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  1. Andalla

    A Great Europan Collapse

    Honestly? These people have come and left; they have done their own things and made their own contributions — Let's try to leave it at that. There are many other possibilities for potentially good and equally interesting RPs that do not call for the end of the world. And I don't see Europa as a region so helpless that it must kill itself to live on.
  2. Andalla

    UENA Nations League

    Nope, I believe Pry's race was closed to further applications a long while back, unfortunately.
  3. This whole thing was supposed to end with the solution of the problem and the standardization of general aviation regulations among most nations... Not in any way to harm Vocenae. And either way, this is more or less the same thing that's being debated in the other thread. I think you guys should also check that discussion.
  4. Andalla

    ISTC OOC Discussions.

    There's nothing stopping you from feeling loyal to all four regions. But loyalty is shown, and ever since you left Europa, you've been mostly off the radar except when contacted. I'm on the cellphone right now so I won't go back, but I do believe somebody said something about you using the Trilateral thing as a way to nicely "end" your mainstream RP activity, not to have an excuse to claim being active. Which, honestly, is somewhat true. Anyway, it's also not as if you just made a new post yesterday - it's been months. I mean, if you've been doing things here and truly being active, then show us. I honestly haven't posted anything but a few replies in months, and that's because I'm busy with RL issues and Skandinavisk, but mostly Skandinavisk. And I guess that's fine with everyone.
  5. Andalla

    ISTC OOC Discussions.

    @Fleur de Lys, I'd hate to join the fight, but as much as I've been trying to be friendly to you lately to ease our former rivalries, I gotta agree to what @Adaptus, @Prymont and @Sunset Sea Islands have said. No matter what, if you intentionally leave the region, it's an unspoken way of telling everyone that you don't belong here; that you've found another place to belong in, and you no longer wish to stay here. Even if you continue to remain "active". I am aware that some of us are part of other regions, and I don't oppose that; if they want to fully commit to both regions then by all means they're free to do so. What I oppose is claiming to be a part of our community yet not being fully committed to it - who are you to say you're a part of it when, at the same time, you're doing more elsewhere and less here? Let's face it - we're not Congress; just because your NS nation or your unused puppet is here doesn't mean you're a part of our RP community. That's it. Anyway, this is the Forum; we have little if not no actual connection at all with our NS region. They're just affiliated brands. With that aside, let's look at the problem: Does it really affect you? Sure, I'd understand if the decision made in your absence had the power to destroy your nation without approval, but let's think practically - will it? If anything, more members mean more input, and therefore, more output. And even if you don't like these new members getting invited, it's none of your business - anyway, you did leave the region already. Why take on the burden of checking up on your nation even if you've basically neglected it already? And if you're gonna say you haven't neglected it, then why aren't you doing anything to show that? I'm sorry if my comments didn't help, but this whole thing needs a solid explanation. And that's how I understand it.
  6. Uh... Can some admin move this all elsewhere, please? No need to be spraying more graffiti. Or we can get Fleur and Vocenae to get back on the Europa Discord to continue it there. (Please delete this message when you do, thanks)
  7. The calendar read 5 July 1948, Monday. It had been a year since the Thalassan War had ended, when the Gioktons had surrendered and the @Sunset Sea Islands liberated from its oppressive leadership. It was a bloody war that saw the deaths of millions — military and civilian alike. It was not unusual that the Commonwealth had not yet recovered; yet despite this, the economy was, as a matter of fact, growing. People were looking for new ideas. And where else could they find new ideas other than Europa, the political, ideological, cultural, economical and technological center of the world? The opportunities were very promising. Yet despite all the possibilities, though, Europa was undeniably far — a trip across to Europa by sea could take up to three weeks, and in an increasingly competitive and fast-paced world, time was of the essence. People had to get there quicker, cheaper, and more efficiently. A few years back, while Thalassa was still caught within the tight grip of the menace it had created itself, the Saeb S.100 had begun production. At that time, Andalla was too preoccupied to even take notice its new creation, the same creation that would soon carry thousands of passengers across Argis and Europa each week — all in the name of Andalla. The S.100 was a ground-based aircraft, which at the time was not as attractive as the large, powerful flying boats of @Fleur de Lys. What it did have to boast about, however, was its impressive range - over 6,000 kilometers. And as it was a land-based aircraft, it could reach important inland cities such as Toledo, O'polis, Saipuo, Moskovo, New Halsham, Girk, Bogd Gioro, Delta, Novumcastrum, and Centridge City. It had the power to end the era of flying boats, yet nobody bothered to take notice... except the airlines. One could never really explain properly what was going on with airlines during the war. While there were those who wanted to flee the violence, others chose to stay. Their trained employees were drafted into the military, leaving many positions empty — some airlines choosing to temporarily fill these positions with untrained workers, or leaving them unoccupied altogether for the sake of safety. Mismanagement and inexperience quickly became one of the leading causes of incidents and accidents of Andallan carriers during the war. There also loomed in the air the threat of Giokton fighters; upon discovering an airliner during routine patrols over the Tiauhai Sea, they would often harass or even shoot down the unprotected airliner. Patched-up bullet holes on the wings, tail and fuselage became a common sight on Andallan airliners, if the aircraft had not already been downed without purpose. But as the war went on and Giokton air force numbers slowly dwindled, more airlines became confident to resume operations, while a handful of airlines had also been founded in hopes of exploiting a new-found source of profit. And when they finally had the chance to begin operating their shiny new S.100s, they put them to work as soon as possible. This was the "Northern Route", one of the most heavily-traveled air routes during the late 1940's to the mid-1960's. It ran from Andalla to Central Europa or @Orioni, with stops at @Iverica, @Prymont (Ostport), Deltannia and finally to wherever in Europa the passenger was destined for. It remained that way until 1964, when the trans-Oriental SK-3-200 jet airliner entered service and the airport at Burkini opened, allowing medium-haul aircraft to cross the Oriental Ocean via Burkini instead But for now, the Northern Route was their only choice. Airlines could make it through in under 5 days, with many competing against each other for the fastest passage. But for passengers, it was heaven. Their wildest dreams had come true; no longer would they have to take 3 weeks by ocean liner just to reach Europa. Weeks became days, ships became planes, and seas became skies. From the corner of his window, Daniel Arvesson could see another S.100 take off. This one belonged to Tårnfalk Airlines, one of the several airlines created solely on the hopes of exploiting this new Silk Road. To him, these airlines were naive and ignorant. It took more than just a startup to be able to travel the Northern Route, because flying was expensive, not only for the passengers but even for the airline itself. In a way, every country charged flyover fees — that is, if they even allowed foreign aircraft to pass through. And though Andalla had been able to at least negotiate discounted fees with Iverica, Ostport and Deltannia, aircraft had to land. And once they were on the ground, airport fees entered the question. Combined with several other fees, taxes and administrative issues made operating an airline an extremely difficult task — one that could drive these "start-up airlines" into bankruptcy within a mere few years. It was a disaster. And somehow, it was Arvesson's duty to fix it. In the background, Arvesson heard the faint sound of a phone's sharp ring. His secretary, Mirjam Byström, came in the office. "Sir, Minister Holme's on the phone. He wants to speak to you." "Why didn't he call me in my office..? Ah, never mind, hold on." ... "Director-General, you have been reading the news regarding our Northern Route, have you?" "Ah, yes, of course Minister Holme. Daily." "Then, surely, you have heard of what happened in Delta?" "Definitely, Minister. I believe we must act on it as soon as possible." "Exactly. And what would you propose in order to fix it?" "Perhaps a bilateral agreement standardizing aviation regulations could help... But we may not be able to accomplish such a thing anytime soon." "Not at all, Director, that is possible. You may want to contact the Deltannian aviation authority... What was the name again? Uh... anyway. I was trying to say, you should contact them and arrange for a bilateral meeting setting the foundations for standardized regulations... I'll bet you they're just as willing as we are to standardize them, especially since the perpetrators only did it for the money. I'm sure we both know that Deltannia is an important stop on the Northern Route, and we can't afford to lose it... Am I understood, Director-General? "Yes, sir. I'll arrange a meeting as soon as possible." "Thank you." Arvesson wasn't amused; Minister Holme was crazy. It wasn't like Andalla and Deltannia could organize a bilateral meeting in a flash. But that was what Minister Holme wanted — Arvesson could not let him down, lest he lose his job as Director-General of the Andallan Aviation Authority. After all, the problem was quite significant — though it was a scandal by a small band of Deltannian airport officials, it did highlight an important flaw in their aviation regulations... Delta was, undoubtedly, the most important stop along the journey. Much like a busy bus terminal, it was where passengers would disembark and board another plane for wherever they wished to go. When one traveled the Northern Route, landing at Delta signified the final leg of the journey... and that the aircraft did not crash somewhere in the endless sea of ice surrounding it. Icing was definitely not uncommon when flying in the extreme cold of the Argic Circle. When ice crept up to the wings or vertical stabilizer, the pilot could lose control of the aircraft. When ice got into the engine, there would be nothing moving the aircraft forward. And when ice got into both, you'd know where exactly you were — in the middle of a frozen hell. A few days ago, several Deltannian airport officials found a difference between Andallan and Deltannian aviation regulations — one that could, if properly implemented, restrict the passage of any Andallan aircraft within Deltannian airspace. But they weren't going for the safety — instead they only increased flyover fees, airport fees and other taxes for all Andallan aircraft. And through their network of shady deals and accomplices, those extra fees went to... them. Once their plot became known, there was nothing the government could do — aviation regulations were aviation regulations, implemented only to ensure the safety of anyone flying within Deltannian airspace. So instead they halted the increase in taxes and prohibited any Andallan aircraft from entering or exiting Deltannian airspace, effectively grounding all Andallan aircraft in Deltannia, Ostport, and elsewhere in Europa. Being the most important stop along the Northern Route, the entire future of the Andallan airline industry was placed in jeopardy... — TO BE CONTINUED — This topic was formerly disputed by Vocenae. As a result, all mentions of Vocenae have been replaced with Deltannia. The discussion is located here. OOC: Prelude to the establishment of an ICAO for Europa. I believe @Gallambria and @Orioni is working on a version of the UN, so we could say this organization evolved into whatever ICAO's counterpart in the Europa UN is. A very special thanks to ORIONI for fixing some issues while I was away. Tak!
  8. Andalla


    As we all know, @Fleur de Lys has left Europa, and as a result no further developments on this page can be made until he comes back (Assuming he will). Being given responsibility over the unwritten parts of Aérospatiale (as per TG with Fleur de Lys) and as a gesture of goodwill, I've undertaken the task of filling up the gaps left by him. Because a company can't go from biplanes to Concordes, y'know? NOTE 1: While the only aircraft I named myself are those that aren't currently listed, the complete list of Aérospatiale airliners are included for convenience. All aircraft are listed chronologically. NOTE 2: Most added aircraft are completely fictional and do not have an exact RL counterpart, though they are based off RL aircraft. Assume statistics and construction/airframe differ slightly. Comète (de Havilland Comet) The very first jet airliner to enter commercial service, first flight 1949 and introduced 1952. Despite the initial success, it quickly became a failure following several fatal crashes (Explained in detail in the SK-3 article found here) due to structural defects identical to those found on the actual aircraft. Eventually modified, and newer, safer variants entered service. Caravelle Short-haul narrow-body jet airliner; used extensively in Europa. Aérospatiale's first major success with a jet airliner. First flight 1955, introduced 1959. Courrier Twin-jet wide-body airliner. First flight 1972, introduced 1974. Concorde (Aérospatiale-BAC Concorde) First supersonic transport (SST) in commercial service. Modernized extensively, introduced 1980. Autun (A320 family) The workhorse of Aérospatiale, more units built than any other. Produced in 4 fuselage lengths, namely the Autun-A, B, C, and D; all identical to their real-life counterparts the A318, 19, 20 and 21. First flight and introduction dates are listed below. Autun-A (A318) Autun-B (A319) Autun-C (A320) Autun-D (A321) First Flight 2002 1995 1987 1993 Introduced 2003 1996 1988 1994 Orient Four-engine wide-body long-haul airliner, first flight 1991 and introduced 1993. Magenta (A380) Double-deck wide-body airliner; world's largest passenger airliner. First flight 2005 and introduced 2007. Autun-NGAM (A320neo family) Nouvelle Génération Aérodynamique et Moteur ("New Generation Aerodynamics and Engines") variant for the 4 Autun variants, first flight 2013 and introduced 2015. Concorde-NGAM (Aérospatiale-BAC Concorde, hypothetical "neo" development)* NGAM variant of the Concorde, introduced 2017. *Most details unknown. Please contact Fleur de Lys for further clarification. Magenta-NGAM (A380neo) NGAM variant of the Magenta, currently under development. Planned introduction 2020.
  9. Andalla

    [OOC] Construction Efforts

    @Sunset Sea Islands I don't know if this has been suggested yet, but perhaps we can simply depict its completion and further activities on the Portal to the Past/Future forum while following a realistic duration for construction in present-time RP.
  10. Andalla

    Default theme reset

    Great job @Orioni, thanks a lot!
  11. Andalla

    Andallan Broadcasting Network

    YES, FINALLY! A NEWSPOST AFTER 2 MONTHS! OOC (1): Don't get me wrong, I'm happy that it was called an "Andallan" shirt and I have nothing against it OOC (2): Technically it's called a Hvidtrev shirt, as it originated from Flauton partygoers in the beach club scene of Hvidtrev (see Boracay or Ibiza). But internationally it's just known as an Andallan shirt. OOC (3): The "Troddrikt" is the Andallan national costume. See Barong / Baro't Saya. "MY CULTURE IS NOT YOUR EURTHVISION OUTFIT" - CRITICS ATTACK FOOLISH BANDIT FOR CULTURAL APPROPRIATION By: Kevin Frisk | June 25, 2018 Prymontian singer Foolish Bandit sported an blue unbuttoned Hvidtrev shirt for his performance of "You and I", the opening performance for EurthVision 2018. CANASTOTA - Following a Wittier post by Andallan user Jeremy Lund (@jlund), critics have been accusing Prymontian singer Foolish Bandit for cultural appropriation. The post, reading "My culture is NOT your... #EurthVision2018 outfit", had garnered upwards of 1,400 likes and 500 re-Witts within an hour of its posting, sparking a large debate on cultural appropriation. Critics are accusing Foolish Bandit of "appropriating" Andallan culture while many praised him for including a part of Andallan culture in his performance, citing the fact that Andallan culture generally receives little recognition internationally. Critics also took the opportunity to point out that Hvidtrev shirts are often mis-identified as "Andallan" shirts in general, despite the term being more appropriate to the Troddrikt. Fellow singer DJ R-Bro, famous for his weekly performances at the world-famous SK5 nightclub in Hvidtrev, quickly joined the debate in defense of Foolish Bandit, Witting "Hvidtrev shirts were made to celebrate music, beaches, and good drinks. I don't see why @ItsBandit shouldn't be celebrating this as well." Beyond the debate, fans and viewers alike praised the excellent performance, while others fear the song is attempting to keep the Sunset Sea Islands' international image up despite the ongoing Synapse spying controversy.
  12. Lagerfeld coughs. "Y'know what, I have a weird feeling that this is gonna be one really long day," he says to Kolya, who is reclining on a cozy leather chair, reading a book entitled "War and Police" by Leon Tolstaya. OOC: пожалуйста, продолжайте, cпасибо.
  13. Andalla

    We just want to get along

    Hello, @Frosport! Sounds very interesting. I'm looking for someone to retrospectively send Christian/Catholic missionaries to Andalla in the ~1700s to Christianize us, so if Frosport happens to be a Christian/Catholic nation, I'd be more than welcome for your missionaries By the way, is Summer your real name? You share the same name with someone in our batch haha
  14. Andalla

    ATARA: First General Assembly

    Disclaimer: This is a post involving Skandinavisk or ACAF aircraft, a list which is constantly being changed to ensure realism and good quality. Aircraft model names may have changed during the elapsed period of time, if not taken away altogether. OOC (1): This post contains references to my post from the ATARA Founding Ceremony, go check it out. Also, it is raining. OOC (2): Due to several corrections, the aircraft used in the aforementioned post and also in this one is actually an SK-8-300ER, not an SK-6-200ER. Unfortunately I can't edit the Founding Ceremony post anymore. OOC (3): If you're reading the Founding Ceremony post, the aircraft's callsign is actually ARGOSY 312. OOC (4): For the ATC part - blue for ARGOSY 209 (Andalla), red for KINGFISHER 036 (Prymont), light green for Altaria Approach, and dark green for Altaria Tower. Altaria International Airport [ 12 June 2018 - 0809 hrs ] ARGOSY 209, established ILS runway 02L. Acknowledged, ARGOSY 209. Contact tower at 118.5, have a good day and, uh, best of luck to your delegate. Contact tower 118.5, ARGOSY 209, thanks! ... Altaria Tower 118.5, this is ARGOSY 209, good morning! Altaria Tower, good morning! Continue approach. Continue approach, ARGOSY 209. Great weather! Sure! Beautiful dark clouds above you for most of your stay, enjoy! Heh! You've seen Deitorr's Wittier? Oh, yeah, how could I not? War against the sky... You guys just make sure none of us get hit, y'know, pilot life's already so hard. ... KINGFISHER 036, winds 225 at 21, crosswind at 14, runway 20R and vacate at FOXTROT, cleared to land. Vacate at FOXTROT runway 20R, cleared to land, KINGFISHER 036. That's some crosswind you got there! Crosswind's actually at 16 knots now, getting stronger. KINGFISHER 036 can't risk a go-around, Nordeng's gonna get mad! Hahaha! Hey, do the Ahranaians still have a delegation? Nope, I guess? None that I know of. But they wouldn't because Nordeng would be there, hahaha! ... [ KINGFISHER 036 lands ] KINGFISHER 036, exit right via FOXTROT, contact Ground 120.1, welcome to Altaria and enjoy the weather. Wilco, right via FOXTROT, Ground 120.1, KINGFISHER 036. Lovin' the weather already! ... ARGOSY 209, winds 240 at 23, crosswind at 19, runway 02L, cleared to land. Cleared to land runway 02L, ARGOSY 209. Fear the crosswind! Yeah, how exactly did it suddenly get to 19? Iverican weather, my friend. Good luck with the landing! We have Bendtsen, so we do diplomacy with the skies. Haha... That's a great impersonation. Ever thought of becoming a stand-up comedian? Oh yes, once, in my childhood. But I must inform you, that was not an impersonation. Uh, what do you mean... wait, could you be Mr. Alexander Bendtsen? The Andallan Foreign Minister? Affirmative! First Officer lent me his headset, I hope I haven't caused any trouble. No, no, no, not at all. Next delegate's arriving in 5 minutes still, so it's all good. Thank you, I am honored to have spoken with you, Mr. Bendtsen. No problem, thank you too. And shortly after that light-hearted conversation came a heavy landing; Bendtsen was nearly jerked out of his seat as the landing gears touched the runway, bounced up into the air, and came back down. Nevertheless he was all right, sometimes crosswind landings were even exciting. He made a mental note to hand a few thousand Amlas to the pilots for their excellent landing, for in his eyes, it was these kinds of people who really deserved the money. People who did the real work; the unrecognized; the "underdogs" of society. With ATARA he wished to make that possible - to increase living standard among the common populace. That was his one and only goal.
  15. Andalla

    Application: Shffahkia

    Mauridiviah's suggestion is good, but that won't stop them. The Manamana Bay is essentially a bottleneck full of lumps and peninsulas, so as long as Shffakia is located there he's going to be holding naval superiority over the whole thing. It really depends on his actual stance, really. If he's friendly or neutral towards us, he can stay, but if not he should move away. A second choice is to retrospectively insert Shffakia's concerns and opposition against the canal (Assuming he's placed near it), then to create all these military tensions and all. You know, for the action. But whatever the decision is, the Manamana Canal should be regarded as an actual entity in the area which must not be within the jurisdiction of any other country. On a similar note, who really governs the thing? In the case of Manamana (terra nullis), it would be jointly administered by all the member nations. However, we have never officially held a summit or meeting. It was more like nations just announcing their membership. So should we? Or at least retrospectively?