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  1. Iverica

    Iverica One

    IVERICA ONE NOW ON WITTIER APRIL 23, 2018 Iverica One is live on Wittier! Updates at the drop of a hat 24/7 for News First! Catch us on the social media website here: https://wittier.com/IvericaOne Or on your trusted Europa News Network feed: http://www.europans.com/news/
  2. Iverica

    Anybody Wanna Go to Space? [OOC]

    Prymont technically could have launched things already with the AN-225. @Andalla
  3. Iverica

    Iverica One

    International News REPÚBLICA AND TASK FORCE ROTATING HOME April 20, 2018 -Exersito and FLAIR to gradually replace ground and air peacekeeping roles After a tour of nearly six months in the Afropa, the Carrier Strike Group "República" is at last scheduled to return to Argic waters--according to an announcement last night by Corregidor Maritime Command (CMC). The announcement also outlined that manoeuver would not only grant the members of Task Force Ultra-Violet some much-needed rest but also provide a much more cost-effective yet practical solution to the insurgency crisis brought about by the terrorist organisation known as the Violetist Liberation Army. "The move is a strategic one", said spokesperson to the Ministry of Defence, Coronel Quinto Poncé. "--expediting our progress towards the mission goal, to better secure Afropan and Iverican citizens. Our alternation of forces in the theatre will accomplish three long-term objectives to benefit our continued operations. First, the increase in manpower will no doubt enable us more of a persistent presence in contested regions. Second, our transfer of air base from the carrier República to airfields in Camp Osmena will not only allow for quicker deployment, but will also be more cost effective in the long-term. Lastly, this move will enable our forces to shift into a much more flexible combined-arms approach, supplementing the tactical capabilities of our already present units". Following the announcement, Primeal Spokesperson Bernat Villar was quick to emphasise that the move is progressive and not regressive, stating that; "By no means is this a reduction in readiness or capability in Afropa, but quite the opposite. It is an essential stepping-stone in both following up the already significant success of the Task Force and maintaining a sustainable resource-efficient approach". While more specific details as to the itinerary of the rotation have been withheld for security purposes, the Ministry of Defence has suggested that the gradual arrival of new units and withdrawal of the previous could take place as early as the 27th of April. -Isabel Roces, INBC.
  4. Iverica

    [OOC] Verde Blockade

    Hey, that's a good idea! Although I have some minor changes I'd like to put in before we make this canon. That being said, it's a great map that certainly would help put things in perspective. Some details I'd like to be clear on: 1. A total of 6 Iverican submarines were activated. 2 were deployed with Deiargon and two with ATG Del Pilar. 2. Out of the 4 Iverican PTUs shown in the map, only two are blockading in the mouth of the Verde, the other two are maintaining coastal patrols around our northern and western coasts, together with the remaining 2 submarines. I can be more clear on this when I come out with my ORBAT. Thanks @Girkmand!
  5. Iverica

    UENA Nations League

    Yay, balls!
  6. Iverica

    Iverican Ministry of Foreign Affairs

  7. Official channel for the release of statements by the Iverican Ministry of Foreign Affairs. Here, documents, state letters, and published dossiers are made accessible to host-governments of any Iverican Consulate and Embassy. Released Statements: All statements addressed to as "open" or to the international community are publicly accessible Documents and Dossiers: Unless specified otherwise, archived information is available only upon appeal or request. Any item marked "sensitive" or of greater confidentiality must be viewed with due diligence. Contents outside of this channel: Executive Letters: Response to Hellenic Rus--Circle of Death [LINK] Pledge to Aid--Afropa, VLA Crisis [LINK] Letter to PM Greenwald (Gallambria) [LINK] Position Statement on the Communist Entity in Ahrana [LINK] Content on this channel: Executive Letters N/A Embassy Statements N/A Documents and Dossiers SSO Profile: Circle of Death (sensitive) - p. 2
  8. Iverica

    The Republic of Iverica

    TIMELINE OF IVERICAN HISTORY [WIP] Pre-Peninsular Timeline [Link] Gran Viatge Timeline [Coming Soon] Peninsular Timeline [Coming Soon]
  9. Iverica

    A Ferry Friendly Proposition

    To: Admiral of the Fleet Jørgen Lassen of the United States of @Prymont Navy From: Almirante Aqbarr, Armada Iverica--Comando dei Grupo Peninsulares (HFG-FC) Admiral, On behalf of the Armada Iverica, we thank you for your pleasant overtures. Despite our current troubles, it gladdens my own spirits that we partake in the Verde Blockade alongside the daring men and women of the United States of Prymont Navy. Calling to remembrance the past tribulations weathered together, during which no more a steadfast ally could have been had. With our present issues in mind, we can understand how a strengthening of ties and inter-service cooperation has become more and more necessary. Certainly, we do agree that the forces of nature, try as we might to annually keep them at bay, have become far too great a deterrent against our current endeavours. As such, the leadership of Corregidor Maritime Command under the supervision of the Iverican people represented by the Cámra Nasional, has received your proposal with enthusiasm. Having already parsed the threats of winter in the Argic Ocean and reviewed the constitutional and practical feasibility of such a structure as a USPN Naval Station in the Súbic Bay, the Almirantasgo which I speak for has already forwarded their assent and recommendations to the subcommittee newly formed to advise our legislature on the matter. Given that there are no immediate constitutional constraints, and that the Almirantasgo finds the terms of lease sufficient and agreeable, there has been no reason for Iverica's military to protest the establishment. Along with similar assent from the authorities at the Western Argis Aerospace Defence Command--which itself provides further evidence to vouch for our ability to cooperate with efficiency and harmony--we say with growing confidence that we look forward to the building of a stronger military tradition, not only as allies as in the past, but as brothers in arms against the trails plaguing our shared and beloved Argis. Regards, Mon Calamares Aqbarr Almirante ét Maestro dei Grupo Deiargon Armada Iverica
  10. Iverica

    Anybody Wanna Go to Space? [OOC]

    @Mauridiviah Can we start by sending GoPros to the startosphere by taping them to weather balloons? This could be a start for the Latin Space Cooperatives or something. We should just make sure it doesn't end up like that one scene from Elysium where all Mexican astronauts were human traffickers...
  11. Iverica

    Hi, Tamhlacht here

    Hello Tamhlacht! Nice to see you beginning your RP in earnest. To answer your question, there aren't any specific rules stating that you must only maintain one news thread. I myself maintain one television agency, one newspaper, and one magazine. Since I haven't been lambasted for that, I would say that you are free to make a second news thread at your will. See you around the forums *beers emoji here*
  12. Iverica

    Andallan Foreign Relations

    Yup, 1673 is a good date for the two of us. Also, we have you listed as an active embassy (Ambassador Anne Dalla at your service). https://www.nationstates.net/nation=iverica/detail=factbook/id=904737 Not to mention your companies in Iverican FEZs. I've also mentioned some vague hints to having had military exchanges in the past if that would make sense.
  13. Iverica

    The Verde Blockade

    The following letter was released by all Iverican Embassies to their respective host governments. It is an open letter also available on our government's website. OOC: This is my government's official stance on the matter. Just so we are clear and it cannot be said that I provide no rationale for what I am doing. In three points, I explain what Iverica claims to be justification for the blockade. It's long I know, but if anyone wishes to question the logic or whatnot of the contents, I invite them to read carefully and understand before bringing up things that are just a cause of misreading or misunderstanding.
  14. Iverica

    The Verde Blockade

    Corregidor Maritime Command | 0600-IST 9th April 2018 Corregidor Argon, Iverica The sun dawned lazily over the Corregidor military compounds, casting a hazy warm glow--betraying not the rapid energy of high-priority messages being shot to and from the Júnt Capos Office in Intreimor, the Chief of Armada Operations Office inside the Maritime Command Compound, and the Home Fleet Group Forces Command. Earlier, the TRIDENT Liaison Office had dispatched an urgent communique to the Office of the Júnt Capos, whose secretaries promptly read it with many a raised eyebrow. Queries were sent and answered from both sides so the communique, now an Operations Proposal, was shot to the Office of Primo--who upon grumpily reading the message, was jolted awake from morning stupour. Now cleared by civil authority, the OP went to the Chief of Armada Operations for study and delegation. The message continued the circuit and landed on the desk of the Director of Naval Intelligence who, miffed that he hadn't known about this before everyone else, grudgingly activated the relevant analysts. After a brief feasibility check, the message was once again on its way, finding itself interrupting the pillar of paperwork on the Fleet Readiness Director's office, who checked that indeed, the ships of the Home Fleet Group had not miraculously disappeared from their berths and were awaiting instruction as they had been for the past 20 years. Relevant checks and studies done, the message which-- at this point had covered enough ground to go to New Halsham and back in the space of two hours--was finally in the Operations Room of Home Fleet Group Forces Command, who were now equally giddy and stunned that they were in fact, at the metaphorical heart of the action. Printers whirred and buzzed, their produce ripped and paperclipped with the speed and efficiency that could only come from the fattest and most paper-cut of Armada desk jockey corps. Donuts and Churros were, for once in the HFG-FG Office, thrown aside or hastily gobbled (careful, don't choke) as orders and intelligence dockets were thrown to half a dozen separate naval and aerial formations. Almirante Aqbarr, sitting in his swivelly command chair aboard the Carrier, VRI Deiargon, had just been pondering how the recent Donna Parass Hijacking had all been a trap when the envelope fell into his lap. His eyes bulged (they always got weirdly bulged when the group was activated) and ordered that all ships of Iverica's defending pride, the Strike Group Deiargon, prepare and refresh formation drills, readiness transition drills, and the like. After all... this could be another trap. Contra-Almirante Sullo, had been walking his rather large pack of Derthaler Shepherds on the deck of his command, the Assault Ship VRI Del Pilar. The runner, bearing his orders had almost been swarmed by the horde of excitable hounds as he tried, in a somewhat undignified manner, to escape their licks and playful pawing as he reached over and nearly threw the docket at the Almirante. Over the barking and yipping, Sullo told the man to ready Amphibious Assault Task Group (Reserve) Del Pilar for immediate activation. All around Iverica's coasts, Patrol Task Units were alerted to Readiness 1.5, being informed by the ever-reliable intercomm system that all the kerfuffle was indeed, not a drill. As per procedure, Submarine formations were likewise activated and complemented to Iverica's home defence formations. The Fuersas L'Aire was likewise put on alerts, with coastal squadrons already launching AEW&C sweeps and ground crews wrestling anti-ship missiles into pylons. By the time diesel electrics hummed and roared to life, CIWS spooled and loaded arm-sized rounds, and guidance and telemetry were pinged and readied--an approximate 180 minutes had passed since Primo Deitorr had signed. With heat about to brew in their own backyard, the Republic would take no chances. The Condició dei Defensa, or CONDEF clock in Corregidor's war room had ticked forward, now displaying the yellow of Level 3, Destrictus.
  15. Iverica

    Operations: CSG República

    I would like to call a Time Out on this RP. Requesting that the concerned parties not commit any RP actions on the above post. I would like to discuss some details of this operation with @Fleur de Lys first, as it does concern my naval assets and procedure. Thank you