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  1. Girkmand

    Federal Herald

    PARLIAMENT APPROVES DOMESTIC SECURITY ACT Pictured: The Parliament House in Girk Following the tragedy on September 5th, the federal government has taken its first steps towards preventing domestic terrorism. The Domestic Security Act (also known as the Internal Security And Counter-Terrorism Act) has passed through the federal tribunate with 132 representatives in favor and 68 against. The bill, manufactured predominantly by members of the Centre Party with significant assistance from other coalition members from the NAP (Non Aligned Party), seeks to drastically improve police efficiency and internal security with massive budget boosts to security and police agencies, as well as instating a policy of online monitoring. Online monitoring could infringe on the privacy of private citizens, as the police would be allowed to request detailed reports from internet service providers of a user's online activity, such as their browser history. The bill's entry into the parliament chamber was kept as quiet as possible. Immediately after its introduction to the public, several online groups have petitioned it to be vetoed by the federal council over fears of increased government surveillance and the militarization of the police force. The federal council is scheduled to vote on the bill during the coming weekend. President Gerald Webb advertised the bill as a necessary evil to combat increasing extremist tendencies in the country. During his 40-minute appearance in the daytime talk show: "40 Minutes", he publicly vowed to never allow another attack of this scale occur on Girkmandian soil. Although his decision to support the bill has garnered some support, a lot of Girkmandians remain skeptical of its true intentions, most notably the Slavic Girkmandians in the southern half of the country, who believe that the bill has been specifically crafted to target them due to the perpetrators of September 5th both having been Slavic extremists. The fear of another terrorist attack continues to paralyze public services and schools amidst online hoaxes and fearmongering; some 12 to 15 teenagers have been arrested nationwide for phoning in bomb threats or interfering with police investigations by sending in fake ransom letters to their respective county departments. -David Fitzgerald  20 September 2018, Federal Herald
  2. Girkmand

    Greetings from the Fatherland

    Welcome to the forums. Always nice to see new people join the region! Make sure you join the Discord if you haven't already, it's a quick and easy way to get in touch with our community. Interesting to see another Germanic country, and a monarchy nonetheless. Do you have any plans for what you'd like to do in the region?
  3. Girkmand

    Civil War Raging!

    From: Federal Ministry of Defense To: All public channels Subject: "Adjure for Military Non-Intervention in Dniester" The civil war raging in Dniester is a tragedy in its own right, and we firmly believe that in order to preserve human life and dignity, as well as sovereignty of foreign nation states, it is necessary to publicly state our stance on military intervention in foreign wars, and adjure the international community for a mutual agreement on military non-intervention in the conflict, and other similar conflicts which may occur in the future, or are currently active. The Federal Republic of Girkmand solemnly condemns any state or organization whose express purpose is to supply arms, materiel or combat volunteers to Dniester; or any foreign aid which targets a regime's military forces. Military interference in domestic conflicts are inherently backed by a state agenda, and nations meddling in the business of other sovereign countries are rarely there for the betterment of that particular country; rather, they seek only to scavenge the remains while the ash and fire obscures their actions. Private charities in Girkmand have been given state sanctioned permission to operate in Dniester. We hope that our indirect assistance will alleviate the human misery caused by this great tragedy. Sincerely, Federal Minister of Defense, Victor Heinz.
  4. Girkmand

    Federal Herald

    NATION IN MOURNING: TOTAL NUMBER OF DEAD RISES TO 10 AFTER "WORST TERROR ATTACK IN GIRKMANDIAN HISTORY" Pictured: A makeshift memorial in downtown Beyer dedicated to the victims killed during the hostage crisis. Police and medical officials report that the official death count of last week's events has risen to 10, following the deaths of three critically injured victims: Hans Meier, 44 Sandra Burke, 24 Thomas Rhein, 20. Furthermore, Beyer County Police has identified the five hostages who were killed by the explosion during the police assault: Travis Dice, 36 Laura Jameson, 19 Ronald Numan, 50 Harry Lockman, 17 Gary Jäger, 56. President Webb has publicly passed on his condolences to the families of the dead and injured. Immediately after the conclusion of the hostage crisis, the federal flag was flown at half-mast outside all government institutions nationwide. Several newspapers have taken to calling the events "the worst terror attack in Girkmandian history." Federal investigators have issued a profile on the two gunmen which suggests that they were linked with several Slavic separatist groups. A thorough search of the perpetrators' houses revealed a significant cache of some twelve modified semi-automatic rifles, five handguns, thousands of rounds of ammunition, homemade explosives and even hand grenades. Both men were registered members of the Girkmand Democratic Party. Federal police are launching a nationwide search for any previously unknown accomplices in an effort to stop any future attacks which may or may not be planned. The Girkmandian parliament has suspended several schools and requested the interior ministry to increase police presence in several federated states. Right-wing political leaders have used the events to solidify their cause. Barbara Stumm, leader of the nationalist Varma League party, claimed that readership of the weekly party newspaper increased by 80% as a result of the tragedy. Online, Girkmand Democratic Party leadership has come under-fire by far-right internet users for "harboring domestic terrorists". -David Fitzgerald  7 September 2018, Federal Herald
  5. Girkmand

    Federal Herald

    SIEGE OVER: BOMB KILLS 7, LEAVES 12 IN CRITICAL CONDITION Pictured: First surfaced footage of the mall after the end of the siege, taken by the mall's CCTV. Police report that the Palm Street Mall siege has finally ended. The police assault launched on Tuesday night achieved mixed results: 7 people including the two perpetrators were killed by a two kilogram dirty explosive loaded with shotgun shells and nails, detonated by the hostage takers during the ensuing firefight. Five hostages perished immediately due to their proximity to the blast, which occurred inside of the jewelry store where the suspects had barricaded themselves. The shrapnel caused by the bomb injured twelve more: two police specialists and ten hostages. Emergency personnel were forced to wait over 25 minutes while police secured the rest of the mall. The dead hostages have yet to be identified, but police were able to identify both gunmen's corpses on-scene. All injured were immediately transported to Beyer Mercy Hospital, where their condition remains uncertain. Police bomb specialists are currently conducting a thorough search of the mall in an attempt to identify any other explosives that might have been planted by the perpetrators. The mall is said to remain under police quarantine for the remainder of the week. -David Fitzgerald  5 September 2018, Federal Herald
  6. Girkmand

    Federal Herald

    BREAKING: EXPLOSION INSIDE THE PALM STREET MALL Spectators report hearing a loud explosion inside the mall, after which no more gunshots could be heard. It is unconfirmed whether or not the cause was an explosive device, and it is still unclear if it was used by the police or the hostage takers. Medical and fire department personnel are on stand-by until the police declares the situation to be over. -David Fitzgerald  4 September 2018, Federal Herald
  7. Girkmand

    Federal Herald

    BREAKING: GUNSHOTS AT THE MALL, POLICE ASSAULT UNDERWAY Fierce fighting has just broken out inside of the mall between police specialists and the perpetrators. Spectators report continuous gunfire with frequent pauses in-between. It is speculated that the police are currently attempting to assault the mall in an effort to free the hostages, just 5 hours before the deadline for the perpetrators' set ultimatum. -David Fitzgerald  4 September 2018, Federal Herald
  8. We don't really have any facilities in place that would allow us to send military support; our military is overwhelmingly made up of conscripts and reservists who can only really be mobilized in the event of a full-scale military conflict. The air force and navy are a different story, though. I've thought about establishing an international volunteer brigade of sorts, but that idea's never gone anywhere, and I don't know if it's something I want to do. Independent support for this operation in the physical form is highly unlikely (this includes materiel, boots on the ground and relief aid). This may change if TRIDENT becomes officially involved, similarly to the Verde Blockade, as we will answer a call to arms. Subsequently, we will partake in any trade sanctions or blockades that may occur. @Prymont Bosniak refugees are definitely safer in Girkmand, but the shifting domestic political situation may affect that later on. Nowhere to the scale of state sanctioned mass murder, but more to what we're seeing in Europe, with the rise in far-right sentiment among the civilian population due to the refugee crisis. The conclusion of the hostage situation will likely rile up both Slavic and 'Saxon' Girkmandians alike. A significant influx of eastern Slavic refugees would play into that nicely, I suppose.
  9. Girkmand

    Federal Herald

    BREAKING: PERPETRATORS ISSUE 24-HOUR ULTIMATUM The increasingly volatile siege has begun to reach its boiling point after the hostage takers issued their ultimatum to the police this morning, demanding an agreement to the terms stated in their earlier manifesto within 24-hours, or to 'face the consequences'. Federal government representatives have refused to comment on the siege or the perpetrators' demands since its beginning in Friday. Police efforts to secure the release of the remaining ~16 hostages have proven fruitless so far. -David Fitzgerald  4 September 2018, Federal Herald
  10. Girkmand

    Federal Herald

    BREAKING: POLICE NEGOTIATORS SECURE RELEASE OF TWO HOSTAGES Earlier this morning, police officials revealed that they have secured the release of two hostages as a result of overnight negotiations with the captors. Franz Heckler, 42 and Anna Hartwall, 25, two of the 18 believed hostages were exchanged for medical supplies and food. It is believed that one of the gunmen may have been injured during the beginning of the siege. The Special Security Detachment was seen moving into the quarantine zone late last night. Police snipers have taken positions on top of apartment buildings surrounding the mall, where they patrol 24/7. The fate of the remaining ~16 hostages is still uncertain. Specialists suggest that capitulation to the demands is impossible, and that the only chance to resolve the situation with the least amount of bloodshed is to take out the captors. -David Fitzgerald 2 September 2018, Federal Herald
  11. Girkmand

    Federal Herald

    BREAKING: PALM STREET MALL SIEGE PERPETRATORS IDENTIFIED, VOICE DEMANDS Pictured: Federal policemen continue to enforce a strict quarantine around the mall. Local Beyer county and federal police continue to besiege the Palm Street Mall in Beyer. Late last night, police spokesmen released the identities of two confirmed perpetrators involved in the hostage crisis: Boris Baburin, 26 and Vladimir Garin, 29. Neither of the two men have known previous criminal history. A video surfaced on popular social media site Twatter around midnight, uploaded by one of the perpetrators on their own personal account: "@boba25". The removed video contained footage of the frightened hostages, most of whom had their hands tied behind their backs with cable ties, laying or sitting down against the walls of what has now been confirmed to be Goldberg's Jewelry store. The recording confirms that at least 18 people have been taken hostage by the duo. At the one minute mark, the camera focuses on a male who is standing up. Police confirmed the identity of the slightly bruised ace reporter Travis Dice, one of the executive writers at Federal Herald. One of the perpetrators appears from off-screen to hand Reporter Dice a sheet of paper, from which he is forced to read the group's demands. The transcript is as follows: "We--- wish to extend our demands to the federal government of Girkmand and the Beyer county police department, as well as the federal police department. The government's anti-Slavic--- rhetoric, and its insistence on the destruction of the Slavic minority, has forced us to retaliate on behalf of the oppressed Slavic peoples living in Kerlia, Untenvik and elsewhere. The GDP (Girkmand Democratic Party) has failed to serve its people. Our politicians are simple yes-men who dare not question the authority of the federal government's unconstitutional integration with Sachsen, which serves only as a springboard for further, Saxon-supremacist action. Our immediate demands--- are as follows: nullify the effects of the Girkmand-Sachsen unification referendum. End Girkmandian military co-operation with the imperialist TRIDENT and its co-organizations. Allow federal states to secede from the federation. Establish the free state of Jukraina from the southern Slavic states. End compulsory conscription and establish a volunteer army, and lastly, our safe passage from the country. In order to ratify our demands, we offer the full and safe release of all hostages. Failure to meet the demands--- will result in their summary execution." Federal police have yet to publicly answer to the demands, and no further negotiations about the release of the hostages have been made from neither side. The combined police forces besieging the mall have made a request to the Federal Armed Forces to dispatch the counter-terrorist Special Security Detachment unit of the Federal Political Directorate. In the meantime, police buildup continues at an astonishing rate outside the mall. -David Fitzgerald 1 September 2018, Federal Herald
  12. Girkmand

    Federal Herald

    BREAKING: SHOTS FIRED IN BEYER MALL, HOSTAGES TAKEN The Beyer Police Department has issued a statement that the Palm Street Mall is currently under siege. Reportedly two gunmen entered the mall with automatic weapons and took several hostages. One police officer has been killed in the line of duty. Federal Herald will continue to update the story as it progresses. -David Fitzgerald 31 August 2018, Federal Herald
  13. Girkmand

    Blood Is Thicker Than Water

    An unmarked blue '86 Bhevolret parks in front of the Palm Street Mall in the city of Beyer. Two masked gunmen rush inside, carrying automatic weapons and heavy rucksacks full of spare ammunition. The people inside are caught by complete surprise: they can barely fathom what is happening. One of the gunmen trains his modified AG-81 assault rifle on a crowd of shocked civilians. The gunman yanks his rifle downwards. "Down! Down!" Crowds further away look on with concern: was this a practical joke? A robbery? Some stall, while others slowly begin to pick up their pace as they head for the exit doors on the other side of the mall. It begins to become more and more apparent what is happening by the second. The second gunman climbs up on a fountain, waving his AG-56. "Everyone! We want everybody to assemble at the center! If you run, the blood of these people will be on your hands!" Several people continue to run on, while others slow to a halt. A handful of people closest to the gunmen sheepishly walk to the assembly point, where the first gunman herds them onto the floor. "If you do not come out, we will kill you and these people!". Another handful of civilians pour out of nearby department stores and jewelry shops. The fourth minute passes: 18 people lay on the floor with their hands above their heads. The first gunman patrols through the hostages. A man tilts his head up, and is immediately stomped down: "If I see your eyes, you are dead!" At the fifth minute, the front door slams open. Junior Constable Harry Smithson is the first responding police officer to the scene. He was conducting a regular traffic stop just across the street when alarmed citizens alerted him of what was going on inside of the mall. Ear shattering bangs explode inside of the mall, first by an obviously smaller caliber handgun, second by what could only be described as two buzzsaws cutting through a plank of wood. After the smoke clears, Junior Constable Smithson can be seen lying face down on the floor with a pool of blood forming around him. The first gunman shrieks in pain, having been hit in the right shoulder. Grasping his wound, the first and second gunmen quickly begin to herd the hostages into a nearby jewelry store. Dazed and confused from the gunfight, the shaking pale civilians are quickly moved into the backroom of the store. "Davai, davai!" As the sixth minute passes, distant police sirens quickly close in around the mall. A quarantine area is formed; several police officers duck behind their cruisers parked across from the mall's front entrance. By the minute, more police cars arrive on the scene. Concerned officers peek through the bloodstained front door in an effort to identify the body. Two officers abandon their positions to retrieve Constable Smithson from the doorway despite the danger of the situation. By the tenth minute, there is an all-out siege: makeshift barricades surround the mall and a local Special Weapons Unit arrives on the scene. Plainclothes officers scramble to find floor plans of the mall for the coming assault. The motives of the gunmen are unknown, and all available communications are watched in case the assailants try to get in contact with the police.
  14. Girkmand

    Wiki Pages

    That's great, Rihan. Thanks.
  15. Girkmand

    Federal Herald

    VIBURK PROTEST: MAN INJURED DURING FIGHTING DIES IN HOSPITAL, POLICE CHARGE MEMBER OF FAR-RIGHT "BLACK GUARD" Pictured: Members of the Black Guard who violently broke up the anti-union rally in Viburk on Tuesday The Viburk Police released a statement that they have apprehended Michael Kruger, 24, who is now charged with the murder of William Hutz, 20, a protestor who received severe head trauma as a result of Tuesday's violent outburst. William Hutz was brought into Viburk Mercy Hospital in critical condition. He had received a concussion as a result of being hit over the head with a short steel pipe and falling head-first into the concrete floor, as was seen on local store CCTV footage. The perpetrator was identified as Michael Kruger, a member of the local Viburk Black Guard. Kruger was swiftly taken into custody earlier this evening largely in thanks to abundant eyewitness testimonies and camera footage. He is currently charged with voluntary manslaughter and faces five to six years imprisonment with a chance for probation. Immediately following the news of Hutz's death, sympathetic crowds have taken to leaving lit candles and flowers on the sidewalk where William was believed to have been knocked unconscious. Public outcry has turned to demanding the criminalization of the Black Guard and similar right-wing parties. Viburk City Mayor Peter Blazkowicz stated on social media that: "William could have been my son, and I grieve for his family. We have to take measures to ensure that this never happens again." -Travis Dice 2 August 2018. Federal Herald