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  1. Girkmand

    Federal Herald

    OVER 3,000 TROOPS OCCUPY VIBURK OUTSKIRTS: EMERGENCY COMMITTEE INSTILLS CITY-WIDE CURFEW Pictured: Since Friday, hundreds of trucks have been moving through the city day and night, dropping off supplies and men into the suburbs of Viburk. Thousands of army personnel have occupied the suburbs of Viburk in preparation to return order to the city. The SEEC has additionally declared a city-wide curfew effective immediately from 7:00 PM to 8:00 AM. The committee hopes that this will put those not responsible for the rioting out of harm's way when the military and the police will inevitably move in to stop the anarchy within the city. At this point the property damage done to the city is reaching numbers as high as $700,000. Multiple stores and buildings have been looted. Several fires have been reported since the start of the rioting, but the crowds have been compliant with allowing the fire department through their various checkpoints to put them out. Similarly the city's emergency services have been allowed passage to tend to the wounded, which now number somewhere around 1,000 in total. The first deaths were reported on Saturday: three people perished to severe injuries caused by a malfunctioning tear gas grenade which exploded violently and struck several bystanders with shrapnel. Pictured: Idling troops in the suburbs. Military authorities report that their welcome has been rather "lukewarm". No hostilities have occurred, but the presence of the troops is certainly creating tension on both sides. Locals often ignore the soldiers or glare at them from afar. "There have been people, mostly older citizens, who have come to chat with us, but they are in the minority" one Private said. The response to the military inside of the city is expected to be much colder. -David Fitzgerald  9 December 2018, Federal Herald
  2. Girkmand

    Europa's Annual 2018: Return of the Poll

    [Pax Eurthica] @Mauridiviah comes to mind. He isn't a zealous pacifist, but will defend himself if necessary. I don't think he is currently engaged in any active conflicts. My most recent memory would be his reply to the war in @North Dniester. Despite being aligned with one of the warring factions, he chose not to send any military aid and only sent relief to the local civilians. [Big Stick Dick] We very nearly came to blows with @Ahrana during the Verde Blockade. However, relations have gotten better on a faction-level thanks to @Prymont. I was certainly a little alarmed about a possible conflict with one of my eastern neighbors. Unfortunately @Poland-Lithuania quit the region, so I never quite got to see our relationship develop. @Derthalen is probably the go-to answer for me and a lot of others. [The Pushitzer Prize] @Iverica One. It was a tough choice between this and @Sunset Sea Islands's SSI NEWS. Iverica joined Europa on September 17th 2017 while I joined on August 30th, a few weeks earlier. I vaguely recall monkeying the styles of his- and @Prymont's news threads to figure out what I wanted to do. I guess you could say imitation is the highest form of flattery, but I'll let the quality of the imitation speak for itself. Take that as you may. [Bron Urgundy Award] Nasionale TeleSich @Variota. The headline picture in this post in particular. [Fully-Diplomatic] The founding of ATARA. Project Canamo and the subsequent annexation of the Hellenic Rus should get an honorary mention. [Business Cat] The Manana League. [Moving the Goalpost] Eurthvision 2018. [Leading the Green Scene] The Antargic Treaty is all I can really come up with on a global scale. [Ms/Mr Congeniality] @Ahrana Greggor Ivanoff. I'm not a very good character builder and I don't think I have ever been a huge fan of novels or media that deals with a lot of characters as opposed to the events as a whole. I very much prefer the writing of a history book to that of a novel. If that explains what I'm trying to say any better. Ivanoff just came into my head almost subconsciously. I admittedly don't know much about the man, but I recognize the name with the events that occurred around him. [Lex Loathor] @Variota Dina Diva . [Notable N00b] @Rihan. Active and great member of our community. Silver would be @Mauridiviah and bronze would be @Fulgistan.
  3. Girkmand

    [OOC] Scramble for Antargis

    I had totally forgotten about this. I'm not sure if my participation or opinion is required, but if Prymont would be willing to host it, then that has my support.
  4. Girkmand

    Federal Herald

    EMERGENCY COMMITTEE AUTHORIZES LIMITED TROOP MOBILIZATION AMIDST FEARS OF ARMS FALLING INTO RIOTERS' HANDS; STATE OF EMERGENCY DECLARED Pictured: Servicemen from the Mussex Jäger Brigade in Orde preparing to move out to Kerlia. The State Executive Emergency Committee has officially declared a state of emergency in the state of Kerlia this Friday evening. Limited troop mobilization has begun in the Viburk Brigade in Kerlia, the Overland Brigade in Kannas, and the Mussex Jäger Brigade in the adjacent state of Orde. News reports from the city of Viburk and unreliable eyewitness testimonies confirm that an inner-city police station may have been looted by the crowd. The exact amount of small arms and equipment that was stored in the police station is currently unknown. Local riot police have been unable to stop the rioting due to a chronic shortage of manpower and equipment: issues that the government hopes to compensate for by calling on the military. Morning commuters in Kannas shared pictures of military columns composed of UC-30 fighting vehicles and PT/66 APCs headed for Viburk. In total at least 10 mechanized vehicles have been sent in to support the local government in Kerlia. Pictured: UC-30 Infantry Fighting Vehicle The Ministry of Defense underlined the fact that the express purpose of the military is to assist the civil agencies in Kerlia and not to crush the "rebellion" by force. However, Minister of Defense, Victor Heinz, admitted that the recent revelation of the crowd possibly being armed "certainly complicates [our] mission." Chief of Defense, General James Williamson, assured that the military would not fire on the crowds under any circumstance and will not seek to "create an incident." -David Fitzgerald  7 December 2018, Federal Herald
  5. Girkmand

    Federal Herald

    PARLIAMENT APPROVES CREATION OF "STATE EXECUTIVE EMERGENCY COMMITTEE" Pictured: The federal parliament in Girk. This Wednesday at 6:00 PM, the Federal Tribunate approved the formation of a special state committee tasked with restoring order in Kerlia. The State Executive Emergency Committee (SEEC) will be headed by the Federal Ministry of the Interior and its leader, Interior Minister Kirill Alson. The committee also consists of various government organs and elements from the Ministry of Defense. Among its sub-divisions exists a coherent formation of county- and state police officials. President Webb is scheduled to ratify the committee's creation tomorrow. After its establishment the committee is set to dissolve in 30 days. -David Fitzgerald  5 December 2018, Federal Herald
  6. Girkmand

    Federal Herald

    VIBURK: MEDIEVAL STREET FIGHTING CONTINUES AS POLICE MAINTAIN THEIR GROUND Pictured: Federal riot police form a phalanx to contain aggressive rioters just outside of the city square. State- and federal police continue to hold their positions just outside of the city square where some 10,000 rioting protestors have taken refuge. Intense and medieval-like fighting between rioters and law enforcement has now hospitalized over 356 people. Tuesday's early morning fights resulted in 47 people being injured. The crowds successfully forced multiple police units to fall further back after being overwhelmed by over 1,000 rioters. Pictured: Rioters throwing missiles at police on the other side of a burning barricade. Viburk's Police Chief Timochenko has revealed that over 35 officers have been seriously injured by incendiary bombs. Another 20 remain hospitalized due to injuries caused by blunt weapons or missiles. Mounting casualties are a serious concern to local hospitals which are not equipped to handle massive amounts of patients. Overcrowding has resulted in medical staff having to literally walk over wounded in the hallways, sources say. Pictured: Protestors clashing with law-enforcement. Opposition leaders (most notably the Blues) have called for an end to the violence over social media on the condition that the arrested state officials would be released. So far, the federal government has not responded to the demands. Military officials from the Mussex Jäger Brigade in the southern state of Orde have announced that the garrison will enter a state of suspended readiness. Pending the approval of the interior ministry, the brigade will move to assist civil agencies in Viburk. The federal parliament is set to discuss the creation of a special state committee in response to the riots this Wednesday, Speaker Emily Noon says. -David Fitzgerald  4 December 2018, Federal Herald
  7. Girkmand

    Federal Herald

    PROTESTS TURN INTO CITY-SCALE RIOT: PROTESTERS OCCUPY PUBLIC SERVICES AND ERECT BARRICADES Pictured: Police presence in the city square has been pushed to the outskirts during last night's combat. Protests in Viburk have escalated to what may very well be called a city-scale riot. Police engaged in vicious melee combat with rioters last night as crowds all over the city began to occupy public services and communications buildings. Viburk County Hospital reports that over 90 people have been seriously wounded. Police Chief Andriy Timochenko expressed his concerns over the situation on a local televised broadcast. Viburk Police estimate the crowd's size as being over 10,000 strong. In contrast, there are only 1,159 policemen in the city: "The rioting is intensifying to the point where we may not be able to contain it." Chief Timochenko also revealed that 12 of his men have been wounded, although none critically. Timochenko hypothesizes that the cause for the general outbreak of violence started after police were provoked by the crowd into making several arrests after having been attacked with rocks and steel bars. Timochenko feels that dispersing the crowd is no longer a valid option. "Lines have been drawn" he says. "I believe it is in our best interests to negotiate before anyone is killed". Communications inside of the city proper are currently unreliable. Traffic on roads that remain unblocked is intense as thousands of inhabitants flee the violence to the suburbs on the outskirts of Viburk. Improvised barricades dot the streets on critical chokepoints. Police continue to come under fire from incendiary bombs and air rifles on all sectors, deriving the men from sleep. One armored riot control vehicle armed with a high-powered water cannon has reportedly been destroyed after rioters swarmed the abandoned vehicle and torched it with petrol. No further mass-incursions to the city's outskirts have been attempted by the rioters since last night, but Chief Timochenko fears that his men cannot withstand another large-scale "offensive" without substantial reinforcements. -David Fitzgerald  3 December 2018, Federal Herald
  8. Girkmand

    Federal Herald

    MASSIVE PROTESTS SPARK AS POLICE ARREST KERLIAN STATE OFFICIALS Pictured: Riot police move to contain the protests outside of the parliament building in Viburk. Several senior officials of the Kerlian state government have been taken into custody following Friday's petitions to hold a public self-determination referendum. A combined force of uniformed- and plainclothes policemen quarantined the parliamentary house at 10:00 AM this morning, during which several other state government buildings were also raided. Minister-President of Kerlia, Matvey Konech, is one of the arrested state officials standing accused of inciting rebellion and pursuing an illegal independence referendum. Arrest warrants have been issued to all 67 suspected representatives who voted in-favor of the referendum, some being apprehended in their homes by police patrols, eyewitnesses report. Immediately upon hearing of the news, crowds took to the streets outside of the parliament house to secure the release of the arrested politicians. The number of people grew exponentially within five hours, reaching over 6,000 by 2:00 PM. Pictured: Protestors flying various banners outside of the parliament building in Viburk. The Federal Interior Ministry released a document along with the public arrest warrants of the condemned, among which were 12 pages of intercepted e-mails passed between the officials, some of which suggested an imminent declaration of Kerlian independence and the formation of a new government, whether the federal government sanctioned it or not. Critics have accused the e-mails of being forgeries, while none of the accused have neither acknowledged them or their legitimacy. The situation on the streets is very volatile: multiple police vehicles have been vandalized and small-scale skirmishes with law enforcement have led to some minor injuries on both sides. Pictured: Servicemen from the Viburk Jäger Battalion. Police in the city continue to be vastly outnumbered, at least until further federal reinforcements arrive; the Viburk police garrison has been authorized to use both tear gas and rubber bullets. The state judiciary court has been temporarily given executive power in the absence of leading government figures: depending on the development of the situation, a state of emergency may be declared. Brigadier General Gunther Gaal of the Viburk Brigade stated that the brigade has been placed into a state of "suspended readiness" due to the public unrest. The brigade's official size is 2,500 conscripts and some 200 career personnel. -David Fitzgerald  2 December 2018, Federal Herald
  9. Girkmand

    Federal Herald

    KERLIAN STATE PARLIAMENT SCHEDULES SELF-DETERMINATION REFERENDUM Pictured: The Kerlian state parliament in the capital of Viburk. The Kerlian state parliament has passed a request for a state referendum which could potentially see it secede from the federation, local news report. Deputy Speaker Igor Karimov revealed the votes on Friday. The final tally of votes was 67 representatives in favor and 33 against. The referendum would be a public state vote on whether or not the state of Kerlia should remain a part of the federation or become an independent state. The past month's events suggest that there is widespread support for full secession, which has greatly alarmed court officials and federal government representatives alike. The request to hold the referendum has been deemed illegal and unconstitutional by federal authorities: speaker of the federal parliament, Emily Noon, denounced the parliament's vote as "null and void". Furthermore, federal council Chairman, Konrad Bergman, insisted that "there would be no referendum concerning the right of Kerlia to secede". The interim Kerlian Minister-President, former Vice President Matvey Konech, whom replaced former president Yuri Tsaryov after his resignation earlier last week, has gone on to boldly state the intentions of the local Kerlian government to go ahead with the referendum "with their own permission", if necessary. The request is scheduled to be processed on December 10. A large crowd emerged outside of the Kerlian parliament house shortly after the results of the vote to show support for the government's decision. Pictured: Referendum supporters gathered outside of the parliament building in Viburk. The police force which broke up the city square's protests on November 19 has largely been demobilized after the crowds dispersed and no further protests were attempted by any authority. Viburk city officials fear that the federal government may attempt another show of force to curb the referendum process. "It is very shameful that we must fear our own government that is supposed to protect its people. But perhaps this goes to show that we are not their people." -Maria Statsnov, local protestor. A growing divide between the Slavic and Saxon Girkmandians has already led to incidents of political violence; amidst this are growing rumors of "protection gangs" which are said to roam the streets at night in search of non-Slavs in an attempt to instigate violence and intimidate them. However, no official reports have confirmed these stories to be true. Many radical secessionists were interviewed by local news tabloid Kerlia Today outside of the parliament house in Viburk, many whom were revealed to be carrying blunt or bladed weapons, most likely due to the bitter fights against federal police on the night of 19 November. Many protestors denounced the police attack against the city square protest, some going as far to call them the "November criminals". "It may get ugly", prophesied one masked protestor in an interview. -David Fitzgerald  30 November 2018, Federal Herald
  10. Girkmand

    Federal Herald

    GIRKMAND DEMOCRATIC PARTY WITHDRAWS FROM PARLIAMENT Pictured: The Girkmandian parliament, officially known as the Federal Tribunate. In a shock decision, the Girkmand Democratic Party (GDP) leadership has decided to withdraw from parliament and resign from the federalist coalition. The public resignation letter apologized for the party's failure to uphold the rights of those citizens which it represented and solemnly condemned the government's decision to forcefully break-up opposition protests. Despite the loss of the GDP's 38 seats, the federalist bloc, which currently is only comprised of the Non-Aligned Party (with 6 seats) and the Centre Party (which holds 102 seats), will continue to hold majority in parliament. Early parliamentary elections may be called by a majority vote, but the volatile political situation may persuade the government to postpone them until the official elections in 2019. Until then, the GDP's 38 seats will be marked as "vacant". An online poll held by news website Democracy Today reported fluctuating opinions on the Centre Party. Out of 4,000 answers, 52% reported they were "discontent with the Centre Party" (1920) and another 48% reported they were "content with the Centre Party." (2080). -David Fitzgerald  23 November 2018, Federal Herald
  11. Girkmand

    Federal Herald

    KERLIAN MINISTER-PRESIDENT YURI TSARYOV RESIGNS Pictured: Tsaryov in 2017. Kerlian Minister-President of 9 years, Yuri Tsaryov, publicly resigned from his office this Tuesday morning. Tsaryov lamented the government's decision to attack the peaceful protest in Viburk on his official social media handle. "I no longer wish to be a cog in this machine which does not listen to the people it is supposed to serve. My personal efforts to negotiate for the end of the protests were ignored out of malice. The talking heads in the city council are more concerned with the profit margins on their walls, rather than what is happening outside of their windows." The outspoken politician was one of the two Girkmand Democratic Party (GDP) members in the federal council. He successfully ran his re-election campaign in 2014 and was the frontrunner for many ambitious projects to develop rural southern infrastructure and industry. Tsaryov announced his intentions to retire from politics and move out of the country: "...somewhere with a warmer climate." -David Fitzgerald  20 November 2018, Federal Herald
  12. Girkmand

    Federal Herald

    NIGHT RAID: RIOT POLICE MOVE IN TO DISPATCH PROTESTERS IN KERLIA Pictured: Protestors used incendiary weapons against police during the night raid that sought to drive them off of the Viburk city square. At approximately 2:15 AM, local media reports began to tell of an upcoming police raid which ultimately consisted of some 750 riot policemen. 2:30 AM. Police forces quickly formed ranks with what social media users called "mechanic efficiency" before descending upon the surprised crowd of 3,000 protestors that had chosen to remain at the demonstration for the night. Many people who were hurriedly picking up their belongings were forced back using physical force, which caused further altercations between police and protestors. Some 18 people were wounded during the night's events, with 45 more being taken into police custody. No deaths have been reported. Pictured: The night skirmishes eventually ended at 5:30 AM. The Viburk city square in Kerlia remains occupied by police forces. Although the vast majority of the crowd was successfully dispersed, some protestors refused to leave the demonstration and fought against police forces using improvised weapons such as fire bombs, rocks and anything with a reach longer than an arm's length. Fighting finally ceased around 5:00 AM. Police barricades surround the Viburk city center and it remains occupied by a combination of riot- and regular police forces. The operation caused significant property damage as a result of protestors attempting to barricade off the police advance using their personal vehicles and public waste-bins. Many local shops suffered from broken windows or fire damages. -David Fitzgerald  19 November 2018, Federal Herald
  13. Girkmand

    Federal Herald

    BLUES ISSUE DEMANDS ON SOCIAL MEDIA AS CROWD REACHES 10,000 PROTESTORS Pictured: Thousands more gathered in the Kerlian city square following the declaration of a list of demands to the federal government. The Blues (Bluje) issued a set of demands to the federal government over their social media account earlier this Saturday morning. The demands are as follows: Repeal the Internal Security And Counter-Terrorism Act. Nullify the unification with the state of Sachsen. Allow states the right to secede from the federation through a public referendum. A provocative message was attached to the demands which denounced the corruption in government and the "iron leash" by which uncooperative minorities are being held. Ethnic tensions between Slavic southerners and Germanic northerners have been a significant strain in the country's history; ever since the annexation of the southern territories in the 19th century, integration has seen limited success. Statistically the rural south is far poorer, with many people immigrating to the more "modern" industrialized north in search of better job ventures. This divide in socio-economic factors has long had a resentful effect in the Western Slavs inhabiting the south who are largely reliant on northern corporations for employment. -David Fitzgerald  17 November 2018, Federal Herald
  14. Girkmand

    Federal Herald

    SIGNIFICANT POLICE BUILD-UP AT KERLIA PROTEST Pictured: Hundreds of federal policemen were brought to the city in buses, citizens report. Since Wednesday, buses of federal police officers have been pouring into Kerlia, as reported by local news organizations and private citizens on social media. Exact numbers of deployed police troops have not been made available, but estimates range from 300-600. Police presence around the protest increased after a short altercation between uniformed officers and masked protesters who were taken into custody for violating laws regarding face-concealment in public. During this particular incident on Wednesday, a large mob formed around the two policemen carrying out the arrest; video footage shows the crowd shouting at and shoving the policemen while they were conducting the arrest. Mayor Vitali Biruy has appealed the federal government for additional manpower in policing the protests amidst social media reports of fighting and thievery in the crowd. Rail- and bus routes have been put on an indefinite hold in Kerlia due to the crippling nature of the protests: crowd sizes continue to vary between 4,500-5,000 people, with numbers swelling during the day and decreasing significantly at night. -David Fitzgerald  16 November 2018, Federal Herald
  15. Girkmand

    Federal Herald

    FEDERAL GOVERNMENT: "OUR SECURITY IS NON-NEGOTIABLE" Pictured: President Webb at this Tuesday's press conference. The federal government has announced it will remain steadfast in its decision to implement the controversial security act. President Gerald Webb publicly declared that the federal government will not seek to repeal the Domestic Security Act without an executive majority. "The process was entirely democratic and constitutional; in the best interests of our country, we saw it necessary to strengthen our national security in order to avoid such devastating loss of life in the future. Our security is non-negotiable." Federal Minister of the Interior, Building and Homeland, Kirill Alson, elaborated on the unfortunate situation of homeland security: "Past events have shown that at our current judicial jurisdiction, we are unable to effectively prevent terrorist attacks before they occur. Our nation is vulnerable to subversive activities simply because we are not authorized to stop them. We understand the anxiety that comes with state sanctioned online surveillance, but we have come to believe it is the lesser evil. The federal government and its internal security agencies do not care about what innocent private individuals do online, we only wish to make the process of apprehending known criminals easier." Many critics have been puzzled by the fact that the conference did not mention the nationwide protests nor the growing 5,000 strong demonstration in Kerlia. A reporter of the Jugenilian news tabloid "Afternoos" wrote: "The indirect answer to the protests is the press conference itself: the federal government will not negotiate." -Boris Stochkin. -David Fitzgerald  13 November 2018, Federal Herald