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  1. I feel like I shouldn't be voting myself out, but I really want the change. A controversial member that no longer interacts with this community (and has never actually interacted positively with it) cannot hold the honor of pioneering the commercial jet airliner. @Tagmatium Rules — Great story! I'm pretty sure you'll win this one. Also, perhaps we could connect Andalla to the invention just to explain why caught on the trend early on. Say, perhaps one of Glauketes' many pilots was an Andallan immigrant who was able to bring the technology to Andalla? He probably wasn't the one who piloted the first flight, though. That's an honor you should hold
  2. Right, thanks! As this is all about the stories, I'll be explaining what current lore has about the first jet airliner. Now, one thing to note before you read this — existing lore is very little and very vague. I currently hold most (if not all) information about it on my Skandinavisk page which, as I've seen, seems to be the most historically detailed aviation-related page. While collecting information for the jetliner, I purposefully left it vague since I knew there was room for improvement. And since I had to ask others to claim the honor, it would be rude to keep asking for all sorts of details. Remember we can change this anytime. All that's needed mine and @Sunset Sea Islands' approval, since we're the only remaining parties to this thing. I know mod intervention can theoretically rule both of us out since it's kinda unrealistic for two dirt-poor Thalassan nations (we're talking late 1950's here) to be playing the big plane game, so alright. Here goes... It's the mid-1950s and Aérospatiale Lysienne has just begun commercial production of the Comète (based off the de Havilland DH.106 Comet). The world's very first jet airliner, the Comète is an instant success. Meanwhile, across the world, the Sunset Sea Islands and Andalla are competing to produce their own jet airliner. With its ambitious rebuilding plans following the Thalassan War, the SSI is leading the competition depite the Andallans' superior experience. Suddenly, a series of fatal accidents occur involving the Comète — aircraft breaking up mid-air, causing catastrophic crashes and little survivors. The cause is found to be in the square design of the windows, which cause lots of structural fatigue at high altitudes and high speeds. This forces both the SSI and Andalla to revise their design; however, SSI is still in the lead. The SSI releases its jet airliner soon after, earning second place in the jet race. Months after, the Skandinavisk SK-3 begins service. With the Comète mostly a failure, SSI and Andalla battle it out for commercial superiority. Despite the delays, thanks to Andalla's previous experience the SK-3 turns out as the better aircraft and significantly outsells its rival, becoming the first successful commercial jet airliner.
  3. Andalla

    The Laws of the Sea

    Købmanshavn Palace, Arkhavn — 18 March 1959 "Tull! Helt tull!" (Nonsense! Complete nonsense!) Somebody was clearly unamused by the letter of invitation sent by the @Sunset Sea Islands to their supposedly important international convention. That "somebody" was Allan Svendsen, the Andallan Minister of Defense, who was among those called to an impromptu Cabinet meeting to discuss Andalla's response to the letter. "Sir, please," hushed Torsten Degn, his secretary. "It's alright, Mr. Degn," interrupted President Rohde. "I knew this invitation would solicit some, rather... violent reactions, especially considering what happened a decade ago. But this invitation concerns maritime law – international maritime law. And the blue in our flag isn't blue for no reason: Our economy, our nation, it thrives on the sea. With or without this agreement, all our hopes will rest on the sea. So it would be the wiser choice to accept this invitation, lest we face economic trouble later on. We must do something." "Right, we can boycott it," Svendsen retorted. A few heads nodded in agreement. Rolf Lassen, the Minister of Trade, glared at Svendsen. "Mr. Svendsen. We simply cannot miss this agreement. Whether or not you'll like it, this conference will surely have a lasting impact on maritime trade for decades to come. And we're talking international level here. Mr. President, have you not heard? The @Orionii have already confirmed their attendance. If we want to continue crossing that ocean for any more reason than breaking useless records," Lassen pointed to a small painting on the wall, depicting a great 18th-century Andallan vessel braving the mighty waves of the Oriental Ocean. "... then we might as well do something, or forever regret our decision." President Rohde nodded at Lassen, then looked at everybody else. "Mr. Lassen is right. Our sources have confirmed Orioni, and potentially other important trade partners, will be sending a delegate to the event. If we decline the invitation, imagine the possibilities. The Sunset Sea Islands is very smart and cunning, like their predecessor. By reaching an agreement with critical Andallan trade partners, they might as well turn them all against us, one way or another." "Well then, if we must attend, then we shall send only a small delegation," Svendsen insisted. "Only one that's large enough to function at the bare minimum." "But, Mr. Svendsen, will that not make us look like the losers?" objected Lassen. "Showing little interest in this key agreement will only paint us as the ones who do not care to stand up against our enemies." "... Mr. Svendsen, do you not consider that every delegation attending this meeting has surely heard of the events that have taken place years ago, the events that have rocked Thalassa? I'm sure they also know we were the ones that fought the hardest to destroy it. We were the force of good. And they're expecting us to show that in the meeting. That is, if we even choose to attend." The President nodded again. "Well-said, Mr. Lassen." Twelve years after the war ended, in an era of economic progress and rapid technological advancement, there were still many, many, many people who harbored memories of the great atrocities committed by the Empire of Mat Troi Lan. It was almost a given, that anything pertaining to the new government would be met with much contempt by Andallans, @Mauridiviahns, Flautons, and even Gioktons. If some wars were fought to end prejudice and unfair treatment, the Thalassan War only created more of it. Mat Troi Lan only created more of it. "Mr. President, a destroyer is not enough. We must send the Kalvtinden!" suggested Minister Lassen. Admiral Magne Asheim was quick to respond. "Mr. Lassen, I must inform you that as of the moment the Kalvtinden is undergoing her annual maintenance repairs in Brumundvik. And besides, she is already in a poor condition. We are looking to scrap her soon." The last remaining ship of her class, the SFS Kalvtinden witnessed the tragic sinkings of her sisters the Styggetinden and the renowned Gravfjelle. Once the pride of the Andallan fleet during her launch in 1941, she now sat as a rusting 18-year-old relic of the past. "The Vesthavet is far too large to be practical," Asheim added. "It would make for a spectacular arrival, but the logistical issues outweigh the benefits." The SFS Vesthavet was the Navy's first aircraft carrier. She was brand-new, having served for a mere three months; she was the pride of the Andallan fleet. Older sailors did not welcome the idea of a floating, moving airbase, for Andalla had already many small airstrips everywhere. The Vesthavet herself was plagued with many operational problems which were hastily being fixed one by one, but for the time being, she symbolized nothing but the Andallan people's strength and perseverance. Svendsen was growing impatient. He had had enough of these boys talking about all their little toys and which they might play with today. "Send the jet." "Mr. Svendsen, excuse me?" Asheim remarked, stunned. "I said, send the jet." "Mr. Svendsen, this is a maritime agreement..." "It's the only way we can showcase our strength and superiority at the event. Since you and Mr. Lassen already crossed out the Kalvtinden and the Vesthavet as possibilities." "Mr. Svendsen, I—" "Very well," the President interrupted. "Mr. Svendsen, I'm appointing you in charge of communicating with Skandinavisk regarding the jet. Admiral Asheim, if you see any possibility within our fleet, or if you can find a way to get one of the two ships you discussed, very well. Both of you shall report to me by this time next week, along with everyone else in this room. Thank you all for your time." The President got up, shook hands with everybody, and left the room. Part 2 to continue...
  4. Andalla

    Sandbox RP forum for newcomers

    I second that - forcing people to go through an immigration screening process will make us look like, well, Trump. But at the same time we don't want to be compromising our RPs just to assist these newcomers. Perhaps, we could make a rule: Factbook and news thread before RP. We'll try to help the newcomers as they write their factbooks and news threads, then once they're all fine, we put them on the map and let them RP. Another solution would be to strike a compromise between the two. We allow newcomers to RP, but their stories would be subject to improvement as they go along. Then we let them go freely when it's all good. It should be noted that members should try to have only minimal involvement in newcomers' stories; rather, they should assist OOC then participate IC when everything's fine.
  5. Andalla

    Andallan Broadcasting Network

    ANDSKUNDS LOSE TO RIHAN IN HOME STADIUM, FACE SECOND LEAGUE CUP DEFEAT By: Bendt Svane | October 31, 2018 Pål Mulder (right) racing towards Mirel Lovok (left) before he scores the lone winning goal against Andalla. ARKHAVN - The Andskunds faced their second loss in the 2018 SATAMFC League Cup in a match against @Rihan at the Lars Nedergaard Stadium in Arkhavn yesterday. Following a 0-2 defeat against @Gallambria in Bromwich on October 27, the Andskunds took on the Rihannsu "Soaring Eagles" at their home stadium in Arkhavn. Before the match, both Rihan and Andalla were tied at 6 points in the official rankings, with two wins and one loss. The pressure was on with Mirel Lovok replacing Delon Vekek, who was preparing for a later match. The match kicked off with Rihan's Vaebyn Rylov attempting a shot at 1', though saved thanks to goalkeeper Robert Mølgaard. Two more attempted shots followed in quick succession, one by Nicolaj Lauritzen at 2' and another by Rylov at 3', though both missed the net. After that, Pål Mulder took a shot twice at 8' and 15', both were straight-on but saved by Hvaid Relak. At 18', Mirel Lovok scored the first goal when Mølgaard dove to the ground though the ball was above him. Lovok attempted another shot at 22', though this time Mølgaard was prepared. Following Lovok's goal, the Andskunds immediately unleashed their offensive side, dominating the game until 70'. The Andskunds forbade Rihan from even a single shot, forcing them to enter the defensive side. From 38' to 69', the Andskunds attempted 11 shots; 7 missed their target, mostly due to Rihan's strong defense, while the other 4 shots were saved by Relak. Rihan regained possession of the ball shortly at 70', when Lovok took another shot which was saved again. Shortly after, the Andskunds had possession again, though only one shot was attempted and was also saved. Rihan held the ball until the end of the game, attempting two more shots that were both saved. Despite the loss, the results were met with much joy from both sides. The Andskunds were praised for their strong offensive that dominated half the game, while Relak and Lovok received much attention for their excellent performance in the game. "There's hope for our team this year," said Head Coach Sven Eriksen. "We didn't expect to make it this far. You have to learn to accept defeat and treasure victory." "The Rihannsu played very well," said Pål Mulder. "It's an honor to have played against them, even if we lost." Mulder, a @Variotan-Andallan widely considered as the greatest Andallan football player in modern history, was responsible for the lone winning goals against Shffahkia and Pallamara earlier in the season. Following the defeat, Andalla ranked 6th in the League Cup with 6 points, with Rihan following at 5th place. Week 5 of the 2018 League Cup on December 7 will see the Andskunds playing against @Mauridiviah, while the Rihannsu Soaring Eagles will be playing against the @Sunset Sea Islands' Blacksuns. The most-awaited match for Andallan fans will take place on November 12 (Week 6), when Andalla will be facing @Kipan. The Kipanese team has been holding first place since the beginning of the 2018 League Cup, and was shortly tied with Andalla and the Sunset Sea Islands at 6 points during Week 1. Some OOC notes for reference: Pål Mulder is a striker on the Andallan team and is considered as the greatest Andallan football player in modern history. Andallan-Variotan heritage (father from Variota, hence the surname). RL person Paul Mulders. Lars Nedergaard Stadium, Arkhavn, largest stadium in Andalla. Seating capacity 49,970. Based off Ajinomoto Stadium.
  6. Andalla

    Law of the Sea Convention

    Spot-on, O! Oof, I haven't posted my reply yet. I'll check to see if it's still possible.
  7. Andalla

    Andallan Broadcasting Network

    AL AIRCRAFT EXPERIENCES "VIOLENT SHAKING" By: David Thomassen | October 23, 2018 The aircraft, an Aamotech Slankstråle, photographed at @Variota's Kaptein A.H.Ferrefaaier International Airport in 2017. ARKHAVN - Andallan Airways flight AL6, a 10-hour daily flight between Meda, @Orioni and Arkhavn, experienced "violent shaking" while descending towards Ivan Petersen International Airport earlier. The aircraft landed safely at 10:33 AM, with no injuries reported. "We were about to land, then the aircraft began to shake," said passenger Oliver Clemmenssen. "At first I thought it was just turbulence, but it grew stronger, until you could really hear everything shaking." The shaking, which was caused by wake turbulence from a previous arrival, lasted about 15 seconds. According to passengers, the cabin was shaking violently, but later reports indicated no damage to the cabin. "Wake turbulence is not unusual on aircraft," said pilot Eli Hartmann, who was in charge of AL6 at the time. "It occurs when an aircraft creates a disturbance in the wind, causing the aircraft behind it to shake." According to AT's resident aviation correspondent Stefan Flugdahl, "the tip of the wing may form invisible vortexes as it moves through the air. Usually these vortexes just fade away, but sometimes these vortexes may hit the aircraft flying behind. This happens when the wind is strong enough to create larger vortexes, or the aircraft fly too close to each other." Following the incident, Andallan Airways released a statement on Wittier apologizing for any inconvenience caused by the incident. The aircraft involved was a @Prymontian-built Aamotech Slankstråle, registered A-ALSH. It was delivered brand-new to Andallan Airways on 5 January 2008 and has been serving continuously with the airline for 10.8 years. Preceding AL6 was KAir Flight 1 (KH1), the airline's flagship service between Saipuo and Arkhavn, which is also operated by an Aamotech Slankstråle. Both aircraft landed safely, with no damages or passenger injuries reported. OOC: Aamotech doesn't really have model designators (none that I know of), so if ever any clarification is needed - the AL aircraft was a 777-300ER, while the KAir one was a 777-300. OOC (2): Yes, I'll be using ANA for Andallan Airways. It's the only nice blue airline that has all the aircraft I need.
  8. Andalla

    Andallan Broadcasting Network

    STU SINGERS PERFORM AT THE CAPE ARKHAVN By: Sigurd Hanssen | September 30, 2018 The award-winning ensemble performed several Christmas songs at The Cape Hotel Arkhavn earlier. ARKHAVN - The STU Singers, an internationally-recognized choral group from the University of Saint Thorbjorn or Sankt Thorbjorns Universitet, performed the classic Andallan Christmas song "De Jultraaer er Skinner" ("The Christmas Trees Are Shining") at the lobby of The Cape Hotel Arkhavn earlier. Other songs were also performed, culminating with "Hør, Du Hører Engel Sang" ("Listen to the Angles Singing"). The performance was deliberately scheduled to take place on the last day of September. The 30th of September is often colloquially referred to as "Andallan Christmas Eve" as Christmas ("Jul") festivities often begin as early as October. In cooperation with the STU Singers, The Cape Hotel had its Christmas decorations set up already by October 28, a week before most businesses begin Christmas preparations. The performance is the first in a series of benefit performances featuring local and international Christmas classics. The series is entitled "Et Barn, En Jul" ("One Child, One Christmas"), as all proceedings will be donated to rural impoverished families with young children. "The realization that there still are children who cannot celebrate Jul is truly... painful. That was the strongest driving force behind the creation of this performance," said the STU Singers' conductor Helen Lauritsen. "With Et Barn, En Jul, we at STU are hoping to allow every Andallan child, rich or poor, to celebrate a meaningful Christmas this year." Throughout the Jul season from October to January, the STU Singers will be performing in malls, hotel lobbies and airports around the country.
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    Flag Change: Andalla

    Of course fam
  10. Andalla

    Flag Change: Andalla

    Well, thank you so much! Don't worry - I'll remember to include a Scandinavian cross somewhere among my regional or provincial flags Oh, and one more thing: I LOVE IT! That flag looks absolutely awesome on the map. Thanks again!
  11. Andalla

    Flag Change: Andalla

    New flag for Andalla. I felt it needed a more "Southeast Asian" type of flag as opposed to the good ol' Scandinavian cross, and to be more consistent with the "sun" vibe in the area (Looking at you @Sunset Sea Islands). The 9 rays on the sun symbolize the 9 major islands of the Andallan archipelago; the sun itself stands for wealth – Andalla's physical, material, and natural wealth. Fun fact, the sun is actually a [somewhat modified] proposed 9-ray variant of the 8-ray Philippine sun. Blue symbolizes the sea and strength, and is the largest band because the sea is a vital resource for Andalla. White is for the sky and purity (But Skandinavisk is very, very, very important; It's just that I didn't want the flag to resemble Thailand too much). Red stands for the ground and – I like this part – the blood spilled on the ground by countless Andallans who fought for their people.
  12. Sure thing! I'll just need some details and I can include it in my SK-3 article. I've checked out @Prymont's latest news article and he seems to have mentioned the Concorde, so we can go with keeping the Comète under a "Lysienne" aerospace company, say Aérospatiale Lysienne or something like that. At least your jet fades away into history as second place rather than die a violent economic death as first place
  13. Okay, okay. Before I encounter any violent reactions, allow me to clarify that I do know of all the recent events involving Fleur de Lys and understand its effects. I am just clarifying, as I have sometimes heard something different. By all means I am not defending nor attacking Fleur, his aerospace company Aérospatiale, or promoting any replacement for it. First, I want to clarify what exactly happens to his planes. As they're claimed RL equipment, I understand that the removal of Aérospatiale means the dropping of all claims; simple as that. But I also heard of a replacing NPC to take the role of the region's cultural center for French cultures, and would this include an aircraft manufacturer of its own? Right now I've gone ahead with claiming the A320 family (formerly the Aérospatiale Autun) as the Skandinavisk SK-6, and I want to make sure no fuss will happen if an NPC replacement for Aérospatiale suddenly comes up. Second, regarding the world's entry to the jet age. In my background story for the SK-3, I created the Aérospatiale Comète as the first jet airliner to enter commercial service, based off the de Havilland Comet (this was done with permission). In accordance with the removal of everything Lysian, the Comète, therefore, does not exist. That makes @Sunset Sea Islands' jetliner (still TBD) the first to do so, and mine as the second. I don't have any problem with this, but will it be acceptable to everyone for SSI to take the first place? As he's very advanced yet has little involvement in aviation, and that other nations are much more involved in the industry, I'd see there'd be a bit of a conflict there; perhaps some other manufacturer wants first place. However, this comes at a bit of a price: People in those days could only build piston aircraft, the Comet was no exception - it was almost just like a piston aircraft with jets. Therefore a lot of structural problems arose and turned the Comet into a failure after 3 deadly incidents involving the aircraft disintegrating mid-air. By the time repairs were done and the Comet was updated to the newly-discovered safety standards, other planes such as the DC-8 and 707 had taken its place. That, I believe, is what will happen to whoever wishes to take first place, unless by a stroke of luck they just wanted their plane with circle-shaped windows instead of square ones. But that is highly unlikely. So I'm just placing it all here, leaving it for discussion because I don't want any problems to arise either.
  14. Andalla

    From Skies to Safety [OOC]

    If we could set up the proper mechanisms, I'd be completely willing to maintain any list of these codes if needed. Anyway. One more thing as we go about organizing this: registration. As far as I'm concerned nobody really needs it unless they want to be really detailed in their aviation posts (ehrm... me) so naturally we won't be going deep into it. I'm sure everyone will be sensible enough to adopt their own reasonable aircraft registration system if need be. One problem we have, though, is the prefix. Right now we could perhaps use the ISO country code for simplicity, but it's not unusual to see absolutely absurd registration codes, like N for the US, B for China and 9V for Singapore. What or who determines this? A whole host of different factors influenced these prefixes when they were determined and so can ours. But of course it would get confusing and many wouldn't approve of it, so I'm leaving this here for discussion.
  15. Andalla

    OneSky | Global Airline Alliance - Call for Membership

    Airline: KAir (pronounced "Kayier" as in "Kai Air") CEO: Jerry Ko (高生侃, Ko Seng-khán) CFO: Colin Cho (曹悟臣, Chô Gō-sîn) COO: Lim Koan Hong (林冠放, Lîm Kòan-hóng) Main Office: Kai Executive Tower, 2230 Konghok Road, Saipuo Hub: Saipuo Toheng International Airport (CGST), Kaohen-Tailam International Airport (CGTA) Subsidiaries: KiteAir Fleet Size: 52 (KAir), 18 (KiteAir) Frequent-Flyer Program: KaiFly Frequent-Flyer Levels: Silver, Gold, Jade