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      Welcome to Europa. This site is part of the region of Europa in the online game NationStates. The region of Europa is a diverse community of nations, with a wide range of political and ideological values, working together through various institutions and alliances - at least when they're not threatening to go to war with each other. Whether you want to play it safe with a liberal democracy, set up a communist regime, or rule your citizens with an iron fist and the threat of turning them into dog food, Europa is a great region to play in. As one of the oldest regions in the game, everybody who's anybody wants to try their hand at ruling their own country right here in Europa. Just head on over to the Forum and have a read through the sticky threads. If you're curious about how all of this work, we've included some helpful links to get you started. A good place to start is our Hitchhickers Guide to Europa. Roleplayers will be glad to see our honest and fair RP rules. Check out our map versions and discover how to apply. Experiencing problem with this website? Our helpdesk is always open. Have fun! -- The Europans Team


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  1. Iverica One

    International News DONA PARASS HOSTAGE SITUATION ENDS IN FIREFIGHT- 12 PASSENGERS SLAIN February 14, 2018 -12 Passengers, 2 Navy, 30 Hijackers dead in hostage rescue operation Sakspati Cape, International Waters- Early this morning, members of the Armada Special Operations Command launched a large operation for the rescue of the remaining passengers of the Dona Parass cruise ship which had been hijacked by a large Circle of Death cell just yesterday. The hijackers had immediately claimed their affiliation with the Hellenic Russian, now international, terrorist organisation. Sources in Corregidor Maritime Command (CMC) have claimed that the hijackers had attempted to run the Dona Parass aground on a nearby reef, so that their ground accomplices could proceed to move hostages and plunder from the cruise ship. However, our source also claims that this plan was thwarted by an Armada Redentor class Littoral Combat Ship, the VRI Sant Tomas (LCS-018) which had intercepted the hijacked ship as she bore down on the reef. Officer in charge of the hostage rescue operation, Comandante Gregorio Segovia, of the Armada Special Boat Unit (SBU), reportedly forced the operation underway 4 hours earlier than originally planned, citing the possibility of greater loss of hostage lives due to the "daring interception made by the Sant Tomas". This decision, however, came at a cost. The details are yet to be confirmed by Corregidor, but as of now, we can ascertain that the early launch of the operation had caught support assets like aerial reconnaissance and Republican Marine Corps (RMC), unable to respond in time. In the ensuing chaos, 2 SBU operators were killed by hostile fire and 3 more were seriously injured in what can only be speculated from amateur videography as a gas explosion from amidships--which claimed 9 of the total civilian casualties. As Corregidor has yet to release the complete data on the mission, INBC cannot yet confirm the exact events which have just taken place on the Dona Parass, though NGOs and medical units have released some data able to paint a figure of the results. The hijackers had purportedly numbered just shy of 200 men, 30 of which were killed, another 50 injured, while the rest were able to flee on skiffs used for the initial boarding. 12 Civilians were killed, with another 20 injured by stray fire, shrapnel, or burns from the gas explosion. CMC has also yet to release the status of the 3 wounded Armada personnel. More on this as follows. MUTUAL EMBASSIES WITH GALLAMBRIA February 21, 2018 In a short Palá conference today, Primo Franso Deitorr included a statement expressing the Republic's intention to expand diplomatic ties with the Kingdom of @Gallambria . According to Primo Deitorr's statement; "Iverican-Gallambrian ties have been strengthened in the wake of the recent tragedies befalling Walmington On Sea. Noting that the Kingdom has not only recognised our openness to cooperation in the recent months, allowing our diplomatic parties a formal embassy, as well as recognising the efforts of our valiant civil servicepersons working to create a safer Walmington On Sea--it is only natural that we likewise provide mutual establishment for the Gallambrian delegations. I am proud to announce that the Republic will be opening the diplomatic district to a Gallambrian Embassy. We are confident that this establishment will only prove to cement our relations for future endeavours and further aid in solidarity against any mutual tribulations that may come." When questioned about the possibility of future joint-projects with the Kingdom, Primo Deitorr suggested that the Republic would be "open to any joint military exercises, or any mutual infrastructure development that His Majesty Albert II or the Gallambrian Parliament, might be likewise inclined to". ---
  2. Iverica One

    February 12, 2018- 1230 IST -Iverican registered cruise ship boarded by Circle of Death cell--1,000 passengers at risk Sakspati Cape, International Waters- Early this morning, local maritime authorities were shocked to receive a distress call from a cruise ship passing the Sakspati Cape. Coming from the civilian cruise ship, Dona Parass, the call stated that the vessel was being boarded from multiple fast-moving skiffs. The details are as of now, unclear. But according to the distress call, it can be ascertained that the pirates are armed with automatic weaponry and have every intention of taking hostages and plunder. According to a source in Corregidor Maritime Command, the Armada has scrambled its closest task unit to investigate, and hopefully, resolve the issue without loss of life. As of now, INBC will be monitoring the appropriate channels regularly for any updates. I'm Anita Gamboa, for Iverica One.
  3. Hi there--or rather--Salve, Civios!

    Been a bit tied up to post much recently, work and Uni have caught up to me and bludgeoned me over the head with several whacks from a filing cabinet.

    This has unfortunately put most of my bigger projects for Europa on hold. As these are projects that I have been working on bilaterally or multilaterally, I must ask for pardon from those whom I've been undertaking these with.

    So quickly here are some updates and notices for those who have any interest or stakes in some of these RPs.

    • Stay tuned for RHYME MAGAZINE's (LinkyPerson of the Year issue, coming to kiosks and little Indian or Korean convenience stores near you! (To be released this FEB)
    • I'll be putting out some quick news posts and replies to current RPs, but won't be doing anything too serious or long.
    • ATARA and TRIDENT members are encouraged to make their replies on the relevant threads if they have the time!
    • Hopefully be back to full NS glorified capacity in the coming weeks!

    In Sunset's style of salutation,

    o7 o7 o7

  4. Who Will Post Next?

    I thought this died... like decomposing. That's it. I'm making an Iverican Jaws movie. IDK.... Variota?
  5. Iverica

  6. To Spear a Pike

    January 22, 2018- 1200 Cruise Ship Dona Ellena- Somewhere in the Mediargic Sea It was highly unusual of course, meeting on a privately booked luxury liner in the middle of the Mediargic, but that was what they had available for clandestine emergency meetings like this. Ferran-Arnau Macharius' transport and escort had landed in a nearby coastal @Girkmandian airfield and took a SUR-31 Cavall rotor lift from there. Macharius was expecting a long wait, as this was an impromptu call, that gave his security detail time to re-check the vessel for any issues and rotate their corvette escort in better patrol routes. The cruise ship, Dona Ellena, had been bought out under an SSO dummy account-holder name and given a SOCOM crew under strict OPSEC regulations. The ship now sat in a dead zone where no civil vessels were scheduled to pass or regularly passed anyway. The perimeter was then cordoned off under the justification of a "maritime accident" by several corvettes and a destroyer from Carrier Strike Group Deiargon, operating near the Verde-Sakspati Channel. After landing on the ship's helipad, Macharius proceeded to the conference room within the ship, being prepared for the Shadow-signing of the Tricontinental Treaty. All he and his staff had to do now was prepare and wait. OOC: No need for lengthy replies here with a ton of detail, this is all business lads. Just need to land and talk about or initialisation plans. For the New World, now or never.
  7. National Map Service

    Hey Thomas, I'd just like to queue up behind Cristina and/or Synturia so I don't fall behind too much! No rush intended, I'm just saving a spot for reference
  8. @Miiros Isn't @Orioni already using her image?
  9. [HELP] Currency?

    I sense a potential pissing contest about to follow. That aside, I am curious about this concept as well.
  10. To Spear a Pike

    January 22, 2018- 0900 IST SSO GENERAL HEADQUARTERS, INTREIMOR "Ah, Ricardo. Come on, come in." The duty watchman shut the door behind Defence Minister Ricardo Ibanes. The room was lit in an almost chiaroscuro scheme, the light from the window to the side came in narrow white bands streaking diagonally across the room. The lamp of the desk added to the effect, illuminating the surface of the wide antique piece in a narrow and directed beam, all in all creating an almost dizzying effect of contrast that put a confusing array of light and shadow across the man seated at the end of the room. In front of him, behind his immaculately organised mahogany desk, was the figure of a man in his early 50's. Salt and pepper hair, still a full head and groomed in a way that vaguely reminded Ricardo of actor Jorge Clouní. The lined face beneath it was one adorned with a pair of chilly grey eyes, which created an uncomfortable contrast with the wide, dimpled, genial grin that spread across a face which could have been considered welcoming enough in appearance to be paternal. Despite his own seniority, Ricardo felt a certain air which radiated out of the seated man's look, manner, and posture. An almost arrogant familiarity, just polite enough to escape disdain, but forceful enough to suggest a depth behind the facade, one which could swallow a man like the undertow of the Thalassan currents. "Director Bonda", addressed Ricardo, striding over to the seated figure. The man rose, beams of light flitting off his silhouette. He uncoiled himself from his seat in a single smooth motion which conjured images of a krait rising from the grass. A single slat of light came to rest on his eyeline. The face, now sans the grin, was all stare. The two men shook. Ricardo's hand came to meet a surprisingly gentle grip. "I'm here about the memo Jaime", said Ricardo as he sat down. "Of course, Defence Minister", Bonda leaned into his chair and clasped his hands together "The so called "Circle of Death " splinter groups. The cases you sent me... movement in the Argic coasts and the Sakspati Sea. The most concerning of which is that your analysts conclude that they are planning a hijacking? Why hasn't the SSO acted? You've obviously invited me here to talk about this--so please, enlighten me." "Ricardo, I have a killteam at the ready right now. We could just pick up this telephone, give them the green light right this minute, and the skiffs they plan to use for the hijacking will go under the water." Ricardo opened his mouth to interject. "-But...", continued the Director-General of the SSO. "There is one thing I'd like you to consider before we make any move." "Ricardo, you've discussed TRIDENT with me before. I gave you my full support with ExecMin. I've helped it every little way I could", Bonda gestured towards the newspaper on one corner of the desk. The headline read, "Committee Chairman Presumed Dead in House Fire". "Now, I want to help one more time." "Go on." Bonda gestured file on his desk detailing the expected motive of a crime group pinned to a recent case of boat theft and suspected arms smuggling. "TRIDENT needs to be galvanised under a single great threat. A threat real enough to, say, reach out, and become real to the public." "As it happens, the case in front of me is missing some hard links. But a motive is clear. In a matter of days, the cruise liner Dona Parass will be passing that cape. We have reason to believe that the intent is to seize the ship, kidnap, and plunder. Procedure dictates we conduct the investigation further until we get those hard links, then take care of it. By then it could be too late. I am currently playing with a choice, use my director's protocol to order a strike... or to simply--follow procedure. "Defence Minister. Should I follow procedure?"
  11. Iverica One

    International News PALÁ ANNOUNCES POTENTIAL MUTUAL DEFENCE TREATY January 24, 2017- 1330 IST -Palá officially announces Tricontinental Treaty, a charter to form a defence alliance among allies in the Argic, Thalassan, and Alharun areas. PALÁ DEI PRIMO, INTREIMOR- An official statement was made today by Primeal Spokesperson Bernat Villar, concerning the following stage in what has become a series of light multilateral conferences by assorted heads of state armed forces from nations around the Tricontinental Region such as the Commonwealth of @Andalla, the Federal Republic of @Girkmand, the United States of @Prymont, and Het Huisselant @Variota The conferences, having been discrete, unannounced affairs were the press was concerned, had been taking place since the third quarter of last year, 2017. When approached for comment, Corregidor High Command simply issued a brief statement in August 29th of 2017, quote: "The nature of the conferences concern mutual national security and do explore the strong possibility of cooperation between our long-time trading partners around the three continents. Since the issues discussed are sensitive and concern on-going matters of security and unfolding situations, it is necessary for the safety of those involved, for the military authorities of Iverica and other stakeholders to maintain a level of information confidentiality for operational security. Should any developments concern the public and the legislatures of the involved governments, the assembled authorities have agreed to make these matters transparent as soon as it is safe and appropriate." Since the release of this initial statement, follow up statements have been made by Iverican and foreign military authorities which have loosely hinted that a plan for greater cooperation of armed forces was on the agenda. Though military cooperation had been expected, speculation as to the full extent of this ranged from standardised arms agreements to joint-exercises--it has still come as a surprise to many that not one, but a great majority of these possibilities summed into one agreement--of which the full details and articles have yet to be released. So far, Corrgeidor High Command has only released an introductory document outlining the substantive nature of the organisation, its legal articles, and some potential projects. What is considered is a mutual-defence treaty with goals of unitary "bloc" responses against acts of aggression, plans for future joint-research and development, as well as projections for fiscal requirements needed by such multi-partite body. The mood in the capital is generally lukewarm and divided. Some half-heartedly site the strain on taxpayers, while proponents more strongly cite the recent rise in terrorist and imperialist threats around the region as reason enough to form a strong response. Where this will go next, is anyone's guess. I'm Sandra Peralta, for Iverica One ---
  12. Project Canamo

    January 16, 2018 Valkka Mountains The sun was out, there partially obscured by some intermittent cloud. Not that it made a difference, being ball-shrivelling cold even at the halfway point of the Velukha peak, nearly 4,000 metres above sea level. Of course, 4,000 was looking a lot like 10,000 for the SO/AR man, who hung from an ice sheet, suspended only by a pair of Ice Axes and a cable bolted in some 10 metres below. His fireteam and the rest of the section followed close behind, humping the ice with every effort of carefully placed crampon (climbing spur for digging into the ice) and Ice Axe, carefully testing their next placement for any loose ice or snow shelves with light taps. -- "Okay... Lluc, that's a sack of merde l'toro. You did not climb 4 kloms to the peak of some Mount Everlay-like thing to slit throats and defuse a nuclear warhead with a banana." "Oh but we did", said Lluc, who sat with his feet propped up on the bar, smoking a fat Argonese cigar. "...well at least without the nuke and Cavendish part", he said thoughtfully. The previous speaker, a Fuersas Reconomiento Marine, made a face and took another gulp of rum. "Oh this merde is totes my-goates from a video game", said the something-teen Airborne try-hard to their right. "I remember playing this in Company of Duty, it was like- the coolest stuff, you play this Burlingtonian SASY operator named Shampoo-" "Are you going to let me finish the story or what?", interrupted Lluc, exhaling a particularly large bloom of smoke. "Puté, only if you keep buying 'migo", said the Marine, as he flipped his empty glass upside down on the bar. "Okay, so as I was saying..." -- ...One of the fireteam almost ate the yellow snow when he didn't check carefully enough, his axe bit into a relatively solid snow shelf--but when he shifted his weight... the whole section gave in a shower of snow and frost as fine as baker's sugar. He'd have fallen to his death, his bolt had been loosened by the amount of stuff that had come down on it. The man would have splattered thousands of metres below had it not been for the quick thinking of the team leader. Luckily, the handsome and macho Sargento Lluc D'Ayala had swung over to catch the guy--grabbing him by the outstretched hand just in time. But the brave and dashing Sargento D'Ayala was now hanging by one Ice Axe, and the blade was loosening quickl- -- "OKAY! Cut that toro out. Just tell us what you were doing there." Lluc shrugged, "fine, if you Lamecharcos don't want to hear a perfectly riveting tale likely to get me laid tonight--Lluc stopped to wink at the scantily-clad ladies in the other table who had been pretending not to listen in--then I'll tell you what we were there for." He dropped his feet from the bar to lean in close to the two other servicemen. "I merde you not when I say this. It was half. a dozen. tons. of Russkie. Gold. Bullion.", he whispered while at the same time, punctuating every word with a jab from the glowing head of his cigar. "Okay. Puté io, I'm not hearing any more of this mer. Go home Lluc, you're drunk as a skunk", said the FUERECO Marine, grabbing his jacket and keys. "Come on, kid", he said, gesturing to the young para-to-be. "Wouldn't want to get caught by any MPs--you'nt legal yet." "Are you sure you're good to drive? You've had like 11 rums", said the boy. "I'll eat some crayons in the car... also, I never drive sober" "You're missing a good story!", shouted Lluc as the pair sauntered out the door. The Marine gave a lazy wave, followed by the very confused other. Lluc sighed and sipped his rum. He spun on his stool, turning to the two ladies in the nearby table. "So have I mentioned the time I saved Dina Diva from the Derthaler Inquisition? Of course, it wasn't easy, nobody ever expects..." -- As Lluc indulged the two lady's desire over exaggerated testosterone-injected tales of manly bravado and daring trysts of the Special Operator kind, the bartender--silent all this time--but steadily pouring on Lluc's tab, allowed himself a small grin. Afterall, he did have bills to pay. Whether he really did scale an ice sheet to recover half a dozen tons of Russian gold in the middle of a snowstorm and extracting through a harrowing snowmobile chase into a waiting chopper was anybody's guess. When the bar emptied later in the night, he would keep listening. So long as Lluc payed, he would pour and nod... pour and nod. In reality, the operation had gone down in a manner similar to the drunken boasts of one Cabo Lluc D'Ayala of the SO/AR section tasked with the survey. Unfortunately, records state that the Cabo had been out of action by a terrible case of dysentery from eating some off-colour ethnic delicacy. The units tasked with the retrieval did have to climb a mountain, but it was only about 3,000 metres in height, and only had to climb with ice axe for roughly 20 metres during the op. Then after, the survey unit did not engage the insurgent facility, which was, by the way--on an adjacent mesa within its cave network. The team had in fact only provided mapping and topographical analysis for viable ingress and egress. They did not engage in the ensuing combat as the distance (well over 3,682 metres) far surpassed that of their small arms loadout. The team simply provided laser designation for an airstrike or two before promptly packing up for the long trek down... A unit deployed via rotor had been sent in to extract the objective, and luckily enjoyed the bulk of brownie points, receiving in no small order, some expedited journey through the ranks from a pleased CO's recommendation. But of course, these records are sealed in some dusty safe beneath Corregidor High Command--and maybe... just maybe--don't hold the full picture of the action that day in the Valkkan Mountains.
  13. To Spear a Pike

    "This can't wait any longer. You've heard the news?" "I have, pressures are mounting straight from the top. The diplomatic situation could get tenuous. The world up and threw the cards in the air, where the aces land is up to what we do in the next hours. Decorum and flowers go out the window." "Terror groups are all around us, I understand this perfectly, but still, shouldn't this be a job for the SSO?" Capo-General of Iverica's Armed Service, Ferran-Arnau Macharius halted suddenly in the deserted gallery, located deep within the bowels of Monttaco Mountain Command. "Minister... with respect. The landscape has already changed. Terror groups? The world wakes, her wings, both right and left are flexing--and the edges are sharp. Go far enough in either direction and what shape do you have? A horseshoe, with both ends about to cross. No, we can't be appeasers here, we must pre-empt the coming front." The ageing, lined face of Iverica's Minister of Defence, Ricardo Ibanes dropped a fraction. "If needs must." "That they do, Minister." January 22, 2018- 0300 Somewhere above the Verde Sea An impromptu message to some of the world's most powerful military leaders was in no way keeping with the niceties of upper-brass standards, but in Macharius' (and no doubt in many other) books, pragmatism superceded formality. Planned in secret for many months, the fruits of cooperation between 5 nations from three continents now sat inside the briefcase at Macharius' feet. He would be representing Primo Deitorr, and the entirety of the Executive Ministry for this meeting, at an undisclosed venue that his Mil-spec'ed S-1011 Trestrell now rocketed towards, escorted by a flight of the 12th Fighter Group's TA-201 Aguila. Having gone over the document dubbed "The Tricontinental Defence Treaty" , just minutes ago, he knew that the leadership of assembled nations would have a long way to go, easing the public into the idea, securing the confidence of Military branch heads, acquiring the necessary funding pledges from each potential member, and most importantly, securing legitimacy in the eyes of the servicepersons that would backbone the alliance. Most of the planning had taken places over secure links and covert meetings, every once in a while highlighted with state visits and drop careful hints to the press so as to ease public familiarity with the idea of a mutual defence pact. The gears had shifted. Emergent nations were coming out of isolation, as Iverica had not too long ago. A few allies that still could be counted on remained, the rest lost to disaster or revolutionary fire. It was important, that with the threat of evergrowing terrorist fringe groups, and wild-card states, that the few capable of a mutual, friendly, and communicable will for co-existence in the New World band together arm-in-arm against the entropy of a tumultuous, suddenly-shifting landscape. Together with the remainder, the Iverican Government had been working on such a machine for that express purpose. Leaders from@Andalla, @Girkmand, @Prymont, and @Variota had been contacted just yesterday for a meeting, this time, in person and all business, no cameras, no red carpet, just a priority meeting in a neutral location. The idea was to sign before signing. A pact to make before public disclosure, so if--nay--when the New Age came coasting through with all its menace and rows of teeth, there waiting--cocked in grip--would be the three sharp points of a Trident. OOC: THE TREATY: https://docs.google.com/document/d/18Fw2I7Aps79jG0srx25xLUFnDeMIctOXWFYsgqSLMS0/edit?usp=sharing OOC 2: A Pike is a fish, btw... Idk, maybe some people don't know what a damn Pike is okay
  14. An offer to Gallambria

    OOC: Basically volunteering engineers, urban planners, and things like heavy equipment to rebuild the destroyed infrastructure and hopefully provide a long-term solution by planning the replacement structures with disaster-resistance in mind. This effort will be overseen by the Ministry of International Development and the Public-Private Partnership Office under whatever plans or objectives your administration approves of and directs.
  15. Iverica One

    January 19, 2018 -Cost of production for heavy industry to fall, say projections. Industry expects good fiscal year Toledo, Nou Stillia- Expectations of higher oil supply and lower cost per ton are putting optimistic airs on in business capitals like Toledo, Manille, and Altaria. This development places two issues that the forefront of the Iverican Manufacturing Sector's sights: Labour wages and Exports. Unions and lobby groups have been pushing Chamber (Parliament) and big business leadership for a rise in labour wages. Among the cited reasons are the predicted income tax hike owing to the speculation of the Deitorr Administration's probable overspending on foreign aid and subsidies issued to the Public-Private Partnership Office's (P3O)Commerical Infrastructure Programme. Defenders of the administration are quick to respond to this rationale, using similar projections which hold that the yields from progressive public-private programmes enacted since the beginning of Deitorr's term in 2014 would offset the tax increases through rising incomes across the spectrum. While evidence of the administration's policy has borne fruit on some occasions, namely the rising income of workers in the consumer electronics sector, across the board in the service industry, and the multi-media industries, it has yet to impact Iverica's second largest demographic of labourer--those within the lower echelons of the Heavy Industries. As to whether this stroke of fortune in oil price will trickle down to the middle class, will depend on how well the P3O handles the stakes. Meanwhile, economists around the Tricontinental area are taking guesses at whether the foreign markets will capitalise on this warm-front in Iverican Manufacturing. The trifecta of @Prymont's KAP, @Andalla's Skandinavisk A/S and @Variota's Altvarna have long topped the scales within the Iverican Free Economic Zones, this new turn of events puts prices for renting or purchasing additional production infrastructure at the lowest its been in the decade. Local conglomerate, Toledo Group is doubling down on its assets and holdings, already having acquired the assets of several smaller businesses since the beginning of the fiscal year. Other corporations have followed suit, eager to take advantage of the lower production costs in the face of an emerging global consumer market. Some such as CEO of ARX Arms, Guillermo Spano, remain skeptical of what is now being dubbed as "The MANA (Manufacturing Asset) Rush", saying that this could be "bank for Heavy Industry, but bubble for start-ups and R&D firms", on the reasoning that, "only the biggest manufacturers would make significant profit from increasing their production with such purchases, and then only if export demands exist at the given period". Still, a few Altarian start-ups large enough to cover the capital have already begun expanding facilities to take full advantage of what looks to be a 5-8% (at the least) cut in production costs. Who and even if these ventures benefit, shall remain to be seen in the coming years. I'm Economic Correspondent Sean Corran, for Iverica One. --- -Iverican Craft Beer drinkers create foreign demand. Beer industry enjoying bumper sales, imports profiting from widespread demand. Sant Bastién, Argon- Party goers and beer enthusiasts here at one of the peninsula's most popular tourist destinations have been running local craft taps dry. As Craft Beer enjoys a wider popularity and sales around the nation, beer lovers from all demographics have expanded their tastes to the more exotic Spice Beer from Jerboa Brewing, @Kaitaine. *Transition to interview with obviously inebriated 20-something hipster* "Its like, spiced. Ya know? Like. You can really get the umm- spices and stuff. Its sooooo different man. You gotta try this [expletive censor], some good [expletive censor]." *Transition to over-weight foreigner* "Eughhh!!! What the [expletive censor] is this crap? It tastes like old lady, someone get me a Crud Lite" *Transition to slightly less inebriated 20-something beach-goer* "In the past, people generally saw craft beer lovers as pretentious 20-somethings with too much money, too much snobbery, and too little sense. Its not like that at all, well for many of us at least. I like this stuff because it isn't some ammonia-smelling piss lager from @Jilderen. Is it snobbery to not like crap? Its like food, some people are fine with McDonny's, others like ordering from nicer places on occasion." *Transition to better dressed white-collar banking lady* "Hmm *agitates beer with finesse*, good head retention, fine deep amber colour, smells of- *sniffs delicately*, strong cinnamon, strangely lacking the stale odour of the "spice"... nutmeg (?)... aaaand a slight hoppy citrus with stone fruits and liquorice. *drinks (delicate gulp, not sip)* ... *swallow*... ahh. Nice body, medium to light, moderate carbonation... got a few jabs from the barley they used, but altogether not unpleasant with the "spice" teasing in the first touch to the finish. Pleasant dry finish--evaporates like the deserts of Kaitaine. Overall an 8 out of 10, not bad for a big brew." With demand set to plateau by next year, brewers foreign and domestic are all gunning for excellent brand recognition and familiarity by the end of the quarter. Noting the high standard for craft in tourist spots like Sant Bastién, producers will be facing some tough standards to beat with their upcoming brews. --- -Iverican Civil Maritime Authority investigating crew and records from CF Claridad. "We want the greatest possible assurance that Iverican crews maintain the highest standard of seafaring. If the culpability is Iverican, we shall prosecute them with the appropriate and strict measures" Meda, Orioni- After the news maritime incident covered by local Orionii News Agency, Medani Monitor, reached the Iverican Government's Civil Maritime Authority Office (CIMAO), spokespersons of the superior Ministry of Marine and Air Transport were quick to launch domestic inquiries with the shipping corporation the CF Claridad was registered under and is making inquiries with @Orionii authorities for possible cooperation with any ongoing investigation. The incident occurred off the coast of the city of Meda, with culpability for the collision being currently unclear and under investigation by both authorities. When approached for an update, the CIMAO officials had this to say: "We offer our sincerest condolences to the @Miirosi, @Orioniii, and all other victims of this maritime tragedy. It is currently unclear as to with whom culpability lies. We can assure the families of those aboard the Claridad, that their loved ones are alive, and currently receiving treatment covered by company insurance. We are overseeing their care and treatment with the utmost attention and wish them a speedy recovery. We can also offer information that the Claridad did, in fact, sustain extensive damage--having developed a serious list to the port-side bow, and will likely be scuttled to create a new reef around the affected area, but away from any oil spills." More on this as it develops. This been INBC's foreign correspondent, Ian Torralba, for Iverica One.