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  1. Andalla

    Flag Change: Andalla

    Of course fam
  2. Andalla

    Flag Change: Andalla

    Well, thank you so much! Don't worry - I'll remember to include a Scandinavian cross somewhere among my regional or provincial flags Oh, and one more thing: I LOVE IT! That flag looks absolutely awesome on the map. Thanks again!
  3. Andalla

    Flag Change: Andalla

    New flag for Andalla. I felt it needed a more "Southeast Asian" type of flag as opposed to the good ol' Scandinavian cross, and to be more consistent with the "sun" vibe in the area (Looking at you @Sunset Sea Islands). The 9 rays on the sun symbolize the 9 major islands of the Andallan archipelago; the sun itself stands for wealth – Andalla's physical, material, and natural wealth. Fun fact, the sun is actually a [somewhat modified] proposed 9-ray variant of the 8-ray Philippine sun. Blue symbolizes the sea and strength, and is the largest band because the sea is a vital resource for Andalla. White is for the sky and purity (But Skandinavisk is very, very, very important; It's just that I didn't want the flag to resemble Thailand too much). Red stands for the ground and – I like this part – the blood spilled on the ground by countless Andallans who fought for their people.
  4. Sure thing! I'll just need some details and I can include it in my SK-3 article. I've checked out @Prymont's latest news article and he seems to have mentioned the Concorde, so we can go with keeping the Comète under a "Lysienne" aerospace company, say Aérospatiale Lysienne or something like that. At least your jet fades away into history as second place rather than die a violent economic death as first place
  5. Okay, okay. Before I encounter any violent reactions, allow me to clarify that I do know of all the recent events involving Fleur de Lys and understand its effects. I am just clarifying, as I have sometimes heard something different. By all means I am not defending nor attacking Fleur, his aerospace company Aérospatiale, or promoting any replacement for it. First, I want to clarify what exactly happens to his planes. As they're claimed RL equipment, I understand that the removal of Aérospatiale means the dropping of all claims; simple as that. But I also heard of a replacing NPC to take the role of the region's cultural center for French cultures, and would this include an aircraft manufacturer of its own? Right now I've gone ahead with claiming the A320 family (formerly the Aérospatiale Autun) as the Skandinavisk SK-6, and I want to make sure no fuss will happen if an NPC replacement for Aérospatiale suddenly comes up. Second, regarding the world's entry to the jet age. In my background story for the SK-3, I created the Aérospatiale Comète as the first jet airliner to enter commercial service, based off the de Havilland Comet (this was done with permission). In accordance with the removal of everything Lysian, the Comète, therefore, does not exist. That makes @Sunset Sea Islands' jetliner (still TBD) the first to do so, and mine as the second. I don't have any problem with this, but will it be acceptable to everyone for SSI to take the first place? As he's very advanced yet has little involvement in aviation, and that other nations are much more involved in the industry, I'd see there'd be a bit of a conflict there; perhaps some other manufacturer wants first place. However, this comes at a bit of a price: People in those days could only build piston aircraft, the Comet was no exception - it was almost just like a piston aircraft with jets. Therefore a lot of structural problems arose and turned the Comet into a failure after 3 deadly incidents involving the aircraft disintegrating mid-air. By the time repairs were done and the Comet was updated to the newly-discovered safety standards, other planes such as the DC-8 and 707 had taken its place. That, I believe, is what will happen to whoever wishes to take first place, unless by a stroke of luck they just wanted their plane with circle-shaped windows instead of square ones. But that is highly unlikely. So I'm just placing it all here, leaving it for discussion because I don't want any problems to arise either.
  6. Andalla

    From Skies to Safety [OOC]

    If we could set up the proper mechanisms, I'd be completely willing to maintain any list of these codes if needed. Anyway. One more thing as we go about organizing this: registration. As far as I'm concerned nobody really needs it unless they want to be really detailed in their aviation posts (ehrm... me) so naturally we won't be going deep into it. I'm sure everyone will be sensible enough to adopt their own reasonable aircraft registration system if need be. One problem we have, though, is the prefix. Right now we could perhaps use the ISO country code for simplicity, but it's not unusual to see absolutely absurd registration codes, like N for the US, B for China and 9V for Singapore. What or who determines this? A whole host of different factors influenced these prefixes when they were determined and so can ours. But of course it would get confusing and many wouldn't approve of it, so I'm leaving this here for discussion.
  7. Andalla

    OneSky | Global Airline Alliance - Call for Membership

    Airline: KAir (pronounced "Kayier" as in "Kai Air") CEO: Jerry Ko (高生侃, Ko Seng-khán) CFO: Colin Cho (曹悟臣, Chô Gō-sîn) COO: Lim Koan Hong (林冠放, Lîm Kòan-hóng) Main Office: Kai Executive Tower, 2230 Konghok Road, Saipuo Hub: Saipuo Toheng International Airport (CGST), Kaohen-Tailam International Airport (CGTA) Subsidiaries: KiteAir Fleet Size: 52 (KAir), 18 (KiteAir) Frequent-Flyer Program: KaiFly Frequent-Flyer Levels: Silver, Gold, Jade
  8. Andalla

    From Skies to Safety [OOC]

    Great work, loving it! One suggestion though: Perhaps include different codes for territories, such as what you did for the Ashford and Tarago Islands. But you should do it on a per-request (OOC) basis as it will be really hard looking for all the world's territories. As there's really no more space in the C-zone, I'll get CG for Giokto. Oh, and one more thing: The lone island to the far southwest of Futanarien is an NPC nation known as Burkini, created by @Orioni mostly for the purpose of allowing short-range aircraft to cross the Oriental Ocean. Try this for reference. And one last thing, IASA sounds okay. But it might lose relevance as it would grow to regulate more than just safety, I guess? Perhaps we could use that as the old name. Also, are we going to change it once it gets incorporated into the UEL?
  9. Andalla

    Law of the Sea Convention

    Sure thing @Faramount
  10. Andalla

    From Skies to Safety [OOC]

    That would be great. Could you perhaps send me a copy of what has been done so far? I'd like to see it Let's hope my country code will sound nice Also, allow me to remind y'all that we don't yet have a name for this thing. Could we have some suggestions?
  11. Andalla

    The Geography Game

    A "K"?! Err... Kalinga
  12. Andalla

    The Geography Game

  13. Link to the RP thread, "From Skies to Safety". Seeing as the RP will soon begin to revolve around an international aviation agreement, and that my actual goal is to get as many nations to participate, planning with other nations is essential for this one. As far as I'm concerned the agreement would be identical to the ICAO, and will also set up the predecessor for a similar organization which will be part of the under-construction Europa UN. I will gladly welcome any comments; I'm rather inexperienced and also can't write so well so any help will be gladly appreciated. Right now we're only beginning. The year is 1948. Thanks to a small band of corrupt Deltannian airport officials, a loophole was found in the Andallan and Deltannian aviation regulations - one that would take away the rights of operation for Andallan aircraft, or, in this situation, one that would convince Andallan airlines to bribe these corrupt officials to continue allowing them to operate. As Deltannia is an important stop along the route from Andalla to Europa (aircraft at that time still couldn't cross the Oriental Ocean), the issue gains much attention and Andallan aviation officials work to standardize regulations with Deltannia. At one point as the two nations begin work to standardizing regulations, somebody has a lightbulb moment: "Why can't we get the whole world to standardize along with us?" At first most higher officials are skeptical about the idea but are soon convinced. Using Andalla's well-developed diplomatic connections thanks to trade, more nations are invited to join the agreement - effectively forming the very first international air safety organization. I don't want to have to force anyone to join, so I'll keep it voluntary. There will come a point where I will post an invitation to the nations of the world regarding the agreement, and it will be up to you to send a reply on the thread. To retain as much appeal as possible I'll try to stay away from any legalese - only using specific terms for clarification or when really needed. I won't even attempt posting the actual words of the agreement, nor even outlining it. We have the IRL ICAO documents for that. Well, then... Why join, you say? What benefits would such an agreement have to offer? In short, everything "aviation" today is what it has to offer. Airports are built according to standardized instructions, aircraft are built with safety regulations and other certain requirements, airlines operate on a set of rules, pilots are certified, communication is standardized, everything. Aviation is a very vague and exploitable yet extremely vital industry in connecting the world. Therefore it's essential to set up these regulations, or the world would be a mess. Surely each nation would set up its own sort of regulations, but there's no denying the fact that there will be nations with more lenient rules, and, perhaps, those with no rules whatsoever. Alright, alright. Here comes the sad part - what you'd have to do if you were a part of this agreement. And since nobody actually cares about what their nation is doing IC, I'll name the OOC matters, those that may need you to change your writing or story a bit: Proper Conventions. This one's more of a "reminder" than an actual requirement - observe proper conventions when referring to any aviation-related topics, and in general, any topic. Allow me to say, however: You are forgiven. Everybody makes mistakes and you don't need to be forced to correct each one, especially when it's only minor. And, of course, it's not like I or anyone will be mad at you making a mistake; in most cases I'd even offer to help. But if you're part of this agreement, you shouldn't have a runway called "Runway Tango" or "Runway President Donald J. Trump" or "Runway 999" or anything like that. Runways are named according to their heading (direction) divided by 10. For example, a runway heading 270 degrees would be called "Runway 27". It's for easy identification as it only consists of two numbers (and sometimes a letter, in special situations) and also gives pilots an idea of where they will end up if they use that runway. Overflight. Aviation is just as politically complicated as any other nation-connecting thingy is. Being a part of this agreement, you are expected to allow fellow members the right of operating within your territory (with permission, of course). There are some special exceptions such as some nations being banned from other nations' airspaces, or safety issues, and the like. But just because you found out this guy you have never talked to on Discord apparently passes through your airspace in some flights doesn't mean you now have the right to shoot them all down. Without an IC basis, everyone in the agreement is expected to allow everyone else to pass peacefully. Airport Codes. Wow, there's more?! Thankfully, this is the last one since the above two were actually quite vague and ended up covering everything I wanted to cover. So the last one is airport codes - simply assigning 4-letter codes to your airports or aerodromes. If you've seen a detailed description of an airport you may have seen a 4-letter code that is assigned by ICAO. Some examples are KLAX for LAX, VHHH for Hong Kong, and RPLL for Manila. You may notice that airports close to each other tend to bear the same first letter, and airports in the same country tend to bear the same first two letters. ICAO assigns a one-letter code to each of the world's major geographic regions, the second letter is for a specific country in that region, and the last two are up to the nation to decide. An example is RPLL for Manila: "R" for Southeast Asia, "RP" for the Philippines which is located in Southeast Asia, and "LL" as the two-letter code for Manila. Do note that cities with more than one airport (for example London with London City and Heathrow) will almost always have two separate codes, unless the city's only airport was demolished and moved to another location (Hong Kong - VHHH used to be at Kai Tak but was moved to Chek Lap Kok; since it's the only airport there the code was simply transferred). Now that was long. And it was only supposed to be about random 4-letter codes. What exactly do you have to do about it? Well, once the organization is established I'll be assigning the first two letters to every participating nation; it's up to you to determine the last two for each of your airports. Of course you don't have to name each one; the busiest will do. Anyway a country's airport will probably be needed at least once in RP during an international event. It's just for formality's sake. If you opt not to then you actually don't need to make the code. I'll leave it at that; I realized it was getting long. So here you go, that's basically everything you need to know about it. The name? We'll decide soon, but not now. Remember, I'm open to any comments that may arise since I need all the help I can get. Looking forward to your nation's participation! P.S. When will we reach the part in RP where your nation will actually be needed? Give it a month, perhaps. No big deal. Unfortunately I have a life away from Europa too, and to make matters worse this life is overloaded with schoolwork
  14. Andalla

    Mother Nature needs to wake up

    I've done SUMATRA a while back. It was definitely on a good track, but I just didn't have the time and willingness to maintain it. But now that my responsibility would cover, well, the whole region, it might just get a tad more exiting...
  15. Andalla

    Astriedanian expansion

    Over here we have 9 tiny islands expanding onto one more @Astriedan, I have no objections; I don't think anybody will have. Go right ahead, you've earned that expansion