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  1. Iverica

    News & Announcements

    1ST GA TEMPORARILY RECESSED Due to difficult circumstances preventing one of the scheduled proposals (Andalla- who has submitted his proposal on time and has enough content and possible benefits to justify a recess), the GA will be placed in recess. All concluded proceedings so far are to be considered canon, however, the final proposal's IC result shall await @Andalla's return and completion of the requirements. The reason why Andalla's proposal shall not be rejected due to absence is because it is the last session in the GA, therefore nothing else will be bothered by OOC pause. Therefore: IC: Presume that the session has concluded normally, avoiding mention of the Andallan proposal until it is resolved through RP. OOC: Wait for Andalla to return to forum RP
  2. Iverica

    Fishing for Firepower

    OOC: Okay, this went overboard. I just wanted to see what would happen if I tried a more "legit" looking format. Do not do this, it is a terribly unnecessary thing to do for a goddamn game. By the time I realised "this is not efficient for the reader", I was already halfway through and just decided to see it through. In fairness, I'm proud that I tried to make a more business-standard RP thing, but then again, there comes a point where it becomes excessive. Might as well use it now that I've made it --- --- OOC2: I REGRET NOTHING
  3. Iverica

    A Great Europan Collapse

    Clarification on Seylos' and my added point above: Excuse the informality of the screenshot, just not worth the effort to transcribe this when the messages are perfectly pertinent and summarise the points.
  4. Iverica

    A Great Europan Collapse

    I'll keep this as brief as I can, as I really only have one thing to add. Firstly, props to @Seylos for this interesting idea. Applauding the effort to launch this OOC before anything else and also thinking forward with some details. If this takes off, constant planning like this will have to be kept up--seeing as this is a rather massive RP involving a ton of NPC and Player Nations alike. Scale and scope in mind, what I have to add really just comes down to this: Noting that we are dealing with what I can safely label a cataclysm of continental proportions, it's worth keeping in mind that this combined undertaking involving many (probably dozens) of nations pouring vast amounts of resources into this effort would affect both the New World and the Old World for decades to come. Now before I continue, I want to stress that I do see this RP as interesting and possessing great potential for story-telling and worldbuilding. I am NOT against it at all. However, the sheer scale and magnitude of this event has me thinking of the repercussions and global challenges that will surely be imposed upon the rest of the world in this scenario In short, no nation would walk away completely unscathed from this. Non-participants would likely also feel some sort of economic effect from their neighbours committing to total war, mass relief/rebuilding efforts, or other stabilising efforts that would take place--and I'm not even getting into the diplomacy and geopolitical side. To reiterate, all I'm doing is posing an idea for consideration of those involved. Addressing everyone interested: take it as a point for consideration before committing to what will likely change the world in a very big way. Some things we can likely expect: Increase in national debt. Widescale inflation If military options are widespread: Rise of political dissidents, rebel, or terror groups in or around countries committing bulk forces. Corruption in handling the funding for what is likely a Trillion Unit expenditure Economic bubbles forming to feed the demand for relief or war material Not to mention: World attention will be directly focused on the unfolding events, meaning that large undertakings by IGOs or singular governments could be swept aside in favour of the issue of public interest In conclusion, while I'm not trying to be a massive bell-end partypooper, I'm pressing that an RP of this scale will require some very detailed consideration of the factors. Now, if it's going to be said that I'm arbitrarily enforcing these boring factors on potential RP'ers, I'll just remind you that you can simply choose to do this on a smaller scale. As Orioni cited, the War on the VLA in Afropa is one way to go about something such as this without crazy global repercussions. But if people are intent to pursuing something on the scale of a global crisis, it would naturally follow that the consequences and factors are all concretely (that means written down on a publicly accessible medium) laid out with due diligence. So that's what I have to add for consideration. I'm certainly hoping this is taken as constructive like I fully intended as I know this can be verily misinterpreted as me dumping on hopes and dreams. Thanks!
  5. Iverica

    Iverica One

    A Word from our sponsors... *** MIDSUMMER EXCLUSIVE SEAT SALE *** This summer, PENINSULAIRE invites you to the place between continents, between cultures, and between worlds. Experience Argis, as you never have before. *** The heart of an ancient people- -in the New World Via Mavini, Intreimor City Experience the Verde Beaches- -the best of Argis and Alharu Ponta L'Sant, Barrio dei Bastién, Argon Province *** With rates 30-40% more affordable for Economy and Premium Economy... ...And up to 20-25% more affordable for Business and First Class Experience Iverica- More, for Less What are you waiting for? Contact your nearest Peninsulaire Ticketing or Service Office for details. This promo applies only to the destinations of Argon International (AIN) and Mavini International (MIN). Usual disclaimers and terms apply, for inquiries, contact us via website or landline (www.Peninsulaire.ive | +86-02-PEN-AIRE). If you're reading this, you have no life and suck... just kidding. I love you. Really, I do
  6. Iverica

    Happy Birthday To You!

    Thanks @Orioni! I hope I don't trash the Discord later because I've been brought a few bottles here...
  7. Iverica

    Iverica One

    July 10, 2018 "Good morning Civios, Joaquin Valero here. Today, to give us a better explanation of this speciality coverage, we have retired Contra-Almirante turned INBC correspondent, Eusevio Cruss to discuss the details. To you sir." "Yes, good day Joaquin. Yesterday, a joint-review sat to discuss the progress of the military modernisation initiative titled "RAS-2020", designated as Republic Act- no. 2310 when it was passed in September of the year 2000--which is notably responsible for the massive budget increase towards research and development allotments. The hearing consisted of representatives from both the Camrá Committee for Military Development and the Oficina dei Industria Militar and was overseen by both Capo-General Macharius and Minister of Defence, Ricardo Ibanes. According to the report by our other correspondent on the story, Andrei Rectos, the review was adjourned under a generally positive note, though there were a number of issues left in the recess. Inspector-General of the RAS noted that while the 4 out of 5 milestones had already been accomplished as of July 2018, several of the projects from the confidential "Palladium Project" were lagging behind. Regarding progress, the RAS's Oficia dei Technicia and the Oficina dei Industria reported that Milestones including the "Streamline Milestone" which applies its namesake to protective kit, munitions, and weapon system parts and tools had been successfully applied to cover over 80% of all branches of the RAS--the committee findings claim that this transition will see a reduction of inventory upkeep costs by up to 5.5% by 2020 and 15% by 2025 while also streamlining replaceable parts, production, and simplifying training across weapon systems. Big changes for this milestone include the successful phase-out of older small arms systems and the 5.56x45mm and 7.62x51mm in favour of the new 7x43mm "universal intermediate" cartridge. Others still, like the "Carrier Milestone" include the retrofit of the carriers VRI República and VRI Deiargon with newer classified anti-missile and defensive suites, which are promised to yield better integration with the @Prymont ian-Iverican WARD satellites, guidance, and tracking networks--the milestone also prepares both capital ships for the fitting of a shipboard uranium reactor, something said to be "in the closing stages of development". Now it was all smiles and success, the Inspector-General also noted that several projects of "Milestone 5" otherwise known as the hushed "Palladium Project" were over budget, one specific project, over-budget in excess of 130% of its original allowance. While the nature of many projects are awaiting an official release by Corregidor High Command, the RAS Public-Relations Office have given some general information on the sub-programmes within Palladium. One of these projects is known as C4I+--which is hinted to be a sort of closed-network data sharing technology for command and control, allowing a greater dimension of sharing battlespace information from tactical theatres all the way to strategic theatres. According to the latest report, C4I+ is already in partial circulation--a notable example being with the UC-42-A2's sold to the Royal @Gallambrian Armed Forces. Further developments include the Phaethon delivery system--said to be one of the most over-budget and least developed, promising deployment of satellites to supplement WARD and other intelligence agencies. Then there's the Future Frigate programme--nearing completion after joint-development with the Kingdom @Gallambria through the consortium, Argis-Marenesia Maritime Industries--which promises to bolster the support capabilities within Carrier Strike Groups while also providing a platform which may be customised for more independent or WARD-supporting action utilising the MIMiK system. Capping it off, it looks as if most of the Milestone 5 projects are still obscure and their progress hasn't really been brought to light. While we can expect probable completion by 2020 or 2021, it's safe to expect the RAS and her private partners to fully utilise the additional 1.5% of GDP that is going into these programmes. Now, the RAS has promised that the military budget will return to its nominal 4.5% of GDP by 2025, owing to their claims that the projects will not drastically increase upkeep due to offsetting projects and the nation's own economic growth, it would be prudent to expect that this optimistic estimate may not be fully realised." "Alllllright. Wow. That was uhm. Long. Well that's all the time we have for this story. Join us next time!" --- OOC: Yes, this is deliberately meant to be boring. I hope you also did not read it and hope that it confused the little titties off of you. And yes, there will be an RP about the details of this programme and it should be up to standards for detail and MT realism. Don't worry, everything here will be MT and pretty much existing as a solid working thing with some basic but logical changes if any. Of course, it will await the publishing of the actual RP for scrutiny
  8. Iverica

    ATARA Assembly Chamber: 1st General Assembly

    1st General Assembly 1030h IST | June 14, 2018 ATARA Headquarters, Assembly Chamber Porto Altaria, Iverica Let the following entries serve as the official record on the proceedings of the Proposal "GENERAL COMMON TARIFF SCHEME AGREEMENT", taking place during the 3rd day of the First General Assembly (June 14th, 2018). This post accomplishes these stages: 1-Quorum Call 2-Recognition Call 3-Introduction of the Speaker and recognition of the proposal --- "We mark the continuation of the Argic-Thalassan-Alharun Regional Association's Assembly no. 001, taking place on this day, June the 14th, the year 2018 in Porto Altaria, Iverica. To initiate these proceedings, we begin the first order of business--the Calls to Quorum and Recognition", announced the Chamber Clerk, who then calls each delegate by name expecting the appropriate response of Present and Voting, or Present but Abstaining. ... "...thank you delegates. We conclude the Quorum Call with a sum of 8 in attendance out of the minimum Quorum of 5 required. This Chamber has a Quorum present", said Morra from her seat on the raised desk atop the dais. "Now also recognising the Delegate-Observers in attendance--Delegate-Observer Alexander Terrell of the Kingdom of Gallambria and Delegate-Observer Johan av Kål of the Holy Empire of Derthalen." The seating arrangement was identical to the previous proceeding's. To her left, was Julian Nordeng of Prymont. To her right was Lantheere fan Oliefaaire of Variota. Earlier, the appointed Clerk had announced the three as presiding Panel, with Morra as Interim Chair. This day of ATARA's First General Assembly would see the Delegate of @Andalla, Mr. Bendtsen, take the floor for his Proposal. Morra adjusted her spectacles and turned a page on her file. The Clerk took his cue and spoke. "Proceeding with the order of business--this Assembly, its sitting Panel and Chair shall now introduce the Speaker for this session and shall recognise the Proposal as announced." Morra picked up from there. "This Assembly recognises the Delegate of the Commonwealth of @Andalla, Mr Alexander Bendtsen and his first Proposal, so named 'GENERAL COMMON TARIFF SCHEME AGREEMENT '. The Chamber floor is now open for Mr. Bendtsen to make his General Proposal. Hence, this Chamber and its Assembly are once again called to order..." "Mr Bendtsen, your opening remarks please." --- OOC: Andalla is now inclined to make his opening remarks--for more info, consult the Guidelines (first post on this thread). I will also now begin following the coloured dialogue scheme for better clarity and readability.
  9. Iverica

    War on Violetist Liberation Army

    The Ivericans promise aid using deployed peacekeepers to deliver food, rescue, medical, and rebuilding efforts.
  10. Iverica

    Iverican Ministry of Foreign Affairs

    Recipients: Iverican Embassy, Dieudonné Foreign Embassies on Iverican Soil Subject: Hawamas Food Crisis Content as follows: The Republic of Iverica recognises the humanitarian crises currently endangering the lives of thousands in Eastern @Afropa. The Republic is thereby resolved to support the civilian population of Afropa through charitable aid from well-meaning citizens and civil servants. Noting that a military peacekeeping contingent is currently deployed and stationed in the Republic of Afropa, the Executive Ministry of Iverica hereby resolves to mobilise these forces, initially intended to combat the internationally condemned terrorist group "Violetist Liberation Army" (VLA) for the humanitarian purpose of delivering emergency food supplies, other relief goods, and speciality personnel for medical, rescue, and building efforts. Elements of the deployed 3a Brigada, 1a Fusilieri, Exersito are, as of this time, en route to the affected area and will construct aid camps from which to operate as soon as they are able. End of Content
  11. Iverica

    2018 UENA World Cup

    IVERICA IN THE SEMI'S July 7, 2018 *INBC Sport Intro Plays* *Applause* INBC Sports Host and Commentator Gio Metré is seated on a desk at the centre stage. "Hello-hello and welcome back to your favourite, your only relevant Iverican news channel covering UENA 2018!", says Metré, beaming. "Well, that certainly was unexpected, I think we an all agree. A few metaphors, similes, and analogies are coming to my mind right now. Something-something about train wrecks pulling themselves on track after last week's colossal f*ck up against the Fulgistani. But in this case, the best example I can use to illustrate this is more like Juan-ty Dumpty pulling itself together again, albeit just breaking into the quarters by the shin of their teeth--or rather--broken eggshell in this scenario." "It is phenomenal really, how a team that literally every Iverican and their mother's uncle's co-worker's boyfriend's janitor's roommate bet good Velles wouldn't break past the first two group matches actually shambled their way to this spot--and by a measly free-kick too", says Metré, feigning serious surprise. *A few clips play were some easy volleys were missed by the Iverican team, Suaress and the few competent players attempting to rally the inexperienced greenhorns filling in for Javi and Nani roaring at them* "We'll take a look at some replays shortly, in a match that was otherwise quite static, dull, and uneventful until the final free-kicks." "But for now, I've got a special handwritten note from Suaress himself", Metré trails of for enigmatic effect as he unfolds a short bond paper. "So this here says:" "Dearest fellow Civios, we understand you cheered hard for us and are very spirited. We loved the body paint and human diamonds you formed to make what we can only interpret as our national lozenge albeit off colour where some of you had spilt cervesa all over yourselves dreadfully cocking up the hue of Iverican Blue. The chants of Olé! spurred us on throughout and kept our hopes up in spite of a few of you being detained once the stadium watchmen realised that some of you were only wearing blue body paint and not just tight blue jeans. Please, there are many young children watching, we urge you to at least don a G-string or thong if you wish to continue the body paint lozenge. Further, we would ask that the broken bottles of cheap Europan lager be picked up after and disposed of properly, we understand it is weak yellow-water that tastes like metal and pipi, but do not take your anger out on the garbage men. Also, while we encourage the use of protection and safe sex, we also believe that those rubber devices be used solely for their intended purpose in the right places and not as balloons and inflatable cheering items. Once again, please respect mother earth and be responsible for your waste. We understand that you are nowhere as messy or as rowdy as the Derthaler fans nor as free-spirited as the Variotan fans, but we must strive to keep the broadcasts G-rated, at least when the camera passes over our stands. Regardless, thanks for cheering us on! Per Solidaridad, Ave Iverica!" "Whew, that was a long one, but yes I agree. Men, keep your floppy bits in, ladies... well... I'd say keep doing what you're doing, but you're likely the cause of our low goal-match ratio", Metré chuckles lightly. "Was that sexist? hahahah, I don't know Civios, but you'll see what I mean when we get to some close-up replays of the stands." "We'll be back after a quick break. See you in a bit, civios!"
  12. Iverica

    ATARA Assembly Chamber: 1st General Assembly

    "The Chair hereby recognises of the outcome of this session as a sustained Motion to reconsider". The Delegate of @Mauridiviah will be given until the 4th day of this General Assembly to complete the final draft of his Proposal with the necessary accommodations to points raised by the Delegate of @Variota. At this time, the proceedings on this Proposal are to be considered in Recess and will resume on the stated date. The Chair hereby declares this Assembly adjourned", Morra stated. At that, the Assembly's Clerk moved to have the doors opened and signalled for the staff to put the chamber in order. Morra herself got up once the cameras had been switched off while her aide collected her files and effects. She bid fan Oliefaaier and Nordeng leave as she took a quick step back to her quarters. Tomorrow would be another long day. She may have already gone through the Derthaler Appeal quite thoroughly, but the @Andallan proposal on tariff agreements was something she had to go over again for Day 3, The Andallan Delegate Bendtsen had been making last-minute edits to his draft, something that came naturally with hefty topics like international trade and their respective tax but was yet another gauntlet she'd have to steer through and examine in detail. --- OOC: This Proposal in in RECESS, meaning that we shall resume for final comments and voting after we resolve Andalla's Proposal. I'll be posting an intro to the next Proposal shortly. For now, your characters may make social posts doing whatever on the MAIN THREAD, just remember to make the appropriate timestamps.
  13. Iverica

    All the Empty Land is....?

    @Seylos Generating NPCs is pretty much what has been done in the past. So I'm pretty much in agreement for the most part
  14. Iverica

    All the Empty Land is....?

    Just placing the essence of my input (Originally posted on Discord) Here: "...All unclaimed territory can be of the two following natures: Uninhabited Land (Terra Nullis) or NPC Land. Now the question becomes: How do we determine the classification between the two? The Answer hinges on how well such expansions explain 'What sort of land it is'. Simply, reasoning can determine if the land is more likely uninhabited (it could appear a desert or infertile waste using inferences on GEarth) or whether it is too "rich" or favourable looking to be deserted--and thus ought to be NPC. At the end of the day, it comes down to inputs on which makes more sense and some objective justifications behind that"