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      Welcome to Europa. This site is part of the region of Europa in the online game NationStates. The region of Europa is a diverse community of nations, with a wide range of political and ideological values, working together through various institutions and alliances - at least when they're not threatening to go to war with each other. Whether you want to play it safe with a liberal democracy, set up a communist regime, or rule your citizens with an iron fist and the threat of turning them into dog food, Europa is a great region to play in. As one of the oldest regions in the game, everybody who's anybody wants to try their hand at ruling their own country right here in Europa. Just head on over to the Forum and have a read through the sticky threads. If you're curious about how all of this work, we've included some helpful links to get you started. A good place to start is our Hitchhickers Guide to Europa. Roleplayers will be glad to see our honest and fair RP rules. Check out our map versions and discover how to apply. Experiencing problem with this website? Our helpdesk is always open. Have fun! -- The Europans Team


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  1. Andallan Broadcasting Network

    OOC: Lanskan = Chinese. That's right, Lanskanby = Chinatown. YEAR OF THE TROUT FESTIVITIES UNDERWAY IN HUNDRUP LANSKANBY By: Johan Ang | February 16, 2018 A typical draken dance taking place along Angpin Street amidst the huge crowd of people. HUNDRUP - Yet another colorful parade of drakens and other festivities awaited the Lanskan New Year this 2018. Thousands of people flocked to Hundrup's Lanskanby, the original settlement of the Lanska people in Andalla, to witness the event. Meanwhile, similar celebrations took place in other large Lanskanbys, such as those in Arkhavn and Brumundvik. The Year of the Trout, 11th in the Lanskan zodiac, is said to be a year of prosperity. According to Fongsui Master Ejnar Tan, a unique characteristic of the 2018 Year of the Trout that will not be seen for another 108 years is that the number of insects and pests will decrease within the houses of families with 7 children. "It's a beautiful aspect of Lanskan culture," says Hundrup Mayor Anders Hovland. "The Lanskans have been practicing this tradition for over 3 centuries, and it continues up to this day. It gives us Andallans something to be proud of." Local hospital Metropolitan Medical Institute has reported 38 firecracker-related injuries, with the number constantly growing despite government attempts to decrease the use of firecrackers during Lanskan New Year. "It's just too engraved into our culture," says Sven Sy, chief physician of Metropolitan Medical Institute. STAY UPDATED WITH COMMONWEALTH ONLINE // Subscribe Water in sewage pipes "too clean", says Holtrup study Amphibious car "runs aground" on beach, 4 injured Video of airplane suspended in mid-air goes viral Massive pike populations discovered off the coast of @Girkmand
  2. To Spear a Pike

    Brekhus AFB, Avnkilde [ January 24, 2018 - 0149 hrs ] An L-28 sped across the runway of Brekhus AFB in Avnkilde. To the rest of the workers, it was a high-security state visit to @Girkmand. But for the ground crew who were hand-picked for the mission, it was a flight that would make history. As the jet slowly crept higher and higher into the air, Defense Minister Björn Hagerström sat across his secretary who was reviewing the final plans for the signing. The jet would arrive in Girkmand, then Hagerström would fly in a helicopter to the @Iverican cruise ship Dona Ellena. The atmosphere surrounding the Andallan military, and even the Andallan people, was getting worse every day. Though Andalla was located far out into the sea, tensions growing on the mainland and the founding of ATARA would create lots of friction. And the growing technocratic ideology in the @Sunset Sea Islands was making Andallans feel uneasy. It was no surprise, then, that President Johansen accepted the invite to a military alliance more powerful than any other in Andalla's little place on the world. At the same time, who were they to mingle with such superpowers? Iverica, yes, they have been good friends for over a century. But @Prymont? @Variota? Sure, they were friends, but would they accept Andalla? That is a question for another time. For now, all that matters is the safety of the Andallan nation.
  3. [HELP] Currency?

    Gold is a good idea, and also unbiased towards any country. If it's not the ION, then gold would be a good idea. One problem, though: The produce of gold is unregulated since it just needs to be mined. This would favor those countries with lots of gold mines and, uh, gold diggers. Expanding on the previous statement, what if a huge gold reserve is discovered somewhere? Instead of having a good impact on the economy, the price of gold would skyrocket down and cause a global financial crisis. And considering the political geography of Europa, there's a lot more land to be conquered and so much more to be discovered.
  4. [HELP] Currency?

    Guys, this is about our global currency, not tea @Adaptus I don't really like the idea of an actual global currency. What I'm trying to say is that I doubt that all (or most) countries would actually agree to create a secondary currency to serve as a mediator. Though I'm perfectly fine with that. We will have to start making currency exchange rates though.
  5. The following is a list of prominent Andallan arms manufacturers. Until the 1950s, most of Andalla's arms manufacturing was controlled by the government. In 1949, the Arms Industry Privatization Act was ratified, releasing most of Andalla's military technology to the public. Since then, more arms manufacturing companies have emerged. The present Andallan arms industry is dominated by Saeb, Faerfrisk Arms and Kungsborg Land Systems. SAEB GROUP The Saeb Group is the largest arms manufacturer in Andalla. It began as an arms manufacturer, but slowly expanded its business into the automobile and civilian aerospace industry. It was established by Anton Bergqvist in 1931 as Saeb Luftfart A/S, following the commercial success of the Skandinavisk Model 1. Bergqvist envisioned Saeb to become the leading military aircraft manufacturer in Thalassa. Saeb soon became the dominant manufacturer of military aircraft in Andalla, supplying nearly 80% of the Andallan Commonwealth Air Command (Samväldet Andska Luftkommando) aircraft. In the late 1930s, Bergqvist began to venture into the production of military vehicles, establishing Saeb Dynamik (Saeb Dynamics) in 1938. It was closely followed by Saeb Armen (Saeb Arms) in 1945, which was highly successful and would continue on to produce most of the Andallan military's small arms. The Saeb Group was highly successful during the Thalassan War, as demand for new military equipment hit a record high. However, as Andalla began recovering from wartime, demand for military equipment fell as the government prioritized recovery. FAERFRISK ARMS Faerfrisk Arms (Faerfrisk Armen A/S) is the primary manufacturer of small arms in Andalla. It started out in 1939 as a factory producing bullets for the Andallan Commonwealth Army (Samväldet Andska Haer), and later Saeb Arms. As demand rose, Faerfrisk (Then Faerfrisk Munitions Company or Faerfrisk Krigsmateriel A/S) began to produce parts for military vehicles. In 1959, Faerfrisk was forced to sell its military vehicle business after demand sharply fell. However, with the great financial success enjoyed by Faerfrisk in the 1940s, it was able to purchase Saeb Armen in 1963. After the purchase, Faerfrisk stuck to small arms, eventually becoming Andalla's largest manufacturer of such. KUNGSBORG LAND SYSTEMS Kungsborg Land Systems (Kungsborg Jordsystem A/S) is a subsidiary of Kungsborg Heavy Industries (Kungsborg Storindustrigren A/S) responsible for the production of military land vehicles including tanks, rocket artillery and trucks. Formerly Christensen Defense Engineering, a subsidiary of Christensen Automotive, Kungsborg Heavy Industries acquired the company in 1992. ASKANGER STEEL YARD Askanger Steel Yard (Askanger Stålvaerft A/S) is the largest Andallan shipbuilding company. Established in 1684 as the Royal Askanger Naval Dockyard (Kongeligen Askanger Flottvaerfter) and also encompassed the artillery factories surrounding it. After the kingdom was replaced with a Commonwealth in 1753, the Royal Askanger Naval Dockyard was renamed to the Askanger Steel Yard and its surrounding factories were sold to the private sector. Since then, the Askanger Steel Yard has constructed many of the largest Andallan-made vessels. The company also operates several other shipyards on the island of Strynø. BOFORSEN Boforsen is a manufacturer of heavy machine guns and heavy weaponry including autocannons and naval guns. Among its well-known products include the 40 mm M36 anti-aircraft/multi-purpose gun, the 51 mm Mk.20 dual-purpose naval gun, and the Skytten 155 mm self-propelled gun. GRIPEN Gripen Artilerieselskab A/S is a manufacturer of heavy guns and artillery, including naval artillery, field artillery and tank guns. It has been the dominant manufacturer of naval guns in Andalla since the early 1800s. Its headquarters are located in Askanger, near the Askanger Steel Yard. The company was founded in 1788 after businessman Gjermund Hatlestad purchased one of the artillery factories in the Askanger Steel Yard. Though it was unsuccessful, Hatlestad acquired more factories with the money he was earning from his other businesses and eventually grew the company to become a major producer of naval artillery.
  6. Naming the Seas

    @Sunset Sea Islands and I agreed that the sea between us is known as the Sea of Andalla. I'm still thinking for a name for the east sea. If only Andalla was really located in the north, I could've submitted a terribly long list of fjord names...
  7. National Map Service

    Extra credit for adding a road system which I later realized would be useless on that map!
  8. [HELP] Currency?

    @Sunset Sea Islands Yes, I've seen it before. But it looks quite defunct (several years inactive) and only has a number of companies.
  9. [HELP] Currency?

    @Orioni We'll need to organize a convention, at least OOC so it doesn't look like we're still in the prehistoric era, to find the values of all the major currencies against each other (or at least those of the active nations). Then I was thinking, maybe we could appoint an OOC permanent committee to run an IC stock market. This committee is just there to make random updates to simulate the real fluctuation of a stock market, including the values of currencies. I'd be happy to be a part of the committee (erm... head it maybe?) but I'm obviously too inactive to be able to update it daily or even every other day. I don't know. Just my two centavos. @Sunset Sea Islands@Fleur de Lys Lys is right, NS stats are somewhat butchered. Absolutely garbage in some areas. But it should also be noted that there is no such thing as USD in Europa (unless you're talking Prymont).
  10. [HELP] Currency?

    I'm currently writing the "Economy" section on my factbook, and this silly question came into mind. "Does Europa have an equivalent to the Dollar?" The USD is such an important currency, especially in expressing economic figures. Do we have some sort of "international" currency? I'd suppose it could be the ION since anyone can easily say that Orioni is like our America in terms of influence. If so, are there exchange rates? What are the other major world currencies?
  11. Andallan Broadcasting Network

    OOC: Major news format change! Special thanks to @Iverica and @Kaitaine for some inspiration which you will see at the bottom of the post. FARTPRUT: "DINA DIVA SHOULD HAVE NOT MENTIONED TREATY NAME" By: Nora Blomstedt | January 26, 2018 "Does that give Dina Diva the authority to disclose the name of the treaty?" Fartprut said to reporters. "Definitely not!" ARKHAVN - Following the @Variotan head of state, Dina Diva, explaining @Iverican Primeal Spokesperson Bernat Villar's statement on a series of ongoing tri-continental conferences regarding TRIDENT, a multilateral defense treaty, Senator Ädulf Fartprut released his own statement against Dina Diva saying she should have "never mentioned the treaty's name". "There is a reason why Mr. Villar's statement on the treaty kept some information confidential," he said in an interview, taking occasional glances at a small paper he was holding. "Did he even mention the name of the treaty? No! Now, when President Johansen talked about it, did he mention its name? No! You see, both Johansen and the Ivericans have never even mentioned the name of the said treaty. That shows the gravity of the situation; it must be kept confidential. Does that give Dina Diva the authority to disclose the name of the treaty? Definitely not!" Fartprut also warned Dina Diva that she had made a "big mistake" and that the signatories to the treaty would "regret her actions on the day they realize the consequences". Public reaction to his statement was quite heated. Many have spoken against Fartprut, saying that his points were "shallow" and "weak", and that the leaking of TRIDENT's name would not cause any major negative effects. Respected anti-corruption blog The Rotten Political joined the debate, remarking "Fartprut's opinion, at the very least, made some sense. However, as many say, the so-called 'leaking' of TRIDENT's name would not do much damage to our national security." Singer Mia Loga commented that it was "just Dina Diva's way of trying to take a step closer to her own people". STAY UPDATED WITH COMMONWEALTH ONLINE // Subscribe Ministry of Health demands answer after Lysian vaccine scandal Life-sized sculpture of Dina Diva on auction Iverican singer Julia Anne San Juan to perform in Andalla Army anti-tank missile allegedly "crashes into test target"
  12. Andalla

  13. Andallan Broadcasting Network

    JOHANSEN CONFIRMS TRI-CONTINENTAL DEFENSE TREATY In a press conference earlier, President Klaus Johansen confirmed Andalla's intention to be a signatory to an upcoming treaty regarding the defense of several tri-continental nations including @Iverica, @Prymont and @Variota. "I was warned not to disclose too much information regarding this treaty or else SO/AR agents would swoop down and cover me in duct tape," he said, preceding a light chuckle from the reporters in the conference. "I can only assure you that such a treaty exists. Andalla is planning to increase defense cooperation with its neighbors." "Yes, it is true that we have sent a delegate to the said meeting. Right now there is an Andallan government plane flying over hostile skies with a high chance of being shot down," he continued as he pointed up. "After that I don't know whether or not this government will be overthrown." After being asked whether or not taxes would increase should Andalla participate in military development programs, he replied: "Andalla has a long history of military cooperation with the nations involved. I believe the previous generation has asked the same question, and yet our economy has been improving over the years... Hey, I just read an article about the increase in the percentage of Andallans who could afford the kPhone 7."
  14. Andallan Broadcasting Network

    NAVY DEPLOYS 2 SHIPS TO GALLAMBRIA AFTER EARTHQUAKE The SFS Holmskjer underway, with the Arkhavn skyline in the background. After a Magnitude 6.7 earthquake struck the city of Walmington-on-Sea in @Gallambria, the SFS Kongested and her sister ship the SFS Holmsker have been sent to the scene. It is also serves as a practice deployment for the crew of the SFS Holmskjer, which was commissioned last July 27. Both ships departed Holtrup carrying a total of 700 tons of relief goods and construction materials, 600 Marines, 6 Havfugle helicopters and several trucks. According to the Navy Chief of Staff Adm. Alexander Børge, it is an act of goodwill and friendship with the Kingdom of Gallambria. The Ministry of Foreign Affairs is constantly "striving to improve and ensure healthy Andalla-Gallambria relations".
  15. Imagine this: Orioni invades Miiros. Somehow the war gets so fierce, and with the lack of foreign support on either side, both combatants send most of their available military force into the battlefield. The only problem is that none of the two have a proper military factbook, so it's unclear as to which nation is more powerful by RP standards. So, both Miiros and Orioni get to work on their military factbooks. Once both are done, Orioni emerges as the more powerful one. Yet, by NS rank, Miiros should crush Orioni. What would happen? I don't really know of any country whose NS rank is totally different, or at least significantly different, from RP rank. But if there is such a country, or if there will be, I would like to ask: Do we have boundaries? Maybe we should set some rules, or maybe just guidelines, as to how much one can change his rankings. For example, Andalla can make his trout fishing industry just a bit larger in RP, but he can't just step in and say that his trout fishing is larger than Miiros'. Let's say Ahrana relies heavily off NS rank. He takes much pride in his hard-earned regional #1 arms manufacturing industry, and makes it clear even in RP that his arms manufacturing beats all others. Now Prymont, who ticks the "doesn't give a damn" box on NS rank (Hint: "NS Political Apathy"), writes in his factbook that he has the strongest arms manufacturing even if his NS rank for the aforementioned is quite low. My point is this: When a nation's RP rank is tied closely to his NS rank, he would want to strive for good rankings in whatever he wishes to be good at. The point of being an NS region is that we are still connected to our NS nations. And, of course, though we have our RP over here, we should still make something out of what we have. I don't really know if I make sense, but that's just my two centavos.