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      Welcome to Europa. This site is part of the region of Europa in the online game NationStates. The region of Europa is a diverse community of nations, with a wide range of political and ideological values, working together through various institutions and alliances - at least when they're not threatening to go to war with each other. Whether you want to play it safe with a liberal democracy, set up a communist regime, or rule your citizens with an iron fist and the threat of turning them into dog food, Europa is a great region to play in. As one of the oldest regions in the game, everybody who's anybody wants to try their hand at ruling their own country right here in Europa. Just head on over to the Forum and have a read through the sticky threads. If you're curious about how all of this work, we've included some helpful links to get you started. A good place to start is our Hitchhickers Guide to Europa. Roleplayers will be glad to see our honest and fair RP rules. Check out our map versions and discover how to apply. Experiencing problem with this website? Our helpdesk is always open. Have fun! -- The Europans Team


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  1. Request: Ahrana

    If needed I can RP the gain which I have plans for the area already. Just let me know @Orioni
  2. Communist Takeover

    As Ivanoff sat and listened his eyebrow raised for a moment, not a single nation has wanted to work with Ahrana since the founding of its Nuclear Programe. The world had been told of his ambitious plan to research Nuclear Fusion reactors to learn how to implement them into use. Was this their way of trying to interfere or actually being sincere on the idea to Develop the programs together? "Our Civilian Airways lacks many planes to be use and the ones they are using are almost too old to fly again. We have begin looking to convert some Military Planes but that would run costs up a bit. Then there is you country which have offered to help us in this matter. I believe it would be selfish if I did not pursue the ideas of allowing an outside nation to help our Civilian Fleet develop new and better planes for the use by the people." He sat in his chair to think on how to deal with the approach from the Ambassador on the Nuclear Reactors. After all Nuclear Power should be shared or at least that's what the late King would say. "As for the Nuclear Reactor......It would be an honor to work with the Lysians on further research. In my Five Year Plan I made it known that the idea of Nuclear Fusion should become a reality in this world and we should research it further. Half of our Scientist are in the process of the Fusion research, I believe Nuclear Fusion is the future of Energy for the world. As of now its still in development. If your nation would like you can also join in the research and the prospects of creating better Nuclear Fission Reactors would also be a plus."
  3. Request: Ahrana

    Just wondering if it was possible for me to reach the ocean to the west of my nation? Main reason for it is to have another access point to an ocean that doesn't freeze as the ocean up north b Prymont does
  4. Ahrana Today

    Hello and welcome to todays broadcast of 'Ahrana Today' where we bring news from around the Federation and the world to the People of Ahrana. Today we have a brief Press Release from the Office of the Secretary General and more. Thank you all for joining us here in the Press Conference Hall in the People's Palace, as Private Secretary to the Security General the duty of releasing this statement written by the Honerable Gentlemen, Secretary General Greggor Ivanoff, to the public and those of you standing before me currently. "People of the World and Citizens of the Socialist Federation of Ahrana, it has been said once before by my office and myself that I sought to look to the Hellenic Rus and to send Aid and set up a Government there for the People. Within the recent months I find that that obligation on this Governments behalf is almost impossible to send any armed troops to bring stability to the area. Our Friends to the north in the United States of @Prymont have expressed concern for the region of the Hellenic Rus and is sending envoys to the area to bring stability and a Government for the people there under the leadership of the President of the USP. I am disappointed to have to announce that the Socialist Federation will not be able to lend a helping hand in the terms of Military Personal. However, this Socialist Government will not just turn its back to people in need.; we will send with the Forces of the USP Humanitarian Aid on behalf of this Government. We will continue to send the aid till the region is no longer in need of the Aid." I thank you all for coming out today for this release, and please have a great and productive day.
  5. Ahrana Today

    Welcome to todays News Broadcast of 'Ahrana Today' where we bring the news of the world and more to the People of the Socialist Federation. On Todays Broadcast we have news from the People's Palace and more. The People's Palace has told the Public that a Convening of the Supreme People's Assembly has been called today for 1200 hrs and the Secretary General will speak at the Assembly and will lay out the agenda of the big things to happen for the next two months. We will now go live to the Assembly Hall: The Secretary Generals March Plays as he enters the Assembly Hall Members of the Congressional Houses of the Federation, Members of the Presidium, Members of the Republics Governments and Legislatures, Members of the Communist Party of the Socialist Federation of Ahrana, and Citizens of the Socialist Federation of Ahrana; I have called this session of the Supreme People's Assembly today for many reasons that have came across my paperwork and the Entire Government of the Federation. In Recent Days I have met with many advisors and many Foreign Government Personal to discus the future of this Federation in the World. As you may know by now that many Countries across the World see us as the sole successor state to the Kingdom of Ahrana, any many more are and hopefully will continue following suit. This Government has sent an Application to ATARA to become a member not an observer like the Kingdom war. We have joined with The Empire of @Derthalen and The Dictatorship of @Greater Serbia to form a pact of mutual protection, and we are also in the midst of creating something bigger than this Federation. In my words we have secured a spot in International Politics for the time being. Back in January I called for a Joint Space Operation with other Countries and we are awaiting responses from those who wish to join. The ASA, Ahranaian Space Agency, will be renamed the Ahranaian National Aeronautics Agency. The ANNA will be place under the Military and will receive 10% of the 51% of the Federal Budget that the Military gets. The main goal of the ANNA is to study the stars and map the sky until we can explore the heavens above us. The Five Year Plan is set to start tomorrow at midnight and the Industrialization of the Country will begin and must succeed if we are to keep up with modern times, the Federation will not fall behind the other Countries. The Military Sector will begin researching more advance designs of Naval Ships and Air Craft in order to assure that we can protect our Oceans and Air Space. I will be instituting a Conscription service that was talked about in January and it will be implemented as of Midnight tonight. A letter will be sent to every Male or Female between the Ages of 17-26 and they will report to the Military HQ nearest to them for inspection and to find if they will serve or not. I am sure that the public is also aware of the Failed operation that was carried out in The Republic of @Fleur de Lys, I have assured that Government that no operatives remain in their boarders and that the men they have in custody are the only ones who were in the Country. Those 15 men are hero's of the Federation and upon their return will be treated as such. I know that the past few months of my term have been rocky but I assure you that I will do what is best for the Federation and her People. Thank you all for your time and now I will give way to the Speakers of the Houses and to the others of the Government for this session of the Assembly.
  6. Ahrana Today

    Post Deleted, will be reporting News Post at some point. Maybe.
  7. It had been a long flight to @Morheim for Minister Celia Jansen, her first air plane flight to another country and it was a smooth one beside the ever so often turbulence . The Plane landed at 0900 this morning and Celia was getting ready to leave the plane to arrive to the Monarchs Palace. She wasn't sure to expect from the other delegates given recent events but she was hopeful. Minister Jansen, the vehicle to transport you to the Palace of @Morheims Monarch is here and waiting for you. Aye, Please keep the plane ready to leave when I arrive back Mr. Saar. Aye Madam Minister. As she walked out of the plane and descended down the stairs she took in the fresh air and the somewhat limited view of her surroundings. She proceeded to the vehicle and got in and hence forth she was on her way to the Palace. She still didn't understand the reasoning of the Secretary General sending her instead of someone else with more experience abroad and such. Still it was an honor for her to be able to represent her Nation and her People. It wasn't long before the car arrived at the Palace Gates and she was very impressed with the Archutecture of the Palace. It reminded her of the ones back home before the Civil War that demolished most of the Palaces in her Homeland of Tatani. She waited as the car pulled around to the front and stopped to let her out, she put on her Cover and grabbed her Brief Case and stepped out of the Car and begun to walk to meet the Queen.
  8. Timezones

    I don't mind being in two time zones, actually I prefer it and wouldn't like it to change. And with what works Political can just go out the door nothing like this should be done by politics in my view. so I say leave it as it is for Ahrana.
  9. Sunset Ad Agency

    That I like @Sunset Sea Islands
  10. Sunset Ad Agency

    Hello, Would like to kindly ask if new adds could be created for the Communist State if you could my friend.
  11. Communist Takeover

    As he sat down in the chair and watched the Ambassadors facial expressions he noticed he wasn't in the most comfortable situation at all. He let a grin on his face slide but quickly made it diminish into a straight smile. "Mr Ambassador please relax, your here because I asked for an audience with you, I assure you there are no microphones or cameras in this office. I can also assure you that the 13 Men that turned themselves over to your Government are the only operatives and are the ones you speak of that are in your country that I personally know of. If there were more I personally wouldn't know at this time." Greggor knew this would be asked once an audience was granted he expected this to happen and was prepared. Before he said anything else he poured himself and the Ambassador a glass of water and a glass of Vodka. Ivanoff wasn't sure how the Lysians would take to his proposal between the two nation's. One a Republic and the other a Dictatorship of the People, two different systems with very different views of one another due to recent events. "But Mr. Ambassador, the reason I called you here was to disscus a proposal of Peace between are nation's. The recent events have indeed created massive amounts of hostilities amongst our two great nations. I am honestly ashamed of my actions that I have displayed during that situation. The Socialist Federation's Government understands the reasoning behind your Governments motive in evacuating not only your people but more and I applaud your country and it's leaders for what you all did. Evacuating people who were distress was ultimately the right thing to do and I see this now not as an illegal move of Ahranaian Nationals but as a legal and a necessary course of action. The Ahranaian Nationals leaving in your country will have the support of this Government, if they wish to at any time they can leave and go between our nation's at any time and keep all Identification Papers from this Government. The Socialist Government also wishes to create better ties with you and your Government. We, well I mean I am open to suggestions on how to do this."
  12. Office of the Minister of Defense To: Government of @Asgeirria From: Minister of Defense for the Socialist Federation of Ahrana, Minister George Nagy Classification Level: Level 5, Top Priority To Whomever it may concern, As the Minister of Defense for the Socialist Federation of Ahrana it is my responsibility to create agreements with other nations in area of Military Equipment. I have the full backing of the Socialist Government and the People when I ask that a relationship of defense partnership begin officially. I would like to personally come to Asgeirria to commemorate the friendship and process orders for Military equipment and so forth. Please respond whenever it is possible to the Office of the Ministry of Defense. Sincerely, Minister George Nagy
  13. Communist Takeover

    Alexsandra Place The Lysian Ambassador's car was in the front of the Private Residence the meeting would take place down stairs in the Private Office of Greggor's Residence. He finished dressing in the Field Marshal Uniform and grabbed his cover and proceeded down the hall to the stairs and walked with his Secretary, Ace. "Ace, did you set everything up in the Office like I asked." "Aye Sir, I did. Everything is how you asked for it to be done." "Great and do you have the gift for the Ambassador as well?" "Aye Sir" "Great and lets us proceed to the Office he is waiting for us. We shall use the secret passage." As they took the passage and arrived in the office he looked to the door and nodded his head to let him in the office: Ah Ambassador Durand-Guigon, welcome to the Alexsandra Place the Official Residence given to me by the Government. I thank you for coming on such short notice. I hope what we accomplish here will set a mandate for our nations future relations. Ah and I have a gift for you Ambassador, its the Medal for 'Friendship of the People' for representing your country in the Socialist Federation under the hardships we have had in the past weeks. Please sit down and let us begin, you can start with the questions you and your country may have Mr. Ambassador. Medal for 'Friendship of the Peoples'
  14. Ahrana Today

    Thank you for joining us here at 'Ahrana Today' for todays broadcast, today on the broadcast we have announcements from the Socialist Government and so much more here on your trust worthy News Agency. Today the People's Palace announced that the Secretary General Office along with other Government Offices would be holding a Press Conference opened to all News reporters based in Ahrana and abroad. They have said the Secretary General would be giving the Press Conference in the Supreme People's Assembly Chamber. Along with reporters being allowed in the Chamber all members of the Congressional Houses, Presidents of the Republics and members of the Communist Party of the Socialist Federation along with other Political Parties are required to be in attendance. No details have been released on what the Big Conference is about but we will find out in less than two hours. In other News, the Flags of the Union Republics have been placed in Union Square and will be renamed 'Gustov Avenue Park' in honor of the late King since all of this is possible only through his vision. The Government will host a public ceremony and all are asked to attend. The founding ceremony will become a National Holiday after this year. The Office of the Secretary General has put his hand out in Friendship and has invited the Ambassador from @Fleur de Lys that currently resides in the Embassy in the Socialist Federation, to officially announce the Embassy of The Republic opened along with creating better ties with the Country after recent events. The Office of the Secretary General has also asked that the other nations that also hold an Embassy in Ahrana to also request a day to Officially Announce the opening of the Respected Countries Embassy. Supreme People's Assembly Chamber Distinguished members of the Congressional Houses of the Socialist Federation, members of the Foreign and Ahranaian Press, Members of the Federal Government, Members of the Union Republics Presidiums, Members of the Communist Party of the Socialist Federation of Ahrana, and the Citizens of the Socialist Federation of Ahrana; I have asked you all here today to bare witness to the First of many Five Year Plans of the Socialist Government that you the People of Ahrana have elected in your name. I have also asked you here to bare witness to my new Oath to Office and to the People. The sole purpose of the Socialist Ideology is to provide a Workers' Paradise where the People control every organ of the Government through Direct Elections. Many leaders of Foreign Countries say this experiment will fail like the others that have came and gone, but we are not those Countries. No, we are Ahranaians united under one goal, one banner and one objective which is a People's Utopia for everyone regardless their Creed, Color, and Birth Nation. Because through Brotherhood and Unity anything can be achieved! Gustov had this dream on how he thought a Socialist Ahrana would look like and I promise you we are on the right track! Before his death he begin outlining the First Five Year Plan that I have added to and guarantee to the People of the Socialist Federation that this will set us on the right track! The First Five Year Plan will focus around nine points that will the be the main focus of the Government till the completion of all nine points. After the each five year plan has been accomplished each Government will begin a new five year plan. Once the ultimate goal of a utopia has been achieved a ten to twenty year plan will be laid before us to better the Socialist Utopia. Within this plan I hope to see the Socialist Federation achieve greater relations with the Nations of the World, no nation should wage espionage or war at one another. Instead, for the sake of the People we should all live in peace and harmony. Along with creating friendships with other nations the Socialist Federation should bolster its Military to better defend its boarders. With bolstering the Military comes a new Conscription Service, at the age of 18 all people whether they are Male or Female will serve a 7 year Service and at the time of their 25 Birthday they may either stay active service or go to the reserve. The Actually age of the New Conscription is 18-30 years of age. The Ahranaian Space Agency will be rebooted and placed with new deadlines, by the end of this year the ASA should have designed a new Rocket and Capsule to carry a man back into space. If they beat the deadline by creating a Capsule and Rocket before the end of the year then a new age of space exploration will be established by the ASA for the future generations. The ultimate goal is for us to be part of Joint Space Operations with other Countries in order to usher in Peace in the World . The Kingdom of Ahrana was part of the ATARA Organization as an observer state, I propose that the Socialist Federation petition to join ATRARA as a full member as the rightful successor state to the Kingdom. Since the World discovered how Nuclear Power the world has either been afraid of the power or in love with the power. Ahrana is one of the few nations that solely relay on Nuclear Energy, and what I propose is and will change the world forever. The Current Nuclear Fission Reactors are coming to the their end date and we will need new reactors, the reactors that will replace the second generation are still the second generation which to me shows the lack of investment that has been given to the Nuclear Energy Program. The Nuclear Energy Sector will get more funding and will be promoted among all sectors to get more personnel into the sector. We need younger and brighter minds in the Nuclear Sector as we wish to change from Fission Power to Fusion Power. It has been told and watched that through Nuclear Fusion we will get higher yields and less waste from the reactors. So by the year 2023 the Nuclear Energy Department should have either advanced further in the Fusion Reactor or created the first Fusion Reactor for Public use. This Socialist Government pursues a full measure of Separation of Church and State in all Governments at all levels. The Socialist Federation has no Official Religion as it prohibits the purpose of the Socialist Ideal. As guaranteed by the Constitution Religious practices are protected and cannot be taken away by anyone. However, if the Church interferes with any part of the Government the reparations will not be so easy on the Church. The Empire of @Derthalen has expressed interests in creating Railway Lines to Ahrana and many more places, we would be a fool not to allow these Railway Lines to be created and connected to ours. For the sack of the people in the Socialist Republic of Heilig it will be done in order to give the Empire a form of connection to the Socialist Republic. The Military need to be able to build ships, planes and more and what by better means than factories. The Socialist Government will be opening more Factories to help create the need equipment for the People's Military Armed Forces. The goal is to have enough equipment if War breaks out or if The Socialist Federation is called on to join in Humanitarian Aid Missions. And the most important thing to me as the Secretary General of the Socialist Federation of Ahrana is to be able to hold free elections at all levels of the Entire Government by the end of my term as Secretary General. This Government needs and should pave the way for the elections to be held as a Multi-Party Elections and the Communist Party will have to defend its right as the Party of the People as they should do. Now as I stand before you today I take my Oath of Office in front of this Assembly and have you as my witness, so this I swear to you: I will bare truth and Allegiance to the People and to the Motherland. I will protect the Motherland with my own blood if needed be, I will use my powers given to me by the Constitution and I will use them to better our Motherland and hold true to the Socialist Principle that so governs our Federation. This I swear to you the people of the Federation. Thank you all for joining us today and as always, Through Brotherhood and Unity anything is Possible!
  15. It was 1100 in Moskovo while it was 1300 in Thale, Minister Celia Jansen, The Minister of Culture, was to be going on her first ever trip away from home, she'd never left her Country ever and today was to be the time she had done so. As she left the Secretary Generals Offices in the People's Palace she went to her Office to pack a few things and got dressed in her Uniform. Like the other Ministers appointed by the Secretary General she was an Officer from the People's Army, in fact she was the only Lieutenant Commander in any Government Office. She looked on her desk for her Passport for International Use and gathered the other ID's that she held. She would be taking a State Plane to @Morheim with a few Secretaries that she would need. She had been given the authority by the Secretary General to sign her name on any treaty or paper in the name of the Socialist Federation and her Government. As she put her Knee High boots on and tucked her Trousers into the boots a phone call from the SG had came in, "Aye Sir?" "Jansen, don't be so up tight over there I know you are super formal about everything so just relax and learn and communicate with the people over there. If they come at you with harsh words or what not just brush them off and do what I taught you okay?" "Aye Sir" "Great and good luck" Phone line goes dead She turned to the Military Jacket that held all of her accomplishments and such orders she was in-doctored in and she turned to the mirror and said to herself, "In the name of the Federation and her People Jansen, you will represent us in the Culture Exchange with dignity." She then turned around grabbed her cover and brief case and walked out in uniform and proceeded to the state car. It was about a five minute drive from the People's Palace to the Air Port so it was a short drive for her as the motorcade drove pass all of the cars while under Escort from the Police. It wasn't before long that she saw the State Plane and got herself ready for a long flight. She arrived at the plan eat the correct time it was 1115 and Plane STP-0091m was ready for takeoff. She walked up the stairs and looked to the pilots and nodded to them and they begun last checks and she sat down ready to leave. At 1125 the plane would take off and she would be on her way to the Culture Exchange in @Morheim the first ever for the Socialist Federation to take part of.