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  1. Andalla

    Mr Simizi Goes Travelling

    I'll break this down leg by leg, but it looks like quite a solid plan. Orioni - SSI: Perfect. This would be an extremely important trans-Oriental route so there wouldn't be any shortage of flights to choose from. SSI - Andalla: Another high-demand route, perhaps one of the most travelled air routes in Thalassa. Andalla - Tikva: Not unlikely, though we haven't really talked. Perhaps we could mutually operate services to each other. Tikva - Limonaia: Tikva's El Al or Air Limone would most likely be the only major airlines serving this route. Limonaia - Sayf: Quite a weird combination, but considering Sayf has all the oil, I'm sure they'd be pretty agressive when it comes to making new routes. Sayf - Fulgistan: I'd imagine this would be a somewhat busy route? Fulgistan - Oyus: Oyus positions himself as a tourist center, so this route is fine. Oyus - Mauridiviah: Same as the above, more or less. Mauridiviah's proximity to Thalassa would make Oyus a less likely destination, perhaps only for the upper class. Mauridiviah - Orioni: Definitely the longest flight on this list, but I think any Aamotech Slankstråle could fly this. It wouldn't be such a high-demand route but I'm sure Oriental Airlines would be operating this. All in all, solid plan. I might just need to ask @Tikva to confirm with the flights. Do take into consideration regional transport hubs, which connect far more destinations than usual. I'm looking at cities like Arkhavn, Canastota, Altaria and Ferrefaaierhafen. But that's up to you, since low-cost airlines tend to instead operate cheap direct routes with small aircraft instead of passing through a big expensive hub. That, or they pass through a smaller hub instead. By the way — got a big school project due soon, plus some other extracurricular projects. But I'm on the last leg of my travel guide, so don't worry!
  2. Andalla

    [OOC] Roleplaying in the Far Future

    Just saw that too while lurking around NS. Really disappointing reading that thing, considering that one thread single-handedly constitutes most of the forums' total posts...
  3. Andalla

    Interlude Football Competitions

    We could hold friendlies too, as long as both participants agree. And unless both agree to create the story themselves, the scores will be randomized using the match generator. Would be good for writing prompts, and at the same time having little effect on the team's actual standing. The Andskunds could play a couple friendlies over the first half of 2019. I might also start forming up Giokto's football team.
  4. Andalla

    Leave of Absence

    Well, I'd like to apologize for my own sudden leave the past week. Christmas has been getting really busy, and we've got lots of stuff to do. Right now, I'll be able to take some time for Europa but I still have several unfinished tasks. To top it all, I'm still studying (if you didn't know). So don't expect life to be particularly easy for me
  5. Andalla

    Mr Simizi Goes Travelling

    @Orioni Awesome! Arkhavn is a pretty common layover for travelers flying between Europa and Alharu. ... But that's just the simple way to put it. If, perhaps, you'd like something more in-depth regarding the flight, read on... To put it bluntly, Arkhavn is not exactly the best stopover even against a direct flight altogether. But, ticket's cheap and Arkhavn's awesome. So, your call
  6. Andalla

    Flight 371

    PART TWO O holy night, the stars are brightly shining... It is the night of our dear Savior's birth. Long lay the world, in sin and error pining... 'til He appeared and — "In five hundred meters, turn right on 100: Riesel Avenue North." Christmas carols played on the radio as the Gordo silently dashed through the empty streets of Arkhavn. There were almost no cars to be seen at 1 AM; nightlife was more concentrated elsewhere in the north. Yet even at this late hour, a large truck of some sort would still occasionally zip by on the eastbound lane; Arkhavn was notorious for restricting such trucks during certain hours of the day. Without the usual traffic, it was at night when Arkhavn truckers took the liberty to drive unusually fast — it was a common sight to any Arkhavn resident. In the daytime, traffic often impeded movement around Arkhavn. The problem of congestion had begun to surface in the late 1970's, while the nation was enjoying a time of prosperity and rapid economic development. An influx of migrants from surrounding countries proved hard to control as cities began to grow at record speeds. Before long, Arkhavn was severely crowded; traffic was a major problem. With focus drawn towards further improving the economy, little emphasis was placed on improving the country's infrastructure. Air transport was becoming more and more common, but the problem of congested cities had not yet been addressed. It wasn't until 1986 when the government began to seriously address the country's urban issues through the Urban Infrastructure Development Plan (Byinfrastruktur Udviklingsplan or BU), approved by then-president Lars Nedergaard. Despite all the improvements, Arkhavn's congestion problem still seemed to linger around. A quiet reminder of the past, traffic jams were no longer as harsh yet still managed to irritate people and ruin delicate schedules. As mundane as they were, Arkhavn traffic was unpredictable; short jams could form almost anywhere. ... Except when it was Christmas. A devout Christian nation with traditions going far back, Andalla was the world's Christmas capital. Any foreigner visiting the country in early October would know that — it was like travelling through time, from the regular October hustle and bustle back home to the merry December atmosphere of Andalla. With Andallans celebrating Christmas so passionately, traffic was inevitable. People were always rushing around, perhaps buying gifts or simply enjoying life with all the Christmas sales and promos. Others took the chance to visit friends and relatives. Overseas Andallans would be returning home for a while to celebrate the New Year with their families. Ultimately, the transportation system would be overloaded during this time of peace and joy. Cars flooded the major roads and avenues at night, ironically further contributing to the Christmas-sy atmosphere with their bright red tail lights. The jams didn't last forever, of course. By 10, the traffic slowly started to fade away; darkness once again ruled over the once-packed roads. It was at this time when Christmas could really be seen — when all was calm and all was bright. Driving on the road became more peaceful than at any other time of the day. Practically every house and building was decorated with lights of some sort, while the streetlamps sported a myriad of sparkling lights topped by a jultjerne. Faint notes of a familiar carol wafted through the night, often accompanied by the muffled voice of a drunk, happy man on the karaoke. A cool breeze blew quietly through the Gordo's open windows. The machine sped across the empty road, keeping a constant pace as it slowly neared the airport. IPIA was located not far from the city center, though surrounded by less-urbanized areas. An Air @Selayar plane flew over, seconds away from landing. All flights ended like that. At least, most did.
  7. Andalla

    Group of Island Nations

    Aye, this is a great idea. The 1970s were also marked by rapid economic development back here in Andalla. "Gin" though?
  8. Andalla

    Andallan Broadcasting Network

    ANDSKUNDS CLAIM HISTORIC VICTORY IN SATAMFC QUARTERFINAL By: Bendt Svane | December 6, 2018 The Andskunds celebrating the victory against Shffahika, advancing them to the semifinals on December 10th. PORT-REEL - The entire nation stood speechless as earlier's SATAMFC quarterfinal against the @Shffahkia Jaguars ended in a decisive 1-0 victory for the Andskunds, in what has been called "the greatest Andallan football victory of the 21st century". The 2018 League Cup marks the first time for the Andskunds to have reached the quarterfinals since 1998. The highest ever League Cup position that the Andskunds have reached was the 1990 final against @Rihan, which ended in a 1-3 defeat. The lone winning goal was scored at 30' by midfielder Iver Marken, who also ended the game against the @Sunset Sea Islands' Blacksuns last November 24 in a historic tie. The victory was a surprise to many fans, who were already prepared to drop out of the League Cup following the 2-2 tie against the Blacksuns. "At the beginning of the League Cup, we weren't expecting to make it this far," said striker Philip Ungmand. "We were ready to accept defeat at any point." The match has been praised as the "greatest Andallan football victory", among others. AFF President Joachim Nordhagen released another statement following the game, calling it "another ground-breaking victory in lieu of the historic tie last November 24". Midfielder Iver Marken has received the spotlight for his outstanding performance through the last 3 matches against the Sunset Sea Islands, Faramount and Shffahika, scoring a total of 2 goals against SATAMFC's best teams. Statistics show that Marken had attempted 4 more successful shots, all of which were saved. Social media had already been abuzz within minutes of Marken's lone goal. Following the victory, the hashtag #AndskundsLC2018 was bumped to #1 on Wittier's global rankings, remaining for nearly 4 hours. Other social media sites reported similar occurrences as the Andskunds' victory received a huge amount of media coverage. A quick check by CTV revealed that their live coverage of the match had received nearly 28.7 million viewers locally, with 5.2 million viewers abroad. The statistics were first announced on CTV's official Wittier account: BREAKING: 34 million viewers worldwide tuned in to our live coverage of the #SATAMFC quarterfinal between Andalla and Shffahika! #AndskundsLC2018 The Andskunds employed a mixed offense-defense strategy for the game, primarily focusing on defense. On the other hand, the Jaguars focused on offense, with the first successful shot being made as early as the first minute by striker Abessa Pelletier. Several more successful attempts were blocked by defenders Hans Nissen and Erik Meldgaard, working in close coordination with goalkeeper Robert Mølgaard. At 30', Pål Mulder took possession of the ball. An attack was quickly mounted, though stolen by Iakovu Sourd. Sourd immediately reversed the attack, passing the ball to Pelletier. As Pelletier passed the halfway line, Marken rushed in and took the ball. Without hesitation, Marken went immediately for the opponent's goal. An attempted pass to Pål Mulder was blocked by defender Norbert Bélanger, though Marken was able to regain the ball and kick it straight into the goal.The first goal pushed the Andskunds into the defensive as the Jaguars built an even stronger attack. Dominating the second half of the game, the Jaguars attempted numerous shots, most of which were successful but saved by the Andskunds' last line of defense. Several offensives were attempted against the Jaguars, all of which were unsuccessful. Nevertheless, the game ended with the score unchanged at 1-0, a victory for the Andskunds. The match against Shffahika was the first of the four quarterfinal matches, followed by @Rihan against @Gallambria. The game tied 2-2, and spectators were surprised as the penalty shootout also tied at 4-4 until the Lions took a final successful shot. @Kipan against @Faramount ended in a 1-0 victory for the Shukuro, with similar circumstances as the match against Shffahika. The Faramontese players were praised for their strong offensive in the second half, though the Shukuro prevented them from even a single goal. The final quarterfinal took place in Sunset City, with the @Mauridiviah Vinotinto playing against the Blacksuns. In an unexpected and shocking defeat, the Blacksuns bowed out of the competition following a 3-5 penalty shootout. Many Andskunds fans expressed their congratulations to the Blacksuns, who had consistently ranked among the highest in the round robin stage. The two semifinal matches will both take place on December 10th. In an official statement by SATAMFC following the matches, the Andskunds will be playing against the Gallambria Lions in their home stadium in Arkhavn. The other semifinal match will take place in Miyako, where the Kipanese Shukuro will be playing against the Mauridivian Vinotinto.
  9. Andalla

    Flight 371

    PART ONE "Papa, kha kin !" (hurry up) "Yes, yes, almost done." "But, papa, ah-peh (uncle) can't be late." "I know, I know, just hold on a bit, Jans." For the fifth time, young Jans took a glance at the clock. It was eight minutes past one, the morning of November 30th. He turned around and looked out the window to check if the car was still there. The Esé patiently waited; its headlights illuminating the cold, lonely midnight street. Two women stood outside talking — Anna, Jans' mother, and her sister Ashley. Even from inside the house, he could hear the low hum of the Gordo's engine. Nothing made a sound in this corner of Arkhavn; Sønderlev was a peaceful neighborhood. Located only two blocks away from the country's financial center, Sønderlev was a "village for the privileged" as they would say. And privileged his family was — his father, Robert Cheng, had worked 18 years at Alfaland, serving as COO for six years and sitting on the Board for five. And if being a senior official for one of Andalla's most prominent real estate companies was not enough, Robert Cheng also served as a non-exec and major shareholder in several other corporations. Now retired, his humble father sought to make more time for his family as opposed to the hectic schedule of a wealthy aristocrat; he now ran a small café chain with Anna. Their main branch was built on an empty lot right next to Jans' school, which was a ten-minute walk away through the quiet streets of Sønderlev. . . . "Here, help me close this luggage and bring it out so you and Mama can load it in. I'll double-check the house if we left anything." "OK, but don't take too long, alright Papa?" "Of course, Jans." Robert was not a man of many servants. Born to a middle-class Giokton family, he had to slowly work himself up the corporate ladder; a gruesome experience from beginning to end. Throughout his career he had learned courage and independence, two important values that sustained him even until the present. It was for this reason that he did not hire any nanny or chauffeur — everything was done by the family themselves. Outside, Jans had just finished loading the last luggage into the compartment. Anna was pleased to see her little boy doing so much work; now he was really growing up. Turning ten in two days was no small matter. Jans was off on a week-long semestral break, and they were going abroad to celebrate. "Now, Jans, get in the car. Ah-peh has a surprise for you. I'll just go back and help Papa fix everything." "You'll be done soon, right Mama?" "Depends if we have lots of things to fix. Don't worry, we won't take long." Anna disappeared back into the house. Robert was arranging all the things, unplugging any electrical appliances. Anna ran through the bedrooms, making sure nothing was left behind. One could never be so sure. One by one, Anna switched off the lights and closed all the windows in each room. She took one last glance into Jans' small bedroom, which was adjacent to theirs. He had been sleeping alone since the age of eight, which was rather impressive. He was really a mature little boy, much to the delight of his parents and everybody around him. Anna smiled to herself and flicked the switch. She could've sworn that she had seen something sparkling in the moonlight. It was very small anyways, and after all, she was too happy to care. A moment later, Jans' parents emerged from the house. Keys in hand, Robert began to secure each of the door's three locks. As they walked to the car, Jans gladly opened the door from inside. "Say your last goodbyes to the house, Jans. You won't be seeing it for a week." A week. OOC: I know this is something rather unexpected, but be assured it won't actually have much effect on the world's current situation (As of the time of its conception). It's all for your reading pleasure. Enjoy!
  10. Andalla

    Photo booth

    The historic meeting establishing formal diplomatic relations between @Orioni and the @Sunset Sea Islands, circa 1800s, colorized. (Your food is making me hungry. Astounding choice of the beverage there, Orioni. My natural Filipino senses are proud. )
  11. Andalla

    The Laws of the Sea

    Continued... "So, Captain, how's she doing?" "Pretty well, Minister. Not a single incident in over a hundred hours of flight time." "That's... amazing. And she's only the third prototype?" "Correct, Minister, the third and newest fully-functional model ever built." The young SK-3 dashed across the Sea of Andalla at 38,000 feet. An engineer in his thirties sat at his post monitoring the aircraft's performance amid a myriad of gauges and switches. Two other engineers recorded outside conditions and tinkered around with several large vats of water. The flight engineer was glued to the dials, noting all significant information and keeping an eye on the flight systems. It was just another routine run, busy as ever, to check the progress of the SK-3's flight test and certification program. The cabin was separated by a single row of dividers and a door. The rear cabin had a completely different mission — it housed the Andallan delegation for the conference, led by Foreign Minister Bjarke Albinsen. Though somewhat hastily prepared, the rear cabin was a flying palace — designed to barely accommodate the entire delegation on the ground at Sunset City, in the almost-likely event that the hosts would be less than friendly to the delegates. The cabin was complete with a small table and eight more wooden chairs, to serve as a rudimentary meeting room if needed. Sleeping bags were stuffed up into a small closet, the closest thing the cabin had to a bed aside from the chairs themselves. The Andallans came prepared; they would not fall for any foolish trap set by the fledgling new government. Though initially hesitant to use a test aircraft, Skandinavisk agreed to coordinate a "test flight" to Sunset City to serve the purpose. Even in 1959 the Andallans looked at their western neighbors with a slight degree of hostility; Skandinavisk allowed the delegation to travel free save for the furniture, which was simply moved in from a stockroom in the Foreign Ministry. Bjarke Albinsen observed the different cockpit instruments aboard the SK-3. For many of the delegation members, himself included, it was their first time flying on a jet. But Albinsen was sort of familiar with the Skandinavisk cockpit; he had often been invited to the flight deck while flying on the government-owned SK-1 and SK-2 fleet. One always had this certain indescribable feeling of pride when setting foot into a Skandinavisk cockpit for the first time, and it often followed each time one would once again enter the small hallowed room. Albinsen could easily tell that the pilots were loving each moment of the flight; any Andallan pilot would. But today they were happier than usual. Today they were putting the Sunset Sea Islands to shame with an aircraft unparalleled to whatever their Sunset Sea Islandian rivals would be introducing soon. Albinsen never liked the idea of hostility. He could never understand why Andalla couldn't simply forgive the Sunset Sea Islands. Even Giokto and Andalla got along well these days, not because their fates had been decided but because two long-time neighbors had finally been reconciled. Hundreds of years of constant fighting between Andalla and Giokto, even between Giokto and itself, had ended with uniting under a single banner. And the Sunset Sea Islands did what? A surprise attack and some ancient unfriendly natives. Albinsen could really do nothing but roll his eyes and frustrate himself with the sheer hardheaded mindset of the Andallans. But, luckily enough, there had arisen another chance at achieving true regional unity. One that would, perhaps, come with the added benefit of securing more relations across the globe. It was a time for peace, a time for cooperation, a time for one united force working for a common cause. Nobody knew that. Albinsen did. Soon everybody else would, too.
  12. Andalla

    Andallan Broadcasting Network

    ANDSKUNDS TIE 2-2 IN HISTORIC GAME AGAINST SSI BLACKSUNS By: Bendt Svane | November 25, 2018 The Andskunds celebrating the historic draw against the SSI Blacksuns. SUNSET CITY - Fans across the Sea of Andalla rejoiced as the Andskunds managed to end the game against the @Sunset Sea Islandsian Blacksuns in a draw. The game has been described as "historic" and "ground-breaking", among others. Joachim Nordhagen, President of the Andallan Football Federation, said the game was "a major victory and an important turning point in Andallan football history". On the opposing side, Blacksuns fans are worried about the team's deteriorating performance throughout the past few games. The much-awaited match against @Kipan last November 20th had unfortunately ended in a 3-2 loss for the Blacksuns, while other fans have noted that they may have been "overworking" themselves for the upcoming game against @Gallambria. The Blacksuns are the current reigning UENA champions, after winning the 2018 World Cup final against @Variota. The Andskunds did not qualify for the World Cup. In a short statement released following the game, CTV announced that its live television coverage of the match had received a record viewership of nearly 22.9 million viewers in Andalla and Giokto. Foreign divisions of CTV reported an additional 4 million viewers worldwide, primarily from Andallan communities in @Ahrana. The game kicked off with constant rapid exchanges between the opposing sides. The first shot was attempted by Pål Mulder at 8', though unsuccessful. Mulder took another shot at 16', which was then saved by goalkeeper Aron Bahir. The first goal was scored by the Blacksuns at 39', which was quickly answered by Philip Ungmand at 42'. The score remained tied at 1-1 through half-time, prompting the Andskunds to switch formation to a more offensive one. After several quick exchanges, defender Bjarke Lorentzen regained possession for good. At 73', midfielder Iver Marken scored a goal placing Andalla in the lead at 2-1. The Blacksuns were expected to quickly catch up, though the score remained still thanks to defender Hans Nissen. Desperate to end the game with at least a draw, the Blacksuns immediately went on the offensive and dominated possession until the end of the game. Multiple attacks, mostly by striker Max Neu, were again stopped by defender Hans Nissen. Minutes before the game ended, Neu took one final goal after three previous attempts, finally ending the game in a 2-2 draw. The results were received by much celebration on the Andallan side, especially for Nissen and Marken. Fans praised Marken's long goal, which was shot from right beyond the halfway line on the opposing side. Goalkeeper Robert Mølgaard once again received attention for his performance and strong cooperation with Nissen. Blacksuns fans continue to worry about the team's worsening condition. As a result of the draw, the Blacksuns dropped from 3rd to 5th place, being overtaken by @Rihan and @Mauridiviah. However, the situation remains hopeful as many believe the Blacksuns are only "resting" from their unprecedented World Cup victory. The Andskunds are already preparing for the ninth and last day of the round robin stage, where they will play against @Faramount. As per last week's game, Andalla has already qualified for the quarterfinals. OOC: Retrospective... again. Busy busy week
  13. Andalla

    Request: Oyus

    @Oyus This is great! With your location and strong tourism (I assume), Oyus would be the perfect layover for Andallan Airways flights to @Gallambria
  14. Andalla

    Andallan Broadcasting Network

    ANDSKUNDS CLAIM FOURTH LEAGUE CUP VICTORY; QUALIFY FOR QUARTERFINALS By: Bendt Svane | November 21, 2018 The Andskunds celebrating Philip Ungmand's lone winning goal against Asgeirria. ARKHAVN - The Andskunds emerged victorious after a close match against the @Asgeirrian national team yesterday at the Lars Nedergaard Stadium. The Andskunds concluded with a single goal by Philip Ungmand at 86', against none by Asgeirria. In the first half of the game, possession constantly switched between both teams. The first on-target shot was made by Asgeirrian striker Sigmond Vucari at 33', though saved by Robert Mølgaard. The rest of the game continued as usual, with a saved attempt by Pål Mulder at 53'. At the 80' mark, Thorbjørn Bjørn regained possession of the ball as the Asgeirrians were attacking. He quickly passed it to Philip Ungmand, who attempted 2 shots directly after. Though on-target, both were saved by Veerendra Vyander. Ungmand attempted another shot at 86' which went in after Vyander was caught off-guard. Hoping to improve the 1-0 score, Ungmand took one last shot at 89' which missed its target. Fans applauded the Andskund's strong defense during the match, while others also praised the Asgeirrian team for its strong responses. "Our forwards did a great job there, keeping the ball in constant switching rather than giving it all to the opponent," noted Vikram Adapa, the Asgeirrian head coach. "I had hoped to get a second goal, but the Asgeirrian defense was amazing. It was a great game, and they really played well," said Philip Ungmand. Ungmand was later seen shaking hands with Vyander, a move which was praised for their sportsmanship. Though the goal at 89' was a harsh bruise to Vyander, he was still able to block Ungmand's previous attempts. The victory has served as an important morale booster for the Andskunds' upcoming game against the @Sunset Sea Islands' Blacksuns on Saturday. Since the 0-2 defeat against @Kipan last November 12, Andalla has risen to 5th place in the rankings, qualifying the team for the Quarterfinals on December 6th. "We're looking forward to playing against the Blacksuns, and we're so happy to have qualified for the Quarterfinals," said Head Coach Sven Eriksen. "A lot of hard work has been put into these games. The team has been training long for the League Cup, and we're just so excited to see what would come next." In other news, the 2018 League Cup had its first red card shown to a @Rihannsu player in the match against @Mauridiviah. The game ended in a 2-2 draw, Rihan's first for the season. OOC: Retrospective
  15. I feel like I shouldn't be voting myself out, but I really want the change. A controversial member that no longer interacts with this community (and has never actually interacted positively with it) cannot hold the honor of pioneering the commercial jet airliner. @Tagmatium Rules — Great story! I'm pretty sure you'll win this one. Also, perhaps we could connect Andalla to the invention just to explain why caught on the trend early on. Say, perhaps one of Glauketes' many pilots was an Andallan immigrant who was able to bring the technology to Andalla? He probably wasn't the one who piloted the first flight, though. That's an honor you should hold