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  1. Andalla

    Andallan Broadcasting Network

    WRECK OF ANDALLAN TW CRUISER FOUND 73 YEARS LATER By: Kjetil Ruud | April 21, 2018 The SFS Gravfjelle (K 028) underway in the Tiauhai Sea, 1943. The SFS Gravfjelle, a heavy cruiser sunk during the Thalassan War, was discovered by a team from the Askeland Maritime Research Institute (AMRI) on Thursday, after 3 years of searching. An @Iverican-made Manille Ulysses 6000 ROV aboard the R/V Sprutfiskar, a research vessel operated by AMRI, was responsible for the discovery. The wreck was found off the coast of the Hrígeyjar Islands, in over 5,800 meters deep of water. The Andallan Commonwealth Navy has requested for wreck's exact location to remain undisclosed, to prevent any illegal plundering of the vessel. On the 19th of March 1945, the Gravfjelle was sunk by @Sunset Sea Islandsian cruisers during the Second Naval Battle of Hrígeyjar. Out of her complement of 797 officers and enlisted men, 314 died during the battle and sinking, including her captain Bjørnar Hawken and Vice Admiral Stefan Tastad. A further 146 died in the events directly following the sinking. The Gravfjelle, lead ship of the Gravfjelle-class of heavy cruisers, was laid down in October 1931 and commissioned in February 1936. Her main battery consisted of 10 203mm/50C guns arranged in 5 twin turrets, making her the most powerful heavy cruiser in Thalassa at the time of her launch. She was assigned to the 5th Cruiser Division, 3rd Cruiser Squadron, under the 2nd Fleet. At the outbreak of the Second Andallan-Giokton War on November 18, 1941, the Gravfjelle, along with the destroyers Ernst Agdestein and Alfred Helgelaand, was in Protiva, @Cashar for a goodwill visit. She returned to Andalla on the 27th of November to serve as an escort for transports. On December 19, the Gravfjelle became the first warship in the Thalassan War to be hit by a torpedo, which came from the Giokton submarine I-31. She returned to Andalla for repairs, then resumed duties on January 29, 1942. From May 1942 until her sinking, she served as the flagship of Vice Admiral Stefan Tastad, commander of the 3rd Cruiser Squadron. She would then go on to participate in numerous major naval battles, including the first and second Naval Battles of Hrígeyjar, the Battle of the Tiauhai Sea, the Battle of the East Andallan Sea, the Cashar Campaign, the Battle of Cape Holam, and the Battle of the North Flauton Sea. On March 19, 2015, the 36 remaining crew of the SFS Gravfjelle held a gathering on Mt. Gravfjelle to commemorate the 70th Anniversary of the Gravfjelle's sinking. According to the Andallan Commonwealth Navy Veteran's Association, 31 of the Gravfjelle's crew are still alive today. STAY UPDATED WITH AT ONLINE // Subscribe Amateur hacks into IPIA ATC frequency, directs approaching PeninsulAire flight back to @Iverica SFS Gravfjelle "found on seabed", says AMRI President Protesters demand "right to protest", realize they already had
  2. Andalla

    Anybody Wanna Go to Space? [OOC]

    Andalla runs a space program, sure, but it's mostly (wholly) composed of constructing commercial satellites. And Andalla itself isn't even the one launching them, nor does it actually have any launch facilities. I'd imagine @Sunset Sea Islands would be the one launching stuff into space for us. I guess Andalla could provide some help (?) but we won't be fully devoted to this thing. We already have the Sea of Andalla and the Tiauhai Sea to explore 😜
  3. Andalla

    Andallan Foreign Relations

    @Poland-Lithuania Eh... Heheh... Trading with Andalla will see more than food and clothing. Also, just to clarify. Are we just beginning to trade, or have we been trading for some time now?
  4. @Iverica @Prymont @Poland-Lithuania @Derthalen @Astriedan @The Eurofuhrer @Girkmand @Cavunia @Morheim @St Francoisbourg @Kaitaine @Sunset Sea Islands @Selayar @Little Flau @Variota @Cashar @Lusotropia @Synturia @Orioni @Afropa @Great Burlington @Miiros @Adaptus @Tagmatium Rules @Fleur de Lys @Cristina @Magnaeus @Youtabonia @Suverina @Gallambria (Phew, that has got to be the longest line of mentions this forum has seen!) Fellow mentioned test subjects comrades, allow me a few minutes. According to my foreign relations factbook, Andalla has retrospectively established foreign relations with your country. Do not worry, in most cases it's just a consulate in the capital, not an embassy. I'm just trying to be a friendly little hippie island guy and also to strengthen my foreign trade, as Andalla's economy is focused on exports. If you have any objections, kindly reply in this thread. I'm okay if you wish for foreign relations to be established in the present instead of retrospectively, but do note that would sort of mean you and I have not done much in the past. If you're friendly enough and wish to establish embassies (In most cases I'll accept), then just tell me here. Thanks! Lys, if you're okay with it then I am maintaining foreign relations with all your countries. Unless some of them are against you, then I won't keep them in the list.
  5. Andalla

    The Thalassan War

    OOC: @Sunset Sea Islands, no need to copy the format, silly! (It's totally fine. Also, you don't need to put the thread name, that was just for the first post.) OOC (2): Just the setting the mood: Liamchia and Tiongkang are two west Giokto provinces bordering each other. As you've seen previously, Liamchia is under Andallan control. Therefore, to avoid increasing tensions, the two countries agreed to form a buffer zone along all land borders of Liamchia. As the situation is similar to the DMZ, both countries have heavily fortified their side of the buffer zone with bunkers, artillery, etc. >> THE BATTLE OF LIAMCHIA BEGINS Liamchia-Tiongkang Border [ 19 November 1941 - 0910 hrs ] The news came faster than a Giokton torpedo: Protocol Shadow had been enacted. The Andallan forces along the border were well-informed of this protocol – information so sensitive that it was kept top-secret, yet so essential that it was made known to them. The protocol set the attack strategy on Giokton border fortifications, should the two nations come to war. Sirens rung across Andallan airfields near the border, signifying an alert to ready the aircraft for attack. It was no surprise – before the news of Protocol Shadow's activation spread was news of the Teuvo Antonnen's tragic sinking. Airmen bid their goodbyes and rushed to their planes, while ground crews scrambled to load the aircraft with fuel, bombs and bullets. Within minutes, the first bombers were in the air. Following them were several fighter escorts, to assist the bombers in bombing and strafing emplacements while keeping any enemy aircraft away. To the men of the 22nd Field Artillery Regiment based along the border, it was their time. Though nobody really wanted war, to finally see action on the front lines was merely a privilege; not a duty. And, finally, the order came: "Open fire". In seconds, what was once a peaceful landscape erupted into a massive ball of fire. To the Giokton soldiers manning the border defenses, the many little balls of light on the horizon heralded by loud rumbling sounds resembled a Giokton firecracker display from afar. But what ultimately struck fear into the hapless men was that firecrackers could only take fingers, while 105-millimeter shells going twice the speed of sound could take lives. Though they were already expecting an attack, they did not know when. Since the beginning of Operation Barrage, scouts and snipers were positioned along nearly the entire length of the border, at all times. Come Andalla's turn, everybody knew that the Andallans would quickly reply with their own barrage. Shells rained down on men, bunkers, fortifications, artillery; anything they could find. Being prepared, within moments the Gioktons were able to retaliate with their own – albeit weaker – barrage. Giokton shells slowly picked off at Andallan artillery, significantly reducing their strength. But only when the tide of the battle shifted in favor of the Gioktons did they hear the low drone of aircraft engines in the distance...
  6. Andalla

    Andallan Broadcasting Network

    BENDTSEN TO AHRANA: "KEEP XARA CLEAN" By: Nichole Cederström | April 11, 2018 The newly-constructed Kathrine Hermansen Joint Research Base near Yfjölav, managed by the Andallan Wilderness Institute (AWI) and the @Ahranaian Sub-Ministry of Land and Geography. It houses the headquarters of the Andallan Xara Research Mission (AXARM). It was named after Kathrine Hermansen, the first Andallan researcher who gave up her life in the long search for Yfjölav. "It is our duty, as the ancient inhabitants of Xara, to keep it clean," said Foreign Minister Alexander Bendtsen in a public statement. "Xara is a historical jewel; an important, game-changing discovery. We must preserve it, not plunder it." Foreign Minister Bendtsen released the statement after alleged Ahranaian oppression of the Xaraians caught attention. Following the discovery of Yfjölav, several teams were sent by the Ahranaian military to survey and secure the area. However, according to several @Prymontian sources, most notably President George Duval, the Ahranaian expeditionary forces oppressed the native Xaraians in order to stop them from an uprising. Foreign Minister Bendtsen also expressed his opinions against Ahranaian plans to colonize Xara. "Respect the land," he said. "Xara is the land of our ancestors, from where our two peoples originated; we must not show any ingratitude towards her." According to a report by researcher Inge Dalgaard, the native Xaraians have created a rudimentary governmental system, thus classifying Xara as an unrecognized state. Despite this, the Ahranaian government claims the Xaraians have requested help from Ahrana. Social scientists fear that the Xaraians will continue to be exposed to modern ways of life, effectively destroying their unique culture. Science Minister Steffen Thrane called Xara a "disaster", saying that the curious Xaraians would throw away their ways of life and instead assimilate into the Ahranaian culture.
  7. Another request, thanks. Vitaliano Aguirre II as Senator Ädulf Fartprut. A weird, crazy and corrupt politician. Laughingstock of the Andallan government (And the Philippine government, IRL. He just got fired from his post, at long last). Risa Hontiveros as MA Sylvia Holberg (Member of the [National] Assembly), notable anti-communist. Kiko Pangilinan as Speaker of the Assembly Benjamin Kjærsgaard.
  8. Andalla

    The Verde Blockade

    To: The Minister of Defense of the United States of Prymont, his excellency Mr. Hunter S. Gray, From: The Minister of Defense of the Commonwealth of Andalla, Mr. Björn Hagerström. Mr. Gray, It is with greatest regret that I must inform you that the Andallan Commonwealth Navy will be unable to participate in this blockade. We cannot risk severing our long-standing friendly relations with the Socialist Federation of Ahrana, even in this time of darkness. I have talked with Foreign Minister Bendtsen regarding this issue, and, even he does not favor the idea of showing any aggression towards Ahrana. However, Foreign Minster Bendtsen and I are both aware of our duty to defend any TRIDENT ally in case of attack. Therefore, if any TRIDENT warships are engaged by their Ahranaian counterparts, the Andallan Commonwealth Navy will be given the permission to deploy warships to wherever they may be needed. If the situation, however, may escalate into war between the nations of TRIDENT and the Socialist Federation of Ahrana, the Commonwealth of Andalla will be ready to send military aid. War can only be declared if passed by 3/4 vote in Congress, therefore, the situation must be appropriate and the odds extreme if Andalla must declare war. I wish you all the best in your efforts.
  9. Andalla

    Andallan Broadcasting Network

    OOC: Minimal formatting for now, am doing this on mobile. Apologies. EXERCISE ATGEIR "POSTPONED DUE TO CANAMO THREAT" By: Sven Dahlssen | April 9, 2018 TRIDENT naval exercise "ATGEIR" has been postponed indefinitely due to the "threat of @Ahranaian aggression in the Canamo", said ACN Chief of Staff Admiral Alexander Børge in a public announcement. The Socialist Federation has recently released a number of reports regarding the deployment of several warships from the Canamo to the Mediargic, to constitute a new Ahranaian fleet in the area. Responses from @Prymont have been increasingly worried. According to Børge, Exercise ATGEIR will resume when the situation in the Canamo is stable and under control.
  10. Andalla

    The Thalassan War

    The Thalassan War Tiauhai Sea [ 18 November 1941 - 0750 hrs ] The seas were calm on a November morning as the Giokton submarine I-23 cruised along the Tiauhai Sea. She was one of the several submarines dispatched under the top-secret Operation Barrage, launched after Giokton spies uncovered Andallan plans to further reinforce Liamchia, an Andallan territory on Giok Island. The day before, the SFS Teuvo Antonnen, a Kristian Steffenssen-class troop transport, departed Andalla for Liamtsia with 2,553 soldiers and crew on board... "Captain, ship spotted on the horizon, bearing three-two-zero. We've found our target." "Good. All compartments, prepare for dive." (The bridge is cleared and all hull openings are closed) "Green board sir, we have pressure in the boat." "Very well. Dive, dive." (The diving alarm goes off) ... (The submarine is now nearing attacking position) "Forward room, ready tubes one, two and three, depth zero-five feet." "Aye, tubes one and two ready." "You boys ready to make history?" "Readier than ever, captain!" "Aye, ready tube one... and fire! Tube two... fire! Tube three, standby... and, fire!" "Torpedoes in the water." Meanwhile, on the Teuvo Antonnen, a sailor on the bridge spots the torpedoes: "TORPEDO ON THE STARBOARD, APPROACHING FAST!" "HAAAARD TO PORT!" The ill-fated Teuvo Antonnen makes a sharp, abrupt turn to port, startling and confusing many of her passengers. Though the first torpedo misses the ship's bow by several meters, the second one scores a hit on her forward cargo bay at 0832 hrs. The forward cargo bay begins to flood with water while fires caused by the detonation lick up the surrounding cargo. But before any action could be taken, a third torpedo rips through her amidships, causing increased flooding. Flames engulf the forward cargo bay and threaten to spread to the upper decks, while water rushes through the two holes. The very few damage control personnel are sent to the forward cargo bay to put out the worsening fire, the breach amidships left almost unattended, while the Teuvo Antonnen lists 15 degrees to starboard. At 0855 hrs, an explosion from the forward cargo bay rocks the lower decks near the bow. Damage control teams attempt to suppress the fire, yet their efforts are all in vain. The hole amidships caused by the third torpedo enlarges due to water pressure buckling the hull, increasing the list to 20 degrees and threatening to capsize the vessel. The call to abandon ship is made at 0918 hrs, after the bow begins to go down. As it was peacetime, the ship was not fully-equipped for an emergency and thus lacked enough life rafts. The deck of the ship grows into a chaotic mess as it fills with soldiers and crew waiting for a life raft, while some opt to jump off the ship instead. The crew is ordered to cut out pieces of wood and other buoyant items, then throw them into the sea to give the men in the water something to hold on to. At 0927 hrs, a loud creaking noise is heard from below decks, as the list increases by 10 more degrees over several minutes. At 0939 hrs, a second noise is heard and a small crack runs up to the starboard deck. Suddenly, at 0943 hrs, the ship capsizes, trapping over 1,600 soldiers and crew below decks. Her keel continues to rise up out of the water, as some of the men are able to escape the flooding decks. The ship stays afloat for a while, her keel pointing upwards. At 1026 hrs, the Teuvo Antonnen begins to sink again. By 1031 hrs, the last of the ship fades beneath the waves, taking over 1,100 men with her. The survivors, less than half of the 2,552 soldiers and crew, stay afloat in clusters of life rafts, pieces of wood, or even alone. They are picked up 10 hours later by the SFS Lekske, a Gammelbjerg-class destroyer. The rest of the troop transports underway to Liamchia are notified of the presence of Giokton submarines, forcing several vessels to turn around towards Andalla. The next day, the Andallan Congress declares war on Giokto and the first shots of the war on Giok Island are fired against Giokton border emplacements. The Second Giokto-Andallan War begins.
  11. Andalla

    Skandinavisk Flygproducent A/S

    You receive another service message stating that "There are times when the Skandinavisk thread must be on top of the Global Economics forum". You are confused, yet you simply carry on, carry on... as if nothing really mattered...
  12. For those archipelagic nations that want a more detailed map, here you go. DISCLAIMER: Scroll to the very bottom, as the page doubles as a tutorial for programming the generator. http://exupero.org/hazard/post/islands/
  13. Andalla

    Expansion: The Commonwealth

    @Poland-Lithuania. I don't really have much of a say in this, but allow me to just put in my two cents. It's not because we're generally against you expanding. It's just that there are some flaws, and we'd like you to fix it. FIRST, you really haven't been active enough. By saying "active", we're not talking about how many days you've been online. We're talking about how much you have written; how much effort you've put into your writing. To give you a picture, look at my expansion. I've been a part of Europa for half a year now, I've written some RP posts, I've co-authored the ATARA charter, and I've been constantly writing newsposts (definitely not often but I do put lots of effort into them, and make sure that they look nice) and updating my factbook on NS. And all for what? My entire expansion consists of just one island and its surrounding smaller islands. Now look at yourself. You've been a part of Europa for a few months, you haven't really written any RP post except for one sentence on the CIS thread; and though you update your news thread regularly, on average it's just one paragraph without a picture. And then you want to double your territory? SECOND, there are some flaws in the way you roleplayed the expansion. In fact, there's the first flaw; you didn't even roleplay it. It was just in a newspost. Imagine how D-Day in WW2 would look like on a newspaper vs. a soldier's diary. The newspaper would simply say something like "Allied troops storm French coast, Germans facing high resistance on all sides". But if you read a soldier's diary, it would be full of stories and full of action. That's what we're trying to achieve. You need a story, not an summary. Next, the whole metagaming issue. If you haven't understood yet: this thread is an OOC thread. That means that this is not part of the story in any way, we're just planning. But then, you put our comments here onto your newspost. And your newspost is an IC thread. Imagine, if I was chatting with Prymont on Discord, and I joked that I'd invade him. Would Prymont really go to the forum and tell everyone that Andalla invaded him? No. It's OOC, and it has no connection to the IC world. Lastly, Bangladesh. I know this is a minor issue, but you'll need to fix that too. Remember that Europa has NO CONNECTION to real life! Everything here is a work of fiction. Bangladesh does not exist here. Maybe there are some things similar to real life, but they are not the actual thing. For example, if there were a character in Europa named "Donald Trump" then that doesn't mean that he was President of the USA or a businessman. THIRD, you're not accepting correction. Earlier in the thread you were getting frustrated at all the comments. But do remember that these are constructive comments, and they're meant to help you. When people suggest something against your opinion, first take time to read and understand what they're trying to say. Don't immediately get angry, that's not the right way to behave. If you don't understand, don't get angry right away. First, ask them to explain. It's OKAY if you don't understand. If they don't understand you, then YOU explain. State the exact reasons why. But also remember, people will still sometimes comment and ask you to change something. And you shouldn't get mad, they are just trying to help. I know this might have been a bit too long. I am just trying to explain it thoroughly so you'd understand. I also don't know if anyone else has already explained it in this manner. Just my two cents.
  14. Andalla

    Andallan Broadcasting Network

    HOLBERG "SHOCKED, CONFUSED AND DISAPPOINTED" AT PL KING'S "RESPONSE" By: Adam Forslund | March 23, 2018 An aerial photo of a patch of land within what is now @Poland-Lithuania's alleged newly-annexed "barbarian region". Yesterday, Polish-Lithuanian national news provider the Commonwealth Times released an article on the Polish-Lithuanian king, Cosamar IV Eugastin, answering several questions from "angry letters" that were allegedly sent to the Polish-Lithuanian government from other governments. The letters allegedly questioned the validity of Poland-Lithuania's claimed "annexation" of "barbarian lands". MA Sylvia Holberg has once again stepped into the spotlight, commenting on the recent article. Others have followed suit, including a short word by President Johansen. "Earlier my secretary handed me a transcription of the Commonwealth Times' article, and I really don't know what's going to happen next," she said in a statement. "It got me shocked, confused and disappointed, all at the same time. I've never felt that really strong sensation since the report on that group of nude children dancing to 'This is the Greatest Shoe' on the Arkhavn Metro." "First off. It makes no use whatsoever of any formal language; it looks as if it were a transcription of a normal conversation," said Holberg. "And then there's this whole backstory on the 'angry letters'. These are heads of government you're talking about here! Do you know that they have to make sure their messages to other leaders are kept polite and ethical? And you tell me that those questions sounded 'very similar' to what really was said? I am even further disappointed at the way the King responds to these inquiries. Again, heads of government have to make sure their messages are polite and ethical, but he answers them back in a near-arrogant manner? Also, what do you mean by 'annexing land through your news'? That part really confused me." "I don't intend to insult or offend anyone. I'm just really shocked, from the way the article was written and the way the King replies. What has happened to dignity and formality? Please, bring them back," she continued. "I remember reading a previous article on the King taking over the Commonwealth Times, but now he says he doesn't even have control over who to punish," she said in a later interview. "Also, what's Bangladesh? After a quick search I really couldn't find out what 'Bangladesh' is. My apologies if there's something I don't know. But what is it, maybe where is it, and how is it connected to 74 million people? I'd imagine it's a high-density city center or something? Actually, in the first place, how did 74 million people get into the wilderness despite being next to Poland-Lithuania? That's a lot of castaways." Following Holberg's statement, President Johansen released a few comments on the issue: "I am appalled by this report. I can assure you that I would never comment on an issue in such a negative manner. Nor do I believe that other national leaders, say Primo Deitorr, would say anything like that. We ought to say our words in a more polite and respectful way." Both Holberg and Johansen's comments have received minimal disapproval, with a majority of the public seemingly maintaining a neutral or agreeing stance at the statements.
  15. Andalla

    Expansion: Andalla

    @Orioni Sea name can stay if it's too much of a hassle for you, I don't want to cause any problems or take your time, really. If you haven't added the island name, then Andalla's country code is AL, not And. But again, if you'd prefer not to then don't bother changing it. Thanks!