Just like I love meeting new people but I mean, that's not new news to anyone ever watching my reality show! Who's this? Oh hey, you got me a drink! Let's do a pic, you'll have something to remember me by!'
  4. Variota

    Nasionale TeleSicht Variota

    Herman Kokkiemaaler: By expanding our creation, we're increasing integration and acceptation The illustrious patriarch of the Kokkiemaaler Klan, Herman Kokkiemaaler, made his voice known during a harvest feast in the Unie fan Kommunes. Shaking hands and hugging with high-rollers of the Unie fan Kommunes such as Lantheere Sjaak fan Oliefaaier, owner and head of the fan Oliefaaier Kommune, ATARA Delegate and seated politician within the Kaamer fan'es Folke, and Ronnie Hiltgaar, Eerste Heere fan'es Folke, it was clear to see that this man remains well-connected. While many within Variota primarily know him from his myriad of love and peace-promoting songs from the 70s and 80s, for which he wasn't loved by the Neo-Walensian cabinets, he has remained active in the background, investing the Kokkiemaaler Klan's funds into successful ventures such as the marijuana farms of the Unie fan Kommunes, the erectile dysfunction medicine 'Slipin', the Vooters Chestaurants and the Brothel chain 'Bulgistan'. Herman Kokkiemaaler, a living legend When approached by the reporter from Het Waarre Raket fan het Noorten, Herman was quick to accept to giving an interview. A man not afraid to speak his mind and give you the unsalted truth, the interview began with simple pleasantries and ended with Herman's opinion on the recent inclusion of Lukinagrad within Het Huisselant. On the question if this was a good thing, Herman was quick to answer: ''Of course this is a good thing. You have to imagine that people originally thought that Het Huisselant was only for the 'true' people, the Variotans. We spread throughout our lands and only really found savages so you can't really blame that mindset. We were cultured, technologically advanced on the ships that we had called our homes for so long. And we murdered and cut our way into a new home, not out of spite but rather out of necessity. After all, it was not as if those people were willing to sell us land or otherwise co-exist and there wasn't a way for us to continue our old lifestyle. The new world, as we called it, wasn't a place of development, a place of civilization as Europa was. Nowadays though, I'd say we have enough culture and civilization to beat Europa combined. With we, I obviously mean Het Huisselant. In the colonization times, we shared our people with the world, we ensured a good place for ourselves. We ensured prosperity and progress for ourselves and through that, everyone else. There's no people that can genuinely say that the Variotans treated them wrong, treated them less than other people would. And many of those ties still exist, still remain fresh enough to see about strengthening our ties, our connections. Lukinagrad, or Lukansestatt as some still like to call it, is just the first test to prove to ourselves that we're able to close these people into our hearts, to include them into the wealth that we have created. The world as it stands is one of fragments, spheres of influence. We have one and my opinion is that we shouldn't be afraid to use it, improve it, expand it. Our creation is Het Huisselant, the Homeland, and I can justly say that I haven't met a citizen that didn't feel at home here. That feeling, that bond is something we need to share. And by expanding our creation, we're increasing integration and acceptation. The Lukans are the first but who has the authority to say that the Bahinese, the Meboojians, the Fulgistanis don't deserve the same? No one has. What nation is better to its citizens? Where does one have a better chance at success, even if he has nothing but the clothes on his back? Where can people feel more pride in their nation? Nowhere. The problem was that we've been too cautious with including people into our fold, including people into our loving embrace, into Het Huisselant. I say, no more. In a time of fragmentations, let us be the game master, let us be the enigmatologist that puts the puzzle pieces together into one big Huisselant. From the Keelpijppassage to the Manamana Bay, one big Huisselant of love, progress, integration and acceptance.''
  5. Variota

    Letters from Het Huisselant

    To: J.D. Karrewasser, Chairman of Varinco From: atoirav@varmail.vr Regarding: Candy My dear friend, It has been arranged. You will have the full support of key players within the candy industry, which will help create a market for the candy industry during times when your associates find themselves in other areas as well as ensure the cooperation of local candy enthusiasts. Your contact with the golden camelid was highly appreciated, mother sends her thanks. - W15-34 To: Rikkert Boofenheufel, Chief of Police - Provincial Police Force of Ferrefaaierhafen From: atoirav@varmail.vr Regarding: Your Plans Chief, Mother has found out about your plans with The Hook. She approves. Mother wants to bring you in contact with a good friend of hers, someone who has the same vision but seeks to use a different method. We shall forward the meeting details when it has been arranged. You have always been a loyal person to the right groups and a loyal friend to mother, even if mother has not been in direct contact with you before. Enjoy the gift we have left behind for you. One last thing, The Hook doesn't need to know that we know. Mother will help you with your adoption process if he doesn't find out. Rest assured that there's no penalty if he does find out, this time anyway. - A new friend
  6. Variota

    Request: Tikva

    Northern Alharu is a large area. Can you give us a rough idea on a picture of northern Alharu where you'd see yourself be? Depending on the location, there are various things to keep in mind. Additionally, I'd love to see you (more) on the Discord. Like I've said to others that joined the region, the community and how you fit in it is just as big a part of things here as the roleplaying itself. You could be the best roleplayer around but if your character clashes with the others, that doesn't matter much.
  7. Variota

    In the Shadow of the Valley of Death

    Now, what is often forgotten is the massive difference between the Marenese border areas and the cities of Gulamina and Bharagala. The two cities together were estimated to contain sixty percent of the nation's population and out of these 264.000 people, one-hundred and fifty thousand of which in the capital of Gulamina, only ten thousand were slaves. These slaves often had specialized purposes and were either ordered from and captured by slaver agencies that had contacts throughout the Marenese Kingdom or found during regular slave raids and transported to the cities' slave auctions. Generally treated better than their brethren in rural areas, although exceptions remained, these slaves were deemed less rebellious; those that were more rebellious and attempted to escape were often caught before they left the city or failed during their attempt to murder their master, with the person often screaming bloody murder and alerting neighbors, police and other guards. Additionally, the near-century that had passed since their first settling of the lands had not helped. Gulamina, the first city to be settled, contained a lot of citizens that had lived solely in the city itself for three or two generations. While some of the newer citizens remained somewhat in touch with the issues rural life had or retained family there, Gulamina's elite knew nothing about it and thus, generally refused to take rural problems serious and remained passive in the first stages of the conflict. While the Gulamina elite generally served the King and the Marenese Kingdom's army and thus had far fewer personal assets to put in play, their voice could have led King Tamas II to increase the garrisons in the border area. While this would not have stopped the advance of the Laagher Kommandos, this could have ensured that the conflict lasted far, far longer. Instead, King Tamas II kept inactive for far too long. This inactivity could be clarified due to his notorious love for foreign foodstuffs. While the halted trade in 1808 had ensured that the influx of Variotan goods had mostly stopped, imports through Bharagala from other places remained possible. If the King had had such a love for domestic food, it might have made a difference in regards to properly estimating the problem that Hendryk and his Laagher Kommandos posed. Instead, the King bought more than 80% of his dietary needs from Bharagalan traders. Like some other authoritarian figures throughout history, this gave him a false sense of security. After all, how big could the problem be when he was still able to buy everything he needed? By the time Gulamina got into supply issues, with too many routes deemed too dangerous or entirely taken over by the Laagher Kommandos and ex-slaves, these forces were able to match or exceed anything the King could muster. Bharagala, nowadays Frijheitswaterplaats, was settled twenty years after Gulamina but managed to copy its prosperity by being a major river trading hub. From Bharagala, goods moved down the river to Variotan lands, other lands and the sea and similarly, goods moved to Bharagala from up the river. Due to the river's length, the varied lands it crossed and the fact that the river was often a faster, if not safer, option than going over land, Bharagala quickly grew wealthy. For the Marenese Kingdom, mostly just Gulamina as many rural farmers could not afford the high prices asked for foreign luxury goods, Bharagala was the city of progression, the city of fashion and innovation. While the halt of trade with Het Huisselant in 1808 ensured that the growth of the city was severely halted, the city managed to keep its importance. Its traders were well known throughout the Marenese Kingdom to be the people to talk to, the best and most varied amount of supplies and other goods in the entire nation could be found here. These traders often banded together in informal alliances based on the gentleman's club that they belonged to, also operated various businesses in rural areas. While most were in the vicinity of Bharagala or Gulamina, areas that were affected in later stages, some of the traders that operated businesses further away were among the first to be affected by the actions of the Laagher Kommandos. One issue here, however, was that other traders were often hesitant to aid their affected allies. Sending some of their forces, meant to guard the slaves, farms and mines, would mean taking a risk that your business could be attacked next without proper means to defend itself and that was if the men returned. If they didn't, the risk became even greater as new reinforcements would have to be hired and sent to the businesses, taking weeks. Had the response from Bharagala and Gulamina been far less passive, there would have been a good chance of the Laagher Kommandos and the slave rebellion being beat down. After all, the Marenese Kingdom's army was, while not armed with the newest rifles, well-trained and the guards under the Bharagalan traders were often recruited from said army and armed in a similar fashion. The Laagher Kommandos, while well-equipped at first, grew rapidly and had to adapt and integrate the weaponry they found into their ranks, which in turn grew from a reasonable trained force into a mixed rabble of ex-slaves and trained Kommandos that primarily found their inspiration in hatred and worship. One interesting thing within this conflict is the starting of rebellions throughout the Marenese Kingdom. Within the rural areas, which we currently define as everything outside of Bharagala and Gulamina, the amount of slaves neared nearly a third of all citizens present. While slavery as a whole had only been instituted relatively recently, the Marenese had went overboard and its economy depended on their labor, even more so after the trade with Variota was halted. This essentially ensured a situation that could be described as a powder keg and this showed once the Laagher Kommandos started to gain momentum. A notable location where a loose rebellion started was in the far north of the Marenese Kingdom, near the borders of the regular Variotan provinces. Mines here employed a mixture of Variotan slaves and slaves from areas further up the river with such a mixture often being popular within mining areas as the hope was that the difference in languages would keep the slaves disorganized. In the Lōha śētāta or Iron Fields mine, currently a historic landmark and interactive museum, this did not work. Piet Ooifaar, a missionary that had been sent to convert people up the Frijheitsrifier or Freedom River, had picked up rudimentary knowledge of a few languages spoken in those areas. When he heard guards discuss issues about shipments of iron going to the eastern parts of the Kingdom, he knew something was brewing. Leading a mixed crew of slaves, he managed to liberate the mines and sent word to the Kerke for aid. While he himself had died by the time Kerke reinforcements came, an infected stab wound ending his life, these reinforcements allowed this small northern rebellion to stay afloat until it was linked up with the Laagher Kommandos. Other loose rebellions popped up in early stages, often instigated by forward scouts sent out by Hendryk Reierfer-fan Gautfanger. These scouts focused themselves on more secluded areas, areas similar to the Shinde Plantation, as a way to establish safe houses and safe locations for the Laagher Kommandos, ex-slaves and anyone else anti-Marenese Kingdom. A system of signs was developed to aid this and remains active today, used for Ferredaal nature trails and cabins. It was not uncommon, however, for these same scouts to completely remove the inhabitants of non-slave owning farms. These actions worked demoralizing towards the general population and some of the more notorious removals remain within the Marenese culture as ghost stories and other supernatural stories. A notable exception to the momentum of the Laagher Kommandos was Fort Akul, in the southern tip of the nation. Intended to hold the line in case of Reierfer or Variotan invasions into the area, the fort was well-stocked and maintained a garrison of some of the finest Marenese soldiers. While they were unable to get word out of their plight towards Gulamina, the fort remained standing for four months until the commander arranged a deal for safe passage back to Marenese-controlled lands in exchange for them surrendering the fort. The deal was promptly broken by the local Kommando commander, who slaughtered the Fort Akul garrison when they set up camp for the night. - Historie Magazine Issue #8 of 2012, 'How did the Frije Reepubliek Ferredaal come to existence?'
  8. The mod team has discussed it and we've decided that it's best for this RP to die, there's nothing to gain from continuing it. I've locked the Chariot of Civility, as that seems to be the primary thread about this, should Greater Serbia ever return and wants to restart this all, we can unlock it or new threads can be created. Instead, we've come up with a reasonable (and potentially interesting) way to finish this instead. It's all being worked out, give us some time to flesh and iron it all out.
  9. Variota

    Letters from Het Huisselant

    SnuifFuif A party for your nose! To: atoirav@varmail.vr From: Steven fan'et Nat, CEO of SnuifFuif Regarding: Gratitude Dear brother, The favour you asked for is ready and waiting at the regular location. Thanks to the great service you did, the southern market should be open for production now, lowering our prices. Even with the coffee we'll have to share to ensure that it all stays solid, our prices will remain solidly below those of the others. If this is the future that we can expect when following the line, you can count us in. Tell the Auwe Kar that we'll support his endeavor, I've seen that the facility is active already. Whenever they active, they'll have the full backing of our catalog. Tell mother I love her and that she's free to visit whenever, just don't have her hiding in the back like last time. I nearly crashed against a tree when she popped up. - Steven
  10. Variota

    The Front Desk

    Welcome to the Academy! Eurth is a variable paradise, a mix and match of the most exotic and mundane nations, creatures and characters one could imagine. From the deep depths of the Adlantic Ocean to the neutral waters of the Keelpijppassage, from the temperamental people of Argis to the relaxed islanders of Marenesia, there is something to enjoy and partake in. Take a seat, young padawan student and let your good old Uncle V tell you what's what. Europa is a long-standing region with a history of roleplaying that dates back more than a decade. As part of that legacy and as part of the great renaissance of the region, we like to ensure that our members know what's what. No one expects you to be a full-blown novelist but, like most really good things, we do have an 'entry fee' of sorts. Other regions may call it a sign-up thread, some might use invitation only, others call it vetting, here it is the Academy. Now, the Academy's purpose is three-fold. It serves as a place to separate the threads you'll make that are not (yet, perhaps) part of the canon and those that are. It serves to get to know you and your RP and see if you are a good fit for the region and community, personality-wise and quality-wise. And lastly, it serves as a place where we can help those that might not yet reach the standards that we want for the region but that are willing to grow, willing to learn and fit into the community. Our Academy is thus, in a way, far more lenient than a regular sign-up thread, where others will only take one look and judge you. Here, you are able to receive tips, grow and improve yourself into someone we'd all be very happy to work with (or against, of course!). Our wiki has a great article that will help you get a better picture: Now that that's done, let's get to the real purpose of this thread. What does one do at a front desk? Check in, of course! And harass the front desk agent but you're already doing that by being here. Just kidding, of course. Fill in the paperwork, we'll stamp it and you're good to go frolicking around the Academy. [b]YOUR RP NATION[/b] Full Name of Nation: Government type of nation: Culture/ethnicity of your nation: Give us a short description of your nation: Do you have an IIWiki page?: [b]WRITING EXPERIENCE[/b] How would you describe your level of experience in regards to roleplaying? How would you describe yourself? RP/Writing samples (if available already): Do you wish to have a mentor assigned to you to help guide you through the start of your time here? [b]NATIONSTATES[/b] Why do you want to join this region?: Have you ever had trouble with any moderators?: Do you have any prior experience on NationStates? If so, give a brief accounting of it. Are you currently or do you plan to be a member of the NationStates World Assembly? Anything else?: [hr] [i]Providing any falsified or deliberately misleading information will result in your application being rejected and your access to the forum revoked. By submitting this form, you are indicating that you agree to abide by the community and RP rules of this community. Any breach thereof may result in disciplinary action including but not limited to revoking of forum posting rights, banning from the forum, removal of regional citizenship, and ejection from the region.[/i] Good luck and remember to have fun!
  11. Variota

    Letters from Het Huisselant

    To: Eugenios Goulielmos, Megas Logothetes of the Logothesion of Foreign Affairs of the Megas Agios Basileia ton Arhomanion ( @Tagmatium Rules) From: Tanja Groenbos, Foorste Kantorfoerter of het Kantor fan Buitenlant Diplomatiek of Het Huisselant Variota Regarding: Received Proposal To my esteemed colleague, Megas Logothetes Goulielmos, Het Huisselant has received your letter properly and with respect. It is good to see that the actions done by our people and by our politics are hailed as those of a civilized and cultured nation. We, as a whole, have always aimed to be and have been at the forefront of freedom, justice and prosperity, something that we are certainly proud of with a vigor. It is further more good to see that in these troubling times, the government you represent knows towards which nations it should turn. And in a sense, between the differences, there are also many similarities. We are both governments and nations that are looked at with respect, that have to be kept in mind within our spheres of influence, nations that stand for something. In regards to the embassy request, Het Hart fan'es Folke fan'es Huisselant has voted positively on it. As we speak, or rather write, papers are being drawn up by the appropriate authorities within the nation to allow for an embassy on our fair soil. While I would advice placement within Grootwaterflakte or Ferrefaaierhafen, law requires me to state that Reierferplattoterp and Kattetralerstatt also remain open as a choice for embassies. Should it be required or deemed beneficial to the establishment of your embassy within Het Huisselant, het Kantor fan Buitenlant Diplomatiek maintains several staff members that deal specifically with embassy issues. Regretfully, the repressive nature of some nations ensure that embassy staff often get rowdy once they are let loose, so to speak, within Het Huisselant; however, these employees are also well-versed in networking and may aid you with establishing ties with local businesses as required. We shall await the required paperwork from your government to allow the establishment of an embassy within your nation while we seek out a candidate with appropriate ties and status to be sent towards the Megas Agios Basileia ton Arhomanion. Should there be further questions by yourself or a colleague, please do not hesitate to write to myself and/or Het Kantor fan Buitenlant Diplomatiek. To a prosperous future together, Tanja Groenbos, Foorste Kantorfoerter of het Kantor fan Buitenlant Diplomatiek of Het Huisselant Variota
  12. Variota

    In the Shadow of the Valley of Death

    Tap. Tap. Tap. Tap. Tap. Tap. Tap. Tap. As if guided by divine purpose, the feet of the men and women rushing towards the Shinde Plantation seemed to barely touch the ground, for as much as that was possible. Their heavy rifles swaying back and forth on their bodies, thumping softly against their backs and chests. Their holsters bumping against their muscular legs, trained by the rough life they had led and were leading. Long dusters and animal furs clinging to their, now sweating, bodies to protect them against the cold and, if the sh*t would hit the fan, hopefully somewhat against a bullet. The very first phase of running was somewhat easy as while the forest also contained a lot of branches and other noise-producing nature, the forest was also a place where noise naturally existed; animals, plants and trees rustling and bustling around in the wind. Within the forest, no one would figure the sounds being heard were a highly-armed group of vigilantes, poised to slaughter the nearby inhabitants in order to free their brethren. Instead, one would figure it'd be a fox, a bush cat or a hyena poised to slaughter any nearby herbivores and dine on their flesh. Did it make it better that the Laagher Kommandos were not intending on eating the flesh of their slain enemies? Or were they, in a way, even worse than the animals here? Showing their raw, animalistic urges that had been grown, almost bred into them by the treatment they had received by the Marenese. The fox, the bush cat, the hyena did what they had to do because of their appetite, because of their survival. For these men and women, it wasn't about their survival bur rather, about the opposite side's death, the opposite side's deserved punishment. The Wraaksoekene Fertoemte, or Vengeful Damned, asked that themselves a lot. But in the end, the same result, the same idea always came out. They could not and God would not allow them a peaceful life if they merely returned to the life they had lost at the hands of the Marenese. They would be empty inside, half a person churning forward on the void, the black emptiness inside themselves. As much as this journey was about revenge, about punishment, it was also a journey of redemption, of salvation. Salvation through blood, redemption through suffering, like the first Aloorians that settled on the shores of Alharu had done. Like how God had led them and His Chosen Child, the holy Wilm fan Amalberga, to slaughter the aggressive natives and settle the Promised Land, moving their unified purpose forward in a wave of blood, a wave of suffering. Hardship was how a man, or a woman for that matter, grew and became closer to God, it was how the Variotans and the Klan Reierferers were now allowed to life a prosperous life, how they grew and improved while sinners in other sections of the world still toiled and suffered. Did they not toil now, suffer now? Of course. But God's message was clear, his aim a destined one. While the Variotans had never believed in crusades, in aimed warfare campaigns in the name of bringing His Light to non-believers through the force of sword and bow, this was one of the times when those participating in it felt that it could count as one. God had seen the vile nature, the unworthiness of the Marenese, the disgusting presumption that they had made that they were allowed to take his Chosen People captive. Hendryk was like a second Wilm fan Amalberga to his people, his brethren that were now running across the field. And like Wilm fan Amalberga and the natives, Hendryk would make the Marenese drown in their own blood, make them crawl to his feet and beg him to stop, stop the punishment that they had deserved. And in turn, like His Chosen Child, Hendryk would show the survivors mercy. But this time, there would be no exodus, no departure. Hendryk would keep them, educate them, show them the light. And those deemed unworthy before would bathe in waters worthy of His Light and turn into repentant sinners, turn into those that may have a chance of being redeemed like how Hendryk and his brethren had redeemed themselves. And as the gates of the plantation were being reached, Wraaksoekene Fertoemte left and right were panting, panting as one would do after having ran several minutes while fully armed and packed. But with the light of God warming their hearts, filling their lungs with breaths of his love, no one thought of taking a minute or two to get their breath back. They had been extremely lucky, the murderous gurgles of the night guards not waking anyone up, the large and long amount of heavy taps on the section of plains before the plantation not waking anyone up, Old Raj Shinde not waking up to go to the outhouse like all old people often did in the time they ran to the gates. Now, all eyes were trained on Hendryk. The mastermind, the leader, the savior. And with some hushed orders and a simple twirl of his fingers, the next phase began. Jan, his men and some others would go to the house and hold the Shinde's under control until Hendryk was able to join them. Another group of men would move towards the slave quarters and free those held there, bringing them back to the center clearing. And the last group, containing Hendryk, would go towards the guard barracks. The Marenese had made one mistake with their barracks, namely the placement of their rifles and pistols. In reality, if the guards had had their weapons near them instead of in one place near the door, they would have had atleast some chance to escape or fight. As it stood, however, the collection of firearms sitting near the door quickly came into the control of Hendryk and his brethren. With the men and women rushing into the barracks, the sleeping guards all awoke, some mumbling the Marenese version of 'what?'. Those that attempted to jump up from their beds were quickly pushed back and given the company of a pistol barrel on their temple. ''Good evening gentledogs. Please nod if you understand me, I know that you dogs have various dialects. Do not try to speak or else me and my companions will righteously strike you down right now.'' A slow but solemn nod followed from all of the guards. ''Good, good. Hereby, we liberate this plantation in the name of the righteous, the chosen people and place it under His Light. Your lives, as those propagating the injustice done here, has been forfeited. Your possessions have been forfeited. You will die. However, God allows those that are truly repentant to soak in the blessed waters touched by His Light and join him in working towards the expansion and improvement of His Vision On Eurth. Does anyone of you feel truly repentant?'' While most stayed quiet, one piped up. "I do, I do.'' ''You do?" ''I do." "You really do?" "Yes, yes." Hendryk neared the guard, looking into the scared beady eyes of the man. Even though the heat had mostly disappeared from the barracks, the man was profusely sweating. Fear sweat, the sweat of those frightful to die. Not true, truthful sweat of a person looking to accept the love and warmth of God in their hearts and minds. Filthy sweat, done by a filthy creature looking to save his own skin. As if Hendryk and his men had no way to see if someone was speaking the truth, as if they could not see into the soul of a person. As if they could not see if someone was as broken as them, as hurt as them, as void of any emotions except anger as them. As if they could not see if someone was ready to accept the chance to redeem themselves. ''You lie." "I don't! I really don't!" "You are. I can see it. God does not like fake believers. God hates pretenders. You shall die first." ''Nooo, noooooo!'' Hendryk plunged his knife into the chest of the man as the others were forced to watch. A slow, guttural gurgle could be heard as Hendryk plunged his knife into the man again and again and again, his mouth slowly filling up with blood. Within half a minute, the sound stopped and the only thing heard in the barracks was Hendryk plunging his knife time and time again into the man. Revenge is a powerful thing, a powerful emotion, something that could overpower a man, force them into an animalistic fever. For Hendryk, this was one of the first times that he could feel truly in control, truly his own person again. As the flashbacks of his mother dying played in his mind, his body took over, his deep urges took over. When the red haze, as some would go on to call this violent urge to murder seen among the freed slaves, left his mind, he quickly went from bed to bed to slit the throats of the others. Could his men and women have done that? Of course. But this first taste of victory, this first taste of death... It would be all his. And as the last man bled out, his companions left the barracks while Hendryk looked over it one last time. This would be the fate of all Marenese dogs, death. And still, this death was far too kind on most of them. A slit throat was fast yet the suffering they made their slaves go through was slow and painful. He'd make them suffer though, him and God. All of them would, be it on this Eurth by his hands or in hell, by His Hands. When Hendryk returned to the clearing, the freed slaves were standing there, some of them still dazed by the idea of freedom. That delicious freedom many of them had longed for for so long. But Hendryk understood it, he did. No slave could feel truly free without their former master slain, without the symbol of their suffering suffering in return. And he would provide that for them, he would give them the release that he himself had partially received when he stabbed his last master in the neck. Standing on the balcony of the master bedroom, the one facing the central clearing, was Jan and another one of his men. And with them were Old Raj Shinde, his son and his two grandchildren. Hendryk would make this a show, a good show. Reaching the balcony, he faced the crowd gathered below. ''My friends and brethren, my newly freed companions! I, Hendryk Stanthouwer, stand before you as a free man! A pious man! A man on a mission! My friends here around you know this to be true!" A quick shout of 'hear hear' could be heard. "Thank you! Thank you all for your confidence, for your support of our mission! For you to put your own lives at risk as I put mine is something I and as I am sure, God, appreciate deeply! This place serves as our first stop to robbing the dirty Marenese dogs of their lifestyle! No longer shall any Marenese own a person belonging to the Chosen People! No longer shall the Marenese oppress us! This place is now yours, those that worked the hardest to support it. Their weapons are now yours, those that deserve it the most. Their belongings are now yours, those that need it the most! In return, we shall pay them with death! May their suffering in hell be a thousand times worse and a thousand times longer than they would have inflicted upon you!" Turning to the four Marenese standing next to him, Hendryk continued in Marenese. "Your life is forfeit. Your goods are forfeit. Your property is forfeit. Your children are ours now. Any last words or requests?" "Please, I am an old man. Let me die in dignity." "Dignity? I shall grant you the same dignity as you have granted them!" A repeat of the scene in the barracks followed, with Hendryk plunging his knife into the back of Old Raj Shinde. Unlike the guard, however, Hendryk did not keep stabbing him but instead kicked him over the balcony. Falling down a story, the man still attempted to crawl away only to be stopped by the newly freed slaves. Kicking and stomping him, it seemed that their anger was only now firing up. "Next, his son. Or boy toy. Last words, last request?" "Please do not let my sons witness this, they are only children!" "Like your people do to us? Do you not think any of us witnesses your atrocities during our childhood? Do you not think any of us had to see family die at your hands? Request denied, may God grant you even less mercy than I have now." And again, a knife to the back and a kick off of the balcony. As the body hit the ground, a sick crack could be heard and from the position of his head, it seemed as if it had broken his neck. This did not stop his former slaves however, as they continued to kick and stomp on him like they did to his father. The two children, by now crying their eyes out, were forced to watch it by Jan and another of the Cursed Damned, holding their heads in such a way that they had to look, their fingers forcing the eyes to stay open. They would suffer as much as the Variotans did, they would see as much death as the Variotans had. That's something they would make sure of. ''Gentlemen and gentlewomen, let us feast tonight! Jan, pull out the bottles from the wagon. Tonight, we toast to freedom, tonight, we toast to redemption!"
  13. Variota


    Welcome to the region! To get a better feeling of who you are and vice versa, I highly recommend you join the Discord. Next to allowing us to get to know you, you to get to know us and see if you fit into the community, it'll allow you to ask questions more easily to those that are able to help you out with integrating your nation into the region (myself and the other moderators). If you're already part of the Discord, just ignore this. Early in the morning and all that, haha.
  14. Variota

    Royal Family looking for home

    My suggestion: Have them flee to Variota. The idea behind it is really simple. Variotan traders would've been everywhere at that time, looking to earn a buck. What does royalty like? Luxury goods, spices, drinks, etc. The way I see it, the previous Emperor could have been buying his items from a Variotan trader of some importance. He dies, his heir has to flee. Generally speaking, there is always some time in which trouble brews. Could be they sensed that and sent out a trusted messenger to attempt to gain passage to Variota. While we're a republic, there was never any strong anti-monarchy forces as the Variotans simply never had any royalty. The trader accepts, presumably for some selfish reason like thinking having an exiled monarch in his debt could give him prestige or influence, and they flee to Variota during the night; presumably the royal family would have grabbed some crown jewels and other important things. From there on out, there are multiple interesting twists that could happen. Could be they simply pay whatever fees needed to gain entry into the nation and become citizens, could be that they get sponsored by one of the five Variotan Klans (essentially large, prominent and wealthy families by then) or Klan Reierfer (the sixth, larger, less prominent, less wealthy. Basically the equivalent of rednecks. Maintain their own state within Het Huisselant.) and get set-up in the nation by them, etc. Royalty, even in exile, would have been a major prestige boon for one of the Klans, essentially a great fashion accessory for events and such.
  15. Variota

    Letters from Het Huisselant

    To: Iskander Yegerov, Premier of @Prymontian Rus From: Reemy Loopentlant, Minister of Diplomatic Affairs of Het Huisselant Regarding: Congratulations on winning the election To my esteemed colleague, Premier Yegerov, Het Huisselant congratulates you and the National Rus party on your election victory, may your government turn out to be and remain stable and strong. The task of rebuilding the nation and leading it and its citizens towards a brighter future may seem like a daunting task, the political equivalent of having to lead a group of climbers to the top of the mountain while a thick fog is in the air. Keep your mind clear, keep your vision for the nation close to your heart and remember that a good compromise may be best during times, those that do their song and dance properly will always have a chance to turn the nation into their vision and turn themselves into one of the main figures of their nation's history. While our two nations were not connected thoroughly before the hardships you and your people have suffered, this does not mean that this has to continue. Hard work has to be rewarded and no one can say that the men and women of the Prymontian Rus have not done that; the grace and class that your people have shown in your struggle is to be commended. The path in front of you will be a rough one but we are willing to aid in that regard, aid in working towards a brighter future together. We know that, as we speak, talks and discussions are already being held by Variotan businesses that are waiting and willing to jump into the gap that has been established by the hardships, by the struggle that has seen your nation reborn; not unlike the mythical phoenix. To ease the steps and barriers that naturally exist in situations where entities from two different nations work together, such as Variotan businesses opening up and tourists staying in the Prymontian Rus, Het Huisselant wishes to establish an official embassy within your nation. As we know that there is an egalitarian side to the governing of the nation, we are additionally willing to open a consulate in the southern parts of the nation if that is wanted; Het Huisselant seeks to be a friend to all within the Prymontian Rus. The establishment of the embassy will not only serve as a symbol of the official recognition of the Prymontian Rus as the proper government of the land from Het Huisselant but the acceptation of our request would be seen, by myself and my fellow colleagues, as a solid step towards closer relations between our two fine nations. I am obviously more than happy to respond to any questions you may have or to provide the needed information to your side in order to ensure the full success of the establishment of said embassy, in the event the request is deemed acceptable by yourself, members of your government and any other governmental bodies that will need to be consulted. To a prosperous future together, Reemy Loopentlant, Minister of Diplomatic Affairs of Het Huisselant