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  1. I think its worth a beta period at least. We can try stress testing it by making alts and seeing if it might fit as an authentication measure as well.
  2. Interesting request! This has me wondering about the ethnicities of this very large peninsula. Just for formalities sake @Eulycea, your stats on the balance sheet have been approved. You can add them to your OP above for the record. Cheers!
  3. @Andalla, @Gallambria, @Girkmand, Iverica, Prymont, @Sancti Imperii Catholico, @Tagmatium Rules
  4. This is the final part of Iverica's Expansion as mentioned on OOC. Iverica gets some pretty large stat gains here, so these details became necessary. Read Asta L'Vasqqa's novella type ACT I and ACT II if that tickles your fancy. A brief intro: This part is written in a retrospective documentary style. Its supposed to give everyone the picture of the expansion from a broad geopolitcal standpoint--as if you were an attentive news-reader. Its not part of the ALV plot and story, but it is IC and it does summarise things Eurth might have heard if they looked a little closer. Hope this makes ALV clearer to all you keyboard-dictators out there o7 --- PART 1 OF 3: RECENT HISTORY & BACKGROUND ---
  5. @Tagmatium Rules, anyone that wants. Likely those that might have some err--trouble accessing further shores. Likely @Gallambria if I might presume. Others may join any task force they wish. Right now TF Haru looks like Seylos and Iverica for the most part. Salvia too if the carrier is being sent.
  6. Changing usernames would be under @Orioni's power. Since I don't really see any unaddressed issues pertaining to the renaming itself, I think this can be done as soon as O sees this.
  7. A UNION DIVIDED | EPILOGUE 17:30hrs 17th of October, 2018 Shipwrecked on the Atoll It took a while for Santiago to exit the ruined yacht. After making sure the unconscious Godwit was still breathing, he had clumsily clambered through the canted passages of the boat and out the hatch from whence he and Kingfisher had entered. His broken rib ached. His head was throbbing a jazz drummer's tempo. Once he was out, white sand crunching at the soles of his boots, the first thing he felt was the relief brought by the bracing sea breeze. The tang of ozone and the weight of humidity were gone from the air, replaced by the scent of salt and the coolness of gentle gales. The storm had passed and so, the horizon began to clear. The pale white of cloud-diffused afternoon light had transformed rapidly in the past hour. The sky now carried the pink and orange hues of the sunset—not unlike the sunset he witnessed over the ruins of the Helleno-Russian capital of Salonica, almost a year prior. The hue of the light coloured the sand also, the surface like a canvas for the brush of sunset. The whole scene was almost surreal. The ruined yacht to his left as he faced the open setting sun, the glittering waters, graciously calm now, were glinting a path of light from shore to shining orb. The canvas of the sand in his foreground vision, reflecting the gentle light almost as well as snow might. The only thing that broke the scene, calling his mind back to stark reality, were two prone forms that lay over the sands. Santiago approached one, the male of the two and crouched down beside it. The sand was soft as Santiago took a knee Kingfisher's head was to still on its side, facing away from Santiago. He was about to reach in to take a pulse but the prone Kingfisher spoke first. "You shot me, Capitan." Kingfisher's voice was a mumble. Groggy, as though recently roused from a deep slumber. "I did." Santiago's reply was terse. He withdrew his hand from where it was about to reach for Kingfisher's pulse. "And I could have died in the proceeding fall", Kingfisher continued. Santiago recalled the shot. It impacted square on the back of Kingfisher's plate-carrier, spun the man so he fell front-first, knocking Teresa with him and freefalling off the side of the yacht. They had both lain were they fell. Kingfisher had apparently only come-to at the sound of Santiago's footsteps. Teresa lay passed out--she had unfortunately for her, landed on her back. She would not be getting up anytime soon. "It solved the problem. Quit the b*tching." Santiago's words were crass but contained no note of harshness. Kingfisher hummed. Slightly delirious from the ebbing surge of adrenaline that was now quickly draining from his blood. Santiago clumsily shuffled closer to where Kingfisher lay. He took some field dressing, swabs and disinfectant from his medical pouch, and reached over to apply it to Kingfisher's still bleeding leg. Kingfisher stifled a hiss as the dressing was applied. He had lost a lot of blood, but the injury did not look like it required a tourniquet. Swallowing a curse, Kingfisher changed the subject. "What will you do now Capitan? You're a hero. Not that they'll hold a triumph mind you, but you'll get a hefty pension nonetheless". Kingfisher's tone was conversational as if they were making small talk at a diner over coffee and churros. Santiago's reply took its time, the Capitan was more focused on dressing the bleeding flesh wound on Kingfisher's thigh. Eventually, he replied, the mental shrug almost audible. "Go home... drink. Get some damn sleep" Santiago grunted as he secured the dressing snugly. Finished, Santiago sighed and collapsed into a tired sitting position, facing the sunset view. Kingfisher hummed again. "Sounds excellent." There was a pause as Santiago considered saying something about the consequences of Kingfisher's actions in Vasqqa. Deciding against it, he turned the earlier question back to Kingfisher. "And you?", Santiago asked. Another pause. Kingfisher sighed. He raised one arm and flopped it in Teresa's direction. The arm flopped and then languidly landed on the sand again. Santiago shot a wary glance at the prone Teresa. She was breathing shallowly but seemed dead to the world. Her red locks fanned out onto the sand. "Shrike. Teresa. They weren't wrong. I've done some vile things", Kingfisher mumbled. Sounding wearier than before. Kingfisher exhaled audibly before continuing. "Thalassa maybe. Get her some help. I saw a pair of RHIBs back there, maybe I can take one. Land in Alharu first." Santiago said nothing and just stared at the prone form of Kingfisher, who's eyes were half shut and now facing the setting sun. "She'll try to kill you", Santiago said, warningly. "I know. But I owe her." Santiago nodded, more to himself than to Kingfisher who was lost in a state of fatigue-induced delirium. "At the very least, I'll be free. I meant it, you know. I'm tired... just quite tired...." "Oh--", Kingfisher added, sounding like he had simply forgotten an item on his shopping list. "How did you know my plate was intact? Or did you just... wing it, like you're wont to?", Kingfisher asked. Remembering that the Capitan had shot him once in the sewer already. Santiago shrugged. "I guess we're even", was his curt response. "You promised me a fight Capitan. Not going to settle your score then?" "I already did", Santiago said. There was a pause. Santiago spared a glance at the prone Kingfisher, who had turned his head, now with its other side in the sand, to face Santiago. The Capitan continued. "Besides, you couldn't stand a hot fart from me, let alone another tussle." A low rumble arose from Kingfisher, still prone. It quickly became a chuckle. The prone man's chest juddered in the sand in response. "Don't push it", warned Santiago. The Capitan didn't have to say it—also didn't want to say it. There had been a burden before. A need for disproportionate retribution. But now, Santiago understood. He decided that he probably—almost certainly, cost Kingfisher just as much as the operative had cost him that long night in Salonica. The two made no further conversation and let the silence wash over them. In the distance, the sun sank sleepily. --- The official after-action report was sequestered by the SSO, despite protests by Iverican Special Operations brass. The contents were sealed and available at only the highest authority. Confirmed on a need-to-know basis were these facts: On the night of the 17th of October, 2019—an extraction flight of one SUR-17 with attack rotor escort was dispatched to the coordinates decrypted from an encrypted code burst on the military band. SSO signal operators had received and decrypted the transmission and thereafter requisitioned and ordered the extraction mission. The transmission used an SSO one-time encryption pattern that had belonged to an asset by the callsign of "Kingfisher". One of two individuals retrieved from the signal source was identified as a SO/AR operator. The other was SSO callsign "Godwit" was in an incapacitated condition. Along with them was exactly one sealed crate containing classified intelligence. Kingfisher was not present at the extraction site. The SO/AR operator was returned to Iverica for immediate debrief at a black site, upon which the status of Kingfisher was confirmed to be lost at sea—further details have been sequestered. Conversely, callsign "Shrike", for whom a burn-notice had been issued just hours before, was found on-site and immediately identified by security forces as deceased. Wanted Vasqqan terrorist leader, Teresa Moreno, taken prisoner by Kingfisher, was also missing. Ms Moreno was last seen by the unnamed SO/AR operator and given the sequestered details, is presumed to be also lost at sea. Several bodies belonging to security personnel of a PMC registered in the Duchy of Verde were also found on-site—purportedly neutralised by the lone SO/AR operative. Inquirers are referred to a similar report regarding burn-status callsign "Plover" and a section of kill-team operators reported AWOL on the 16th of October. The SSO charged callsign "Shrike" posthumously with desertion, dereliction of duty, conspiracy, and high-treason. "Plover" was likewise charged with dereliction of duty and conspiracy. Under the Disavowal Clause of the SSO, both tribunals were held in secret and within the closed doors of the SSO headquarters building in Intreimor. Little evidence exists to the public that such trails, allegations, or even that such individuals existed. The site of the extraction, upon which two instrumental vessels were deserted upon, was quickly purged of material within 80 minutes of the extraction's completion. Similarly, the intelligence contents of the crate were audited, some were sequestered, most were purged. Under the circumstances and the impossibility of a thorough investigation, the SO/AR operator's account was accepted by the SSO. Cited by the Directorate of the SSO as "being of a critical role in securing the safety of the Iverican state", callsign Kingfisher was posthumously awarded with a Foreign Service decoration, a Gold Lozenge for inconspicuous valour in an operation of national security, and was recommended for the Order of Saint James of the Sword (Orden Sant'Iago) with laurel branches, though this recommendation was dropped for concerns over publicity. The charges against the SO/AR operator for desertion of his then-posting, were dropped. He was awarded in secret by his own superiors of the Special Operations Command with a Gold Lozenge for the citation of "inconspicuous valour critical to national security beyond the call of duty". Despite the latitude of the citation, the SOC brass was denied the honour of further decorating the individual. Instead, his half-pay was raised In Perpetua with the promise of a lump-sum retirement bonus. --- END Note: A follow-up "Asta L'Vasqqa: A Federation United" will be added shortly. It will only contain a timeline of events pertinent to the expansion as a whole and perhaps one or two anecdotes about how the Vasqqan crisis was solved. For all intents and purposes, the expansion RP that I originally started in ALV: State of the Republic is complete. Thank you for reading.
  8. Hello Stalgora, This is simply a notice for the record. Your application has been approved by the present staff. Your spot on the map will be addly shortly, once @Orioni releases the next update. He may reach out to you for any clarifications or suggestions. Cheers!
  9. --- To: Jor Hrovson, Minister of Foreign Affairs - Federal Republic of Stalgora ( @SamNorth ) From: Desdemona Tomas-Morra, Minister of Foreign Affairs - The Republic of Iverica Subject: Recent Correspondence
  10. THE CUSSIAN HUMANITARIAN COALITION: OPERATION DELIVERANCE Introduction --- The Cussian Humanitarian Coalition was created in response to allegations of Christian minorities being forced into re-education camps in the Northern Provinces of Beautancus. Media outlet sources in the Empire of Machina Haruspex reported that their own state forces were orchestrating the displacement of Christians upon command from the Haru government. In response, the Kingdom of Gallambria and the Republic of Iverica threatened sactions unless channels were opened and observers allowed to investigate. Met with a cooperative response from the Haru government, the Executive Ministry of Iverica then began an effort to form an international coalition of concerned states--their mission was to assemble an evacuation force of aircraft and ships to see the successful and safe evacuation of Christians being persecuted by the Haru state. Faced with funding, resource, and asylum challenges, the coalition resorted to collecting private donations and shifting funds from aid budgets. With that credit, military ships and civilian volunteers were pressed into mission-worthiness and supplied with charitable donations from public and private institutions. To Christian majority nations like Tagmatium, Salvia, and Iverica, the public concern is most grave. Within their governments, the worry over accomodation, asylum, and sustainability is even more so. As the Europan part of the Wurld is once again plunged into barbaric turmoil, the nations of the New World can only hope to band together and rely on mutual goodwill to carry the day. With pledges of great assistance from the conscientious nations of Gallambria, Seylos, and Variota, the respective task groups scattered about the continents now make ahead full for the Seylosi port of Norfolk--where the joint force will muster a concentrated and well-supplied effort. --- OPERATION DELIVERANCE | IVERICA 1820hrs 22th of October, 2019 No. 4 Via Capitol, Foreign Affairs Building, Intreimor Gathering the evacuation task force had been no small feat. It had involved a mixture of baragaining and sensationalising, as all charitable efforts tend to require. The easy part started early in evening. Morra's office reached out to the Tacolic Patriarch, Hilarius XIX in the holy enclave of the Vasílica D'Sant Cristóval. The Tacolic church's pledge of several million Standard Units in tithe-gained collection was nearly instantaneous when Foreign Minister Morra herself confirmed the evidence of anti-Christian abuses of a nature most dystopian. Working with the Church, the Executive Ministry also opened a joint public charity which saw further collections and material donation. The harder part was pitching to corporate. The Foreign Office had to release several pointed and descriptive messages to press in hopes of opening the issue to the private sector for what they would hopefully see as a PR opportunity. Talking to various executive boards and investors was taxing work. Many were sceptical and unwilling to risk their maritime assets or capital in such a pitiful part of the world--now withstanding the risk of being blown up by the unwashed hands of feces-flinging profligaté primates. Yet, as the night wore on, the foreign office buzzed tirelessly. The online switchboard was alight like a Nativitatis Tree, coffee and churros were had in the litres and kilos, and as the sun rose through the blinds of the MFA building on no. 4 Via Capitol, a collective sigh of mixed fatigue and accomplishment arose from the deputies and secretaries of the diplomatic service. Success. Of the 220 listed large maritime corporations, exactly 68 had given serious and committed pledges. The Iverican evacuation fleet would have 102 vessels of varying size. 50 were small freight liners, 20 were civil sea-lift vessels, 15 were large cargo ships, 10 were large pleasure liners, and 7 were private mega yachts. All other pledges were monetary or in relief goods. Escorting them would be the 7th Capital Task Group from the 2nd Fleet--flagged by the Amphibious Assault Ship VRI Bonifacio. With a replenishment ship element, 2 support multi-role frigates, 2 guided missile destroyers, a guided missile cruiser, 2 attack submarines, and the aeronaval complement, the no. 7-CAPGRU was already formidable, but not enough to cover the spread of 102 civilian ships whose crews were not trained for high-stress environments. The main threat was not exactly the coasts of Europa, but rather the nautical nightmare of shepherding an unprepared formation half-way across the globe. Elements of no. 7-CAPGRU from an earlier exercise Manille Comande Marítima was ordered under National Security Statute 20-077 to issue an activation order for 2 other Surface Warfare Squadrons from the 4th Fleet. One Sea-lift and one Auxiliary Service Squadron were also activated from the Armada Sea-Service Command in Altaria. While the Armada Iverica was tacitly confident in its combat experience, its command and control apparatus, and its ANCILE tiered defence system, the rules of engagement were clear--let sleeping dogs lie. The Armada would hear no beat-to-quarters if all proceeded as planned, in fact the playbook stipulated that the escort formation was not even to approach the Haru coast, but form naval pickets and short localised patrols. Their purpose was for security and leadership in the high-seas--no provocation would be given from the Ivericans and little transgression from the Haru would be expected. The personal protection of the civilian crews and refugees on the coasts and on the ground would be left completely to infantry security forces--the Tercios, better known in Common as the Republican Marine Corps. Most of the non-combatants would be in the capable, albeit calloused hands of the vaunted 1st Expeditionary Regiment, fresh from their recent triumph, which saw the mounting of their regimental colour's 41st campaign guidon--owed by their recent service in the tropical hell of Afropa. By the time all was said and done, the sun was already half-way to its zenith. Satisfied that preparations were well underway and that her office had done its utmost, Morra allowed the office three hurrahs and a sip from the corkage--it might have been mid-morning, but for the weary personnel of Iverica's most industrious diplomatic service, it was also goodnight. --- Primary Reference OOC:
  11. 1st General Assembly 1110h IST | June 14, 2018 ATARA Headquarters, Assembly Chamber Porto Altaria, Iverica Let the following entries serve as the official record on the proceedings of the Proposal "GENERAL COMMON TARIFF SCHEME AGREEMENT", taking place during the 3rd day of the First General Assembly (June 14th, 2018). This post notes that these stages are accomplished: 1-Quorum Call 2-Recognition Call 3-Introduction of the Speaker and recognition of the proposal 4-General Proposal 5-Open Floor (Ongoing) --- "The Chair recognises Lantheere fan Oliefaaire, of the Panel and Delegate of Het Huisselant Variota. Delegate fan Oliefaaire's request for clarification is valid. Delegate Bendtsen of Andalla is required to respond to this point--Mr Bendtsen, the floor is yours for a response", Morra stated. As Morra finished speaking, her thoughts went to the proposal on the floor. If Bendtsen was able to clarify and frame his model in such a way that underscored safeguards for the more protectionist economies of ATARA, the proposal would almost certainly be an easy digest for the members of the Assembly. Even if Bendtsen bungled his explanation (she was fairly certain he wouldn't), Morra could see that the proposal could easily be salvaged with the addition of one or two pages--outlining the "non-taxation connected fees" that fan Oliefaaire mentioned. What really piqued Morra's interest was the establishment of the Economic Council. If passed and established, ATARA could easily move into more effective economic cooperatives. The Manamana countermeasures came to mind at that. Other than those short addendums, perhaps the most pressing threat to the proposal was the short time frame of public information that fan Oliefaaire brought up. If Andalla agreed to revise that one quickly and allow perhaps the start of the next fiscal year at the longest, or 30 days passed the month of June (end of July-start of August) at the shortest, it would give time for the less efficient bureaucracies in ATARA to cope. The clerk took to his podium. "The Panel will alot the Assembly some 15 minutes to consider amongst themselves and their staff Delegate fan Oliefaaire's points. The period shall also serve as allowance for Delegate Bendstsen of Andalla to consider his impromptu response. At the 14th minute, the cry shall go out and Mr Bendtsen will have the floor." --- OOC: Andalla at this point, can promise to amend the Proposal before it goes to vote. This will involve a short recess (for Lunch). If more time is required, the Assembly can go into recess for the rest of the day and resume on the 15th (last day of the GA).
  12. Addendum: Iran is 1.6 Million Square KM in land area. Beautancus in the map rn is 150,000 Square KM. Iran IRL is 10 times larger in size. I would say that given Beautancus description of his nation, it would be fair to assume his country is not hyper-congested. Therefore, it is reasonable to say that Beautancus has a significantly smaller population that 82.9 million. Halfing or even quartering the 82.9 million would not be unreasonable. If we accept this and factor the 10x difference as a whole in order to make the density:pop ratio match, we get a total poplation of 8.29 Million with 11% being 911,900
  13. Since there is no exact data, I think the best way to get anywhere with a number might be with infering from his other statistics. Looking at that factbook, as @Tagmatium Rules pointed out 11% of the total population is the only solid number. Here is a model I want to try out: Using some qualitative data, use IRL analogues to create a reasonable estimate of what this 11% is approximately. If we let the Variables be: Military data- Beautancus has written that his economy "was and is designed to support and facilitate the growth and advancement of the national military machine". This infers that any IRL analogue we look to must be at least in the list of largest militaries by total manpower. Caveat: While Beautancus has written that his "Provincial Commands" has an average of 5,000,000 men--it is safe to disregard this in light of the new meta's focus on realism. Just having 5 provinces would give him a military with 25 million men--the largest military on Eurth by far. Cultural/Geographic/Ethnographic similarities with an IRL analogue. This would be an important second variable because it is a good indicator of what IRL country Beautancus would most closely be patterned after. Noting also that Culture & Geography have much to do with determining poplation, size, its a variable we can't leave out. In this case, Beautancus mentions that the Cussian language is similar to Iranian. He also mentions bringing "Beautancus' culture and language more in line with its Iranian/Persian cultural under and overtones". In this case, Iran seems to be the best comparison. It might be argued that Beautancus cannot exactly be compared to Iran IRL because it obviously differs in history and recent governance. However, given the start similarities in geography (temperatures are comparable) and how topography might be equated (Iran is mountainous, with floodplains/marsh lands and with a desert; whereas Beautancus is a steppe country with notable mountains, marshes, and highlands) Iran is still the most similar out of all the steppe countries IRL. Noting these variables, we can conclude that the best IRL reference point would be Iran. While not exact, the similarities are close enough. Iran is the 19th most populous country in the world as of this list--fitting in nicely with Beautancus saying there was a "recent population boom" as of 2007 and that his economy was focused on growing the military. Iran also fits the above condition requiring Beautancus' IRL analogue to have a large military. Iran has the 10th largest military by total manpower according to this list. Given this fact, Iran as a IRL analogue also satisfies the condition stated in the factbook that the Cussian economy was "focused on growing the military". If we accept Iran as the most realistic IRL analogue, we could then assume that the population would be approx. equal to Iran's current 82.9 Million. 11% of 82.9 Million would be 9.1 Million. Therefore, this model would assume that the maximum number of Cussian Christians in Beautancus at this time is 9.1 Million. Should we choose to factor any mitigators like the Great Europan Collapse or fill in any of Beautancus' recent history, this number may be modified. --- Well, that's my best shot at trying to find a reasonable solution to a problem that can't really be authenticated. Given his absence, other methods are doomed to be just as creative and presumptuous as this one if not less.
  14. --- To: The offices of The Third Circle, Vicelord Nize Kra'xuth, Machina @Haruspex From: Office of the Foreign Minister, Desdemona Tomas-Morra Vicelord Nize Kra'xuth, On behalf of the Republic, I express gladness that civility has prevailed. The cooperation of your armed forces is also most appreciated. In order to expedite this operation, the coalition wishes to make as much use of rail transport to Tagmatine territories in conjunction with our efforts in the port of Ulusk. Operation leaders shall be in contact with your office and you port authorities to ensure a safe and orderly process. Signals, IFF, and other measures of maritime diligence shall be sent in a separate data packet. Coordination between coalition units and your authorities shall be maintained throughout this operation on a more individual basis. The Executive Ministry of the Republic wishes to see this issue resolved with speed and without incident. May this event bring an end to the grievances in those territories. Sincerely, Desdemona Tomas-Morra Foreign Minister, L'República Iverica --- OOC: the necessary OOC Planning thread for this RP has been created
  15. References (in order of appearance): Machina Haruspex News Reports (Search Term: "Christians" Gallambrian Response Iverican Response Haru Open Channel Seylosi Response This OOC Planning will service the upcoming "Cussian Humanitarian Coalition" RP which will be posted on the "Affairs" subforum. Questions and inquiries may be posted here. Note that direct involvement with the Coalition must be vetted and confirmed before any IC accepted posts can be made. Indirect involvement for ease of posting may be made through donations or passive aid (e.g asylum pledge, funding, material donation). Once this RP is launched, it will proceed as planned regardless of any late joining parties. --- The action plan draft as of now: Revised Draft PHASE 1 Goal: Evacuate as many persecuted Christians from the Cussian region as possible. Objectives 1. Secure terms of evacuation with MH (Before All Else) 2. Send observers, get statistics 3. Secure investors from NGOs, governments and private citizens 4. Assemble evacuation force (civilian vessels, aircraft, staff) 5. Request pledges from charitable nations for asylum 6. Use Evacuation forces to transport Cussian refugees to designated asylum areas. Scope • Scale: Evacuation of refugees numbering as little as 50,000 to as many as 100,000-200,000 • Duration: 1-2 months IC (action plan Phase 1 only) Notable Caveats • TERMS-This entire plans relies on terms being met with MH gov first. No detailed announcements are to be made until this is secured. • DISPOSITION-Avoid any opportunity for provoking or engaging in combat with MH military personnel while the evacuation is underway. This operation OOC depends on smooth humanitarian action. • PLAN B-Depending on the number of refugees being evacuated, PHASE 2 must be ready to support an overwhelming amount of civilians--many of which may be unemployable or disabled. Action Plan PHASE 1 1. Terms reached with MH a. Must allow civil and military assets to onload refugees. b. Must be guaranteed safety by the MH gov and military forces. c. Must be permitted to retain basic security detail d. Must guarantee suitable berthing while at MH ports/airports 2. Statistics confirmed a. Exact number of refugees confirmed b. Average age & sex confirmed c. Prioritise Women, Children, or Men with complete state documentation (Passport, Birth Certificate, etc.) d. Low Priority: Criminals 3. Investors secured a. Private Citizens, Governments, Corporations b. To reduce strain on governments, attempt as much private donations as possible. 4. Evac force assembled at Norfolk, Seylos. a. Evac fleet will be mustered in groups. Composition: mixed civil liners and lightly armed military vessels. i. Task Group Tagmatium with minimal security detail ii. Task Group Haru with nominal security detail b. Consumable supplies must be maximised. Make use of donations. c. Task Groups will have a queueing procedure. Refugees will be profiled and documented prior to onload. Vessels must be ready to dock, onload, undock, and depart quickly. 5. Evacuation Proper a. Group A "Haru"- must be evacuated directly from MH ports by boat or by plane if possible. b. Group B "Tagmatium"- any number that the Tagmatine Empire can receive temporarily for holding. If Tagmatium can host any number permanently, this group would be divided here. c. Groups will be sent to pre-determined nations that have pledged asylum. Each nation MUST provide exactly how many refugees it is willing to host. 6. Excess/outlying Refugees a. Unaccommodated outliers will be sent to Iverica or Gallambria where they will be given a residency card and shipped to an undefined Terra Nullius area. --- Updates to come.
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