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  1. Ahrana

    An Invitation to The Coronation of King George

    (OOC: The Former Queen, Aleksandra will be going to the Coronation of George as a Representative of the Federation of Ahrana. With this her title is strange but will reflect her status in the Federation as a Representative/Ambassador in Diplomatic Situations. As for the Official Seal of her Status it is the Lesser Coat of Arms of the Imperial Kingdom with the Federations Governmental Seal within it.) To: King George of PyeMcGowan From: Aleksandra of Ahrana, Grand Duchess of all Ahrana and Emissary of the Federation of Ahrana Classification: Level 2 Greetings, Your Majesty and most Honerable King George on behalf of the Federal Government and the People of Ahrana I extend my hand in congratulating you on the succession of the Throne and to the Halls of Power of Government. As a former Monarch of a Kingdom I look to you in awe and envy and hope nothing but the reign of a lifetime for you. It is such terrible news that your father has passed and went onto the next life, as leader of the Orthodox and Catholic Faith inside the Federation I say this to you; All Life is given to us for a lifetime that we live, it is up to us to make use of that life till the end. After the Life has been used it is our feats that we accomplished in that life that will be in remembrance till the end of all life as it is what He wills it. It has been decided by the Secretary General and the Federal Government that I, the former Queen of the Imperial Kingdom and Head of the Imperial Household, be the one to represent The Federation at such a prestigious event. The Secretary General has asked me to present you with a personal letter from her and gift from all of Ahrana. I will also present you my own gift, one that is only fit for a King in my own Words that embodies what a Kingdom needs. The Gift from me is a Imperial Order that only I may bestow upon others and very few Foreigners have received but I believe you are just of receiving such an Honor and Award. The Order of Chayka is the Highest Honor in all Imperial Orders and is the oldest of them all, as a Recipient of the Order Second Class you will be given a Grand Star along with a sash and Ribbon for display and usage at your discretion under the rules or Orders of your Nation. I will be traveling with only a Government Aide and a few Honor Guards of the Federation, extra security can be provided by your Government at your wishes only. I will be landing in the Secretary Generals Governmental Plane baring the Federations Flag and my Household Flag of course. I look forward to meeting you King George. With respect, Aleksandra Victoria Elisabeth Mishia Chayka Former Queen of the Imperial Kingdom of Ahrana Grand Duchess of all Ahrana Head of the Imperial Royal Household of Chayka
  2. update on RL used in Ahrana Sigrid Anastasian Anne Victoria Florence-Goring [Jennifer Lawrence] will announce her postion in Government after 5 October
  3. Ahrana

    A Meeting of Two Democracies

    Core looked at Caballeros with a very mixed look as to his rudeness in interrupting the President while he was trying to talk, if one of her Ministers did that they would learn to regret such an action. She then looked at her Staff nodded and begun to pick their belongings up Core looked at Polo and begun talking to him: President Polo it was an honor to meet you and I look forward to the future of our two great nations working together. I will begin preparations for what was talked here today and upon the end of my term if I am not re-elected of course I can assure you that the Ahranaian Government will continue to work with your Government on these things. Please do take care of yourself and I wish for you none other than a great rest of you day. Once again thank you for hosting me and my Delegation and I look forward to meeting you again some day in whatever fashion we meet, hopefully on good terms of course Mr. President.
  4. Ahrana

    Ahrana Today

    Hello and welcome to Todays edition of "Ahrana Today" where we bring news from around the World and of the Federation to the People of the Federation. Today we have updates on the early indication of the Elections, news from the Federal Government retaining the Law SC. 6918 and much more here on 'Ahrana Today"! The Electoral Commission has been running Electoral Ads on National Television and delegating the Campaign Funds each Political Organization is receiving from outside sources. So far the Commission has stated that no one has violated Campaign Rules so far and that all donations are legally being done at the time being. The release of such a statement has come after the Fascist Party and Communist Party were accused by several other Parties of receiving illegal contributions from the Democratic Socialist Alliance and Corporations, which under current Law big Corporations are not allowed to submit any form of funding to any Political Organization and the funds from the DSA are illegal and are a reasoning of expulsion from the Nomination and Election all together. Naturally both Heads of the Parties called these allegations false and astounded that they would be accused of such things. The Electoral Commission has also take early Poll Readings by random grouping and these findings are showing that the Liberation Party are shown to and are expected to gain a majority of the Populations vote. As a reminder for those who are not sure how the election works in the Federation here is a simplified run down on how it works. The position of Secretary General is given to the Political Organization with the most Votes and Seats in the Congressional Houses of the Federation. Now if no one Party gets a majority of the Votes then a Coalition Government can be formed with the Leading Party in Votes Heading the coalition. A party is not required to form a Coalition if they have a majority of the Votes in the Election. Naturally the Federations Population does elect the Secretary General which regardless of what Party they are in will head that Coalition. The only time this does not happen is if only a Election of the Secretary General is done instead of a General Election. Yes the system is very complicated and confusing but so far it has worked and it will continue to be in place till something else is established. On the 19 of September 2018 the Federal Government released an Official Decree on the former Law SC. 6918 of the Ahranaian Government of 1805-1996. Inside the Decree it states that all of those convicted of Gross Indecency were wrongfully prosecuted by a Very Conservative Government and will be Pardoned under Federal Decree by the statement of the incoming Secretary General. We will await such Pardons when the new Secretary General takes office on the 6th of October 2018. That is all of the News for today, and please remember to Vote in the General Election for the Future of the Federation as a whole. Without the People of this great Land we are nothing. Thank you and have a great evening.
  5. Union Republics, Provinces, and Autonomous Regions Premier Nominations Under Electoral Rules and the Constitutional Provisions relating to the Election of Premiers of Union Republics, Provinces, and Autonomous Regions all nominees must run as an Independent through the General Election. After the election they may pledge their Support to what Political Organization and to the People upon their Oath of Office. Federal Republic of Ahran Erik Johans Joan Clarkson Dimitri Romano Valotov Federal Republic of Moskovo The Premier of the Federal Republic of Moskovo is nominated by the Secretary General after being sworn into office Federal Republic of Lockiee Elisabeth Allison Erica C. M. L. Folksin Federal Republic of Peterburi Vladimir Ivan Rostester Hollie Brooks Claudia Jennings Federal Republic of Tatani Greggor Ivanovich George Carlson Federal Republic of Tata Not up for Election till next Cycle Federal Republic of Xara Not up for Election till next Cycle Autonomous Republican Province of Thralhaven Not up for Election till next Cycle
  6. Ahrana

    A Meeting of Two Democracies

    I see no reason why the Ahranaian Federal Government couldn't relax regulations on Goods coming from Mauridiviah to help ensure a influx of goods in both of our Countries Markets. As for the travel restrictions, no formal restrictions exist as the former Administration had not got around to setting such restrictions Officially. The only form of a Restriction I am aware of is the amount of time a VISA from the Government Mauridiviah can last inside the Federation Legally which is three months. I am in the middle of creating and proposing to the Presidium of the Federation new travel requirement for Ahranaians Leaving and Coming back to Ahrana as well as Tourists and others. In this new proposal a VISA from a Foregin Government issued before leaving their mother Country will now last for six months before extension and when extending the VISA depending on the reasoning it can be done between the timeline of two months to two years depending on the reasoning for extension. As for the tourist VISA it will be given upon arrival in the Federation and its good for two years until expiration. It is my hope with such new Travel Requirements the Tourism Industry will increase in Ahrana and that more and more money is spent by the tourists while they are in the country for their length of time. Hopefully this is seen as a satisfaction by you and your Ministers and so forth.
  7. Ahrana

    A Meeting of Two Democracies

    President Polo, I am also aware of your Countries strive in producing excellent Produce and Sugar and such and that has me intrigued a bit. In Ahrana we grow our Produce mainly in the late Spring, Summer and early Fall in order for our markets internally to flourish for the half of the year weather permits us to gros Produce. The types of Produce that is grown here in your Country is said to be of perfection that no doubt is due to the soil and the People who manage such Produce, it leads me to believe that your people know what they are doing when it comes to Fruits, Vegtabules and so forth including the Sugar crops. Xara is almost the only place in the Federation that produces any Fruits and Vegetables year round almost. Most of our sugar is imported as some people would have guessed. So what I am asking is would your Country be willing to become a major part of Ahranaian Society in the Produce side and experience a influx in profets and so forth? Plus your Country and the Federation sees its fair share of tourist undoubtedly, what I propose in this area is to create a Program of Tourism Agencies that work together to find the best spots in each country all year round and to encourage people to travel there. Naturally, small Travel Agencies exist in Ahrana but creating a Channel for Travel Agencies in Ahrana and Mauridiviah to push for more travel in both Countries all year long. Core wasn't sure how some of these things would be taken but she could tell this meeting was becoming a stalemate on both sides somehow she had to lighten the mood up.
  8. Judicial Nominees For Judicial Nominees the number of seats available determines how many are up for election after the Nominations from areas of government are given. Supreme Constitutional Court -Leena Aleksandra Eero -Essi Cait Cailen -Aku Inka Annikki -Sanna Noora Sakari -Noora Tilde Torben -Ansgar Baltasar Ebsjorn Peoples Supreme Court -Kristofer Thorvin Lukas -Astra Brit Asgard -Britta Dagmar Gudrun -Katrine Lise Sigrid
  9. Ahrana

    Thawing Summit

    It would be my pleasure to help your Forces, the Rus People and your People in the Prymontian Rus to bring some much needed relief to not only to the Rus Peoples but to your troops. Those men and women in the Rus Land are doing the world a great deed and deserve to get some form of fresh food and more Packs for the field. My only thought for the Rus Operation you are carrying out is taking care of the people and the Troops in that entire country. If you also permit it I could send some Forces to help your Troops push further South, they would be placed under command of your Generals in that area. If I was to send them under the Ahranaian Army Banner it would be seen by the Public as a Invasion and that is something we cannot afford to do let alone carryout. The Peacekeepers will mainly be sent to help secure towns and such that your forces are leaving and need someone to defend. I hope this isn't seen as doing too little but it is what I can only afford to do currently, hopefully after the next Legal Election the next Secretary General, if not me, will continue with the operation I have proposed to you if your willing to allow it? Core stopped for a moment took a few sips of her glass of water and refilled her glass before continuing her discussion. As for the Northern Sea Access, the Federal Government can agree to pay our end of the bill and we will also have our Icebreaker Fleet at disposal to help with the Ice Clearing efforts at a moments notice. I will admit that our Icebreaker Fleet is not as huge as your Countries but the fleet is well upkept and will do its part and plus some if needed. As for the canal, I have been receiving reports of such activities to the West of the Federation and at first I was startled at the reports and thought it was Terrorist Activity, I will admit though that an idea of a Canal that will not freeze over each winter is a promising idea. The Federal Government would like to ask about helping with the building process as its a huge project and with your Government already stretching as mush as it is we would like to help in this effort as well, if you allow us to do such a thing of course. We, the Federation, does not wish to impose on any area we ar enot welcome and would like to avoid a confrontation like in the past.
  10. 5 October General Elections The Presidium announce that the Federations first Official General Election would be held on the 5 October 2018 for all Offices in the Federal Presidium, One Thirds of the Chamber of the Union and National Assembly, Judiciary (Where Elections are required) and at the Republican Levels. The Deadline for Registering with the Electoral Commission of the Federation is 22 September 2018 at 0800AST. The Registered Political Organizations so far with for all Nominees for Secretary General Ballets on the General Election: Liberation Party of Ahrana- Sigrid Anastasia Anne Victoria Florence-Goring Communist Party of the Federation of Ahrana- Ivan Gustov Thorin Democratic Part of Ahrana- Clarke Larsson Liberal Socialist Party of Ahrana- William Greggory National Front of Ahrana- George Silla Workers' Party of Ahrana- Lisa Aloe Monarchist Party of Ahrana- Sir Stephan Clarkson Socialist United Party of Ahrana- William Thorvin Republican Party of Ahrana- Sally Luisi Populist Party of Ahrana- Thorvin Lars Fascist Party of Ahrana- Erick Williams Green Party of Ahrana- Erica L. A. Victoria Independents- Alexsandra M. L. Core, Alice Marsha Sigrid, Charles Klaus (WILL POST THE JUDICIAL NOMMINEES LATER ON IN THE WEEK)
  11. Ahrana

    Ahrana Today

    Hello and welcome to Todays Edition of "Ahrana Today" where we bring the news of he Federation and of the World to the People of the Federation. Today, the Federal Government Officially Condemns @Greater Serbia, and all Factions in the Dniester Civil War( @North Dniester ), the Legislatures Convene to discus the Use of the Ahranaian Peacekeepers in the Dniester Civil War, and so much more here on Ahrana today. The Federal Government has Officially released its Condemnation of @Greater Serbia and the Waring Factions in the Dniester Civil War that are committing Crimes against Humanity. In Greater Serbia it has been reported that Ethnic Cleansing has been taking place and that hundreds have died. While in the Dniester Conflict all Factions are committing Crimes against the People by killing innocent People that have done nothing wrong. The Condemnation Report is and can be found here: https://docs.google.com/document/d/1-2Ri_EHIy0tso8w41-WbSNy87wdkqSnZNzV_QZnhF9w/edit?usp=sharing The Congressional Houses of the Federation of Ahrana has met to today in a special session to discus the use of the Ahranaian Peacekeepers in Greater Serbia and the Dniester Civil War. The Legislature has agree unanimously to use the Peacekeepers to protect the Refugees and to establish Peace around the Camps and areas with Medical Services.
  12. Ahrana

    Dniester Civil War

    I wish to see a Democratic Government in both Sides take up preferably one United Country under a Democratic Government with Free Elections, Rights of the People protected and so forth.
  13. Ahrana

    Thawing Summit

    Core noticed the sudden switch in the talks when Duval took over from the Defense Minister, it caught Core off guard as she was busy listening and responding to the questions the Delegation from the United States had to ask. She quickly found the piece of paper she had taken note on earlier before Duval arrived. Well Mr. Duval, I understand that under the former Secretary General the Federation had troops that were in the Hellenic Rus, which I presume will now fall under your Governments Control which would be the best course of action in my eyes. In my Documents the troops had been withdrawn as was requested by you and the Government of the United States, I seek to see if I am able to send some supplies to the Civilians and Troops if it need be that are in need. My main wish is to be sure those People have enough supplies to get them through the Winter. Now I know it wont be exactly the best food as what will be sent are Military Rations with some Civilian Rations but it will last them through part of the Winter. Also I wish to talk to you about the movements of the Federations Northern Fleet in the Northern Sea, I know from my time in service in the Kingdoms Imperial Guards that the Northern Sea was blocked off and then again it was recently under Ivanoffs Leadership. I want to basically get to an agreement of being able to navigate the Northern Fleet in the Northern Sea freely without a invasion on Right to Navigate. I really hope we can come to some agreement here as this is a top priority for me so we can avoid any future Conflicts concerning this in the future.
  14. Ahrana

    Civil War Raging!

    Office of the Secretary General To: All sides in the Civil War in Dniester From: Secretary General Alexsandra M. L. Core of the Federation of Ahrana Classification: Level 5 @North Dniester It is such a shame that the Country of Dniester has and is going through a Civil War that will undoubtingly take hundreds of innocent lives in the Civilian Population. As the Federation upholds a full stance in Neutrality in all ways possible this Federal Government will not send any form of Financial Aid, Defensive Aid, Political Aid and Technological Aid in any form what so ever. The Federation upholds the Tradition of the Statute of Peace that was established in 1005 and further clarified in 1502, every Government that has risen since these Statutes were Established have honored the meaning and Tradition of remaining Fully Neutral in all International Conflicts until Civilians are killed in Genocide or Mass Murder. So I urge the Governments, Militias and other Factions involved in this Civil War, do not kill off Population of the People for reasons of they're from the North, the South or just a different Culture. If it is found that Genocide or Mass Murder on the clear intent of ratifying ones side clean of the each others side just because of petty reasonings. The Federation will be looking to send Peacekeepers to all side to help avoid further conflict and other things. These Peacekeepers are Neutral and will uphold Peace at all costs and will not discriminate when it comes to protecting the Refugees and those who are fleeing the War. If they are fried upon they will react with full force and not leave anyone standing if need be. I hope that the Civil War ends with very small amount of Innocent Loss of Life and I hope to see Democracy return to the People of Dniester. With Sincerity and Regards, Alexsandra M. L. Core
  15. Ahrana

    Ahrana Today

    Hello and welcome to todays edition of Ahrana Today, where we bring the news of the World and of the Federation to the People of Ahrana. Today we have an update on the upcoming Elections in October and on which parties have registered and have released their platforms for the new Election cycle, the state of the Federation has been released in a letter from the Presidium of the Federation to let the population know of our status and a possible complete overall of the Ivanoff Five Year Plan, and news from the United States of @Prymont of an attack. All this on Ahrana Today so do stay tuned. The Federal and Republican Elections have been announced to take place in October and since the announcement several Parties have Registered to take part in all Election, the Liberation Party, Communist Party of the Federation of Ahrana, Democratic Party of Ahrana, Liberal Socialist Party, National Front, Workers' Party, Monarchist Party, Socialist United Party, Republican Party, Populist United, Fascist Party and the Green Party have all registered to run in the next Election Cycle. The current Governing Coalition is set to run separately but have stated they will work to form a Coalition again if needed to be under the current Secretary General, Alexsandra M. L. Core as they agree with her stance on many issues still. The Other Political Parties have stated they will not form a Coalition if need to in order to form a Government under one Leader, they have stated they are each in different agreements on how the Country should be ran. The Communist Party of the Federation of Ahrana has released a statement calling M. L. Core a traitor to the People with her reforms and Decrees and have called for her resignation till the Election. The Government has yet to respond to these accusations and it is not expected that a response will be given. So far all Political Parties are running under the same Platforms except the Fascist and Green Party they are newcomers to the Federal and Republican Cycles. The Fascist Party are running under the 1925 Platform of, "Ahrana is a home to Ahranaians only none Other" and the Green Party is running under the Platform of, "Keep Ahrana Clean and Green for the Future!" The Presidium has released a Statement on the Status of the Federation as a whole and on the Ivanoff Fiver: "The Federation of Ahrana has been in a period of stagnite but thanks to the recent reforms by the Executive Government the Country has begun to move forward a bit but it is slower than what was expected. However, the Federal Government expects that several more Foregin Business groups will be setting up warehouses and such in and all over Ahrana with the new Laws, it is with this that we hope the stagnite Economy will move forward with greater speed. The Ivanoff Fiver that was released at his term start has been ruled out and a few things will be changed by the incoming Government with hopes of actually creating a Fiver that will befit the Country not hurt the Country. We ask the People to bare with us in the coming months as we implement a few more changes for the good of the People as It will help establish a better life for the people. Thank you for your time Citizens of the Federation." The Government of the Federation has been following the somewhat limited reports coming in from the Untied States of @Prymont and asks the People to keep the People of the United States in your thoughts as they go through tough times. The Federal Government is looking to see if aid or any form of help with the incident will be allowed as the Federal Government wishes to show the United States that we are here to help our closest neighbor in their time of need.