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  1. Ahrana

    Project Canamo

    Minister Hall, Peoples Palace, Moskovo, SF Ahrana| 1200 AT| 24 April 2018 Ivanoff had a rough morning dealing with Operation Intel, Government Bills and now a rift in Ahranaian Politics thanks to President Duval. Ivanoff had just gotten back from his private residence from being ill for a couple of days and only those closest to him knew about it, as for the rest of the Government they were told he was in Vulgus Supra on Government Business and that no one outside the Government is to know of this. Ivanoff was watching International News yesterday and saw the session of the Legislature of the United States and what was said about Ahrana and so forth. Ivanoff was so displeased with how the truth of what is happening in Xara has been twisted by Duval to further make sure the TRIDENT nations are united against Ahrana and her People. Even the words Duval used to describe the People of Ahrana was distasteful. Ivanoff called for a Government Meeting today and as he was walking to the Minister Hall for the meeting he stopped at the door and listened, he heard, "Duval, Xara, Military, Summit" and so on. So they think they know what this is about hmm he said to himself. He opened the door and the announcer stated: "Secretary General, Greggor Ivanoff!" Everyone stood at attention and Ivanoff walked to his Chair and looked at everyone around him and said, "At Ease, please sit." Everyone sat except for him, he stood to gather his thought and began talking: I am sure that everyone in this room has been or was informed about the Speech Duval gave yesterday in the Session of the United States Legislature. I am also sure you are aware of the comments he has made towards our people and nation. During our Summit I was sure the things discussed would help our relations and I thought the Summit went very well, yet he has made a mockery of Ahranaian Diplomacy and has now stirred the Political Pot here in Ahrana with his recent comments. I am not sure exactly why the comments have been made or the reasoning's and I do not care to know them. Today I received a letter from President Duval to visit the United States of @Prymont, which I intend to do. Today the Congressional Houses will be debating a bill that was introduced yesterday by my Deputy Minister on Fishing Quotas, which is why he wishes to have a visit. Our number one priority has also been to preserve the nature around us and we have done a great job at doing so. Since the rise of the last Kingdom many parks, owned by the Government still to this day, have been created as Nature refuge, Wildlife Refuge and so on. Overall we have 50 total Refuge Lands under the Governments Authority and it will stay that way for the foreseeable future. Now our Political Problem here, the remarks made by President Duval has caused the Democratic Socialist Alliance to reappear from their banishment. They have been barred from all Political Affiliations and can never be part of any form of Government. The punishment for those who help give them seats in any Level of Government is severe and is carried out by the People's Court. Therefore I urge you all not to try anything to that level. Next Month I am calling a Supreme People's Assembly Session and all will attend. I will be placing a motion on the floor for debate and amending the Constitution about Minorities. If any of you have an questions to give me now is the time.............alright then this Meeting of Government is done and over, thank you for your time. As Ivanoff was walking to his Office his assistant, Ace, caught up with him and gave him a letter from the Intel Office for the Canamo Sea region. They had officially confirmed his Travel Plans to Prymont and would be able to leave at a moments notice. Now all he had to do was send a letter to Duval letting him know when to expect his arrival. He continued walking and was thinking to himself exactly how the DSA would try to make their way back into Government. Sadly he arrived to his office faster than he thought and then begun his reply letter to Duval. Office of the Secretary General President Duval, I have read your recent letter and request and will say to you that I will take your offer to attend this with you, Ahrana has been proud about its Fishing Industry and its Regulations that have been in place since the first Modern Government. Currently we do have regulations on the Fishing Industry unlike your claims state but I would be more than happy to show you the steps we have taken to reduce the risk of "wiping the fish out". Ahrana has to promoted Environmental Polices since the rise of the Socialist Federation, we Socialist are not Heavy Industrialists like many have experienced before. We are not those People, here in Ahrana we still have 50 Reservations owned by the Government that are Nature Reserves which I will explain more to you in person. Furthermore, I will be flying out to the Untied States after the 3rd of May; currently I have to much on my plate to just brush it all aside to rush urgently to your Country for this Meeting. With the Founding Ceremony of the Confederation of Independent Socialists coming up and the other events involved with the Ceremony, it currently has me bogged down in my Office approving plans and making requests Official and such. Im also aware that the United States has also asked to an Observer in The Confederation which shows me that our relations have not fallen to far. Perhaps we could discus a few of your points and Polices before hand and then continue the discussion in the University. With Respect and Sincerity, Greggor Ivanoff, Secretary General of the Socialist Federation of Ahrana
  2. Ahrana

    Ahrana Today

    Hello and welcome to todays broadcast of "Ahrana Today" where we bring news of the World and of the Federation to the People of the Socialist Federation. Today, The Federal Legislature passes a bill, How to navigate the Northern Sea, Nuclear Fusion Research, Update on the Asgeirrian Fleet bringing Civil Engineers to Xara, Sancations on The Empire of @Derthalen ,Space Project Research update and the Founding of The Confederation of Independent Socialists; today all here on "Ahrana Today". The Congressional Houses have agreed unanimously to allow Peacekeepers and Humanitarian Aid Workers to leave for The Southern region of Hellenic Rus to help with Stabilizing the area and bringing aid to the people. The first Division of the International Unit for Aid will leave tomorrow at 0600 AT and will be flown in along with their equipment. It is unknown exactly how long the Mission will but it will help the United States of @Prymont and their allies that are involved in the operation. At this time of the Year the Northern Sea is not really friendly to Ships without Ice Breakers or anything related to such a thing, since the beginning of modern Ahrana the Naval Fleet has always found ways to navigate the Northern Sea. Socialist Ahrana is no different. Much like our neighbors to the north in The United States of Prymont we too have a Fleet of Icebreakers that make lanes for Naval Ships, International Ships, Cargo Ships and many other ships that wish to navigate the Northern Sea. These ships operate till the thaw of the Northern Sea and sometimes they can operate year round depending on the Weather Currents of that year. The Ahranaian Naval Ships have been made to withstand a small Collison with the smaller Icebergs and are fitted with their own form of a Icebreaker that can break through light Frozen tops. The Nuclear Fusion research has been going at a steady pace and the Team on the Research Project has told the public that the hopes for the project are high and are going very well. The idea of having International Help is still on the table and the Team has sent an invitation to the Government of @Fleur de Lys to join in the research for the new type of Power. The Naval Fleet coming from The Republic of @Asgeirria to the City of Vulgus Supra to help build the port up and the City infrastructure to make it ready to host and be the Capital of the Confederation of Independent Socialists. The last Communication from the Fleet was that they were still two weeks away from arriving to the port City. Upon arriving they will not be able to make a Hard Dock they will have to set anchor in the bay and send transports to the Port. A few days ago the Socialist Government of Ahrana place sanctions on the Empire of @Derthalen and had disbanded the Autonomous Socialist Republic of Heilig. With the Government contemplating on how to handle the issue with the Empire they came to the conclusion. This morning a Statement was released by the Press Secretary: From the Desk of the Secretary General In the recent days the Socialist Government of Ahrana has placed Sanctions on the Empire of Derthalen in light of the recent Incident involving a Foreign Governments Air Craft. It is still unknown whether or not if it was a Civilian Plane or a Military Plane. The Socialist Government placed these sanctions on The Empire in response of being called a Terrorist Supporter of a Terrorist Country by the United States of Prymont President. Within the recent days the Socialist Government had come to the conclusion for the Sanctions, the pervious sanctions will nullified and ratified as void. The following will be made permanent: 1) The area Known as Heilig will be re-elevated to the Status of Autonomous Provisional Republic within the Socialist Federations Border. 2) The Provisional Republics Government will be allowed to have President (Born inside Ahrana) and eight Vice Presidents (Four Ahranaian National, Four Derthalen National). 3) The Provisional Republic will be allotted to have a Republic Legislature but no Republic Constitution 4) The Empire of Derthalen will no longer be able to draw taxes directly from the Provisional Republic, the Socialist Government will have full oversight on the Taxes they may collect after the Socialist Government has collected their share of the Tax. 5) The Railroad that was proposed to run through Heilig will be permitted and will remain in the Ownership of the Empire, the railroad may be allowed to run through the heartland of the Federation if need be. 6) The Ahranaian Princess that was given to the Empire as a Wedding agreement for the Emperor of the Empire may not return to Ahranaian Land for any given reason without the consent and approval of the Socialist Government. Thank you all for joining me for this statement and please enjoy your day. The Ahranaian Space Agency (ASA) has released information stating that they are developing a rocket to use to send satellites into space for GPS, Television Reception, Telephone Reception and much more. More information will be released when we have more to provide to the People. (Flag of the Confederation) The Founding of the Confederation of Independent Socialists will have its founding Ceremony will be held on 1st, 2nd, 3rd of May 2018, in the Ahranaian Capital of Moskovo. Delegates from a wide range of nations involved will participate in the Ceremony. The Secretary General of Ahrana, Greggor Ivanoff, has been nominated to be the first President of The Confederation of Independent Socialists.
  3. Ahrana

    [OOC] Verde Blockade

    the ships that were gifted the @Asgeirria are property of his Government now, the Ahranaian Personal on the ship including the COs are there to train the Asgeirrian personal on how to operate the Ahranaian Ships in the best efficiency. So whatever he decides to do with them is his decisions they are no longer my ships. Just for the records really.
  4. Ahrana

    [OOC] Verde Blockade

    PM me need to discus a few things first before I agree to it
  5. Ahrana

    [OOC] Verde Blockade

    The ships will not be included it involved my nation and I have stated that I do not reconise the fact he has done this. Sorry to be a real jerk but im starting to realise that if my nation is involved in it then I must agree to it.
  6. Ahrana

    The Verde Blockade

    Southern Ahranaian Fleet, APS Alexsandra | 0700 AT As the Fleet was moving along with its voyage they received a transmission from the Naval High Command stating new Orders from the Secretary General, the Southern Fleet was to be gifted to the Asgeirrien Navy in a moderation agreement between the two nations Governments. The orders stated the following: APS Gustov will return to Ahranaian Northern Port, APS Alexsandra, APS Olexi, APS Rudolf, APS Greggor, APS Marshal, APS Lockiee, APS Lux and the APS Oleg will fly the Asgeirrien Naval Colors and National Color and will sail to the Republic of @Asgeirria to be gifted as a Military Exchange. Orders are final and to be implemented at once. All Ahranaian Rules of Law and Sea are to be dropped for the Asgeirrien rules of Law and Sea. -Orders from Secretary General Ivanoff 0300 13 April 2018 It was at it stated a gift to the Asgeirrien Navy and Government in order to modernize their Navy in a way to better relations between the two nations. The Republic would of course fly its own Admiral and Capitan to the Ships to further show that the Ships were now Asgeirrien now. The Captain on APS Alexsandra imidetially put the orders into effect and thus made him now Acting Captain till the new Captain arrived to control the ship. The only problem was still the blockade which was still a day away, the Fleet would have to await the orders from the Asgeirrien Naval High Command or just risk the risk of seeing what happens now.
  7. Ahrana

    Ahrana Today

    Hello and welcome to todays broadcast of 'Ahrana Today', where we bring the news of the World to the People of the Socialist Federation, today we have news on the Blockade that has formed in the path of the New Xaraian Fleet, the Secretary General makes another Public Speech. All here on 'Ahrana Today'. The Blockade being done by the Member nations of TRIDENT are still holding fast even with the orders given to the new Southern Fleet to not halt and to proceed through International Waters. It is unclear what will happen once the ships reach the blockade, the Government still hasn't released any new orders for the fleet yet and it is thought that no new orders will be given as the Fleet is in International Waters. We will bring you more information when more is available. The Secretary General is set to make a public speech in the Peoples Square today, we will now go live to the Square for the Speech: (March of the Secretary General is played) People of the Socialist Federation and her member Republics, People of the World and Ahranaians abroad, today is a day of great uncertainty concerning our place in the International Realm; our Friends to the north have issued a proclamation of not allowing free access to International Waters to our great Navy. The World has once again failed the people they hold dear to each Government. We see what exactly the World views us as which is, Terrorists and Revolutionists. We were Revolutionists once but we are now Politicians and a Working Government for every person in this great Federation. We have never been Terrorists to any person in this Country and we shall never be so as we do things within the rights of Law. We are educated People, we are not some slum from under the sea. No we are Educated Ahranaian Socialists! ****Massive Applause***** We are the Rightful successors to the Kingdom of Ahrana and the rightful rulers of this Land, we the Socialist Government! The Southern Naval Fleet will be flying under the @Asgeirriaen Flag in order to reach the Republics Waters to help better the ties with the Country. The APS Gustov will be returning to the Northern Fleet Port to await further instructions. If the Navy of the United States of @Prymont refuses to allow the access to the Ahranaian Port in the Canano Sea then relations will hit a struggle more so than ever. Not since the late King, Gustov XVII, has the Ahranaian Government been infused with such hostility towards its own Navy. The Southern Fleet will be under Asgeirrien Laws and Rules of Sea-fare until further notice. The reasoning is to gift the Southern Fleet including 1Destroyer, 1 Frigate, 1 Mid-Size Battleship, 3 Submarines and 2 Support Vessels that will help better the Asgeirrien Navy and help make it more modern. I further ask that the Nations of TRIDENT and ATARA please back down and do not escalate things more than they are, Ahrana is known for its pursue of Peace and wants nothing more than the ability to access the International Waters without interference. I don't just ask I urge the nations to also want peace in the area for a World at War is a World not worth living in or serving. Thank you all for your time and remember through Brotherhood and Unity anything is possible!
  8. Ahrana

    Ahrana Today

    Hello and welcome to today's broadcast of 'Ahrana Today's where we bring the news of the world to the people of the Federation. Today on the broadcast the World's on Ahrana's toes, War? A possibility. All here on 'Ahrana Today'. Today the Ministry of Defense stated that the world is preparing for War and it seems to be aimed at Ahrana. Since the Socialist Government came into existence the World has either accepted or rejected the new Government. Ahrana has always been known to value Peace before war but on this occasion it could be different. With the nations of the orginization Tridant working together to block the newly Created Southern Ahranaian Naval Fleet from reaching it's destination in Xara. The new land of Xara and it's People will not be able to receive help in building ports on the Capital City of Vulgus Supra. The move has been seen as an agressive motive that wishes to push Ahrana into a Confrontational Situation. We have been given word that the Secretary General is giving a speech in the Congressional Houses we now go live to the Congressional Houses: Citizens of the Socialist Federation, Members of Congress, and Foreign Governments of the World; it has come time for this Government to stand with the People and to protect them at whatever the cost may be and their interests. In the recent hours I have been receiving telephone calls from Ministers and Military personnel that member nations of the orginization TRIDANT are planning to form a blockade that will in theroy stop the ships from leaving the area that the United States of @Prymont has superiority over. The orders given to the newly created Southern Naval Fleet is to head towards Xara and stop at no cost. They will stick with the orders given to them by me. If the international blockade does not back down then they have started what could have been avoided. I find it most alarming that many nation's are willing to support a nation that has committed far more crimes than Ahrana and wants to dominate seas that are in the International domain. Our former King went through the same issue before his untimely death and the USP failed to recognize their overstepping of International Boundaries. This blockade is illegal and the nation's involved have no legal right to block access to the rest of the sea as it is International Waters. The motion happening is illegal and Ahrana will not be the reason if the situation turns south. So I ask the nations of TRIDANT, back down and allow the International Waters be accessible as is the right of any nation to access the sea. The Empire of @Derthalen will no longer be able to collect any form of percentage of a tax from the Autonomous Socialist Republic of Heilig and hence forth the ASR Heilig is disbanded and all Citizens of orgian from the Empire are asked to leave the Socialist Federations Borders within three days. With the recent incident involving a plane being shot down by the Empire is resulting in all consulates of the Empire of @Derthalen will be shut down at 2300 AT tonight. The Consulates for the United States of @Prymont will also be shut down at 2300 AT tonight in response of leading the Blockade. Also, with the United States claiming that the Socialist Government has committed War Crimes against the native Xaraian which have asked for our help, I find this most unsettling as the Summit Meeting between President Duval a I had it was specifically expressed that everything happening was within the law which is the same principles other nations follows. The Commonwealth of the Crowns of @Poland-Lithuania have also stated that they have sent "ships" off the Shore of Vulgus Supra, which is bogus news and no such thing will occur for the reasoning of it's just fake news. Now more than ever the Unity of this Socialist Federation must be shown to the World as we will not be pushed around and we will not submit to any Imperialists, Capitalists and Corrupt Regimes that they are of. So people of the Federation Unite and stay strong as we push through this difficult time.
  9. Ahrana

    Frozen Summit

    I do believe we are done here Duval, however we will not have a Investigatory Force will not be allowed in the area of Xara for it can be corrupted by outside influence. If a Force of Neutral claims could be agreed upon by yours and my Government then perhaps we could agree to such of a thing. But as it stands now the Socialist Government won't agree to having a Force from the United States of is not neutral in all politics and such. I will be sure to keep you informed on the actions that will be taken on Heilig and Derthland. Thank you for coming here and please enjoy the ride back to the Airport and safe travels home.
  10. Ahrana

    Frozen Summit

    "The Socialist Government prides itself on giving Executive Powers, or a limited amount, to Minorities that have descluded from such areas in the past. The goal of this Government is equality. I agree that what has been done by the Empire of Derthland will not go unpunished by my Government and by me. I have the power to sack any Socialist Republic or other Classifications if I find the local Government corrupt or is being manipulated by outside influence. I have lowered the classification of Heilig since the incident has happened but I cannot just say the Minority or in that area of the Federation the Majority can no longer Govern their land because of their Motherland's actions. That would be unconstitutional if I did such a thing. But Duval I can assure you they will face repercussions for the actions of the majority or their Motherland's. What they did was a crime against humanity and it hasn't gone unnoticed. Starting tomorrow the Empire of Derthland will face Trade Tariffs and the railroad the proposed to build through Heilig will be halted. Slowly but surely they will have to face the repercussions for the incident they have caused and Ahrana will be sure to help with the rest of the world to make them see this. With the Radicals in Xara, this Government has a Policy of no negotiations with Terrorists, Extremeists, Radicals or whatever they may be that causes harm to the public. Our stance has always been that since day one of the Kingdom and has stayed the same when the Socialists took over. What is the policy that the United States uses on situations involving Terrorists and such?"
  11. Ahrana

    Ahrana Today

    Hello and Welcome to Todays broadcast of 'Ahrana Today' where we bring the News of the World and more to the people of the Socialist Federation, today an Announcement from the Ministry of Defense/War, update on the Summit. All here on 'Ahrana Today'. The Ministry of Defense/War released a Statement early this morning it stated the following: The Ahranaian Northern Naval Fleet will be splitting today with the APS Gustov, and several other Ships such as Battleships, Destroyers, Submarines, Frigates, and many more will be heading for Xara to protect the new port of Vulgus Supra. The Fleet will now be divided and called the Northern Ahranaian Fleet and the Southern Ahranaian Fleet. They should reach Vulgus Supra in about two weeks if the navigation in the northern Sea above the Canamo Sea goes correct. They have orders to not stop until getting to Xara and to radio any Foreign Governments before entering their waters if no other option is found to be navigated the sea. The Summit in St. Peterburi is still in progress and nothing else has been released except that President Duval and Secretary General Ivanoff are have conversations of World Events and such. We will bring you more when the information is released.
  12. Ahrana

    Frozen Summit

    Ivanoff new the attempt to throw the intimidation back wouldn't work but it was worth a try for just sh*ts sakes really, in the recent days Ahrana has been informed about the events that @Derthalen has committed and they had taken steps to condemn them in certain ways just so not to offend or create hostilities between the nations. "In the recent days the Socialist Government has taken steps to Condemn the Empire of Derthalen and the Autonomous Socialist Republic Heilig, my Government has to closely watch how we approach this issue we are not wanting war with the Empire. The ASR Heilig no longer has the Autonomy to create Laws, Tariffs, Collect Taxes, or even have a Local Militia without My and the Congressional Houses Approvals. The Empire can no longer Collect any percent of the Taxes unlike before. So like I said we are doing things to condemn them in ways, and there are more things coming in time. Xara has been and always will be part of Ahrana, the Xaraian Government asked for our help in the matter of the Radicals and they are receiving the help they asked for, the only thing we asked for in return was to united the old lands together as one like before the Plague. I know the World may see that a Socialist Nation is expanding and that some are losing the influence over the Socialist Federation that they once had, but as time goes on things change as is the cycle of life. If the steps of Condemnation that we have taken are insufficient to you then I am sorry, the People who live in Heilig are Ahranaian Citizens as much as the people that come as tourist to Ahrana are Citizen well they are temporarily by law. We just cant Condemn a whole Minority and take them out of their Regional Government here in Ahrana that is illegal by Law and can cause a Civil War among the masses. I am not here to please the world while I run my nation, I am here to run my nation to the best of my abilities and will do such of a thing. So here is my Questions to you, If a group of Nationals came to your Government and asked for help in dealing with Radicals in their land would you help them, even if they were part of the ancestral lands of old, would you help them or let them rot to the ground with the Radicals? Then if you had to chose on how to further Condemn a Nation without causing an Uproar inside your country how would you do so without Violating the Human Rights?"
  13. Ahrana

    Frozen Summit

    As Ivanoff sat and listened he took a side not will keeping eye contact with Duval, Ace looked at what he wrote which was Lima. Lima was the code for the Operation Hellenic. The Op. had just got it's confirmation to begin it's Humanitarian Aid mission under the radar. Ivanoff wasn't going to let Duval fool him into saying Aid wouldn't be needed in reality. When Duval got to the area of Xara Ivanoff saw he had guts saying what he said. Ivanoff wasn't a person easily intimidated by anything not even his own family or Generals could intimidate him. The fact that Duval would try such made him chuckle on the inside. "Mr. Duval, I find the part where you state that you hope my men in Xara are on peacekeeping missions and that only. In case it isn't know to the world, Xara has groups of Radicals that have destabilized Xara and have undermined their Government. As Xara is part of Ahrana now it falls to the Socialist Government to rid the land of the Radicals or more known in other terms as Terrorits. I find your level of courage interesting, I as a man am not intimidated easily and the fact you tried to do so is really interesting. The Operation in Xara is in with all Humanitarian Regulations set by the Humanitarian Orginization from the Kingdom of Ahrana Agency. This Agency is independent from the Socialist Government and from me, they make the rules and regulations. They added the part about Human Rights in the Constitution. We Ahranaians are not like the rest of the world we are proud people who can say we don't take Crimes against Humanity very lightly at all. We are a proud and humble group of people that hasn't changed since the establishment of the Second Kingdom by the former Kings Ancestors." Ivanoff stopped for a moment to think on the next. "It's not in the land of the Socialist Federation that the Government of the United States should be so worried about it's the land that they, your Government wishes to control, should be more worried about. The FKI will be on a pure Humanitarian Aid mission and they will report whatever they find to me and to you. They will not lie in these reports so I wouldn't be to worried with Xara everything happening is perfectly legal Duval. In the coming months I am to make a trip to Vulgus Supra to mark the handing of power to the Socialist Government of Ahrana. Once that happens all of the lands of old will be United as it should be." Ivanoff knew exactly how it would be taken the last bit at least. Hopefully it wouldn't infuriate Duval if it does it goes to show their is something to hide from the public.
  14. Ahrana

    Frozen Summit

    As Ivanoff sat and listened he crossed his hands and was listening deeply. After Duval stopped Ivanoff reached into his Desk brought a file out with the Red Letter stamp called Operation Hellenic. Ivanoff had said he had a file on the Operation and was serious when he said he would shoe Duval, no secrets would be kept from Duval as his Government is giving an arm and leg to make Hellenic Rus theirs. "As I said I have a file for the FKI Operation that will happen and as I said I would produce it for you to see. Heck you can even have this copy its one of three that I have for my purpose only. Now with me giving you this file I want you to know I am committing treason really, but a secret kept from an ally that could help them in anyway is a secret that could end a regime in my mind." Operation Hellenic Top Secret Level 7 Clearance _______________________________________________ Under orders from Secretary General, Greggor Ivanoff, and Minister of Defense/Commander of the FKI, Brigadier General Nagy, the FKI will be sent to Hellenic Rus under a Humanitarian Aid Banner weeks before the Congressional Houses approve a Humanitarian Aid Mission to Hellenic Rus. The Mission of the FKI is the following: -Bring supplies to the forces of The United States of Prymont -Supply the People with needed Supplies such as Food, First Aid, Water, clothing -Gather intel on the situation in Hellenic Rus -Stay low and do not be found by Ahranaian Peacekeepers The FKI is to report to the Secretary General, Minister Nagy or any other person whom the SG says to report to. All Mission information is classified. "Now Duval, since you now have this information the FKI will also report their intel to you on a secure channel if that is okay with you. If it is okay with you this would be a great way of allowing you men to know where the FKI are and what they are doing. On the Ahranaian Peacekeepers, I cannot promise that they will be coming the Congressional Houses are in their own way lets say independent of the Executive now since the Elections last held were free and open to all parties. The only house I control is the Supreme People's Assembly and that's because the Communist Party is the SPA. If the Congressional Houses do not approve of sending peacekeepers then I have the independent option of sending aid myself through personal funds which I can do. The FKI are running off my funds which are really high. Thanks to Gustov I have funds that can go on for several months if need be. If there is any possible way for me to personally help let me know now and I will see what I can do."
  15. Ahrana

    Frozen Summit

    As Ivanoff sat and listened respectfully while Duval went on and on, Ivanoff could see that Duval was as equaled tempered as he was. Ivanoff poured another glass as he was going to need it if he was to stay level headed and not get furious with Duval. A heated conversation would not be good for the two nations and Ivanoff was determined not to make things worse. He downed the glass and was about to talk but Duval raised his hand, now this irritated Ivanoff for a moment. Was he going to allow this man to continue this rant or would he lose control over his inner frustration. Once Duval finished Ivanoff thought for a moment how to put the next few things, "Mr. Duval, I planned for this to be a reasonable talk between the two heads of the two important nations in this area; but what I am seeing is that you want nothing more than to criticize the Government I stand for which is ultimately your right as a person. The proposal to send Aid to your forces in the Hellenic Rus is out of my hands, I made the proposal and that's all I can do. My Ministers in the Legislature have tried to push for the motion to send a around 1200 men to the area you speak of but the Congressional Houses will not have it. However, from my sources in the Congressional Houses a bill that will lend Humanitarian Aid along with 1000 Peacekeepers will be sent in the coming weeks. I cannot however send my Military to the Northwest to invade the South of the Hellenic Rus, I have tried to pass the motion to do so and have been met with considerable amount of residence from the Congressional Houses, My Ministry, The Union Republics and even my own Party that has endorsed me." Ivanoff stopped for a moment took another glass of Vodka and continued. "The USPGF were given a lift out of FDL on Operation Tremor on my orders and my orders only Mr. Duval. I sought this the only way to evade a conflict involving your men and I believed I was doing you a damn favor sir. They were given orders by the Ministry of War by my Minister, Minister Nagy, which was relaying my orders to them to hold tight for extraction. I see now that is not how you see it Mr. Duval and I see now I was a fool for asking for your help in the matter. And back to the Hellenic Rus thing, I know what has been happening there and I have not said anything out of respect for you, your Government and Your nation. I have FKI Forces that will be sent to the area and they will be helping as much as they can but they have very limited resources, I will show you the file on the operation that will happen in two days time if you would like. My Government has no idea that I will even send the FKI into Hellenic Rus and I have been trying night and day to keep it from them and I will not have them find out! I haven't just left you in the dark in the area, I am trying to help you with what little resources I have Mr. Duval!" Ivanoff could feel his temper rising so he stopped and waited for a moment and apologized to Duval. "Mr. Duval all I am trying to do here is to avoid anymore conflict that is all and I am trying to keep and even temper which I may have lost just then which I apologize for that but there are certain things at play that I haven't been able to tell you through Official and Unofficial Channels because of the Socialist Government here. Here in this office I can speak freely and with confidence, as leader I am not even safe from the spying that goes on in the Diplomatic Messages. Now I hope you see that I haven't left you and your Country alone to pay for the Hellenic Rus Op I am trying to help with what I can Duval."