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  1. Ahrana

    A Meeting of Two Democracies

    "Radio Free Eurth would most surely be allowed to operate inside Ahrana and the Federations Borderlines and in this formality I can speak for Xara on that RFE would be allowed in Xara as well." Core stopped to think on what she would bring up next but to seem like she wasn't trying to think she took a sip of water to ease her throat. "President Polo, as you know I assume, Ahrana will be opening it's borders to Foreign Business to open up in the Federation and established whatever it is they need for that Business to run a successful operation in Ahrana. I hope that your Countries Business Elite have seen this and see it as a opportunity to expand in the world and such. It is with me opening up the Federation that our Economy will no longer be stagnant and will grow from the opening. I hope to see some Business from Mauridiviavih in the Federation one day.
  2. Ahrana

    Asgeirrian-Ahrana Summit

    As Core was listening to Zhurong talk and when she went blank Core thought to herself, that is normal when in a Diplomatic situation not everyone can remember what they want to say. As she finished she knew what was meant and knew how to respond. I agree that the times this Country is in is very turbulent yes and that allies are the most important thing that Ahrana needs at this time. If the relationship that was formed under Ivanoff and now revamped by me can stand the test of times then it would a sign from God that our two Countries can form something unknown to the world. As the successor to Ivanoff I'm having to fix everything that was messed up and corrupted by the people who rigged Elections and the Government. It's been difficult and Ahrana is having to find not just a few Allies but several nation's that will become Allies with Ahrana. It is the most important time that any relationship Ahrana has with any Country that the relationship be noticed and persued further now more than every. In the coming months Ahrana will be undergoing drastic changes and some may be seen by the Hardline Socialists as wrong and redundant but everything needs to happen and I hope Asgeirria will by our side all the way.
  3. Ahrana

    A Meeting of Two Democracies

    She sat down and make herself comfortable she looked at everyone at the table and the serious part of Core showed up. When it came time to be formal and Official she had a switch that gets turned on. President Polo, I would like to thank you for having me, my Minister and Assistant here today for this Diplomatic Meeting. First and foremost is that we should discuss the Republic and Federation beginning Official Relations on the International Scale. If you would allow it, I and my Government would like to establish an Official Embassy and a Consultant if your Government and Country would allow it. The same would be allowed for your country to do so inside the Federation and Xara, however if you wish to open a Embassy or Consultant in Xara it becomes a two party Permit and such. But first in my mind is establishing Official Relations.
  4. Ahrana

    Government of the Federation of Ahrana

    Embassies and Consulates of the Federation of Ahrana Embassies- Workers' Republic of Fulgistan- Republic of Asgeirria- Commonwealth of Andalla- United States of Prymont- Most Serene Republic of Mauridiviah- Commonwealth of Variota- Republic of Ivercia- Kingdom of Gallambria United Houses of Astriedan- Radiant Republic of the Sunset Sea Islands- Constitutional Monarchy of Beleareas- Kingdom of Seylos- Empire of Aluxia- United Salian States Federal Republic of Girkmand- Commonwealth of Poland-Lithuania- Fleur de Lys- Consulates Empire of Derthalen- Unified Balkan States of Greater Serbia- Imperial States of Europe-
  5. Ahrana

    A Meeting of Two Democracies

    Alexsandra listened to Luti and she made a few notes on areas of intrest for her to visit one day, when Luti asked Core what life in Ahrana was like she was just going to flat out tell him the truth: Mr. Luti i am not going to lie here, life in the Federation currently isn't that great if you are not part of the Political Elite or the Military. Currently half the well more than half of the population are Drug Uses since we do not have heavy regulations on some Drugs except the most horrible ones like Heroine, Meth and Cocaine but sadly those regulations aren't working. But since ive taken power the life in Ahrana has improved for many people and will continue to do so, it is to my hopes that in the coming months the life in Ahrana continues to improve for all and not just for those running the Governments. Like you said every place has its ups and downs but currently we are in the down plot as you could say basically. Now if we travel to the Federal Republic of Lockiee or Xara the life of their average Citizen is a little better due to the Wages being properly done and for the Living Communities being built up each day and made affordable by the Average Joe. I do know that in the Capital life is better but expensive which is natural given that it is the Capital of the Federation. But overall the life of the People before the fall of the Kingdom was way better in all reality I will admit. I and everyone around me in the Military were given decent wages and a proper place to call home, now not so much but I hope to change that soon Also about how much longer till we arrive to the Presidential Palace MR. Luti?
  6. Ahrana

    A Meeting of Two Democracies

    As they were traveling to the Presidential Palace, Core looked out the window to view some of the landscape of the country. It was nice but definitely different than Ahrana. The buildings were different but Core liked them. While they were riding to the Palace Core wrote a few sidenotes about the Country and the buildings and such and wanted to be sure that the Officials knew what Mauridiviavih was like and how the hospitality was. She didn't have much to saw as she just wanted to view the country on the way to the Palace. She looked to her Assistant and just gave her a look and then looked back out the window. She couldn't help it she had to ask Luti One question about his country. Mr. Luti, please tell me about the Country and what life is like here in the Republic. This isn't an Official Question, just one that my curiosity has peaked me to ask.
  7. Ahrana

    A Great Europan Collapse

    Two things I think about this, first, will cause a world war and in my opinion would help establish the Model UN that @Orioni has been working on. Second, this is just basically a land grab. Say you take over some of that area of that former country and they actually come back to the region. Are you the person who invaded and took over either some of the land or all of the land, going to give them their land back ICly. I can see half of the people involved saying yes they'd give the land back, but yet there are those select few (not gonna name them but they know who they are) that will not give those nation's their land back. So my official thought on this idea is it's not a good idea and will result in a issue greater than it is now currently.
  8. Ahrana

    Asgeirrian-Ahrana Summit

    As Core sat and listened to what Miss Zhurong had to say about the Ivanoff Administration and about the Blockade that was in place under Ivanoffs Administration and on how Ahrana could be seen as a reliable ally in the eyes of the Asgeirrian Government. Core took some time to think while Zhurong was talking to know what she would reply with: Miss Zhurong, the Ivanoff Administration was the one who folded under the demands of TRIDENT not this new Government. I have merely avoided a Bloody Conflict that was sure to follow with that Confrontation. Ivanoff knew what would happen once he mobilized the Southern Fleet towards Xara and yet he did not take in those consideration. In Ahrana we have to still abide by the Statute of Peace that has been in place for many Years, even with the Fall of the Kingdom the Transitional Government and the Socialist Government that has followed that has honored the commitment to the Statute of Peace as it cannot truly be nullified by any Ahranaian Law but only changed. As for Ahrana being a reliable Ally to the Asgeirrian Government, we have not cut back the amount of Naval Trainers we send to Asgeirria nor have we banned trade or any of that sort. We see Asgeirria as the most reliable and only true Ally of the Federation. I am not sure if you and the Government have caught the Speeches and Press Releases from me and the Presidium but Ahrana is getting a new Face one that will either shake those who threaten the boarder and Principles we hold dear or make a new Name in the International Realms. No more is Ahrana going to be seen as a week and fable country that fights its own people no more.
  9. Ahrana


  10. Ahrana

    A Meeting of Two Democracies

    0500AT | People's Palace As Alexsandra gathered a few things for the Diplomatic Visit to Mauridiviah she begun placing things she would need and things she would finish reading on her way to the Airport and beyond. She finished up with what she was doing and cleaned up a few things and begun to head to the front entrance of the Palace. She had already sent her outfit to the Airplane and was still in her Military Apparel which isn't what she would wear to this Visit. She walked out the door and got in the State Car and it spun off to the Airport with the flashing lights and the Secretary Generals Standard on the front of the bonnet. AS the car raced to the airport passing by car after car, Core was drink some tea and reading some notes like the car ride was nothing. She finished her cup of tea and placed the files down and placed them in her case as they were arriving to the Airport. She was greeted by the Guard Salute and the March of the Secretary General and she walked into the Airport in a pace that was faster than most. She was eager to meet and create a new relationship and was eager to get into the Air. As she walked to the Diplomatic Wing of the Airport the Security got tighter and tighter and it pleased Alexsandra to see the Security has improved since the Ivanoff Administration. She walked through the Terminal and walked onto the plane. The Terminal Ramp was disembarking the airplane and the plane begun to move to position to the take off point. She sat down strapped in and waited to leave, As the plane started moving down and speeding up she looked out the window to now small place called Moskovo. She took this time to view Moskovo City Layout with the amount of electricity that was on from the planes window, she saw the areas that needed some work and some areas that looked even better than the rest of the city. As she settled in for the long trip she headed to her private quarters to sleep a little as she had gotten a little amount of sleep in the past few days and hoped and knew this sleep would help tremendously. A few hours passed and they were beginning to descend to land in Mauridiviah International Airport. She changed in her No. 2 Formal Dress instead of the Military Uniform, she put on her nice dress and wore some flats with the dress. She walked out of her room so her Assistants could apply some makeup, just a little to hide the fact that she hasn't slept in a while. She sat down and watched the scenery as they got closer and closer to destination. Okay Minister Marsha you are here as a second to me for this meeting, if for any reason I must leave for a brief moment you will fill in for me under stood? Aye Ma'am understood, but hopefully it wont come to that and I will only just be here to give you a second opinion to everything. I agree completely Marsha, lets drink one cup of tea before this plane lands and we have to disembark for the Presidential Palace here. They were drinking the tea and the plane was landing, they finished up and grabbed the brief case of Alexsandra and walked to the door. The Guards would exit first and remain at the plane till they disembarked and headed home. As they walked out Core looked at the area around her. She smelled the air, it was something she doesn't get to smell in Moskovo; fresh air. She sighed in relaxing tone and walked down the steps, from what she could see at the Airport Mauridiviah was going to be a beautiful country. As they walked down she saw the a man at the car walking towards them, it was the Secretary of State Marco Luti who would meet Alexsandra first. She walked to him to shake hands and to pay her respects in the Lockieeani Official way with a slight bow. Hello Marco Luti, this is most certainly a beautiful country here, I didn't know what to expect but it has met and made a huge impression on me from just viewing it from the air. This is my Economic Minister, Marsha Colls she is my second on this trip and my most trusted Minister. This is my Assistant, Lucy Bollard who has been with me since I was President of the Federal Republic of Lockiee. Once again thank you for having me here today.
  11. Ahrana

    Request: Republika Mazovia

    Well wherever he decides to go is okay with me just putting that out here
  12. Ahrana

    Ahranaian Ministry of Trade

    United Xaraian Airlines is a merger Company of three other Airlines two of which are from the Federal Republic of Lockiee, Lockiee United and United Airways, and the newer Xaraian United Airlines (before the merger). Lockiee United was founded in 1992 to bring more Tourists to the Grand Duchy of Lockiee under the Imperial Kingdom Regime and was a remarkable idea that indeed worked out like the planners and local government were wanting. Lockiee United became the front runner of Aerospace in the Grand Duchy and even landed a contract with the Imperial Governments Military making Aerojets for the Imperial Air Brigade and Imperial Ahranaian Royal Naval Air Brigade. In 2000 a sub group called United Airways was created by Lockiee United to help bring in more profit for the company in order for it to still keep the contract with the Imperial Military. United Airways became the second best Airliner in the Grand Duchy and almost triumphed Lockiee United at the top. In 2005 United Airways was given permission to move its Headquarters to the Kingdom of Ahran and to build and grow bigger. That is what it did in fact, United Airways was given Royal Approval for the Imperial Ahranaian Family to use the Airliner for Domestic or International Travel making them number two behind Ahranaian Airlines. Soon in 2009 United Airways grew to the point to where it separated from Lockiee United and was given the Imperial Military Contract instead of Lockiee United. When the Revolution happened the Central Government of the Socialist Federation combined Lockiee United and United Airways to create the United Federation Airways. Xaraian United Airliners was a smaller company already established in Xara when the Ahranaian Government reconnected with the Xaraian People, the company was combined with United Federation Airways to create United Xaraian Airlines with the Headquarters being established in Vulgus Supra, the Capital of Xara at the time. Now the entire Air fleet of United Xaraian Airlines still bare marks of the merger of the companies. There have been talks to open a second Headquarters in the Heart of Ahrana in the Federal Republic of Ahran like the United Airways had, but nothing is official yet.
  13. Ahrana

    Ahranaian Ministry of Trade

    Vulga International is the International Airport in Vulgus Supra, FR Xara in the southern part of the Federation of Ahrana. Vulga International is a small Hub that was only just recently open to the public for small flights since being reconnected to the outside world. It is expected that Vulga International Airport will be the size or even greater than that of Moskovo International Airport in the near future. The current plans for the Airport is to bring more Heavy Flights from further away from Xara, as of currently anyone coming from say the Sunset Sea Islands cannot land in Vulga International as the runway is not equipped to deal with that form of aircraft. Anyone coming from a distance further that the area around Ahrana have to fly into Moskovo International then fly from Moskovo to Vulga
  14. Ahrana

    Ahranaian Ministry of Trade

    In 1989, the Royal Government issued rights to a plot of land in the Moskovo Prefecture of the Kingdom of Ahrana to be used as what Is now both Moskovo International Airport and Moskovo International Airliner Headquarters for the second leading International and Domestic Flight Airliner in Ahrana to date. Moskovo International (MI) makes itself known over the pride and such quality of excellence it drives for. Moskovo International (MI) is and has become the most preferred Airliner of Travel next to Ahranaian Airlines which is the competition of MI. The International Airport down the road from the MI Headquarters shares the name as well but is the Federations biggest International Hub and Airport in the entire Country Next to the Vulgus International Airport in Xara.
  15. Ahrana

    Ahrana Factobook

    IC: As granted by the New Government and recent Referendum Xara is a separate Entity inside Ahrana, they are allowed a Constitution which is bellow. Constitution of the Federal Republic of Xara For many years Xaraians were left to govern themselves accordingly by their form of a rudimental Government. Until recently they lived peacefully following an old prophecy that has been used as lore for generations. The day the Ahranaian Force came into Xara was the day the land fell to Ivanoffism. With the new Government in Ahrana and new hopes in Xara a new age will begin for the People of Xara, a new History as a People. Section I Article I The Official name and Title of Xara is, the Federal Republic of Xara. Article II The form of government the lands of Xara is and will follow is a Federative Democratic Republican form, under the Federation of Ahrana. Article III The Federal Republic of Xara is a self-Governing State with in the Federation of Ahrana that has been granted Special Status inside the Federation. Article IV The Land of Xara that is and will be governed by the Federal Republic have been set by the boarders laid down on 31 May 2018 by the Government of the Federation of Ahrana. Section II Article V The Federal Government is the sole Government with full jurisdiction inside the land of the Federal Republic of Xara. The highest Office of the Federal Republic Governs these Lands as mandated by the People Article VI The Highest State Organ of the Federal Republic of Xara is the Premier of the Xaraian Presidium, who wields Powers of the State of the Government of Xara. Article VII The Office of Premier of the Xaraian Presidium is held by a Xaraian elected by the Population of Xara for a five year term renewable once only. The Premier holds Executive Power as Head of Government with some State Authority; Executive Authority over the Xaraian Defense Forces Executive Authority on Legislative Laws Able to conduct personal treaties of Economic, Defense, and Governmental with any Foreign Entity outside of the Federation of Ahrana May be present in all sessions of the Presidium of the Federation of Ahrana even if the Federal Republic of Xara isn’t the topic Article VIII The Presidium of the Federal Republic of Xara is elected by the People’s Assembly of Xara which in returns nominates a Deputy Premier to be the Head of State that answers to the Premier of the Federal Republic. The Duties of the Deputy Premier includes; Leads the Presidium in every Day meetings even when the Premier is in the Presidiums Chambers Heads the People’s Assembly with the other Chair Heads Is next in line to be Premier if the Current Premier is either Vacant, Abroad, Ill, or cannot rightfully execute the power of the Office of the Premier of the Federal Republic of Xara The Presidium as a whole is composed of a six member Council that are nominated and Elected by the People’s Assembly to form the main part of the Federal Republics Government. Article IX The Presidium may create Sub-Ministries from the Office of the Presidium to create the Federal Government of the Federal Republic of Xara. The following Ministries must be filled first before any creation of any other Ministries; Ministry of State Affairs Ministry of Intelligence Ministry of Ahranaian Governance Ministry of Law and Justice Ministry of Defense Forces Ministry of Energy Ministry of the Treasury of Xara Section III Article X The Highest Organ of Legislative Authority inside the land of the Federal Republic of Xara is the Unicameral House of the People’s Assembly. The Assembly holds final Authority on all Legislative Matters in Xara. Article XI The People’s Assembly of the Federal Republic of Xara is a 200 Member Assembly elected by Direct Elections from the Populace. One third of the Chamber will be up for election every two years, the Members of the Assembly hold a 4 year term renewable twice by Majority Votes from the Population. Article XII The People’s Assembly has legal Authority to create Sub-Assemblies to make the Legislative Process easier on the Entire Legislature. Section IV Article XIII The Highest organ of Judicial Procedures in the Public Realm is the People’s High Court, while the highest organ of Judicial Legislative Procedures is the People’s Constitutional Court. Each have Authority in their own right to create lower Sub-Courts in their Realms of Influence with the Approval of the Populace. Article IVX The People’s High Court oversees the Cases that are Non-Legislative and are either Criminal, Civilian Pleads and such that are or cannot be handled at the Lower Courts. The People’s High Court is headed by three Justices, two whom are elected by the People and one Nominated by the People’s Assembly. Article XV The People’s Constitutional Court handles any Legislative disputes or anything related to the Constitution in Amending wise, or a Case that involves Government Information or Personnel. Article XVI The People’s High Court and the Constitutional Court has the full authority to create the lower Courts at a later date or when a Lower Court is needing to be established. Section V Article XVII The Federal Republic of Xara has a right to have an Independent Defense Force from the Federation of Ahrana. The Xaraian Defense Force makes up Land, Air and Sea Divisions that make up the entire Defense Force. The Federation of Ahrana provides the majority of the Sea Defense with the Southern Naval Fleet which is permitted to be stationed in Vulgus Supra. The Xaraian Defense Force has a Service Requirement of five years by all population from the Ratifying of the Constitution. Only people exempt are Elderly People starting at the age of 65 and people under the age 17. Section VI Article XVIII The People of Xara have the same rights as an Ahranaian National as given by the Ahranaian Constitution. All Rights of the People that are invested in the Ahranaian Constitution are the Rights of the Xaraian People as well. (See the Ahranaian Constitution) Section VII Article XVXI The Constitution of the Federal Republic of Xara is a legal Law Document that can only be nullified and Void by a Majority Vote of the People’s Assembly. To Amend the Constitution a Session of the Assembly is to be convened and at least 2/3s of the Assembly and the Majority of the Population have to agree to the Proposed Amendment to the Constitution.