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  1. Tech's Files- Interlude OOC: RAS 2020 is a modernisation initiative explained here and in news RP. This is kind of a summary of tech that is substantiated in RP (this thread and others) and on iiwiki. All of these concepts are quite evident IRL and can be searched up. NOOSPHERA is basically C4I plus America's Link16, the botnet GYGES is pretty simple in principle and a more potent example IRL is China's Great Cannon (which currently Gyges is not quite an equal to).
  2. @Salvia I did ask you about your capabilities on Discord lol. Judging by your answer, you guys had it covered . Didn't see the need to get involved if the Iverican military just sits there and looks around. Boots on the ground is expensive and gauging from some of probes I've made into possible Iverican intervention, it looks like it will just bloat the IC thread than contribute to the narrative. Besides, the Christian int'l community should be grateful enough that the Cussian situation is being, might I say--adequetely contributed to by the Ministry Foreign Affairs and the Armada. So political pressure to join the Coalition directly is fairly low.
  3. Re: Assisting Prymont Iverica is sticking to a support role. With some allowance for our observers to collect intel and study the situation. Intelligence support is mainly in satellite imaging; we'll be testing a new one. Some fire support will also be made available to the Prymontians via ship-based guided missiles. These will be sourced from 2-CATFOR and other units of the 4th Fleet which have a presence in the Adlantic. For all intents and purposes, Iverica won't have a stake in the current conflict, apart from the interest in keeping our allies supported. Posting here as due diligence in case there are questions about realism (logistics, supply, our military presence) and as per Pry's invite to expound.
  4. Claiming Steve Carell in Space Force as Esteve Carello, Commanding officer of Western Argis Aerospace Defence Command (WARD)
  6. To: The offices of The Third Circle, Vicelord Nize Kra'xuth, Machina @Haruspex From: The Office of the Foreign Minister, Desdemona Tomas-Morra Vicelord Nize Kra'xuth, Our investigation into the Cussian conflict and the refugee situation is now complete. Though before we share with you our findings and resolution, the Coalition must first outline one premise: that without a doubt our actions here, committed out of necessity in the face of your conquest have indirectly eased your occupation of the Cussian territories. The Coalition's sole intention was the protection of targeted Cussian Refugees. Inadvertently, this means that the Haru Government enjoys freedom from the obligation to secure, house, and feed them. Vicelord, thus far we have been successful in keeping this relatively tense operation free from undue strain. I am confident your prudence in stately matters will see this next phase peacefully completed. Given the above premise, it should seem just that the Coalition request a fair contribution from your government. The investigations have found that the conditions in the refugee camps make them probable breeding grounds for threatening virions as triage stations are overloaded and unable to care for winter-brought illnesses on top of injuries sustained during the violence of the military operations. For whatever reasons, the detainment of Cussian Christians was no doubt the result of the invasion and occupation carried out by the Haru military. As we find ourselves now responsible for their wellbeing, the Coalition requests that the Haru Government supply the sovereign states hosting the refugees with the funds necessary to feed them, the funds necessary to cover the cost of critical medication for the injuries they have sustained during your conquest and/or their captivity, and the fuel necessary to speed their departure from the Cussian shores. We shall need enough of these funds and resources delivered to upkeep the needs for a 12 month period, which should see the refugees adequately settled. Whether shipped in bulk or at regular intervals is up to the methods of your logistical officers. Having understood the state of their previous handling, there is sense in asking that these necessities be given to aid their already difficult evacuation. I imagine that Haru's reputation for competent organisation should prove this contribution but a trifle. As opposed to the task your people may have once had of detaining and encamping them for years on end--a task that the Coalition has relieved you of. Additionally, this contribution would be more than fair, as the Haru no longer have to house, guard, and "re-educate" the Cussians on top of providing them victuals and lodging. In full knowledge of the chain of causality that has led to this point, I urge you, Vicelord Kra'xuth, to retain this valuable line of productive communication with myself by sharing your perspective on this matter. I have great confidence that both parties involved in this event will see its fortunate conclusion. We have attached a file bearing the estimates. Sincerely, Desdemona Tomas-Morra Foreign Minister, L'República Iverica Co-signed by the Representatives of @Salvia, @Gallambria, @Seylos, @Tagmatium Rules, @Variota
  7. TAGMATINE-IVERICAN PREFERENTIAL TRADE AGREEMENT (TIPTA) @Tagmatium Rules --- OOC Premises: -Assume that Tag and Ive have had seedoil-coffee trade for a while. Thus have always had a fair to moderate amount of trade because of tariff agreements. -A Tag-Ive study has been researching on an equitable tariff arrangement to include biofuel and Tagmatine proprietary condiment brands into the agreement in the last year -The expansion of TIPTA was planned during the last quarter of 2019 and may take effect in Fiscal Q2 of 2020
  8. Tech's Files- Part 5: Skye Mennnnn --- Somewhere in the Narvic Hinterlands, Confederate Union of Narva 1255 IST--June 04, 2016 Body Cam Recording | Teniente Jose-Maria L'Arcon (Fuersas L'Aire, 1st WARD Group, Ground Security Detachment) The camera footage starts as the teniente exits the light armoured 4x4. He is joined by an Audante (equivalent: sergeant), carrying a service carbine. As the camera points downwards briefly, Teniente L'Arcon's name plate and blue-grey utility uniform come into view. The camera sweeps around as the Teniente pivots his torso in an apparent stretch, getting a full frame of the bored looking Audante escorting him. The Audante wears his patrol cover and a plate carrier over his utility uniform. The carbine is cradled in the Audante's arms, stock still folded. Around them, tall coniferous trees lie thick around grey slopes. The audio briefly turns static-y as the strong Narvic breeze blows directly into the bodycam mic. The teniente straightens his uniform, dons his beret and starts up a dirt path marked by wheel furrows, contrasting against the thick weed and grass of the foothill surface. The Audante can be heard following behind. Ahead, a lonely farmstead is visible. There is a log and thatch farmhouse, what looks to be a rickety motorshed, some fowl coops, and a large barn. A typical Narvic mountain-man farmstead. Though now and again, a small puff of smoke rises from the barn. Even from a distance, it can be observed that something is not quite right with the roof's angle and the way the whole structure leans. They close the distance, with only the crunch of dirt, the trilling of forest birds, and the groaning of ancient pines to accompany them. The Teniente walks up to the porch, which looked as though it might have once been quite charming; judging by the pleasant blue tinge of faded paint left behind and the rustic frieze and post carvings still visible despite the age. A window pane here and there is cracked, but otherwise the house looks well looked-after despite its current poverty. tap tap tap, knocked the Teniente. From within a shambling rustling noise of heavy feet on floorboards. EEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEHH?, comes a grating voice, clearly sounding like it belonged to some farmhouse geriatric. The door opens a crack. There is a balding head with clumps of white still attached to it in patches. A very wrinkly brow. Gosamer nose hairs the length of the Pala dei Primo's curtain tassles. The decrepit creature on the other side of the door stared through the crack with one bulging, goblin-esque eye exposed. It had a roundness that was somehow quite right and distrubing at the same time. It was clad in some sort of knitted sweater, though its once fine bright green was dull and marked with what looked like cigar burns. Below that, some purple patterned sort of skirt or kilt swayed daintily despite its grungy, gravy stained appearance. The very orbish eye flicked one way, then the other. "Err... oh my. Uhm. A very fine afternoon to you sirrah, I represent--", began the Teniente. His voice was clear, a little melodious, but clearly taken aback by the shape of the thing that had answered the door. It was the voice of an educated, upper-crust, "my father's-father's-father's-father's-father's-father had served as Deiargon's ensign", type of accent. Young and nasal, with an air of ponce-ishness. The thing interrupted with some kind of high-pitched laryngial growl. "eiiii, knöööw, 'oo yei aere", spoke the voice, which sounded as though it had echoed down the from the Cretacious. "Oh! Quite right, then sirrah, allow me to bother you with the business--" "Næ!" "Errr-pardon?" "Næ." "But you haven't quite heard my proposition yet sirrah, you see--" "eis moîne. Gehhh Weig!", spake the Eldritch creature. It made a shooing gesture. At that, the Teniente seemed aghast. Straightening indignantly, he blustered. "That'squiteabsurdsirrah, youseeIamanofficerintheserviceofthemostillustriousRepublic. IDEMANDtoseetheobjectinyourbarnat-once!" "Neirre, theiee cainna" "Proposterous!I'llhaveyoushot" "Ieiche a-faer nickt dōthðr", it sounded resolute. "Please?" "Næ..." "Pretty please?" "Næ." The Teniente at this point was at a loss for words. He turned to the Audante, who shrugged and re-lit a battered pipe, weapon still lazily cradled. He turned back to the living fossil which seemed intent to stare with its eyelids at maximum dilation--and then again at the bored NCO, before giving up and regarding the Methusela thing once again. Before he could form another sentence, the voice laden with cobwebs and layered with the older powers croaked again. A trickle of tawny drool escaped as it repeated, "eiiii, knöööw, 'oo yei aere. Yei shaellt nickt habbe mei", then it made some sort of gesture, like it was warding off spirits of the space between shadows. "Wha--who?" "Xenos, skye mannnnnn" "Ah--err--ah.... I see." "Seii tæketh mei. Woen Ickt vaes junger. Næ! Næ'er afaine!" "Sirrah, I assure you, my man and I are not here to abduct you! WE COME IN PEACE!" The auld father of the hidden sleepers hissed. Perhaps that last bit was the wrong thing to say. In a flash, with a ghastly howl that echoed from the very base of the temple of He-who-slumbers, and quicker than possible for a doddering ancient relic, the thing was on the Teniente. The bodycam caught in full the bulging white orbs, the gap toothed screech of the creature as it pounced. There was scuffling. There was tumbling, a weapon fired. A very un-manly shriek was let loose, causing a flock of wild pheasants somehow caught in the sequence of frames, to flee their tree-top perches. Somewhere within the house, a cat made a displeased noise. At long last, the sound of a taser discharging clattered through with finality. The camera re-stabilised. The Audante was in full view of the frame. Discharged taser in one hand, carbine resting calmly in the other. The man hadn't even lost his pipe. "Good grief! Bythesaviour...", the Teniente panted, his voice still a few octaves too high. The Audante said nothing, but his pipe let loose a single small puff in agreement. The Teniente turned to regard the thing that was old when the Memopotamians crawled. It lay motionless on the porch floor, under which, a puddle of urine (we're still uncertain whose) expanded slowly. The Teniente took some shakey breaths. Composing himself he addressed the Audante. "R-r-rright. Let's see about this crashed prototype business". --- After Action Report | [|||||||||||||||||||||||||||| ||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||] Following the incident, the prototype "Faethon XL" was recovered. It had apparently crashed straight into the homestead barn, causing significant damage to the roof, wounding 3 chickens, and killing the sole cow on the premises. It should be noted that Faethon XL successfully and with no incident achieved cold separation from the modified S-1011 Trestrell at [||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||] metres. It then proceeded into hot launch, whereby it completed a minor orbital manoeuvre. After MOCR confirmed "stay/no stay" check with all flight controllers, it was deemed safe to release the payload satellite: Icaro. Then approximately [||||||||||||||] seconds after separation, RETRO remarked a terminal error. Icaro is confirmed to have misfired RCS-04, presumably damaged by motion. The payload satellite then briefly collided with the parallel Faethon XL rocket and caused a fatal deviation. This incident is responsible for the crash on the homestead at [||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||] owned by [|||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||]. The reporter notes the natures causing the incident to be due to a payload issue, not an inherent issue with build 2.01.099 of Faethon XL. The reporter recommends the air launched to orbit Faethon programme to continue with testing. --- OOC: Basis for this is the Pegasus Rocket which first flew in 1990. It has since been used to launch compact or microsatellites for reconnaissance, communication, imaging, and radar.
  9. In memory of the user: "Maria of the Astral Clocktower" (Vaelaraea), who so dearly wanted elves. Your mental illness will be missed by many. After this log, I recall taking the chat to some other channel, presumably #worldbuilding. Sadly I cannot find or access this chat history of the coversation that followed. Not much is really missed however, because the chat went about how you would expect: she was adamant that elves were realistic and would have rather had the entire community definition change to cater to that belief than edit her own conjectures. Orioni removed her from the domains not long after. RIP Maria aka "Elf Girl", we hope you've found a big black orc to satisfy your bandersnatch.
  10. Iverica

    Policies in Effect

    This thread will contain corss-posts and/or copies of all ATARA's currently active policies or orders. --- ATARA ASSEMBLY RESOLUTION NO. 001 Passed On/During: JUNE 15, 2018 / (1st Genera Assembly) Author Delegate: Mr Alexander Bendtsen, Member of the Panel, Delegate of the Commonwealth of @Andalla Notable Motions/Dissents: Motion to Reconsider (Addressed) Quorum: 8 Delegates in Attendance Votes Aye: 8 (Quorum Consensus) ARTICLE I General Definitions For the purposes of this Agreement, unless the context requires otherwise: SECTION 1. ATARA shall mean the Argic-Thalassan-Alharun Regional Association. SECTION 2. Member state/s shall mean the respective nations comprising the Argic-Thalassan-Alharun Regional Association, whether collectively or individually, as the context requires. SECTION 3. Agreement shall mean the General Common Tariff Scheme Agreement. SECTION 4. Agricultural products shall mean: (a) those which fall under the definitions stated within Chapters 1 to 24 of the Harmonized Nomenclature System (HN), and other similar raw materials or unprocessed products listed under other HN sections; and (b) raw materials or unprocessed products that have undergone little change in form from the original product. ARTICLE II General Provisions SECTION 1. All member states shall be obligated to participate in the tariff reduction scheme. SECTION 2. Any party may voluntarily choose to exclude specific products, i.e. on the HN 8/9-digit level, from being subject under the Agreement's terms, if said product is deemed too sensitive to be included under the Agreement's terms. (a) Under this section, no party shall be penalized for withdrawing any product from under the terms of the Agreement. SECTION 3. Any product shall be considered as originating from ATARA member states, if at least 45% of the product's total content originates from a certain ATARA member state. ARTICLE III Product Coverage SECTION 1. The terms of this Agreement shall apply to all manufactured goods, including capital goods, processed agricultural goods, and those products falling outside the definition of agricultural products as stipulated herein. Agricultural products shall be exempt from the provisions of this Agreement. ARTICLE IV General Tariff Reduction Measures SECTION 1. The reduction of existing tariff rates between member states to 25 per centum shall be completed within a span of 5 years, beginning 1 August 2018 and terminating 31 July 2023, subject to a program of reduction to be determined by each party to the Agreement. SECTION 2. Existing tariff rates already below 25 per centum shall not be included in the reduction of tariff rates. Likewise, any products that reach a tariff rate of 25 per centum shall no longer be included in the following stage of reduction. SECTION 3. The aforementioned terms shall not impede any party from completing the reduction of existing tariff rates to 25 per centum before 31 June 2023. SECTION 4. Any additional fees or charges other than those connected to the taxation of imports and exports shall reflect only the approximate cost of the services rendered (e.g. Customs inspections). SECTION 5. The provisions of each member state's tariff reduction scheme shall be made known to the general public quickly, honestly and efficiently, by means of publishing in conspicuous places in at least four (4) newspapers of general circulation within said member state, on or before the 11th of July 2018. (a) All parties are encouraged to reduce tariffs orderly, preferably by means of assuming an annual rate of reduction, to prevent any undesirable consequences that may have been caused due to the rapid reduction of tariffs. SECTION 6. All parties shall undergo the process of eliminating all other non-tariff barriers on an annual basis, within a period of five years following the completion of the tariff reduction schedule. ARTICLE V Most-Favored Nation Status SECTION 1. Any advantage, exemption, favor or privilege granted by any party upon a certain product originating from or destined for other parties shall likewise be conferred, immediately and without constraint, to a like product originating in or destined for all other parties to the Agreement. SECTION 2. The provisions stated within Section 1 of this Article shall not obligate any party to eliminate any preferences in regards to charges levied on or connected with the importation and exportation of products, provided that said preference falls within the description hereon: (a) Preferences in force exclusively between two or more contracting parties, which shall be subject to the provisions stipulated therein; (b) Preferences in force exclusively between any number of member states and non-member states, which shall be subject to the provisions stipulated therein. ARTICLE VI Emergency Suspensions SECTION 1. If any product, which is eligible under the terms and policies of this Agreement, is imported in such a manner or in such quantities as to cause or threaten serious injury to sectors engaged in the production of like or directly competitive products in the importing member states, the importing member states may, for the appropriate duration of time as needed to resolve such issue, tentatively suspend the provisions stipulated herein. SECTION 2. Pursuant to Section 1 of this Article, all parties shall agree to implement the aforementioned suspensions in an honest and orderly manner, taking into consideration the framework and goals of this Agreement as stated in the Preamble. SECTION 3. Any actions undertaken by a Member State in relation to Article 6 of this Agreement shall be reported immediately to the ATARA Economic Council as established in Article 7 § 1 of this Agreement. (a) The aforementioned resolutions implemented may be subject to revision and consultation by the Economic Council. ARTICLE VII Administrative Machinery SECTION 1. Pursuant to Article 3 § 4 of the ATARA Charter, Member States shall establish a council to oversee the implementation of this Agreement, to be known as the ATARA Economic Council (hereinafter referred to as the Council). (a) The Council shall be composed of one (1) Economic Minister from every Member State, working in conjunction with the country's National Secretariat as referred to in Article 3 § 5 of the ATARA Charter. (b) In the event that any Member State does not have an acting ministerial-level economic official, the National Secretariat of the Member State thereof shall be obligated to nominate the most relevant senior position as representative to the Council. (c) The Council shall be chaired by, and report directly to, the ATARA Chairperson. (d) The Council shall submit a report to the ATARA Panel biannually detailing advances in the implementation of the terms stipulated by this Agreement. SECTION 2. The National Secretariats of every Member State shall be obligated to notify the Council immediately of any additional tariff arrangements between two or more Member States, in accordance with the provisions of this Agreement. ARTICLE VIII Final Provisions SECTION 1. Member States agree to duly execute the appropriate measures as required in order to accomplish the obligations as stated in Article 4 of this Agreement. SECTION 2. This Agreement shall be effective upon signing. SECTION 3. Any amendments to the terms of this Agreement shall take effect five (5) working days after all Member States have achieved a consensus on the amendments in question. SECTION 4. This Agreement shall be entrusted to the Office of the ATARA Chairperson, which shall promptly grant a valid copy of this Agreement to the National Secretariats of every Member State. SECTION 5. No exceptions shall be made to the terms and provisions set forth herein. IN WITNESS WHEREOF, the undersigned, having been duly appointed by their respective governments, hereby affix their signatures to the General Common Tariff Scheme Agreement. Done in Porto Altaria, this 14th day of June, 2018 in a single copy in the Anglish language. OOC: Please excuse my terrible lawmaking skills. OOC (2): Many thanks to the ASEAN Common Effective Preferential Tariff (CEPT) Agreement, the ASEAN-Australia-New Zealand Free Trade Agreement (AANZFTA), and the GATT. I wouldn't be here without copying you.
  11. 1st General Assembly 1110h IST | June 14, 2018 ATARA Headquarters, Assembly Chamber Porto Altaria, Iverica Let the following entries serve as the official record on the proceedings of the Proposal "GENERAL COMMON TARIFF SCHEME AGREEMENT", taking place during the 3rd day of the First General Assembly (June 14th, 2018). This post notes that these stages are accomplished: 1-Quorum Call 2-Recognition Call 3-Introduction of the Speaker and recognition of the proposal 4-General Proposal 5-Open Floor 6-Ruling of the Chair 7-Speaker Response (Just Finished) 8-Assembly Breaks for Recess --- After Bendtsen had closed his binder, Morra addressed the Assembly. "The Chair recognises Delegate Bendtsen's promises to amend the points in question by Delegate fan Oliefaaire. If the Delegate of Variota or any other Delegate here wishes to correct or add to what Delegate Bendtsen has just promised to amend, let the points be made now. Please note that; if Delegate Bendtsen has reasonably and objectively satisfied the concerns brought to the floor now, there should be no reason to hear any Nay votes during the Voting Period. Delegates voting Nay during the later Voting Period will be removed from this session by this Chair if they fail to bring up their protests or concerns at this juncture." It was within the power of Chair to oversee the proceedings and given how much effort had been put in by all parties assembled it would be improper in the extreme for any delegate to obstruct the proceedings by voting irresponsibly. Meaning that it would behove them to at least declare the rationale of their disagreement now so Delegate Bendtsen would at least have a fair chance of amending his proposal. --- OOC: If no questions follow (None have for a few months now), we will time skip to the 15th, where @Andalla's amended proposal (see above) will go to vote. Since abstaining is considered tacit approval by the Assembly, there is no need for a poll. No response means approval. 3 Days will be given until the Proposal in considered passed.
  12. But no one quite does them like you do Tag
  13. Iverica

    Iverica One

    Just 6 months ago, riots wracked the streets of Vasqqan cities like Vermeo and Vilvau. Today, it seems that normalcy has reasserted itself and people go about their daily lives in peace. All around the Iberosphere, there is cautious, tentative possibility of calm that has followed a year of uncertainty. Now that the Federated Commonwealth has been established, life can continue as normal. Or can it? In the months that followed the Federal Referendum last November, groups which composed the minority "Anti-Fed" bloc of political parties around the Argic-Alharun Iberic states have not ceased their defiant but steadily weakening efforts at protesting the move to Federalise. Today, they make up less than 5% of the voting public across the Iberosphere, mostly country hidalgos and minor politicians--making up a class of rural public intellectuals with a soap box in liberal, libertarian, and ethnically-focused political parties. Though their fight continues; after speaking with several party leaders and activists, IvericaOne thought to shed some light on their point of view. The questions are "why" and "how". What motivates their resistance and how do they see their goals being met? *Random Interview clips* By and large, the outcry comes from fears over the loss of minority cultures, the economic oversight neglecting small businesses, and the plan to put in place equilateral, standardised measures on peoples that differ widely in purchasing power. Other fears are based on the "what if" possibility of small Narvic enclaves with autonomous local laws becoming disenfranchised further with the establishment of a Federal government over their already disinterested national governments. Others still question the delay in the electoral processes the Federalisation has caused. In Iverica, the Primeal Election has been delayed by one year, the Parliament having given Primo Deitorr an extension of powers due to the circumstances of the Federal Process--something that has not gone unquestioned and uncriticised by staunch constitutionalists. The administration has since come under heavy fire from its own supporters and its detractors in response to the Parliamentary ruling. In response the Federal Coalition had made the following promises: That cultural enclaves would retain a speaking position in the form of an Assembly in the Federal Council. That concessions would be made to keep small business competetive through financial packages and tax excemptions until such time they adapt. And that the electoral processes will be resumed as obligated by the consitution once the Federal Council becomes operational by 2021. Whether the Anti-Fed can accept these promises, depends on how the coalition handles its charter and executes its programmes. It will not be an easy task. The total cost of the FedCom's establishment will require a greater budget than it had been alotted in 2019. Amidst these social concerns, the Anti-Fed has also capitalised on the assertions that the coalition may either need to slash budgets in defence and foreign aid, may need to inflate the Iverican Velle, or may need to start a loan with a foreign bank. Whatever the coalition leaders decide to do now, will determine its first impressions with the public and the future of any Anti-Fed movements.
  14. 5 Beaten-to-Death RP Settings Based on my memory, not in any particular order. Done to death but practically impossible not to do at least once in an RP. The Airport Arrival Posse President Bob stepped out of his super cool jet. Surrounded by voracious journalists. A generic greeting party of some ministers and leaders awaited him. Fancy drinks in a car, something something politics... The Busy Busy Briefing Prime Minister Joe walked briskly down a hall way (that or is in an executive vehicle of sorts), his train of sycophants following not far behind... "Where are we with the Orionese?", he asked. A young attractive genderless secretary moves in-stride with him and hands him a dossier... The Weirdly Dramatic One-on-One Meeting in a Fancy Office Premier Ivan laughed cooly, high and aloof, as a mountain might. But President John was nonplussed. He was totally secure with his masculinity, and knew that his 1000 hospital ships could easily flatten the Premier's 2 Million Power Armoured Legionaries with ease... plus, he had just banged some 14 young interns in this very office. Somethingsomething back and forth my leader is more manly something something, we get it you have a big cock. The "Hello, fellow Humans", said your Leader Scene In which the national leader is doing something decidedly ordinary and unimpressive but in a manner that is equally fancy, dignified, and better than your leader would do it. The Electronic Communique which is like some weird snapshot of a computer screen that no one else should be seeing but is seeing anyway. Beep boop <things in code brackets> [Beep boop] computer things mynationisveryadvanced {beep b00p} Military codes I made up ==Boop Beep== </end> No, I'm not taking a shot at you. I have probably done all of the above at least once.
  15. Iverica

    Iverica One

    May 4, 2020 Today, several executives of the Toledo Heavy Industries (THI) inaugurated several newly re-equipped and refurbished facilities on one event. Held outside the THI Operations Headquarters in Toledo, Nou Stille, Maximo Munoss, current CEO of THI had this to say about the first of many manufacturing facilities to reopen as majority-automated facilities: "Two years ago, the Toledo Group promised that we would take serious steps to automate our facilities without leaving our employees behind. On this day we take the first real step in that direction. In the two years it took to prepare this monumental shift, we have retrained and advanced the skills of more than 300,000 employees, with more to follow in succeeding batches. Along side that we have successfully created the first series of automated factories in Iverica--run with the aid of mechanised assembly lines and new protocol software. Our goal as we promised, is to improve this industry for everyone. Production will be safer and more efficient, and our employees, better skilled and offered new jobs as technicians and maintenance personnel. Not only that, but many others still were offered opportunities with our partners in Manille Consolidated and Fortis Electronics. We hope that the rest of this transition on an almost national scale will be as successful for employees and production as this first has been." In the 2010's Iverica was juggling a slowly rising unemployment rate with a rioting private sector that was rearing to innovate. The government needed to keep its people's jobs safe, but at the same time, it needed the GDP growth that a slump in innovation was threatening to slow. As part of an agreement by the Toledo Group and the Executive Ministry, cooperative projects began on this automation process in 2018. On one side, the nation-leading manufacturing sector had been pushing against specifics in the labour protection laws that had impeded their earlier attempts. On the other, the Executive Ministry had Parliament had both been hesitant to put such a large workforce at risk of unemployment. The agreement brokered by the ExecMin's Public Private Partnership Office (P3O) settled the case later that year, with both sides required to uphold certain burdens. In effect, the Deitorr administration was to release an executive order allowing the Toledo Group of Companies temporary tax excemptions in materials extraction and tariffs in order to offset the cost, while at the same time lobbying to support the Toledo Group's push for automation. On the other hand, the Toledo Group was to meet these concessions by beginning transition programs for its workforce, training those most affected by the paradigm shift for new skills in industries expected flourish in the coming years. Some of these include related jobs in maintenance, equipment operation, and safety inspection. Some have even made the leap into much more complex skillsets like software development and other forms of engineering. While the future is bright for someone who used to work as an assembly line worker, it is equally promising for the corporates overhead projections. Estimates coming from THI say that as early as 2025, their production facilties might see a return on the investment courtest of the overall reduced cost of day-to-day operations. How is this being done? Its all thanks to a new suite of sensors installed in factories, articulating robotics, and their paired machine learning software that Fortis Electronics credits to the Elegy Corporation @Sunset Sea Islands for inspiration and technical basis. Sources from the Manille Institute of Technology (MIT) say that much of the designs for the system also come from Iverican military prototypes tested for the purpose of unmanned bomb-disposal. A remnant from an era were bombings were common place near the Vasqqan border. Professor emeritus and peer at the MIT, Manuel Vargas, reviewed the system as part of the NGO inspection team mandated by the Ministry Safety Board. Professor Vargas had this to say: "Most of what THI has been using: FLIR optics, acoustic sensors, some simple LIDAR, many engineers will recognise them as nothing special or advanced. Now, if you feed that collected data to a software that cleans that data and contrasts it with data on index of sorts, you get a system that can recognise negative changes across hundreds of work stations simultaneously. If it is well programmed, it can then formulate a chain of executable commands that remedy the situation without contradicting itself. All it needs then are systems to manipulate its material, such as the robotics from the Defence project "Subtle Haptics", which experimented with more sensitive electromagnetic articulation rather than cogs and gears; this was for bomb diffusal of course." "Individual elements of an automated system are surprisingly simple. They are just a multitude of sensors that we have had since the 80's, a good software to process inputs, and robotics that have the sensitivity and processing accuracy to execute commands correctly. The challenge in the system is its thousand points of potential failure. Each sensor and its environment is a potential issue. Toledo's challenge was engineering the right setup, redundancies, and checking systems to make sure that failures are spotted ASAP. Together, the whole thing is simply an ordering of things that sense, that feed things that do logic, and that tell things that move what to do." But despite this positivity, there remains much anxiety over the success of THI's transition of their work force. Whether the receiving companies provide stable employment remains to be seen in suceeding batches. For now, it enjoys positive public attention as the program continues. By late 2022, THI expects that 70% of its assembly lines in automotive, heavy industrial, components, and refining facilities to be majority-automated. By the same year, it expects its partner companies, Fortis Electronics, Manille Consolidated and many others to benefit from the transferred manpower. --- Reference: --- Stay tuned for the following stories: Transitioning to a Federal Government- INBC reviews the oppossition arguments and examines the systematic norms offset by the government transition. Primeal Election 2021- a broad look at Primeal contenders, the 1 year delay of the campaigning period, and the role of the Primo in the new Federal context.
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