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  1. As said before, any puppets of Rihan will be scrubbed from the canon completely. I myself have been busy at removing mentions of Rihan from the wiki, which I'd guesstimate I'm about 30% done with, and while O merely marked his puppets, be assured that they will be removed from the map. The area where Rihan's nation was located will be changed up to accommodate an unrelated NPC, which will serve both as a testbed for a system under development as well as serve as a way for nations to maintain their interactions if they so wish in order to minimize the changes to canon needed. Should the nation not be wanted/needed after being a testbed, we can always see about deleting that too. Don't see a slow progress as 'not wanting to put extra effort' into it. However, everyone has lives too and work and/or studies have to come first. This also isn't the only thing we're working on as a team and it ties into multiple other things we're looking at improving, revising, etc. What I can say right now is that you can expect great strides on all fronts Eurth soon, not just on the removal of Rihan and his multiple personalities.
  2. Can twerking be weaponized? Variotan military strategists say 'Yes!' Military strategists from the Huisselikke Aanfals en Proteksiemagt have released a statement, granting us insight into this generation's biggest question; Can twerking be weaponized? And, according to these strategists, the answer is yes. The Propagatie en Morraalmagt, from which the strategists hailed, was quick to state that the science behind weaponized twerking was still very much in its infancy but additionally mentioned that the possibilities are, potentially, endless. A spokesperson belonging to Het Fullermagt, a Folke Milisie belonging to the East Variotan Association for Adult Entertainers and Actors, was quick to applaud the out-of-the-box thinking of the Variotan military, stating: 'I can see how the possibilities for such a skill can be endless. Even just among our own association, we have men and women with buns of steel. If we could harness those buns of steel into literal buns of steel, able to ricochet bullets... Well, I think we can all agree on how great and life saving that would be for our soldiers. With the right training and equipment, who can say what the limit is on twerking away bullets? We could have squads of professional military twerkers that spank away tank rounds. After all, it might come from a tank but it's basically just a massive bullet. When people say it's insane, I point them to computers, to antibiotics. Did the people 50, 100 years ago think that those things would ever exist? Of course not. Yet they do and they enrich our life. Twerking is the same, it's here to enrich our lives. And as it turns out, protect our lives too.'
  3. Variota

    Doom of Ceris

    An open letter to the citizens of Zaspa from Heere fan'es Oferheit and Minister of Foreign Affairs Reemy Loopentlant Dear citizens, Rest assured that your plight, your issues, your virtues and your dreams are seen by powers beyond your government. The citizens of Het Huisselant, the freighters, the businesses and anything in between that has visited your nation has extolled its virtues and the untapped potential that can be found throughout the land and within you, its proud citizens. Not even the many issues from outside your borders have stopped you from growing and developing. Yet, that potential, that growth could be stimulated far more, nurtured by a power greater than your own. A power that has a long history of nurturing and fostering growth, freedom and potential throughout history. A power like Het Huisselant. And thus, we come with an offer that is unique for your situation, your nation, your people. An equal seat within Het Huisselant, a proper place in a regional power. A place within a brighter, more prosperous future. We understand that the proper procedures have to be followed within a proud republic such as Zaspa. And we understand that its difficult to decide without something tangible, something that you can hold and use. Thus, Het Huisselant offers you, if you decide to accept our gracious offer: An immediate cash injection of ₩185.000.000, equally divided among the men, women and children of Zaspa, to be claimed from, to be founded, offices of the Ministry of Zaspan Integration in the form of a voucher. These vouchers will be redeemable at Variotan banks or Zaspan banks that handle Waarttemun. An additional cash injection of ₩185.000.000, five years after the inclusion date of Zaspa within Het Huisselant, to be divided and claimed in a similar fashion. The ability to invest the vouchers of children into an education-intended savings account at any of the major Variotan banks with the government of Het Huisselant doubling the initial amount. This monetary injection into the nation will be able to be spent however you see fit. Whether your house needs a new roof, you seek to expand your business, seek to treat yourself or something entirely different, Het Huisselant will not judge you. But these are not the only benefits that you will gain from participating within Het Huisselant. Representation within the Parliament of Het Huisselant, on an equal or better basis as currently exists. The maintaining of current governmental institution at an equal or better level within the framework of Het Huisselant. Full protection of freedoms according to the constitution and laws of Het Huisselant. You will not lose your voice. Multiple people and governments maintain their independence within Het Huisselant, their voice not only carrying weight within their own territory but also for the greater good of Het Huisselant. The Zaspan culture and people will be fully protected within the warm embrace of Het Huisselant. And speaking of protection: The immediate establishment of a Zaspan command, to compliment local forces. This command will be staffed first by proper and vetted personnel from selected Folke Milisies and Varinco Security, one of Het Huisselant's premiere PMCs and part of the world-renown and world-wide GFWFA Varinco, until a time when a detachment of the HAP can take its place. The importation of new, proper armaments from GFWFA Varinco to arm the Zaspan forces, Het Huisselant paying for half of the costs while financing the other half, to be paid once the Zaspan nation is bearing fruit of our unification. No longer will you fight alone against piracy and outer influences, Het Huisselant will stand with you. Yet, I can see some of you thinking already, what good is a secure nation if we're still going to suffer from issues such as shortages, unemployment, poverty? Immediate expansion of Variotan business operations within Zaspa through a varied means of economic stimulation as put forward by the Ministry of Economic Issues and tweaked by the, to be founded, Ministry of Zaspan Integration to further suit the local situation. Improvement of Zaspan businesses and their competitiveness on the international market through similar means. The establishment of a Zaspan work program through the Ministry of Zaspan Integration, allowing currently unemployed Zaspan citizens to fulfill open positions in other parts of Het Huisselant for fair wages and benefits, under fair circumstances. The integration of Zaspan equivalents into the Variotan welfare program as put forward by the Ministry of Welfare and Personal Growth, allowing Zaspan citizens to enjoy the security that is granted to citizens of Het Huisselant. Het Huisselant has a plan, our people are ready and able to aid you, the proud Zaspan people, within the shortest amount of time possible. You deserve the best you, you can be. Het Huisselant can give you that. Write your representatives, write your leaders, hold a meeting at your parliament, rise up if all else fails if you seek to accept our offer and loving embrace. So long as my cabinet remains in power, the Zaspan people and the Zaspan nation will always have a place within Het Huisselant. - Reemy Loopentlant, Heere fan'es Oferheit & Minister of Foreign Affairs of Het Huisselant
  4. July, 2018 ''So what am I looking at here?'' ''Well, you know that they're housing asylum seekers throughout the nation, right.'' ''Yeah.'' ''So, the Ministry of Welfare and Personal Growth wants to take in more of those people. Het Apparath say that war is basically unavoidable throughout the world and we should prepare.'' ''Okay, doesn't answer my questions.'' ''Well, we need to make room for them, don't we. So we've been mass murdering the elderly. Orders from Het Apparath.'' ''What? What the f*ck are we doing?'' ''Don't look at me like that. We're not murdering the useful elderly. Just, you know, the infirm and such.'' ''You... Wha... I... Fuuuuuuuuck. How am I going to explain this? Shit.'' ''Basically, we just line them up on the ground, ten or more and then those vehicles drive over them. The normal ones get driven over by the left one but when you get those fatties or those in like an iron lung or wheelchairs, we use the right one. It's heavier so it crunches better.'' ''Crunches better? Crunches f*cking better? Are you on crack? That's bloody people you're talking about!'' ''You can say that again, they end up pretty bloody! Haha! I think the record is thirty people in one go!'' ''I... I. I. I've got to stop this. I can't believe Het Apparath would be involved in this. f*ck, who am I kidding? Of course they're involved.'' ''Reemy...'' ''Who can help me before I end up getting whacked? Maybe I can try Dina Diva, they can't keep her broadcast from airing, it's live. Maybe I can get Aleiksander to mobilize the Folke Milisies. I know where his files are buried away, that should give me leverage. If it fails, it's not like him disemboweling me is any worse than what Het Apparath would do.'' ''Reemy.'' ''What? Don't look at me like that, smiling! YOU! You made me find this out!'' ''It's a joke.'' ''What?'' ''It's a joke. Do you seriously think we'd mass murder the elderly?'' ''I mean... Het Apparath...'' ''We're the bloody army. We're not going to be killing innocents... Atleast not Variotan innocents, am I right? Haha. Haha. Come on Reemy, smile a bit.'' ''You just tried to convince me we were murdering the elderly by driving over them in these... What the f*ck are these anyway?'' ''Varinco's new models. Project 18. The Light and Heavy Tank to fulfill the needs of the new generation of warfare or something like that. I was pretty high when the salesperson came round, to be honest. I almost ate some custard cakes they brought, it looked so good.'' ''I'm going to have you murdered if I ever end up governing.'' ''Now, now. That's a bit of an overreaction to a little joke, especially when I've managed to get you an amazing deal.'' ''Just like those bloody elderly of yours, crushed by a tank. I could make it look like an accident, I bet.'' To: atoirav@varmail.vr From: johanjannatter@hap.vr Regarding: Meeting Brother, Support has been arranged for upgrades, just as mother wanted. We need the support of Auwe Kar though. Support cannot go through without delivery of test run amount at low cost, however. Unable to offer much from current position beyond last year's model as a trade-in. Rumors say AK wants to upgrade his bang-bang puppets into proper boomers. Idea? - J.J. To: johanjannatter@hap.vr From: atoirav@varmail.vr Regarding: Re: Meeting Brother, You bring these words to me like it's a success while we all know it's a failure. Your support has been talking about the 'joke' you played. Should the choice come between losing that support or losing you, do not trust on you safely returning to mother's embrace. You've been warned before. Rest assured for now, however. Your failure has a chance of succeeding with mother's other wants. - W15-34 To: J.D. Karrewasser, Chairman of Varinco From: atoirav@varmail.vr Regarding: Mother's well wishes My dear friend, Mother has told me that you are a dear friend of the family. I'm the newest of her sons that you will be dealing with, I hope I can assume you know what the procedure is to verify this. I'm contacting you in regards to mother's wish. Mother's wish is one of mutual benefit to us, as you assuredly know already, and it so happens that we need a battalion of your newest Grootfegtfoertuigen delivered at a price that, I cannot lie to a dear friend, barely covers material costs. I've been given the power by mother to give you some leeway to arrange this. We can offer you an equal amount of last year's model for your forces, straight from military stocks. We know you seek to upgrade your forces without drawing attention. - W15-34 To: atoirav@varmail.vr From: J.D. Karrewasser, Chairman of Varinco Regarding: Re: Mother's well wishes My friend, Your verification checks out. You're talking about me taking a hit of several million Waarttemun, double digit millions. Mother knows my loyalty to her but I'm not going to commit economic suicide to fulfill her wishes, nor do I believe mother would want that. As you are new, I'm going to give you some leeway. I'm not one you should test the patience of, however. Next time, forget about giving me a shit deal. My best offer to fulfill mother's wish is last year's model, arranging for the quick grant of certain licenses my forces need and a steady supply of candy. And if you come at me with a monthly delivery of Snelkoop snacks, I'll personally make you swallow so much candy that even the dogs at the Bogd Gioro airport will be able to smell you. And they're hungry enough that you can easily smuggle a kilo or two so long as your arm pits are smeared with barbecue sauce. Of course, I know mother won't accept that without something to wet her appetite. Tell her my forces will see her as their mother too. She will understand what I mean. - Karrewasser February 2019 Teil-Geen'raal J.J. Natter of the 'Fontein's Fegtfantomen' Armored Division discovered as the person found crushed at parade! Authorities within the HAP have released the identity of the serviceman found crushed under a military tank at the recent Ferrefaaierhafen military parade. Teil-Geen'raal J.J. Natter, leading the Fontein's Fegtfantomen armored division was found dead before the start of the second half of the parade. Found by Folke Milisie members that had just finished their route, identification was difficult due to the removal of all facial features by the weight of the vehicle. While authorities could not explain how this wasn't noticed by other personnel, it seems that most of the personnel in the area had been temporarily distracted by the generosity of a local ice cream truck, giving out free ice cream to soldiers. Teil-Geen'raal Natter stayed behind as he was extremely lactose intolerant and digestion of the ice cream would have led to violent bouts of explosive diarrhea according to family. The investigation into the matter was led by Chief Boofenheufel of the Provincial Police Force. Working in unity with military police units, it has now been deemed closed. In a statement released by Chief Boofenheufel, it appears that the tank suddenly started rolling without Natter noticing and this led to his death; his head and upper body crushed by the weight of the tank. Ironically, the tank in question was one of the new Grootfegtfoertuig 18's that Natter's division was first to receive and would be showing them off to the public. The manufacturer, Varinco, has offered their condolences yet assured the public that this was not the fault of the tank but rather of Natter himself; a statement that was quickly supported by Chief Boofenheufel. While international orders haven't been released by Varinco, unofficial sources say that there have been multiple interested parties for the two new models.
  5. As before, Sjaak raised his cane and waited until he had been granted the permission to speak to the General Assembly. The refreshments had given him new energy. Of course, refreshments here would never be as good as those available in Variota but luckily, this proposal sought to lower the existing hurdles that kept Variotan refreshments from conquering the world. That having been said, it all depended on the answers delegate Bendtsen would give. ''The delegate of Het Huisselant Variota requests clarification in regards to the proposal 'General Common Tariff Scheme Agreement' as put forward by the delegate of the Commonwealth of Andalla. Namely, Article 2, section 3 states 'Any product shall be considered as originating from ATARA member states, if at least 45% of the product's total content originates from a certain ATARA member state.'. Does this delegate understand the meaning correctly by stating that this means that a product has to originate for at least 45% from one singular ATARA member state? Article 4, section 4 states 'Any additional fees or charges other than those connected to the taxation of imports and exports shall reflect only the approximate cost of the services rendered (e.g. Customs inspections).'. One may, quite correctly in this delegate's opinion, associate the example given by the proposal, customs inspections, as a service connected to the taxation of imports and exports; after all, such inspections serve not only the public's safety but additionally allows for monitoring in regards to the actual value of the goods compared to what has been listed by the importing or exporting party. This is, obviously, relevant for the taxes levied on these products. Other delegates and governments may hold an entirely different definition of what falls under this category. Is the delegate from the Commonwealth of Andalla intending to put forward an addendum to this proposal at a later date to include a list of agreed-upon non-taxation connected fees and charges? Article 4, section 5 states 'The provisions of each member state's tariff reduction scheme shall be made known to the general public quickly, honestly and efficiently, by means of publishing in conspicuous places in at least four (4) newspapers of general circulation within said member state, on or before the 11th of July 2018.'. This time-frame leaves member states with less than one month after the end of this meeting to investigate and vote on the best course of action for their situation as well as, afterwards, arranging for publications in four newspapers. This delegate finds this time-frame to be rather unforgiving and seeks clarification on the consequences for member states that find themselves unable to maintain it. That marks the end in regards to what this delegate seeks at this moment. This delegate wishes to thank the delegate from the Commonwealth of Andalla in advance for the clarifications given.''
  6. So, I'm seeing some avenues for me to get active within this whole thing: Number 13 - Rewhain - mentions that they're frequently in conflict with their larger neighbor. Such a nation would, presumably, be very interested in acquiring weaponry to aid their defences. Issue remains that their small population figure and the fact that they're surrounded by their enemy, especially when combined with their limited economic size, means that their chances of pulling through any reasonably sized conflict are slim. One option for Rewhain would be to seek some form of military agreement with number 14, Stroyhein, as both of them have the same enemy. Chances of survival for them would still be slim but there's always more safety to be found together. Number 16 - Zespa - is in about the same situation but on a much smaller and more manageable scale, although its small size provides challenges as well. Alleviating their resource shortages by investing in local projects would certainly win us some influence and goodwill. In addition, we could obviously sell them weapons to resist Nesneubar, which seems to be its primary enemy. Of course, this also means taking on the piracy. Zespa itself is too small and relatively poor to do it on its own, as far as I can tell, so it'd need outside help to do so. Thing is, is it worth it to send out a flotilla to deal with it? Probably not. If it's a large enough issue there, I would assume cargo ships follow different routes already not to mention that there's a reasonable assumption that Derthaler naval ships would operate between Zespa and its own coast. If the problem is more localized, it could be dealt with by simply keeping one or two ships in the area but either way, there's always the chance of it being seen as an escalation by Nesneubar. Number 19 - Yosmein - is basically your 13-in-a-dozen corrupt democracy, which is something we can absolutely work with. But it's bordered by anarchy and communists, the communists being the biggest issue. With the right amount of influence and cheap arms, they could probably be led into pacifying atleast some part of the anarchy; the issue being that if they overstretch, the communists might attempt something. Now, Number 23 and 24 - Edrela and Ubraoria - are interesting because they're both probably suffering from Rusheau and its hostility. Now, my idea would be for them to be 'eased' into a federation to aid each other; a West-Ceriser Federation or something generic like that. The extremism of Edrela can be focused into paramilitary groups and an enlarged, unified military. The Ceriser minority of Ubraoria can be used to raise guerrilla groups among the Ceriser minority in Rusheau. Edrelan agricultural products could be bought through Het Apparaat and its funds to aid these groups while at the same time stimulating the economy, not to mention start up various business as Het Apparaat always does. Feed Rusheau cheaply made drugs? Yes please. If all else fails, the primary goal isn't even beating Rusheau or otherwise pacifying it, it could be as simple as just making these two nations difficult enough for them to set their sights on Ganlin; after which it's no longer their problem.
  7. Flashbacks to the election: Het Waarre Raket tells all you need to know With the election behind us, Het Waarre Raket fan het Noorten is giving you the only summary of the Variotan elections that you'll need to read - until our next elections, of course! If you're still under the impression Frits fan Soutlant leads the government, you're wrong and you should feel bad! Read this and afterwards, go to the Sausage Section and make yourself feel good again, knowing you've finally caught up on politics. The figures (Party name - previous seats - current seats) Koalitie fan het Huisselant - Disbanded after 2019 election result Laagher Partij - 18 - 7 Kaltoer Partij - 30 - 12 Partij fan'es Staten - 21 - 15 Previous seats: 69 | Current seats: 34 Roos-Rooie Koalitie Rooie Asosiasjie - 4 - 3 Sosjaale Partij Variota - 9 - 5 Sosjaale Partij Reierfer - 2 - 4 Sosjaale Partij Unie fan Kommunes - 3 - 4 Precious seats: 18 | Current seats: 16 Koalitie fan'es Waarre Folke Waarre Laagher Partij fan het Huisselant - 8 - 9 Feilig Frij Folke - 5 - 2 Kristelik Variota - 6 - 14 Foorste Walensiaanse Partij - 1 - 4 Frije Nieuw-Walensiaanse Partij - 6 - 11 Trots Regts - 12 - 10 Previous seats: 38 | Current seats: 50 Independent Parties (No Coalition) Liefte Frijheit Fooruitgang - 2 - 0 (disbanded) Partij fan'es Keelpijppassage - 7 - 3 Algemeiner Partij fan'es Minterheit - 5 - 1 Groep Tonny Linkefoet - 6 - 3 Konserfatief Kristelik Huisselant - 15 - 18 Previous seats: 35 | Current seats: 25 Frije Koalitie fan'es Lant: Asosiasjie fan Oliefaaier - 1 - 1 (12) Alharuns Belang - 4 - 23 (19) Alliansie fan'es Heer - 10 - 16 (14) Toekomst! - 1 - 35 (29) *Numbers in brackets denote the amount of seats before the allocation of surplus Asosiasjie fan Oliefaaier seats Previous seats: 16 | Current seats: 75 The voting on cabinets Round 1 - Vote on a fan Ferredaal (RA) cabinet - Roos-Rooie Koalitie For: 16 Against: 184 Result: Not Passed Round 2 - Vote on a fan Ferredaal (RA) cabinet - Roos-Rooie Koalitie in combination with tacit support from PfK, APfM and GTL For: 22 Against: 177 Abstain: 1 (Tonny Linkefoet Jr., reason: visiting bathroom) Result: Not Passed, Roos-Rooie Koalitie barred from putting forward further cabinet voting rounds Round 3 - Vote on a Wanneman (KKH) cabinet - Independent For: 46 Against: 154 Result: Not Passed Round 4 - Vote on a Wijnmaaker (KV) cabinet - Koalitie fan'es Waarre Folke For: 73 Against: 127 Result: Not Passed Round 5 - Vote on a Hartfelt (FNWP) cabinet - Koalitie fan'es Waarre Folke in combination with support from KKH and LP For: 75 Against: 125 Result: Not Passed, Koalitie fan'es Waarre Folke barred from putting forward further cabinet voting rounds Round 6 - Vote on a Lopentlant (TOE) cabinet - Frije Koalitie fan'es Lant with support from the Koalitie fan'es Waarre Folke and KKH For: 148 Against: 52 Result: Passed, Frije Koalitie fan'es Lant allowed to form the government; Lopentlant installed as new Heere fan'es Oferheit. Division of ministers in the Lopentlant cabinet The Lopentlant cabinet will expand minister numbers from 20 to 26. Nineteen ministers will be put forward by the Frije Koalitie fan’es Lant, six ministers will be put forward by the Koalitie fan’es Waarre Folke and one minister will be put forward by Konserfatief Kristelik Huisselant. In exchange for gaining ministers in the cabinet, the Koalitie fan’es Waarre Folke and Konserfatief Kristelik Huisselant offer their full and total support to each other, Toekomst! and the Loopentlant cabinet, including but not limited to their Folke Milisies and other non-political support groups/constructions. A special ministry, the Ministry of Lukan Inclusion and Integration, is to be established in order to accelerate the final preparations of fully establishing Lukan parity within Het Huisselant as well as maximizing the potential of the Lukan territory. This ministry is to be manned by Dr. D.L. fan Boerlant-Varra, member of Toekomst!. Comments by domestic political leaders ‘’I, for one, applaud the election victory by my esteemed colleague Heere Oferheits Loopentlant. Similar to my own situation, he has managed to galvanize great political gain with his political bloc. We’re both at the heart of a type of government that our two great nations haven’t seen in a while. Lukinagrad, Lukansestatt, remains extremely proud to have been able to join Het Huisselant. The establishment of a special ministry to aid the warm welcome and embrace that Het Huisselant has shown us is a great sign, one showing the willingness of the new government to truly work with us to create a better, more secure future for us all. Lukans, Variotans, equal and stronger together in one prosperous homeland for all.’’ - Wiktor Nicolai fan Lukansestatt, Prime Minister of Lukinagrad and Sojuz na Vartotanski Imigranti party leader ‘’This government is a giant step back from the previous, centered cabinet. Regretfully, we weren’t able to change anything about the considerable right-wing influence that voters have chosen for. I think the entire Roos-Rooie Koalitie will be focusing on our internals, looking at our loyal members and asking them what they feel our direction should be. For now, though, our sheer minority means we’ll be doing what we’ve always done, be a voice of reason within the opposition.’’ - Rakesh fan Ferredaal, Rooie Asosjiasie party leader ‘’We have a clear government in the parliament now, one that has the seats, know-how and vision to swiftly and decisively make decisions that benefit the entire nation. I’ve already worked together with some of the great men and women in the new government, such as Quintana Wijnkooper, to get projects within my own Klan Reierfer Gebiet together. The previous government put their own personal pet projects before the Variotan values and ideals that we hold dear. I hope and feel that the new one will not be so soft, keeping our ideals and values close to their hearts and decisions as well as expanding their reach beyond our shores.’’ - Gerart Rinus Reierfer, Folke Heere fan’es Klan Reierfer Openingsspeech by Heere fan’es Oferheit Reemy Loopentlant We’re standing at the crossroads of an important time in history and the voters have chosen wisely. Away from the flawed mediocrity that centrism brought us, away from the intelligence-starved solutions of the ideological left and into the capable hands of us, supported by a great majority. It fills me with great pride and warmth when I see the large amount of experience, knowledge and innovation that can be found among the members of our government. We aim to ensure a more secure, more prosperous and more important future for all Variotans and Het Huisselant. No longer shall we accept mediocrity, the Variotan people take their rightful place as the leaders of Alharu; the guiding light for a continent that seeks and often needs it, a voice, a nation to follow. Yearn no longer, those without hope, those without future, those merely surviving but with potential for more. Het Huisselant embraces you, offers you the chance to take advantage of your potential. Yes, this will cost you for nothing genuinely worthwhile is free but Het Huisselant always proves an useful ally. Our hand of friendship further extends to other nations, those with hope, those with a future, those thriving. Cooperation that leads to mutual benefit is our goal; a more prosperous world. Those wanting to work with us, those seeking a better future for all, the diplomats of Het Huisselant welcome you with open arms. Those seeking to promote and those that work alongside those that seek to uphold values conflicting with ours and those similarly doing so with values that conflict with sanity itself, watch out. We have deep pockets, fargoing capabilities and a population that is fed up with the state of the world as it stands. To our voters, I sincerely thank you for your faith and trust in us. We’re going to prove to everyone the value of their vote, or in the case of our opposition, the votes of their fellow Variotans. We’re here to listen to your concerns, your situation. The only way we’re going to end up with the best future we can create is if we move, decide as one; one unified nation going forward. See Het Huisselant as a regular home and we’re the contractors, the renovation crew. We’re going to improve it, improve the value, improve the neighborhood. Us, together as one government, as one people, as one nation. We’re here for you.
  8. The issue with changes is that, when they go too deep, it essentially becomes a rewrite/do-over which we tend to irk away from. However, I think one of the things that benefit you, in regards to it being accepted, is that, while it goes deep, you're not moving locations nor changing the general geopolitical situation. Even more so, you're moving away from a culture that's generally assigned/intended/understood to come from a different area towards one that's arguably makes more sense (I do see Afro-Semitic Polynesian on the culture map from way back for that area but I'm not entire sure what that would entail). You could probably ask if your neighbors are okay with it but seeing as it should be a relatively straight-forward culture change, I can't see a blatant issue they could have beyond needing to change the Bulgenstazian minority in their nation if they have them. So, here's the thing though as I see it: We, as mods, would need to see the changes so that you're not suddenly pulling some creative writing, trying to justify you having the industrial revolution 150 years before everyone else or some such because the small size of your people and your culture should enable it. The easiest workable way to do this would be, as far as I can think it up within a couple of minutes, for you to make a google document where you list the things you want to change. Could be something as simple as listing the current situation and what you want to change it to. General culture, history bits, city names, etc. That way, once you feel confident that you've worked out all the changes you want to do, we can look it over in one go, agree or discuss changes or disagree, and have it over in one smooth go.
  9. While the map looks good, I highly suggest to the cartographers that we wait until you've posted a factbook with, at the very least, the very basics needed before putting you on the map. Think of stuff like population numbers, GDP + per capita, basic military numbers.
  10. Update to the statement: While we could not previously confirm it, it has been found that Soreana is an additional account operated by Rihan. As with the other nations, Soreana will be scrubbed from the canon. Their discord account will be kicked once one of the admins is available to do so. In addition, the nation of Rihan will be renamed and redone in order to become an NPC. Nations may choose whether to continue their canon interactions with this replacement or to scrap it completely. If possible, please send your interactions to myself on Discord or here so that I may keep them in mind while setting things into an NPC.
  11. Yes, this is one of the options we're currently looking at as well as probably the most likely one. There are ideas in the pipeline so it may not stay a silent, isolationist NPC either; or it may. All depends on how this works out. Expect an answer in regards to how we proceed before the weekend.
  12. After a thorough investigation, the team has been made aware that the person primarily known as Rihan had been operating multiple accounts and nations - current nations/accounts are Rihan, Tikva, Kipan and Aluxia. Having multiple accounts is not allowed by both the community and roleplaying rules. The length of this deception, Rihan's position within the region, the misuse of other people's IP in earlier situations and other issues has ensured that the staff is both shocked and appalled by this behavior. Rihan has fully admitted to the rule breaking offenses in a private conversation with the Admins and the investigating moderator. The team has convened in a meeting and decided that there is no other consequence possible beyond the full and complete expulsion of the accounts and the individual primarily known as Rihan. While Rihan attempted to try to influence his departure to a silent one, the team feels that the entire community deserves the truth. For nations that have had canon interactions with the nations of Kipan, Aluxia or Tikva: These nations are to be scrubbed from the canon, any interactions to be deemed retconned. We appreciate your understanding. For nations that have had canon interactions with the nation of Rihan: We are currently finding a solution to this issue. We will update you once we have established the final solution. For everyone worrying about the wiki: The team has taken steps to ensure the continuation of the wiki. Rest assured that a plan is in place. Any wiki questions may, as always, be asked in the wiki discord channel. For everyone worried about future rule breaking in regards to multiple accounts: The team is working on establishing additional barriers to make the chance of this happening in the future smaller. If there are any further questions, feel free to ask. However, please note that due to the nature of the evidence (containing personal information), we will not be able to offer answers on all questions. -V
  13. Can someone help this old geezer with finding out what this would change for his nation? Reading climate maps is not one of my party tricks, sadly. Also, I get the sentiment of not wanting to change one's climate. I feel that, if this climate map passes on to canon, there isn't anything wrong with a bit of handwavium in so far as giving those who don't want to change, either wholly or just radically, what they want. Of course, you shouldn't want to have an arctic climate in the middle of the desert or some such but I don't believe any such realism-breaking grievances would exist.
  14. Variota

    Will you be Myne?

    Ferrefaaierhafen, a shining beacon of prosperity, progress and pleasure situated at the crossroads between the Keelpijppassage, or simply Keelpijp as it was often lovingly called, and the Qingming Sea, or Grootsee as it was known in Variot. It was here where two of the greatest minds on Eurth, some might even say of the universe would meet for their fair share of pleasure, joy, delight and diplomacy, not necessarily in that order. Often, these meetings would take ages to arrange with enough red tape covering the whole deal to tie the Eurth to the Mun in some freaky interplanetary bondage session. One diplomat from one side would have to get permission to send specifics to another diplomat on their side who would have to relay the message on to a lesser clerk who would then move it to the office of the Minister of Foreign Affairs or whomever was selected to be part of the government and decide on those things and so on and so on. Here, though, it was simple. Dina Diva has always had the support of Reemy Loopentlant, the minister of Foreign Affairs, since she had started to participate in Variotan politics. Whether that was because she eventually got bored after nursing her hangover in the parliament, genuinely cared or just wanted to bang the constant stream of new interns and hires from the various parties, lobby groups and the parliament's various amenities was something that various internet forums loved to gossip about but never managed to get a consensus in. And, as always in politics, once you have an in, someone you know, things just move faster. Of course, Dina Diva could have just used her own vaguely framed political powers as Foorste Frauwe fan'es Ferantwortelik fan'es Folke or her popularity as World's Greatest Diva to push things through but why bother when it's easier and just as fast to have Reemy push it forward to parliament. The voting had gone through to no-one's surprise. After all, the world's a hostile place and any means to gain just a bit more breathing room, another ally, another means to increase the economy of the nation was happily gobbled up by the representatives of Het Huisselant. A stamp here, a stamp there and Dina had received the letter the next day, stating that funds had been made available for an official diplomatic meeting between the Variotans, as represented by Foorste Frauwe Dina Diva, and the Galahindrans, as represented by Chairman Yiu Amistacia. Now, the Galahindrans were actually the Galahindans but the first sounded better in Variot and when you have an intern typing up the letter, they're obviously not going to care enough to flip through a book of demonyms to check if they used the correct one. As such, there was now a chartered Air Vooters flight landing at the Kaptein A.H. Ferrefaaierhafen International Airport, the busiest airport of Het Huisselant and one of the busiest of Alharu. Situated at the small town of Lorrelapperterp, a small distance from Ferrefaaierhafen, the airport was the primary employer for the town and somewhat a source of entertainment for the inhabitants. Teens would laugh at the bumbling tourists that entered the small town, wondering where the hell Ferrefaaierhafen would finally begin as if it would suddenly rise up like a desert mirage. Adults, just looking for a quick one night stand, often ended up in the bars of the airport, picking up travelers that wanted their first or last taste of the famous Variotan eggplant. Whether that was a metaphor for, hopefully enjoyable, coitus or simply the actual agricultural product was something that the same internet forums that debated Dina Diva's motivation would probably go wild for. The planned program for the visit had been pretty simple. After landing, there'd be time for Yiu and Dina to answer questions from the media that had been allowed to be at the landing. A simple affair, a small band to play music as the two met each other, some military forces sprinkled around to show that the HAP knew what it was doing. Then, the pink limousine that would carry Yiu, Dina and whomever Yiu had brought along would travel to Ferrefaaierhafen where the new MYNE store would open - a symbol of the new and improved Variotan-Galahindan cooperation, bigger and better than ever. Bottles would pop, socialites would swarm, the usual. And afterwards, an afterparty worthy of the name. Then the second day, because there was obviously no fun to be had in rushing any meeting, there would be time for the second part of the trip, where the potential for further ties would come to light. As Yiu had said to Dina in her letter, the Galahindans lacked a standing army and were extremely interested in gaining defensive ties. And who could blame them? The world was a hostile one where rogue nations crawled out of the floorboards as if one was in a darkroom and they were horny, hungry bottoms. If there was the option to napalm entire continents, it wouldn't be outrageous to believe atleast some politicians within Het Huisselant would choose to do so. Vice versa, there were various forces in Het Huisselant that were interested in spreading their influences. From the HAP and its supply of willing soldiers, serving and otherwise, Varinco and its subsidiary Varinco Security and the many Folke Milisies. If it was possible to do so and simultaneously gain a training grounds for intense urban warfare situations, there wouldn't be a politician in the parliament that wouldn't stamp the bill to do so.
  15. To: Chairman Yiu Amistacia of @Galahinda From: F.F.f.F.f.F. Dina Diva Regarding: My dearest colleague, let us celebrate our cooperation and friendship. Yo girl, It's Dina. Sending this as an official letter because it gets me paid, you know how it is. #onthegrind, am I right? Anyway, I've had a little birdie whisper in my ear... Actually, it was this totally hot intern from one of the lobby groups, I gave him my number, we're like totally going to bang. So he told me that there's been talk about wanting to strengthening economic ties, businesses operating between us, that sort of stuff. So, being the World's Greatest Diva and great visionary that I am, I've totally thought up something awesome. Let your people send my people some details, do something we can open up quickly over here and I can totally get a whole girls night out package totally paid for. We could maybe get some fillers or botox or whatever, eat out at Vooters, shoot some guns... All fun, am I right? We'll go wild! Openings party for your business with bottles, boys, you name it. I can totally arrange for a plane to pick you up, one of my friends here owns part of an airline. Vooters Air, you know like those restaurants staffed solely by skimpily clad twinks, it's totally fun. I'll, like, totally get my assistant to make sure the bottles are popping for us once you land, girl. You know how I roll! And we'll be doing something good too, strengthening ties through enjoying your stay here. It's my mantra, you know. A relaxed leader is a good leader. And that's what the people deserve. So, we're totally doing something good on multiple levels, like an onion of goodness. Ogres, like onions, have layers. Does that mean that you could make ogre rings if ogres were real, like how onion rings exist? I was sent a couple of bottles of coconut-banana vodka and let's just say, mama likes. See you soon babe, X-O-X-O
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