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  1. Ahrana

    Request: Dniester

    Look forward to see where you go with this placement.
  2. Ahrana

    Request: Dniester

    That'll be fine I will drop the expansion idea to the west of my country to allow you to be placed there.
  3. Ahrana

    [OOC] Reap the Whirlwind

    Wish I would've known about this earlier, I'd love to be part of this but not sure of how in detail I would. I will think on it a couple of days and declare how involved I will be on this.
  4. Ahrana

    Council of Deopolis

    Alright I will be sure to be part of the RP when it begins. The former Queen will be the main representative as she is the leader of the Faith's, plus the secondary heads of the Faith's will be present as well. As the Federation has no official religion no Government personel will attend. However the Former Queen will be in a position as mediator for the Ahranaian Government, unofficially.
  5. Ahrana

    Council of Deopolis

    so @Sancti Imperii Catholico what has exactly been figured out on what will the RP consist of exactly?
  6. Ahrana

    Council of Deopolis

    I am okay with this, I will input when I can between my work schedule.
  7. Ahrana

    Europan Royal Family Tree WIP

    let me know the details on what is concluded in this and ill contribute to it
  8. Ahrana

    Operation Clean-Up

    1500AT | People's Palace ,Moskovo, Ahrana | Office of the Secretary General 8 October 2018 It had only been three hours since taking Office and Sigrid was already outlining her plans for "Operation Clean-Up" as she called it, ultimately she was going to start what the Military Generals called the "War on Drugs" because that's what they foresaw in this Operation a massive War against the unyielding Drug Lords of the Federation. But Sigrid refused to take a no for an answer when she asked her Generals if the manpower could be ready by 1900AT tonight as they were going to start the raids on the Drug Dealer and Drug Lords. She may start this War but she is determined to see it done for the greater good of the people. She had a feeling since she made her first speech that most of the Drug Lords and Dealers saw what would happened and have either left or turn their stocks over, but their are those few who yield at nothing and will stop at nothing to gain more profit. As the Generals and Sigrid battled out the last few details she would make a televised statement to the entire Federation while the first Raids were taking place. The order to go would be made as soon as she said the first word on TV tonight at 1800AT. The Generals and Sigrid had finally come to an agreement on how they would procced with such and operation and decided that the First Wave would consist of a Moderate Heavy Raid Force in the Capital and other areas while the rest of the Country would face a Heavy Force involving few Tanks and LTVs that would intimidate the large Drug Lords. They had decided that under no reason will they fire on innocent Civilians only those who held weapons. Sigrid then proceeded to walk to her Desk to give her speech to her proof reader and to put her Military Jacket back on and to walk to the Press Room where she would give the Televised Speech. They would reherse for a few hours and to get any makeup that would be needed and to get word to the Press that a statement would be released tonight. 1800AT | Press Room, Peoples Palace The room was packed tight with reporters and Staff and Generals and one Agent that held a radio to give the signal to the others on when to fully mobilise to all locations across the Country. The lights in the back of the room dimmed and the March was sounded and in walked Sigrid in her White Military Uniform all medals showing, she got to the podium and looked at each person in the room with a stern look and then looked down and started talking: Ladies and Gentlemen and People of the Federation thank you for joining me on such short notice, whether your viewing from your home or here in the Press Room today is momentous occasion no doubt. I took Oath of Office Six hours ago and I have already begun giving orders out Nationwide and inside my Government. Tonight as I am speaking to you now Operation Clean-Up has begun, all Drugs will be seized if they are not in possession of Pharmaceutical Companies or Pharmacies across the Nation as of today. Statements were realized prior to the end of term of the Former Secretary General that all Drugs must be handed over to Pharmaceutical Companies for equal amount of compensation or face further reparations later down the road. Well today is that day, today as the Generals of the Military Call it, the War on Drugs have started and will not end till all Drugs are confiscated from Drug Lords and Dealers. All License given by the Federal Government prior to and on this Day are now rendered Null and Void and hold no legal weight. It will be the mandate of this Government to rid this Country of such filth that has plagued so many Families and individules, I have allotted more funds to the Rehabilitation Services of the Federation to help do more for those who will need recovery from such Drugs. These Services will be done in a controlled manor and Environment and it is my hope that everyone who struggles with such Drug Addictions will seek the help willingly. Thank You for joining me on this night and please do have a good Rest of your night and sleep knowing that the Federation will soon be rid of such things that plague us so much. Thank You. Sigrid walks off the Podium after receiving a nod from the agent that the Operation has begun now all she could do was hope for the best and to wait for the reports to start rolling in.
  9. Ahrana

    Ahrana Today

    Hello and welcome to Todays edition of Ahrana Today where we bring news of the world and Federation to the People here in Ahrana. Today we have special coverage of the Handing over Executive Authority Ceremony taking place in the Peoples Square where the Secretary General-Elect will become the 3rd Secretary General of the Federation of Ahrana. -Peoples Square- Hello and welcome to Ahrana Todays coverage of the Executive Ceremony where Secretary General-Elect, Sigrid A. V. Florence-Goring, will be sworn into Office and will make her Oath and lay out her plans for Government till the end of her term. So far the Military Generals have been parading the grounds to be sure all aspects of the area are secure and are top notch for the new Leader as she is a former Military Personnel herself and expects the Military to be dressed in accordance for the occasion. So a little information on Sigrid Anastasia Victoria Florence-Goring, she is part of the Royal Noble Family the House of Florence from the City of Strasburg. She was part of the Royal Military in the Imperial Regiments of the Life Guards, served on the Military Privy Council and defended her City and Home from the advancing Revolutionary Guards during the Revolution. During the Revolution she retreated to Moskovo to the Imperial Palace to protect the Queen and the Imperial Family and saved many innocent lives during that conflict. She saw little combat in the Tatani Conflict and has been awarded the Hero of the Federation three times by the Former Secretary General Alexsandra M. L. Core for her heroic actions during the Revolution. Since rejoining the Political World Sigrid has been a important part of the Core Administration and has been one of the driving forces behind Core and her Government so we are expecting the Federation to take greater leaps forward. Okay as we can see now the Military are letting in Civilians to take their seats in the stands around the square will the Military Regiments partaking in the Salute are marching into the square to take their place on the street. As you can here its quite a lot of commotion but the people here seem to be in great moods and they are surely awaiting the moment to see the new Secretary General. On the list of High Attendants we have quite a few who are important figures showing up today, the former Queen of the Kingdom, Aleksandra and her family will be attending as they are family of the Secretary General, the Vice-Marshal of the Federations Armed Forces is present today, the Justices of the Supreme Constitutional Court are present as well as the Supreme Court Judges. The Majority of the Members of Congress are present as well with the Republican Governments Leaders as well. The list goes on and on the one that is shocking to some is the Duchess Madeleine who has been living in exile in Iverica since the deposition of the Monarchy last year, she has thrown her support behind Sigrid and vows to do anything in her power to help with restoring the Country to its former glory. Ah now here comes the Presidential Guards which is a sign that the Secretary General and the Secretary General-Elect are close to arriving at the square. The Regiments in staff today are the 121st Regiment of the People's Army along with the 12th, 45th and 61st Regiments as well. The People's Air Brigade have a small presence but are shown with the 12th and 13th Regiment along with the multiple Aircraft that will fly by overhead. The People's Navy have the biggest Presence with the 12th, 13th, 14th and 15th Regiments of the Naval Corps plus the crew of the APS Alexsandra are in full Ceremonial Dress along with the Reserve Corps of the People's Navy. The Special Forces also are present with the 51st and 31st Brigades of the Marines in full Dress along with the 22nd and 44th Regiments of the Special Air Corps in full dress as well. The Federal Police have also a great amount of Presence as well not just in Ceremonial Dress but also in Patrolling the Square for security. The Mass band is made of the Navy, Army, Air Brigade, Special Forces and the Federal Police Band of Musicians and they are all here to greet the Secretary Generals for the momentous occasion. They have been practicing daily for two weeks to make sure everything is ready for today and they are ready to begin the days Ceremony with the March of the Secretary General along with the Federations Anthem. The Presidential Guard are in-place and the Commander of the Ceremony has given the command for full attention signaling that the Secretary Generals are on their way. When the Car of the Secretary Generals arrive the March will be sounded followed by the Anthem.....And here comes the Cars, the two Executives are in Full Ceremonial Military Dress their White Unifrom with all Medals displayed for all to see, and now the March is sounded as they step out the car to walk to the Podium...….The Anthem follows the March it is played with the short version of the Anthem with all Military Personnel Saluting the massive Flag that is in the Middle of the Parade Block. Now we go live to the Podium for the Speeches: Secretary General Alexsandra M. L. Core: Thank you all for coming, thank you esteem collieges, distinguished guests and people of the Federation. Thank you all for joining us on this memorable occasion that will surely be remembered for years to come in minds and hearts of the People of this great Federation. It has been an honor to serve in the Highest Executive Authority Postion of Secretary General of the Federation of Ahrana for the term I served, it may have been a temporary term but it was a momentous one and one that I will remember till the day I die. Till then I will continue to serve this Country in way that I can and am able to till the day I can no longer walk to places then I will just simply host telephone calls and Facetime Leaders in order to continue to strengthen the Federations presence in the World. It is my hope that my successor and mentee, Sigrid Anastasia Victoria Florence-Goring will continue my work that I have laid down for the Federation and I hope that you all will support her and stand by her side through times of hard and easy till her end term like you have done for me. So without furthermore dely, Sigrid Anastasia Victoria Florence-Goring of Strassburg swear to abide by the Constitution of the Federation, to uphold Justice and to protect the People of this Federation and its intrests? This I do swear by the Power invested in me by birth of the unknown and the most Just being of the Universe. Then by the Executive Power of the Constitution you are the 3rd Secretary General of the Federation of Ahrana and may your term be as swift as mine was. Secretary General Sigrid A. V. Florence-Goring Thank you all for the nomination, conformation and election into Office it is a honor to be able to Serve in the Highest Office of the Federation and to be able to lead this Country further into the Future with the principles laid down by my mentor Former Secretary General Core. I hope I do not let this great nation down in my term and I hope to create a prospering country by terms end. As Secretary General of Ahrana this Country will see the trials of those who committed Atrocities in the Revolution and the Tatani Conflict and the Members of the Democratic Socialist Alliance will be sought out and trialed for treason and crimes against the people. The families that have been in so much hurt since the Revolution and the Tatani Conflict will get the Justice they so deserved, no more Ahrana hide the Offenders of Crimes of our past Ahrana will be known as a Country that peruses those who do unjust things. The New Government will set forth programs to help those who suffer from Drug addiction and will help them in a controlled environment to help and to end the Ahranaian Drug Issue and Trade. As of Today the Ahranaian Drug Enforcement Agency and the FKI will begin ending the Legal Drug trade that plagues our Society and Country. It is for the greater good of this Country and it will only pave the way for us to seen in a better light and for us to be an International Player in the Region of Argis. This Country will see so many changes in coming months and years and I hope that the People will stand with me till the end to ensure that our Children can live in a better Federation when they are adults and are running this Country, Remeber as the people who run this Country we have a responsibility to create a better Country for the younger Generations to grow and to live in when we are gone that is own responsibility. And that was the new Secretary General as she takes her step from the Podium the Military lets out their salute to the 3rd Secretary General and the Former Secretary General: We will stay true and hold fast in the face of hardship, we will protect these lands with our lives God so help us! Hurrah! Hurrah! Hurrah! Hurrah! An now we have the fly over and the National Gun salute by the Artillery Unit of the Military.
  10. Ahrana

    Ahrana Today

    Hello and welcome to todays edition of 'Ahrana Today' where we bring the news of the World and the Federation to the People of Ahrana. Today we have the Official Announcement from the Presidium and the Secretary General concerning the handing over Authority which will happen tomorrow at 1200AT at the Peoples Square followed by celebrations for the masses, Secretary General Core gives her last Official Speech as the highest Executive in Ahrana and the Republican Premiers take Office today, all brought to you by Ahrana Today. The Presidium and Secretary General have both declared the General Election Results True and Official therefore setting the way for the Handing Over Authority Ceremony that will happen tomorrow. Secretary General Core has hailed the Elections another Historical moment for the Federation and wishes all but the best to the Secretary General-Elect. Tomorrow at 1200AT the Executive Powers will be handed over to the Secretary General-Elect and will start her term as the highest Executive Authority in the Federation, the reaction to the results so far have been positive and is expected to grow in the coming days as the Federation takes a step further forward in the path of Pure Democracy. The Communist Party of the Federation of Ahrana has however declared that the Results were rigged and have stated that the Liberation Party of Ahrana won so many votes through Vote Rigging which the Liberation Party has denied. Furthermore, the Federal Electoral Commission have checked these allegations and have ruled that no Vote rigging was done and that the Results are true to the People. The CPFA still does not accept the results and have stated they will not take their seats in the Congressional Houses of the Federation therefore leaving their seat vacant. The Secretary General Alexsandra M. L. Core has released her final Official Statement as head of the Highest Executive Office and it is one worth remembering for the rest of the Ahranaian History: "People of the Federation yesterday when you went to the Voting Stations to decided the next step of the future of the entire Federation and it is in my opinion going to be one that will be felt through the Federation for years to come. I am very pleased to be handing over the Executive Power to my mentee and friend Sigrid A. V. Florence-Goring, she is a very dedicated and hardworking individule that only wants the best for the Federation and will only seek to better the Federation in all aspects. I hope that during her term you the people stand behind her like you all did to me during my term. Thank you all for your Support and dedication." The Republican Premiers have taken their oaths of Offices in the Capitals of the Republics and will start their term in their Offices and open up the Republican Congressional Houses for the first day of Official Government Business since they closed for Elections. At each Ceremony they all swore loyalty to the People, to the Republican Constitutions and the Federal Constitution and promised to execute the powers of Office whole heartedly. This has been a broadcast of Ahrana Today, please tune in tomorrow for the Handing over Authority Ceremony tomorrow and if possible do join the historic moment in person at Peoples Square in the Capital at 1200AT tomorrow.
  11. 5th October General Elections Results The General Elections were held on the 4th October and the results are being released today on the 5th of October, this is the first Official Election since the Revolution happened and it has been declared by the Electoral Commission of Ahrana as fair and free election on the basis of a Democratic Election as compared to the first Official Election under the Socialist Government. The Voter turnout was the highest its ever been with the Official Voting age being 17 under the Constitution, the turnout percentage was said to be the highest ever in history a 94% of the Total Voter Population. The Electoral Commission has also stated that the percentage of balets match the number of turnout and have found no evidence of Ballot Rigging by any Voting Station as was fear in some areas of the Federation. In order for a non-coalition Federal Government to be formed under Law, a 51% of votes are needed to be a majority in the Congressional Houses of the Federation. If no party reached a 51% then a Coalition Government for a equal percentage or more is needed to form an Official Government. By law if a Party reaches the required number then they are not required to form a Coalition Government. The Results The results of the 38 Electoral Districts have all reported their Ballots to the Federal Voting Commission for a total calculation and here are the results: Liberation Party of Ahrana- Sigrid Anastasia Anne Victoria Florence-Goring 60% Communist Party of the Federation of Ahrana- Ivan Gustov Thorin 2% Democratic Part of Ahrana- Clarke Larsson 4% Liberal Socialist Party of Ahrana- William Greggory 5% National Front of Ahrana- George Silla 0% Workers' Party of Ahrana- Lisa Aloe 1% Monarchist Party of Ahrana- Sir Stephan Clarkson 12% Socialist United Party of Ahrana- William Thorvin 0% Republican Party of Ahrana- Sally Luisi 2% Populist Party of Ahrana- Thorvin Lars 6% Fascist Party of Ahrana- Erick Williams 0% Green Party of Ahrana- Erica L. A. Victoria 2% Independents- Alexsandra M. L. Core Ceded all Votes to the Liberation Party Nominee 5% Alice Marsha Sigrid 1% Charles Klaus 0% As the Official Results have been declared the majority holder of Votes being the Liberation Party and the newly Elected Secretary General of the Federation, Sigrid A. V. Florence-Goring. Therefore by law not requiring a Coalition Government her Party will take the Federal Government Offices after the handing over Power ceremony in the Capital two days from now. Since declaring the Official Federal Elections there have been a swift of pledges of allegiances to the Liberation Party and throwing full support to their Nominee by the Monarchist Party, Liberal Socialist Party, Populist Party, Green Party and the Independent and outgoing Secretary General Alexsandra M. L. Core. Therefore all votes held by the Parties and individual are handed to The Liberation Party and Nominee giving them a Super Majority the first in Ahranaian History. Judicial Nomination Election Conformation For the Judicial Conformation a simple yes or no was asked to be ticked and the results are the following, the percentages will be released at a later date: Supreme Constitutional Court (Three Seats up for Conformation) -Leena Aleksandra Eero YES -Essi Cait Cailen YES -Aku Inka Annikki YES -Sanna Noora Sakari NO -Noora Tilde Torben NO -Ansgar Baltasar Ebsjorn NO Peoples Supreme Court (Two Seats up for Conformation) -Kristofer Thorvin Lukas NO -Astra Brit Asgard YES -Britta Dagmar Gudrun YES -Katrine Lise Sigrid NO Republican Governments Premier Election The Nominees need at least a 51% of the Vote in order to be able to legally take Office Federal Republic of Lockiee Elisabeth Allison- 52% Pledged Support to the Liberation Party Erica C. M. L. Folksin- 48% Federal Republic of Peterburi Vladimir Ivan Rostester- 12% Hollie Brooks- 61% Pledged Support to the Populist Front Party Claudia Jennings- 27% Federal Republic of Tatani Greggor Ivanovich- 72% Pledged Support to the Monarchist Party George Carlson- 28%
  12. Ahrana

    Expansion Ahrana

    As my dear neighbor @Prymont had stated I have a few expansion areas Im looking at for the future of Ahrana and the last of all expansions of Ahrana for the foreseeable future and such. The expansion will come in three phases with te first phase starting next year and the other two phases being six months between the first one. They all are going to be Role-played out and will have many justifications and reasonings. (please do ignore the sub-territorial lines inside the federation that's for something else) Anyways the first Phase is to the West of the Federations Borders, the Role-play that will go with this is the territorial claims by the Federal Republic of Xara as Ahrana only annexed one segment of the entire old Country. The other Capitals of the Old Country, Remus and Romulus make Xara whole having three Capitals in all. How it will start is that the Government of Vulgus Supra receives Signals from Remus and Romulus as coming under attack by the Religious Fundamentalist that plagued Xara till the Armed Forces of Ahrana stepped in. So after the defeat they fled to what the Ahranaian Government to be no mans land but instead was Greater Xara and the Old Country of Ahrana. Within this Phase the Religious Radicals will finally be named and we will see exactly what they are capable of doing. Phase 2 will be started and pursued to create a land border between the Federation and the United States in hopes of further advancing relations and lower Travel Restrictions and so forth. With this instalment Ahrana will begin to ally itself closer with the United States helping usher in Peace in Argis and the northern part of the World. It is with this that I hope that @Prymont grow closer together in some form of another yet to be discussed. The RP for this phase is to give the Federation some more farm land (yes I know it stays cold most of the year here but what we can grow will help!!!!) and more land for factories and so much more. This Phase will start Six months after Phase 1. Phase 3 will be started Six months or more depending on my life status (haha) after Phase 2. This phase will mainly be a way for Ahrana to be part of Central Argis and to be able help stabilize the area that is in a consistent state of war in my words. OOCly this will also give the United States a corridor into the Central of Argis to help with the stability and so forth. I know Pryguy might have more to say OOCly but we haven't got there yet. This RP will consist of having access to the south and to bring easier trade to the region and giving the Federation more warmer lands for a longer Farming season and another water access area. This Phase has no time table yet, and I have yet to know what others will think in the area but hopefully none to bad (haha). So there you guys have it the total expansion of Ahrana for the near future and probably the last one for Ahrana at that, I do not see the Federation growing bigger after this unless invasions happen and so forth. So do feel free to leave your thoughts behind!
  13. Political Organizations Platforms and Slogans Liberation Party of Ahrana- Lets change the Federation and continue on the path set before us! Communist Party of the Federation of Ahrana- Rise up and retake what is yours for the will of the People! Democratic Part of Ahrana- Be the behind the change of the country. Liberal Socialist Party of Ahrana- Lets work to create a better World! National Front of Ahrana- Move forward for a brighter future and a better Today! Workers' Party of Ahrana- Let us unite and Work as one! Monarchist Party of Ahrana- Support those who truly rule the Lands of Ahrana. Socialist United Party of Ahrana- Socialism is the only way. Republican Party of Ahrana- A brighter tomorrow through Conservation of the Government. Populist Party of Ahrana- Control the Federation as intended. Fascist Party of Ahrana- Make Ahrana first in all aspects. Green Party of Ahrana- Green for the Balance of all.
  14. Ahrana

    An Invitation to The Coronation of King George

    (OOC: The Former Queen, Aleksandra will be going to the Coronation of George as a Representative of the Federation of Ahrana. With this her title is strange but will reflect her status in the Federation as a Representative/Ambassador in Diplomatic Situations. As for the Official Seal of her Status it is the Lesser Coat of Arms of the Imperial Kingdom with the Federations Governmental Seal within it.) To: King George of PyeMcGowan From: Aleksandra of Ahrana, Grand Duchess of all Ahrana and Emissary of the Federation of Ahrana Classification: Level 2 Greetings, Your Majesty and most Honerable King George on behalf of the Federal Government and the People of Ahrana I extend my hand in congratulating you on the succession of the Throne and to the Halls of Power of Government. As a former Monarch of a Kingdom I look to you in awe and envy and hope nothing but the reign of a lifetime for you. It is such terrible news that your father has passed and went onto the next life, as leader of the Orthodox and Catholic Faith inside the Federation I say this to you; All Life is given to us for a lifetime that we live, it is up to us to make use of that life till the end. After the Life has been used it is our feats that we accomplished in that life that will be in remembrance till the end of all life as it is what He wills it. It has been decided by the Secretary General and the Federal Government that I, the former Queen of the Imperial Kingdom and Head of the Imperial Household, be the one to represent The Federation at such a prestigious event. The Secretary General has asked me to present you with a personal letter from her and gift from all of Ahrana. I will also present you my own gift, one that is only fit for a King in my own Words that embodies what a Kingdom needs. The Gift from me is a Imperial Order that only I may bestow upon others and very few Foreigners have received but I believe you are just of receiving such an Honor and Award. The Order of Chayka is the Highest Honor in all Imperial Orders and is the oldest of them all, as a Recipient of the Order Second Class you will be given a Grand Star along with a sash and Ribbon for display and usage at your discretion under the rules or Orders of your Nation. I will be traveling with only a Government Aide and a few Honor Guards of the Federation, extra security can be provided by your Government at your wishes only. I will be landing in the Secretary Generals Governmental Plane baring the Federations Flag and my Household Flag of course. I look forward to meeting you King George. With respect, Aleksandra Victoria Elisabeth Mishia Chayka Former Queen of the Imperial Kingdom of Ahrana Grand Duchess of all Ahrana Head of the Imperial Royal Household of Chayka
  15. update on RL used in Ahrana Sigrid Anastasian Anne Victoria Florence-Goring [Jennifer Lawrence] will announce her postion in Government after 5 October