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  1. Ahrana

    Ahrana Today

    Hello and welcome to a Special Edition of 'Ahrana Today', the Federations leading News Agency where we bring News of the World and News of home to the People of the Federation. Today we have a Special Edition of the News that will last about three days, the main topic of this Special Edition is 'War Crimes of the Revolution and of the Ivanoff Government' . The Federal Government, under the Authorization of the Secretary General and the Presidium of the Federation, has released several Documents that were used in making this Documentary as both Sources and Publication in the 'Ahrana Today' Newspaper and Magazine that will be following this Documentary as well. And now the Documentary will start, the Narrator of the Documentary is Greggor Silverson a renowned Author on Ahranaian History and War History. *The Documentary Starts off with music* It isn't known to the World just how much the Ivanoff Leadership covered up on Crimes that went against nature itself it has been pushed under the tables of Historians since the end of the Administration and has been thought of letting the public in, but till now its all been hidden from the eyes of the public for the reasons of Decency and Protection from the true face of the Communists that we so dearly loved and so many of us still do today. So here today the Crimes of the Revolution and the Ivanoff Government comes to light and so to does the true Nature of the Communist Party of the Federation. The Revolution started in Dukedom of Tatani under the Imperial Government and it was known at that time to be the bloodiest in the known History of the Ahranaian Nation and People, it is still unknown who started the process that Greggorivch Ivanoff would takeover and push further and create his own Plan of Governing with Terror. It is the place where Ivanoff himself becomes a Communist Icon, while on the Battlefield with his troops advancing forward to the Imperial Governments encampments outside the Fort where he emerged victorious against all odds. Fort Loki was the areas main Military Compound consisting of several regiments of the highly trained Royal Regiments, Kings Guards and Several Battalions of Royal Army and Royal Marines. The Compound was so rich in terms of numbers and terms of Power. Ivanoff would send forward his troops at night to use it as an advantage as the Royal Troops were in a state of celebration as the Heir to the Throne the Grand Duchess had her first child and it was a girl, they were celebrating the life of the throne and knowing it would continue under the Kings Daughter. This Battle would be called by the Communists the Fight of First Light as the battle ended with the rise of the sun. Ivanoff would emerge from the battle bathed in blood of his enemies and declare the fight against the Corrupt Won because he alone would kill the Grand Duchess with his own hands. The Communists would continue to make there way to Moskovo but on that road it led them to the Duchy of Strasburg, a City and a Duchy that was and is still a stanch supporter of the Imperial Throne. The then General of His Majesties Royal Regimental Guards, Sigrid A. A. V. Florence-Goring of Strasburg, would be the Imperial Capitals last line of defense. It is known that Greggor Ivanoff despised Sigird due to her ability to rally men to her cause and to give them so much encouragement that they would forget the fact they were about to die for a cause that would not last and would fall to the Communists. It was in-fact the sole priority of Ivanoffs Elite Forces to Kill Sigrid as she had cause him and the Communists so many problems on the road to the Capital to depose the now Queen and blame them for the death of the former King and claim Power and Authority and use his will to kill those who opposed him without question of why. However, that entire Battle would be a utter humiliation for Ivanoff as a whole and would make him go on a rampage and order the killings of many people and allowed his men to rape many women and even in some case children. The fact that a man that would claim to be not able to commit such an act would be able to give orders and be able to carryout such things shows how despicable the man was as a Human Being. Losing an important battle to the greatest General in Modern History and to revert to doing such inhuman acts to People he would one day Govern, but this was a little act compared to what would follow a week after gaining power. When the Communists reached the outskirts of the Capital, Ivanoff Ordered the bombardment of the City for thirty Six Hours before allowing his men to enter the City. Unknown to Ivanoff Sigird had predicted such and act would be enacted once reaching the City Outskirts which she had ordered the Outskirts to be evacuated a day in advanced as she had placed a distance between her and the Communist while advancing to Moskovo to warn the Imperial Government and to usher out as many People and Nobels and Royals as she could before the Communist arrived. She feared for their lives and the lives of her unborn Son. The siege of the Capital wouldn't last long as the will of the Queen was already small and she had seen enough bloodshed. She and the Communists would sign the Peace Treaty of Moskovo and Declare the Unified Kingdom of Ahrana no more and kneel to the Communists as victors of the War. Sigrid however had a different opinion but respected her Cousins decision and stood by her side as her protector in case the Communists would kill her once she agreed and signed the Treaty. When the trial of the Royals would happen it was known that someone would die but who would die was still unknown, on the second day of the Communist Provisional Governments reign they declared Ivanoff Intern President and gave him all Executive Authority till a proper election could be held. He created the tribunal of Justice for the Crimes of the War. Little was it known that in fact while these trials were going on the death warrants of all those convicted were actually Communists that supported Ivanoff but wanted a different outcome or wished a different form of Government to be implemented. Many wanted the death of the Former Queen and all Royals and Nobels no matter if they were old or children. Ivanoff however protected the Royal and Nobel Children, the Former Queen and Direct Family which included Sigird which was unknown to him at the time. He had actually told the Ahranaian Secret Police to kill Sigrid at any given moment when possible. When it was told to him that Sigrid was on the list for exile he was infuriated and ordered them to kill her and they told him they could not due to the Terms of the Treaty he had them shot and berried and told those who witnessed it never to speak of it. He would however respect the Treaty and the Queens wishes and allow Sigrid to live. However he took his rage out on the other Royals and Nobels which had no connections to politics nor the United Socialist Democrats that would all either be killed or never found or heard from again. Overall 250 Royals and Nobels were killed even if they had no connections to the USD Party and killed them with a shot in the head and placed them all in a undisclosed location in the forest outside of Moskovo. When the trials were over the remaining Royals and Nobels were place on a train and shipped in the far north of Tatani in the Forest to live the remainder of their lives out with no connections to the Government of Society of Ahrana. After the trials the period that some historians now call the Ivanoff Terror started and would last till Secretary General Core took over and created the Federation. Join us again tomorrow for the Part over the Ivanoff Terror which will be a two part section.
  2. VISA APPLICATION FORM * Requirement: yes * Max. duration: 90 Days * Health requirements: just in good general health TOURISM GUIDE * Top cities: Moskovo, Peterburi, Vulgus Supra, Strasburg, Thorvis * Sights worth seeing: People's Palace, Old Imperial Palace, Monarchs Palace, Palace of Justice, Palace of the Presidium, Legislative Palace, People's Square, Peterburi Palace and many more. * Cultural events taking place: May Day (1st of May), Revolution Day (5th of August), Founding Fathers Birthday (1st of February), New Year's Celebration 31st December-12 January), Christmas (24th-30th December) * Getting around: Multiple Airlines two International Hubs, Taxis in the big cities * Local cuisine: Try it all * Sleeping: Standard Rate just don't use a Derthland Accent or begin with I'm a foreigner. Most rooms are cheep and very nice.
  3. Office of the Secretary General of the Federation To: Grand Duchess Margherita Desiderata I di Cabrena of Limonaia, Grand Duchess of the Grand Duchy of @Limonaia From: Sigrid Anastasia Anne Victoria Florence-Goring, Secretary General of the Federation of Ahrana Classification: Level 3 Subject: Diplomatic Ties Your Royal Highness, As far as I know this is the first Official Communication between the Grand Duchy and the Federation since the Imperial Kingdom had fell, it is in my deepest intrest that are Countries reconnect and form Diplomatic Ties and so much more again under the new Government. I see a brighter future between our two Countries with us working together in the future on many things to not just benefit ourselves but the world as well. If you are not opposed to the Idea of opening up of Diplomatic Relations and possibly having a Diplomatic Meeting between us the Heads of the Countries and our Diplomatic Team, if you are open to the idea please do let me know and I will see about finding a perfect. I am open to coming to the Grand Duchy for a such meeting unless you wish otherwise. I look forward to hearing from you. With Respect, Sigrid A. A. V. Florence-Goring, Secretary General of the Federation
  4. @Orioni as soon as it starts I will do so
  5. Ahrana

    Operation Clean-Up

    0900 AT | Palace of the Presidium of the Federation, FR Moskovo 9 October 2018 Operation Clean-up had commenced and as the results from the first night of operation came flowing in the worst fears of the Secretary General were realized, the fact that these Drug Lords could put up such resistance in such a short amount of time shown that there were two possible reasons. One, some in the Federal Government tipped them off or Two they are Militarized now and the data received was inaccurate. In the coming weeks the Federal Government was under surveillance by the ADI and its Sister Branch the SNB, for possible Information leaks, the order for such Surveillance was given by Former Secretary General Core which Operation Clean-up was created by. As Sigrid kept reading the reports she came under the assumption that it was both options and just a single one, if this was the case then the entire Operation was in jeopardy of failing. She wanted to rid the Federation of the Drug problem but couldn't do it successfully if her own people accepted bribes and dirty money. As she stood in her Presidium Office she walked to the desk and dialed the ADI Director, Director, we have a problem with the Operation and its contents make this line secure for Classification 6 Discussion please and keep it off the books. Aye Ma'am, one moment please.....Okay Ma'am Line is Secure for Level 6 Discussion and off the books, go ahead. I am well aware of the Order of Surveillance given by Madam Core and I am curious to know what has come of that Order and its results. Meaning have you found anything of use to me in a case of Information Leak from the Federal Government? One Moment please Ma'am let me find the reports gathered in the last two weeks....Alright Ma'am as I see it the Legislature had no clue and in-fact they are furious with the entire Operation as it seems...The Judiciary was informed by a member of the Presidium Delegate Greggory of Lockiee who said as quoted, 'The Secretary General will get us all killed with the Operation as it oversteps her Powers to the most highest extent in my knowledge. If there is anyway we can end her tenure Constitutionally it would be of the upmost importance of my Federal Republic.' The reply from the Chief Justice of the Constitutional Court was, "We support the Secretary General in her Executive Decree and it is fully Constitutional as it is not an Act of War on another Sovereign Nation, so therefore it is in her Executive Power to Decree and enact such an Operation, however I suggest to you Mr. Greggory that you either shut the hell up or get out of Politics as it will be the death of you if you talk this way again." It went that way with the Chief Justice lecturing him of his role in the Government and ended with that he was a fool to call him concerning this issue that he created since he was a cowered Ma'am. There was a lot of chatter in the Presidium the day before the Operation and it seems to stem from well none other than Mr. Greggory himself. He called a few unknown Numbers that have the prefix number of burn phones. Ma'am if there was a leak....Well here we go pure evidence of who it was. It was a line from the Office the Deputy General of Tatani and Lockiee, Delegate Ivan and Greggory seemed to have known in weeks advanced of the Operation and It seems they also made several withdraws from their Personal Bank Accounts of Several Thousand Krone. I suggest that they be brought to the ADI for questioning on these calls and withdraws Ma'am. Do I have you're go ahead to do such a thing Madam Secretary? Yes and make sure all information is recorded I will be at the ADI in less than and hour do not Interview them till I get there understood. Aye Ma'am as you say. She hung up the phone and walked into the Presidium Chambers to commence the meeting of the Executive Council which two members would be detained at, she grabbed her files and walked to the chamber. The Guards opened the door and she was announced and walked to the end of the table and took her seat. Ivan and Greggory were sat near one another and she looked around and nodded to the Chamber Host to leave and make the call. As you all are well aware of now the Operation has met severe resistance to the Military and Federal Police as it is common Knowledge what the Executive Office, Secretary General, Decrees is Law and has full and complete Backing of the Constitutional Court and the Constitution of the Federation as well as the Commitment of the Federal Republics Premiers. The only Federal Office not known of the Operation was the Congressional Houses which are currently infuriated at such use of Executive Power which was told to me by the Director of Intelligence. The following is only known to two other people in this room and myself, the ADI was order by the Former Secretary General to begin Surveillance on the Federal Government Offices to watch for Information Leeks which have proved fruitful. Sigrid stopped and took her glass of water and took a drink while staring at Ivan and Greggory intensely. It is now common knowledge between me and the Director of Intelligence of the conversations of all Members of this Presidium and all Other Government Offices....and as it is common Knowledge I want to answer a few questions here. First, I was elected by the People unanimously to lead this Federation forward and to rid the Country of the pests of Drug Lords which have now Militarized thanks to a few donations by a few members of this Council. Not just one donations but exactly twelve Donations of several Thousand Krone! Its sickening knowing that my Own Deputy Generals and Ministers would take Dirty Money for themselves and not think of the People they are Governing! Second, the Powers of my Office are outlined in the Constitution and are granted to me by the Constitution and the People of this Federation, I know the Constitution and I even wrote part of it while I was in exile! So trust me I know the extinct of my Executive Powers and I do not need my own Members of the Executive Council defying me! **Knock knock knock** Please enter and step to the side and lock the doors behind you Director! The Director and five ADI Agents entered closed the doors and locked them and stood at all points of exit. Hello Director so nice to see you after having our lovely conversation this morning we are almost done here give me a few then its all yours Director. Aye Madam Secretary take your time I'm in now rush. Thank you, and so the fact that such disloyalty to your oath you all took under Madam Core and me sickens me. I do not understand why such disobedience to the Law and to the Oath that you promised to uphold is so hard to keep. All I ask is that you serve this Government in Honesty and Loyalty to the Greater Good of the People of the Federation. Now, would the Delegated of the following please stand up, Ivan of the Federal Republic of Tatani and Greggory of the Federal Republic of Lockiee. It has come to my knowledge that you two have broken the Oaths you took in-front of thousands of Ahranaians and myself by providing funds to the Drug Lords of the Federation and deliberately seeking to destabilize the entire Operation by leaking Classified Information of Level 7 to non-government personnel. Greggory it has also come to my knowledge of your subornation of my Authority as the Highest Executive Authority of the Federation. You were lectured by the Chief Justice of the Constitutional Court about you disloyalty and he was correct to do so. So I am stripping of you Governmental Rank, Military Rank and all Federal Classification Authority. You will follow the Director to the ADI and will be questioned with a Lawyer of your choice and will then be send to the Supreme Court of the Federation for you Disloyalty to the Government and the People of the Federation. Do you have anything to say before you are taken away for questioning? Madam Secretary all I ask is for your forgiveness and that may your Government find stability. Thank you Greggory I do forgive you but the People my not forgive you and this Government can make their own decision on whether they forgive you, and you Ivan anything.....No okay well I shall see you guys later today. Take them away Director please. Now for the rest of you, this is what will happen to you if you follow the same path. The goal of this Government is to rid the Drug Vermin from these lands and to create a better Ahrana, if you do not wish to do so and instead want the Dirty Money they give then please stand up now and announce your resignation from the Federal Executive Council and Government all together. Also you will forget that the ADI is gathering Intelligence on all Agencies and when you do if you mess up I will know for now on so please do not follow the same fate of Ivan and Greggory. Now lets continue this Council Meeting. 1230 AT | Directorate of Intelligence HQ, FR Moskovo The Council meeting went on for two hours covering mainly the Operation Intel and what can be done. Once it ended Sigrid left and headed for the Directorate HQ and took with her the Court Order which was needed for the Director. Since it had to be signed by the Chief Justice of the Constitutional Court and Supreme Court and the Procurator of the Federation along with her as well she took the task of doing the work of gathering the signatures. Upon her arrival the Director was notified and met her in the Interrogation Room opposite of Ivan and Greggory. She handed the Court Order to the Director and the Lawyers were shown the Order and permitted the Director to talk to them. Mr. Greggory and Mr. Ivan here I hold the Official Court Order for your questioning and detention signed by the Courts of the Federation, the Procurator and the Secretary General of the Federation. Do you have anything to freely tell me before we begin the Questioning? Okay well first do you guys understand what you did was a breach of Security and completely undermines the Oaths you took and that since its a breech of Security that you can spend up to ten years in prison for such an act? Aye I do understand. (Both men) Very well then, knowing this before committing these acts why would you follow through and not expect there to be any reamends? I honestly didn't expect that the Directorate would be listening or even watching the Government Offices. I knew they were listening and watching I just believe in letting the Drugs stay as its more money for the economy, who cares what happens to the people of the federation. As long as I make a profit on the trade I am happy to not look at the effort. Very well Mr. Ivan that's all I needed from you. The guards will escort you to your cell and you will be sent before the Supreme Court tomorrow. Your Lawyer will notify you of the Chargers being brought before you and whether you can appeal them or not. Mr. Greggory have you anything else to tell me? I only did it for the sake of getting some more money they had called me a week before the operation was to happen and they asked what and how and they promised me 3 Million Krone if I helped them militarize in the Federal Republic of Lockiee. The Fara Cartel are who called me they control the entire Drug trade in Lockiee. Thank you Greggory your information will be useful which we already knew just wanted you to tell us. You will be escorted by guards to another cell till tomorrow to face the Supreme Court, but since you co-operated better than Mr. Ivan I will tell the Justice that some of the charges to be lightened compared to Ivans. Your Lawyer will tell you the Charges brought before you and you will be able to Appeal some of them due to your co-operation with us. The Guards took Greggory and Sigrid entered the room and shook hands with the Director and left for the Palace of the Presidium again.
  6. To: President George Duval, United States of @Prymont From: Secretary General Sigrid A. A. V. Florence-Goring, Federation of Ahrana Classification: Level 2 President Duval, As it is known inside the Executive Government of the Federation former Secretary General Core was very fond of you and your Government as well as the United States as a whole. Seeing that I am in succession of her tenure of Office I only seek to better that bond of friendship further under my Time in Office. I see it as the best interests of the Federation for our nation's to be close in any terms. I have read the Classified details of the last meeting between our Governments and do wish to continue to with the things that were set forth from that meeting. Furthermore, it is my understanding of that meeting that the Federation did promise to send relief to the people and your Soldiers inside the Prymontian Rus. The Congressional Houses had been in gridlock over the exact amount of help that would be sent and now by Executive Authority on my half the Aid and relief for those people will be on their way. I do understand it has been months since it was discussed that such things would happen but I am reaffirming our commitment to such thing. Within the next week of today, 8 December 2018, severtloads of Clothing, Food, and other needed things will be on their way to the area for distribution to the people. We will be sending several pounds of fish and other delights that we enjoy here and can do without here for the time being. I will sending some Architects and Engineers to help rebuild they will be under your Government ls direction till you no longer have need of them. I would also like to request an Audience with you sometime in the future just to meet you in person and to reaffirm my Government and the Federations commitment to helping better Central Argis for a brighter future. With respect, Sigrid Anastasia Anne Victoria Florence-Goring, Secretary General of the Federation of Ahrana
  7. I will be dropping the claim to the west of the Federations current boundaries to allow Dnister to have that area of land. So I will keep the two other claims unless there are any objections.
  8. The People's Palace was shuttering with so much commotion regarding many things including Operation Clean-up and the 15th ICEB Summit that Sigrid would be attending, the first of such International Summits that she had ever taken part of since the Revolution and the Overthrow of the Kingdom. As she walked to her Office the People in the Palace seemed to be in a sense of distress and panic, it really alarmed Sigrid as she did not understand why everyone was acting this way. She walked into her Office and paged the Assistant to come to her Office right away. Please tell me why everyone are running around like a bunch of freaking lunatics, there has to be a logical reasoning behind such behavior. Madam Secretary, this morning the Executive received a threat from a few Drug Lords saying they were going to bomb the Palace and the motorcar carrying the Secretary General, you, and declare a War against the Government. That's bloody nonsense and completely illogical, no bomb can get near this Palace its one of the most secure place in this Federation. If there was such a true threat I would've been called first thing this morning after that threat was made, the Directorate of Intelligence would've made it known to me for sure! Now go tell everyone the threat was a hoax and tell them to clean their fecking mess up before I leave for the Summit understood? Aye Ma'am, right away Madam Secretary. Also the Ministry of International Relations called for you this morning asking about Ambassador Assignments. I will handle that when I return from the Summit for now tell them the current Ambassadors in place will work for now. Aye Ma'am will do that. As Sigrid sat down and gathered a few things she would be taking with her to the Summit she turned and looked at her Uniform and begun thinking on what she will wear on the first day of the Summit. The Uniform would be for one day and then Casual Dress would follow after the Unifrom unless she brought the other Uniforms with her. She decided that she would wear the Uniform there and on the first day. She walked over to the Door and shut it and told the Assistant that she was not to be disturbed till further notice. She walked over to the Display statue that the Secretary General Uniform was on, her new Crisp White Uniform that she had gotten resized since the last time she worn this type of Uniform which was during the Revolution. She put on the Pants and put on her Black Dress Shoes that had recently been polished. She put on the Undercover Shirt and tucked it in and placed the suspenders on followed by the belt. She picked up the Jacket and walked to the big Wall Mirror and put the Jacket on with all her medals shinning in the Sunlight that was coming through the Big Wall Window in her Office. As she buttoned the Jacket up she looked around for the Sabre that she still had from being given from the King her distant Cousin. She saw it laying on the Buffet table in the corner of the room and walked over to retreve it, the uniform wasn't complete without the Sabre. She grabbed the Cover and looked at herself in the Mirror to be sure everything was right. She was only missing her newest Hero of the Federation Award which was in the desk. She walked over to retreve it when she heard a loud boom that seemed to be a few blocks down from the Palace. She turned her head towards the window while grabbing the Medal then grabbed her Handgun from the Middle Drawer and walked to the Office Door to check on the Office Personal. Everyone alright, anyone injured or in shell shock? No Madam Secretary we are alright but what about the people out there? Not sure im about to make my way to the first floor to check with the Quartermaster of the Palace to see if any part of the Palace was hit in the explosion. In the meantime continue getting and prepping my stuff for the trip to the Summit please. Aye Madam Secretary will do. As she walked down stairs with her gun drawn in the forward position ready to shoot if needed, she walked down and saw the Quartermaster standing at the base of the stairs waiting for her to come to him. Quartermaster, is the Palace hit and has the anyone been injured in the Palace grounds? Negative Madam, only a few Civilians were injured but no fatalities as I know of, the Drug Lords are claiming reasonability for the explosion. I've been told it was a Box Bomb placed two blocks down. The Explosive yield was low given that barely any damage was done to the surrounding buildings. If you are going somewhere today I would urge you to take a full Military Escort to the Airport Madam and nothing lesser than that. I guess the Assistant was correct on the Threat, however the ADI has yet to contact me on such a threat. Very well Quartermaster I will go to the Airport with a Full Military Escort. Radio the Airport and tell them to ready my Airstrip and to place the Airport on Lockdown till I take off understood, also tell them to launch three other planes as my plane takes off. Aye Madam. She walked back up to get her things and to get her Assistant to gather her things as they were about to leave for the Airport. She place the Gun in her Bag and grabbed an extra magazine just in case, she would of course leave such a weapon on the plane after she left the place at the Summit. As they walked to the front door the Guards were in full Combat Uniform and on high alert, they ushered her to the Bullet Proof Car and shut the door behind her Assistant. As the car started and pulled in behind the Military Humvees they pulled out of the front gates wit the Guards running along side the car till the car was out of the gates from there the Federal Police were on Motorcycles on the side of the car while the Humvees led the way. It was a quick trip to the Airport as the main highway to the Airport was shut down and had a huge Military presence and naturally there were several helicopters flying above patrolling the airspace above the convoy. As they turned into the Airport there were not Press, no People to see her off nothing just empty cars and not a sole in the parking lot. They went into Gate No. 8 where her plane was waiting and the car stopped and like the Palace the Guards were in Full Combat Dress and ushered them into the Plane quickly with the door shutting behind them as quick as the boarded the plane. They took their seats and Sigrid removed her Cover and looked to the pilots to signal they were ready for take off. Like she had asked three other planes were taking off in different directions with no passengers just in case they were hit the men and women flying the planes were military of course. The Quartermaster had order the Ahranaian Airforce to escort the Secretary Generals Plane once it had reached its Flying Altitude away from any Rocket. Luckily no plane was hit and they all took off without any issues. The other planes would end up landing back at Moskovo International Airport and be handed back to the Civil Air Service Pilots that fly the planes. Now on her way to the People's Republic of Bulgenstaz for the ICEB Summit the first one Ahrana had Officially Attended, she knew they would be late due to all the setbacks they had. Sigrid proceeded to her Suite on the Plane to have her own time and to look over some important documents such as the Ambassador Appointments that needed to be made. She looked over paperwork till she felt tired and laid down on the bed to relax a bit, she orders a glass a water to refresh her from all of the teeth grinding moments she had had all morning. She fell into a deep sleep and woke up with only a few hours left of the flight so she turned on the TV on to see the news from Ahrana: The Capital District was rocked today by a Boxed Bomb only two blocks away from the People's Palace, it has been reported that twenty people were wounded and no one had died from this Terroristic attack. The Drug Lords of Ahrana have claimed responsibility of this act saying this is retaliation to the Federal Government and its crackdown on the Drug Sector that has ran Ahrana since the fall of the Kingdom. The Federal Executive has yet to release a statement referring to todays attack as it has been said that the Secretary General has left the Federation for the ICEB Summit in the People's Republic of Bulgenstaz and will return in few days time. She felt like such a fool for leaving but she needed to attend such a Summit to ensure Ahrana has a place in the Internation Political World as which Ahrana needs to be part of. She ended up falling back asleep to the news and woke up to a knock on the door stating they were about to land in Bulgenstaz at the Airport and that they were an hour and a half late for the summit. Her first International Summit and she was late to the place, what a great way to bless her Tenure with such tardiness. She only hoped the other leaders wouldn't look as if they despised Ahrana for being late to such a thing of importance. As the plane touched down she put her Jacket back on put her handgun on the desk and left the Sabre on the bed. As the door opened she and her Assistant walked to the car to be driven to the place for the Summit. As they drove to Zalensk Sigrid looked out the window and looked at the pure beauty of the Bulgenstazi Landscape that just seemed so peaceful to Sigrid. Pieces of the landscape reminded her of home in Strasburg and other parts not so much. As they arrived at Zalensk she say the building and was in awe at such architecture, never before had she seen such a thing that resembled many quantities of Ahranaian Imperial Architecture. As the car turned to the front they got out and followed the escort to the room where the other leaders were. Sigrid stopped and caught her breathe and removed her Cover placing it under her arms and walked to the Doors. After a light knock on the doors they opened and inside were the other leaders. As she entered she saw General Secretary Almas pointing to a PowerPoint which she thought odd but went with it anyway. Please excuse me for being so late to the Summit I do apologies, had a few issues before leaving the Federation and then the Takeoff was a bit tiffy. Once again I am terribly sorry im normally never late, its a pleasure to meet you all finally. She bowed slightly and waved and shook hands with the leaders while walking to her seat with her Assistant and took a seat after interrupting the meeting.
  9. 3rd Secretary General of the Federation of Ahrana Secretary General Sigrid Anastasia Anne Victoria Florence Sigrid Anastasia Anne Victoria Florence was born in the Kingdom of Ahran in the City of Strasburg on 7 July 1988 to the parents of Carl and Anne Florence. Sigrid lived her whole life in Strasburg and even still owns a home in the City. Sigrid is a mother of two Children one a Five Year old Boy named Misha Carl Florence-Goring and a One year old Boy name Gustov Carl Steffen Florence-Goring. The Father of the two children is Stephen Sven Goring who actually bares Sigrid’s last name attached to his due to the Florence Family being a Ahranaian Noble family. Reference Style Spoken Formal Style: Madam Executive, Sigrid Florence-Goring Written Formal Style: Secretary General of the Federation of Ahrana, Sigrid A. A. V. Florence-Goring Nobility Formal Style: Duchess of Strasburg, Sigrid Anastasia Anne Victoria Florence-Goring Spoken Informal Style: Mrs. Sigrid Florence-Goring Written Informal Style: Sigrid A. A. V. Florence-Goring of Ahrana Nobility Informal Style: Sigrid of Strasburg Military Formal Style: General Florence-Goring of Strasburg Military Informal Style: General Sig Early Life Sigrid’s was born to Carl and Anne Florence in Strasburg, Kingdom of Ahrana on Monday morning at 0735AST on 7 July 1988. She was born a healthy baby and was said to be a very quiet baby in the early days of her birth. Sigrid was named after the Florence Families founder, Sigrid Anne Florence I of Strasburg. The Florence Family are a Noble House of the Imperial Kingdom and can prove their descent from the Mishia Royal House of Sigrid I of Strasburg who was a daughter to a Mishia Royal Prince. Sigrid was educated at Public School and graduated from a Public Education Institute the Strasburg Public School District. She graduated with top honors and fifth in her class over three hundred student of that year. She attended University at the Moskovo Institute after leaving High School in 2006, she would graduate in 2010 with a B.A.S in Law and Political Studies. She would join the Military to serve her compulsory time for four years as a Royal Imperial Guard in the Ahran Life Guards as Officer of the Life Brigade. She was a Lieutenant in the Life Brigade till the end of her service, after serving her four years she would leave the Military and become part of the Monarchs Military Privy Council under King Gustov XVII of Ahrana. She would serve at that post till 22 January 2016. She then left Public Service to be with her family to help Stephan with their first child. Military Career Sigrid served in the Royal Imperial Guard under the Ahran Life Guards Brigade as a Commissioned Royal Officer of His Majesties Imperial Guard. She would rise to the rank of Lieutenant in the Brigade and having her own Division under her Command. Sigrid would take Maternal Leave for the remainder of her Military Service and did not see any Battle Action as did none of her Brigade. She would leave the Military in 2014 officially with a Honorable Discharge of Completion of Service to the Military Service Law. After leaving she was offered a seat on the Royal Military Privy Council by His Majesty, King Gustov XVII, personally with him asking her to serve on this post. She would serve on this post as Commissioned Officer of the Royal Imperial Guards Commander, therefore being given the Rank of General of the Imperial Guards. She served this post till the 22 January 2016 when she handed her Formal Resignation from the Privy Council. The Monarch accepted her resignation and allowed her to retire from the Military Post and keep her rank of General but not before naming her General of the Imperial Ahran Life Guards Brigade. She would leave the Public Service to help her Husband with their First child Misha. Public Life Sigrid would retire to the Family Home in Strasburg a small Town home in the Country away from Public eye, being a descendent and part of a Noble Family she was Privy to the Strasburg Estate but allowed the Estate to operate as a Museum and only appearing to give tours. When the Tatani Conflict emerged Sigrid’s Family were offered Imperial Protection if requested, being only five miles from the local Imperial Guards base for the Strasburg Estate. The Guards were never requested till the conflict ended with the Revolution beginning. The Imperial Guards were and remained loyal to the Florence-Goring Family till the end. The Red Army had to fight not only the Guards by Sigrid herself as she was fighting with the Guards while protecting her Family and her House. It was said by one of the Guards, “The General was standing in line with all of us even holding a gun. She could be seen in Combat Dress of the Life Brigade yelling for us to defend this House and this Family. When the Red Army saw that they couldn’t hit us with bullets they charged with Bayonets on their Guns. I turned to see the General for orders and she threw the rifle down and drew out her Handgun and Ceremonial Sabre giving us the Command to let them come to us and attack in close quarters. The General led the way for us and she single handedly killed at least five guys within the first Charge. Thing that was even more remarkable is that she was with child at the time and she still fought to preserve the freedom of the People!” Sigrid was said to be the most formidable opponent to the advancing Red Army and made a reputation for herself among the Red Army’s Ranks as the bringer of Death. Her and her Husband avoided capture and ventured to the safety of the Palace with her close friend the Monarch of Ahrana, Alexsandra XII, the daughter of Gustov XVII. Due to Sigrid not being part of the Political Corruption she was given the sentence of Exile with the Monarch to the Forests of Ahrana. When Sigrid was fighting to protect her Home and her Friend the Monarch she was with child and it was noticeable which also frightened the Red Army Troops as to how a women carrying a child be able to fight off Troops and not become weak or wounded. After the rest of the Imperial Family and Noble Families were sent into exile in the Forests, Sigrid was part of the Exiled Imperial Guard that provided all Royal and Noble Families protection while in exile. Sigrid was even seen teaching self-defense to the Children and Women of the Royal Households as they had no teaching in. Sigrid found was to ensure that she and the exiled Queen were kept in the loop of the Ahranaian Politics and made sure that the People were taken care of even though they held no power. Upon returning to life in the City of Strasburg she took up the Family Estate as her Private Home had been destroyed by the Red Army in the Attack that she earned the name Bringer of Death. She fixed up the Estate and begun taking part in the Government of the 2nd Secretary General, Alexsandra M. L. Core, as Private Advisor to the Office of Secretary General. She was part of the Democratic Party of Ahrana and was one of the leading figures in that Party calling for a coalition Government. Two weeks after being appointed as Private Advisor to the Office of Secretary General she resigned from the Democratic Party and joined the Liberation Party of Ahrana. Since joining the LPA, Sigrid has rose in Power in the Party and became the Election Nominee for Secretary General in the October Elections. Alexsandra M. L. Core resigned as General Secretary of the LPA so that Sigrid could be the Party Leader and hopefully win the Elections. Core had no intention in being re-elected again as she was just to finish the Ivanoff Term. 3rd Secretary General of Ahrana Sigrid won the Election for Secretary General with the Majority of the votes thanks to Core who ceded all votes for her to Sigrid in order to win the Election. Along with her wining the Secretary General Elections the Liberation Party of Ahrana won a Majority of Seats in both Houses of Congress therefore making a Coalition Government not needed. However due to the past Coalition member’s stratification with the previous Government they agreed to form a Majority Coalition Government therefore ensuing both Houses with a plural Majority of the Seats. Florence took the Oath of Office from the Palace of the Presidium and former Secretary General Core was there to hand over Power to her Officially in the Handing Over Ceremony. The entire Government has expressed joy on the era that Sigrid will usher in and hopes to see her make Cores efforts go further. Personality and Traits Sigrid has been called a Courageous, Strong, Caring, Loving and Kind hearted person that will go out of her way to help or protect the people she cares for and loves. From an early age she was a caring person that wanted only to help everyone she could. As she grew older it became noticeable that she was able to defend herself physically and verbally if needed to do so. She believed in the honor system and believed that a person was no one without honor and commitment to things they care for. She was honored to be in the Life Guards Brigade and on the Royal Military Privy Council and to also befriend the Grand Duchess and soon to be Queen, Alessandria. When her House came under attack she was seen on the front lines with the troops giving orders and giving her family time to escape and head for the Imperial Palace in Moskovo. Upon reaching Moskovo she oversaw the entire fortification of the Royal Palace and its Defense during the siege. When the Queen gave the order to surrender she did so out of respect to the Queen as it takes a Strong and Courageous Person to surrender to people who will most likely kill you. Upon in being in Exile she taught self-defense to every child and women in exile and even taught at the School for the Children. She is very knowledgeable in the area of Martial Arts and Self-Defense thus making her very wise in certain aspects. She is very political in all areas of the Politics of the Federation even while she was in exile she was Political. She is seen as the next great Leader of the Federation after Core and the Late King, Gustov XVII. Honors and Awards Sigrid is member to all Royal Orders of the Imperial Government and Royal Family, she holds rank in all Orders due to her association in the Royal Privy Council. Sigrid has also been awarded the highest and prestigious award in the Federation therefore being a Historical Figure with the other Historical Figures in Ahranaian History. Order of Gustov- First Class Order of Mishia- First Class, Grand Master Order of St. Anastasia- First Class Order of St. Greggor- Second Class Order of St. Vladimir- First Class, Grand Cross Order of the People- First Class Order of Andrew the First- Grand Master Order of Strasburg- First Class, Grand Master Order of Ahran- Second Class Order of Honor- First Class, X2 Order of the Iron Cross- First Class, X3 Order of Chayka- First Class, Grand Cross Order of the Ahranaian Crown- First Class, Grand Cross Hero of the Federation- Awarded X3 Sigrid has been awarded the Hero of the Federation three times due to her service to protect the People during the Revolution. The 2nd Secretary General awarded the Hero Award three times for the justification of, “During her service in the Revolution even though she was not part of the Socialist Movement she fought on to protect the People from the atrocities the Red Army were committing along with conquering land. Many Communists and Socialists will say what she did is not protecting the people but instead of a crime against the People. However I see her actions as just and a clear indication on her will to protect the people thus I award her the Hero of the Federation three times for her three acts Valor in the name of the People of the Federation!” Sigrid has received several Military Awards for her service to the Kingdom and to the People also being one of the few people to be given the Medal of Honor and Medal of the Friendship of the People four times due to her service during the Revolution on the means of Protecting People who were higher than her. Being part of the Ahranaian Nobility and Descendent of the First Imperial House, Sigrid Anastasia Anne Victoria Florence-Goring is third in line of the Imperial Succession Laws that govern the Ascension of the now Defunct Imperial Throne. She is inline after her God-Daughter the Grand Duchess Victoria, Daughter of the Former Queen.
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