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  1. 🎉 Many happy returns, young lady! I wish you well and hope your life's situation has improved since last we spoke.

  2. Cashar


    I know this thread is kind of old, but I thought I'd put a few suggestions for the timezone that I and @Asgeirria are in. Western Continental Coast Time? WCCT? Golden Standard Time? GST? Because.... -7 is the time zone where all da money is? Western Alharu Time? WAT? This makes sense to me because Alharu is the biggest continent in the area. Granted, there's a little bit of Western Alharu outside of what would be called Western Alharu Time but maybe that time zone is called something else (like Coastal Alharu Time or whatever country (countries?) might make up Alharu.
  3. News Report 04/09/2018 It's good to be back, Cashari citizens! We're happy to report that the near year-long Fake News Fiasco of 2017 has come to a close, and stocks in the Cashari Broadcasting Corporation are stabilizing once more. The glut of false news sources abounds, but as confidence in them wavers, slowly but surely, their companies are falling by the way side. We'd like to take this time to thank our viewers and listeners for renewing their confidence in us and helping this company get back on its feet after the crisis.
  4. Nope! It is I! Cashar! Maybe Cavunia is next?
  5. News Report 07/27/2017 Hugely popular gaming system, LabarZ, has released a new line of edutainment games which have taken schools in the country by storm. Starting in the early years, children will be able to learn valuable skills such as computer programming, more foreign languages, and have virtual adventures in historical time periods. The LabarZ Company is talking about taking their system to the international level. Techs at the company have been hard at work translating their system and games to prepare for the move to other countries.
  6. Hmmm. I'll try to pick out my favorites for the continent I'll be on. Continent 8 or 8+9: Cressida, Aurum, and a new one: Nomisma .... And others: Continent 1+2: Eukalade Continent 3+4: Purpura, Mimas, Magella Continent 9: Delphinia Continent 10: Viridia, Champlain, Aegir
  7. Updated the Brief Cultural Overview in my Factbook topic. Check it out!
  8. Hmmm... If I choose the northernmost spot, would I be able to expand into the peninsula later? I think maybe I will go with the northern spot, regardless, now that I think about it. Please let me know if yay or nay.
  9. News Report 07/21/2017 Four years ago, the youngest member in the history of the Board, heiress to Charm Everyone Cosmetics, Co., Varvara Nazarvola was elected at an astonishing eighteen years old. Since then, she has taken Cashar by storm with her push for progressive policies and out with the old, in with the new attitude. Recently, she has utilized the services of a newly developed app, iVote, which allows the members of the Board and the representatives of the Bureau to vote on legislation without the usual hassles that come about in such votes.
  10. News Report 07/20/2017 Concern from Tabrodists and the tourism industry arose today after new legislation regarding housing passed through the Board and the Bureau. This new legislation relaxed building codes and allowed for the building of houses in areas where it previously wasn't allowed. Local Tabrodist shaman from the state of Bitkan, Marwan Morovisk, has called for a repeal of the legislation citing environmental concerns as well as pointing out how recent housing has dipped in quality. Meanwhile, Cashar's premier travel agency, Good Times Travel Corp. has been supporting Tabrodist efforts to conserve the environment citing it as an important part of Cashar's economy.
  11. The ads look great!!! Business IS booming. Excellent choice of words!
  12. Oh, boy, I qualify for ads? Yay! I didn't want to go requesting an ad too soon, but all the ads I've seen look really great! I'd be really excited about having a couple. ... And WIP? Does that mean you've already been working on a couple?
  13. News Report 07/19/2017 Cashari Tabrodists have begun protesting anew at the appropriation of their holy symbols for commercial purposes. Four years ago today the Paramount Court ruled in Tabroda vs. the Incorporated State of Centavo that businesses should be allowed to use recognizable symbols within the realm of public domain for commercial purposes. The initial backlash had seemed to calm until today when a group of protesters staged a march in Protiva demanding businesses give up their right to market and advertise using Tabroda icons. Some businesses, like Battle-Tech Industries, have extended a thumb of goodwill towards the protesters by offering them tidy discounts to pacify them. Others, like Sartikavisk Foods, Inc., have declared the protesters a public menace and proclaimed their right to attribute any symbols within the public domain for whatever personal purposes they so choose. "It's all very insulting," said Tabrodist Bakir Marbvo while spray-painting (with Pretty Paints-brand spray paint cans) a symbol representing the power of the natural world upon the side of a Sartikavisk Foods factory.
  14. Hmmm. Well, navy ships that far out from your country seems a little odd, but if you've got some reasoning behind it, I'm fine with it!
  15. Sleek, clean, and whiter than fresh-fallen snow, big and boisterous, the Sunny Bliss class cruise ship could hold up to 5,000 passengers, contained almost 30 restaurants, and there were spas, rock-climbing, water slides, live shows, and adult-only entertainment such as gambling and world-class bars, not to mention the gift shops and the sign-up booths for well-priced, exciting (!) excursions on Cashar and the Sunset Sea Islands. There was something for everyone, and anyone who looked through the daily pamphlet describing each day's activity offerings could attest to that. The pamphlets even boasted that a renowed Cashari gourmet chef, Batar Mikvisk was offering his services at the Harborview Dream. The cruise director, responsible for scheduling and directing activities on the cruise, was a middle-aged woman by the name of Katenka Harvola. She always appeared slightly stressed as evident by the sweat dripping down from her brow and the smile that never disappeared and could've split her face wide open if she tried any harder. The hostess, Hanan Lebevola, a younger but not quite young woman, would flit about this way and that, and always appeared very, very stressed and desperate to hide that fact. The captain of the ship, Muntak Kozvo, meanwhile, was an old man who was getting too old to be captaining a cruise ship and too old to care much about anything. One was under the distinct impression that he smiled out of spite. Most probably would've preferred a glare instead. Isa Shadiviska was nobody special on the cruise. She used to be an investigative journalist but had retired young after her sister fell ill, and Sharun Industries had paid her off to keep her quiet about their shady misdeeds. She still bore a heavy heart over selling out, but at her recovering sister's suggestion, she had decided to take a cruise. Who knew? Maybe it really would be good for her. Maybe she'd hit a bar first for some fancy little drink with an umbrella in it and do some exploring. The OOC topic is located here.
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